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Elgin Co., 1892

birth place is given before residence


2815-92 Benjamin Cory AINSWORTH, 30, widower, salesman, Prince Edward Co., Buffalo NY, s/o R. M. & M.A., married Christie McKILLOP, 31, West Lorne, same, d/o Duncan & Isabella, witn: D. A. & Bella McKILLOP of West Lorne, 14 Sept 1892 at West Lorne  
3038-92 Thomas A. AITKEN, 27, fireman, Quebec, London, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth, married Florence A. PONSFORD, 18, St. Thomas, Southwold, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Emmanuel PONSFORD & Ida COUSE, both of Southwold, 29 March 1892 at St. Thomas 002956-1892, David ALLEN, 27, Paisley Scotland, St. Thomas, mechanic, s/o Thomas & Jane ALLEN, married Jenny May BALDRY, 24, London England, d/o William & Matilda Mary BALDRY, Wit Charles E. CLARK of Crumlin, & Jane ALLEN of St. Thomas on 14 September 1892 at St. Thomas
002972-92, George C. ALLEN, 24, Southwold, St. Thomas, farmer, s/o Oscar & Philaltieda ALLEN, married Annie MITCHEL, 23, Caradoc, St. Thomas, d/o Charles & Sarah MITCHEL, Wit M.M.BURWELL & Florence M. GRIFFITH both of St. Thomas on 10 October 1892 at St. Thomas 2814-92 John William ALLEN, 32, farmer, Nova Scotia, Dunwich twp., s/o William & MARGARET, married Margaret MARSHALL, 30, Halton Co., Aldborough twp., d/o Andrew & Ann, witn: William LOWRY & Mary YOUNG, both of Rodney, 17 Aug 1892 at Rodney
3058-92 (Elgin Co): Frederick S. ARUNN, 28, railway employee, London England, London, s/o Benjamin & Ellen, married Aggie RAYMOND, 24, St. Thomas, same, d/o Gordon & Martha, witn: George ARUNN & Bella RAYMOND, both of St. Thomas, 21 June 1892 at St. Thomas 3003-92 Thomas H. BABCOX, 26, tradesman, Simcoe, St. Thomas, s/o Augustus BABCOX & Elizabeth, married Margaret Ann J. BARNEY, 18, Woodstock, St. Thomas, d/o John BARNEY & Rosanna, witn: Florence M. GRIFFITH of St. Thomas, 27 Dec 1892 at St. Thomas
  3003-92 Thomas H. BAKER, 26, tradesman, Simcoe, St. Thomas, s/o Augustus & Elizabeth, married Margaret Ann J. BARNEY, 18, Woodstock, St. Thomas, d/o John & Rosanna, witn: Florence M. GRIFFITH of St. Thomas, 27 Dec 1892 at St. Thomas
3051-92 Elijah E. BAKER, 21, railway employee, England, St. Thomas, s/o Elijah & Hannah, married Edith FAIRBROTHER, 19, Canada, St. Thomas, d/o William & Kate, witn: M. M. & Mattie BURWELL of St. Thomas, 21 May 1892 at St. Thomas 2812-92 Albert Ernest BARBOUR, 22, book keeper, Wardsville, London, s/o Andrew & Mary, married Mary Elizabeth McCORKELL, 25, Port Stanley, Rodney, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Dr. S. M. DORLAND & Clara BROWN, both of Rodney, 6 July 1892 at Rodney
#002992-92 Thomas Kirker BARR, 31, Belfast Ireland, St. Thomas, bookkeeper, s/o David & Maria BARR, married Maud WESTOVER, 22, Port Burwell, St. Thomas, d/o Alfred & Kate WESTOVER, Wit: Jessie WESTOVER & Grace A. MACDONALD on 06 September 1892 at St. Thomas 3029-92 Walter Adam BECKER, 25, station agent, Houghton twp., West Lorne, s/o John L. & Sarah, married Cynthia Ann BALLAH, 23, South Dorchester, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Jacob & Lottie SHERK of St. Thomas, 24 Feb 1892 at South Dorchester
#002993-92 James BEGG, 24, Southwold, Southwold, farmer, s/o James & Margaret BEGG married Margaretta McCORMICK, 24, d/o Duncan & Catherine McCORMICK, Wit: Mr. & Mrs. J. P. FINLAY both of St. Thomas, on 21 September 1892 at St. Thomas 2808-92 Thomas BENNETT, 22, cooper, Wyoming Ont., London, s/o Isaac & Caroline Hamaker BENNETT, married Jennie LIGHT, 18, Port Burwell, same, d/o Obed & Huldah Petit LIGHT, witn: Tillie CHANT of Vienna, 21 March 1892 at Vienna

002683-93 (Elgin Co.) William Emmanuel BERRY, 26, farmer, Brant Co., S. Middleton, s/o Robert & Catherine, married Ella FRENCH, 16, Bayham Twp, same, d/o Thomas & Julia, witn - Walter FERO of Eden & M. BERRY of Middleton, 28 December 1892 at Bayham

002987-1892, Thomas BLANCHARD, 22, Townsend twp., same, brakeman, s/o William & Annie BLANCHARD, married Annie Jane GRAVES, 18, Yarmouth, Yarmouth, d/o Nelson & Ruth GRAVES, witn: Kate TRELEAVEN & Lizzie VENNER both of St. Thomas
3008-92 William BOBIER, 39, farmer, Ireland, Dunwich, s/o Joshua & Eliza, married Maria E. JONES, 35, Yarmouth, same, d/o George & Ann, witn: George JONES Jr. & Mary HATHAWAY, both of Yarmouth, 14 Dec 1892 at St. Thomas 3045-92 Walter BOLDING, 23, blacksmith, Lambeth England, St. Thomas, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Eliza Jane PUGSLEY, 36, Pembroke Ont., St. Thomas, d/o John & Frances, witn: Robert GOODCHILD & Susanna PUGSLEY, both of St. Thomas, 19 April 1892 at St. Thomas
002959-William Frome BOUGHNER, 29, Fingal, St. Thomas, merchant, s/o Wesley & Mary Anne BOUGHNER, married Clara Asenath KING, 22, St. Louis Missouri U. S., St. Thomas, d/o Henry & Viola KING, Wit S. Pauline KING & A. B. DRAKE both of St. Thomas on 12 September 1892 at St. Thomas 3030-92 Brock BOUGHNER, 21, mechanic, Houghton, Aylmer, s/o John & Jane, married Lena May DAVIS, 18, St. Thomas, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Garrett STACK of London & Minnia BOUGHNER of Aylmer, 27 Feb 1892 at St. Thomas
  2971-92 John BREEN, 32, farmer, Dunwich, same, s/o John & Maria, married Margaret O’CONNOR, 27, Fingal, same, d/o Martin & Mary, witn: Patrick H. O’CONNOR of Fingal & Charlotte BREEN of Dunwich, 28 Sept 1892 at St. Thomas (Rom Cath)
002969-1892, John L. BROOKE, 52, Toronto, Woodstock, widower, woolen manufacturer, s/o Skelton & Catherine BROOKE, married Margaret COLEMAN, 32, Union, Union, d/o James & Margaret COLEMAN, Wit James & Marie Louise COLEMAN, on 24 May 1892 at St. Thomas 002981-92, John BROWN, 26, Adjala, Duluth, barber, s/o George BROWN & Annie BIGGARS, married Ella STOVER, 21, South Dorchester, St. Thomas, d/o Jesse STOVER & Mina CORLESS, Wit, Elsie MARSH & Jessie STOVER both of St. Thomas on 23 November 1892 at St. Thomas
002971-92, John BRUCE, 32, Dunwich, Dunwich, farmer s/o John & Maria BRUCE, married Margaret O'CONNOR, 27, Fingal, Fingal, d/o Martin & Mary O'CONNOR, Wit: Patrick H. O'CONNOR of Fingal & Charlotte BRUCE of Dunwich on 28 September 1892 at St. Thomas 2816-92 John BUCKLER, 28, farmer, Bowmanville, Blenheim, s/o William & Mary, married Alice EVANS, 24, Wales, Aldborough twp., d/o Edward & Annie, witn: Annie EVANS of Aldborough twp & Mrs. D. FORD of Rodney, 4 July 1892 at Rodney
3022-92 John Frank BUSTON, 22, harness maker, Sparta, same, s/o John & Nellie, married Abigail ALEXANDER, 21, Caledonia, Sparta, d/o John & Susan, witn: Stephen F. & Alice HUMPHREY, both of St. Thomas, 10 Feb 1892 at St. Thomas 002958-1892, Robert CAMPBELL, 29, Brooke twp., Brooke twp., carpenter, s/o Archibald & Julia CAMPBELL, married Bridget Anne FLEMING, 28, Euphemia twp., Brooke twp., d/o Patrick & Mary FLEMING, Wit William FLEMING & Annie FLANAGAN both of Brooke twp., on 30 May 1892 at St. Thomas
002983-92, Milton CHAPIN, 23, Ontario, St. Thomas, blacksmith, s/o William & Elizabeth L. CHAPIN, married Margaret Emma WADDINGHAM, 24, Ontario, St. Thomas, d/o George & Sarah WADDINGHAM, Wit Peter & Mary BROWN both of St. Thomas on 15 June 1892 at St. Thomas 002957-1892, John A. CLAVIS (Claris?), 40, of Sarnia, widower, gentleman, s/o Charles & Elizabeth CLAVIS, married Catherine POWER, 38, of St. Thomas, widow, d/o Thomas [no surname given] & blank, Wit Frank MOORE & Anna COLEMAN both of St. Thomas on 22 September 1892 at St. Thomas
3048-92 William CREALOCK, 39, widower, butcher, Toronto, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Clarissa Agnes HORNER, 34, Chippewa, St. Thomas, d/o Fred Augustus & Elizabeth Jane, witn: Fred Augustus & Georgina HORNER of St. Thomas, 1 April 1892 at St. Thomas 3040-92 William DAWE, 50, widower, pattern maker, Devonshire England, Fingal, s/o Nicholas & Mary, married Helen TIRNEWELL?, 52, widow, St. Catharines, Fingal, d/o Percy & Margaret STINSON, witn: William J. & Isabella VIPPHAM of St. Thomas, 11 April 1892 at St. Thomas
3011-92 Edgar Carmine DIBBLE, 34, hotel manager, Detroit, same, s/o Abraham & Mary, married Clara Adell BALDWIN, 26, Iona Mich., Detroit, d/o Algernon & Emmeline, witn: Helen MORRISON of St. Thomas, 29 Dec 1892 at St. Thomas 3055-92 (Elgin Co): Gilbert DICKSON, 43, carpenter, St. Thomas, Yarmouth, s/o John & Jane, married Mary HOUGH, 38, widow, Trafalgar, Port Stanley, d/o Philip & Mary Ann SEXTON, witn: Archibald & Frances HAMILTON of St. Thomas, 9 June 1892 at St. Thomas
3053-93 William DIMBLEBY, 21, working for undertaker, Hamilton, St. Thomas, s/o Frederick & Elizabeth, married Naomi MARTIN, 20, England, St. Thomas, d/o Charles & Amy, witn: Lucy MARTIN & Charles CORNES (Comes?), both of St. Thomas, 1 June 1892 at St. Thomas 2982-92 Solomon M. DORLAND, 43, Prince Edward Co., Rodney, Physician & Surgeon, s/o Parson & Ord DORLAND, married Minnie Augusta McKAY, 27, Fingal, St. Thomas, d/o John W. & Sarah McKAY, Wit John S. McKAY of Detroit & Clara BROWN of Rodney on 01 June 1892 at St. Thomas
3009-92 Thomas DUFFER (Dubber?), 28, farmer, England, Southwold twp., s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, married Cynthia LAWTON, 25, Southwold twp., St. Thomas, d/o George & Cynthia, witn: Donald James McBRIDE & Wilhelmina TRIGGER, both of Southwold, 27 Dec 1892 at St. Thomas 2819-92 James ELLISON, 26, farmer, Aldborough twp., same, s/o William ELLISON & Emmie ERD--?, married Elizabeth LLOYD, 24, Aldborough twp., same, d/o Henry LLOYD & Annie THOMAS, witn: Robert ELLISON of Mosa twp & Flora CAMPBELL of Rodney, 31 March 1892 at Aldborough twp
3020-92 Walter C. ELSE, 21, laborer, England, St. Thomas, s/o Alfred & Mary, married Eleanor HANLEY, 18, Dublin, St. Thomas, d/o John & Ellen, witn: John & Ellen HANLEY of St. Thomas, 2 Jan 1892 at St. Thomas 002976-92, Robert EWIN (Ervin?), 29, Dorchester, Dorchester, farmer, s/o James & Martha EWIN, married Mary Elizabeth WILSON, 18, Dunwich, Dunwich, d/o John & Barbara WILSON, Wit C. SHEEN & Nellie MOON (Moore?)both of Dorchester on 19 October 1892 at St. Thomas
002979-92, John Robert GARROD, 45, England, St. Thomas, widower, builder, s/o John GARROD & Susan BALAM (Balane?), married Agnes LYONS, 29, County Down Ireland, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas LYONS & Mary Jane BROWN, Wit George BILLINGS & Jane GARROD both of St. Thomas on 01 November 1892 at St. Thomas 3010-92 James Cornelius GILL, 27, physician, Madison Wis., Chicago, s/o Eli & Margaret, married Ellen Frances GOSSAGE, 27, Toronto, St. Thomas, d/o Brooks Wright GOSSAGE & Elizabeth Agnes, witn: Charles A. GILL of Madison & Alice Bosworth GOSSAGE of St. Thomas, 28 Dec 1892 at St. Thomas
2820-92 Samuel GRAHAM? (Eraham?), 71, widower, Scotland, Rodney, s/o Samuel GRAHAM & Jane THOMPSON, married Elizabeth SMITH, 57, widow, England, Rodney, d/o Robert SMITH & Mary A. ROOK, witn: Daniel & Elizabeth WISMER of Aldborough twp., 3 May 1892 at Aldborough twp 2809-92 James GRIGG, 27, widower, farmer, Ontario, Bayham, s/o William & Caroline Chivers GRIGG, married Jennie GILBERT, 28, widow, Ontario, Bayham, d/o Oliver & Sarah Ann Ribble SMITH, witn: Tillie CHANT of Vienna, 2 May 1892 at Vienna
3001-92 Leonidas B. HANNON, 34, railway conductor, Elgin Co., St. Thomas, s/o William & Jane, married Mary BARRETT, 31, St. Marys, St. Thomas, d/o Daniel & Maggie, witn: Jane SCOTT & Ada M. COURTEOUS, both of St. Thomas, 21 Sept 1892 at St. Thomas  
2804-92 Thomas Edwin HARDING, 34, miller, Southwold, same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Annie Elizabeth LEIGHTON, 28, Port Stanley, same, d/o Benjamin & Mary, witn: J. H. HAMBLY of London & L. D. HARDING of Southwold, 5 Jan 1892 at Port Stanley 002978-92, Benjamin HARRISON, 41, England, St. Thomas, switchman, s/o Jonathan & Charlotte HARRISON, married Theresa EAST, 43, England, St. Thomas, d/o John & Elizabeth EAST, Wit Thomas & Susan COMBS both of St. Thomas, on 09 November 1892, at St. Thomas
002986-1892, William Herbert HARVEY, 36, Stratford, Hespeler, clergyman, s/o Moses & Mary HARVEY, married Emma STACEY, 29, St. Thomas, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas & Joanna STACEY, Wit Annie STACEY & J.A. HARVEY both of St. Thomas on 10 August 1892 at St. Thomas 002962-92, William R. HEALEY, 33, Liverpool England, St. Thomas, carpenter, s/o James & Amelia HEALEY married Mary Delphine McTAGGART, 32, Elgin, St. Thomas, d/o Dougald & Sarah McTAGGART Wit: Alfred HEALEY & Harriet McINTYRE both of St. Thomas on 23 August 1892 at St. Thomas
002952-92, John William HEFFERNAN, 29, New York,  Port Talbot, farmer, s/o Thomas & Margaret H. HEFFERNAN married Catherine GADON, 24, Oxfordshire England, d/o James & Susannah GADON Wit: Charles W. GADON & Mrs. D. SPENCER both of St. Thomas on 25 August 1892 at St. Thomas 2997-92 Philip James HENRY, 27, dealer, Aldborough, Clearville - Kent Co., s/o John & Mary, married Lida BALE, 26, St. Thomas, Clearville, d/o James & Sarah, witn: D. RUTHVEN of Chicago & Mary HENRY & Bertie OKES, 21 Dec 1892 at St. Thomas
  002975-92, Frank HILL, 27, St. Thomas, Southwold, farmer, s/o James & Sarah HILL, married Carrie McDERMOT, 23, Maryborough, Southwold, d/o Neal & Margaret McDERMOT, Wit W. PRANGTEN? & Zelphy McDERMOT both of Southwold on 27 October at St. Thomas
3060-92 William HOLLINGSHEAD, 23, accountant, Brantford, Dutton, s/o Henry HOLLINGSHEAD & Mary PORTER, married Isabel PATERSON, 22, Dutton, same, d/o Neil PATERSON & Margaret LEITCH, witn: Colin PATERSON of Dutton & Bella PATERSON of Detroit, 3 Aug 1892 at Dutton #002994-92 Albert Edward HUTCHINSON, 27, St. Thomas, Omaha Nebraska U. S., agent for Union Pacific Railroad, s/o William & Margaret HUTCHINSON, married Grace COCHRANE, 23, Durham Ontario, St. Thomas, d/o Adam & Grace COCHRANE, Wit H. S. & Minnie COCHRANE both of St. Thomas on 12 October 1892 at St. Thomas
3002-92 Frank J. JACKSON, 23, baker, Wardsville Ont., St. Thomas, s/o Arthur J. & Catherine, married Alice HOUSLEY, 23, Bristol England, St. Thomas, d/o Alfred & Hannah, witn: William B. JACKSON of Grand Crossing Illinois, & Rosa HOUSLEY of St. Thomas. 21 Sept 1892 at St. Thomas 3061-92 John Henry JEWELL, 29, farmer, Yarmouth Ont., Tyrconnell, s/o William & Grace, married Susanna HUNT, 26, Tyrconnell, Dutton, d/o George & Hanna, witn: Edward HUNT of Chatham & Jennie McARTHUR of Dutton, 17 Nov 1892 at Dutton
002985-1892 John JOLLEY, 23, Norfolk England, St. Thomas, moulder,s/o John & Rebecca JOLLEY, married Mary E. ROBINSON, 21, Aylmer, St. Thomas, d/o George & Emily ROBINSON, Wit Walter W. JOLLEY & Mary G. BABCOCK both of St. Thomas on 20 July 1892 at St. Thomas 2811-92 John Henry KILMER, 35, farmer, Malahide twp., South Dorchester, s/o Abraham & Sarah Jane Furby KILMER, married Victoria PARKER, 22, Bayham twp., same, d/o Solomon & Mary Elizabeth Below PARKER, witn: Lena HALL of Vienna, 12 Aug 1892 at Vienna
2998-92 John Russell LAURENCE, 31, farmer, Fingal, Talbotville, s/o Peter LAURENCE & Mary CAMPBELL, married Sarah Letitia MILLIGAN, 28, Fingal, St. Thomas, d/o James MILLIGAN & Mary Jane HUNT, witn: Peter LAURENCE of Talbotville & James MILLIGAN of St. Thomas, 21 Dec 1892 at St. Thomas 2805-92 Albert Aaron LEIGHTON, 26, clerk, Port Stanley, Trout Creek Mich., s/o Benjamin LEIGHTON & Mary KERR, married Lora H. OLIVER, 23, Frome - Southwold twp., Port Stanley, d/o William OLIVER & Nancy EAGAN, witn: William BALKWELL & Edith POLLOCK, both of Port Stanley, 24 Aug 1892 at Port Stanley
2810-92 Santford LONG, 34, farmer, Ontario, Bayham twp., s/o Peter & Matilda Jane Ward LONG, married Maggie E. LONG, 27, Ohio USA, Minneapolis, d/o Jacob & Mary Ramsey LONG, witn: W. A. CHANT of Vienna, 13 July 1892 at Vienna 2813-92 William J. LYNCH, 28, railway agent, Dunville, Taylor Station Ont., s/o Alex LYNCH & Margaret J. McRAE, married Henrietta HINES, 17, Sherbrooke twp., Taylor Station, d/o John HINES & Harriet DOAN, witn: Andrew LYNCH & Jennie HINES, both of Taylor, 1 Aug 1892 at Taylor
002953-92, Henry J. MATHEWS, 30, Canada, Aylmer, liveryman, s/o Henry & Mary MATHEWS married Nina G. MILLARD, 25, Malahide, St. Thomas, d/o Mathias & Maria MILLARD Wit: Bertha SECORD of Aylmer & Lundy BELTON of Jaffa on 14 September 1892 at St. Thomas 3027-92 Richard Harold McBRIDE, 29, newspaper manager, widower, London, St. Thomas, s/o William & Charlotte, married Ellen Elizabeth McBRIDE (sic), 30, St. Thomas, same, d/o John MILLER & Eliza, witn: Albert Henry MILLER of Detroit & Ethel McBRIDE of Toronto, 24 Feb 1892 at St. Thomas
3059-92 (Elgin Co): Kenneth McDONALD, 28, laborer, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o Donald & Margaret, married Eliza THOMPSON, 24, Ontario, St. Thomas, d/o John & Mary Jane, witn: John McDONALD of St. Thomas & Louisa COX of London, 21 June 1892 at St. Thomas 3057-92 (Elgin Co): John McGREGOR, 28, locomotive engineer, Guelph, St. Thomas, s/o William & Janet, married Mary Ann WATSON, 25, Scotland, St. Thomas, d/o Alex & Mary, witn: John STANFORD & Janet STRAUBURY, both of St. Thomas, 28 May 1892 at St. Thomas
  2802-93 Angus McINTOSH, 31, farmer, Southwold twp., same, s/o Angus McINTOSH & Sarah McNICOLL, married Mina BALE, 24, England, Southwold twp., d/o William BALE & Lydia McGOWAN (McEWAN?), witn: Theresa POTTICARY & Joseph POTTICARY, both of Southwold, 21 Dec 1892 at Southwold twp
3052-92 Alexander McMAHON, 24, laborer, Durham Ont., Brooke twp., s/o George & Jane, married Annie M. WHITE, 17, Bayham twp., Brooke twp., d/o George & Mary, witn: Harriet --ANT of Brampton & Eva PULLEN of St. Thomas, 24 May 1892 at St. Thomas 3004-92 John McNERNIE, 23, machinist, St. Thomas, same, s/o John & Angelina, married Agnes SQUIRES, 22, Penn, St. Thomas, d/o Job & Margaret, witn: Mary FITZGIBBON & William SQUIRES, both of St. Thomas, 28 Dec 1892 at St. Thomas
3054-92 (Elgin Co): James McQUEEN, 27, teamster, Dexter, St. Thomas, s/o Richard & Eliza, married Elizabeth JOHNSON, 27, Colborne Ont., St. Thomas, d/o Benjamin & Ann, witn: Arthur MANN of Windsor & Jessie JOHNSON of St. Thomas, 8 June 1892 at St. Thomas 3037-92 Chester MENDENHALL, 33, painter, Indiana, Portland Oregon, s/o Thomas & Matilda, married Alice L. HEALD, 33, Iowa, same, d/o Allan & Rebecca, witn: Clarence HEALD of Iowa & Kate TRELEAVEN of St. Thomas, 4 Jan 1892 at St. Thomas (Quaker)
#002995-92 Fredrick William MIDGFORTH, 19, St. Thomas, St. Thomas, painter, s/o John & Mary MIDGFORTH, married Emily Rachel BATISTE, 18, Guernsey Island, St. Thomas, d/o John & Rachel BATISTE, Wit Grace A. MACDONALD & Sophie BATISTE both of St. Thomas on 03 Novemberr 1892 at St. Thomas 3050-92 Archibald MURRAY, 18, tailor, Southwold, St. Thomas, s/o Neil & Christena, married Jenny BLAYDON, 16, Pennsylvania USA, St. Thomas, d/o William & Jane, witn: Neil MURRAY & William BLAYDON, both of St. Thomas, 24 May 1892 at St. Thomas
3007-92 Walter NEEDHAM, 25, farmer, Brighton England, South Malahide, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Maggie Uresetta? MAYNARD, 19, South Yarmouth, same, d/o Daniel & Mary Ellen, witn: Daniel & Mabel G. MAYNARD of S. Yarmouth, 6 Dec 1892 at St. Thomas 2821-92 Robert NESTALL, 24, railroad employee, Wales - St. Clair Co. Mich, same, s/o Godfrey NESTALL & Mary ANAN? (Arran?), married Alice GOLDEN, 25, Straffordville, Rodney, d/o Henry GOLDEN & Elizabeth BAKER, witn: Susan BAKER of Rodney, 5 May 1892 at Rodney
2818-92 William Joseph NICKLESON, 44, widower, pumper, England, Aldborough twp., s/o Edward & Ann, married Sarah CAMPBELL, 32, Ireland, Aldborough twp., d/o Samuel & Ann, witn: Charles HOUGH of Port Stanley & Ella FREDERICK of Aldborough twp., 4 April 1892 at Aldborough twp 3005-92 Harry NOTT, 34, farmer, Dunwich twp., Southwold twp., s/o George & Alice, married Mary CAMPBELL, 21, Dunwich, Shedden, d/o John H. & Mary, witn: Edwin & Alice NOTT of Southwold, 11 Oct 1892 at St. Thomas
002954-1892, John OLIVER, 23, St. Marys, St. Thomas, brakeman, s/o John & Eliza OLIVER, married Ruth L. A. STRANGE, 23, Point Edward, St. Thomas, d/o William & Louisa STRANGE, Wit Jane SCOTT & Charles William BUSBY both of St. Thomas on 13 September 1892 at St. Thomas 002955-1892, Fredrick J. PALMER, 23, Birmingham England, St. Thomas, railroading, s/o John & Mary PALMER, married Fanny AXFORD, 24, Wyoming Ontario, St. Thomas, d/o John & Maria AXFORD, Wit Edward GEEN & Lillie AXFORD both of St. Thomas on 13 September 1892 at St. Thomas
2817-92 Edward Hunt PANGBURN, 25, farmer, Orford twp., Aldborough twp., s/o William & Mary, married Letitia LOGAN, 23, Malahide twp., Rodney, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: Em PANGBURN of Aldborough twp & Sarah LOGAN of Rodney, 2 Nov 1892 at West Lorne 3026-92 Nelson PARKER, 23, farmer, Dexter, same, s/o Nelson & Ruth, married Mary Catherine SUTHERLAND, 22, Rodney, Dexter, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas SPRAGUE & Ida VANSICKLE, both of Dexter, 17 Feb 1892 at St. Thomas
0029741-92, R. Alfred PENHALE (Penhall?), 30, Yarmouth Centre, Yarmouth Centre, farmer, s/o Thomas & Susan PENHALE, married Bertha GILLETT, 28, Yarmouth, Yarmouth, d/o George & Emeline GILLETT, Wit Charles MANN & Alta GILLETT both of Yarmouth Centre on 01 October 1892 at Yarmouth Centre 2753-93 George PETHRICK, 35, widower, laborer, Port Hope, London, s/o Philip & Sarah, married Sarah STRASSER, 48, widow, Devonshire England, Sparta, d/o John METTERS & Mary, witn: James & Laura NUTTALL of London, 19 Dec 1892 at Sparta
  002963-92, William A. PIPER, 22, Bowmanville, Temple, farmer, s/o Samuel & Ellen PIPER married Ada Jane THOMAS, 19, Temple, same, d/o John & Catherine THOMAS Wit: Harriet & Charles McINTYRE both of St. Thomas on 31 August 1892 at St. Thomas
3034-92 Homer PLATO, 26, farmer, Malahide, Springfield, s/o Robert & Susanna, married Viola MOORE, 22, Malahide, Springfield, d/o Allan & Ellen, witn: Mary M. & Mattie BURWELL of St. Thomas, 23 March 1892 at St. Thomas 002951-92, Frank POTTICARY, 21, Canada, St. Thomas, miller, s/o Charles & Sarah POTTICARY married Ellen McCLAY, 21, Canada, Shedden, d/o John & Sarah McCLAY Wit: Bess MAY of St. Thomas & Effa McLACHLIN of Detroit on 07 September 1892 at St. Thomas
2970-92 James QUINN, 49, widower, carpenter, Ireland, Michigan, s/o John & Catherine, married Mary MOYLAN, 40, Biddulph, St. Thomas, d/o Michael & Ellen, witn: Michael MOYLAN of St. Thomas & Ellen MOYLAN of London, 20 June 1892 at St. Thomas (Rom Cath) 2996-92 John W. REEVES, 22, billiard table, Harristown, St. Thomas, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Mary Louse WILLIAMS, 22, Torquay, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Charles & Emily CARD of St. Thomas, 1 Dec 1892 at St. Thomas
2803-92 Robert RICHARDSON, 23, fireman GTR, Durham Co - England, St. Thomas, s/o John RICHARDSON & Margaret R--? (Renwick?), married Nora S. THORNE, 20, Fingal, Port Stanley, d/o George THORNE & Maria PHILLIPS, witn: Frank HEARD & Allie SHARP, both of St. Thomas, 20 Jan 1892 at Port Stanley 3039-92 John RICHARDSON, 24, farmer, Hastings, Chatham, s/o Thomas & Mary Jane, married Frankie McKEE, 24, Hastings, St. Thomas, d/o John & Mary, witn: William McKEE of St. Thomas & Maggie RICHARDSON of Chatham, 6 April 1892 at St. Thomas
3056-92 (Elgin Co): William J. ROBB, 28, railway employee, Grimsby, St. Thomas, s/o Andrew & Catherine, married Ann M. BURRAGE, 20, England, St. Thomas, d/o William & Fanny, witn: William MUMMERY & Minnie M. BURRAGE, both of St. Thomas, 9 June 1892 at St. Thomas  
002989-1892, Allen ROBERTSON, 27, Dunwich, Yarmouth, labourer, s/o Daniel & Annie ROBERTSON, married Alfaretta WINEGARDEN, 20, Oxford Co., Yarmouth, d/o Alford & Mary WINEGARDEN, Wit Benjamin CLEMENT & Lizzie VENNER of St. Thomas on 10 November 1892 at St. Thomas 3044-92 William ROBERTSON, 21, laborer, Houghton twp., St. Thomas, s/o George & Emily, married Mary WELLS, 18, Stonebridge USA, St. Thomas, d/o William & Hattie, witn: John JOLLY & Mary ROBERTSON, both of St. Thomas, 19 April 1892 at St. Thomas
3042-92 Theophile SAUVE, 25, conductor, Edbezore?, St. Thomas, s/o Theophile & Selena, married Kate McKAY, 22, Meadville, St. Thomas, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Mary M. & Mattie BURWELL of St. Thomas, 19 April 1892 at St. Thomas 3006-92 Edwin Theodore SCOTT, 28, mechanic, Brantford, St. Thomas, s/o Thomas O. & Dorothy V., married Harriet E. CORKSEY, 26, Wolverhampton England, St. Thomas, d/o Mary CORKSEY & father unknown, witn: John F. STUBBARD & Florence WRIGHT, both of St. Thomas, 26 Oct 1892 at St. Thomas
002960-92, Hereward Sydney SCOTT, 26, London twp., Windsor, circulation manager, s/o George Bradshaw & Emma SCOTT, married Edith Agnes CRUISE, 22, St. Thomas, same, d/o James Ernie & Jeannie Eliza CRUISE, Wit Frank Marlatt SCARFF of Windsor & Bertha SCARFF of St. Thomas on 26 September 1892 at St. Thomas # 002990- 92 Joseph M. SEELY, 44, Innisfil Ont., Howard- Kent, agent, widower, s/o Grey & Hannah SEELY, arried Maggie A. SERSON, 38, Howard, Howard, d/o James & Jane SERSON, Wit Lizzie VENNER & Kate TRELEAVEN both of St. Thomas on 11 November 1892 at St. Thomas
002980-92, William SMALL, 23, Yarmouth, St. Thomas, farmer, s/o Benjamin L. SMALL & Elizabeth J. YOUNG, married Mary HUGHES, 21, Southwold, St. Thomas, d/o John HUGHES & Elizabeth PATTERSON, Wit: Fredrick HUGHES & Nella LAWDY, both of Dutton on 16 November 1892 at Southwold 3031-92 Charles James SMILEY, 21, plumber, St. Thomas, same, s/o John R. & Annie, married Mary SAVAGE, 21, Ireland, St. Thomas, d/o Hugh & Eliza, witn: William J. & Janet ALEXANDER of St. Thomas, 3 March 1892 at St. Thomas
3041-92 George A. SMITH, 35, widower, engineer, Trafalgar, St. Thomas, s/o Henry D. & Eleanor, married Ann McPHAIL, 33, widow, Duart, St. Thomas, d/o James LEACH & Jeannetta, witn: Alexander McINTOSH & Flora McMASTER, both of St. Thomas, 11 April 1892 at St. Thomas 002964-92, James Albert STEWART, 30, Walpole, St. Thomas, railroad man, s/o Adam & Ruth STEWART married Nancy Abigail WILSON, 25, Schellsburg Iowa, St. Thomas, d/o William R. & Nancy WILSON Wit: Charles CRANE & Anne McQUEEN both of St. Thomas on 05 October 1892 at St. Thomas
3047-92 Levi STRONG, 24, farmer, Bayham twp., Dorchester, s/o Samuel & Fanny S., married Hattie Matilda KULP (s/b Culp?), 24, Caistor - Lincoln, Bayham, d/o William Henry & Cornelia, witn: E.M. HILL of St. Thomas, 23 March 1892 at St. Thomas 3028-92 Arthur STYLES, 28, farmer, New Sarum, Southwold, s/o Isaac & Elizabeth, married Sarah PARISH, 23, Yarmouth, same, d/o Daniel & Catherine, witn: Daniel PARISH of Yarmouth & Mary Ellen STYLES of Southwold, 24 Feb 1892 at St. Thomas
002988-1892, Daniel Rowen SUMMERS, 27, Dunwich, Aldborough, farmer, s/o Talbot & Janet SUMMERS, married Georgina GARBUTT, 22, Dunwich, Dunwich, d/o Henry & Eliza GARBUTT, Wit Duncan SUMMERS of Aldborough & Eliza SUMMERS of Dunwich on 09 November 1892 at St. Thomas 002973-92, James C. TAYLOR, 25, South Dorchester, South Dorchester, farmer, s/o John & Jane TAYLOR, married Mary Anne SHERK, 22, South Dorchester, South Dorchester, d/o John L. & Martha SHERK, Wit Thomas CHARLETON & Nellie ORIS, no residence given, on 19 October 1892, at South Dorchester
3049-92 Harry Bluker TOTTEN (Lotten?), 29, banker, Paris Ont., Chicago, s/o Warren & Lena (Tena?), married Mabel Lockhart MANN, 22, St. Thomas, same, d/o Jehiel & Amelia E., witn: Andrew Francis SKINNER of Hamilton & Alice B. GOSSAGE of St. Thomas, 20 April 1892 at St. Thomas  
3043-92 James TRINE (Trein?), 22, butcher, Port Bruce, Aylmer, s/o Samuel & Mary Jane, married Mary SHRINER, 21, Smithville, Welland, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: Mary M. & Mattie BURWELL of St. Thomas, 19 April 1892 at St. Thomas 002950-92, Alexander D. TURNER, 25, Canada, Southwold, farmer, s/o Dougald & Mary TURNER married Annie REED, 22, Canada, Elkfrid Middlesex County, d/o Robert & Susan REED Wit: Wright  & Annie SMITTE or SMILTE both of St. Thomas on 24 August 1892 at St. Thomas
#002991-92 Elias TURNER, 21, Hampshire England, Talbotville Elgin, farrier, s/o Arthur & Susan TURNER, married Mary ALLEN, 19, Talbotville, Talbotville, d/o Charles & Annie ALLEN, Wit Lizzie VENNER & Kate TRELEAVEN both of St. Thomas on 30 November 1892 at St. Thomas 002977-92, John TYNAN, 23, Kingston, London, cabinet maker, s/o Patrick & Johanna TYNAN, married Nettie JEFFREY, 21, St. Thomas, St. Thomas, d/o Robert & Jane JEFFREY, Wit Florence M. GRIFFITH & Altrie SMITH, both of St. Thomas on 07 November 1892 at St. Thomas
002961-92, James H. VAIL, 39, Yarmouth, 6th con. Yarmouth, farmer, widower, s/o James Ed. & Jane VAIL married Susan N. McLEAN, 32, Yarmouth, same, d/o Fredrick & Naomi McLEAN Wit: Mr. & Mrs. HEBURN of Yarmouth on 14 September 1892 at St. Thomas 3021-92 John N. VANSICKLE, 23, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o Isaac & Elizabeth, married Olevie MANN, 21, Yarmouth, same, d/o Nathan & Fidelia, witn: Thomas SRAUGUE & Ida VANSICKLE, both of Yarmouth, 20 Jan 1892 at St. Thomas
  002965-92, Charles WALDRON, 28, Worcestershire England, Maplewood New Jersey, clergyman s/o John & Myria WALDRON married Lora May STAUTON (Stanton?), 25, Irving New York, St. Thomas, d/o Rufus & Louisa STAUTON Wit: Flora M. D. LOUNSBURY of Hamilton & George A. McCUBBIN of St. Thomas on 28 September 1892 at St. Thomas
2802-92 Christopher WEBB, 24, book keeper, Springbrook - Hastings, Detroit, s/o John WEBB & Maria McKERWIN, married Mary J. CLARKSON, 23, Woodstock Ont., Port Stanley, d/o John CLARKSON & Albertina FERGUSON, witn: David McGILL of Detroit & Annie CLARKSON of Port Stanley, 12 Jan 1892 at Port Stanley 002984-1892, W. H. WELTER, 31, Southwold, St. Thomas, painter, s/o Elijah & Maria WELTER, married Bella JONES, 25, Yarmouth, St. Thomas, d/o Nathan & Gertrude JONES, Wit Annie TRELEAVEN of Dungannon & Mary J. PAGE of St. Thomas on 21 June 1892 at St. Thomas

002675-93 (Elgin Co.) George B. WICKETT, 23, farmer, Yarmouth Twp, same, s/o George WICKETT & Betsey FREELAND, married Emma C. MATTHEWS, 26, Village of Vienna, same, d/o Harvey J. & Catharine, witn - Mr. WICKETT of Orwell & Annie MATTHEWS of Vienna, 28 December 1892 at Vienna

3046-92 Samuel WILLIAMS, 38, widower, laborer, Sparta, same, s/o William & Susanna, married Ethel WALTERS, 18, London England, Union, d/o Charles & Ann, witn: Wesley DADSON (Dodson?) & Mary SWEDLAND, both of Union, 27 April 1892 at St. Thomas 002948-92, John WILTON, 19, Canada, Southwold, farmer, s/o William & Mary WILTON married Bertha SMOKE, 16, Canada, Southwold, d/o Peter & Rebecca SMOKE Wit: Hester L. PASCOE & Ada L. PASCOE both of St. Thomas, on 11 August 1892 at St. Thomas
2999-92 - A. L. WINTERS, 23, farmer, Charlotteville, Southwold, s/o Jeremiah & Alvira, married Mary CADOGAN, 21, Walsingham, Yarmouth, d/o George & Matilda, witn: Florence M. GRIFFITH of St. Thomas, 22 Dec 1892 at St. Thomas 002949-92, Frank YOUNG, 22, Canada, Fingal, bricklayer, s/o Lenniel & Harriet YOUNG married May MORRIS, 19, Canada, Port Stanley, d/o William & Sarah MORRIS Wit: Hester L. PASCOE & Selina J. PATTERSON both of St. Thomas on 18 August 1892 at St. Thomas