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Dufferin Co., 1909


#006950-09 (Dufferin Co): Edgar A. ANDERSON, 27, farmer, of Mansfield, s/o Robert ANDERSON, farmer, & Sarah, married Mary Jane HAWKINS, 25, of Stanton - Mulmur twp, d/o James HAWKINS, farmer, & Tamar LAKING, witn: William HAWKINS of Stanton & Eva ANDERSON of Mansfield, 1 Dec 1909 at Everett, Mulmur twp #006956-09 (Dufferin Co): George William BRET?, 27, telegraph operator, of Bala Muskoka, s/o Charles BRET, farmer, & Eliza YALE (or Gale), married Elizabeth M. BOWES, 28?, of Red Deer Alberta, d/o John BOWES, farmer, & Isabella IRWIN, witn: William BOWES of Mono & Mrs? BOWES of Red Deer Alberta, 20 Jan 1909 at Orangeville
#006972-09 (Dufferin Co): Arthur Noble BROWN, 41, insurance accountant, of Davenport Iowa, s/o James BROWN & Maria S. PAGE, married Ellen Augusta COOPER, 31, nurse, of Davenport Iowa, d/o Alex COOPER & Barbara REA, witn: Gordon COOPER & Christena MANN, both of Orangeville, 26 Oct 1909 #006949-09 (Dufferin Co): William James CHIPCHASE, 33, farmer, of Mulmur, s/o Henry CHIPCHASE, farmer, & Margery LENNOX, married Eva M. FERRIS, 26, of Mulmur, d/o William FERRIS, farmer, & Elizabeth DEAN, witn: Ella McNABB of Shelburn & R.E. MORTIMER of Honeywood, 16 Nov 1909 at Perm, Mulmur twp
#006958-09 (Dufferin Co): Albert James CLARK, 24, farmer, of Melancthon, s/o John CLARK & Eliza MONTGOMERY, married Lottie Gertrude GAMBLE, 19, of Mono, d/o Thomas J. GAMBLE & Elizabeth MONTGOMERY, witn: Thomas J. & Georgina SPEERS of Mono, 3 Feb 1909 at Orangeville #006947-09 (Dufferin Co): Herbert CREARY, 25, farmer, of Mulmur, s/o John CREARY, farmer, & Lucy Ann MORROW, married Clara MIDDLETON, 21, of Mulmur, d/o David MIDDLETON, farmer, & Jennie MORGAN, witn: Edna MORGAN of new Lowell & Hazel MIDDLETON of Bauda, 3 Nov 1909 at Mulmur
#006960-09 (Dufferin Co): Henry Dalton CRUIKSHANKS, 28, merchant, of Balcarres?, s/o Samuel CRUIKSHANKS, farmer, & Mary MEREDITH, married E. Adelyne BRAIDEN, 27, dress maker, of Orangeville, d/o William BRAIDEN, retired farmer, & Sarah DALE, witn: Edith BRAIDEN of Orangeville & D.M. CRUIKSHANKS of Mono, 17 Feb 1909 at Orangeville 006887-1909 (Dufferin Co.) Louis G. CUDNEY, 21, farmer, not given, Lot 32 Con 9 East Luther, s/o Lemuel CUDNEY & Rachel MILLER, married Isabella JONES, 21, not given, Lot 14 Con 14 East Garafraxa, d/o not given, witn: Cecil CUDNEY of Grand Valley & Levy CRUIKSHANK of Orangeville, 7 Apr 1909 at Lot 14 Con 14 East Garafraxa.
  #006952-09 (Dufferin Co): James Isaac Henry DEVINS, 38, yeoman, of Vaughan, s/o Isaac DEVINS, farmer, & Charlotte M. CAPNER, married Ada Eleanor MORTIMER, 36, of Honeywood, d/o Mannel MORTIMER, farmer, & Josanna LEE, witn: Mortimer TUPLING? of Orillia & E. Marian TUPLING of Honeywood, 29 Dec 1909 at Honeywood, Mulmur twp
#006966-09 (Dufferin Co):, James Reid DUNCAN, 50, widower, farmer, of Melancthon twp., s/o Alexander DUNCAN & Martha REID, married Martha Jane HEWSON, 48, of Mono twp., d/o William H. HEWSON & Jane CUNNINGHAM, witn: Mrs. R.A. WHITESIDE & Mrs. G.M. BURCH, both of Orangeville, 19 July 1909 at Orangeville #006954-09 (Dufferin Co): Henry Archibald HETHERINGTON, 31, farmer, of Alliston, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Jane May ATKINSON, 26, of Mulmur twp., d/o Richard Louis, farmer, & Mary, witn: W.T. ATKINSON of Mulmur & Pearl VARCOE of Thompsonville, 22 Dec 1909 at Mulmur
#006953-09 (Dufferin Co): George Edward IRWIN, 27, farmer, of Vaughan, s/o William IRWIN, farmer, & Annie DIXON, married Lillian A. MORTIMER, 24, of Mulmur, d/o Richard MORTIMER, farmer, & Mary FARR, witn: E. MORTIMER of Honeywood & Laura J. LOWLAND of Toronto, 29 Dec 1909 at Honeywood #006945-09 (Dufferin Co): William Samuel JAMIESON, 27, carpenter, of 6th line Mulmer, s/o William JAMIESON, farmer, & Jane HAWKINS, married Eva Mildred FREELAND, 21, of 7th line Mulmur, d/o Thomas FREELAND, farmer, & Margaret LEMON, witn: William WILKINSON & Mary JAMIESON, both of Mansfield, 7 April 1909 at Mansfield, Mulmur twp
#006951-09 (Dufferin Co): Robert Herbert JAMIESON, 30, farmer, of Honeywood, s/o John J. JAMIESON, farmer, & Matilda HALBERT, married Dorothea LAVERTY, 22, of Black Bank, d/o Henry LAVERTY & Jane ALLEN, witn: John J. LAVERTY of Orangeville & May ECCLESTONE of Hornings Mills, 15 Dec 1909 at Honeywood #006946-09 (Dufferin Co): John A. MARTIN, 26, agent, of Inglewood, s/o William MARTIN, farmer, & Mary HARRIS, married Luella GILMORE, 30, of Rosemont, d/o James GILMORE, farmer, & Emma LEE, witn: Wallace GILMORE & Rachel McCREARY, both of Rosemont, 30 June 1909 at Rosemont
006888-1909 (Dufferin Co.) James McBRIDE, 34, farmer, not given, Sarnia, s/o William McBRIDE & Annie MYLLS, married Mary HAWES, 24, not given, East Garafraxa, d/o John Fletcher HAWES & Margaret CLARK, witn: Lucy A. HAWES of Hereward & Lizzie McBRIDE of Grand Valley, 23 Jun 1909 at East Garafraxa  
#006964-09 (Dufferin Co): William Campbell McMILLAN, 36, merchant, s/o Donald McMILLAN & Letitia DONALDSON, married Ada Ethel RUDDY, 30, of Orangeville, d/o William RUDDY, hotel keeper, & Hannah WHITE, witn: William & Mrs William RUDDY of Orangeville, 1 June 1909 at Orangeville #006974-09 (Dufferin Co): William John PATTERSON, 26, farmer, of Caledon, s/o Thomas PATTERSON, farmer, & Margaret HENDERSON, married Ida May NELSON, 19, of Orangeville, d/o William NELSON, farmer, & Isabella BENNETT, witn: Thompson NESBITT & Edith PATTERSON, both of Caledon, 2 Dec 1909 at Orangeville
#006959-09 (Dufferin Co): John PEARS, 65, widower, farmer, of Holland, s/o John PEARS, farmer, & Hannah WALKER, married Ann Elizabeth EWING, 37, widow, of Port Arthur, d/o George BLODES, farmer, & Eliza GOADBY, witn: Mrs. A.L. QUINN & Emma FOLEY, both of Orangeville, 10 Feb 1909 at Orangeville #006948-09 (Dufferin Co): Samuel PHOENIX, 29, farmer, of Mulmur, s/o Robert PHOENIX, farmer, & Jane McCRACKEN, married Florence HILL, 26, of Mulmur, d/o James HILL, farmer, & Isabella McCUTCHEON, witn: Andrew PHOENIX of Mulmur 7 Sarah CREARY of Shelburn, 10 Nov 1909 at Mulmur
#006965-09 (Dufferin Co): James Endicott PITTS, 59, widower, butcher, of Owen Sound, s/o James PITTS, farmer, & Sarah LODGE, married Georgina QUINN, 36, of Owen Sound, d/o James QUINN, farmer & Ann JOHNSTON, witn: W.S. & Mrs. Florence ALLISON of Owen Sound, 6 July 1909 at Orangeville #006962-09 (Dufferin Co): William PRICE, 33, farmer, of Caledon, s/o William PRICE & Ann THOMAS, married Catherine BAGNELL, 29?, of Mono, d/o Alexander BAGNELL, farmer, & Victoria DONALDSON, witn: Margaret HONEY & Sadie RIX, both of Orangeville, 25? April 1909 at Orangeville
#006955-09 (Dufferin Co): Henry REID, 28, clothier, of Orangeville, s/o Hugh REID, Dead, & Emily BROWN, married Ethel J. HENRY, 24, of Orangeville, d/o Robert HENRY, gentleman, & --da McCARTNEY, witn: R. B. HENRY & James LYNN, both of Orangeville, 6 Jan 1909 at Orangeville #006971-09 (Dufferin Co): Thomas James SPEARS, 24, farmer, of Mono, s/o John SPEARS & Hannah ANDERSON, married Annie BOWERS, 19, of Mono, d/o John BOWERS & Elizabeth OLIVER, witn: Robert SPEARS of Mono, 20 Oct 1909 at Orangeville
#006957-09 (Dufferin Co): John Wesley SPEERS, 21, farmer, of Mono, s/o John SPEERS & Hannah ANDERSON, married Margaret BUCHANAN, 19, of Mono, d/o Roland BUCHANAN & Bella BLOOMER, witn: Thomas James & Georgina SPEERS of Mono, 3 Feb 1909 at Orangeville #006970-09 (Dufferin Co): Philip St.CROIX, 30, contractor, of Orangeville, s/o John St. CROIX & Rose CHEQUIN, married Olive Myrtle GRAY, 25, of Mono, d/o Samuel GRAY & Jane WOODISS, witn: Maud TURNBULL & Bertha DOHERTY, both of Orangeville, 1 Sept 1909 at Orangeville
#006973-09 (Dufferin Co): Louis St.CROIX, 36, widower, foreman in cement plant, of Orangeville, s/o John St.CROIX, laborer, & Rose CHEQUIN, married Elizabeth JONES, widow, 41, of Orangeville, d/o John PATTERSON, deceased farmer, & Agnes SMITH, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John DUNNE of Orangeville, 15 Nov 1909 at Orangeville #006963-09 (Dufferin Co): Jeness? F. THRALL, 38, railway worker, of Buffalo, s/o William B. THRALL & Hemiline -UME, married Marie Ethel PARK, 2-, of Bushais?, d/o John PARK & Jean NAIRN, witn: William MENARY of Bowling Green & Annie M. PARK of Orangeville, 15 May 1909 at Orangeville
#006969-09 (Dufferin Co): Charles Arthur WRAY, 30, merchant, of Rodney, s/o George Edward WRAY & Alice LOVATT, married Sarah Jane COBEAN, 32, of Orangeville, d/o James COBEAN & Mary RAINEY, witn: J. COOK & Ida WHITE, both of Orangeville, 23 Sept 1909 at Orangeville