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Drew, Wellington Co., 1896-1911



ACTON, Marion - see Kirk ACTON, Millie - see Lamont
ACTON, Terepa - see Latimer ARTHURS, Laura B. - see Dickson
ARTHURS, Edna M. - see Shannon  
BAKER, Olive - see Clarke BEGG, Agnes - see Niven
BRADWIN, Nellie G. - see Chilton CAMPBELL, Sarah E. - see Fowls
CHILTON, Essie J. - see Holtom COCHRANE, Maggie - see Noble
COWAN, Agnes C. - see Holliday DALLY, Sarah A. - see Small
DICKSON, Pansy E. - see Rintoul DICKSON, Hannah C. - see Bell
DICKSON, Maggie - see McGhie FINDLAY, Nellie - see McDonald
GIBSON, Ella M. - see Holtom GRICE, Ida M. - see Johnston
GRICE, Eva - see Johnston  
HERSHEY, Mary F. - see Long HOLTOM, Eva May - see Arthurs
HOLTOM, Edith - see Bell HUNT, Eliza - see Anderson
JOHNSTON, Margaret - see Dowling McEACHERN, Eliza - see Bilton
McFARLENE, Catherine -see Arens MOATZ?, Agnes - see Arthurs
MOTZ, Lena - se Gamble NEWMAN, Charlotte W.- see Edwards
OGRAM, Mabel E. - see Cochran RIDDELL, Nellie - see Kells
ROSZELL, Emma J. - see McFarlin ROWE, Alice - see Donaldson
RUSSELL, Mary - see Neil SCOTT, Margaret - see Hockley
STEVENSON, Annie - see Holliday  
STOREY, Ada A. - see Lawrence TURNER, Mary E. - see Bell
TYNDALL, Mary E. - see Burnett VANCE, Laura - see Kidd

Alphabetical by Groom's Surname,

format: Groom's name, his birth place, his parents, Bride's name, her birth place, her parents, date, location

James R. ANDERSON, b. Normanby, s/o Archie ANDERSON & Bella[ ROBERTSON, married Eliza HUNT, b. Normanby, d/o George HUNT & Susan DAVIS, 17 June 1908 at Normanby

William ARENS, b. Normanby, s/o Robert & Elenore?, married Catherine McFARLENE, b. Normanby, d/o George McFARLENE & Sarah ANDERSON, 14 Dec 1897 at Mt. Forest

Richard ARTHURS, b. Minto, s/o James & Ruth, married Eva May HOLTOM. b. Minto, d/o Robert & Eliza, 24 Dec 1903 at DREW

Herbert ARTHURS, b. Drew, s/o James & Ruth, married Agnes MOATZ?, b. Drew, d/o William MOATZ & Mary QUILLMAN, 28 July 1904 at Drew

David BELL, b. Minto, s/o John & Jane, married Edith HOLTOM, b. Drew, d/o Robert HOLTOM & Eliza BOND, 9 March 1905 at Drew Station

Martin BELL, b. Minto, s/o John & Jane, married Hannah Catherine DICKSON, b. Normanby, d/o Joe & Sarah, ? 1899 at Gleneden

John Henry BELL, b. Minto, s/o John & Jane, married Mary Ella TURNER, b. Minto, d/o William & Eliza, 10 April 1901 at Drew

David BILTON, b. Wellington, s/o James BILTON & Sarah HALL, married Eliza McEACHERN, b. Proton twp., d/o J. & Mary, 16 July 1896 at Mount Forest

Matthew Charles BURNETT, b. Alsfeldt (Ashfield?), s/o William BURNETT & Agnes HOLLIDAY, married Mary E. TYNDALL, b. Elma, d/o Robert & Eliza, 4 Nov 1896 at Calderwood

Frank A. CHILTON, b. Minto, s/o Phil. CHILTON & Eliza DIXON, married Nellie G. BRADWIN, b. Mt. Forest, d/o Edmund BRADWIN & Melvina LEMON, 30 Dec 1902 at Letter Breen

Elijah CLARKE, b. St. Vincent twp., s/o James CLARKE & Laura GOULD married Olive BAKER, b. Egremont, d/o Ezra BAKER & Sarah LORVEY, 10 June 1903 at Mt. Forest

Harvey S. COCHRAN, b. Minto, s/o James COCHRAN & Ann BEAMISH, married Mabel E. OGRAM, b. Elderslie twp., d/o John OGRAM & Mary MOORE, 21 Dec 1904 at Drew Station

George Harvey DICKSON, b. Glen Eden, s/o Joe & Sarah, married Laura Bell ARTHURS, b. Drew, d/o James & Ruth, 13 Jan 1904 at Drew

Stephen E. DONALDSON, b. Drew, s/o Peter & Charlotte A., married Alice ROWE, b. London England, d/o A & E., 13 Jan 1904 at Drew

Norman L. DOWLING, b. Minto, s/o Elisha? DOWLING & Sarah SEARLES?, married Margaret H. JOHNSTON, b. Minto, d/o James JOHNSTON & Isabella LAING, 4 Sept 1901, at 14th Con Minto

Thomas EDWARDS, b. Howick, s/o James EDWARDS & Marg. WALT, married Charlotte W. NEWMAN, b. Pilkington, d/o George NEWMAN & Isabella ALLEN, ? 1900?

Henry W. FOWLS, b. Hastings Ont., s/o William J. & Mary C., married Sarah Electa CAMPBELL, b. Richwood, Oxford Co., d/o E.B. & Esther, 1 May 1900 at Normanby.

Stephen C. GAMBLE, b. Luther, Grey twp, s/o Samuel * Matilda, married Lena MOTZ, b. Drew, d/o William & Mary, 1 Aug 1900 at Drew

William HOCKLEY, b. England, s/o William HOCKLEY & Mary BAYLIN, married Margaret SCOTT, b. Lakelet, d/o John SCOTT & Eliza YOUNG, 26 Feb 1908 at Normanby

Wesley George HOLLIDAY, b. Normanby, s/o David HOLLIDAY & Sarah DICKSON, married Agnes Clara COWAN, b. Egremont, d/o William COWAN & Margaret ORR, 20 Feb 1901, at ?

Frederick HOLLIDAY, b. Normanby, s/o David HOLLIDAY & Sarah DICKSON, married Annie STEVENSON, b. Normanby, d/o William STEVENSON & Jessie MASAFFER?, 23 Dec 1908, at Normanby

John HOLTOM, b. Drew, s/o William HOLTOM & Sarah ENDLE, married Ella M. GIBSON, b. Drew, d/o George GIBSON & Agusta HOLMES, 3 Sept 1902, at Drew

Frederick C. HOLTOM, b. Minto, s/o Robert & Eliza, married Essie Jane CHILTON, b. Culross Bruce Co., d/o Cyril & Annie, 16 April 1901 at Drew

Charles Andrew JOHNSTON, b. Minto, s/o James JOHNSTON & Isabella LAING, married Ida Margaret GRICE, b. Minto, d/o William & Hannah, 10 April 1911 at Bride's home

Henry JOHNSTON, 26, b. Arthur twp., s/o William JOHNSTON & Ellen THORP, married Eva GRICE, b. Minto twp., d/o William GRICE & Hannah BELL, 7 March 1917 at Minto twp, witn: Russell GRICE & Ella Mae LONG

Malcolm KELLS, born Perl Ont., s/o David & Mary, married Nellie RIDDELL, b. Vaughan, d/o Andrew & Louisa, 26 July 1899, at Mt. Forest

Thomas KIDD, born Lakelet, married Laura VANCE, b. Clifford, d/o John & Lethea, 25 Feb 1897 at Clifford

John KIRK, b. Toronto, s/o William KIRK & Sarah BEAVER, married Marian ACTON, b. Gleneden?, d/o Robert & Maria, 6 Jan 1897 at Gleneden?

Robert James LAMONT, b. Mt. Forest, s/o James & Jane, married Millie H. ACTON, b. Normanby, d/o Robert & Maria, 16 Jan 1901 at Normanby

Albert Ed. LATIMER, b. Artemesia twp., s/o George & Esther, married Terepa ACTON, b. Normanby, d/o Robert & Mariah, 13 June 1900, at Normanby

Andrew LAWRENCE, b. London, s/o James LAWRENCE & Margaret KERNSHAM, married Ada Aline STOREY, b. London twp., d/o Henry STREY & Emma E. VANSTONE, witn: James LAWRENCE & Jean COCHRANE, 21 June 1916 at 572 Hill St., London

John LONG, b. Normanby, s/o Aaron & Marg., married Mary F. HERSHEY, b. York twp., d/o Robert & Sarah, 5 Sept 1900 at Mt. Forest

James McDONALD, b. Normanby, s/o Hugh McDONALD & Lilda O'NEIL, married Nellie FINDLAY, b. Scotland, d/o John FINDLAY & Christiana McLEAN, 3 Sept. 1902 at Mt. Forest

Charles William McFARLIN, b. Normanby, s/o William & Rachel, married Emma J. ROSZELL, b. Carrick, d/o Nathaniel & Eliza, 24 Aug 1898, at Normanby

William McGHIE, b. Normanby, s/o James McGHIE & Martha HOLMES, married Maggie DICKSON, b. Normanby, d/o J.H. DICKSON & Sarah CARTWRIGHT, 7 March 1900 at Normanby

John NEIL, b. Minto, s/o William NEIL & Catherine SCOTT, married Mary RUSSELL, b. Minto, d/o Thomas RUSSELL & Isabella WEIR?, 14 Mar 1900, at Mt.Forest

James NIVEN, b. Fergus, s/o M.C. NIVEN & Ellen HAMILTON, married Agnes BEGG, b. Wroxeter Huron Co., d/o John BEGG & Ellen ANDERSON, 22 Aug 1900 at Mt. Forest

John NOBLE, b. Keppel (Shallow Lake), s/o Ralph & Maggie, married Maggie COCHRANE, b. Minto, d/o James & Ann Eliza, 1 Mar 1899 at Minto

David RINTOUL, b. Beverly twp., s/o James RINTOUL & Fannie HIGGINS, married Pansy Elizabeth DICKSON, b. Normanby twp., d/o Joseph H. DICKSON & Sarah CARTWRIGHT, 25 Oct 1916 at Drew Station

Thomas Luke SHANNON, 26, b. Minto, s/o Hugh SHANNON & Louisa GRICE, married EdnaMay ARTHURS, 22, b. Minto twp., d/o George ARTHURS & Edith HOLTOM, witn: Mae ARTHURS, 3 Oct 1917 at the Drew Parsonage

William SMALL, b. Devonshire England, s/o Edward SMALL & Mary WELSH, married Sarah Ann DALLY, b. Clifford, d/o Thomas DALLY & Mary A. WALONSLEY, 3 Dec 1914 at Harriston

William STEVENSON, b. Normanby, s/o William STEVENSON & Jessie ROBERTSON, maried Rowena Agelia RAWN, b. Egremotn,. d/o Ira RAWN & Sarah DOWLING, 6 Oct 1915 at Egremont