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Carleton Co., 1897


003448-97 (Carleton Co) John ALBERT, 29, widower, laborer, not given, Hintonburgh, s/o John ALBERT & Delina LECLUYER married Aurilie RENAUD, 20, not given, Hintonburgh, d/o Baptiste RENAUD & Philomene DAZE. Wit Joseph POTVIN and Gervais PAULIN, res. not stated. July 18, 1897, Hintonburgh. (RC) #003810-97 (Carleton Co): Alphonse ARIAL, 24, machinist, Ottawa, same, s/o J. Bte. ARIAL Adeline illegible, married Minnie Christena GILBRANSEN, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o Andrew GILBRANSON (sic) & Almine BEDARD, witn: Pierre BEDARD & Telespore PRIMEAU, both of Ottawa, 19 July 1897 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
003691-97 (Carleton Co) John Henry ARMSTRONG, 25, carpenter, Canada, Carp, s/o John & Elizabeth married Emeline GRAHAM, 22, Canada, March, d/o Jacob & Emily. Wit John VANCE and Emma GRAHAM, both of March. June 23, 1897 at Ottawa. 003415-97 (Carleton Co): Henry H. BEAMISH, 23, cheese maker, North Gower, Osgoode, s/o Samuel BEAMISH & Eliza McKLEY married Phoebe CRAIG, 28, North Gower, same, d/o William CRAIG & Eliza CANSON. Wit: Robert COSPIN and Orpha CRAIG, res not given. November 10, 1897 at North Gower
003693-97 - Arthur Milton BECKEL (Becket?), 30, painter, Oxford Mills Ont, Ottawa, s/o Thomas & Martha married Agnes Helen LINEHAM, 25, Petrolia Ont, Hintonburg, d/o William & Matilda. Wit Walter BENNETT of Ottawa and Maria WILSON of Hintonburg. June 10, 1897 at Ottawa. 003697-98 (Carleton Co) Emery BELAIS, 24, carpenter, Ottawa, same, s/o Amable BELAIS & Olive CARDINAL married Eva PLANTE, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o F.R. PLANTE & Marguerite _?_. Wit Alphonse BOLDAS and Euegenie BELAIS. Oct.14, 1897, at Ottawa
003698-98 (Carleton Co) Ferdinand BELANGER, 31, painter, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Jas. BELANGER & Adelina PEPIN married Catherine POUFFE, 33, Montreal, Ottawa, d/o John POUFFE? & Maria L. MARTIN. Wit Jas. BELANGER and John POUFFE?, both of Ottawa. Nov. 22, 1897, at Ottawa. 003416-97 (Carleton Co): William BELL, 41, farmer, North Gower, same, s/o John BELL & Hellen WALLACE married Sarah CRAIG, 37, North Gower, same, d/o James CRAIG & Jane DAVIS. Wit: H. A. BELL of Montreal and Emma SCOTT of North Gower. December 15, 1897 at North Gower
003684-97 (Carleton Co) David John BIGGAR, 22, railway conductor, Ottawa, Ottawa East, s/o Isaac BIGGAR & Hannah WESTBROOK married Kate Frances BAILEY, 20, London Eng, Ottawa, d/o Walter BAILEY & Mary GOSDEN. Wit Mrs. BIGGAR of Ottawa East and R. LATIMER of Ottawa. June 7, 1897 at Ottawa. 003696-98 (Carleton Co) Alphonse BOLDUS, 24, printer, Ottawa, same, s/o Joseph BOLDUS & Delina LEFEBRE married Eugenie BELAIS, 22, Ottawa, same, d/o Amable BELAIS & Olive CARDINAL. Wit Emery BELAIS and Eva PLANTE, both of Ottawa Oct.14, 1897, at Ottawa.
003452-97 (Carleton Co) J. B. BOUCHER, 23, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Julien BOUCHER & Eugenie GIGNAC married Evangelin DUCHARME, 19, Locks Mills U.S.A., Hintonburgh, d/o Alfred DUCHARME & Angelique LAURANT. Wit G. LEMIEUX of Hintonburgh and M. L. BEAUCHAMP of Ottawa. September 21, 1897, at Hintonburgh. 003680-98 (Carleton Co) Lauritz Emil BRAUN, 35, laborer, Copenhagan Denmark, Ottawa, s/o Christian & Joanna, married Charlotte Elizabeth BROWN, 26, Ottawa, Janeville Ont, d/o John & Elizabeth. Wit O.N. NYLANDER and Lindsay BURKE, both of Ottawa. Dec.29, 1897
#003809-97 (Carleton Co): John Henry BROCK, 45, farmer, Devonshire England, Kazubazua? illegible, s/o Emanuel BROCK & Maria JEWELL, married Mary Ann FINDLAY, 25, Pembroke Ont., Kazubazua?, d/o William FINDLAY & Kate THOMPSON, witn: R. LAUGHTON & Adam BALLANTYNE, both of Ottawa, 26 July 1897 at Ottawa 003426-97 (Carleton Co): William John BROWNE, 30, merchant, Goulbourne, Richmond, s/o James BROWNE & Elizabeth CRAWFORD married Hesther Ellen LOWE, 24, Beckwith, same, d/o James LOWE & Mary WILSON. Wit: Bertha LEDER and Clarence McEWEN, both of Ashton. April 30, 1897 at Ashton
#003822-97 (Carleton Co): George BURKE, 25, laborer, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Thomas & Katherine, married Eliz. Rose WELLINGTON?, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o Paul & Catherine, witn: Annie M. POLLARD & Martha A. JOHNSTON, both of Ottawa, 21 July 1897 at Ottawa 003512-97 (Carleton Co) Lawrence BURNS, 26, farmer, Osgoode, same, s/o James BURNS & Ann ROBB married Bridget A. McCABE, 25, servant, d/o Patrick McCABE & Elizabeth DAVEY. Wit Patrick McHALE of Gloucester and Catherine HERBERT of Osgoode. October 13, 1897, at Osgoode.
3522-98 Arch. Gardner CAMERON, 26, theological student, of Montreal, s/o Hugh CAMERON & Alice CHURCH, married Elizabeth Ann McLAREN, 24, of Fitzroy Harbour, d/o David MacLAREN (sic) & Sarah CHALMERS, witn: W. C. MacLAREN & L. M. FITZSIMMONS, 25 Dec 1897 [reg in Fitzroy twp] 003458-97 (Carleton Co) Edwin Ernest CODE, 22, clerk, Innisville Q, Ottawa, s/o Robert CODE & Mary NELSON married Eva Rachel VIRTUE, 23, Beachburgh, Ottawa, d/o William VIRTUE & Annie TUCKER. Wit Robert Nelson CODE and Ethel MAUDE CODE, both of Ottawa. December 24, at Hintonburgh.
003667-98 (Carleton Co): Gregory COLLYER, 26, artist, England, Ottawa, s/o William & Grace (not stated) married Katherine McDONALD, 25, Cumberland, Ottawa, d/o John & Mary (not stated). Wit: Ethel M. SMITH, Annie MILLER and Jas. J. NICKERBOCKER. Nov. 17, 1897, at Ottawa #003821-97 (Carleton Co): Guillaume Henri COTE, 34, merchant, Ste. Genevieve de Batiscau? Que., Ottawa, s/o Joseph COTE & Lucie BROUILLETTE, married Praxilde LE CAVALIER, 30, Ottawa, same, d/o Frs. X. LE CAVALIER & Praxilde CORBEIL, witn: Joseph COTE & Frs. X. LE CAVALIER, both of Ottawa, 31 Aug 1897 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
003685-97 (Carleton Co) Matthias DERY, 30, widower, platerer, Ottawa, same, s/o Mathias(sic) DERY & Odile PHILION married Josephine LAPALME, 25, Canaan Ont, Ottawa, d/o Alexander LAPALME & Bridget CARR. Wit J. De L'ETOILE and Mrs. J. De L'ETOILE, not given. June 9, 1897 at Otttawa. 003694-97 (Carleton Co) Philip DESLISLE, 22, laborer, Quebec, Ottawa, s/o William & Eliza married Cecilia ROBISON, 17, Ottawa, same, d/o John A. & Margaret. Wit Robert James ROBISON and Emma LANDRY, both of Ottawa. May 3, 1897 at Ottawa.
  003504-97 (Carleton Co) James DOWSER, 26, farmer, Gloucester Twp, Vernon Ont, s/o John DOWSER & Jane McNEIL married Maggie ROACH, 19, Glasgow Scot, Spring Hill, d/o John & Maggie ROACH. Wit Mrs. Thomas McQUARRIE and George McQUARRIE, both of Vernon. July 14, at Vernon, Osgoode Twp.
003683-97 (Carleton Co) James Campbell S. DUNCAN, 23, lumberman, Hull, P.Q., same, s/o James Henry DUNCAN & Sarah Ann CODY married Emma Bertha REID, 26, Chelsea, P.Q., Hull, P.Q., d/o Freeman REID & Annie STEPHENS. Wit George F. MOORE of Aylmer P.Q., and Ruth HEWITT of Chelsea P.Q. June 16, 1897 at Ottawa. #003820-97 (Carleton Co): Michael Richard DUNN, 28, merchant, Onslow Quebec, Ontario, s/o Richard & Margaret, married Margaret Alice HILL, 25, Hull Que., Ontario, d/o William & Hannah, witn: Jane HILL & Annie M. POLLARD, both of Ottawa, 25 Aug 1897 at Ottawa
003429-97 (Carleton Co): John EADIE, 32, farmer, Gloucester, same, s/o George EADIE & Margaret BUTLER married Charlotte Adeline SCOTT, 31, Goulbourne, same, d/o John SCOTT & Eliza PATTERSON. Wit: Ethel SCOTT of Oxford and Fred EADIE of Gloucester. June 16, 1897 at Goulbourne 003417-97 (Carleton Co): Albert E. EASTMAN, 27, stone mason, North Gower, same, s/o William Walter EASTMAN & Mary Jane DOBSON married Emma DIXON, 26, North Gower, same, d/o Robert DIXON & May FENNELL. Wit: Ephraim W. CRAIG and Louisa E. WALKER, both of Goulbourne. November 3, 1897 at North Gower
003695-97 (Carleton Co) William Charles ELKIE, 29, laborer, Gloucester, Ottawa, so Ferdiinand & Philomena married Sarah Clara BAGGETT, 31, Birmingham Eng, Ottawa, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth. Wit H. a. ELKIE and Emily ELKIE, both of Janeville. June 1, 1897 at Ottawa. 003642-98 - John ELLINGSWORTH 24, labourer, England, Ottawa, s/o Joseph ELLINGSWORTH & Margaret PLUNCETT, married Margaret O'CONNELL 18, Ottawa, same, d/o John O'CONNELL & Emma THIBAULT, wit: John & Mrs. John O'CONNELL both of Ottawa, 24 Aug 1897, at Nepean (at St. Mary's Bayswater) (RC).
003682-97 (Carleton Co) Hubert Clarke ELLIS, 25, merchant, Bathurst N.B., Ottawa, s/o Edward G. & Mary Jane married Jessie Richer SCOTT, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o David & Margaret Jane. Wit John G. SCOTT and James F.ELLIS, both of Ottawa. June 15, 1897 at Ottawa. 003418-97 (Carleton Co): Abraham EVOY, 25, farmer, North Gower, Beckwith, s/o Joshua EVOY & Susan GRIFFITH married Elizabeth Mann BALDRY, 19, Osgoode, Osgoode Station, d/o Samuel BALDRY & Georgina MANN Wit: Mrs. John GAULT and Mrs. William GAULT, both of North Gower. July 21, 1897 at North Gower.
003450-97 (Carleton Co) Wilbur FALLS, 22, farmer, not stated, Skead's Mills, s/o Hazelwood FALLS & Mary HAZELWOOD married Jennie CLARK, 20, not stated, Skead's Mills, d/o Thomas CLARKE & Sarah LESLIE. Wit Edith SPARKS and Etti HANWRIGHT. August 27, Hintonburgh. 003427-97 (Carleton Co): William Albert FEATHERSTON, 27, farmer, Goulbourne, same, s/o George & Barbara FEATHERSTON married Isabella COYLES, 21, Goulbourne, same, d/o John & Matilda COYLES. Wit: Robert FEATHERSTON and Eliza Ann COYLES, both of Goulbourne. June 9, 1897 at Munster
003419-97 (Carleton Co): John Arthur FENNELL, 30, farmer, Marlboro, same, s/o William FENNELL & Margaret PETTAPIECE married Carrie Eliza EASTMAN, 25, North Gower, same, d/o William Walter EASTMAN & Mary Jane DOBSON. Wit: Andrew Milton WALLACE of Malakoff and Lillie J. EASTMAN of North Gower. December 22, 1897 at North Gower. 003423-97 (Carleton Co): James Daniel FERGUSON, 29, farmer, Beckwith, same, s/o John FERGUSON & Margaret McDEARMID married Jennie DRUMMOND, 24, Goulbourne, same, d/o Malcolm DRUMMOND & Elizabeth McEWAN. Wit: William TURNER of Beckwith and Bella DRUMMOND of Goulbourne. February 24, 1897 at Ashton.
#003819-97 (Carleton Co): John FORAN, 23, mech. engineer, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o James FORAN & Liza FOD?, married Henrietta GREENE, 20, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Samuel GREENE & Catherine BURTON, witn: Michael O'BRIEN & illegible QULLIVAN, both of Ottawa, 21 Aug 1897 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) 003664-98 (Carleton Co): Francis George GELLAND (Yelland?), 24, trainman, Wright Twp., QC, Ottawa, s/o John & Kate (not stated) married Margaret Ann MacFARLANE, 24, Goulbourne, Ottawa, d/o Peter & Eliza (not stated). Wit: W.J. CAIRNS and M. Ida FRASER, both of Ottawa. Dec. 29, 1897, at Ottawa
003420-97 (Carleton Co): William George GODKIN, 27, cheese manufacturer, not given, North Gower, s/o Thomas GODKIN & Mary INGLIS married Margaret H. CRAIG, 22, North Gower, same, d/o William CRAIG & Eliza CARSON. Wit: Alex GODKIN and Maggie PETTAPIECE, res not given. September 30, 1897 at North Gower 003508-97 (Carleton Co) Albert GRANT, 24, cheesemaker, of Kenmore, s/o Laughlin Taylor GRANT & Mary Ann McKEE married Mable SIMPSON, 18, Osgoode, Kenmore,d/o Samuel SIMPSON & Mary McCORMICK. Wit ?G.CARSON of Kenmore and Maggie ADAMS not noted. July 15, 1897, at Osgoode.
003447-97 (Carleton Co) Israel GREGOIRE, 23, laborer, not given, Embrum, s/o Desire GREGOIRE & Delina LADEROUTE married Agnes LEBLANCE, 17, not given, Hintonburg, , d/o Hyancithe LEBLANCE & Mathilda LAURIN. Wit Antoine LADEROUTE and Hyancithe LEBLANCE., res. not stated. July 13, 1897, at Hintonburgh. (RC) #003818-97 (Carleton Co): Bruno HARVEY, 28, patent attorney, Lancs. England, Ottawa, s/o Adam & Augusta, married Agnes LASCIMANN?, 21, Pembroke Ont., same, d/o William & Auguste, witn: Werner NOFKE of Ottawa & Hattie LASCIMANN of Pembroke, 31 Aug 1897 at Ottawa (Lutheran)
003687-97 (Carleton Co) William Arthur HENDRIC, 30, druggist, Montreal, same, s/o William HENDRIC & Margaret CARMICHAEL married Edith Hope MILLER, 24, Tamworth, Ottawa, d/o Thomas MILLER & Margaret NEELY. Wit C. H. BOSWELL and Lilian May HENDRIC, res. not given. June 15, 1897 at Ottawa. 003672-98 (Carleton Co): Thomas Chas. HICKMAN, 24, painter, Staffordshire Eng., Ottawa, s/o Thomas C. & Aslon (not stated) married Eva HIGMAN, 24, Pembroke, Ottawa, d/o George & Maria Louise. Wit: (missing) HIGMAN & Rose HIGMAN, both of Ottawa. Dec. 30, 1897, at Ottawa.
0036885-98 (Carleton Co) Samuel HOLLINGSWORTH, 23, minister, Athens Ont, Inverary Ont, s/o Samuel HOLLINGSWORTH & Hannah YATES married Elizabeth SHAW, 21, Newboro Ont, same, d/o John SHAW & Mary POOLE. Wit D.B. BROWNE & Ila B. AUSTIN, both of Portland Ont. Oct. 5, 1897, at Ottawa. 003453-97 (Carleton Co) Joseph HUNTER, 25, widower, delivery man, not stated, Ottawa, Joseph & Annie HUNTER married May COAKLEY, 22, not noted, Hintonburgh, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth COAKLEY. Wit James MOIR and Sarah MARSHALL, res. not stated. September 6, Hintonburgh.
003686-97 (Carleton Co) George William HYDE, 23, butcher, Halifax Eng, Billing's Bridge, s/o William HYDE & Mary HARRIS married Alexandrina GRYMES, 24, Edinburgh Scotland, Ottawa, d/o Alexander GRYMES & Joanna NEIL. Wit William James POWERS and Mary Isabella STEWART, res. not given. June 15, 1897 at Ottawa. 003662-98 (Carleton Co): Henry JAMES, 31, tailor, Canada, Ottawa, s/o William JAMES & (not stated) BEGWELL married Mary Ida JOHNSTON, 27, d/o James JOHNSTON & Mary FLOOD. Wit: Hugh CARSON and Ann JOHNSTON, both of Ottawa. Dec. 28, 1897, at Ottawa.
003507-97 (Carleton Co) James White KENNEDY, 38, blacksmith, Osgoode,same, s/o James KENNEDY & Jane WILKIE married Etta Belle CAMERON, 23, Osgoode, same, d/o Hugh R. CAMERON & Dorina Jane BROWN. Wit Peter CRERAR of Osgoode and Mrs.R. C. McGREGOR of Roxboro, June 30, 1897, at Osgoode. 003428-97 (Carleton Co): William James KENNY, 25, merchant, Goulbourne, Ottawa, s/o Mark & Olive KENNY married Malinda R. BURROUGHS, 21, March, same, d/o Richard BURROUGHS & Jane SCHARF. Wit: Dr. F. POTTER of Ottawa and Catherine HARTIER of Nepean. June 2, 1897 at Hazeldean
003578-98 (Carleton Co): James H. KERN?, 23, farmer, Canada, Osgoode, s/o David & Mary KERN married Wilhemina CONDIE, 18, Canada, Osgoode, d/o John & Nora CONDIE. Wit: H. L. CONDIE and Miss H. CONDIE, both of Osgoode. Date not given, 1897 at Manotick  
003678-98 (Carleton Co) John KING, 33, engineer, Glasgow, Ottawa East, s/o (not given) KING & Margaret NEILSON married Annie McCRAIG, 21, Glenngarry, Ottawa East, d/o Duncan McCRAIG & Mary McNAUGHTON. Wit Alex & Jessie McCRAIG, both of Ottawa East. June 28, 1897?, at Ottawa . 003661-98 (Carleton Co): Francis X. LADEROUTE, 23, bookkeeper, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Francis X. LADEROUTE & Johanna GAUGHTON married Lola Louise CORBETT, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o William CORBETT & Hannah J. BOWMAN. Wit: Chas. A. YOUNG and Mary WHELAN, both of Ottawa. Nov. 23, 1897, at Ottawa
#003817-97 (Carleton Co): Thomas LAST, 23, farmer, Portland Que., same, s/o Henry & Mary Jane, married Maggie Mary SHAW, 23, Portland USA, Ottawa, d/o Henry Allen & Elizabeth, witn: Sarah Matilda ELLIOT of Ottawa & L.M. LAST of Laserne? Quebec, 31 Aug 1897 at Ottawa 003577-98: (Carleton Co): William Albert LEACH, 21, baker, North Gower, Ottawa, s/o John LEACH & Muriel BYER married Minnie B. BROWNLEE, 21, North Gower, Manotick, d/o William Henry BROWNLEE & Maggie LATIMER. Wit: Robert GAULT of Ottawa and Olin McCAFFREY of Kenmore. December 8, 1897 at Manotick
  #003816-97 (Carleton Co): Francois X. LE CAVALIER, 26, painter, Ottawa, same, s/o Frs. X. LE CAVALIER & Praxide CORBEIL, married Marie Floriser? LABELLE, 20, of Ottawa, d/o Pierre LABELLE & Philomene DAZE, witn: Frs. X. LE CAVALIER & Pierre LABELLE, both of Ottawa, 31 Aug 1897 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
#003646-98 - Alfred LEE 24, printer, Perth, Ottawa, s/o John LEE & Mary Ann McDONNAUGH, married Margaret MARTIN 25, Ottawa, same, d/o John MARTIN & Mary KENNEDY, wit: Patrick LEE of Perth & Minnie DUBROY of Ottawa, 16 Nov 1897, at St. Mary's ,Bayswater, Nepean, (RC). 003688-97 (Carleton Co) Isaac LEVAC 50, widower, mechanic, Quebec, Quebec, s/o Christopher LEVAC & Sophia CLEMENT married Matilda HARDIE, 35, Isle of Wight, Ottawa, d/o Harvie HARDIE & Margaret VERNAL. Wit John SMALL and Mrs I. J. SMALL, res. not given. June 7, 1897 at Ottawa.
#003815-97 (Carleton Co): Daniel McCORMICK, 40, lumber overseer, Buckingham Que., Ottawa, s/o Edmond McCORMICK & Mary Ellen MURPHY, married Josephine GAUTHIER, 42, widow, Canfield Ont., Ottawa, d/o Alexander MORRIS & Sarah McCORMICK, witn: Henri DUCHARME & Gertrude FORAN, both of Ottawa, 9 Aug 1897 at Ottawa (Rom Cath) 003505-97 (Carleton Co) John D. McDONALD, 26, farmer, not noted, Osgoode, s/o John McDONALD & Ann McPHAIL married Kate Ann CAMPBELL, 27, not noted, Osgoode, d/o John CAMPBELL & Annie McDIARMID. Wit Nina DOWSER and Minnie BEATTIE, both of Osgoode. March 24, 1897, at Osgoode.
#003644-98 - Duncan McDONALD 22, labourer, Glengarry, Ottawa, s/o Donald McDONALD & Mary FISHER, married Marcella HOBAN 22, Unknown, Ottawa, d/o John HOBAN & Rose TIGHE, Wit: James & Phoebe St. LOUIS both of Ottawa, 27 Sep 1897, at St. Mary's ,Bayswater, Nepean, (RC). 003676-98 (Carleton Co) George Samuel McDOUGALL, 24, salesman, Gloucester Ont, Brooklyn N.Y., s/o Robt. McDOUGALL & Elizabeth NICHOLSON married Mary Elizabeth HARNON? HARMAN?, 32, Ottawa, same, d/o James M. HARNON? & Elizabeth NICHOLSON. Wit Frank M. & Sophia HARNON? Oct.13, 1897, At Ottawa.
003677-98 (Carleton Co) Donald Jas. McGRAIG, 24, engineer, Glengarry, Ottawa East, s/o Duncan McCRAIG & Mary McNAUGHTON married Margaret Edith DEWER, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Robt. DEWER & Jessie GILCHRIST. Wit Jessie DEWER and John KING, both of Ottawa. April 25, 1897?, at Ottawa. #003645-98 - Daniel MEARS 24, labourer, Nepean, Ottawa, s/o Thomas MEARS & Violet BURNETT, married Ellen O'GRADY 23, Ottawa, same, d/o Michael O'GRADY & Margaret KELLY, wit: Clarence GAUL of Nepean & Annie RICE of Ottawa, 12 Oct 1897, at St. Mary's Bayswater Nepean, (RC)
003451-97 (Carleton Co) Pierre MENARD, 20, laborer, St. Andre de Augstin, Mechanicsville, s/o Pierre MENARD & Angelin GIBRAU married Victoria CUSSON, 24, Hull PQ, Mechanicsville, d/o Eoussaint CUSSON & Adi LAFLOUR. Wit Pierre MENARD and Eoussaint CUSSON, both of Mechanicsville. September 6, 1897, at Hintonburgh. (RC) 003421-97 (Carleton Co): Henry R. MEREDITH, 31, farmer, North Gower, same, s/o Mathew & Mary Ann MEREDITH married Jane BELL, North Gower, Wellington, d/o John BELL & Hellen WALLACE. Wit: Thomas MANSFIELD of Manotick and Maud McCANDICK of North Gower. June 19, 1897 at Wellington.
003425-97 (Carleton Co): John MONTGOMERY, 52, widower, miller, Huntley, Appleton Village, s/o William MONTGOMERY & Margaret ARGUE married Martha A. HALL, 34, Ramsay, Appleton Village, d/o Francis HALL & Margaret HAMILTON. Wit: William KITTS and Jane Agnes HALL, both of Appleton Village. April 30, 1897 at Goulbourne 003457-97 (Carleton Co) Milton MOXLEY, 23, laborer, Gloucester, 207 Division St. Ottawa, s/o James T. MOXLEY & Mary McDIARMID married Florence HILL, 23, Gloucester, 203 Division St. Ottawa, d/o Thomas HILL & Mary GRANT. Wit Robert Nelson CODE and Ethel Maude CODE, both of Ottawa. December 24, 1897, at Hintonburgh.
003663-98 (Carleton Co): George Albert NICHOLSON, 27, railway empl., Glengarry, Ottawa East, s/o William & Caroline (not stated) married Catherine Cecilia PURCELL, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o John & Sarah Ann (not stated). Wit: John and Sarah Ann PURCELL, both of Ottawa. Dec. 30, 1897, at Ottawa. 003699-98 (Carleton Co) Robert NIXON, 28, farmer, Westmoreland Eng., Gloucester, s/o John Thomas NIXON & Nannie STAIFE married Rebecca McVITTY, 25, Dublin Ireland, Ottawa, d/o John McVITTY & Jane HAMILTON. Wit Harry & Agnes BAYES, both of Gloucester. Oct. 18, 1897, at Ottawa.
003511-97 (Carleton Co) Patrick O'BRIAN, 28, farmer, Osgoode, same, s/o James O'BRIAN & Johanna DAILY married Mary J. BLANCHFIELD, 28, servant, Osgoode, same, d/o Patrick BLANCHFIELD & Catherine HERBERT. Wit James O'BRIAN and Elizabeth HERBERT both of Osgoode. September 16, 1897, at Osgoode. #003643-98 - Thomas O'TOOLE 36, labourer, Ottawa, same, s/o Thomas O'TOOLE & Bridget O'MEARA, married Bridget Ann O'MEARA 22, Nepean, same, d/o Philip O'MEARA & Bridget AHEARN, wit: Martin POWERS of Ottawa & Annie CLEARY of Nepean, 7 Sep 1897, at St. Mary's, Bayswater, Nepean, (RC).
003424-97 (Carleton Co): William John PAUL, 27, farmer, Huntley, same, s/o John PAUL & Nancy PATTON married Ida Jane WALKER, 23, Goulbourne, same, d/o Henry & WALKER & Eliza Jane STITT?. Wit: Robert J. GORDON of Goulbourne and Eliza Jane NEILL of Nepean. February 23, 1897 at Stittsville 003675-98 (Carleton Co) Alwyne PERKINS, 21, Bookkeeper, Ottawa, same, s/o George W. PERKINS & Isabella RUMSEY married Grace L. BEDDINGFIELD, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o William BEDDINGFIELD & Rebecca KERNAHAN. Wit M.L. MacFARLANE & Rosanna GRANDMAISON, both of Ottawa. Sept. 1, 1897, at Ottawa.
003674-98 (Carleton Co) Thomas H. POTTER, 24, military staff clerk, Welshpool N. Wales, Ottawa, s/o Elizabeth & John (not stated) married Adeline SMYTHE, 23, South March, Ottawa, d/oThomas & Elizabeth (noted stated). Wit Alexander SMYTHE & Nella ASHER, both of Ottawa. Nov. 17, 1897, at Ottawa. 003422-97 (Carleton Co): Robert REDDICK, 25, farmer, Marlborough, same, s/o John REDDICK & Margaret McMULLEN married Annie May HART, 18, Marlborough, same, d/o John HART & Isabella ROSS. Wit: David H. REDDICK and Nellie SCHUENDFIGER, both of Marlborough. September 22, 1897 at Marlborough
#003595-98 - William B. RENAUD 39, lumberman's agent, Ottawa, same, s/o Alexis RENAUD & Zepherine ROBILLARD, married Jennie HAUN [NAUN] 25, Mountain, Ottawa, d/o John HAUN [NAUN] & Isabella POOPS, wit: Rev. P. Maurice & Rev. P. Cansdide, both of Hintonburgh, 10 May 1897, at Ch. of St. Francis, Hintonburgh 003430-97 (Carleton Co): Ira Edwin RICHARDSON, 24, farmer, March, same, s/o Samuel H. RICHARDSON & Adelaide BRADLEY married Caroline McCURDY, 26, Goulbourne, same, d/o William McCURDY & Martha KEMP. Wit: T. H. ARGUE of Hazeldean and Maud HALL of L'Original. June 24, 1897 at Hazledean
#003602-98 - Thomas E. I. RUDDICK 21, fireman CPR, Brockville, Ottawa, s/o L. & Emily RUDDICK, married Bridget O'NEIL 22, Hull PQ, Ottawa, d/o Charles & Bridget O'NEIL, wit: Emily & E. RUDDICK both of Ottawa, 27 Nov 1897, at Hintonburgh 003449-97 Carleton Co) Wilfred SAGOUIN, 21, laborer, Ottawa, Mechanicsville, s/o Henri SAGOUIN & Caroline BELLEFEUILLE married Marie Anne GIBRAU, 17, St. Andre de Augustin, not noted, d/o Nelson GIBRAU & Philomene MALLETTE. Wit Henry SAGOUIN and Nelson GIBRAU, res. not noted. August 30, 1897, Hintonburgh. (RC)
003456-97 (Carleton Co) John Wesley SCOBIE, 20, gardener, Hazeldean, Steads Mills Q, s/o John SCOBIE & Eliva WHITE married Frances Eliza GIBSON, 21, servant, Ross Ont, Campbell's Bay Q, JOhn GIBSON & Frances FLOOD. Wit Wilhemina SPARKS and Flora EADIE, both of Hintonburgh. October 29, at Hintonburgh. #003813-97 (Carleton Co): Austin Edgar SHORE, 25, printer, Hazeldean Ont., Ottawa, s/o Robert SHORE & Sarah CORBETT, married Ellen FOLEY, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Moses FOLEY & Annie HOWE, witn: Margaret FOLEY & J.T. APSTHAL?, both of Ottawa, 27 Aug 1897 at Ottawa
#003814-97 (Carleton Co): Charles Allan SHOULDICE, 26, cutter (or culler?), Arnprior, Ottawa, s/o John Franklin SHOULDICE & Harriett SPENCE, married Harriet Louisa Maud CRAIG, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o Charles CRAIG & Harriet STANFORD, witn: George CHENEY & Ida EASTMAN, both of Ottawa, 4 Aug 1897 at Ottawa 03660-98 (Carleton Co) Edward J.M. SMITH, 23, ?, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Patrick SMITH & Mary MANNING, married Agnes Relman TILLEY, 23, Canada, Ottawa, d/o William Jas. TILLEY & Mary BELMAN. Wit Vincent & Mary TILLEY, both of Ottawa. Dec. 1, 1897, at Ottawa.
003689-97 (Carleton Co) Balderson STEFANS, 26, laborer, Italy, Ottawa, s/o Fabriolo N. STEFANO & Gabriella GESSA? married Maria Guiseppa BOSSIS, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Dominice BOSSIS. Wit Francesco BOSSIS and Anna NICOLINA, both of Ottawa. February 8, 1897 at Ottawa. #003812-97 (Carleton Co): Thomas William Arthur SUFFRON, 25, carpenter, Smith Falls, Ottawa, s/o William SUFFRON & Mary DAVIS, married Annie Jane McDONALD, 19, Clarence Ont., Ottawa, d/o James McDONALD & Ann CHALMERS, witn: Herbert SUFFRON & Kate McDONALD, 12 May 1897 at Ottawa
#003811-97 (Carleton Co): James Davis TAYLOR, 33, journalist, Quebec Que., Victoria BC, s/o Thomas & Mary Humphrey TAYLOR, married Jane (illegible) JENKINS, 27, Quebec Que., Ottawa, d/o Elizabeth & John Hay JENKINS, witn: R.E. BRET of Victoria BC and Lillian & E. Cecil JENKINS of Ottawa, 4 April 1897 at Ottawa 003454-97 (Carleton Co) Dominique VACHON, 24, laborer, not stated, Hintonburgh, s/o Simon VACHON & Adeline LeCLAIR married Malvina PAQUETTE, 19, not noted, Hintonburgh, d/o Lestor PAQUETTE and Philemon LaVIOLETTE. Wit Simon VACHON and Henry ROLLAND, res. not noted. October 3, 1897, at Hintonburgh. (RC)
003690-97 (Carleton Co) Emery VALIQUETTE, 21, not given, faded, Ottawa, s/o Charles & Domita married Eva DESLAURIER, 20, not given, Ottawa, d/o Felix & Delima. Wit George GOYELLE and Elene GIROUX, res. not given. February 16, 1897 at Ottawa. 003455-97 (Carleton Co) Moise VIAU, 23, laborer, Clarence Creek, Mechanicsville, s/o Joseph VIAU & Adis Neiges LALONDE married Alphonsine LAURIN, 17, St. Placide, Mechanicsville, d/o Alphonse LAURIN & Alphonsine COLE. Wit Joseph VIAU & Alphonse LAURIN, both of Mechanicsville. October 25, 1897, Hintonburgh. (RC)
003692-97 (Carleton Co) George Dawson WADSWORTH, 28, merchant, Carlow Ont, same, s/o William WADSWORTH & Mary Ann SMITH married Eliza LOUGHLIN, 20, Fitzroy, same, d/o William LOUGHLIN & Jane McLEAN. Wit Howard W. HUDSON of Combermere Ont and Etta PROCTOR of Boulter Ont. June 22, 1897 at Ottawa. 003510-97 (Carleton Co) Alfred WARREN, 27, bricklayer, Ottawa, same, s/o Wilson WARREN & Mary CODY married Annie O'BRIAN, 28, Osgoode, same, servant, d/o Matthew & Mary O'BRIAN. Wit Florence O'Brian of Osgoode and John Warren of Ottawa. June 29, 1897, at Osgoode.
003509-97 (Carleton Co) Alex'r McGregor WILSON, 30, bricklayer, Cornwall, Gloucester, s/o James & Catherine WILSON married Bella JOHNSTON, 28, Ireland, Osgoode,d/o Samuel JOHNSTON & Lydia REDDICK. Wit Samuel JOHNSTON of Osgoode and Minne ROBINSON of Metcalfe. July 21, 1897, at Osgoode. 003506-97 (Carleton Co) James YORK, 37, farmer, Osgoode, same, s/o James YORK & Elizabeth BROWN married Isabella KENNEDY, 31, Osgoode, same, d/o Archibald KENNEDY & Jane McINNIS. Wit Brown L. YORK of Ottawa and Ella Jane KENNEDY of Osgoode. April 4, 1897, at Osgoode.