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Dufferin Co., 1896


2708-96 (Dufferin Co) John ARNOLD, 52, farmer, widower, Canada, Melancthon, s/o John & Annie married Maria MAXWELL, 32, Ireland, Melancthon, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: John MAXWELL of Melancthon & Matilda HEWITT of Flesherton, 22 Jan 1896, Melancthon

2725-96 (Dufferin Co) John BAIRD, 35, yeoman, Albion, East Luther, s/o William & Mary BAIRD married Elma GRAHAM, 23, Drayton, East Luther, d/o John & Levina GRAHAM, witn: Miss Ettie BOLEN & William GRAHAM of East Luther, 15 Jan 1896, East Luther

2717-96 (Dufferin Co) Walter P. BALLARD, 31, farmer, Canada, Maryborough, s/o Alfred & Jane married Mary V. HOPE, 25, Canada, Melancthon, d/o William & Mary, witn: Walter CALHOUN of Proton & Janet HOPE of Melancthon, 21 Oct 1896, Melancthon

2723-96 (Dufferin Co) Isaac Aaron BARTON, 28, farmer, Canada, Rawden, s/o William & Margaret married Amelia Heggie MARSHALL, 23, Canada, Melancthon, d/o Robert & Rhoda, witn: Gilbert Aaron BARTON of Rawdon & Jennie HUNTER of Mulmur, 30 Dec 1896, Melancthon

2741-96 Alfred Samuel BRAKE, 22, laborer, England, Caledon twp., s/o unknown & Kate, married Sarah Minnie SWITZER, 23, England, Erin twp., d/o Henry & Emily, witn: P. R. & Nellie LANGFORD of Orangeville, 2 Sept 1896 at Orangeville


2811-96 (Dufferin Co) Alexander CARROLL, 28, farmer, East Garafraxa, East Garafraxa, s/o Alexander & Margaret CARROLL married Harriet E. MAY, 22, East Garafraxa, East Garafraxa, d/o William & Mary MAY, witn: William WILLMOTT of East Luther & Elva MAY of East Garafraxa, 4 March 1896, East Garafraxa

004018-97 (Dufferin Co.) Alfred CHRISTIAN, 31, Farmer, Amaranth Ont., Mono Ont., s/o Henry & Elizabeth CHRISTIAN, married Louisa F. TURNER, 21, E. Garafraxa, E. Garafraxa, d/o Joseph & Jannet TURNER, Witn.: James H. TURNER of Weston Ont., Ethel TURNER of Grand Valley, December 23, 1896, Orton

2808-96 (Dufferin Co) Charles CLEGG, 45, barber, widower, England, Orangeville, s/o James & Eliza CLEGG married Elizabeth SMITH, 30, Canada, East Garafraxa, d/o Thomas SMITH & Mary MCLACHLAN of East Garafraxa, 1 Jan 1896, East Garafraxa

2721-96 (Dufferin Co) William W. COLLINGBOURNE, 29, farmer, Canada, Melancthon, s/o James & Hannah married Margaret DONEY, 28, England, Melancthon, d/o George & Susan, witn: James DONEY & Annie COLLINGBOURNE of Melancthon, 9 Dec 1896, Shelburne

2743-96 John CORBET, 28, barber, Canada, Orangeville, s/o James & Mary Jane, married Clara ELDRIDGE, 21, Canada, Orangeville, d/o George & Sarah Jane, witn: B. C. MATHERS of Orangeville & Jessie DYER of Brampton, 21 Oct 1896 at Orangeville

2714-96 (Dufferin Co) William CORBETT, 25, laborer, Canada, Melancthon, s/o not known married Maggie VANCE, 20, Canada, Melancthon, d/o Edward & Jane, witn: Allan E. VANCE of Riverview & Una REID of Holstein, 23 Sept 1896, Melancthon

2729-96 (Dufferin Co) William COSGROVE, 26, agent, Woodham, Toronto, s/ William & Mary A. COSGROVE married Annie BROWNLEE, 16, Garafraxa, East Luther, d/o John & Margaret BROWNLEE, witn: George MITCHELL of Arthur & J--? BROWNLEE of Damascus, 23 Sept 1896, Grand Valley

004030-97 (Dufferin Co.) William John DAVEY, 23, Farmer, Grand Valley, Grand Valley, s/o James Ford (?) DAVEY & Emily DAVEY married Louisa Ann GREEN, 21, London Eng., Grand Valley, d/o William GREEN & Hannah GREEN, Witn.: Hugh S. HUTCHINSON of East Luther, Esther Lavina DAVEY of Grand Valley, December 23, 1896, Grand Valley
#004180-98 (Dufferin Co): George DONEY, 35, farmer, Amaranth, Melancthon, s/o George & unknown, married Catherine J. McVANNEL?, 25, Amaranth, same, d/o Duncan & unknown, witnesses were James DONEY of Melancthon & Jenet McVANNEL of Amaranth, March 25, 1896 at Amaranth

2720-96 (Dufferin Co) John DOWKES, 30, farmer, Canada, Amaranth, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth married Lydia Arilla DOAN, 30, Canada, Melancthon, d/o Sylvester & Edney, witn: The parents of the bride, 8 Dec 1896, Melancthon

#002747-1896 (Dufferin Co): Edward James ELLIS, 40, farmer, Caledon, same, s/o Edward & Jane, married Annie Victoria McGUIRE, 28, Orangeville, same, d/o Blaney & Elizabeth; witnesses George COBEAN, Mabel McGUIRE, of Orangeville. 9 Dec 1896 at Orangeville

2814-96 (Dufferin Co) John EVERDELL, 31, farmer, Erin, Erin, s/o Robert & Sarah EVERDELL married Louisa POTTER, 25, Erin, East Garafraxa, d/o George & Annie POTTER, witn: Henry HANNAH & Emily WOOLNER of East Garafraxa, 25 June 1896, East Garafraxa

2709-96 (Dufferin Co) David FRASER, 26, farmer, Canada, Mulmur, s/o John & Elizabeth married Lydia Eveline Florence ORVIS, 30, Canada, Melancthon, d/o Isaac & Margaret, witn: Silas ORVIS of Melancthon & Elizabeth FRASER of Mulmur, 12 Feb 1896, Melancthon

2810-96 (Dufferin Co) William HAMILTON, 45, farmer, widower, Stacey Island, West Garafraxa, s/o James & Isabella HAMILTON married Annie ALLAN, 32, Co Tyrone Ireland, East Garafraxa, d/o James & Eliza ALLAN, witn: David MONTGOMERY of Luther & Anna LORIE of West Garafraxa, 27 May 1896, East Garafraxa

2731-96 (Dufferin Co) George HAMMOND, 26, farmer, Erin, East Luther, s/o William & Jane HAMMOND married Maria CORBETT, 20, West Garafraxa, Proton, d/o Andrew & Sarah CORBETT, witn: Robert ROBSON & Bella HAMMOND of East Luther, 21 Oct 1896, Grand Valley

2713-96 (Dufferin Co) Robert T. HAMMOND, 39, farmer, widower, Canada, Amaranth, s/o Robert & Jane married Flossie May HERBERT, 20, Canada, Amaranth, d/o Robert & Maria, witn: William J. ARNOLD & Minnie ARNOLD of Melancthon, 3 Sept 1896, Melancthon

2730-96 (Dufferin Co) Robert James HANNA, 33, hay dealer, West Garafraxa, West Garafraxa, s/o John & Annie HANNA married Agnes MCBRIDE, 33, East Garafraxa, East Garafraxa, d/o William & Esther MCBRIDE, witn: Mrs. L. CROZIER & J. Alex CROZIER of Grand Valley, 19 Aug 1896, Grand Valley  

2732-96 Thomas Henry HILLS, 29, yeoman, Garafraxa, East Luther, s/o Jonathan & Matilda, married Lucinda BOYLE, 23, East Luther, same, d/o David & Mary Ann, witn: Richard BOYLE of Proton & Minnie HILLS of East Luther

2735-96 (Dufferin Co) Charles Gillespie HUGHSON, 26, farmer, Canada, Garafraxa, s/o Andrew & Margaret HUGHSON married Maria Theresa LAWSON, 25, Canada, Orangeville, d/o Robert & Elizabeth LAWSON, witn: not given, 7 April 1896, Orangeville

2812-96 (Dufferin Co) George JAMIESON, 37, veterinary surgeon, Caledon, Burks Falls, s/o John & Mary Ann JAMIESON married Ettie THOMPSON, 27, Canada, East Garafraxa, d/o William & Esther THOMPSON, witn: Gideon GRANT of Toronto & Ethel THOMPSON of Garafraxa, 29 April 1896, East Garafraxa

4323-98 James Albert JELLY, 25, miller, Ontario, Shelburne, s/o Andrew JELLY & Mary BORLAND, married Eliza Jane WHITE, 26, Ontario, Shelburne, d/o Henry WHITE & Eliza Jane McKEE, witn: Robert A. JELLY & Minnie WHITE, both of Shelburne, 29 June 1896 at Shelburne (also 2813-96)

2728-96 (Dufferin Co) George JENKINS, 33, artist, Turnbury, Grand Valley, s/o Thomas & Anna JENKINS married Mary Isabella MCKECHNIE, 23, Brampton, Grand Valley, d/o Archibald & Margaret MCKECHNIE, witn: H. E. STAFFORD & Miss C. M. MCKECHNIE of Grand Valley, 25 March 1896, Grand Valley

2722-96 (Dufferin Co) Noble JOHNSTON, 25, farmer, Ireland, Caledon, s/o Robert & Annie married Rachel WATSON, 20, Canada, Melancthon, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Frank JOHNSTON of Caledon & Margaret WATSON of Melancthon, 9 Dec 1896, Melancthon

2716-96 (Dufferin Co) Wesley G. KELLS, 29, drover, Canada, Artemesia, s/o Thomas & Marian married Bessie MCCALLUM, 19, Canada, Artemesia, d/o Simon & Mary, witn: William J. MCCALLUM of Artemesia & Maggie CORBETT of Corbetton, 21 Oct 1896, Corbetton

2740-96 William Henry LITTLE, 32, farmer, Rosemont, Mulmur twp., s/o Robert & Rebecca, married Florence HUNTER, 21, Orangeville, same, d/o David & Mary, witn: James CRANSTON of Mulmur & Lizzie CORNELIUS of Orangeville, 10 June 1896 at Orangeville

2809-96 (Dufferin Co) Thomas MAY, 29, farmer, East Garafraxa, East Garafraxa, s/o Thomas & Agnes MAY married Harriet Jane MCBRIDE, 24, East Garafraxa, East Garafraxa, d/o John & Hannah MCBRIDE, witn: Robert MAY & Maggie MCBRIDE of East Garafraxa, 5 Feb 1896, East Garafraxa

2742-96 Samuel Albert McCARTNEY, 24, merchant, Caledon twp., Alton, s/o William & Eleanor, married Matilda SYDIL? (Lydil?), 24, Tottenham, Orangeville, d/o John & Ann, witn: Edwin BELL & Emma McCARTNEY, both of Orangeville, 14 Oct 1896 at Orangeville


2726-96 (Dufferin Co) Charles MILLER, 27, farmer, Erin, Feversham, s/o James & Sarah MILLER married Fanny RODGERS, 23, East Garafraxa, Monticello, d/o James & Catherine RODGERS, witn: Mrs. FINCH & Horace FINCH of Grand Valley, 19 Feb 1896, Grand Valley

004032-97 (Dufferin Co.) David MONTGOMERY, 26, Farmer, Mono Twp., East Luther s/o James MONTGOMERY & Melissa SHUNK, married Ida THOMPSON, 17, Amaranth Twp., East Luther, d/o David Robert THOMPSON & Henrietta BROWN, Witn.: Jennie CROZIER, Mrs. L.T. CROZIER, December 30, 1896, Grand Valley

2734-96 Henry MORRIS, 65, widower, gentleman, England, Brampton, s/o James & Phebe, married Margaret NEELANDS, 57, widow, Ireland, Caledon twp., d/o Andrew & Mary ROWAN, witn: Thomas STEVENSON of Orangeville & Frederick LANGFORD of Gravenhurst, 3 Jan 1896 at Orangeville

2745-96 Sydney MURCH, 26, book keeper, England, Chicago, s/o James & Ann, married Louisa HALEY, 26, Canada, Orangeville, d/o Hugh & Margaret, witn: John S. HALEY of Orangeville & Amelia E. MURCH of Toronto, 18 Nov 1896 at Orangeville

2727-96 (Dufferin Co) Thomas NELSON, 24, farmer, West Garafraxa, East Luther, s/o Alex & Sarah NELSON married Mary SMITH, 22, East Garafraxa, East Luther, d/o George & Lilly SMITH, witn: David NELSON & Margaret SMITH of East Luther, 18 March 1896, East Luther

  2733-96 Eli NEWSON, 21, farmer, East Luther, same, s/o William & Mary, married Emma WILLMOTT, 22, East Luther, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Mrs. L.T. CROZIER & Mrs. M. A. SKELTON, both of Grand Valley, 2 Dec 1896 at Grand Valley

2737-96 Henry H.W. O'REILLEY, 37, bank manager, Canada, Orangeville s/o Gerald & Henrietta, married Olive Alice STEWART, 22, Canada, Orangeville, d/o Faulkner & Ester, witn: Gerald O'REILLEY of Guelph & Florence A. HARRIS of Toronto, 15 April 1896 at Orangeville

2711-96 (Dufferin Co) Silas Ebenezer ORVIS, 26, farmer, Canada, Melancthon, s/o Isaac & Margaret married Elizabeth FRASER, 21, Canada, Mulmur, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: David FRASER of Mulmur & Lydia ORVIS of Melancthon, 12 Feb 1896, Melancthon

#002749-1896 (Dufferin Co): Richard E OVERLAND, 22, farmer, Canada, Tp Caledon, s/o Richard & Deborah, married Mary Edith ROWAN, 18, Canada, Tp of Caledon, d/o Thomas & Sarah; witnesses P R LANGFORD, M R LANGFORD, of Orangeville. 23 Dec 1896 at Orangeville 2746-96 Joseph PALMER, 26, laborer, Alton, same, s/o Thomas PALMER & Catherine BOYDEN, married Annie SEXTON, 23, Alton, same, d/o James SEXTON & Mary POTTER, witn: Denis SEXTON & Julia MAHONEY, both of Alton, 12 Aug 1896 at Orangeville

2718-96 (Dufferin Co) James REDPATH, 26, farmer, Canada, Nottawasaga, s/o Richard & Sarah married Elizabeth BELL, 22, Canada, Melancthon, d/o Caleb & Margaret, witn: Thomas REDPATH of Duntroon & Catherine BELL of Melancthon, 4 Nov 1896, Melancthon

4634-00 Alex Lewis ROBERTS, 24, clerk, Ontario, Shelburne, s/o not given, married Ann T. S. MADILL, 20, Ontario, Shelburne, d/o John MADILL & Elizabeth STEWART, witn: John BERWICK & Lottie MADILL, both of Shelburne, 16 June 1896 at Shelburne

2707-96 (Dufferin Co) Christopher James RUTLEDGE, 27, farmer, Canada, Ontario, s/o George & Jane married Isabella Esther MCGHEE, 22, Canada, Melancthon, d/o John & Charlotte, witn: William H. RUTLEDGE & Emily MCGHEE of Melancthon, 15 Jan 1896, Melancthon


2712-96 (Dufferin Co) Henry Alfred SCACE, 23, farmer, England, Melancthon, s/o Alfred James & Kathlene SCACE married Isabella CORBETT, 21, Canada, Melancthon, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John CORBETT & James HOWATT of Melancthon, 10 June 1896, Melancthon

2710-09 (Dufferin Co) George SHRAFF, 28, farmer, Canada, Melancthon, s/o Michael & Jane married Harriet Ann HENRY, 24, Canada, Melancthon, d/o Richard & Mary Ann, witn: Lemon YOKOM & Serepta YOKOM of Melancthon, 12 Feb 1896, Melancthon

004019-97 (Dufferin Co.) Thomas S. SMITH, 40, Farmer, Kentucky U.S., E. Garafraxa, s/o James & Elizabeth SMITH, married Mary E. McLAUGHLIN, 35, E. Garafraxa, E. Garafraxa, d/o Duncan & Effena McLAUGHLIN, Witn.: Robert HENDERSON of Erin, Molly F. LUNDY of Guelph, October 28, 1896, E. Garafraxa #004182-98 (Dufferin Co): William SMITH, 24, farmer, Melancthon, Amaranth, s/o Richard & unknown, married Emily? E. Maria STODDART, 16, Amaranth, same, d/o Henry & Emily?, witnesses were William COLLINGBORNE & Maggie DANEY, both of Melancthon, April 21, 1896 at Amaranth
4096-97 William SWEENEY, 20, painter, Canada, Orangeville, s/o John & Jane, married Jennie FULLER, 21, Canada, Orangeville, d/o Amos & Mary Ann, witn: Peter O'HEARN & Emma GOODMAN, both of Orangeville, 21 Dec 1897 at Orangeville [should be 1896, reg'd July 1897]

2735-96 William THOMPSON, 29, station agent, Waterdown, Powassan, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth, married Mary Emiline CLARK, 27, Caledon, Orangeville, d/o William & Emeline, witn: C. P. WILEY of Toronto & Ethel CLARK of Orangeville, 19 Feb 1896 at Orangeville

2719-96 (Dufferin Co) Neil TRUDGEON, 29, farmer, Canada, Melancthon, s/o James & Rachel married Elizabeth J. HOOD, 22, Canada, Melancthon, d/o Andrew & Sarah, witn: James TRUDGEON of Dundalk & Louise BARLEY of Shrigley, 18 Nov 1896, Melancthon

2715-96 (Dufferin Co) Thomas H. WEATHERALL, 25, farmer, Canada, Lavender, s/o George & Jane married Susannah OLIVER, 18, Canada, Melancthon, d/o William & Mary, witn: George B. OLIVER of Melancthon & Sarah BROOKS of Orangeville, 23 Sept 1896, Melancthon

2739-96 John WEIR, 26, harness maker, Canada, Orangeville, s/o John & Ann Jane, married Jennie CARTER, 30, Canada, Orangeville, d/o Richard & Elizabeth, witn: A. L. WEIR of Toronto & Maggie HATCHER of Orangeville, 20 May 1896 at Orangeville

2724-96 (Dufferin Co) Robert WELLWOOD, 22, farmer, Canada, Dundalk, s/o Joseph & Margaret married Mary MARTIN, 23, Canada, Melancthon, d/o David & Jane, witn: Robert SMITH & Lizzie MARTIN of Melancthon, 23 Dec 1896, Melancthon

  2738-96 James Isaac WHALEY, 29, railway employee, Canada, Caledon twp., s/o Isaac & Martha, married Nellie CLARK, 24, Canada, Caledon twp., d/o Oswell & Ellen, witn: William CLARK of Alton & Sarah GRAHAM of Chatham, 6 May 1896 at Orangeville
#004181-98 (Dufferin Co): William Robert WHITE, 33, farmer, Amaranth, Killarney, s/o Atkinson & unknown, married Margaret Jane SPROUL, 30, Amaranth, same, d/o Hugh SPROUL & Mary CRUMBY, witnesses were Atkinson WHITE & Mary SPROUL, both of Amaranth, March 17, 1896 at Amaranth 002748-1896 (Dufferin Co): Arthur WHITE, 26, carpenter, Collingwood, Toronto, s/o William & Jane, married Hannah WHITE, 31, Albion Tp, Mono Centre, d/o John & Priscilla; witnesses Robert J. SOMMERVILLE, of Adjala Tp, Mary Jane FLEMMING, of Toronto. 16 Dec 1896 at Orangeville

2744-96 John WOOD, 25, farmer, East Luther, same, s/o Charles & Sarah, married Mary Margaret LASH, 19, Manitoba, East Luther, d/o Joseph & Viviana, witn: Mrs. John CROZIER & John BLAIR, both of Orangeville, 4 Nov 1896 at Orangeville

2807-96 (Dufferin Co) George WOOLNER, 25, farmer, Garafraxa, Mono, s/o William & Eleanor WOOLNER married Isabella Ann STILL, 22, Mono, Mono, d/o David & Ellen STILL, witn: Samuel RONEY & Margaret Rachel STILL of Mono, 30 Dec 1896, Mono

4097-97 Richard YOUNG, 34, hotel keeper, England, Orangeville, s/o George & blank, married Mary ARMSTRONG, 26, Canada, Caledon, d/o Michael & Ann, witn: Erastus CLARRIDGE of Orangeville & Maggie ARMSTRONG of Caledon, 16 Sept 1896 at Orangeville