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Elgin Co, 1923, part 1

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9802-23 Elwood ARMES, 23?, farmer, Lot 10 Con 2 of North Dorchester, same, s/o Fred ARMES & Louisa LOGAN, married Edna May KNOTT, 23, Yarmouth twp., Lot 10 Con 2 of North Dorchester, d/o Thomas KNOTT & Annie WILTON, witn: Maud KNOTT & Mossley & Lilian T. GAETZ of St. Thomas, 21 March 1923 at St. Thomas  
9801-23 Roy ARMSTRONG, 22, taxi driver, Port Burwell, 21 Elgin St. in St. Thomas, s/o Charles (b. Elgin Co) & Effie, married Mrs. Maud HAGEN, 32, widow, Peel twp., 23 St. Catherine St. in St. Thomas, d/o Edwin BOYLE (b. Parker Ont) & Harriet STEPHENSON, witn: Jane GOULD & M. Maude PAYNE, both of Port Stanley, 7 May 1923 at Methodist Parsonage, Port Stanley 9798-23 Robert Johnston ARRELL, 24, railway fireman, Co. Derry Ireland, 178 Centre St. in St. Thomas, s/o John ARRELL (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, married Florence PINNEY, 22, Brantford, 7 Celestine St. in St. Thomas, d/o Samuel PINNEY (b. England) & Ellen ROBERTSON, witn: Francis & Emma MARSHALL of 7 Celestine St., 14 Dec 1923 at 14 Balaclava St. in St. Thomas
9804-23 Myron ASHFORD, 24, farmer, Dorchester, Malahide, s/o Alfred ASHFORD (b. Walsingham Ont) & Ruth BLAEMSTEIN, married Iva May WEST, 21, Malahide, same, d/o Harry WEST (b. England) & Eliza KING, witn: Florence ASHFORD of Malahide & Wilkie CARRUTHERS of Westminster twp., 13 Feb 1923 at Aylmer 9803-23 Victor Norman ATKINSON, 26, St. Thomas, 45 Manitoba St. in St. Thomas, s/o George ATKINSON (b. Ont) & Isabel DAWDY, married Janetta MacIver CAMPBELL, 21, Glasgow Scotland, 45 Manitoba St., d/o Colin CAMPBELL (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Jessie McIVER, witn: Belle BURTON & Elizabeth GAITZ, both of St. Thomas, 8 March 1923 at St. Thomas
9799-23 Gifford Clarence AXFORD, 22, bookkeeper, St. Thomas, 544 Strathmore Ave in Toronto, s/o Gifford England AXFORD (b. Canada) & Mary Ann SUTTON, married Ruth Wila TEALE, 19 on 5 Nov 1922, book keeper, London Ont., 511 St. James St. in Toronto, d/o Christopher TEALE (b. Canada) & Wila May GARDINER, witn: Margaret McCORMICK & Clara Beare? OLMSTEAD, both of St. Thomas, 2 Oct. 1923 at St. Thomas 9800-23 William Benjamin AYEARST, 22, railway clerk, St. Thomas, 28 St. George St. in St. Thomas, s/o Arthur James AYEARST (b. Elgin Co) & Lottie McPHERSON, married Dorothy Ellyn CURTIS, 22, teacher, Southwold twp., same, d/o Salathiel CURTIS (b. Elgin Co) & Mary D. HUNT, witn: Richard Francis CURTIS of RR1 St. Thomas & Carolyn CURTIS of St. Thomas, 4 Sept 1923 at St. Thomas
9818-23 Earl BAGNALL, 29, farmer, Lakeview, Downie twp., s/o Frederick George BAGNALL (b. England) & Mary Ellen McCALLUM, married Mary GLENN, 26, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o William GLENN (b. Glanworth) & Louisa HOWELL, witn: D. Keith McPHERSON & R. Annie GLENN, both of Glanworth, 23 May 1923 at res of the bride 9833-23 Clarence Warren BALDWIN, 19, Eden, same, s/o Warren BALDWIN (b. Middleton Ont) & Russella? ABBOTT, married Iva Merle WILLIAMS, 20, Fairground, Eden, d/o Sam WILLIAMS & Ada CAMERON, witn: Mrs. Walter & Walter SMALL of Eden, 12 Feb 1923 at Eden Baptist Parsonage
9830-23 Harold William BALL, 19 on 8 Jan 1923, St. Thomas, Yarmouth twp., s/o Richard William BALL (b. England) & Tiza HIRST, married Dorothy Grace TURNER, 17 on 24 May 1922, Southampton England, Yarmouth twp., d/o Frederick George TURNER (b. England) & Henrietta HIRST, witn: Louis BALL of 163 Elgin St. in St. Thomas & Henrietta HIRST of 160 Elgin St., 8 March 1923 at St. Thomas 9829-23 Robert Bruce BALL, 24, farmer, Wyecombe, Tilsonburg, s/o Jonathan W. BALL (b. Houghton twp) & Catherine MURPHY, married Irene TUPPER, 18, USA, Tilsonburg, d/o George B. TUPPER (b. Townsend twp) & Anna M. SMITH, witn: Hadley C. CURTIS & Jennie P. BALL, both of Tilsonburg, 8 March 1923 at res of George B. Tupper
9814-23 Alfred Smith BAREHAM, 26, Colchester - Essex Co., 19 Oak St. in St. Thomas, s/o Alfred BAREHAM (b. England) & Eliza SIZZEY, married Dorothy Elizabeth WARE, 23, Brighton England, 20 Wawa St. in St. Thomas, d/o George Trinder WARE (b. London England) & Elizabeth BAKER, witn: Robert BAREHAM & Cecilia WARE, both of St. Thomas, 20 June 1923 at 20 Wawa St., St. Thomas 9809-23 Ernest BARNES, 24, brakeman, London England, 76 Chestnut St. in St. Thomas, s/o Joseph BARNES (b. England) & Elizabeth BULL, married Mildred RAMEY, 24, Southwold twp., same, d/o John RAMEY (b. Canada) & Mary COLE, witn: John RAMEY & Mrs. Nellie VAN, both of Talbotville, 18 Sept 1923 at Grace Church parsonage, St. Thomas
9815-23 Cyril Reginald Miles BARR, 22, railway brakeman, London England, 21 Elgin St. in St. Thomas, s/o Austin BARR (b. England) & Ida JOSTY, married Emma Gertrude BARCLAY, 20, book keeper, St. Thomas, 12 Mabel St. in St. Thomas, d/o William BACLAY (b. Ont) & Emma ARMSTRONG, witn: Harry BARR of 21 Elgin St. & Vera PARK of 49 Wilson Ave in St. Thomas, 6 June 1923 at St. Thomas 9823-23 George BARRETT, 32, signal maintainer, Westminster twp., 168 Wellington St. in St. Thomas, s/o James BARRETT (b. England) & Elizabeth WRIGHT, married Ethel ROWE, 30, clerk, St. Thomas, 10 Mill St. in St. Thomas, d/o Richard ROWE (b. England) & Margaret MATHESON, witn: Minerva ROWE & Charles E. HIND, both of St. Thomas, 25 April 1923 at St. Thomas
9820-23 Arthur Albert BATES, 25, barber, England, Bayham, s/o John C. BATES (b. Stoney Stratford England) & Manetta SCOVIL, married Grace R. DEAN, 16, Bayham, same, d/o James DEAN (b. Port Burwell) & Mary HAILEY, witn: Bertha & Joseph FULKERSON of Port Burwell, 8 May 1923 at Port Burwell 9806-23 Harold Eugene BATZOLD, 24, MCR draftsman, St. Thomas, 79 Myrtle St. in St. Thomas, s/o John Henry BATZOLD (b. Canada) & Alice CARTER, married Edith Margaret SCOTT, 27, Glanworth Ont,. 225 Ross St. in St. Thomas, d/o Andrew SCOTT (b. Scotland) & Annie TURNBULL, witn: Jean & E. S. SCOTT of 225 Ross St., 11 Oct. 1923 at St. Thomas
9838-23 Herbert Stanley BEATTY, 24, machinist, Sarnia, St. Thomas, s/o James BEATTY & Mary Jane HIND, married Olive ROBINSON, 17, Saltburn England, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas ROBINSON & Elizabeth DAWE, witn: Albert J. WILSON & Mrs. Daris DAVIS, both of St. Thomas, 7 March 1923 at St. Johns Church, St. Thomas 9824-23 Charles Stanley BEAVIS, 18 on 19 May 1922, St. Thomas, 62 Talbot St. in St. Thomas, s/o Charles H. BEAVIS (b. St. Thomas) & Rose Elizabeth STONER, married Dylis JONES, 21, employee in knitting factory, England, 35 Devonshire Pl in St. Thomas, d/o John JONES (b. Wales) & Sarah Jane LOW, witn: James HOUSTON & Irene BLACKWELL, both of St. Thomas, 25 April 1923 at St. Thomas
9837-23 John Gordon BECHTEL, 32, miller, Burford Ont., Waterford, s/o John George BECHTEL (b. Canada) & Ellen WHITTAKER, married Thelma BATZOLD, 25, St. Thomas, same, d/o John Henry BATZOLD (b. Canada) & Alice CARTER, witn: Edith BATZOLD of 11 ½ Hiawatha in St. Thomas & F. H. BECHTEL of 64 Malakoff St. in St. Thomas, 17 Nov 1923 at St. Thomas 9807-23 Harry William BECK, 24, lineman, Brighton England, 57 Metcalfe St. in St. Thomas, s/o James E. BECK (b. England) & Barbara TOWNSEND, married Thelma COLLEDGE, 20, sales lady, Yarmouth twp., 12 Maple St. in St. Thomas, d/o George COLLEDGE (b. Canada) & Rena L. CLARK, witn: Chloe O.C. CARLE of 38 Redan St. & Rena L. McGUIGAN of 12 Maple St., 26 Sept 1923 at 14 Balaclava St. in St. Thomas
9839-23 John William BEER, 22, express driver, Dunwich twp., St. Thomas, s/o William BEER & Alice MAUDE, married Hilda Lily KITCHENHAM, 21, Kent England, St. Thomas, d/o William John KITCHENHAM & Lily GILILNGHAM, witn: Fred William KITCHENHAM & Alma Gertrude BEER, both of St. Thomas, 18 Oct. 1923 at St. Thomas  
9828-23 Bertie BERRY, 38, laborer, Southwold twp., 2 Oliver St. in St. Thomas, s/o John BERRY (b. Southwold twp ) & Kate DEADWOOD, married Eva Mary WARD, 26, dress maker, England, 60 Redan St. in St. Thomas, d/o John WARD (b. England) & Harriet ALLEN, witn: A. MORLEY & Elizabeth WARD, both of St. Thomas, 4 April 1923 at St. Thomas 9816-23 Charles Wilbert BERRY, 36, carpenter, village of Essex, Yarmouth twp., s/o John BERRY (b. England) & Alice BRADDON, married Alice Elizabeth ROBERTS, 30, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o William ROBERTS (b. England) & Lucy LEGG, witn: Ada E. FERGUSON of Chatham & Iva H. HICKS of St. Thomas, 6 June 1923 at St. Thomas
9822-23 John BILLINGTON, 44, contractor, South Dorchester, Bayham, s/o George BILLINGTON (b. Ont) & Sarah HERRINGTON, married Shirley Winnifred STEWART, 30, house maid, Bayham, same, d/o John STEWART (b. Ont) & Rebecca HARVEY, witn: Francis E. FERGUSON & Bessie KLIPPERT, both of Aylmer, 25 April 1923 at Aylmer 9831-23 Thomas Leonard BINNS, 23, stock keeper, St. Thomas, 19 Wilson Ave in St. Thomas, s/o George BINNS (b. Canada) & Charlotte FERRIS, married Rhea Madeline LIGHT, 21, Aylmer, 96 Malakoff St. in St. Thomas, d/o Freeman LIGHT (b. Canada) & Olive FULKERSON, witn: Albert BINNS & Mrs. J. C. WHITLEY, both of 17 Weldon Ave in St. Thomas, 6 March 1923 at 17 Weldon Ave, St. Thomas
9811-23 William Edward BIRD, 21, farmer, Brooke twp - Lambton, Yarmouth twp., s/o George F. BIRD (b. Ont) & Elizabeth SHARP, married Iva Pearl STEPHENS, 34, Houghton twp., Yarmouth twp., d/o Lancelot STEPHENS (b. England) & Margaret CRAWFORD, witn: Russell & Mrs. Russell CROCKER of RR5 St. Thomas, 22 Aug 1923 at St. Thomas 9812-23 George BIRD, 50, widower, farmer, Malahide, RR5 Malahide, s/o James BIRD (b. Ireland) & Pamelia BURNS, married Lucinda Jane FICK, 49, widow, house keeper, Malahide twp., RR1 Malahide, d/o Hiram SHARP (b. New Brunswick) & Elenor E. WEIR, witn: Ida BIRD of 555 St. Thomas & Ora M. FINLAY of Port Stanley, 20 Aug 1923 at Port Stanley
9817-23 Melvin William BLACK, 22, telephone lineman, Westminster twp., Belmont, s/o Duncan BLACK (b. Yarmouth Ont) & Adelia WILLSEY, married Irene BETTERLEY, 22, Yarmouth, South Dorchester, d/o George BETTERLEY (b. Dorchester) & Ann TAYLOR, witn: Cameron McKELLAR & Pearl BETTERLEY, both of Belmont, 16 May 1923 at Belmont 9825-23 Russell Dever BOOKER, 26, farmer, Sombra twp., Chatham twp., s/o William BOOKER (b. Dresden Ont) & Leetha? HENRY, married Mary Adelaide WHALEY, 34, teacher, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o John WHALEY (b. Elgin Co) & Mary Jane CAVANAUGH, witn: Francis OLDE of illegible Ont & Louisa A. GOULD of Port Stanley, 2 April 1923 at Parsonage, Port Stanley
9813-23 Jacobus BOONMAN, 29, farmer, Holland, Dutton, s/o Adrian BOONMAN (b. Holland) & Mina LOWHOUSTT?, married Mildred F. LILLEY, 18, Dunwich twp., Middlemiss, d/o Henry LILLEY (b. Kent Co Ont) & Martha HOOPER, witn: James BENTLEY & Mrs. George VOUEL?, both of Dutton, 14 July 1923 at St. Thomas 9819-23 William Cecil BOWEN, 21, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Willard R. BOWEN (b. Malahide Ont) & Lilian M. NESBITT, married Elnora May BROWN, 20, Malahide, same, d/o Arthur T. BROWN (b. Michigan) & Eda Ann CRANE, witn: Stanley & Lillian G. BOWEN of Aylmer, 3 May 1923 at res of Arthur T. Bowen
  9827-23 James Frederick BOWES, 19, farmer, Bayham twp., Eden, s/o Edwin B. BOWES (b. Canada) & Bertha C. WOODWARD, married Ermina Alice McDOWELL, 20, Bayham twp., Eden, d/o Russell McDOWELL (b. Canada) Hilda CRAVEN, witn: Frank & Jessie WOODWARD of 68 St. Catharines St., 4 April 1923 at St. Thomas
9834-23 Sewell Abbott BOYD, 21, laborer, Malahide twp., 235 Ross St. in St. Thomas, s/o Friend Sewell BOYD (b. Canada) & Alberta HOWELL, married Mary Irene BURTON, 18 on 15 May 1922, Southwold twp., same, d/o John BURTON (b. Canada) & Christena HARRIS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John BURTON of Southwold twp., 2 Jan 1923 at St. Thomas 9810-23 David Sanderson BREEN, 23, brakeman, Teeswater, 697 Grey St. in London, s/o Robert J. BREEN (b. Teeswater) & Mary A. WRAY, married Helen Corson ORR, 28, nurse, St. Thomas, Southwold twp., d/o John Corson ORR (b. Westminster ) & Sarah Ann STACEY, witn: Jacob & Elizabeth BAINARD of Lambeth, 25 July 1923 at Southwold twp
9832-23 Frank H. BROOK, 27, lumber man, England, Bayham, s/o Charles Augustus BROOK (b London England) & Jessie Harriet BARTON, married Grace Irene WISSON, 18, Langton, Bayham, d/o Herman Wesley WISSON (b. Langton Ont) & Mabel Gertrude MARSHALL, witn: Edgar & Opal WISSON of Straffordville, 31 Jan 1923 at Straffordville 9805-23 Brock William BROWN, 26, machinist, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o Thomas BROWN (b. Ont) & Larette GARDINER?, married Helen McCULLOUGH, 18 on 3 Dec 1922, Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o Stephen McCULLOUGH (b. Ont) & Mary FISHE, witn: Barton BROWN of St. Thomas & F. D. DRAPER of Mich., 30 Oct. 1923 at St. Thomas
9821-23 Clinton BUCK, 24, engineer, Malahide twp., Aylmer, s/o William (b. Norfolk Co) & Sarah, married Vera WESTOVER, 18, Aylmer, same, d/o Stephen (b. St. Thomas) & Jane, witn: F. S. & Mrs. F. S. FANSHEE? of Aylmer, 21 April 1923 at Malahide 9826-23 Adam Herbert BUCK, 22, laborer, Malahide, Aylmer, s/o William Henry BUCK (b. Port Rowan - South Middleton) & Sarah TRIBE, married Hursula WESTOVER, 19, Malahide, Aylmer, d/o Stephen WESTOVER (b. St. Thomas) & Jane SCRIVER, witn: B. M. DUNLOP of Fonthill & Alice C. DUNLOP of Ottawa, 31 March 1923
9835-23 Bruce Lawrence BURDICK, 25, farmer, Chespring? - Saginaw Co. Mich., Malahide twp., s/o William BURDICK (b. Springfield) & Arminta CHUTE, married Eula Beatrice KENNEDY, 25, Tilsonburg, Malahide twp., d/o John KENNEDY (b. Eden) & Almina WILSON, witn: Hazel KENNEDY of Port Burwell & Roy BRACKENBURY of Aylmer, 19 Dec 1923 at Port Burwell 9808-23 Carl Henry BURGESS, 25, farmer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o William BURGESS (b. Ont) & Clara GRAHAM, married Reta Mae WALLIS, 25, bookkeeper, South Dakota, Southwold twp., d/o William WALLIS (b. Ont) & Mary Jane DOWN, witn: Roy T. WALLIS of Talbotville & Mildred K. BURGESS of Union, 26 Sept 1923 at Talbotville
9836-23 Thomas BURNS, 30, machinist, Springburn? Scotland, Syracuse NY, s/o Thomas BURNS (b. Scotland) & Mary ROBERTSON, married Frances McKay CRAIG, 29, domestic, Rugerglen Scotland, Yarmouth twp., d/o John CRAIG (b. Scotland) & Helen McKAY, witn: William & Mrs. William RATTRAY of Talbot St. in St. Thomas, 23 Dec 1923 9841-23 Hugh Clayton CAMERON, 29, widower, lawyer, St. Thomas, 26 Elipian? St in St. Thomas, s/o William CAMERON (b. Canada) & Fanny McKEAN, married Margaret BRADY, 28, divorced, Southwold twp., 88 Hincks St. in St. Thomas, d/o Frank BRADY (b. Canada) & Minnie SCHRECK?, witn: Lena & Edgar FLACK of 88? Hincks St., 1 Oct. 1923 at St. Thomas
9858-23 George William CAREY, 54, machinist, St. Marys, Hemlock St. in St. Marys, s/o Philip CAREY & Sarah HILMAN, married Julia CAREY, 49, widow, Sarnia, Hemlock St. in St. Thomas, d/o Charles LEFORGE & Sarah ESPLEN, witn: A. E. & M. E. MOOREHOUSE of St. Thomas, 9 March 1923 at St. Thomas 9845-23 James Bremner CARR, 27, teacher, Derby twp - Grey, Yarmouth twp., s/o David CARR (b. Canada) & Isabella M. BREMNER, married Freda Kathleen ELLISON, 28, teacher, Port Stanley, St. Thomas, d/o James Danl ELLISON (b. Canada) & Orpha Ellen GREEN, witn: Mrs. Ellen ELLISON of 65 East St. in St. Thomas & D. H CARR of RR3 St. Thomas, 27 Aug 1923 at St. Thomas
9859-23 Amos CHARLTON, 45, widower, drayman, Dorchester Ont., 5 Antrim St. in St. Thomas, s/o Miles CHARLTON (b. Kingston) & Isabel STRONG, married Lilian Florence COOMBES, 21, England, 5 Antrim St. in St. Thomas, d/o Thomas Albert COOMBES (b. England) & Nellie SHARP, witn: Miss Pearl Daisy CHARLTON of 5 Antrim St. & Hilda NEWNHAM of St. Thomas, 27 Feb 1923 at St. Thomas 9865-23 Clayton COLLINS, 23, laborer, Wallaceburg Ont., St. Thomas, s/o Frederick COLLINS & Susa SMELTZER, married Emma McKENZIE, 21, St. Thomas, same, d/o James McKENZIE & Emma LEE, witn: Leonard A. MacKENZIE & Irene BLACKWELL, both of St. Thomas, 7 May 1923 at St. Thomas
9854-23 Wilfred Henry COSENS, 25, knitter, St. Thomas, 102 Forest Ave in St. Thomas, s/o George COSENS (b. England) & Josephine MOORE, married Alice Ina LEE, 25, bookkeeper, Petrolia Ont, 38 Hiawatha St. in St. Thomas, d/o Thomas LEE (b. Ireland) & Alice LANG, witn: Grant & Mrs. Grant NORTON of Alma St. in St. Thomas, 22 May 1923 at Centre St. Methodist Church, St. Thomas 9862-23 George CROOKS, 23, shoe maker, Tilsonburg, Aylmer, s/o John F. CROOKS & Elizabeth GREENE, married Violet WARDLE, 18, Otterville, Aylmer, d/o Francis E. WARDLE & Martha J. BRIDGES, witn: Mrs. M. A. ASHMORE & Mrs. Ina SPRAGUE, both of Aylmer, 29 Nov 1923 at Aylmer
9869-23 Robert DAVIS, 21, farmer, Caledonia Ont., Bayham, s/o John DAVIS (b. Hamilton) & Maggie JOHNSTONE, married Lydia ALWARD, 15, Bayham, same, d/o George ALWARD (b. Bayham ) & Addie WOLF, witn: Eileen DUNLOP & Mrs. Marvin KAYLE (Koyle?), both of Aylmer, 27 Oct. 1923 at Aylmer West 9877-23 George McDonagh DINGMAN, 29, advertising manager, Stratford Ont., 46 Stanley St. in St. Thomas, s/o William Smart DINGMAN (b. Sarnia) & Margaret Elizabeth McDONAGH, married Helen Ruth GRIFFIN, 31, house keeper, St. Thomas, 46 Stanley St., d/o Frank M. GRIFFIN (b. St. Thomas) & Mary SMITH, witn: Arthur H. DINGMAN of Amherstburg & Gertrude EDWARDS of St. Thomas, 28 June 1923 at St. Thomas
9866-23 Lewis Edward DIXON, 28, clerk, Bedford Halifax, 15 Maple St. in St. Thomas, s/o Lewis DIXON (b. Scotland) & Louise BRETT, married Ruth Annetta FRENCH, 22, dental nurse, Montreal, 44 Jackson St. in St. Thomas, d/o Frank (Fred?) FRENCH (b. USA) & Clara McKENZIE, witn: Mrs. Clara FRENCH of Walton Court in Toronto & J. H. STILL of St. Thomas, 23 Dec 1923 at St. Thomas 9873-23 George Logie DOLLAR, 36, physician, Ontario, Horne Payne Ont., s/o Robert DOLLAR (b. Ont) & Emma LANGFORD, married Margaret Lydia Ann CAMPBELL, 28, teacher, Ontario, West Lorne, d/o Neil CAMPBELL (b. Ont) & Isabelle LYLE, witn: Gordon DOLLAR of Baysville Ont & Enabelle CAMPBELL of West Lorne, 5 Sept 1923 at Aldborough twp
9884-23 Louis Gordon EASTLAKE, 23, farmer, Aldborough twp., Southwold - RR3 Shedden, s/o William EASTLAKE (b. Canada) & Mary FNLAYSON, married Ada Margaret ROSS, 19, telephone operator, Southwold twp., Fingal, d/o Robert ROSS (b. Canada) & Mary IRVIN (Irwin?), witn: Kathaleen ROBBINS of St. Thomas & Leonard ROSS of Fingal, 11 Dec 1923 at St. Thomas 9883-23 Matthew Ewart EASTON, 26, policeman, Scotland, London, s/o John EASTON (b. Scotland) & Jane EWART, married Jessie McCAIG, 20, Scotland, St. Thomas, d/o William McCAIG (b. Scotland) & Jane MORRISON, witn: Jean McKENDRICK of 11666 Wisconsin Ave in Detroit & Albert A. MORDEN? of 222 Picadilly St. in London, 23 Oct. 1923 at St. Thomas
9885-23 John ELGIE, 43, farmer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o George ELGIE (b. England) & Mary Ann PORTER, married Claire Evena HUFFMAN, 33, Malahide twp., Aylmer, d/o Merritt HUFFMAN (b. Ont) & Alma Delina RAMER, witn: Ray & Mrs. Ray FERGUSON of Aylmer, 19 Dec 1923 at Aylmer 9886-23 George Henry ELLERY, 45, widower, farmer, Ontario, Dereham, s/o John ELLERY (b. England) & Mary COPP, married Elizabeth Ann McTAGGART, 44, Ontario, Yarmouth, d/o Godfrey McTAGGART (b. New Sarum Ont) & Catherine GREGGORY (Gregory?), witn: James Ernest BANCROFT of Dorchester & Frank S. JOHNSON of Gladstone Ont., 6 Nov 1923 at bride's home
9893-23 Frederick FELKER, 48, farmer, Mosa twp., Glencoe, s/o Samuel FELKER (b. Canada) & Rosanna MULHOLLAND, married Ellen McCALLUM, 27, Mosa twp., same, d/o Duncan McCALLUM (b. Canada) & Barbara McARTHUR, witn: Mary BLEWETT & Lilian M. THORNLOE, both of St. Thomas, 15 March 1923 at St. Thomas 9897-23 Joseph FELLOWES, 27, railway fireman, England, Yarmouth twp., s/o Charles FELLOWES (b. England) & Hannah Elizabeth HILLMAN, married Rebecca Neva STEVENS, 28, widow, Yarmouth twp., 37 White St. in St. Thomas, d/o Richard AXFORD (b. Yarmouth twp) & Harriett METCALF, witn: Samuel FELLOWES of Lyndhurst - Yarmouth twp & Ida May RAY of St. Thomas, 22 Dec 1923 at St. Thomas
9896-23 Vernon Wilson FIFE, 25, farmer, Muskoka Ont., Southwold twp., s/o Thomas FIFE (b. Muskoka) & Elizabeth LONGHURST, married Harriet HANSLEY, 24, teacher, Manitoba, Southwold twp., d/o John HANSLEY (b. England) & Jane SMILEY, witn: Vera E. FIFE of Talbotville & John BOGART of RR1 Southwold, 26 Dec 1923 at Parsonage, Talbotville 9895-23 Robert W. FIRBY, 53, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o Thomas W. FIRBY (b. Bayham) & Amanda PHILLMORE, married Mary J. FEWSTER, 50, widow, Bayham, same, d/o James TURNBULL (b. Scotland) & Mary Jane McLEAN, witn: Charles W. TURNBULL & M. Louisa WHALEY, both of Corinth, 31 Jan 1923 at Corinth
9892-23 Elmer FORDHAM, 22, mechanic, Florence, Rodney, s/o William L. FORD (b. Euphemia) & Ora CROSS, married Thelma KNIGHT, 22, Rodney, same, d/o James H. KNIGHT (b. Canada) & Lily CURTIS, witn: Florence & Errol? KELLY of Rodney, 18 April 1923 at Rodney 9888-23 John Charles FORREST, 40, conductor, St. Thomas, Quebec St. in London, s/o John FORREST (b. Scotland) & Ellen JOHNSON, married Alice SMITH, 29, divorced, Glanworth, same, d/o George Wesley DOAN (b. Ont) & Jennie BIRCH, witn: Arthur Reeves WILLIAMS (Williamson?) of St. Thomas & Edith A. BURGESS of Toronto, 20 Sept 1923 at Yarmouth twp
9889-23 Morley Manson Herbert Garfield FORSYTH, 41, carpenter, Delaware twp. Ont., 109 Inkerman St. in London, s/o John FORSYTH (b. Delaware twp) & Martha Ann KENEDY (Kennedy?), married Jessie Pamelia WILLIAMS, 33, book keeper, Yarmouth twp., 112 Inkerman St. in London, d/o George E. WILLIAMS (b. Ont) & Ethilda BONSER, witn: Ernest JONES of Kingsmill & Fraser R. DAY of Thamesford, 12 June 1923 at Kingsmill 9894-23 Harry Edward FRANCIS, 21, farmer, Mosa twp., same, s/o Edward FRANCIS (b. England) & Charlotte LUMLEY, married Hazel Irene SMITH, 21, Harwich twp., Mosa twp., d/o Henry SMITH & Margaret KERR, witn: Elsie FRANCIS of Wardsville & Amos? CARR of West Lorne, 23 Jan 1923 at Manse, West Lorne
9890-23 Harry K. FRANKS, 27, England, Grand Valley, s/o Mr. R. FRANKS (b. England) & Miss E. KEMP, married Hazel May ZAVITZ, 19, Malahide, res not given, d/o Clinton ZAVITZ (b. Ont) & Miss Clara FLEMING, witn: Edna P. SMITH of Sparta & Harry ZAVITZ of Dunboyne, 20 June 1923 at Dunboyne 9898-23 John Edward Griffith FUKE, 47, divorced, foreman at Ford Motor CO., St. Thomas, 2018 Ferdinand Ave in Detroit, s/o Harry S. FUKE (b. England) & Grace VERNON, married Ellen ALLAN, 41, St. Thomas, 18 Horton St. in St. Thomas, d/o Thomas ALLEN (b. Scotland) & Martha ALLEN, witn: Thomas & Anna KEITH (Ruth?) of St. Thomas, 24 Oct. 1923 at St. Thomas
9891-23 Warren FULLERTON, 29, foreman at Wells Gray Co., Toronto, 271 May? Ave in Windsor, s/o John FULLERTON (b. Ireland) & Alice ELLIOTT, married Marie Josephine EFFNER, 26, Chicago, St. Thomas, d/o George EFFNER (b. USA) & Laura Ethel INGLIS (Hughes?), witn: Clara Belle OLMSTEAD & Margaret McINNIS, both of St. Thomas, 2 June 1923 at St. Thomas 9887-23 John Robinson FUTCHER, 23, farmer, Southwold twp., same, s/o John Henry FUTCHER (b. Canada) & Kate ROBINSON, married Dorothy Elliott HORTON, 24, teacher, St. Thomas, Yarmouth twp., d/o Edward H. HORTON (b. Canada) & Isabel ELLISON, witn: Frances A. HORTON of St. Thomas & T. R. FUTCHER of Middlemarch, 24 Oct. 1923 at Yarmouth twp
9905-23 William Garfield GARDNER, 21, driver, St. Thomas, 47 Malakoff St. in St. Thomas, s/o William Thomas GARDNER (b. Waterford Ont) & Elizabeth GRANT, married Gladys FROOME, 19 on 6 Feb 1923, London England, 47 Malakoff St. in St. Thomas, d/o Thomas FROOME (b. London England) & Hannah Maria BURT, witn: Marion TAYLOR & Elizabeth HARDING, both of St. Thomas, 31 March 1923 at St. Thomas 9910-23 Morley Leroy GARDNER, 20, delivery man, St. Thomas, 47 Malakoff St. in St. Thomas, s/o William GARDNER (b. St. Thomas Ont) & Elizabeth GRANT, married Edith Harriet MATTIS, 20, saleslady, St. Thomas, 77 Hiawatha St. in St. Thomas, d/o Frank MATTIS (b. St. Thomas Ont) & Mary ARMSTRONG, witn: Mrs. C. H. GEER & Sybil Paulie RAFFERTY, both of 22 Locust St., 12 Dec 1923 at St. Thomas
9909-23 John Waddell GEMMELL, 27, Scotland, Bayham, s/o John GEMMELL (b. Scotland) & Mary WADDELL, married Mary Annie MILLS, 17, Bayham, same, d/o Henry MILLS (b. Canada) & Jennie WILLIAMS, witn: Henry & Mrs. Henry MILLS of RR1 Port Burwell, 12 Dec 1923 at St. Thomas 9899-23 Albert GENNAUL, 24, laborer, Oneida Ont., same, s/o William GENNAUL (b. Brantford) & Bessie SHUYLER, married Bessie CHRISJOHN, 19 (on 26 Sept 1923), Oneida, same, d/o Albert CHRISJOHN (b. Oneida) & Rebecca SHUYLER, witn: Mrs. Rebecca CHRISJOHN of Oneida & Mrs. Christy McDERMID of 634 Talbot St. in St. Thomas, 24 Oct. 1923 at St. Thomas
9900-23 Peter GERMAIN, 29, railway fireman, Greece, 95 Wilson Ave in St. Thomas, s/o Louis GERMAIN (b. Augustos Greece) & Sophie STONAS, married Doris DYE, 20, Detroit, same, d/o Alton J. DYE (b. Andersville Mich.) & Bertha CURRIE, witn: John PAUL of St. Thomas & Theodore ORESEY? of 437 Talbot St. in St. Thomas, 18 Oct 1923 at St. Thomas 9904-23 Clarence John GIFFORD, 30, printer, Athens Ont., Aylmer, s/o Harry GIFFORD (b. England) & Annie McQUIGGAN, married Tiny May FINCH, 51, Yarmouth, Aylmer, d/o Sidney PARKER (b. Canada) & Rosella SHAMMALL, witn: C. H. FINCH & Winford A. GIFFORD, both of Aylmer, 26 April 1923 at Aylmer
9901-23 Charles Stanley GILBERT, 32, managr, Southwold twp., 45 Wellington St. in St. Thomas, s/o Charles Edgar GILBERT (b. Ont) & Annie LYLE, married Mabel Geraldine BALKWILL, 27, Dutton Ont, Port Stanley, d/o James BALKWILL (b. London) & Sarah J. EAD, witn: Roy A. GILBERT & Mrs. J. BALKWILL, both of St. Thomas, 8 Aug 1923 at St. Thomas 9902-23 Harold Angus GILLARD, 25, salesman, Yarmouth twp., 30 Isabel St. in St. Thomas, s/o Joseph GILLARD (b. England) & Louise Bell WILSON, married Ida Elizabeth CARR, 23, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o Frederick CARR (b. England) & Mary Charlotte BLOYE?, witn: Mrs. N. CLIFFORD & Lilian M. THORNLOE, both of St. Thomas, 27 July 1923 at St. Thomas
9912-23 Edward Joseph GORNOWICZ, 27, farmer, Parisville? - Huron Co. Michigan, Rodney Ontario., s/o Paul GORNOWICZ & Helen OSOSKI, married Helen Agnes McGAHAN, 22, Co. Derry Ireland, Rodney, d/o James McGAHAN & Sarah AGNEW, witn: Vincent GORNOWICZ of Elmvale Ont & Mary Ann McGAHAN of Rodney, 17 April 1923 at West Lorne 9908-23 David GOWANLOCK, 33, farmer, Ekfrid twp., Palmyra, s/o John GOWANLOCK (b. Ekfrid twp) & blank McLACHLAN, married Florence CRANER, 19, Ridgetown, Morpeth, d/o William CRANER (b. Ont) & Catherine DICK?, witn: Mrs. W. F. CARR & Mrs. Barbara HUFFMAN, both of West Lorne, 22 Feb 1923 at Manse, West Lorne
9903-23 James Walter GRANTHAM, 22, machinist, St. Thomas, 6534 Pittsburgh Ave in Detroit, s/o Job GRANTHAM (b. England) & Mary Ann LONEY, married Elsie JONES, 18 on 2 March 1923, England, 2 Charles St. in St. Thomas, d/o John JONES (b. Wales) & Sarah Jane LOWE, witn: W.K. BRUNCK of London & Helen GRANTHAM of St. Thomas, 4 July 1923 at St. Thomas 9913-23 George GRANTHAM, 55, widower, insurance agent, Oxford England, St. Thomas, s/o Thomas GRANTHAM & Esther HILLBURN, married Sarah DICKSON, 48, widow, England, St. Thomas, d/o James DICKSON & Susan GADEN, witn: Job & Mrs. Job GRANTHAM of St. Thomas, 3 Sept 1923 at St. Thomas
9906-23 William GRIGG, 25, farmer, Walsingham, Vienna, s/o Alfred GRIGG (b. Exeter Canada) & Henrietta EMMERICK, married Edna VAUGHAN, 18, Houghton, Vienna, d/o Charlie VAUGHAN (b. Houghton twp) & Bell REID, witn: William & Mary McDERMAID of Port Burwell, 21 March 1923 at Port Burwell 9907-23 Kary Henry GRUETZNER, 27, manufacturer, New Hamburg, Hespeler, s/o George GRUETZNER & Elizabeth SARURAS, married Mabel Ethyla POUND, 24, Malahide twp., same, d/o John D. POUND & Susie SUMMERS, witn: Florence GRUETZNER & Frank C. MORLOCK, both of Hespeler, 10 Jan 1923 at Malahide twp
9911-23 Henry Stickley GWALTER, 24, employee of Talbot Shoe Co., London England, 139 Manitoba St. in St. Thomas, s/o Harry S. GWALTER (b. England) & Mary WELLSPRING, married Olive Elizabeth BURKE, 20 employee of Knitting Co., Wiarton Ont., 139 Manitoba St., d/o George M. BURKE (b. Canada) & Alice B.M. COVENEY, witn: Miss A. J. POWELL & Mrs. M. MOORHOUSE, both of 14 Balaclava St., 1 Dec 1923 at St. Thomas 9936-23 Horace HAGUE, 25, farmer, England, Bayham, s/o not known, married Jessie DAWSON, 24, England, Bayham, d/o not known, witn: J. R. BROWN of Rutland Sask. & Martha PROCUNIER of Corinth, 24 Feb 1923 at Aylmer
9916-23 William HALES, 83, widower, gentleman, England, Dutton, s/o John HALES (b. England) & Sarah PLAYFORD, married Mary WILKIE, 52, widow, England, Dutton, d/o Frederick WILKIE (b. England) & Mary JEFFS, witn: Ada WALLACE & William WALLACE, both of Dutton, 26 Sept 1923 at Rectory, Dutton 9922-23 John HAMILTON, 21, engine dispatcher, Glasgow Scotland, 9 Hamilton St. in St. Thomas, s/o James HAMILTON (b. Scotland) & Jean SHAW, married Catherine CONNELLY, 22, operator, Edinburgh Scotland, 99 Hughes St. in St. Thomas, d/o Alexander CONNELLY (b. Ireland) & Margaret GRAY, witn: Lilian M. THORNLOE & Mrs. Annie WATKINS, both of St. Thomas, 2 July 1923 at St. Thomas
9920-23 Joseph Henry HANNA, 20, farmer, Moravian town, Aldboro, s/o Sylvester HANNA (b. Moravian reserve) & Nellie DODGE, married Sarah Maria DODGE, 17, of Aldboro, d/o William DODGE (b. Muncey reserve) & Mabel WILLIAMS, witn: Mr. Sylvester HANNA & Mrs. Nellie HANNA, both of Rodney, 23 Aug 1923 at Rodney 9932-23 Russell Lincoln HARRIES, 31, farmer, Cultens? Ont., Clear Creek, s/o William HARRIES (b. Haldimand Co) & Ada RAVIN, married Alice Averil RAVIN, 24, operator, Buchnan Mich., Clear Creek, d/o F. W. RAVIN (b. Burford) & Lavinia LA MOND, witn: Lottie M. RAVIN & H. BURTON, both of Clear Creek, 21 March 1923 at Eden
9931-23 Charles Eugene HARTFORD, 21, laborer, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o Dean Charles HARTFORD (b. Ont) & Margaret E. BRANDON, married Gladys Alta DODMAN, 20, Ontario, Ridgetown, d/o Charles H. DODMAN (b. Ont) & Mary HENDERSON, witn: Annie HARRIS of Bathurst St. in Toronto & Jean GRAVES of Ridgetown, 3 May 1923 at 14 Balaclava St. in St. Thomas 9929-23 Franklin Howard HATCH, 28, asbestos worker, Portland Maine, Pittsburg Penn., s/o Franklin Howard HATCH (b. Portland Maine) & Edith J. MERCIER, married Doris Mary WADLEY, 19, London England, 68 Talbot St. in St. Thomas, d/o Edward John WADLEY (b. London England) & Lucy HERBERT, witn: Lucy & Edward H. WADLEY of St. Thomas, 2 June 1923 at St. Thomas
9924-23 Charles HAWKINS, 38, widower, policeman, Leicester England, 39 Gravel Rd in St. Thomas, s/o Charles HAWKINS (b. Leicester England) & Amelia SPENCE, married Velma Mae SHELTON, 23, widow, Sparta Ont., 71 Ross St. in St. Thomas, d/o Walter R. DURDLE (b. Sparta) & Lettie? Mary McAGY, witn: Harry Wilson McCART & Mrs. Louise BABBETT, both of St. Thomas, 27 June 1923 at St. Thomas 9930-23 James C. HEALY, 72, widower, farmer, Nova Scotia, Bayham, s/o Anderson HEALY (b. Ireland) & Marie DEALMER, married Elizabeth HOBBS, 64, widow, of Bayham, d/o Thomas STANSELL (b. Ireland) & Eleanor THOMALSON, witn: J. A. LEACH & Miss Charlotte ALLEN, both of Eden, 2 May 1923 at Eden Baptist Parsonage
9935-23 Samuel HEARD, 63, widower, barker, Westminster twp., Curtis St. in St. Thomas, s/o John HEARD (b. England) & Maria PINCOMB, married Mary Jane BANCROFT, 53, widow, Malahide twp., 383 Talbot St. in St. Thomas, d/o Francis BOUGHER (Bougner?)(b. Ont) & Mary Jane BOWEN, witn: Georgia BANCROFT of Detroit & Mrs. Charles EVANS? of St. Thomas, 7 march 1923 at St. Thomas 9939-23 Forrest George HELD, 28, manager - bus line, Suffern NY, same, s/o Paul G. HELD (b. Newark J) & Grace JONES, married Grace Irene BELL, 25, Lindsay Ont., Yarmouth twp., d/o Thomas BELL (b. Toronto Ont) & Frances Emily JACKSON, witn: Ida E. & James A. SIZE of Lyndhurst, 28 Nov 1923 at Lyndhurst, Yarmouth twp
9921-23 Wallace HETHERINGTON, 24, automobile trimmer, Carlisle England, Detroit, s/o Charles William HETHERINGTON (b. Ayrshire) & Mary Ann NICHOLSON, married Mabel Pearl McCLUNG, 22, Orford twp.., same, d/o Fred McCLUNG (b. Orford Kent) & Lavina KERR (Herr?), witn: Kathleen LEMON of Rodney & Robert J. McCAUDRO? of RR3 Bothwell, 1 Aug 1923 at Kintyre 9915-23 William HENLEY, 42, cigar maker, London Ontario, 256 Horton St. in London, s/o James HENLEY (b. London England) & Sophia WHITING, married Ellen LUMLEY, 42, Leamington Ont., 256 Horton St. in St. Thomas, d/o Robert BEGGS (b. Ireland) & Jennette JOHNSON, witn: Bernice ANDREW & Annie CODD, both of St. Thomas, 8 Oct. 1923 at St. Thomas
9917-23 Ralph Earl HEYDON, 29, farmer, St. Thomas, Yarmouth twp., s/o George HEYDON (b. Canada) & Louisa RUSS, married Helene Kathleen GILBERT, 25, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o John GILBERT (b. Canada) & Matilda LEWIS, witn: Clarence GLOIN of RR3 St. Thomas & Ina M. GILBERT of RR8 St. Thomas, 19 Sept 1923 at Yarmouth twp 9914-23 Robert William HINDLEY, 23, farmer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o William Henry HINDLEY (b. Yarmouth twp) & Elizabeth Jane BENTLEY, married Inez PARKER, 20, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o Nelson E. PARKER (b. Yarmouth twp) & Mary Catherine SUTHERLAND, witn: Marguerite & Robert H. WEIR of RR1 Union, 29 Oct. 1923 at Methodist Parsonage, Port Stanley
9918-23 Francis George HITCH, 27, electric welder, Ridgetown, 5618 Trumball Ave in Detroit, s/o Henry George HILL (b. Kent Co. England) & Lizzie PASSMORE, married Winnifred SKELDING, 22, machine operator, St. Thomas, 25 Eagle St. in St. Thomas, d/o James SKELDING (b. St. Thomas Ont) & Mary HISTID, witn: William Clifford HILL of 33 East St. in St. Thomas & Marguerite Eileen CORDENY? of 8 College St. in St. Thomas, 24 July 1923 at St. Thomas [divorced 10-3-52] 9938-23 William David HOLLINGSHEAD, 26, railway employee, Palmerston Ont., 53 Berry St. in Buffalo, s/o David HOLLINGSHEAD (b. Harriston Ont) & Ellen DOHERTY, married Gladys Irene SHORTLAND, 20, Golden Valley Ont., 226 Centre St. in St. Thomas, d/o Neil SHORTLAND (b. England) & Susan DOBBS, witn: David E. HOLLINGSHEAD of St. Thomas & Ella HOLLINGSHEAD of Palmerston, 17 Jan 1923 at St. Thomas
9942-23 Ira HOUGH, 21, butcher, Port Stanley, 30 Hughes St. in St. Thomas, s/o William A. HOUGH (b. Canada) & Minnie BEASLEY, married Jean Margaret Irene MERRIT, 18 (on 16 July 1923), Elgin Co., St. Thomas, d/o W.T. MERRITT (b. England) & Eliza McDONALD, witn: Mrs. W. T. & W. T. MERRITT of St. Thomas, 27 Oct. 1923 at St. Thomas 9933-23 Edgar Glenn HOUGHTON, 20, farmer, Malahide twp., Southwold twp., s/o Richard HOUGHTON (b. Canada) & Florence PARKER, married Ruth Victoria WRIDE, 21, Southwold twp., same, d/o Joseph WRIDE (b. Canada) & Agnes WHITE, witn: Ina & Twila? HOUGHTON of RR1 Fingal, 30 march 1923 at St. Thomas
9943-23 Albert Alton HOUSLEY, 25, salesman, St. Thomas, same, s/o Albert HOUSLEY & Louisa BEAUFORT, married Thelma Dewey SHEARING, 24, Dunwich twp., St. Thomas, d/o Thomas George SHEARING & Ida CORNELL, witn: Morris B. HOUSLEY of "Lyndhurst" St. Thomas & Bessie L. CUPPLES of St. Thomas, 12 June 1923 at St. Thomas 9926-23 Moris Beaufort HOUSLEY, 20, assistant advertising manager - Times Journal, St. Thomas, Yarmouth twp., s/o Albert E. HOUSLEY (b. Bristol England) & Louisa BEAUFORT, married Bessie Lucinda CUPPLES, 20, St. Thomas, 32 Scott St. in St. Thomas, d/o Richard CUPPLES (b. Tecumseh Michigan) & Kathleen HAYES, witn: Alton Albert & Thelma Shearing HOUSLEY of Lyndhurst - St. Thomas, 19 June 1923 at 32 Scott St., St. Thomas
9937-23 Victor Alexander HOWARD, 27, laborer, Manitoba, Rodney, s/o George Edward HOWARD (b. England) & Elizabeth PARSONS, married Carrie Mabel GOODBRAND, 21, Aldboro, Rodney, d/o Alexander GOODBRAND (b. Canada) & Anna BROWN, witn: Edna GOODBRAND of Rodney, 16? Feb 1923 at Rodney 9934-23 Frank Everett HOWEY, 22, farmer, Port Rowan, Bayham, s/o George HOWEY (b. Canada) & Georgina GARTON, married Bertha May GIRVIN, 22, Walsingham, Bayham, d/o John GIRVIN (b. England) & Caroline WHITE, witn: Mrs. M. A. ASHMORE & Mrs. Amy CLARKE, both of Aylmer, 14 March 1923 at Aylmer
9923-23 Gervase Orion HOWSE, 24, student, Malahide, Aylmer, s/o George W. HOWSE (b. Malahide twp) & Rosa Mae B--? (smudged), married Erie Victoria YOUNG, 25, Springfield, same, d/o W.H. YOUNG (b. Malahide twp) & Ada SHIVELEY, witn: Irma Leola & George F. WALKER of Brownsville, 27 June 1923 at Springfield 9927-23 Thomas K. HOWSE, 32, widower, farmer, Kansas, Malahide, s/o Frederick R. HOWSE (b. Halton Co) & Adeline BAGNALL, married Geraldine Joy SHAW, 27, Huron Co., Malahide, d/o Edward A. SHAW (b. England) & Emma Edith GRIGG, witn: Hugh WILSON of illegible & Laurel G. SHAW of Dunboyne, 10 June 1923 at Luton
  9919-23 Charles Milton HUFFMAN, 38, farmer, Malahide, Yarmouth, s/o Merritt HUFFMAN (b. Malahide Ont) & Alma RAMEY, married Lilly KAUCHER, 29, Yarmouth, same, d/o William KAUCHER (b. Brantford) & Sarah PADMORE, witn: Cora O'BRIEN & Frances E. FERGUSON, both of Aylmer, 29 Aug 1923 at Aylmer
9925-23 William Bramwell HUMPHREY, 22, manager, London England, Belleville Ont., s/o [guardians] Bernard W. PEARSON? (b. Liverpool England) & Amanda? Jane HAROLDS?, married Elsie YARWOOD, 27, operator, Cheshire England, 220 Centre St. in St. Thomas, d/o Thomas YARWOOD (b. Northwich England) & Sarah Jane ROBINSON, witn: Martha & Thomas W. H. BELL of 28 Ross St., 20 June 1923 at St. Thomas 9941-23 Wallace Lewis HUMPHREY, 23, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o Robert F. HUMPHREY (b. Bayham twp) & Eunice STRATTON, married Minnie M. CLAUS, 19, Bayham, same, d/o George CLAUS (b. Bayham twp) & Almina CORLESS, witn: Murray & Bertie WILSON of Port Burwell, 7 Nov 1923 at Port Burwell
9940-23 Leslie George HUNT, 23, railway employee, Bristol England, Southwold twp., s/o Albert Edward HUNT (b. England) & Frances FOX, married Dorothy May McGUGAN, 22, Southwold twp., same, d/o Neil McGUGAN (b. Delaware) & Matilda McILVAINE, witn: Perry Edward & Francis Albert HUNT of RR3 Shedden, 28 Nov 1923 at Frome 9928-23 Norman HUPLEH, 28, farmer, Middleton twp., Malahide twp., s/o Anton HUPLEH (b. Buffalo NY) & Elizabeth GEHRING, married Mary Mildred MATTHEWS, 25, Malahide twp., same, d/o John MATHEWS (sic) (b. Bayham) & Loretta PENNINGTON, witn: Beatrice HESSESAUER? of 2911 Dickenson St. in Detroit & Robert PHILLMORE of 100 Price St. in London, 6 June 1923 at Malahide twp
9944-23 William IMRIE, 35, railway employee, Fifeshire Scotland, Yarmouth twp., s/o William IMRIE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, married Elizabeth WALKER, Aberdeenshire Scotland, 40 Roseberry Place in St. Thomas, d/o Robert WALKER (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth SIMMERS, witn: May WALKER & John IMRIE, both of St. Thomas, 18 Oct. 1923 at St. Thomas 9945-23 James Clifford INGRAM, 22, timekeeper on MCRR, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o James INGRAM (b. Goderich Ont) & Mary SQUIRE, married Edna Gertrude McCOMB, 23, Union, same, d/o T. Henry McCOMB (b. Enniskillen Ont) & Jennie EVANS, win: Teresa & Ewart McCOMB of Union, 19 June 1923 at Port Stanley
9946-23 John Franklin JENNINGS, 34, widower, fisherman, St. Thomas, Port Stanley, s/o John H. JENNINGS (b. Union Ont) & Sarah L. MANSION, married Alice Melisa WEAVER, 28, widow, Windham twp., Port Stanley, d/o Amos CHAPMAN (b. Kelvin Ont) & Lizzie RICE, witn: Clifton JENNINGS & Gladys R. MARTIN, both of Port Stanley, 26 Sept 1923 at res of J. H. Jennings, Port Stanley 9950-23 Francis Joseph JENNINGS, 25, electrician, Toronto, 208 Macdonell Ave in Toronto, s/o Francis Joseph JENNINGS (b. Canada) & Anna GLOSTER, married Anna Helena STICKLE, 29, Rainham twp., 42 Kains St. in St. Thomas, d/o Frederick STICKLE (b. USA) & Mary MEHLENBACHER, witn: Agnes STICKLE of St. Thomas & E. W. BANCROFT of Lucan, 23 May 1923 at St. Thomas
9948-23 Charles JOHNS, 20, electrician, St. Thomas, 33 Stanley St. in St. Thomas, s/o Charles Hays JOHNS (b. USA) & Jennie PEARCE, married Beatrice NEAL, 19 (b. 24 June 1904), Essex - London England, 16 Arthur Ave in St. Thomas, d/o Charles Henry NEAL (b. England) & Annie B. EARPS, witn: Roy MANN of St. Anns Place in St. Thomas & Marguerite JOHNS of 33 Stanley St., 10 July 1923 at Grace Parsonage, St. Thomas 9947-23 Thomas Everett JONES, 25, farmer, Yarmouth twp., RR1 Yarmouth twp., s/o Thomas JONES (b. Canada) & Mary Katherine PFEIFFER, married Vivian Leata PARKER, 20, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o Henry Burton PARKER (b. Canada) & Edith Maria RUSS, witn: Clarence OLMSTEAD of 42 Southwold St. in St. Thomas & H. F. FERGUSON of St. Thomas, 12 Sept 1923 at St. Thomas
9949-23 Thomas William JORDAN, 20, railway brakeman, St. Thomas, 126 Alma St. in St. Thomas, s/o James JORDAN (b. Ireland) & Eliza LUMMIS, married Cora Leona BERDAN, employee at St. Thomas Metal Signs, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o William BERDAN (b. Ont) & Isabel STILES, witn: William Herbert HODKINSON & May BAKER, both of St. Thomas, 31 Dec 1923 at St. Thomas  
9955-23 Wilfred Routledge KEAYS, 22, Hyde Park Ont., same, s/o David KEAYS (b Hyde Park) & illegible BALL (Bell?), married Lena Marguerite WINTER, 20, stenographer, Brownsville Ont., Hyde Park, d/o Austin C. WINTER (b. Ont) & Jane Elizabeth SHANE, witn: W. A. FOWLER of RR1 Hyde Park & Miss Queenie McDOWELL of Hyde Park Corners, 21 April 1923 at Springfield 9951-23 Thomas KEITH, 45, widower, editor, Aberdeenshire Scotland, 18 Horton St. in St. Thomas, s/o Hugh KEITH (b. Scotland) & Elsie ROBB, married Anna Pearl McLEAN, 26, Dunwich twp., same, d/o John F. McLEAN (b. Dunwich Ont) & Louisa BLACK, wit: Mrs. LOWE of London & John W. McLEAN of Wallacetown, 17 Oct 1923 at Wallacetown
9960-23 John A. KELLY, 29, fisherman, Aldboro, same, s/o William KELLY (b. Aldboro) & Ella WOODS, married Jean McPHERSON, 29, farmer, Campbellton, Aldboro, d/o John McPHERSON (b. Dunwich) & Jane SEARLE, witn: David McPHERSON of Dunwich & Lily Margaret KELLY of Aldboro, 21 Feb 1923 at West Lorne 9953-23 David KENNEDY, 66, elevator operator, Downie twp., 43 Alexandria Ave in St. Thomas, s/o David KENNEDY (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth DUNSEITH, married Margaret TAYLOR, 65, widow, Stirling Scotland, 56 Locust St. in St. Thomas, d/o John GRAHAM (b. Scotland) & Margaret McKEOWN, witn: William & Mrs. William DAVIDSON of St. Thomas, 3 July 1923 at St. Thomas
9954-23 John James KENNEY, 25, Sandwich East twp., 11 Balaklava St. in St. Thomas, s/o John KENNEY (b. Belle River Ont) & Mamie McCANN, married Hazel CLARKE, 25, clerk, St. Thomas, 81 Hemlock St. in St. Thomas, d/o James CLARKE (b. Galt Ont) & Emma HARE, witn: Charles KENNEY & Miss Maud KING, both of St. Thomas, 28 May 1923 at St. Thomas 9956-23 Donald R. KERR, 34, farmer, Dunwich twp., same, s/o Robert KERR (b. Elgin Co) & Isabella McKAY, married Josie Lorene GREEN, 26, Aldborough twp., Dunwich twp., d/o Richard P. GREEN (b. Howard twp) & Ellen CARTER, witn: Richard GREEN of Wallacetown & Clara GARDINER of Chatham, 11 April 1923 at St. Peters Rectory
9965-23 William Aloysius KILLINGWORTH, 23, telegraph operator, London, Toronto, s/o William Albert KILLINGWORTH & Agnes Mary O'NEILL, married Cecilia May SWIFT, 22, St. Thomas, same, d/o William H. SWIFT & Mary Jane PHELAN, witn: E. KILLINGSWORTH (sic) of Toronto & Olive M. SWIFT of St. Thomas, 12 Sept 1923 at St. Thomas 9963-23 Samuel KIMBLE, 38, farmer, Southwold twp., same, s/o Richard S. KIMBLE (b. Chagford Devonshire) & Sarah A. HARVEY, married Bessie DODSON, 32, Yarmouth twp., Shedden, d/o George DODMAN (b. Port Stanley) & Bessie CATTRELL, witn: Iva C. CARMICHAEL of Fingal & Richard KIMBLE of RR1 St. Thomas, 7 Nov 1923 at Parsonage, Fingal
9959-23 Donald F. KIRKLAND, 24, druggist, Dutton, same, s/o Robert KIRKLAND (b. Elgin Co) & Annie CAMERON, married Etta Mae BOLE, 25, teacher, West Lorne, same, d/o James H. BOLE (b. NY state) & Jemima E. WINTER, witn: D. A. SAUNDERS of Dutton & M. CHESLEY of West Lorne, 21 Feb 1923 at West Lorne 9958-23 Archibald Lorne KIVELL, 39, farmer, Chatham, Aldboro, s/o James KIVELL (b. Bowmanville Ont) & Mary GILLIES, married Nancy Victoria McDOUGALL, 36, farmer, Aldboro, same, d/o Dougald McDOUGALL (b. Argyle Scotland) & Annabel McDONALD, witn: J. A. ANDERSON & Sarah MacDOUGALL (sic), both of Rodney, 22 March 1923 at Kintyre
9957-23 Clarence KNOTT, 21, farmer, Yarmouth twp., South Dorchester twp., s/o John KNOTT (b. N. Dorchester) & Nettie STEVENSON, married Jemima Pearl VAN NATTER, 24, Houghton twp., Bayham twp., d/o Benjamin VAN NATTER (b. Houghton) & Fidelia FORMAN, witn: Arthur WISMER & Mrs. Stewart FERGUSON, both of St. Thomas, 7 March 1923 at Yarmouth 9964-23 Byron Alexander KNOWLES, 25, advertising solicitor, St. Thomas, 205 Queens Ave in London, s/o William George KNOWLES (b. England) & Rachel SPEARS, married Beulah Rose WALSH, 20, domestic, Detroit, Wellington St. in London, d/o Wellington WALSH (b. Ont) & Ethel MILLMINE, witn: Mrs. Martha KNOWLES & Elizabeth GAETZ, both of St. Thomas, 7 Nov 1923 at St. Thomas
9952-23 Harold Philip KOYL, 21, laborer at Canada Iron Corp., Southwold twp., 21 Horton St. in St. Thomas, s/o William Albert KOYL (b. Canada) & Ida COLE, married Mary Irene DAWDY, 21, Southwold twp., Southwold Station, d/o Emerson DAWDY (b. Canada) & Laura BOLE, witn: Morley CLAYPOLE of St. Thomas & Ella KOYL of Southwold Stn., 22 Aug 1923 at St. Thomas 9962-23 Harry Wellington KOYLE, 22, MCR, Springfield, St. Thomas, s/o Jesse KOYLE (b. Springfield) & Isabel WALLACE, married Miriam Grace TRELEAVEN, 18, St. Thomas, same, d/o R. Edwin J. TRELEAVEN (b. Tara Ont) & Grace CAMPBELL, witn: Ina W. FERGUSON & Iva H. HICKS, both of St. Thomas, 31 Dec 1923 at St. Thomas
9961-23 George KYLE, 50, laborer, widower, Vienna, Bayham, s/o George KYLE (b. Port Dover Ont) & Elizabeth TEMPLE, married Ida TRIBE, 40, widow, North Walsingham, Bayham, d/o Arthur BAIN (b. Norfolk Co) & Letta SLACK, witn: M. W. HAZEN & Mabel COLLINS, both of Port Burwell, 27 Jan 1923 at Port Burwell 9980-23 Donald Gordon LAING, 24, general merchant, town of Essex, same, s/o William LAING (b. Ireland) & Ida DOCHSTADER, married Ethel Lloyd GAYNOR, 25, Cedar Springs - Kent Co., Rodney, d/o John GAYNOR (b. England) & Fanny Lloyd DAYNES (Dynes?), witn: Grace L. GAYNOR of Rodney & K. C. LAING of Detroit, 31 Oct. 1923 at Rodney
9978-23 Harry John LAMOTT, 25, salesman, Chicago, 742 Paulina St. in Toronto, s/o George LAMOTT (b. Chicago) & Wella May FERGUSON, married Marie Julia PARKER, 22, stenographer, Toronto, 746 Paulina St. in Toronto, d/o John PARKER (b. Pittsburg Penn) & Adell RUFF, witn: Jennie EDMONDS & Elizabeth HARDING, both of St. Thomas, 31 Oct 1923 at St. Thomas 9967-23 William Allen LAMOURE, 36, carpenter, Norfolk Co., Half Way Crescent St - state of Michigan, s/o Roderick? Alvin? LAMOURE (b. Michigan US) & Tressa KELLY, married Elma COLE, 34, clerk, West Lorne, same, d/o Samuel COLE (b. Torquay England) & Clara BUCKE, witn: Edith B. STEPHENS & Florence McCUTCHEON, both of Eagle St. in St. Thomas, 27 Sept 1923 at 15? Eagle St. in St. Thomas
9976-23 Harrison LAUR, 31, farmer, Adelaide twp., Yarmouth twp., s/o William LAUR (b. Malahide) & Minerva UNGER, married Jennie Olivia MAYNARD, 24, Malahide twp., Yarmouth twp., d/o John MAYNARD (b. Yarmouth) & Phoebe Ann MILLS, witn: Katharine A. RICE of Chicago & Frank MAYNARD of St. Thomas, 3 March 1923 at Yarmouth twp 9969-23 Lloyd Francis LEASK, 32, bank clerk, Dunwich Ont., Plainfield NJ, s/o James LEASK (deceased, b. Shetland Islands Scotland) & Annetta BOUGHNER, married Lillian M. COPE, 27, book keeper, Dutton, same, d/o William COPE (b. Yorkshire England) & Catherine EVERITT, witn: Cora HICK & John BLACK, both of Dutton, 13 Sept 1923 at Dutton
9970-23 William Henry LEE, 25, hardware finisher, village of Essex, 39 Woodworth Ave in St. Thomas, s/o Isaac LEE (b. Oakland Ont) & Hannah BUTLER, married Lena May KINSMAN, 21, Ekfrid twp., 39 Woodworth Ave in St. Thomas, d/o William KINSMAN (b. Mitchell Ont) & Mary TAYLOR, witn: Ernest STENNETT & Queenie WILFRED, both of St. Thomas, 24 May 1923 at St. Thomas 9966-23 Burton Stewart LETHBRIDGE, 23, salesman, Strathroy, 384 Burwell St. in London, s/o Samuel John LETHBRIDGE (b. Caradoc twp) & Margaret Algorms? ELLIOTT, married Hazel Merle FONGER, 24, Southwold twp., 19 MacDonald Ave in London, d/o George Harris FONGER (b. Caradoc twp) & Annie ROWE, witn: Jennie EDMONDS & Elizabeth HARDING, both of St. Thomas, 27 Oct. 1923 at St. Thomas
9974-23 James Henry LIDDON, 29, farmer, Kent England, Wardsville, s/o Stephen LIDDON (b. Kent England) & Mary MASTERS, married Mary DILL, 28, Wardsville, same, d/o Killim DILL (b. St. Catharines Ont) & Fanny REIST, witn: Edmond & Mrs. Edmond PURCELL of Wardsville, 21 March 1923 at Aldborough twp 9977-23 Frank LINDSAY, 22, Corinth, Aylmer, s/o George LINDSAY (b. Corinth) & Mary KELMER, married Marie NELSON, 23, Aylmer, same, d/o Albert NELSON (b. Elgin Co) & Susie ROBINS, witn: Eliza LINDSAY of London & Harold NELSON of Aylmer, 21 Feb 1923 at Aylmer
9972-23 Harry Alexander LINN, 22, shoe maker, Lynedoch, Preston, s/o William Alex LINN & Ann REID, married Ina Audrey RANDALL, 19, Bookton Ont., Port Burwell, d/o David RANDALL & Jessie McILWRAITH, witn: J. McCOY of Preston & Jalene ADDISON of Woodstock, 16 May 1923 at Port Burwell 9971-23 Charles F. LILLY, 21, farmer, Bayham, Middleton, s/o William LILLY (b. Bayham ) & Clara KETCHABAW, married Olive FRENCH, 17, Bayham, same, d/o George E. FRENCH & Mary E. OSTRANDER, witn: Henry WATTS of Tilsonburg & Julia FRENCH of Eden, 20 June 1923 at Eden
9973-23 John Lawrence LODGE, 30, railroad store keeper, St. Thomas, 14 Queen St. in St. Thomas, s/o George William LODGE (b. Ont) & Jane FITZPATRICK, married Sarah Fern WOODFORD, 28, music teacher, St. Thomas, 15 Second Ave in St. Thomas, d/o George E. WOODFORD (b. Ont) & Barbara ANDERSON, witn: Dr. G. E. & Emma WOODFORD of Detroit, 19 April 1923 at 15 Second Ave., St. Thomas 9979-23 Henry Claire LUMLEY, 21, pipe fitter helper, Dutton, 38 Yarwood St. in St. Thomas, s/o David Charles LUMLEY (b. Ont) & Delia STRIGGER, married Geneva Wilhelmia TRIGGER, 18 in June 1923, St. Thomas, 43 Flora St. in St. Thomas, d/o Thomas Bismark TRIGGER (b. Ont) & Orpha PERRY, witn: Miss Alia BELL & Mrs. E. HAMMOND, both of St. Thomas, 3 Nov 1923 at St. Thomas
9975-23 Gordon Wellington LUNN, 21, farmer, Port Talbot - Dunwich twp., Dunwich twp., s/o James LUNN (b. Canada) & Elizabeth GEDDES, married Effie May CHAPMAN, 17, Wallacetown, Fingal, d/o William John CHAPMAN (b. Canada) & Allen (sic) WILSON, witn: Pearl CHAPMAN of St. Thomas & W-? A. LUNN of Fingal, 28 Feb 1923 at St. Thomas 9968-23 Henry Allen LUNN, 35, shipper, Brantford, 92 Erie St. in St. Thomas, s/o Thomas LUNN (b. Scotland) & Matilda PILGRIM, married Edith Pearl ORRILL, 29, Trenton Ont., 53 1/2 Fifth Ave in St. Thomas, d/o William ORRILL (b. Canada) & Martha Jane MOREY, witn: Beth ORRILL & N. R. ELLWOOD, both of St. Thomas, 3 Sept 1923 at St. Thomas
9990-23 George MACKIE, 28, boiler maker helper, Aberdeen Scotland, 98 Erie St. in St. Thomas, s/o James MACKIE (b. Scotland) & Mary Jane WATT, married Jeanie YATES, 24, Strathblane Scotland, 98 Erie St. in St. Thomas, d/o James YATES (b. Scotland) & Ellen DRUMMOND, witn: David YATES of St. Thomas & Robert MACKIE of Detroit, 24 July 1923 at St. Thomas 9989-23 John Henry MAHONEY, 52, widower, blacksmith, South Norwich twp., Southwold twp., s/o Benjamin MALONEY (b. On) & Melissa GREENWOOD, married Cora Belle PEARCE, 32, widow, Dunwich twp., 64 Hincks St. in St. Thomas, d/o Joseph PAGE (b. Ont) & Sarah Louise COATES, witn: Iva H. & Kathryn G. HICKS of St. Thomas, 1 Aug 1923 at St. Thomas
9986-23 Leonard LeRoy MARTIN, 21, clerk for MCR Stores Dept., St. Thomas, 23 Kains St. in St. Thomas, s/o Harry MARTIN (b. St. Thomas) & Ida NEAL, married Carrie Ann FOOTE, 19 on Nov 1922, St. Thomas, 14 Celestine St. in St. Thomas, d/o George FOOTE (b. St. Thomas) & Anna BARNHART, witn: Elizabeth HARDING & Mrs. Jennie EDMONDS, both of St. Thomas, 8 Sept 1923 at St. Thomas 9993-23 Charlie Francis MARTIN, 19, condenser, England, Tilsonburg, s/o Charles MARTIN (b. London England) & Miss F. T. SANFORD, married Velma Florence HEALY, 17, Eden, same, d/o J. C. HEALY (b. Nova Scotia) & Miss T. B. MARTIN, witn: George HEALY & Era (Eva?) ATKINSON, both of Tilsonburg, 22 May 1923 at Eden
9995-23 Eram John MARTIN, 24, farmer, Rodney, Aldboro, s/o John MARTIN (b. Elgin Co) & Kate HELMER, married Agnes ROSS, 18, West Lorne, Aldboro, d/o William Warren ROSS (b. Halton Co) & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Arthur Hugh MARTIN of Rodney & Miss Mary Lucinda ROSS of West Lorne, 13 June 1923 at West Lorne 9982-23 George Alexander MARTIN, 22, machinist, Ridgetown, 24 Owaissa St. in St. Thomas, s/o Peter Grant MARTIN (b. Scotland) & Fanny BECKETT, married Vera Mildred HYND, 23, St. Thomas, 98 Alma St. in St. Thomas, d/o Thomas HYND (b. Scotland) & Rebecca YOUNG, witn: Iva H. & Kathryn G. HICKS of St. Thomas, 116 Oct. 1923 at 139 Wellington St. in St. Thomas
9981-23 Anthony H. MASLIN, 31, supt. of Grounds, Port Chester NY, same, s/o Charles W. MASLIN (b. Leicester England) & Mary A., married Gladys McKISHNIE, 28, nurse, Aldborough twp., same, d/o John McKISHNIE (b. England) & Mary, witn: Francis STIRLING of Morpeth & Carman McKISHNIE of Dutton, 26 Oct 1923 at Aldborough twp 9987-23 Frank MASON, 24, railway fireman, Newcastle under Lyme England, 126 Manitoba St. in St. Thomas, s/o Job MASON (b. Newcastle under Lyme) & Mary Jane MACHIN, married Doris Muriel STEVENTON, 22, Newcastle Under Lyme, 126 Manitoba St., d/o Thomas STEVENTON (b. Manchester England) & Florence FORD, witn: William & Mrs. Aypatia KENNEY of St. Thomas, 4 Sept 1923 at St. Thomas
9984-23 Frederick Wesley MASTIN (Martin?), 24, farmer, Rodney, Springfield, s/o Frederick Ernest MASTIN (b. England) & Ada Theresa WOOLLEY, married Florence Ellen FOSTER, 19, England, Springfield, d/o John Henry FOSTER (b. England) & Florence WIDDISON, witn: Mrs. Hiel WOOD & Gable? P. WINTER, both of Springfield, 27 Aug 1923 at Springfield 9983-23 William MATHESON, 32, farmer, Sutherlandshire Scotland, Yarmouth twp., s/o John MATHESON (b. Scotland) & Margaret AITKIN, married Caroline McLARN (McLORN?), 28, near Belfast Ireland, Yarmouth twp., d/o John McLARN (b. Ireland) & Sarah McKIBBON, witn: Hannah R. McLARN & A. MILLMAN, both of RR1 Union, 3 Oct. 1923 at St. Thomas
10006-23 Charles Stephen MATTHEWS, 23, factory employee, Houghton twp., Chatham, s/o James F. MATTHEWS (b. Tilsonburg Ont) & Julia SHARP, married Phoebe LICKMAN (Lichman?), 18 on 4 Aug 1923, St. Thomas, Houghton twp., d/o Charles LICKMAN (b. Essex Ont) & Ethel KENNEDY, win: Hannah E. NEVILLE & Mary H. HOLLEY, both of Vienna, 1 Nov 1923 at Vienna 9998-23 Everett James MATTHEWS, 22, St. Thomas, Yarmouth twp., s/o James MATTHEWS (b. Ont) & Margaret CAUSMNA?, married Annie Georgina CLARIDGE, 18 on 1 Dec 1922, Fulham - Middlesex England, 25 1/2 Woodworth Ave in St. Thomas, d/o Arthur Henry CLARIDGE (b. England) & Alice COLLPS, witn: Mrs. E. SUTHERLAND & Mrs. E. HAMMOND, both of St. Thomas, 30 April 1923 at St. Thomas
10017-23 Cecil Smiley McCANDLESS, 28, truck driver, Yarmouth twp., Park Ave in Yarmouth twp., s/o Louis? McCANDLESS & Margaret SMILEY, married Eloise Winnifred GARNETT, 24, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o Edward GARNETT (b. Yarmouth twp) & Elizabeth NEVILLE, witn: Russell & Elna GARNETT of St. Thomas, 31 Oct. 1923 at Yarmouth twp  
10010-23 Neil Howard McCONKEY, 40, Bayham, Straffordville, s/o Cicero McCONKEY (b. Walsingham twp) & Mary PROCUNIER, married Edna McCONNELL, 31, Malahide, Port Burwell, d/o Clarence M. McCONNELL (b. Bayham twp) & Mary Jane HANKINSON, witn: Grace H. LONEY of Port Burwell & Evelyn McCONKEY of Bayham, 1 Sept 1923 at Malahide twp 10016-23 James Wallace McDONALD, 24, machinist, St. Thomas, London St. in Windsor, s/o Robert McDONALD (b. Canada) & Margaret Alice CULVER, married Mary Ann AXFORD, 23, telephone operator, Yarmouth twp., 38 Hincks St. in St. Thomas, d/o Joseph B. AXFORD (b. Canada) & Lillian GORTON, witn: Margaret AXFORD of 46 Hughes St. & Edgar McDONALD of 50 Hughes St., 24 Jan 1923 at St. Thomas
10013-23 Donald McGREGOR, 27, farmer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o John McGREGOR (b. Yarmouth twp) & Margaret FERGUSON, married Vergie THORNTHWAITE, 27, Port Burwell, same, d/o Fred THORNTHWAITE (b. Vienna Canada) & May HAWLEY, witn: John A. & Edith McGREGOR of St. Thomas, 12 May 1923 at Port Burwell 10011-23 James Harold McGREGOR, 24, farmer, Aldboro, same, s/o Gregor McGREGOR (b. Aldboro) & Cora LEE, married Margaret KELLY, 23, teacher, Aldboro, same, d/o Alexander KELLY (b. Aldboro) & Letitia, witn: Rena McGREGOR & Stewart McCALLUM, both of Rodney, 12 Sept 1923 at Presbyterian Church, New Glasgow,
10019-23 James Ivan McINTYRE, 27, farmer, South Dorchester, Belmont, s/o Daniel MacINTYRE (sic) (b. South Dorchester twp ) & Jeanette MITCHELL, married Margaret Eva TAYLOR, 26, teacher, South Dorchester, RR3 Belmont, d/o Duncan TAYLOR (deceased, b. South Dorchester) & Janet FERGUSON, witn: J. A. MITCHELL of RR2 Springfield & Marion C. MacINTYRE of RR3 Belmont, 1 Nov 1923 at res of the bride, South Dorchester 10012-23 Martinell Hoffman McLACHLIN, 27, barrister, St. Thomas, 1 Wellington St. in St. Thomas, s/o Robert Alexander McLACHLIN (b. St. Thomas) & Florence McBRINE? (McBovie?), married Dorothy Elizabeth SMITH, 23, Aylmer, 5 Wellington St. in St. Thomas, d/o Frank Ware? SMITH (b. Galt Ont) & Florence SMART?, witn: Arch F. McLACHLIN of Montreal & Helen M. SMITH of St. Thomas, 5 June 1923
10014-23 Walter Melville McNEVIN, 26, salesman, Kippen Ont., 256 Worthy Rd in London, s/o John McNEVIN (b. Canada) & Margaret NORRIS?, married Florence Elizabeth JENKINS, 29, London England, 500 King St. in London, d/o Thomas JENKINS (b. England) & Phoebe BOYER, witn: Mrs. Clara WALKER & Miss H. F. FERGUSON, both of St. Thomas, 9 April 1923 at St. Thomas 10015-23 Basil St. Clair MacPHERSON, 25, book keeper, Aldboro, Walkerville, s/o James McPHERSON (sic) (b. Aldboro) & Jean PATTERSON, married Sarah Elizabeth McCOLL, 22, farmer, Aldboro, Walkerville, d/o Duncan McCOLL (b. Scotland) & Mary MITCHELL, wit: Dugald & Jessie McCOLL of West Lorne, 4 April 1923 at res of D. McColl, Aldboro
10018-23 Duncan Ramsay McTAGGART, 44, farmer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o Godfrey McTAGGART (b. Scotland) & Catherine FOSTER, married Annie Almira ELGIE, 35, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o George ELGIE (b. Canada) & Mary Ann PORTER, witn: John ELGIE of RR3 St. Thomas & Mrs. F. FERGUSON, 15 Dec 1923 at Yarmouth 10009-23 Stanley Hood MacWHIRTER, 33, banker, Woodstock Ont, Montreal, s/o James MacWHIRTER (b. Birkenhead England) & Elizabeth HOOD, married Muriel ROBINSON, 26, teacher, St. Thomas, 89 Stanley St. in St. Thomas, d/o J. A. ROBINSON (b. Beverly twp) & Constance HORTON, witn: J. B. ROBINSON of Toronto & Edith M. MacWHIRTER of St. Thomas, 8 Oct. 1923 at St. Thomas
9991-23 James MEDLYN, 24, hardware clerk, St. Ives - Cornwall England, 124 Redan St. in St. Thomas, s/o Thomas MEDLYN (b. Treen Zennar - Cornwall England) & Eliza THOMAS, married Elsie Grace BONNICK, 21, London England, Wellington St. East in Yarmouth twp., d/o Frederick BONNICK & Sarah Ellen PEARCE, witn: C. S. JACKSON of Somerset Ave in Toronto & Doris Maud PEARCE of 39 Myrtle St. in St. Thomas, 9 Aug 1923 at St. Thomas 9999-23 James Douglas MEIKLE, 23, farmer, South Dorchester twp., same, s/o Austin MEIKLE (b. Ohio US) & Wilhelmina MacGREGOR, married Mary Scott CRAWFORD, 21, Scotland, South Dorchester twp., d/o David Bruce CRAWFORD (b. Aberdeenshire Scotland) & Christena Jane SIMPSON, witn: Arnold & Rena KNOTT of RR3 Belmont, 30 March 1923 at South Dorchester twp
10002-23 Charles Roy MERCER, 31, farmer, Houghton twp., same, s/o Charles A. MERCER (b. Houghton twp) & Mary Jane SHERMAN, married Mabel Jane CHAPMAN, 24 (21?), South Walsingham, Houghton, d/o Jeremiah CHAPMAN (b. Bayham twp) & Alzina CRONKWRIGHT, witn: Mabel M. & Albert E. BROWN of Port Burwell, 24 Jan 1923 at Port Burwell 10003-23 David MILLARD, 32, farmer, Norfolk Co., Bayham twp., s/o Squire MILLARD (b. Bayham twp) & Louise ROBINSON, married Iva NEFF, 21, Bayham twp., same, d/o Jacob NEFF (b. Bayham twp) & Susan KNOWLES, witn: Mrs. W. WILLIAMS & Mrs. Clifford HEUPLEH?, both of Springfield, 17 Jan 1923 at Springfield
10007-23 Patrick MILLER, 43, retired farmer, Thamesville, same, s/o Michael MILLER & Hanna CRANE, married Elizabeth Loretta SCHNEKENBURGER, 26, Aldborough twp., same, d/o Henry SCHNEKENBURGER & Maitdalin LEIDY, witn: Norman SCHNEKENBURGER & Mary Bell COLEMAN, both of Rodney, 27 June 1923 at Churchville, near Rodney 10008-23 James MILLER, 30, machinist, London England, St. Thomas, s/o John MILLER & Harriett HAYES, married Edith Eveline CORMACK, 27, London England, St. Thomas, d/o Benjamin William CORMACK & Caroline SMITH, win: Herbert BARNES & Ruby LUNDIE, both of St. Thomas, 4 Aug 1923 at St. Thomas
10001-23 Charles Christopher MINCHEL, 34, carpenter, Manchester England, Yarmouth twp., s/o George MINCHEL (b. England) & Annie INGRAM, married Naomi SMITH, 30, village of Ancaster, same, d/o A. Orton SMITH (b. Ont) & Lucy SMITH, witn: Elva & M. HEPBURN of St. Thomas, 19 Jan 1923 at St. Thomas 9985-23 Russel MISTELE, 24, clerk, Rodney, same, s/o David MISTELE (b. Aldborough twp) & Magdalene SHOEMAKER, married Beatrice Mary HANLEY, 21 + 7 mon, basket maker, England, Rodney, d/o Michael John HANLEY (b. London England) & Beatrice RODGERS, witn: Victor B--? & Kathryn MISTELE, both of Rodney, 19 Sept 1923 at Rodney
10005-23 Morgan MITCHELL, 28, gardener, Bayham, same, s/o Arthur MITCHELL (b. Bayham) & Rosena (Asena?) RIDDLE, married Ethel PROCUNIER, 35, widow, Hamilton, Bayham, d/o John UPTON (b. London England) & Anna ELLIS, witn: James & Mamie? WILLIAMS of Port Burwell, 5 Dec 1923 at Vienna 9992-23 Charles Joseph MOFFATT, 38, machinist helper, St. Thomas, 29 Flora St. in St. Thomas, s/o Martin MOFFATT (b. Co. Rosscommon Ireland) & Annie Jane DUNDAS, married Mildred Beryl McCAULLEY, 26, South Dorchester twp., same, d/o George McCAULLEY (b. South Dorchester) & Sarah Lucinda GATES, witn: Mildred McCAULLEY of Aylmer & Mrs. J. D. STEPHENS of RR8 St. Thomas, 26 June 1923 at Mapleton
9988-23 Franklin Simpson MONTGOMERY, 65, widower, carpenter, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o not given, married Elizabeth O'BRIEN, 62, widow, England, Niagara Falls, d/o William OKE (b. England) & Mary LOCKE, witn: Leila & Roy INGRAM of Union, 20? Dec 1923 at Methodist Parsonage, Port Stanley 10004-23 Joseph Robert MOODIE, 27, clerk, St. Thomas, same, s/o John MOODIE (b. Scotland) & Ellen STRANGE, married Queenie Isabel HITCH, 25, Ridgetown, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas HITCH (b. England) & Edna SMITH, witn: Mattie J. & James H. HOLT of London, 8 Dec 1923 at St. Thomas
9994-23 Raymond MOORE, 32, weaver, Benmiller, same, s/o Joshua MOORE (b. Boadworthy - Devon England) & Nettie GLEDHILL, married Edna WISSON, 18, Langton, Bayham, d/o Llewellyn WISSON (b. Langton Ont) & Barbara COUTTS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. F. THOMPSON of Waterford, 20 June 1923 at Straffordville 9996-23 Robert Edwin MOROUGHAN, 26, farmer, Kingston, Malahide twp., s/o John MOROUGHAN (b. Ont) & Minnie GAMMELL, married Bertha Jane EVERT, 36, dress maker, Malahide twp., same, d/o John EVERT (b. Ont) & Caroline PORTER, witn: Caroline EVERT of Aylmer & Elizabeth GAETZ of St. Thomas, 22 May 1923 at St. Thomas
9997-23 Gerald Thomas MURDOCH, 24, telegraph operator, Lucan Ont., Milton, s/o Hugh MURDOCK (b. Ont) & Annie WEST, married Olive Rhea BAKER, 21, Kingsmill, Milton, d/o Lewis BAKER (b. Ont) & Sarah A. SENEY, witn: Alberta O. MURDOCK of Woodstock & Kenneth Harold BAKER of Belmont, 2 May 1923 at Belmont