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no name CLANCY died 14 April 1901 at age 2 days of convulsions. Born in Toronto, res of 35 River in Toronto. #2115-01 (Toronto)

no name CLARK, stillborn 10 Jan 1901 at St. George’s Cres. in Goderich, #12616-01

Adam J. CLARK , died Nov 30 1905 at age 79 years , of heart disease , married , farmer , at conc. 9 lot 17 of Blenheim twp. Born in Scotland. Reg # 21337-05

Almeda CLARK, died 18 April 1873 at age 42 yrs, of consumption. Born in South Fredericksburg twp. Seamstress. Informant was William M. CLARK of Kennebec. Reg # 2381-73

Amelia CLARK died 13 Aug 1900 at age 32 years of uncertain cause. Born in Canada & living at 214 Sumach St. in Toronto. Married. Reg # 3275-00

Christena CLARK died 7 Sept 1889 at age 39 years of heart disease. Born in East Zorra, farmer's wife. Informant was Thomas CLARK, farmer, of Gobles. #12910-89 (Oxford Co)

George CLARK died 21 Oct. 1889 at age 60 yrs of cerebral apoplexy. Born in England, laborer. Informant was Dr. Fred Kitchen of Princeton. #12921-89 (Oxford Co)

Herbert George CLARK, m, Farmer, died in Minden Village on May 12, 1919, at the age of 31 years and 9 months of Pneumonia/Tuberculosis. Born in Stanhope Tp. s/o George CLARK & Fanny BURROWS. Burial at Maple Lake, Ontario. #015037-1919 (Haliburton County)

Margaret CLARK, d. 11 Jan 1901 at age 27 of puerperal eclampsia, at St. George’s Cres. in Goderich. Born in Buffalo. #12617-01

Robert Ross CLARK, died 13 Dec 1929 of myocarditis, at 510 George St. in Woodstock, at age 91 + 9 months. Widowed, dry goods merchant. Born in Scotland on 25 March 1838, s/o Robert CLARK & Elizabeth ROSS (both born in Scotland). Informant was F.L. PEARSON of 448 Dundas St. Woodstock - of no relation. Buried at Woodstock. Reg # 28002-29

Thomas CLARK , died Sept 27 1905 at age 75 years , of old age &heart trouble, single, retired farmer, at conc. 2 lot 22 of Blenheim twp. Born in England. Reg # 21325-05 (Oxford Co)

Walter CLARK died 14 April 1889 at age 24 yrs, of inflammation of the lungs. Born in Blenheim, farmer. Informant was Adam CLARK, farmer, of Blenheim. #12887-89 (Oxford Co)

William CLARKE stillborn 27 July 1889 at Toronto. #16819-89 (Toronto)

Frank S. CLARKSON died 7 Oct 1901 at age 24 yrs, of Brights disease. Born in Toronto, resident of 442 Manning in Toronto. Single, salesman. #3688-01 (Toronto)

CLARKSON, James, died at RR#1 Islington, widower, age 75, b. Ontario on 19 Aug 1849, lived 30 years at pod, s/o William CLARKSON & Sarah TURNER (both b. England), son is George CLARKSON of RR#1 Islington, buried at Park Lawn, d. 31 July , instant death from motor accident. Reg #25238-24 (Peel Co):

Eliz. Seeker CLEGG, died 23 Nov 1905, of apoplexy, at age 77 yrs, at Toronto twp. Married, born in England. Informant was Mr. HAINES. Reg # 22589-05 (Peel Co)

Nellie CLEGG, f, Photographic Artist, died November 18, 1885, at 48 years of age of phthisis Pulmonalis after an illness of 8 weeks. Born Adolphustown, Ontario, Methodist. Informant Mrs. Orville STAFFORD of Deseronto; #006562-85 (Hastings Co)

CLELAND, Isabela, f, d. 17 Jun.1892, died of abcess of brain about 4 weeks, infm - Dr. B. Field (Toronto) #022457-93

Elizabeth CLEMENTS, died at age 39 yrs at Maple St. in Chatham, on 14 Feb 1902 of puerperal peritonitis. Married, born in Norfolk Co. Informant was James CLEMENTS. #12547-02 (Kent Co)

Mary Ann CLEMENTS, died at age 62 years at Maple St. in Chatham, on 20 Jan. 1902 of heart failure caused by a fall. Married, born in England. Informant was James CLEMENTS. # 12533-02 (Kent Co)

Mary CLEREY, f , wife of Martin Clerey, died April 28, 1883 at the age of 45 yrs of Phthisis Pulmonalis after an illness of 7 yrs. Born in County Clare Ireland; informant W. Clerey, Laborer of Paris Ontario. Reg # 001312-83 (Brant Co)

Daniel R. CLIFTON, died 16 June 1918 at age 4 weeks of acute enteritis, at 149 Ossington Ave. in Toronto. Born in Toronto, s/o Reginald CLIFTON & Minerva BOYD. Buried at Prospect cemetery. #4179-18 (Toronto)

Charles Wesley CLINGERSMITH, died Sept 1901 at age 9 months, of cholera infantum, at Palmer St. in Ridgetown. Born in Ridgetown. Informant was Peter CLINGERSMITH. #13834-01 (Kent Co)

John Balfe CLOUGHER died 9 Sept 1889 t age 52 yrs of hancioptysis (?). Born in Ireland, stationer. #17465-89 (Toronto)

William CLUBB, m, died March 29, 1894, at the age of 79 years and 11 months of Bronchitis & old age after an illness of 1 week. Born in Aberdeen Scotland, informant was Dr. C.T. Moore, Toronto. #021529-94 (York Co)

Mary CLYNE, d. 23 Jan 1901 at age 76 yrs of heart disease, at lot 2 con 1 of Goderich twp. Married, farmer's wife. Informant was Thomas LACEY. #12680-01. Duplicate registration, #12620-01 (Huron Co)

COANS (Coons?), Stephen , m, d. Nov. 25, 1902, age u/k, farmer, b. York Co, died of natural causes probably heart disease, infm - Dr. H.L. Barker Coroner, Methodist, Burk’s Falls, 020235-02 (Parry Sound Dist)

Marion E. COCKBURN died 12 March 1919 at age 2 days of premature birth. Born (and died) at lot 9 con 2 of Blenheim twp., d/o Gordon COCKBURN & Stella CROSS. Buried at Princeton cemetery. # 24460-19 (Oxford Co)

Grieta Ellen COCKERTON , died Jan 1 1929 at age 27 yrs 8 mon & 16 days at Plattsville. Born Waterloo Twp. April 15 1901 , d/o Frederick COCKERTON b. England & Emma COPLEY b. New Dundee. Informant was Adelaide COPLEY , aunt from Plattsville. Died of insular sclerosis of brain & spinal cord, buried at Chesterfield. Reg # 027396-1929 (Oxford Co)

Ann CODLING, d. 30 Nov 1899 at age 96 + 3 + 20 of old age at lot 19 con 7 of Blenheim twp. Born in England. Widow. Informant was Thomas ADAMS. #19636-99 (Oxford Co)

Elijah CODLING died 17 Aug 1889 at age 71 yrs + 10 months, of dropsy. Born in Briston Norfolk England, gardener. Informant was Mary Ann CODLING, widow, of Wolverton. #12907-89 (Oxford Co)

Ester Bodwell CODY died 6 Feb 1876 at age 9 years + 5 months + 24 days of diabetes that she’d had for 2 years. Born in West Oxford twp. Informant was Rev. W. C. Beardsall of West Oxford. Reg # 10997-76 (Oxford Co)

Betty COKE, died at age 1 year, on 17 Aug 1923 at lot 10, con 7 Camden twp. in Kent Co. Daughter of John COKE (b. Canada) & Annie WEBSTER (b. Canada). Informant was George COKE of Dresden, brother. Buried at Blackburns cemetery. (reg # 18158-23)

John COKE, died at age 61, on 1 March 1924, at lot 10 con 7 Camden twp in Kent Co., of carcinoma of the face. Born in Canada in 1863, s/o William COKE & Ellen STINSON (both b. Ireland). Wife is Annie. Buried at Blackburn cemetery. (reg #16841-24)

Rebecca COLEMAN, d Nov 16, 1898 at age 56 yrs of cancer of the esophagus, ill 4m, at Queen St in Cookstown. Born Innisfil. Informant was W. COLEMAN. #019722-98 (Simcoe Co)

Maria COLES died 12 Nov 1898 of fatty disease of heart at age 65 years. Born in England; resident of 85 Cumberland Ave in Toronto. Married. #26961-98

Laura COLES-WEBB, died 15 July 1921 at age 72 years, of perforated ulcer, at Toronto General Hospital. Born in England. Informant was Miss H. COLES-WEBB, daughter, of 27 Galley Ave. in Toronto. Buried at Prospect cemetery. Reg # 4810-21

Isabella Margaret COLLIER died 14 June 1894 at age 6 yrs + 1 + 26, of scarlet fever. Born in Whitchurch. Informant was William COLLIER of Stouffville. #20350-94 (York Co)

Mrs. Dennis COLLINS, died 4 Dec 1905, of pernicious vomiting during pregnancy (for 6 weeks), at age 21, at Port Credit. Married, born in Burlington, Reg # 22591-05 (Peel Co)

Isabella COLLINS died 9 Aug 1901 at age 63 yrs of cancer. Born in Canada, resident of 181 Delaware in Toronto. Single, nurse. #3218-01 (Toronto)

Matthew COLLINS died 12 Nov 1898 at age 70 yrs, of cyphitis. Born in Ireland; residence not given but death registered in Toronto. Merchant. Informant was W. Anderson. #26965-98

Samuel COLLINS died 21 Sept 1917 at age 79 + 4 + 17, of cardiac sclerosis. Born in Ontario, s/o Alex COLLINS & Hannah BROUGHTON. Single, laborer. Died in Waterford. #22440-17 (Norfolk Co)

William J. COLLINS died 4 May 1881 at age 33 years of congestion of the lungs with epilepsy spasms. Born in Canada, hotel keeper. #23396-81 (Toronto)

COLLIS, no name, f, d. 18 Jun.1893, b. Toronto, died of premature birth, infm - James Douglas Stevenson MD, Church of England (Toronto) #022460-93

Joseph COLTON, died at age 44 years, on 28 Nov 1880, of brain tumour of about 2 years duration, at Toronto. He was a laborer, born in England. reg # 20297-80

James COLVILLE, died at age 61 years, on 1 Dec 1880, of pleuro-pneumonia of 2 months duration, at Toronto. He was a boarding house keeper, born in Scotland. reg # 20296-80

Charles Richard COLWELL, died 6 Sept 1905, of tumour of the rectum, at 63 yrs, at Cooksville. Married, carriage maker, born in England. Informant was A.R. PETTITT, Reg # 22576-05 (Peel Co)

Mrs. Mary COLWELL died 6 Dec 1889 at age 53 yrs of cancer. Born in Ireland. #17769-89 (Toronto)

Mary COMMON died 10 May 1919 at age 59 yrs, of diabetes & pneumonia. Born in Beverly twp. d/o William DICKIE & blank; died at Princeton. Married. Informant was J.H. Swarts & sons, of Princeton. Buried at Princeton. #24473-19

Richard COMMON died 5 Aug 1896 at age 75 yrs. of typhoid fever. Gentleman. Born in Scotland. Informant was Richard COMMON of Galt. #19715-96 (Waterloo Co)

Adolph COMPAIN (Campain?) died 5 Oct 1901 at age 53 yrs of aneurysm. Born in Canada, resident of 34 Harvard in Toronto. Married. #3682-01 (Toronto)

CONKLIN, Olive, single, age 2 days, b. Ontario on 13 Sept 1924, d/o Smith Arnold CONKLIN (b. Ontario) & Olive Fletcher KOENING (b. Detroit), parents living in Cooksville, buried at Park Lawn, d. 15 Sept of hemophilia. Reg #25242-24 (Peel Co)

Joseph CONNERS, died at age 8 months of congestion of the lungs, on 18 Nov 1880, at Toronto. Born in Woodstock, Ont. reg # 20303-80

John CONROY died 15 Aug 1900 at age 52 years of abscess. Born in Ireland & living at 21 Saulter St. in Toronto. Reg # 3290-00

Cyril St. Clair COOK died 5 Feb 1919 at age 24 yrs of chronic nephritis of several years duration. Born at Dereham, s/o William COOK & Isabella CASWELL; died at Dereham. Single, farmer. Informant was J.M. TAYLOR of Tillsonburg. Buried at Delmer. #24495-19

Joan COOK, died 4 Dec 1929 at age 63 + 5 months, at Woodstock Hospital, of intertitial nephritis with cardiac failure, along with high blood pressure. Married. Born at Walsingham Centre on 18 July 1866, d/o George PIRIE (b. Scotland) & Gordon (sic) MAXWELL. Informant was her husband, A. F. COOK of Curries. Buried at Walsingham. (Oxford Co)

Maria COOK died 9 April 1870 at age 30 yrs of debility (11 days in hospital). Servant, born in Canada. Informant was Dr. Hampton of TGH. #7083-70 (Toronto)

William COOK died 22 Jan 1917 at age 83 + 6 + 12 of old age & heart failure. Born in England, s/o James COOK & blank. Resident of, & buried at, Washington. Widowed retired farmer. #23832-17 (Oxford Co)

Norman COON, d Sept 2, 1898 at age 1 yr of indigestion, at 3rd Conc, Tecumseth. Born Tecumseth. Informant was W.H. MITCHELL. #19716-98 (Simcoe Co)

Robert COONEY died 19 March 1870 at age 69 yrs of organic disease of the urinary bladder of more than 4 yrs duration. Wesleyan Minister, born in Dublin Ireland. Informant was Dr. Thomas S. Robinson of Toronto. #7079-70 (Toronto)

Melville COPELAND, d July 5, 1898 at age 1 yr, 4m, of measles followed by inflammation of the glands of neck, at Tiny. Born Tiny. Informant was Dr. R.H. McGILL. #019751-98 (Simcoe Co)

Francis CORBETT (male) died 5 Oct 1901 at age 67 yrs of fracture of the skull from a fall 1 hour previously. Born in England, resident of rear of 376 Front St. East in Toronto. Pedlar, single. #3693-01 (Toronto)

Sarah CORBETT died 30 April 1870 at age 30 of apoplexy with instant death. Born in Ireland. Informant was Dr. Workman of PLA [Provincial Lunatic Asylum]. #7103-70 (Toronto)

Thomas CORBETT died 15 April 1901 at age 60 yrs of stomach cancer & TB. res of 57 Cherry in Toronto. Laborer. #2133-01 (Toronto)

Charles CORBETTA died 12 Aug 1901 at age 47 yrs of pulmonary TB. Born in England, resident of 222 Markham in Toronto. Married,. brick layer. #3232-01 (Toronto)

baby CORDS, stillborn on 16 June 1918 at 12 Walton St. in Toronto. Son of Janazis CORDS & Mary CALDINNE [?]. Buried at Mt. Pleasant. #4180-18

Mrs. Eleanor CORNELL, died 10 Aug 1896 at age 66 yrs + 4 mons. of organic heart trouble that she’d had for 6 months. Widow. Born in Lambeth Ont. Informant was J.T. McDonald of Galt. #19717-96 (Waterloo Co)

Mary Ann CORNELL, d. 8 July 1899 at age 70 yrs + 6 months of inflammation of the bowels, at Princeton. Married. Born in Ontario. #19616-99 (Oxford Co)

Margaret Craigmile CORNISH, died at age 2 months + 15 days at Murray St. in Chatham, on 26 Feb 1902 of inanition. Born in Chatham. Informant was W.F. CORNISH. #12553-02

COSGROVE, Ann, f, d. 12 June 1890, age 64 years, married, b. Ireland, of typhoid fever, informant - W. Cosgrove, Roman Catholic, Markham Twp (York Co) #018667-91

Robert COSTLEY died 9 March 1894 at age 65 yrs of diabetes. Born in Scotland, farmer. informant was John B. COSTLEY, Registered in Peel twp.. #18937-94 (Wellington Co)

Margaret COTTRELLE died 8 Sept 1919 at age 69 + 3 + 16, of erysipelas & heart failure. Born in Hornby, d/o Robert MAY & Ann Jane BRICK. Married, housewife. Died at lot 3, con 2 of Esquesing twp & buried at Milton. #15141-19 (Halton Co)

William H. COUCH died 24 March 1870 at age 19 yrs, of typhoid. Shoe maker, born in Ontario. Informant was Dr. A. A. Riddell of Toronto. #7093-70 (Toronto)

COUPLAND, Eliza Melinda, f, d. 2 Dec. 1896, age 1 year, b. Ontario Canada, of capillary bronchitis 1 week, informant - W. Robinson MD, Markham, Methodist, Markham Twp (York Co) #022813-96

John COULTER, m, farmer, died, suddenly, May 17, 1894, at the age of 44 years of Poisoning by gas. Born in Canada, informant was Dr. A. J. Johnson, Coroner, Toronto. #022079-94 (York Co)

Robert J. COULTHARD, died on 9 Nov 1905, at age 44 yrs, of angina & heart disease/ Married ff. Resident of lot 22, con R 2nd S., Ekfrid twp. Born in Ekfrid. # 17489-05

Walter COULTHARD died 24 March 1900 at age 71 of cerebral hemorrhage. Born in Scotland & living at 133 Bedford Rd in Toronto. Clergyman. Reg # 1757-00 (Toronto)

Thomas COVERDILL , died Feb 14 1905 at age 26 years , 8 months ,of Brights disease, single , telegraph operator , at 77 Finkle St. Woodstock. Reg # 21736-05 (Oxford Co)

Charles COVERNTON died 14 April 1901 at age 87 yrs of old age. Born in England, res of 404 Huron St. in Toronto. Married, physician. #2116-01 (Toronto)

Adam COWAN died 31 Oct 1896 at age 5 years, of leukemia. Born in Galt. Informant was Peter COWAN of Galt. #19727-96 (Waterloo Co)

Arthur Gordon COWAN , died Aug 8 1921 at age 35 yrs, 2 months & 25 days . Born May 14 1886 at Drumbo , barrister , s/o James D. COWAN b. Ontario & Elizabeth TAYLOR b. Scotland. Informant was Richard COWAN , brother, from Drumbo. Died of tuberculosis of kidney, buried at Ayr. Reg # 025029-1921 .

Isabella COWAN died 14 July 1917 at age 73 yrs, of ulceration of stomach. Born in England, d/o not given. Resident of Blenheim twp & buried at Princeton. Married. #23853-17 (Oxford Co)

James COWAN , died Mar 29 1921 at age 74 yrs & 4 months . Born Mar 21 1867 at Dumfries conc. 8 , hardware merchant , s/o William COWAN b. Scotland & Margaret DAVIDSON ,b. Scotland . Informant was William COWAN , son from Drumbo . Died of anemia , buried at Drumbo. Reg # 025010-1921 .

John COWAN, died May 1 1929 at age 92 yrs 2 mon & 21 days, widower, at Bright. Born in Scotland Feb 9 1837 , farmer, s/o John COWAN b. Scotland & Margaret MIDDLEMISS b. Scotland. Informant was John COWAN, son from Clinton. Died of arteriosclerosis , buried in Chesterfield. Reg # 027648-1929

Marjorie Howell COWAN, died at age 4 yrs + 11 months at King St. in Chatham on 9 Feb 1902 of scarlet fever & diphtheria. Born in Chatham. Informant was George W. COWAN. #12545-02

William COWAN died 4 July 1896 at age 80 yrs., of valvular disease of the heart. Gentleman; born in Scotland. Informant was Charles KNIGHT of North Dumfries twp. #19706-96 (Waterloo Co)

Thomas Abraham COWHERD, died 17 Oct 1884, at age 58 yrs + 3 months of heart disease, at Amigari? - Bertie twp. but registered Goderich. Born in England, wood turner. Informant was Alexander CATHCART of Goderich. # 006899-84

Letitia COWLEY died 7 Oct 1901 at age 49 yrs of pyaemia?. Born in England, resident of 121 Perth Ave in Toronto. Widow. #3695-01 (Toronto)

no name COX, stillborn 17 Feb 1901 at Goderich twp. Informant was R.Y. COX. #12684-01

COXWORTH, Frank, m, d. 15 Dec. 1891, age 3 years, farmer's child, b. Markham, of scarlatina 1 wk, informant - Charles. Francy MD, Methodist, Markham Twp (York Co) #018657-91


Deaths Cr - Cz

Charles Edward CRACKNELL , died Feb 19 1899 at age 10 months & 3 days , of ulceration of the bowels , at conc 3 lot 10 of Blenheim twp. Reg # 19587-99

James CRAIG died 20 June 1918 at age 72 yrs, of myocarditis, at 201 Withrow St., Toronto. Born in Scotland. Married, stonemason. Informant was J.C. CRAIG of 66 Grace St. Toronto. Buried at Mt. Pleasant. # 4181-18

John CRAIG, died 6 Sept 1881 at age 60 (or 65) years, of congestion of brain, at Peterborough. Engineer. Informant was son, John CRAIG. # 15815-81

Pearl CRAIG, died 20 July 1894 at age 4 months, at Kingston General Hospital, of cholera. #5431-94

William CRAIG, died 11 Feb 1895 at age 65 yrs, of consumption, at Goderich. Born in Ireland. Retired. Informant was William STEWART. # 7815-95

William CRAIG died 12 Feb 1907 at age 56 yrs of Brights disease, at Goderich. Born in Ontario. Resident of Baycor? # 14180-07

Harriet CRAIG, died 6 Jan 1891 at age 32 at Glenelg twp. Farmer's daughter. Born in Ontario. Died suddenly of no cause given. Informant was George Binnie of Gleneg. # 5402-91

Thomas CRAIG, died 18 Feb 1892 at age 76 yrs of Le Grippe, in Ramsay twp, Lanark Co. Born in Glasgow. Informant was Thomas CRAIG Jr. # 8910-92

Annie Eliza CRAMOND died 18 June 1896 at age 26 yrs., of thrombosis. Domestic; born in Scotland. Informant was George CRAMOND. #19703-96 (Waterloo Co)

Harry CRANDELL, died at age 41 yrs., on 13 June 1928, accidentally drowned in the Welland Canal. Born in Ontario, s/o George CRANDELL (b. Ontario) & unknown. Single, laborer in the construction industry. Brother was William CRANDELL of Niagara Falls Ont. Buried at Niagara Falls. reg # 22005-28 (Welland Co)

Anna Thoburn CRAWFORD, died 26 May 1873 at age 28 years, of cholera morbis. Born in Canada. Informant was Dr. Thomas Moore of Demorestville. Registered in Sophiasburgh twp. Reg # 9920-73

David CRAWFORD, m, Lighthouse Keeper, died (no date given), no age given, heart disease complicated by pneumonia. Informant Dr. W. F. Peters-registered on June 30, 1883. Reg. # 001087-83 (Algoma Dist)

Isabella CRAWFORD died at age 61 years on 12 May 1928 of lobar pneumonia, at Hamilton General hospital. Born in Ireland in April 1867, d/o John BEATTIE & Mary Ann DAVIS (both b. Ireland). Widowed. Daughter was Mrs. John TODD of 76 Mulberry St. in Hamilton. Buried at Woodland cemetery. reg # 37859-28

Jane CRAWFORD died on 20 June 1918, at age 44 yrs of TB, at 87 Awde St. in Toronto. Born in Scotland, d/o John CRAWFORD & Mary TODD. Informant waas undertaker, Bates & Dodd. Buried at Prospect cemetery. # 4182-18

Mary CRAWFORD, died 19 June 1905, at age 90 yrs, of senile decay. Widow. Resident of lot N 20, con 3, Ekfrid twp. Born in Scotland. # 17474-05

Melinda CRAWFORD, died 6 Oct 1905, of pneumonia, at age 68 yrs, at Cooksville. Widow. Born in Cooksville, Reg # 22582-05 (Peel Co)

William Glenn CRAWFORD died 24 Dec 1917 at age 10 months + 17 days, of appendicitis. Born in Derhem, s/o William J. CRAWFORD & Phoebe A. COOPER. Died in Dereham, buried at Mt. Elgin. Informant was W. J. Crawford of RR #1, Mt. Elgin #23904-17 (Oxford Co)

William Andrew CREASER died 3 Sept 1917 at age 84 yrs of arterio sclerosis. Born in province of Quebec, s/o Andrew CREASER & Elizabeth WALKER. Married. Resident of Princeton & buried at Princeton cemetery. #23858-17 (Oxford Co)

Alexander CREE died 26 Dec 1898 at age 27 of Brights Disease. Watch maker. Born in Erin twp. died at lot 2, con 6 of Erin twp. Informant was Andrew N. CREE. #22207-98 (Wellington Co)

La Roy CRESSMAN died 1 Jan 1919 at age 28 + 11 + 28 of pneumonia. Born in Blenheim twp., s/o Abraham CRESSMAN & Judith SHANTZ; died at Blenheim twp. Single, farmer. Informant was Abraham CRESSMAN. #24447-19

Maisy CRICHTON died 21 Aug 1889 at age 15 months of whooping cough. Born in Toronto. #17083-89 (Toronto)

Joseph CRONIN died 3 Feb 1917 at age 3 days of congenital heart disease since birth on 31 Jan. Born, & died, at Blenheim twp., s/o Alphonsus CRONIN & Elizabeth WEBER. Buried at St. Agatha in Wilmot twp. Informant was Alphonsus CRONIN of New Dundee. #23833-17 (Oxford Co)

John Alvin CROSBY, died at age 21 yrs + 8 months, at Foster St. in Chatham, on 4 Jan 1902 of epilepsy. Single, laborer, born at Tilbury twp. Informant was William C. CROSBY. #12528-02

Margaret M. CROSBY died 26 Feb 1917 at age 40 yrs of pneumonia. Born in South Dumfries, d/o Henry SCARFE & Rosana McMICKLE. Resident of Lot 12, con 2 of Blenheim twp., buried at Princeton. Married. #23836-17 (Oxford Co)

CROSBY, Mary, f, d. 22 July 1891, age 85 years, wife, b. Markham twp, of paralysis & old age, informant Jos. Young, Methodist, Markham Twp (York Co) #018640-91

Catherine CROSS , died July 13 1929 at age 31 yrs & 11 mon & 23 days , married , at Blenheim Twp. Born in Blenheim July 24 1898 , d/o Theobold KLOSZ b. Germany & Martha ATKINS b. Blenheim Twp. Informant was Herbert CROSS , husband from Windsor . Died of pulmonary tuberculosis , buried in Drumbo. Reg # 027740-1929

CROSS, Edna, f, d. 5 Aug. 1896, age 21 years 11 mos, b. Ontario Can, of consumption 5 mos, informant - William Cross of Amber, Church of England, Markham Twp (York Co) #022795-96

22593-34 Sarah Elizabeth CROUCH died 17 April 1934 at 314 Tecumseh St. in London, at age 69 + 8 + 14. Born 3 Aug 1864 in London twp., d/o John HODGINS & Marion COUGHLIN, both b. London twp. Son was R.E. CROUCH of 291 Huron St.

Gordon CROUDER died 3 April 1870 at age 3 yrs + 2 months, of typhoid. Born in Toronto; died at TGH. #7129-70 (Toronto)

Jane H. CROUDER died 17 May 1870 at age 8 yrs + 1 month, of typhoid. Born in Toronto; died at TGH. #7130-70 (Toronto)

Ernest CROW, m, died at Lot 33 Conc. 16, Monmouth Tp. on March 7, 1919 at the age of 2 days of complications of Premature Birth. Burial Wilberforce Cemetery; s/o William Hillard CROW & Elizabeth Ethel WINDSOR, informant William CROW, father, of Halls Glen Ontario. #015048-1919 (Haliburton County)

Samuel John Alex CROZIER, died 25 July 1905, of epileptic convulsion (congenital) at age 5 yrs, at Toronto twp. Born at Toronto twp, Reg # 22571-05 (Peel Co)

20422-33 Annie CROZIER died 20 Jan 1933 at Smiths Falls Public Hospital, at age 66 yrs. Born 28 Jan in Renfrew, d/o John HODGINS (b. Dublin Ireland) & A. RICHESON (b. Ireland). Son was Harvey CROZIER of Smiths Falls.

CRUICKSHANK, Ann, f, d. 10 Dec. 1896, age 56 years 10 mos, b. Ontario Canada, of fibroid phthisis, informant William Padget, Unionville, Methodist, Markham Twp (York Co) #022815-96

Mary C. CRUISE, d May 6, 1898 at age 9 m at Tiny. Born Tiny. Informant was Henry CRUISE. #019747-98 (Simcoe Co)

William CULBERT, died 9 June 1873 at age 58 yrs, of not given, at Brantford. Born in Maryland USA. Informant was wife, Mary CULBERT of Brantford #1235-73

Mrs. Eleanor CULLEN, died 14 May 1884 at age 77 yrs, of paralysis, at Elmsley North. Born in Co. Mayo Ireland, farmer's wife. No informant given. #008699-84

John CULLEN died 1 July 1896 at age 55 yrs. Killed in an accident - neck broken by fall. Born in Ireland; laborer. Informant was Dr. T. W. VARDON. #19707-96 (Waterloo Co)

CUNNINGHAM, infant, died at John St. Brampton, Irish origins, b. & d. 5 Aug 1924 at Norval, d/o Robert CUNNINGHAM & Rachel MOORE (both b. Norval). Buried at Norval. Reg #25075-24 (Peel Co)

CUNNINGHAM, Rachel Jane, died at Wellington St. E Brampton, Irish origins, married, b. Norval 4 Oct 1902, lived 8 days at pod, d/o Joseph MOORE (b. Ontario) & Ellen WHEATLEY (b. England), husband is Robert W? CUNNINGHAM of Norval, buried at Norval, d. 6 Aug of illegible embolism & confusion at having hydroencephalitic baby. Reg #25078-24 (Peel Co)

James CUNNINGTON, died 18 June 1918, at age 86 yrs, of arterio sclerosis, at 1936 College St. in Toronto. Born in Ontario, s/o William CUNNINGTON & Alice CAESAR. Widower. Buried at Prospect cemetery. # 4178-18

Un-named CURRAH , died Feb 12 1929 stillborn . Born Feb 12 1929 at Bright , s/o William CURRAH & Marie FEICK . Buried in Innerkip. Reg # 0027492-1929

Theodore K. CURREY , died Jan 10 1921 at age 31 yrs , 1 month & 1 day , student , newspaper man circulation dept. & book keeper , at Plattsville. Born Dec 9 1889 at Plattsville , lived there 20 yrs. s/o John K. CURREY b. Wolverton & Catherine KOEHLER b. New Hamburg. Died of high blood pressure & chronic nephritis, buried at Plattsville. Reg # 024992-1921 .

Mary CURTAIN, f, child, died March 14, 1894 at the age of 10 years, of heart failure after an illness of 3 days. Informant was Dr. J. Spence of Toronto. #021481-94 (York Co)

Earl Lawrence CURTS died 30 Nov 1900 at age 2 months of marasmus. Born in Toronto & lived at 73 Bloor West in Toronto. Reg # 4341-00

CURTIS, John Henry, died at Toronto twp., married age 38 or 28, b. England on 21 Nov., s/o Reuben CURTIS & Mary WHITAKER (both b. England), brother is Charles E. CURTIS of Toronto, buried at Park Lawn, d. 9 May of lobar pneumonia. Reg #2522724 (Peel Co)

Gordon CUSHMAN, died 14 May 1905, no age given, of premature birth. Born in & resident of village of Appin. # 17475-05

Adelaide M. Y. CUTLER died 29 Nov 1900 at age 26 of phthisis. Born in England & lived at 22 Cael Ho--? in Toronto. Wife. Reg # 4347-00

Sarah CUTTING, died at age 85 years, on 10 Aug 1928 of myocardial failure, at 547 Emerald St. N. in Hamilton. Born in Canada in 1843, d/o William SEYMOUR (b. Lower Canada) & unknown. Lived 9 months at place of death. Widowed. Son was George CUTTING of RR#4 Rockwood. Buried at Eramosa.. reg # 38224-28

Tadenz CZARNY, died at age 4 yrs & 8 months & 27 days, at K. & W. Hospital in Kitchener, of fracture of skull & cerebral hemorrhage, on 19 Sept 1925. Born 23 Dec 1920 in Kitchener, s/o Fanczysek CZARNY, resident of 124 Strange St., Kitchener, & Katherina WYLUPEK (both b. Poland). Buried at Mt. Hope cemetery, reg # 32707-25


Deaths: D Surnames

DALE, Sarah, died at William St. Brampton, English origins, widow, age 93-9, b. Charlwood England 19 Dec 1831, florist's widow, lived 61 years in Canada/Ontario & 8 years at pod, d/o Christopher WARREN (b. England) & Jane TYRREL (b. England), daughter is Mrs. Elizabeth LEWIS of Brampton, buried at Brampton, d. 13 Sept from fracture of foot & shock from the fracture. #25082-24 (Peel Co)

Margaret DALEY, d. 31 Oct 1901 at age 86 yrs of old age. Residence not given, but registered in Goderich. Born in Ireland. #12666-01

Charles DALLER died 9 Jan 1889 at age 6 months of congestion of the lungs. Born in West Oxford. Informant was Alfred DALLER. #12934-89 (Oxford Co)

no name DALTON, stillborn on 5 May 1901 at 5th con of Goderich twp. Informant was Jere? DALTON. #12690-01

Eliza DALTON, died 9 Feb 1905, of "bed age", at age 84 yrs, at Malton. Married, born in England., Reg # 22538-05 (Peel Co)

Charles DAMM, died of diabetic coma, on 30 Nov 1929 at Woodstock Hospital, at age 68 + 7 + 15. Single, retired woodworker. Born in Germany, s/o John B. DAMM & Miriah GIES (both born in Germany). Informant was brother, Daniel DAMM of Toronto. Buried in Woodstock. Reg # 27993-29

DANBY, John, died at Toronto twp., widower, age 54, b. England on 1 July 1870, s/o George DANBY & Charlotte NOBLE (both b. England), d. 27 July of cirrhosis of the liver. #25234-24 (Peel Co)

Ephriam DANCE , died July 21 1929 at age 87 yrs, 3 mon. & 9 days, widower , at Blenheim Twp.lived there 40 yrs . Born in England April 12 1842 , farmer, s/o James DANCE b. England & Lily MARCHALL b.England. Informant was James DANCE , son from RR# 2 Paris. Died of arterio sclerosis , buried in Ayr. Reg # 027741-1929.

Charles Edward DANIEL , died May 28 1929 at age 70 yrs 8 mon & 24 days , married at Richwood. Born in Blenheim Twp Sept 4 1859 , farmer, s/o Thomas DANIEL b. New Bruswick & Eliza J. PERRIN b. Ontario. Died of myocardial degeneration , buried in Paris. Reg # 027650-1929

William DANIELS died 7 April 1901 at age 63 yrs of cardiac disease. Born in England, res of 53 Afton Ave in Toronto. Married, sailor. #2119-01 (Toronto)

DARBYSHIRE, George, died at Toronto twp., widower, age 73, b. England in May 1851, lived 4 years in Canada/Ontario & 2 years pod, s/o John & Margaret (both b. England), daughter is Mrs. M. LOWE of Lakeview Park, buried at Park Lawn, d. 24 Aug of heat stroke. #25235-24 (Peel Co)

Richard James DARLING died 7 Oct 1872 at age 18 yrs, of infusion of serum at base of brain. Dry goods salesman. Informant was Dr. Hodge of Lakefield. Registered in Douro twp. #24531-72 (Peterborough Co)

no name DAVEY stillborn on 25 March 1900 at 8 Mitchell in Toronto. Reg # 1752-00 (Toronto)

Annie M. DAVEY, died at age 2 1/2 years, on 23 Nov 1880, of convulsions, at Toronto. Born in Canada. reg # 20302-80 (Toronto)

Samuel Leslie DAVEY died 3 July 1870 at age 6 months, of dysentery. Born in Scugog. Informant was Richard DAVEY, farmer, of Scugog . #6341-70 (Ontario Co)

Clara DAVIDSON, f, child, died September 16, 1881 at the age of 1 year of Cholera Infantum after an illness of 1 week. Born in Toronto; informant J. E. GRAHAM MD., Toronto. Reg # 022536-81 (York County)

Joshua DAVIDSON, m, farmer, died August 2, 1883 at the age of 56 yrs. of Consumption after an illness of 3 yrs. Born in England; informant Dr. James DICKSON of Paris Ontario. Reg # 001321-83 (Brant Co)

DAVIDSON, William, m, no death date, age 1 mo, b. Etobicoke, of cholera inflammation 10 days, informant - J.M. Cotton MD of Lambton Mills, Etobicoke Twp (York Co) #018915-91

William DAVIDSON died 17 Feb 1870 at age 76, of general debility. Born in Invernesshire Scotland, farmer. Informant was John DAVIDSON of lot 2, con 3 of Scott twp #6318-70 (Ontario Co)

Alpha C. DAVIS, male, died 30 Oct 1905, at age 23 yrs, of illegible sclerosis. Single, ff. Resident of lot 5, con R.5 S., Ekfrid twp. Born in Westminster twp. #17490-05 (Middlesex Co)

Benjamin DAVIS, m, Stonemason, died June 9, 1894, at the age of 41 years of Peritonitis after an illness of 8 days. Born in England, informant was Frederick Fenton MD. Registered at Toronto, #022102-94 (York Co).

Grace DAVIS, died at age 82 yrs + 1 month, on 23 May 1928, of endocarditis & dropsy, at 13 Victoria St. S. in Woodstock. Born in Durham Co on 11 April 1846, d/o John COLLACUTT & Rachel HONEY (both born England). Widowed hairdresser. Niece was Mrs. E.O. COLLINS of 15 Norwich Ave., Woodstock. Buried at Woodstock. reg # 27007-28 (Oxford Co)

Emma DAVIS, b. Kildare Ireland, widow, d. 19 April 1879 of severe cold of 3 days duration, age 74, informant was Oliver DAVIS of 164 Acton? St. Toronto. #17385-79 (Toronto)

George DAVIS, b. Ireland, shoe maker, d. 29 Jan. 1879 of heart disease at age 78. #17066-79 (Toronto)

Hannah C. DAVIS, d. 28 March 1901 at age 76 of chronic bronchitis plus stomach & bowel trouble, at Corner of Ebenezer & Broadway in Ridgetown. Born in Port Rowen. Married. Informant was W.B. GRAHAM. #13820-01 (Kent Co)

Harriet DAVIS died 13 April 1881 at age 2 months of stomatitis. Born in Toronto. #23408-81 (Toronto)

Harriet DAVIS, b. England, married, d. 3 March 1879 of fibroid tumor of some years duration, at Toronto General Hospital, at age 45. #17308-79 (Toronto)

Minerva DAVIS, b. Toronto, d. 31 Mar 1879 of inflammation of the lungs at age 2 yrs + 5 months. #17301-79 (Toronto)

Moses DAVIS died 24 Sept 1870 at age 81 yrs, of dropsy. Born in Co. Down Ireland, farmer. Informant was Francis DAVIS of Biddulph # 6316-70 (Middlesex Co)

William T. DAVIS died 5 July 1898 at age 35 of phthisis. Clerk. Born in Erin twp & died at lot 17 con ? of Erin twp. Informant was Dr. J. H. Hamilton. #22198-98 (Wellington Co)

Jane DAWSON, died Nov 2 1929 at age 89 yrs 9 mon & 16 days, widow . Born Ontario Jan 17 1840, d/o Hugh BUCKBOROUGH & Rachel HOWELL . Informant was Spurgeon DAWSON , son from Wolverton. Died of myocardial degeneration , buried at Wolverton. Reg # 027915-1929

Robert DAWSON, died 14 Aug 1902 at age 76 years, of cytitis, at Sarnia General Hospital. Married farmer, born in Scotland. Reg # 13691-02 (Lambton Co)

Thomas DAWSON, m, child, died April 11, 1883 at the age of 7 mths of Convulsions due to Spinal Bifida. Born in Sault Ste Marie; informant John A REID M.D. of Sault Ste Marie. Reg # 001084-83 (Algoma Dist)

Ellen DAY, f, died (illegible month) 2, 1882, at 25 years of age of illegible cause of death, at Algoma Mills. Born in Canada; informant Dr. John Smith of Algoma Mills. Reg. # 001082-83 (Algoma Dist).

DEACOFF, infant son of John Deacoff, male, died 23 July 1900, stillborn, died St.Albans St, born York Twp, infm - T.J. Page MD, York Twp. (York Co) #030539-00

William A. DEAN, died at age 53 years + 2 days on 24 March 1886 at Clinton twp. Lincoln County. Born in Erin twp, Wellington Co. Died of Bright's disease which he'd had for a number of years. Informant was Anthony CULP of Clinton twp. reg # 10379-86

Catherine DEANS died 11 Feb 1888 at age 75 yrs + 8 months, of jaundice. Born in Scotland. Informant was Dr. Lovell of Ayr. #18117-88 (Waterloo Co)

Lloyd Albert DEETON , died May 1 1899 at age 1 year & 6 months, of marasmus , at Plattsville . Reg # 19605-99

William DEETON died 27 April 1889 at age 43 yrs, of liver complaint. Born in England, farmer. Informant was Robert DEETON, harness maker of Plattsville. #12884-89 (Oxford Co)

DELANY, Nicholas, m, d. Mar. 26, 1905, age 30, cooper, b. Canada, died of ciruicious Ausivive, infm - R.C. Coatsworth, RC, (Toronto) 001960-05

Bessy DELWORTH died 29 may 1901 at age 65 yrs of apoplexy. Born in England, resident of 1016 Bathurst in Toronto. Married. #2533-01 (Toronto)

George DE MINN died 5 Oct 1901 at age 20 yrs of fracture of the skull from a fall. Born in Toronto, resident of 55 Sydenham in Toronto. Single, cable splicer. #3694-01 (Toronto)

Theresa DENISON died 4 May 1881 at age 7 weeks of hyrdoencephlitis & spina bifida. Born in Toronto. Informant was Dr. A. De La Hooke. #23389-81 (Toronto)

Elijah DENNIS, died 8 March 1886 at age 73 years, yeoman. Was born, and died, in Clinton twp. Died of old age. Informant was isaac DENNIS of Clinton twp. reg # 10380-86

Elizabeth DENNIS, died at age 95 years + 8 months + 17 days, of intestinal flu, on 22 April 1928 at Courtwright. Born in Quebec on 5 Aug 1832, d/o John STOKES & Mary PAUL (both b. Scotland). Widowed. Lived 90 years in Ontario & 20 years at place of death. Son was Arthur DENNIS of Courtwright. Buried at Sutherland cemetery in Moore twp. reg # 19834-28 (Lambton Co)

DENNISON, baby, died at Peter St. Port Credit, age 6 hours, s/o Robert Alexander DENNISON (b. Lore Park Ont) & Isobel May GIBSON (b. Toronto twp), buried at Erindale, premature birth. #25191-24 (Peel Co)

David DENTZ died 14 Nov 1872, murdered at the home of Jeremiah PAYNE. Born in Dummer twp.. Coroner was Dr. Kincaid. Informant was Jeremiah PAYNE. Registered in Dummer twp.. #24529-72 (Peterborough Co)

William Elmer DEPEW died 221 May 1917 at age 48 + 8 + 21, of pernicious anemia & myocarditis. Born in Delaware USA, s/o Harmon DEPEW & Hannah JONG. Died in Windham, buried in Kelvin. Married, farmer. #22454-17 (Norfolk Co)

Emma A. DESMOND died 13 April 1901 at age 32 yrs of sapraemia. Born in Canada, res of 171 Dovercourt in Toronto. Widow. #2129-01 (Toronto)

Mary DESMOND died 15 April 1901 at age 32 yrs of sapracemia (?). Born in Canada, res of 171 Davenport Ave. in Toronto. Widow. #2123-01 (Toronto)

Joseph Arthur DESROCHERS, d July 21, 1898 at age 1 day, cause not known, at Lafontaine. Born Lafontaine. Informant was Rev. J.E. BEAUDOIN, #019768-98 (Simcoe Co)

DESYE? (Desge?), no name, died at Royce Ave., Brampton, s/o Leslie DESYE & Harriet BRIGHTWELL (both b. England), d. 19 Aug 1924, stillborn. #25077-24 (Peel Co)

Catherine DEVEREUX, b. Toronto, d. 9 Oct 1880 of general weakness since birth, at age 6 weeks. Informant was J. DEVEREUX of Toronto. #20530-80 (Toronto)

DEVLIN, no name given, m, d. 22 Nov. 1891, age 2 days, b. Canada, informant - Hugh Devlin, Markham Twp (York Co) #018652-91

Jean DEW, died at age 79 yrs + 1 month + 14 days, on 2 March 1928 of senility & fracture of hip, at Forest. Born in Wellington Ont. on 17 Jan 1849, d/o James DAVIDSON & Elizabeth STEVENS (both b. Scotland). Lived 11 years at place of death. Married. Daughter was Elizabeth DEW of Forest. Buried at Beechwood cemetery in Forest. reg # 19782-28

William DEW, died at age 88 years + 12 days, on 10 Dec 1928, of hemiplegia? & cerebral hemorrhage, at Forest in Lambton Co. Born in Kingston Ont., on 29 Nov 1840, s/o John DEW (b. England) & not known. Lived at place of death for 12 years. Widowed retired farmer. Daughter was Lizzie DEW of Forest. Buried at Beechwood cemetery in Forest. reg # 20253-28

DEWAN, Daniel, m, d. 12 Jul.1883, age 2 hours, infant, born London Ont, died of premature birth, infm - Ellen Dewan, spinster, 187 John St, Roman Catholic, London. (Middlesex Co) #009867-83

Mary Beatrice DEWER? died 12 Nov 1893 at age of only a few hours (premature birth) at Hillsburg. Inn keeper’s daughter. Informant was Mrs. W. J. Dewer of Hillsburg. #18584-93 (Wellington Co)

Frank Di TOMMASO, died at age 8 years, on 27 May 1928 of fracture of skull resulting from automobile accident, at Hamilton General Hospital. Born in Italy on 14 Aug 1919, s/o John Di TOMMASO & Adelina FERRARREO (both b. Italy). Buried at Holy Sepulchre cemetery. reg # 37920-28

Dominico Di UBALDO, died at age 4 months, of intestinal intoxication, at Hamilton General hospital, on 7 Sept 1928. Born in Hamilton on 18 April 1928, s/o Guistino Di UBALDO & Rosina FERRO (both b. Italy, residence: 780 Burlington St. East, Hamilton). Buried at Holy Sepulchre cemetery. reg # 38334-28

Charles R. DICKER died 17 Dec 1916 at age 65 + 10 + 1, of heart failure & pneumonia. Born in Beverly twp., s/o Alpheus DECKER & Elizabeth FREISE (Treise?). Buried at Ratho cemetery. Married, blacksmith & coal dealer. #25380-16 (Oxford Co)

Henry S. DICKERT , died Jan 14 1905 at age 47 years, of heart disease, married, insurance agent , at 490 McQueen St. Woodstock .Reg # 21725-05

Clifton R. DICKIE, babe, d Nov 8, 1898 at age 7 m, of convulsions, ill 3 or 4 m, at 1st Con Tiny. Born Tiny Twp. Informant was J.B.H. McCLINTON. #019757-98 (Simcoe Co)

John Walter DICKIE, m, farmer, died November 29, 1883 at the age of 65 yrs of Chronic Cerebritis after an illness of 18 months. Born in Kings County New Brunswick; informant Eliza MORROW, daughter, of Paris Ontario. Reg # 001347-83 (Brant Co)

DICKS, Alice, f, d. 19 June (1893), age 4 days, b. Toronto, infm - A.D. Watson, Anglican (Toronto) #022461-93

Agnes DICKSON, f, widow, died on April 10, 1883, at the age of 86 yrs of Senility. Born in Scotland; informant William DICKSON son, of Hamilton Ontario. Reg # 001306-83 (Brant Co)

Margaret DICKSON died 10 July 1877 of scarlet fever at age 7 yrs. Born, & death registered in, Turnberry. Informant was Dr. W.B. Fowler of Wingham. Farmer’s daughter. #5029-77

DICKSON, William, m, d. 5 Oct. 1891, age 40 years, farmer, b. Canada, of paralysis & brain fever, informant - Jane Dickson, Methodist, Markham Twp (York Co) #018644-91

Barbara DILL , died Mar 1 1921 at age 59 yrs , 6 months 7 5 days . Born Aug 23 1861 at Blenheim twp. d/o Henry ROHR b. Germany & Mary E, HILL b. Germany .Lived 6 yrs at current address & 42 yrs in Ontario. Informnat was Edward DILL , son, from Drumbo. Died of cancer of the breast , buried in Drumbo. Reg # 025094-1921

DIMMA, Innis Whilhemina Minnie, f, d. 18 Aug. 1896, age 27 years, b. Ontario, of Puerperal Septicemia, informant - George Fierheller MD, Markham, Presbyterian, Markham Twp (York Co) #022797-96

Isay DISENHOUSE, died 16 June 1918 at age 40 yrs, of polycythaemia, at Toronto General Hospital. Born in Russia Poland, s/o Max DISENHOUSE. Peddler, married. # 4183-18

DIXON, Clara Isabel, f, d. 9 May 1891, age 21 years 11 mos 25 days, farmer's daughter, b. Etobicoke Twp, of typhoid fever 14 days, informant - Alfred Dixon her brother of Weston PO, Church of England, Etobicoke Twp (York Co) #018918-91

Grace DOBSON, spinster, d Dec 16, 1898 at age 75yrs, of visitation of God, at 13th Con. Tecumseth. Born England. Informant was W. H. MITCHELL. #019726-98 (Simcoe Co)

Wellington DOBSON died 3 July 1919 at age 64 + 9 + 3 of heart disease. Born in Ontario, s/o Peter DOBSON & Ann MOORE. Married, farmer. Died at Lot 26, con 10 of Osprey twp. & buried at Osprey. Informant was J. E. DOBSON of Feversham. #14489-19 (Grey Co)

James DOHERTY died 14 Oct 1894 at age 4 yrs, of diphtheria. Born in Erin Ont. #18924-94 (Wellington Co)

William DOHERTY, d. 22 Jan 1901 at age 4 yrs, of heart disease, at York St. in Ridgetown. Born in Ridgetown. Informant was M.H. DOHERTY. #13813-01

John Joseph DOLAN, died at age 31 years, of pneumonia, on 11 June 1928 at St. Catharines General Hospital. Born in Ireland. Date of birth & names of parents not given. Single, farmer's helper. Buried at Victoria Lawn cemetery. reg # 22004-28

Holman DOLBERG, died at age 5 months & 3 days, at Hamilton General Hospital, of intestinal diarrhea & pneumonia, on 7 Aug 1925. Born 5 March 1925 at Hamilton, so Max DOLBERG, resident of 356 John St. N (or W) & Annie STRACHMAN (both b. Romania). Buried at Beth Jacob cemetery, reg # 35584-25

Elizabeth Jane DONALD, died 18 July 1902 at age 39 yrs + 10 months, of brain fever, at Sarnia. Born in Ontario, married, housewife. Reg # 13680-02

James P. DONALD died 20 May 1895 at age 6 yrs, of diphtheria. Born in Canada. Informant was Dr. G. Tweedie. #21648-95 (Toronto)

DONER, Emanuel, m, d. 21 Aug. 1878, age 65 years, farmer, born Canada, cause consumption 6 mos; Markham twp. #016887-78 (York Co)

DONER, Jacob, m, d. 29 Aug. 1878, age 59 years, carpenter, born Canada, cause general debility; Mennonite, infm - William Doner, Gormley, Markham Twp. #016888-78 (York Co)

Bertha Maud DONEY died 12 Nov 1898 at age 1 yr + 5 months of pneumonia. Born in Toronto; resident of 37 Queen St. West in Toronto. #26868-98

DONNELLY, Helen, died at 2nd line E Chinguacousy, Irish origins, widow, age 62, b. Ireland, 50 years in Canada, d/o Ulten BYRNE (b. Ireland) & not given, husband is Michael DONNELLY, buried at Brampton, d. 13 Oct 1924 of myocarditis. #2517424 (Peel Co)

Lucy DONNELLY, b. Ireland, widow, d. 25 July 1880 of rheumatic gout of 23 years duration, at age 82. #20244-80 (Toronto)

Joseph DONNELLY died at age 12 years, on 7 Nov 1880, of tubercular meningitis of 9 days duration, at Toronto. Born at Montreal. reg # 20293-80

Joseph DONNELLY of Kingston, died at age 52 yrs at St. Josephs Hospital in Chatham, on 15 Feb 1902 of pneumonia. Married, traveller, born in Charlottetown PEI. Informant was Dr. R.V. BRAY. #12548-02

DONNELLY, Margaret Jane, died at Toronto, Irish origins, widow, age 74-7-5, b. Toronto 28 Jan 1850, d/o George GRAHAM (b. Ireland) and Sarah BROWN (b. Ireland), son is G.A. DONNELLY of RR#1 Port Credit, buried at Port Credit, d. 3 Oct 1924 of acute inflammation of bile duct, & intestinal hemorrhage . #25187-24 (Peel Co)

William DONOHUE died 24 July 1896 at age 50 of cholera mortus. Hostler; born in Ireland. Informant was W. J. LOUGHEED of Galt. #19712-96 (Waterloo Co)

George DOON, m, infant, died May 28, 1894, at the age of 3 weeks of Chranition?? at the age of 3 weeks. Born in Port Hope, informant was Dr. M. Wallace, Toronto. 022078-94 (York Co)

no name DOUGHTY stillborn 21 March 1900 at 91 Arthur in Toronto. Reg# 1751-00 (Toronto)

DOUGLAS, Alice Amelia, f, d. 6 Dec. 1896, age 32 years, b. Ontario Canada, of consumption of bowels 6 mos, informant - W. Robinson MD, Markham, Presbyterian, Markham Twp (York Co) #022814-96

Irene DOWDALL died at age 23 years, on 4 May 1928 of esophothalmic? goitre & myocarditis, at hospital in Perth. Born in Carleton Co, d/o James GREEN (b. Carleton Co) & Mary Ann illegible (b. Bathurst). Husband was Frank DOWDALL of Christys Lake. Buried at Bathurst. reg # 20466-28

James DOWDELL died 4 Oct 1901 at age 75 yrs, of rectal cancer. Born in England, resident of Home for Incurables in Toronto. Married. #3684-01 (Toronto)

Richard DOWNIE died 12 Jan 1870, no age given, of strangulated hernia. Telegraph operator, born in Co. Monaghan Ireland. Informant was Dr. James Thorburn of Toronto. #7078-70 (Toronto)

DRAPER, Emma, f, d. 9 Jul.1883, age 52 years, matron, born England, died accidental fall off bridge 4 days; infm - John Ferguson, undertaker, King St., Church of England, London (Middlesex Co) #009863-83

James Henry De--? DREW died 13 Aug 1900 at age 8 months & 2 weeks of cholera infantum. Born in Toronto & living at 184 College St. in Toronto. Reg # 3276-00 (Toronto)

DRINKWATER, Margaret Allen, died at lot ? west 2nd con Chinguacousy twp., Scottish origins, married, age 78, b. Chinguacousy 10 April 1846, d/o David HALL (b. Scotland) and Ann Dixon BLACK (b. Scotland), daughter is Mrs. William HUNTER of RR#1 Inglewood, buried at Cheltenham, d. 16 July 1924 of senile decay. #25167-24 (Peel Co)

Bridget DRISCOLL, f, died October 12, 1885, at age 82 years of Sevectus. Born in Co. Cork Ireland, Roman Catholic. Informant Bartholomew DRISCOLL, Laborer, of Deseronto Ontario; # 006555-85. (Hastings Co)

DRUMMOND, Sarah Ann, f, d. 15 March 1896, age 82 years, labourer's wife, b. Quebeck (sic), of general debility 6 wks, informant -Lucy Case of Pine Orchard, Salvation Army, Whitchurch Twp (York Co) #022405-96

Patrick DRUYN, died 12 March 1873 at age 59 years, of paralysis. Farmer. Born in St. Scholastique. Informant was Joseph DRUYN, farmer, Alfred Ont (Prescott & Russell Co). Reg # 37742-73

Robert Nelson DUFF died 1 Aug 1877 of inflammatory diarrhea at age 8 months + 10 days. Born, & death registered, in Turnberry twp. Sawyer’s son. #5030-77

Mary Elizabeth DUFFY died 20 March 1920 at age 59 yrs of debility. Born in Toronto twp on 27 July 1860, d/o William APPLEBY & Mary BURREL. Married woman. Died at Lot 12, con 6 of Albion twp. & buried at Laurel Hill cemetery. Informant was George DUFFY, husband, of Bolton. #31364-20 (Peel Co)

Jane DUGGAN died 19 April 1870 at age 48 yrs. Charwoman. Found dead, inquest held & determined that death was from effects of drink. Born in Ireland. #7090-70 (Toronto)

Esther DUKE died 31 Dec 1893 at age 81 yrs of old age. Born in Ireland. Informant was F. W. Kennedy. registered in king twp.. #20604-94 (York Co)

William Albert Victor DUN--? (Page cut off,) m, infant, died March 28, 1894, at the age of 3 years and 9 months of Cerebral Meningitis. Born in Toronto, informant was Dr. Edmund E. King, Toronto. #021527-94 (York Co)

Clara DUNCAN , died Mar 22 1899 at age 3 months & 3 days , of convulsions , at conc. 4 lot 21 of Blenheim twp. Reg # 19597-99

Jessie DUNCAN, died 14 Oct 1873 at age 16 months, of congestion of the brain, at Brantford. Born at Brantford. Informant was mother, Mrs. James DUNCAN, of Brantford # 1241-73

Maggie Ann DUNCAN, f, child, died June 4, 1894, at the age of 3 years and 6 months of Convulsions after an illness of 24 hours. Registered at Toronto Tp., informant was W. W. Ogden MD. 022110-94 (York Co)

Lena Jane DUNN, f, died October 18, 1885, at 2 years of age of Croup after an illness of 2 days. Born Deseronto, Roman Catholic. Informant Mathew DUNN, Laborer, Deseronto; # 006559-85 (Hastings Co)

DURRETT, Emma E., f, d. 16 Jun.1893, 33 years, b. Louisville Kentucky, died of Pleuro Pneumonia 8 days, infm - John Ferguson MD, Episcopalian (Toronto) #022458-93

Teresa DWYER died 14 Aug 1900 at age 7 months & 7 days of cholera infantum. Born in Toronto & Living at 12 Carleton St. Toronto. Reg # 3294-00 (Toronto)

Frederick S. DYER, died 26 July 1873, at age 4 months + 8 dyas, of cholera infantum. Born in Ameliasburgh. Informant was Dr. Wilson of Belleville. Registered in Ameliasburgh twp. Reg # 9925-73


Deaths: E surnames

Mrs. EARL died 15 Aug 1900 at age 94 years of senile decay. Born in England & Living at Aged Womens Home in Toronto. Reg # 3288-00 (Toronto)

No name EASTON, stillborn on 25 July 1902 at 4 East Dufferin St. in Sarnia. Reg # 13684-02

no name EASTON, stillborn 30 Sept 1899 at lot 13, con 3 of Blenheim twp. #19627-99

Hezekiah Tole EATON , died Jan 10 1899 at age 80 years , of pneumonia , at Governors Road, Blenheim twp. Born in United States. Reg # 19569-99 .

Mary Maude EATON died 18 June 1916, premature birth. Born in Canning, d/o Wesley EATON & Isabella KELLER. Buried at Richwood. Informant was Wesley Eaton of Canning. #25361-16 (Oxford Co)

George EBERLIE, d. 28 Jan 1901 at age 80 yrs, of paralysis, at Maple St. in Ridgetown. Born in Germany. Married laborer. Informant was George EBERLIE. #13815-01

No name EBERT stillborn, placentitis (premature - 3 months in uterus) 13 Nov 1898. Residence of parents: 86 Wellington St. Toronto. #26973-98

Alexander EDDIE, died 3 Feb 1905 at age 46 yrs, of anemia. Married ff. Resident of lot N 14, con 1, Ekfrid twp. Born in Ekfrid twp. # 17476-05

Olive EDDY, b. Toronto, d. 17 May 1879 of inflammation of the brain, at age 1 yr + 10 months. #17525-79 (Toronto)

Archibald EDMISTON, d. 20 Aug 1899 at age 85 + 4 + 6, of disease of the stomach, at lot 16, con 4 of Blenheim twp. Born in Glasgow. Married farmer. Informant was Thomas EDMISTON. #19620-99

Elizabeth EDMISTON , died Dec 13 1929 at age 69 yrs, married . Born in Burford Twp. Feb 6 1860 , d/o William ALLAN b. Scotland & Ellen RUTHERFORD b. Scotland. Died of myocarditis, buried at Princeton. Reg # 027969-1929

William Henry EDWARD died 20 Sept 1872 at age 2 months, "ill four weeks". Born in Dummer twp.. Informant was Joseph PAYNE. Registered in Dummer twp.. #24526-72 (Peterborough Co)

George EDWARDS , died Feb 19 1905 at age 57 years , 9 months , of paresis-cerebrak , married , farmer , at conc. 5 lot 22 East Oxford . Reg # 21739-05

James EDWARDS, died 7 Aug 1902 at age 82 yrs., of valvulartis of heart, at 267 N? Cameron St. in Sarnia. Married farmer, born in England. Informant was S?.G. JOHNSTONE. Reg # 13690-02

EDWARDS, Lionel, m, d. Mar. 35, 1905, age 29, b. England, died of Epilepsey, infm - W.J. Harris, RC, (Toronto) 001967-05

Catherine EGAN died 18 Aug 1889 t age 37 yrs, of arteriosclerosis. Born in Montreal, house wife. #17080-89 (Toronto)

Norman A. E. EGERTON died 26 Nov 1896 at age 10 months, of bronchitis. Born in Galt. Informant was James EGERTON of Galt. 319734-96 (Waterloo Co)

William EGGINTON died 23 March 1900 at age 2 years of measles. Born in Toronto & living at Infants Home in Toronto. Reg # 1748-00 (Toronto)

Andrew EHNES , died April 22 1929 at age 73 yrs 9 mon & 22 days at BlenheimTwp. Born Blenheim Twp. June 30 1833 , farmer, d/o John EHNES b. Germany & Philipena YOUNGBLUT b. Germany . Informant was Alex EHNES , brother from Bright. Died of heart failure & fracture of skull, buried conc 9 Blenheim. Reg # 027597-1929

Ellen M. ELDER died 21 Nov 1877 at age 65 yrs of exhaustion from rheumatism. Relict of late William ELDER. Born in "Lancashire Scotland"; death registered in Usborne twp. Informant was James ELDER, her son, of Usborne. # 5019-77

ELDER, Mary Eliza, died at Streetsville, married, age 74-1, b. Streetsville on 13 Dec., d/o John GLENDENNING (b. Scotland) & not given, daughter is Mary? ELDER of Streetsville, d. 11 Jan of atherosclerosis (Peel Co)

George John ELKESON, died 21 Oct 1905, congestion of kidneys, at age 4 yrs, at Erindale. Born at Toronto twp. Informant was Mr. A. ELKASON (sic). Reg # 22586-05 (Peel Co)

Margaret E. ELL? (CEL?) Page cut off, f, died August 3, 1882, of Bronchitis caused by overwork. Born in Pennsylvania U.S.A.; informant Dr. J. A. REID of Sault Ste Marie. Reg # 001088-83 (Algoma Dist)

Hannah ELLIOTT, b. Frome England, married, d. 23 May 1879, heart disease for 1 year, age 67 yrs., informant was Charles SPARLING of Parkdale. #17575-79 (Toronto)

James Palmer ELLIOTT, b. England, commercial traveller, d. 16 April 1879 of apoplexy of several years duration, age 52. #17386-79 (Toronto)

James ELLIOTT died 12 Jan 1890 at 8th con of Culross twp., of illegible sclerosis, at age 59 yrs. Born in Ontario on 12 July 1860, s/o Thomas ELLIOTT & Ellen WALSH (both b. Scotland). Married, farmer. Informant was J. LINKLATER, undertaker, of ne relation. Buried at Teeswater. # 10398-20

ELLIOTT, James Nelson, died at Toronto twp., single, age 58, b. Durham on 7 March 1924, s/o Nathaniel ELLIOTT (b. Ontario) & Letitia GRAHAM (b. Ireland), sister is Martha ELLIOTT of Meadowvale, buried at Page cemetery, d. 16 May 1924 of TB. #25230-24 (Peel Co)

Jessie May ELLIOTT, d. 22 May 1901 at age 17, of TB, at Church St. in Goderich. Born in Ontario. Single. #12638-01

John James ELLIOTT, died at age 39, at St. Michaels Hospital in Toronto, of accidental burning from explosion of chemicals, on 4 May 1924. Assistant chemist. Married. Born in Oshawa on 24 June 1885, s/o Archibald & unknown (both b. Ireland). Wife was Alice of 172 Booth Ave. Toronto (reg # 3296-24)

John ELLIOTT, died at age 56, on 26 April 1924, at 444 Clinton St. in Toronto, of gastric ulcer. Born England on Dec 31, s/o William ELLIOTT (b. England) & Thirza Armstrong KING (b. Seven Oaks Kent), painter & decorator. Lived in Canada for 4 yrs + 3 months & in Ontario for 4 yrs. Informant was John William ELLIOTT of 444 Clinton St. Buried at Prospect (reg # 3095-24)

Joseph Thomas ELLIOTT died 2 Oct 1877 of cholera infantum at age 7 months. Born, & death registered in, Turnberry twp. Farmer’s son. Informant was Dr. J.E. Tamlyn of Wingham. #5085-77

Margaret ELLIOTT died 20 Sept 1881 at age 59 yrs of heart disease that she’d had for 20 years. Born in Ireland, married woman. #22579-81 (Toronto)

Mary A. ELLIOTT, d. 12 Feb 1901 at age 77 yrs, of heart failure, at Palmerston St. in Goderich. Born in Ireland, Married. #12623-01

Rebecca J. ELLIOTT died 3 June 1881 at age 35 yrs, of jaundice. Born in Ireland. #23570-81

Richard ELLIOTT died 3 April 1872 at age 44 yrs, of apoplexy. Born in Brampton; farmer. Informant was Richard M. ELLIOTT. Registered in Brampton. #24508-72 (Peel Co)

William H. ELLIOTT died 12 Aug 1896 at age 42 yrs, of jaundice. Born in North Dumfries twp. Laborer. Informant was Robert ELLIOTT of Galt. #19718-96 (Waterloo Co)

ELWOOD, Ida, f, d. 8 Jun.1893, age 24, wife, b. Canada, died of maraonus about 5 mos, infm - Dr. C. O'Reily, Methodist (Toronto) #022451-93

ENGLAND, Herbert, m, d. Mar. 24, 1905, age 51, stone cutter, b. England, died of cirocsus of liver, infm - R.J. Wilson, Meth, (Toronto) 001971-05

John ENGLISH, died 22 July 1905 at age 69 yrs, of pernicious anemia. Married, wagon maker. Resident of Appin village. Born in Canada. # 17491-05

ENRIGHT, Margaret, died at Port Credit, Irish origins, widow, age 89, b. Ireland 1835, lived 40 years at pod, d/o James BLACKALL (b. Ireland) and Margaret MADIGAN (b. Ireland), daughter is Minnie ENRIGHT of Port Credit, buried at Mt. Hope, d. 23 April 1924 (or 1923) of atherosclerosis. #2518124 (Peel Co)

Michael ENRIGHT died 29 May 1870 at age not given, of phthisis. Laborer, born in Ireland. #7125-70 (Toronto)

Beulah ENTICKNAP, d. 8 July 1899 at age 18 + 4 + 27 of consumption, at lot 12, con 7 of Blenheim twp. Born in Parkhill. Informant was W.G. BARR. #19615-99

Mary Ellen ENTWITH, f, died January 18, 1883 at the age of 18 yrs of Cerebral Meningitis. Born in Hespeler Waterloo County; informant John Smith M.D. of Algoma Mills. Reg # 001083-83 (Algoma Dist)

ETLIN, Samuel, died at Port Credit, Russian Jew, single, age 21, b. Russia, hat maker, lived 17 years at Canada & Ontario & Port Credit, s/o Carol ETLIN & Jennie GOLDSTEIN (both b. Russia), uncle is Isaac ETLIN of 104 Grace St. Toronto, buried at Toronto, d. 1924 suicide by carbolic acid. #25186-24 (Peel Co)

EVANS, Elizabeth, f, b. 3 Sep.1893, age 42 yrs 10 mos 11 days, housewife, b. East Gwillimbury Ont, died of tumour 8 mos; infm - Dr. Howe, Methodist, Whitchurch Twp (York Co) #020613-93

EVANS, Evson, m, d. 2 Jul.1883, age 78 years, pensioner, born Wales, died of cancer of stomach 10 mos; infm - John Ferguson, undertaker, King Street, Church of England, London. (Middlesex Co) #009857-83

Lottie EVANS, f, infant, died November 23, 1883 at the age of 14 mths & 15 days of Pneumonia after an illness of 1 wk. Born in Paris Ontario; informant Thomas EVANS, painter, of Paris Ontario. Reg # 001346-83 (Brant Co)

35252-34 Margaret Jane EVERETT died 7 Feb 1934 at East Flamboro twp (Waterdown) at age 81 years. Born 6 Jan, d/o Samuel HODGINS & not known. Daughter was Mrs. Jackson PEGG of R1 Millgrove

V.M. EVERETT, died at age 2 weeks, at Prince St. in Chatham, on 1 Feb 1902 of pertussis. Born in Chatham. Informant was L. BACKUS. # 12539-02

Ernest Cecil EYRE died 11 Aug 1901 at age 20 months, of intestinal indigestion. Born in Toronto, resident of 1068 Dufferin in Toronto. #3229-01 (Toronto)


Deaths: F surnames

John FALLON died 16 June 1889 at age 70 yrs of bronchitis. Born in Ireland, farmer. Informant was Allie FALLON, spinster, of Gobles. #12915-89 (Oxford Co)

John FARLEY died 28 April 1870 at age 38 yrs. Carpenter, born in Ireland. Informant was son, James H. FARLEY of Toronto. 7106-70 (Toronto)

Ellen FARR, f, died March 23, 1894, at the age of 70 years of Fatty Degeneration of Heart, after an illness of 1 month. Born in Ireland, informant was Dr. A.B. Cook of Toronto. #021486-94 (York Co)

FARWELL, H.(Hannah) B. (Barbara), f, d. 10 Oct. 1891, age 46 years, wife, b. Pickering Twp, of change of life & cancer over 3 mos, informant - G.M. Farwell, Methodist, Markham Twp (York Co) #018646-91 (Her obit in Markham Economist lists name as Hannah Barbara w/o Dr. Farwell)

Samuel FAULKNER, b. Ireland, laborer, d. 28 Aug 1880 of apoplexy probably, at age of about 75 years. #20698-80 (Toronto)

William FAUNS died 18 Sept 1870 at age 85 yrs. of general debility. Born in Scotland. Informant was George FAUNS of lot 31, con 6 of Scott twp. #6329-70 (Ontario Co)

no name (female) FELLOWS, b. 22 June 1931, died 24 June 1931 of natural causes - lacked vitaliy, slightly premature; father was John Thomas FELLOWS (b. Scotland) & mother was Pearl Victoria FALKINGHAM (b. Ontario) of 3 Cassels Ave., Toronto. Buried at St. Johns cemetery

James FENACY, d. 23 Jan 1901 at age 67 yrs, of Brights disease, at Tiffany St. in Ridgetown. Born in Harwich twp, married, agent. Informant was Mrs. J.E. FENACY. #13814-01

Conrad A. FENN, died Nov 29 1905 at age 69 years , 3 months , of drowning , married , farmer , at conc. 12 lot 29 of Blenheim twp. Born in Germany. Reg # 21336-05

Unnamed FERGUSON , died Aug 8 1921 at age 2 days. Born conc 13 Blenheim twp Aug 6 1921 , d/o James E. FERGUSON b. Canada & Jean DECKER b. Canada . Died of premature birth , buried at Cheterfield. Reg # 025028-1921 .

FERGUSON, Annie, f, d. 12 Dec. 1891, age 49 years, b. Scotland, of cancer, informant - Robert. Walker, Presbyterian, Markham Twp (York Co) #018655-91

Catherine FERGUSON, d. Dec 1901 at age 59 yrs, of heart disease, at Erie St. in Ridgetown. Born in Howard twp. Married. Informant was Duncan FERGUSON. #13843-01

Charles Leslie FERGUSON died 2 Aug 1889 at age 38 yrs, of epithelioma. Born in Canada, barrister. #16817-89 (Toronto)

Florence C. FERGUSON died 11 Aug 1901 at age not given, of asthma. Born in Toronto, resident of 206 Adelaide West in Toronto. #3213-01 (Toronto)

Rachel Ann FERGUSON died 6 Jan 1900 at age 30 of fractured skull 8 hours previously. Born in Ontario & living at 28 First in Toronto, book keeper. Reg # 1060-00 (Toronto)

Zela Mary FERGUSON, d. Sept 1901 at age 2 yrs, of congestion of the lungs, at Oak St. in Ridgetown. Born in Ridgetown. Informant was George D. FERGUSON. #13833-01

Jane FERIS, d Oct 1, 1898 at age 90 yrs, of gangrene, at 8th Con, Tecumseth. Born New York. Informant was Nathan FERIS. #019719-98 (Simcoe Co)

Thomas C. W. FERRAN (McFERRAN?), m, laborer, died September 16, 1881 at the age of 32 yrs of chronic inflammation of the stomach, (he died at #9 Police Station while a prisoner on a charge of vagrancy). Born in Ontario; informant A. D. RIDDELL, Coroner, City of Toronto. Reg # 022370-81. (York County)

John FERRIER died 10 Aug 1872 at age 87 yrs. Born in Scotland, farmer. Informant was John FERRIER Jr. Registered in Dummer twp.. #24522-72 (Peterborough Co)

Josephine Mary FERRIS died 5 May 1881 at age 20 yrs of Brights disease. Born in Simcoe County, married. Informant was Dr. J. H. Burns. #23394-81 (Toronto)

Harry FESSEY died 11 Nov 1898 at age 38 yrs of cerebral apoplexy. Born in England; resident of 139 Spruce, in Toronto. Street railway conductor. #26962-98

Elijah FESTER died 24 April 1870 at age 72, of asthma. Born in Vermont USA, farmer. Informant was Joel FESTER, farmer, of Scugog. #6338-70 (Ontario Co)

FIELD, infant, died at Market St. Brampton, b. Brampton 9 Sept., d/o Richard Cecil FIELD (b. Orangeville) and Esther STEPHENSON (b. Hornings Mills), d. 10 Sept 1924 premature birth. #25080,-24 (Peel Co)

Sarah Ann FIELDING, f, married, died at her home in Minden on January 12, 1919 at the age of 67 years and 9 months, of Pneumonia/Spanish Influenza. Born in Hampshire England, d/o Rev. F. BULL & Elizabeth WHITTLE. Burial in Minden; informant E. B. FIELDING of Ingoldsby. #015035-1919 (Haliburton County)

William FIELDING, Gentleman, w, died at Lot 23 Conc. 2 on May 28, 1919 at the age of 83 years of General Asthenia. Born in Norwich England, s/o William. FIELDING. Burial at Fenelon Falls, Ontario; informant J. C. FIELDING of Toronto #015039-1919 (Haliburton County)

Delina FINDLAY, died 9 May 1884 at age 36 years, of causes not given, at North Elmsley. Birth place not given, farmer's wife. Informant was John FINDLAY. #008698-84

Francis Gerald FINEGAN died 25 Jan 1929 at age 22 days of maldevelopment - rt. diaphragmatic hernia of bowels in chest cavity. Born in Toronto on 2 Jan 1929, s/o Roy FINEGAN & Blanche JOHIN? (both b. Toronto ). Buried at Mt. Hope cemetery. Informant was father, of 137 Kingston Rd. in Toronto. #1923-29 (Toronto)

Effie FISHER, died 2 Jan 1872 at age 1 yr, of croup. Born in Wyoming Ont. Informant was Dr. Harvey. Registered in Plympton twp. Reg # 22792-72

Richard Ross FISHER ,died Jan 23 1905 at age 17 years, of pneumonia , student at Woodstock College . Born at Wiarton. Reg # 21729-05

26734-33 Sarah Ann FISHER died 5 May 1933 at age 51 + 6 +5, at Patterson twp. Born in Patterson twp on 14 Oct. 1881, d/o David HODGINS & Sarah BARTON (both b. Quebec). Married to Arthur FISHER of RR1 Nipissing

Stillborn FITZGERALD, farmer's child, died December 28, 1884 at Monteagle Ontario. Informant P. FITZGERALD, of Mounteagle; #006577-85 (Hastings Co)

Anne FITZGERALD, f, Farmer’s child, died March 28, 1885 at the age of 3 years of a Cold after an illness of one week. Born in Mounteagle Tp. Roman Catholic. Informant John FITZGERALD, Farmer, of Mounteagle #006580-85` (Hastings Co)

James Charles FLACK , died Feb 22 1921 at age 70 yrs , 2 months & 4 days. Born Dec 18 1850 at Hamilton , confectionery storekeeper s/o Joseph FLACK b. Scotland & n/a WALLACE b. Ireland . Informant was Fannie FLACK , wife, from Plattsville. Lived in Plattsville 18 months & Ontario for 56 yrs. Died from old age & heart disease buried at Plattsville. Reg # 025002-1921

FLAVELL, Henry, m, d. 14 Oct. 1891, age 62 years, farmer, b. Ireland, of heart failure 3 wks, informant - Dr. Farewell (s/b Farwell), Methodist, Markham twp (York Co) #018645-91

Mary FLEMING died 27 Oct 1889 at age 58 + 2 + 24 of sciatica. Born in Scotland, farmer's widow. Informant was Daniel FLEMING, farmer, of Blenheim. #12924-89 (Oxford Co)

Jessie FLETCHER, female, died 26 April 1905 at age 80 yrs, of heart disease. Spinster. Resident of lot S 8, con 4 R.S., L.W.R., Ekfrid twp. Born in Scotland. # 17477-05

Catherine J. FLINN, died 19 May 1884 at age 65 yrs of cancer, at Goderich. Born in Ireland. Informant was Thomas FLINN, laborer, of Goderich. #006890-84

no name FLINT, stillborn 9 June 1931 at 233 Queendsdale Ave., Toronto, d/o Harry John FLINT (b. Ontario) & Mary Elizabeth TILLETT (b. England). Buried at Norway cemetery. (reg # 38893-31)

no name FLINT, stillborn 28 Dec. 1925 at Campbellford, d/o George Henry FLINT (b. England) & Elizabeth Maud NURSE (b. England). Buried at Mt. Pleasant cemetery, Campbellford (reg #23442-25)

Audrey Johanne FLINT, died 17 March 1931 of probably cerebral hemorrhage due to difficult birth at age 2 days, at 885B Broadview Ave., Toronto. Daughter of John FLINT (b. Scotland) and Willamina McDONALD (b. Scotland). Buried at St. Johns cemetery. (reg # 2617-31)

Charles R. FLINT, died at TGH at age 86 yrs & 1 month & 20 days, of epithilcoma of cheek & senility, on 7 June 1924. Born on 18 April 1838 in Rochester NY, s/o Jacob FLINT & Miranda RAYMOND. Neice was Mrs. E.E. VERRAL of 102 Summerhill Ave. Buried at Mt. Pleasant in Toronto (reg # 3896-24)

Edward Sughrue FLINT, died at age 49 yrs & 8 months & 14 days, at Blenheim in Kent Co., of myocarditis, on 20 Nov 1924. Born in England in March of 1875, s/o Edward FLINT & Mary S. SUGHRUE (both b. in England), lived 21 years in Ontario & 5 years at place of death. Retired. Wife was Mrs. E.S. FLINT of Blenheim. Buried at Evergreen cemetery. (reg #16824-24)

Henry FLOWERS, b. Toronto, d. 13 April 1879, marasmus since birth, age 2 months. #017368-79 (Toronto

Horace George FLOWERS, b. 54 Agness St. in Toronto, d. 16 Sept 1880 of paralysis at age 3 yrs + 7 months. #20613-80 (Toronto

FOCKLER, Abraham, m, d. 18 Dec.1893, age 77 years, farmer, b. Ontario, died of heart disease 2 weeks, Dr. A. Sangster infm - Alfred L. Fockler, Baptist, Whitchurch Twp (York Co) #020319-93

FOCKLER, Barbara, female, died 25 June 1900, age 67 years, widow, born Whitchurch Twp, died of heart disease 1 week, infm - A. Sangster MD, Baptist, Whitchurch Twp (York Co) #030194-00

FOCKLER, Gladys, f, d 6 Nov.1896, age 7 mos, born Whitchurch, died of scrofula convulsions 3 mos, Dr. J.A. Freel, parents Christian, died Conc.8 Whitchurch Twp (York Co) #022408-96

FOGAL, Sophia, f, d. 16 April 1896, age 32 years 11 mos 22 days, sawyer's wife, b. E Gwillimbury, of consumption of bowels, informant - Philip Fogal, Methodist, Whitchurch Twp (York Co) #022401-96

FOLEY, Edward, m, d. 13 Oct. 1891, age 61 years, an insane person, b. Ireland, of abscess, informant - J.B. Murphy MD, Mimico Asylum, R. Catholic, Etobicoke Twp (York Co) #018890-91

FOOTE, Jane, f, d. 14 Nov. 1895, age 80 years, farmer's wife, b. Whitchurch, of old age, informant - John Foote, son, Friend, Whitchurch Twp (York Co) #022400-96

FOOTE, Rosetta, f, d. 7 May 1891, age 53 years, insane Asylum Mimico, b. Amherst Island Canada, of general paresis 2 yrs, informant - J.B. Murphy Insane Asylum Mimico, Presbyterian, Etobicoke Twp (York Co) #018914-91

FOOTE, Walter, m, d. 21 Dec.1893, age 83 years, farmer, b. Dorchester England, died of old age 1 week, infm - John Farnicourt, Church of England, Whitchurch Twp (York Co) #020318-93

Elizabeth FORBES, died 30 July 1902 at age 40 yrs, of jaundice which she had for 3 months during pregnancy. Married housewife, born in Ireland. Residence is given as: County of Essex & Millon St. (death registered in Sarnia). Reg # 13685-02

Robert FORBES died 6 Nov 1919 at age 73 yrs of bladder cancer. Born in Perthshire Scotland, s/o not known; died at Gobles. Buried at Wallacetown. #24490-19

John Watson FORFAR died at age 64 years, on 9 Oct 1928 of cancer of the pancreas, at St. Peter's Infirmary in Hamilton. Born in Ontario on 29 Jan 1864, s/o Thomas FORFAR & Elizabeth WALTON (both b. Ontario). Single, gardener. Niece was Miss BROY of 972 King St. West Apt #7 in Hamilton. Buried in Agincourt Ont. reg # 38464-28

Sarah Elizabeth FORREST died 20 Feb 1876 at age 10 years of diphtheria. Born in Woodstock. Informant was John Forrest, miller, of Woodstock. Reg # 11075-76 (Oxford Co)

Jane Elizabeth FORSYTH, f, teacher, died September 9, 1883 at the age of 50 yrs of Enteric Fever after an illness of 4 wks. Born in Paris Ontario; informant H. C. FORSYTH no residence given. Registered at Paris Ont. Reg # 001335-83 (Brant Co)

Beatrice Maud FOSTER , died Dec 29 1898 at age 16 years , of consumption , student , at Plattsville. Reg # 19568-99

Catharine FOSTER, f, died June 11, 1894, at the age of 74 years of Bronchitis. Born at Fermaugh Ireland, informant was J. H. Moorhouse, Toronto. #022095-94 (York Co)

Charles FOSTER, b. Creemore Ont., law student, d/ 6 April 1879, diphtheria, at age 18. #17335-79 (Toronto)

Joseph FOSTER died 10 Sept 1889 at age 87 yrs of debility & bronchitis. Born in England, plasterer. #17464-89 (Toronto)

Martha FOSTER, b. Colnsnaghan? Ireland, widow, d. 13 Sept 1880 of bronchitis at age 80. #20605-80 Toronto

Mary FOSTER, died 19 Sept 1881 at age 69 years, of diarrhea. Born in Ireland. #22576-81 (Toronto)

William FOSTER, died 4 June 1873 at age 76 yrs, of serious apoplexy. Farmer. Born in Canada. Informant was Dr. Thomas Moore of Demorestville. Registered in Sophiasburgh twp. Reg # 9922-73

Bernard FOURGOUX died 15 March 1931 of angina pectoris at age 60 at Mercy Hospital for Incurables in Toronto. Born on 10 March in France; had lived in Ontario/Canada for 23 years. s/o Anthony FOURGOUX (b. France) & mother not known. Married - wife's name was Augustine; address - 1 Rusholme Rd., Toronto; laborer. Buried at Mount Hope cemetery. (reg # 2616-31)

Keith Norris FOURNIER died at age 9 months on 17 May 1928 of pneumonia & convulsions, at Gore St? Perth (Lanark Co). Born 15 Aug 1927 in Perth, s/o Ernest FOURNIER (b. Sherbrooke) & Mary NORRIS (b. Ontario). Buried at Elmwood. reg # 20470-28

Marion Allice FOWLER, d. 13 Feb 1901 at age 6 months of bronchitis & constipation, at lot 2 con 1 of Goderich twp. Born in Goderich twp. Informant was George FOWLER. #12682-01

Halla FOX , died Feb 8 1899 at age 78 years, of bronchitis , at conc 3 of Blenheim twp. Born in England. Reg # 19584-99

James Everest FOX, age 4 years, died July 1881 of inflammation of the illegible, in Peterborough. Informant was grandfather, William SHIELD?. # 15807-81

John FOX , died Jan 9 1929 at age 87 yrs 2 mon & 29 days . Born Ontario Oct 10 1842 , retired farmer, widower , s/o Thomas FOX b. England & Hannah GRIGG b. England. Informant was Mrs J. TUCKER , daughter from Princeton, Died of broncho pneumonia , buried in Burford. Reg # 027397-1929

William James FOX, d. 26 Oct 1901 at age 12? yrs + 17 days, of meningitis, at Cranbrook village. Born in Grey twp. #12730-01

Frederick L. FRANCE died 10 Nov 1898 at age 7 weeks, of bronchitis. Born in Toronto; resident of 89 Davenport Rd in Toronto. #26960-98

Gordon Alexander FRANK, m, infant, died September 16, 1881 at the age of 5 months of Inanition? after an illness of 2 months. Born in Toronto; informant Emily H. STOWE MD., of Toronto. Reg # 022538-81 (York County)

Mabel Louise FRASER died 7 Aug 1889 at age 4 weeks of dysentery. Born in Toronto. #17077-89 (Toronto)

James FREED, died at General Hospital in Hamilton, in his 68th year. Born in Hamilton Aug 1853, s/o John FREED & Sophia BATES (both born in England). He was a gardener, his wife (no first name given) was living at 102 Wentworth St. in Hamilton. Died of syncope on 2 May 1921 (death reg # 36507-21)

John Bohler? FREED, died at age 77, on 18 Sept 1922, at 544 Barton St. East in Hamilton, of senility and heart problems. Born in Dundas on 4 Aug 1845, manufacturer, no parents given. Son is Ben B. FREED of 556 Barton St. East. Buried at City Cemetery in Hamilton (reg #36303-1922)

Henry FREED, died at age 72 on 12 Aug 1923 at Dundas, of myocarditis & nephritis. Born in England, s/o John FREED & Sophie BATES (both b. England). Son is Frank FREED of Dundas. Buried at Hamilton (reg # 37986-23)

Ellen FREEMAN died 1 Dec 1900 at age 67 of contracted kidney ureamia. Born in Ireland & lived at 66 McMurrich in Toronto. Married. Reg # 4343-00 (Toronto)

Margaret FREEMANTLE died 16 April 1901 at age 35 yrs, of thrombosis. Born in Canada, res of 81 St.David in Toronto. Married, housewife. #2131-01 (Toronto)

Harrison FRIED died 15 Oct 1917 at age 2 hours of congenital heart disease. Born, & died at, Blenheim twp, s/o Lawrence FRIED & Agnes SNYDER. Buried at Roseville. #23860-17 (Oxford Co)

Harriett FRENCH died 27 April 1916 at age 86 yrs, of senility (in bed 6 weeks). Born in Kent Co. England, d/o John CARR & Jane BATCHLER. Died & buried at Wolverton. Married. Informant was George FRENCH of Wolverton. #25357-16 (Oxford Co)

Maggie Maud FRENCH died 20 Sept 1889 at age 17 yrs, of typhoid fever. Born in Blenheim twp., farmer's daughter. Informant was Burnett FRENCH, farmer, of Niagara Falls South. Registered in Blenheim twp. #12913-89 (Oxford Co)

Margaret FRENCH, farmer's wife, d May 29, 1898 at age 50 yrs, of complications rheumatic endo carditis, ill 8 or 10 m, at 2nd Con Tiny. Born Nottawasaga. Informant was A.C. BISHOP. #019749-98 (Simcoe Co)

Lorenzo William FRITCH, died 4 April 1888 at age 6 months, of congestion of the brain that he'd had for 15 (18?) days. Died at Drumbo, died at Ayr. #18120-88 (Waterloo Co)

Mabel A--? L--? FROATS died 23 March 1900 at age 7 months of bronchitis. Born in Toronto

Christian FRY died 16 April 1889 at age 77 + 10 + 5, of heart disease. Born in Wirtenberg Germany, farmer. Informant was George C. FRY, farmer, of Blenheim. #12888-89 (Oxford Co)

Lydia FRY died 4 Nov 1889 at age 36 + 6 of either heart disease of apoplexy (died suddenly). Born in South Easthope twp., farmer's wife. Informant was John C. FRY, farmer, of Blenheim. #12930-89 (Oxford Co)

& living at 393 King West in Toronto. Reg # 1744-00 (Toronto)