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Deaths: Surnames G - J

Deaths: G Surnames

Cornelius GABLE , died Feb 10 1899 at age 85 years, of LaGrippe & bronchitis , married , farmer , at conc 14 lot 12 of Blenheim twp. Born in Wilmot twp. Reg # 19581-99

David GABLE died 22 May 1919 at age 53 + 6 + 19, of sudden heart failure (found dead, coroner involved). Born in Blenheim twp., s/o Cornelius GABLE & Lydia GEHMAN; died at 13th con of Blenheim twp. Married, foreman in canning factory. Informant was John BRETZ of Plattsville. Buried at Webster Grove. #24474-19

Isaac GADD, died July 1901 at age 37 yrs., of consumption, at Main St. in Ridgetown. Born in Harwich. Married laborer. Informant was Mary GADD. #13831-01

Anna Jane GAGE died 10 Dec 1917 at age 59 yrs, of cerebral embolism & respiratory failure. Born in Ancaster twp., d/o Mortick SMITH & Margaret DANIEL. Died at Goble, buried at Princeton. #23869-17 (Oxford Co)

Ellen GAGE, died Oct 1901 at age 70 yrs of heart disease, at York St. in Ridgetown. Born in Howard twp. Married. Informant was Mary EMPRINGHAM. #13836-01

Elizabeth Bessie GAINER, f, married, died in Minden Lot 2 Conc. A, on February 12, 1919, at the age of 70 years and 2 months, of a Cerebral Hemorrhage. Born in England, d/o Frederick BULL. Burial in Minden; informant was Len GAINER of Minden. #015031-1919. (Haliburton County)

Robert George GAINER, m, widower, died at Lot 2 Conc. A. at the age of 82 years and 5 months, of Gangrene, on July 30, 1919. s/o Samuel GAINER & Eliza STEWART, burial, Minden Ontario; informant Len GAINER of Minden; #015041-1919 (Haliburton County)

Agnes GALBRAITH died 5 Oct 1901 at age 21 yrs, of nephritis. Born in Toronto, died at St. Michaels Hospital in Toronto. Single, in f was P. W. O’Brien. #3679-01 (Toronto)

Bertha May GALBRAITH , died May 11 1929 at age 50 yrs & 22 days, married at Drumbo. Born Watford April 19 1879, d/o David HIGGINS b. Ireland & Elizabeth LEACH . Informant was Hugh GALBRAITH , husband from Drumbo. Died of myocardial degeneration, buried in Drumbo. Reg # 027649-1929

GALLOWAY, Susan, f, d. Mar. 22, 1905, age 3 months, b. Toronto, died of Marasmus, infm - J.B. Gullen, (Toronto) 001955-05

Hillard GARBUTT died 18 Dec 1894 at age 17 months of convulsions. Born in Erin Ont. #18930-94 (Wellington Co)

Alfred GARDNER died 5 Oct 1901 at age 47 yrs of meningitis. Born in England, resident of 65 William in Toronto. Married, contractor. Informant was N. Allen. #3680-01 (Toronto)

William Thomas GARDNER died 18 Oct 1917 at age 40 yrs, of shock & having been run by cars. Born in Scott twp., s/o W. Thomas GARDNER & Martha SELLARS. Married, brakeman on M.C.R. Died at Waterford. Informant was P. R. WILLIAMS of 519 Talbot St. in St. Thomas

Winnaforth Ann GARGER died 10 Feb 1872 at age 9 months, of scarlet fever. Born in Smith twp.. Informant was Bridget GARGER, mother, of Smith twp.. #24536-72 (Peterborough Co)

Joseph GASS, d. 9 Aug 1901 at age 55 + 2 + 26, of inflammation of prostate glands, at lot 35, con 9 of Grey twp. Born in Ontario, widower, farmer. Informant was James GASS. #12722-01

John GATIEN, m, Carriage Maker, died September 30, 1885, at age 69 years of Sevectus. Born in Chateauguay, Quebec, Methodist. Informant Mrs. John GATIEN, of Deseronto # 006554-85. (Hastings Co)

Violet GATZKA , died April 24 1929 at age 48 yrs & 6 mon. Born Breslau Nov 9 1881, married , d/o Jacob BOEHMER b. Germany & Margaret BRODERCHT b. Germany. Informant was E. GATZKA , husband from Plattsville. Died of carcinoma of peritoneum, buried at Plattsville. Reg # 027598-1929

Victoria GENIER, d July 14, 1898 at age 6 yrs, of la grippe, at Lafontaine. Born Lafontaine. Informant was Rev. J.E. BEAUDOIN, #019767-98 (Simcoe Co)

GENNS, William D. m, d. Nov. 15, 1870, age 11, b. Dorchester Twp, died of Diabetes, infm - David GENNS, Lot 12, con F Rama, Episc., (Co. Ontario) 006457-70

Alicia De Bellefeuille GENTON (Gruton?) died 6 Jan 1900 at age 45 of fibromia of uterus. Born in Canada & living in Cobourg. Married. Reg # 1079-00 - registered in Toronto

August GEORGEN died 23 March 1900 at age 4 years of diphtheria. Born in Canada & living at 89 Centre St. in Toronto. Reg # 1733-00 (Toronto)

Samuel GERMAN died 15 Dec 1875 at age 19 months of inflammation of the lungs. Born in Beachville. Informant was Samuel German of Beachville. Registered in West Oxford twp., # 10995-76 (Oxford Co)

Esther GERMANY died 30 March (or May?) 1889 at age 8 yrs, of croup. Born in Beachville, West Oxford. Informant was St. J. W. Brown. #12935-89 (Oxford Co)

Dora Louisa GERZA (GEIZA?), died at Lot 9 Conc. 5 Snowdon Tp. on January 13, 1919, at the age of 28 years 10 months of Pneumonia. Born at Snowdon Tp.; burial Kinmount Tp; #015060-1919 (Haliburton County)

Allan GIBBONS died 6 Oct 1901 at age 17 of accidental gun shot wound. Born in London, resident of 46 Murray in Toronto. Single, student. #3683-01 (Toronto)

GIBBONS, Beatrice, died at Toronto twp., married, age 34, b. England on 16 Sept., d/o Isaac John ALLAN & not given, husband is George GIBBONS of Streetsville, buried at Streetsville, d. 23 April 1924, of pleuro-pneumonia. #25225-24 (Peel Co)

Joseph Everett GIBSON, died at age 58 at Connaught Hotel, Hamilton, of heart failure, on 24 March 1925. Commercial traveler, married. Born 16 Sept 1866 at Toronto, s/o Joseph GIBSON (born England) & Annie SMITH (born Ireland). Wife was Caroline Blanche GIBSON of 485 Dovercourt Rd., Toronto. Buried at Toronto. reg # 35051-25

GIFFEN, Mary Emmett?, died at Main St. Brampton, Scottish origins, married, age 68, born in Peel Co 4 April 1856, d/o John ARMSTRONG (b. Niagara) and Jane Thompson ROWLAND (b. Peel Co), daughter is Miss GIFFEN of Brampton, buried at Dioxins, d. 23 Aug 1924 of carcinoma of omentum. #25076-24 (Peel Co)

Calvin Flint GILBERT died 11 Sept 1889 at age 55 yrs of typhoid fever. Born in Canada, builder. #17459-89 (Toronto)

William GILBERT, died 6 March 1905, of influenzal pneumonia, at age 81 yrs, at Dixie. Married, farmer, born in England. Reg # 22545-05 (Peel Co)

GILES, Frances Ann, English origins, widow, age 55, b. Maryborough Ont., d/o Joseph GILMORE (b. Ontario) and Elizabeth HARVIE (b. Ireland), son is Joseph Louie GILES of Port Credit, buried at Park Lawn cemetery, d. 8 Nov 1924 of chronic intestinal nephritis. #2518924 (Peel Co):

Maggie GILES , died Dec 28 1921 at age 66 years , widow , at Princeton , lived there for 12 yrs . Born in Princeton Oct 23 1855 , d/o Silas SWARTS b. Niagara & Ann CLAYTON b. England . Informant was C.W. SWARTS , nephew from Princeton. Died of organic heart disease, apoplexy , buried at Princeton. Reg # 025041-1921 .

GILL, infant of Fred. W., m, d. 4 June 1898, infant, b. York Twp, premature birth, Anglican, infm - A.B. Cook MD, York Twp (York Co) #024478-98

Amelia GILLESPIE died 27 May 1901 at age 45 yrs of abdominal tumour. Born in England, resident of 85 Brooklyn in Toronto. Married. #2519-01 (Toronto)

George Francis GILLIARD died 11 March 1920 at age 19 + 6 + 5 of appendicitis. Born on 6 Sept 1900 in Ballyrahan Ireland, s/o Henry GILLIARD (b. Ballyrahan) & Maria WILSON (b. Drumdery Ireland ). Died at Lot 20, con 8 of Albion twp., & buried at Norwood cemetery, Toronto. Informant was O.H. Downey of Bolton, no relation to the deceased. #31363-20 (Peel Co)

William John GILLIS died 29 May 1901 at age 1 yr + 11 months, of bronchial pneumonia. Born in Toronto, resident of 7 Golden in Toronto. #2519-01 (Toronto)

Margaret GILMORE, died on 12 June 1886 at age 54 yrs + 1 month + 16 days, of diabetes, at Clinton twp. Also born in Clinton twp. Blacksmith's wife. Informant was Christian BOUGHNER of Clinton twp. reg # 10386-86

Alexander GIVEN died 16 Nov 1917 at age 85 yrs of arterio sclerosis. Born in Ireland, s/o not given. Resident of lot 12, con 3 of Blenheim & buried at Princeton cemetery. Married farmer. #23862-17 (Oxford Co)

Frederic GLANFIELD died 3 Jan 1917 at age 54 + 4 + 15, of stomach cancer. Born in England, s/o John GLANFIELD & Elizabeth TINKCOM, Single, mason. Died & buried, in Teeterville. Informant was W. H. GLANDFIELD of Jarvis. #22446-17 (Norfolk Co)

Albert GLENDENING, died 14 May 1905, of pneumonia, at age 45 yrs, at Toronto twp. Married, railwayman. Birthplace not given. Reg # 22556-05 (Peel Co)

Howard GLENN, m, child, died March 24, 1894, at the age of 2 years of Measles after an illness of 3 days. Born in Toronto, informant was Dr. J. H. McFaul, Toronto. #021533-94 (York Co)

Frederick W. GODFREY, died 18 April 1873 at age 3 months, of not known. Born in Kennebec. Informant was Wilson GODFREY of Kennebec. Reg # 2384-73

Mabel T. GODWIN died 13 April 1901 at age 7 months + 10 days of probably laryngitis. Born in Toronto, res of 19 Napier in Toronto. #2120-01 (Toronto)

Charles E. R. GOLAY died 15 Aug 1900 at age 2 months & 25 days of cholera infantum. Born in Toronto & Living at 17 Howland Rd Toronto. Reg # 3290-00 (Toronto)

Daniel GOLDBROCK, m, child, died March 26, 1894, at the age of 3 years of Diphtheria. Born in Canada, informant Dr. G. Tweedie, Toronto. #021532-94 (York Co)

Laura Frances GOLDSMITH, b. England, d. 27 Aug 1880 of diphtheria at age 3 yrs + 11 months. #20697-80 (Toronto)

Harold George GOLDSMITH, b. England, d. 17 July 1880 of diarrhea at age 8 months. #20210-80 (Toronto)

Louisa Elizabeth GOLDSMITH, b. Toronto, d. 16 March 1879 of phthisis at age 49. #17244-79 (Toronto)

William Thomas GOLDSMITH, b. London England, horticulturist, d. 21 May 1879, of fatty liver from chronic alcoholism, age 42. #17510-79 (Toronto)

Rosie GOLDSTEIN died 6 Oct 1901 at no age given, of phthisis. Born in Russia, resident of 25 Emily St. in Toronto. Single, Jewish. Informant was S. Lavine. #3677-01 (Toronto)

Catherine McDonald GOODERHAM, died 18 Feb 1905, of obstruction of the bowels, at age 74, at lot 12 con 2 of Toronto twp. Married, born in Scotland Reg # 22542-05 (Peel Co)

GOODFELLOW, Maria, f, d. 20 Jan. 1891, age 55, milliner, b. Ireland, of acute nephrites 3 days, informant - Daniel Clark MD of Toronto, Church of England, Etobicoke Twp (York Co) #018897-91

William Lumas GOODRAM died at age 73 years on 11 May 1928 of chronic myocarditis, at 61 Chatham St. in Hamilton. Born in England on 29 Oct 1855, s/o Frederick GOODRAM & Hannah HAWTHORNE (both b. England). Lived in Canada/Ontario for 45 years & at place of death for 10 years. Widowed iron worker at Greening Co. Sister was Mrs. Sarah McCOWELL of 61 Chatham St in Hamilton. Buried at Hamilton cemetery. reg # 37855-28

Mary Ann GORDON, died at age 5 yrs + 4 months, on 1 Dec 1880, of meningitis of 3 weeks duration, at Toronto. Born at Queenston. reg # 20295-80

John Neal GORDON, died at age 63 yrs + 6 months + 21 days, on 28 Feb 1928, of abscess of kidney & enlarged prostate (removed by operation), at Forest. Born in Fergus Ont on 3 Aug 1865, s/o T.A.N. GORDON & M. MURDOCK, (both b. Scotland). Lived 23 years oat place of death. Retired banker. Wife was Irene W. GORDON of Forest. Buried at Forest. reg # 19781-28

Augusta Mayhew GORDON, d. 26 May 1899 at age 58 yrs, of some form of brain disease, at 18 St. Andrews St. in Embro. Born in Thamesville Kent Co., married. Informant was Alex GORDON. #19694-99

Fanny Lovegrove GORDON, d. 4 Oct 1899 at age 30 yrs of consumption, at No. 18 Commissioner St. in Embro. Married. Born in Sanilac Co. Michigan. Informant was John GORDON. #19699-99

Richard Wesley GORE died at age 8 months, of broncho-pneumonia, on 10 Oct 1928 at 229 Gibson Ave. N. in Hamilton. Born in Buffalo NY, s/o Wilburn GORE (b. Carolina) & Phyllis SMALLWOOD (b. Hamilton). Buried at Woodland cemetery. reg # 38465-28

Joseph GOSSELIN, died at age 13 years, of drowning, on 3 July 1928 at Little Lake, near Crescent in Peterborough County. Born in Peterborough on 6 Aug 1914, s/o Francis James GOSSELIN (b. Peterborough) & Elmire GOYETTE (b. Quebec). Brother was James GOSSELIN of 57 Crescent St., Peterborough. Buried at Peterborough, reg # 28803-28

Maria Elizabeth GOUGH, died 22 Aug 1905 at age 52 yrs, of stomach ulcer. Married. Resident of lot 13, con 5 of Ekfrid twp. Born in Metcalfe twp. #17492-05

Maggie May GOULD died 6 Dec 1889 at age 5 yrs + 7 months, of intermittent fever with bronchitis. Born in London Ont. #17758-89 (Toronto)

John GOULDING, died 15 Sept 1902 at age 65 yrs, of general breaking down of system, with pneumonia, at 255 N. Cobden St. in Sarnia. Married, general laborer born in Lancaster Ont. Reg # 13703-02

Alexander GOW , died Feb 20 1899 at age 77 years , of discharge from tumor , farmer, at Blenheim. Born in Scotland. Reg # 19588-99

GOWANS, James Tweedie, married, age 39, b. Toronto, stenographer, s/o Robert (b. Scotland, living at 66 Roncesvalles Ave in Toronto) & not given, buried at Park Lawn, d. 9 Oct 1924, of phthisis. #25248-24 (Peel Co)

GOWLAND, Jonathan, m, d. 16 Oct. 1891, age 48 years, farmer, b. Canada, of cancer 16 yrs, informant - Jas. Gowland, Methodist, Markham Twp (York Co) #018648-91

Christine GRACEY , died Feb 2 1905 at age 79 years , of Cancer of Bowels, widow, at 506 Princess St. Woodstock. Born in England. Reg # 21734-05 .

Robert GRACEY , died Jan 20 1905 at age 86 years, of cystitis & old age.,married , gentleman, at 506 Princess St. Woodstock. Born in Ireland . Reg # 21729-05

Emily GRAFTON, died at age 73, on 18 April 1928, of angina & myocarditis, at 61 Optind? Ave., Swansea. Born in England on 23 March 1855, d/o blank ALLISON & Frances MILBOURN (both b. England). Lived 60 years in Canada & 4 months at place of death. Son-in-law was Mr. SWITZER of 271 Kennedy Ave. Buried at Park Lawn cemetery. reg # 39766-28

Grace Elizabeth GRAHAM, died 11 Feb 1905, at age 3 months, of inflammation of the lungs. Resident of lot N 21, con 3, Ekfrid twp. Born in Ekfrid twp. # 17478-05 (Middlesex Co)

John GRAHAM died 14 April 1901 at age 63 yrs of cerebral hemorrhage. Born in Ireland, res of 184 King St. West in Toronto. Married, stone mason. #2110-01 (Toronto)

GRAHAM, John, died at Toronto twp., single, age 8 days, b. 31 March at Lakeview Ont., s/o Thomas GRAHAM & Elopie? ROBINSON (both b. Scotland), d. 7 April 1924 of diarrhea & enteritis. #25224-24 (Peel Co)

GRAHAM, Johnston, m, d. Mar. 24, 1905, age 75, fireman, b. England, died of cerebral haemorhage, infm - A.A. Jackson, Episc, (Toronto) 001948-05

Mary Matilda GRAHAM died 25 April 1889 at age 60 + 4 + 20, of Brights disease. Born in New Brunswick, farmer's widow. Informant was Jonathan GRAHAM, farmer, of Blenheim. #12883-89 (Oxford Co)

Thomas GRAHAM died suddenly 4 Dec 1929 at age 45 yrs of angina pectoris. Born in England on 28 Oct 1884, s/o Thomas GRAHAM & Mary POLLARD (both b. England ). Married electrician. Died at Hamilton General Hospital. Informant was wife, Alice GRAHAM, of 98 Weir St. in Hamilton. Buried at Woodland cemetery. #39587-29 (Wentworth Co)

William J. GRAHAM died 2 Dec 1900 at age 22 of phthisis. Born in Canada & lived at 152 Berkeley St. in Toronto. Laborer. Reg # 4333-00 (Toronto)

Phoebe GRAINGER died 8 March 1894 at age 85 yrs of senile debility. Born in England, laborer's wife. Informant was Mrs. Fred Grainger. registered in king twp.. #20606-94 (York Co)

Marcus GRANT, died 26 May 1905, at age 92 yrs, of senile decay. Married ff. Resident of lot S 15, con 3 R.S., L.W.R., Ekfrid twp. Born in Scotland. #17479-05

Sarah GRANT, f, m, died October 22, 1885 at 28 years of age of Febris Puerperalys after an illness of 4 weeks. Born in Kingston Ontario, Church of England. Informant William. GRANT, Shoemaker, of Deseronto: #006556-85 (Hastings Co)

GRAY, Sarah Ida, f , d 22 Oct 1896, age 11 years, born Canada, died of influmation of bowels, Dr. A. Sangster, infm - Ruth Lusa Gray, Baptist, died Conc.6, Lot 10, Whitchurch Twp. (York Co) #022407-96

William GREAVES, age 68, hotel keeper, age 68, born Scotland, died of pneumonia 23 Sept 1885 at Napanee, informant was Mrs. GREAVES, wife

Charles GREEN died 7 Jan 1900 at age 60 yrs of heart disease. Born in England and living at 3 Paul in Toronto, widowed shoe maker. Reg # 1061-00 (Toronto)

GREEN, Charles, m, d. 18 Jun.1893, age 30, farm labourer, b. England, died of tubercular peritonitis some months, infm - C.O'Reily MD, Church of England (Toronto) #022462-93

Charlotte GREEN, f, child, died October 1, 1881 at the age of 1 year of Consumption after an illness of six months. Born in Toronto; informant J. BALL MD., of Toronto. Reg #022562-81 (York County)

George Harold GREEN, died Aug 1881, at age 45 days, of convulsions, at Peterborough. Informant was father, illegible M. GREEN. #15813-81

Sheila GREEN, died at age 16 days at 845 Pape Ave., East York, on 14 April 1928, of meningitis. Born 29 March 1928, d/o Herbert John GREEN & Winifred B. CARPENTER (both born England). Buried at St. John's Norway, reg # 39815-28

William R. GREENAWAY, m, infant, died September 29, 1881 at the age of 13 months of Hydrocephalus, after an illness of one month. Born in Toronto; informant J. BALL, MD, of Toronto. Reg # 0022558-81 (York County)

GREENIANS, Frances Edna, f, b. 7 Jan.1893, age 2 days, infant, b. Toronto Junction, died of permature birth, Dr. W.H. Harris, infm - George Greenians, Wesleyan Methodist, Toronto Junction (York Co) #020323-93

Rebecca GREENSIDES, b. Norfolk Co England, w/o Thomas GREENSIDES, d. 11 Feb 1880 of general debility at age 62. Informant, Thomas GREENSIDES, farmer, of Innisfil. #14667-80 (Simcoe Co)

Joseph GREENSPON died 10 March 1929 at age 58 + 4 + 8, of carcinoma ventriculi. Born in Russia, s/o Jacob & Jennie (both b. Russia) & died at 210 Bellwoods in Toronto. Married, dry goods merchant. Lived 5 yrs at place of death. Informant was S. GREENSPON, son, of 210 Bellwoods. Buried at Little York Jewish cemetery. #2900-29 (Toronto)

Ella Norah GREENWOOD, f, infant, died July 15, 1883 at the age of 2 years and 6 mths of Malarial Fever after an illness of 7 days. Born in Port Dover Ontario; informant John GREENWOOD, book agent, of Paris Ontario. Reg # 001318-83 (Brant Co)

Adeline GREENWOOD, f, infant, died September 13, 1881 at the age of 3 wks due to Marasmus suffered from birth. Born in Toronto; informant H. H. WRIGHT MD., of Toronto. Reg # 022535-81 (York County)

Infant GREER, Stillborn Female, died March 31, 1919, at Lot 22, Conc. 1, Lutterworth Tp., d/o William GREER & Mary Jane BARKWELL. Burial in Norland Cemetery. Informant William GREER of Norland. #015027-1919 (Haliburton County)

James GREGG , died Dec 31 1904 at age 63 years , of lung congestion & heart disease , married , moulder , at 56 Chapel St. Woodstock. Born in Toronto. Reg # 21719-05

Mary Ewart GREGG died 10 Aug 1901 at age 33 yrs of dementia. Born in Toronto, resident of 78 Brunswick Ave I n Toronto. Married. #3217-01 (Toronto)

GRICE, Mary Jane, died at Toronto twp., English origins, married, age 62, b. Ontario, d/o Henry WILSON & Jane TILSON, husband is Fred GRICE of RR#2 Milton, buried at Park Lawn, d. 15 April 1924, of acute nephritis. #25222-24 (Peel Co)

Elizabeth GRIEVE died 19 Nov 1917 at age 75 + 1 + 6, of uraemia & valvular heart disease. Born in Blenheim twp., d/o Henry HARMER & Ann POTTER. Resident of, & buried at, Plattsville. Widow. Informant was James BAIRD of Plattsville. #23863-17 (Oxford Co)

Lille Bell GRIEVE, died 24 March 1885 at age 3 yrs, 3 month, 23 days, of scarlet fever, at Napanee, Informant was William GRIEVE, hotel keeper

Lucy Peace GRIEVE , died Feb 16 1921 at age 44 yrs , 2 months & 6 days at Plattsville , lived there 20 yrs . Born Dec 10 1877 , d/o Charles PRATT b. London & Annie PEACE b. Scotland . Informant was Albert GRIEVE , husband , from Plattsville. Died from cancer , buried in Plattsville. Reg # 024997-1921

John GRIFFIN, b. Co. Clare Ireland, sawyer, d. 11 Feb 1879, at age 90. #17129-79 (Toronto)

Julia Lillian GRIFFIN, d. 22 May1901 at age 19, of TB, at Victoria St. in Goderich. Born in Ashfield twp. Single. #12637-01

Peter GROSSELL, m, Farmer, died February 8, 1919, at the age of 81 years, of an Aortic Disease, at Lot 15, Conc. 6, Kinmount Tp. Ontario. Born in Quebec, s/o Peter GROSSELL & Felicia LAPLANTE. Informant John GROSSELL of Miner’s Bay. Burial in Galway Cemetery. #015026-1919 (Haliburton County)

Francois GROTTIER, d Feb 26, 1898 at age 80 yrs, at Penetanguishene. Born P.Quebec. Informant was Rev. J.E.BEAUDOIN. #019759-98 (Simcoe Co)

Clara Louise GROVE died 21 Sept 1881 at age 9 yrs + 5 months, of typhoid fever. Born in Toronto. #22578-81 (Toronto)

Emily Louisa GROVES died 7 Aug 1889 at age 37 yrs + 5 months of typhoid fever. Born in Blenheim twp., laborer's wife. Informant Dr. William Lovett of Ayr #12899-89 (Oxford Co)

John GRUMMETT, died 1 Oct 1884, at age 75 yrs + 1 month, of causes not given, at Goderich. Born in England, laborer. Informant was James P. LOVLEY (or Louby). #006897-84

Ruth GRUMMETT died 23 Jan 1931 at age 7 months & 3 days, of congenital heart disease, in Beverly twp. Born 20 June 1930 in Beverly twp, d/o Albert P. GRUMMETT & Lena May MAIN (both born in Sheffield Ont). Informant was father, A. P. Grummett of RR #2 Branchton. Buried in Sheffield. (reg # 35955-31)

William GUEST died 11 Feb 1870 at no age given, of consumption of 2 yrs duration. Born in Ireland. #7111-70 (Toronto)

GUETTON, Richard, m, d. Mar. 26, 1905, age 70, marble mfg., b. France, died of Heart Failure, infm - J.E. Elliott, Theosophist?, (Toronto) 001969-05

John GUNN, d. 31 May 1899 at age 75 yrs of cancer of the rectum, at pt. 13 of 4th con in Embro. Born in parish of Dornach? in Scotland. Married farmer. Informant was Robert GUNN. #19695-99

Charles James GURNEY, age 80, married, born at Beamsville Ont., s/o Charles GURNEY & blank HILL, farmer, died 5 July 1914 at Paris, of senility, Informant was C.W. GURNEY of Paris (death reg # 8391-1914)

Olive Adell GURNEY, age 26, single, born Toronto, died 13 Jan 1894, d/o Walter C. GURNEY (b. London England, of 95 Victor Ave. Toronto) & Maria COLLINS (b. Ontario), died of pneumo thorax & tubercle of lungs, buried at Mt. Pleasant - vault

Joseph Poid GURNEY, died at age 42 at Ontario Hospital in Hamilton on 8 Nov 1922 of lobar pneumonia. Born in Poland in 1880. Lived 20 years in Ontario & Canada & 8 yrs + 2 months at place of death. Son of Michael GURNEY (b. Poland), buried at Holy Sepulchre cemetery (reg # 35042-22)

infant GURNEY, stillborn on 14 April 1923 at Hamilton, d/o Vincent & Rose (both b. Poland) of 6 Whitfield Ave. in Hamilton (reg #37016-23)

Lavinia Ann GURNEY, died at age 66, at 60 Arklenun Ave. in Hamilton, on 19 March 1922 of uterine cancer. Born in Hamilton in 1856, d/o Charles STEPHENSON (b. England). Duaghteri s Mrs. Wm VALLANCE of Hamilton. Buried in Hamilton (reg # 35659-22)

Ann GURNEY, died at age 70, on 23 May 1924 at 217 Front St. East in Toronto, of hypostatic pneumonia. Widow. Lived in Ontario for 50 years. Daughter of Thomas CALL & Catherine WELSH (both b. Ireland). Son-in-law was Fred THOMAS of 217 Front St. E, Buried at Mt. Hope cemetery (reg # 3668-24)

Thomas GUY died 24 March 1900 at age 80 years of pyonephusis. Born in England & living at House of Industry in Toronto. Married. Reg # 1754-00 (Toronto)


Deaths: H Surnames

HAGERMAN, Caroline Amelia, f, d. 30 Oct. 1891, no age given, widow, b. Markham Twp, of heart failure, informant - G.M Farwell, Methodist, Markham Twp (York Co) #018649-91 (Her obit in Markham Economist says she was widow of William Hagerman)

Daniel Wilfred HAGERMAN died 14 March 1917 at age 2 days, of inanition. Born in Windham twp., s/o Howard HAGERMAN & Ada ZOLLER. Died in Windham twp. & buried in Bookton cemetery. Informant was Howard HAGERMAN of La Salette RR #2. #22453-17 (Norfolk Co)

Susanna HAGEY died 10 Sept 1916 at age 78 yrs + 12 days, of dysentery. Born in Waterloo Co., d/o Joseph REIST & Margaret MILLER. Died in Blenheim twp & buried at Congregational cemetery in Blenheim. #25368-16 (Oxford Co)

Rosella HAGGARTY, died 6 Nov 1884 at age 16 years, of heart dropsy, at Elmsley North. Born at South Elmsley twp., farmer's daughter. Informant was John HAGGARTY of Elmsley North. #008704-84

Jane Elizabeth HAIGH, died 9 Sept 1902 at age 61 yrs + 4 months of tremor, at 217 N. Cameron St. in Sarnia. Married housewife, born in England. Reg # 13699-02

HAINES, Mary Jane, died at Cheltenham, Scottish origins, widow, age 76-5-22, b. Cheltenham 21 April 1848, d/o John CAMERON (b. Scotland) and Mary McLEAN (b. Scotland), daughter is Miss HAINES of Cheltenham, buried at Cheltenham, d. 12 Oct 1924 of athero sclerosis. #25172-24 (Peel Co):

Mary Jane HALE, died 11 Feb 1905, of bronchitis & convulsions, at age 6 months, in Dixie. Born in Ontario. Reg # 22539-05 (Peel Co)

Unnamed HALL, died Nov 7 1921 at 1 day of age. Born Blenheim twp. conc 12 Nov 6 1921 , s/o David HALL & Jean MANSON of R R # 4 Bright. Premature birth, buried at Bright. Reg # 025035-1921 .

HALL, Edith Annie, f, d. 24 March 1891, age 6 years 12 days, gardener's child, b. England, of diphtheria 3 wks, informant - Rev. H.O. Tremayne of Islington, Church of England, Etobicoke Twp (York Co) #018906-91

Elizabeth Ann HALL died 10 Aug 1917 at age 58 + 5 + 18, of asthenia & supral renal gland disease. Born in Blenheim twp., d/o Richard BASS & blank. Married. Resident of Blenheim twp & buried in Chesterfield. #23856-17 (Oxford Co)

Florence Edith HALL, died at age 8 months, on 3 Sept 1880, at Toronto, from atrophy. Born at Toronto. reg # 20301-80

Emily S. HALL, died at age 49 yrs at Head St. in Chatham, on 21 Jan 1902 of pneumonia. Single, clerk, born in Chatham. Informant was H.A. HALL. #12535-02

Isabella HALL died 3 Oct. 1889 at age 68 + 5 + 26, of heart trouble. Born in Roxburghshire Scotland, farmer's wife. Informant was John OLIVER, farmer, of Blenheim. #12916-89 (Oxford Co)

Margaret HALL , died Mar 3 1921 at age 79yrs , 4 months & 16 days , widow . Born Oct 15 1840 in Scotland , d/o George OLIVER b. Scotland & Janet VAIR b. Scotland. Informant was Harry TEW , nephew , from Bright. Died from heart failure & old age , buried in Ayr. Reg # 025095-1921 .

Thomas HALL died 16 Aug 1889 at age 62 + 9 + 7 of kidney disease. Born in Roxburghshire Scotland, farmer. Informant was S. HALL, farmer, of Blenheim. #12911-89 (Oxford Co)

Walter Blogden HALL died 5 July 1872 at age 47 yrs, of Hobnail liver. Born Gloucester England, gentleman. Informant was doctor; Registered in Douro twp #24543-72 (Peterborough Co)

Elemita Irene HALLMAN , died Mar 30 1899 at age 1 year & 19 days , of convulsions , at conc.14 of Blenheim twp. Reg # 19600-99 .

Mary HALLMAN, died Oct 28 1905 at age 68 years , 8 months, of sudden heart disease , married, housewife , at conc. 14 lot 7 . Born in Waterloo County. Reg # 21331-05

Orton Joa HALLMAN , died Jan 31 1899 at age stillborn , at conc 14 lot 7 of Blenheim twp. Reg # 19590-99

Warren Edward HALLMAN ,died Jun 1 1921 stillborn . Born conc 14 lot 13 Blenheim Twp., s/o Cranston HALLMAN b.Wilmot twp. & Ella HECKENDORN b. Waterloo Co. Died stillborn , buried New Dundee cemetery. Reg # 025020-1921 .

no name HALTON died on 24 Jan 1929 at age 5 days after premature birth. Born in Toronto, s/o Mrs. Carmelita HALTON. Buried at Mt. Hope. Informant was Dr. E. A. Gray of Toronto General Hospital. #1925-29 (Toronto)

HAMILTON, David, m, d. 10 June 1893, age 14 mos, b. Co Antrim Ireland, of capillary bronchitis 10 days; infm - Dr. R.C. Coatsworth, Presbyterian (Toronto) #022443-93

John James HAMILTON died 14 Aug 1917 at age 60 yrs, of rheumatic endocarditis. Born in India, s/o Col. J.J. HAMILTON & August Mary FAITHFUL. Widowed gentleman. Resident of Princeton village. #23857-17 (Oxford Co)

Mamie Gordon HAMILTON, d. 21 Feb 1901 at age 28 yrs of organic mitreal cardiac disease, at Picton St. in Goderich. Born in Stanley twp. Married. #12622-01

Vera C. HAMILTON, d. 22 March 1899 at age 3 years of meningitis, at 2 John St. in Embro. Born in North Dorchester twp. Informant was Andrew HAMILTON. # 19690-99

John HANDY died 17 April 1901 at age 68, of general debility. Born in USA, res of rear of 21 Elizabeth St. in Toronto. Widower, laborer. # 2135-01 (Toronto)

Michael HANLON ,died Aug 17 1905 at age 83 yrs, of cancer of stomach , single, labourer, at conc.1 lot 13 Blenheim twp . Born in Nova Scotia. Reg # 21317-05

Isabella HANNAH, f, housewife, died June 9, 1894, at the age of 77 years of Senile Decay, after an illness of about 1 year. Born in Ireland, informant was A. J. Wilson MD. Registered at Toronto, #22101-94 (York Co)

Moses HANNA died 10 Dec 1889 at age 76 yrs, of pneumonia. Birth place not given. Laborer. #17762-89 (Toronto)

David HANSEL, died at age 68 yrs + 18 days, on 8 May 1886, of cancer, at Clinton twp. Born in Gainsborough twp., mechanic. reg # 10384-86

HANSFORD (or Hawford), Pearl E., f, d. 28 July 1896, age 1 year, child, b. Whitchurch, of inflammation of bowels, informant - father, Conc.7, Lot 30, Whitchurch Twp (York Co) #022415-96

William HANTON , died Feb 24 1921 at age 64 years. Born May 31 1836 in Woodstock s/o John HANLON b. Nova Scotia & Nancy McINTYRE b. Scotland . Died from gastric ulcers, buried at Woodstock. Reg # 025003-1921 .

Barbara HARDIE died 17 Feb 1889 at age 86 yrs, of old age. Born in Roxburghshire Scotland, farmer's widow. Informant was James RICHMOND, farmer, of Blenheim. #12886-89 (Oxford Co)

Lottie HARDIMAN died Aug 1889 at age 18 yrs + 9 months, of consumption. Born in Canada. #16813-89 (Toronto)

HARDY, Elizabeth, f, d/ 15 Jun.1893, age 27 years, housewife, b. England, died of pulmonary consumption 1 year, infm - P.E. Doolittle MD, Church of England (Toronto) #022456-93

Hannah HARK, widow of the late Robert HARK, d Apr 4, 1898 at age 88yrs, of old age, at Lot 13, Con 16, Tiny. Born Yorkshire England. Informant was H. HARK. #019746-98 (Simcoe Co)

William HARKNESS died 30 Oct 1898 at age 76 yrs of apoplexy. Farmer. Born in Ireland & died at lot 26, con 11 of Erin twp. Informant was David HARKNESS. #22203-98 (Wellington Co)

Alfred HARMER died 14 Sept 1919 at age 61 + 3 + 23 of suicide by hanging. Born in Blenheim, s/o Samuel HARMER & Sarah NUNN; died at Blenheim. Married, farmer. Informant was W.G. BARR of Drumbo. Buried at Ayr. #24485-19

Lottie Mary HARMER, d. 14 Oct 1899 at age 21 yrs, of phthisis, at Plattsville. Born in Canada. Married. # 19630-99

HARNIMAN, William., m, d. 26 Nov. 1891, age 40 years, painter, patient in Mimico Asylum, b. Canada, of cerebral apoplexy, informant - J.B. Murphy MD, Mimico Asylum, Church of England, Etobicoke Twp (York Co) #018894-91

HARPER, Jennett, f, d. 2 May 1896, age 72 years 2 mos, b. Scotland, of blood poisoning, informant - James Harper, Unionville, Presbyterian, Markham Twp (York Co) #022787-96

James HARRIGAN died 15 Aug 1900 at age 28 years of phthisis. Born in Canada, no residence given. Single, waiter. Reg # 3288-00 (Toronto)

HARRINGTON, Sarah, f, d. 24 Dec. 1890, age 91 years 3 mos 6 days, b. United States, of general debility, informant - James D. Harrington, Methodist, Markham twp (York Co) #018660-91

George HARRIS, died at age 42 yrs + 9 months + 7 days at Kirk St. in Chatham, on 21 Jan 1902 of stomach cancer. Married, plasterer, born in Raleigh twp. Informant was L. BACKUS. #12534-02

William HARRIS, d. 31 Oct 1901 at age 63 yrs, of TB, at Trafalgar St. in Goderich. Born in Huron Co. Married miller. #12667-01

Albert James HARRISON, m, mechanic, died June 11, 1894, at the age of 25 years of Pulmonary Consumption. Born in Toronto, informant was H. H. Wright MD. #022091-94 (York Co)

Alexander HARRISON died 29 April 1881 at age 65 yrs of gangrene of the leg. Born in Ireland, laborer, died in Toronto General Hosp. Informant was Dr. O'Rielly. #23387-81 (Toronto)

Annie HARRISON, died 7 April 1905, of illegible, at age 19 yrs, at Dixie. Single, farmer's daughter, born in [probably] Ontario. Reg # 22550-05 (Peel Co)

Arthur HARRISON stillborn 20 Aug 1889 at Toronto. #17081-89 (Toronto)

Clara HARRISON died 29 may 1901 at age 23 yrs of gangrene of the lungs. Born in Newfoundland & resident of 35 Stafford in Toronto. Married. # 2536-01 (Toronto)

Edward HARRISON, b. Isle of Guernsey, printer, d. 28 Oct 1880 of pleurisy & bronchitis at age 50. #20431-80 (Toronto)

Finlay HARRISON, m, infant, died March 1, 1894 at the age of 4 hours due to premature birth. Informant was Dr. J. Spence of Toronto, #021480-94 (York Co)

Frank HARRISON died 18 April 1901 at age 26 of malignant disease of the liver & gall ducts. Born in Canada, res of Orangeville. Single, farmer. Died at Toronto General Hospital. #2134-01 (Toronto)

George HARRISON died 2 Oct 1870 at age 1 month, of general debility. Born in Udora. Informant was Henry HARRISON of Udora. #6335-70 (Ontario Co)

Grace Parker HARRISON, died 2 Oct 1873 at age 20 yrs, of consumption, at Brantford. Born in Brantford. Informant was P. HARRISON, engineer, of Brantford

HARRISON, Jane, f, d. 8 June 1893, age 58, widow, b. England, of cholomide & peritonitis, infm - Albert A Macdonald MD, Methodist (Toronto) #022447-93

John HARRISON, d. 17 July at age 3 hrs of infantile convulsions, at Raglan St. in Goderich. #12656-01

Joseph George HARRISON, died on 8 Dec 1929 of cancer of the larynx, at 811 Rathbourne Ave. in Woodstock, at ahe 59 years. Born 17th July, in England. Married, accountant. Son of William HARRISON & Elizabeth WHARUM, both born in England. Informant was wife, Mrs. J.G. HARRISON of 811 Rathbourne Ave. Buried in Woodstock. Reg # 27998-29

Margaret HARRISON , died Nov 25 1921 at age 44 years ,5 months & 20 days at Drumbo. Born in Drumbo June 5 1877 , d/o George HARRISON b.England & Agnes FISH b. Scotland . Informant was sister Gertrude HARRISON from Drumbo . Died of organic heart disease & embolism in vessels around knees , buried in Drumbo. Reg # 025038-1921

May HARRISON died 31 Aug 1901 at age 50 yrs of hernia. Born in Canada, resident of 240 Adelaide West in Toronto. Widowed, seamstress. #3220-01 (Toronto)

Mintern? HARRISON died 7 Sept 1889 at age 63 yrs of cardiac disease. Born in USA. #17462-89 (Toronto)

Robert HARRISON died 6 Oct 1901 at age 62 yrs, of apoplexy. Born in Ireland, resident of 390 Rusholme in Toronto. Married, mechanic. Informant was W. B. Thistle. #3686-01 (Toronto)

Thomas HARRISON, m, clerk, died March 24, 1894 at the age of 29 years of Phthises after an illness of 3 years. Born in Fergus Ontario, informant was Dr. Albert A. MacDonald of Toronto 021522-94 (York Co)

Thomas S. HARRISON died 9 Dec 1889 at age 46 yrs, of apoplexy. Born in England, clerk. #17763-89 (Toronto)

Edward HART, m, Laborer, died August 11, 1885, at age 18 years of phthisis Pulmonatis, after an illness of approximately 6 months. Born in Belleville, Roman Catholic. Informant was Patrick HART, Watchman of Deseronto. # 006553-85. (Hastings Co)

HART, Henry, m, d. 19 Dec. 1896, age 78 years, labourer, b. Ontario Canada, of pneumonia 1 wk, informant - William Stiver, Buttonville, no religion, Markham Twp (York Co) #022816-96

Thomas HARTE, died at age 50 years less one month, on 1 Dec 1880, from "Exhaustion caused by exposure on Lake Michigan and on the way home, death occurring within four hours after he had arrived", at Toronto. He was a mariner, born in Ireland. reg # 20306-80

Eliza HARVERY, f, Widow, died on March 28, 1894, at the age of 59 years of Rheumatism of the Heart after an illness of 2 days. Born in Mitchelstown, Meath Ireland, informant was Dr. Arthur Jukes Johnson, Toronto. #021526-94 (York Co)

Walter B. HASKETT died 5 Oct 1870 at age 9 yrs, carelessly shot dead. Born at 4th con of Biddulph. Informant was Mrs. Mitchell HASKETT of Biddulph. #6317-70 (Middlesex Co)

Bella HASKINS died 6 May 1889 at age 31 yrs + 3 months of persistent anemia. Born in West Nissouri, married woman. Informant was Adam HASKINS. Registered in West Oxford twp. #12936-89 (Oxford Co)

Agnes C. HASTINGS , died 10 July 1905 at age 24 yrs ,2 months , 23 days , of typhoid fever, single, housekeeper, at conc.13 lot 23 of Blenheim twp. Reg # 21313-05.

James HASTINGS died 18 Sept 1889 at age 74 yrs + 11 days, of gradual decline lasting all summer. Born in Ayrshire Scotland, farmer. Informant was Alexander HASTINGS, farmer, of Blenheim. #12920-89 (Oxford Co)

John HAY , died Jan 9 1905 at age 73 years , of broncho – pneumonia , married, gentleman, of 443 Hunter St. Woodstock. Born In Ireland. Reg # 21721-05

Frances Stewart HAY, female, age 34, died 15 July 1881 of acute peritonitis, at Peterborough. Spinster. Informant was brother, Thomas A. HAY. #15806-81

Pauline HAYDAMAKA, died at age 4 yrs & 11 months & 26 days, at Preston, of cholera infantum, on 26 Sept 1925. Born in Poland on 29 Sept 1920, d/o Andrew HAYDAMAKA & Ann DUMATOKI (both b. Poland). Buried at RD cemetery, Preston. reg # 32831-25

Stillborn HAYES, m, died 19 September 1881. Born in Toronto; informant H. H. MOOREHOUSE MD., of Toronto. Reg # 022531-81 (York County)

Helen HAYES died 22 March 1900 at age 54 years of cerebral hemorrhage. Born in Ireland & living at House of Providence in Toronto. Married, domestic. Reg # 1741-00 (Toronto)

John Henry HAYWARD, died at age 3 months + 2 days, on 2 Dec 1880, at Toronto, of acute cerebetis. Born in Toronto. reg # 20309-80

HEAL, Susannah Wither?, f, d. 24 Jun.1883, age 23 years, spinster, born Thamesford Ont, died of TB, infm - Edward M. Heal, trader, 852 Richmond St, London. (Middlsex Co) #009859-83

Walter HEASTIE, died 7 Oct 1891 at age 80 yrs+ 6 months, of old age. Born in Scotland, died in North Dumfries twp. Informant was James HEASTIE of N.Dumfries. #16212-91 (Waterloo Co)

Sophia HEDDEN, died 21 June 1886 at age 27 yrs + 8 months + 20 days, of malarial fever, at Clinton twp. Born in Louth twp., farmer's wife. Informant was Rev. S. G. GRAIL of Compden. with note" return dated 25 June gives the cause of death as pericarditis" reg # 10387-86

Jane HEGARTY, f, died November 26, 1885, at 30 years of age of Abortus? after an illness of 5 days. Born Fredericksburg, Ontario, Presbyterian. Informant John HEGARTY, Laborer, Deseronto; #006560-85 (Hastings Co)

Marie Magdalena HELM, age 8 months & 11 days, born 7 Jan 1925 in Kitchener, d/o Alexander HELM (b. Waterloo Co, resident of Kitchener) & Clara HINSPERGER (b. Ontario), d. 19 Sept 1925 at St. Marys Hospital, Kitchener of septicemia & coma. Buried at Mt. Hope cemetery. reg #032703-25

George HEMMING died 21 Feb 1870 at age not given, of ureamia from disease of heart & liver. Informant was Dr. Norman BETHUNE of Toronto . #7072-70 (Toronto)

Andrew HENDERSON, died 26 April 1905, of heart failure following epileptic fits, at age 61 yrs, at Dixie. Married, hotel keeper, born in Ontario. Reg # 22553-05 (Peel Co):

Christena HENDERSON died 20 Feb 1876 at age 67 years of heart disease. Born in Perthshire Scotland. Informant was William Wilson, farmer, of East Zorra. Registered in Woodstock, # 11076-76

Clara C. HENDERSON, died 31 Dec 1899 at age 23 of phthisis, at 245 Carlton St. in Toronto. Born in Canada reg # 1055-00 (Toronto)

John HENDERSON, died June 19 1929 at age 68yrs 7 mon & 7 days, married . Born in Blandford Twp.Nov 12 1861 , carpenter, s/o Richard HENDERSON b. Ireland & Sarah BURKE b. Ireland. Informant was Mrs John HENDERSON , wife from Bright. Died of apoplectic attack & stroke , buried in Chesterfield. Reg # 027698-1929

Margaret Amelia HENDERSON died 19 Feb 1920 at age 53 + 9 + 9 of bronchial asthma & heart failure. Born in Osprey twp. on 10 May 1867, d/o Abraham LOUGHEED & Mary Ann SHAW (both b. Albion). Lived 10 yrs at place of death (Lot 11 con 7 of Albion). Married, of Irish origin. Informant was Andrew HENDERSON, husband, of Bolton. Buried at Laurel Hill cemetery . #31357-20 (Peel Co)

Thomas HENDERSON died 30 Dec 1876 at age 4 years of diphtheria. Born in Embro. Informant was James Henderson, laborer, of Woodstock. Reg # 11072-76

William Riddell HENDERSON , died Oct 15 1921 at age 70 years , 1 month & 6 days , at Chesterfield , lived there 65 yrs. Born Oct 1851 in Selkirk Scotland, retired school teacher, s/o James HENDERSON b. Scotland & Agnes RIDDELL b. Scotland . Informant was R.H. WESTMAN , son-in-law , from RR # 4 Bright. Died of Hodgkins disease , buried at Chterfield. Reg # 025033-1921 .

HENDRA, Wililam H., m, d. 10 Jul.1883, age 54 years, druggist, born England, died of suffering of poison?, infm - John Ferguson, undertaker, King St, Methodist, London (Middlesex Co) #009865-83

Eliza HENNEBERG , died Sept 16 1921 at age 62 yrs & 10 months & 14 days , widow ,at Plattsville .Born Blenheim twp Nov 1 1859 , dressmaker , d/o Louis RANK b. Germany & Sophia STUART b. Germany. Informant was Henry RANK , brother , from Plattsville. Died of cancer of liver & hemorrhage of bowel , buried at Plattsville. Reg # 025032-1921

Elizabeth HENNING died 7 Jan 1900 at age 93 years of apoplexy. Born in Ireland & living at 325 Parliament St. in Toronto. Married house wife. Reg # 1079-00 (Toronto)

Elizabeth HENRY died 28 Jan 1876 at age 80 years of heart disease. Born in Co. Antrim Ireland. Married. Informant was Dr. John Burkhart of Beachville. Registered in West Oxford twp., # 10996-76

Thomas HEPAUDES (HEPAUCLES?), m, died February 25, 1883 at approx. 3 months. No cause of death given. Born in Sault Ste Marie; informant George McKINDLEY, Yeoman, of Sault Ste. Marie. Reg. # 001081-83 (Algoma Dist)

Joseph HERBERT died 11 April 1889 at age 73 yrs + 1 month, of stomach cancer. Born in Cumberland England, retired farmer. Informant was Dr. W. R. Pentland of Drumbo. #12891-89 (Oxford Co)

Sarah HERBERT died 27 Aug 1889 at age 62 yrs of spinal disease. Born in England, laborer's wife. Informant was Annie GILCHRIST, daughter of the deceased, of Drumbo. #12925-89 (Oxford Co)

Frederick HERENABERG , died Mar 8 1899 at age 77 years + 11 months & 25 days, of accidental skull fracture , married , laborer , at conc.13 lot 13 of Blenheim twp. Born in Germany. Reg # 19595-99

HESS, Annie Maria, f, d. 13 Jan.1893, age 84 years, housewife, b. Germany, died of senility 2 days; infm - Dr. W.H. Harris of Davenport Rd, Lutheran, Toronto Junction (York Co) #020324-93

No name HETCHCOCK, (should be Hitchcock?) died 17 July 1902 at age 15 minutes, at Sarnia General Hospital. Informant was Samuel HETCHCOCK of 90 East Pherestina? St. Sarnia. Reg # 13679-02

Alexander HEWITT died 1 March 1916 at age 57 + 3 + 27, of tuberculosis of the knee joint & heart failure. Born in Blenheim twp., s/o Henry HEWITT & Ann M. WILLET. Single. Died at lot 20, con 11 of Blenheim twp & buried at Plattsville. #25341-16 (Oxford Co)

Frederick G. HEWITT, died 5 Oct 1873 at age 3 yrs, of cronk [?]. Born in London Ontario. Informant was Dr. S.L. Marsh of Consecon. Reg # 37753-73. Registered in Ameliasburg twp.

Henry HEWITT , died Feb 24 1899 at age 88 years , of old age , farmer , at Plattsville. Born in England. Reg # 19591-99 .

Mary Jane HEWITT , died Sept 7th 1929 at age 76 yrs 3 mon & 3 days. Born Blenheim Twp. June 4 1833 , widow, d/o Robert POGSON b. England. Informant was Roy HEWITT , son from Plattsville. Died of pneumonia , buried in Plattsville. Reg # 027839-1929

Ray HEWITT , died July 4 1921 premature birth at Drumbo. Born July 4 1921 at Blenheim twp. d/o James HEWITT b. Blenheim & Olive DUNCAN b. Blandford. Buried in Congregational cemetery .Reg # 025023-1921

Sarah HEWITT, died at age 60 yrs + 11 months + 27 days, on 24 May 1928, of uraemia & otitis media mastoid, at Woodstock Hospital. Born in Blenheim in 1867, d/o Thomas ADAMS & Susan CODLIN (both b. England). Widowed. Son was James HEWITT of Drumbo. Buried at Windfall. reg # 27008-28

William HEWITT died 16 Sept 1889 at age 66 yrs of paralytic fit. Born in Norfolk England, farmer. Informant was John E. HEWITT, farmer, of Blenheim. #12922-89 (Oxford Co)

Mary HEWLETT, died at age 21 yrs & 3 months & 15 days, at Toronto Hospital for Consumptives, of TB, on 15 May 1925. Born in Newfoundland on 30 Jan 1904, d/o Thomas ROBERTS (b. Pilleys Island Nfld) & Joan JAWDIE (b. Nfld), married, buried in Nfld. (reg # 37514-25)

Tom HEWLETT, died at age 71 yrs & 10 months, on 26 Nov 1924 at lot 13 con D in Scarborough, of heart disease. Born in England on 10 Jan 1853, and lived in Ontario 53 years. Son of James HEWLETT & Martha BLANDFORD (both b. England). Farmer, married. Son is Edward HEWLETT of West Hill. Buried at St. Margarets cemetery. (reg # 36462-24)

Dorothy HICK, died at age 60 yrs, on 26 Nov 1880, of "due probably from the effects of a fall on the head", at Toronto. Born in England. reg # 20300-80

Samuel T. HICKLIN, of Front St. in St. Catharines, died 23 July 1902 of apoplexy. Born in Chatham, married, hotel clerk. Reg # 13683-02

Dell Evelyn HICKOK, female, died 9 March 1891 at age 5 weeks, of bronchitis. Born in Toronto. Informant was Dr. R. A. Pyne of Toronto. #19735-91 (Toronto)

Charlotte HICKS, f, housewife, died in Minden Lot 22, Conc. 5 on January 6, 1919, at the age of 43 years and 11 months, of Pneumonia. Born in Minden, d/o Robert McKNIGHT &? LITTLE. Burial in Ingoldsby; informant Charles HICKS of Lochlin. #015034-1919 (Haliburton County)

William HICKS died 12 Aug 1919 at age 73 yrs of cancer. Birth place & parents names not given. Married, laborer. Died at Fesserton & buried at Waubaushene. Informant was Mrs. HICKS of Fesserton. #29593-19 (Simcoe Co)

John Lawrence HIGGINS, died 2 Aug 1884 at age 5 yrs + 4 months, of illegible fever, at Goderich. Born at Goderich. Informant was George HODGSON. #006893-84

Lavinia Olivia HIGGINS died 6 Jan 1900 at age 78 years of heart failure. Born in Ireland & living at 130 Victor in Toronto. Widow. Reg # 1065-00 (Toronto)

Eliza HIGHFIELD died 13 Aug 1900 at age 76 years of entero colitis. Born in England & living at 9 Napier in Toronto. Widow. Reg # 3283-00 (Toronto)

Bertha HILL died 26 Jan 1896 at age 8 + 7 + 29, of inflammation of stomach. Farmer’s child. Birth place not given; death registered in Maidstone. Informant was Jefferson Hill Esq. of Essex Ont. # 7642-96

Charles Alexander HILL, m, child, died March 26, 1894, at the age 5 years & 8 months of Meningitis after an illness of 3 days. Born in Toronto, informant was Dr. William Kerr, Toronto. 021531-94 (York Co)

David M. HILL died 4 April 1870 at age 28, of gastric fever of 16 days duration. Miller, born in Prince Edward Co. Informant was Dr. Algernon Temple of Toronto. #7089-70 (Toronto)

George HILL, died at age 66 years & 9 months & 11 days, at not given (but death was registered at Preston), of endocarditis, on 11 Aug 1925. Born in Waterloo Co on 30 Oct 1858, s/o John HILL & Hannah BLACKFORD (both b. England). Blacksmith, married. His daughter was Mrs. Clifford BULLOCK of Preston. Buried at Preston. reg # 32828-25

Jane HILL died 16 July 1870 at age 10 days. Born in Scugog. Informant was Henry HILL, farmer, of Scugog. # 6340-70 (Ontario Co)

Margaret HILL died 13 Nov 1898 at age 49 yrs of marasmus. Born in Canada; died at Toronto Insane Asylum. No marital status given. #26972-98

Martha Jane HILL, f, died November 10, 1883 at the age of 37 yrs of Enteric Fever after an illness of 26 days. Born in South Dumfries; informant Stephen HILL, husband of Paris Ontario. Reg #001343-83 (Brant Co)

Mary Ann HILL, Housewife, died June 6, 1894, at the age of 47 years of Heart failure as a result of erysipelas after an illness of 11 days. Born in Quebec, informant was W. H. Fox MD. Registered at Toronto #022099-94 (York Co)

Mary Ann Vincent HILL, f, housewife, died at Lochlin Ontario on June 21, 1919 at the age of 52 years and 6 months of Angina Pectoris. Born at Mariposa Ontario; d/o Mr. Vincent & Elizabeth BOWING, burial at Ingoldsby Ontario; informant J. S. HILL of Lochlin Ontario. #015061-1919 (Haliburton County)

HILL, Samantha, f, d. 17 Oct.1893, age 68 yrs 7 mos; farmer's widow, b. Ontario, died of dropsey & heart disease 4 mos, infm - Dr. Alex Sangster, Christian, Whitchurch Twp (York Co) #020614-93

Annie HILLBORN died 29 April 1919 at age 31 yrs + 10 months, of chronic Bright’s disease. Born in Washington, d/o Jared STAUFFER & Mary KASTER; died at Blenheim twp. Married. Informant was J.H. HILLBORN of Bright. Buried at New Hamburg. #24467-19

Karl William HILLER died 27 Aug 1919 at age 83 + 11 + 22, of heart failure (found dead in bed). Born in Germany, s/o blank HILLER and blank KINKLEY; died at 12th con of Blenheim. Married, retired farmer. Informant was Bert HILLER of RR#1 Bright. Buried at New Dundee. #24483-19

Eva HILLIS, f, housewife, died at Lot 33 Conc. 12 Monmouth, Ontario, on February 24, 1919 at the age of 36 years of Measles and Pneumonia. Born at Deer Lake; d/o John MITCHELL & Elizabeth ROSEBOROUGH; burial at Wilberforce Cemetery; informant William HILLIS of Wilberforce Ontario. #015047-1919 (Haliburton County)

Baby HINTON, m, infant, died March 16, 1894, age not given, inflammation of the lungs. Born in Toronto, informant was Dr. R. H. Mason of Toronto. #021478-94 (York Co)

Emma Powell HIRSTWOOD, Farmer’s widow, died January 30, 1919 at the age of 75 years of a Paralytic Stroke, in Kinmount Tp., Ontario, at Lot 13, Conc. 3. Born in England, d/o Richard POWELL & Rebecca GRAVES. Informant Chas. HIRSTWOOD, of Buller, Quebec. Burial in Kinmount Cemetery Minden Ontario Cemetery. #015025-1919. (Haliburton County)

Mabel Agnes HOAG , died Jan 13 1921 at age 10 years. Born Aug 3 1910 at Wainfleet twp. , d/o Daniel HOAG b.Wainfleet twp . & Mary Madeline VATH b. Pennsylvania .Died from berebral hemmorhage , buried at Morgan’s Point. Reg # 024993-1921

HOAR, Edward, m, d. Oct. ??, 1870, age 14, b. Canada, died of peritonitis one months, infm - Dr. Henry Warren, Brocklin, (Co. Ontario) 006454-70

HOBBS, Ellen, f, d. 10 June 1893, age 64 years, b. Ireland, of ulcer of stomach; infm J.D. Tyrell MD, Church of England (Toronto) #022439-93

S. A. HOBDEN, f, widower, died at Minden Village, December 6, 1919 at the age of 84 years and 7 months of Old Age. Born in England; informant Henry HOBDEN of Minden; #015046-1919 (Haliburton County)

Benjamin HOBSON died 28 May 1901 at age 77 yrs of toxemia. Born in Ireland, resident of 454 Logan in Toronto. Married. #2514-01 (Toronto)

Emma HODDER died 4 May 1870 at age 22 yrs of consumption of 12 months duration. Married, born in London England. Informant was Dr. Hodder of Toronto. #7131-70 (Toronto)

Mildred HODDER died 23 May 1870 at age 19 months of inflammation of the lungs. Born in Barbados W.I. Informant was Dr. Hodder of Toronto. #7132-70 (Toronto)

21361-12 Esther A.L. HODGINS died 11 May 1912 at London twp at age 63 yrs + 8 months. Born in Howard twp., d/o William LATIMER & Mary OGALETREE (both born in Ireland). Widow

Ruth HODGKINSON, d. 8 Feb 1899 at age 69 yrs, of heart disease, at pt. 4 Hume (or Huron St) in Embro. Born in West Zorra. Married. Informant was John HODGKINSON. #19688-99

Florence C. HOFFMAN, d. 26 Sept 1899 at age 7 days, of diarrhea, at Plattsville. Born in Blenheim twp. Informant was James BAIRD. #19626-99

Dennis HOGAN, died 24 April 1905, of cirrhosis of the liver, at age 50 yrs, at Port Credit. Single, railroader, born in Sterling Ont. Reg # 22552-05 (Peel Co)

Patrick HOGAN, d. 23 April 1901 at age 85, of old age, at Wellesley St. in Goderich. Born in Ireland. Married, retired. Informant was William HOGAN. #12633-01

Ann HOGARTH, d. 30 Oct 1899 at age 77 + 2 + 29 of apoplexy, at lot 8, con 8 of Blenheim twp. Born in Ayrshire. Farmer’s widow. Informant was Robert HOGARTH. # 19632-99

Helen HOGG, died 10 April 1884, at age 79 yrs, of old age, at Elmsley North. Born in Dumfrieshire Scotland, farmer's wife. Informant was James McGREGOR of illegible, Elmsley twp. #008696-84

Olive HOGG, f, died at Snowdon Tp., on January 8, 1919 at the age of 8 years of Pneumonia. Born at Snowdon Tp.; d/o John HOGG & Isabella GILBERT, burial at Kinmount; informant J. HOGG, father of Lochlin. #015058-1919 (Haliburton County)

James HOGGARTH , died Jan 18 1929 at age 79 yrs , at Wolverton. Born 1880, married s/o David HOGGARTH b. Scotland & Ann BROWN b. Scotland. Informant was Mrs James HOGGARTH , wife, from Drumbo. Died of carcinoma of the liver, buried at Ayr. Reg # 027398-1929

Victoria HOLBROOK, died 30 June 1872 at age 1 month, of not given. Born in Ontario. Informant waas William HOLBROOK. Registered in Bosanquet twp. Reg # 22785-72

Edith HOLDEN, illegitimate, b. Toronto, d. 15 April 1879 of teething at age 10 months, informant: Annie JENNINGS of Toronto. #17362-79 (Toronto)

Thomas Henry HOLDSWORTH , died Dec 18 1929 at age 70 yrs 1 mon & 27 days. Born in Forest Oct 20 1859, s/o Thomas HOLDSWORTH b. England & Sarah SECORD b. Ontario. Informant was Ethel HOLDSWORTH , daughter, from Drumbo. Died of carcinoma of the pancreas , buried in Drumbo. Reg # 027970-1929

Levi HOLLINGSWORTH died 8 June 1881 at age 4 months of marasmus. Born in Toronto. #23575-81 (Toronto)

Herbert HOLLINRAKE , died Feb 4 1899 at age 3 days , of injury during birth , at Washington. Reg # 19578-99

George Clayton HOLLINS died 15 Jan 1929 at age 1 month after premature birth. Born in Humber Bay Ont., s/o Harry HOLLINS & Johanna FEHLHABER (both b. Canada). Died at Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto; buried at Park Lawn cemetery. Informant was father, Harry HOLLINS of Heldena? Ave in Humber Bay. #1924-29 (Toronto)

Mary Jane HOLM died 25 Dec 1919 at age 67 yrs of myocarditis. Born in England, d/o William SPRY & Jane DAVEY; died at Plattsville. Married housewife. Informant was James BAIRD of Plattsville. Buried at Plattsville. #24494-19

Fairley HOPE died 17 May 1919 at age 61 + 1 + 12 of acute Brights. Born in Melancthon twp., s/o William HOPE & May MELSON. Married, farmer. Died at Osprey twp & buried at Badgeros. Informant was James HOPE of RR#4 Dundalk. #14482-19 (Grey Co)

Walter Henry HOPKINS, died 2 Dec 1905, of phthisis, at age 29 yrs, at Toronto twp. Single, brakeman, born in Toronto twp Reg # 22590-05 (Peel Co)

HOPPER, Elizabeth, f, d 16 Nov.1896, age 67 yrs, born Markham, died heart failure 2 mos, Dr. Hutt, infm - Oliver Broughton of Newmarket, Methodist, died Conc6, Lot 34, Whitchurch Twp (York Co) #022410-96

Edward HOPPER, d. 15 April 1901 at 76 yrs of chronic albuminerus?, at Widder St. in Goderich. Born in England. Married. #12631-01

Elizabeth Florence HORN , died Mar 20 1921 at age 27 years. Born Oct 17 1894 at London England , d/o Frederick PARBRIDGE b. London England & Elizabeth FAIRWEATHER b. London England. Informant was J.H. SWARTS , son, from Princeton . Died from pneumonia , mitral stenosis , buried Princeton. Reg # 025008-1921 .

HORNER, Henry, m, d. 14 Jan.1891, age 56 years 6 mos, yeoman, b. Chinguacousy, of rheumatic gout 4 yrs, informant - J.B. Stephens of Highfield, Methodist, Etobicoke Twp (York Co) #018901-91

HORNER, Jacob, m, d. 12 July 1896, age 68 years, farmer, b. Canada, of heart disease several years, informant - R.L. Langstaff MD, Richmond Hill, Tunkard, Markham Twp (York Co) #022793-96

HORNER, Sarah, female, Irish, married, born Ireland, age 28 years born 22 February, housekeeper, lived 4 months at present address; 10 years in Ontario & Canada, father - William KEENAN born Ireland; mother - Sarah HILLER both Ireland; informant - Wilfred A. HORNER, husband or 21 Soranewn Ave., interment 2 Jun 1924 to Prospect Cemetery, died 31 May 1924 of TB (Toronto) #003912-24

Joseph HORNSBY, farmer, d July 28, 1898 at age 59 yr. 8 d, of Instant Apoplexy, at 18th Con of Tiny. Born England. Informant was Geo BOWMAN. #019752-98 (Simcoe Co)

Adelaide King HOTT , died June 8 1921 at age 85 yrs & 4 days , widow , at Burford , lived there 9 months. Born June 4 1836 at Mohawk, d/o Sanford B. KING b. Wentworth Co. & Mary Ann Van BERGER b. Ontario. Informant was William HOLT , son , from Burford. Died of natural decline , buried in Scotland. Reg # 025021-1921

Georgina HOUGHTON, f, died June 9, 1894 at the age of 40 years due to Disease of the Heart, after an illness of 2 years. Born in Ontario, informant was J. H. Love MD. #022094-94 (York Co.)

HOUGHTON, Mable, f, d. 27 Dec. 1896, age 2 years 7 mos, b. Ontario Canada, of convulsions 2 days, informant - J.R. Houghton of Thornhill, Markham Twp (York Co) #022818-96

Victoria HOULE, b. Montreal, married, d. 9 May 1879, phthisis, age 42. #17529-79 (Toronto)

Andrew HOUSE died 8 Nov 1896 at age 13 years, of Potts disease which he’d had 6 years. Widow’s son. Born in Norfolk Co. Ontario; death registered in Tilbury West. #7641-96

Bessie R. HOUSTON died 1 Oct 1894 at age 5 months of cholera infantum, Born in Erin Ont. Informant was John HOUSTON of Erin. #18922-94 (Wellington Co)

Jessie E. HOUSTON died 29 Sept 1894 at age 5 months of cholera infantum. Born in Erin Ont. Informant was John HOUSTON of Erin. #18923-94 (Wellington Co)

Emma HOWARD, f, died November 1, 1885, at the age of 5 years of Croup after an illness of 3 days. Born Deseronto, Methodist. Informant Mrs Lydia HOWARD, Deseronto. #006565-85 (Hastings Co)

Estelle HOWARD, died at age 70 years, on 11 Oct 1928, at St. Joseph's Hospital in Hamilton, of accidental fracture of the skull after being struck by automobile while crossing the highway. Born on PEI in 1858, d/o J. CRESWELL (b. England) and unknown. Lived 5 years in Ontario & 2 days at place of death. Widowed. Niece is Miss COLLINS of Ancaster. Buried at Charlottetown PEI. reg # 38466-28 (Wentworth Co)

Mary Ann HOWARD, f, died October 5, 1885, at the age of 37 years of phthisis Pulmonalis after an illness of 6 months. Born Tyendinaga, Ontario, Methodist. Informant Elisha HOWARD, Laborer, Deseronto #006563-85 (Hastings Co)

Alice Mary HOWELL, died at age 38 yrs + 4 months, of broncho-pneumonia, on 12 Dec 1928 at 179 King St. West in Dundas. Born in Woodstock on 12 Aug 1890, d/o Herbert Watson HOWELL & Ida Jane (both b. in St. George). Lived for 1 month at place of death. Husband was Stanley HOWELL. Buried at St. George. reg # 39281-28

Charles Winford HOWES , died Mar 4 1899 at age 15 years , 7 months & 12 days , of La Grippe , student, conc 1 lot 13 of Blenheim twp. Reg # 19592-99

HOWRIGAN, Elizabeth, f, d. 11 Jun.1891, age 39, patient Insane Asylum Mimico, b. Ireland, of phthisis, informant - J.B. Murphy MD of Mimico, Roman Catholic, Etobicoke Twp (York Co) #018920-91 [Hanrigan?]

HOY, William, m, d. 7 March 1891, age 77, shoemaker, b. Ireland, of General Debility 4 or 5 mos, informant - Rev. H.O. Tremayne of Islington, Church of England, Etobicoke Twp (York Co) #018904-91

HOYLE, George Joseph, m, d. Nov. 3, 1870, age 3 years 3 months, b. Canada, died of illegible fever, infm - Dr. D. Gillespie, (Co Ontario) 006465-70

HUBBARD, Andrew, m, d. Mar. 15, 1870, age 27, yeoman, b. State of Vermont, died of retention of urine from enlarged prostrate gland about one week, infm - Dr. David Tucker, Christian, (Co. Ontario) 006469-70

Annie HUDSON, d. 30 Aug 1901 at age 4 + 6 + 6, of diabetes, at lot 29, con 5 of Grey twp. Born in Tuscarora Ont. Married, farmer's wife. Informant was Charles HUDSON. #12723-01

Mary HUFF died 11 Aug 1900 at age 3 months of cholera infantum. Born in Toronto & living at 11 Manchester in Toronto. Reg # 3273-00 (Toronto)

Rosina HUFF died 20 June 1917 at age not given, of acute indigestion. Born in England, d/o Michael McGRAW & Elizabeth. Resident of, & buried at, Plattsville. Married. #23849-17 (Oxford Co)

Margaret E. HUGHSON , died Dec 18 1905 at age 82 years , 5 months , 10 days, of cancer of gall bladder, widow, at conc. 6 lot 13 of Blenheim twp. Reg # 21339-05

Benjamin R. HUMPHREY died 2 Dec 1900 at no age given of marasmus. Born in Toronto & living at 32 Turner in Toronto. Reg # 4332-00 (Toronto)

Rose Winnifred HUMPHREYS died 21 Sept 1881 at age 3 yrs + 7 months of whooping cough that she’d had for 5 weeks. Born in Toronto. #22581-81 (Toronto)

James HUNT died 1 Oct 1919 at age 80 + 4 of hardening of the arteries. Born in England, s/o not given; died at Plattsville. Widowed, gardener. Informant was Albert SMART of Plattsville. Buried at Brantford. #24487-19

James HUNTER died 27 Feb 1919 at age 78 yrs of myocarditis. Born in Canada, s/o John & blank; died at Verschoyle, Dereham twp. Married, retired. Informant was Ernest HUNTER of Ingersoll. Buried at Ingersoll rural cemetery. #24497-19

James G. HUNTER died 5 Dec 1918 at age 39 years of influenza. Born in Drumbo, s/o George HUNTER & Margaret McKAY; died at lot 7, con 6 of Dereham twp. Married, farmer. Informant was J.M. TAYLOR of Tillsonburg. Buried at Ayr. #24519-19

Lillian Charlotte HUNTER died 11 Feb 1919 at age 6 yrs of pneumonia. Born at lot 1 con 2 of Blandford twp, d/o William HUNTER & Mary McLELLAND; died at lot 23 con 3 of Blenheim twp. Informant was J.H. Swarts & son of Princeton. #24452-19

Thomas HUNTER , died Feb 8 1929 at age 88 yrs . Born Scotland Feb 15 1821 , widower , s/o Archibald HUNTER b. Scotland & Margaret ROBINSON b. Scotland. Died of senility , buried in Princeton. Reg # 027491-1929

George HUNTINGTON died 8 Oct 1870 at age 40 yrs, of consumption. Born in Whitby Ont. Informant was Dr. Smith of Scott twp. Registered in Scott twp. #6334-70 (Ontario Co)

HURST, Annie Franklin, f, d. 9 June 1893, age 8 years, b. Toronto, of heart disease 2 yrs; infm - Drs. Burgess & Rowan, Methodist (Toronto) #022442-93

Samuel J. HURST died 7 Jan 1900 at age 30 years of phthisis. Born in Barrie and living at 216 Lippincott in Toronto. Photographer. Reg # 1068-00 (Toronto)

Robert HUTCHISON , died July 20 1905 at age 32 , killed outright at railway accident , married, brakeman, at Sarnia. Reg # 21314 –05

Mary HUTTON, f, died September 19, 1883, at the age of 34 yrs & 4 mths of Pulmonary Tuberculosis after an illness of 1 yr. Born in Paisley Scotland; informant William HUTTON, husband, moulder of Paris Ontario. Reg # 001337-83 (Brant Co)

Sarah Ann HYDE, died at age 73 yrs + 4 months + 1 day, on 6 May 1928 of carcinoma of bowels, at Courtwright. Born in Kingston Ont. on 5 Jan 1855, d/o William DERMIE? (b. Quebec) & blank BOLTON (b. England). Widowed housewife. Son was Sydney HYDE of Courtwright, buried at Sutherland cemetery in Moore twp. reg # 19835-28

HYMAN, Abraham, m, d. 9 Jul.1883, age 3 mos, infant, b. City of London, died of cholera 3 or 4 days; infm - David Schwutzer, manufacturer, 213 1/2 King St, Jewish, London. (Middlesex Co) #009861-83

21360-12 Thomas HYSLOP died 10 May 1912 at London twp (Lot 24 Con 8) at age 89 yrs. Born Jan 1823 in Scotland, s/o Thomas HYSLOP & Elizabeth EDGAR. Widowed, gardener


Deaths: I & J Surnames

Thomas E. ILIFFE, died at age 52 at Nicholls Hospital in Peterborough, of cellulitis, on 11 Sept 1925. Born in England on 6 Oct 1872, s/o Edmond ILIFFE & Sarah BOUCK, married, shoemaker, lived about 1 month as place of death (reg # 26758-25)

Robert INGRAM died 16 Dec 1875 at age 65 years of inflammation of the lungs that he’d had for 11 days. Born in Ireland. Farmer. Informant was Peter Steinburgh of West Oxford. Registered in West Oxford twp., # 10994-76

Charles INNIS died 10 March 1917 at age 23 + 11 + 10 of pulmonary TB. Born in Blenheim, s/o Moses INNIS & blank MUMA. Married, machine worker. Resident of, & buried at, Drumbo. #23838-17 (Oxford Co)

Moses INNIS , died May 23 1921 at age 59 yrs , 11 Mon & 19 days , at Drumbo . Born June 18 1861 in Richwood , teamster , s/o James INNIS b. New Brunswick & Eunice SIPPREL b. New Brunswick . Informant was Samuel INNIS , son , form Drumbo. Died of abscess of the prostate & catarrhal pneumonia , buried in Drumbo. Reg # 025017-1921

Anna Selina IRVINE died 19 Aug 1877 at age 8 months + 8 days, of cholera infantum. Born in & death registered in Usborne. Informant was father, Christopher IRVINE of Usborne. # 5916-77

John IRVING died 7 March 1889 at age 70 yrs, of kidney disease. Born in Co. Tyron Ireland, fireman. Informant was Ellen IRVING, widow, of Blenheim. #12879-89 (Oxford Co)

Leslie Roy James IRVING, died at age 15 years of injury to brain caused by head being crushed when run over by a bus, on 9 Oct 1928 at Hamilton General Hospital. Born in Hamilton on 28 Feb 1913, s/o Roy Albert IRVING (b. Hamilton) & Martha Jane BRUCE (b. Faversham Kent England), parents living at 58 Welllington St. N. in Hamilton. Telegraph messenger. Buried at Woodland cemetery. reg # 38462.

Andrew M. JACKSON, m, Land Agent, died March 19, 1894 at the age of 77 years of Marasmus. Born in England, informant was Daniel Clark, Toronto. #021523-94 (York Co)

Henry JACKSON died 10 April 1894 at age 21 years, of typhoid fever. Born in Barber Canada. Informantwas Dr. J. Ogden. #21629-94 (Toronto)

JACKSON, Ida Jane, f, d. Aug. 26, 1870, age 15 months, b. Brock, died of infantile convulsions 3 weeks, infm - Dr. D. Gillispie, Cannington, Methodist parents, (Co. Ontario) 006459-70

Jane JACKSON , died Jan 23 1905 at age 63 years , of peritonitis , married , at Conc. 14 lot 6 East Zorra, Born in England. Reg # 21732-05

John JACKSON, died at age 20 yrs + 5 months, on 2 Nov 1880, at Toronto, of "suffocation from his having probably forgotten to turn the gas in his bedroom off on retiring to bed". He was a farmer, born in Toronto twp. Informant was a William BOYD of corner of Mill & Cherry Streets in Toronto. reg # 20307-80

Margaret JACKSON died 26 Jan 1894 at age 48 yrs, of kidney disease. Born in Ireland, farmer's wife. informant was John JACKSON. Registered in Peel twp. #18934-94 (Wellington Co)

Mary Ann JACKSON died 23 March 1920 at age 60 yrs + 5 months, of carcinoma of the gall bladder. Born in Albion twp on 24 Sept 1859, d/o William MELLOW (b. Richview Ont) & Eliza HUDSON (b. Castledery Ont). Widow. Died at Lot 21, con 7 of Albion twp. Informant was Herman JACKSON, son, of RR#2 Bolton. #31366-20 (Peel Co)

Allida JACQUES , died Mar 30 1921 at age 29 yrs 5 months & 27 days. Born in Belgium in 1891 d/o Henry GELDOF b. Belgium. Informant was Charles JACQUES , husband , from RR # 4 Bright. Died from apoplexy , buried in Kitchener. Reg # 025011-1921

Rebecca JAMES died 23 March 1900 at age 60 years of nephritis & cystitis. Born in Ireland & living at 23 Bright in Toronto. Lady. Reg # 1736-00 (Toronto)

Margaret JAMIESON , died Apr 11 1899 at age 72 years & 6 days, of heart failure, widow, at conc 8 lot 16 of Blenheim twp. Born in Scotland. Reg # 19601-99

Jane Hannah JARVIS died 30 May 1901 at age 73 yrs, of heart disease. Born in Canada, resident of 338 Jarvis St. in Toronto. Single. #2535-01 (Toronto)

Victoria JARVIS, d. 4 May 1901 at age 2?, of illegible, at Goderich twp. Born in Canada. #12687-01

Annie JENKINS, f, died May 3, 1885, at the age of 14 years of Diptorah (Diphtheria?). Born at Mounteagle, Ontario, Church of England. Informant George JENKINS, Yeoman, of Mounteagle. #006566-85 (Hastings Co)

Edmond JENKINS, m, died April 19, 1885, at the age of 9 years of Diptorah (Diphtheria?). Born at Mounteagle Ontario, Church of England. Informant George JENKINS, Yeoman, of Mounteagle; #006572-85 (Hastings Co)

Eliza JENKINS, f, died May 16, 1885, at the age of 4 years of Diptorah (Diphtheria?). Born at Mounteagle Ontario, Church of England. Informant George JENKINS, Yeoman, of Mounteagle; #006570-85 (Hastings Co)

George JENKINS, m, died May 1, 1885 at the age of 10 years of Diptorah (Diphtheria?). Born at Mounteagle Ontario, Church of England. Informant George JENKINS, Yeoman, of Mounteagle; #006568-85 (Hastings Co)

George A. JENKINS, m, died June 9, 1885, at the age of 16 5 years of Diptorah (Diphtheria?). Born at Mounteagle Ontario, Church of England. Informant George JENKINS, Yeoman, of Mounteagle Ontario; registered at Mounteagle Ontario July 25, 1885 #006574-85 (Hastings Co)

John JENKINS, m, died May 2, 1885 at the age of 2 years of Diptorah (Diphtheria?). Born at Mounteagle Ontario, Church of England. Informant George JENKINS ,Yeoman, of Mounteagle; #006571-85 (Hastings Co)

Jos. JENKINS, m, died April 26, 1885, at the age of 5 years of Diptorah (Diphtheria?). Born at Mounteagle Ontario, Church of England. Informant George JENKINS, Yeoman, of Mounteagle; #006573-85 (Hastings Co)

Lettie JENKINS, f, died May 4, 1885, at the age of 12 years of Diptorah (Diphtheria?). Born at Mounteagle Ontario, Church of England. Informant George JENKINS, Yeoman, of Mounteagle; #006567-85 (Hastings Co)

William JENKINS, m, died May 4, 1885 at the age of 8 years of Diptorah (Diphtheria?). Born at Mounteagle Ontario, Church of England. Informant George JENKINS, Yeoman, of Mounteagle; #006569-85 (Hastings Co)

Bernard JENNINGS died 27 May 1901 at age 49 yrs of angina pectoris. Born in Toronto, resident of 38 St. Vincent in Toronto. Single, banker. #2521-01 (Toronto)

Mary Jane JENNINGS, d. 4 March 1901 at age 38 (or 58), of pneumonia & heart failure at lot 30, con 1 of Goderich twp. Born in Canada. Married, farmer's wife. #12683-01

Edith Maud JEWELL died 2 Sept 1889 at age 2 yrs + 6 months of cholera infantum. Born in Blenheim. Informant was D. M. Beattie, clergyman, of Blenheim.

William JINKINSON died 7 April 1870 at age 45 yrs of typhoid fever. Messenger, born in England. Informant was Dr. Thompson of TGH. #7081-70 (Toronto)

William Henry JOB, m, Retired, died June 9, 1894, at the age of 73 years of Pareses? Born in England, informant was John B. Hall MD. Registered at Toronto Tp. #022107-94 (York Co)


Isabella JOBBSON, died at age 52 on 9 Oct 1928 at Hamilton General Hospital. Born in Halifax England on 30 Jan 1928, d/o Thomas BURNS (b. Halifax England) & Rose FITZSIMONS (b. Ireland). Lived in Ontario for 25 years. Husband was George Edward JOBBSON of 24 Burlington St. West in Hamilton. Buried at City cemetery. reg # 38463-28

Baby JOHNSON, stillborn 12 Feb 1921 at 496 Quebec Ave., Toronto. Son of Samuel JOHNSON (b. Canada) & Mother's name not given. Informant was father, of 496 Quebec Ave. Buried at Prospect cemetery. Reg # 1949-21

no name JOHNSON died 10 Aug 1901 at age 2 days of premature birth, at 78 Northcote in Toronto. #3238-01 (Toronto)

Aubrey V. JOHNSON, male, died 29 May 1901 at age 6 weeks of pertussis. Born in Toronto & resident of 97 Scollard in Toronto. #2523-01 (Toronto)

Hannah JOHNSON , died Jan 21 1899 at age 64 years, of angina tactoris , farmers wife , at conc 2 lot 12 of Blenheim twp. Reg # 19573-99 .

Harold Thomas JOHNSON died 5 Dec 1929 at age 29 yrs + 2 months, of nasal hemorrhage, jaundice & cancer of neck.. Born in Montreal on 18 Oct 1900, s/o Walter JOHNSON & Ada Mary HILL (both b. Sheffield England ). Married, automobile salesman. Died at Hamilton General Hospital; buried at Woodland cemetery. Informant was brother, Stuart JOHNSON of 112 Augusta St. in Hamilton. #39589-29 (Wentworth Co)

Helen Cordelia JOHNSON died 9 Oct 1917 at age 57 yrs of apoplexy [2 attacks, one 16 months ago & the present one]. Born in Walsingham twp, d/o Christopher BINGHAM & Mary LOWKES. Resident of Blenheim twp & buried in Brantford. Married. Informant was William H. JOHNSTON (sic) of Canning. #23859-17 (Oxford Co)

John JOHNSON, d. 21 Aug 1899 at age 46 + 7 + 18, of appendicitis, at lot 13, con 12 of Blenheim twp. Born in Canada. Married farmer. #19621-99

Lloyd JOHNSON died 12 Jan 1919 at age 24 yrs, of influenza followed by pneumonia. Born in Islington Ont., s/o Rev. W.A. JOHNSON & Jennie P. VROOMAN; died at Gobles. Single, cabinet maker. Informant was J.H. Swarts & Son of Princeton. Buried at Arkona. #24455-19

JOHNSON, Lydia Maria, f, d. 16 Feb. 1891, age 39 years 2 mos, married, b. Markham, of infant birth 2 mos, informant - Mrs. N.B. Tomlinson, Methodist, Markham Twp (York Co) #018668-91

Mary JOHNSON, died of influenza on 29 Nov 1929 at 297 Simcoe St. in Woodstock. Born 15 Feb 1843 in Ireland, d/o Patrick BENTLEY (born in Ireland) & unknown. Informant was daughter, Mrs. George GODDARD of 297 Simcoe St. in Woodstock. Buried in Brantford. Reg # 27991-29

Nellie JOHNSON died 10 July 1896 at age 13 months, of infantile convulsions. Born in Galt. Informant was John JOHNSON. #19708-96 (Waterloo Co)

Illegible JOHNSTON, female, died 14 Aug 1902 at age 17 yrs of appendicitis, at Sarnia Hospital. Born in & resident of Detroit Michigan. Reg # 13688-02

Fred Anson Seaman JOHNSTON, died 10 April 1884 at age 5 weeks + 4 days, of convulsions, at Goderich. Born in Goderich. Informant was William E. JOHNSTON. #006881-84

JOHNSTON, James, m, d. Jan. 8, 1870, age 69, farmer, b. Ireland, died of cancer of the mouth & throat, infm - William Hy Michell, Claremont, (Co Ontario) 006470-70

James Marshall JOHNSTON, d. 20 Dec 1899 at age 21 yrs + 10 days, of consumption, at lot 9 con 5 of Blenheim twp. Born in Blandford twp. Single, laborer. Informant was Thomas JOHNSTON. # 19639-99

Thomas JOHNSTON died 30 May 1901 at age 55 yrs of apoplexy. Born in England, resident of 238 Booth in Toronto. Married, carpenter. #2539-01 (Toronto)

JOHNSTON, William, m, d. 9 June 1893, age 6 years 8 mos 21 days; b. Toronto, of Diphtheria, infm - R.H. Palmer MD, Methodist (Toronto) #022449-93

William Henry JOHNSTON, died 10 Jan 1905, at age 43, of pneumonia & TB, at Clarkson. Married, laborer, born in Peel County Reg # 22536-05 (Peel Co)

Charles Robert JOLLY died 22 April 1870 at age 2? months & 12 days of chronic hydroencephalitis. Born in Toronto. #7120-70 (Toronto)

JOLY, Marcelle, m, d. 24 Oct. 1891, age 73 years, an insane person, b. Canada, of apoplexy, informant - J.B. Murphy MD, Mimico Asylum, R. Catholic, Etobicoke Twp (York Co) #018891-91

Alexander L. JONES died 6 April 1870 at age 30 yrs of inflammation of the lungs. Law student. Informant was J. E. Robertson, barrister, of Toronto. #7077-70 (Toronto)

Andrew Thompson JONES , died Apr 26 1899 at age 82 years , of jaundice , single , carpenter , at Richwood. Born in Scarborough. Reg # 19603-99 .

Ann JONES died 4 Nov 1877 at age 6 months, of abscess of liver following dysentery. Born in & death registered in Usborne twp. Informant was John Butcher, Bible Christian clergyman, of Usborne

Arthur O. JONES died 6 Feb 1919 at age 28 yrs of influenza. Born in West India, s/o not given; died at Dereham. Single, laborer. Informant was William WILCOX of Ostrander. Buried at Delmer. #24496-19

Charles JONES died 1900 (reg 4 Dec 1900) at age not given of diarrhea in association with general paresis. Birth place not given. Residence was 381 St. Clarens in Toronto. Caretaker. Reg # 4348-00 (Toronto)

Edward J. JONES died on 11 Feb 1921 of osteomyelitis of the ilium & septicemia, at age 10 yrs., at Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto. Born in England, s/o Charles G. JONES & mother's name not given. Informant was C. E. BURGESS (undertaker) of 529 Yonge St. Buried at Mt. Pleasant. Reg # 1943-21

Emanuel JONES, died at age 49 yrs at Colborne St. in Chatham, on 28 Jan 1902 of heart failure. Married, laborer, born "in the south". Informant was Dr. J.W. RUTHERFORD. #12538-02

JONES, Job, m, d. 19 Nov.1896, age 80 years, farmer, b. England, of old age, informant - W. Robinson MD, Markham, Methodist, Markham Twp (York Co) #022810-96

John Joseph JONES of Edgar St. in Chatham, died at age 53 yrs at St. Josephs Hospital, on 27 Feb 1902 of pneumonia. Widowed teamster, born in Chatham. Informant was Edward LAGNE?. #12554-02

Mary Elizabeth JONES, d. 22 June 1901 of cancer of liver at age 56 at St. Davids St. in Goderich. Born in Canada. #12648-01

William JONES died 10 Aug 1901 at age 60 yrs of carbolic acid poisoning. Resident of Ocean House in Toronto. Married, hostler. #3225-01 (Toronto)