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Carrick, 1870 - 1897 (German)

transcribed & submitted by Sheila Hill. The original is in German.

( note from Sheila: please remember there are spelling errors on my part)

Most of these marriages took place in Carrick township of Bruce county, 1870 - 1897.
None of the records have the mothers maiden name.

Format: Groom surname/Name/ where he was born/ Brides name/ Place of Birth/ Parents/ Date of wedding

Bechtel, Jacob, Canada, to Lisabetha WIEGAND, Canada (John/Margretha), Jan. 13, 1874

Bell, David, Scotlad, to Susan GRESS, Dumfries (Philip Jr./Mary), on April 11, 1878

Bilger Jacob; Carrick to Margaretha SCHMIDT; Carrick (John Yost/Elizabeth ) April 11, 1887

Bolander, Andreas, Woolwich, to Anna M. REUBER, GErmany, (John/Anna G.), on Nov. 16, 1881

Diebel, Frederich: Carrick to Mary LIESEMER; Carrick (G. Peter/Wilhemina) Jan. 1,1896

Dippel, Peter: Carrick to Rebecca ZINN; Carrick ( Ernest / Margarethea) Jan. 12, 1887

Dippel, Jacob: Carrick to Mary REUBER; Carrick ( Peter/Maria) March 25, 1886

Dippel, Dietrick, Woolwich, to Elisabeth BERST, Wellesley, (Magnus/Sarah), on Nov. 2, 1875

Dippel, Henry, Germany, to Dorothea REUBER, Carrick, (Peter/Mary), Jan. 25, 1876

Eckel, Jacob; Carrick to Lydia DAMM ; Wellesley,Ont; ( John B./Maria) March 31,1896

Eckel, George: Dokata to Caroline HAHN; Woolwich; ( George/ Katharina) March 1, 1888

Eckel, George, Smithville, to Mary BROP?S, Hamilton (August/Catherine), Sept. 28, 1875

Eckel, Jacob, Germany, to Margreth HAHN, Canada, (George/Catherine), Dec. 14, 1874

Falk (or Palk), Werner: Perth County to Maria SCHMIDT; Carrick (Christian/Dorothea) Jan 25, 1887

Fink, Jacob; Carrick; to Anna FABEL ; Carrick (Conrad/ Caroline) March 29, 1888

Graff, William, Wilmot, to Caroline ZINN, Carrick (Ernest/Margaret), April 2, 1878

Hahn, George: Carrick to Wilhelmina REUBER; Carrick( Peter /Maria) Feb.15, 1888

Heberle,Nicholaus; Carrick to Rebecca FINK: New Hamburg (Henry/Thilipina?) Dec 24, 1885

Heinmiller, Simon, Ontario, to Anna Elis. DIPPEL, Ontario (Peter/Friederiche), on Dec.18, 1883

Herman, Joseph: Carrick to Mary SCHMIDT, Carrick ( David/ Sophia) March 23, 1886

Hernhauser?, Moses, Ontario, to Sarah PERSCHBACHER, Ontario (John/Elizabeth) on June 17, 1884

Hessenmauer, John; Carrick to Susanna FILSINGER;Waterloo (Fred/Sarah ) Feb 16, 1886

Hohmann, Fred, Germany, to Emilie HERMAN, Germany, (Joachin/Wilh. ZUMACH), May 18, 1872

Huber, George H.: Carrick to Susanna WEIDNER;Carrick (August/Kathareina) March 23, 1886

Kachele, Simon?, Canada, to Margetha PERSCHBACHER, Canada, (John/Elizabeth), April 6, 1875

Kaufman, John: Woolwich to Kartarina WEEDNER;Carrick( August/Katharina) May 25, 1886

Kidd, George, Canada, to Frederike BERNS, Germany (John/Maria), 8 April 1873

Kler, Albert, Germany, to Pauline PERSCHBACHER, Canada, (John/Eliz.), August 27, 1872

Knechtel, Will, Canada, to Marg HUNSTEIN, Germany, (Henry/Elizabeth), Jan. 23, 1872

Koch, George, Wellesley, to Catherine DIPPEL, Carrick (Peter/Frederika), April 9, 1878

Koch, Frederick, Canada, to Mary EVERS, Carrick (Henry/Mary), on April 4, 1876

Koenig, John, Normanby, to Anna BILGER, Walpole, (Jacob/Ursula) on March 3, 1885

Krause, Moses , Carrick, to Maria FILSINGER, Germany, (Wm & Catharine) on March 6,1894

Krause, Albert, Germany, to Catherine BECHTEL, Hamburg Ont., (Jacob/Catherine), on May 10, 1882

Krueger, John, Germany, to Mina SEIK, Germany, (John/Maria), Jan. 4, 1872

Krueger, illegible, Germany, to Margaretha EVERS, Carrick, portion of page is missing, which also includes the date - it is sometime between Nov 27, 1877 and April 2, 1878.

Laumann, Jacob F.: Woolwich to Elizabeth REITZEL; Woolwich; (Issask/Christina) March 30, 1886

Linderschmidt, Salomon: South E. Hope to Anna SCHMIDT; Carrick (John Yost/Elizabeth) March 22, 1887.

Litt, George; Fularton to Catharina ZINN; Carrick( Ernest/Margeretha) March 13, 1888

Losch, John; Carrick, to Marg DAMM ; Normanby; ( Conrad/Cath) April 5,1894

Luno, Fred?, Germany, to Frederika KLER, Germany, (Christian/Augustiana), Nov or Dec 2, 1870

Mauer, ?indinant, Germany, to Wilhelmina KRUGER, Germany, (John/Hannah), on Oct. 3, 1876

Milhaus, Charles, Germany, to Sophia REPKE, Germany, (Christian/Maria), on Nov. 18, 1874

Miller, Daniel; Whalbool, to Alice HAHN; Carrick ( George/Elizabeth) March 9, 1887

Miller, Conrad, Normanby, to Catherine MILLER, Carrick, (Jacob/Barbara), on Dec. 2, 1884

Miller, Johanes?, Carrick, to Lydia LIESEMER, Carrick, (G.P./Wilhelmina), on Dec. 2, 1884

Newton, William : Minto to Rebecca WEISHUHA; Normanby (John/Margaretha) Jan 5, 1887

Perschbacher, Christian, Canada, to Rebecca GIMMER, Elmira (Henry/Ere), on Oct. 7, 1876

Petermann, Jacob, Canada, to Maria BALZE, Germany, (George/Maria FITZINGER), Oct. 20, 1874

Rapp, Henry ; Germany to Annie ZINN; ( Henry /?) Dec 1. 1891

Reinhardt, Jacob K., Hamburg, to Susan DIPPEL, Carrick, (Peter/Wilhelmina), on Oct. 22, 1878

Reuber, Ludwig, Germant, to Catherine SCHMIDT, Canada, (F.J./Catherine), on Dec. 18, 1874

Rilger, Solmon; Carrick to Mary Olgo HAIST; Zurich; ( Rev. G. & Mary ) July 31,1894

Rilger, Moses; Carrick, to Mary SCHMIDT; Carrick: (John Yost Schmidt/Elizabeth) April 15,1895

Rossman, William: Ellico: to Wilhelmina EVERS; Carrick ( Fred/Carolina) March 22, 1887

Rueber, Henry: Port Elgin,to Mathara LIESEMER, Carrick (Peter/Wilhemina) Aug 16, 1892

Rueber, Henry; Carrick to Louisa ZINN; Carrick ( Fredrich/Caroline) Feb 22, 1888

Russwamm, Carl, Perth County, to Sabrina EVERS, Carrick, ( Fred &Caroline) on Feb 20, 1894

Schell, George: Carrick to Margaretha HEINBECHER ; Neustadt (Henry/Anna) Nov 23, 1887

Schmidt, Samuel: Carrick to Catherine Voelzing; Carrick (Valentine/Elizabeth) Nov. 20, 1895

Schmidt, Fred, Germany, to Ann KACHELE, Walpole, (Daniel/Anna), on July 27, 1876

Schmidt, John: Germany to Dorethea ? Horman ( Frederich /Sophia) August 27, 1891 * This record was all mixed up and hard to figure out

Schwertzer, George R., Ontario, to Almeda SCHLEGEL, Ontario, (?/Mary), on March 27, 1884

Schwandt, John Sol; Bentick to Marg EVERS; Carrick ( Fred /Caroline) May 3, 1892

Seiling, John; Carrick to Elizabeth LOSH, Carick ( Adam/Margaret) March 15, 1892

Smith, William, Puslinch, to Margaret HERMAN, Detroit Mich., (John/Agath), on May 1, 1877

Stemmler, Daniel, Carick, to Elizabeth WENDT, Wilmot, (John/Dorothea), on April 13, 1882

Sterne, Francis Sherlock, Canada, to Frances KIDD, Canada (William/Ann), on Jan. 9, 1873

Unger, Emanuel, Ontario, to Sophia TRASS, Ontario, (Augustus/Catherine), on March 15, 1883

Velsing, John; Carrick to Mary Ann HAUG; Carrick (Jacob /Elizabeth) March 1, 1892

Volsing, Henry: Carrick to Martha SCHMIDT; Carrick ( Ernest/Fredericka) July 2, 1886

Wagner, L?, Canada, to Sarah LINDENSCHMIDT, Canada (Barthold/Cath.), on March 16, 1875

Wettlaugher, Nicol, Germany, to Augusta STEINKE, Germany (Gottlieb/Wilhelmina), June 28, 1870

Wiegard, Jacob, Woolwich, to Frederika PROSS, Hamilton, (August/Catherine) on March 14, 1876 - There was no date and it appears that the marriage was done along withthe Wood wedding.

Witter, Ernest: Carrick,to Wilhelmina LOSH; Carrick ( Joseph/Annie) Nov.8,1892

Witting, John, Germany, to Wilhelmina BERNS, Germany, (John/Maria), Nov. 12, 1873

Wolf, Gerhardt, Germany, to Bertha KRUEGER, Carrick, (Yoihing?/Wilhelmina), on Dec. 6, 1881

Wolf, Martin, Germany, to Louise MACKE, Carrick, (Ernest/Louise), on Jan. 5, 1882

Wood, James, Ireland, to Sophia HAUG, Germany, (Charles/Dorothea BEESE), March 14, 1876

Zinn, Frederick, Germany, to Eliz DIPPEL, Canada, (Heinrich/Eliz), Oct. 10, 1870

Zinn, William, Ontario, to Rebecca SCHWERTZER, Ontario, (Jacob?/Mary) on Jan. 1, 1884

Zummach?, George?, Germany, to Sophia Caroline EVERS, Carrick (Fred/Caroline), 27 Nov 1877