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  beach houses, Port Stanley, May 2009

Elgin Co., 1883

birth place is given before residence


#002543-83 (Elgin co): Gustav ABELL, 27, farmer?, Malahide, same, s/o Robert & Mary Ann, married Mary M. BOWEN, 23, Malahide, same, d/o William & Lydia, witn: John ABELL & Ellen BOWEN, both of Malahide, 17 Jan 1883 at Malahide  
002809-1883 (Elgin Co.) William Alfred ADAMS, 26, machinist, London, St. Thomas, s/o James & Margaret, married Ella Alberta SNIVELY, 20, 20, Lyndoch, St. Thomas, d/o Ogden & Ann, witn: William JEFFRY & James ADAMS, both of London, 5 Dec 1883 at St. Thomas. #002799-83 (Elgin CO): Nicholas ADAMS, 20, tailor, Ontario, St. Thomas, s/o John & May ADAMS, married Crystal DENMAN, 20, Ontario, St. Thomas, d/o Joseph & Christina DENMAN; wit. James A WALL-- & Lois SANDERSON, St. Thomas. 20 Nov 1883 at St. Thomas
#002569-83 (Elgin Co): Dudley Gilman ADAMS, 23, fisherman, Port Bruce, Port Stanley, s/o William & Harriet, married Eliza BAIN, 17, Malahide, Port Bruce, d/o Joseph & Emeline, witn: Levi & Welda METLOR of Port Stanley, 30 June 1883 at Port Stanley 2509-83 (Elgin Co): Alexander BAILLIE, 27, train dispatcher, London Ont., Barrie, s/o John & Margaret, married Agnes NAIRN, 27, Aylmer, same, d/o Thomas M. & Dephine, witn: Thomas DOWNIE of Barrie, Jennie J. NAIRN of Montreal & Jessie NAIRN of Aylmer, 5 Sept 1883 at Aylmer
#002541-83 (Elgin Co): John BAKER, 23, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Judson & Eliza, married Paulina ROGERS, 20, York Co., Malahide, d/o Amos & Esther, witn: Augustus ROGERS & Jennie POUND, both of Malahide, 14 Feb 1883 at Malahide 2490-83 (Elgin Co): Jonas BARNES, 40, widower, carpenter, St. Thomas, same, s/o Joseph & Eleanor, married Catherine FUGHLNER?, 30, Vaughan, St. Thomas, d/o Samuel & Martha, witn: Bella BRIGGS & Mattie DAVIS, both of Springfield, 25 Dec 1883 at Springfield
#002554-83 (Elgin Co): James E. BARNUM, 27, farmer, Nissouri, Malahide, s/o William & Annie M., married Martha FERGUSON, 17, Malahide, Port Bruce, d/o David & Alvira, witn: Daniel DAVIS? & Delilia BEECHAM, both of Malahide, 21 Oct 1883 at Port Bruce #002551-83 (Elgin Co): Andrew D. BARRON, 25, farmer, Canada, Elgin, s/o William & Pollie, married Margaret BROWN, 24, Canada, Elgin, d/o Neil & Nancy, witn: Ellen BROWN of North Dorchester, 4 Sept 1883 at Malahide
#00257-83 (Elgin Co): Francis BARRY, 24, cheese maker, Canada, South Dorchester, s/o Thomas & Lucinda, married Lilly Ann DAVIDSON, 22, Canada, Malahide, d/o John & Maria, witn: Edward DAVIDSON of Malahide & Isabella McBRIEN of Jarvis, 10 Jan 1883 at Malahide 2709-84 Charles Alexander BARTON, 40, plasterer, Canada, Aylmer, s/o John & Lucy, married Helen EMPY, 40, widow, Canada, Aylmer, d/o Caleb & Elizabeth WOOD, witn: Lucy HALEY & William HOPKINS, both of Aylmer, 24 Dec 1883 at Aylmer
#002719-83 (Elgin Co): James BEAL, 30, brick maker, England, St. Thomas, s/o William & Martha, married Susan VENNING, 19, England, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witnesses were William H. BROOKING & Amy MITCHELL, both of St. Thomas, 3 May 1883 at St. Thomas 002561-83 (Elgin Co): Charles BEST, 23, cooper, Elgin Co., Malahide, s/o William & Ann, married Nelly McEWEN, 18, Illinois USA, Malahide, d/o Jeremiah & Louisa, witn: John CHARLTON of S. Dorchester & Caroline BEST of Malahide, 24 March 1883 at Malahide
2664-84 Daniel BLACK, 27, farmer, Southwold, same, s/o Archibald & Amelia, married Mary Ann PRESTON, 21, Southwold, same, d/o James & Catherine, witn: John A. & Maggie BLACK of Southwold, 20 Dec 1883 at Southwold 2566-84 (Elgin Co): William W. BOULBY, 26, railway employee, Port Dover, St. Thomas, s/o Samuel T. & unknown, married Alice L. DOW, 22, Oxford Co., South Norwich, d/o Peter & Mary, witn: Mary HODGSON of St. Thomas, 17 Dec 1883 at St. Thomas
#002710-83 (Elgin Co): Alfred BOWEY, 23, butcher, Canada, St. Thomas, s/o Rodger & Elizabeth, married Emma HARTOP, 19, England, St. Thomas, d/o not given, witn: William VICKERY & Grace HARTOP, both of St. Thomas, 24 Jan 1883 at St. Thomas 2567-83 (Elgin Co): James C. BOWLBY, 29, hotel keeper, Southwold, same, s/o Isaac & Martha, married Mary FOLLEY, 19, Bowmanville, St. Thomas, d/o Richard & Elizabeth, witn: Dora PEGLER & Ida THORN, both of Port Stanley, 4 April 1883 at Port Stanley
2549-83 (Elgin Co): John BROOKS, 22, laborer, Malahide, same, s/o Charles & Martha, married Maria HULL, 22, widow, Stratford, Malahide, d/o Owen & Ellen CONNOR, witn: W.H. & Matilda DENNIS of Malahide, 2 May 1883 at Malahide 2519-83 (Elgin Co): Granville BROOKS, 22, laborer, Canada, Aylmer, s/o Charles & Martha Ann, married Sarah DICKER, 19, Canada, Aylmer, d/o Charles & Louisa, witn: Henry WILLIAMSON & Charles BROOKS, both of Aylmer, 23 Dec 1883 at Aylmer
2500-83 (Elgin Co): Joseph BROWN, 25, farmer, Canada, Michigan USA, s/o William & Sarah, married Emma BALL, 18, Canada, Bayham, d/o James & Catherine, witn: Noble TYRRELL & Hattie BALL, both of Bayham, 7 April 1883 at Aylmer #002709-83 (Elgin Co): Thomas A. BROWN, 24, carpenter, Malahide, St. Thomas, s/o John & Emeline, married Bella MARR, 21, Yarmouth, same, d/o Jacob & Jane, witn: John W. HALL? & Kaitty GORDON, both of St. Thomas, 15 Jan 1883 at St. Thomas
#002702-83 (Elgin Co): John BROWN, 49, farmer, England, Lambton Co., s/o Charles & Jane, married Myra TENREY?, 35, Burford Ont., Oxford Co., d/o James & Mary, witn: Thomas SPECKMAN of Talbotville & Peter COU-- of St. Thomas, 7 June 1883 at St. Thomas #002712-83 (Elgin Co): John Thomas BULLER, 29, farmer, Ontario, Howard, s/o Henry & Maria, married Isabella GRAY, 23, Ontario, same, d/o Alexander & Henrietta, witn: Alexander GRAY of Aldborough & Dugald J. BULLER of Thamesville, 21 March 1883 at St. Thomas
2492-83 (Elgin Co): William CHAMBERS, 24, teacher, Malahide, same, s/o John & blank, married Ann Marion SAMPRY, 23, Dereham, Springfield, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: Solon CHAMBERS & Mary SMITH, 18 July 1883 at Springfield [Lampry?] 2524-83 (Elgin Co): Cornelius CHURCHILL, 30, farmer, McGillivray, Orford, s/o William & Lucretia, married Mary McINTOSH, 20, Orford, same, d/o John & Nancy, witn: Mary J. FALLIS & Jennet LEGROS, 17 Jan 1883 at Dutton
2523-83 (Elgin Co): Richard C. CORNELIUS, 40, widower, painter, England, Waterford, s/o Richard & Annie, married Bella MARTIN, 28, Canada, Aylmer, d/o Daniel & Mary, witn: Mrs. HAMILTON of Aylmer & E. MARTIN of Tilsonburg, 31 Dec 1883 at Aylmer 2531-83 (Elgin Co): Peter A. CRANE, 35, widower, carpenter, Tyconwell?, same, s/o Peter & Mary, married Teresa EVANS, 32, Fingal, Tyconwell, d/o Richard & Mary, witn: Mrs. J.M. JACKSON of Dutton & Carrie SANDERSON of Morefield, 27 Sept 1883 at Dutton
2502-83 (Elgin Co): Thomas CRESWELL, 22, marble cutter, Canada, Simcoe, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Olive DAVIS, 21, Canada, Aylmer, d/o Charles & Jane, witn: Miss B. JOHNSON of Aylmer & James FREEMAN of Simcoe, 24 May 1883 at Aylmer #002707-83 (Elgin Co): Thomas CUTHBUTTON, 33, mechanic, Oxford Co., same, s/o Thomas & illegible, married Clara Anis BAIRD, 25, England, Oxford Co., d/o Hugh & Henrietta, witn: Maggie HALL of Galt & Hannah A. ROWLAND of St. Thomas, 13 Feb 1883 at St Thomas [Cuthbertson?]
#002560-83 (Elgin Co): Samuel M. DENNIS, 21, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o Leonard & Hannah, married Sophronia W. FIRBY, 17, Malahide, same, d/o Francis & Rebecca, witn: Jonathan THOMPSON & Elizabeth WINGROVE, both of Malahide, 25 Dec 1883 at Malahide 2568-83 (Elgin Co): James DEO, 22, farmer, Westminster, same, s/o Daniel DEO & not given, married Mary Ann WESTBROOK, 25, Westminster, same, d/o Levi PICKEL & not given, witn: Edward CASHMAN & Mary Ann WESTBROOK, both of Westminster, 16 June 1883 at Port Stanley
2513-83 (Elgin Co): John DUNN, 27, laborer, England, Yarmouth, s/o Samuel & Miriam, married Jemima BUNDY, 21, Canada, Yarmouth, d/o Cornelius & Esthanes, witn: Robert & Harriet FISHLEY of Yarmouth, 4 Sept 1883 at Aylmer #002578-83 (Elgin Co): James DUNNING, 28?, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o John & Ann, married illegible, 22, Bayham, same, d/o illegible, 1883 in Straffordville (very faded)
2510-83 (Elgin Co): Edward N. ELLIOTT, 30, harness maker, England, Malahide, s/o Isaac & Ann, married Margaret MOWERS, 20, Canada, Malahide, d/o Alexander & Margaret, 23 July 1883 at Aylmer 002808-1883 (Elgin Co.) Charles ELLWOOD, 36, carpenter, Westminster, St. Thomas, s/o James & Rosanna, married Eliza Alberta COOK, 21, Bowmanville, Yarmouth, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: John H. COOK of Yarmouth & Hannah ELLWOOD of St. Thomas, 31 Oct 1883 at St. Thomas
  2494-83 (Elgin Co): George A. EMMETT, 19, farmer, Canada, Sparta, s/o Francis & Jane, married Lucy LIVINGSTONE, 19, Canada, Aylmer, s/o William & Mary Ann, witn: H.B. SEVILLE of Sparta & Annie LIVINGSTONE of Aylmer, 2 Jan 1883 at Aylmer
#002699-83 (Elgin Co): James ERNEST, 21, not given, not given, Petrolia, s/o James & Amelia, married Helena Carrie MARCH, 21, Simcoe, St. Thomas, d/o Henry & Mary Jane, witn: James & Melissa McARTHUR of St. Thomas, 7 March 1883 at St. Thomas #002586-83 (Elgin Co): Eli ESSELTINE, 28, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Jacob & Sarah Ann, married Hannah MOTT, 28, illegible, Malahide, d/o Nelson & Esther, witn: John HIND & Sarah J. MOTT, 3 Oct? 1883 at Straffordville
#002705-83 (Elgin Co): William John FAUNT, 22, moulder, Canada, St. Thomas, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Alice WESTOVER, 24, Canada, Orwell, d/o Henry & Nora, witn: E.J. HOLMES & Mrs? BEATY, both of St. Thomas, 14 Feb 1883 at St. Thomas 02626-83 ( Elgin Co) Denziel David FINCH, 24, farmer, South Dorchester, South Dorchester, s/o David & Rebecca, married Amy Isabelle CHARLTON, 19, South Dorchester, South Dorchester, d/o William H. & Isabelle, witn: Franklin CHARLTON & Campbell FERGUSON both of South Dorchester, 19 Dec 1883 at South Dorchester
2501-83 (Elgin Co): David N. FIRBY, 24, farmer, Canada, Malahide, s/o Francis & Rebecca, married Elizabeth ACRE, 20, Canada, Bayham, d/o Nicholas & Laura, witn: John TELLER & Elizabeth WINGROVE, both of Malahide, 12 April 1883 at Aylmer #002663-83 (Elgin Co): Alexander FISHER, 27, farmer, Aldborough, same, s/o James FISHER & Barbara McLEAN, married Lilie PATERSON, 26, Aldborough, same, d/o Duncan PATERSON & Grace McMILLAN, witn: Dugald & Mrs. D. McMILLAN of Moose Jaw NWT, 25 Dec 1883 at Aldborough
002724-1883 (Elgin Co.) William FISHLEIGH, 25, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o Francis & Elizabeth, married Bessie GARRETT? (GANNETT?), 18, Devon England, Yarmouth, d/o James & Margaret, witn: William H. GARRETT? & Sarah FISHLEIGH, both of Yarmouth, 31 Mar 1883 at St. Thomas.  
2491-83 (Elgin Co): Oliver FOSTER, 65, widower, laborer, Nova Scotia, Springfield, s/o Asa & R—a, married Eliza Ann CHAMBERLAIN, 66, widow, Ontario, Springfield, d/o David & Rachel, witn: David & Elizabeth MILLARD of Springfield, 4 Feb 1883 at Springfield #002798-83 (Elgin CO): James Edward FREEMAN, 23, railway employee, St. Thomas, same, s/o Joseph F.& Nancy FREEMAN, married Eliza WILKINSON, 27, England, St. Thomas, d/o William & Sarah WILKINSON; wit. Finly FREEMAN & Martha HICKEN, both of St. Thomas. 19 Nov 1883 at St. Thomas.
#002800-83 (Elgin Co): George Elba FREEMAN, 22, railway section man, St. Thomas, same, s/o Joseph & Nancy FREEMAN, married Jessie HICKEN, 24, Toronto, Southwold, d/o William & Mary HICKEN; wit. Findly FREEMAN & Martha HICKEN, St. Thomas. 21 Nov 1883 at St. Thomas. #002553-83 (Elgin Co): William GARSIDE, 25, merchant, Durham England, Toronto, s/o Edmond & Mary, married Florence McCONNELL, 22, Malahide, same, d/o Shook & Margaret M., witn: George BLACK of Aylmer & Robert GARSIDE of Toronto, 3 Oct 1883 at Malahide
#002559-83 (Elgin Co): James William GATES, 22, farmer, Malahide, South Dorchester, s/o James & Mary, married Maggie Ann MIDDLETON, 19, Malahide, same, d/o John & Ester, witn: William YOUNG & Eliza Jane MIDDLETON, 28 Nov 1883 at Malahide #002704-83 (Elgin Co): Marwood GILBERT, 53, widower, farmer, England, Yarmouth twp., s/o deceased & Martha GILBERT, married Lucy BLEWETT, 37, England, Yarmouth, d/o George & Martha, witn: J.C. Herman MEEK of St. Thomas, 10 Jan 1883 at St. Thomas
2487-83 (Elgin Co): John GOBLE, 31, farmer, Townsend, South Dorchester, s/o Daniel & Ester, married Charlotte SMITH, 21, Brownsville, North Dorchester, d/o George C. & Elizabeth, witn: Martha COTTINGTON of Springfield & Isabella GOBLE of Dorchester, 1 Sept 1883 at Springfield 2512-83 (Elgin Co): Henry GRACE, 20, mechanic, Canada, Aylmer, s/o John & Mary, married Isabella COSTELLO, 20, Canada, Aylmer, d/o Michael & Susan, witn: Joseph & Henrietta GRACE of Aylmer, 20 Aug 1883 at Aylmer
#002701-83 (Elgin Co): John GRACE, 26, railway employee, Ingersoll, St. Thomas, s/o John & Mary, married Julia BOWERS, 24, Walsingham, St. Thomas, d/o Isaac & Emma Elizabeth, witn: Joshua & Mary FOWLER of St. Thomas, 12 June 1883 at St. Thomas  
002706-1883 (Elgin Co.) John C. GRASS, 28, farmer, Westminster, Bayham, s/o John C. & Sarah, married Etta M HUNT, 22, d/o Peter & Lorinda, witn:, Mrs. C. W. VOLLICK of Centreville & Lilley M. SMITH of Harrietsville, 9 Apr 1883 at Centreville. [Centreville is in Oxford Co. but marriage was registered in Elgin] 2565-84 (Elgin Co): Orrin P. HANDY, 41, widower, dealer in wood, Harwich twp., same, s/o Ebenezer & Sarah Ann, married Christie Ann SMITH, 21, Saltfleet, Howard twp., d/o John & Ann, witn: Charles & Mrs. COLDWELL of Howard twp., 26 Nov 1883 at St. Thomas
#002716-83 (Elgin Co): James HASLAM, 42, widower, locomotive engineer, Bolton England, St. Thomas, s/o Edmund & Sarah, married Emma WESTBROOK, 21, London England, St. Thomas, d/o Robert & Anny, witnesses were J.K. APPLEGATH & M.J. PHILLIPS, both of St. Thomas, 27 March 1883 at St. Thomas 2489-83 (Elgin Co): Silas HEMINGWAY, 39, farmer, Markham, Malahide, s/o Peter & Barbara Ann, married Therza A. GIBSON, 23, South Norwich, Springfield, d/o John GIBSON & Sarah GOODING, witn: Clara YODER of Springfield & J.M. VANPATTER of Malahide, 12 Sept 1883 at Springfield
#002540-83 (Elgin Co): Carnby J. HODGKINS, 29, farmer, Canada, Spingfield, s/o Merenus & Mary, married Augusta PEPPER, 20, Canada, Malahide, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: J?. G. PEPPER & Mary ELSEY, both of Malahide, 14 March 1883 at Malahide 2520-83 (Elgin Co): Merrett HUFFMAN, 24, farmer, Canada, Malahide, s/o Michael & Mary C., married Alma D. RAMEY, 21, Canada, Malahide, d/o Jacob & Eliza Ann, witn: D. HUFFMAN of Malahide & Annie COLE of Westminster, 31 Oct 1883 at Aylmer
#002703-83 (Elgin Co): David HUNTER, 28, farmer, Norfolk Co., same, s/o William & Mary Jane, married Mary Jane VANETTER, 22, Norfolk Co., same, d/o John & Louisa?, witn: M.A.H. CAYMAN & M.J. PHILLIPS, both of St. Thomas, 7 March 1883 at St. Thomas #002557-83 (Elgin Co): William JEFFERY, 65, farmer, England, Malahide, s/o John & Sarah, married Sarah J. HOLTEBAUGH, 47, widow, Stamford, Bayham, d/o Henry & Catherine HOSHUL, witn: R. & Amy BUTTERWICK of Malahide, 30 Oct 1883 at Malahide
#002550-83 (Elgin Co): John JEWELL, 55, widower, farmer, England, Port Bruce - Malahide, s/o William & Mary, married Ann ELLIOT, 57, widow, England, Port Bruce, d/o Edmond & Jane NICHOLSON, witn: Margaret MOWERS & E.R. ROBINSON, 12 July 1883 at Malahide 2563-84 (Elgin Co): William JOHNSON, 21, wood turner, Guelph, same, s/o John & Helena, married Priscilla McINTOSH, 23, Guelph, same, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: Mrs. D. HUTCHINSON of St. Thomas & Rev. M.G. BOVETTE (or Bovelle) of state of Illinois, 31 Oct 1883 at St. Thomas
2518-83 (Elgin Co): Thomas William JONES, 30, farmer, Nova Scotia, Southwold, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Henrietta BLANCHFIELD, 22, Canada, Vienna, d/o James & Selina, witn: Nina HOPKINS of Aylmer & Cassie R. RICHARDSON of Illinois USA, 6 Nov 1883 at Aylmer 2528-83 (Elgin Co): George K.G. KAINS, 30, farmer, Grenville – Lower Canada, Southwold, s/o George & Thomasina, married Christena Eliza CRANE, 21, Dunwich, Tyrconnell, d/o Anthony & Mary, witn: A.J. & Eleanor KAINS, 27 March 1883 at St. Peters Church, Tyrconnell
#002572-83 (Elgin Co): Ernest Martin KARNS, 21, music teacher, Oxford Co., Aylmer, s/o not given, married Hannah Helena MARTYN, 17, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o J.P. & Hannah, witn: E.A. EAKINS of Sparta & E.J. MARTYN of Yarmouth, 27 Sept 1883 at res of parents (place not given, reg in Port Stanley) #002697-83 (Elgin Co): George KELLREN, 44, carpenter, London Ont., Petrolia, s/o Patrick & Mary, married Jane R. CAMPBELL, 30, Caledon, Dutton, d/o Robert & Barbara, witn: Kate & Mrs. Robert CAMPBELL of Duttan, 16 Jan 1883 at St. Thomas
2655-84 Thomas KERR, 33, farmer, Dunwich, same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Catherine GILLIES, 27, Orford, Dunwich, d/o Dugald & Janet, witn: Dugald & Peter GILLIES of Dunwich, 28 Nov 1883 at Dunwich 2672-84 Henry KILLINS, 27, farmer, Canada, Southwold, s/o John KILLINS & Charlotte CHARLTON, married Sarah McINTYRE, 23, Canada, Southwold, d/o John McINTYRE & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: William KILLINS & Alex CAMPBELL, both of Southwold, 7 Nov 1883 at Southwold
2521-83 (Elgin Co): Edward KILLMER, 33, widower, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Phillip & Hannah, married Susannah NOLES, 32, Malahide, same, d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: A. F. & Bessie CLEMENT of Aylmer, 20 Dec 1883 at Aylmer 2514-83 (Elgin Co): George Avery KILMER, 22, farmer, Canada, Malahide, s/o Abram & Jane, married Maggie CASCADDEN, 30, Canada, Malahide, d/o Hugh & Larra, witn: H.E. FREEMAN & Bessie CLEMENT, both of Aylmer, 28 Sept 1883 at Aylmer
#002571-83 (Elgin Co): Charles KING, 26, farmer, Charlotteville, Yarmouth, s/o Jesse KING & Margaret JAMES, married Elizabeth WATTS, 20, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o Charles WATTS & Cherry BABCOCK, witn: William PAGE & Jessie FORD, both of Port Stanley, 12 Sept 1883 at Port Stanley #002566-83 (Elgin Co): George KITSON, 22, farmer, Dungannon, Goderich, s/o George & Grace, married Eleanor COX, 23, Enterprise Ont., Goderich, d/o Eugene & Henrietta, witn: Sarah GRAY & Lydia EAD, both of Port Stanley, 12 March 1883 at Port Stanley
2516-83 (Elgin Co): William H. LABRAHAM, 32, barber, London Ont., same, s/o William & Ellen, married Ida FERGUSON, 23, Walsingham, Woodstock, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth, witn: John FREEMAN of Aylmer, 23 Oct 1883 at Aylmer #002546-83 (Elgin Co): John LAIDLAW, 21, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Edith SAUNDERS, 20, Malahide, same, d/o Joseph & Cynthia, witn: Mary ARKELL of Aylmer & Henry LAIDLAW of Malahide, 14 March 1883 at Malahide
2563-83 (Elgin Co): Edmund W. H. LAIDLAW, 27, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Adam? LAIDLAW & Jennet McBRIDE, married Nancy Jane KNISLEY, 29, Malahide, same, d/o George & Mary, witn: Arthur LAIDLAW & Sarah T. KNISLEY, both of Malahide, 2 Oct 1883 at Malahide #002538-83 (Elgin Co): Robert W. LOCKER, 33, farmer, Canada, Bayham, s/o Robert & Susannah, married Alma VAN PATTER, 30, Malahide, same, d/o John & Esther, witn: Milton VAN PATTEN of Malahide & Maude LOCKER of Bayham, 21 Feb 1883 at Malahide
#002706-83 (Elgin Co): W.H. LOCKLIN, 36, widower, mechanic, Canada, London, s/o Francis & Sully?, married Mary SMITH, 39, widow, England, London, d/o James & Charlotte JOHNSON, witn: John & Catherine STEVENSON of St. Thomas, 15 March 1883 at St. Thomas 2503-83 (Elgin Co): Edward James LONG, 20, carpenter, London, St. Thomas, s/o William & Ann, married Annabel YOUNG, 21, Malahide, same, d/o Samuel & Elmira, 16 April 1883 at Aylmer
2506-83 (Elgin Co): Philip Sidney LUNE?, 35, widower, laborer, Dereham, same, s/o Charles & Agnes, married Sarah Maude KENYON, 28, Leeds twp., Dereham, d/o Perry & Jane, 24 May 1883 at Aylmer 2522-83 (Elgin Co): William MAGINNIS, 26, farmer, Canada, Malahide, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Cassie O’BRIAN, 25, Canada, Malahide, d/o Morris & Eliza Jane, witn: Morris O’BRIAN & Harriet SMITHSON, both of Malahide, 25 Dec 1883 at Aylmer
2499-83 (Elgin Co): George MARR, 24, brakeman, Canada, Yarmouth, s/o Jacob & Jane, married Caroline LEWIS, 20, England, Yarmouth, d/o William & Caroline, witn: Alvin E. & Elizabeth MARR of Aylmer, 5 Feb 1883 at Aylmer #002587-83 (Elgin Co): Robert James MARTIN, 30, merchant, not given, Chicago, s/o John & Mary, married Elsie Catherine MORRISON, 22, Canada, Pt. Robinson, d/o Alexander & Margaret, witn: William SUTHERLAND & Lilly MORRISON, both of Pt. Burwell, 24 Jan 1883 at Pt. Burwell
2493-83 (Elgin Co): Chs. MATTHEWS, 26, farmer, Houghton, same, s/o Jacob & Jane, married Janet ANDERSON, 23, Bayham, same, d/o David & Jane, witn: Lulu EDWIN of Vienna, 20 March 1883 at M.E. Parsonage, Vienna #002585-83 (Elgin Co): George Albert McCAULEY, 2-, not given, Springfield, s/o Edward & Annie, married Sarah Olive GATES, 17, Malahide twp., Dorchester twp., d/o James & Mary, witn: Alonzo & Sarah WAITE, 12 Sept 1883 at Straffordville
2681-84 John McCORMICK, 23, farmer, Ireland, Southwold, s/o James McCORMICK & Ann McEWEN, married Mary WORKMAN, 21, Ireland, Southwold, d/o Bruce WORKMAN & Matilda McCLEMENTS, witn: Dugald McLELLAN of Lawrence & James McCLAY of Caradoc, 4 June 1883 at Fingal  
#002545-83 (Elgin Co): Abraham McGUIGAN, 23, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Joseph & Margaret, married Mary Ann ELLIOT, 26, England, Malahide, d/o Isaac & Ann, witn: E. ELLIOT & E.J. McGUIGAN, 6 March 1883 at Malahide 2529-83 Daniel Green? McINTYRE, 28, farmer, Dunwich, Manitoba, s/o Malcolm & Jannet, married Mary E. LEITCH, 26, Southwold, Dunwich, d/o John & Mary, witn: Malcolm GRAHAM of Dunwich & Jenny FORBES of St. Thomas, 21 March 1883 at Dunwich
2515-83 (Elgin Co): Elias McKIM, 26, mechanic, Wolford twp., Michigan USA, s/o David & Ellen, married Victoria E. McGUIGAN, 17, Canada, Malahide, d/o Joseph & Margaret, witn: Esther PRICE & A.F. CLEMENT, both of Aylmer, 8 Oct 1883 at Aylmer #002664-83 (Elgin Co): Archibald McLEAN, 30, farmer, Ontario, Dunwich, s/o Alexander & Betsy, married Margaret McMILLAN, 31, Ontario, Dunwich, d/o Dugald & Catherine, witn: James BARSO? & illegible McEACHERN, both of Dunwich, 26 Dec 1883 at Dunwich
2533-83 (Elgin Co): Mungo McNABB, 27, farmer, Southwold, same, s/o Duncan & Catherine, married Mary Jane CAMPBELL, 25, Ekfrid, same, d/o Humphrey & Jane, witn: Duncan & Nancy McNABB of Dunwich, 3 April 1883 at Dunwich 2683-84 Charles McNICOLL, 34, farmer, Canada, Manitoba, s/o Peter McNICHOLL & Catherine CAMPBELL, married Annie McARTHUR, 27, Canada, Southwold, d/o Dugald McARTHUR & Susan McCOLL, witn: William KILLINS & Dugald McARTHUR, both of Southwold, 18 Oct 1883 at Southwold
  #002714-83 (Elgin Co): Elmer H. MEAD, 28, farmer, Ohio USA, same, s/o illegible & Mary Ann, married Sarah Jane KNIGHT, 24, Ontario, Yarmouth, d/o David & Frances, witnesses were J. Nelson KNIGHT & Miss A. ARMSTRONG, both of St. Thomas, 27 March 1883 at St. Thomas
2511-83 (Elgin Co): William MILES, 60, widower, Isle of Wight, Yarmouth, s/o James & Charlotte, married Mary CURTIS, 53, widow, Canada, Aylmer, d/o Isaac & Elizabeth PARKINS, witn: Theo & Sarah REAVELY of Aylmer, 28 July 1883 at Aylmer #002539-83 (Elgin Co): Clinton MILLER, 22, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Albert & Lydia, married Annie M. PRONG, 21, Houghton?, Malahide, d/o John & Henrietta, witn: Alexander & Louisa WATT of Warwick, 13 March 1883 at Malahide
2507-83 (Elgin Co): Albert MORSE, 22, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o William & Eliza Jane, married Martha HONSINGER, 21, Bayham, same, d/o Peter & Jane, 24 May 1883 at Aylmer #002579-83 (Elgin Co): G.W. MURPHY, 2-, farmer, Bayham, Straffordville, s/o Samuel & Hannah, married Emily Jane illegible, 18, illegible, Straffordville, d/o David & Jane, witn: illegible, May 1883 at Straffordville (very faded)
#002589-83 (Elgin Co): William NEAL, 60, merchant, widower, Ireland, Wardsville, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married Mary B. HILL, 50, widow, not given, Houghton twp., d/o James & Rebecca JACKSON, witn: W.N. EMERY & Bella WARD, both of Pt. Burwell, 22 March 1883 at Bayham 2527-83 (Elgin Co): Robert NEAR, 26, farmer, Dunwich, same, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Alma A. LUMLEY, 20, Iona, same, d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: William H. & M.E. LUMLEY of Iona, 14 Feb 1883 at Iona
2562-83 (Elgin Co): Joseph NEWELL, 29, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o James & Jane, married Margaret HALL, 30, Malahide, same, d/o John & Telsey, witn: W.M. PEPPER & Murepin? DUKES, both of South Dorchester, 29 March 1883 at Malahide 2495-83 (Elgin Co): Thomas NEWELL, 21, farmer, Canada, Malahide, s/o James & Jane, married Jane ROCKEY, 18, Canada, Malahide, d/o Emanuel & Jane, witn: Amelia KONTZIE of St. Thomas & Justa PRICE of Aylmer, 5 Jan 1883 at Aylmer
#002708-83 (Elgin Co): William OKE, 25, laborer?, Canada, St. Thomas, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, 20, Canada, St. Thomas, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Charles PUTMAN & Mrs. W.G. BRANEN, both of St. Thomas, 17 April 1883 at St. Thomas #002576-83 (Elgin Co): illegible OSTRANDER, 20, farmer, Middleton, same, s/o James & Marilla, married Elizabeth illegible PENNEY, 20, Walsingham, same, d/o illegible & Hester, witn: illegible, April 1883 at Straffordville
  002725-1883 (Elgin Co.) William PAGE, 30, farmer, Warwick England, Harwich Kent Co., s/o William & Sarah, married Harriet MORRISH, 26, Dunwich Twp., same, widow, d/o William & Hannah CURTIS, witn: William MORRISH & Charlotte HUNTER, both of Dunwich, 24 Apr 1883 at St. Thomas
2517-83 (Elgin Co): William PARTON, 23, flax mill finisher, England, St. Thomas, s/o James & Maria, married Maria ROBBINS, 16, Canada, St. Thomas, d/o Caleb & Catherine, witn: William & Catherine ROBBINS of St. Thomas, 20 Sept 1883 at Aylmer 2532-83 (Elgin Co): Orton PECKHAM, 28, blacksmith, Welland Port, Dunwich, s/o George & Coralina (Carolina?), married Margaret TURNER, 27, Dunwich, same, d/o John & Nancy, witn: Hugh TURNER & Bella McLEAN, both of Dunwich, 25 Oct 1883 at Dunwich
2526-83 (Elgin Co): Norman PHELPS, 30, editor, Phelpsville? – Leeds Co., Dutton, s/o Henry & Hannah, married Jane L. LIDDLE, 20, Iona, same, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Wilber PHELPS of Dutton & Maggie LIDDLE of Iona, 31 Jan 1883 at Iona #002542-83 (Elgin Co): Lewis L. PHELPS, 24, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Donnel & Emily, married Martha A. ABELL, 21, Malahide, same, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Charles & Eleanor ABELL of Malahide, 14 Feb 1883 at Malahide
#002584-83 (Elgin Co): George J. PHILLIPS, 22, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o Joseph & Therza, married Lucinda HIGH, 23, Bayham, same, d/o A-? & Mary Ann, witn: J. & Victoria DUNNING of Bayham, 31 July 1883 at Straffordville #002715-83 (Elgin Co): Renton POWERS, 22, farmer, Ontario, same, s/o William & Eliza, married Susan WALL, 18, Ontario, same, d/o James & Julia, witnesses were Hugh STEWART of St. Thomas & Ida WOOD of Aylmer, 14 Feb 1883 at St. Thomas
#002670-84 (Elgin Co): James A. POWERS, 22, mechanic, Southwold twp., same, s/o Daniel & Margaret, married Minnie ELLISON, 23, Yarmouth twp., Southwold twp., d/o Curtis & Isabella, witn: Wesley STAFFORD & Catherine FRANCIS, both of Southwold, 25 Dec 1883 at Sheddan, Southwold twp #002556-83 (Elgin Co): James E. PRESSEY, 29, yeoman, Malahide, same, s/o Henry & Margaret A., married Amelia A. KUSLNEY?, 17, illegible, Malahide, d/o William & Margaret A., witn: J. SMITH & illegible METCHNOR, 24 Oct 1883 at Malahide
#002552-83 (Elgin Co): John A. PRESSEY, 21, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Henry & Margaret Ann, married Mary J. BENNER, 20, Dereham, Malahide, d/o Jacob & Susan, witn: Fred ORVIS of Dorchester & Sarah C. BENNER of Malahide, 12 Sept 1883 at Malahide #002696-83 (Elgin Co): William C. RICH, 22, reporter, Ontario, St. Thomas, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Janet MURRAY, 22, Ontario, St. Thomas, d/o Angus & Sarah, witn: Minnie PROSER of St. Thomas, 11 Jan 1883 at St. Thomas
#002711-83 (Elgin Co): Homer ROSS, 24, farmer, Dunwich, same, s/o Alexander & Jane, married Elizabeth MARCH (or Manch), 24, Dunwich, same, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: W.J. ROSS & S.E. HAMILTON, both of Dunwich, 14 March 1883 at St. Thomas 2498-83 (Elgin Co): Charles ROWLEY, 25, machinist, England, St. Thomas, s/o Charles & Emma, married Minnie Ida ROBB, 19, London Ont., St. Thomas, d/o Hugh & Sarah, witn: Nellie E. TAPSCOTT of Aylmer, 15 Jan 1883 at Aylmer
2564-84 (Elgin Co): Arthur RUCKLE, 23, brakeman, Dereham twp., St. Thomas, s/o Thomas & Eliza, marred Ella BENTLY, 20, South Dorchester, same, d/o James & Cinthia, witn: Miss WILCOX of St. Thomas & Mr. JANE? of Yarmouth, 7 Nov 1883 at St. Thomas #002700-83 (Elgin Co): Daniel SHAVER, 21, laborer, Peterborough Co., St. Thomas, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Annie SMITH, 25, widow, Ireland, St. Thomas, d/o James & Mary (no surname given), witn: Mrs. J?. HUTCHINSON & Miss Mary HADYREN, both of St. Thomas, 14 June 1883 at St. Thomas
2708-84 Coll SINCLAR, 31, widower, physician, Canada, Aylmer, s/o Coll & Jane, married Lazette H. DAVIS, 24, Canada, Aylmer, d/o Jehiel & Margaret, witn: Beecher BINGHAM & Dora McDONALD, both of Aylmer, 12 Dec 1883 at Aylmer  
2525-83 (Elgin Co): William SLOAN, 24, farmer, Dunwich, same, s/o William & Sarah A., married Isabella HARVEY, 24, Acton, Ekfrid, d/o William & Sarah, 5 Feb 1883 at Dutton 2530-83 (Elgin Co): James SMALL, 27, farmer, England, Dunwich, s/o William & Grace, married Mary Jane CAMPBELL, 23, Dunwich, same, d/o Malcolm & Janet, witn: Hugh McALPINE of Southwold & Margaret Esther CAMPBELL of Dunwich, 17 April 1883 at Dunwich
#002717-83 (Elgin Co): Thomas SPENCER, 23, farmer, Brighton - Northumberland, Aldborough, s/o Caney? & Margaret, married Elizabeth McKILLOP, 21, Grey Co., Aldborough, d/o James & Frances Catherine, witnesses were A.M. WELDON & M.J. PHILLIP, both of St. Thomas, 27 March 1883 at St. Thomas #002717-83 (Elgin Co): Thomas SPENCER, 23, farmer, Brighton - Northumberland Co., Aldborough, s/o Caney & Margaret, married Elizabeth McKILLOP, 21, Grey Co., Aldborough, d/o James & Frances Catherine, witn: A.M. WELDON & M.J. PHILLIP, both of St. Thomas, 27 March 1883 at St. Thomas
2504-83 (Elgin Co): Melville E. SPORE, 24, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o Lewis & Elsie, married Sarah CASCADDEN, 26, Malahide, same, d/o William & Christie, 16 April 1883 at Aylmer 002807-1883 (Elgin Co.) Harry STEEDMAN, 25, machinist, Strathroy, same, s/o William & Belnia?, married May Margaret SCHRAM, 21, Delaware, Strathroy, d/o Levi & Susan, witn: M. J. & Jennie PHILLIPS, both of St. Thomas, 17 Oct 1883 at St. Thomas
2508-83 (Elgin Co): Brock Herbert STEVENS, 20, student at law, Walkerton, Aylmer, s/o Charles & Mary Jane, married Emma STEVENS, 22, London, Aylmer, d/o Brock & Orissa, witn: J. STEVENS of Aylmer, 2 June 1883 at Aylmer 2682-84 Jeffrey T. SUTHERLAND, 26, doctor, Canada, Leamington, s/o Peter SUTHERLAND & Ann HUNTER, married Elizabeth BROOKS, 28, Canada, Southwold, d/o John BROOKS & Sarah LOWTHER, witn: William SUTHERLAND & Hiram BROOKS, both of Southwold, 20 Nov 1883 at Fingal
#002718-83 (Elgin Co): John TILLIES, 50, widower, farmer, Aldborough, same, s/o Duncan & Christie, married Anna McCOLL, 37, widow, Yarmouth, Dunwich, d/o Peter & Mary DUNCANSON, witnesses were Samuel McCOLL of Dunwich & Mary McCOLL of Aldborough, 24 April 1883 at St. Thomas 2536-83 (Elgin Co): John H. TIMPANY, 24, farmer, Canada, Bayham, s/o Bartholomew & Sarah, married Eliza N. BAKER, 20, Canada, Malahide, d/o Judson & Eliza, witn: John BAKER & Lina ROGERS, both of Malahide, 2 Jan 1883 at Malahide
2486-83 (Elgin Co): John Edward TODD, 23, cheese maker, Otterville, South Dorchester, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Hannah Eliza NUTTER, 23, South Dorchester, Springfield, d/o not given, witn: William Henry CORNELL of S. Dorchester & Emma FOY of Springfield, 21 Feb 1883 at Springfield #002588-83 (Elgin Co): John Murray TRIBE, 21, farmer, not given, Bayham, s/o James & Jane, married Jane RIBBEL, 21, not given, Pt. Burwell, d/o Charles & Mary, witn: Sarah N. WYE of Pt. Burwell, 22 Jan 1883 at Pt. Burwell
#002548-83 (Elgin Co): Thomas TRYFOGLE, 31, laborer, Ontario, St. Thomas, s/o Peter & Helen, married Emma HARRIS, 23, England, Port Dover, d/o Thomas & Matilda, witn: Esther A. BROWN of Malahide, 9 May 1883 at Malahide [Fryfogle?] 2496-83 (Elgin Co): George F. TURRILL, 24, fireman, Canada, Laramie City USA, s/o Isaac & Isabella, married Dorcas HOUSE, 21, Canada, Malahide, d/o Dennis & Mary, witn: John & Adelia HODGES of Aylmer, 10 Jan 1883 at Aylmer
#002574-83 (Elgin Co): Alexander URQUHART, 26, minister, Kent Ont., Dunwich, s/o Alexander & Janet, married Hannah ELLISON, 19, Port Stanley, same, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: William ELLISON of Port Stanley & Maggie URQUHART of Dunwich, 28 Dec 1883 at Port Stanley  
002705-1883 (Elgin Co.) Macklem? VAN NATTER?, 26, carpenter, Moulton, Aylmer, s/o James & Regina, married Clarissa BIRD, 19, Dorchester, Malahide, d/o James & Amelia, witn:, William & Ida BIRD of Malahide, 21 Feb 1884 at Malahide. #002555-83 (Elgin Co): George W. VAN VOLPE, 21, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Raymond & Susannah, married Phoebe Ann CHUTE, 21, Bayham, Malahide, d/o Aaron & Sarah, witn: Wilson R. SMITH of Eden & Della CAMERON of Bayham & Annie MASON? of Leamington, 23 Oct 1883 at Malahide
2505-83 (Elgin Co): James VICARY, 28, railway employee, widower, England, St. Thomas, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Kate BACKUS, 32, widow, Galt, St. Thomas, d/o James & Kate ANDREWS, 10 May 1883 at Aylmer 2674-84 Nathaniel WALKER, 32, farmer, Canada, Mosa twp., s/o Joseph WALKER & Margaret CURRIE, married Margaret McINTYRE, 22, Canada, Southwold, d/o Archibald McINTYRE & Mary McLACHLIN, witn: Daniel McLACHLIN of Southwold & John Thomas CURRIE of Caradoc, 26 Dec 1883 at Lawrence
#002573-83 (Elgin Co): Charles A. WALLINGER, 24, engineer, Munro Michigan, same, s/o John WALLINGER & Christena GRAZLEY, married Laura E. JONES, 18, Wisconsin USA, St. Thomas, d/o J.C. JONES & Lavena CHOKE, witn: Charles & Elizabeth KING of Yarmouth, 1 Oct 1883 at Port Stanley 2673-84 Peter WELCH, 27, laborer, Canada, Southwold, s/o William WELCH & Hannah SUTTON, married Frances Jane HUGLE, 15, St. Thomas, Southwold, d/o John HUGLE & Elizabeth PARKLAND?, witn: Rachel WELCH of Dutton & Ann SUTHERLAND of Fingal, 5 Dec 1883 at Fingal
#002558-83 (Elgin Co): Alfred WESTONER, 38, widower, laborer, Malahide, Aylmer, s/o Stephen & Betsy, married Margaret WALKER, 35, widow, Beverly, Port Burwell, d/o James & Mary SMITH, witn: Lewis WESTONER & Charles BROOKS, 18 Nov 1883 at Malahide #002570-83 (Elgin Co): Charles M. WHITCOMB, 22, machinist, Lesminster Mass., St. Thomas, s/o S?. W. WHITCOMB & Carrie L. PEARCE, married Annie BROTHERS, 22, Ireland, Fergus, d/o Thomas BROTHERS & Bessie ELLIOT, witn: Ellen HOUGH & Jessie FORD, both of Port Stanley, 29 Aug 1883 at Port Stanley
#002565-83 (Elgin Co): Albert WHITE, 24, merchant, Port Stanley, same, s/o James & Jane, married Alicia PATTERSON, 23, Port Stanley, same, d/o Robert & Ellen, witn: John CAMPBELL of St. Thomas & Aggie McKNIGHT of Port Stanley, 1 Jan 1883 at Port Stanley 002704-1883 (Elgin Co.) James Ezra WHITEHEAD, 24, farmer, Windham, same, s/o James & Sarah, married Lorinda Jane McKINNEY, 23, Malahide, same, d/o Rummal? & Elizabeth, witn: John B. & Edith WYLIE of not given, 21 Nov 1883 at Malahide.
  #002713-83 (Elgin Co): William WHITTARK (or Whittock), 31, farmer, Ontario, Dunwich, s/o not given, married Elizabeth McBRIDE, 21, Ontario, Dunwich, d/o not given, 27 March 1883 at St. Thomas
#002547-83 (Elgin Co): Charles Bertram WICKETT, 23, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o George & Betsey, married Lillie Maria STARK, 20, Malahide, same, d/o Lawrence & Margaret, witn: John Wesley BENNER & John E. STARK, both of Malahide, 18 April 1883 at Malahide #002698-83 (Elgin Co): Daniel WILSON, 32, farmer, Ontario, Southwold, s/o Malcolm & Catherine, married Isabella McCALLUM, 26, Ontario, Southwold, d/o Hugh & Margaret, witn: Sarah McCALLUM & Annie PURNELL?, both of Southwold, 18 Jan 1883 at St. Thomas
#002575-83 (Elgin Co): John WINTER, 23, farmer, Walsingham, same, s/o James & Jane, married Mary ARCHER, 23, Bayham, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, 31 Jan 1883 at Bayham #002544-83 (Elgin Co): John Henry WORLEY, 25, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Isaac & Eliza, married Isabella ALLAN, 23, Malahide, same, d/o Andrew & Deborah, witn: P? A. CHARELSTON & E. NESBIT of Dorchester, 27 Feb 1883 at Malahide
2497-83 (Elgin Co): Noah ZAVITZ, 52, farmer, Canada, Yarmouth, s/o Jacob & Mary, married Adelia DURDLE, 25, Canada, Yarmouth, d/o James & Rebecca, witn: Stephen WISMER of Aylmer, 10 Jan 1883 at Aylmer