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Carleton Co., 1898


3532-98 Alexander ABERCROMBIE, 34, farmer, Burgess, same, s/o Alex ABERCROMBIE & Sarah FERRISS, married Anna Bella McCUE, 26, Fitzroy, same, d/o George McCUE & Maggie McDONALD, witn: Ephraim ABERCROBIE of Burgess & Lucilla McCUE of Fitzroy, 28 Sept 1898 at her father’s house 3525-98 William John ABERCROMBIE, 27, farmer, Burgess, Elmsley, s/o Alex ABERCROMBIE & Sarah FERRISS, married Malina McCUE, 23, Fitzroy, same, d/o George McCUE & Margaret McDONALD, witn: E. ABERCROMBIE of Perth & A. B. McCUE of Antrim, 22 Feb 1898 at Antrim
003670-98 (Carlton Co): William Francis ADAMS, 27, coachman, Ottawa, same, s/o Thomas ADAMS & Susan LAMB married Mary Ellen PELL, 28, Rockingham Ont, Ottawa, d/o Alfred PELL & Sarah MARTIN. Wit: Eldon MAGUIRE and Mary Ethel PELL, both of Ottawa. Dec. 27, 1898, at Ottawa 003669-98 (Carleton Co): William Gladstone ADAMSON, 25, carpenter, Richmond, Ottawa, s/o David & Mary (not stated) married Jane RAWLSTONE, 27, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o William & Mary (not stated). Wit: William S. McLEAN, Verdon Man., and Florence HARRINGTON, Ottawa. Jan. 3, 1898, at Ottawa
003671-98 (Carleton Co): Herbert Holmes AMABLE? (ARNETTE?), 27, butcher, Winchester, same, s/o Rodman & Hannah (not stated) married Maude Ethel DURANT, 19, Winchester, same, d/o Ozias & Maria (not stated). Wit: George GOODWIN and B.C. McDIARMOND, both of Ottawa. Jan. 5, 1898. 003597-98 - Alfred ANDERSON 27, stone mason, Fitzroy, Nepean St. Ottawa, s/o George ANDERSON & Martha HOWARD, married Mary BRADLEY 20, Flower?, Gilmour St. Ottawa, d/o Wallis BRADLEY & Ella JUDD, wit: Christin McEACHERN of Lochaber Bay Que. & Bella BEGLEY of Richmond Rd. Hintonburgh, 7 Jun 1898, at Presbyterian manse Richmond Rd. Hintonburgh.
003622-98 - Albert ARGUE 27, farmer, Russell twp., Goulbourn twp., s/o Thomas ARGUE & Dorothy McGUIRE, married Lina CAVANAGH 21, Huntley, same, d/o Michael CAVANAGH & Mary J. MULLIGAN, wit: B. BRADLEY & Ida CAVANAGH both of Huntley, 22 Jun 1898, at Christ Ch. Methodist Huntley. 4135-98 Albert Robert ARMITAGE, 24, laborer, of Onslow Que., s/o James ARMITAGE & Dorcas MAGWOOD, married Margaret ALEXANDER, 20, of Bristol Que., d/o Andrew ALEXANDER & Charlotte CAMERON, wit: John TURNER & Alice ARMITAGE, 20 Dec 1898 at Ottawa
3538-98 Christopher H. ARMSTRONG, 35, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o Thomas ARMSTRONG & Mary DAVIS, married Jessie Elizabeth McMILLAN, 24, Fitzroy, same, d/o John McMILLAN & Isabella McLEOD, witn: William J. ARMSTRONG & Mary A. McMILLAN, both of Fitzroy, 30 Nov 1898 at her father’s house #003652-98 - Frederick Ray--en? BAKER 23, express driver, Chatham Kent Co. Eng., Ottawa, s/o Job & Hannah BAKER, married Hannah Bella NESBITT 22, Nepean, same, d/o Isaac & Sarah NESBITT, wit: Joseph LESLIE of Ottawa & Jennie NESBITT of Nepean, 6 Apr 1898, at Nepean
003581-98 (Carleton Co): Richard BALANCE, 21, farmer, Marlboro, same, s/o Richard BALANCE & Eliza CHAPMAN married Stella MORRISON, 20, Marlboro, same, d/o James MORRISON & Fanny FREDINBURGH Wit: Mrs. F. HUGHES of Bristol and Miss ARMSTRONG of Thorndale. January 29, 1898 at North Gower  
003683-98 (Carlton Co) Alfred BARKER, 28, paper maker, Essex England, Hull PQ, s/o Charles BARKER & Susan TURNER married Catherine SAUL?, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o Thomas SAUL and Annie HIGHFIELD. Wit Jas. H. SHIELDS and William SALES, both of Ottawa. Jan.12, 1898, at Ottawa. 3636-98 Frederick BASKINS, 28, farmer, Ontario, March, s/o James & Alice, married Elizabeth McMILLAN, 37, Ontario, Hamilton NY, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth, witn: John James BASKINS & Elizabeth DERRAUGH, both of March, 30 June 1898 at South March
#003778-98 (Carleton Co): Reginald Alexander BERRY, 21, musician, Oakland Calif., Ottawa, s/o Thomas BERRY & Amelia CHARTERS, married Emily May ELLIOTT, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o James ELLIOTT & Maggie BELL, witn: W.A. MORELAND & Martha SHAW, both of Ottawa, 20 April 1898 at Ottawa 4159-98 Ezra BICCUM, 21, farmer, Mountain, Winchester twp., s/o Sidney BUCCUM (sic) & Mary Ann LOVIGH?, married Alice DOUGLAS, 20, Mountain, Osgoode, d/o Alfred DOUGLAS & Adeline SHELDRICK, wtn: Henry & Matilda SHELDRICK of Osgoode, 19 Jan 1898 at Vernon
#003773-98 (Carleton Co): William James BOYD, 27, farmer, Osgoode, same, s/o John & Catherine, married Annie Maria J. ROWATT, 25, Hawthorne, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: William ROWATT of Hawthorne & Laura McAMMOND of Ottawa, 23 March 1898 #003572-98 - Seymour BRADFORD 22, RR brakesman, Wolford, Carleton Place, s/o John Henry BRADFORD & Anna Bella HART, married Ethel Phoebe McFADDEN 19, Ashton, same, d/o Abram McFADDEN & May Ann WIDMARK, wit: Maggie BRYCE of Beckwith & G. A. WILSON of Carleton Place, 29 Sep 1898, at Ashton
#003563-98 - Nicholas Garland BRADLEY 26, farmer, Goulburn, same, s/o James BRADLEY & Mary Jane GARLAND, married Fanny Bertha FEATHERSON 21, Goulburn, same, d/o Jonthan & Elizabeth FEATHERSTON, wit: William J. BRADLEY & Eliz. E. SEABROOK both of Goulburn, 19 Jan 1898, at St. Stephen's Ch., Munster 4155-98 Robert BRADLEY, 28, widower, railroader, of Ottawa, s/o Stephen BRADLEY & blank, married Emma DAVIS, 24, of Ottawa, East, d/o William DAVIS & blank, witn: John GRATTON of Ottawa & Clara DAVIS of Ottawa East, 24 Dec 1898 at Trinity Church, Ottawa East
3541-98 Cyrille BRAULT, 26, farmer, St. Lourdes of Gougagne, Orleans, s/o Telesphore BRAULT & Celina MARSIL, married Florida LEFEBRE, 19, Montreal, Orleans, d/o Damase LEFEBRE & Olive PARENT, witn: Damase LEFEBRE & Telesphore BRAULT, both of Orleans, 17 Jan 1898 at Orleans (Rom Cath) #003557-98 - Adelard BRAZEAU (Brozeau?, 21, workman, St. Victor de Alfred, Cyrville, s/o Joseph BRAZEAU & Eloise ROULEAU married Valeria RENAUD 20, Cyrville, same, d/o Charles RENAUD & Marie LAPORTE, wit: Charles RENAUD & Antoine BROZEAU, both of Gloucester, 15 Aug 1898, at Cyrville Gloucester (RC)
4144-98 Richard Tennyson BREWER, 22, teamster, Ottawa, same, s/o James & Emily, married Maude FLATTERS?, 22, Aylmer Que., same, d/o Joseph & Frances, witn: Isabell M. & Emily BREWER of Ottawa, 16 Nov 1898 at Ottawa  
4132-98 George Burton H. BROWN, 26, photographer, England, Ottawa, s/o James GILLIS (sic) & Mary HUNTER, married Mary Alice WHITE, 20, Canada, Maniwakey Que., d/o Thomas WHITE & Alice CROUGH, witn: Charles & Ina BROWN of Ottawa, 14 Dec 1898 at Ottawa 3523-98 Paul BROWN, 40, farmer, of Torbolton, s/o George BROWN & Mary CARTER, married Mary Jane McOUAT, 32, of Torbolton, d/o John McOUAT & Annie ROBERTSON, witn: W. A. SHIRREFF & S. M. LANGDON, 26 Jan 1898 [reg in Fitzroy twp]
#003574-98 - Hugh BUCHANAN 55, farmer, wid., Goulburn, same, s/o Francis & Margret BUCHANAN, married Sarah HANNA 52, Goulburn, same, d/o Robert & Mary [Jenkinson] HANNA, wit: John FISTER & Ann HANNA both of Goulburn, 9 Nov 1898, at Goulburn 003679-98 (Carleton Co) Wesley BURROUGH, 22, farmer, March, Cumberland, s/o Thomas & Eliza Harriet (not given) married Alexina ARMSTRONG, 22, March, Cumberland, d/o Thomas & Eliza (not given). Wit Norman BURROUGHS (sic) and Maggie LANCASTER, both of Cumberland. Jan 5, 1898, at Ottawa.
#003610-98 - Honore CARRIERE 23, labourer, Crysler, Hintonburgh, s/o Thomas CARRIERE & Virginia LEPAGE, married Rose Alma CHARETTE 18, Mechanicsville, same, d/o Hercule CHARRETTE & Glephine GEROUARD, wit: Th. CARRIERE of Hintonburgh & H. CHARETTE of Mechanicsville, 18 Sep 1898, at Ch. of St. Francis, Hintonburgh. #003772-98 (Carleton Co): Richard CARSON, 37, farmer, North Gower, same, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Eva Emma HOUGH (could be Tough), 30, Cumberland, Ottawa, d/o Robert & Priscilla, witn: David CARSON of North Gower & Maria MACKIE of E. Gloucester, 16 Feb 1898 at Ottawa
4152-98 Michael CASHMAN, 24, laborer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o James CASHMAN & Elizabeth LYNOTT, married Julia YOUNG, 25, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Edward YOUNG & Eliza KEAGAN, witn: Daniel CASHMAN & Kate KEAGAN, both of Ottawa, 22 Nov 1898 at Ottawa  
3524-98 Thomas H. CAVANAGH, 32, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o William CAVANAGH & Ellen BARBER, married Essie Jane GRAINGER, 24, Fitzroy, same, d/o Thomas GRAINGER & Eliza STORY, witn: Sarah A. GRAINGER & George CAVANAGH, 26 Jan 1898 at St. Johns, Antrim 3588-98 Joseph CAVANAGH, 30, farmer, Drummond, Bathurst, s/o Benjamin CAVANAGH & Elizabeth RANDFORD?, married Maggie PETTIPIECE, 25, Kars, North Gower, d/o Thomas PETTIPIECE & Margaret BROWNLEE, witn: William CAMERON of Perth & Lottie PETTIPIECE of Kars, 12 Oct 1898 at Wellington
#003617-98 - Henri CHARTIER 35, labourer, Aylmer, Hintonburgh, s/o Zepherin CHARTIER & Julia LYONS, married Josephine DAVISON 24, L'Orignal, Hintonburgh, d/o John DAVISON & Marguerite DUBOIS, wit: John CHARTIER & Honore DAVISON both of Hintonburgh, 13 Nov 1898, at Ch. of St. Francis, Hintonburgh 003695-98 (Carleton Co) Donis? CHOQUETTE, 38, widower, hotel keeper, St. Ignace due Lac PQ, Ottawa, s/o Isaac CHOQUETTE & C. Foreal _? married Amanada LEVEILLE, 18, Ottawa, same, d/o Jules LEVEILLE & Helene CHARBONEAU. Wit Jas. LEVEILLE and F. X. BEAUSOLEIL, both of Ottawa. Jan 19, 1898, at Ottawa.
#003614-98 - Louis Phillipe CLEMENT 40, engineer, Roxboy Falls, St. Hyacinthe, s/o Maglore CLEMENT & Eleanore DUBREL, married Eugenie LECLERE 29, wid., St. Medard, Hintonburgh, d/o Joseph LECLERE & Catherine PARADIS, wit: Zepirin & Benoit ROULEAU both of Ottawa, 20 Sep 1898, at Ch. of St. Francis, Hintonburgh 3543-98 Joseph CLIFFORD, 25, agent for CA railway, England, South Indian, s/o Frederick & Sarah Ann, married Georgianna GLENNIE, 23, widow, Carp, Ottawa, d/o William LITTLE & Margaret, 18 Nov 1898 at Billings Bridge (could be 1897?)
4131-98 Frederick COLSON, 44, widower, civil service, England, Ottawa, s/o James Henry & Emily, married Eliz. Fairlie BRYMNER, 33, widow, Eastern twps Canada, Ottawa, d/o Douglas & Jean [no surname given], witn: Edward TAYLOR & Catherine ROSE, both of Ottawa, 14 Dec 1898 at Ottawa 4143-98 John CONWAY, 23, clerk, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Denis CONWAY & Jane CYR, married Catherine O'TOOLE, 21, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Patrick O'TOOLE & Margaret Mc--?, witn: Michael & Peter J. O'BRIEN of Ottawa, 26 Dec 1898 at Ottawa
4129-98 Joseph CORDMAN?, 45, widower, brick layer, Ireland, Ottawa, so Peter & Esther, married Elizabeth WILSON, 40, widow, Ottawa, same, d/o Bernard & Ann [no surname given], witn: T. BERRY & M. MACKAY, both of Ottawa, 14 Nov 1898 at Ottawa  
3640-98 Benson R. CRAIG, 30, watch maker, Carleton Co., Kemptville, s/o Thomas CRAIG & Deborah SMITH, married Ida Bella TEMPLETON, 25, Marlborough, same, d/o James TEMPLETON & Isabella WALLACE, witn: John H. WALLACE of North Gower & Sadie WILSON of Antrim, 6 July 1898 at Marlborough #003780-98 (Carleton Co): Robert Samuel CRAIN, 23, contractor, Merrickville, Ottawa, s/o Hiram A. CRAIN & Margaret LANGFORD, married Emeline BROWN, 26, Ottawa, same, d/o James BROWN & Ann SIMPSON, witn: W.J. CAIRNS & P. BROWN, both of Ottawa, 27 April 1898 at Ottawa
003668-98 (Carleton Co): Robert Weir CROUCH, 32, artist, Henley-on-Thames Eng., New York, s/o Robert Anthony & Martha (not stated), married Mary REMMINGTON, 25, Frederickton N.B., Ottawa, d/o Edward A. (?) & Margaret Susan (not stated). Wit: William SCHWARTZ and B.C. HAMMOND, both of Ottawa. Jan. 3, 1898, at Ottawa. #003650-98 - Alexander DACKERS 45, merchant, Monreal, Rideauville Nepean, s/o John DACKERS & Martha TOOGE (Tooze?), married Florence Annie LEIGH 29, London Eng., Rideauville Nepean, d/o Ralph S. LEIGH & Annie EAST, wit: William HAMILTON & Ann LEIGH, both of Nepean, 14 Feb 1898, at Rideauville, Nepean
  4169-98 Terrance J. DALEY, 28, farmer, Canada, South Gloucester, s/o Thomas DALEY & Mary McGEE, married Mary Teresa SHIELDS, 24, Canada, Osgoode, d/o Patrick SHIELDS & Mary McEVOY, witn: Patrick SHIELDS of S. Gloucester & Agnes DALEY of Osgoode, 18 Oct. 1898 at Osgoode
3545-98 William DANCY, 27, farmer, South Gloucester, Manotick Station, s/o James DANCEY (sic) & Fannie INCE, married Margaret Ann JOHNSTON, 27, Manotick, Manotick Station, d/o John R. JOHNSTON & Jane CAMPBELL, witn: Mathew DANCEY of Ramsays Corners & Carrie JOHNSTON of Manotick, 15 March 1898 at Presbyterian Church, Manotick 003682-98 (Carleton Co) James DAROUGH, 33, farmer, Tyrone Ireland, N. W. Territory, s/o Robert DAROUGH & Maria KELLY married Mary BALLANTYNE, 36, Bristol PQ, Ottawa, d/o Peter BALLANTYNE & Agnes REID. Wit G. Falconer, Ottawa and R. BALLANTYNE, Thornton. Jan.12, 1898, at Ottawa.
3629-98 Malachi B. DAVIDSON, 28, farmer, Marlborough, same, s/o John DAVIDSON & Annie WIGGINS, married Susie POWELL, 20, Marlborough twp., same, d/o Alex POWELL, farmer, & Elizabeth BEAMAN, witn: Alby DAVIDSON of N. Gower & Lena POWELL of Marlborough, 19 Jan. 1898 at Marlborough  
3641-98 George Robert DAVIS, 26, farmer, Manotick, Marlborough, s/o Simon DAVIS & Levina HARRIS, married Agnes REDDICK, 31, Marlborough, same, d/o John REDDICK, farmer, & Margaret McMILLAN, witn: Nelson & Maggie REDDICK of Marlborough, 28 Dec 1898 at Marlborough 3589-98 Leonard DAVIS, 28, laborer, Ontario, North Gower, s/o John DAVIS & Sarah J. WOODMARK, married Annie R. GRIFFITH, 24, North Gower, same, d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: Nathan EVOY of Beckwith & Lemare? DAVIS of North Gower, 5 Oct 1898 at North Gower
3546-98 William Yate DAYKIN, 66, widower, clerk in holy orders, London England, Janeville, s/o William & Mary, married Hannah Jane Maud OLMSTEAD, 27, Janeville, same, d/o Charles & Selanah, witn: John H. WATTS & H. F. PRITCHARD, both of Cummings Bridge, 18 April 1898 at St. Margarets Church, Janeville, Gloucester 003687-98 (Carleton Co) Ernest DEARN, 25, cheese maker, Cheshire Eng., Lombardy Ont., s/o Thomas DEARN & Mary LLOYD married Mary Jane NEWMAN, 30, Lombardy Ont, same, d/o William H. NEWMAN & Mary GALLAGHER. Wit ? CLAXTON, Carleton Place & Alice NEWMAN, Lombardy. Jan 5, 1898, at Ottawa.
#003608-98 - Adelard DEMERS 25, steamfitter, Carillon, Ottawa, s/o Jean Bap't DEMERS & Josephine COUROY, married Leonie LALONDE 19, Curran, Hintonburgh, d/o Evangeliste LALONDE & Elenor BENOIT, wit: Evang. LALONDE of Curran & J. B. DEMERS of Ottawa, 9 Aug 1898, at Ch. of St. Francis Hintonburgh. #003600-98 - Arthur DEROUIN 21, labourer, Hull, same, s/o Piere DEROUIN & Virginia FRECHETTE, married Modestina LAFLEUR 20, Ottawa, Mechanicsville, d/o Joseph LAFLEUR & Henrietta BISSON, wit: Neri DEROUIN of Hull & Joseph LAFLEUR of Mechanicsville, 13 Jun 1898, at Ch. of St. Francis. (RC).
003585-98 (Carleton Co): John Merrick DILLON, 24, farmer, North Gower, Wellington, s/o Thomas DILLON & Mary Ann WALLACE married Pauline?(not clear) Ellen LEWIS, 23, North Gower, Wellington, d/o Thomas LEWIS & Jane GOOD. Wit: David BOYD and Annie LEWIS, both of Wellington. April 21, 1898 at Wellington  
3530-98 William J. DONALDSON, no age given, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o James DONALDSON & Eliza Jane SHIELDS, married Sarah Jane SMITH, no age given, house keeper, Fitzroy, same, d/o William N. SMITH & Jane REID, witn: Robert E. BISHOP & Mary Ann SMITH, both of Fitzroy, 21 Sept 1898 at her father’s house 4130-98 Robert Alex Stuart DOWD, 30, physician, Eardley twp. Que., Ouyon twp Que., s/o J--? (Jos?) DOWD & Jane STEWART, married Catherine Jane McLEAN, 24, Ouyon twp Que., same, d/o James Henry McLEAN & Betsy TIMLAN?, witn: Herbert J. ROSE & Ettie GEE, both of Ottawa, 19 Dec 1898 at Ottawa
003690-98 (Carleton Co) Robert Richardson DUNLOP, 26, laborer, Ottawa, same,s/o James H. DUNLOP & Elizabeth RICHARDSON married Emilia LEON, 22, Aylmer PQ, same, d/o Joseph LEON & Zoe LADOUCEUR. Wit J. & Mrs. J . DEAN, both of Ottawa. Jan. 19, 1898, at Ottawa. 003684-98 (Carleton Co) Thomas DURKIN, 24, moulder, Ottawa, same, s/o Patrick DURKIN & Elizabeth STAPLETON married Eleanor ANNABEL (Amabel?), 28, Carleton Place, Ottawa, d/o Sidney ANNABEL & Elizabeth McCLERNEY. Wit Louis BORKS and Lizzie ANDERSON. Jan. 13, 1898, at Ottawa. (RC)
3637-98 John A. ELLIOT, 24, farmer, South Gower, Marlborough twp., s/o John ELLIOT & Elizabeth McLEAN, married Mary REDDICK, 30, Marlborough twp., same, d/o John REDDICK, farmer, & Margaret McMILLAN, witn: William ELLIOT of Kemptville & Agnes REDDICK of N. Gower, 28 Jan 1898 at Marlborough #003771-98 (Carleton Co): Thomas Ernest ELLIOTT, 27, baker, England, Ottawa, s/o Thomas & Frances, married Louisa Mary LAMB, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Richard BRADY & Carrie McAMMOND, both of Ottawa, 26 Feb 1898 at Ottawa
#003568-98 - James ELLISON 32, yeoman, St.John NB, Goulburn, s/o Thomas Ellison & Isabella LYONS, married Janet ROBERTSON 19, Scotland, Goulburn, d/o John ROBERTSON & Margret RICHMOND, wit: Charles & Mrs. Chas. HARTIN, both of Goulburn, 17 Sep 1898, at Eng. Ch. Goulburn 4177-98 James Wesley EVOY, 25, farmer, Quebec, Beckwith, s/o Joshua EVOY & Susanna GRIFFITH, married Catherine Maria GRIFFITH, 20, Beckwith, North Gower, d/o Thomas & Eliza Jane, wit: Nathan EVOY of Beckwith & Jane GRIFFITH of North Gower, 6 July 1898 at St. Johns Church, Richmond
3591-98 Nathan A. EVOY, 24, laborer, North Gower, same, s/o Joshua EVOY & Susannah GRIFFITH, married Parmilla DAVIS, 24, Merrickville, same, d/o John DAVIS & Sarah J. WEEDMARK, witn: John SALTER & Jane GRIFFITH, both of North Gower, 16 March 1898 at res of R.R. Fennell 4142-98 George FABRIARE?, 28, shantyman, Longwell Que., same, s/o Louis & Mary, married Donelda JOLI, 22, Ripon Que., Longwell Que., d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: Cordelia & Xavier DUVAL of Quebec, 17 Dec 1898 at Ottawa
#003619-98 - William J. FEATHERSTONE 29, farmer, Goulbourn twp., same, s/o William FEATHERSTONE & Margaret LAWSEN, married Mary A. MONTGOMERY 26, Huntley twp., same, d/o William J. MONTGOMERY & Ann MULLIGAN, wit: R. O. FEATHERSTONE of Stittsville & L. E. MONTGOMERY of Carp, 18 May 1898, at Carp. 4133-98 Emerson Sandford FEE, 22, lumber merchant, of St. Hyacinthe Que., s/o Thomas E. FEE & Lucinda BEATTIE, married Rachel Ella COOPER, 21, of Ottawa, d/o Robert W. COOPER & Adeline ANDERSON, witn: William M. COOPER & Annie C. BALDWIN, both of Ottawa, 14 Dec 1898 at Ottawa
#003599-98 - Albert J. FILIETREAULT 29, printer, Ottawa, same, s/o Humbert FILIETREAULT & Domitille BEAULIEU, married Emilie GOULET 24, St. Eugine, Hintonburgh, d/o Amable GOULET & Olievire PROULX, wit: _. St.LAMBERT & Octave LEBOUF both of Hintonburgh, 22 Feb 1898, at Ch. of St. Francis. (RC). #003575-98 - John George FISTER 50, farmer, wid., Goulburn, Nepean, s/o John FOSTER & Ann DONELLY, married Ann HANNA 55, Goulburn, same, d/o Robert HANNA & Mary JENKINSON, wit: Hugh & Sarah BUCHANAN both of Goulburn, 9 Nov 1898, at Goulburn
#003649-98 - Edward FITZGERALD 35, labourer, March Ont., Hintonburgh, s/o Patrick FITZGERALD & Mary Ann LONEY, married Catherine MULVEY 34, Vinton P.Q., Nepean, d/o Patrick MULVEY & Mary Ann HEARTY, wit: William & Annie GILCHRIST both of Hintonburgh, 18 Apr 1898, at St. Mary's Bayswater Nepean, (RC). #003658-98 - Heriman Richard FLEGEL 20, labourer, Sebastapol, Nepean, s/o James WHITEHORNE & Caroline FLEGEL, married Janet CARKNER 17, East Hawksbury, Nepean, d/o Elias CARKNER & Margaret LECAL, wit: Thomas & Mrs. Thomas RODNEY both of Ottawa, 22 Nov 1898, at Nepean.
3633-98 Michael FOLEY, 24, stone mason, Stittsville, same, s/o Michael FOLEY & Winnifred HOWE, married Bridget SHEA, 21, South March, same, d/o Edward SHEA, farmer, & Mary WHELAN, witn: John CLANCEY & Maude FOLEY, both of Stittsville, 2 Nov 1898 at South March  
4141-98 Albert Edward T. FORDE, 27, clerk, Ottawa, Winnipeg, s/o George & Kate, married Alberta Jane HODGSON, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: H. W. WILSON, Jennie BOSTHWICK & Frank WATSON, all of Ottawa, 27 Dec 1898 at Ottawa 4147-98 William H. FORREST, 24, trainman, Toronto, Ottawa, s/o William FORREST & Amanda NIXON, married Jane RENAUD, 24, St. Jermone Que., Ottawa, d/o Jos. RENAUD & Rose BLONDIN, witn: Rene DUCHARME of Ottawa, 29 Dec 1898 at Ottawa
#003605-98 - Charles FRASER 49, farmer, Cumberland, same, s/o Robert FRASER & Louisa HURDMAN, married Mary Louise CHAMBERLIN 31, dressmaker, Wakefield PQ, Ottawa, d/o Edmund CHAMBERLIN & Amanda CHURCH, wit: Thurlow FRASER of Cumberland Ont.& Robert SCANNELL of James St Hintonburgh, 1 Aug 1898, at residence of Robert Scannell James St. Hintonburgh 3549-98 John Thomas FRITH, 26, farmer, Gloucester, Cummings Bridge, s/o John & Fannie, married Mary Gertrude BOUCHER, 24, Van Kleek Hill, Ottawa, d/o Nelson & Eliza, witn: Arthur J. CAMERON & Emily FRITH, 28 April 1898 at Gloucester
#003571-98 - Robert Cavers FUMERTON 27, farmer, Beckwith, same, s/o James FUMERTON & Jane CAVERS, married Mary Smith ROBERTSON 28, Greenock Scotland, Ramsay, d/o Alex ROBERTSON & Susan KENNEDY, wit: Bella DRUMMOND & R. W. JAMES both of Ashton, 2 Sep 1898, at Village of Ashton 003582-98 (Carleton Co): Robert John GAULT, 27, baker, North Gower, Ottawa, s/o John H. GAULT & Ann MONTGOMERY married Jemima CRAWFORD, 22, North Gower, same, d/o John CRAWFORD & Mary GOOD. Wit: J. M. MONTGOMERY of Ottawa and Minnie CRAWFORD of North Gower. February 2, 1898 at North Gower
16403-98 (Carleton Co) Bertie GOODE, 18, Essex Eng., farmer, s/o J.C. GOODE & M. CLARKE married Elizabeth Ellen PHILLIPO, 21, Somerset Eng., d/o ... (Rest of information missing)on registration.) #003573-98 - Arthur S. GORRELL, MD, 28, physician, Ashton, same, s/o George Taylor GORRELL & Catherine FULTON, married Ethel Jean CHERRY 22, Goulburn, Ashton, d/o William Wesley CHERRY & Catherine KENNEDY, wit: Annie C. MAGUIRE & M. R. CHERRY both of Stittsville, 28 Oct 1898, at Stittsville
#003565-98 - Nicholas Wellington GRAHAM 30, farmer, Goulburn, North Gower, s/o John GRAHAM & Eliza GARLAND, married Mary Caroline LEWIS 31, Goulburn, same, d/o James LEWIS & Annie FOSTER, wit: Aeneas A. GRAHAM & Catherine Jane LEWIS, both of Glouburn, 9 Feb 1898, at St. Thomas Ch., Stanley's Corners #003620-98 - John A. GRAHAM 30, farmer, wid., March twp., same, s/o Jacob GRAHAM & Emily CRAWFORD, married Ann M. CAVANAGH 27, Huntley twp., same, d/o George CAVANAGH & Mary DORNAN, wit: Albert GRAHAM of March twp. & Mary J. CAVANAGH of Kinburn, 1 Jun 1898 at St. John's Ch., Huntley
#003567-98 - Robert Walter HAMILTON 23, blacksmith, Ottawa, Ashton Ont., s/o John James HAMILTON & Susan CUGNER, married Ruth-Jeanetta McOUAN 28, Beckwith Ont., Goulburn, d/o William McOUAN & Jane WILSON, wit: Harvey BENNETT of Ottawa & Mary Elizabeth GOW of Ashton Ont., 22 Feb 1898, at Goulburn #003621-98 - Nicholas HANLAN 32, farmer, Huntley, same, s/o Michael HANLIN & Mary DOYLE, married Elizabeth WATERSON 22, Scotland, Huntley, adopted d/o Gilbert McMURTRY & Susan LOWERY, wit: Patrick O'MERA & Mary A. McDERMOTT both of Huntley, 8 Jun 1898 at St. Michael's Ch., Huntley
3586-98 Thomas HANSON, 23, farmer, Canada, Osgoode, s/o David & Mary, married Wilhelmina CONDIE, 18, Canada, Osgoode, d/o John & Mary, witn: Alex & Mrs. Alex CONDIE of Osgoode, 5 Aug 1898 at Osgoode  
#003570-98 - Be--r?. (?Ben.) Harrison HERRON 27, farmer, Goulburn, same, s/o --ry? HERRON & Caroline SANDERS, married Harriet Anetta BRADLEY 24, Goulburn, same, d/o Albert BRADLEY & Harriett WOOD, wit: Charles MEEGER [Magee?] & Edith MORRISS both of Goulburn, 26 Jul 1898, at Hazledean 003681-98 (Carleton Co) Joseph HEWLETT, 20, painter, not given, Ottawa, s/o Thomas & Agnes (not stated) married Annie McGILLIVRAY, 18, Thurso PQ, Ottawa, d/o Hugh & Mary (not stated). Wit William T. HEWLETT, Ottawa and Helena HERMAN, Clontarf. Jan.7, 1898, at Ottawa.
003558-98 - Randolph James Staples HILL 33, farmer, Simcoe Ont., Hillside Ont., s/o Rev. Robert Norton HILL & Caroline WHITE, married Emeline FARMER, 25, Ramsay's Corners Ont., same, d/o John FARMER & Elizabeth SPARKS, wit: Norton R. HILL of North Augusta & Marion FARMER of Ramsay's Corners, 20 Sep 1898, at Ramsay's Corners, Gloucester 4178-98 John HILLHOUSE, 52, widower, hardware merchant, of Clifford, s/o David HILLHOUSE & Isabella HUTCHISON, married Jessie BUCKHAM, 48, Torbolton, same, d/o John BUCKHAM & Catherine FERGUSON, witn: George BUCKHAM of Torbolton & Jessie YOUNG of Clifford, 7 Sept 1898 at Torbolton
#003656-98 - John A. McDonald HINTON 25, merchant & contractor, Himtonburgh, Victoria BC, s/o Robert Joseph & Lila Hyde HINTON, married Clara Hilson HOLLAND 19, Ottawa, Nepean, d/o George C. & Alison H. R. HOLLAND, wit: George C. HOLLAND of Nepean & William P. HINTON of Ottawa, 16 Nov 1898, at Nepean. #003659-98 - John HOGAN 28, farmer, March twp., same, s/o John HOGAN & Bridget MONAGHAN, married Adeline Mary DEEVY 21, Nepean, same, d/o John DEEVY & Mary Ann FOLEY, wit: Dennis HOGAN & Alice L. DEEVY of 'not stated', 24 Oct 1898, at Fallowfield Nepean
#003910-99 (Carleton Co): Arthur Henry HOLLAND, 28, mica cutter, Sydenham, Ottawa, s/o Thomas HOLLAND & Ann BLACKMORE married Mary Ann THOMAS, 28, Gloucester, Cantley, d/o David THOMAS & Jessie WRIGHT. Wit: Kenneth B. HOLLAND and Annie HOLLAND, both of Ottawa. December 24, 1898 at Ottawa 4146-98 William David HOPKINS, 23, moulder, Smith Falls, same, s/o David HOPKINS & Susan HORNABROOK, married Luella MORLEY, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o John MORLEY & Martha GORDON, witn: C. A. McDIARMID & Eliz. Jean WOODS, both of Ottawa, 29 Dec 1898 at Ottawa
#003562-98 - Alfred James HUNT 41, farmer, of Gloucester, s/o William & Annie HUNT, married Janet BROWNLIE 48, of Gloucester, d/o John & Jane BROWNLIE, wit: William HUNT of Gloucester & Agnes M. BOUSFIELD of Nepean, 28 Sep 1898. #003566-98 - Charles Archibald JOHNSTON 26, farmer, wid., Huntley Ont., Forest River N. Dakota [US], s/o Alex'r JOHNSTON & Rose Ann GRAHAM, married Sarah Meda CUMMINGS 24, Hazledean, same, d/o John CUMMINGS & Eliza PARKER, wit: And'w JOHNSTON of North Dakota & Laura KEMP of Hazledean, 16 Feb 1898, at St. Paul's Ch. Hazledean
#003777-98 (Carleton Co): Reinhold KALFF, 24, coachman, Germany, Ottawa, s/o John & Wilhelmina, married Emily KRAWZUSCH, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o Albert KRAZUSCH (sic) & Augusta GRESEUS, witn: Karl KRAWZUSCH of Ottawa & Albert KIPPER of Ottawa East, 22 April 1898 at Ottawa (Lutheran) 003689-98 (Carleton Co) George Allen KELLY, 23, farmer, Glen Meyer Ont, same, s/o William KELLY & Martha VANWATTER married Isabella HERRINGTON, 23, Russell, same, d/o David HERRINGTON & Fanny KERSTMAN. Wit Francis Grey HIGGET and Maggie E. BARTHWICK, both of Ottawa. Jan. 19, 1898, at Ottawa.
#003655-98 - Michael William KENNEDY 21, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o William KENNEDY & Elizabeth CARROLL, married Helena WATT 19, Nepean, same, d/o Cornelius WATT & Margaret TIERNEY, wit: Mich'l J. KENNEDY of Nepean & Elizabeth HERBERT of West Osgoode, 30 Aug 1898, at Fallowfield Nepean 4150-98 Michael KEIRNAN, 28, laborer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Michael KEIRNAN & Hannah KELLY, married Ellen FOLEY, 23, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Daniel FOLEY & May MORRIS, witn: John KEARNS of W. Templeton Que & May FOLEY of Gracefield Que., 22 Nov 1898 at Ottawa
4151-98 Charles KEYS, 28, corder, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Francis KEYS & Cath. SEXTON, married Anna WEST, 20, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Robert L. WEST & Jane PECK, witn: Alfred DRISCOLL & Ed A. BONNER, both of Ottawa, 14 Dec 1898 at Ottawa  
#003603-98 - Charles C. KING 23, clerk, Malta, Ottawa, s/o Thomas & Eliza KING, married Lillian SCARF 19, March twp., Ottawa, d/o Headley & Mary SCARF, wit: John McGIBBON & Alice WALKER both of Ottawa, 1 Jun 1898, at Hintonburgh 3553-98 William KIPP, 23, of Ottawa, s/o William KIPP & Victoria BERRIDAY, married Marie Louise MARTEL, 19, of Janeville, d/o John MARTEL & Delina DESROCHER, witn: L. F. DESROCHER & "W.H. MARTEL(?)", 7 June 1898 at Gloucester (Rom Cath)
3548-98 Pierre KIRVAN, 24, farmer, Eastmans Springs, same, s/o Michael KIRVAN & Margaret LABELLE, married Annie LADOUCIER, 22, Ottawa, Eastmans Springs, d/o Edward LADOUCIER & Louise RICE, witn: John W. KIRVAN & Benjamin LADOUCIER, both of Eastmans Springs, 25 April 1898 at Eastmans Springs (Rom Cath) 003686-98 (Carleton Co) John Edward L--?, 25, car inspector, Kemptville, Ottawa, s/o Mary & Edward (surname not stated) married Rosena PORTER, 24, Kemptville, same, d/o William & Julia (not stated). Wit J.S. & M. McMILLAN, both of Ottawa. Jan. 19, 1898, at Ottawa.
  3550-98 Calixte LACOMB, 23, laborer, of Ottawa, s/o Charles LACOMB & Lizoth RIOPELLE, married Bernadette PROULX, 17, of Clarktown - Gloucester, d/o Simeon PROULX & Anna RICHER, witn: Victor RICHER & Auguste POGEREAU, 2 May 1898 [reg in Gloucester twp] (Rom Cath)
#003615-98 - Oliver LACROIX 23, labourer, Billings Bridge, Hintonburgh, s/o Oliver LACROIX & Domitette LA COURIN, married Marie Felicite PELLETIER 19, North Bay, Mechanicsville, d/o Joseph PELLETIER & Zia LADEROUTE, wit: Jean LA CREGUE of Hintonburgh & Joseph PELLETIER of Mechanicsville, 20 Oct 1898, at Ch. of St. Francis, Hintonburgh #003616-98 - Moise LADOUCEUR 24, labourer, Ottawa, Hintonburgh, s/o Edward LADOUCEUR & Mary VALANCOURT, married Josephine ST.DENNYS 19, Caledonia, Hintonburgh, d/o Isreal ST.DENNYS & Priscillia PIETTI, wit: Moise LADOUCEUR & Phillippe ST.DENNYS both of Hintonburgh, 24 Oct 1898, at Ch. of St. Francis, Hintonburgh
#003561-98 - Joseph LADOUCIER 23, blacksmith, ?, Cyrville, s/o Gideon LADOUCIER & Celina FANCETTE [Faircette?], married Victoria CYR 18, Cyrville, same, d/o Michael CYR & Mary LEBLOND, wit: Gideon LADOUCIER & Michael CYR both of Cyrville, 24 Oct 1898, at Gloucester (RC). #003618-98 - Fred W. LANGDON 27, labourer, Hazledean, Ottawa, s/o John LANGDON & Agnes AUSTIN, married Mary A. ALLEN 22, Nepean twp., Carp, d/o John ALLEN & Isabella PRATT, wit: Harvey LANGDON of Hazledean & Ida V. ALLEN of Shanly, 13 Apr 1898, at St. James Ch., Carp.
#003648-98 - John LARKIN 22, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o Thomas LARKIN & Bridget HARLAHAN, married Hannah CLARKE 22, Nepean, same, d/o William CLARKE & Hannah DOURLEY, wit: Peter LARKIN & Catherine CLARKE, both of Nepean, 15 Feb 1898, at Fallowfield Nepean (RC). 4158-98 Samuel LATIMER, 29, farmer, Osgoode, same, s/o James & Eliza, married Annie COOPER, 19, Osgoode, same, d/o Ben & Ann Jane, witn: George N. LATIMER & Etta COOPER, both of Osgoode, 16 March 1898 at Metcalfe
3540-98 Alphonse LEDUC, 20 (21?), farmer, Argenteuil Quebec, Gloucester, s/o Benjamin LEDUC & Olivia PARISIEN, married Eveline TESSIER, 17, Orleans, same, d/o Cyrille TESSIER & Marie MARRINGER, witn: Zotique TESSIER of Orleans & Xavier LURRE of N.D. de Lourde, 10 Jan 1898 at Orleans (Rom Cath)  
#003653-98 - William LESLIE 24, farm labourer, Nepean, Ottawa, s/o Thomas & Sarah LESLIE, married Lydia WILLS 23, London Eng., Ottawa, d/o Henry & Elizabeth WILLS, wit: Joseph LESLIE & Minnie LAMBERT, both of Ottawa, 20 Apr 1898, at Merivale, Nepean 4140-98 James William LEWIS, 22, moulder, Ottawa, same, s/o James LEWIS & Elizabeth HALL, married Emma BARTON, 20, Goulbourne, Ottawa, d/o Daniel BARTON & Eliz. JENKS, witn: Emily B. & Mary D. TIMBERLAKE of Ottawa, 27 Dec 1898 at Ottawa
003692-98 (Carleton Co) John P. LOGUE, 26, merchant, Maniwaki PQ, same, s/o Charles LOGUE & Mary PARNELL married Marguerite SLATTERY, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o William SLATTERY & Margaret HENDRICK. Wit John CHISHOLM and Emma SLATTERY, both of Ottawa. Jan. 19, 1898, at Ottawa. #003613-98 - Joseph LOUISSIZE 24, labourer, Repon, Hintonburgh, s/o Evangeliste LOUISSIZE & Rose LEGAULT, married Antoinette MINHER 27, St Audre Avillin, Hintonburgh, d/o Michael MINHER & Marcelin SERR, wit: Benjamin MINHER of Hull & Francis MINHER of Hintonburgh, 19 Sep 1898, at Ch. of St. Francis, Hintonburgh
#003657-98 - William LOW 24, shoemaker, Nepean, same, s/o George LOW & Catherine McLEOD, married Harriet Emily ASHTON 20, London England, Nepean, d/o John ASHTON & Clara DICKSON, wit: William WALLACE & Martha HODGINS both of Nepean, 16 Nov 1898, at Nepean 3533-98 Moses LOWE, 27, farmer, Torbolton, Fitzroy, s/o James LOWE & Mary HINDMAN, married Annie ANDERSON, no age given, Westmeath, Fitzroy, d/o John ANDERSON & Eliza Jane ARMSTRONG, witn: Samuel ANDERSON of Westmeath & Mary LOWE of Galetta, 5 Oct 1898 at Antrim
3534-98 Michael LOWRY, 30, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o Michael LOWRY & Jane MOORHEAD, married Alison RUTHERFORD, 20, Scotland, Fitzroy, d/o Edward & Jeannie, witn: Henry LOWRY of Fitzroy & Jeannie RUTHERFORD of Arnprior, 12 Oct 1898 at Fitzroy 4139-98 Hugh Burton LUTES, 23, teamster, Sackville NB, Hintonburgh, s/o Hugh & Elizabeth, married Ethel SCHARF, 20, Hull Que., Ottawa, d/o James & Martha, witn: Bliss LUTES & Louisa ALLEN, both of Hintonburgh, 28 Dec 1898 at Ottawa
003580-98 (Carleton Co): William John MACKEY, 30, farmer, Marlboro, same, s/o Robert MACKEY & Catherine WAMSLEY married Eliza Ida WALLACE, 22, North Gower, same, d/o John WALLACE & Elizabeth SKUER. Wit: Robert MACKEY of Marlboro and Annie CRAIG of North Gower. March 23, 1898 at North Gower. 003584-98 (Carleton Co): William Alex MAGEE, 24, blacksmith, North Gower, Wellington, s/o John MAGEE & Margaret Ann WILSON married Agnes ROBINSON, 19, North Gower, same, d/o John & Sarah C. ROBINSON. Wit: Silas E. MAGEE and Alice C. GREEN, both of North Gower. January 26, 1898 at Wellington
#003559-98 - David William McCOLL 27, farmer, Maxwell, Cyrville, s/o Neil McCOLL & Annie McDOUGALL, married Lucinda Orilla BROWN 26, North Gower, Cyrville, d/o James BROWN & Gerlinda SMYTH, wit: Douglass McCOLL of Maxville & Nellie BROWN of Cyrville, 21 Sep 1898, at Cyrville, Gloucester #003606-98 - Alexander McCREA 20, farmer, Billings Bridge, Lake View Farm Nepean, s/o Alexander McCREA & Maggie HALL, married Rebecca KYLE -, Londonderry Ireland, Lake View Farm Nepean, d/o Richard KYLE & Ellen SOURLEY, wit: Minnie BEGLEY of Centre St. Hintonburgh & Bella BEGLEY of Richmond Rd. Hintonburgh, 24 Aug 1898, at Presbyterian Manse, Richmond Rd. [Nepean].
3587-98 David McCUNDY, 24, farmer, Marlborough, same, s/o John McCUNDY & Sarah McLENNAN, married Gladys Ann FENNELL, 26, North Gower, same, d/o Richard FENNELL & Ann HANNAH, witn: William McCARTNEY of Malakopf & Martha MONTGOMERY of Kars, 20 Sept 1898 at Wellington 3536-98 John A. McDONALD, 31, farmer, Pakenham, same, s/o John McDONALD & Mary McKINNON, married Bridget Ann McMAHON, 29, Fitzroy, same, d/o Michael McMAHON & Honora CRIPPS, witn: Augustine HARVEY of Pakenham & Loretta BURGESS of Ottawa, 25 Oct 1898 at Fitzroy Harbour
003691-98 (Carleton Co) Daniel McDONALD, 45, salesman, Ottawa, same, d/o Angus McDONALD & Catherine DOURAS married Bridget HIGGINS, 38, d/o Thomas HIGGINS & Katherine COSGROVE. Wit William and Agnes BRENNAN, both of Ottawa. Jan. 17, 1898, at Ottawa. #003604-98 - John McGIBBON 27, driver, Ireland, Hawthorn, s/o Robert & Eliza McGIBBON, married Alice M. WALKER 23, Ottawa, Hawthorn, d/o Thomas & Barbara WALKER, wit: Thomas & Lilian KING of Ottawa, 1 Jun 1898, at Hintonburgh
3547-98 Angus J. McGILLIVRAY, 52, civil service, of Montreal Nord, s/o John McGILLIVRAY & Catherine SMITH, married Terza A. O’DOHERTY, 38, widow, of Montreal Nord, d/o John O’DOHERTY & Charlotte SPARROW, witn: John P. HOWARD & John C. McDONALD, 24 April 1898 at not given [reg in Gloucester twp] (Rom Cath) 3529-98 William B. McLEAN, 25, merchant, Eardley, same, s/o Hector McLEAN & Annie McALLISTER, married Annie FETHERSTON, 21, Kinburn, Galetta, d/o George FETHERTON & Isa RIDDELL, witn: Fred A. DAVIS of Quyon? & Lucy M. DICKSON of Pakenham, 28 June 1898 at Galetta
3535-98 James Fee McVEITY (McVitty?), 46, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o James & Harriet, married Mary Ann GREENE, 36, Fitzroy, same, d/o William GREENE & Eliza CAVANAGH, witn: Fee McVEITY of Richmond & Fanny NEIL of Fitzroy, 21 Sept 1898 at St. Pauls Church, Fitzroy 003583-98 (Carleton Co): Thomas J. MEREDITH, 30, farmer, North Gower, same, s/o Matthew MEREDITH & Mary Ann RICE married Sarah VAUGHAN, 34, North Gower, same, d/o John VAUGHAN & Jane LEWIS. Wit: William TOMKINS of Gloucester and Rebecca MEREDITH of North Gower. June 22, 1898 at Manotick
4156-98 Thomas MILLER, 22,stenographer, New Edinburgh, Ottawa East, s/o William & blank, married Florence Gusta CLARK, 21, Ottawa East, same, d/o Charles & blank, witn: W. H. MILLER of Ottawa East & Sarah Jane ROWLY, of Cummings Bridge, 14 Dec 1898 at Trinity Church, Ottawa East  
3544-98 William Henry MITCHELL, 29, farmer, Osgoode, Twin Elm, s/o John MITCHELL & Frances LESLIE, married Emma Matilda WHYTE, 26, Nepean, Hawthorne, d/o William WHYTE & Sarah McBRIDE, witn: John GREEN of Twin Elm & Effy LINDSAY of Manotick, 9 March 1898 at res of the bride's brother, Gloucester 4137-98 Hugh MONCRIEFF, 27, millwright, Masham twp Que. Ottawa Co Que., s/o J. MONCRIEFF & Agnes McMULLEN, married Margaret WILSON, 18, Low twp Que., Ottawa Co Que., d/o Samuel WILSON & Mary ORR, witn: William R. SMITH & Florence STEWART, both of Low twp Que., 28 Dec 1898 at Ottawa
#003564-98 - William Elias MULIGAN 38, farmer, Goulburn, same, s/o James MULIGAN & Alice ACRES, married Jane WILSON 28, Goulburn, same, d/o William WILSON & Mary BRADLEY, wit: Albert A. & Adelia BRADLEY both of Goulburn, 26 Jan 1898, at St. Paul's Ch. at Hazledean . [Mulligan?] #003779-98 (Carleton Co): Dantail NANTEL, 48, widower, laborer, L’Original, Ottawa, s/o Paul NANTEL & Marie LABELLE, married Marguerite BERNARD, 55, widow, St. Lawrence Quebec, Ottawa, d/o Jacques BERNARD & Henriette BEAUCHAMPS, witn: Jacques BERNARD of Hull & Edward McCANN of Ottawa, 17 April 1898 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
4138-98 Gustaf J. G. W. NATHURST, 36, powder maker, Sweden, Ottawa, s/o C. J. WAHLQUIST & Eva NATHURST, married Ensa W. RYLANDER, 26, Sweden, Brooklyn, d/o Ric RYLANDER & Beata CARLSTROM, witn: C. C. MEYER of Ottawa & Louisa McCALLUM of Hull Que., 17 Nov 1898 at Ottawa 3634-98 Albert NEELEY, 32, farmer, Dunrobin, same, s/o James NEELEY & Emily ACRES, married Sarah Hannah MONTGOMERY, 25, tailoress, Huntley, same, d/o William James MONTGOMERY & Annie MULLIGAN, witn: John Alexander BOUCHER of Dunrobin & Addie MONTGOMERY of Huntley, 28 Sept 1898 at Carp
#003776-98 (Carleton Co): Robert Thomas NELSON, 30, cheese maker, Bearbrook, same, s/o Gilbert NELSON & Mary CLARKE, married Jennie WALSH, 26, Bearbrook, Ottawa, d/o Richard WALSH & Sarah HILL, witn: Robert WALSH & Agnes E. McGEE, both of Ottawa, 20 April 1898 at Ottawa 4149-98 Daniel O'GRADY, 49, widower teamster, Canada, Ottawa, s/o James O'GRADY & Margaret McCARTHY, married Margaret GALLIGAN, 38, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Denis GALLIGAN & Margaret CAHILL, witn: Nicholas MANN & Mary HUNT, both of Ottawa, 23 Nov 1898 at Ottawa
#003609-98 - Joseph PAQUETTE 28, grocer, Ottawa, Hintonburgh, s/o Marcel PAQUETTE & Philomene SERI, married Mary Ann GLEASON 31, Ottawa, Hintonburgh, d/o Henry GLEASON & Mary Ann DERRIS, wit: Marcel PAQUETTE of Hintonburgh & H. GLEASON of Ottawa, 5 Sep 1898, at Ch. of St. Francis, Hintonburgh  
3592-98 Calvin H. PATTISON, 43, widower, coal merchant, Oxford twp., Kemptville, s/o John & Martha, married Mrs. Charlotte DELL nee ALEXANDER, 42, widow, Oxford twp., Kemptville, d/o not given, witn: Mary & Minnie E. RICHARDSON of North Gower, 12 Oct. 1898 at North Gower #003569-98 - William PATTON 24, R.R. agent, Nepean, Madawaska, s/o Henry PATTON & Anne ROBERTSON, married Etta Maria BUTLER 22, Goulburn, same, d/o James BUTLER & Sarah Jane NOR_Y [Norway], wit: Howard ARGUE of Goulburn & Minnie BUTLER of Richmond, 6 Oct 1898, at Stittsville.
3628-98 Thomas PETTAPIECE, 29, farmer, Oxford twp., same, s/o Alex PETTAPIECE & Mary DONOGHUE, married Charlotte A. PERCIVAL, 23, Oxford twp., same, d/o Walter H. PERCIVAL, farmer, & Hannah Jane BEAMAN, witn: T. E. PETTAPIECE of Merrickville & Ida A. PERCIVAL of Oxford twp., 22 Feb 1898 at Burrits Rapids 003579-98 (Carleton Co): John Henry POLLOCK, 29, farmer, Marlboro, same, s/o Thomas E. POLLOCK & Eliza JOHNSTON married Elizabeth DALEY, 29, North Gower, same, d/o Robert DALEY & Ann PETTIPIECE. Wit: Thomas DALEY and Sarah E. POLLOCK, both of North Gower. February 16, 1898 at North Gower
#003560-98 - Frederick Hubert PRATT 31, merchant, Nepean, Manotick, s/o Abraham PRATT & Rebecca MOORE, married Maria Carrie MANSFIELD 32, Manotick, same, d/o William MANSFIELD & Christina SNEDDEN, wit: Robert CHAMBERS of Manotick & Minnie Carrie SNEDDEN of Blakeney, 5 Oct 1898, at home of bride's parents, Gloucester. #003576-98 - George Grolson PRETTY 27, farmer, Osgoode, Goulburn, s/o Dan PRETTY & Elizabeth MATTEWS, married Eliza Ann GARVIN 27, Goulburn, same, d/o Joseph GARVIN & Ann SIMPSON, wit: Magat? [Margret?] GARVIN of Goulburn & D. G. PRETTY of Darling, 16 Oct 1898, at Ashton.
#003596-98 - Horace John READ 23, labourer, Toronto, Hintonburgh, s/o George READ & Annie FRANKLIN, married Alice Maud Mary LAFLOOR 24, Ottawa, Hintonburgh, d/o William LAFLOOR & Marsha AIKEN, wit: Frederick William READ & Maggie FULLER both of Gloucester St. Ottawa, 13 Apr 1898, at Queen St., Hintonburgh. 3635-98 George Augustus Bernstein READ, 22, farmer, South March, same, s/o Arthur READ & Emma EDWARDS, married Rebecca Emeline RICHARDSON, 24, South March, same, d/o Thomas RICHARDSON, twp clerk and farmer, & Mary Ann ARMSTRONG, witn: Robert Alexander OWENS of Fallowfield & Mary Emma READ of South March, 17 March 1898 at South March
#003784-98 (Carleton Co): Thomas Henry REILLY, 28, laborer, Osgoode, Ottawa, s/o John & Ellen, married Maud Jane WOOD, 43, widow, Chesterville, Ottawa, d/o John & Jane [no surname given], Witn: Michael DUNN & Maria O'NEIL, both of Ottawa, 11 May 1898 at Ottawa 3552-98 Victor RENAUD, 21, of Cyrville, s/o Joseph RENAUD & Margaret PHILLIPS, married Josephine CHEVRIER, 16, of Cyrville, d/o Zotique CHEVRIER & Margaret FOUBERT, witn: Joseph RENAUD & Zotique CHEVRIER, 30 May 1898 at Cyrville, Gloucester (Rom Cath) [Chenier?]
#003607-98 - Harold RICHARDSON 24, farmer, March twp. Carleton co., Huntley twp. Carleton co., s/o Samuel & Adelia, married Ida M. C. McCURDY 26, Carp, Hintonburgh, d/o Daniel & Sarah, wit: Robert RICHARDSON of South March & Lizzie BOAR of Ottawa, 20 Oct 1898, at Hintonburgh #003612-98 - Arthur RIOPEL 21, labourer, Ottawa, Hintonburgh, s/o Francis RIOPEL & Marie BROOCKES, married Emilie LAFRANCE 17, Ottawa, Hintonburgh, d/o Pierre LAFRANCE & Edniri RENAUD, wit: Fr. RIOPEL & Johnny ALBERT both of Hintonburgh, 15 Sep 1898, at Ch. of St. Francis, Hintonburgh
3527-98 James W. RITCHIE, 27, merchant, Fitzroy, Galetta, s/o William RITCHIE & Jane WILSON, married Edith Lillian FETHERSTON, 22, Kinburn, Galetta, d/o George FETHERSTON & Isa RIDDELL, witn: R. H. PALLISTER of Ottawa & A. E. RIDDELL of Fitzroy, 16 Feb 1898 at Galetta #003775-98 (Carleton Co): Jean ROBERT, 22, butcher, Coullon Quebec, Hawkesbury, s/o Edouard ROBERT & Emilie BAZINET, married Victorine DESMARAIS, 23, Ottawa, same, d/o Leonard DESMARAIS & Caroline HUARD, witn: Leonard DESMARAIS & Edouard ROBERT, both of Ottawa, 20 April 1898 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
3537-98 Alexander Farquhar ROBERTSON, 26, farmer, Hawkesbury, same, s/o William ROBERTSON & Marion FRASER, married Emma Eveline SHIRREFF, 24, Fitzroy, same, d/o William A. SHIRREFF & Sarah Ann MARSHALL, witn: Colin ROBERTSON of Hawkesbury & Ethel Maud SHIRREFF of Fitzroy, 26 Oct 1898 at Fitzroy #003601-98 - Francis King ROCHESTER 36, civil service, Burnstown Renfrew co., Nepean, s/o George & Mary ROCHESTER, married Minnie Elizabeth CUTHBERTSON 26, Ottawa, Hintonburgh, d/o David & Margaret Christina CUTHBERTSON, wit: John Dom ROCHESTER of Ottawa & Jessie I. CUTHBERTSON of Hintonburgh, 1 Jun 1898, at Hintonburgh
#003654-98 - John ROONEY 39, farmer, Nepean, same, s/o Michael ROONEY & Julia O'CONNELL, married Ann BRENNAN 19, Nepean, same, d/o William BRENNAN & Ann MONAGHAN, wit: John O'CONNELL of S. Gloucester & Mary BRENNAN of Nepean, 9 Aug 1898, at Fallowfield, Nepean. #003651-98 - Thomas ROSBOROUGH 25, labourer, Nepean, same, s/o Thomas & Hannah ROSBOROUGH, married Clara Adelaide ASHTON 21, Manchester Eng., Ottawa, d/o John & Clara ASHTON, wit: Herbert & Costie E. STINSON, both of Nepean, 12 Jan 1898, at the (Anglican) Manse, Nepean
4148-98 William J. ROWE, 27, teacher, Ontario, Prince Albert NWT, s/o William ROWE & Cath. QUACKENBUSH, married Clara GRAHAM, 26, Ontario, Ottawa, d/o James GRAHAM & Jane CLARK, witn: Margaret HUDSON & Margaret McINTOSH, 29 Dec 1898 at Ottawa 4136-98 Hormisdas ROY, 23, laborer, St. Joseph d'Orleans, Ottawa, s/o Jean Bte. ROY & Eliz. DUPUIS, married Marie GRAVEL, 22, Aylmer, Ottawa, d/o Leon GRAVEL & Aurelie SINCLAIR, witn: Leon GRAVEL of Ottawa & Jean Bte. Roy of St. Jos. d'Orleans, 22 Nov 1898 at Ottawa
003688-98 (Carleton Co) Charles Edward RUSSELL, 30, accountant, St. John NB, Ottawa, s/o Edward John RUSSELL & Julia MARCH married Cora FLEWELLING, 19, Ingersol, Ottawa, d/o Thomas G. FLEWELLING & May M. VAN HORN. Wit Thomas Gilbert FLEWELLING and Clara HOLLAND, both of Ottawa. Jan.19, 1898, at Ottawa. #003781-98 (Carleton Co): William Crudwell? SAUNDERS, 39, commercial traveller, England, Montreal, s/o Thomas SAUNDERS & Ann BARBER, married Christena MacMASTER, 28, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Donald MacMASTER & Mary McDONALD, witn: Dougald B. & Catherine MacMASTER of Ottawa, 3 May 1898 at Ottawa
003694-98 (Carleton Co) Ernest Otto SCHROEDER, 23, laborer, Germany, Ottawa, s/o Karl SCHROEDER & Wilhemine HASS. Wit John CORNELIUS and William RUSKE, both of Ottawa. Jan. 21, 1898, at Ottawa. 3528-98 Samuel J. SCISSONS, 41, widower, farmer, of March, s/o John SCISSONS & Julia LEAHY, married Annie E. BRUNETTE (Brunelle?), 30, of Fitzroy, d/o Moses BRUNETTE & Mary FARRELL, witn: John LEAHY & Mary A. BRUNETTE, 15 June 1898 [reg in Fitzroy twp] (Rom Cath)
003666-98 (Carleton Co): Edward SCOTT, 23, farmer, Renfrew, same, s/o William SCOTT & Catherine WILSON married Annie BARRY, 21, Renfrew, same, d/o Richard BARRY & Margaret MacFARLAND. Wit: Cornelius DRISCOLL, Renfrew and R. WADSWORTH, Ottawa. Jan. 3, 1898, at Ottawa. #003782-98 (Carleton Co): James SHANNON, 57, widower, laborer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Patrick & Catherine, married Mary McNALLY, 40, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Alex McNALLY & Electa CA--?, witn: Alex & Mary GOULET of Ottawa, 25 April 1898 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
#003598-98 - Peter SHARP 37, caretaker, Osgood, 5th Ave. Hintonburgh, s/o Peter SHARP & Mary SIMSTER, married Eliza FERRIN 26, dressmaker, Ottawa, Richmond Rd. Nepean, d/o Jeremiah C. FERRIN & Agnes RUSSELL, wit: John RUSSELL of 371 Lisgar St. Ottawa & Nellie O'GRADY of Queen St. Hintonburgh, 29 Jun 1898 at Presbyterian Manse, Richmond Rd. [Nepean]. 3539-98 Samuel George SMITH, 22, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o Lewis SMITH & Ann ANDERSON, married Rebecca Ann WALKER, 25, Fitzroy, same, d/o Robert WALKER & Eliza PORTERS?, witn: George WALKER of Fitzroy & Jennie STEWART of Snake River, 21 Dec 1898 at Fitzroy
4157-98 George R. SPARKS, 30, farmer, Russell, same, s/o George SPARKS & Matilda GARLAND, married Emma R. LONEY, 26, Osgoode, same, d/o John LONEY & Eliza Jane QUAIL, witn: William SPARKS of Fergus & Enie LONEY of Osgoode, 9 Feb 1898 at Metcalfe 3542-98 Stanley STEPHENSON, 26, farmer, Cannamore, same, s/o George STEVENSON (sic) & Alice E. SMITH, married Letitia GAMBLE, 19, Lime Bank, same, d/o Charles W. GAMBLE & Lizz CAMPBELL, witn: Robert GAMBLE of Lime Bank & Ella M. STEPHENSON of Cannamore, 2 Feb 1898 at res of the bride's father, Lime Bank, Gloucester twp
3593-98 Robert Nixon TAYLOR, 26, farmer, Osgoode, same, s/o William TAYLOR & Margaret KERR, married Sophia Eliza MOSES, 21, Osgoode, same, d/o Joseph MOSES & Mary CLELAND, witn: Lillian WRIGHT & Margaret LOCHEAD, both of North Gower, 13 Dec 1898 at North Gower #003783-98 (Carleton Co): Francis Xavier TESSIER, 29, culler, L’Original Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Cyprien & Marcelline, married Mary May MOREL, 20, Ottawa, same, d/o Victor & Elsie, witn: John Arthur WARREN & Margaret MACKAY, both of Ottawa, 7 May 1898 at Ottawa (Rom Cath)
4145-98 William Henry TINK, 40, widower, carpenter, Ottawa, same, s/o Robert & Mary Jane, married Margaret Louisa HOLLIHAN, 25, City of Quebec, Ottawa, d/o John & Anna, witn: Philip WALES & Florence HARRINGTON, both of Ottawa, 28 Dec 1898 at Ottawa 003693-98 (Carlton Co) Albert TREBERT, 22, clerk, Ottawa, same, s/o Jean M. TREBERT & Marie ARSENAULT married Delphine ROCHON, 24, Ottawa, same, d/o Jean ? ROCHON & Henrietta DUBOIS. Wit Jeanette ROCHON, Henrietta DUBOIS, Pierre LEVESQUE, all of Janesville. Jan. 19, 1898, at Ottawa.
4134-98 John TURNER, 30, farmer, of Onslow Que., s/o George TURNER & Jane SIMMONS, married Alice ARMITAGE, 26, of Onslow Que., d/o James ARMITAGE & Dorcas MAGWOOD, witn: Albert R. ARMITAGE & Margaret B. ALEXANDER, both of Ottawa, 20 Dec 1898 at Ottawa #003611-98 - Philias TURPIN 23, labourer, St. Joseph d' Orleans, Gloucester, s/o Antoin TURPIN & Matilda DUPUY, married Luci DAOUST 30, wid., Cumberland, Hintonburgh, d/o Felix DAOUST & Harmstrin BRUYERE, wit: Delphi GOURGEON & Baptiste FOURNIER both of Hintonburgh, 1 Aug 1898, at Ch. of St. Francis, Hintonburgh
3590-98 Albert VEITCH, 24, cheese maker, of Vernon - Osgoode twp., s/o Thomas VEITCH & Ruby MALLONY, married Jennie CHAMBERS, 23, of Kars, d/o Alexander CHAMBERS & Jane FENNELL, witn: Manon? VEITCH & Annie CHAMBERS, 6 Sept 1898 at Wellington #003647-98 - Edmund WALSH 40, railroader, wid., Quebec P.Q., Hintonburgh, s/o not listed, married Mary DELANEY 35, wid., March Ont., Hintonburgh, d/o not listed, wit: Robert WALSH of Ottawa & Elizabeth DELANEY of Hintonburgh, 14 Feb 1898, at St. Mary's, Bayswater, Nepean, (RC).
003665-98 (Carleton Co): Edward WENTZLAFF, 23, carpenter, Germany, Ottawa, s/o Herman WENTZLAFF & Henrietta SIELOFF married Maria BRUNKE, 26, Germany, Ottawa, d/o Albert BRUNKE & Wilhemina KROPP. Wit: Frank BRUNKE and Paul WENTZLAFF, both of Ottawa. Jan 3, 1898, at Ottawa.  
3551-98 Harry WHITE, 22, fireman on railway, Ottawa, illegible Street in Ottawa, s/o Samuel & Amelia, married Ida May WATTS, 22, Ottawa, Bank St. in Ottawa, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Miss Mary & Miss Minnie MOFFATT, 24 May 1898 at Billings Bridge 3526-98 John Ferguson WILSON, 30, farmer, of Torbolton, s/o Andrew WILSON & Ann FETHERSTON, married Jessie LAUGHLIN, 22, dress maker, of Fitzroy, d/o William LAUGHLIN & Jane McLEAN, witn: Thomas A. WILSON of Torbolton & Maggie LAUGHLIN of Fitzroy, 8 march 189 [reg in Fitzroy twp]
3531-98 Thomas James WRIGHT, 30, clergyman, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James & Ellen, married Davideme L. McGINLEY, 19, Scotland, Fitzroy, d/o William & Mary, witn: Alfred FARMER of Arnprior & Mabel DEAN of Fitzroy, 20 Sept 1898 at father’s house #003774-98 (Carleton Co): Isaac Brown YORK, 42, widower, agent, Osgoode Ont. Wakefield Quebec, s/o William YORK & Mary BROWN, married Margaret Ellen JACKSON, 29, Mashane Quebec, same, d/o Adam JACKSON & Jane DALE, witn: Thomas R.H. BROWN & Annie WOODS, both of Ottawa, 21 April 1898 at Ottawa
003700-98 (Carleton Co) George YOUNG, 33, Canada, laborer, Canada, Hintonburg, s/o James YOUNG & Jane HALLIDAY married Minnie MILK, 23, Canada, Hintonburg, d/o Robert H. MILK & Elizabeth OLIVAY. Wit H. MILK, Hintonburg and John SWEETMAN, Ottawa. Jan. 17, 1898, at Ottawa.