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Elgin Co., 1882


002428-82 (Elgin), Neil ANDERSON, 31, farmer, Canada, Talbot Street, s/o James ANDERSON and Sarah McGILL, mar Jessie FORDER, 28, Canada, Southwold, d/o Duncan and Isabella FORDER. witn John JARVIS and Duncan FORDER no location, 22 Feb 1882 Southwold  
002499-82 (Elgin Co), James AUGER, 23, farmer, Houghton, Malahide, s/o Wilson & Honor? AUGER, married Mary Ann SHARP, 19, Houghton, Bayham, d/o John & Margaret SHARP, witn: Marilla LOOP & Carrie FERGUSON both of Malahide, 14 February 1882 at Malahide 2447-92 Cyrus BADGERS, 38, widower, farmer, Michigan, same, s/o Cyrus & Jane, married Adeline BERDAN, 36, Southwold, same, d/o Jacob & Rachel, witn: Isaac STYLES & Lucy BERDAN, both of Southwold, 5 Feb 1882 at Southwold
002438-82 (Elgin), Fredrick BALL, 24, merchant, Southwold, Shedden, s/o James(?) and Annie BALL, mar Harriet ORCHARD, 23, Southwold, Shedden, d/o John and Ann ORCHARD, witn John ORCHARD and Mary C. illegible no location, 18 Oct 1882 Southwold 002462-82 (Elgin Co), William M. BARRETT, 23, carriage maker, Houghton Ont, Aylmer, s/o Henry & Leah, married Clarissa A. MORRISON, 22, Canada, Aylmer, d/o Lewis N. & Rebecca, witn: Warren & Helena GRIFFIN both of Port Burwell, 31 May 1882 at Aylmer
#002458-82 (Elgin Co): Isaac Wesley BEAMAN, 28, farmer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o William & Margaret, married Henrietta McDONALD, 21, Canada, Malahide, d/o George & Loenia, witn: B. F. & Mary MATHER of Aylmer, 21 March 1882 at Aylmer 2534-83 (Elgin Co): Albert BERIDAN, 25, farmer, Canada, Malahide, s/o Jacob & Lucinda, married Mary WILLIAMS, 18, Canada, Malahide, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Joseph DOHERTY & Mrs. J. ROSE, both of Malahide, 12 Dec 1882 at Malahide
002440-82 (Elgin), John A. BLACK, 23, farmer, Southwold, Southwold, s/o A. and C. BLACK, mar Margaret PRESTON(?), 21, Southwold, Southwold, d/o James and Catherine PRESTON(?), witn both illegible, 26 Oct 1882 Southwold 002432-82 (Elgin), Richard Stewart BODMAN, 25, no age listed, Dunwich, Elgin Cty, s/o D.J. and Margaret BODMAN, mar Maggie Black PAYNE, 27, widow, Southwold, Southwold, d/o Archibald and Emily BLACK, witn ? BLACK, and Alex BODMAN no location, 10 May 1882 Southwold
#002593-83 (Elgin Co): James BOYD, 39, farmer, Canada, Houghton, s/o James & Ann, married Agnes Catherine PARK, 21, Canada, Houghton, d/o Philip & Margaret, witn: illegible FULTON & illegible WILLIAMS, both of Houghton, 1882 at Bayham twp 002467-1882 (Elgin Co.) Henry BRADLEY, 32, farmer, Canada, Malahide, s/o William & Catharine, married Georgie Ann MITCHELL, 19, Canada, Malahide, d/o Thomas & Grace, witn: H. E. FREEMAN & A. E. CLEMENT, both of Aylmer, 27 Sep 1882 at Aylmer
002450-82 (Elgin Co), John D. BROTHERHOOD, 21, grocer, Southwold, same, s/o Horace & Jane BROTHERHOOD, married Cora Estella SUTTON, 23, Southwold, same, d/o Sampson & Ann SUTTON, witn: Cora SUTTON of McGILVARY & William ROBERTS of St. Thomas 2490-82 Theodore BURROUGHS, 23, farmer, Canada, Malahide, s/o Jason & Margaret, married Delphine FERGUSON, 19, Canada, Malahide, d/o David & Mary Jane, witn: Howard & Hellen BURROUGHS of Malahide, 22 Feb 1882 at Port Bruce, Malahide twp
002451-82 (Elgin Co), Larentus H. CAHOON, 22, farmer, Nova Scotia, Malahide, s/o Stephen & Susan, married Lydia M. PHELPS, 24, Malahide, same, d/o Daniel & Lydia, witn: Walter PHILPOT & Ida CAHOON both of Malahide, 25 January 1882 at Aylmer 002500-82 (Elgin Co), Thomas R. CAMPBELL, 23, farmer, Middleton, Malahide, s/o Robert CAMPBELL & Janet MILLER, married Mary Eleanor HEGLER, 20, South Dorchester, same, d/o Adam & Mary HEGLER, witn: Robert & Janet CAMPBELL both of Middleton, 20 March 1882 at Malahide
2509-82 Jacob N. CLINE, 23, farmer, Ontario, Westminster, s/o Dr. Daniel CLINE & Emiline TOWZER, married Julia DEWER, 21, South Dorchester, same, d/o Duncan DEWER & Julia McINTYRE, witn: William HARPER & Daniel CLINE, both of Belmont, 24 Dec 1882 at South Dorchester 2487-82 John Wesley COLLING, 22, farmer, Canada, Lowville, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Mary Jane RICHARDSON, 20, Canada, Malahide, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: William OAG of Burlington & Bella GREGORY of Aylmer, 25 Jan 1882 at Malahide
2476-82 Irvine COLLINS, 24, miller, Canada, Simcoe, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Fanny DOWSWELL, 23, Canada, Simcoe, d/o James & Jennette, witn: A. E. CLEMENT & H. E. FREEMAN, both of Aylmer, 23 Dec 1882 at Aylmer 2493-92 William G. COPELAND, 29, farmer, Malahide, South Dorchester, s/o George & Grace, married Ann Jane CONNER, 30, Dereham, Malahide, d/o Henry & Elenor, witn: Alexander CONNOR of Malahide & Maggie COPELAND of S. Dorchester, 22 Feb 1882 at Malahide
2489-82 Joseph COTTINGHAM, 37, widower, miller, Canada, Malahide, s/o George & Harriet, married Mary Ann MILLER, 21, Canada, Malahide, d/o Jacob & Catherine, witn: Joseph DOHERTY & Mrs. J. ROSE, both of Malahide, 1 Feb 1882 at Malahide 002430-82 (Elgin), John DAVISON, 27, farmer, Ireland, Delaware, s/o James DAVISON and Agnes LACKIN (Lackie?), mar Jane MORROW, 24, Ireland, Delaware, d/o Patrick and Elizabeth MOORIN, witn William and Agnes LESLIE no location, April 1882 Southwold
#002564-83 (Elgin Co): John DEAN, 21, fireman, London East, same, s/o Edwin & Jane, married Maggie ELLIOTT, 22, Port Stanley, same, d/o Andrew & Maria, witn: William WEATHERSPOON of London & Annie HERBERTSON of Port Stanley, 25 Dec 1882 at Port Stanley 002497-82 (Elgin Co), Aaron DOLBY, 33, farmer, Bayham, Middleton, s/o John & Ann DOLBY, married Hannah HENDERSON?, 24, Malahide, same, d/o William & Sophia HENDERSON?, witn: John HENDERSON of Malahide, 22 February 1882 at Malahide
2488-82 Alexander DORLAND, 22, farmer, Canada, Malahide, s/o Henry & Louisa, married Elizabeth ROCKEY, 18, Canada, Malahide, d/o Emanuel & Jane, witn: Susan DORLAND & Amelia BROWN, both of Malahide, 5 Feb 1882 at Malahide 002466-82 (Elgin Co), Alexander DOUGLAS, 45, farmer, widower, Ireland, Ekfrid, s/o Crawford & Jane, married Ella PURDIE, 24, London Ont, Aylmer, d/o John & Jane, witn: James & Letitia McDONALD both of Aylmer, 19 September 1882 at Aylmer
002436-82 (Elgin), William DUNDAS, 23, farmer, Mariposa Twp, Oxford Twp, s/o Stephen and Ann DUNDAS, mar Annie CLARKE, 21, Oxford, Oxford, d/o James and Sarah CLARKE, witn Josiah DUNDAS and Jeremia DUNDAS both of Southwold, 12 Oct 1882 Southwold 2480-82 Nelson ELLIOTT, 25, farmer, Burford, same, s/o Orlin & Elizabeth, married Ethelda Leach HOWELL, 21, Oxford, Malahide, d/o Gideon D. & Elenor, witn: Hiram HOWELL of Malahide & Elen FRANCIS of New Sarum, 3 Oct 1882 at Malahide
002456-82 (Elgin Co), Leander FERGUSON, 27, farmer, Canada, Malahide, s/o John & Jane, married Lovina POWERS, 18, Canada, Yarmouth, d/o George & Catherine, witn: Thomas KENNEDY & Emma PEERS both of Aylmer, 8 March 1882 at Aylmer #002591-83 (Elgin Co): Edward FERGUSON, 27, not given, not given, Malahide, s/o Robert & Angeline, married Lucy Ann STEPHENS, 17, not given, Malahide, d/o John & Mary Catherine, witn: Mary THOMAS of Pt. Burwell and J. MEEKER & Robert CORDNER, both of London, 21 Sept 1882 at Pt. Burwell
2599-82 Francis Lester FOSTER, 22, farmer, Walsingham, Yarmouth, s/o Elias & Mahatibel, married Lydia DAVIS, 22, Walsingham, Yarmouth, d/o Ethel & Hannah, witn: Ethel DAVIS of Yarmouth & Christy GUSTIN of St. Thomas, 28 Feb 1882 at Yarmouth #002457-82 (Elgin Co): William Henry FUMEY, 24, blacksmith, Canada, Tilsonburg, s/o John & Mary, married Minnie BURGESS, 21, Canada, Tilsonburg, d/o Thomas & Maria, witn: Herman & Mary HEWITT of Aylmer, 4 March 1882 at Aylmer
002460-82 (Elgin Co), John H. GLOVER, 23, merchant, Canada, Aylmer, s/o John & Huldah, married Estella NELLIS, 23, Canada, Aylmer, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: H. B. ANDERSON of Norwich & Maud FORSTER of Tillsonburg, 12 April 1882 at Aylmer 002437-82 (Elgin), Samuel Robert GRAY, 28, farmer, Scott Twp, Scott Twp, s/o John and Sophia, mar Mary Louisa PHILLIP, 35, Scott Twp, Southwold, d/o Benjamin and Aman, witn Alex GRAY of Scott Twp and Hester PHILLIPS of Southwold, 18 Oct 1882 Southwold
002463-82 (Elgin Co), George E. HAMILTON, 24, shoemaker, Canada, Aylmer, s/o James & Mary, married Olive May KINNEY, 20, Canada, Aylmer, d/o Ira James & Elizabeth, witn: John HOGES? & Miss M. HAMILTON both of Aylmer, 14 June 1882 at Aylmer 002435-82 (Elgin), Francis Alexander HAMILTON, 20, farmer, Southwold, same, s/o Francis and Alvina, mar Elsy SMITH, 20, Windham, Southwold, d/o Benjamin and Susan, witn William TELFORD of Shedden and Benjamin SMITH of Southwold, 14 Sep 1882 Southwold
  002473-82 (Elgin Co), John James Franklin HAMMILL, 24, illegible, Canada, St. Thomas, s/o James & Mary Ann, married Elizabeth HUBERT, 20, Canada, St. Thomas, d/o Burton & Mary, witn: S. WISMER & C. MANLY both of Aylmer, 14 December 1882 at Aylmer
2507-82 John R. HEWER, 22, laborer, Dereham, South Dorchester, s/o John & Hannah, married Flora Catherine PRICHARD, 23, South Dorchester, same, d/o William PRICHARD & Ellen WILLIS, witn: Rev. HAMILTON Of Springford & Elizabeth PRICHARD of S. Dorchester, 20 Dec 1882 at South Dorchester 2484-82 John HODGES, 22, clerk, Kent England, Malahide, s/o George & Sarah, married Adelia M. HOUSE, 22, Malahide, same, d/o Dennis & Mary, witn: Henry HARRIS of Aylmer & Dorcas HOUSE of Malahide, 25 Oct. 1882 at Malahide
2494-92 John Lemon HYDE, 26, farmer, Canada, Malahide, s/o Charles & Mary, married Candas BUCK, 21, Canada, Malahide, d/o James & Mary, witn: Peter BUCK & Catherine DONALDSON, both of Malahide, 7 March 1882 at Malahide 2482-82 John H. INGRAM, 26, miller, Malahide, same, s/o George INGRAM & Sophia Margaret WALTON, married Helen Augusta GOSTICK, 27, Pickering, Malahide, d/o John & Priscilla, witn: W. A. JOHNS & Josie JEFFEREY, both of Malahide, 6 Sept 1882 at Malahide
2601-82 James IRWIN, 23, farmer, Canada, Michigan, s/o William & Annie, married Adaline JERORE (Jerose?), 21, Dereham, Springfield, d/o Maurice & Mary, witn: Maxim & Ann JEROSE of Springfield, no date given, at Springfield [reg 31 Dec 1882] #002667-83 (Elgin Co): Francis KENNY, 26, train dispatcher, Michigan, Battle Creek, s/o Mathias & Harriet Jane, married Augusta BROWN, 29, Victoria Ont., St. Thomas, d/o Charles Russell & Elizabeth, witn: Charles D. HAULE? & Minnie W. HAMWELL? of Buffalo, 13 Dec 1882 at St. Thomas
2478-82 Francis Winfield KENT, 23, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o George KENT & Margaret TUFFORD, married Ida Velina CLARKE, 21, Malahide, same, d/o Lewis J. CLARKE & Deborah Ann TEEPLE, witn: Harvey L. CLARKE & Minnie E. KENT, both of Malahide, 20 Sept 1882 at Malahide 2492-92 Christian Frederick KOUTZIE, 2-?, farmer, Canada, Malahide, s/o Charles & Barbara, married Jane DRYSDALE, 22, Scotland, Malahide, d/o John & Christian, witn: John H. DRYSDALE & Caroline KOUTZIE, 15 Feb 1882 at Malahide
2481-82 Robert LAND, 22, shoe maker, Port Nelson, Aylmer, s/o William & Phoebe, married Jane FERGUSON, 17, Yarmouth, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: Edna SECORD & Emry FERGUSON, 17 Oct 1882 at Centerville 2600-82 Stephen LOUNSBURY, 21, cabinet maker, Malahide, same, s/o James & Harriet, married Biscilla MILES, 29, Isle of Wight, Yarmouth, d/o William & Jane, witn: Henrietta MARSHAL & Elenor WILCOX, both of Springfield, 31 Sept 1882 at Springfield
#002454-82 (Elgin Co): Samuel A. MANN, 24, painter, Canada, Aylmer, s/o Eli & Catherine, married Lottie S. FREEMAN, 21, Canada, Aylmer, d/o William & Susan, witn: James H. FREEMAN & Libbie OGILVEY, both of Aylmer, 21 Feb 1882 at Aylmer #002455-82 (Elgin Co): Reuben MATTHEWS, 50, widower, farmer, Canada, Oil Springs, s/o Elijah & Fidellia, married Miriam WILLISON, 36, New Brunswick, Bayham, d/o "Evans & Jeffery", witn: Earnest KARN of Tara & John WILLISON of Malahide, 23 Feb 1882 at Aylmer
2502-82 John MATTHEWS, 40, yeoman, Bayham, same, s/o Elijah & Fidelia, married Catherine Ann CLARK, 37, Malahide, same, d/o William & Janet, witn: William & Janet CLARK, no date given, at Malahide [reg 30 June 1882] 2483-82 John W. MATHEWS, 22, farmer, Dorchester, Malahide, s/o Henry & Mary, married Loretta PENNINGTON, 18, Michigan, Malahide, d/o Myles & Mary, witn: M. M. GRIFFIN of Gravesend & Almina WILSON of Malahide, 20 Sept 1882 at Malahide
002431-82 (Elgin), Archibald McARTHUR, 27, farmer, Canada, Southwold, s/o Archibald McARTHUR and Margaret McPHAIL(?), mar Sarah McNEILL, 21, Canada, Southwold, d/o Peter and Eliza McNEILL, witn Samuel ? and William NEIL no location, April 1882 Southwold  
002441-82 (Elgin), John McCALLUM, 55, farmer, Scotland, Middlemiss Ekfrid, s/o John and Betsy McCALLUM, mar Sarah CARR, 36, Westminster, Southwold, d/o George and Henry (sic) CARR, witn Duncan and Grace McPHERSON of Elgin Co, 26 Oct 1882 Southwold 002433-82 (Elgin), Ronald C. McDONALD, 28, mechanic, Dereham, Southwold, s/o Duncan and Mary McDONALD, mar Elizabeth McARTHUR, 25, Southwold, Southwold, d/o Donald and Elizabeth McARTHUR, witn Malcolm McARTHUR and Mary McDONALD, 10 May 1882 Southwold
2508-82 Henry McGREGOR, 29, farmer, South Dorchester, same, s/o Thomas McGREGOR & Elizabeth WISMER, married Isabella BROWN, 27, South Dorchester, same, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Frank & Duncan FERGUSON of S. Dorchester, 20 Dec 1882 at South Dorchester 002461-82 (Elgin Co), Thomas McGREGOR, 30, farmer, South Dorchester, same, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Sarah F. HOLBORN, 24, Canada, South Dorchester, d/o John & Theresa, witn: P. W. McLAY MD & Mrs. M. DAUNT both of Aylmer, 6 April 1882 at Aylmer
002426-82 (Elgin), Hugh McINTYRE, 29, blacksmith, Scotland, London, s/o Peter McINTYRE and Jennet CAMPBELL, mar Catherine McINTYRE, 25, Canada, Southwold, d/o Alex McINTYRE and Flora GILCHRIST, witn Archibald McINTYRE and John TURNER no location, 31 Jan 1882 Southwold 002429-82 (Elgin), George McLACHLIN, 27, farmer, Canada, Fingal Southwold, s/o Michael McLACHLIN and Sarah MESSICER, mar Mary FORDER 24, Canada, Southwold, d/o Duncan and Isabella FORDER, witn Duncan FORDER and John JARVIS, 22 Feb 1882 Southwold
002427-82 (Elgin), Alex J. McPHERSON, 32, farmer, Fingal, Southwold, s/o Donald McPHERSON and Mary FERGUSON, mar Elizabeth Sarah McCOLL, 19, Southwold, Back Street Southwold, d/o Nicol McCOLL and Mary McINTYRE, witn John McPHERSON of Fingal and J.H. BEST of Talbot Road Southwold, 15 Feb 1882 Southwold 2486-82 George L. MINHINNICK, 25, farmer, Yarmouth, Malahide, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane PROWSE, 19, Copenhagen, same, d/o Henry & Hannah, witn: Fred PROWSE of Copenhagen & Mary Ann HILLS of Tara, 25 Dec 1882 at Copenhagen
002439-82 (Elgin), Jeston MOORE, 27, farmer, Southwold, Southwold, s/o Charles and Mary Ann MOORE, mar Amy SCHULTZ, 21, Southwold, Southwold, d/o John and Hannah SCHULTZ, witn James illegible and Mary SCHULTZ no location, 24 Oct 1882 Southwold  
2445-82 Arthur MORELLE, 24, railroading, Nottingham England, Southwold, s/o Robert & Mildred, married Henrietta E. SILCOX, 18, Southwold, same, d/o William F. & Caroline, witn: Archibald BERDAN & Allie MORELLE, both of Southwold, 20 June 1882 at Frome 002449-82 (Elgin Co), Frank C. NEWLAND, 24, farmer, Yarmouth, Southwold, s/o Charles & Catherine NEWLAND, married Ella BISSELL, 19, Southwold, same, d/o John & Harriet BISSELL, witn: Ida BISSELL of Fingal & Maggie O'BRIEN of Tyrconnell, 26 April 1882 at Southwold
2491-92 Emery Nelson PARKER, 22, farmer, Canada, Yarmouth, s/o Nelson & Ruth, married Laura SMITH, 18, Canada, Malahide, d/o Hezekiah & Martha, witn: Eunice EGBERT & Mrs. J. ROSE, both of Malahide, 15 Feb 1882 at Malahide 002448-82 (Elgin Co), Thomas PEACOCK, 24, farmer, Southwold, same, s/o John & Margaret PEACOCK, married Eliza CURTIS, 26, Southwold, same, d/o Nathaniel & Maria CURTIS, witn: Wallis WARDELL & Miss H. WARDELL both of Southwold, 2 April 1882 at Southwold
#002459-82 (Elgin Co): Christopher PEARSON, 23, farmer, Bayham, Dereham?, s/o Thomas & Syrinda, married Nancy J. WILLIAMS, 16, South Dorchester, same, d/o Gilbert & Margaret, witn: Stephen WISMER & Mary BURNS, both of Aylmer, 11 April 1882 at Aylmer #002668-83 (Elgin Co): Oliver D. PITFIELD, 35, mechanic, New Brunswick, Rawdon, s/o William & Ann, married Rose E. PENNOCK, 21, St. Thomas, same, d/o George & Sarah, witn: C. CHOTHERS of St. Thomas, 13 Dec 1882 at St. Thomas
002475-82 (Elgin Co), Jesse Weaver POUND, 23, farmer, Canada, Malahide, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Gertrude COOK, 24, Canada, Bayham, d/o Charles & Angeline, witn: James SHIFLEY of Dorchester & Ettielia POUND of Malahide, 27 December 1882 at Aylmer 2510-82 Archie REAVIE, 24, farmer, South Dorchester, Aldborough, s/o Archie & Mary, married Netty DUNN, 29, South Dorchester, North Dorchester, d/o John & Margaret, witn: James DUNN & Mary E. LUTON, both of S. Dorchester, 16 Oct. 1882 at South Dorchester
002464-82 (Elgin Co), Edward RICHARDSON, 24, dentist, Canada, Aylmer, s/o George & Jane, married Annie Marilla MOSS, 19, Canada, Aylmer, d/o Hubbard & Sarah Ann, witn: David DAVIS & Mary MOSS both of Aylmer, 16 May 1882 at Aylmer #002666-83 (Elgin Co): David Kenneth ROSS, 25, cabinet maker, St. Thomas, same, s/o Thomas & Agnes, married Catherine T. LEAKEY, 19, St. Thomas, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Peter ROSS & Sarah LEAKEY, both of St. Thomas, 10 Oct 1882 at 99 Wellington St., St. Thomas
2504-82 Daniel RUCKLE, 30, farmer, Ireland, Dereham, s/o David & Jane, married Maria BROOKS, 25, Ireland, South Dorchester, d/o Francis & Ellen, witn: Robert McCLINTOCK of Dereham & S. TIMS of Norwich, 25 Oct. 1882 at South Dorchester 002469-1882 (Elgin Co.) James T. SCRAM, 23, farmer, Canada, Charlotteville, s/o David & Annie, married Mary McKENZIE, 17, Canada, Charlotteville, d/o Hugh & Mary, witn: John FREEMAN & Benie? CLEMENT , both of Aylmer, 15 Nov 1882 at Aylmer.
002465-82 (Elgin Co), William SEBORN, 23, carpenter, Canada, Aylmer, s/o John & Jane, married Alice ROBINS, 22, Canada, Waterford, d/o Christopher & Sarah Ann, witn: William HOWATH & Margaret SEBORN both of Aylmer, 18 October 1882 at Aylmer 2485-82 William B. F. SELLEY, 30, chemist & druggist, City of Quebec, London, s/o John Bennet SELLEY & Charlotte, married Sarah Emily SANDERS, 21, Walkerton, Aylmer, d/o Thomas Exmouth SANDERS & Nancy, witn: Amy L. SELLEY of Watford, Lydia L. SELLEY of London, Charles D. SANDERS of St. Thomas, Anna Maria SANDERS of Aylmer & William H. ROSS of Sarnia, 15 Nov 1882 at Aylmer
2479-82 John W. SIMPSON, 22, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o William SIMPSON & Sarah TEEPLE, married May Ada JOHNS, 21, North Oxford, Malahide, d/o William JOHNS & Elizabeth INGRAM, witn: C. O. SIMPSON & Mary E. JOHNS, 27 Sept 1882 at Malahide 2511-82 Peter James SIZE, 25, carriage builder, Trafalgar, Waterloo, s/o John & Ann, married Abby MILLS, 18, Yarmouth, South Dorchester, d/o George & Catherine, witn: Charles CHASE & Annie SHELDRAKE, both of Yarmouth, 15 Nov 1882 at South Dorchester
2477-82 Milton SMITH, 25, farmer, Canada, Malahide, s/o Eli & Charity, married Ida MENNENICK?, 18, Canada, Malahide, d/o William & Hannah, witn: E. B. SMITH & Maggie WAGNER, both of Malahide, 27 Dec 1882 at Malahide {Minhenick?] 2495-92 Charles SMITH, 31, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Cole & Chloey, married Rachel MARR, 28, Malahide, same, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: John HAGGAN of Malahide & Joseph McDOUGALL of Westminster, 15 Feb. 1882 at Malahide
  002468-1882 (Elgin Co.) George L. SOUTHWICK, 26, surveyor, St. Thomas, Winnipeg, s/o George & not recorded, married Louisa LISSUER?, 18, Canada, St. Thomas, d/o Joseph & Angeline, witn: T. W. CROTHERS & Josephine LISSUER, 16 Oct 1882 at Aylmer
2535-83 (Elgin Co): John William STEPHENS, 21, farmer, Canada, Malahide, s/o Ransom & Mandy, married Alta BENNER, 20, Canada, Malahide, d/o Frederick & Alta, witn: Loca BENNER of Bayham & Milly BENNER of Malahide, 27 Dec 1882 at Malahide 2505-82 Neil STEWART, 46, farmer, Scotland, Usborne, s/o James STEWART & Mary McARTHUR, married Catherine STEWART, 45, widow, Canada, South Dorchester, d/o Duncan McLARTY & Sarah McINTYRE, witn: Dr. McLARTY of St. Thomas, 23 Nov 1882 at South Dorchester
002453-82 (Elgin Co), Richard Henry STRO*GER (Strowger?), 33, harness maker, widower, Canada, Aylmer, s/o Richard & Mary, married Mary Maud KINNEY, 23, Canada, Aylmer, d/o Ira & Elizabeth, witn: George HAMILTON & Olive KINNEY both of Aylmer, 18 January 1882 at Aylmer  
2506-82 Daniel SUTHERLAND, 33, farmer, Ontario, North Dorchester, s/o Robert & Nelly, married Catherine MOORE, 26, South Dorchester, same, d/o James MOORE & Jane IRWIN, witn: James MOORE & Margaret SUTHERLAND, both of N. Dorchester, 31 Oct. 1882 at South Dorchester 2503-82 John A. TAYLOR, 34, farmer, Canada, South Dorchester, s/o Angus TAYLOR & Margaret SMITH, married Bella CRAWFORD, 20, Canada, South Dorchester, d/o Donald CRAWFORD & Catherine STEWART, witn: Angus TAYLOR & Duncan STEWART, both of S. Dorchester, 22 Aug 1883 at South Dorchester
2602-82 William THIRSTON (s/b Thurston?), 28, hotel keeper, Bayham, Michigan, s/o Jerald & Mariah, married Anna A. MILLARD, 19, Bayham, Springfield, d/o David & Margaret, witn: W. J. & Mary J. PACE of Springfield, 11 April 1882 at res of David Millard, Springfield 002434-82 (Elgin), William John TRAVIS(?), 26, farmer, Co. Hillington, Talbotville, s/o Richardson and Isabella Anne TRAVIS(?), mar Julia BOUTLY(?), 17, Talbotville, same, d/o Alexander and Susan, witn Agnes illegible and James J. BENNETT, no date Talbotville .
  002474-82 (Elgin Co), Noble Freedom TUFFORD, 24, farmer, Canada, Malahide Twp, s/o John C. & Catherine, married Lillis PRITCHARD, 18, Canada, Malahide Twp, d/o John & Cynthia witn: John F. TUFFORD & Churchel PRITCHARD both of Malahide, 20 December 1882 at Aylmer
#002595-83 (Elgin Co): Abram UDELL, 28, engineer, not given, New Sarum, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Jane Christena STANFIELD, 21, not given, New Sarum, d/o William & Hannah, witn: Sarah Annie DRANSY & Trinity H. CALANT, both of Pt. Burwell, 7 Aug 1882 at Pt. Burwell 002498-82 (Elgin Co), John WALKER, 32, commercial traveler, Ottawa, London, s/o John & Matilda WALKER, married Edith McCONNELL, 23, Malahide, same, d/o James & Jerusha McCONNELL, witn: Carey McCONNELL of Malahide & Mary McCONNELL of Port Burwell, 22 March 1882 at Malahide
2597-82 William WALKER, 33, widower, commission merchant, Ontario Co., Norwich, s/o Edward WALKER & Ellen ASHTON, married Hannah C. WHITEHEAD, 33, widow, London Ont, Norwich, d/o George W. HARPER & Mary MISENER, witn: illegible of Norwich & Clara ROWLEY of St. Thomas, 15 Feb 1882 at Yarmouth #002594-83 (Elgin Co): Adam Ira WALKER, 21, mason, Canada, Bayham, s/o Ira & Margaret, married Sarah Alice HALL, 20, Canada, Bayham, d/o Charles & Matilda, witn: Ellen A. AZQUITH & Victor WYE, both of Pt. Burwell, 29 Jan 1882 at Pt. Burwell
#002590-83 (Elgin Co): John Gashin WEAVER, 27, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o Henry A. & illegible M., married Lollie SPONBURGH, 22, not given, Oxford Co., d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: J.M. EATON of Townsend & L. WEAVER of Bayham, 15 Nov 1882 at Pt. Burwell 002444-82 (Elgin), Joseph WEBB, 23, mechanic, Nissouri, Southwold, s/o Thomas and Ann WEBB, mar Hattie WELLING, 18, Southwold, Southwold, d/o John and Ann WELLING, witn Ann WELLING and Janet ARMSTRONG both of Southwold, 04 Jan 1882 Shedden
2446-82 William E. WILLIAMS, 26, farmer, Caradoc, same, s/o Richard & Mary, married Mary Jane WILLIAMS, 26, Southwold, same, d/o John & Amy, witn: Amanda WILLIAMS of Caradoc & William M. MOORE of St. Thomas, 2 Feb 1892 at Southwold 2488-83 (Elgin Co): Edward WINTERMUTE, 26, farmer, Dereham, Malahide, s/o Abram & Elizabeth, married Catherine L. ELLIZ, no age given, Brooke twp., same, d/o William & Mary, witn: G. H. & E.G. SUMMERS of Springfield, 26 Dec 1882 at Springfield
002501-82 (Elgin Co), illegible WOLTEN (Wotten?), 28, farmer, Southwold, Malahide, s/o illegible & Maryann WOLTEN, married Amy Alberta GURNER?, 16, Malahide, same, d/o George & Mary Ann GURNER?, witn: George WOLTEN of St Thomas & Martha OAKES of Strathroy, 19 May 1882 at Malahide #002592-83 (Elgin Co): George Warren YOUILL, 27, merchant, not given, Bracebridge, s/o George & Clarissa, married Alice Jane BURWELL, 25, not given, Pt. Burwell, d/o Leonidas? & Jane, witn: G.M. WRONG of Toronto & John YOUILL of Pt. Burwell, 13 Sept 1882 at Pt. Burwell