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Elgin Co., 1927

birth place is given before residence


9648-27 Carling Holmes ALCOCK, 30, farmer, Uxbridge twp., same, s/o John W. ALCOCK, b. Uxbridge & Priscilla Victoria RUSNELL, married Alice Evelyn CARROLL, 30, teacher, Lawrence Station - Elgin Co., Iona Station, d/o George CARROLL, b. Armagh Ireland & Sarah Elizabeth HUMPHRIES, witn: Finley George CARROLL of Iona & Florence SHRIER of Kerwood, 9 July 1927 at Shedden  
9649-27 Howard ANDERSON, 23, mechanic, Norfolk Co., Detroit, s/o Clarence ANDERSON, b. Ont & Mary A. DOWSWELL, married Stella COOK, 22, Elgin Co., Aylmer, d/o Harvey COOK, b. Ont & Ida MOORE, witn: Mary COOK of Corinth & Stanley KER of Brownsville, 29 Jan 1927 at Aylmer 9650-27 Morley ANDERSON, 22, painter, Aylmer, same, s/o Charles ANDERSON, b. Malahide & Flossie BEEMER, married Grace Mary PERRY, 20, Aylmer, same, d/o Sanford PERRY, b. Malahide & Rachel SCOTT, witn: Elbrie WILLISON & David DALE, both of Aylmer, 31 Dec 1927 at Aylmer
9651-27 Robert Marley ANDERSON, 22, truck driver, Kingsville Ont., London, s/o William ANDERSON, b. England & Annie MARLEY, married Marjorie Viola EDWARDS, 17, London Ont., same, d/o Norman EDWARDS, b. Ont. & Josephine WESTON, witn: Maria BURTON & John CLUTTON, both of St. Thomas, 8 Oct. 1927 at St. Thomas 9652-27 Jeremiah ANNETT, 33, farmer, Southwold twp., same, s/o Charles J. ANNETT, b. Ont & Jennet M. COUGAN, married Florence Beatrice HARVEY, 30, teacher, Raleigh twp., St. George St. in Yarmouth twp, d/o John H. HARVEY, b. Ont & Eliza McDERMID, witn: Mrs. Eliza & Ella Larne HARVEY of St. George St in St. Thomas, 9 Aug. 1927 at Yarmouth twp
9653-27 Roy Norman ARCHER, 31, laborer, Aldborough twp., same, s/o James Hugh ARCHER, b. Euphemia Ont & Annie GILLIES, married Mary Jane COOK, 25, Dawn twp., Aldborough twp., d/o Charles COOK, b. Dunwich & Matilda Ervilla McLEAN, witn: Charles & Ervilla COOK of RR4 Rodney, 23 Aug 1927 at manse, Kintyre, Aldborough twp 9654-27 Albert ARCHIBALD, 47, farmer, Bra--ville? Ont., Yarmouth twp., s/o William ARCHIBALD, b. Fifeshire Scotland & Margaret SMITH, married Hazel Jane EASTERBROOK, 38, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o Daniel EASTERBROOK, b. Yarmouth twp & Mary Ann WICKETT, witn: Fred EASTERBROOK of Yarmouth twp & Francena J. BOUGHNER of St. Thomas, 25 June 1927 at St. Thomas
9655-27 Alex ARMSTRONG, 53, widower, engine wiper on railroad, Haldimand Co., St. Thomas, s/o Joseph ARMSTRONG, b. Grand River - Haldimand Co & Mary LAMBIER, married Annie WILSON, 50, widow, Brighton Ont., St. Thomas, d/o Joseph FENTON, b. Brighton Ont & Hannah BURKE, witn: Agnes & Alex GAGEN of St. Thomas, 16 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas 9656-27 Ross BAGNALL, 25, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Frederick BAGNALL, b. Leicester England & Ellen McCONNELL, married Lena PURDY, 24, Oxford Co., Malahide, d/o James PURDY, b. Bayham & Elmire JENEREAUX, wtn: Jetta BAGNALL of RR4 Aylmer & Cecil PURDY of Corinth, 11 April 1927 at Aylmer
9657-27 James BAKER, 25, laborer, England, East Nissouri, s/o Mark BAKER, b. England & Emily LEECH, married Myrtle Jane MOTT, 20, Ontario, East Nissouri, d/o James MOTT, b. Ont & Caroline HUMPHREY, witn: Fred & Harriet Irene BAKER of Vienna, 17 Dec. 1927 at Bayham twp 9658-27 William Philip BARFETT, 25, hydro employee, England, St. Thomas, s/o William F. BARFETT, b. Devonshire England & Margaret KERR, married Olive Victoria GROSBECK, 19, Dutton Ont., St. Thomas, d/o Daniel GROSBECK, b. Ont & Olive WELSH, witn: Violet SUTTON of Dutton & Frederick BARFETT of St. Thomas, 17 Sept 1927 at not given
9659-27 George William BARNES, 29, garage, Oxford Co., London, s/o Frederick BARNES, b. Ireland & Annie ROOKE, married Mary Leola FITCH, 20, Norfolk Co., Malahide, d/o William FITCH, b. Canada & Jessie BRADENBURY, witn: William & Mrs. William FITCH of Lakeview, 15 Dec 1927 at Malahide twp 9660-27 John Fred BARNHART, 25, railway fireman, Otterville, St. Thomas, s/o John W. BARNHART, b. Port Burwell & Nettie A. LAWRENCE, married Nellie Irene SMELTZER, 22, machine operator, Dunnville, St. Thomas, d/o Frank SMELTZER, b. Buffalo NY & Norma STEWART, witn: Mary K. ROUGH of 89 Hincks St. & M. Jean ROUGH of 113 Curtis St., 18 June 1927 at St. Thomas
9661-27 Lester Arden BATES, 20, fisherman, Port Burwell, same, s/o Mark BATES, b. Ont & Minnie SHIRK, married Vernice Lenore JACKSON, 21, teacher, Port Burwell, same, d/o William JACKSON, b. Ont & Emily SHIPP, witn: Harry & Mrs. Harry WELCH of St. Thomas, 22 March 1927 at St. Thomas 9662-27 Roy Jean BEAUDOIN, 24, salesman, Amherstburg Ont., Windsor, s/o John B. BEAUDOIN & Adelaide DESLIPPE, married May Kathleen BREENE, 32, Dunwich twp., Windsor, d/o John J. BREENE & Margaret O'CONNOR, witn: John William & Hazel BRIEN of Fingal, 19 July 1927 at St. Helens Church, Wallacetown
9663-27 Charles BELL, 32, draftsman, England, Detroit, s/o Frank BELL, b. England & Emma, married Amelia Elizabeth LANG, 26, cashier, St. Thomas, same, d/o John Gilbert LANG, b. Hamilton & Rose BLAIR, witn: Frederick PRING of Bridgeburg & Marjorie LANG of London, 12 Nov 1927 at St. Thomas 9664-27 George Thomas BENNETT, 25, farmer, Staffordshire England, Dunwich, s/o William BENNETT, b. England & Alice DAVIES, married Nellie A. McMULLEN, 25, Dunwich twp., Dunwich, d/o James McMULLEN, b. Dunwich & Ettie A. BLAKE, witn: Margaret DOUGLAS of Wallacetown & Murray McNEIL of Dutton, 24 May 1927 at Dunwich twp
9665-27 Edward Albert BILL, 27, railway fireman, England, St. Thomas, s/o Richard BILL, b. London England & Ada COCKLE, married Elsie May LITTLEWOOD, 23, England, St. Thomas, d/o Edward LITTLEWOOD, b. Staines Middlesex England & Emily MacMASTER, witn: Alice & Robert Joyes NEWTON of St. Thomas, 1 June 1927 at St. Thomas 9666-27 Albert BINNS, 34, railway brakeman, St. Thomas, same, s/o William BINNS, b. Canada & Charlotte FERRIS, married Edith Catherine METCALFE, 21, England, St. Thomas, d/o Alfred METCALFE, b. England & Edith Anna BELL (BALL?), witn: F.E. BINNS & Irene GLEDHILL, both of St. Thomas, 22 June 1927 at St. Thomas
9667-27 Charles Nurton BOBBETT, 41, farmer, Tunbridge Wells - Kent England, Malahide, s/o Stephen James BOBBETT, b. England & Eliza BROWN, married Elizabeth Jane McCRORY, 40, widow, Ballywashy - Co. Antrim Ireland, Malahide, d/o John MARTIN, b. Ireland & Jane WILSON, witn: Muriel A. PHILPOTT of RR2 Aylmer & M. Myrtle STEWART of RR6 Aylmer, 10 Aug 1927 at Malahide twp 9668-27 Francis Albert BOISMIER, 26, carpenter, McGregor Ont., Windsor, s/o Noe BOISMIER & Mary Victoria MAINVILLE, married Mary Lucy DALLAIRE, 20, store clerk, Lake St. John Que., West Lorne, d/o Louis DALLAIRE & Mary DEZIEL, witn: F. Joseph & Mrs. E.J. PELTIER of Walkerville, 9 Aug 1927 at West Lorne
9669-27 Frank BOUGHNER, 25, farmer, Springfield, RR1 Belmont, s/o Richard BOUGHNER, b. Ont & Annie, married Evelyn HAVINGTON, 21, Smiths Falls, Aylmer, d/o John HAVINGTON, b. Ont & Hattie, witn: Mrs. Charles PUTNAM & M.H. GRANT, both of RR2 Springfield, 17 Oct. 1927 at United Church parsonage, not given 9670-27 William John BRADFORD, 19, baker, England, London, s/o Jeffrey BRADFORD, b. England & Beatrice NORTON, married Medora Ellen BAIN, 19, clerk, Michigan, St. Thomas, d/o William BAIN, b. Canada & Alma SHERMAN, witn: Evelyn BAIN of St. Thomas & Ivan GATES of Port Burwell, 14 April 1927 at St. Thomas
9671-27 John BREEN, 34, farmer, Dunwich twp., same, s/o John BREEN & Margaret O'CONNOR, married Kathleen SCHNEKENBURGER, 22, Aldborough twp., same, d/o Christopher SCHNEKENBURGER & Agnes FELKER, wtn: George SCHENKENBURGER of Rodney & Hazel BREEN of RR1 Fingal, 27 Sept 1927 at West Lorne 9672-27 Elmer Henry La Verne BROWN, 19 (on April 8 1927), auto mechanic, St. Thomas, same, s/o Heman David BROWN, b. Tilsonburg Ont & Bertha Elizabeth STEELE, married Jane Turnbull JOHNSTONE, 20, Dunblaine Scotland, St. Thomas, d/o William JOHNSTONE, b. Dunblaine Scotland & Jane INGLIS, witn: B. HOUSEMAN & Mrs. M. RUSSELL, both of St. Thomas, 20 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas
9673-27 Harry Alfred BROWN, 19, section man, West Lorne, same, s/o Charles BROWN, b. Ont & Annie HODGE, married Eva Mae GILBERT, 18, Appin, West Lorne, d/o Morwood GILBERT, b. Ont & Hattie HURLOCH, witn: Minnie McGUIRE & Annie KITELEY, both of West Lorne, 12 Nov 1927 at West Lorne 9674-27 Harvey BROWN, 74, widower, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Nelson BROWN, b. York state & Catherine HAWLEY, married Elizabeth CRANDALL, 62, widow, Malahide, Aylmer, d/o Edward GARTON, b. England & Mary RICHARDSON, witn: Mrs. Harvey MARR? (Mercer?) & Edith SHAW, both of Dunboyne, 24 Feb 1927 at Malahide twp
9675-27 James William BURDAN, 22, farmer, Froomefield Ont., Port Stanley, s/o John Albert BURDAN, b. Sarnia & Mary MARR, married Agnes Myrtle SMITH, 17, Southwold twp., same, d/o John William SMITH, b. Birmingham England & Josephine POTTS, witn: John William SMITH of Port Stanley & Mrs. Edward BLAKE of Fingal, 24 Aug 1927 at Southwold twp 9676-27 William Ernest BURRELL, 24, railway brakeman, Dublin Ireland, St. Thomas, s/o Edward BURRELL, b. Ireland & Mary O'BRIEN, married Margaret Mary Evelyn McLEAN, 20, maid, Southwold twp., St. Thomas, d/o Edward McLEAN, b. Fingal & Mary Jane KEW, witn: Frances BEARD of St. Thomas & James McLEAN of Fingal, 27 Jan 1927 at St. Thomas
9677-27 Robert CAIRNS, 25, boiler maker's helper, Ireland, Yarmouth twp., s/o Thomas CAIRNS, b. Ireland & Isabella MILLER, married Norma Madeline SMALL, 21, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o Emerson SMALL, b. Ont & Mamie MARLATT, witn: Beulah SMALL of Yarmouth twp & Lawrence CHALTON of St. Thomas, 11 May 1927 at St. Thomas 9678-27 Elmer Franklin CAKE, 17, car checker for CNR, London Ont., same, s/o Elias CAKE, b. London Ont & Isabella HOPKINS, married Wininfred Effie BISHOP, 18, Capetown South Africa, Exeter Ont., d/o Arthur BISHOP, b. England & Effie WOODWISS, witn: B. & Isabella HOUSEMAN of St. Thomas, 17 Jan 1927 at St. Thomas
9679-27 Humphrey CAMPBELL, 30, farmer, Dunwich twp., Iona Station, s/o Arch C. CAMPBELL, b. Ont & Regina POLLARD, married Katie CAMPBELL, 25, nurse, Lawrence Station, Thorndale, d/o John D. CAMPBELL, b. Ont & Mary KILLINS, witn: Frank CAMPBELL of RR7 Parkhill & Jennie CAMPBELL of RR1 Iona Station, 11 Nov 1927 at Port Stanley 9680-27 John Matthew CAMPBELL, 27, farmer, Lawrence Station, same, s/o Matthew CAMPBELL, b. Scotland & Fanny KILLINS, married Ethel Christena ALLISON, 32, teacher, Orford Ont., Muirkirk, d/o Peter ALLISON, b. Muirkirk Ont & Mary McKENZIE, witn: Mary THOMSON of St. Thomas & J. CROSSON of Lawrence Station, 19 Oct. 1927 at Port Stanley
9682-27 Goldie John CARROTHERS, 28, railway clerk, Ontario, St. Thomas, s/o George CARROTHERS & Laura SOPER, married Angela Ann McMANUS, 27, Ontario, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas McMANUS & Margaret Ann THORNTON, witn: Eugene PATTEN & Margaret McMANUS, both of St. Thomas, 3 Aug 1927 at St. Thomas 9681-27 Lanson Theodore CARROTHERS, 25, butcher, Westminster twp., Belmont, s/o William CARROTHERS, b. Ont & Maude Isabel SCOTT, married Leola Maude HARKNESS, 20, stenographer, Yarmouth twp., Belmont, d/o Henry HARKNESS, b. Ont & Maude BUCHANAN, witn: Beatrice & Brock HARKNESS of Belmont, 18 June 1927 at Belmont village
9683-27 William CASHMORE, 21, hat maker, Michigan US, Aylmer, s/o Charles CASHMORE, b. Michigan & Margaret, married Ethel May SCOTT, 18, Aylmer, same, foster d/o Thomas MILLARD, b. Ont & Carrie MILLS, witn: Ethel STAFFORD & Thelma STAFFORD, both of Aylmer, 27 July 1927 at Aylmer  
9684-27 Garnet CHAMBERS, 42, painter, Alvinston, Aylmer, s/o Arthur CHAMBERS, b. Malahide & Mary Jane MOORE, married Flossie Kate LEGG, 43, South Dorchester, Aylmer, d/o Samuel LEGG, b. South Dorchester & Eliza SHEPHERD, witn: Henry & Mary McCALL of Imlay CIty Mich., 27 Oct. 1927 at Aylmer 9685-27 Ralph Henry CHAMBERS, 24, inspector, London England, Detroit, s/o Robert CHAMBERS, b. Hampshire England & Louisa BELL, married Joyce SIMPSON, 24, stitcher in shoe factory, England, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas Edward SIMPSON, b. Leicestershire England & Jane BILSON, witn: William James VASSEY of Detroit & Victoria Patricia LOAN of London, 20 June 1927 at St. Thomas
9687-27 William F. CLARK, 22, pressman, St. Thomas, same, s/o Fred Charles CLARK, b. England & Eva CLARK, married Erie May BERDAN, 25, Elgin Co., Detroit, d/o J.C. BERDAN, b. Ont & Anna Bell BERDAN, witn: Jean FERGUSON of Cleveland Ohio & George BERDAN of RR2 Springfield, 2 July 1927 at Lyons 9686-27 Harold Douglas CLARK, 23, farmer, Dunwich twp., Southwold twp., s/o John W. CLARK, b. Dunwich & Laura J. WATERS, married Leta Marguerite KNIGHT, 22, Detroit, Southwold twp., d/o Fred KNIGHT, b. Talbotville & Maud KETTLEWELL, witn: Thelma KNIGHT & Edna KETTLEWELL, both of Talbotville, 10 Aug 1927 at St. Thomas
9688-27 Murray Alexander CLARKE, 22, railway fireman, Wallacetown, St. Thomas, s/o Edward CLARKE, b. Wallacetown & Louise CUSACK, married Marguerite Ann CARNEGIE, 19, Thamesford, St. Thomas, d/o William James CARNEGIE, b. West Lorne & Margaret Ann GILMOUR, witn: Margaret CAMPBELL & Isabel HOUSEMAN, both of St. Thomas, 5 Jan 1927 at St. Thomas 9689-27 Morley Harry CLAUS, 27, farmer, Bayham twp., Vienna, s/o George CLAUS, b. Vienna Ont & Almina SHERMAN, married Hilda Florence ALLEN, 19, England, Malahide, d/o Herbert W. ALLEN, b. Lincolnshire England & Kate SWINGLER, witn: Harry & Clara LUTON of Vienna, 27 Dec 1927 at Aylmer
9690-27 George Gordon COCKBURN, 43, poultry farmer, Colborne Ont., Westminster twp., s/o James COCKBURN, b. Colborne Ont & Jane MIKEL, married Bridget Helena DOOLING, 39, Besner Dam Texas, Westminster twp., d/o William DOOLING, b. Co. Roscommon Ireland, & Annie McNEIL, witn: Marion McCALLUM of St. Thomas & Agnes McCALLUM of Iona Station, 30 May 1927 at St. Thomas 9691-27 Claude Stanley COHOON, 37, motor mechanic, Malahide twp., St. Thomas, s/o E.K. COHOON, b. Ont & Jennie POUND, married Mary PURCELL, 33, stenographer, Aldborough twp., St. Thomas, d/o D.A. PURCELL, b. Ont & Isabel McCALLUM, witn: Helen COHOON of Sparta & Dan GILLIES of St. Thomas, 28 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas
9692-27 Russell John COLE, 22, railway fireman, Springfield, St. Thomas, s/o John COLE, b. Ont & Ida Mae BROWN, married Mary HANAKA, 16, Germany, St. Thomas, d/o John HANAKA, b. Poland & Antonette MAGDZIANZ, witn: John HANAKA & Annie SPECK, both of Hamilton, 18 April 1927 at St. Thomas [divorced 29/7/53] 9693-27 Ernest McMillan COTTER, 28, salesman, Jamaica BWI, 805 Euclid Ave in Toronto, s/o Silvester COTTER, b. Jamaica BWI & Julia COVER, married Alice Mae DENNIE, 24, stenographer, Detroit, St. Thomas, d/o Orrin DENNIE, b. Youngstown NY & Sarah COLTER, witn: Moffat MILLER of 466 Quebec Ave in Toronto & Maude MILES of Aylmer, 5 April 1927 at Aylmer
9694-27 James C. CRANE, 57, real estate, Bayham twp., Aylmer, s/o William CRANE, b. Canada & Sarah Ann BEST, married Hattie Pearl DAVENPORT, 41, Aylmer, same, d/o Charles DAVENPORT, b. England & Jane CRASSEY, witn: C. Leslie CRANE & Annie BARNICOTT, both of Aylmer, 22 Oct 1927 at Aylmer 9695-27 Ernest James CRANFIELD, 22, farmer, London England, Malahide, s/o William James CRANFIELD, b. England & Minnie Louise BODDY, married Nellie HALLIDAY, 25, Wiltshire England, Malahide, d/o Alfred Thomas HALLIDAY, b. England & Edith May BARTLETT, witn: Arthur C. & Edith May HOWE of RR5 Aylmer, 10 Sept 1927 at Aylmer
9696-27 Cyril Walter Joseph CROWE, 22, assistant shipper, Dudley England, St. Thomas, s/o Walter James CROWE, b. England & Sarah HUGHES, married Edith May FRYER, 22, employee of Nursery Shoe Co., Dudley England, St. Thomas, d/o George Edward FRYER, b. England & Sarah HENNESSEY, witn: George CREBAR & Laura DAVIES, both of St. Thomas, 5 Nov 1927 at St. Thomas  
9697-27 James McGinley CUNNINGHAM, 32, manager, Mt. Union PA, Chatham Ont., s/o James H. CUNNINGHAM, b. Gettysburg PA & Abbie M. MOORE, married Leota Emmaline TAYLOR, 29, buyer, St. Thomas, same, d/o Joseph TAYLOR, b. Greenock Scotland & Emma FORD, witn: Joseph TAYLOR & Mrs. D. ROGERS, both of St. Thomas, 15 June 1927 at St. Thomas 9698-27 Austin Roy CURTIS, 28, railroad fireman, St. Thomas, same, s/o James Henry CURTIS & Emma HARVEY, married Nora Marie QUINLAN, 30, stenographer, St. Thomas, same, d/o Stephen QUINLAN & Mary LOWRY, witn: Peter LOWRY & Agnes QUINLAN, both of St. Thomas, 26 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas
9699-27 Stanley DALE, 25, laborer, Henhan? Norfolk England, Aylmer, s/o Abraham DALE, b. England & Annie PARKER, married Lucy ROBINSON, 21, North Walsham England, Aylmer, d/o George ROBINSON, b. England & Florence PAMMENT (Camment?), witn: Maude MILES & William RAWLING, both of Aylmer, 12 Sept 1927 at Aylmer 9700-27 Austen Robert DANN, 27, book keeper, London twp., London, s/o Edward DANN, b. London twp & Katherine McLAREN, married Catherine Eva GUMMETT, 19, England, St. Thomas, d/o Joseph GUMMETT, b. England & Rose Alice GOLDSPEAR, witn: C.C. BUCKSPEAR of London & L.R.C. DAVIES of St. Thomas, 3 Feb 1927 at St. Thomas
9702-27 Herbert DAVIS, 32, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o John DAVIS, b. Malahide & Matilda CAMERY, married Harriett Georgina PEGG, 30, London England, Bayham, d/o George PEGG, b. England & Margaret ATTERBURY, witn: Flossie PHILLIMORE of RR6 Aylmer & Izak PHILLIMORE of RR5 Aylmer, 29 Dec 1927 at Aylmer 9701-27 Arthur DAVIS, 19, farmer, Southwold twp., same, s/o W.H. DAVIS, b. Durham Ont & Mabel HAPSON, married Eva Easta ALWARD, 20, South Dorchester, Yarmouth twp., d/o Hugh ALWARD, b. Walsingham twp & Theresa BOWEN, witn: W.C.C. & Mrs. Mary MOFFAT of Fingal, 21 Feb. 1927 at Fingal
9703-27 Elvin Theodore DEARDORFF, 20, body builder, Bayham twp., Port Burwell, s/o Albert DEARDORFF, b. USA & Lelah CRESS, married Muriel Verona WILSON, 22, Vienna Ont., Port Burwell, d/o David WILSON, b. Canada & Amelia THORNTHWAITE, witn: Wilfrid & Edna WILSON of Port Burwell, 17 Jan 1927 at Bayham twp 9704-27 Lyle Robert DENNIE, 27, pipe fitter, Watertown NY, Windsor, s/o Orrin DENNIE, b. Kingston Ont & Sarah COULTER, married Emily Eleanor SHERRY, 21, stenographer, London Ont., St. Thomas, d/o Robert SHERRY, b. Vienna Ont & Emily HAYLOCK, witn: Marguerite SHERRY of 81 Moore St. & Noble DENNIE of 13 Alma St., 11 June 1927 at St. Thomas
9705-27 Rene DESEURE, 25, farmer, Belgium, Muirkirk, s/o August DESEURE, b. Belgium & Stephase DEDAIRL? , married Elodia POELVOORDE, 20, Belgium, Muirkirk, d/o Cyril POELVOORDE, b. Belgium & Cecilia VANZENBERGE, witn: Alois & Mrs. Alois DESEURE of Muirkirk, 16 Dec 1927 at West Lorne village 9706-27 William Alfred DOAN, 19, farmer, Malahide twp., Yarmouth twp., s/o Morris DOAN, b. Michigan US & Sarah Jane POTTS, married Mabel Geneva ROSE, 16, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o James Nelson ROSE, b. Canada & Kate LEE, witn: William MADDOCK of St. Thomas & Mrs. Kate CALVERT of Union, 13 June 1927 at St. Thomas
9707-27 Fred DONNER, 26, farmer, Mareham Le Fen - Lincolnshire England, Aldborough twp., s/o David DONNER, b. Lincolnshire England & Annie PRESTWILD, married Rose Helen GREENFIELD, 29, Fielding Worth - Lincolnshire England, Aldborough twp., d/o Edwin Curtis GREENFIELD, b. Lincolnshire England & Annie FOWLER, witn: Dugald & Mrs. Dugald LINDSAY of 3rd Con of Aldborough, 18 April 1927 at Aldborough twp 9708-27 Elijah John EDEN, 26, polisher, St. Thomas, same, s/o James EDEN, b. Ont & Harriet BAXTER, married Ethel EDEN, 26, divorced (14 June 1926), Fremont Ohio, same, d/o Samuel STOUT, b. Fremont Ohio & Clara EMRICK, witn: Marjorie & Victor REEVES of St. Thomas, 7 May 1927 at St. Thomas
9709-27 Joseph William EEDY, 51, widower, salesman, London twp., London, s/o Richard EEDY, b. Ireland & Ellen WOLFE, married Olive Gertrude TEEPLE, 23, book keeper, Malahide twp., Aylmer, d/o W.H. TEEPLE, b. Malahide twp & Barbara HARE, witn: George & Russell TEEPLE of Aylmer, 26 Oct. 1927 at Aylmer 9710-27 Lionel EMBERSON, 21, hat factory employee, London England, Aylmer, s/o John EMBERSON, b. London England & Lettie EMBERSON, married Beatrice TUFF, 20, Malahide twp., Aylmer, d/o John TUFF, b. Russia & Florence E. ELLEN, witn: Miss Hazel BAKER & William SEARS, both of Aylmer, 12 April 1927 at Aylmer
9711-27 Richard Arthur ENDRES, 25, shipping clerk, Wales England, Detroit, s/o Ferdinand ENDRES, b. Germany & Friedricke WALTER, married Emma Ethel VOWELS, 22, Ontario, Southwold Station, d/o John VOWELS, b. Ont & Clara BOWEY, witn: Alice Elizabeth VOWELS of Southwold Station & Clarence BAGNALL of RR2 Port Stanley, 20 July 1927 at Port Burwell 9712-27 Ray ERSKINE, 31, laborer, West Lorne, Toledo Ohio, s/o Henry ERSKINE, b. West Lorne & Emma GILBERT, married Clara McMULLEN, 21, Dunwich twp.., same, d/o James McMULLEN, b. Dutton & Ella BLAKE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. James JONES of Wallacetown, 28 Sept 1927 at Wallacetown
9713-27 William EVANS, 62, widower, confectioner, London, same, s/o John EVANS, b. Wales & Catherine DUNNEGAN, married Elsie HOBBS, 32, hosiery looper, London England, London Ont., d/o Harry HOBBS, b. England & Lucy PIERCE, witn: John & Mary SHEEHAN of St. Thomas, 21 April 1927 at St. Thomas 9714-27 James Leston EVERETT, 33, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o William EVERETT, b. Straffordville & Ella RIBBELL, married Alice Madeline BROWN, 19, Bayham, same, d/o Charles Henry BROWN, b. Springfield & Dora CLAUS, witn: Neva Myrtle EVERETT & Clarence LOCKER, both of Straffordville, 28 Dec 1927 at Aylmer
9715-27 Charles Frederick EVERT, 62, widower, Germany, Malahide, s/o John EVERT, b. Germany & Mary SHULTZ, married Ina BASTEDO, 56, widow, Yarmouth, Aylmer, d/o Nelson TEEPLE, b. Ont & Rebecca GRACEY, witn: L & Mrs. L. TEEPLE of Aylmer, 28 April 1927 at Aylmer 9716-27 George Augustus FICHT, 26, entamologist, East Oxford twp. Ont, Lafayette Indiana, s/o James Phineas FICHT, b. Canada & Mary MIGHTON, married Annie Hilda PULFORD, 28, Palgrave - Peel Co., St. Thomas, d/o William PULFORD, b. England & Louise LAVERY, witn: William & Louise PULFORD of St. Thomas, 6 Aug 1927 at St. Thomas
9717-27 Arthur Ernest FIELD, 38, merchant, Metcalfe twp., same, s/o Henry FIELD, b. Toronto & Fannie THOMAS, married Emma Alberta ELLWOOD, 32, Yarmouth twp., Strathroy, d/o Charles ELLWOOD, b. Southwold & Eliza COOK, witn: Madeline GOLDHAWK of Aylmer & Gordon FIELD of Walkers, 12 Jan 1927 at Aylmer 9718-27 Eltham FILLMORE, 37, widower, fireman, Elgin Co., St. Thomas, s/o Edgar FILLMORE, b. Elgin Co & Marguerite MONTERE, married Minnie PICKLES, 43, widow, Ireland, St. Thomas, d/o Robert WILSON, b. Ireland & Kate ARMSTRONG, witn: Mrs. W. WILLIAMS of Aylmer & Eva WILLIAMS of New Hamburg, 15 Jan 1927 at Aylmer
9719-27 Arthur FLETCHER, 28, MCRR car dept., London England, St. Thomas, s/o Albert Edward FLETCHER, b. England & Ann? SEELY, married Gladys May JORDAN, 22, machine operator in shoe factory, Southwold twp., same, d/o John JORDAN, b. illegible Ireland & Annie Elizabeth SHIPMAN, witn: Leslie JORDAN & Florence PETTIT, both of Southwold twp., 16 March 1927 at Southwold twp 9720-27 John William FORD, 22, section laborer, Taylor Ont., Muirkirk, s/o John FORD, b. Duart & Mary Ann GRAHAM, married Mary Eva MacDONALD, 18, stenographer, Duart, Windsor, d/o Alex G. MacDONALD, b. Duart & Mary Eva DAVIDSON, witn: Elva WING & May LAIRD, both of St. Thomas, 11 Feb 1927 at St. Thomas
9721-27 Nathan FOX, 22, clerk, London Ont, London, s/o Joseph?, b. Leeds England & Bertha nee LEXISON?, married Timmie GREMSICK, 18, Poland, St. Thomas, d/o Benjamin, b. Poland & Rebecca, witn: F. SUGARMAN of London & H.M. GREMSICK of Detroit, 2 Jan 1927 at St. Thomas 9722-27 Wilfrid Lee FREEMAN, 23, shipper, Aylmer, St. Thomas, s/o Herbert Ezekiel FREEMAN, b. Aylmer & Effie Idona RICE, married Florence Isabel YOUNG, 25, stenographer, Wales England, St. Thomas, d/o George Frederick YOUNG, b. Wales & Elizabeth Ann THOMAS, witn: George YOUNG of St. Thomas & H.C. FREEMAN of Aylmer, 27 Aug 1927 at St. Thomas
9723-27 William Henry FRY, 30, sinker?, Devonshire England, St. Thomas, s/o Henry FRY, b. Devonshire England & Louisa WEEKS, married Sadie Marguerite ANGER, 23, Bayham twp., St. Thomas, d/o Alva ANGER, b. Aylmer & Nancy CASCADDEN, witn: Arthur & Hazel FREEMAN of St. Thomas, 1 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas 9724-27 Charles Stewart FULTON, 25, machinist, St. Thomas, Windsor, s/o George McPherson FULTON, b. Fingal & Ida May STEWART, married Beatrice Elizabeth LOGAN, 25, nurse, St. Thomas, same, d/o John Arthur LOGAN, b. Ingersol & Mary Selina GOODES, witn: Joseph GARDNER of St. Thomas & Mildred S. BUILDER of Buffalo NY, 3 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas
9725-27 George William GARROD, 46, widower, Disciples minister, St. Thomas, same, s/o John Robert GARROD, b. London England & Harriet AUSTIN, married Margaret Anna BRADT, 38, Yarmouth twp., Malahide, d/o Joseph BRADT, b. Wainfleet twp & Mary E. PEART, witn: Mary & Harold ACKERT of Aylmer, 27 April 1927 at Malahide twp 9726-27 Marven Henry GATECLIFFE, 21, clerk, London twp., St. Thomas, s/o Richard Henry GATECLIFFE, b. London Ont & Ann Elizabeth FELKER (Fetter?), married Evelyn Audrey LINDSAY, 19, Bayham twp., Aylmer, d/o George William LINDSAY, b. Corinth Ont., witn: George SCARSBROOK & Eliza Olive LINDSAY, both of London, 21 April 1927 at St. Thomas
9727-27 John GLIDDON, 68, widower, blacksmith, Devon England, Union, s/o Samuel GLIDDON, b. Devonshire England & Eliza ALLISON, married Sarah DOYLE, 57, widow, Aldborough twp., Rodney, d/o Duncan McPHAIL, b. Glasgow Scotland & Isabel BOYLE, witn: John & Catherine MILLER of Rodney, 8 Dec 1927 at Rodney 9728-27 John Russell GLIDDON, 27, teacher, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o John GLIDDON, b. England & Mary BAKER?, married Iris Josephine KING, 20, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o J.O. KING, b. Yarmouth & Bertha BAILEY, witn: M. GLIDDON of Union & M. KING of London, 1 Jan 1927 at Yarmouth twp
9729-27 William H. GLOIN, 31, section man, Yarmouth, same, s/o Emery GLOIN, b. Yarmouth & Annie HARRIS, married Helen Kathleen POWERS, 19, Malahide, Yarmouth, d/o Ernest POWERS, b. Jaffa & Myrtle CAR?, witn: Cyril A. JOHNSON of St. Thomas & Anita M. FOSTER of London, 10 Nov 1927 at parsonage, New Sarum 9730-27 Albert John GODDARD, 25, boiler maker, London England, St. Thomas, s/o Albert H. GODDARD, b. England & Alice HORGAN, married Erie Hazel ESSELTINE, 24, Houghton Ont., St. Thomas, d/o William ESSELTINE, b. Houghton & Effie HALBURT, witn: C.J. & Orpha KEW of St. Thomas, 1 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas
9731-27 William GOFF, 55, widower, farmer, Delaware Ont., Dereham twp., s/o David GOFF, b. USA & Hannah BOLTON, married Charlotte DICKHOUT, 40 (b. 3 July 1887), widow, Scotland, Belmont, d/o Edward BRENNAR, b. Aberdeen Scotland & Mary STRACHAN, witn: Mrs. Ada LAVIS & Donald LAVIS, both of Port Stanley, 1 Oct 1927 at Port Stanley 9732-27 William Albert GORDON, 31, carpenter, Bothwell, Mt. Brydges, s/o Thomas GORDON, b. Ont & Elizabeth SANDS, married Jennie Agnes WILSON, 30, nurse, Halton Co., West Lorne, d/o David Jeffery WILSON, b. Halton Co Ont & Elizabeth THURSTON, witn: Mrs. Charles WILSON & Gladys Irene WILSON, both of West Lorne, 8 March 1927 at West Lorne
9734-27 Russell GORVETT, 29, railway brakeman, Sparta, St. Thomas, s/o Edward GORVETT, b. Sparta & Elizabeth NEVILL, married Georgina MacPherson MARTIN, 30, teacher, St. Thomas, same, d/o William H. MARTIN, b. Selkirk Ont & Isabel Lumsden McPHERSON, witn: Janet MARTIN & Lyle BUTLER, both of St. Thomas, 24 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas 9733-27 Hellmuth Ruvine GORVETT, 21, farmer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o Fred GORVETT, b. Yarmouth twp & Ida MEADOWS, married Kathaleen SHELLEY, 21, Union, same, d/o George SHELLEY, b. Port Colborne Ont & Ida MINARD, witn: Irene TESKEY of Springfield & Clarence FISHLEIGH of Sparta, 11 June 1927 at St. Thomas
9735-27 William Alexander GRAHAM, 21, thrasher, Aldborough twp., same, s/o Alexander Edward GRAHAM, b. Aldborough & Annie GRUNDY, married Eva Myrtle HERR, 17, Ridgetown, same, d/o Noah HERR, b. Orford twp, & Margaret Jane SMITH, witn: M.G. McMASTER of Wardsville & Hobig? ROBINS of Rodney, 1 July 1927 at Aldborough twp  
9736-27 Milton Murray GRAY, 27, truck driver, Port Stanley, Aylmer, s/o George GRAY, b. Aberdeen Scotland & Margaret MARTIN, married Erva Loretta CUDNEY, 21, Arenac? Co USA, Aylmer, d/o Walter CUDNEY, b. Fergus & Rosella MAUD, witn: Mary CUDNEY of Aylmer & Marion DUNLOP of Toronto, 15? April 1927 at Aylmer 9737-27 John Stewart GREY, 25, machinist, St. Thomas, same, s/o John GREY, b. Aldborough & Janet Ann STEWART, married Vera Ellen KELLY, 20, Aldborough twp., same, d/o William KELLY, b. Aldborough twp & Ella WOODS, witn: John GREY of 23 Hembert? St. & Lily Margaret KELLY of Rodney, 3 Sept 1927 at Rodney
9738-27 Henry Edward HAINES, 28, truck driver, Ridgetown, same, s/o William James HAINES, b. Canada & Barbara KIERTER?, married Elsie Amelia EVANS, 27, Rodney, Ridgetown, d/o Arthur James EVANS, b. Canada & Lottie LOGAN, witn: Foxie C. & Ellen DUNDAS of St. Thomas, 3 Jan 1927 at St. Thomas 9739-27 Albert HAMMERSLEY, 25, dispatcher, England, London, s/o Edward Ernest HAMMERSLEY, b. England & Ellen SALT, married Diamond HUGHES, 25, England, St. Thomas, d/o Edward HUGHES, b. England & Jane MAJOR, witn: H.S. WOODWARD & Marjorie WILSON, both of St. Thomas, 21 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas
9740-27 Archie Scott HARE, 29, farmer, Aylmer, Malahide, s/o William HARE, b. Ottawa Ont & Carrie FULLER, married Edna Pearl MAHAR, 25, South Dorchester same, d/o William MAHAR, b. Simcoe Co & Annie SMITH, witn: Aleta Mary SIMPSON & Gary FULLER, both of Aylmer, 30 Aug 1927 at Aylmer 9741-27 William Richard HARRIS, 18, England, Yarmouth Heights, s/o Richard HARRIS, b. England & Harriet TUCK, married Pansy Mildred SARGENT, 17, Yarmouth twp., Yarmouth Heights, d/o James Oscar SARGENT, b. Canada & Bertha Kate HOELF?, witn: Nellie TIMSON & Elizabeth HAMMOND, both of St. Thomas, 12 March 1927 at St. Thomas
9743-27 Harry Edward HARVEY, 28, sign painter, London England, St. Thomas, s/o Harry Edward HARVEY, b. London England & Priscilla TARGET, married Ethel May SCHRAM, 26, nurse, St. Williams Ont, St. Thomas, d/o Peter SCHRAM, b. Simcoe Ont & Mary TATE, witn: Arthur GARDNER & Mrs. Mary FLUELING, both of St. Thomas, 21 April 1927 at St. Thomas 9744-27 James Henry HAWKINS, 38, widower, wheel press man, St. Thomas, same, s/o John Bartholomew HAWKINS, b. England & Elizabeth TEW, married Beatrice Alexandria HOPKINS, 26, widow, St. Thomas, same, d/o William Henry FOLLICK, b. Ont & Mary Jane WAITE, witn: Eva CHATER & Mary WAITE, both of St. Thomas, 21 April 1927 at St. Thomas
9745-27 Harold Ernest HELD, 30, industrial illegible, Detroit, same, s/o Charles J. HELD deceased, b. Germany & Ida PAPKE, married Alice Irene HALBORN, 21, Shedden, same, d/o Charles HALBORN, b. Ont & Alice Maud PLAIN, witn: Malcolm CAMPBELL & Viola J. HELD, both of Detroit, 14 June 1927 at Southwold twp 9742-27 Edward Lloyd HERRON, 21, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o James HERRON, b. Canada & Edith NESBITT, married Annie May BALL, 18, Houghton, same, d/o William BALL, b. Canada & Clara HANEY, witn: Harry AUSTIN of Woodhouse & Etta HERRON of Bayham twp., 19 Feb. 1927 at Port Burwell
9746-27 Herbert HEWITT, 26, railway fireman, Port Burwell, St. Thomas, s/o Robert Henry HEWITT, b. Pembroke twp & Hannah Julia GATES, married Ivy Annie REED, 21, London England, St. Thomas, d/o Horace REED, b. Deptford England & Amelia Sarah MILLS, witn: Amelia Sarah REED & illegible HEWITT, both of St. Thomas, 28 Feb. 1927 at St. Thomas 9747-27 Veil HILTS, 21, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o Berton HILTS, b. Straffordville & Lois SIMMONS, married Ellen FERRIS, 19, Houghton, same, d/o John FERRIS, b. Houghton & Grace MAGEE, witn: Morley & Tressa BALCOM of Bayham, 17 Nov 1927 at Bayham twp
9748-27 George Thomas HOBDEN, 23, boiler maker's helper, England, St. Thomas, s/o George HOBDEN, b. England & Elizabeth HAZZEL, married Sarah Louise BARNES, 19, employee of Monarch Knitting Co., St. Thomas, same, d/o Frank Rigley BARNES, b. England & Sarah PHILLIPS, witn: Herbert BARNES & Iva H. HICKS, both of St. Thomas, 7 June 1927 at St. Thomas 9749-27 Robert Corson HORNAL, 21, farmer, Orford twp., same, s/o Robert HORNAL, b. Orford & Jane LAHORE, married Marjorie Bell SPENCE, 24, Orford twp., same, d/o Robert Alex SPENCE (deceased) b. Orford twp & Sarah LEITCH, witn: John SPENCE of Muirkirk & Margaret LEITCH of Rodney. 26 Nov 1927 at manse, Kintrye, Rodney
9751-27 Laurie HOWE, 28, farmer, North Dorchester, South Dorchester, s/o Frank HOWE, b. North Dorchester & Lily FURNEY, married Cora SCOFFIN, 29, South Dorchester, same, d/o Preston B. SCOFFIN, b. South Dorchester & Celicia WARWICK, witn: Frank HOWE of RR2 Mossley & Dora SCOFFIN of RR1 Springfield, 2 April 1927 at South Dorchester 9750-27 John Franklin HOWE, 29, farmer, North Dorchester, same, s/o Charles A. HOWE, b. North Dorchester & Emma PARSONS, married Dora SCOFFIN, 29, South Dorchester, same, d/o Preston SCOFFIN, b. South Dorchester & Celicia WARWICK, witn: Laurier HOWE & Mrs. Laurier HOWE, both of South Dorchester, 29 June 1927 at South Dorchester twp
9752-27 Ray Delos HUFFMAN, 24, auto mechanic, Malahide twp., 31 St. Clair Gardens in Toronto, s/o Delos HUFFMAN, b. Malahide twp & Rebecca, married Blanche Gladys FLEMING, 24, stenographer, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o William FLEMING, b. Sparta & Lettie WHITE, witn: Clarence FLEMING & Blanche DUNCOMBE, both of St. Thomas, 10 Sept 1927 at Yarmouth twp 9753-27 Henry Ross HUMPHREY, 25, farmer, Aldborough twp., same, Charles HUMPHREY, b. Ingersoll & Mary WING, married Norma HARRIS, 18, Glencoe, Aldborough twp., d/o George HARRIS, b. Glencoe & Catherine LEITCH, witn: May LAIRD of St. Thomas & Marion McCALLUM of Iona Station, 19 July 1927 at St. Thomas
9754-27 Charlie Tower HUNT, 25, railway brakeman, Aylmer, Yarmouth twp., s/o John William HUNT, b. England & Adelia Louise CHUTE, married Mary Carson ANDREW, 23, shoe company employee, Scotland, St. Thomas, d/o Alexander ANDREW, b. Scotland & Jane McCAULLY, witn: Mary PATON of London & William John HUNT of St. Thomas, 3 Dec 1927 at St. Thomas 9755-27 Herbert Toy INCH, 22, carman, Ryerson twp., London, s/o Charles INCH, b. England & Margaret LOTTERELL, married Louisa Helen GLENN, 19, Glanworth, Southwold twp., d/o William GLENN, b. Glanworth & Louisa NOWELL, witn: William & Dorothy GLENN of Glanworth, 7 April 1927 at Southwold twp
9756-27 Foley Winnington INGRAM, 19, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Edward HERRIES, b. Gravesend Ont & Maud JONES, married Ruby Louise HERRIES, 16, Bayham, Malahide, d/o Richard JONES, b. Bayham twp & Adelia PRESSEY, witn: Herbert INGRAM & Helen DUENN (Brenn?), both of Aylmer, 6 July 1927 [parents as written] 9757-27 Ernest JACKSON, 50, widower, Bayham twp., same, s/o Jacob JACKSON, b. Ireland & Jane LOCKER, married Myrtle EDISON, 50, Vienna, same, d/o Oscar EDISON, b. Vienna Canada & Mary FINCH, witn: J.A. JACKSON of Straffordville & Nora COOMBE of Vienna, 21 June 1927 at Vienna
9758-27 John Leslie JACOBS, 18, farmer, Indiana US, Wheatley Ont., s/o Charles JACOBS, b. South Bend Indiana & Lydia NEIMAN, married Mabel Alice SCHULER, 21, teacher, Muirkirk, same, d/o Frank SCHULER, b. Ont & Mary BATES, witn: B. HOUSEMAN & Mrs. M. RUSSELL, 20 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas 9759-27 Stuart Templeton JAMIESON, 26, farmer, Aldborough twp., same, s/o Peter JAMIESON, b. Ont & Elizabeth KLUCHE, married Margaret Gertrude McINTYRE, 22, Mosa twp., West Lorne, d/o John L. McINTYRE, b. Ont & Mary Ann WELSH, witn: Lena JAMIESON & Clifford RIPLEY, both of West Lorne, 16 Feb 1927 at West Lorne
9760-27 Duncan D. JOHNSON, 47, farmer, Aldborough twp., same, s/o Duncan JOHNSON, b. Scotland & Harriet URQUHART, married Margaret Watson WALKER, 32, nurse, Kilmalcom Scotland, Aldborough twp., d/o Duncan WALKER, b. Scotland & Jane LOVE, witn: James & Mary FOWKES of RR2 Rodney, 16 Nov 1927 at Rodney 9761-27 Francis Joseph KAIRNS, 28, farmer, Dunwich twp., same, s/o John KAIRNS & Bibiana ILL, married Mary Loretta CROWLEY, 22, Dunwich twp., same, d/o Timothy CROWLEY & Mary Catherine DOOLEY, witn: David CROWLEY of Dutton & Minnie MARTINI of Rodney, 5 Jan 1927 at West Lorne
9762-27 Elmer Andrew KELLER, 27, freight clerk, Kitchener, Port Burwell, s/o Fred KELLER, b. St. Jacobs Ont & Mary DAUB, married Ellen Gertrude MILLS, 18, Port Burwell, same, d/o Henry MILLS, b. Walsingham twp & Jennie WILLIAMS, witn: John & Mrs. John GAMMELL of Pt Burwell, 22 April 1927 at Aylmer 9763-27 James Ernest KENNEDY, 25, farmer, Bayham twp., Malahide, s/o George KENNEDY, b. Bayham twp & Jerinna HILL, married Gertrude May JOHNSON, 24, Blenheim Ont., South Dorchester, d/o Charles JOHNSON, b. England & Bertha WARD, witn: Theresa CHUTE & Mrs. W. WILLIAMS, both of Aylmer, 25 June 1927 at Aylmer
9764-27 Stanley L. KER, 22, laborer, Bayham, Dereham twp., s/o Henry KER, b. Bayham & Bertha BURSTEAD, married Mary COOK, 21, Malahide, same, d/o Harvey COOK, b. Bayham & Ida MOORE, witn: William FOSTER & Olive CULP, both of Corinth, 7 Sept 1927 at Bayham twp 9765-27 Hugh Ferrar KETCHUM, 29, school master, Ontario, 40 Charles St. in Toronto, s/o Jay KETCHUM, b. Ont & Margaret DAVIDSON, married Jean Elizabeth FERGUSON, 27, Ontario, Maplehurst - Port Stanley, d/o Robert FERGUSON, b. Ont & Rose Elizabeth GEARY, witn: Philip A.C. KETCHUM of Port Hope & Helen FERGUSON of Maplehurst, 30 April 1927 at Southwold twp
9766-27 John Wesley KETTLE, 74, widower, Onondaga twp., Norwich, s/o Hiram KETTLE, b. Black Rock Ont & Rachel DE GRAW, married Alice Ellen COLLINS, 61, widow, Port Burwell, St. Thomas, d/o Jacob BALL & Lydia MABY, witn: Mrs. D. ROGERS & Lilian MARSHAL, both of St. Thomas, 30 Dec 1927 at not given 9767-27 John Alexander KIRKPATRICK, 26, clerk, Mount Forest, St. Thomas, s/o John KIRKPATRICK, b. Rothsay Ont & Mabel May DICKIE, married Olive Marguerite THAYER, 23, stenographer, St. Thomas, same, d/o Martin Valentine THAYER, b. Malahide twp & Ellen MOFFATT, witn: H.S. WOODWARD of St. Thomas & V.A. GRILLS of Hamilton, 3 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas
9768-27 John KIRKWOOD, 20, butcher, Scotland, St. Thomas, s/o Walter KIRKWOOD, b. Paisley Scotland & Mary MILLER, married Dolly Mable ROBBINS, 20, telephone operator, St. Thomas, same, d/o Charles A. ROBBINS, b. St. Williams Ont & Annie Laura NORTH, witn: W.H. BARRETT & Ann JORDAN, both of St. Thomas, 12 Aug 1927 at St. Thomas 9769-27 John Wilford KNIGHT, 24, carpenter, of Windsor, s/o Peter MILLER, b. Northwood Ont & Barbara? Catherine BAKER, married Velma Lea LAY, 24, of Windsor, d/o John LAY, b. West Lorne & Annie McCALLUM, witn: Arthur Carl MILLER & Mary Caroline LAY, both of Rodney, 8 June 1927 at town of Rodney
9770-27 John Alfred KRAUSE, 23, railway employee, Rodney, same, s/o George KRAUSE, b. Canada & Mary DELAIR, married Edna May GOODBRAND, 21, St. Thomas, Rodney, d/o Alexander GOODBRAND, b. Canada & Anna BROWN, witn: Jean GOODBRAND & Israel KRAUSE, both of RR Rodney, 29 June 1927 at not given 9771-27 Edward Merle KREBSER, 27, civil engineer, Vermont, Walkerville, s/o Henry KREBSER, b. Switzerland & Emilia MAILS (Meils?), married Margaret Donalds SKINNER, 32, West Lorne, same, d/o Peter Edward SKINNER, b. NY state & Agnes McCOLL, witn: Miss Marjorie HAIG of Toronto & Thomas JENKINS of Detroit, 30 July 1927 at West Lorne
9772-27 James Lloyd LACKEY, 27, farmer, Dunwich twp., same, s/o James LACKEY, b. Perth Co & Lily GRANGER, married Annie Mildred Hay LUNN, 22, Dunwich twp., Dutton, d/o James LUNN, b. Oxford Co Ont & Elizabeth GEDDES, witn: James LACKEY of Fingal & Gordon LUNN of West Lorne, 28 Dec 1927 at Dunwich twp 9773-27 George Devine LANG, 24, assistant to Chief Clerk, St. Thomas, same, s/o John Gilbard LANG, b. Caledonia Ont & Rose BLAIR, married Gladys Pearl ARTHUR, 25, stenographer, London Ont., St. Thomas, d/o John Albert ARTHUR, b. St. Maryn? Ont & Alice JACKSON, witn: John ARTHUR & J.G. LANG, both of St. Thomas, 10 Oct. 1927 at St. Thomas
9775-27 Delmer Douglas LAUR, 20, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Hiram LAUR, b. Malahide & Evelyn WILCOX, married Ruby Olive LEE, 17, Malahide, same, d/o Charles LEE, b. New Sarum & Sarah Ann BEATTIE, witn: Agnes DUNLOP of Aylmer & Marion DUNLOP of Toronto, 4 July 1927 at Aylmer 9774-27 Charles William Montgomery LAVERY, 27, dye maker, Windsor, Chatham, s/o George Montgomery LAVERY, b. Windsor Ont & Emma RILEY, married Josephine FREDERICK, 21, Aldborough twp., RR4 St. Thomas, d/o Edward FREDERICK, b. Morpeth Ont & Alice CONWAY, witn: James & Ida FREDERICK of RR4 St. Thomas, 7 May 1927 at St. Thomas
9776-27 Frank LAYFIELD, 26, engine house clerk, Leeds England, St. Thomas, s/o George Edward LAYFIELD, b. Yorkshire England & Nellie DAVY, married Helen Richardson SHARP, 21, telephone operator, Bathgate Scotland, St. Thomas, d/o John SHARP, b. Kirkint? Scotland & Helen Forsyth HOGARTH, witn: Louis LAYFIELD & Valeria SUTTON, both of St. Thomas, 19 Jan 1927 at St. Thomas 9777-27 Alvin LEE, 24, farmer, Kent Co., Dunwich twp., s/o George LEE, b. Canada & Mary HUCKLE, married Helen FAWCETT, 24, Middlesex Co., Aldborough twp., d/o Robert FAWCETT, b. England & Hannah BINKS, witn: Evelyn LODGE & Lillian DEPEW, both of Dutton, 12 April 1927 at Dutton
9778-27 Cecil Harold LEESON, 24, clerk, Malahide twp., Detroit, s/o Roy LEESON, b. Malahide twp & Annie SWAYZE, married Carrie Marguerite WELTER, 22, Malahide, same, d/o Partial WELTER, b. Malahide & Jeannette TUFFORD, witn: C. & Bertha DAUGHERTY of St. Thomas, 28 Sept 1927 at Malahide twp 9779-27 William Henry LEIGHFIELD, 66, widower, farmer, Norfolk Co., Port Royal, s/o William LEIGHFIELD, b. Wootten Bassett England & Elizabeth WARK, married Martha Ann GATES, 37, widow, Norfolk Co., Port Royal, d/o J.W. KING, b. Norfolk Co Ont & Charlotte WILSON, witn: Earl & Pearl KING of St. Thomas, 22 Dec 1927 at St. Thomas
9780-27 John Harvey LESLIE, 43, widower, farmer, Erin twp., Hillsburg, s/o George LESLIE, b. Glen Williams & Amanda STAFFORD, married Frances Eyelfa? BURSE, 47, widow, Elgin Co., same, d/o Thomas M. ARTHURS, b. Ireland & Eliza J. DAVIS, witn: Mrs. Oliver & Oliver HOWSE of Aylmer, 6 July 1927 at New Sarum 9781-27 Harold B. LIDDLE, 28, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o John LIDDLE, b. Dunboyne Ont & Mary Agnes WHITE, married Flossie E. SANGSTER, 17, Oxford Co., Malahide, d/o William SANGSTER, b. Scotland & Mary GARNETT, witn: Floyd CHURCHILL of Dunboyne & Edith SANGSTER of Stratford, 26 Feb 1927 at Aylmer
9782-27 Russell LIGHTELL, 20, machinist apprentice, Coshocton Ohio, St. Thomas, s/o William LIGHTELL, b. Cambridge Ohio & Maude STRAUSS, married Evelyn Annie VIDLER, 20, clerk, England, St. Thomas, d/o Ughtred VIDLER, b. Hastings Sussex England & Elizabeth MARTIN, witn: Rupert INCH & Millie M. SMITH, both of Detroit, 9 April 1927 at St. Thomas 9783-27 J. Harold LINDSAY, 27, agent, Malahide, Aylmer, s/o J.E. LINDSAY, b. Malahide twp & Bertha JONES, married Donna Marie CAVEN, 29, Aylmer, same, d/o Frank CAVEN & Jennie OLD, witn: Clara & Herb DAVIS of Aylmer, 22 Jan 1927 at Aylmer
9784-27 Clarence LOCKER, 28, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o James W. LOCKER, b. Langton Ont & Dorcas Ann ROSZEL, married Neva Myrtle EVERETT, 25, Bayham, same, d/o William EVERETT, b. Straffordville & Ella RIBBELL, witn: James Luton RUSSELL of Straffordville & Alice Madeline BROWN of Eden, 28 Dec 1927 at Aylmer 9785-27 Banford James LUCAS, 28, farmer, Brooke twp., same, s/o John Henry LUCAS, b. Brooke twp & Elizabeth HIGGINS, married Alice Mary WEED, 21, teacher, Brooke twp., Alvinston, d/o William J. WEED, b. Brooke twp & Minnie ZANTZ, witn: Lewis J. & Mrs. Lewis J. SINCLAIR of St. Thomas, 20 April 1927 at St. Thomas
9786-27 Isaac MANN, 75, farmer, widower, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o Lyman MANN, b. Ont & Mary MINOR, married Annie MILLS, 60, widow, Yarmouth twp., St. Thomas, d/o Wellington RUSS, b. Ont & Mahetable THOMPSON, witn: Lewis PEARSON & L.R.C. DAVIES, both of St. Thomas, 4 May 1927 at St. Thomas 9787-27 John William MANN, 23, decorator, Dutton, same, s/o Henry MANN, b. England & Jane BOWLBY, married Dorothy Emily PAGE, 20, Dunwich twp., same, d/o William PAGE, b. England & Agnes MILLER, witn: Mrs. George GREEN of Gobles & Mrs. MEAD (Medd?) of Dutton 28 April 1927 at Dutton
  9788-27 Fred MANNING, 38, widower, clergyman, Listowel, Shedden, s/o William L. MANNING, b. Ont & Appelina MILLNEAU?, married Mary Allen GARDINER, 30, teacher, Cayuga twp., Southwold twp., d/o Thomas George GARDINER, b. Ireland & Margaret Jane SHANNON, witn: Jean & J. Bennet GARDINER of Lawrence, 26 July 1927 at St. Thomas
9789-27 Joseph Anthony MARTIN, 24, machinist, St. Thomas, Windsor, s/o John MARTIN, b. Ont & Catherine TOWNSEND, married Annetta May SLINGLER, 20, Attoona Penn., St. Thomas, d/o Norman SHINGLER, b. Penn. & Lola MacGREGOR, witn: Thomas McCULLEY & Mae RANKIN, both of St. Thomas, 19 Jan 1927 at St. Thomas 9790-27 Leonard Frederick MARTIN, 25, wood worker, London England, Midland, s/o Charles MARTIN, b. London England & Elizabeth COLE, married Vera Lavada KILMER, 25, electrical worker, Aylmer (Jaffa), same, d/o William KILMER, b. Malahide twp & Mabel DISBROWE, witn: Edith & Eric George DISBROW of St. Thomas, 12 May 1927 at Malahide twp
9791-27 Albert MATHEWS, 25, farmer, England, Bayham, s/o Albert MATHEWS, b. England & Anna Laura BUSH, married Nellie B. ROZELLE, 25, teacher, Bayham, same, d/o Clark ROZELLE, b. Ont & Sarah MARLATT, witn: Stella ROSZELLE & Arthur SAWYER, both of Port Burwell, 29 June 1927 at Port Burwell 9792-27 Henry Evans MATTHEWS, 28, railway clerk, St. Thomas, Yarmouth twp., s/o James MATTHEWS, b. Niagara on the Lake & Margaret BUCHANAN (Wilson), married Pearl Daisy CHARLTON, 23, book keeper, South Dorchester St. Thomas, d/o Amos CHARLTON, b. Lyons Ont & Mildred L. SIZE, witn: Amos CHARLTON & Louisa GOULD, both of St. Thomas, 1 Feb. 1927 at St. Thomas
9793-27 James MATTHEWS, 54, laborer, South Walsingham, Walsingham Centre, s/o Harvey MATTHEWS, b. Bayham twp & Margaret ROGERS, married Annie UNDERHILL, 31, South Walsingham, same, d/o Edward UNDERHILL, b. Houghton twp & Elizabeth PROPPER, witn: Annie & George MATTHEWS of RR6 Aylmer, 6 Sept 1927 at Malahide twp 9794-27 William Frederick MATTHEWS, 29, druggist, Fergus, St. Thomas, s/o John Humphrey MATTHEWS, b. Erin twp & Mary Margaret RUTHERFORD, married Lillian Winnifred HUBERT, 28, St. Thomas, same, d/o Joseph Pearson HUBERT, b. Blenheim twp & Isabel Jane THOMSON, witn: Isabell Jane HUBERT of St. Thomas & Mary Margaret MATTHEWS of Fergus, 29 Aug 1927 at St. Thomas
9807-27 Samuel McCAIN, 32, machinist, Sunderland England, St. Thomas, s/o John McCAIN, b. Ireland & Alice LEONARD, married Irene ROBINSON, 26, St. Thomas, same, d/o John ROBINSON, b. Ireland & Elizabeth FORD, witn: Gordon & Dorothea STEWART of St. Thomas, 27 Aug 1927 at St. Thomas 9808-27 Donald McCALLUM, 37, farmer, Dunwich twp., same, s/o Alex McCALLUM, b. Iona & Nancy Jane TURNER, married Gladys McCALLUM, 28, Dunwich twp., same, d/o Lindley McCALLUM, b. Iona Station & Amelia PRESTON, witn: Alex & Verna McCALLUM of Iona Station, 29 June 1927 at Dunwich twp
9809-27 James Allen McCULLY, 29, postal clerk, Elgin Co., St. Thomas, s/o Allen McCULLY, b. Fermanagh Ireland & Lillie Jane? EMERSON?, married Ora Belle WELTER, 21, Malahide, same, d/o William Lee WELTER, b. Dunboyne Ont & Grace May MILLARD, witn: Lewis McCULLY of Detroit & Ellen Irene WELTER of Dunboyne, 8 June 1927 at Malahide twp  
9810-27 George Ernest McDONALD, 29, farmer, Copenhagen, same, s/o Albert McDONALD, b. Canada & Annie SIMS, married Edith Kermit CROOKER, 22, Michigan, Aylmer, d/o James CROOKER, b. Canada & Lillie SOUTH, witn: Harry & Mrs. Harry CROOKER of RR2 Aylmer, 4 May 1927 at Aylmer 9811-27 James Hughard McDONALD, 22, farmer, Tilsonburg, same, s/o William Vernon McDONALD, b. Tilsonburg & Maggie FULLER, married Alma Alice COOMBER, 23, Cumberland Ont., Corinth, d/o Harry Grant COOMBER, b. England & Zelma CULP, witn: Eva M. CRANDALL of Tilsonburg & Howard COOMBER of Corinth, 6 April 1927 at Bayham twp
9812-27 Henry McGAHAN, 29, laborer, Ireland, Rodney, s/o James McGAHAN, b. Ireland & Sarah AGNEW, married Margaret GRAY, 28, widow, Ontario, Rodney, d/o George WILLS, b. Merritton Ont & Matilda COCHRANE, witn: Hazel & Lloyd SWAYZE of Niagara Falls NY, 10 Jan 1927 at St. Thomas 9813-27 Norman Franklin McGUGAN, 21, farmer, Southwold twp., same, s/o Alexander McGUGAN, b. Southwold twp & Catherine DEWART, married Alberta Jean WOOLNER, 17, Aldborough twp., Southwold twp., d/o Arthur WOOLNER, b. Chatham Ont & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Elva May WING & May LAIRD, both of St. Thomas, 27 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas
  9814-27 Angus Daniel McINTOSH, 32, farmer, Southwold twp., same, s/o Daniel McINTOSH, b. Canada & Grace Victoria HATHAWAY, married Margaret Jessie ANNETT, 26, teacher, Southwold twp., same, d/o Charles J. ANNETT, b. Canada & Janet McGUGAN, witn: Frank McINTOSH & Jerry ANNETT, both of Southwold twp., 8 June 1927 at Southwold twp
9815-27 Roy Duncan McINTYRE, 25, dealer, Wanstead Ont., London, s/o Duncan McINTYRE, b. Forest Ont & Isabella MENEILLY, married Helena Milfred GOING, 25, book keeper, Port Stanley, same, d/o Ambrose GOING, b. Talbotville & Mary BRADY, wtin: W.W. PURDON of London & Ann BYTTELL of Port Stanley, 1 Oct. 1927 at Rectory, Port Stanley 9816-27 Russell Gray McINTYRE, 29, clerk, Lobo Ont., London, s/o Peter McINTYRE, b. Canada & Mary McVICAR, married Eva Loretta MARTIN, 34, cashier, Lambeth Ont., London, d/o Henry Rich MARTIN, b. USA & Louise Jane FINCH, witn: William H. & Mrs. William H. (Emma) ROBERTSON of St. Thomas, 6 Aug. 1927 at St. Thomas
9817-27 George Albert McKEE, 24, repair man, Windsor, same, s/o Joseph Henry McKEE, b. Canada & Minnie Evelyn LONGLEY, married Alice Eileen McLARTY, 19, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o Frank Leonard McLARTY, b. Canada & Mabel MAINE (Morin?), witn: Gladys Catherine MCLARTY of West Lorne & Frederick illegible of Windsor, 3 Sept 1927 at West Lorne 9818-27 Wilfrid McKELLAR, 24, farmer, Dunwich twp. same, s/o Peter McKELLAR, b. Ont & Elizabeth JAMIESON, married Emily Ruth GAMMON, 22, Aldborough twp., West Lorne, d/o Arthur GAMMON, b. Ont & Elizabeth COOK, witn: Evelyn McKELLAR of Dutton & Mrs. Quintin DURWARD of London, 16 April 1927 at West Lorne
9819-27 Douglas McLELLAN, 26, farmer, Southwold, same, s/o Dugald McLELLAN, b. Canada & Jessie McLACHLAN, married Frances Barbara DENNIS, 27, Dunwich, Wallacetown, d/o Thomas Henry DENNIS, b. Canada & Jennie Alberta HUFFMAN, witn: Jessie McLELLAN & Maribel CAMPBELL, both of Lawrence Station, 26 Oct. 1927 at Southwold twp 9820-27 Frank Ervin McLEOD, 22, section man, Southwold twp., same, s/o Angus McLEOD, b. Talbotville & Harriet MARR, married Beatrice Evelyn PATTERSON, 25, Parkerville - Muskoka Dist., Southwold twp., d/o George PATTERSON, g. Goderich & Ethel JOHNSON, witn: Elva WING & Marion McCALLUM, both of St. Thomas, 18 May 1927 at St. Thomas
9821-27 William Victor McNEA, 21, clerk, Yarmouth twp., St. Thomas, s/o William James McNEA, b. Southwold twp & Clarissa DAWDY, married Ruth Pearl RODTKA, 19, Fort William Ont, St. Thomas, d/o Edward RODTKA, b. Dryden Ont & Christine STOMKE, witn: J.P. & Emily MOORE of St. Thomas, 5 Nov. 1927 [divorced - illegible date] 9822-27 Alexander McWILLIAM, 43, farmer, Dunwich twp., same, s/o Alexander McWILLIAM & Agnes McDONALD, married Maud Mae McALISTER, 27, Dunwich twp., same, d/o William McALISTER & Mary Jane FRENCH, witn: Laura McALISTER & Margaret McWILLIAM, both of Dunwich, 2 June 1927 at Dunwich twp
9795-27 Edward Douglas MERRITT, 21, paint mixer, Cedarville Ont., St. Thomas, s/o Mathew Avery MERRITT, b. England & Sarah BILTON, married Hazel Victoria TRIGGER, 20, employee of Metal Signs, St. Thomas, same, d/o Thomas B. TRIGGER, b. Rodney & Orpha PERRY, witn: Mrs. Edith MILLER & Mrs. Louise GOULD, both of St. Thomas, 21 July 1927 at St. Thomas 9796-27 John MILLARD, 32, laborer, Malahide, Bayham, s/o Leroy MILLARD, b. Ont & Lyra SMITH, married Myrtle EVERETT, 23, Bayham, same, d/o John EVERETT, b. Canada & Huldia KING, witn: Wray & Elda TOMLINSON of Straffordville, 24 Feb. 1927 at Bayham twp
9797-27 Arthur Carl MILLER, 22, laborer, Rodney, same, s/o William Decow KNIGHT, b. Rodney & Emma STREET, married Mary Caroline LAY, 20, clerk, Rodney, same, d/o John LAY, b. Southampton England & Annie McCALLUM, witn: John Wilford KNIGHT & Velma Leah LAY, both of Windsor, 8 June 1927 at Rodney 9798-27 James Clarence Martin MILLER, 23, accountant, St. Thomas, Oak Park Illinois, s/o James Wesley MILLER, b. Jarvis Ont & Ida Mabel MARTIN, married Hilda Bernice CAMPBELL, 21, stenographer, St. Thomas, same, d/o Albert Edward CAMPBELL, b. St. Thomas & Ida PENWARDEN, witn: Mrs. Ida CAMPBELL & Mrs. Ida MILLER, both of St. Thomas, 21 May 1927 at St. Thomas
9799-27 Angus Ross MINTY, 19, mechanic, Ingersoll, same, s/o Alfred MINTY, b. Canada & Bertha HAINES, married Elizabeth KILLINGTON, 20, garment inspector, Fullerton Ont., Woodstock, d/o Richard KILLINGTON, b. Canada & Euretta DAVIS, witn: Euretta KILLINGTON of Woodstock & Bertha MINTY of Ingersol, 19 Feb 1927 at St. Thomas 9800-27 Dwight Lynden MOODY, 20, farmer, Eden, same, s/o Charles Frederick MOODY, b. Houghton & Elizabeth BERDAN, married Ruby Dell KENNEDY, 18, Maple Grove, Eden, d/o Charles Madison KENNEDY, b. Bayham & Agnes Mary BALDWIN, witn: John Wrightman BUCHNER of RR6 Tilsonburg & Erie Beatrice KENNEDY of Eden, 14 Sept 1927 at Eden
9801-27 Frederick Godfrey MORLEY, 29, green house helper, England, St. Thomas, s/o Godfrey Vernon MORLEY & Annie STOOK, married Mary Wilson CAMPBELL, 25, servant, Scotland, St. Thomas, d/o Alexander Laurie CAMPBELL & Mary SYMINGTON, witn: Arthur MALLER & Margaret CAMPBELL, both of Woodstock, 21 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas 9802-27 John Robert MORRIS, 30, railway fireman, Dunwich twp., St. Thomas, s/o Robert MORRIS, b. Elgin Co & Mary PATTERSON, married Eva Teresa Mildred SMITH, 23, beauty parlour specialist, London Ont., St. Thomas, d/o Clarence Ervine SMITH, b. Norfolk Co Ont & Eva Ada Victoria CARTER, witn: Gordon PENHALE & Stella SMITH, both of St. Thomas, 15 June 1927 at St. Thomas
9803-27 John Newton MOSELEY-WILLIAMS, 35, salesman, London, same, s/o Alfred MOSELEY-WILLIAMS, b. Wales & Agnes WADDELL, married Lucy May COULTER, 27, cashier, St. Thomas, same, d/o William COULTER, b. Ont & Ellen WALMSLEY, witn: Jean A. DE GROAT of London & Mrs. Frank DAVIS of St. Thomas, 24 Aug 1927 at St. Thomas 9804-27 James Franklin MOTT, 47, mechanic, Wentworth Co., Malahide, s/o Valentine MOTT, b. Burford Ont & Celeste FLETCHER, married Norah VAN VELZOR, 39, Bayham twp., Malahide, d/o James P. VAN VELZOR, b. Malahide & Arsula CHALK, witn: Alice SCHULTZ & Thomas LINDORES Jr., both of Port Burwell, 20 Jan 1927 at Port Burwell
9805-27 Francis MURISON, 62, widower, laborer, Banffshire Scotland, West Lorne, s/o James MURISON, b. Banffshire Scotland & Isabel GARROW, married Clara Anna Wilson McARTHUR, 56, widow, Dunwich twp., Mill St. in Aldborough, d/o Ezra WILSON, b. Dorchester Ont & Susan FORD, witn: Louise & George WILSON of West Lorne, 24 Aug 1927 at West Lorne 9806-27 Gordon MURRAY, 26, farmer, Iona Station, same, s/o Angus MURRAY, b. Elgin Co & Elizabeth REID, married Margaret Euphemia CAMPBELL, 17, Duart, Iona Station, d/o John F. CAMPBELL, b. Kent Co Ont & Catherine POLLARD, witn: Miss Clara Irene CAMPBELL & Robert MURRAY, both of Iona Station, 1 June 1927 at Port Stanley
9823-27 Wilfrid George NICHOLES, 37, farmer, Southwold twp., same, s/o George NICHOLES, b. Newbury Ont & Maria BUSTON, married Flora Ann CAMPBELL, 45, dress maker, Southwold twp., same, d/o Dugald CAMPBELL, b. Scotland & Ann McINTYRE, witn: Gladys NICHOLES of Southwold Station & Mary McARTHUR of Southwold, 25 June 1927 at Southwold twp  
9824-27 David Arthur OVERHOLT, 36, farmer, Charlotteville twp., Malahide, s/o Joseph OVERHOLT, b. Norfolk twp & Isla ADAMS, married Sarah Eliza BROOKS, 32, Malahide, same, d/o William Edward BROOKS, b. Malahide & Viletta TELLER, witn: Edith McCRAE & Agnes DUNLOP, both of Aylmer, 1 Nov 1927 at Aylmer 9825-27 Andrew Eric PADDON, 31, farmer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o William PADDON, b. Southwold twp & Alice Ann WESTLAKE, married Bertha May WADLAND, 36, clerk, Sarnia, Yarmouth twp., d/o William WADLAND, b. Devonshire England & Hannah CHIDLEY, witn: Edith Louise CAMPBELL of Port Huron Mich. & William PADDON of Yarmouth twp., 19 Nov 1927 at Yarmouth twp
9826-27 William Robert PANGBURN, 26, farmer, Aldborough twp., Rodney, s/o Edward Flint PANGBURN, b. Orford twp & Letitia LOGAN, married Grace Agnes HOWARD, 22, Bar River Ont., Rodney, d/o George Edward HOWARD, b. Yorkshire England & Elizabeth HOWART, witn: Mrs. Peter McVANNELL & Trevor Aaron HOWARD, both of Rodney, 9 March 1927 at West Lorne 9827-27 Benjamin James PARISH, 32, farmer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o James PARISH, b. Elgin Co & Maria Ann AXFORD, married Phyllis MARSH, 19, domestic, Leeds England, St. Catharines, d/o George MARSH, b. England & not known, witn: Fred & Zeda MARSHALL of Sparta, 1 July 1927 at St. Thomas
9828-27 Lewis Thomas PARRACK, 21, cupola? man, Vienna Ont., St. Thomas, s/o William PARRACK, b. Vienna & Norah Belle THOMAS, married Ena Bell SHAFER, 20, finisher at Monarch Knitting Co., St. Thomas, same, d/o Daniel SHAFER, b. Lancaster Ont & Nellie ELLIOTT, witn: Charles & Mrs. Charles MATTHEWS of Yarmouth Heights, 20 May 1927 at St. Thomas 9829-27 William Merlin PARRACK, 23, railway fireman, Yarmouth twp., St. Thomas, s/o William PARRACK, b. Ont Nora Bell THOMAS, married Beatrice May VARY, 24, Bruce Co., St. Thomas, d/o John Thomas VARY, b. Grand Bend Ont & Binie? Elizabeth CALDWELL, witn: Herbert John SHAW & Minnie CALDWELL, both of St. Thomas, 16 Nov 1927 at St. Thomas
9830-27 John Clarence PATTERSON, 30, farmer, Dunwich twp., same, s/o John PATTERSON, b. Dunwich twp & Netta McLEAN, married Jeanette BOBIER, 29 (27?), Dunwich twp., same, d/o Henry BOBIER, b. Dunwich twp & Mary BOBIER, witn: Margaret PATTERSON of Dutton & John BOBIER of Wallacetown, 3 Aug 1927 at Dunwich twp 9831-27 Edward Joseph PELTIER, 25, tool maker, Cohoes NB, Walkerville, s/o Andrew PELTIER & Elizabeth CASSIDY, married Mary Rose DALLAIRE, 20, grocery clerk, Quebec, West Lorne, d/o Louis DALLAIRE & Mary DEZIEL, witn: Albert BOISMIER of Windsor & Lucy DALLAIRE of West Lorne, 28 June 1927 at West Lorne
9832-27 Walter Alford PERSON, 21, truck driver, Aldborough twp., Rodney, s/o Alfred PERSON, b. Sweden & Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Mildred Irene HUMPHRIES, 21, telephone operator, Dunwich twp., Dutton, d/o Henry HUMPHRIES, b. Ont & Sarah PHILMORE, witn: Ida May PERSON of Rodney & Henry HUMPHRIES of Dutton, 28 Dec 1927 at Dutton 9833-27 Franklin Maurice PHILBRICK, 26, funeral director, East Otto NY, Buffalo, s/o Roswell H. PHILBRICK, b. Lawton NY & Alice BUTTERFIELD, married Kathleen Alison ROBERTSON, 28, nurse, St. Thomas, same, d/o J. Sutherland ROBERTSON, b. Ont & Mary Eleanor HIGGINSON, witn; Mary DOLAN of Stratford & Eileen BIRMINGHAM of St. Catharines, 29 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas
9834-27 Cleveland Charles PICKERSGILL, 21, shoe cutter, Bookton Ont., Otterville, s/o Norman PICKERSGILL, b. Bookton & Edith DEMILL, married Violet Hall TRIMBLE, 28, widow, shoe vamper, Port Burwell, St. Thomas, d/o Everett HALL, b. Port Burwell & Nellie BUTCHER, witn: Myrtle RICHARDSON & Fonda COOK, both of St. Thomas, 9 April 1927 at St. Thomas 9835-27 Edward James POOK, 23, employee at Metal Signs, St. Thomas, same, s/o Frederick Watson POOK, b. London Ont & Isabel SMITH, married Mary Leslie RANKIN, 21, Bell Telephone operator, St. Thomas, same, d/o Robert RANKIN, b. Scotland & Sarah BILSLAND, witn: Hugh CLINE of Frances WORDEN, both of St. Thomas, 22 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas
9836-27 Alden Rinch POTTER, 26, farmer, North Norwich, East Zorra, s/o John POTTER, b. Ont & Ida May RINCH, married Mabel Ruth PARK, 21, North Norwich, East Zorra, d/o Norman PARK, b. Ont & Blanche HALET?, witn: Myrtle STEWART & R.L. McCONNELL, both of Dunboyne, 19 March 1927 at Malahide 9837-27 Miles Whitfield PRICKETT, 23, Bendham? Yorkshire England, Malahide, s/o William PRICKETT, b. Watton? Yorkshire & Mary NORRISH?, married Lily COLEMAN, 20, Rotherham Yorkshire England, Malahide, s/o Edward COLEMAN, b. Rotherham England & Mary NICHOLSON, witn: Grant HOWE of RR1 Aylmer & Margaret PRICKETT of RR3 Aylmer, 31 Aug 1927 at Malahide twp
9838-27 Arthur PRITCHARD, 24, farmer, England, Dunwich twp., s/o William PRITCHARD, b. England & Sarah PRITCHARD, married Ruth MILLERICK, 17 (on 18 Oct. 1927), England, Dunwich twp., d/o Frank MILLERICK, b. England & Mary BAKER, witn: Edith Ivy ROWE & Nora MILLERICK, both of Iona Station, 30 Nov 1927 at Southwold twp [re bride - consent to marriage was given by guardian, John William HOBDAY of Toronto ] 9839-27 George Russell PRONG, 25, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Fred PRONG, b. Ont & Louise MOLL, married Mabel Irene FENN, 21, Middleton twp., Malahide, d/o William FENN, b. Bayham twp & Mary ROLOSON, witn: Amy FENN of Tilsonburg & Ray PRONG of RR1 Aylmer, 16 April 1927 at Aylmer
9841-27 Clifford Melvin REID, 22, farmer, Delaware Ont., West Lorne, s/o William REID, b. Delaware & Mary ARTHUR, married Isabelle WATSON, 18, West Lorne, same, d/o George WATSON, b. West Lorne & Jessie MONTGOMERY, witn: James PYATT of Iona & Emma WATSON of West Lorne, 29 Oct. 1927 at West Lorne 9840-27 Albert REID, 25, roofer, Chatham Ont., St. Thomas, s/o James REID, b. Blenheim Ont & Selna HICKENBOTTOM, married May HORNBY, 23 (b. 9 May 1904), employee at Metal Signs, England, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas Henry HORNBY, b. England & Sarah Hellen WRIGHT, witn: Bert GROVES & Miss M. HORNBY, both of St. Thomas, 25 June 1927 at St. Thomas
  9842-27 John Oscar RICE, 29, farmer, Norfolk Co., North Walsingham twp., s/o Henry R. RICE, b. Norfolk Co Ont & Mercy Elizabeth DRYER, married Maggie Belle McCLOY, 37, Caradoc twp., Southwold twp., d/o James McCLOY, b. Ireland & Sarah Ann McCLEMENTS, witn: Iva H. HICKS & Kathryn HICKS, both of St. Thomas, 19 Feb 1927 at St. Thomas
9843-27 H. Campbell RINDFLEISCH, 26, salesman, Winnipeg, same, s/o Herman RINDFLEISCH, b. Germany & Augusta ANGASTAT, married Irene Ernestine CAUGHELL, 25, Aylmer, same, d/o Ernest CAUGHELL, b. Ont & Susan CONN, witn: Jack & Helen CAUGHELL of Aylmer, 4 Oct. 1927 at Aylmer 9844-27 Andrew Murray ROBERTS, 30, farmer, Dorchester twp., Yarmouth twp., s/o Andrew ROBERTS, b. Ont & Isabelle NEWBY, married May Kathleen FERGUSON, 26, bank clerk, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o David W. FERGUSON, b. Ont & Margaret COUSIN, witn: Mary FERGUSON of St. Thomas & John FERGUSON of North Yarmouth twp., 18 June 1927 at Belmont
9845-27 Ernest William ROBERTS, 28, railway fireman, St. Thomas, same, s/o John West ROBERTS, b. Middleborough Yorkshire England & Mary Elizabeth BERNICOTT, married Olive MATTHEWS, 25, employee at Monarch Knitting Co., Yorkshire England, St. Thomas, d/o Robert MATTHEWS, b. Grimslake? Cornwall England, & Clara TEWSDALE, witn: Herbert DOBSON of St. Thomas & Ethel MATTHEWS of London, 4 June 1927 at St. Thomas 9846-27 Frank ROBERTS, 55, widower, railway, February? Hill - St. Thomas parish in Cornwall England, St. Thomas, s/o John ROBERTS, b. Cornwall England & Elizabeth WEST, married Georgia DILTZ, 49, widow, Carp Ont., St. Thomas, d/o William LITTLE, b. Ireland & Margaret JENKINSON, witn: Catherine INGRAM & Iva HICKS, both of St. Thomas, 14 Nov 1927 at St. Thomas
9848-27 Roy Elmer ROBINSON, 26, farmer, Essex Co., Malahide, s/o William N. ROBINSON, b. Essex Co & Ethel WIGLE, married Georgina MILLARD, 21, Straffordville, same, d/o Roy MILLARD, b. Bayham twp & Irene SMITH, witn: M.L. McNALL & Mrs. W. WILLIAMS, both of Aylmer West, 26 Feb. 1927 at Aylmer 9847-27 Albert ROBINSON, 26, shoe maker, England, St. Thomas, s/o Thomas ROBINSON, b. Northwich England & Annie LAMB, married Luella May LALE, 23, shoe maker, Yarmouth twp., St. Thomas, d/o George Franklin LALE, b. Yarmouth twp & Ida MOORE, witn: Elgin Sinclair CLARK & Kathleen Marael CLARK, both of St. Thomas, 3 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas
9849-27 Clarence R. ROGERS, 26, farmer, South Dorchester twp., Belmont, s/o Albert R. ROGERS, b. South Dorchester twp & Saphrona GLOVER, married Gertrude Victoria PARKES, 26, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o Solomon PARKES, b. Yarmouth twp & Victoria PEARSE, witn: Lois Margaret PARKES of Kingsmill Ont & George W. JENKINS of Belmont, 26 Feb. 1927 at Lyons 9850-27 George RUTLEDGE, 42, widower, garage owner, Walsingham, Clear Creek, s/o John RUTLEDGE, b. Woodstock & Minnie FLESHMAN, married Hazel PUCKETT, 22, Chicago, Clear Creek, d/o Frank PUCKETT, b. England & blank, witn: Thomas & Eunice BERDAN of Straffordville, 2 Nov 1927 at Eden
9851-27 Charles Howard SANDHAM, 19, farmer, Goshen, Tilsonburg, s/o William EDGAR, b. Middleton & Minnie Dell RONSON, married Minnie Blanche BALL, 16, Houghton twp., Straffordville, d/o William Wallace BALL, b. Houghton & Clara Mable HANEY, witn: William Edgar SANDHAM of Tilsonburg & Annie May BALL of Straffordville, 1 Jan 1927 at Bayham twp 9853-27 Wendelin Joseph SCHNECKENBURGER, 33, widower, farmer, Aldborough twp., same, s/o Wendelin SCHNECKENBURGER, b. Aldborough twp & Annie RAMSTEIN, married Gertrude Viola HASSENAUER, 30, Aldborough twp., same, d/o Jacob HASSENAUER, b. Normanby twp & Sarah KRITER, witn: Robert A. KERR of Rodney & Helen TRUDELL of West Lorne, 26 Feb. 1927 at West Lorne
9854-27 Anthony SCOTT, 41, brakeman, Ontario, Tilsonburg, s/o Anthony SCOTT, b. Ostrander Ont & Mary Ann HYATT, married Edith May CLARKE, 32, Norfolk Co., Tilsonburg, d/o Albert CLARKE, b. Courtland Ont & Amelia MAUNDER, witn: Grace Leola BOWER? (Bowie?) & Wilson CLARKE, both of Tilsonburg, 12 Nov 1927 at St. Thomas 9855-27 George Harrington SCOTT, 24, brakeman, Sarnia, same, s/o George Harrington SCOTT, b. England & Mary Ellen SCOTT, married Mary Isabelle RAWLINGS, 22, nurse, Forest Ont., Sarnia, d/o Blake RAWLINGS, b. Ont & Jeanette Isabelle DONALDSON, witn: J.H. O'NEIL of Tilsonburg & Miss M. O'CONNOR of St. Thomas, 11 Nov 1927 at St. Thomas
9856-27 Wilfrid George SCOTT, 23, barber, England, St. Thomas, s/o George SCOTT, b. Northumberland Co England & Dorothea PARSONS, married Iva Beatrice BAINARD, 23, employee of Monarch Knitting Co., Yarmouth twp., St. Thomas, d/o Fred BYNARD (sic), b. West Lorne & Mary RIPLEY, witn: Mable R. BAINARD & Bromwell HUMPHREY, both of St. Thomas, 20 May 1927 at St. Thomas  
9852-27 William Henry SEARS, 22, factory employee, Aylmer, same, s/o George SEARS, b. Canada & Esther STEWART, married Mary Hazel BAKER, 21, Paynesville Mich., Aylmer, d/o Beech BAKER, b. Canada & Addie BUCKLESS, witn: Everett Lorne CARTER of Aylmer & Annie Rose BAKER of RR1 Aylmer, 12 Nov 1927 at Aylmer 9857-27 John Edward SECORD, 47, widower, receiving clerk, London, same, s/o George Pool SECORD, b. Ont & Violet HENDERSON, married May Millard BANCROFT, 46, widow, Aylmer, same, d/o Jeremiah MILLARD, b. Ont & Charlotte SMITH, witn: Ernest MILLARD & William Adolphus MILLARD, both of Aylmer, 20 Aug 1927 at Aylmer
9859-27 Herbert John SHAW, 22, turn table operator, England, St. Thomas, s/o Joseph SHAW, b. England & Ada Marion KERBOY, married Minnie CALDWELL, 19, Bayham twp., St. Thomas, d/o George Henry CALDWELL, b. England & Maggie Almeda DENNIS, witn: William Martin PARRACK & Beatrice May VARY, both of St. Thomas, 16 Nov. 1927 at St. Thomas 9858-27 George Adelbert SHAW, 31, doctor, Illinois US, Manistique Mich., s/o Adelbert SHAW, b. NY state & Flora BAPTIE, married Jennie Isabella PINNEO, 22, nurse, Malahide twp., St. Thomas, d/o Frank PINNEO, b. Elgin Co & Jennie ASHTON, witn: Jean & Hazel PINNEO of Sparta, 14 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas
9860-27 Leonard Robert SHERRY, 22, ticket clerk, London Ont., St. Thomas, s/o Robert SHERRY, b. Vienna Ont & Emily HAYLOCK, married Clara Mildred LOOMIS, 21, operator, St. Thomas, same, d/o Herbert LOOMIS, b. St. Thomas & Flossie DOAN, witn: Albert HAMMERSLEY of London & Marguerite SHERRY of St. Thomas, 14 Feb 1927 at St. Thomas 9861-27 James SHILLINGTON, 31, laborer, Otterville, Aylmer, s/o Charles SHILLINGTON, b. Burford & Josephine DAIKEN, married Mary OVERHOLT, 16, West Elgin?, Malahide, d/o Thomas OVERHOLT, b. Charlotteville Centre & Hannah Eliza ROBINS, witn: Violet SHILLINGTON & Mrs. W.B. MOYER, both of Aylmer, 20 Jan 1927 at Aylmer
  9862-27 Aubrey SIMPSON, 19, farmer, Malahide, Yarmouth, s/o George SIMPSON, b. Copenhagen Ont & Nellie STAFFORD, married Marguerite WERELEY, 17, Lynedock - Norfolk Co., Aylmer, d/o George WERELEY (Wereby?), b. Langton Ont & Ethel DAVIS, witn: William JONES & Mary SIMPSON, both of RR3 Aylmer, 9 April 1927 at Aylmer
9863-27 Elijah SMITH, 52, painter, Amherstburg Ont., St. Thomas, s/o Edward SMITH, b. NY state & Elizabeth THOMAS, married Daisy Louisa BURR, 38, widow, Surrey England, St. Thomas, d/o William Ralph MEADS, b. England & Emma Louisa PAYNE, witn: Harold HARRIS of St. Thomas & Maria DOTY of Sandwich, 5 March 1927 at St. Thomas 9864-27 William J. SMITH, 25, farmer, Malahide, Bayham, s/o Bruce SMITH, b. Bayham & Louisa DURDLE (Dwidle?), married Edrie M. PRESSEY, 18, Bayham, same, d/o George PRESSEY, b. Bayham & Luemma MILLS, witn: Lizzie PRESSEY of Aylmer & Roy BROWN of Port Burwell, 1 Sept 1927 at Aylmer
9865-27 Wray Herbert STACEY, 21, farmer, Southwold twp., RR2 Port Stanley, s/o Walter STACEY, b. Ont & Emma M. SHERRY, married Agnes Mae McPHERSON, 21, teacher, Dunwich twp., RR2 Port Stanley, d/o Daniel McPHERSON, b. Ont & Catherine SLOAN, witn: A.C. WHITLOCK & Louisa GOULD, both of St. Thomas, 15 Nov 1927 at St. Thomas 9866-27 Morley Milson Albert STAFFORD, 28, farmer, Southwold twp., same, s/o Morley STAFFORD, b. Shedden & Violet McDIARMID, married Florabell ROSS, 25, nurse, Detroit, Southwold twp., d/o Wesley ROSS & Flora McGREGOR, witn: Lawrence STAFFORD & Alice ROSS, both of Shedden, 18 Oct. 1927 at Shedden
9867-27 Baillie Thomson STEPHENSON, 28, financial agent, Markham Ont., Cleveland Ohio, s/o George STEPHENSON, b. Unionville Ont & Roseanna BAILLIE, married Margaret Adeline McKAY, 25, St. Thomas, same, d/o K.W. McKAY, b. St. Thomas & Alma SCOTT, witn: H.M. HIGGINSON of 33 Lighthill Ave Toronto & M.S. McKAY of St. Thomas, 30 April 1927 at St. Thomas 9868-27 James Henry STOBIE, 29, manager of basket factory, England, Fruitland, s/o James STOBIE, b. Scotland & Annie SPRINGFORD, married Marjorie Maud THOMAS, 24, St. Thomas, same, d/o Henry C. THOMAS, b. Ont & Annie CARTER, witn: Henry & Ruth THOMAS of St. Thomas, 17 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas
9869-27 Frederick William STOTT, 26, sales engineer, St. Thomas, same, s/o James E. STOTT, b. Montreal & Jennie HIGGINBOTHAM, married Marguerite Corena HONSINGER, 25, St. Thomas, same, d/o Benjamin F. HONSINGER, b. Elgin Co & Edith Ellen MOLIN? ( Molier?), witn: B.F. HONSINGER & James E. STOTT, both of St. Thomas, 7 May 1927 at St. Thomas 9870-27 Alfous STROOBAUDT, 23, farm laborer, Belgium, Southwold twp., s/o Charles STROOBAUDT, b. Belgium & Fidelia MEUL, married Gilbertha VAN OSSEBAER, 21 (b. 28 Feb 1906), farm laborer, Stekene Belgium, Southwold twp., d/o Bonil VAN OSSEBAER, b. Belgium & Elodie VERMEILEN, witn: L.F. DONOGHUE & Ghislein MERTENS, both of St. Thomas, 14 March 1927 at St. Thomas
9871-27 Kenneth STYLES, 26, farmer, Oxford Co., Woodstock, s/o Jon STYLES, b. Canada & Priscilla EDWARDS, married Mary WHITING, 28, teacher, Norfolk Co., Dutton, d/o Thomas WHITING, b. England & Sarah Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Pansy WHITING & Margaret WRIGHT, both of Dutton, 19 Sept 1927 at Dutton 9872-27 Harry Sailes SWAN, 20, linotype operator, North Bay, St. Thomas, s/o Charles P. SWAN, b. Prescott Ont & Elizabeth BOWELLS, married Violet Mae REYNOLDS, 18, employee of Monarch Knitting Co., St. Thomas, same, d/o James Alfred REYNOLDS, b. England & Emily Susanna REEVE?, witn: George Arthur WARE of Windsor & Gladys Victoria REYNOLDS of St. Thomas, 9 July 1927 at St. Thomas
9873-27 William Wesley TAPSELL, 23, farmer, St. Thomas, RR5 St. Thomas, s/o Alfred A. TAPSELL, b. South Dorchester & Ella Sarah APPLEFORD, married Dora WILEY, 19, Jaffa, RR5 St. Thomas, d/o William WILEY, b. Yarmouth Ont & Eva Etta PORTER, witn: Ernest & Mrs. Ernest PARKER of RR1 Union, 16 July 1927 at St. Thomas [divorced 4 March 1969] 9874-27 William THOMAS, 29, waiter, Serbia, 311 George St. in Toronto, s/o Anestasios THOMAS, b. Serbia & Dinistia, married Ettie Florence Hilda CAPON, 22, England, London, d/o Archibald CAPON, b. England & Mary Ann BURGESS, witn: George CREBAR & Laura DAVIES, both of St. Thomas, 21 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas
9875-27 Edgar Gordon TINLIN, 22, chauffeur, St. Thomas, same, s/o Claude TINLIN, b. St. Thomas & Johanna DEWAR, married Muriel Annabell BEGG, 20, St. Thomas, same, d/o James BEGG, b. St. Thomas & Martha SCRACE, witn: William & Winnifred NEAVE of St. Thomas, 8 April 1927 at St. Thomas 9876-27 Lawrence Howard TOWERS, 22, undertaker, St. Thomas, same, s/o Charles TOWERS, b. Hamilton & Bertha MARSHALL, married Kathleen HITCH, 18, St. Thomas, Yarmouth twp., d/o Thomas E. HITCH, b. Schuhurst? England & Emma SMITH, witn: Mr. & Mrs. MOODY of St. Thomas, 14 Aug 1927 at Yarmouth twp
9877-27 Walter Daniel TRACEY, 24, railway employee, St. Thomas, same, s/o Michael J. TRACEY, b. Amherstburg Ont & Ellen COUGHLIN, married Agnes Jean SCOTT, 25, bank clerk, Glanworth Ont., St. Thomas, d/o Andrew SCOTT, b. Scotland & Annie TURNBULL, witn: Fred CASSIDY & Emily Charlotte EGAN, both of St. Thomas, 7 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas 9878-27 Ashton Guy TROTHEN, 35, farmer, Dunwich twp., same, s/o Joshua, b. England & Margaret nee McKILLOP, married Annie GOWAN, 29, Dunwich twp., same, d/o George GOWAN, b. Elgin Ont & Amelia HALL, witn: Ezra BEDFORD & Adelyn MACDONALD, both of Wallacetown, 22 Dec 1927 at Dunwich twp
9879-27 Albert Ernest TUCKER, 23, stereotyper, London, same, s/o Anthony TUCKER, b. Ont & Ursula JENSETT (Jessett?), married Lavera Francina CROCKER, 27, Yarmouth twp., RR2 St. Thomas, d/o William CROCKER, b. Ont & Annie FLEMING, witn: Cyril & Frances CROCKER of Sparta, 22 Oct 1927 at Yarmouth twp 9880-27 George Eric VANDERLIP, 27, salesman, St. Catharines, Welland, s/o Barton VANDERLIP, b. Holland & Mary Ellen McCORMICK, married Josephine Catherine HOCKWITH, 28, secretary, USA, St. Thomas, d/o Joseph Charles HOCKWITH, b. USA & Mary Ann SCOTT, witn: Marjory & Robena HOCKWITH of St. Thomas, 9 Aug 1927 at St. Thomas
9881-27 Nelson Ray VAUGHAN, 21, stock clerk, St. Thomas, same, s/o Clarence VAUGHAN, b. Port Burwell & Lulu LAND, married Gertrude Maxine SMITH, 18, stenographer, St. Thomas, same, d/o Ernest Herbert SMITH, b. Orwell Ont & Annie COLLEDGE, witn: Celia CLARKE & Maude MILES, both of Aylmer, 30 June 1927 at Aylmer 9882-27 Artley Roy VYSE, 20, laborer, Fairground Ont., Courtland, s/o Henry Elgin VYSE, b. Canada & Annie Elizabeth PRESSY, married Winnifred Ethel STUART, 21, Wexford Ont., Simcoe, d/o Merril STUART, b. USA & Laura Eva BINGLEMAN, witn: Lillian COSENS & Catherine BROWN, both of Springfield, 9 March 1927 at Springfield
9883-27 Albert Cecil WATSON, 22, railway brakeman, Van Kleek Hill, St. Thomas, s/o George WATSON, b. Ont & Margaret LAROQUE, married Alice Lorraine ALWAY, 21, stenographer, St. Thomas, same, d/o George R. ALWAY, b. England & Martha STREET, witn: Edythe Jane ALWAY of 113 Woodbine in Toronto & Elmo? (Elina?) RICHARDS of St. Thomas, 29 June 1927 at St. Thomas 9884-27 Daniel Ross WATSON, 33, shipping clerk, Beeton Ont., West Lorne, s/o Daniel Webster WATSON, b. Beeton Ont & Catherine M. IRWIN, married Marion Louise JOHNSON, 22, Detroit, West Lorne, d/o William J. JOHNSON, b. Fingal & Annie McGREGOR, witn: Hazel SKINNER & Annie KITELEY, both of West Lorne, 22 Dec 1927 at West Lorne
  9885-27 William John WEBSTER, 24, barber, Aldborough twp., Glencoe, s/o John WEBSTER, b. Dunwich & Mary Lucetta NETHERCOTT, married Hazel Marion MILLER, 21, Aldborough twp., West Lorne, d/o Henry MILLER, b. Aldborough twp & Annie FRANKS, witn: Ada WILSON & Percy John SMITH, both of West Lorne, 3 Aug 1927 at West Lorne
9886-27 Aaron Christian WERNER, 36, widower, butcher, Ellice twp., Sebringville, s/o Christian WERNER, b. Ellice twp & Margaret BITTNER, married May ENDCOX, 43, widow, Ellice twp., Sebringville, d/o Frank AIKEN, b. North Easthope & Annie SNYDER, witn: Francis MARTIN & Muriel E. THOMPSON, both of St. Thomas, 3 Dec 1927 at St. Thomas 9887-27 Gordon Bailey WERTE, 27, teacher, Iroquois Ont., Windsor, s/o William WERTE, b. Ont & Margaret BAILEY, married Doris Kathleen PRICE, 24, Aylmer, same, d/o Isaac PRICE, b. Ont & Bertha HUTCHISON, witn: M. MILLARD of Coldwater Ont & Dorothy HUTCHISON of Seaforth, 27 July 1927 at Aylmer
9888-27 Roland Grenville Ranell? WHITBY, 27, salesman, Ontario, Paris, s/o Oliver Roland WHITBY, b. England & Mary Florence CRAIGIE, married Jean Madeline SMITH, 23, cashier, Ontario, St. Thomas, d/o Ernest Herbert SMITH, b. Ont & Annie Elizabeth COLLEDGE, witn: Robert McLAUGHLIN of Paris & Hazel J. MOTLER of St. Thomas, 15 Oct. 1927 at St. Thomas 9889-27 Avery Clifford WHITLOCK, 39, electrician, Fullarton twp., St. Thomas, s/o Peter WHITLOCK, b. Ont & Martha Jane WILLIAMS, married Ethel HORTON, 42, musician, St. Thomas, same, d/o Joseph HORTON, b. England & Maggie Elizabeth HORNER, witn: Edith Joy WHITLOCK & Alfred HORTON, both of St. Thomas, 19 Sept 1927 at St. Thomas
9890-27 Nelson Douglas WHITMORE, 28, sports editor, St. Thomas, same, s/o William WHITMORE, b. Ont & Ellen STONE, married Anna Madonna McMULLEN, 24 (29?), St. Catharines, St. Thomas, d/o James P. McMULLEN, b. Ont & Charlotte FLEMING, witn: John S. McMULLEN & Miss Mary MAHONEY, both of St. Thomas, 16 July 1927 at St. Thomas 9891-27 Lloyd WICKETT, 23, physical director, Brantford, St. Thomas, s/o Albert George WICKETT, b. Ont & Kathleen ASHBUAGH, married Irma Lucille KILMER, 24, teacher, St. Thomas, same, d/o Haggai KILMER, b. Ont & Martha PENHALE, witn: S. & Mrs. S. LAWRENCE of Sandwich, 11 July 1927 at St. Thomas
9892-27 Harold Francis WILCOX, 25, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o Aldert (Aldest?) WILCOX, b. New Sarum & Jennie DOAN, married Freda Winnifred DAVIDSON, 27, Malahide, same, d/o Isaac DAVIDSON, b. Jaffa & Sarah Elizabeth HAWLEY, witn: Roy WILCOX of New Sarum & Eletha DAVIDSON of Jaffa, 24 Aug 1927 at Malahide 9893-27 Roy WILCOX, 22, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o Aldest WILCOX, b. Yarmouth twp & Jennie DOAN, married Ena May FERNS, 19, Yarmouth, same, d/o Edgar FERNS, b. Yarmouth twp & Addie TISDALE, witn: Mrs. J.B. McCRONE of Sarnia & Mrs. E.J. McEWEN of New Sarum, 11 Nov 1927 at New Sarum
9894-27 Ernest Alfred WILSON, 24, railway brakeman, England, Windsor, s/o Albert William WILSON, b. England & Bertha Miriam HORSLEY, married Elfreda Clarence BURMAN, 20, employee at Monarch Knitting Co., England, St. Thomas, d/o William George BURMAN, b. England & Alice Jane FLETTER (Hetter?), witn: Peter LAING & Alice KEYS, both of St. Thomas, 28 June 1927 at St. Thomas 9895-27 John WILSON, 56, widower, blacksmith foreman, Edinburgh Scotland, St. Thomas, s/o John WILSON, b. Scotland & Jane GREIG, married Georgina WILSON, 33, clerk, Glasgow Scotland, St. Thomas, d/o George WILSON, b. Scotland & Helen McLEAN, witn: John & Helen McLean WILSON of St. Thomas, 19 Aug 1927 at St. Thomas
9896-27 Oral WILSON, 21, farmer, Wallacetown, Dutton, s/o Arthur WILSON, b. Wallacetown & Ada WEST, married Rosie BAPTISTE, 20, Wallacetown, same, d/o Emanuel BAPTISTE, b. Wallacetown & Mary GONZALES, witn: Percy WEST & Rachel DE VAL, both of RR1 Wallacetown, 17 July 1927 at St. Peter Church, Tyrconnell 9897-27 Robert Bruce WILSON, 26, mechanic, of Brownsville, s/o Frank E. WILSON, b. Walsingham Ont & Lena CATTLE, married Aileen Adell McCURDY, 27, Vienna, Tilsonburg, d/o Richard H. MCURDY, b. Bayham twp & Adelaide BOWES, witn: Ila Marie WILSON of Tilsonburg & Harley Willis McCURDY of Bayham twp., 23 Nov 1927 at Bayham twp
9898-27 Wilfred Leo WILSON, 26, farmer, South Dorchester, same, s/o Silas L. WILSON, b. South Dorchester & Celeste O'NEIL, married Hazel WATERS, 19, Illinois US, South Dorchester, d/o James LeRoy WATERS, b. Wisconsin & Nettie HARRIS, witn: Harry WATERS & Ruby WILSON, both of Springfield, 22 Jan 1927 at Aylmer 9899-27 Aaron Leslie WINTER, 19, railway brakeman, Cutler Ont., St. Thomas, s/o Emanuel WINTER & Frances MILLS, married Mabel Pearl BARFETT, 22, maid, Devonshire England, St. Thomas, d/o William BARFETT, b. England & Margaret KENT (Keast?), witn: Francis BEARD & John C. BARFETT, both of St. Thomas, 13? Jan. 1927 at St. Thomas
9900-27 Edmund WINTER, 21, plumber, Windsor, same, s/o William WINTER, b. Ont & Bessie PARSONS, married Annabelle CAYTON, 20, St. Thomas, same, d/o John CAYTON, b. England & Annie CAMPBELL, witn: Marjorie CAYTON of St. Thomas & Calvin ATKIN of Windsor, 18 June 1927 at St. Thomas 9901-27 Harry WINTERS, 22, farmer, Bayham twp., Malahide, s/o Alfred WINTERS, b. Bayham twp & Mary KILMER, married Evelyn May HARDWICK, 22, Bayham, Aylmer, d/o Arthur HARDWICK, b. Bayham twp & Mary HANCOX?, witn: Helen RICE Of Simcoe & Leslie HARDWICK of Aylmer, 28 Dec 1927 at Aylmer
9902-27 Arthur WISBY, 25, farmer, England, Bayham, s/o William THOMAS, b. Cambridge England & Bertha WITT, married Lieta HOSHAL, 27, house maid, Port Burwell, same, d/o William SMYTH, b. Canada & Ada BRADFIELD, witn: Mrs. W.M. LOVEGROVE & Mrs. H. GRANT, both of Straffordville, 18 June 1927 at Bayham twp 9903-27 Clayton Wesley WISE, 21, farmer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o John Wesley WISE, b. Yarmouth & Eliza Gertrude GLIDDON, married Mary Louise WHITE, 22, stenographer, Dunboyne Ont., Malahide twp., d/o John A. WHITE, b. Jaffa & Elizabeth HOUGHTON, witn: Harvey NORMAN of St. Thomas & Neva WHITE of Aylmer, 18 June 1927 at Malahide twp
9905-27 George WOODS, 28, electric lineman, St. Thomas, Detroit, s/o Thomas WOODS & Sarah LONEY, married Ivy Elizabeth Moss REEVES, 21, clerk, England, St. Thomas, d/o Ralph Robert REEVES & Elizabeth Harriet MOSS, witn: Frederick John ROBBINS & Edna Amy RICHARDSON, both of St. Thomas, 15 June 1927 at St. Thomas 9904-27 Bruce Leigh WOODS, 22, salesman, Lindsay Ont., St. Thomas, s/o Bertram WOODS, b. Ont & Clarissa BRUCE, married Ethel Irene GILLATLY (Gellatty?), 21, hair dresser, Sarnia, Stratford, d/o Alex GILLATLY, b. Ont & Rachel LANGSROTH, witn: Elsie HARDY of London & William BURDEN of Toronto, 18 June 1927 at St. Thomas
9906-27 Roy Franklin WOOLLEY, 34, farmer, South Dorchester, same, s/o Louis WOOLLEY, b. South Dorchester & Caroline BOUGHNER, married Grace Jean LEARN, 28, South Dorchester, same, d/o Victor LEARN, b. South Dorchester twp & Isabell KIDDIE, witn: Mrs. S. & S. MINARD of Belmont, 21 Sept 1927 at South Dorchester twp 9907-27 Richard James WRIGHT, 27, school principal, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Horace WRIGHT, b. Canada & Lucy WINCHESTER, married Ada Louisa STONER, 28, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Jones STONER, b. Canada & Sophia BALL, witn: Horace & Lucy WRIGHT of Aylmer, 11 July 1927 at Aylmer
9908-27 James YATES, 32, farmer, St. Thomas, Southwold twp., s/o John YATES, b. Ont & Mary JOHNSON, married Ida Elizabeth PRESCALL, 23, England, St. Thomas, foster d/o Mr. & Mrs. G.R. PRESCOTT [with illegible note re parents], witn: Hannah? RANKIN & Kenneth YOUNG, both of St. Thomas, 14 Dec 1927 at St. Thomas 9909-27 John Wesley YOUNG, 44, widower, foreman, Plattsville Ont., St. Thomas, s/o Isaac YOUNG, b. Plattsville & Catherine WEDGE, married Cora Jane RALPH, 40, widow, Yarmouth twp., St. Thomas, d/o George B. SHELLEY, b. Pt. Huron & Ida MENARY?, witn: Kathleen & Ravine GORVETT of Sparta, 27 Aug 1927 at St. Thomas