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Elgin Co., 1910

birth place was rarely given on 1910 registrations


#007833-10 (Elgin Co): Frederick BOXALL, 21, farmer, of Malahide, s/o Robert BOXALL & Jane McTAGGART, married Mary WODHAM, 18, of Malahide, d/o Cyrus WODHAM & Margaret BREARLEY, witn: Mrs. A. HARRETT & Mrs. I. McKELVEY, both of Luton, 24 May 1910 at Luton [Wadham?] 7787-1910 (Elgin Co.) Albert E. CABELHU?, 25, CPR agent, not given, Guelph, s/o John S. & Mary Jane CABELHU, married Marion Lillian VAN ORDER 27, not given, Port Burwell d/o George R. VAN ORDER & Hester JARVIS, witn: George VAN ORDER & W. D. MURPHY, both of Port Burwell, 7 Nov 1910 at Port Burwell.
007773-1910 (Elgin Co.) Robert Franklin COCHRAN, 24, machinist, not given, Detroit, s/o Emanuel COCHRAN & Elsia DRUMBORE, married Monta LEACH, 19, not given, Bayham, d/o Daniel LEACH& Alfreda J. KENNEDY, witn: W. EDWARD & Grace D. LEACH, both of Straffordville, 20 Apr 1910 at Straffordville. 007784-1910 (Elgin Co.) Howard CUDNEY, 22, carpenter, not given, Howton (sic), s/o not given, married Stella ROCKERFELLER, 20, not given, Walsingham, d/o not given, witn: Walter & Ella WILLIAMS of Vienna, 7 Sep 1910 at Pt. Burwell.
7791-10 George ELLIOTT, 26, farmer, of North Bayham, s/o John ELLIOTT, farmer, & Agnes DOBBIE, married Minnie SCOTT, 24, of North Bayham, d/o not given, witn: Murray THOMPSON of Moose Jaw & Ella ELLIOTT of Tilsonburg, 22 Dec 1910 at Corinth 007786-1910 (Elgin Co.) William J. GAYNOR, 30, laborer, not given, Townsend, s/o not given, married Gertrude S. SKINNER, full age, not given, Grovesend, d/o not given, witn: Ed. B. & Fanny PULHAM, both of Grovesend, 15 Jun 1910 at Elgin Co. (Bayham).
007785-1910 (Elgin Co.) Harvey GORVETT, 23, farmer, not given, s/o William GORVETT & Sarah FISHLEIGH, married Alma Pearl BEATTIE, 22, not given, Bayham, d/o James BEATTIE & Catharine DEMES, witn: Harley GORVETT & Cecily MATHEWS, both of Sparta, 5 Oct 1910 at Elgin [Bayham]. 007783-1910 (Elgin Co.) Roy HEWITT, 20, farmer, not given, Pt. Burwell, s/o Robert HEWITT & Hannah J. GOTIS, married Sarah A. CARTWRIGHT, 20, not given, Bayham, d/o George CARTWRIGHT & Jane WILSON, witn: Mrs. I. A. RONOSON & Mrs J. HART, both of Corinth, 30 Sep 1910 at Elgin [Bayham].
#007832-10 (Elgin Co): Wilfred Connor JOHNSON, 23, photographer, of Regina Sask., s/o Humphrey JOHNSON, banker, & Isabella CONNOR, married Edna YOUNG, 24, of Port Bruce, d/o Levi YOUNG, fisherman, & Mina WHITESELL, witn: Nellie M. YOUNG of Pt. Bruce & Eleanor C. JOHNSON of Brantford, 8 June 1910 at Pt. Bruce 007771-1910 (Elgin Co.) Robert PICKLE, 38, teamster, not given, Forest Iowa, widower, s/o John PICKLE & Mary THOMPSON, married Eva May ROBBINS, 19, not given, Houghton, d/o John ROBBINS & Isabel RAYMOND, witn: Samuel HORTON of Winnipeg & Christina JOHNSTON of Port Burwell, 17 Mar 1910 at Port Burwell.
008050-1910 (Elgin Co.) William Richard PIERCE, 20, mechanic, not given, Fingal, s/o William J. PIERCE & Jessie Ann HARRIS, married Cora Bell PAGE, 18, not given, Tyrconnell, d/o Joseph PAGE & Sarah Louise COATES, witn: Julia Ann ? & Josephine Letitia PAGE, both of not given, 21 Dec 1910 at St. Thomas. #007834-10 (Elgin Co): Zachariah PITTMAN, 56, widower, farmer, of Springfield, s/o Zachariah PITTMAN, farmer, & Susanna MACKIN, married Amelia MARSHALL, 31, of Malahide twp., d/o John MARSHALL, farmer, & Matilda SWEET, witn: John MARSHALL & Myrell HAWLEY, both of Mt. Salem, 7 Sept 1910 at Malahide twp
7790-10 Sidney RAVEN, 20, of Bayham, s/o William RAVEN, farmer, & Emaline EATON, married Pearl MORSE, 19, of Bayham, d/o Albert MORSE & Martha HONSINGER, witn: Alice HART of Toronto & Lavina HART of Corinth, 21 Dec 1910 at Elgin Co 007772-1910 (Elgin Co.) Peter SCHRAM, 30, engineer, not given, Aylmer, widower, s/o David SCHRAM & Annie MAY, married Eva LOUCKS, 16, not given, Clear Creek, d/o Robert LOUCKS & Marie LATHAM, witn: Mr. & Mrs. S. B. LOUCKS of Clear Creek, 1 Apr 1910 at Port Burwell.
7789-10 Edward SMYTH, 20, farmer, of Bayham, s/o Edward SMYTH, farmer, & Emily SHAVER, married Eva CLAUS, 19, of Bayham, d/o George CLAUS, farmer, & Amina SHERMAN, witn: Cora SMYTH of Vienna & Melvin A. CLAUS of Harrietsville, 21 Dec 1910 at Elgin Co #007835-10 (Elgin Co): Colborne M. TRUMAN, 29, dentist, of Saskatchewan, s/o George TRUMAN, farmer, & Sarah COOK, married Mary Adah PHELPS, 22, of Malahide twp., d/o Lewis L. PHELPS, deceased, & Martha A. ABELL, witn: H.L. TRUMAN of Aberdeen, South Dakota & Maud K. PHELPS of Seville Ont., 7 Sept 1910 at Malahide twp
  007788-1910 (Elgin Co.) Isaiah WALKER, 18, fisherman, not given, Port Stanley, s/o Ira WALKER & Sarah HALL, married Sarah SCHRAM, 17, not given, Port Stanley, d/o Peter SCHRAM & Mary TAIT, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Fred EVELAND, both of Vienna, 15 Dec 1910 at Elgin Co. (Bayham).