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Elgin Co.,  1926

birth place is given before residence


33886-26 Cyrus Roy ABELL, 19, farmer, Malahide Twp., same, s/o Charles ABELL, b. Malahide Twp. & Annie BEARSS, married Reba Frances GILLETT, 21, Malahide Twp., same, d/o Harry GILLETT, b. Malahide Twp. & Beatrice FERGUSON, witn: Helen B. GILLETT & Mrs. W. WILLIAMS, both of Aylmer, 4 Nov 1926 at Aylmer 33887-26 Harold Clarence D. ACKERT, 23, farmer, South Dorchester, Malahide, s/o Dilman ACKERT, & Edith LEARN, married Mary Elizabeth BRADT, 24, Yarmouth, Malahide, d/o Joseph I. BRADT, b. Wainfleet & Mary E. PEART, witn: Edith ACKERT & Joseph I. BRADT, both of Aylmer, 16 Sep 1926 at Aylmer
33888-26 John Joseph ALEXANDER, 50, railroader, St. Thomas, same, s/o John ALEXANDER, b. England & Susan CARLION, married Mary STEWART, 42, England, Yarmouth Twp., d/o Richard B. STEWART, b. Ireland & Rebecca EXELBY, witn: Herbert TONKIN of Windsor & Abigail BUSTON of Detroit, 25 Dec 1925 at Elgin Co. 33889-26 Harold Charles Duncan ALGAR, 25, telephone switchman, Wimbledon England, Detroit, s/o Thomas Joseph ALGAR, b. England & Flora ANDREWS, married Margaret Idrena THOMSON, 23, St. Thomas, same, d/o Alexander THOMSON, b. Port Stanley & Mary MCCALLUM, witn: R.A. THOMSON & R.M. THOMSON, both of St. Thomas, 1 Sep 1926 at St. Thomas
33890-26 David ALLEN, 21, truck driver, St. Thomas, same, s/o David ALLEN, b. Scotland & Margaret LINDSAY, married Ruth Viola BEALES, 19, knitting mill worker, Frome, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas BEALES, b. England & Mary Elizabeth PURDY, witn: Ernest BARTON & Phoebe ALLEN, both of St. Thomas, 27 Sep 1926 at St. Thomas 33891-26 John Edward ALLEN, 50, railroad engineer, Cleveland Ohio , St. Thomas, s/o Charles George ALLEN, b. London England & Joan ELLIOTT, married Florence Jean MCMILLAN, 35, Elgin Co., Rodney, d/o Duncan MCMILLAN, b. Kintyre Ont & Flora GRAHAM, witn: Wilfrid MCMILLAN & Edith LAWS, both of Rodney, 11 Sep 1926 at Rodney
33892-26 Lawrence Russell ALLEN, 23, shoe co. employee, St. Thomas, same, s/o Kenneth ALLEN, b. Canada & E.M. ROBILLIARD, married Mildred Marie PULLIN, 27, shoe co. employee, Dorchester Twp., St. Thomas, d/o Arthur PULLIN, b. Canada & Elizabeth ELLIOTT, witn: Celia IMRIE of St. Thomas & Kenneth FISHER of London, 24 May 1926 at St. Thomas 33893-26 Stuart William Finlay ALLYN, 23, farmer, Comber, same, s/o Charles ALLYN, b. Essex Co. & Alice STUART, married Beatrice Marie CAMPBELL, 30, school teacher, Dunwich Twp., same, d/o Rufus CAMPBELL, b. Elgin Co. & Sarah MCKILLOP, witn: Mrs. Henry WING & May T. LAIRD, both of St. Thomas, 18 Jan 1926 at St. Thomas
33894-26 Rowland ANDERSON, 34, plumber, St. Thomas, same, s/o John ANDERSON, b. Honeywood & Frances ROWLAND, married Annie Belle HERRON, 37, telephone operator, Bayham Twp., St. Thomas, d/o James HERRON, b. Langton & Edith NESBITT, witn: A.T. WARNOCK & Mrs. W. WILLIAMS, both of Aylmer, 21 Sep 1926 at Aylmer 33895-26 William ANGER, 21, farmer, South Dorchester, Malahide, s/o Warren ANGER, b. Houghton & Dorothy WEST, married Theresa May MARKWELL, 17, Port Huron Mich. Malahide, d/o Edward MARKWELL, b. Southwold & Violet MATTHEWS, witn: Dudley FREEMAN & Ethel STAFFORD, both of Aylmer, 6 Dec 1926 at Aylmer
33896-26 Ross ARBOUR, 21, farmer, Waubaushene, Aldborough Twp., s/o William ARBOUR, b. Port Severn & Ellen DUPUIS, married Ada Madeline EVERETT, 14, West Lorne, same, d/o Harvey EVERETT, b. England & Elizabeth BALDWIN, witn: O.M. SCOTT & Mazella SCOTT, both of West Lorne, 18 Dec 1926 at Dutton 33897-26 Ray ARMSTRONG, 25, widower, railroad labourer, Port Burwell, St. Thomas, s/o Charles ARMSTRONG, b. Canada & Effie ARMSTRONG, married Emily Winnifred STANLEY, 28, dressmaker, London England, St. Thomas, d/o Arthur STANLEY, b. England & Emily WILSON, witn: Marion ARMSTRONG & Charles ARMSTRONG, both of St. Thomas, 6 Feb 1926 at St. Thomas
33898-26 John Leslie ATKINSON, 34, auto machinist, Renfrew, West Lorne, s/o Thomas ATKINSON & Elizabeth Jane ATKINSON, married Sarah Elizabeth CARMICHAEL, 26, Aldborough, same, d/o James CARMICHAEL & Mary Jane CARMICHAEL, witn: John CARMICHAEL & Annie Beth CARMICHAEL, both of Aldborough, 8 Dec 1926 at Largie 33899-26 Harold AXFORD, 23, cement contractor, Yarmouth Twp., same, s/o Charles AXFORD, b. Wyndham Centre & Hester FRIK (Feik?), married Ina Pearl GRAVES, 18, St. Thomas, same, d/o William F. GRAVES, b. Yarmouth Twp. & Myrtle KELLY, witn: Beatrice GRAVES & Gordon AXFORD, both of St. Thomas, 15 Dec 1926 at St. Thomas
33900-26 Charles Maynard BAGNALL, 21, farmer, Dorchester Station, Yarmouth Twp., s/o John Henry BAGNALL, b. Lakeview & Martha Elizabeth HUNTER, married Dorothy Grace SAGE, 18, St. Thomas, same, d/o James E. SAGE, b. Cayuga & Gertrude SINCLAIR, witn: Clarence BAGNELL of Port Stanley & Christina J. PROUDFOOT of Shedden, 29 Nov 1926 at St. Thomas 33901-26 Alfred Jonathan BAKER, 25, baker, Brighton England, St. Thomas, s/o Henry Nelson BAKER & Edith Emily Eliza WOOD, married Nellie Gwendolyn VAUGHAN, 20, Toronto, St. Thomas, d/o Harland VAUGHAN & Jean Ann LAWTON, witn: Sidney HARVEY & Emily HARVEY, both of St. Thomas, 1 Sep 1926 at St. Thomas
33903-26 Walter George BARNWELL, 45, widower, machinist, England, St. Thomas, s/o William BARNWELL, b. England & Martha HERBERT, married Edna Matilda CLINE, 35, Stratford, St. Thomas, d/o Edwin CLINE, b. England & Elizabeth MANLY, witn: Mary HOLMAN & Jennie HICKS, both of St. Thomas, 12 Jun 1926 at St. Thomas 33904-26 Earl BARRETT, 22, barber, St. Thomas, same, s/o William BARRETT, b. Lincolnshire England & Hattie COPEMAN, married Belva Fern BEARSS, 22, clerk, Bayham Twp., St. Thomas, d/o C. Mahlon BEARSS, b. Corinth & Jessie May JOHNSON, witn: Mrs. William BARRETT of St. Thomas & M. BEARSS of Corinth, 19 Jun 1926 at St. Thomas
33905-26 Basil Eugene BARRICK, 25, school teacher, Welland Co., Windsor, s/o Francis Eugene BARRICK, b. Ontario & Mary Amelia PEW, married Maurine SKINNER, 23, Elgin Co., West Lorne, d/o Peter Edward SKINNER, b. Ontario & Agnes MCCOLL, witn: Miss Erie Jean WEBSTER & Thomas SKINNER, both of West Lorne, 28 Aug 1926 at West Lorne 33906-26 Basil BARTLETT, 20, mail driver, Vienna, same, s/o Curtis BARTLETT, b. Straffordville & May CARNES (Caines?), married Gladys C. BLANCHARD, 20, telephone operator, Aylmer, same, d/o Charles William BLANCHARD, b. Belmont & Mina DOWNS, witn: Nina BLANCHARD & Mildred BLANCHARD, both of Aylmer, 7 Apr 1926 at St. Thomas
33907-26 Francis Ensley BENNER, 61, widower, labourer, Waterford, Rodney, s/o Jacob BENNER, b. Canada & Susan WARD, married Mary E. PICKERGILL, 61, widow, of Fairground, d/o George BUTBORO (Buckborough?), b. Canada & Martha MAID, witn: Alex A. SIM & Irene P.M. WOLLAND, both of Rodney, 4 Oct 1926 at Rodney 33908-26 Edward Daniel BERDAN, 21, farmer, Bayham, Straffordville, s/o John Mabee BERDAN, b. Bayham & Bertha Jane SYVIER, married Violet Mary RUTTER, 19, Norfolk Co., St. Thomas, d/o Arthur Henry RUTTER, b. England & Amarilla Catharine GEE, witn: Gordon BRISTOL & Amy I. ROBINSON, both of Langton, 2 Jun 1926 at Yarmouth Twp.
33909-26 Albert BOTTRELL, 63, widower, shoemaker, England, Aylmer, s/o Booth BOTTRELL, b. England & Mary BOTTRELL, married Florence A.M. EVANS, 56, Haldimand Co., Aylmer, d/o John EVANS, b. Ireland & Marion PARKER, witn: Lessie M. PRECOOT & Mary OLDREIVE, both of St. Thomas, 15 Sep 1926 at St. Thomas 33910-26 Bernice Borden BOWEN, 21, farmer, Malahide Twp., same, s/o Eugene BOWEN, b. Malahide Twp. & Flossie GARNER, married Edith Pearl FENN, 23, Bayham Twp., Malahide Twp., d/o William FENN, b. Bayham Twp. & Mary ROLOSON, witn: Russel PRONG & Mabel I. FENN, both of Aylmer, 25 Sep 1926 at Aylmer
33911-26 Frederick BRANTON, 24, farmer, Southwold Twp., same, s/o Charles BRANTON, b. Canada & Georgie JEFFREY, married Daisy BOWLBY, 22, Southwold Twp., same, d/o Edgar BOWLBY, b. Canada & Fanny SMOKE, witn: William BOWLBY & Marie BOWLBY, both of St. Thomas, 31 Mar 1926 at St. Thomas 33912-26 Harry Stuart BRAZIER, 67, widower, machinist, England, Welland, s/o John BRAZIER, b. England & Mary Elizabeth WRIGHT, married Ellen Gertrude ROBERTS, 54, Oakville, Vienna, d/o William Richmond ROBERTS, b. Canada & Patience MYLAND, witn: Charles Henry ROBERTS & Mabel Eliza ROBERTS, both of Aylmer, 8 Dec 1926 at Aylmer
33913-26 Cecil Oliver BRIDLE, 22, electrician, London, same, s/o Arthur J. BRIDLE, b. London & Jesse V. BOYCE, married Laura Winnifred OKE, 21, St. Thomas, Union, d/o William H. OKE, b. St. Thomas & Cora May ROBBINS, witn: Ethel MILNE of Belton & Walter OKE of London, 16 Oct 1926 at Yarmouth Twp 33914-26 Frank W. BRISSEAU, 51, widower, farmer, Norfolk Co., Vienna, s/o Sylvester BRISSEAU, b. Montreal & Jane UNDERHILL, married Jessie M. STEVENS, 43, widow, USA, Vienna, d/o John SOPER, b. St. Catharines & Sarah FULKERSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Raymond DAVIS, both of Vienna, 15 Feb 1926 at Straffordville
33915-26 Leslie Frederick BROADBENT, 41, farmer, Charing Cross, Rodney, s/o Thomas BROADBENT, b. Charing Cross & Mary BROADBENT, married Edith Margaret Ellen MCGREGOR, 20, Ridgetown, Rodney, d/o James MCGREGOR, b. Ridgetown & Mary MCGREGOR, witn: Arthur I. WILEY of London & Laura Letha Irene MCKAY of Merlin, 29 Dec 1926 at Rodney 33916-26 Alexander BRODIE, 41, farmer, Aldborough Twp., same, s/o Malcolm BRODIE, b. Aldborough & Margaret MCCLACHREN, married Hazel Lillie MCVICAR, 40, widow, Rodney, same, d/o Samuel PATERSON, b. Aldborough & Elizabeth MCPHERSON, witn: Daniel Lindsey BRODIE & Myrtle Lyvern PATTERSON, both of Rodney, 17 Nov 1926 at Aldborough Twp
33917-26 Albert Thomas BROWN, 25, farmer, Caradoc Twp., Mosa Twp., s/o Thomas O. BROWN, b. Caradoc Twp. & Minnie CORBETT, married Alice Jane WINGER, 19, Mosa Twp., Ekfrid Twp., d/o Hiram WINGER, b. Mosa Twp. & Rose GUNN, witn: James C. ARNOW (Armour?) of Mosa Twp. & Leona WINGER of Ekfrid Twp., 23 Jun 1926 at Aldborough Twp. 33918-26 Thomas Albert BROWN, 49, widower, railroad engineer, St. Thomas, same, s/o Robert BROWN, b. Dumfries Twp. & Alice OXTABY, married Clara Olive ATKINSON, 41, widow, St. Thomas, Port Stanley, d/o James George MUNN, b. Bournemouth England & Eliza LAMB, witn: John M. RYAN of St. Thomas & C. CATSTANE of Ford City, 8 Sep 1926 at St. Thomas
33919-26 Alfred BURFORD, 35, farmer, South Wales, Yarmouth Twp., s/o James BURFORD, b. South Wales & Emily PARNELL, married Mabel PRATT, 26, bookkeeper, St. Thomas, Yarmouth Twp., d/o John PRATT, b. England & Eliza WADE, witn: Edwin PRATT & Annie PRATT, both of St. Thomas, 27 Oct 1926 at Yarmouth Twp 33920-26 Stanley Lorne BURK, 28, railroad brakeman, Blenheim, St. Thomas, s/o Sidney BURK, b. Harwich Twp. & Mary SOMERSET, married Eva BLACK, 19, cashier, Yarmouth Twp., same, d/o Clifford BLACK, b. Yarmouth Twp. & Beatrice ARMSTRONG, witn: Sidney BURKE of Blenheim & Clifford BLACK of Union, 17 Jun 1926 at Yarmouth Twp.
33921-26 Cyril William BURMAN, 26, machinist, England, St. Thomas, s/o William George BURMAN, b. England & Alice Jane KETTLE, married Lucy Gladys HILLYARD, 25, knitting mill worker, England, St. Thomas, d/o William HILLYARD, b. England & Lucy CARTER, witn: P. LAING & E. BURMAN, both of St. Thomas, 1 Sep 1926 at St. Thomas 33922-26 King Edward BYRNES, 23, checker, London, same, s/o Thomas BYRNES & Mary SCOLLICK, married Freda Hazel PARTRIDGE, 21, London, same, d/o Thomas PARTRIDGE, b. Wales & Beatrice HARPER, witn: Maude C.A. DUTTON of Kingston & Anne BYTHELL of Port Stanley, 16 Jun 1926 at Port Stanley
33923-26 Stanley LeRoy CALDWELL, 21, labourer, Bayham Twp., St. Thomas, s/o George Henry CALDWELL, b. London & Amelia DENNIS, married Mary Marguerite BIRCHAM, 21, St. Thomas, Norfolk Co., d/o William BIRCHAM, b. Ontario & Rose NEWSOME, witn: George NORVELL? & Mrs. DENNIS, both of St. Thomas, 15 Sep 1926 at St. Thomas 33924-26 Arthur Ernest CAMERON, 29, farmer, Dunwich Twp., same, s/o Peter S. CAMERON, b. Dunwich & Mina R. KING, married Jeanette May ROBB, 27, Dunwich Twp., same, d/o John ROBB, b. Southwold & Nancy CAMPBELL, witn: Mina Jean CAMERON of Dutton & John R. ROBB of Iona Station, 10 Nov 1926 at Wallacetown
33925-26 Gordon Pusey CAMPBELL, 21, factory worker, Brockville, West Lorne, s/o Alfred CAMPBELL, b. Sussex England & Maria GOODWIN, married Lottie MILLS, 19, West Lorne, same, d/o Robert MILLS, b. West Lorne & Naomi WELCH, witn: Matilda MILLS & Charles Wilfred ROBESON, both of West Lorne, 27 Oct 1926 at West Lorne 33926-26 Lorne CAMPBELL, 30, farmer, Harwich Twp., Harwich, s/o Malcolm CAMPBELL, b. Harwich Twp. & Robina MUNRO, married Mary Ellen DOWNIE, 22, school teacher, Aldborough Twp. same, d/o William Owen DOWNIE, b. Aldborough Twp. & Elizabeth DEGRAW, witn: Margaret DOWNIE of Rodney & Harold COFELL of Mull, 17 Feb 1926 at West Lorne
33927-26 Neil Davis CAMPBELL, 23, farmer, Southwold, same, s/o George CAMPBELL, b. Southwold Twp. & Etta CURTIS, married Bessie Amelia GRASS, 24, school teacher, Norfolk Co., Southwold Twp., d/o John H. GRASS, b. Canada & Etta HUNT, witn: Mary MCDIARMID & Louise VOLLONS, both of Port Burwell, 1 May 1926 at Port Burwell 33928-26 Wilfrid John CAMPBELL, 25, electrical engineer, Ridgetown, same, s/o John W. CAMPBELL, Kent Co. & Mary E. MOORE, married Ila Frances Martina WHARRAM, 21, Blenheim, Windsor, d/o C.E. WHARRAM, b. Canada & Martina NEWCOMBE, witn: Mrs. Jessie A. MEDD of Dutton & Mrs. J.L. STONEHOUSE of Forest, 12 Jul 1926 at Dutton
33929-26 Gordon Arthur CARROTHERS, 28, farmer, Wilton Grove, same, s/o William CARROTHERS, b. Ontario & Margaret COLE, married Edna BENNETT, 22, South Dorchester, Wilton Grove, d/o George BENNETT, b. London & Annie PYATT, witn: George William PARSONS of St. Thomas & Marie BENNETT of Wilton Grove, 16 Nov 1926 at St. Thomas 33930-26 Elmore L. CARSON, 21, carpenter, Wisconsin , Windsor, s/o W.T. CARSON, b. Ontario & Fanny SKINNER, married Lida Pearl MAHONEY, 20, London, Windsor, d/o John MAHONEY, b. Ireland & Pearl CHADWICK, witn: Gladys BOOSE & Alan ARGUE, both of Windsor, 6 Oct 1926 at Talbotville
33931-26 Claude CHALK, 24, machinist, Grand Rapids , Detroit, s/o Omar CHALK, b. Mount Salem & Pearl HERRIES, married Viola Mary MARTIN, 22, South Dorchester, same, d/o James MARTIN, b. South Dorchester & Lena CHARLTON, witn: Margaret May ARCHER of Wilton Grove & Harley MARTIN of Springfield, 25 Sep 1926 at Lyons 33932-26 Ernest CHASE, 25, farmer, Iowa , Malahide, s/o George CHASE, b. Iowa & Rachel THORPE, married Matilda SHEPHERD, 18, Malahide, same, d/o James SHEPHERD, b. Malahide Twp. & Elizabeth PORTER, witn: Caroline SHEPHERD of Jaffa & Mrs. Lester D. HUXTABLE of New Sarum, 12 Jan 1926 at New Sarum
33933-26 Sidney George CHILTON, 19, railroad fireman, Barwell England Yarmouth Twp., s/o George Henry CHILTON, b. Barwell England & Emily Eliza SPENCER, married Geraldine Iris MACDONALD, 19, Windsor, St. Thomas, d/o John MACDONALD, b. St. Thomas & Mary J. THOMAS, witn: Bert CHILTON & Hilda NEWNHAM, both of St. Thomas, 2 Aug 1926 at St. Thomas 33934-26 George Frederick CLARKE, 21, machinist, England, St. Thomas, s/o George Frederick CLARKE, b. England & Mary Ann COOK, married Marguerite Janet ALEXANDER, 16, St. Thomas, same, d/o Alex ALEXANDER, b. St. Thomas & Bessie CARROLL, witn: Harry William CLARKE of Ford City, & Clara Evelyn JEWELL of St. Thomas, 5 Jun 1926 at St. Thomas
33935-26 Marvin CLAUS, 21, school teacher, Kinglake, Houghton, s/o John E. CLAUS, b. Aylmer & Annie BURNHAM, married Audrey HOTCHKISS, 17, house maid, Houghton, Bayham, d/o George E. HOTCHKISS, b. Bayham & Pearl ROBINSON, witn: Stanley PARSONS of Springfield & Stella PAGET of Belmont, 15 Sep 1926 at Aylmer 33936-26 Charles J. COLE, 29, railroad fireman, Dorchester Twp., St. Thomas, s/o John COLE, b. South Dorchester & May BROWN, married Edith Emma WRIGHT, 30, Aldborough Twp. & Southwold Twp., d/o Charles WRIGHT, b. Sussex England & Mary CLARK, witn: Mrs. Neil WOOD of Springfield & John HEMMING of Nanticoke, 1 Jul 1926 at Springfield
33937-26 Burr Blaine COLLEDGE, 29, machinist, St. Thomas, same, s/o George Edward COLLEDGE, b. Birmingham England & Rena CLARKE, married Carrie Alberta NEWKIRK, 22, stenographer, Aylmer, St. Thomas, d/o James S. NEWKIRK, b. Bosanquet & Annie CARRUTHERS, witn: Rena MCGUIGAN & James S. NEWKIRK, both of St. Thomas, 19 Aug 1926 at St. Thomas  
33938-26 Andrew Irvine COLTHART, 35, farmer, Glasgow Scotland, Rodney, s/o John COLTHART, b. Lanarkshire Scotland & Margaret CHRISTIE, married Christina MCKELVIE, 30, Glasgow Scotland, Rodney, d/o William MCKELVIE, Wightonshire Scotland & Euphemia MCCAIG, witn: William S. STALKER of Rodney & John J. STALKER of West Lorne, 24 Sep 1926 at Crinan 33939-26 Emerson Edmund CROCKER, 19, farmer, Yarmouth Twp., same, s/o Samuel T. CROCKER, b. North Yarmouth Twp. & Cassie WHALEY, married Gladys Pearl HILBORN, 18, Yarmouth Twp., same, d/o Clifford HILBORN, b. Yarmouth Twp. & Mabel HOFFMAN, witn: Mildred L. WALTERS of Toronto & Thomas BEATTIE of St. Thomas, 26 Oct 1926 at Yarmouth Twp.
33940-26 John Everett CROSBY, 20, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Everett J. CROSBY, b. Aylmer & Tamson M. KYTE, married Myrtle Irene BENTLEY, 22, Yarmouth, Malahide, d/o Urven BENTLEY, b. Springwater & Hattie STAFFORD, witn: Fay BENTLEY of Aylmer & Melbourne ASHTON of Kingsmill, 29 Dec 1926 at Aylmer 33941-26 Nagle Romain CROSBY, 22, banker, Port Maitland, Port Stanley, s/o Robert Ewald CROSBY, b. Pillau Germany & Mary A. STONE, married Edna Elnora WINGER, 18, Stevensville, same, d/o Dennis WINGER, b. Stevensville & Celia DEAN, witn: Robert E. CROSBY & Mary A. CROSBY, both of Port Stanley, 16 Aug 1926 at Port Stanley
33942-26 Frank Laurier CUNNINGHAM, 25, butcher, Houghton Twp., Malahide Twp., s/o Simon CUNNINGHAM, b. Elgin Co. & Emma FULLER, married Violet BATSON, 25, Brantford, Bayham Twp., adopted d/o David STRATTON, b. Bayham Twp. & Minnie FRASER, witn: Esther BAKER & Hattie NEWNHAM, both of St. Thomas, 10 Jul 1926 at St. Thomas 33943-26 Arthur Duncan DARRAUGH, 22, railroad fireman, St. Thomas, same, s/o Albert DARRAUGH, b. Orwell & Della DISHER, married Blanche Irene PHILLMORE, 18, clerk, St. Thomas, same, d/o Maurice Mahlon PHILLMORE, b. London & Ada WRIGHT, witn: Leighton DODSON & Zetta DODSON, both of St. Thomas, 11 Jun 1926
  33944-26 Karl Frederick Henry DAUGHERTY, 22, railroad fireman, Southwold Twp., St. Thomas, s/o Clarence DAUGHERTY, b. Malahide Twp. & Caroline HEIDT, married Bertha May LEESON, 22, nurse, Malahide Twp., Southwold Twp., d/o Roy M. LEESON, b. Southwold Twp. & Annie SWAYZE, witn: Mrs. Clarence DAUGHERTY & Roy M. LEESON, both of Sheddon, 6 Oct 1926 at Southwold Twp
33946-26 William Manning DAVIS, 46, merchant, Aylmer, same, s/o Charles DAVIS, b. England & Jane KENNEDY, married Elizabeth KELLY, 30, domestic, Douglas - Isle of Man, Aylmer, d/o John James KELLY, b. Ireland & Martha BRADLEY, witn: Helen J. LUCAS & Edith L. LUCAS, both of St. Thomas, 31 Mar 1926 at St. Thomas 33945-26 Ray DAVIS, 21, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o John DAVIS, b. Malahide & Matilda MABEE, married Trealdy BOWERMAN, 20, Strathroy, Aylmer, d/o Charles BOWERMAN, & Ethel POTTS, witn: Agnes DUNLOP of Aylmer & Marion R. DUNLOP of Toronto, 13 Jan 1926 at Aylmer
33947-26 Oliver D. DAWSON, 64, widower, railway foreman, Essex Co., St. Thomas, s/o Michael DAWSON, b. Essex Co. & Annie CROW, married Leslie Myrtle MCCAULLEY, 32, widow, Middlesex Co., St. Thomas, d/o William JENBEAU, b. Ontario & Lela MILLS, witn: Robert LOGAN & Christina LOGAN, both of St. Thomas, 22 May 1926 at St. Thomas 33948-26 Daniel DE GRAW, 40, farmer, Aldborough Twp., same, s/o Christopher DE GRAW, b. Canada & Annie KELLY, married Sarah Annabel BRODIE, 40, Aldborough Twp., same, d/o Neil BRODIE, b. Canada & Catherine MACDONALD, witn: Frances MARTIN & Zilla GRAHAM, both of St. Thomas, 17 Oct 1926 at St. Thomas
33949-26 Clare Richard DEVEAU, 28, foreman, Malden Twp., Oxford Mich. s/o Antoine DEVEAU, b. Essex Co. & Isobel BARON, married Catherine MCCALLUM, 26, Dunwich Twp., Iona Station, d/o Alexander MCCALLUM, b. Elgin Co. & Nancy TURNER, witn: Margaret LITTLE & Gordon LITTLE, both of Iona Station, 9 Oct 1926 at Port Stanley 33950-26 Vernon Russell DENNIS, 20, painter, Straffordville, St. Thomas, s/o William Burton DENNIS, b. Bayham Twp. & Elizabeth Ann COOL, married Mabel Rosetta BIRCHAM, 20, maid, Southwold Twp., Norfolk Co., d/o William BIRCHAM, b. Ontario & Rose NEWSOME, witn: Stanley CALDWELL of St. Thomas & Mary Margrette BIRCHAM of Tillsonburg, 11 Jun 1926 at St. Thomas
33951-26 Charles Norman DERROUGH, 26, railway employee, Kingsmill, same, s/o Albert DERROUGH, b. Yarmouth Twp. & Della DISHER, married Ena Mary ANGER, 19, telephone co. employee, Aylmer, Kingsmill, d/o James ANGER, b. Malahide Twp. & Clara CHARLTON, witn: Clara ANGER & James L. ANGER, both of Aylmer, 3 Jul 1926 at Aylmer 33952-26 John Reginald DODSON, 30, brakeman, Innisfil, St. Thomas, s/o John DODSON, b. Ontario & Agnes WARNICA, married Frances PULLEN, 23, clerk, England, St. Thomas, d/o James PULLEN, b. England & Edith WRIGHT, witn: Harold DODSON & Eva PULLEN, both of St. Thomas, 20 Oct 1926 at St. Thomas
33953-26 Frank DORES, 59, widower, carpenter, Delaware Twp., Westminster Twp., s/o James DORES, b. Ontario & Hannah HESS, married Martha Elizabeth Merina Rowe WEEKES, 62, widow, Adelaide Twp., Westminster Twp., d/o Trustrin ROWE, b. Ireland & Jane CARSON, witn: W.R. SHINE & Esther R. SHINE, both of St. Thomas, 24 Feb 1926 at St. Thomas 33954-26 Arthur W. DOWNIE, 28, farmer, Orford Twp., Mosa Twp., s/o John DOWNIE, b. Orford Twp. & Mary WOOTTEN, married Janet WALKER, 29, Dunwich Twp., same, d/o Duncan WALKER, b. Scotland & Jane THOMPSON, witn: Alex N. WALKER of Dutton & Gladys DOWNIE of Orford Twp, 21 April at Dunwich Twp.
33955-26 Donald George DUNCAN, 21, glass assembler, St. Joseph Mich. Pontiac Mich. s/o George DUNCAN, b. Scotland & Carrie CATON, married Ruth BAIRD, 28, St. Thomas, same, d/o William BAIRD, b. Canada & Elizabeth ROWE, witn: William J. BAIRD & Florence M. BAIRD, both of St. Thomas, 2 Jun 1926 at St. Thomas 33956-26 Samuel Wesley EATON, 52, widower, gentleman, Middlesex County, Aylmer, s/o James EATON, b. Leeds Co. & Mary Ann MOORE, married Annie HEENAN, 43, milliner, Northumberland Co., Aylmer, d/o Thomas HEENAN, b. Grafton & Christina ROSS, witn: Alberta JOHNSON & Emerson JOHNSON, both of Aylmer, 22 Dec 1926 at St. Thomas
33957-26 Cecil Clifford ELLIOTT, 17, sawyer, St. Thomas, Rodney, s/o Francis ELLIOTT, b. Ontario & Edith Ellen SWAYZE, married Luella Olive TIMSON, 21, factory employee, West Lorne, same, s/o Herbert TIMSON, b. Ontario & Agnes Ann HOBBS, witn: Garnett HUSSER & Melinda HUSSER, both of West Lorne, 4 Mar 1926 at West Lorne 33958-26 Alfred Frank ELSE, 36, railroad brakeman, St. Thomas, same, s/o J. Albert ELSE, b. St. Thomas & Charlotte HANLEY, married Doris Thelma Winnifred HIND, 22, stenographer, St. Thomas, same, d/o Joseph Gibson HIND, b. Yorkshire England & Jessie PERRIS, witn: Bessie Marion HIND & Morley FOX, both of St. Thomas, 6 Nov 1926 at St. Thomas
33959-26 Stanley C. EVANS, 25, farmer, Dunwich Twp., same, s/o Richard EVANS, b. Fingal & Lydia MITCHELL, married Beatrice Pearl WEST, 16, Hamilton, Dunwich Twp., d/o William WEST, b. Cayuga & Lenore WESTBROOK, witn: William J. WEST & Carrie WEST, both of Wallacetown, 15 Feb 1926 at Tyrconnel (Divorced 15 May 1933) 33960-26 David EVERETT, 60, widower, farmer, Malahide, Bayham, s/o Zenas EVERETT, b. Bayham Twp. & Mary BRADLEY, married Lydia KNAPP, 69, widow, Chatham, Bayham, d/o Anthony B. ATKINSON, b. England & Mary HOLDEN, witn: Mrs. W.M. LOVEGROVE & Mrs. E. LOVEGROVE, both of Straffordville, 29 Jun 1926 at Straffordville
33961-26 Harley Edward EVERT, 31, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Charles F. EVERT, b. Germany & Elizabeth MAYBEE, married Hazel Mildred BENNETT, 34, Bayham, same, d/o Thomas A. BENNETT, b. Middleton Twp. & Amelia HEIPLEH, witn: Mrs. T.A. BENNETT & Victor H. BENNETT, both of Port Burwell, 21 Apr 1926 at Bayham Twp 33962-26 Alfred Frederick Joseph FAIRS, 21, labourer, Epson England, St. Thomas, s/o Alfred FAIRS, b. England & Adelaide LOLE, married Velma Eileen THOMPSON, 19, clerk, Jackson Mich. St. Thomas, d/o William G. THOMPSON, b. St. Thomas & Hannah BRANTON, witn: Charles James TEETZEL & Ruby G. THOMPSON, both of St. Thomas, 20 Feb 1926 at St. Thomas
33963-26 Thomas Wilfred FIFE, 19, farmer, Muskoka, Southwold Twp., s/o Thomas A. FIFE, b. Canada & Elizabeth LONGHURST, married Dorothy Virle HARRIS, Southwold, same, d/o Blake HARRIS, b. Canada & Eva MINOR, witn: Frances MARTIN & Frances BURKBEY, both of St. Thomas, 5 Nov 1926 at St. Thomas 33964-26 Kenneth Harrison FISHER, 24, electrician, Bridgeburg, London, s/o George FISHER, b. England & Elizabeth GREEN, married Celia Anna Bertha IMRIE, 19, machine operator, St. Thomas, same, d/o John IMRIE, b. Scotland & May Jane WHITE, witn: Harold FISHER of London & Cecilia WARE of St. Thomas, 30 Jun 1926 at St. Thomas
33965-26 Charles FLETCHER, 47, widower, railroad engineer, Middlesex Co., St. Thomas, s/o John FLETCHER, b. Newbury - Mosa twp & Jane BROWN, married Lena FARROW, 45, widow, St. Thomas, same, d/o William E. TRUMP, b. Exeter England & Belva BANDERLIPS, witn: Elizabeth SLAUGHTER & George SLAUGHTER, both of St. Thomas, 30 Aug 1926 at St. Thomas 33966-26 Truman Warren FLEXEN, 25, station agent, Yarmouth Twp., St. Thomas, no parents' names shown [s/b Richard Flexen & Etta Mills], married Beatrice Olivia ROBERTSON, 25, school teacher, Mosa Twp., Lambeth, d/o Francis ROBERTSON & Elsie BARDWELL, witn: Elsie I. ROBERTSON of Lambeth & Etta FLEXEN of St. Thomas, 6 Sep 1926 at St. Thomas
33967-26 Floyd Edward FORD, 30, fisherman, Dunwich Twp., same, s/o James E. FORD, b. Brantford & Elizabeth DELANEY, married Mary May DAWDY, 21, clerk, Aldborough Twp, same, d/o Austin DAWDY, b. Southwold Twp. & Elizabeth NEWTON, witn: Edna DAWDY of West Lorne & Gordon H. FORD of Wallacetown, 17 Mar 1926 at Wallacetown 33968-26 John Lambert FOURNIER, 39, labourer, Tillsonburg, St. Thomas, s/o George Nelson FOURNIER, b. Tillsonburg & Emma DEPPEL, married Annie Mary TAYLOR, 45, widow, England, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas SOUTHWICK, b. England & Adeline LYONS, witn: Lena M. HARP & William SHIPMAN, both of St. Thomas, 14 Jun 1926 at St. Thomas
33969-26 Lloyd John FOWLER, 24, fireman, Delaware Twp., St. Thomas, s/o Fred FOWLER, b. England & Ellen MCCAFFERY, married Flossie Fern DAWDY, 18, Southwold Twp., St. Thomas, d/o Alfred DAWDY, b. Canada & Florence E.L. CLAYPOLE, witn: Minnie E. MOORHOUSE & Lottie J. POWELL, both of St. Thomas, 12 January 1926 at St. Thomas 33970-26 George Emerson FOX, 38, butcher, Windsor, same, s/o George FOX, b. Essex Co. & Sabina CHAMBERLAIN, married Inez Mary LAMPTON, 31, Windsor, same, d/o Al Melvin LAMPTON, b. Newark Ohio & Laura WARNER, witn: Elizabeth DUNLOP of Frankford & Florence DUNLOP of Aylmer, 9 Aug 1926 at Aylmer West
33971-26 Clarence LeRoy FREEMAN, 21, embossing pressman, Yarmouth Twp., same, s/o Findley Bruce FREEMAN, b. Ontario & Martha HICKAN, married Mary Martha EARLE, 18, metal sign co. employee, England, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas EARLE, b. England & Ellen HARDING, witn: Ellen EARLE & Elizabeth HARDING, both of St. Thomas, 24 Jun 1926 at St. Thomas 33972-26 Walter Sherwood FREEMAN, 40, widower, farmer, Yarmouth Twp., same, s/o Henry FREEMAN, b. England & Matilda REDPATH, married Lela May PRESSEY, 23, Malahide Twp., Southwold Twp., d/o William Henry PRESSEY, b. Canada & Nellie Etta MILLARD, witn: William H. PRESSEY & Nellie E. PRESSEY, both of St. Thomas, 11 Mar 1926 at St. Thomas
33973-26 John FROMENT, 22, clerk, England, St. Thomas, s/o William FROMENT, b. England & Mary GILBERT (foster mother), married Jessie MCCOLMAN, 23, Owen Sound, St. Thomas, d/o Duncan MCCOLMAN, b. Erin Twp. & Jessie FRASER, witn: May T. LAIRD & Henry WING, both of St. Thomas, 2 Oct 1926 at St. Thomas 33974-26 John Harold FROST, 36, cheese maker, England, North Dorchester, s/o John FROST, b. England & Mary Jane FACEY, married Pauline Mildred KARN, 20, Aylmer, North Dorchester, d/o Peter KARN, b. Canada & Harriet DAY, witn: Lorna KARN of Aylmer & E. Philip FROST of North Dorchester, 13 Dec 1926 at Aylmer
33975-26 Clarence Leland GARTON, 20, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o Samuel GARTON, b. England & Dora DOAN, married Beatrice Isadora PERRY, 22, Malahide, Yarmouth, d/o William PERRY, b. Malahide & Ruth BERDAN, witn: Harley Evert PERRY of St. Thomas & Thurza Etta RANKIN of Springfield, 15 Sep 1926 at Yarmouth 33976-26 Ray GILBERT, 48, widower, moulder, Yarmouth Twp., St. Thomas, s/o William R. GILBERT, b. Elgin Co. & Margaret CAUGHELL, married Edith Margaret LEIGHTON, 46, Port Stanley, same, d/o Benjamin LEIGHTON, b. Ireland & Mary KERR, witn: Ada M. DOUGLAS & George F. DOUGLAS, both of St. Thomas, 29 Sep 1926 at St. Thomas
33977-26 Harley Gordon GILLETT, 25, machinist, Yarmouth Twp., same, s/o Harley GILLETT, b. Yarmouth Twp. & Eva FISHLEIGH, married Lydia PORTER, 19, Yarmouth Twp., same, d/o William PORTER, b. Yarmouth Twp. & Mary E. WILEY, witn: Lee PORTER of Aylmer & Laura NEVILLE of St. Thomas, 27 Dec 1926 at St. Thomas 33978-26 Edward Cecil GLIDDON, 23, student, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o John GLIDDON, b. Holsworthy - Devon England & Mary BAKER, married Vera Ordelia ROBESON, 21, teacher, Charlottenburg - Glengarry Co., Thornloe - Northern Ont., d/o James ROBESON, b. Athens? Ont & Fannie LAMOUREUX, witn: Edith MILLER & Louisa A. GOULD, both of St. Thomas, 23 July 1926 at Grace United parsonage, St. Thomas
33979-26 James Edward Guy GOODING, 24, farmer, Port Burwell, Yarmouth twp., s/o William GOODING, b. Toronto & Nettie May BUTCHER, married Elva Bernice GORVETT, 21 (b. 22 Feb 1904), nurse, Sparta, Yarmouth twp., d/o Edward GORVETT, b. Ont & Elizabeth NEVILLE, witn: Russell GORVETT of St. Thomas & Llewellyn GOODING of Sparta, 24 Jan 1926 at St. Thomas [proof of bride's age given by her aunt, Sarah GORVETT of Sparta] 33980-26 Ross William GRAY, 32?, accountant, St. Thomas, same, s/o William John GRAY & Mary Etta BAKER, married Queenie Veronica LYONS, 22, nurse, St. Thomas, same, d/o John S. LYONS & Anna QUEEN, witn: Omer D. GRAY & Jeanne LYONS, both of St. Thomas, 31 July 1926 at St. Thomas
33981-26 George Milo HAMILTON, 58, widower, farmer, Bayham twp., South Dorchester, s/o James C. HAMILTON, b. Nova Scotia & Jane NELLIS, married Emma Caroline WILCOX, 58, widow, Waterford, same, d/o Albert LEFLER, b. Boston Ont & Anna BURCH, witn: Mrs. A. M. EAGAN & Stuart HAMILTON, both of RR1 Springfield, 19 May 1926 at Lyons, South Dorchester 33982-26 Emerson HANEY, 21, shoe maker, Tilsonburg, same, s/o Albert HANEY, b. Canada & Myrtle JOHNSON, married Helen Lenore CARTER, 19, Norfolk Co., Malahide, d/o Frederick CARTER, b. Canada & Florence LAYMAN, witn: C.A. & Mrs. Florence CARTER of Malahide, 30 Oct. 1926 at Aylmer
33983-26 Arthur Stanworth HARBOUR, 27, railway clerk, England, St. Thomas, s/o Arthur HARBOUR, b. England & Elizabeth STANWORTH, married Mary Margaret LOWE, 24, St. Thomas, same, d/o David LOWE, b. Toronto & Elizabeth McNERNIE, witn: Jean Laurie RANKIN & S. MARSHALL, both of St. Thomas, 23 Sept 1926 at St. Thomas 33984-26 John Lewis HARRIES, 25, barber, Wales England, St. Thomas, s/o Thomas HARRIES, b. Wales England & Annie MATHAIS, married Edith Rebecca HUNT, 20, folder at Talbot Shoe CO., Aylmer, Yarmouth twp., d/o William John HUNT, b. England & Adelia Louise CHUTE, witn: J.W. HUNT of St. Thomas & Mrs. Carl BOGART of Fingal, 27 Sept 1926 at St. Thomas
33985-26 John Malcolm HAVILAND, 75, widower, gentleman, Norfolk Co., West Lorne, s/o John HAVILAND, b. New York City & Harriet MALCOLM, married Clara COLE, 72, widow, Yarmouth, West Lorne, d/o George BURKE, b. Gloucester England & Jane CUMMINGS, witn: E.E. HAVILAND & Marion E. JAMES, both of West Lorne, 7 April 1926 at West Lorne 33986-26 George Ernest HAYES, 26, boiler maker, England, St. Thomas, s/o John HAYES, b. London England & Elizabeth HASTINGS, married Dora Laurine McEWAN, 21, stenographer, St. Thomas, same, d/o Abner McEWEN, b. Rodney Ont & Mabel L. VALENTINE, witn: R.W. BROWN & Bessie SNOWDON, both of St. Thomas, 2 June 1926 at St. Thomas
33988-26 Philip HEITBOHMER, 24, machinist, Stratford Ont., Windsor, s/o Henry HEITBOHMER & Susan SCHMITT married Orpha Anna May CLAYDON, 25, St. Thomas, same, d/o George Henry CLAYDON & Isabel JOHNSON, witn: George WOODS & Jay Elizabeth REEVES, both of St. Thomas, 18 Oct. 1926 at Trinity Church, St. Thomas 33989-26 Frederick Merlee HERRIES, 24, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Robert HERRIES, b. Richmond - Bayham twp & Amy BENNER, married Mable Electa DUNN, 27, Malahide, same, d/o William J. DUNN, b. Sparta & Lily RICHARDSON, witn: Clark PRESSEY of St. Thomas & Helen E. DUNN of Dunboyne, 29 Sept 1926 at Malahide twp
33990-26 James Carman HINDLEY, 21, farmer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o William HINDLEY, b. Yarmouth twp & Elizabeth STACEY, married Vera Kathleen MILLMAN, 18, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o Arthur MILLMAN, b. Yarmouth twp & Irene LANNING, witn: Inez & Osbert HINDLEY of Union, 24 Feb 1926 at parsonage, United Church, Port Stanley 33991-26 Edwin Earl Richard HOBSON, 18, farmer, Ontario, Yarmouth twp., s/o Frank HOBSON, b. Malahide twp & Hannah PENHALE, married Thelma Emma May BAKER, 21, Ontario, Anari?, d/o Arthur BAKER, b. Dereham twp & Maud RUSSELL, witn: Mrs. F. HOBSON of RR3 St. Thomas & Byron BAKER of Mossley, 29 Dec 1926 at Aylmer [divorced 19/3/49]
33992-26 Isaac Francis HOLLAND, 25, farmer, Brownsville, same, s/o Isaac HOLLAND, b. England & Elizabeth POULTER, married Lillian Grace BROWN, 24, Corinth, same, d/o Arthur T. BROWN, b. Michigan US & Edith A. CRANE, witn: Miss Ella KNOTT of Aylmer & W.A. FOSTER of Corinth, 9 Jan 1926 at Corinth 33993-26 Thomas E. HORLICK, 21, laborer, Ireland, Port Burwell, s/o Thomas HORLICK, b. Wales & Elizabeth WILSON, married Eva Emily TEES, 18, Kenilworth Ont., Bayham, d/o Thomas E. TEES, b. London England & Florence WARD, witn: Mrs. Elizabeth & Alice E. SCHULTZ, both of Port Burwell, 27 Nov 1926 at res of the bride, Bayham
33994-26 Charles Arthur HOUGH, 16, laborer, Port Stanley, same, s/o George Arthur HOUGH, b. Port Stanley & Hattie WALTERS, married Minnie Elizabeth BERDAN, 16, Port Stanley, same, d/o John Albert BERDAN & Mary MAW, witn: Jane & Louisa GOULD of Port Stanley, 13 March 1926 at United Church parsonage, Port Stanley 33995-26 Frank Edward HOUGHTON, 33, machinist, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o Isaac HOUGHTON, b. Oxford Co & Helen WALKER, married Irene Mildred THOMPSON, 29, Hagersville, St. Thomas, d/o Richard THOMPSON, b. London Ont & Elizabeth TAYLOR, witn: Edna Victoria THOMPSON of St. Thomas & James Joseph HOUGHTON of Ingersoll, 30 Dec 1916 at Port Stanley
33996-26 Lancelot Walter HOWARD, 21, dairy man, Petrolia Ont., St. Thomas, s/o Alfred Walter HOWARD, b. Palmerston Ont & Bertha ROACH, married Thelma Marguerite Leone YOUNG, 19, Monarch Knitting Co., St. Thomas, same, d/o William Henry YOUNG, b. London England & Erma GANDIE?, witn: Maude BAYLISS & Earl GRAHAM, both of St. Thomas, 25 Jan 1916 at Centre St. Baptist Church, St. Thomas 33997-26 Edward Wesley HUNSBERGER, 63, widower, inspector, Elgin, Detroit, s/o Enos HUNSBERGER, b. Ont & Rebecca SITZER, married Carrie Leone CLOSS, 52, Aylmer, same, d/o Charles B. CLOSS, b. NY state & Susan BERSON?, wtn: Ella F. WILLIAMS & Frank D. CLOSS, both of Aylmer, 22 Nov 1926 at Aylmer
33998-26 Orville HYATT, 19, laborer, Southampton Ont., Port Stanley, s/o William HYATT, b. Wiarton & Agnes LOUKES, married Viola MATTHEWS, 18, Walsingham Ont., St. Thomas, d/o John Herbert MATTHEWS, b. Ont & Alvira SHINGLER, witn: Jane & Louisa GOULD of Port Stanley, 12 June 1926 at United Church parsonage, Port Stanley [affidavit re birth reg'n of bride gives her birth place as South Dumfries] 33999-26 Clarence Allan HYNDMAN, 22, railway brakeman, Windham Ont., St. Thomas, s/o Wallace HYNDMAN, b. Windham & Almira Della DAFFNEY, married Martha Sarah McGILLIVRAY, 26, clerk, Fergus Ont., St. Thomas, d/o Duncan McGILLIVRAY, b. Ont & Elizabeth Alice JACKSON, witn: Rowland ANDERSON & Annie HERRON, both of St. Thomas, 26 May 1926 at St. Thomas
34000-26 John Oswald Theodore ISBERG, 31, mechanic for Hudson Motor Co., Roune Denmark, Detroit, s/o Andrew Theodore ISBERG, b. Denmark & Amelia Joaph GUSTAFSON, married Elizabeth Ferguson ROBERTSON, 17, Scotland, 39 Kains St. in St. Thomas, d/o Thomas Buist ROBERTSON, b. Scotland & Catherine FORBES, witn: Alfred & Nettie DAVIS of St. Thomas, 11 Sept 1926 at St. Thomas  
34001-26 William Henry JACKSON, 23, auditor, Raleigh twp., Detroit, s/o John Thomas JACKSON, b. Spalding England & Elizabeth Ann PRATT, married Hilda THOMPSON, 24, stenographer, Middlewich Cheshire England, 8 Ada St. in St. Thomas, d/o Frederick THOMPSON, b. Cheshire England & Jessie SUNDBACK, witn: Frank Lovett SCOTT of Detroit & Jessie THOMPSON of St. Thomas, 16 Aug 1926 at St. Thomas 34002-26 Robert Earl JAMIESON, 26, farmer, Aldborough twp., same, s/o Daniel JAMIESON, b. Aldborough twp & Mary DOWNIE, married Ola Mae MAIN, 25, teacher, Aldborough twp., same, d/o David W. MAIN, b. Aldborough twp & Cora Mae HAINES, witn: May T. LAIRD & Henry WING, both of St. Thomas, 2 Oct. 1926 at St. Thomas
34003-26 George JEFFERY, 50, machinist, Texas, 332 N. Front St. in Sarnia, s/o George JEFFERY, b. France & Emily GAETZ, married Georgina NICHOL, 42, widow, West Williams, Sarnia, d/o Thomas Farmer MORSON, b. London England & Margaret Carolina LIGHTHART, witn: J.E. SIMMONS & Mrs. Jessie MUNRO, both of Sarnia, 9 July 1926 at St. Thomas 34004-26 John Robert JEFFERY, 22, factory laborer, Newbury, Highgate, s/o William JEFFERY, b. Newberry Ont & Jane SWIFT, married Lillian HORTON, 21, Ridgetown, same, d/o Thomas HORTON, b. Ont & Jessie BROWN, witn: Mrs. James HORTON & Orpha BURNS, both of Rodney, 17 July 1926 at Rodney
34005-26 John Franklin JENNINGS, 23, railway fireman, Port Stanley, Yarmouth twp., s/o William JENNINGS, b. Port Stanley & Anna BURGESS, married Velma Irene BROWN, 21, clerk, Bayham twp., 117 Centre St. in St. Thomas, d/o Colburn BROWN, b. Port Burwell & Emmeline WAYBER, witn: Marguerite CORDERY & Wilfred J. TURVILLE, both of St. Thomas, 18 Jan. 1926 at Central Church parsonage, Port Stanley 34006-26 Harold Leslie JOHNS, 28, file cutter, Port Hope, Yarmouth twp., s/o William JOHNS & Ethel KERNAN, married Laura Burndetta MANSHORN, 22, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o Frederick MANSHORN, b. Yarmouth twp & Mary SMITH, witn: Jessie GOULD & Louisa A. GOULD, both of Port Stanley, 9 June 1926 at United Church parsonage, Port Stanley
34007-26 George Emery JOHNSON, 22, core maker, St. Thomas, 17 Fourth Ave in St. Thomas, s/o George JOHNSON, b. Ont & Julia? GRAIN, married Vina May BISHOP, 22, employee of Monarch Knitting Co., Glencoe Ont., 132 Erie St. in St. Thomas, d/o Charles? BISHOP, b. Ireland & Mabel ROOT, witn: Elsie CALVERT & Cyril JOHNSON, both of St. Thomas, 23 June 1926 at St. Thomas 34008-26 Stirton Wiley JOHNSON, 24, machinist, Woodstock Ont., Bridgeburg, s/o Theodore Albert JOHNSON, b. Canada & Janet Riddle FOREST, married Nellie STANIFORTH, 24, telephone operator, England, Wilson Ave in St. Thomas, d/o Benjamin STANIFORTH, b. England & Rachel NUTTALL, witn: Joseph E. BARBOUR of Manitoba St. in St. Thomas & Anna E. JOHNSON of Bridgeburg, 18 Oct. 1926 at St. Thomas
34009-26 William JOHNSTON, 33, fisherman, Ellon Scotland, Dunwich twp., s/o Peter JOHNSTON, b. Ellon Scotland & Mary, married Nina Jane PUTNAM, 30, Dorchester - Elgin Co., Aylmer, d/o Roland E. PUTNAM, b. Aylmer Ont & Mary, witn: T.O. & Mrs. A. MULVENNY of 15 Elysian St., 29 May 1926 at St. Thomas 34010-26 William Arthur JOHNSTON, 24, instructor, Cottam, Windsor, s/9 Arthur JOHNSTON, b. Toronto & Margaret LAWSON, married Marion Esther FITCH, 20, clerk, Kingsville, Windsor, d/o Culver FITCH, b. Port Rowan & Nettie SCRATCH, witn: Anne & Reuben BYTTELL of Port Stanley, 8 Nov 1926 at Port Stanley
34011-26 George Clifford JONES, 27, farmer, Delaware twp., same, s/o William JONES, b. Delaware twp & Fannie BAKER, married Lottie BLEWETT, 24, Southwold, same, d/o John BLEWETT, b. Southwold & Susie WEEKS, witn: Miss Clara BLEWETT of RR6 St. Thomas & Mrs. Rev. COUZENS of Talbotville, 2 June 1926 at Talbotville 34012-26 James JONES, 27, laborer, England, Chatham, s/o Andrew JONES, b. England & Charlotte DIBELEY, married Myrtle Viola McMULLEN, 17, Dunwich twp., same, d/o James McMULLEN, b. Dunwich & Ettie A. BLADE, witn: Andrew JONES of Chatham & Nellie McMULLEN of Tyrconnell, 12 May 1926 at Tyrconnell
34013-26 Albert John JORDAN, 25, oiler MCR, Seaforth England, St. Thomas, s/o Charles JORDAN, b. England & Henrietta DEARD, married Agnes Louisa GAGG, 23 (b. 6 June 1903), Highweek - Devonshire England, d/o Alfred Millburn GAGG, b. England & Alice Ann JARVIS, witn: Frank JORDAN of RR4 Iona Station & Maude May GAGG of 46 West Ave in St. Thomas, 30 Sept 19236 at St. Thomas 34014-26 Clinton Dwight KENNEDY, 24, farmer, Eden, same, s/o Archibald KENNEDY, b. Canada & Laura PHELPS, married Alice FRENCH, 18, Eden, same, d/o George FRENCH, b. Canada & Mary OSTRANDER, witn: Ruby KENNEDY & Dwight MOODY, both of Eden, 18 Aug 1926 at Eden
34015-26 Thomas Arthur KEOUGH, 32, farmer, Stephen twp., Dashwood, s/o Thomas KEOUGH & Catherine O'NEIL, married Annie KAIRNS, 28, Wallacetown, Dutton, d/o John KAIRNS & Biana ILL, witn: Edward KAIRNS of Dutton & Susan KEOUGH of Dashwood, 15 Sept 1926 at West Lorne 34016-26 Henry Francis KILLINS, 27, farmer, Southwold twp., same, s/o Henry KILLINS, b. Frontenac Co., & Sarah McINTYRE, married Marguerite A. MEEK, 25, nurse, Southwold twp., same, d/o John MEEK, b. Middlesex & Lily GOODGE, witn: J.C. HUMPHRIES of Shedden & A. Jean KILLINS of Southwold Station, 9 June 1926 at Southwold twp
34017-26 Lyle Spencer KILMER, 21, tinsmith, St. Thomas, Detroit, s/o Haggai R. KILMER, b. Elgin Co. & Martha PENHALE, married Mildred Myrtle WEST, 21, domestic, Kinglake Ont., Detroit, d/o Abraham WEST, b. Norfolk Co. Ont & Emaline SWARTZ, witn: Ralph STEPHENS & Reta May KILMER, both of St. Thomas, 27 Aug 1926 at St. Thomas 34018-26 John Robert KILPATRICK, 24, hardware merchant, London Ont., 510 St. James St. in London, s/o Robert George KILPATRICK, b. Elgin Co & Melissa S. DOWN, married Adelaide Thew UNDERWOOD, 20, London Ont., 55 East St. in St. Thomas, d/o William UNDERWOOD, b. Ont & Anna S. CHAPMAN, witn: Carman D. KILPATRICK & Marjorie THOMAS, both of St. Thomas, 22 Sept 1926 at St. Thomas
34019-26 William Doble KING, 23, salesman, Aylmer, 80 Scott St. in St. Thomas, s/o Fred D. KING, b. Lindsay Ont & Mary Alberta TROUGHTON, married Alberta Beatrice COLE, 20, stenographer, St. Thomas, 17 Melakoff St. in St. Thomas, d/o Charles Albert COLE, b. Niagara Falls NY & Sarah Evelyn HEWITT, witn: Madge A. KING & George E. HART, both of Aylmer, 27 Jan 1926 at 17 Melakoff St. in St. Thomas, 34020-26 Edward Irving KINGSLEY, 32, San Francisco Calif., Middlemiss Ont., s/o Irving KINGSLEY, b. Boston Mass., & Eliza Jane BURNS, married Blanche Georgina WILLOWS, 20, poultry farmer, Merlin Ont., Middlemiss, d/o William Rose WILLOWS, b. Lancashire England & Janet CLARKE, witn: Arthur & Myrtle FARRINGTON of Middlemiss, 4 Nov 1926 at Southwold twp
34021-26 Charles Edward KITSON, 21, electrician, St. Thomas, 641 Talbot St. in St. Thomas, s/o George Eugene KITSON, b. St. Thomas & Matilda THOMPSON, married Florence Evelyn GRIFFIN, 21, stenographer, Bayham twp., 641 Talbot St. in St. Thomas, d/o Henry GRIFFIN, b. Bayham twp & Alberta RIBBLE, witn: James Seaborn EVERETT? of Straffordville & Mabel Lauretta KITSON of London, 8 Sept 1926 at St. Thomas  
34022-26 Donald Gavin LANE, 23, mechanic, Pennsylvania US, Tilsonburg, s/o Calvin W. LANE, b. Logan Co. OHIO & Lena HATCH, married Vera May NEVILLE, 22, Bayham twp., Malahide, d/o James NEVILLE, b. Straffordville Ont & Maud RICHARDSON, witn: F.C. & Jessie R. MARCHANT of Aylmer, 23 Oct 1926 at Aylmer 34023-26 Edgar James LARKE, 48, farmer, Raleigh twp., Chatham, s/o John LARKE & Bridget SHEA, married Teresa PFEIFER, 37, nurse, West Lorne, same, d/o John PFEIFER & Hannah EBERLE, witn: Burton LARKE of Chatham & Kathryn DALEY of West Lorne, 28 April 1926 at West Lorne
34024-26 William Speare LASHBROOK, 58, widower, gentleman, Devonshire England, London Ont., s/o illegible LASHBROOK, b. Devonshire England & Jane SPEARE, married May FAIRBAIRN, 38, clerk, Beachville Ont., London, d/o John FAIRBAIRN, b. Beachville & Martha FULLER, witn: Ada FAIRBAIRN of London & Annie BYTTELL of Port Stanley, 16 June 1926 at Port Stanley 34025-26 John Alexander LAWTON, 53, widower, agent, Yarmouth twp., Aylmer, s/o George A. LAWTON, b. Yarmouth twp & Roxena SHEPHERD, married Winnifred Tempest SHEPHERD, 39, Hereford England, Regina Sask., d/o Frank J. SHEPHERD, b. England & Sarah Ann TREATS (Meats?), witn: Elizabeth HARDING & Helen COOK, both of St. Thomas, 29 April 1926 at St. Thomas
34026-26 Forest LEE, 26, farmer, Burford twp., Malahide, s/o W.G. LEE, b. Burford twp & Margaret? Carrie ASHFORD, married Lela Elizabeth WHITE, 27, Malahide, same, d/o John WHITE, b. Jaffa & Elizabeth HAUGHTON, witn: Clayton WISE of St. Thomas & Mary WHITE of Copenhagen, 6 Feb 1926 at Copenhagen 34027-26 Jedediah Jay LEWIS, 43, taxi owner, Owen Sound, St. Thomas, s/o Joseph LEWIS, b. Walkerton Ont & Caroline SIEGREST, married Christena Catherine GUNN, 40, dining room employee, Wardsville, UCR Dining Hall in St. Thomas, d/o Donald GUNN, b. Dunwich & Catherine GRANT, witn: Elizabeth & H.J. BURGESS of 853 Talbot St., 29 April 1926 at St. Thomas
34028-26 Emery LILLY, 19, farmer, Bayham, Middleton twp., s/o William LILLY & Clara Alberta KETCHEPAW, married Beatrice E. BENTLEY, 16, Tilsonburg, Bayham, d/o James Albert BENTLEY & Sarah Marguerite FLEMING, witn: William LILLY of Tilsonburg & James BENTLEY of Eden, 28 July 1926 at res of the bride's parents, Bayham twp 34029-26 William John LITTLE, 23, clothing salesman, Croydon England, St. Thomas, s/o George LITTLE, b. England & Helen POOLE, married Mary Kathleen Elizabeth TANSLEY, 21, saleslady, Yarmouth twp., St. Thomas, d/o William TANSLEY, b. Elgin Co & Phoebe MARTIN, witn: Harry ELLIOTT & Mrs. Harry ELLIOTT, both of St. Thomas, 11 Oct 1926 at St. Thomas
34030-26 John LODATO, 32, railway fireman, Niagara Falls NY, St. Thomas, s/o Augustino LODATO, b. Italy & Antimino GURINO, married Ginlia LODATO, 25, nurse, Woodstock Ont., same, d/o Leonard LODATO, b. Italy & Guiseppa MANTIO, witn: L.F. DONOGHUE & Mary MAHONEY, both of St. Thomas, 20 Dec 1926 at St. Thomas 34031-26 Frederick James LUSCOMBE, 19, railway clerk, Scotland, St. Thomas, s/o William John LUSCOMBE, b. England & Edith Jane ALFRED, married Mary Smart GILLICK, 20, employee of Monarch Knitting Co., Scotland, St. Thomas, d/o James GILLICK, b. Scotland & Mary SMART, witn: Francis & Jean RAE of St. Thomas, 17 June 1926 at St. Thomas
34032-26 Morley MANN, 29, mechanic, Malahide, St. Thomas, s/o Charlie MANN, b. Canada & Phoebe FISHLEY, married Sarah BARRETT, 25, Prince Edward, St. Thomas, d/o Abraham BARRETT, b. Newfoundland & Laura BARRETT, witn: Lorne SEARS of Aylmer & Lena MARTIN of St. Thomas, 26 June 1926 at Aylmer 34033-26 Carlton Lee MANNING, 28, farmer, Dunwich twp., North Dorchester, s/o Wallace J. MANNING, b. Belmont & Effie SMITH, married Laura Elizabeth JENKINS, 26, Yarmouth twp., South Dorchester, d/o Joseph JENKINS, b. Belmont & Emma S. JEFFREY, witn: George MANNING & Grace JENKINS, both of Belmont, 24 March 1926 at Springfield
34035-26 William Elijah MARR, 21, laborer, Aldborough twp., West Lorne, s/o William C. MARR, b. Aldborough twp & Cynthia SUTTON, married Pearl JUDSON, 22, factory employee, St. Thomas, same, d/o Frederick JUDSON, b. Canada & Eliza Ellen WILTON (Hilton?), witn: Ada McFARLANE & Laura SUGSDIN, both of West Lorne, 19 April 1926 at West Lorne 34034-26 Glover David MARR, 23, farmer, Eagle Ont., RR3 Southwold, s/o David Marett MARR, b. Southwold twp & Agnes RAMSAY, married Dorothy Greta VINT, 21, Tiny twp., RR3 Southwold, d/o Edwin Herbert VINT, b. Tiny twp & Florence Bertha COULSON, witn: Kenneth Howard VINT & Freida Marguerite HEIDS, both of Frome, 9 Dec 1926 at Shedden
34036-26 Stanley MARTIN, 23, bank clerk, Straffordville, Bayham, s/o Joseph MARTIN, b. Ont & Josephine SMALLEY, married Aleta STANTON, 30, widow, house maid, Malahide, Bayham, d/o James HERRIES, b. Calton Ont & Stella HAINES, witn: Lena & Ralph HERRIES of Port Burwell, 29 May 1926 at Port Burwell 34037-26 Gordon Lee MASON, 19, railway fireman, St. Thomas, same, s/o William Henry MASON, b. Canada & Ella Margaret BEATTIE, married Velma Vivian SARGENT, 18, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o Daniel (David?) SARGENT b. Canada & Eliza Alice HOBBS, witn: C. & M. SARGENT of Yarmouth twp., 11 Sept. 1926 at St. Thomas
34038-26 Charles MATTHEWS, 22, laborer, St. Thomas, Yarmouth twp., s/o James MATTHEWS, b. Canada & Margaret CUSHMAN, married Ethel Irene CRAINER, 19, Howard twp., St. Thomas, d/o William CRAINER, b. Caradoc & Catherine SPINK, witn: Mrs. Blake CRAWFORD & Elizabeth HARDING, both of St. Thomas, 28 April 1926 at St. Thomas 34039-26 Thomas William MATTHEWS, 31, MCR boiler foreman, Toronto, St. Thomas, s/o Thomas William MATTHEWS, b. Devon England & Mary JENKINS, married Bertha Jane POWERS, 39, office clerk, Grimsby Ont., St. Thomas, d/o Daniel POWERS, b. Fonthill Ont & Lizzie DILTZ, witn: Mrs. Edith MILLER & Mrs. Louise GOULD, both of St. Thomas, 9 Aug 1926
  34040-26 George Joseph MAURER, 28, salesman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o William MAURER, b. Canada & Elizabeth SCHWEIGENT, married Matilda Esther A.A. BEAM, 24, Ontario, St. Thomas, d/o Lewis BEAM, b. Canada & Emma ARNOLD, witn: Gertrude S. & A. Curtis GRAHAM of Detroit, 18 Sept 1926 at St. Thomas
34041-26 Clarence Hedley MAY, 29, farmer, Usborne twp., same, s/o Joseph MAY, b. Usborne twp & Clara HICKS, married Alice Pearl PFAFF, 24, post office clerk, Hay twp., Exeter, d/o William PFAFF, b. Hay twp & Mary SHWALM, witn: Edmond Percy & Alma PFAFF of Exeter, 2 June 1926 at St. Thomas 34042-26 William MAYS, 26, teacher, London England, Fairground Ont., s/o William MAYS, b. London England & unknown, married Bessie Jane MacGREGOR, 36, widow, Walsingham Ont., Fairground, d/o George CONNORS, b. Walsingham & Nancy FICK, witn: Georgina DALE & Pearl STEPHENS, both of St. Thomas, 11 Dec 1926 at Grace United parsonage, St. Thomas
34063-26 Lorne McCALLUM, 24, farmer, Walsingham, South Dorchester, s/o Malcolm McCALLUM, b. Walsingham & Mary STROME, married Hazel Helena FERGUSON, 27, South Dorchester, same, d/o John L. FERGUSON, b. Dorchester & Janet WEIR, witn: Mrs. A. C. BROWN of Lyndhurst & Mrs. J. C. DUNLOP of Aylmer, 20 Oct 1926 at Aylmer West 34064-26 John Alexander McCOLL, 30, farmer, New York City, Aldborough twp., s/o Alexander McCOLL, b. Fergus Scotland & Helen DUMPHY, married Mary GAUDION, 35, widow, Aldborough, Aldborough twp., d/o Joseph WILTON, b. London England & Margaret McPHAIL, witn: Mrs. Mary LEPPOLD & Mrs. Hazel DYMOCK, both of West Lorne, 15 April 1926 at Wallacetown
34066-26 Elgin Wilbert McDONALD, 23, lumber, Hamilton, Yarmouth twp., s/o unknown, married Bertha May FRASER, 21, shoe maker, Bothwell Ont., Yarmouth twp., d/o Alfred FRASER, b. Wyoming Ont & Maria LITTLE, witn: David Thomas & Marion LITTLE of St. Thomas, 22 Dec 1926 at St. Thomas 34065-26 Carmen Loraine MacDONALD, 21, railway brakeman, St. Thomas, same, s/o John MacDONALD, b. Ont & Mary THOMAS, married Florence Pearl MANN, 20, St. Thomas, same, d/o James T. MANN, b. St. Thomas & Elma E. REAR, witn: Louisa A. GOULD & Edith MILLER, both of St. Thomas, 6 Dec 1926 at St. Thomas
34068-26 Malcolm Duncan McDONALD, 29, farmer, Essex Co., Orford, s/o William McDONALD, b. Essex Co Ont & Georgina FOX, married Vinetta Delia LEITCH, 27, Kent Co., Eagle, d/o Dougall C. LEITCH, b. Muirkirk - Kent Co & Margaret HALL, witn: Mint LEITCH & Janet CAMPBELL, both of West Lorne, 6 March 1926 at West Lorne 34067-27 Franklyn George McDONALD, 26, postal clerk, Brantford, Stratford, s/o Robert Angus McDONALD, b. Canada & Elenor ANDREWS, married Audrey Salome EMPEY, 23, Bayham twp., res not given, d/o Wilburn Alex EMPEY, b. Canada & Margaret Salome VENNING, 31 Aug 1926 at Belmont
34069-26 Hugh McGENN, 53, widower, carpenter, Scotland, St. Thomas, s/o James McGENN, b. Scotland & Annie GIBB, married Betsy HEAP, 55, widow, Yorkshire England, St. Thomas, d/o Jeremiah GREENWOOD, b. Yorkshire England & Harriet DAWSON, witn: W.G. & Marjory MEREDITH of St. Thomas, 30 June 1926 at St. Thomas 34070-26 John Alexander McGUGAN, 24, railway fireman, Paynes Mills Ont., St. Thomas, s/o Alexander McGUGAN, b. Southwold twp & Katherine DEWAR, married Mary Blanche McLEOD, 18, Southwold Station, Southwold twp., d/o Angus McLEOD, b. Southwold twp & Harriet Jane MARR, witn: Gertrude CHARLTON of St. Thomas & Norman McGUGAN of Paynes Mills, 14 Sept 1926 at Shedden
34071-26 Philip McKIM, 21, wire worker, Courtland Ont., Windsor, s/o Benjamin McKIM, b. Canada & Annetta TISDALE, married Eva Belle ROWE, 29, St. Thomas, Detroit, d/o Edward ROWE, b. England & Susannah HAAS, witn: Donald McKIM of Courtland & Lilie RAY of St. Thomas, 12 June 1926 at St. Thomas 34072-26 William Charles McLANDRESS, 24, manager of grain elevator, Dutton Ont., St. Thomas, s/o James McLANDRESS, b. Scotland & Minnie WATERS, married Vera Ellen FIFE, 28, bank teller, Muskoka, Southwold twp., d/o Thomas FIFE, b. Scotland & Elizabeth LONGHURST, witn: Velma McLANDRESS of St. Thomas & Irwin FIFE of Talbotville, 17 Nov 1926 at Southwold twp
34073-26 George Frederick McLEOD, 19, telegrapher, London Ont., same, s/o Marshall McLEOD, b. Thamesford & Emily DAGGETT, married Grace Gibson DUNSTON, 21, Kintore Ont., London, d/o William John DUNSTON, b. Kintore & Nellie Amelia GIBSON, witn: G.L. & Marie BOWMAN of London, 1 Oct 1926 at St. Thomas 34074-26 Alexander Brown MacMILLAN, 22, Salvation Army officer, Hamilton Scotland, Birch Cliff - York Co., s/o Donald MacMILLAN, b. Brugulet? Scotland & Agnes BROWN, married Retta Pearl DICKSON, 22, Salvation Army officer, St. Thomas, same, d/o blank & Lydia DICKSON, witn: Gordon? BARFOOT of Lansing Ont & Lillian CLARKE of Toronto, 10 June 1926 at St. Thomas
34075-26 Donald Keith MacPHERSON, 23, mechanic, Westminster twp., Chicago, s/o Donald MacPHERSON, b. Westminster twp & Clara McINNES, married Agnes Isabel GLENN, 23, stenographer, Westminster twp., St. Thomas, d/o William GLENN, b. Westminster twp & Louisa NOWELL, witn: John A. MacPHERSON of Glanworth & Louisa H. GLENN of St. Thomas, 20 Sept 1926 at St. Thomas [divorced 9/19/49] 34076-26 George MacPHERSON, 32, farmer, Clinton twp., Thorold twp., s/o William Hamilton MacPHERSON, b. Caistor twp & Emily FIRESTINE, married Alice Elizabeth ROBERTS, 22, teacher, Aylmer West, same, d/o William E. ROBERTS, b. Malahide & Eliza DAVIDSON, witn: Winnie DAVIDSON of Aylmer West & Floyd PIERCE of Aylmer, 21 Jan 1926 at Aylmer West
34077-26 John Archibald MacPHERSON, 21, ticket clerk, Glanworth Ont., London, s/o Donald A. MacPHERSON, b. Westminster twp & Flora MacINNES, married Jessie PATTERSON, 23, teacher, Rodney, same, d/o Daniel PATTERSON, b. Aldborough twp & Isabella WHITTON, witn: Mary LAIRD & Gladys TAYLOR, both of St. Thomas, 4 Dec 1926 at St. Thomas 34078-26 William Harold McPHILLIPS, 34, merchant, London, same, s/o William McPHILLIPS & Jennie COOKE, married Pelagie Edythe O'TOOLE, 26, St. Thomas, same, d/o John F. O'TOOLE & Pelagie ARLEIN, witn: J. Leonard DUFFY of London & Pearl O'TOOLE of St. Thomas, 22 Sept 1926 at St. Thomas
34043-26 George Alexander MICHAELS, 32, farmer, London twp., Wilton Grove, s/o John MICHAELS, b. USA & Kate SLATTERY, married Nellie Irene CARROLL, 32, widow, Dorchester twp., St. Thomas, d/o William SECORD, b. Canada & Mary Ann EDEN, witn: G. WHARRY of St. Thomas & Jean TINDALE of Tara, 18 Dec 1926 at St. Thomas 34044-26 Charles LeRoy MILLER, 32, engineer, Fort Erie, St. Thomas, s/o Francis MILLER, b. Paris Ont & Grace ANDERSON, married Edith Olive Mary BEAR, 28, clerk, St. Thomas, same, d/o William BEAR, b. England & Olive Hughes WOODMAN, witn: Robert J. BEAR & Edna ANDERSON, both of St. Thomas, 26 June 1926 at St. Thomas
34045-26 Harvey Milton MILLER, 23, teacher, Aldborough twp., Rodney, s/o M. Peter MILLER, b. Elgin Co & Barbara C. BAKER, married Wilden Mae SMITH, 23, bank clerk, Comber Ont., West Lorne, d/o M. Alexander H. SMITH, b. Scotland & Adela Louise EASEY, witn: Miss Orpha R. MILLER of Rodney & Claud SMITH of West Lorne, 26 June 1926 at res of the bride 34046-26 Moffat David MILLER, 26, salesman, Ontario, Islington, s/o David Moffat MILLER, b. Ont & Ada Charlotte IDE, married Grace Adeline JONES, 22, stenographer, England, St. Thomas, d/o Leonard JONES, b. England & Edith Sarah HARRIS, witn: Alice M. DENNEE of St. Thomas & E.M. COTTER of Toronto, 5 June 1926 at St. Thomas
34047-26 Gerald Malcolm MILLMAN, 20, farmer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o John MILLMAN, b. Yarmouth twp & Zella Maude PREFFA, married Martha Bernice PARKER, 19 (b. 8 March 1906), Yarmouth twp., same, d/o Charles Herbert PARKER, farmer, b. Acton Ont & Ellison BEADS, witn: Dalton MILLMAN of RR5 St. Thomas & Clara PARKER of RR1 Union, 20 Feb 1926 at Sparta 34048-26 Harold William MONK, 21, service station attendant, Ridgetown Ont., St. Thomas, s/o Charles William MONK, b. Ont & Alicia Elizabeth BENNETT, married Lavenia May JOHNSTON, 18, St. Thomas, same, d/o Harry JOHNSTON, b. Ont & Annie LAWSON, witn: Mrs. H. GLOYNE & Elizabeth HARDING, both of St. Thomas, 3 March 1926 at St. Thomas
34049-26 Lawrence Campbell MONTEITH, 21, farmer, Delaware twp., same, s/o George MONTIETH, b. Canada & Letitia ALLIN, married Evelyn Clara PARKINS, 18, clerk, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o George PARKINS, b. Canada & Bertha FREEMAN, witn: Ivory CHAMBERLAIN of Lambeth & John A. WALKER of Lucknow, 3 Nov 1926 at St. Thomas 34050-26 Edgar Charles MOORE, 44, farmer, widower, Southwold twp., same, s/o William E. MOORE, b. Ont & Martha STUART, married Eveline DIGGINS, 24, widow, Glasgow Scotland, Southwold twp., d/o William ROBERTSON, b. Scotland & Annie MILLAN, witn: W.F. & Ida B. MOORE of Shedden, 8 May 1926 at Shedden
34051-26 Forrest Freeman MOORE, 21, farmer, Norfolk Co., Malahide, s/o Freeman MOORE & Sadie FRISHETTE, married Maud Irene BAIN, 19, Norfolk Co., Malahide, d/o James E. BAIN & Almore RAYMOND, witn: Stuart MOORE of Clear Creek & Irene MOORE, 15 March 1926 at Aylmer 34052-26 Walter Grant MOORE, 21, farmer, South Dorchester, same, s/o Arthur MOORE, b. Kingsmill & Mary NOBLE, married Vera Irene McNEIL, 23, South Dorchester, same, d/o James Arthur McNEIL (deceased), b. Mapleton, & Linda TAPSELL, witn: Alta May BELL of St. Thomas & Stewart Andrew MOORE of Kingsmill, 20 Nov 1926 at South Dorchester twp
34053-26 Clifford Alex MORRISON, 29, farmer, Dunwich twp., same, s/o John MORRISON, b. Iona Station & Alice MARCHALLAN, married Ruby Elizabeth MOORE, 25, clerk, Grey twp., Dutton, d/o George M. MOORE, b. Chesley Ont & Matilda Marie CROSS, witn: Cassie Marguerite MORRISON of London & George Melville MOORE of Detroit, 18 Sept 1926 at Church of Nativity, Dutton 34054-26 Frank Allan MOYNAGH, 40, barrister, Ireland, YMCA St. Thomas, s/o Richard Casey MOYNAGH, b. Dundalk - Co. Louth Ireland & Angela Constance CARROLL, married Helen THOMSON, 37, Peter Culter Aberdeenshire, St. Thomas, d/o Alexander THOMSON, b. Cruden Aberdeen shire & Margaret MILNE, witn: James & Elizabeth ANDREW of St. Thomas, 16 July 1926 at St. Thomas
34055-26 Donald MUNRO, 57, undertaker, Southwold twp., same, s/o Calin MUNRO, b. Southwold twp & Ann MUNRO, married Annabel SELLS, 41, Southwold twp., same, d/o W.H. SELLS, b. Southwold twp & Louisa DOWNING, witn: Mrs. M. WHITE & W.K. SELLS, both of Shedden, 2 June 1926 at res of W.K. Sells 34056-26 James Arthur MUNROE, 20, railway fireman, St. Thomas, Fort Erie, s/o John MUNROE, b. Canada & Etta RIPLEY, married Madeline Louise WILKINS, 20, London Ont., St. Thomas, d/o William WILKINS, b. Canada & Grace FUKE, witn: Grace WILKINS & E. HAMMOND, both of St. Thomas, 30 Jan 1926 at St. Thomas
34057-26 Thomas Henry NEAL, 20, railway employee, Acton England, St. Thomas, s/o Thomas W. NEAL, b. England & Clara L. HARMER, married Mary Elizabeth McNEA, 18 on 10 Jan 1926, Southwold twp., St. Thomas, d/o George McNEA, b. Canada & Amelia DOWN, witn: Clara NEAL of 87 Wilson Ave & Mabel McNEA of 75 Balaclava St., 3 March 1926 at 144 Balaclava St., St. Thomas 34058-26 John Raymond NEAR, 27, postal clerk, Humberstone, Niagara Falls, s/o Frank D. NEAR, b. Humberstone & Catherine BECK, married Vera Vivienne CHRISTMAS, 28, St. Thomas, same, d/o Andrew John CHRISTMAS, b. England & Lillian HINDS, witn: H.B. BRODIE & Beulah CHRISTMAS, both of St. Thomas, 7 June 1926 at St. Thomas
34059-26 Harry Laverne NICHOLS, 21, mechanic, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Ransom NICHOLS, b. Ont & Mary WARE, married Florence Winnie ZAVITZ, 18 (b. 9 Feb 1908), Vienna Ont, Brantford, d/o Lee ZAVITZ, b. Aylmer Ont & Cora GAGEN, witn: William A. McCULLY & Elizabeth HARDING, both of St. Thomas, 28 Feb 1926 at St. Thomas 34060-26 Robert Gordon NICHOLS, 25, farmer, Norwich, Norwich twp., s/o William Elmer NICHOLS, b. Oxford Co Ont & Cora Amelia VARDEN, married Violet May McCREADY, 21, Windham, South Dorchester twp., d/o Charles Philip McCREADY, b. Oxford Co & Mary Isabella LAMB, witn: Flossie NICHOLS of Norwich & Charles McCREADY of RR3 Springfield, 24 Sept 1926 at South Dorchester
34061-26 Frank Harney NORMAN, 35, farmer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o John NORMAN, b. Yarmouth twp & Margaret FIELD, married Ida Florette MAYNARD, 36, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o James MAYNARD, b. Yarmouth & Martha HATHAWAY, witn: John William MAYNARD & Libbie Oke JAMESON, both of St. Thomas, 28 April 1926 at Yarmouth Centre 34062-26 James Ashel NORTON, 24, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o Henry NORTON, b. Ont & Ann BAKER, married Ada Winnifred ORTON, 19, Renton, Aylmer, d/o William ORTON, b. Ont & Lizzie KNOTT, witn: W.N. ORTON & Mrs. Gorman HOOVER, both of Aylmer, 16 Oct. 1926 at Aylmer
34079-26 Geoffrey Herbert O'HARA, 26, farmer, Muskoka Ont., Southwold twp., s/o William George O'HARA, b. Muskoka & Emily DAWLER, married Dorothy Elinore WRIDE, 24, Southwold twp., same, d/o Thomas WRIDE, b. Scarboro & Almira WARNER, witn: Florabel ROSS & Harold HOLLINGSWORTH, both of Shedden, 27 Feb. 1926 at Shedden 34080-26 George Anthony OLLIVER, 39, widower, painter, Hane England, Lafayette Indiana, s/o John George OLLIVER, b. England & Mary Eleanor Taylor KING, married Elsie MARSHALL, 31, saleslady, Newton Abbott Devonshire England, St. Thomas, d/o John James MARSHALL, b. England & Ada BRIDGEMAN, witn: Sidney J. MARSHALL of Binghampton NY & Alice GAGG of St. Thomas, 17 Feb 1926 at St. Thomas
34081-26 Roy Bruce OLSEN, 21, railway fireman, Port Burwell, St. Thomas, s/o John A. OLSEN, b. North Walsingham & Margaret RICE, married Cora BRONSON, 22, cutter at Monarch Knitting Co., Norfolk CO., St. Thomas, d/o Freeman BRONSON, b. North Walsingham Ont., & Anna LEIGHFIELD, witn: Irene RODGERS of Port Stanley & Mrs. A. OLSEN of Shedden, 8 Sept 1926 at Springfield 34082-26 Sherman Claude PALMER, 22, clerk & engineer dispatcher, St. Thomas, same, /so William David PALMER, b. Yarmouth twp & Nellie SMALE, married Mary Anne Jane SMALE, 24, nurse, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o Mathew SMALE, b. Devonshire England & Alice GREIG, witn: Oscar PALMER & Velma COLLINS, both of St. Thomas, 11 Dec 1926 at Yarmouth twp
34083-26 John Leslie PARKER, 53, widower, gentleman, Port Bruce, Aylmer, s/o Sidney John PARKER, b. Dexter Yarmouth & Rosalie SHAMIEL, married Elizabeth FINCH, 50, widow, Bayham, Aylmer, d/o Jonathan SILVERTHORNE, b. Corinth Ont & Mary BOWDEN, witn: Clarence & Tina M. GIFFORD of Aylmer, 8 July 1926 at Aylmer 34084-26 Stanley PARSONS, 23, farmer, North Dorchester, Dereham, s/o Walter PARSONS, b. North Dorchester & Mary GROAT, married Stella PAGET, 21, England, Springfield, d/o Joseph PAGET, b. England & Ada BRYANT, witn: Marvin CLAUS of Vienna & Audrey HOTCHKISS of Straffordville, 15 Sept 1926 at Aylmer
34085-26 Harold Valentine PATERSON, 33, traveller, Chesley Ont., Toronto, s/o W.R. PATTERSON, b. Guelph & Mary BROWN, married Eva Irene WINDER, 31, Aylmer, same, d/o John WINDER, b. Norfolk Co & Myrtle PIERCE, witn: Miss Clara DEMORAY & Walter PATERSON, both of Aylmer, 30 Dec 1926 at Aylmer 34086-26 Harold George PATTON, 25, farmer, Dutton, same, s/o Dougald PATTON, b. Dutton & Florence BRANCHFLOWER, married Jennie WEBSTER, 18, Crinan Ont., Dunwich twp., d/o John WEBSTER, b. Crinan & Lasseta NETHERCOT, witn: Howard MALOTT of Detroit & Grace ERSKINE of West Lorne, 9 Oct 1926 at West Lorne
34087-26 Herman J. PAUL, 32, farmer, Powassan, same, s/o John PAUL, b. Lanark Co Ont & Margaret COWIE, married Enid Nora FROUD, 24, of Springfield, d/o Samuel FROUD, b. England & Eliza Susan SCOTT, witn: Florence A. HOLLMAN (Hallman?) of Simcoe & Martin William FROUD of Springfield, 26 Aug 1926 at Springfield 34088-26 John Herbert PEGG, 52, widower, stationary engineer, Yorkshire England, St. Thomas, s/o John PEGG, b. Norfolk Co England & Mary FAIRBANK, married Mabel Annie ANDREWS, 42, Bridgeburg Ont., St. Thomas, d/o Frederick W. ANDREWS, b. Devonshire England & Charlotte D. MATTHEWS?, witn: Harry M. & Edith ANDREWS of St. Thomas, 1 July 1926 at Grace United parsonage, St. Thomas
34089-26 Ernest Frank Alexander PLAYER, 21, farmer, England, Yarmouth, s/o Frederick Charles PLAYER, b. London England & Ethel HAWKINS, married Alma Anna WILSON, 18, Yarmouth, same, d/o Henry B. WILSON, b. Sparta & Florence JAY, witn: Henry B. WILSON & Agnes DUNLOP, both of Aylmer, 12 Aug 1926 at Aylmer West 34090-26 George Fernell POTTICARY, 22, fireman, Port Talbot, St. Thomas, s/o Joseph POTTICARY, b. England & Theresa BALE, married Ivy KITCHENHAM, 19, employee of Monarch Knitting Co., England, St. Thomas, d/o William John KITCHENHAM, b. England & Lily GILLINGHAM, witn: Fred KITCHENHAM & Mrs. David ALLEN, both of St. Thomas, 30 Oct 1926 at St. Thomas
34091-26 Frank Harvey PRECOOR, 51, widower, painter, Calton, Aylmer, s/o William PRECOOR, b. Bayham & Louisa CASCADDEN, married Lavina BURDICK, 58, Aylmer, same, d/o Caleb BURDICK, b. Jerseyville & Eliza EMMET, witn: Clarence W. PRECOOR & Agnes DUNLOP, both of Aylmer, 11 May 1926 34092-26 George Edward PRESTON, 22?, telegrapher, Ontario, Dereham twp., s/o John PRESTON ,b. Halifax Canada & Edith ROOKE, married Emily Merel SMITH, 23, Ontario, Dereham twp., d/o George E. PRESTON (sic), b. South Dorchester & E. Merle SMITH, witn: Henry & Leah DOWNING of Brownsville, 13 (18?) Sept 1926 at Springfield
34093-26 William Henry PROWSE, 69, widower, mason, Yarmouth, Malahide, s/o Henry PROWSE, b. England & Hannah JEFFERY, married Florence M. DANGERFIELD, 59, Malahide, Aylmer, d/o George DANGERFIELD & Odiana DINGMAN, witn: Mrs. Mabel TYRRELL & Miss Annie HEENAN, both of Aylmer, 23 June 1926 at Aylmer 34094-26 John RACE, 38, mechanic, London England, Queens Hotel in Dutton, s/o John William RACE, b. England & Elizabeth WREN, married Ruby Florence PETTIT, 31, waitress, St. Thomas, same, d/o Wesley PETTIT, b. England & Sarah A. MacDONALD, witn: Evelyn & Arthur Leroy PETTIT of St. Thomas, 27 July 1926 at St. Thomas
34095-26 Demosthouis RAFAILL, 31, waiter, Greece, St. Thomas, s/o George RAFAILL, b. Greece & blank, married Helen ZAMPAS, 20, Greece, RR1 Brownsville, d/o Eugenis ZAMPAS, b. Greece & Anna KARASSULIDAS, witn: Orville Stanley McLEAN & Gust SAVA, both of Brownsville, 11 July 1926 at Brownsville 34096-26 William RAMSTEIN, 52, barber, Orford twp., Dutton, s/o Joseph RAMSTEIN, b. Alsace Lorraine & Mary WARTZ, married Elizabeth MARTINI, 42, milliner , Rodney, same, d/o Charles MARTINI, b. Petersburg - Waterloo Co & Mary Ann SCHNEKENBURGER, witn: Leo & Minnie MARTINI of Rodney, 27 Nov 1926 at West Lorne
34097-26 Arthur Earl RICHARDSON, 47, widower, gentleman, Malahide twp., Aylmer, s/o John RICHARDSON, b. Canada & Emily Court ROWE, married Frances M. HALE, 40, Malahide twp., Aylmer, d/o John M. HALE, b. Canada & Elizabeth Annie SANDERS, witn: Mr & Mrs. John WILSON of Aylmer, 30 Oct 1926 at Aylmer

34098-26 Arthur Lorne RICHARDSON, 33, farmer, Wyandotte Mich., Malahide, s/o W.R. RICHARDSON & Agnes BROWN, married Kathleen Beatrice MANN, 27, Malahide, same, d/o Harry MANN & Mary WALKER, witn: Olive CAREY of RR3 Aylmer & Vennell MANN of Aylmer, 17 Nov 1926 at Malahide twp

34099-26 Andrew Arnott ROBERTSON, 63, farmer, Drayton Ont., Rodney, s/o Charles ROBERTSON, b, Edinburgh Scotland & Agnes ANDERSON, married Alice Elizabeth UFFORD, 53, widow, cook, Alton - Hants. England, Rodney, d/o Henry COOPER, b. England & Lucy CAINE, witn: George GRANT & C.R. GEORGE, both of St. Thomas, 4 March 1926 at St. Thomas 34100-26 Charles Arthur ROBERTSON, 20, moulder, Stratford Ont., London, s/o Cecil Charles ROBERTSON, b. St. Marys & Mary Ann SHERIDAN, married Mae Violet DORMAN, 20, cigar maker, England, London, d/o William Henry DORMAN, b. England & Alice SNOW, witn: Daisy RICHARDS of 34 Belgrave Ave in Fanshaw & J.E. RICHARDS of 34 Belgrave Ave in London, 2 Aug 1926 at Port Stanley
34102-26 Alwin Eugene ROSE, 24, electrician, Orche Pit Cove NS, St. Thomas, s/o Silas ROSE, b. Nova Scotia & Sarah Ann, married Ella May POUND, 18 on 11 May 1926, St. Thomas, same, d/o Daniel Albert POUND, b. Walsingham & Emily Jane DRAKE, witn: Vera Olive & Edward John MAJOR of 24 Barwick St. in St. Thomas, 19 Aug 1926 at 34 Barwick St., St. Thomas [with note: "groom adopted at early age & knows nothing of mother's maiden name"] 34103-26 Ernest Henry ROWDEN, 25, laborer, London England, St. Thomas, s/o William Henry ROWDEN, b. England & Ellen WOODGATE, married Mary Baker McLEAN, 27, domestic, Glasgow Scotland, St. Thomas, d/o Archibald J.L. McLEAN, b. Glasgow Scotland & Mary BAKER, witn: Louis B. CRABE & Elizabeth RUSSELL, both of St. Thomas, 1 Nov 1926 at St. Thomas
34104-26 John Henry ROWE, 19, farmer, England, Dunwich twp., s/o unknown, married Mary Henrietta MARSHMAN, 21, Dunwich twp., same, d/o William MARSHMAN, b. Dunwich twp & Tena TALMON, witn: Edith ROWE & Tena MARSHMAN, both of Iona Station, 24 Nov 1926 at Dunwich twp [with note: groom was very young when he came to Canada] 34104-26 Leonard J. Fox RUTTAN, 37 (b. 13 Feb 1889), clergyman, Uxbridge twp Ontario, Shelton Conn. US, s/o Wesley G. RUTTAN, b. Ont & Ruby J. FOX, married Edna Eileen DUNLOP, 27, teacher, Ontario, 51 Hazelton Ave in Toronto, d/o James C. DUNLOP, b. Ont & Agnes FREEL, witn: Wesley J. RUTTAN of Toronto & Florence M. DUNLOP of Aylmer West, 5 Nov 1926 at Aylmer
34105-26 Howard RYAN, 20, farmer, Middleton, same, s/o William RYAN, b. Middleton & Mary CLARKE, married Evelyn O. THURSTON, 18, Bayham, same, d/o Edward THURSTON, b. Bayham & Jennie DE FOE, witn: Nettie Pearl GARNHAM & Croft GARNHAM, both of RR6 Tilsonburg, 20 Nov 1926 at Straffordville 34106-26 Alexander SADLER, 29, railway fireman, Birmingham England, St. Thomas, s/o William SADLER, b. England & Maria, married Gertrude Alice REDDING, 29, Tring - Hertfordshire England, St. Thomas, d/o Henry REDDING, b. England & Esther HARDING, witn: Florence REDDING & Robert WEIR, both of St. Thomas, 20 March 1926 at St. Thomas
34107-26 Eric Arthur SAUNDERS, 25, clerk, Brighton England, Walkerville, s/o Arthur George SAUNDERS, b. England & Florence JONES, married Monica HARBOUR, 29, clerk, Derby England, St. Thomas, d/o Arthur HARBOUR, b. England & Elizabeth Ann STANWORTH, witn: Arthur & Phyllis HARBOUR of St. Thomas, 21 Jan 1926 at St. Thomas 34108-26 Noble Allen SCHRAM, 59, widower, Norfolk Co., 239 Talbot St. in St. Thomas, s/o William SCHRAM, b. Canada & Laura HODGKISS, married Eliza Annie MILLER, 48, widow, Thorne Que., Selleck Washington, d/o Samuel ROONEY, b. USA & Eliza SPARLING, witn: Minnie MOORHOUSE & Lettie J. POWELL, both of 14 Balaclava St., 22 Jan 1926 at St. Thomas
34110-26 William SCOTT, 37, farmer, Springfield Ont., Malahide, s/o Sam SCOTT, b. Otterville & Bertha BARTER?, married Rillie HOPPER, 46, widow, Otterville, Malahide, d/o Lige HARP, b. Otterville & Margaret SCOTT, witn: W.A. PETTIT of Aylmer & Florence HARP of Simcoe, 22 July 1926 at Aylmer 34109-26 Harry Lee SCOTT, 32, farmer, Oxford Co., Tilsonburg, s/o Andrew L. SCOTT, b. Oxford Co & Janet BATE, married Minnie WOLLSTEIN, 25, England, Tilsonburg, d/o John WOLLSTEIN, b. England & Frances Minnie FORSTRELL?, witn: Hazel TURNBULL & Hilda NEWNHAM, both of St. Thomas, 15 June 1926 at St. Thomas
34111-26 Percy SHARMAN, 32, widower, mechanic, Middlesex Co., RR4 London, s/o John SHARMAN, b. Ont & Isabel BOUK, married Myrtle Margaret McLEOD, 31, milliner, London Ont., same, d/o Thomas McLEOD, b. Ont & Agnes MacPHERSON, witn: Ira M. FINDLAY & Louisa GOULD, both of Port Stanley, 24 May 1926 at United parsonage, Port Stanley 34112-26 Charles Leonard SHARP, 60, widower, railroad employee, Cleveland, Berwin Illinois, s/o Leonard SHARP, b. England & Elizabeth CAIRN, married Charlotte Jane COLLINSON, 52, deaconess, Halton Ont., Corinth, d/o Joseph COLLINSON, b. England & Sarah SHARP, witn: Minnie & Edward FRANCIS of Hamilton, 10 Nov 926 at Corinth
34113-26 Byron H. SHARPE, 20, blacksmith, Malahide, same, s/o John SHARPE, b. Houghton twp & Elizabeth BOYDE (Boyle?), married Winnie ECKER, 19, St. Thomas, Middleton, d/o William ECKER, b. Eden? Ont & Anna BRISTOL, witn: Minnie ECKER & Philip VAUGHAN, both of Port Burwell, 14 May 1926 at Port Burwell 34114-26 William John SHAW, 46, widower, division engineer, London Ont., St. Thomas, s/o William John SHAW, b. Brantford & Annie Dick MacPHERSON, married Hattie Frances FERGUSON, 24, church secretary, Yarmouth twp., St. Thomas, d/o Archibald D. FERGUSON, b. Elgin Co & Margaret SMITH, witn: Donald H. FERGUSON of Dunnville & Augusta SWAYZE of St. Thomas, 3 Feb 1926 at St. Thomas
34115-26 Claris Merritt SILCOX, 24, butter maker, Southwold twp., same, s/o Edgar SILCOX, b. Southwold twp & Kate ALLWORTH, married Mary Louise MacTAVISH, 27, Camal? Elgin Co., Southwold twp., d/o John A. McTAVISH, b. Cawal - Dunwich twp & Margaret BURWELL, witn: Miss Louise BURWELL of Los Angeles & Hilton SILCOX of Frome, 28 July 1926 at res of bride's father, Southwold twp 34116-26 Leon SIMPSON, 24, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Lewis SIMPSON, b. Elgin Co Ont & Matilda NEFF, married Thelma Mae WHITCROFT, 25, Malahide, same, d/o Edward WHITCROFT, b. Ont & Sarah FARIBROTHER, witn: Willis WHITCROFT & Gladys CROSBY, both of Aylmer, 15 Sept 1926 at Luton
34117-26 Wilfred SKELDING, 25, laborer, Yarmouth twp., St. Thomas, s/o James Alexander SKELDING, b. Wallacetown Ont & Mary Ann HAYSTEAD, married Nellie Vera WILKINSON, 22, Thamesville Ont., St. Thomas, d/o Harvey Louis WILKINSON Sr. , b. Norfolk Co Ont & Margaret Eleanor STANSTELL, witn: Florence Ethel WILKINSON of Courtland & Harvey Louis WILKINSON Jr. of St. Thomas, 27 Aug 1926 at Grace United Church, St. Thomas 34118-26 Frank SMELTZER, 26, railway fireman, Dunnville, St. Thomas, s/o Frank SMELTZER, b. Buffalo NY & Naomi STEWART, married Mabel Elsie Lavinia GRUNDY, 18, telephone operator, England, St. Thomas, d/o Richard Lovette GRUNDY, b. Nottingham England & Eliza Wilson NAISH, witn: John Fred BARNHART & Nellie Irene SMELTZER, both of St. Thomas, 16 April 1926 at St. Thomas
34119-26 Frederick William SMITH, 44, widower, railway employee, Malahide twp., St. Thomas, s/o Frederick William SMITH, b. Talbotville & Katharine WILSON, married Jennie Elizabeth NARCS, 27, St. John NB, London, d/o James NARCS, b. St. John NB & Marion WOOD, witn: Ethel & Hugh PAYNE of St. Thomas, 12 Jan 1926 at St. Thomas 34120-26 Goldwin Admiral SMITH, 27, farmer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o George E. SMITH, b. Pelham twp & Annie E. BOBIER, married Mary Susan Urene CHAPMAN, 18, domestic, Dunwich twp., same, d/o William John CHAPMAN, b. Seneca twp & Ellen WILSON, witn: Gordon & Effie LUNN of RR1 Fingal, 3 Nov 1926 at St. Thomas
34121-26 Leonard Eugene SMITH, 33, laborer, Inwood Ont., Iona Station, s/o William SMITH, b. Dorchester Ont & Elizabeth HONEY, married Josephine McKILLOP, 35, widow, Aylmer, Iona Station, d/o Joseph BAXTER, b. Richmond Michigan & Lydia Jane McMILLAN, witn: Elva McNALLY & Etta KIRKPATRICK, both of St. Thomas, 27 March 1926 at St. Thomas [divorced 1 Oct 1932 at St. Thomas] 34122-26 Melville Garfield SMITH, 18, farmer, St. Thomas, Southwold twp., s/o Melville SMITH, b. Iona? Ont. & Nellie CULVER, married Susie Elizabeth LAMPMAN, 18, Southwold twp., same, d/o Darius Ristus LAMPMAN, b. Southwold twp & Eva BOUGHNER, witn: Alfred BOUGHNER of Southwold Station & Dorothy BLACKMAN of RR7 St. Thomas, 17 Dec 1926 at St. Thomas
34123-26 Norman SMITH, 22, laborer, Norfolk Co., Tilsonburg, s/o Clifford SMITH, b. Middleton twp & Lucretia BUNKER, married Amelia Elizabeth NELSON, 19, England, Tilsonburg, d/o Herbert Joseph NELSON, b. London England & Elizabeth BONHAM, witn: Thomas R. & Mrs. Thomas BERRY of Tilsonburg, 16 Sept 1926 at Springfield 34124-26 Sherman Avery SMITH, 23, weigh master at steel works, Sparta Ont., Buffalo NY, s/o Squire SMITH, b. Cayuga Ont & Laura FLEMING, married Myrtle Irene CARTER, 18, telephone operator, Dunboyne - Malahide twp., Yarmouth twp., d/o William CARTER, b. Oxford Co & Mary AUCKLAND, witn: Harold CARTER of St. Thomas & Ruth GREER of Sparta, 30 Jan 1926 at Sparta
34125-26 William Clark SMITH, 25, laborer, Dundee Scotland, St. Thomas, s/o Alexander SMITH, b. Scotland & Mary CLARKE, married Teresa May POWER, 26, operator, Smithville Ont., St. Thomas, d/o Daniel POWER, b. Oshawa Ont & Elizabeth DILTZ, witn: Henrietta R. CLARK & Elizabeth HARDING, both of St. Thomas, 18 June 1926 at St. Thomas 34126-26 Ernest Irl SPRY, 22, hardware clerk, Ontario, 1026 Queen St. West in Toronto, s/o John SPRY, b. England & Mary CORNISH, married Jennett Gertrude BROOKS, 21, Ontario, St. Thomas, d/o James B. BROOKS, b. Ont & Jane SERVICE, witn: Thomas GILMOUR & Mrs. Thomas GILMOUR, both of St. Thomas, 15 Feb 1926 at St. Thomas
34128-26 Harvey STAFFORD, 22, automobile repair man, Aylmer, 85 St. Catherine St. in St. Thomas, s/o Neil STAFFORD, b. Aylmer & Ellan BUSTON, married Stella May TURBUTT, 20, employee in box factory, St. Thomas, same, d/o Samuel TURBUTT, b. England & Eliza LOONIES, witn: Joe PRIEMO? & Mary WAITE, both of St. Thomas, 5 July 1926 at St. Thomas 34127-26 Charles Colin STAFFORD, 21, farmer, Yarmouth, Malahide, s/o Charles C. STAFFORD, b. Jaffa - Malahide twp & Alice HOWSE, married Edna May WILLIAMS, 18, Malahide, same, d/o Walter Leroy WILLIAMS, b. Malahide & Ella CUDNEY, witn: Mrs. Albert GRAVES of London & Mrs. Walter WILLIAMS of Aylmer, 21 April 1926 at Aylmer West
34129-26 Ronald D. STICKNEY, 28, carpenter, Chicago, Detroit, s/o E.C. STICKNEY, b. Ont & Annie CAMPBELL, married Clare BATE, 30, Norfolk Co., Bayham twp., d/o John BATE, b. Ont & Amelia KERRIDGE, witn: Max STICKNEY of Dearborn Mich & Miss Erie SOPER of Straffordville, 19 Oct. 1926 at Bayham twp 34130-26 William James Ross STOKES, 21, brakeman, St. Thomas, 78 Forest Ave in St. Thomas, s/o William STOKES, b. Fingal & Ella Maria ROSS, married Ruby Muriel GRAYLING, 18, employee at Monarch Knitting Co., England, 15 Fifth Ave in St. Thomas, d/o Arthur GRAYLING, b. England & Alice Louise GASPER (Casper?), witn: Archie Frank & Leila M. GRAYLING of 15 Fifth Ave in St. Thomas, 6 April 1926 at 15 Fifth Ave., St. Thomas
34131-26 Arnold Glen STORMS, 20, tinsmith, Southwold Station, Port Stanley, s/o Norman STORMS, b. Elgin Co & Sarah NICHOLS, married Mabel DICKIE, 20, Tilsonburg, same, d/o Allen DICKIE, b. Ont & Mary PALMER, witn: Earl & Mrs. Earl MacKENZIE of Port Stanley, 25 Dec 1926 at Port Stanley  
34132-26 Percy Edward TAYLOR, 24, machinist's helper, Toronto, 1 Meda St. in St. Thomas, s/o Edward James TAYLOR, b. Georgetown & Kate WILBEY, married Elizabeth FELLOWES, 24, England, Yarmouth twp., d/o Charles FELLOWES, b. England & Hannah HILLMAN, witn: Hugh Keith DOHERTY of 81 St. Catherines St. & Hazel Annie TAYLOR of 55 Manitoba St., both St. Thomas, 16 Oct. 1926 at St. Thomas 34133-26 Edwin Cleiland THIEL, 24, electrician, Fullerton Co. (sic) Ont., Wellington St. in St. Thomas, s/o Adam THIEL, b. Canada & Whilmena SCHRADER, married Gladys Lily ANDERSON, 21, floor lady, North East London England, Manitoba St. in St. Thomas, s/o William ANDERSON, b. England & Lily E. LING, witn: Mr. & Mrs. A. IRWIN of 57 Manitoba St., 1 Jan 1926 at 14 Balaclava St. in St. Thomas,
34134-26 Richard Green THOMPSON, 24, telegraph operator, Holland twp., St. Thomas, s/o James THOMPSON, b. Canada & Ellen GREEN, married Muriel Evelyn BLACK, 22, cashier, Southwold twp., same, d/o John Robert BLACK, b. Canada & Alma Levina CAMPBELL, witn: Elda M. SEARLE of St. Thomas & Ida B. DORES of set, 9 Oct. 1926 at Southwold twp 34135-26 Robert P. THOMSON, 30, farmer, West Nissouri, Blanshard twp., s/o Robert P. THOMSON, b. West Nissouri & Janet SANDERSON, married Christena J. HENDERSON, 29, Blanshard twp., same, d/o William HENDERSON, b. Blanshard twp & Maria MacDONALD (both deceased), witn: Norman HENDERSON & Agnes THOMPSON, both of St. Marys, 23 Dec 1926 at Lyons
34136-26 Louis Elmer THURSTON, 32, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o Edward THURSTON, b. Straffordville & Jennie DEFOE, married Lulu MOORE, 23, teacher, Bayham, same, d/o Sidney MOORE, b. Malahide & Clara RIBBLE, witn: Mary & Basil THURSTON of Straffordville, 1 May 1926 at Corinth 34137-26 William Eric TOMKINS, 26, musician, England, 32 Wilson Ave in St. Thomas, s/o William John TOMKINS, b. London England & Florence Mary VIDLER, married Clara Grace STEWART, 19, St. Thomas, 144 Balaclava St. in St. Thomas, d/o Louis Francis STEWART, b. Hagersville & Georgina NUNNEY, witn: J.S. McCARTY & T. CRANDALL, both of St. Thomas, 7 Aug 1926 at St. Thomas
34138-26 Harold Sidney TUFF, 25, gardener, England, St. Thomas, s/o John TUFF, b. Russia & Florence E. ALLEN, married Ada HEWBANK, 22, Malahide, same, d/o William HEWBANK, b. Yorkshire England & Annie FISHER, witn: Stewart ELVIDGE & Lizzie HEWBANK, both of Aylmer, 22 Sept 1926 at Aylmer 34139-26 William George Edwin TURNER, 21, employee of Nursery Shoe Co., England, 191 Talbot St. in St. Thomas, s/o George R. TURNER, b. Devonshire England & Lily Jane DYER, married Maud GROVES, 16, Springfield, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas GROVES, b. Ireland & Julia H. NORWOOD, witn: Lily J. TURNER of 191 Talbot St. & Leonard GROVES of St. Catherines St., 1 May 1926 at Elizabeth St., St. Thomas
34140-26 Allen LeRoy VANCE, 32, stenographer, St. Thomas, 114 Edgewood St. in Jackson Mich., s/o John VANCE, b. Shakespeare Ont & Elizabeth TRENDEL, married Harriet Rosella SANDERSON, 29, London Ont., St. Thomas, d/o William K. SANDERSON, b. Galt & Frances REEVES, witn: Eleanor VANCE & Amy SANDERSON, both of St. Thomas, 2 Oct. 1926 at St. Thomas 34141-26 Philip VAUGHAN, 21, Port Burwell, same, s/o Ezakiah VAUGHAN, b. Houghton twp & Mary MATTHEWS, married Minnie ECKER, 18, St. Thomas, Port Burwell, d/o William Henry ECKER, b. Eden Ont & Anna Bell BRISTOL, witn: Byron H. & Mrs. Winnie SHARPE of Port Burwell, 2 June 1926 at Port Burwell
34142-26 Edward Percy VERRELL, 29, clerk, Croydon England, 9 Charles St. in St. Thomas, s/o Edward Ambrose VERRELL, b. England & Ada Ann MARTIN, married Elizabeth BROWN, 29, shoe dresser, Hackney England, 12 Mill St. in St. Thomas, d/o Albert Edward BROWN, b. England & Ellen Matilda WESCOTT, witn: R.W. BROWN of St. Thomas & Lillian Frances BURNICKE of Niles Michigan, 1 Jan 1926 at St. Thomas 33902-26 Carl Bale VOADEN, 24, farmer, London, St. Thomas, s/o Arthur VOADEN, b. Elgin Co. & Lucy BALE, married Verda Idella FERGUSON, 20, school teacher, St. Thomas, same, d/o Ira W. FERGUSON, b. Elgin Co. & Pansy A. PURSER, witn: Harman A. VOADEN & Leda B. FERGUSON, both of St. Thomas, 5 Jun 1926 at St. Thomas
34143-26 Albert Cornwell WALKER, 27, machinist, Windsor Ont., St. Thomas, s/o Harry WALKER, b. Canada & Kathleen DERNNEN, married Ruby Pearl STANSELL, 25, clerk, Houghton twp., St. Thomas, d/o Henry A. STANSELL, b. Canada & Sarah BROWN, witn: Allan WALKER of Dearborn Mich. & Lila A. GRIFFIN of Detroit, 16 June 1926 at St. Thomas 34144-26 Alex N. WALKER, 36, farmer, Dunwich twp., same, s/o Duncan WALKER, b. Scotland & Janet THOMPSON, married Mary BUCHANAN, 41, Dunwich twp., same, d/o Duncan BUCHANAN, b. On & Sarah CRAWFORD, witn: Ronald WALKER & Duncan C. JOHNSON, both of Crenan, 23 June 1926 at Aldborough twp
34145-26 Walter James WALKER, 32, merchant, Elgin Co., Lawrence Station, s/o John D. WALKER, b. Elgin Co & Elizabeth ALLISON, married Fannie Jane HATHAWAY, 34, Dunwich twp., Iona Station, d/o Norris HATHAWAY, b. Elgin Co & Elizabeth TUFFIN, witn: Ethel ALLISON of Muirkirk & Sam HATHAWAY of Iona Station, 14 July 1926 at Port Stanley 34146-26 Ivan Hugh WARREN, 25, farmer, South Dorchester, North Dorchester, s/o Hugh WARREN, b. Canada & Jessie FOSTER, married Gladys May BROOKS, 22, South Dorchester, same, d/o John T. BROOKS, b. Canada & Selina Jane SCOFFIN, witn: Vera B. WARREN of Niagara Falls NY & Dora SCOFFIN of Springfield, 16 June 1926 at South Dorchester twp
34147-26 Alfred James WAY, 20, laborer, Tilbury East, Blenheim - Kent Co, s/o Isaac James WAY, b. Blenheim Ont & Ruth Elizabeth ALLWRIGHT, married Lila May BARBER, 21, Aldborough twp., West Lorne, d/o Joseph BARBER, b. Aldborough twp & Annie Mabel HOLLAND, witn: Wilbert Rodger WAY of Blenheim & Annie Ruth BARBER of West Lorne, 1 Sept 1926 at West Lorne 34148-26 Joseph Thomas WELCH, 26, farmer, Aldborough twp., Mosa twp., s/o William Wesley WELCH, b. Largie Ont. & Annie NEWBIGGING, married Mabel Victoria WATSON, 24, Palmerston twp., Mosa twp., d/o William James WATSON, b. Ont & Mary GORR, witn: Mary FINDLAY & Catherine SIMPSON, both of RR1 West Lorne, 6 July 1926 at Crinan
34149-26 William Henry WESTON, 23, farmer, Ingersoll, Dunwich twp., s/o Harry WESTON, b. London Ont & Jennie MITCHENER, married Ethel May LEITCH, 17, domestic, Dunwich twp., same, d/o Albert LEITCH, b. Scotland & Mary Jane GOWANLOCK, witn: Edith PULLEN & Iva H. HICKS, both of St. Thomas, 2 Nov 1926 at St. Thomas 34150-26 Ernest Harold WHITTINGHAM, 26, railway brakeman, Wallacetown Ontario., St. Thomas, s/o John E. WHITTINGHAM, b. England & Alice Jane LEVERINGTON, married Florence Louise WATLING, 20, St. Thomas, same, d/o Charles WATLING, b. London Ont & Nellie ANGUS, witn: Patrick Joseph SHARKEY & Helen Marie SMITH, both of St. Thomas, 28 July 1926 at St. Thomas
34151-26 Lloyd Edmund WIGLE, 32, farmer, Gosfield twp., same, s/o Edmund J. WIGLE, b. Essex Co & Ella PATTON, married Hazel Luella TAYLOR, 29, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o Allen TAYLOR, b. North Yarmouth & Elizabeth C. CROCKER, witn: Irwin? WIGLE of Kingsville & Clarence TAYLOR of St. Thomas, 23 Jan. 1926 at Yarmouth twp 34152-26 William Henry WILKINSON, 25, shipping clerk, Courtland Ont., 56 Flora St. in St. Thomas, s/o Harvey WILKINSON, b. Courtland Ont., & Margaret STANSELL, married Dorothy Irene REAUME, 19, St. Thomas, 16 Catherine St. in St. Thomas, d/o Azup? REAUME, b. Tilbury Ont & Marie DUPUIS, witn: Wilfred SHELDING? & Vera Nellie WILKINSON, both of St. Thomas, 15 May 1926 at Yarmouth Centre
34155-26 John WILSON, 60, gentleman, Ontario, Georgetown, s/o John WILSON, b. England & Hannah GASTLE, married Alta May ABELL, 33, widow, Ontario, Aylmer, d/o John RICHARDSON, b. Ont & Emily ROWE, witn: A. Earl RICHARDSON & Mrs. HALE, both of Aylmer, 1 Sept 1926 at Aylmer 34156-26 John Byron WILSON, 64, widower, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o J.B. WILSON, b. Charlotteville & Mary COLE, married Agnes Jennie CURTIS, 56, widow, Charlotteville, Whittamore, d/o Andrew CHIPPS, b. Windham twp & Agnes WILSON, witn: Stanley G. WILSON of Aylmer & Bessie E. JOHNSON of Whittamore Michigan, 11 Feb. 1926 at Aylmer
34153-26 Charles WILSON, 28, laborer, Halton Co., West Lorne, s/o David Jeffery WILSON, b. Halton Co & Elizabeth THURSTON, married Gertrude Irene CADOGAN, 27, Dunwich twp., West Lorne, d/o William Addison CADOGAN, b. Norfolk Co & Mary Hannah JENNINGS, witn: Bertha B. HOLLAND & Harold THOMPSON, both of West Lorne, 22 Oct 1926 at Church of illegible, Dutton 34154-26 Clifford Leslie WILSON, 20, farmer, Inwood Ont., West Lorne, s/o David WILSON, b. Halton Co & Elizabeth THURSTON, married Hazel Sarah GAMMON, 16, Byron Ont., West Lorne, d/o Edwin GAMMON, b. Essex Co & Ethel BELL, witn: Harold THOMSON & Irene WILSON, both of West Lorne, 27 Oct. 1926 at West Lorne
34157-26 Henry Leroy WILTON, 24, farmer, Ontario, Dutton, s/o John WILTON, b. Ont & Bertha C. SMOKE, married Elizabeth ACKER, 20, Ontario, Canboro, d/o Moses ACKER & Louisa, witn: Barbara SAUNDERS & May K. McCONNELL, both of Dutton, 1 Feb 1926 at Dutton 34158-26 Harold WILTSE, 47, stationary engineer, Otterville, St. Thomas, s/o Harry WILTSE, b. Otterville & Sarah DURKEY, married Orpha Gertrude ROBINSON, 42, widow, Teeterville, St. Thomas, d/o Alexander McQUEEN, b. Port Dover & Henry (sic) DUNLOP, witn: Mrs. J. EDMONDS & Elizabeth HARDING, both of St. Thomas, 18 March 1926 at St. Thomas
34159-26 Clarence Ray WINTER, 32, inspector, Richmond Ont., Richmond St. in Chatham, s/o John L. WINTER, b. Canada & Mary ARCHER, married Lea Victoria TURNER, 31, Chatham twp., 218 Adelaide St. in Chatham, d/o Nelson TURNER, b. Canada & Dorcas WRIGGENT, witn: M.L. & J.P. LA FLAIR of Aylmer, 13 May 1926 at Aylmer 34160-26 John S. WINTERMUTE, 64, widower, carpenter, Bayham twp., St. Thomas, s/o Thomas WINTERMUTE, b. Dereham & Mary Ann SMITH, married Carrie ANQUETIL, 58, widow, Toronto, St. Thomas, d/o Philip MILLGATE, b. Wales England & Elizabeth SIMMS, witn: J.W. YOUNG & Mary S. WARDLE, both of St. Thomas, 25 Aug. 1926 at St. Thomas
34161-26 Harold Frank WOOD, 21, salesman, Malahide twp., St. Thomas, s/o John WOOD, b. Aylmer & Bertha PRECOOR, married Leone Madeline RYCROFT, 21, bookkeeper, St. Thomas, same, d/o Thomas William RYCROFT, b. Ont & Lenore ROYCE, witn: Mrs. Edith MILLER & Louisa A. GOULD, both of St. Thomas, 28 July 1926 at St. Thomas 34162-26 Joseph WOOD, 31, clerk, Brantford, 9200 Mack Ave in Detroit, s/o Joseph WOOD, b. Australia & Mary LEAKER, married Cora Irene O'BRIEN, 29, teacher, Aylmer, same, d/o Robert O'BRIEN, b. Aylmer & Catherine DUGGAN, witn: Catherine O'BRIEN of Aylmer & Mary WOOD of Brantford, 2 Aug 1926 at Aylmer
34163-26 Leslie Maurice WOOD, 24, bee keeper, New York City, Shedden, s/o Douglas WOOD, b. New York NY & Bertyl ALOOFE?, married Catherine L. FRANCIS, 21, stenographer, Shedden, same, d/o William FRANCIS, b. Wexford Ireland & Margaret J. ROBINSON, witn: Catherine & R. FRANCIS of St. Thomas, 17 July 1926 at Grace United parsonage, St. Thomas 34164-26 William John YOUNG, 34, farmer, Spokane Washington, Port Stanley, s/o Freeman YOUNG, b. Canada & Ellen McKENZIE, married Annie BURTON, 39, widow, Wallacetown, Port Stanley, d/o Thomas CAMPBELL, b. Ireland & Nancy BARBER, witn: A. M. PARKER of Paynes Mills & D. McINTYRE of Port Stanley, 11 Nov 1926 at St. Thomas