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Deaths: M Surnames

MABLY, Nellie, f, d. 10 June 1893, age 5 years, b. Toronto, of inflammation of brain 1 wk; infm - Drs. Burgess & Rowan, Methodist (Toronto) #022441-93

Richard MACKEN, died at age 77 yrs + 8 months + 8 days, on 21 Dec 1928, of typhoid fever + gangrene of left leg following embolism in artery, at Forest, Lambton Co. Born in Canada on 13 April 1851, s/o Luke MACKEN (b. Ireland) & Mary OWENS (b. England). Lived 9 years at place of death. Married retired farmer. Brother-in-law was Mr. S. BLUNDEN of Forest. Buried at Beechwood cemetery in Forest. reg # 20249-28

John William MACKIE, d. 22 Dec 1899 at age 73 yrs, of Bright’s disease, at lot 13 con 7 of Blenheim twp. Born in Blenheim. Single laborer. #19641-99

Agnes (spelled Egnes) MAGARNEY [?], died 11 June 1873 at age 14 yrs + 11 months + 11 days, of "sisens" [?] of the stomach which she’d had for nine months. Born in Kennebec. Physician was "Knight in the start but soon stopped". Informant was Peter MAGARNEY of Kennebec. With note: "We consulted all of the doctors close by". Reg # 2383-73

John Dennison MAGONE, m, child, died on June 9, 1894, at the age of 1 year and 11 months, of Effusion in Brain and Pneumonia after an illness of 4 days. Born in Toronto, informant was D.H.McFaul MD, Toronto. #022096-94 (York Co)

William Beverly MAGUIRE, b. Toronto, d. 13 April 1879, croup, at age 14 mon + 8 days. #17366-79 (Toronto)

Andrew MAGUIRE, b. Ireland, shoe maker, d. 19 Feb 1879 of senile decay with paralysis of bladder, at age 69 yrs + 6 months. #17182-79 (Toronto)

Louis MAHEW, farmer, d Apr 18, 1898 at age 64 yrs, of peritonitis, at St. Patrick PO. Born P.Quebec. #019764-98 (Simcoe Co)

Mrs. Margaret MAHLER died 3 July 1896 at age 79 yrs., of old age. Widow. Born in Germany. Informant was W. H. ANDERSON of Galt. #19713-96 (Waterloo Co)

Sarah MAINS died 10 Nov 1898 at age 70 years of cerebral apoplexy. Born in Ireland; resident of 51 Oak St. in Toronto. Widow. #26958-98

MALCOLM, Aggie, f, d. 2 Jun.1893, 26 years, wife of J.W. Malcolm, b. Canada, died of heart failure following hemorrage after confinement, one month, infm - T. McKenzie MD, Presbyterian (Toronto) #022459-93

William MALLEY, died at age 59 yrs + 7 months + 3 days, on 2 Dec 1928 of cancer of the pharynx, at Forest in Lambton Co. Born in Canada on 29 April 1868, s/o John MALLEY & Honora KELLY (both b. Ireland). Lived 3 years at place of death. Retired farmer. Wife was "Mrs. Wm MALLEY" of Forest. Buried at Beechwood cemetery in Forest. reg # 20251-28

Michael MALONE died 31 Jan 1870 at no age given, of inflammation of the lungs of 3 weeks duration. Born in Ireland, laborer. #7112-70 (Toronto)

Mary Jane MANES, died 8 April 1905, of congestion of lungs, at age 71 yrs, at Toronto twp. Married, lady, born in Chinguacousy. Reg # 22551-05 (Peel Co)

Margaret MANIELLEY, died 28 Nov 1870 at age 38 yrs. Born in Canada, farmer's wife. Informant was John MANIELLEY. Registered in Adelaide twp.. #6318-70 (Middlesex Co)

Henry MANIKER, m, Farmer/widowed, died at Snowdon Tp. on January 11, 1919 at the age of 86 years and 3 months of Pneumonia. Born Prince Edward Co. Ontario; burial Ingoldsby Ontario; informant S. Congdon of Lochlin; #015059-1919 (Haliburton County)

Aaron MANN died 23 Feb 1872 at age 39, of congestion of the lungs. Born in Smith twp., farmer. Informant was Jonathan MANN of Smith twp. #24535-72 (Peterborough Co)

Abagill MANN died 4 Jan 1872 at age 85 yrs of dropsy. Born in USA, farmer's wife. Informant was James SMITH of Smith twp.; reg in Smith twp. #24533-72 (Peterborough Co)

Gideon MANN , died Feb 8 1899 at age 86 years, of old age & bronchitis, single , farmer , at conc 4 lot 17 of Blenheim twp. Born in St. Catherines. Reg # 19579-99

William MANN died 22 March 1900 at age 48 years of paresis. Born in Canada & living in Barrie Ont. Single, merchant. Reg # 1734-00 (Toronto)

Mary Florentine MANNY, died 15 Sept 1873 at age 10 months, of inflammation of brain. Born in Kerry, South Plantagenet. Informant was Zepheron MANNY, merchant, Alfred (Prescott & Russel Co). Reg # 37743-73

Frances L. MANSON, died 10 Aug 1873 at age 5 months + 11 dyas, of cholera infantum. Born in Ameliasburgh. Informant was Edward MANSON of Ferry Point, Ameliasburgh twp. Reg # 9926-73

Julien MARCHAND (male) died 26 Oct 1896 at age 85 yrs of old age. Farmer. Born in province of Quebec; death registered in Tilbury West. Informant was Rev. P. Langlois. #7640-96

Thomas MARCHANT died 23 March 1900 at age 3 of pneumonia. Born in Toronto & living in Orphans Home in Toronto. Reg # 1732-00 (Toronto)

Zelia MARCHILDON, d Apr 18, 1898 at age 8 m, of dysentery, at Lafontaine. Born Lafontaine. #019765-98 (Simcoe Co)

Alphonse MARCIL, d Aug 11, 1898 at age 2 m, cause not know, at Lafontaine. Born Lafontaine. #019769-98 (Simcoe Co)

Colbert MARION, d Mar 16, 1897 at 2 days. Born at Lafontaine. #019730-98 (Simcoe Co)

Marie Ann MARION, d June 5, 1897 at age 4 yrs. #019733-98 (Simcoe Co)

Robert MARION, d Mar 16, 1897 at 2 days. Born at Lafontaine. #019731-98 (Simcoe Co)

Charles MARKESE, died at age 10 months at 201 Park St. West in Hamilton, of pneumonia on 20 March 1925. Born 9 May 1924 at Hamilton, s/o Sam MARKESE & Alamio di loro Annuzita (both b. Italy). Buried at Holy Sepulchre cemetery. reg # 35053-25

Ann MARQUIS died 25 May 1893 at age 82 yrs + 7 months of old age. Born in Ireland, inmate of home. reg in King twp. #20615-94 (York Co)

Gorada? MARSHALL, died 9 Aug 1902 at age 6 months, of cholera infantum, at 2 Maxwell St. in Sarnia. Born in Sarnia. Reg # 13687-02

Hugh MARSHALL died 9 May 1881 at age 59 yrs of consumption of about 1 year duration. Born in Ireland, laborer. Informant was Dr. Jerrold Ball. #23401-81 (Toronto)

Jessie MARSHALL, b. Scotland, servant, d. 22 Dec 1880 of disease of the liver at age 44. #20347-80 (Toronto)

John Morris MARSHALL, died at 706 Echo Dr., Ottawa, age 5 years & 10 months. Born in Ottawa, s/o H.D. MARSHALL & Ethel Louisa MORRIS (bothparents born in Ottawa). Died of diphtheria on 10 Nov. 1920 & buried at Greenwood cemetery, Ottawa (reg #13230-1920)

John MARSHALL, died at City Hospital Hamilton, age 1 year & 20 days. Born in Hamilton, s/o Annie Elizabeth MARSHALL (b. Merritton), informant was John GRIFFIN, uncle, of 116 Poulette? St., Hamilton, d. 1 Jan 1921 of gastro intestinal toxemia (reg# 35941-1921)

John MARSHALL, died at 30 Ontario St., St. Catharines, age 79, married, b. England, lived in Ontario 40 years and at place of death 1 year; retired merchant in gentlemen’s furnishings, no parents given, informant was brother-in-law, Alexander RANKIN of Toronto. d. 6 March 1921 of apoplexy & buried in St. Catharines (reg # 20243-1921)

John Leaney? MARSHALL, age 5 days, b. at Sellwood on 17 Aug 1920, s/o Isaac Batison MARSHALL (b. Midland?) & Ida Estelle REYNOLDS (b. Saginaw Michigan). Died 22 Aug 1920 at Sellwood and is buried at Sudbury (?) (death reg # 35888-1920)

John MARSHALL, died at Evanturel twp., Temiskaming Dist., at age 32 years & 9 months, farmer, single. Born at Chelsea Quebec on 7 Jan 1890, s/o Robert MARSHALL (b. Quebec) and Annie LINTON (b. Edinburgh Scotland), informant was brother Alexander MARSHALL of Englehart Ont., d. 4 Oct 1922 of suffocation/burnt in bush fire (about 20 people listed as dying in that fire, including Robert & Maggie BOND and their 8 children). (death reg # 32167-1922)

John Stewart MARSHALL, died at 132 Beatrice St., Toronto, married, age 33 years & 5 months, of English origins, b. Hamilton 30 July 1888, s/o John MARSHALL (b.Paris Ont) & Elizabeth PATTERSON (b. Hamilton), clerk in cigar store for 3 years & a soldier prior to that. Brother was H.S. (or N.S.) MARSHALL of 24 Senslor? St. Hamilton. Died 26 Jan 1922 of diabetes and is buried at Hamilton (Death reg # 1491-1922)

John A. MARSHALL, d. Galt Hospital on 3 June 1923 at age 57, single, farmer. Born N. Dumfries on 6 Jan 1867, s/o Robert MARSHALL (b. N. Dumfries) & Catherine McKAY (b. Scotland), brother was Thomas MARSHALL of Buffalo NY. Died of appendicitis and is buried at Galt. (death reg # 34164-1923)

John Albert MARSHALL, died at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Windsor at age 32 years, 11 months & 30 days, married, toolmaker with Canadian General Motors from 29 Dec 1922. Born in England 5 Jan 1890 and lived 13 years in Canada/Ontario & 2 years at place of death. s/o William MARSHALL & blank CHAPMAN, wife is Nora of 487 Ouellette St., Windsor. D. 4 Jan 1923 of “la grippe” and is buried at Windsor Grove cemetery (death reg # 13801-1923)

John MARSHALL, born Scott twp. of an Irish father & a Scottish mother. reg # 2138-1924

John MARSHALL, born & died on 15 May 1924 at Trafalgar twp., s/o Karl H. MARSHALL (born Sault Ste. Marie) and Alda Geraldine MORDEN (b.Bradford). Buried at Oakville (death reg # 15917-24)

John MARSHALL died at Bowery St., Picton, a widower age 88, born in England on 17 Aug., lived 81 years in Ontario and 46 years at place of death. s/o James MARSHALL & Phyllis WERSHAM, son-in-law was Delos SPAFFORD of Picton. Died 12 Aug 1925 of cancer of the liver, buried at Glenwood cemetery (death reg # 27636-1925)

John MARSHALL, died at McMurrich twp., married, farmer, age 71 years & 10 moths, born at Mt. Forest on 10 Oct 1854, s/o Robert MARSHALL (b. Scotland) & Jean McMILLAN (b. Scotland), son-in-law was Harry HILL of Haldane Hill. died 6 Sept 1925 of TB (death reg # 25405-1925) (Parry Sound Dist.)

John MARSHALL, died at 146 Lambton Ave., Toronto, married, age 56, born at Mt. Dennis Ont, s/o George Robert & Elizabeth, wife was Maud, buried atProspect cemetery Toronto., d. 24 Sept 1925 of ruptured gastric ulcer (death reg # 37657-1925, Toronto)

John MARSHALL, d. at stop 23 Kingston Road in Scarborough, widower, occupation was traveler, born Scotland in 1833, s/o John MARSHALL (born Scotland) and unknown mother. Son was Fred MARSHALL of 161 Beach Ave., d. 7 Sept 1925 of old age and is buried at London, Ontario (death reg # 37185-1925, York Co)

John Sibley MARSHALL, died at Thomas Williams Home in St. Thomas , widower, carpenter, age 68, born at Port Dover Ont on 15 Oct 1857, s/oThomas Bell MARSHALL (b. Ireland) and unknown mother, d. 20 March 1926 of double pneumonia & heart failure (Elgin Co)

John Henry MARSHALL, d. Grace Hospital in Toronto, retired, widower, age 70, b. Scotland, s/o John Henry & Mary (both b.Scotland), son is Archibald MARSHALL of 20 Havelock St. Toronto. Died 11 June 1926 of osteo myelitis and is buried at Prospect cemetery (death reg # 4328-1926) (Toronto)

John Arthur MARSHALL, died at 21 Stace? Ave. Guelph, married, age 60, superintendent in carpet mill, b. England March 1865, s/o John MARSHALL & Annie HARKER (both b. England), lived 20 years in Ontario & 4 years at place of death, d. 17 Feb 1926 of pleuropneumonia, buried at Woodlawn cemetery in Guelph (death reg # 35825-1926) (Wellington Co)

John E. MARSHALL, died at General Hospital Brockville, married, CNR shopman, age 42, born in England 2 Sept., s/o W. Simpson MARSHALL & Achsah? APPLEYARD (both b. England), lived 13 years in Canada & 5 months at place of death, wife is Frances of 27 Hamilton St in Brockville, d. 8 April 1926 of stomach cancer, buried at Brockville (death reg # 20184-1926)

John MARSHALL, died at 297 Mary St. in Hamilton, single, age 56, born in Hamilton on 22 Jan 1870, s/o John (b. Ireland) & unknown., bother is James MARSHALL of Ancaster., died 28 March 1926 of heart failure

John MARSHALL died at Christie St. Hospital in Toronto, age 33, married, born Creetown Scotland on 23 June 1893, s/o John (b. Scotland) and unknown, lived 15 years in Ontario & 4 weeks at place of death, wife is Margaret of 101 Silverthorn Ave.. Toronto., died 15 Feb 1927 of tuberculous meningitis, and buried at Prospect cemetery (death reg # 1986-1927)

John MARSHALL died 4 Dec 1929 in his 86th year, of general circulatory failure with pulmonary oedama. Born 30 June 1844 in Palmero Ont., s/o John MARSHALL & Margaret ARCHIBALD (both b. Scotland ). Married, retired farmer. Died at 38 Fairmount Ave in Hamilton; buried at Hamilton cemetery. Informant was son, John R. MARSHALL of 38 Fairmount Ave in Hamilton. #39591-29 (Wentworth Co)

Robert Earl MARSHALL, died 19 June 1905, of diarrhea, at age 1 week, at Streetsville. Born in Streetsville Reg # 22563-05 (Peel Co)

William H. MARSHALL, b. Newfoundland, clerk, d/ 26 June 1880 of phthisis at age 40. #20137-80 (Toronto)

Ina K. MARSLAND died 5 Oct 1901 at age 16 yrs, of phthisis. Born in Canada, died at 679 Ontario St. #3673-01 (Toronto)

no name MARTIN, stillborn 7 Feb 1916 at Blenheim twp. Son of William MARTIN & Elizabeth MILLER. Buried in Blenheim twp. Informant was William MARTIN of Canning. #25335-16 (Oxford Co)

Ellen MARTIN, f, widow, died May 4, 1883 at the age of 52 years of Nephritis. Born in Stirlingshire Scotland; informant Archibald Campbell, Shoemaker, of Paris Ontario. Reg # 001313-83 (Brant Co)

Elizabeth L. MARTIN, d Aug 2, 1898 at age 12y, 6 m, of dropsy, at 7th Con Lot 8. Born in Tosorontio. Informant was W.H. MITCHELL. #019712-98 (Simcoe Co)

Harry Grant MARTIN, died at age 2 yrs + 8 months, at Park St. in Chatham on 1 Jan 1902 of diphtheria. Born at Chatham. Informant was James N. MARTIN. #12527-02

Minnie MARTIN, died April 19 1929 at age 50 yrs at Blenheim Twp, lived there 30 yrs. Born Blenheim Twp. Oct 3 1879 , married, d/o Edward WELLS b. Canning & Mary Ann CHURCH b. Blenheim Twp.Died of apoplexy , buried at Paris. Reg # 027596-1929

Sarah Ann MARTIN died 20 May 1870 at age 22 yrs of consumption. Born in Ireland. #7138-70 (Toronto)

William MARTIN died 23 April 1870 at age 63 yrs. Laborer, born in England. Informant was Dr. Hampton of TGH. #7107-70 (Toronto)

William MARTIN died 21 June 1917 at age 93 + 2 + 24 of gradual loss of vitality due to age. Born in Wiltshire England, s/o Henry MARTIN & blank HUNTLEY. Resident of Canning & buried at Paris. Widower, retired. Informant was Martin HUNTLEY of RR#2 Paris. #23850-17 (Oxford Co)

William Stanley MARTIN, d. 13 Jan 1901 at age 5 months, of infantile convulsions, at Widder St. in Goderich. Born in Goderich. #12618-01

John MARTIN, d. 14 Dec 1901 at age 33 of consumption, at Maitland Rd in Goderich. Born in Ashfield twp. Single, laborer. #12672-01

Joseph MARTINONI died 8 April 1898 at age 46 years of intestinal obstruction.. Stone mason. Born in Italy; died at lot 18, con 6 of Erin twp. Informant was Dr. Hamilton. #22188-98 (Wellington Co)

MASHINTER, Mabel, f, d. 19 Feb. 1891, age 3 mos, b. Etobicoke of bronchitis, informant - Rec'd by post no signature, Believer, Etobicoke Twp (York Co) #018905-91

Helen Clarke MASON died 31 Oct 1916 at age 98 yrs., of senility & respiratory failure. Born & died in Princeton. Widowed. #25374-16 (Oxford Co)

George Carson MASTERS, d. 2 Feb 1899 at age 6 weeks of congestion of brain, at 1 Argyle St. in Embro. Informant was Thomas MASTERS. #19687-99

Elizabeth Linn MATHESON, d. 5 Jan 1899 at age 76 yrs of some sort of heart trouble - found dead in her room, at 1 Park St. in Embro. Born in Paisley Scotland. Widow. Informant was Mary MATHESON. #19687-99

Hugh MATHEWSON, b. Scotland, laborer, d. 4 March 1879, senile debility, at age 67. #17309-79 (Toronto)

Abraham MAURICE, farmer, d Oct 18, 1897 at age 81 yrs. Born P. Quebec. #019736-98 (Simcoe Co)

infant MAY, stillborn on 11 Dec 1928 at 67 Dundas St. in Dundas. Son of James MAY & Margaret KERNAGHAN (both b. Ireland). Grandmother was Mrs. M. KERNAGHAN of Dundas. Buried at Grove cemetery in Dundas. reg # 39285-28 (Wentworth Co)

Elizabeth Ann MAY died 30 Jan 1870 at age 1 yr., of inflammation of the lung. Born in Scugog. Informant was John MAY, farmer, of Scugog. #6336-70 (Ontario Co)

Charles Elvin MAYBEE, age 2 months, born at Paris, s/o Frank MAYBEE & Flosy SIMONS, died of Cholera infantum on 25 Sept 1914 at Paris, Brant Co., (death reg # 8390-1914)

Archie Carpenter MAYBERRY died 19 June 1889 at age 2 yrs + 4 months, of congestion of the lungs. Born in West Oxford. Informant was T. R. MAYBERRY. #12937-89 (Oxford Co)

David MAYNARD died 23 Jan 1916 at age 78 + 8 + 15, of senility & bronchitis. Born in Drumbo, s/o John MAYNARD & Rebecca TICE. Died & buried at Drumbo. Married, retired farmer. Informant was James MOTHERAL of Drumbo. #25349-16 (Oxford Co)

Eva MAYNES, died 3 May 1884 at age not given, of scarlet fever. Born in Goderich. Informant was William MAYNE. #006889-84 (Huron Co)

Horace H. McADAM, died 15 July 1884 at age 23 years of pulmonary phthisis, at Elmsley North. Born in Renfrew Co., dry goods clerk. Informant was Dr. Kelloch of Perth. #008700-84

Mary Frances MacADAMS died 22 April 1881 at age 10 yrs of inflammatory sore throat with adema of glottis. Born in City of Quebec. #23405-81 (Toronto)

Duncan McALISTER, m, Yeoman, died October 9, 1885 at the age of 18 years of Diphtheria. Born in Renfrew Ontario, Roman Catholic. Informant Carl McALISTER of Herschel Ontario; October 12, 1885 #006576-85 (Hastings Co)

Gilbert McALISTER died 16 Oct 1898 at age 79 years of apoplexy. Farmer. Born in Scotland, died at lot 25, con 10 of Erin twp. Informant was Mrs. G. McALISTER. #22201-98

Isabella McARTHUR died 23 March 1900 at age 81 years of La Grippe. Born in Scotland & living at 94 Sydenham in Toronto. Widow. Reg # 1743-00 (Toronto)

Mary McAULIFFE, died 30 May 1905, of debility of age, at age 71 yrs, at Lakeshore Road. Married, house keeper, born in Ireland. Informant was Mr. KELLY Reg # 22561-05 (Peel Co):

Baby McAUSLAND stillborn on 9 Aug 1896 at Galt. Informant was J. M. McAUSLAND of Galt. #19719-96 (Waterloo Co)

Annie McBEATH , died Jan 2 1905 at age of 46 years , of tuberculosis, married , housekeeper , at 300 Hay Street Woodstock. Informant was C. Mott. Reg # 21718-05

Alice McBURNEY died 26 Dec [1872 or 1871] at age 19 yrs + 6 months, of puerperal convulsions. Wife of James G. CHOATE. Born in Belmont. Informant was Dr. Bingham. Registered in Dummer twp.. #24530-72 (Peterborough Co)

Bernard McCABE, m, Laborer, died October 1, 1883 at the age of 66 yrs of Carcinoma after an illness of 3 years. Born in Ireland; informant Henry TAYLOR of Paris Ontario. Reg # 001340-83 (Brant Co)

Laura May McCABE died 3 Feb 1894 at age 5 yrs of inflammation of the bowels. Born in Ontario, farmer's daughter. Informant was John A. Watson. registered in king twp.. #20602-94 (York Co)

Matthew McCABE, m, infant, died August 12, 1883, at the age of 4 months and 2 days of Carcinoma. Born in Paris Ontario; informant Charles McCABE, brother, Paris Ontario. Reg # 001326-83 (Brant Co)

McCAFFREY, Ivan Yates, m, d. 26 Dec. 1896, age 3 mos, b. Ontario Canada, of convulsions sudden death, informant - George Fierheller MD, Markham, Markham Twp (York Co) #022817-96

Francis McCAIG, male, died 12 Dec 1894 at age 1 yr., of diphtheria Born in Erin Ont. Informant was John McCAIG of Erin. Parents religion given as Disciples. #18929-94 (Wellington Co)

Isabella McCAIG died 4 Dec 1894 at age 4 yrs of diphtheria. Born in Erin Ont. Informant was Rev W. A. Strongman of Erin. Parents religion given as Disciples. #18928-94 (Wellington Co)

Douglad McCALLUM died 24 May 1893 at age 66 yrs of paralysis. Born in Scotland, inmate of home. reg in King twp. #20617-94 (York Co)

James McCARLEY died 2 May 1917 at age 55 yrs + 9 days, of malignant growth. Born in Drumbo, s/o David McCARLEY & Ann McGUIRE. Married, laborer. Resident of, & buried at, Drumbo. Informant was Mrs James McCARLEY of Drumbo. #23845-17 (Oxford Co)

John Pendergast McCARTHY died 21 April 1881 at age 50 of chronic cystitis. Born in Ireland, conductor on GTR. #23410-81 (Toronto)

Mary C. McCARTHY, d. 12 Aug 1901 of accidental drowning. Residence - Elgin St. in Goderich. Born in Goderich. Single. #12660-01

Thomas McCARTNEY, d. 16 March 1901 at age 32 yrs, of typhoid fever, at Goderich twp. Born in Canada, single, farmer. #12684-01

McCASKILL, Christina, f, d. Dec. 22, 1902, age 40, store keeper, b. Canada, died of Uraemia 1 day, infm - H.L. Barker, Presb,. Burk’s Falls, 020230-02 (Parry Sound Dist)

Harold C. McCUAIG died 6 Jan 1900 at age 31 years of heart failure following inflammation of the liver. Born in Canada & living at 38 John St. in Toronto. Married, merchant. Reg # 1070-00 (Toronto)

Catherine McCAULEY, died at age "about 82" at 156 Sherman Ave. N. in Hamilton, of senility on 22 March 1925. Born in Ireland, widow, d/o John O'BRIEN & unknown. Lived in Ontario 60 years. His son was Dennis McCAULEY of 18 Milton Ave. Buried at Holy Sepulchre cemetery. reg # 35054-25

Manley Raymond McCAULEY , died Oct 25 1929 age 24 yrs at Provincial Highway conc. 1 lot 6. [Blenheim twp?]. Born in London Ont., s/o Dan McCAULEY & Emily GOODMAN. Died of automobile accident , buried Mt. Pleasant London Ont. Reg #027913-1929

McCORMACK, John Alexander, m, d. 27 July 1896, age 41 years, tailor, b. London England, of hemorrhage of lungs, informant - Edward McCormack of Newmarket Whitchurch, English Church, resided Conc 1, Lot 93, Whitchurch Twp (York Co) #022412-96

Jennie Matilda McCRACKEN died 30 April 1881 at age 7 + 4 + 23, of diphtheria. Born in Ontario. #23395-81 (Toronto)

Maxwell Lindsay McCRACKEN, m, died in Minden Lot 10 Conc. 7 on January 2, 1919, at the age off 11 years and 9 months of Epilepsy. Born in Anson Tp. s/o Richard McCRACKEN & Eliza BURNS of Minden. Burial in Minden; informant Richard McCRACKEN of Minden. #015033-1919 (Haliburton County)

Arthur Henry McCUBBEN, clerk in store, d Nov 19, 1898 at 17 yr, 6m, of inflammation of the bowels, at 1st Con, Tecumseth. Born Tecumseth. Informant was W. J. BERRY. #019723-98 (Simcoe Co)

Mary McCUTCHEON died 30 Aug 1893 at age 98 yrs of old age. Born in Co. Down Ireland, farmer's wife. Informant was Stewart McCUTCHEON of Erin. #18581-93 (Wellington Co)

McDERMID, Gordon C., m, d. Mar. 26, 1905, age 26 months, b. Ontario, died of menengitis, infm - W.J. Greig, (Toronto) 001961-05

John McDERMID died 2 Aug 1889 at age 4 days, of premature birth. Born in Toronto. #16816-89 (Toronto)

McDERMUD, Malcolm, m, d. Nov 7, 1870, age 53, farmer, b. Scotland, died of dropsey 3 months, infm - Dr. Henry Warren, Brocklin, Presb, (Co Ontario) 006452-70

Harriett McDIARMID, d. 18 April 1901 at age 19 yrs of phthisis, at Britannia Rd in Goderich. Born in Goderich. Single. #12629-01

no name McDONALD stillborn on 10 Sept 1889 at Toronto. #17467-89 (Toronto)

McDONALD, Annie, f, d Sept. 8, 1902, age 32 years, 7 months, 6 days, b. Dist of Muskoka, died of blood poisoning 11 days, infm - Lachlan McDonald, Presb, Ryerson Centre Rd Burk’s Falls, 020232-02 (Parry Sound Dist)

Clayton Wentworth MacDONALD , died Jan 30 1929 at age 34 yrs 2 mon & 2 days, at Creditville. Born Creditville Nov 28 1894 , married , s/o George MacDONALD b. Washington Ont & Ida May KIPP b. Creditville.Informant was Mrs Clayton MacDONALD , wife, from RR#5 Woodstock. Died of accidental death from a falling tree limb which fractured his skull, buried Princeton. Reg #027489-1929

Clarence Herbert McDONALD, d. 21 March 1901 at age 5 weeks, of convulsions, at John St. in Ridgetown. Born in Ridgetown. Informant was Herbert McDONALD. #13819-01

Cecilia Mary McDONALD, d. July 1901 at age 48 yrs, of gastro enteritis with heart failure, at Jane St. in Ridgetown. Born in Brock twp., married. Informant was H?. J. McDONALD. #13827-01

Duncan Peter McDONALD, died 9 July 1905 at age 24 yrs, of heart failure. Single, clerk. resident of village of Middlemiss, Ekfrid twp. Born in Caradoc. #17496-05

Harold Alexander McDONALD died 28 March 1917 at age 11 days, of premature birth. Born & died at Lot 12, con 12 of Blenheim twp., s/o Franklin McDONALD & Irene OBRIEN?. Informant was Frank McDONALD of Bright. #23840-17 (Oxford Co)

McDONALD, James, m, d. 7 Dec.1895, age 58 years, retired farmer, b. Vaughan, informant - Euston Sisley MD of Maple, Methodist, Vaughan Twp (York Co) #022424-96

Kathleen McDONALD, d. 5 July 1901 at age 15 (probably months) of acute enteritis, at Britannia St. in Goderich. Born in Goderich. #12652-01

McDONALD, Margaret Ann, f, d. Aug. 27, 1902, still born, b Burk’s Falls, still born, infm - Lauchlan McDonald, Presb, Ryerson Centre Rd Burk’s Falls, 020230-02 (Parry Sound Dist)

Martin MACDONALD died at age 22 years on 31 Oct 1880 at Toronto of erysipilas (?) of 9 days duration, He was a book binder, RC, born Toronto. reg # 20289-80

Mary McDONALD died 12 July 1919 at age 66 yrs, of sudden heart failure & cancer of the breast. Born in Esquesing, d/o Alexander HUME & Mary FISHER. Married. Died at lot 12, con 5 of Esquesing & buried at Georgetown. Informant was Ronald McDONALD of RR #5, Milton. #15135-19 (Halton Co)

Robert R. McDONALD, m, Laborer, died September 5, 1883, at the age of 35 years, of ulceration of the bowel. Born in Antigonish Nova Scotia; informant T. S. Losic, Hotel Keeper, Sault Ste Marie. Reg # 001089-83 (Algoma Dist)

Henny McDOUGALL, d. 5 June 1901 at age 76 of heart disease, at lot 26, con 8 of Goderich twp. Born in Ontario, Married, farmer's wife. #12689-01

Eliza McDOWELL died 26 Nov 1896 at age 57 of paralysis. Housewife. Born in Ireland. Informant was Charles WHITNEY of Galt. #19733-96 (Waterloo Co)

Donald McEACHERN, died 21 Oct 1905, at age 2 yrs + 11 months, of diarrhea & meningitis. Resident of lot S 23, con R 2nd N., Ekfrid twp. Born in Ekfrid twp. # 17497-05 (Middlesex Co)

McEACHREN, John, m, d. 4 Sept 1891, age 38 years, keyboard maker, b. Argyleshire Scotland, of accidentally shot at the Humber, informant - J. Orlando Orr MD of Toronto, Presbyterian, Etobicoke Twp (York Co) #018892-91

James McEWEN, d. 18 Feb 1901 at age 58, of catarrh of stomach, at Cunningham Ave in Ridgetown. Born in Perth Scotland. Married shoe maker. Informant was Mrs. J. McEWEN. #13818-01 (Kent Co)

Hector McFARLANE, died 7 Jan 1905, at age 83 yrs, of la grippe. Married farmer. Resident of lot N 18, con 4, Ekfrid twp. Born in Scotland. # 17483-05 (Middlesex Co)

William McGARY died 24 May 1893 at age 74 yrs of paralytic stroke. Born in Ireland, inmate of home. reg in King twp. #20616-94 (York Co)

John Crosby McGEE died 5 Dec 1919 at age 1 + 5 + 11 of meningitis. Born in Thorold Ont., s/o John McGEE & Lena CROSBY; died at Princeton. Buried at Princeton. #24492-19 (Oxford Co)

Neil McGILL died 7 April 1898 at age 76 of lumbago & decline. Gentleman. Born in Scotland, died in Hillsburg. Informant was Dugald COWAN. #22190-98 (Wellington Co)

Edward McGINN died 15 Aug 1900 at age 11 months & 26 days of cerebro spinal meningitis. Born in Toronto, no residence given. Reg # 3293-00 (Toronto)

McGINN, John, m, d. Mar. 25, 1905, age 72, merchant, b. Ontario, died of injury, infm - R.S. Tyrrell, Meth, (Toronto) 001963-05

John Joseph McGINN died 2 Dec 1900 at age 6 years of diphtheria. Born in Toronto & living at 129 Duke in Toronto. Reg # 4329-00 (Toronto)

Louis McGINN died 8 Jan 1900 at age 3 years of meningitis. Born in Toronto & living at 160 Duchess in Toronto. Reg # 1058-00 (Toronto)

Sarah Ann McGINN died 21 March 1900 at age 63 of bronchitis. Born in Brockville & living at 473 Spadina Ave in Toronto. Occupation is given as house work. Reg # 1742-00 (Toronto)

Elizabeth McGINNIS, died 29 May 1873 at age 29 yrs, of peritonitis. Born in Canada. Informant was Dr. Thomas Moore of Demorestville. Registered in Sophiasburgh twp. Reg # 9921-73 (Prince Edward Co)

McGIRR , Sarah Victoria Louisa, f, d. Jan. 30, 1902, age 6, b. Machar Twp, died of inflammation of bowels, infm - Joseph McGirr, ME, lot 12 con 6 Machar, 020301-02 (Parry Sound Dist)

Charlotte A. McGLAGHLEN died 17 Aug 1872 at age 21 yrs of consumption. Born in Belmont twp. Informant was Hugh DRAIN. Registered in Dummer twp.. #24524-72 (Peterborough Co)

Edgar James McGOWAN, m, infant, died June 11, 1894, at the age of 2 months of Imperfect Development, a birth condition. Born in Toronto, informant was Dr. W. J. Fletcher. #022093-94 (York Co)

Mary McGOWAN, f, spinster, died May 2, 1894, at the age of 36 years of Phthisis Pulmonalis after an illness of a year. Born in Canada, informant was Dr. A. J. Dwyer, Toronto. #022075-94 (York Co)

Arthur John McGRATH stillborn 15 Aug 1900 at 116 Richmond St. Toronto. Reg # 3295-00 (Toronto)

Maude McGREGOR, died 24 Sept 1884 at age 3 yrs + 9 months, of affection of spine, at Goderich. Born at Goderich. Informant was Wilder McGREGOR. #006896-84 (Huron Co)

William McGUIRE died 30 Aug 1877 of dysentery at age 5 months. Born in Turnberry & death registered in Turnberry. Laborer’s son. Informant was Dr. Alexander Bethune of Wingham # 5033-77 (Huron Co)

James M. McGURN, died 6 Aug 1881 at age 12 days of diarrhea, at Peterborough. Informant was grandmother, Sarah JOB?. #15810-81 (Peterborough Co)

James McINERNEY died 22 March 1900 at age 58 years of cancer. Born in Ireland & living at 437 Queen St. East in Toronto. Married laborer. Reg # 1749-00 (Toronto)

John McINTOSH, d. 19 Nov 1901 at age 72 of dysentery, at lot 21 con 12 of Grey twp. Born in Scotland, widower, farmer. #12733-01 (Huron Co)

Joseph McINTYRE died 25 March 1900 at age 2 months of inanition. Born in Toronto & living at 657 Markham in Toronto. Reg # 1750-00 (Toronto)

Peter McINTYRE died 3 May 1881 at age 76 yrs of congestion of the lungs. Born in Stirlingshire Scotland, light house keeper. #23391-81 (Toronto)

Eppy (Mrs. John) McKAY died 25 April 1916 at age 82 yrs, of anemia. Born in Sutherlandshire Scotland, died at Gobles & buried at Princeton. Widowed. #25356-16 (Oxford Co)

Alexander A. McKAY, d. 22 July 1899 at age 84 yrs of senile decay at 3 St. Andrews St. in Embro. Born in parish of Dornoch in Scotland. Married blacksmith. Informant was David McKAY. #19697-99 (Oxford Co)

Bertha A. McKAY, died at age 11 months + 19 days, of congestion & cholera, at Peterborough. Informant was father, Thomas McKAY. #15814-81 (Peterborough Co)

Donald McKAY, died 13 Nov 1884, at age 77 yrs, of paralysis, at Goderich. Born in Scotland. Informant was Hugh McKAY. # 006991-84 (Huron Co)

Mrs. McKAY, d. 29 July 1901 at age not given, of pernicious anemia. Residence not given, but registered in Goderich. Born in Perth Co. #12659-01 (Huron Co)

William McKAY, d. 11 July 1901 at age 86, of cerebral hemorrhage, at lot 11, con 12 of Grey twp. Born in Scotland. Married farmer. #12720-01 (Huron Co)

James McKECHNIE died 15 Sept 1893 at age 39 + 5 + 22, of inflammation of the bowels. Born in Erin twp., farmer. Informant was Angus McKECHNIE of Erin. #13583-93 (Wellington Co)

Ernest Marshall McKECHNIE died 18 April 1898 at age 1 yr + 28 days of pneumonia. Born in Erin twp & died at lot 4, con 8 of Erin twp. Informant was Andrew McKECHNIE. #22197-98 (Wellington Co)

no name McKEE, d. 21 July 1899, at 1 day of heart failure, at Plattsville. Informant was James BAIRD. # 19618-99

Annie McKENZIE, died 7 Sept 1902 at age 18 yrs + 6 months, of consumption, at Pt. 3 W. Christena St. (in either Sarnia or Chapmanville). Single, born in Ontario. Reg # 13696-02

Clara Hilda McKENZIE died 19 Nov 1916 at age 66 + 8 + 11, of neurasthenia & senility. Born in Norton Creek Quebec, d/o William NICHOLS & Rachel DAVIS. Died at 6th con of Blenheim. Informant was J. A. McKENZIE of RFD 2, Innerkip. #25378-16 (Oxford Co)

Ellen S. McKENZIE died 12 Aug 1901 at age 43 yrs of phthisis. Born in Canada, resident of 28 Mansfield in Toronto. Married. #3219-01 (Toronto)

Everett Holmes McKENZIE, d. 25 June 1901 at age 28 of illegible, at St. Vincent St. in Goderich. Born in Goderich. #12649-01

Isabella MACKENZIE died 10 Nov 1898 at age 68 yrs, of heart disease. Birth place not given. Died at 726 Spadina Ave in Toronto. Widow. #26954-98

Margaret McKENZIE, f, child, died June 9, 1894, at the age of 7 years of Scarlet Fever after an illness of 2 days. Born in Toronto, informant was W. C. Dumble MD. Registered at Toronto, #022109-94 (York Co)

Thomas McKEOWN died 10 Nov 1898 at age 59 yrs., of cancer. Born in Ireland; resident of 51 Ann St. in Toronto. Informant was R.J. Dwyer. #26959-98

Duncan McKERRAL , died July 28 1921 at age aprox. 50 years. Born in the United States. Died of cancer of the stomach. Very little information available. Buried in Princeton cemetery. Reg # 025025-1921

McKINNON, Neil, m, d. 3 May 1891, age 57 years, teacher, b. Canada, of consumption 6 wks, informant - John McKenzie, Presbyterian, Markham Twp (York Co) #018675-91

James McKIRDY died 13 Aug 1901 at age 51 yrs of locomotor ataxia. Born in Canada, resident of 52 Gloucester in Toronto. Married, accountant. #3235-01 (Toronto)

James McLAREN, died on 3 May 1884 at age 43 yrs, from being thrown from a wagon. Born in North Elmsley twp., farmer. Informant was William McLAREN. #008697-84

Ann Jane McLAUGHLIN died 2 Jan 1894 at age 18 yrs, of consumption. Born in Ontario, farmer's daughter. Informant was Isabella McLAUGHLIN. Registered in Peel twp. #18935-94 (Wellington Co)


McLEAN, Gilbert, m, d. 9 Jul.1883, age 30, painter, b. Scotland, died of phthisis 2 yrs; infm - Charles S. Moore MD, London. (Middlesex Co) #009862-83

Mrs John McLEAN, f, died June 8, 1894, at the age of 72 years of Malignant Cyst of the uterus after an illness of 1 year. Informant was H. Hunt MD, registered in Toronto. #022092-94 (York Co)

Margaret B McLEAN, f, Spinster, died June 10, 1894, at the age of 26 years and 3 months of Pulmonary Hemorrhage after an illness of 2 days. Born in Ontario, informant was Thomas Wylie MD. Registered at Toronto Tp. #022104-94 (York Co)

Margaret McLEAN, d. 28 April 1901 at age 89, of erule? gangrene, at John St. in Ridgetown. Born in Nova Scotia. Married. Informant was J.C. LOCKE. #13823-01

Murdock McLEAN died 4 June 1916 at age 61 yrs + 5 months, of cancer. Born in Beverly twp., s/o John McLEAN & Catherine McIVER. Married, farmer. Buried at Mt. View cemetery in Galt. #25360-16 (Oxford Co)

William Colin McLEAN died 15 Feb 1919 at age 33 yrs of pneumonia. Born in Beverly twp., s/o Murdoch McLEAN & Jane BENTLEY; died at lot 11 con 2 of Blenheim twp. Married, farmer. Informant was J.H. Swarts & Son of Princeton. Buried at Princeton cemetery. #24459-19

John McLEOD died 7 Jan 1900 at age 45 years of heart disease. Born in Canada, no residence given, carpenter. Reg # 1073-00 (Toronto)

Elspeth McMAHON (or McMahan?) died 25 May 1919 at age 23 yrs + 2 months of phthisis. Born in Waverly, d/o Alex McMAHON & Charlotte SIBBALD. Single, stenographer. Died, & buried at, Waverly. Informant was Alex McMAHON of Waverly. #29591-19 (Simcoe Co)

George McMAHON, d. 23 Dec 1901 at age 71 of cancer of liver, at Bennett St. in Goderich. Born in Goderich. Single farmer. #12673-01

Thomas P. McMACKIM , died Feb 18 1905 at age 78 years , of general debility , married, gentleman , at 110 Beal St. Woodstock.Born in Ireland. Reg # 21740-05 (Oxford Co)

Henry McMANUS, labourer, d Sept 11, 1898 at age 64 yrs, of injury, ill one week, at 13th Con, Tecumseth. Born Tecumseth. Informant was T. M. ARMSTRONG. #19717-98 (Simcoe Co)

Child McMATH, m, son of John & Elizabeth McMATH, died November 26, 1883 at the age of 24 hours due to complications of premature birth. Born in Paris Ontario; informant John McMATH, father, knitter, of Paris Ontario. Reg # 001345-83. (Brant Co)

Christopher Crabb McMATH, d. 15 April 1901 at age 5 yrs of heart failure, at East St. in Goderich. Born in Goderich. #12635-01 (Huron Co)

Samuel McMATH, d. 24 Feb 1901 at age 87, of old age, at East St. in Goderich. Born in Scotland. Married, retired. #12624-01 (Huron Co)

Wellington McMATH, died 22 March 1884 at age 15 months, of teething, at Goderich. Informant was John S. McMATH. #006879-84 (Huron Co)

William Bell McMEEKIN died 26 July 1917 at age 53 + 11 + 18 of drowning. Born in Blandford twp., s/o Samuel McMEEKIN & Elizabeth MITCHELL. Married, vet. surgeon. Died in Plattsville & buried in Chesterfield. #23854-17 (Oxford Co)

Charles McMILLAN died 17 Sept 1898 at age 75 years, of disease of the bladder. Farmer. Born in Scotland & died at lot 14, con 7 of Erin twp. #22199-98 (Wellington Co)

Archibald McMURCHY died 19 Sept. 1881 at age 21 yrs + 5 months, of hemorrhage in bowels & complications from typhoid fever. Grocer’s clerk, born in Esquesing twp. #22577-81 (Toronto)

Ellen McNABB, f, wife of Stewart McNABB, died on March 16, 1883 at the age of 48, no cause of death given. Born in Wellington County, informant Annie McNABB, daughter, of Paris, Ontario. Reg # 001303-83 (Brant Co)

Eliza Jane McNAIR died 6 Dec 1889 at age 45 yrs, of syncope. Born in Donegal Ireland. #17759-89 (Toronto)

no name McNALLIE, stillborn 8 Dec 1917 at Canning, d/o Herbert C. McNALLIE & Sarah E. JACKES. Buried at Canning. Informant was Herbert C. McNallie of Canning. #23868-17 (Oxford Co)

Maud McNAMARA, died July 1881, at age 11 days. Cause of death not given. Informant was father, Patrick McNAMARA of Peterborough. #15808-81 (Peterborough Co)

Sarah Mildred McNAUGHT, d. 9 Sept 1901 at age 2 yrs, of pneumonia, at lot 32, con 18 of Grey twp. Born in Grey twp. #12724-01 (Huron Co)

McNEIL, David Lloyd, m, d. 1 Sep. 1918, age 3 mos, infant, born North Gwillimbury, father - John McNEIL, mother - Ruth JONES, died of chronic indigestion, Sutton West, Georgina Twp. #045847-18 (York Co)

Donald McNEILL died 8 Jan 1900 at age 75 years of bilious fever with complications. Born in Scotland & living at 224 George in Toronto. Retired clergyman. Reg 1076-00 (Toronto)

Hugh McNEIL, d. 2 Nov 1901 at age 69 + ? + 17, of carcinoma, at lot 27, con 3 of Grey twp. Born in Ontario. Married farmer. Informant was John COATS. #12732-01 (Huron Co)

no name McNEIL, stillborn on 23 May 1905 at lot N 20, con 5, Ekfrid twp. # 17484-05

Donald McNICHOL , died Feb 10 1899 at age of 2 months & 18 days, of convulsions , at conc 14 lot 13 of Blenheim twp. Born in Berlin . Reg # 19580-99

Infant McPHADEN, m, died at Lot 22 Conc. 9, on September 17, 1919, Stillbirth. s/o Malcolm MCPHADEN & Clara McELWAIN, burial at Ingoldsby Ontario; informant M. McPHADEN of Blairhampton; #015043-1919 [also 15044-19, twins?] (Haliburton County)

John McPHAIL, died 7 March 1884, at age 1 yr, of inflammation, at Goderich. Born in Goderich. Informant was Daniel McPHAIL. #006885-84 (Huron Co)

John McPHAIL died 13 April 1898 at age 85 of suicide (cut throat). Farmer. Born in Scotland, died at lot 15, con 3 of Erin twp. Informant was Dr. E. F. McCullough. #22191-98 (Wellington Co)

Nancy McPHAIL died 25 April 1898 at age 70 of general paresis which she’d had for 2 years. Farmer's wife. Born in Scotland, died at lot 16, con 3 of Erin twp. Informant was Dr. E. F. McCullough. #22192-98 (Wellington Co)

Neil McPHEDRAN, died 21 Dec 1905 at age 78 yrs, of heart failure. Married farmer. resident of Lot 10, con R.5S., Ekfrid twp. Born in Scotland. #17498-05 (Middlesex Co)

Farquhar McRAE, farmer, d Nov 8, 1898 at age 87 yrs, of pneumonia & old age, ill about 4 m, at 5th Con Tiny. Born Scotland. Informant was Dr. McCLINTON. #019756-98 (Simcoe Co)

Catherine McTAGGART, died at age 83 yrs + 2 months + 21 days, on 19 April 1928 of cerebral thrombosis & old age, at lot 28 con 12 of Dawn twp. Born in Islay Scotland on 28 Jan 1845, d/o Samuel KERR & Christina LIVINGSTON (both b. Scotland). Lived 28 years at place of death. Widowed farmer's wife. Son was Samuel McTAGGART of RR#3 Florence. Buried at Shetland. reg # 19837-28 (Oxford Co)

Honora McTAGUE, widow, d May 21, 1898 at age 80 yrs, of old age, at Tiny. Born Ireland. Informant was George BOWMAN. #019748-98 (Simcoe Co)

Margaret McWHIRTER, died 4 Jan 1876 at age 19 years of typhoid fever. Born in Berkinhead Cheshire England. Informant was James McWhirter, commission merchant of Woodstock. Registered in Woodstock, # 11074-76


MEAD, James, m, d. 20 Nov.1896, age 91 years, farmer, b. England, of apoplexy 3 days, informant - George Fierheller MD, Markham, Mennonite, Markham Twp (York Co) #022811-96

Robert MELHENSH?, died 6 Jan 1900 at age 4 days of premature birth. Living at 601 Yonge St. in Toronto. Reg # 1072-00 (Toronto)

Mary Eliza MELLOW died 18 Feb 1920 at age 21 day, of congenital heart disease. Born, and died, at Lot 19, con 8 of Albion twp., d/o Wilbert MELLOW (born Albion) & Clara Bell McBRIDE. Informant was Wilbert MELLOW, father, of Bolton. Buried at Laurel Hill cemetery. #31355-20 (Peel Co)

Dorcas Ann H. MELISH died 2 Dec 1900 at age 23 of TB. Birth place not given. Residence was 210 Claremont in Toronto. Married. Reg # 4344-00 (Toronto)

no name MELRICK stillborn 5 May 1881 at Toronto. #23392-81 (Toronto)

MENZIES, Malcolm Colin, m, d. Nov. 30, 1902, age 20 years, 6 months, 12 days, post office assistant, b. Burk’s Falls, died of Dropsy one months, infm - Mrs. R.K. Menzies, Presb, Gouge St. Burk’s Falls, 020238-02 (Parry Sound Dist)

MESSNER, Daniel, m, d. Mar. 25, 1905, age 80, tailor, b. Germany, died of Heart Failure, infm - J. Zieluish, Lutherin, (Toronto) 001970-05

METCALFE, Elina, f, d. Aug, 29, 1870, age 65, b. Ireland, died of dropsey 6 months, infm - Dr. D. Gillespie,W Meth, Brock, (Co Ontario) 006462-70

William METCALF died 13 Dec 1893 at age 75 years of old age. Born in England, tramp. registered in king twp.. #20610-94 (York Co)

Thomas A MIDDLEBROOK, m, died June 7, 1849, at the age of 7 months of Broncho pneumonia & convulsions after an illness of 1 week. Born in Toronto, informant was Jas. McCullough MD. Registered at Toronto Tp. #022106-94 (York Co)

George MIDDLEMISS died 16 June 1917 at age 96 + 4 + 23 of cerebral hemorrhage due to old age. Born in Scotland, s/o Robert MIDDLEMISS & Helen WHITE. Resident of Bright & buried at Chesterfield. Widowed, retired. Informant was William MIDDLEMISS of Bright. #23848-17 (Oxford Co)

MIDDLETON, Mary Ann, f, d. no date given, no age given, spinster, of pulmonary tuberculus ill over 3 years, informant - P.D. McLean MD of Woodbridge, Congregationalist, Vaughan Twp (York Co) #022427-96

John MIER died 8 April 1870 at age 9 yrs, of rheumatic fever. Informant was McG--? MOGRIDGE of lot 34, con 2 of Scott twp (Ontario Co)

Pearl MIERSCH, f, infant, died June 4, 1894, at the age of 13 months & 7 days of Meningitis (Inflammation of the Brain). Born in Toronto, informants were Drs. Burgess & Rowan, Toronto. #022080-94 (York Co)

Margaret Adeline MILBURN, f, housewife, died at Gelert Tp. Ontario on February 13, 1919 at the age of 72 years and 8 months of Arterial Sclerosis & Angina Pectoral. Born in Carleton Tp.; burial at Gelert; informant Thomas MILBURN of Gelert. #015057-1919 (Haliburton County)

Isabella C. Ross MILGAN died 3 May 1919 at age 62 yrs, of nephritis. Born in East Zorra, d/o William ROSS & Christena BRUCE; died at Bright. Married. Informant was M. MILGAN of Bright. Buried at Woodstock. #24472-19 (Oxford Co)

Conrad MILGAW, died Aug 24 1905 at age 78 years, 7 months, of chronic heart disease, single, farmer, at conc. 10 lot 21 . Born in Germany. Reg # 21319-05

Jessie Elizabeth MILLAR stillborn 4 Dec 1929 at Casa Maria Hospital in Hamilton. Daughter of William MILLAR (b. Scotland ) & Elizabeth LAMB (b. England ). Buried at Hamilton cemetery. Informant was father, William MILLAR of 33 Baillie St. in Hamilton. #39588-29 (Wentworth Co)

Letitia MILLARD died 8 Sept 1869 at age 60 yrs, of phthisis. Born in Co. Kent England, wife of Robert Millard. #7121-70 (Toronto)

Charles Henry MILLER , died Feb 26 1929 at age 70 yrs . Born Blenheim Twp. June 29th 1859 , married, s/o John MILLER b. England & Sarah SKINNER b. England. Died of arterio sclerosis & high blood pressure, buried in Princeton. Reg # 027493-1929 (Oxford Co)

Herbert Malcolm MILLER , died Nov 11 1921 at age 3 weeks & 3 days , at Conc 10 Blenheim. Born Oct 24 1921 , s/o Ephraim MILER b. Blenheim twp. & Laura EDWARDS b. Blandford twp. Died suddenly from general weakness from premature birth, buried at Bright. Reg # 025036-1921 .

MILLER, Ida, f, d. 20 Jun.1890, age 12 years 11 mos, b. Markham, of diphtheria, informant Abram Miller, Dunkard, Markham Twp (York Co) #018670-91

Joseph MILLER, died 15 Aug 1905 at age 66 yrs, of apoplexy. Married ff. Resident of lot N 1.2 10, con R 1st S., Ekfrid twp. Born in Middlesex. #17495-05 (Middlesex Co)

Lloyd Arthur MILLER , died April 14 1921 at age 9 months. Born July 14 1920 at Burford twp. s/o Arthur MILLER b. Brantford twp & Mabel Louise PARKER b. Woodstock. Died of whooping cough & broncho pneumonia , buried Paris . Reg # 025014-1921 (Oxford Co)

Nyle Ward MILLER died 26 April 1919 at age 6 months + 11 days, of bronchitis. Born in Blenheim twp., s/o Ephraim MILLER & Laura E. EDWARDS; died at Blenheim. Informant was Ephraim MILLER of Bright. Buried at 10th con of Blandford twp. #24466-19 (Oxford Co)

Gilbert MILLOY died 23 April 1898 at age 59 years of suicide by hanging. Laborer. Born in Erin twp., died at lot 23, con 8 of Erin twp. Informant was Dr. Hamilton. #22193-98 (Wellington Co)

Unnamed MILNE , died April 7 1921 at Plattsville . stillborn. s/o Landseer MILNE b. Plattsville & Bessie RENDALL b. Blenheim twp. Buried in Plattsville.Reg # 025013-1921 .(Oxford Co)

Elizabeth MILNE died 6 Dec 1917 at age 57 + 5 + 18, of apoplexy. Born in Blenheim twp., d/o Henry BRISTOW & Hannah BROUGHTON. Married, housewife. Resident of Blenheim twp & buried in Plattsville. #23867-17 (Oxford Co)

Jonathan MILNER died 29 Nov 1900 at age 72 years of heart failure. Born in England & living at 770 Bathurst in Toronto. Married clergyman (Methodist). Reg # 4327-00 (Toronto)

Caroline MILLS died 12 Nov 1898 at age 79 yrs of old age. Born in Baltimore USA; resident of 122 Hamilton St. in Toronto. Widow. Informant was W.H. Hall. #26970-98

Lissette MILLS, b. Ireland, d. 30 Jan 1879, of old age, at 75 years. #17064-79 (Toronto)

Mary MILLS, died 3 Feb 1905, of phthisis, at age 57, at Port Credit. Married, born in Scotland. Informant was A.C. PETTITT Reg # 22537-05 (Peel Co):

MILLS, Sarah Ann, f, d. 19 Sept. 1876, age 38 years, mechanic's wife, born Canada, cause general dropsey produced by heart disease; Anglican, reg. Lambton Mills, Etobicoke Twp. #017629-76 (York Co)

MILNE, James A. m, d. Mar. 24, 1870, age 28 years, mechanic, b. n/g, died of obstruction of gald duct causing gastric malation congestion forming & exhaustion 15 days, infm - Dr. David Tucker, Pickering, Presb, (Co Ontario) 006473-70

MILNE, John, m, d. Dec. 17, 1902, age 57 years, 7 months, carpenter, b. Aberdeen Scotland, died of pernicious anemia, infm - H.L. Barker, Presb., Gouge St, Burk’s Falls, 020229-02 (Parry Sound Dist)

Ellen MILTON died 1 Jan 1919 at age 89 + 10 + 20 of old age after 2 weeks confined in bed. Born in Peterborough, d/o Samuel McBRIDE and Hester illegible (Allist?); died at Blenheim twp. Widow. Informant was John MILTON of Richwood. Buried at Windfall cemetery. # 24446-19

William MILTON died 14 Feb 1919 at age 52 yrs of bladder cancer. Born in Blenheim, s/o Chas MILTON & Ellen McBRIDE; died at Blenheim. Single, farmer. Informant was John MILTON of Paris. Buried at Congregational cemetery. # 24454-19

Elizabeth MINERS died 29 Nov 1877 at age 13 yrs + 5 months, of consumption. Born in & death registered in Usborne twp. Informant was father, William MINERS of Usborne twp. #5020-77

Margaret MINO died 1 May 1919 at age 64 yrs of Brights disease, nephritis & pneumonia. Born in Garafraxa, d/o Mathew STUART & blank ANDERSON. Married, housewife. Died at Limehouse & buried at Glenwilliams. Informant was Mr.? Mino of Limehouse. #15130-19 (Halton Co)

Susannah MINOSE?, died 18 Sept 1873 at age 36, of consumption, at Brantford. Born in Glasgow Scotland, wife of John MINOSE, confectioner, of Brantford. # 1232-73

William MINTERN died 27 Dec 1893 at age 70 yrs of blood poisoning. Born in Ontario, inmate of home. registered in king twp.. #20608-94 (York Co)

Sarah MISSELBROOT, died 6 Sept 1902 at age 31 yrs + 4 months, of thrombosis, at 19 N. Campbell St. in Sarnia. Married housewife, born in Ontario. Reg # 13695-02

Abraham MITCHELL, m, mining engineer, died Mary 3, 1883 of Brain Concussion. Born in Cornwall England; informant L. BENTLEY of Michipicoten Island. Reg # 001085-83 (Algoma Dist)

MITCHELL, Ann, f, d. Nov. 25, 1902, age 103 years, 11 months, 4 days, born Dec. 21, 1799 place unknown, died of old age, infm - David DAY, Presb. Gouge St. Burk’s Falls, 020237-02 (Parry Sound Dist)

Elizabeth A. MITCHELL died 11 April 1916 at age 52 yrs + 7 months, of typhoid fever. Born in Richwood Ont., d/o Robert L. SCOTT & Agnes LAING. Died at Drumbo & buried at cemetery on 4th con of Blenheim. Informant was Charles J. SCOTT of Westmount Quebec. #25353-16 (Oxford Co)

Frank MITCHELL, died at age 50 years, on 1 Aug 1928 of fracture of skull due to automobile accident, at Victoria Hospital in London. Born in Strathroy in 1878, s/o Alex MITCHELL (b. Canada) & Rachel MARSHALL (b. England). Laborer. Wife was Jean, of 134? Wellington Rd in London. Buried at Woodland cemetery. reg # 23186-28

George MITCHELL died 21 Feb 1919 at age 59 + 4 + 0 of probably heart failure, suddenly. Born in Ontario, s/o John & blank; died at lot 1 con 12 of Blenheim twp. Married, farmer. Informant was Douglas BROWN of RR#3 Bright. Buried at Ayr. #24463-19

Helen F. MITCHELL, d. 5 March 1901 at age 43 yrs of valvular disease of the heart, at Arthur St. in Goderich. Born in Goderich. Married. #12628-01

James MITCHELL died 3 Oct 1901 at age 68 yrs, of cancer. Born in Ireland, died at Home for Incurables in Toronto. Married. Informant was George Hoops. #3681-01 (Toronto)

Percey W. MITCHELL died 2 June 1889 at age 10 weeks of infantile debility. Born in Brantford twp. Informant was James MITCHELL, teamster, of Brantford twp. #1564-89 (Brant Co)

Philip Harold MITCHELL, d. 27 May 1901 at age 14 of valvular heart disease at Arthur St. in Goderich. Born in Goderich. #12643-01

Sidney H. MITCHELL , died Mar 11 1921 at age 4 yrs , 1 month & 11 days. Born Feb 1 1917 at Richwood , s/o Sidney MITCHELL b. Richwood & Elizabeth DAVIS b. South America. Informant was Mrs HERRING , mother , from Wolverton. Died from acidental drowning , buried Richwood. Reg # 025007-1921

Sydney illegible MITCHELL died 8 Jan 1919 at age 29 + 1 + 26, of Spanish influenza. Born in Richwood, s/o Francis H. MITCHELL & Louise SMITH; died at Wolverton. Married, miller. Informant was Mrs. MITCHELL of Bright. Buried at Richwood. #24443-19

Nancy MITTON, d. Aug 1901 at age 70 yrs, of aortic valvular disease, at Main St. in Ridgetown. Born in --ippen Ont., married. Informant was Wm MITTON. #13830-01

Edna Cassie MITTON, d. Dec 1901 at age 4 yrs of pneumonia, at Victoria Ave. in Ridgetown. Born in Ridgetown. Informant was Dr. A.J. STEVENSON. #13841-01

Ida Anetta MOASE died 11 Nov 1896 at age 4 months, of pneumonia. Born in Galt. Informant was George MOASE of Galt. #19730-96 (Waterloo Co)

Margaret Jane MODELAND, died 11 Sept 1902 at age 3 days, of improper circulation, at 33 N. Alfred St. in Sarnia. Reg # 13700-02

Madeline MOFFATT died 28 May 1901 at age 10 weeks of inanition. Born in Toronto, resident of Infants Home in Toronto. #2515-01 (Toronto)

William MOFFATT died 21 Jan 1916 at age 71 + 5 + 24, of heart disease. Born in Ireland, s/o John MOFFATT & Susan BRUCE. Died at Wolverton. Widower, mason. Buried at Mitchell Ont. Informant was James R. WATT of Wolverton. #25347-16 (Oxford Co)

MOISSE, Esther F., f, d. 2 Jul.1883, age 62 9/12 years, matron, born Quebec, died of chronic diarhera 1 wk; infm - William Moisse, harness maker, York St West, Roman Catholic, London. (Middlesex Co) #009858-83

Elizabeth MONAGHAN, d. 12 April 1901 at age 19, of heart failure, at Cunningham Ave in Ridgetown. Born in Ridgetown. Single. #13821-01

Caroline May MONTGOMERY, f, infant, died March 5, 1894 at the age of 6 weeks of Bronchitis after an illness of 4 weeks. Born in Toronto, informant was Dr. A. D. Watson of Toronto. #021483-94 (York Co)

Rose Ann MONTGOMERY, died at age 56 yrs + 4 months + 4 days, on 6 June 1928, of endocarditis & chronic nephritis, at 48 Pelham Rd in St. Catharines. Born in Ireland on 2 Feb 1872, d/o James MURPHY & Eliza LOTTER (both b. Ireland). Lived in Canada/Ontario for 54 years, and at place of death for 40 years. Husband was James J. MONTGOMERY. Buried at Victoria Lawn cemetery. reg # 22001-28

William MOODY, died 8 Dec 1905, of debility of age, at age 83 yrs, at Cooksville. Married, farmer, born in Ireland Reg # 22593-05 (Peel Co)

infant MOORE, stillborn at Toronto twp on 16 May 1905 Reg # 22559-05 (Peel Co)

Baby MOORE, stillborn on 17 Jan 1902, at Chatham. Informant was Charles MOORE. #12530-02

Catherine MOORE, b. Wentworth Co., domestic servant, d. 16 June 1880 of tubercular disease at age 27. #20085-80 (Toronto)

Clarke James Allen MOORE, b. Toronto, d. 5 March 1879 of consumption at age 1 yr + 9 months. #17207-79 (Toronto)

Ernest Ashley MOORE, b. Essa, d. 10 July 1880 of cholera infantum, at age 2 months. Registered in Innisfil twp. #14691-80 (Simcoe Co)

MOORE, Ethel, f, d. Mar. 25, 1905, age 7, b. Canada, died of diptheria, infm - G. Tweedie, Presb, (Toronto) 001951-05

Hanna MOORE, b. Ireland, widow, d. 10 Sept 1880 of old age at age 86, Registered in Innisfil twp. #14702-80 (Simcoe Co)

Henry Hiram MOORE, b. North Gwillumbury, farmer's son, d. 16 July 1880 of infarction of bowels, at age 13+4+19, informant: William M. MOORE, farmer, of North Gwillumbury. #19223-80 (York Co)

Ida Brock Howard MOORE, b. town of Dundas, d. 26 Sept 1880 of disease of kidney & lungs of 2 years duration, Informant: H. MOORE, mechanic of Dundas. #18523-80 (Wentworth Co)

James MOORE died 22 June 1872 at age 3 yrs. Informant was doctor; registered in Dummer twp. #24517-72 (Peterborough Co)

Mrs. James S. MOORE, died 31 July 1884 at age 50? yrs, of dyspepsia, at Elmsley North. Born in Almonte Ont., farmer's wife. Informant was William MOORE of Elmsley twp. #008701-84

James MOORE, b. Scotland, pensioner from English Army, d. 4 Dec 1879, pneumonia, age 76. #18302-79 (Toronto)

James D. MOORE, b. Hamilton, travelling agent, d. 8 June 1880 of alcoholism ate age 35. #20060-80 (Toronto)

James MOORE, died at age 69 at Res. City Waterworks (Chatham), on 3 Feb 1902 of paralysis. Married engineer at the waterworks, born Yorkshire England. Informant was Mrs. J.M. KNIGHT. # 12540-02

Jane MOORE, b. Co. Antrim Ireland, w/o John MOORE, d. 26 Nov 1880 of old age at age 84. Informant: Robert MOORE, farmer, of lot 6, 1st con. of Nichol twp. #17012-80 (Wellington Co)

Jane MOORE died 10 Sept 1919 at age 73 yrs, of endocarditis. Died at lot 16, con 3 of Esquesing twp & buried in Georgetown. Married. Informant was John MOORE of RR # 5, Milton. #15142-19 (Halton Co)

Johannah MOORE, died 11 May 1884 at age 36 yrs + 7 months, of consumption, at Goderich. Born in Canada. Informant was William R. MILLER. #006886-84

John MOORE, b. Lincolnshire England, d. 15 April 1879 of softening of the brain, age 44. #17364-79 (Toronto)

John MOORE, b. Nelson twp., d. 23 Feb 1880 of inflammation & prostration, at age 57+8+2,. Informant: Cornelius MOORE (son). Registered in Maryborough twp. #17173-80 (Wellington Co)

Julia Louisa MOORE, b. Toronto, d. 9 Oct 1879, croup, age 9 months. #18095-79 (Toronto)

Lillie MOORE, b. Toronto, d. 3 Oct 1879 of fever, at age 3 yrs + 7 months . #18065-79 (Toronto)

Louisa MOORE, b. Toronto, d. 2 March 1879, pneumonia at age 4 years. #17185-79 (Toronto)

Margaret MOORE, b. Ireland, farmer's widow, d. 7 Sept 1880 of affection of the heart, age 71. Informant: John SHERRAS, farmer, of Mono. #14654-80 (Simcoe Co)

Margaret Jane MOORE, b. Toronto, d. 26 July 1880 of phthisis at age 22. #20250-80 (Toronto)

Martha Maria MOORE, b. Pickering twp., married, d. 10 April 1879, purpearal? hemorrhage at age 29 yrs + 5 months. #17351-79 (Toronto)

Mary MOORE, b. Co. Meath Ireland, w/o Thomas - a farmer in Eramosa twp., d. 14 March 1880 of fracture of thigh + old age, at age 75. Informant was John WRIGHT, baker, of Rockwood. #17386-80 (Wellington Co)

Owen MOORE, b. Ireland, laborer, d. 16 March 1880 of pneumonia in Hamilton, at age 60. RC. #17849-80 (Wentworth Co)

Robert William MOORE, b. town of Dundas, d. 10 March 1880 of phthisis at age 33, informant: Charles V. MASON, clerk, of Dundas. #18481-80 (Wentworth Co)

Robert Gordon MOORE, b. York twp., d. 8 July 1879 of diarrhea, age 8 mon + 20 days. Informant was George C. MOORE, farmer, York twp. #18449-79 (York Co):

Robert MOORE, b. Toronto, d. 2 Sept 1880 of enlargement of liver accompanied by dropsy & jaundice, at age 37 yrs + 4 months. #20665-80 (Toronto)

Samuel MOORE, died at age 68 yrs + 10 months + 19 days, on 19 May 1928, of pulmonary edema & cardiac decomposition, at lot 21 + con 7 in Ellice twp. Born in England on 31 May 1859, s/o Perry MOORE & Mary COX (both b. England). Married farmer, lived in Ontario/Canada for 57 years and at place of death for 5 years. Son was Alvin MOORE of Sebringville. Buried at Avondale cemetery, Stratford. reg # 28118-28

Sarah Ann MOORE, b. England, laborer’s wife, d. 16 Jan 1880, deranged, at age 30,. Informant: Rev. J.W. TROTTER of Stroud. #14664-80 (Simcoe Co)

William B. MOORE, b. Ireland, steward, d. in Hamilton in 1880 of senile debility at age 78. #17824-80 (Wentworth Co)

William James MOORE, b. Ireland, carter, d. 18 July 1879, phthisis, age 33. #17783-79 (Toronto)

William MOORE, b. Toronto, d. 14 June 1879, cholera infantum, age 3 months. #17619-79 (Toronto)

William MOORE died 16 July 1872 at age 55 yrs, of dyspepsia. Gardener, born in Ireland. Informant was doctor; registered in Dummer twp. #24518-72 (Peterborough Co)

William Arthur MOORE, b. Toronto, d. 31 May 1879, bronchitis, at age 6 mon + 12 days. #17572-79 (Toronto)

William MOORE, b. England, rag merchant, d. 21 March 1880 of diarrhea at age 65. #19696-80 (Toronto)

William Andrew MOORE, b. Canada, farmer, d. 24 Oct 1880 of dropsy at age 58. #18878-80 (York Co)

Thomas MOORMAN died 8 Dec 1889 at age 19 yrs of pulmonary consumption. Born in Hampshire England. #17766-89 (Toronto)

Louisa Augusta MORDEN , died Aug 29 1905 at age 55 years, of valvular disease of the heart , married, housewife, at conc . lot 1 of Blenheim twp. Born St.Marys. Reg # 21320-05 (Oxford Co)

William George MORDEN died 9 March 1929 at age 22 yrs, of erysipeias of face following scratches in face & septicemia. Born 12 Aug 1908 in Roderick Ont., s/o Theodore MORDEN (b. Smiths Mills) & Annie GERRARD (b. England ) . Lived 6 weeks at place of death. Buried at Prospect cemetery. Informant was William Harris of 36 Lakeview Ave (of no relation). #2901-29 (Toronto)

Alexandre MOREAU, farmer, d Oct 21, 1897 at age 35 yrs in Tiny Twp. Born Tiny Twp. #019737-98 (Simcoe Co)

John MORIARTY died 17 Jan 1894 at age 74 yrs of heart failure. Born in Ireland, farmer. informant was Dr. James Wallace. Registered in Peel twp. #18932-94 (Wellington Co)

Nathalie MORIN, d June 21, 1897 at 14 m. Informant was Rev J.E. BEAUDOIN #019734-98 (Simcoe Co)

Annie G. MORNING died 15 May 1894 at age 8 hours, of weakness. Born in King. Informant was George MORNING. #20607-94 (York Co)

Margaret MORRIS, died 29 April 1884 at age 12 yrs + 8 months, of scarlet fever, at Goderich. Born at Goderich. Informant was William MORRIS. #006884-84 (Huron Co)

Elizabeth MORRISON died 17 March 1900 at age 35 of blood poisoning. Born in Erin twp., died at lot 31, con 9 of Erin twp. Farmer’s wife. Informant was John T. MORRISON. #22186-98 (Wellington Co)

Hazel MORTIMER died 27 Jan 1916 at age of 1 day, at Plattsville. Daughter of R. A. MORTIMER & Sarah PARTRIDGE. #25350-16 (Oxford Co)

Mary MOSELY, d. 21 April 1901 at age 89 yrs of old age, at St. Andrews St. in Goderich. Born in England. Married. #12632-01 (Huron Co)

Clara Ann MOSEY, f, housewife, died June 8, 1894, at the age of 37 years of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, after an illness of 11 months. Born in England, informant was Dr. W. J. Greig, Toronto. #022083-94 (York Co)

MOSIER, Archibald, m, d. 28 Aug. 1888, age 65 yrs, carpenter, born Nova Scotia, died of paralysis 2 days; infm - Dr. Byron E. Ghent, Church of England, Toronto. #022796-88 (Toronto)

Abraham MOSS died 26 March 1920 at age 65 yrs + 16 days, of influenza. Born in England on 8 March 1855, s/o Richard MOSS & Mary (both b. England ). Moved to Ontario in boyhood & lived 1 yr at place of death (Lot 24, con 3 of Albion twp). Widowed, retired, farmer. Buried at Caledon East public cemetery. Informant was Wilbert MOSS, son, of Caledon East. #31367-20 (Peel Co)

Rocco MOTT died 29 May 1901 at age 25 days of convulsions. Born in Toronto, resident of 194 Centre in Toronto. #2525-01 (Toronto)

MOWAT, Catherine, f, d. Mar. 26, 1905, age 82, housewife, b. Scotland, died of cerebral heamorage, infm - W.F. Bryans, Presb, (Toronto) 001954-05

Barbara MOYER, died 10 April 1886 at age 69 yrs + 8 months, of dropsy (6 months duration), at Clinton twp. Born in Clinton twp., farmer's wife. Informant was Joseph R?. MOYER of Clinton twp. reg # 10382-86 (HuronCo)

Margaret MOYLAN died 15 April 1870 at age 21, of pneumonia (3 days in TGH ). Servant, born in Ireland. #7084-70 (Toronto)

Alfred MUIR died 2 Dec 1900 at age 20 years of phthisis. Born in Toronto & living at 225 Spadina Ave Toronto. Single, musician. Reg # 4330-00 (Toronto)

Martha MULDREN (Muldrew?) died 30 Nov 1900 at age 37 years of cardiac failure. Born in Ontario & lived at 12 Meredith Cres in Toronto. Reg # 4342-00 (Toronto)

Helen MULHANEY? died 17 April 1870 at age 38 yrs of exhaustion of mania of 3 months duration. Spinster, born in Ireland. Informant was Dr. Workman of PLA [Provincial Lunatic Asylum]. #7100-70 (Toronto)

no name MULHOLLAND stillborn 1900 (registered on 3 Dec 1900) at 21 Wood in Toronto. Reg # 4334-00 (Toronto)

illegible K. MULLIN (female) died 30 Nov 1900 at age 35 of illegible disease. Born in Ireland & lived at 201 McCaul St. in Toronto. Widowed designer. Reg # 4339-00 (Toronto)

James MULLIN died 15 Aug 1919 at age 78 + 4 + 22 of septic poison. Born in Ireland, s/o William MULLIN & Mary WATSON. Died at lot 25, con 11 of Osprey twp. & buried at Feversham. Married, farmer. Informant was Margaret MULLIN of Feversham. #14488-19 (Grey Co)

John MULLOY died 28 Jan 1894 at age 76 yrs + 5 months, of heart failure. Born in Ireland, farmer. informant was Rev. A. M. Hamilton. Registered in Peel twp. #18936-94 (Wellington Co)

Charles Andrew MUMA died 13 Jan 1916 at age 73 yrs, of cirrhosis of the liver & kidney. Born in Drumbo, s/o Henry MUMA & Margaret McCARTNEY. Died & buried at Drumbo. Retired, married. #25345-16 (Oxford Co)

Eliza MUNDY, died at age 82 yrs, of senility & heart failure, on 6 July 1928 at 348 George St., Peterborough. Born in Ireland on 25 March 1846, d/o John DICKIE & Eliza HOUSTON (both b. Ireland). Lived in Ontario 60 years & at place of death for 11 years. Widowed. Daughter was Mrs. Fred ENGLISH of 348 George St. Buried at Trent Valley, Hastings. reg # 28805-28 (Peterborough Co)

Elizabeth MUNRO , died Jan 16 1905 at age 55 years, of liver & heart disease, married, died at 808 Ann St. Woodstock. Born in Scotland. Reg # 21725-05 (Oxford Co)

Margaret Reid MUNRO, d. 1 June 1899 at age 67 yrs of heart disease - ailing for 20 yrs, at 6 Hallady St. in Embro. Married. Informant was William MUNRO. #19696-99

Minnie MUNRO, f, housewife, died June 7, 1894, at the age of 30 years of consumption. Born in Canada, informant was John B. Hall, MD. #022089-94 (York Co)

William Norman MUNRO, m, infant, died August 30, 1883 at the age of 9 mths and 27 days of Choleric Infantum after an illness of 1 wk. Born in Paris Ontario; informant John R. Munro of Paris Ontario. Reg # 001332-83. (Brant Co)

MUNSHAW, Nathan, m, d. 23 July 1896, age 52 years, farmer, b. Canada, of cancer of stomach 11 weeks, informant - D.A. Nelles MD, Thornhill, Methodist, Markham Twp (York Co) #022794-96

Deborah MURPHY, died 4 Aug 1881 at age 1 yr + 7 months, of diarrhea, at Peterborough. Informant was mother, Deborah MURPHY. # 15811-81 (Peterborough Co)

Francis MURPHY died 10 Nov 1898 at age 4 + 9 +10, of diphtheria. Born & died in Toronto (113 Edwin Ave). #26952-98 (Toronto)

Joseph MURPHY, died at age 26, at St. Joseph Hospital in Hamilton, of TB, on 13 Aug 1925. Born Ireland in 1899, single, s/o Patrick MURPHY & Bridget BRAY (both b. Ireland). Buried at Holy Sepulchre cemetery. reg # 35588-25 (Wentworth Co)

Mary Ann MURPHY, f, a nurse, died August 31, 1885, at age 35 years of Apoplexy Pulmonatis, after an illness of approximately 3 or 4 days. Born in Sheffield Ontario, Roman Catholic. Informant Patrick O'Connor, Hotel Keeper, of Deseronto Ontario; # 006552-85. (Hastings Co.)

Patrick MURPHY, m, Stone Cutter, died September 30, 1883, at the age of about 28 yrs., of Suicide. Informant Thomas HAMILL, Shoemaker of Sault Ste. Marie. Reg # 001090-83. (Algoma Dist)

MURRAY, still born, m, d. Mar. 25, 1905, b. Toronto, still born, infm - G. Smith, RC, (Toronto) 001972-05

Bridget S. MURRAY died 1 July 1896 at age 45 yrs., of paralysis. Housewife; born in Galt. Informant was K. L. MURRAY. #19705-96 (Waterloo Co)

Robert McCheyne MURRAY, m, child, died on March 23, 1894 at the age of 9 years and 4 months of heart failure and Scarlet Fever after an illness of 3 days. Born in Picton Ontario, informant was Dr. J. D. Tyrrell of Toronto. #021485-94 (York Co)


Deaths: N Surnames

Blanch NANCEKIVELL stillborn 30 Nov 1917 at lot 22, con 2 of Dereham. Daughter of John H. NANCEKIVELL & Harriet Ethel SMITH. #23903-17 (Oxford Co)

Daniel NEAL died 11 March 1889 at age 67 yrs + 16 days, of cancer of the liver. Born in London England, laborer. Informant was Sarah NEAL, spinster, of Plattsville. #12880-89 (Oxford Co)

Annie NEEDHAM died 2 May 1929 at age 62 yrs of thrombosis & arterio sclerosis. Born in Canada in Oct of 1967, d/o John ROBINSON & blank LINDSAY (both b. Ireland ). Housewife. Died at 143 Roxboro St. West in Toronto. Buried at Park Lawn cemetery. Informant was husband, Henry NEEDHAM of 143 Roxboro St. w. #4156-29 (Toronto)

Child NELLIS, f, daughter of John & Lizzie NELLIS, died October 8, 1883, at the age of 10 mths of Gastro Enteritis after an illness of 1 week. Born in Cayuga; informant A. J. SINCLAIR M.D. of Paris Ontario. Reg # 001341-83 (Brant Co)

Ebenezer W. NELSON died 20 April 1870 at age 19 yrs, of typhoid. Student, born in Houghton twp. Informant was D. D. Nelson of 12 Temperance St. in Toronto. #7087-70 (Toronto)

Frederick NELSON, m, child, died June 10, 1894, at the age of 4 years of Diphtheria, after an illness of 4 days. Born in Toronto, informant was C.C. Field MD, Toronto. #22097-94 (York Co)

Agnes NESS, died at TGH at age 22 on 16 Aug 1922 of erysipelis metial? stenosis abortion, Scotch ancestry. No parents given. Husband is Kenneth NESS of 499 Bloor St. West in Toronto. Buried at Prospect cemetery (reg # 4973-22)

Andrew Alexander NESS, died at 46 Atlas Ave. in Toronto at age 56 years + 4 months, of myocardial failure, on 14 Nov. 1928. Born in Vaughan on 24 June 1872, s/o James NESS & Elizabeth Jane TRENCH (both b. Scotland). Worked as a traveller with Christie Brown Co. Sister was Helen S. NESS. Married, but no wife's name given. Buried at Mt. Pleasant cemetery. reg #40578-1928

Jesse M. NESS, died at age 80 yrs & 1 month & 3 dyas, at Merritt St. in Welland of diabetic coma on 19 Nov 1922. Born in Smithville on 17 Oct 1842, s/o John NESS & Jane MOOREHOUSE (both b. England), gentleman. Son is H.N. NESS of Buffalo NY. Buried at Elm Lawn, Erie Co. (reg # 35042-22)

Robert Alexander Taylor NESS died 30 April 1929 at age 14 yrs + 27 days of acute nephritis, septicemia & pneumonia. Born 3 April 1913 in Ontario, s/o Thomas NESS & Sarah TAYLOR (both b. Scotland ). Student, died at Toronto General Hospital. Buried at Scarboro Lawn cemetery. Informant was father, Thomas NESS of 6 Danson Ave in Toronto. #4155-29 (Toronto)

Robert Anderson NESS, died at age 69 years, on 12 April 1928, of carcinoma of the kidney, at 84 Frater Ave., East York. Born 7 Feb 1859 in Scotland, s/o William NESS & Annie BLACK (both born Scotland). Retired grocer. Lived in Canada/Ontario for 6 years, and for 3 months at place of death. Widower. Son was Robert NESS, also of 84 Frater Ave. reg # 39813-28

Baby NEVILLE stillborn 7 Nov 1896 at Galt. Informant was Michael NEVILLE of Galt. #19729-96 (Waterloo Co)

Charlotte Jane NEVILLS, died 17 Jan 1898, at age 64 years of heart failure. Born in Ireland. Farmer’s wife. Died at lot 32, con 4 of Erin twp. Informant was Thomas NEVILLS. #22181-98 (Wellington Co)

Jane NEWMAN died 15 April 1901 at age 33 yrs, of puerperal fever. Born in Scotland, res of 76 Garden in Toronto. Married, house keeper. #2130-01 (Toronto)

Eliza NEWHOUSE, d. 22 Nov 1899 at age 84 yrs of old age, at lot 6 con 5 of Blenheim twp. Born in St. Johns NB. Widow. #19634-99

Horace NEWTON, d. 29 May 1901 of apoplexy at Light house in Goderich. Born in England. Married. #12645-01

Hannah NEWTON, died 23 March 1884, at age 73 yrs of congestion of the lungs, at Goderich. Born in England. Informant was Horace NEWTON. #006878-84

Sadie A. NEWTON, f, died August 30, 1885, at age 27 years of phthisis Pulmonatis, after an illness of 8 months. Born in Smithfield Ontario, Presbyterian. Informant and Physician of Record, Dr. John Newton, registered at Deseronto # 006550-85. (Hastings Co.)

Samuel NICHOLL died 9 Sept 1889 at age 2 yrs + 5 months, of intestinal attack. Born in Ireland. #17463-89 (Toronto)

Mildred NIXON died 6 Jan 1900 at age 17 years & 8 months of phthisis. Born in Canada & living at 354 Gerrard St. in Toronto, . Reg # 1057-00 and 1059-00 (Toronto)

George NOBLE, died 27 Oct 1884 at age 8 months, of inflammation of the bowels, at Goderich. Occupation is given as tailor [? - but 8 months old?]. Born in Goderich. Informant was George WHITE. #006990-84

Ellen V. NOEL, no age given, died at King St. in Chatham, on 20 Feb 1902 of dropsy. Single, born in not given. #12552-02

William NOLAN died 22 Jan 1870 at illegible age, of heart disease. Telegraph operator, born in Toronto. Informant was Henry A. Nolan of 106 Brock St. in Toronto. #7086-70 (Toronto)

NORRIS, Stephen Leonard, m, d. 28 Oct. 1891, age 2 years 2 mos, storekeeper's child, b. England, of diabetes 2 mos, informant - Emma Norris, child's mother of Humber Bay, Church of England, Etobicoke Twp (York Co) #018895-91

Lorne NORRY, stillborn 10 Feb 1901 at Erie St. in Ridgetown. Informant was Charles NORRY. #13816-01

William NORTHGRAVES, d. 15 Jan 1901 at age 81 yrs, of peritonitis, at St. Vincent (or St. Vincent St. in Goderich). No birthplace given. Married. #12619-01

Margaret NORTON died 2 Dec 1900 at age 55 years of heart failure. Born in Canada & lived at 90 Stafford in Toronto. Reg # 4349-00 (Toronto)

Marshall NORTON, died 1 Jan 1876 at age 28 years of consumption. Born in East Zorra. Laborer. Informant was Daniel Heely? of West Oxford. Registered in West Oxford twp., # 10993-76

Mary Jane NORTON died 12 Aug 1919 at age 75 yrs of malignant stomach trouble & exhaustion. Born in Ireland, d/o Thomas ALLEN & Jane WRIGHT. Died & buried at Glenwilliams. Widow. #15139-19 (Halton Co)

Elizabeth NOTT died 6 Nov 1916 at age 89 yrs, of bronchitis & old age. Born in Summerset England, d/o Solomon WILLIS & Elizabeth RICKERT. Widow. Died & buried in Princeton. #25375-16 (Oxford Co)

Agnes B. NOURSE died 15 April 1901 at age 43 yrs, of apoplexy. Birth place not given. Married. Resident of 72 McPherson Ave. in Toronto . #2125-01 (Toronto)

Odella NOWAK, died age 7 yrs & 19 months & 17 days at St. Marys Hospital in Kitchener on 19 Sept 1925, of encephilitis. Born 1 Nov 1917 at Kitchener, d/o Walter NOWAK & Annie SCHEFTRUH (both b. Poland). Buried at Mt. Hope cemetery. Informant is given as Mr. Wm NOWAK of 277 Ahrens St. Kitchener, father, reg # 32704-25


Deaths: O Surnames

Sister M. Camilla O'BRIEN died 3 April 1881 at age 33 yrs + 5 months of phthisis. Born in Toronto. Roman Catholic. #23403-81 (Toronto)

Thomas O'BRIEN died 25 July 1889 at age 83 yrs of old age. Born in Ireland, laborer. #16814-89 (Toronto)

Earl O’CONNER, d. 13 April 1901 at age 1 month, of causes unknown - died suddenly, at Main St. in Ridgetown. Informant was L. O’CONNER. #13822-01 (Kent Co)

Elizabeth O’CONNOR died 10 Aug 1901 at age 54 yrs, of exhaustion following melancholia. Born in Canada, resident of 197 King St. East in Toronto. Married, housewife. #3214-01 (Toronto)

Julia O’CONNOR, died Aug 1881 at age 71 years, of cause not given, at Peterborough. Widow. Informant was son, John S. O’CONNOR of Perth Ont. #15812-81 (Peterborough Co)

William O'CONNOR, died at age 3 weeks, on 24 Nov 1880, at Toronto, of pneumonia. Born at Toronto. reg # 20292-80 (Toronto)

George Henry OFFEN, m, died June 7, 1894, at the age of 2 years and 6 months of Meningitis after an illness of 4 or 5 days. Born in Toronto, informant was J.A. Burgess MD. Registered at Toronto Tp. #022108-94 (York Co)

no name O’HEARN, stillborn 6 Jan 1900 at 3 Sumach St. in Toronto. Reg # 1064-00 (Toronto)

James O'LEARY died 29 April 1881 at age 19 yrs + 6 months, of gastritis. Born in Toronto, printer. Roman Catholic. #23388-81 (Toronto)

James R. OLIVER , died Oct 6 1905 at age 47 years , 10 months, 17 days , of acute tuberculosis , married, motorman, at London, Ontario. Reg # 21323-05 (Middlesex Co)

Madeline OLIVER, 1 July 1902, at age 11 yrs + 11 months at 67 West Emeric? St., Sarnia, of TB. Born in Sarnia. Reg # 13678-02 (Lambton Co)

Mary Rutherford OLIVER died 25 April 1888 at age 95+4 +20, of old age. Born in Scotland. Informant was Dr. Lovett of Ayr. #18121-88 (Waterloo Co)

Irene Etta OLLENDORF, b. 184 Carlton St. in Toronto, d. 12 Sept 1880 of cholera infantum at age 5 weeks. #20604-80 (Toronto)

Arthur O’NEAL died 30 July 1919 at age 48 yrs of general paresis of 1 year with asphyxiation & drowning. Born in Canada, s/o James O’NEAL & Savilla THOMPSON; died at Blenheim twp. Single, farmer. Informant was Mrs. O’NEAL of Canning. Buried at Richwood. #24480-19 (Oxford Co)

Patrick O'NEIL, m, Farmer, died July 30, 1885, at the age of 91 years of Rheumatism after an illness of over 4 years. Born in County Wicklow, Ireland, Roman Catholic. Informant Patrick O'NEIL, of Herschel, Ontario; # 006575-85 (Hastings Co)

Mrs. John O’ROURKE died 12 Nov 1898 at age 36 yrs of septic pneumonia. Born in Canada; resident of 131 St. Paul St. in Toronto. Informant was R.J. Dwyer. #26969-98 (Toronto)

William Reilly OSBORNE, died 22 Sept 1873 at age 1 yr, of croup. Born in Hillier twp. Informant was Dr. S.L. Nash of Consecon, Ameliasburgh twp. Reg # 37731-73 (Prince Edward Co)

Stella Irene OSTRANDER died 5 June 1919 at age 24 + 9 months, of consumption. Born in Chinguacousy, d/o William OSTRANDER & Olive Jane CLARRIDGE. Died at Esquesing twp & buried in Brampton. Single, farmer's daughter. #15134-19 (Halton Co)

Elizabeth OVERHOLT, died 6 March 1886 at age 76 yrs + 11 months + 5 days, of "rupture & sickness", at Clinton twp. Born in Louth twp., farmer's wife. Informant was Rev. A.R. HONSBERGER of Louth twp. reg # 10378-86 (Lincoln Co)

Vera Adeline OVINGTON died 8 Jan 1917 at age 8 Jan 1917 of influenza. Born, & died, at Lot 18, con 3 of Blenheim, d/o Thomas OVINGTON & Dora BALFOUR. Buried at Princeton. #23830-17 (Oxford Co)