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Dufferin Co., 1898


#004528-00 (Dufferin Co): Albert ACHESON, 23, farmer, Canada, Melancthon twp., s/o Hugh & Ann, married Margaret Jane STEPHENSON, 18, Canada, Melancthon twp., d/o Robert & Isabel, witn: David McLAREN & Christena R. STEPHENSON, both of Corbetton, 6 April 1898 (or 1899) at res of Robert STEPHENSON, Melancthon twp (Dufferin Co): Jacob Edward ARMSTRONG, 27, farmer, Garafraxa twp., East Luther twp., s/o William ARMSTRONG & Elizabeth McCRACKEN, married Sarah Jane GILCHRIST, 21, East Garafraxa twp., same, d/o William GILCHRIST & Nancy GRAHAM, witnesses were Hugh G. & Lucinda CROZIER of Grand Valley, March 30, 1898 at Grand Valley
4332-98 (Dufferin Co) Moore ARMSTRONG, 46, school teacher, widower, Canada, Orangeville, s/o Thomas ARMSTRONG & Agnes SWITZER, married Janet ANDERSON, 42, school teacher, Canada, Orangeville, d/o Thomas ANDERSON & Henrietta WALLACE, witn: Mr & Mrs Stephen WALLACE both of Orangeville on Aug. 18, 1898 at Orangeville #004485-99 (Dufferin Co): James ATTRIDGE, 34, laborer, not given., Shelbourne, s/o Frederick ATTRIDGE & Elizabeth Maria FRASER, married Margaret Jane LITTLE, 32, not given, Mulmur, d/o Robert LITTLE & Rebecca HICKS, witnesses were Wesley ATTRIDGE & Elizabeth Jane FERRIS, Dec. 6, 1898 at Mulmur
4295-98 James Absalom AUSTIN, 22, laborer, on the sea, Orangeville, s/o James Absalom & Mary, married Phebe HAMBLY, 21, USA, Orangeville, d/o John & Margaret Ann, witn: Charles BOWLES & Maggie CLARK, both of Orangeville, 23 March 1898 at Orangeville 004275-98 (Dufferin Co) Joseph S. BEECH, 26, upholdstring (sic), Lovell Michigan, Toronto, s/o Hannah BEECH & Joseph BEECH, married Mary LENNOX, 30, Mulmur, same, d/o Miriam & Benjamin LENNOX, wtn:Thomas H. ANDREW of Melancthon & Sarah LENNOX of Mulmur, June 22 1898 at Mulmur
#004185-98 (Dufferin Co): George BESLEY, 31, farmer, Wentworth, Amaranth, s/o Henry & unknown, married Mary Ann KANNAWIN, 23, Peel, Amaranth, d/o Robert & unknown, witnesses were William KANNAWIN & Mable BESLEY , both of Amaranth, Jan. 5, 1898 at Amaranth 004260-98 (Dufferin Co) Thomas BEST, 27, farmer, Mulmur, same, s/o Eliza REYNOLD & John BEST, married Sarah May RUTLEDGE, 18, Mulmur, same, d/o Mary Ann CARSON & William RUTLEDGE, wtn: John A. CUNNINGHAM of Cookstown & Lizzie ALLAN? of Tossoronto, Jan 12 1898 of Mulmur
4285-98 Thomas F. BLACK, 36, farmer, Canada, Mulmur, s/o Thomas & Lucinda, married Margaret A. LAVERTY, 29, Canada, Orangeville, witn: Mark DUNNING of Mono Mills & Libbie LAVERTY of Mono, 26 Jan 1898 at Orangeville  
004220-98 (Dufferin Co), Franklin BOLEN, 28, farmer, ? Williams, East Luther, s/o John BOLEN & Janet GRAHAM, married Adeline WEST, 24, farmers daughter, d/o Joseph WEST & Annie MORRIS, witn William BOLEN & Susan WEST both of East Luther, 28 June 1898 at East Luther 004210-98 (Dufferin Co), Edwin BOSWELL, 46, engineer, widower, Smithfield Eng, Grand Valley, s/o Joshua & Anna BOSWELL, married Emma PEPPERILL, 42, housekeeper, widow, Somersetshire Eng, Grand Valley, d/o William & Sarah WENSLEY, witn Wm C. BOWEN & Mary Elizabeth BOSWELL both of Grand Valley, 3 August 1898 at Grand Valley
004214-98 (Dufferin Co), Richard BOYLE, 29, farmer, blank, Proton Tp, s/o David BOYLE & Mary Ann ARCHIBALD, married Charlotte E. BRAWLEY, 18, blank, East Luther Tp, d/o Alex BRAWLEY & Sarah COLBECK, witn James BRUCE & Maude BOYLE both of East Luther, 19 October 1898 at Grand Valley 004262-98 (Dufferin Co) Eli BRILLINGER, 28, farmer, Nottawasaga, same, s/o Mary BURKHOLDER & George BRILLINGER, married Ruth COPELAND, 24, Honeywood, same, d/o Annie GRANGER & Johnathan COPELAND, wtn: Joseph BURKHOLDER of Mongolia Ont. & Jane COPELAND of Honeywood, Jan 12 1898 at Honeywood
  4296-98 William John BROWN, 28, mechanic, Canada, Caledon twp., s/o John & Jane, married Georgina C. A. McGILVERY, 26, Canada, Orangeville, d/o Peter & Jane, 24 March 1898 at Orangeville
004219-98 (Dufferin Co), Robert BRUCE, 48, farmer, widower, Ireland, East Luther, s/o David BRUCE & Margaret LOVE, married Eliza BROWN, 34, Ireland, East Luther, d/o Frank BROWN & Emily CASSILS, witn James BRUCE of East Luther & Ruth BROWN of Garafraxa, 26 January 1898 at East Luther 4286-98 Harry BURRIS (Burns?), 23 (28?), bar tender, Canada, Orangeville, s/o William & Rebecca, married Lucinda GRAHAM, 21, Canada, Orangeville, d/o James & Martha, witn: John & Maggie WOODFORD of Orangeville, 6 Jan 1898 at Orangeville
#004517-00 (Dufferin Co): William A. BYERS, 30, farmer, Pickering, Amaranth, s/o John BYERS & Elizabeth FERGUSON, married Susannah WARNOCK, 22, East Garafraxa, same, d/o John WARNOCK & Sarah J. BURK, witn: James BYERS & Maggie WARNOCK, both of East Garafraxa, 29 June 1898 (or 1899) at East Garafraxa #004505-99 (Dufferin Co): Thomas COUTTS, 30, farmer, Canada, village of Cataract, s/o William & Mary, married Sarah A. LEGATT, 30, Canada, Orangeville, d/o John & Mar witnesses were James J. YOUNG of Brampton & Millie J. COUTTS of Cataract, Dec. 28, 1898 at Orangeville
4341-98 (Dufferin Co) Henry James CULP, 31, veterinary surgeon, Canada, Mono Tp., s/o John & Sarah, married Louisa Maud JOLL, 21, Canada, Orangeville, d/o John & Grace, witn: William HOWARD of Toronto & Minnie JOLL of Orangeville on Dec. 7, 1898 at Orangeville. #004189-98 (Dufferin Co): Alfred CURRY, 26, farmer, Melancthon, Amaranth, s/o William CURRY & Catherine SMITH, married Annie MIDDLETON, 18, Mono, Amaranth, d/o Thomas & Mary J., witnesses were William CARSON & Florence MIDDLETON, both of Amaranth, May 11, 1898 at Amaranth
4340-98 (Dufferin Co) William DAVIDSON, 38, farmer, Canada, Erin Tp., s/o John & Caroline, married Sarah HUNTER, 32, Canada, Erin Tp., d/o John & Rebecca, witn: Frank DAVIDSON of Erin & Ida SMITH of Credit Forks on Nov. 30, 1898 at Orangeville 4336-98 (Dufferin Co) William DAVIDSON, 22, stone mason, Credit Forks, same, s/o Thomas DAVIDSON & Rose McDONALD, married Elizabeth OUILLETT, 18, Que., Credit Forks, d/o Joseph OUILLETT & Elizabeth ROCHON, witn: James McDEVITT of Caledon & Maude OUILLETT of Credit Forks on Apr. 21, 1898 at Orangeville
4320-98 William Edmund DEARBORN, 27, machinist, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William DEARBORN & Maretta RODGERS, married Mary Elena MANNING, 26, Ontario, Toronto, d/o James MANNING & Eliza TRIBBLE, witn: J. N. TRIBBLE & Ella A. MANNING, both of Amaranth, 8 June 1898 at Shelburne  
4337-98 (Dufferin Co) John DUNN, 23, stone mason, Arthur, Orangeville, s/o Thomas DUNN & Jane LANE, married Norah St. CROIX, 20, Que., Orangeville, d/o John St. CROIX & Rose CHEQUIN, witn: Joseph St. CROIX of Orangeville & Jennie MARTIN of Cataract on Oct. 12, 1898 at Orangeville 004265-98 (Dufferin Co) Samuel ELDER, 47, widower, farmer, ?ronto, Mulmur, s/o Mary Ann B??an & Thomas ELDER, married Margaret Ann LANE, 27, Esquesing, Mulmur, d/o Hannah LANE & John LANE, wtn: Gavin MUIRHEAD at Tossorontio & Bertha LANE of Mulmur, Feb 9 1898 at Mulmur
#004494-99 (Dufferin Co): Albert E. C. FLEMING, 27, farmer, Ontario, Derby twp., s/o John FLEMING & Margaret ROBERTSON, married Lillie A. MURPHY, 24, Mulmur, same, d/o John MURPHY & Margaret MORRISON, witnesses were Alfred FLEMING of Derby & Sarah J. LITTLE of Mulmur, Sept 15, 1898 at Mulmur 004271-98 (Dufferin Co) John James FLEMING, 29, farmer, Kilsyth, same, s/o Margaret ROB?? & John FLEMING, married Mable B. G. EWING, 26, Mulmur, same, d/o Jane JENKINS & John EWING, wtn: Albert FLEMING of Kilsyth & Lena EWING of Mulmur, June 2 1898 at Mulmur
004279-98 (Dufferin Co) Horace FREE, 24, farmer, Nottawasaga, Mulmur, s/o Mary McCUTCHEON & Solomon FREE, married Margaret THOMPSON, 19, Mulmur, same, d/o Elizabeth ALLEN & John THOMPSON, wtn: David FREE of Nottawasaga & Lillie DUFFIN of Mulmur, Oct 25 1898 at Mulmur 004270-98 (Dufferin Co) James Paul GALLAUGHER, 29, thresher, Mulmur, same, s/o Mary Ann HAND & Thomas GALLAUGHER, married Bella ERSKINE, 27, Caledon, Mulmur, d/o Margaret WARNOCK & James ERSKINE, wtn: James SMITH of Manitoba & Joanna MORROW of Orangeville, Mar 2 1898 at Mulmur
  004194-98 (Dufferin Co.) George A. GAMBLE, 26, Marsville, Waldemar, Farmer, s/o James GAMBLE & Margaret MANN, married Lizzie A. TATE, 21, Waldemar, Waldemar, Farmer, d/o James TATE & Elizabeth YOUNG, Witn.: William GAMBLE, Charles TATE, both of Waldemar, September 21, 1898, at Amaranth
4334-98 (Dufferin Co) William GEFFS (Jeffs?), 40, farmer, widower, Canada, East Garafraxa Tp., s/o William & Jane, married Caroline Y. HUNTER, 33, Canada, Orangeville, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: George ROBSON of Garafraxa & Grace CURRIE of Amaranth on Aug. 31, 1898 at Orangeville 004280-98 (Dufferin Co) Albert W. GOODFELLOW, 27, farmer, Church Hill, same, s/o Isabella & Joseph GOODFELLOW, marries Mary J. FERRIS, 28, Lavender, same, Mary L. & James HARRIS, wtn: Frank GOODFELLOW of Barrie & Mary E. ALLEN of Lavender, Nov 20 1898 at Lavender
  4339-98 (Dufferin Co) Adam HALLADAY, 30, farmer, Canada, Garafraxa, s/o John & Rebecca, married Mary CUTTING, 21, Canada, Eramosa, d/o Henry & Phoebe Jane, witn: Reuben HALLADAY of W. Garafraxa & Martha CUTTING of Eramosa on Nov. 9, 1898 at Orangeville.
#004186-98 (Dufferin Co): George Henry HASLEM, 28, butcher, not given, Grand Valley, s/o R.S. HASLEM & Annie BANNAN, married Margaret Ethel BATES, 20, Bowling Green, same, d/o John BATES & Margaret E. CONNER, witnesses were Mathew McCLURE of Port Sydney Muskoka & Ida BATES of Bowling Green, date not given, 1898?, at Grand Valley 004197-98 (Dufferin Co.) William HAWS, 26, East Garafraxa, East Garafraxa, Mechanic, s/o Martin HAWS, Sarah CANON, married Mary Ann TAYLOR, 17, East Garafraxa, East Garafraxa, d/o David TAYLOR & Eliza SWITZER, Witn.: Jas. M. McGOWAN, Dortha HOLLIS, both of East Garafraxa, February 23, 1898, at East Garafraxa
(Dufferin Co): George Delbert HENDERSON, 20, showman, not given, St. Thomas, s/o Alexander HENDERSON & Margaret McCLOSKEY, married Bessie SEABRIGHT, 23, not given, Owen Sound, d/o John SEABRIGHT & Mary SCOTT, witnesses were James H. ROWLAND of Port Hope & Mrs. Henry BROWNRIDGE of London, Feb. 28, 1898 at Grand Valley 4330-98 (Dufferin Co) Parsons Denain ? HENRY, 57, post master, Que., Mulmur, s/o Edward HENRY & illegible THAYER, married Catherine McPHERSON, 44, Scotland, Orangeville, d/o John & Flora, witn: D. McPHERSON & Susan HENRY both of Orangeville on July 23, 1898 at Orangeville
004195-98 (Dufferin Co.) Richard W. HINTON, 24, Ontario, Amaranth, Farmer, s/o Thomas HINTON & Margaret PRITCHARD, married Bessie LANG, 23, Ontario, Amaranth, Farmer’s daughter, d/o John LANG, Catherine HOUSTON, Witn.: L.A. HINTON of Erin, Ella LANG of Campania, December 28, 1898, at Amaranth 4633-00 Albert Claud HOOSE, 23, jeweller, Ontario, Plainsville Ohio, s/o Andrew? L. HOOSE & Sarah HANNAN, married Margaret May McLEOD, 23, Ontario, Shelburne, d/o John McLEOD & Mary A. McKENDRICK, witn: John & Ann McLEOD of Shelburne, 27 Sept 1898 at Shelburne
#004508-99 (Dufferin Co): Samuel HUSTON, 30, teamster, Canada, Orangeville, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Elizabeth FLATT, 22, Canada, Orangeville, d/o Alfred & Jane, witnesses were John & Emily WIDDIS of Orangeville , Sept 28, 1898 at Orangeville #004395-99 Arthur Howard JEWET, 21, miller, Holstein, Riverview, s/o James B. JEWET & Ann BURROWS, married Eliza BURNS, 22, farmer's daughter, Marsville, Riverview, d/o Thomas & Catherine BURNS, witn: Robert BURNS, Grandvalley & Ellen HUNT, Riverview, 28 Sept 1898 at Amaranth
004212-98 (Dufferin Co), Louis K. JOHNSTON, 25, farmer, illegible, Caledon Tp, s/o James JOHNSTON & Sarah Jane ASKER, married Ella PORTER, 20, Nicholl Tp, Orangeville, d/o James PORTER & Ellen HEFFERNON, witn Willyard BAKER & Jennie CROZIER both of Grand Valley, 28 September 1898 at Grand Valley 4333-98 (Dufferin Co) Thomas JONES, 28, R. R. section man, Canada, Orangeville, s/o Andrew & Grace, married Emma HUSTON, 22, Canada, Orangeville, d/o James & Mary, witn: John & Ina HUSTON both of Orangeville on Aug. 8, 1898 at Orangeville
  004218-98 (Dufferin Co), Thomas JORDON, 38, saw miller, Tecumseth, Dundalk, s/o James JORDON & Eliza HAYS, married Eliza Ann McCUNE, 36, East Luther, same, d/o Samuel McCUNE & Jane BOWMEN, witn Robert RICHARDSON of Grand Valley & Edith McCUNE of East Luther, 9 February at East Luther
#004183-98 (Dufferin Co): Alexander KANNAWIN, 31, farmer, Peel Co., Amaranth, s/o Robert & unknown, married Isabella TORRANCE, 31, Orangeville, Amaranth, d/o Thomas & unknown, witnesses were Andrew DAGLES of Brampton & Wattie TORRANCE of Amaranth, March 16, 1896 at Amaranth 004211-98 (Dufferin Co), Richard KEYS, 46, farmer, Amaranth Tp, same, s/o Samuel KEYS & Margaret HEWITT, married Jane HAUGH, 39, tailor, Turnberry Tp, same, d/o David HAUGH & Mary FRAZER, witn Mrs L. T. CROZIER & Miss Jean CROZIER both of Grand Valley, 10 August 1898 at Grand Valley
4291-98 John Samuel LACON?, 44, farmer, England, Amaranth, s/o Joseph & Mary Jane, married Mary Ann COULSON, 36, England, Trafalgar, d/o Marshall & Elizabeth, witn: Edmund FIELD & Hattie ANDERSON, both of Orangeville, 2 March 1898 at Orangeville 004193-98 (Dufferin Co.) William Henry LAMON, 28, Ontario, Amaranth, s/o Robert John LAMON & Jane McGILL, married Charlotte Amelia SMITH, 24, Ontario, Amaranth, d/o Robert SMITH & Mary Jane BROWNLEE, Witn.: J.A. LAMON, Adjala Twp., Mary S. SMITH of Amaranth, September 7, 1898, at Amaranth
004266-98 (Dufferin Co) John Francis LAW, 32, blacksmith, Guelph, Mulmur, s/o Hannah LAW & John F. LAW, married Catharine Emma ANDERSON, 25, Mulmur, same, d/o Margaret STEPHENSON & David ANDERSON, wtn: John WILSON of Tossoronto & Minnie LAW of Mulmur, Feb 23 1898 at Mulmur  
004281-98 (Dufferin Co) Albert H. LAWRENCE, 28, photographer, Tosoronto, Alliston, s/o Mary Ann GALLAUGHER & William LAWRENCE, married Louisa HODGKINSON, 23, Mulmur, Ruskview, d/o Mary Ann DUNSEATH & Richard HODGKINSON, wtn:W.J. FARLEY and M.J. LAWRENCE both of Mulmur, Dec 16 1898 at Ruskview 4316-98 George LINDSAY, 47, widower, farmer, Ireland, Mono, s/o William LINDSAY & Ann BARBER, married Jane ALLEN, 39, Ontario, Mono, d/o Richard ALLEN & Elizabeth MORRISON, witn: Robert BRINKMAN & Maggie PARTRIDGE, both of Mono, 23 Feb 1898 at Shelburne
4551-99 David Henry LONEY, 28, Ontario, Melancthon, s/o William LONEY & Catherine JOHNSTON, married Johanna HOWITT, 24, Ontario, Melancthon, d/o Thomas HOWITT & Mary STEWART, witn: Thomas HOWITT Jr. & Matilda LONEY, both of Melancthon, 27 Dec 1898 at Shelburne 4295-98 Merritt LOVELL, 28, contractor, Canada, East Luther, s/o James & Margaret, married Elizabeth STAPLES, 27, Canada, Hull Quebec, d/o Robert & Sarah, witn: George MOUNCLAIR? of East Luther & Charlotte LOVELL of Waldemar, 6 April 1898 at Orangeville
#004477-99 (Dufferin Co): John LUNDY, 28, farmer, Mono, same, s/o John LUNDY & Sarah Ann SKELTON, married Lucy QUINN, 26, Adjala, same, d/o James QUINN & Ann HUTCHINSON, witnesses were William W. LUNDY of Dakota & Dorothy BOWER of Mono, 22 Feb 1898 at Mono #004188-98 (Dufferin Co): John H. MAY, 35, farmer, Reeding, E. Garafraxa,,, s/o Thomas MAY& Annie ERSON?, married Mary CONNER, 29, Ontario, Waldeman, d/o William CONNER & A. WILSON, witnesses were John TIPPING of Auguston & M.A. CONNER of Waldeman, March 9, 1898 at Waldemar
4292-98 Robert Daniel McBRIDE, 36, conductor, Canada, Orangeville, s/o Daniel & Mary Ann, married Mary Millisett LAWRENCE, 30, Canada, Orangeville, d/o Orange & Hannah, witn: John L. McBRIDE of Orangeville & Maud GOOD of Toronto, 9 March 1898 at Orangeville 004200-98 (Dufferin Co.) Joseph McBRIDE, 29, East Garafraxa, East Luther, Farmer, s/o John McBRIDE & Hannah BRADY, married Mary Ellen BYERS, 26, Pickering Ont., East Garafraxa, d/o John BYERS & Elizabeth FERGUSON, Witn.: Sam S. McBRIDE, Ella SEMPLE, both of East Garafraxa, June 15, 1898, at East Garafraxa
  004261-98 (Dufferin Co) Robert McCANN, 36, farmer, Co. Simcoe, Mulmur, s/o Mary Ann B?NKS & James McCANN, married Mary J. TATE?, 20, Mulmur, same, d/o Mary McDONALD & Thomas TATE?, wtn: L.W. HEWITT of Mulmur & Mary FERRIS of Whitfield, Jan 12 1898 at Mulmur
004198-98 (Dufferin Co.) John McDOUGALL, 55, Scotland, West Garafraxa, widowed,, Farmer, s/o Peter McDOUGALL & Jane HENDRY, married Agnes GIBSON, 34, East Garafraxa, East Garafraxa, d/o James GIBSON & Margaret WILSON, Witn.: Arthur GIBSON of Toronto, Maggie GIBSON of East Garafraxa, March 15, 1898, at East Garafraxa #004484-99 (Dufferin Co): Thomas McFADDEN, 37, farmer, Cavan twp., Mono twp., s/o Robert & Jane, married Mary HAND, 28, Mulmur, same, d/o Joseph & Catherine, witnesses were William J. TWIGLEY of Mono & Annie HAND of Amaranth, Sept. 6, 1898 at Stanton, Mulmur twp
#004459-99 (Dufferin Co): William McKINNON, 45, widower, farmer, illegible, Mono, s/o Ken? McKINNON & Margaret McMILLAN, married Eliza Ann NEIL, 2-, Mono, same, d/o James NEIL & Sarah Jane ANDERSON, witn: Robert Henry illegible & Margaret illegible, both of Mono, 28 Dec 1898 at Mono #004190-98 (Dufferin Co): Archie F. McLAIN, 25, bookkeeper, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Samuel & Jane, married Alice CLARK, 18, Amaranth, same, d/o Alexander & Mary, witnesses were Forbes CLARK & Mary JACKSON, both of Amaranth, May 28, 1898 at Amaranth
4289-98 Frederick Arthur MILLER, 34, superintendent of oil works, USA, Toronto, s/o Christian & Salome, married Agnes Irene RIDDALL, 23, USA, Orangeville, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: N. H. RIDDALL of Orangeville & Jennie DEAN of Chicago, 2 Feb 1898 at Orangeville 004274-98 (Dufferin Co) James Alex MITCHELL, 29, farmer, Mulmur, same, s/o Elizabeth GALLAUGHER & Chas. MITCHELL, married Agnes Jane KIRKPATRICK, 20, Mulmur, same, d/o Margaret PENDLETON & Thomas KIRKPATRICK, wtn: James MITCHELL & Libbie ANDERSON of Mulmur, April 13 1898 at Rosemont
4287-98 William Joseph MONTGOMERY, 32, farmer, Ireland, Chinguacousy, s/o William Henry & Ann Jane, married Mary GILLESPIE, 21, Canada, Mulmur twp., d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: James GORDON & Emma GOODMAN, both of Orangeville, 7 Jan 1898 at Orangeville 004278-98 (Dufferin Co) John MORGAN, 84, widower, farmer, Ireland, Mulmur, s/o Jane FITZPATRICK & George MORGAN, married Margaret J WIGGINS, 23, Mulmur, same, d/o Margaret WILKERSON & Robert WIGGINS, wtn: Alex WIGGINS & Amelia BRETT both of Mulmur, Sept 28 1898 at Mulmur
4321-98 Robert MORRISON, 35, blacksmith, Ontario, Rat Portage, s/o John MORRISON & Maria JACKSON, married Amelia JELLY, 30, Ontario, Shelburne, d/o Simon JELLY & Elizabeth MORRISON, witn: John BARBER & Sadie WALKER, both of Shelburne, 14 June 1898 at Shelburne 004191-98 (Dufferin Co.) William MORROW, 32, Lot 14 Con.13 East Garafraxa, East Garafraxa, s/o Robert MORROW & Elizabeth WILKINSON, married Kate HAGERMAN, 29, Caledon, Amaranth, d/o Joseph HAGERMAN & Not Given McKACHLINY, Witn.: James H. HALL, John MORROW, both of Grand Valley, June 8, 1898, at Amaranth
004267-98 (Dufferin Co) James MURPHY, 30, farmer, Tossoronto, Mulmur, s/o Esther Jane LAWSON & Edward MURPHY, married Hannah FLEMMING, 28, Mono, Mulmur, d/o Jane MOFFAT & Samuel FLEMING, wtn: William BLACK & Jennie FLEMING both of Mulmur, Feb 23 1898 at Mulmur 4632-00 William B. MURRAY, no age given, lather, Ontario, Shelburne, s/o not given, married Sarah J. HARRISON, no age given, Ontario, Melancthon, d/o illegible & blank, witn: K. C. & W. McROBBIE of Shelburne, 10 Aug 1898 at Shelburne
004213-98 (Dufferin Co), David NELSON, 22, farmer, East Luther, same, s/o Alex NELSON & Sarah IRWIN, married Mable ELGIE, 19, East Luther, same, d/o William ELGIE & Emma WHITTUP, witn G. H. COOPER & Mrs. L. T. CROZIER both of Grand Valley, 12 October 1898 at Grand Valley 004215-98 (Dufferin Co), George H. NORTHCOTT, 25, weaver, blank, Hespeler, s/o George NORTHCOTT & Lucy WAY, married Elizabeth J. BIRNEY, 23, blank, Grand Valley, d/o George BIRNEY & Maria GILL, witn Victor BIRNEY & Annie CONLIN both of Grand Valley, 3 November 1898 at Grand Valley
004269-98 (Dufferin Co) Robert J. ORMSBY, 30, farmer, Mulmur, same, s/o Eliza McMAHON & Robert ORMSBY, marriage Margaret E. MITCHELL,26, Mulmur, same, d/o Elizabeth GALLAGHER & Charles MITCHELL, wtn: William J. BLACK & Margaret E. GALLAGHER both of Mulmur, Mar 2 1898 at Mulmur #004187-98 (Dufferin Co): John OWENS, 29, farmer, Ontario, East Luther, s/o William OWENS & Agness MOFFATT, married Jennie WINTERS, 26, Ontario, E. Luther, d/o John WINTERS & Elizabeth A. PLATT, Mrs. Thomas WHALEY & Eva BANKS, both of Laurel, March 16, 1898 at Laurel
  4331-98 (Dufferin Co) William B. PARADINE, 23, printer, Canada, Orangeville, s/o William & Annie, married Annie M. HONEYFORD, 30, widow, Canada, Orangeville, d/o William & Mary BROWNLEE, witn: William & Eliza POWERS both of Orangeville on May 3, 1898 at Orangeville
4288-98 Alexander PORTER, 21, clerk, Canada, Orangeville, s/o James & Ellen, married Maggie Bruce BADGEROW, 21, Canada, Orangeville, d/o William J. & Barbara, witn: Barbara & James BADGEROW of Orangeville, 28 Jan 1898 at Orangeville 004217-98 (Dufferin Co), Rev. Joseph RICHARDSON BA, 28, minister, blank Halton Co, s/o Thomas RICHARDSON & Mary J. ARDERE, married Edith GORDON, 27, milliner, blank, Grand Valley, d/o John GORDON & Eliza STURTRIDGE, witn Rev. J. GILPAN & Mame GORDON both of Grand Valley, 21 December 1898 at Grand Valley
4318-98 Frederick William RITCHIE, 29, merchant, Ontario, Shelburne, s/o Richard? RITCHIE & M. E. YEOMANS, married Emily May QUIRT, 23, Ontario, Shelburne, d/o John QUIRT & Mary OGDEN, witn: Wilfred RITCHIE of Orangeville & Ada QUIRT of Shelburne, 26 April 1898 at Shelburne 004273-98 (Dufferin Co) James SCRIVER, 25, laborer, Trafalgar, Mulmur, s/o Mary BARTLEY & John SCRIVER, married Mary J. IRWIN, 21, Mulmur, same, d/o Jane IRWIN & John IRWIN, wtn: Robert BRADLEY & Lizzie IRWIN both of Mulmur, May 18 1898 at Mulmur
4290-98 Robert SHIELDS, 57, widower, constable, Canada, Orangeville, s/o John & Mary, married Ellenor DAWSON, 37, Canada, Orangeville, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Robert J. McCONNELL of Orangeville & Lena RUTLEDGE of Charleston, 21 Feb 1898 at Orangeville 004192-98 (Dufferin Co.) Thomas Richard SLACK, 34, Melancthon, Amaranth, Farmer, s/o James & Elizabeth SLACK, married Jane F. BOND, 17, Amaranth, Amaranth, d/o Hugh BOND & Mary Jane HERBERT, Witn.: William Thomas FERGUSON, Annie M. FERGUSON, both of Amaranth, August 4, 1898, at Amaranth
004272-98 (Dufferin Co) William SMITH, 28, farmer, Mulmur, same, s/o Mary E?? & John SMITH, married Elizabeth IRWIN, 24, Mulmur, same, d/o Mary KNISLEY & Archibald IRWIN, wtn: W. A. FERRIS & Phoebe ANDREW both of Mulmur, June 22 1898 at Horning’s Mills (Dufferin Co): David SMITH, 34, farmer, not given, East Luther, s/o William SMITH & Elizabeth FINLAY, married Margaret McWHIRTER, 27, not given, East Luther, d/o Andrew McWHIRTER & Elizabeth ROWAN, witnesses were Gilbert R. McWHIRTER & Jean HAY, both of East Luther, Jan. 5, 1898 at Grand Valley
#004179-98 (Dufferin Co): Joseph SMITH, 65, widower, clergyman, not given, Lamonie Iowa, s/o Joseph & Emma, married Ada Rachel CLARK, 27, not given, Waldeman, d/o Alexander & Mary, witnesses were Archie McLEAN of not given & Alice CLARK of Amaranth, Jan. 12, 1898 (L.D.S.) 4324-98 John Frederick STEWART, 28, farmer, Ontario, Melancthon, s/o Duncan STEWART & Isabella MARSHALL, married Charlotte Ann BOLES, 24, Ontario, Melancthon, d/o Richard BOLES & Mary Ann HAWKINS, witn: William J. BOLES & Frances STEWART, both of Melancthon, 9 March 1898 at Shelburne
4319-98 George STEWART, 24, farmer, Ontario, Mono, s/o James STEWART & Rebecca FINES, married Jemima A. B. PARSONS, 18, Ontario, Mono, d/o Nicholas PARSONS & Mary ERVING, witn: Richard PARTRIDGE & Jennie PARSONS, both of Mono, 12 Jan 1898 at Shelburne 4268-98 (Dufferin Co) Robert STEWART, 29, farmer, Nottawasaga, same, s/o Isabelle BOWER & George STEWART, married Mary Ann CROZIER, 24, Mulmur, same, d/o Mary Ann LESLIE & George CROZIER, wtn: George HARRIS of Mulmur & Mary J. STEWART of Maple Valley, Mar 15 1898 at Mulmur
004201-98 (Dufferin Co.) Henry TALBOT, 29, Amaranth, Amaranth, Farmer, s/o Henry TALBOT & Nancy McCULLOCH, married Susanna BURK, 26, East Garafraxa, East Garafraxa, d/o Alexander BURK & Ellen Mary WARNOCK, Witn.: James TALBOT of Amaranth, Sarah J. BURK of East Garafraxa, February 2, 1898, at East Garafraxa 4322-98 Norval Charles THOMAS, 23, tinsmith, Ontario, Dundalk, s/o James THOMAS & Rachel TANNER, married Augusta Clara WAITE, 22, Ontario, Shelburne, d/o James WAITE & Eliza SPROULE, witn: James B. & Hattie WAITE of Shelburne, 22 June 1898 at Shelburne
4325-98 William H. THOMPSON, 24, farmer, Ontario, Melancthon, s/o David THOMPSON & Frances CLARK, married Nettie NETHERCUTT, 21, Ontario, Melancthon, d/o Monte? NETHERCUTT & Charlotte ARMSTRONG, witn: William NETHERCUTT & Katie YEAREX, both of Melancthon, 29 June 1898 at Shelburne (Dufferin Co): Joseph Irwin THOMPSON, 27, farmer, East Luther twp., Melancthon twp., s/o William THOMPSON & Annie DICKSON, married Elizabeth Jane LYON, 23, Toronto, East Luther, d/o George LYON & Jane SELBIE, witnesses were R.J. THOMPSON of Melancthon two & Alice E. LYON of East Luther twp., March 30, 1898 at Grand Valley
4338-98 (Dufferin Co) William Ewart THOMPSON, 30, farmer, Garafraxa, same, s/o William E. & Ester, married Maria Jane ROBINSON, 30, Garafraxa, Orangeville, d/o George & Ann, witn: Edward ROBINSON & Rebecca WOODLAND both of Orangeville on Nov. 2, 1898 at Orangeville 4335-98 (Dufferin Co) William James TREBBLE, 29, Methodist minister, Canada, Little Current, s/o John & Jane, married Ida May Susannah RITCHIE, 25, Canada, Orangeville, d/o Robert William & Elizabeth, witn: J. Norman TREBBLE of Shelburne & Maria LYNCH of Orangeville on Oct. 8, 1898 at Orangeville
004282-98 (Dufferin Co) Robert William TUPLING, 24, blacksmith, Honeywood, same, s/o Eliza Ann PAGE & Joseph TUPLING, married Agnes MADILL, 22, Black Bank, same, d/o Jane MONTGOMERY & William MADILL, wtn: Irwin MADILL of Black Bank & Mary ORR of Ruskview, Nov 29 1898 at Banda #004396-99 Robert Reid TURNER, 22, farmer, East Garafraxa, same, s/o John & Fanny Ann TURNER, married Rebecca Attie MCGOWAN, 22, dressmaker, Amaranth, same, d/o Hugh MCGOWAN & Elizabeth HAMILTON, witn: James NEVILLS & Maggie SIMPSON, both of Orton, 21 Dec 1898 at Amaranth
  004264-98 (Dufferin Co) Robert J. WALLACE, 26, editor, Cork Ireland, Alliston, s/o Catharine BRYAN & Jas.WALLACE, married Bessie LOVE, 21, Mulmur, same, d/o Martha WALKER & John A. LOVE, wtn: David HOOD of Alliston & Mrs. William WALLACE of Orangeville, Jan 27 1898 at Mulmur
004199-98 (Dufferin Co.) William WARD, 27, East Garafraxa, East Garafraxa, Farmer, s/o Thomas WARD & Ann ROBERTS, married Ida EAST, 20, East Garafraxa, Marsville, d/o John EAST & Sarah KING, Witn.: John F. WARD, Maggie J. EAST, both of East Garafraxa, March 26, 1898, at East Garafraxa 4294-98 James Thomas WARDELL, 30, thresher, Canada, Melancthon, s/o John & Nancy, married Sarah Alice COLLINGBOURNE, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o James & Hannah, witn: P. R. & Maria R. LANGFORD of Orangeville, 30 March 1898 at Orangeville
004216-98 (Dufferin Co), Frederick WATT, 30, tinsmith, Wallace Tp, Toronto, s/o Alexander WATT & Ellen CALDWELL, married Mary WATT, 27, Ireland, Grand Valley, d/o Joseph WATT & Mary DYSART, witn William MILER of East Luther & Lizzie WATT of Grand Valley, 9 November, 1898 at Grand Valley 4317-98 Joseph James WATTAM, 29, laborer, Ontario, Shelburne, s/o William WATTAM & Lavina BROWN, married Alexina Elizabeth KIRKTON, 26, Ontario, Mulmur, d/o James KIRKTON & Mary McDONALD, witn: William KIRKTON of Mulmur & Annie S. WATTAM of Shelburne, 23 Feb 1898 at Shelburne
(Dufferin Co): Charles Henry WELLS, 24, farmer, Euphrasia twp., Amaranth twp., s/o William E. WELLS & Emma CLARK, married Rachel RUSSELL, 24, Howick, East Garafraxa twp., d/o William RUSSELL & Elizabeth BROWN, witnesses were William John WELLS of Alliston & May B. SCOTT of Grand Valley, March 9, 1898 at Grand Valley 004276-98 (Dufferin Co) Wallace S. WIGMORE, 25, dairyman, Toronto, Flint Michigan, s/o Eliza McQUIGG & Samuel WIGMORE, marries Mary Alice BINN, 22, Honeywood, same, d/o Sarah J. NIXON & James K. BINN, wtn:Dr. John PARKER of Feversham & Rachel BINN of Honeywood, Aug 24 1898 at Honeywood
004277-98 (Dufferin Co) Harvey Eugene WILKERSON, 23, farmer, Welland, Artemesia, s/o Elizabeth McELIVY & Alfred WILKERSON, married Laura GRAINGER, 23, Mulmur, same, d/o Elizabeth A LINDSAY & John GRAINGER, wtn: Thomas GRAINGER & Agnes GRAINGER of Mulmur 4293-98 Robert WILKINSON, 29, farmer, Canada, Toronto twp., s/o William & Catherine, married Jennie MORROW, 23, Canada, East Garafraxa, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: P. R. & Maria R. LANGFORD of Orangeville, 30 March 1898 at Orangeville
004283-98 (Dufferin Co) George R. YOUNG, 28, farmer, Ontario, Creemore, s/o Mary BRIGHAM & William YOUNG, married Elizabeth J. GRAINGER, 21, Ontario, Creemore, d/o Elizabeth A. MATHEWS & George Henry GRAINGER, wtn: William YOUNG Jr. & Jennie MUSTARD both of Creemore, Dec 7 1898 at Creemore [reg'd in Mulmur]