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Dufferin Co, 1923


9687-23 Austin Clarence ALDERSON, 23, cement worker, Glencairn Ont., Alliston, s/o George ALDERSON (b. Sunnidale twp) & Emily PROCTOR, married Mary Myrtle WILLARD, 25, Tossorontio twp., Alliston, d/o John WILLARD (b. Ont) & Margaret Ann GRAHAM, witn: Mrs. Margaret J. CAUTHERS & Mrs. Maud M. BURNSIDE, both of Mansfield, 12 July 1923 at Mansfield  
9685-23 Thomas ARIS, 53, brick layer, Meaford, Owen Sound, s/o Thomas ARIS (b. England) & Glenora BLANCHARD, married Jennie Cecilia EVELEIGH, 49, widow, Toronto, Owen Sound, d/o Patrick COFFEY (b. Ireland) & Catherine JOHNSTON, witn: Mrs. H. L. PARTRIDGE & G. H. STODDART, both of Orangeville, 25 Oct 1923 at Orangeville 9686-23 William Wallace ARMSTRONG, 31, pharmacist, Peterborough, Mimico, s/o Simon R. ARMSTRONG (b. Belmont Ont) & Elizabeth WALLACE, married Ada Marjorie CRAIG, 25, Grand Valley, Mimico, d/o William Logan CRAIG (b. Fergus Ont) & Jane Armstrong REA, witn: Rea CRAIG of Grand Valley & Florence G. McINTYRE of 174 Spadina Rd., 8 Sept 1923 at Knox Church, Grand Valley
9690-23 Angus Roy BELL, 23, farmer, Mono twp., same, s/o Murdock BELL & Martha HORNER, married Laura May MYERS, 22, Amaranth twp., same, d/o John Alfred MYERS (b. Amaranth twp) & Frances DAVIS (Dove?), witn: Helena MYERS of Shelburne & Sydney F. BELL of Brampton, 28 March 1923 at Amaranth twp 9689-23 James Varley BELL, 37, accountant, Ontario, 212 Dundas St. E. in Toronto, s/o Walter BELL (b. England) & Elizabeth FEWINGS? (Fersings?), married Gladis Brownlee HOGG, 26, Toronto, Orangeville, d/o David HOGG (b. Ont) & Margaret BROWNLEE, witn: V. McMILLAN of 212 Dundas E. in Toronto & Madeline J. FLOOD of 9 Humewood St. in Toronto, 17 Oct 1923 at Orangeville
9688-23 James Samuel BILLINGS, 27, farmer, Proton twp., Amaranth twp., s/o Joseph BILLINGS (b. Grey Co) & Polly KAVANNAH, married May CREAMER, 30, England, Mono twp., d/o Reuben CREAMER (b. Hampstead England) & Emily WRIGHT, witn: Mrs. R. R. COUTTS & Mary E. REID, both of Camilla, 26 Dec 1923 at Camilla 9691-23 William James BRAWLEY, 21, painter, Orangeville, same, s/o Alfred BRAWLEY (b. Corbetton) & Louisa NASH, married Phyllis Mary SMITH, 18, England, Shelburne, d/o William SMITH (b. Yorkshire) & Sabine GREAVES, witn: Sabina & George SMITH of Shelburne, 23 Feb 1923 at Shelburne
9696-23 John Harold CAMERON, 27, farmer, Caledon twp., same, s/o George Andrew CAMERON (b. Caledon twp) & Charlotte McCLELLAN, married Helen Ruth BABCOCK, 23, Yarker - Frontenac Co., Caledon twp., d/o Simon D. BABCOCK (b. Odessa Ont) & Elizabeth Jane SCHULTZ, witn: Agnes MEEK & Hilton R. CAMERON, both of Alton, 12 Sept 1923 at St. Marks Church, Orangeville 9697-23 William Martin CHURCHILL, 49, laborer, Muskoka Dist., Caledon twp., s/o Benjamin CHURCHILL (b. Pickering twp) & Nancy CLARYO (Oaryo?), married Churstena BRIDGES, 37, Collingwood, Caledon twp., d/o Charles BRIDGES (b. Ireland) & Martha GOLDEN, witn: George BALDWIN of Inglewood & Ellis LIDDY of Orangeville, 9 Aug 1923 at Orangeville
9700-23 Richard Lawrence COLE, 35, farmer, Adjala twp., Mono twp., s/o John COLE (b. Adjala) & Jane PROCTOR, married Mabel Olive PEARSON, 22, Mono twp., same, d/o John PIERSON (sic) & Sarah Jane WILLERTON, witn: Angus COLE of RR1 Ballycroy & Flora May PIERSON of RR1 Mono Mills, 7 Feb 1923 at home of Mr. & Mrs. S. Rawn 9693-23 Francis COLLINS, 26, farmer, London England, Melancthon twp., s/o Maurice COLLINS (b. Ireland) & Rosa MORRISON, married Florence Alberta WESTCOTT, 21, Melancthon, same, d/o Stephen WESTCOTT (b. Melancthon Canada) & Mary L. FERGUSON, witn: William Melville FAWCETT of RR1 Melancthon & Mabel FLEMING of Hornings Mills, 28 Nov 1923 at Redickville, Melancthon twp
  9698-23 Stanley CRANSTON, 27, druggist, Ontario, 97 Dundas St. E. in Toronto, s/o William George CRANSTON (b. Ireland) & Margaret J. COURTNEY, married Mary Elizabeth Carlyle KIDD, 27, teacher, Ontario, Melancthon, d/o William John KIDD (b. Ont) & Hannah J. WRIGHT, witn: Norma CRANSTON of Orangeville & Margaret KIDD of Melancthon, 1 Aug 1923 at Melancthon
9692-23 Harold Francis CRISP, 26, mechanic, Ontario, 4168 Dundas St. in Lambton, s/o Thomas John CRISP (b. Ont) & Frances ROADHOUSE, married Henrietta Alberta HILLOCK, 23, operator, Ontario, Wellington St. in Orangeville, d/o Irwin HILLOCK (b. Ont) & Margaret HENRY, witn: Martha Ellen & Sarah Jane HILLOCK of Orangeville, 24 Dec 1923 at St. Marks Rectory, Orangeville 9694-23 James David CROMBIE, 28, farmer, Amaranth twp., Mono twp., s/o Charles CROMBIE (b. Amaranth twp) & Mary DUDGEON, married Olga ISLAND, 24, Mono twp., same, d/o Joseph M. ISLAND (b. Mono) & Lily MILLS, witn: Mary CROMBIE & Minnie ISLAND, both of Mono, 21 Nov 1923 at St. Marks Rectory, Orangeville
9695-23 Ross Freeman CUDNEY, 35, farmer, Amaranth twp., same, s/o Henry CUDNEY (b. Beverly twp - Peel Co - sic), married Gladys GREER, 21, Manchester England, Melancthon, d/o Charles GREER (b. Manchester England) & Sarah Elizabeth FLETCHER, witn: Ernest FLETCHER of 476 St. Clarens Ave in Toronto & Mrs. George BARRETT of Melancthon, 7 Nov 1923 at home of bride's parents 9699-23 Andrew CURTIS, 36, farmer, Belwood, East Garafraxa, s/o Richard CURTIS (b. England) & Margaret CRAWFORD, married Alice Gibson RICHARDSON, 35, Grand Valley, East Luther, d/o Andrew RICHARDSON (b. Ont) & Annie HALL, witn: William CURTIS of Belwood & Edwin RICHARDSON of Grand Valley, 27 June 1923 at Luther
9706-23 Clifford William DALES, 21, farmer, East Luther twp., same, s/o Alpha DALES (b. Canada) & Rachel HAMMOND, married Florence Annie MOURNAHAN, 19, East Luther twp., same, d/o James MOURNAHAN (b. Canada) & Annie RITCHIE, witn: Barrie DALES & Marjorie CAMPBELL, both of Grand Valley, 10 Jan 1923 at Monticello 9703-23 Samuel Alexander DEAN, 26, automotive trimmer, Ontario, 81 Melville Ave., s/o Samuel Alex DEAN (b. Ont) & Martha PAGE, married Lillian Florence COOK, 28, Ontario, RR1 Laurel, d/o William James COOK (b. Ont) & Frances HUNTER, witn: Edith LANG & Earl COOK, both of Laurel, 30 June 1923 at Amaranth
9704-23 James DOAN, 26, farmer, Mulmur twp., same, s/o Emery H. DOAN (b. Canada) & Margaret INLIS, married Mary Edith PELLETT, 26, Melancthon twp., same, d/o Henry PELLETT (b. Canada) & Mary Jane BARKWELL, witn: William DOAN & Annie PRENTICE, both of Honeywood, 20 June 1923 at the Bull's Home 9705-23 Sylvester DOAN, 31, farmer, Melancthon twp., Mulmur twp., s/o Emery DOAN (b. Canada) & Margaret INGILS, married Margaret Isabella COPELAND, 21, house maid, Mulmur twp., same, d/o Joshua COPELAND (b. Canada) & Isabella FEAD, witn: Miss Fern A. HUNT of RR1 Hornings Mills & James DOAN of Honeywood, 21 Feb 1923 at Honeywood, Mulmur
9702-23 Silas James DORAN, 28, Mountain twp., same, s/o William Alfred DORAN (b. Mountain twp) & Clare LEVERE, married Lillian Pearl WILSON, 22, Mono Centre, same, d/o James WILSON (b. Mono twp) & Catherine RAWN, witn: Lawrence WILSON & Muriel McKELVEY, both of Mono Centre, 14 Nov 1923 at Mono Centre 9701-23 Elmer Cornelius DYNES, 23, farmer, Amaranth twp., Hornings Mills, s/o William Andrew DYNES (b. Peel Canada) & Frances CORNELIUS, married Lena Melina DYNES, 22, Melancthon twp., same, d/o Robinson DYNES (b. York Canada) & Margaret Ann BROWN, witn: Harrel E. DYNES of Laurel & Mrs. John A. STONE of Melancthon, 5 Dec 1923 at Melancthon
9709-23 William Leonard ELGIE, 27, Mono twp., Camilla, s/o John ELGIE (b. Canada) & Maggie NICKLE, married Ida RATZ, 24, Wiarton, Camilla, d/o Peter RATZ (b. Canada) & Helen SMITH, witn: W. H. & Mrs. Guley? SMITH of RR1 Camilla, 6 June 1923 at Camilla  
9708-23 Ralph Bolton ENDICOTT, 27, deputy sheriff of Dufferin Co., Orangeville, same, s/o Henry ENDICOTT (b. England) & Ann MARSHALL, married Elizabeth NODWELL, 29, tailoress, Erin twp., Orangeville, d/o William NODWELL (b. Ont) & Rosa Jane YOUNG, witn: W. E. NODWELL & R. H. CURRY, both of Orangeville, 1 Sept 1923 at Orangeville 9707-23 Reynolds Jamieson EVANS, 31, traveller, Toronto, 159 Medland St. in Toronto, s/o Thomas Arnold EVANS (b. Ont) & Margaret F. JAMIESON, married Elsie May GALLAUGHER, 33, Ontario, 12 Newshane? St., d/o Thomas GALLAUGHER (b. Ont) & Eliza TAYLOR, witn: John C. EVANS of Havelock St. in Toronto & Mauriel EVANS of 394 Quebec St. in Toronto, 10 Oct 1923 at Shelburne
9710-23 James Samuel FALLS, 26, Tossorontio, same, s/o Frank FALLS (b. Enniskillen Ireland) & Agnes CROSBY, married Gladys Mary HARE, 24, Mulmur, same, d/o Samuel HARE (b. Mulmur twp) & Clara YOUNG, witn: Albert HARE of Glencairn & Lizzie FALLS of Lisle, 4 April 1923 at Lot 28, Con 8 of Mulmur twp 9711-23 William John FERRIS, 40, farmer, Mulmur twp., Sperling Man., s/o Matthew FERRIS (b. Ireland) & Margaret Ann McKEE, married Myrtle Lizzie SMITH, 25, Mono twp., same, d/o Matthew SMITH & blank HENRY, witn: William J. HENRY & Annie WHITE, both of Shelburne, 7 Feb 1923 at Primrose
  9712-23 Stanley Archibald GAYLORD, 22, mechanic, Lester England, Grand Valley, s/o George E. GAYLORD (b. England) & Emma SIMMONS, married Mildred TUCK, 19, coat operator, Ontario, Toronto, d/o George D. TUCK (b. Ont) & Annie GRASSICK, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John ROBINSON of Grand Valley, 29 Dec 1923 at Grand Valley
9714-23 Dalton Verral GILLESPIE, 27, farmer, Amaranth twp., same, s/o Joseph GILLESPIE (b. RR3 Orangeville) & Sarah BUCHANAN, married Mabel JACKSON, 25, Mono twp., same, d/o William JACKSON (b. RR1 Orangeville), witn: Joseph H. JACKSON Jr. & Margaret E. JACKSON, both of Cardwell, 7 March 1923 at Herald Congregational Church, Cardwell, RR1 Orangeville, 9713-23 Carman Bernard GREIG, 29, Arthur, same, s/o Peter GREIG & Jennie HOLDEN, married Freda Cameron CLARIDGE, 22, Grand Valley, same, d/o William CLARIDGE & Margaret McDONALD, witn: Beatrice S. GREIG of Arthur & Vernon CLARIDGE, 26 Sept 1923 at Grand Valley
9718-23 John Gilmour HACKETT, 29, laborer, Orangeville, same, s/o James HACKETT (b. Canada) & Catherine LITTLE, married Jessie ROSS, 23, house keeper, Scotland, Orangeville, d/o George ROSS (b. Scotland) & Johan CAMERON, witn: Owen RUSSELL & Mrs. Lucinda MILLER, both of Orangeville, 22 Aug 1923 at Orangeville 9717-23 William James Clarence HADDOCK, 27, mechanic, Mulmur twp., Orangeville, s/o William Henry HADDOCK (b. Mono Twp) & Lizzie IRWIN, married Amanda Marguerite LEWIS, 22, Mono twp., Orangeville, d/o Robert LEWIS (b. Mono twp) & Mary EWING, witn: Bertha McKENNA & Errol LEWIS, both of Mono Centre, 12 Sept 1923 at St. Marks Rectory, Orangeville
9716-23 Lawrence HALBERT, 32, barber, Ontario, Alliston, s/o James HALBERT (b. Ont) & Eliza Ann McCUTCHEON, married Ruby May SKELTON, 19, milliner, Ontario, Shelburne, d/o Arthur SKELTON (b. Ont) & Alice Maud DALES, witn: Harold WATSON of Corbetton & Rhoda LITTLE of Shelburne, 18 Sept 1923 at Shelburne 9721-23 Carl Edward HANLEY, 24, Osprey twp., Orangeville, s/o Albert E. HANLEY (b. Osprey) & Elizabeth M. COOPER, married Audrey Madeline McLEAN, 21, Orangeville, same, d/o George Herbert McLEAN (b. Caledon) & Margaret M. WILSON, witn: Amanda WILSON of Toronto & William T. HANLEY of Orangeville, 9 May 1923 at Orangeville
9710-23 Robert Gilbert HARPER, 25, Mulmur, same, s/o Joseph HARPER (b. Canada) & Jane CARTER, married Retta Alvira FREE, 21, Mulmur, same, d/o Horace FREE (b. Canada) & Margaret THOMPSON, witn: Norman HARPER of 184 ½ Mutual St. & Flora GILPIN of New Lowell, 11 July 1923 at the bride's home 9723-23 Arthur Eugene HART, 30, blacksmith, England, Hillsburg, s/o Hill HART (b. England) & Hannah WALTON, married Phoebe GALLAUGHER, 32, Mulmur twp., Hillsburg, d/o Hugh William GALLAUGHER (b. Mulmur twp) & Margaret Jane BROWN, witn: Jasper & Mrs. Jasper SPROULE of Honeywood, 3 Jan 1923 at Mansfield
9722-23 Hiram HILLIS, 23, farmer, East Garafraxa, same, s/o James HILLIS (b. East Garafraxa) & Sarah Jane TAYLOR, married Myrtle NODWELL, 20, East Garafraxa, same, d/o William O. NODWELL (b. East Garafraxa) & Lena BYERS, witn: J. Ives NODWELL of Guelph & Sarah HILLIS of Waldemar, 28 March 1923 at East Garafraxa 9715-23 John Clarence HOARE, 29, East Garafraxa, same, s/o William A. HOARE (b. East Garafraxa twp ) & Emma Elizabeth LIGHTLE, married Hazel Elizabeth OLIVER, 25, East Garafraxa, res not given, d/o Alexander OLIVER (b. East Garafraxa twp.) & Sarah Ann McGOWAN, witn: Annie Elizabeth ROBINSON of 615 Manning Ave in Toronto & John Reginald HARE of RR2 Orangeville, 19 Sept 1923 at Orangeville
9724-23 Winter George HOOKER, 44, laborer, Fordwich Ont., Proton twp., s/o Charles William HOOKER (b. England) & Eliza Ann MIERMIN?, married Annie Marie BENDER, 31, widow, Wallace, same, d/o Frederick KROTZ (b. Germany) & Katherina BENDER, witn: C. Willard & Mrs. A. E. THORNLEY of Shelburne, 2 Jan 1923 at Shelburne 9720-23 Frank HURD, 30, engineer, Erin, same, s/o Abraham W. HURD (b. Canada) & Annie E. BERRY, married Eva Pearl WELLS, 19, Orangeville, same, d/o Thomas G. WELLS (b. England) & Sarah P. LEADER, witn: Percy E. ARNETT & Ula HURD, both of Erin, 27 June 1923 at Orangeville
9725-23 Francis JOHNSTON, 25, moulder, West Lynn Mass., Galt, s/o Frank JOHNSTON & Teresa MAGUIRE, married Mary Josephine HARRIS, 27, spinner, Alton, same, d/o Samuel HARRIS & Catherine SEXTON, witn: Albert Joseph JOHNSTON of Galt & Anna M. HARRIS of 181 Harte? St. North in Hamilton, 18 Sept 1923 at Orangeville 9726-23 Alfred Allen KNOWLTON, 26, carpenter, Hornings Mills, same, s/o Alfred Walter KNOWLTON (b. England) & Ellen FREAR, married Margaret Lucinda BOYLE, 19, Mulmur, same, d/o Thomas David BOYLE (b. Canada) & Lucinda SHERMAN, witn: Mrs. Ellen KNOWLTON & Mrs. Alice Sarah BURLEY, both of Hornings Mills, 14 Feb 1923 at Hornings Mills
9728-23 William Oscar LATIMER, 29, farmer, Tossorontio twp., same, s/o Thomas LATIMER (b. Tossorontio twp ) Margaret REID, married Ella Jane MOORE, 29, Mulmur twp., same, d/o George MOORE (b. Adjala twp) & Isabella QUINN, witn: George & Trueman MOORE of Rosemont, 14 Nov 1923 at Rosemont 9730-23 Arthur Iden LEEDER, 32, farmer, Saugeen twp., same, s/o Nathaniel LEEDER (b. Saugeen twp) & Elizabeth EIDT, married Abbie Edna SNELL, 34, Simcoe Co., Dufferin Co., d/o Henry SNELL (farmer, b. Chincouti) & Mary Ann BRODERICK, witn: Walter A. & Sadie LEEDER of RR3 Port Elgin, 14 June 1923 at Melancthon twp (LDS)
9729-23 Emerson LITTLE, 25, Chinguacousy, Amaranth twp., s/o William J. LITTLE (b. Chinguacousy twp) & Emma WIGGINS, married Florence Jennett SNIDER, 26, Amaranth, same, d/o William SNIDER (b. Dufferin Co) & Jennie MELDON, witn: William SNIDER & Miss Edna LITTLE, both of Shelburne, 20 June 1923 at Shelburne 9727-23 Harry LOVELL, 23, clerk, Amaranth twp., same, s/o James LOVELL (b. Canada) & Margaret GERRIE, married Eva TATE, 18, Amaranth twp., same, d/o David TATE (b. Canada) & Josephine CROLEY, witn: George MARTIN & Elizabeth LUNDIE, both of Grand Valley, 28 Nov 1923 at Grand Valley
9731-23 William Herman MADILL, 21, farmer, Melancthon twp., same, s/o William S. MADILL (b. Dufferin Co) & Jean HAMILTON, married Edna Mary NOBLE, 19, Melancthon, same, d/o Judd (Sudd?) J. NOBLE (b. Dufferin Co) & Mirilla FURGESON (Ferguson?), witn: H. Herbert MADILL of Shelburne & Gladys FAWCETT of Hornings Mills, 5 Dec 1923 at parents home
9737-23 Milford Elmer MARSHALL, 28, Proton, same, s/o Ross? George MARSHALL (b. Proton) & Sophronia MONTGOMERY, married Audrey R. MILLS, 25, Osprey, Melancthon, d/o Edward MILLS (b. Dundalk) & Martha THOMPSON, witn: James? illegible & Miss Mary BESLEY, both of Shelburne, 18 April 1923 at Shelburne 9732-23 Daniel MARTELL, 30, farmer, Proton, Melancthon, s/o Daniel MARTELL (b. Ont) & Barbara ELLIS, married Ethel Elizabeth SCACE, 25, Melancthon, same, d/o Harry SCACE (b. England) & Isabel CORBETT, witn: Harry Alfred SCACE of Riverview & Mrs. A. E. OWEN of Shelburne, 10 Oct 1923 at Shelburne
9739-23 Henry Carmin MARTIN, 19, farmer, Mulmur, same, s/o John MARTIN (b. Lavender Ont) & Amelia MARTIN, married Matilda Amelia COE, 21, Mulmur, same, d/o Richard Henry COE (b. Lavender Ont) & Margaret COE, witn: James Delmer MARTIN of Creemore & Alma COE of Terra Nova, 7 March 1923 at Blackbank 9736-23 George Wesley MAUDE, 27, farmer, Wellington Co., Melancthon twp., s/o Joseph MAUDE (b. Eramosa twp) & Alice CUTTING, married Hannah Ellen BEAMISH, 26, Proton twp., same, d/o John BEAMISH (b. Tobico twp - Etobicoke?), & Mary WELSHER, witn: Thomas H., BEAMISH of Dundalk & Mrs. G. W. ROSE of Corbetton, 2 May 1923 at Corbetton
9733-23 Lawrence Oliver MAY, 24, farmer, East Garafraxa twp., same, s/o Thomas MAY (b. East Garafraxa) & Harriet McBRIDE, married Annie Irene McGOWAN, 23, East Garafraxa twp., same, d/o William B. McGOWAN (b. East Garafraxa) & Mary L. NODWELL, witn: Annie HAMILTON of Montecello & Robert McGOWAN of Orton, 19 Sept 1923 at East Garafraxa 9745-23 Albert Edward McALONAN, 22, farmer, Belfast Ireland, RR6 Dunnville - Moulton twp., s/o James McALONAN (b. Ireland) & Margaret REID, married Alexandria Elizabeth COOPER, 21, teacher, Orangeville, same, d/o Robert COOPER (b. Canada) & Mary REID, witn: Hugh COOPER of Orangeville & Earl DEMUDE? of Dunnville, 5 Sept 1923 at Orangeville
9749-23 Peter McARTHUR, 44, retired farmer, East Luther, same, s/o John McARTHUR (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Mary Jane LUXTON, married Edith Agnes Alberta DAVISON, 27, Amaranth twp., Melancthon twp., d/o John DAVISON (b. Ont) farmer, & Mary Elizabeth PHILLIPS, witn: Thomas DAVISON of Jessopville & Lottie WATT of Grand Valley, 14 March 1923 at Jessopville 9750-23 William Henry Lloyd McCABE, 24, farmer, Mono twp., Amaranth twp., s/o Archibald McCABE (b. Amaranth twp) & Adeline Maria BANKS, married Beatrice Audrey BRINKMAN, 19, Mulmur twp., same, d/o Robert BRINKMAN (b. Mono twp) & Annie LEWIS, witn: Olive BRINKMAN of RR1 Mono Centre & Lily FORTH of Rosemont, 6 March 1923 at Violet Hill
9753-23 Francis Patrick McCARTY, 23, Caledon twp., same, s/o John McCARTY & Bridget Ellen BURK, married Annie RYAN, 23, Orangeville, same, d/o Joseph RYAN & Mary MacPHERSON, witn: Alphonsus GARRITY of Caledon twp & Marguerite GARRITY of Toronto, 25 April 1923 at Orangeville 9748-23 John Alexander McCONNELL, 39, Ontario, 973 Dundas St. West in Toronto, s/o Charles McCONNELL (b. Ont) & Janet McDOWELL, married Charlotte Pearl SIME, 29, Ontario, Corbetton, d/o Peter M. SIME (b. Quebec) & Martha Jane RICHARDSON, witn: Mrs. G. W. ROSE & Maggie E. SIME, both of Corbetton, 14 March 1923 at Corbetton
9744-23 Robert John McGHEE, 28, garage man, Melancthon, Hornings Mills, s/o James McGHEE (b. Melancthon twp) & Susan FOOTE, married Gertrude Jessie WEBSTER, 19, Hornings Mills, same, d/o Richard WEBSTER (b. Melancthon twp) & Bertha GARDINER, witn: R. Chester WEBSTER of Hornings Mills & Blanche McGHEE of Melancthon, 5 Sept 1923 at the bride's home 9752-23 Russell Robert McKEE, 26, widower, farmer, Sydenham twp., Amaranth, s/o Robert McKEE (b. Canada) & May KEELING, married Martha CUDNEY, 21, East Luther, same, d/o William CUDNEY (b. Canada) & Susanna RODGERS, witn: Mrs. William CUDNEY & Mabel? LEWIS, both of East Luther, 31 Jan 1923 at Monticello
9746-23 Carman William McKELVEY, 23, farmer, Mono twp., same, s/o William McKELVEY (b. Mono) & Ida Frances HALBERT, married Elsie Caroline HADDOCK, 22, Mono twp., same, d/o William Henry HADDOCK (b. Mono) & Lydia Elizabeth IRWIN, witn: Stanley M. HALBERT of Bradford & Mossie P. A. IRELAND of Shelburne, 27 June 1923 at Relessey 9747-23 George Anthony McLAREN, 21, farmer, Melancthon twp., same, s/o David McLAREN (b. Amaranth twp) & Martha Ann HUNKING, married Mary Isabel STEWART, 21, Melancthon twp., same, d/o Fred STEWART (b. Melancthon twp) & Charlotte Ann BOLES, witn: Isabella Agnes STEWART & Roy McLAREN, both of Corbetton, 20 June 1923 at Corbetton
9743-23 Ralph Alexander Charles McLEAN, 36, lawyer, Barrie, Alliston, s/o William McLEAN (b. Canada) & Mary E. WHITE, married Sarah Isabel MITCHELL, 38, Adjala twp., Alliston, d/o Alexander MITCHELL (b. Canada) & Sarah ROSE, witn: W. T. FISHER of Orangeville & L. A. COULTER of Alliston, 15 Nov 1923 at Orangeville 9751-23 Samuel McNEILLY, 26, shoe maker, Belfast Ireland, Shelburne, s/o William James (John?) McNEILLY (b. Belfast Ireland) & Elizabeth J. SMITH, married Edith MOUNTFORD, 21, maid, England, Camilla, d/o Edward MOUNTFORD (b. Shropshire England) & Eleanor HAYLEY, witn: Arthur MOUNTFORD of Camilla & Annie BAILEY of Hamilton, 2 Jan 1923 at Camilla, Mono twp
9734-23 James MEEK, 53, widower, Albion twp., Mulmur twp., s/o Joseph MEEK ( b. Ireland) & Bessie CAIRNS, married Mary Emma ALLEN, 60, widow, house keeper, Exeter, Mono, d/o John ANDREWS (b. Ont) & Charlotte JORY, witn: George Ed PATTON of RR1 Proton & Emma MILLS of Dundalk, 27 June 1923 at Mono twp 9735-23 Oliver Irwin MERKLEY, 28, farmer, Melancthon, same, s/o George MERKLEY (b. Melancthon twp) & Mary IRWIN, married Violet Collette BELL, 18 + 6 mon, Melancthon, same, d/o George BELL (b. Egremont twp) & Ellen J. AITKIN, witn: George H. & Mabel MERKLEY of Corbetton, 6 June 1923 at Shrigley
9738-23 Henry Stinson MILLS, 24, farmer, Melancthon twp., same, s/o Thomas MILLS (b. Melancthon twp) & Maria GRUMMET, married Annie Mary MARTELL, 23, domestic, Melancthon twp., same, d/o James MARTELL (b. Waterloo) & Emma BOWMAN, witn: Edith P. MILLS of Dundalk & Mrs. Ed VANCE Of Corbetton, 4 April 1923 at Corbetton 9740-23 John McCartney MILNE, 26, farmer, West Garafraxa, same, s/o John MILNE (b. Garafraxa) & Margaret McCARTNEY, married Mary DENNIS, 24, East Luther, same, d/o Stephen DENNIS (b. West Luther) & Margaret CLARKE, witn: Charley DENNIS of East Luther & Jean MILNE of Belwood, 7 March 1923 at East Luther
9741-23 Robert Edward MOFFATT, 22, farmer, Mono twp., same, s/o John MOFFATT (b. Canada) & Mary J. WHITE, married Ruby Elvira Mary REID, 22, Mono twp., same, d/o John REID (b. Canada) & Eva HARRISON, witn: H. & Mrs. H. SLOAN of Orangeville, 21 Feb 1923 at Orangeville 9742-23 Samuel Ernest MOTTART, 36, painter, London England, Grand Valley, s/o Emile Bernard MOTTART & Ellen PEARCE, married Mary Elizabeth BOSWELL, 26, Erin Ont., Grand Valley, d/o Edwin BOSWELL & Elizabeth GREGORY, witn: Walter Marshall MOTTART of Grand Valley & Edith Janet BLACK of Orangeville, 20 June 1923 at Grand Valley
9754-23 Thomas James NEW, 26, farmer, Melancthon twp., Amaranth twp., s/o James NEW (b. England) & Mary HOCKINS (Frockins?), married Elizabeth Mary GRAY, 18, Peel twp., East Garafraxa twp., d/o David W. GRAY (b. Nichol twp) & Mary E. STEPHENSON, witn: Mrs. A. BOWEN? of Shelburne & William GRAY of Orton, 28 Feb 1923 at Shelburne 9755-23 Thomas OLIVER, 54, farmer, Mulmur twp., Relessy, s/o Joseph OLIVER (b. Armagh Ireland) & Ann PATTERSON, married Hannah Ellen NOBLE, 44, Mulmur twp. (or Mono twp - both given), Camilla, d/o Robert NOBLE (b. Mono twp) & Mary Ann LEE, witn: Samuel J. WHITE of RR1 Camilla & Lily FORTH (Firth?) of Rosemont, 20 June 1923 at Rosemont
  9762-23 Edward Clarence PAGE, 26, farmer, Melancthon twp., same, s/o William PAGE (b. Canada) & Elizabeth FERRIS, married Marion Freda BLACK, 20, Sydenham twp., Melancthon twp., d/o John A. BLACK (b. Canada) & Minnie A. JONES, witn: Arthur PAGE of Burks Falls & Muriel Jean BLACK of Owen Sound, 20 June 1923 at Knox Church, Hornings Mills
9757-23 John Alexander PATTERSON, 32, farmer, Amaranth twp., same, s/o Alexander PATTERSON (b. Ont) & Mary Elizabeth KEARNS, married Mary Elma DEAN, 24, Mulmur twp., same, d/o James DEAN (b. Ont) & Isabella GREER, witn: Arthur V. NOBLE & Ruby M. HENRY, both of Shelburne, 10 Oct 1923 at Shelburne 9760-23 Robert Alexander PEACOCK, 42, farmer, Salem Ont., Nichol twp., s/o Alick PEACOCK (b. Salem Elora) & Mar LOVE, married Barbara Bell ROBSON, 39, East Luther, same, d/o Matt ROBSON (b. England) & Jean FINDLAY, witn: Ethyle ARNOTT? & Jean RUTH, both of Grand Valley, 3 Jan 1923 at Grand Valley
9765-23 George Chalmers PEDEN, 23, farmer, East Garafraxa twp., same, s/o Hugh PEDEN (b. East Garafraxa) & Jane PARK, married Rebe L. TAYLOR, 19, East Luther, same, d/o Jacob TAYLOR (b. East Garafraxa) farmer, & Melissa BAKER, witn: J. W. PARK of RR3 Belwood & Verna J. BROWN of RR2 Orton, 8 Feb 1923 at East Luther 9758-23 Clinton Clarence PEDLAR, 37, widower, tea agent, Flesherton, same, s/o Samuel PEDLAR (b. Ont) & Martha McNALLY, married Hannah Mabel SEELEY, 22, Maxwell, Ceylon, d/o David SEELEY (b. Ont) & Sarah JONES, witn: Laurena WHITE & Mrs. H. E. HARTLEY, both of Shelburne, 11 Aug 1923 at Shelburne
9764-23 George Lawrence PHILLIPS, 22, farmer, Amaranth twp., same, s/o David Nelson PHILLIPS (b. Ont) & Elizabeth Ann CLARK, married Elizabeth Jane MANNING, 21, Melancthon twp., Amaranth twp., d/o Charles MANNING (b. Ont) & Margaret Ann DOWKES, witn: Mary Jane DOWKES & Ida May TRIBBLE, both of Shelburne, 14 March 1923 at Amaranth twp 9756-23 George PHILLIPS, 50, farm laborer, Port Hope, Caledon twp., s/o George PHILLIPS (b. Canada) & Fanny, married Catherine Page HARE, 49, Uxbridge England, Caledon twp., d/o James HARE (b. England) & Catherine PAGE, witn: Homer & Miss M. HILLIARD of Caledon, 5 Dec 1923 at Orangeville
9761-23 Alfred Nelson PHILLIPS, 27, Amaranth twp., same, s/o Alfred Nelson PHILLIPS (b. Amaranth twp) & Mary Muriel DURKIN, married Mary Muriel DURKIN, 25, Amaranth twp., same, d/o William DURKIN (b. Ireland) & Mary Elizabeth HOBSON, witn: Ernest William NEVILLE of Toronto & E. Millie DURKIN of Waldemar, 20 June 1923 at Amaranth [as written - bride's name same as that of mother of the groom] 9759-23 John Spencer POTTER, 30, automobile dealer, Wellington Co., Alliston, s/o Robert POTTER (b. Tecumseth twp) & Rachel GOODALL, married Eva Gladys McCABE, 28, nurse, Mono twp., Alliston, d/o James McCABE (b. Mono twp) & Ellen MILLS, witn: Norman PALMER & Frances GRAY, both of Rosemont, 26 July 1923 at Anglican Rectory, Rosemont
9763-34 Robert Elmer PRICE, 28, Ontario, RR1 Islington, s/o Robert Caudwell PRICE (b. Ont) & Lilias FIELDING, married Gertrude Amelia ROBSON, 23, stenographer, Ontario, Grand Valley, d/o John ROBSON (b. Ont) & Susan HILL, witn: Earl F. PRICE of RR1 Islington & Alice ROBSON of Orton, 9 May 1923 at Orton 9760-23 Thomas James PRICE, 21, farmer, Galt, Garafraxa twp., s/o Alfred PRICE & Elizabeth WALLACE, married Annie Florence HISSOX, 18, Glen Allen, Garafraxa twp., d/o Mr. HISSOX & unknown, witn: Mrs. J. & E. G. WARMINGTON of Arthur, 7 Aug 1923 at Grand Valley [with note in space for birthplace of the bride & groom’s fathers: "both orphan children, particulars uncertain"]
9768-23 Percy Webb Walker REID, 40, farmer, East Garafraxa twp., same, s/o Samuel REID (b. York Co) & Mary SIMPSON, married Helena KAY, 30, dress maker, England, Orangeville d/o David KAY (b. Scotland) & Caroline KENT, witn: Mary E. REID of East Garafraxa & Caroline KAY of Orangeville, 10 Oct 1923 at St. Marks Church, Orangeville 9774-23 Elmer David REILY, 29, East Luther, same, s/o Albert REILY (b. Canada) & Mary Ann LARTER, married Margaret ELGIE, 23, East Luther twp., Amaranth twp., d/o James Albert ELGIE (b. Canada) & Margaret RODICK, witn: Albert ELGIE of Amaranth & Vernon KEELEY of Fergus, 31 Jan 1923 at Amaranth
9769-23 John Clifford RENWICK, 23, farmer, Amaranth twp., East Garafraxa twp., s/o Robert E. RENWICK (b. Amaranth twp) & Susannah FERNS, married Edna Victoria LANKTREE, 22, Amaranth twp., East Garafraxa twp., d/o Joseph LANKTREE (b. Amaranth twp) & Sophia GREISON, witn: M.T.H. RENWICK of 81 Fanholt? Rd in Hamilton & E. E. ELGIE of Camilla, 13 June 1923 at Amaranth twp 9767-23 George Augustus RICHARDSON, 34, moulder, Baltimore Maryland, Mono twp., s/o Charles H. RICHARDSON (b. USA) & Marion Jennie POUT?, married Vera Beatrice KEYES, 28, Amaranth twp., Mono twp., d/o William KEYES (b. Ont) & Emma Catherine BANKS, witn: Minnie M. MAHAFFEY & S.H. STODDART, both of Orangeville, 30 Oct 1923 at Orangeville
9772-23 Francis RIDLEY, 25, CPR, Orangeville, same, s/o John RIDLEY (b. Canada) & Catherine WICKS, married Margaret Ann McAULEY (McCauley - both given), 25, Dundalk, same, d/o James McCAULEY (b. Canada) & Lydia SHOAFF?, witn: Mrs. W. BROWN & J. H. CAMERON, both of Orangeville, 24 Feb 1923 at St. Marks Rectory, Orangeville 9773-23 Samuel Alexander ROBB, 33, farmer, Amaranth, same, s/o Thomas ROBB (b. Ireland) & Margaret GRAHAM, married Bella Jane MORRISON, 33, Melancthon, same, d/o Thomas MORRISON (b. Canada) & Sarah LANGTRY, witn: Alex MORRISON of Shelburne & Edna V. LANKTREE of Laurel, 21 Feb 1923 at Shelburne
9770-23 Norman Newton ROBINSON, 22, carpenter, Ontario, 481 Indian Grove in Toronto, s/o James Smith ROBINSON (b. Ont) & Alice Ann SHAW, married Helen Myrtle COOPER, 19, Ontario, Orangeville, d/o Robert COOPER (b. Ont) & Mary Ellen REID, witn: Hugh COOPER of Orangeville & Lyla M. SUMMERVILLE of Mono Mils, 6 June 1923 at Orangeville 9771-23 Harold Alfred Scott RUSSELL, 21, farmer, Steetham England, Melancthon twp., s/o John A. RUSSELL (b. Proton) & Ina OLIVER, married Laura Ona Victoria HAMILTON, 20, Melancthon twp., same, d/o Thomas D. HAMILTON (b. Garafraxa) & Violet HOWATT, witn: W. J. & Mrs. Will FERRIS of RR3 Corbetton, 6 June 1923 at Melancthon
9775-23 Marius Joseph RYAN, 31, carpenter, North Adjala, same, s/o Michael RYAN & Anna KING, married Elizabeth Bridget BREEN, 34, lady, Melancthon, same, d/o John BREEN & Margaret McCABE, witn: Vincent BREEN of Melancthon & Margaret RYAN of North Adjala, 8 May 1923 at Melancthon 9780-23 John Oliver Edmund SCOTT, 28, farmer, Mono twp., same, s/o John SCOTT (b. Mono twp) & Margaret FORSYTH, married Cassie Jane McFADDEN, 22, Mono twp., same, d/o Thomas McFADDEN & Mary HAND, witn: Lloyd Clifford SHIELDS of Shelburne & Emily B. McCUTCHEON of Glen Cross, 4 April 1923 at Relessy
9777-23 Elijah SHORTT, 37, farmer, Arthur, West Luther, s/o William SHORTT (b. Nichol twp) & Margaret HOWARD, married Jane HALE, 34, Melancthon, same, d/o Francis HALE (b. Belfast Ireland) & Mary Irwin? TAIT, witn: Ethel ANDERSON & Elizabeth THORNLEY, both of Shelburne, 20 Dec 1923 at Shelburne 9784-23 John Alexander SMITH, 45, farmer, Proton twp., Melancthon twp., s/o Peter SMITH (b. Canada) & Elizabeth GORDON, married Susanna HAMILTON, 40, Melancthon twp., same, d/o Samuel HAMILTON (b. Canada) & Mary KITSON, witn: Andrew E. & Rubina HAMILTON of Melancthon, 18 April 1923 at Melancthon twp
9783-23 Herbert SMITH, 28, farmer, Mono, same, s/o William SMITH (b. Mono twp) & Mary RUSK, married Rosie BANKS, 23, England, Orangeville, d/o unknown - Barnardo girl, witn: William & Mrs. William SMITH of Orangeville, 4 April 1923 at Orangeville 9782-23 Albert Franklin SMITH, 29, garage man, Hornings Mills, Thornbury, s/o John SMITH (b. Mimosa - Wellington Co) & Mary TIPPING, married Jessie May McMILLAN, 27, Melancthon twp., Thornbury, d/o James McMILLAN (b. Erin) & Annie FULTON, witn: Ross SMITH of Hornings Mills & Mary DOLSON of RR1 Creemore, 19 Sept 1923 at Woodview, Shelburne
9778-23 John Herman SOLOMON, 27, farmer, Mono twp., Essa twp., s/o William John SOLOMON (b. Adjala twp) & Annie Eliz. JAMIESON, married Bessie Viola KIERNAN, 22, Tossorontio twp., Essa twp., d/o David KIERNAN & Julietta STEPHENSON, witn: Wilfred G. SOLOMON of Grand Valley & Gladys Minnetta KIERNAN of 29 Keele St. in Toronto, 7 Nov 1923 at Mansfield 9781-23 Marvin SPEERS, 27, farmer, Caledon twp., same, s/o Alex D. SPEERS (b. Canada) & Margaret BENSON, married Theresa Eugene DAVIS, 20, Amaranth twp., same, d/o George DAVIS (b. Canada) & Jemima STILL, witn: Fred SPEERS of Caledon & A. Ellen DAVIS of Amaranth, 13 March 1923 at Amaranth
9779-23 Albert STILL, 28, farmer, Mono, same, s/o Alex STILL (b. Mono twp) & Jane ROBINSON, married Willa Hilda STILL, 22, teacher, Mono, same, d/o Alfred STILL (b. Mono twp) & Edith PENELTON, witn: Pearl & Gladys PIERSON of Glencross, 4 July 1923 at Glencross 9776-23 Robert Roy STINSON, 26, carpenter, Amaranth twp., Orangeville, s/o Hiram STINSON (b. Canada) & Rachel GREY, married Ethel Beatrice RICHARDSON, 19, Huntingtonshire England, Orangeville, d/o Albert RICHARDSON (b. England) & Lillian MARSHALL, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Albert RICHARDSON of Orangeville, 15 Dec 1923 [divorced 29/6/49]
9786-23 Jerome Francis TREACY, 32, commercial traveller, Schomberg Ont., Brantford, s/o John Joseph TREACY & Bridget REILLY, married Julia Catherine PALMER, 24, book keeper, Alton, same, d/o Joseph PALMER & Annie SEXTON, witn: Joseph PALER of Alton & Stella TREACY of Brantford, 20 June 1923 at Orangeville 9785-23 George Theron TURNER, 36, clerk, Prescott, Montreal, s/o John TURNER & Mary Rachel LANGLEY, married Annie Mary OSTRANDER, 28, Melancthon, same, d/o Thomas Sylvester OSTRANDER (b. Branpton) & Mary Jane CONOVER, wtn: Harvey OSTRANDER of Hornings Mills & Vera May CARLTON of Creemore, 17 Oct 1923 at Redickville
9789-23 Austin WALKER, 27, farmer, Amaranth twp., same, s/o John WALKER (b. East Indies) & Mary J. McCULLOUGH, married Rita May TEETER, 19, Melancthon twp., Amaranth twp., d/o Hanson TEETER (b. Caledon) & Barbara HILL, witn: Cecilia FINNERTY & Mary M. MAHAFFEY, both of Orangeville, 25 July 1923 at Orangeville 9790-23 William Samuel WALLACE, 33, merchant, Alliston, same, s/o William S. WALLACE (b. Boston) & Margaret RAYSON?, married Beatrice ROUNDING, 32, stenographer, Grand Valley, Alliston, d/o George W. ROUNDING (b. Ont) & Rachel J. BANKS (Bauke?), witn: James A. RAYSON of Toronto & E. M. JORDAN of Alliston, 12 Sept 1923 at Grand Valley
9794-23 George WALTON, 29, farmer, England, Mono twp., s/o George WALTON (b. Yorkshire England) & Beatrice WINGFIELD, married Jessie Olive SHEPHERD, 25, Mono twp., same, d/o Adam SHEPHERD (b. Toronto Ont) & Jeanette HUME, witn: Miss E. A. HUME & R. SHEPHERD, both of Toronto, 14 March 1923 at Camilla 9791-23 William Cecil Roy WATTAM, 24, farmer, Shelburne, same, s/o William J. WATTAM (b. Weston Ont) & Margaret A. SANFORD, married Ethel Anny TARZWELL, 24, book keeper, Amaranth twp., same, d/o William J. TARZWELL (b. Erin) & Matilda J. DECKER, witn: Violet RITCHIE of Grand Valley & Olive TARZWELL of Amaranth, 27 June 1923 at Amaranth
9793-23 Cecil Clifford WHITE, 25, druggist, Orangeville, Toronto, s/o John James WHITE (b. Albion? twp) & Martha Jane IRWIN, married Miriam LEIGHTON, 25, Mono, Orangeville, d/o George Alexander LEIGHTON (b. Mono) & Martha ALLEN, witn: Bernice LEIGHTON of 1924 Dufferin St. in Toronto & H. E. FIRTH of Brampton, 21 April 1923 at St. Marks Church, Orangeville 9787-23 Samuel WILLOUGHBY, 27, farmer, Ireland, Alton, s/o William WILLOUGHBY (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth FORGRAVE, married Etta May BIERNES, 19, clerk, Kinmount Ont., Alton, d/o W.J. BIERNES (b. Walton Ont) & Rose HAYWOOD, witn: Archibald GILLESPIE of Winnipeg & Mrs. F. W. MAHAFFEY of Orangeville, 24 Dec 1923 at Orangeville
97979-23 William Thomas WILSON, 25, mechanic, Adjala twp., Orangeville, s/o Robert James WILSON (b. Canada) & Ellen COLE, married Alice Elizabeth GARDINER, 22, Milton, Orangeville, d/o George Amos (Aniss?) GARDINER (b. Canada) & Maria Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Mae WILSON & Walter CRUMPLIN, both of Orangeville, 21 Feb 1923 at St. Marks Rectory, Orangeville 9795-23 Henry John WILSON, 64, widower, blacksmith, Ontario, Flesherton, s/o William WILSON (b. England) & Eliza Ann SKINNER, married Harriet JULIAN, 55, widow, Ontario, Flesherton, d/o George LUSH & Sarah BROWN, witn: Mrs. B. BRADLEY & Mrs H.L. PARTRIDGE, both of Orangeville, 3 Jan 1923 at Orangeville
9796-23 Melville Earl WILSON, 28, farmer, Adjala twp., same, s/o William WILSON (b. Ont) & Martha Jane PARKER, married Alma FLEMING, 19, Mono twp., same, d/o William FLEMING (b. Ont) & Margaret DEANY, witn: Stanley PARKER & Eleanor BEATTY, b RR1 Mono Mills, 28 March 1923 at RR1 Mono Mills 9788-23 Herbert William WINTER, 25, reeler?, England, Brampton, s/o George WINTER (b. England) & Florence COX, married Ella May WILLIAMS, 18, Toronto, Brampton, d/o H. WILLIAMS (b. Canada) & Lizzie McBRIDE, witn: Rita WARD of Orangeville & William MAWHINNEY of Toronto, 17 Sept 1923 at Orangeville
9792-23 William Thomas Jackson WOODS, 25, farmer, Mono twp., Amaranth twp., s/o William James WOODS (b. Ont) & Catherine JACKSON, married Mabel Edith Irene ELGIE, 24, Mono twp., same, d/o John ELGIE (b. Ont) & Margaret NICHOL, witn: illegible ELGIE of RR1 Camilla & Edith JACKSON of Mono, 27 June 1923 at Mono twp