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Elgin Co., 1898


4690-99 Almon Sanford BALSDON, 21, laborer, Southwold twp., Middlemiss, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Sarah Elizabeth GARDNER, 23, domestic servant, Uxbridge, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas & Martha, witn: Charles LUCAS & Millie N. BALSDON, both of Middlemiss, 3 Aug 1898 at Southwold twp (also 4586-98) 4376-98 Leonard BARTLETT, 26, minister, Westminster, Bosanquet, s/o Leonard & Rachel, married Sarah Jane PHILIPS, 25, Wawanosh, London, d/o Harry & Ann, witn: Frank LAUR & Mary MURRAY, both of Aylmer, 9 Aug 1898 at Aylmer
4337-98 (Elgin Co): Albert F. BECK, 34, widower, farmer, of Aldborough, s/o Charles BECK & Ernestine KRUGER, married Katie E. HAUSER, 31, of Windsor, d/o Jacob HAUSER & Ursulla HUX, witn: Simon E. ZOLLER & Emma HAUSER, 29 March 1898 at not given, but registered in Aldborough 4420-98 Albert BERDAN, 22, farmer, Ontario, South Dorchester, s/o Alphonso BERDAN & Mary A. WALL, married Drucilla ARCHER, 23, Ontario, South Dorchester, d/o Samuel ARCHER & Mary BABCOCK, witn: H. A. & Lettie THOMPSON of Lyons, 15 Feb 1898 at South Dorchester
  #004514-98 (Elgin) Thomas J. BOYD, 37, Southwold, Ontario, b, Jeweller, s/o James & Marion BOYD, married Alice E. SHARON, 34, St. Thomas, same, s, d/o Sturgeon & Ellen SHARON, witn: Mrs. SHARON, Minnie SCOTT, both St. Thomas, 29 June 1898, St. Thomas
#004343-98 (Elgin Co): William Pool BRISCOE, 28, farmer, of Aldborough, s/o Henry & Catherine, married Elizabeth BUTCHER, 19, of Aldborough, d/o Rich. & Elizabeth, witn: Henry BRISCOE of Aldborough & Nellie BUTCHER of St. Thomas, 1 June 1898 at not given, but registered in Aldborough 004365-98 (Elgin Co), George BRODIE, 26, cheese worker, Dorchester, Gladstone, s/o Alex & Mary BRODIE, married Edith TUTTLE, 26, Dorchester, Aylmer, d/o George & Sarah TUTTLE, witn: James BRODIE of Tilsonburg & Nellie ALDRILL of Gladstone, 3 March 1898 at Aylmer
4855-99 Charles Andrew BROWN, 41, widower, MP & farmer, s/o William & Elizabeth nee MILLS, married Mary Ann PENHALE, 26, Yarmouth, same, d/o John & Mary nee McGREGOR, witn: J.W. PENHALE of Yarmouth & Carrie TRIGGER of Glanworth, 8 Oct. 1898 at Yarmouth  
4438-98 John BUCHANAN, 27, farmer, of Dunwich, s/o James & Euphemia, married Mary PATTERSON, 26, of Dutton, d/o Donald PATTERSON & Mary McPHAIL, witn: Maggie PATTERSON of Dutton, 28 Sept 1898 at Dutton 4435-98 Arthur A. BURNS? (Briene?), 24, of Dunwich twp., s/o Thomas BURNS & Charlotte McKENAN, married Leith? A. SUTHERLAND, 20, of Dunwich twp., d/o John SUTHERLAND & Lizzie WAITE, witn: George A. & Lottie M. WAITE, 14 March 1898 at Dutton
4436-98 Henry CARPENTER, 33, barrister, Hamilton, same, s/o Charles & Mary Ann, married Annie May CASCADEN, 22, Iona, Dutton, d/o John & Hannah C., witn: A. A. CARPENTER of Hamilton & Marie GALBRAITH of Dresden, 30 June 1898 at Dutton 004642-1899 (Elgin Co.) Peter CARRUTH, 38, farmer, Cowal, same, widower, s/o William CARRUTH & Ammelia SALMON, married Christina McTAVISH, 33, Cowal, same, d/o John McTAVISH & Christina McCLARTY, witn: Mrs. J. McNEIL & Miss Carrie Mc?, both of Cowal, 19 Oct 1898 at Dunwich.
#004512-98 (Elgin) John Lawford CAVERLY, 36, Pt. Stanley, Aylmer, widower, butcher, s/o Eli CAVERLY & Ellen NELSON, married Catharine Amelia WADDELL, 30, Pt. Stanley, Malahide, d/o James WADDELL & Sarah HEMPILL, witn: Jacob HERICH, Low WADDELL, both St. Thomas, 8 June 1898, St. Thomas 4426-98 Austin Eugene CHARLTON, 24, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o Abraham & Mary, married Florence May ALLEN, 23, South Dorchester, same, d/o Richard & Mary, witn: Roy CHARLTON of Yarmouth & Ada ALLEN of South Dorchester, 28 Sept 1898 at South Dorchester
004366-98 (Elgin Co), Emery CHUTE, 23, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o John & Kate CHUTE, married Lydia BERDON, 20, Malahide, same, d/o Jacob & Lydia BERDON, witn: L. C. & Jennie KIMBALL both of Aylmer, 12 April 1898 at Aylmer 004594-98 (Elgin Co), Arthur Oakley CLARK, 21. cheesemaker, Springfield, Sparta, s/o Freeman & Jane, married Anna Mills LEVERTON, 26, Dunwich, Sparta, d/o Robt W. & Sarah, witn George L. LEVERTON & Phebe C. SCOTT both of Yarmouth, 26 April 1898 at Yarmouth
4336-98 (Elgin Co): William CLARK, 27, operator, of West Lorne, s/o William CLARK & Jessie McPHEE, married Sarah McCLARY, 27, of Aldborough, d/o John McCLARY & Elizabeth RUSSEL, witn: S.D. & Sarah ROBINSON, 16 March 1898 at not given, but registered in Aldborough #004447-98 (Elgin Co): George Ernest COMBS, 27, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Elva Theresa LINDSAY, 26, Malahide, same, d/o Charles & Eliza, witnesses were Clarence DICKHANT of Aylmer & Viola LINDSAY of Malahide, March 9, 1898 at Bayham, Malahide twp
  4664-99 Edward E. DANCEY, 29, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Benjamin DANCEY & Julia LIGHTFOOT, married May HUNT, 24, Malahide, same, d/o Zenas HUNT & Phoebe GRASS, witn: Leon DANCEY & Violet BENNER, both of Malahide, 24 Dec 1899 at Malahide (s/b 1898, reg'd 4 Jan 1899)
#004509-98 (Elgin) Albert R. DENNIS, 32, Lincoln Co, Fingal Elgin Co, blacksmith, s/o James & Harriett DENNIS, married Annie McINTYRE, 30, Southwold, same, s, d/o Colin & Margaret McINTYRE, witn: A.F. MacLEAN of Toronto, Mrs. DRUMMOND of St. Thomas, 24 May 1898, St. Thomas 004363-98 (Elgin Co), Thomas Graham DORCHESTER, 29, clerk, illegible, Aylmer, s/o William DORCHESTER & Ellenor WATSON, married Effie Jean BROWN, 23, Aylmer, same, d/o Alex C. BROWN & Jennie HILLIS, witn: Charles BROWN & Ethel BOUGHAM (Boughner?) both of Aylmer, 11 April 1898 at Aylmer
4689-99 Samuel DOWN, 26, farmer, Southwold twp., same, s/o John DOWN & Sarah DODSON, married Matilda Ann HAWN, 18, domestic servant, Charlotteville twp., Southwold twp., d/o John HAWN & Fannie JONES, witn: George SKINNER & Amelia WARREN, both of Southwold twp., 30 Dec 1898 at Southwold twp #004450-98 (Elgin Co): Edwin DRYSDALE, 24, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o John & Christina, married Ella May WELTER, 24, Malahide, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witnesses were George E.& Bertha THAYER of Malahide, June 16, 1898 at Malhide twp
#004445-98 (Elgin Co): William DUNN, 25, farmer, Yarmouth, Malahide, s/o Frederick & Nora, married Lillian RICHARDSON, 24, Malahide, same, d/o John & Emily, witnesses were Willian H. DAVIS of Aylmer & Mabel PETIT of Burlington, Feb. 16, 1898 at Luton, Malahide twp 4748-99 James DYKER, 31, upholsterer, Scotland, St. Thomas, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Amelia BROMMELL, 36, Toronto, St. Thomas, d/o William & Dorothy, witn: Anson Lee SMITH & Ethel May BOND, both of St. Thomas, 6 Sept 1898 at St. Thomas
#004448-98 (Elgin Co): Judson L. EARLY, 43, widower, farmer, Welland Ont., Malahide, s/o Gilbert EARLY & Abigail HOP--, married Mariah AUCKLAND, widow, 45, Oakville Ont., Malahide, d/o Thomas & Emma CLEMENT, witnesses were Noble & Margaret ELLSWORTH of Malahide, March 10, 1898 at Malahide twp #004340-98 (Elgin Co): Frederick EDWARDS, 21, farmer, of West Lorne, s/o George EDWARDS & Mary SHULER, married Alice DOOLITTLE, 17, of West Lorne, d/o William DOOLITTLE & Esther BUSTON, witn: Andrew & Mrs. A. DAVIS, 28 March 1898 at not given, but registered in Aldborough
#004344-98 (Elgin Co): Henry Walter ERSKINE, 29, farmer, widower, of Aldborough, s/o Thomas & Thomasina, married Isabella JOHNSTON, 27, widow, of Toronto, d/o Alfred & Mary Elizabeth (no surname given), witn: William & Jessie ERSKINE, 1 June 1898 at not given, but registered in Aldborough 004370-98 (Elgin Co), David ERWIN, 72, farmer, widower, East York, Townsend, s/o James ERWIN & Margaret CLARK, married Mrs Alfred MILLER, 67, widow, Wexford Ireland, Ingersoll, d/o Robert JACKSON & Ann M. TUTTLE, witn: John & Mrs. J MILLER both of Aylmer, 7 April 1898 at Aylmer
004643-1899 (Elgin Co.) Fred Charles EVANS, 35, car builder, Windsor England, London, s/o William & Charlotte, married Jane PEARSE, 33, Delaware, Port Talbot, d/o George & Margaret, witn: James WATKINS & E. PEARSE, both of Port Talbot, 26 Dec 1898 at Port Talbot 004369-98 (Elgin Co), Thomas FARROW, 23, farmer, South Dorchester, same, s/o Richard FARROW & Sarah KING, married Annie SLEETH, 18 Melbourne, Delaware, d/o Alfred SLEETH & Hannah SLAVIN (Stover?), witn: J. BRADLEY & P. H. McLAY both of Aylmer, 27 April 1898 at Aylmer
#004772-00 (Elgin Co): Roy FERGUSON, 21, farmer, Harrietsville, same, s/o David FERGUSON & Mary FOULDS, married Louisa WOOLEY, 19, Springfield, same, d/o B.L. WOOLEY & Carrie BOUGHNER, witn: Herbert FERGUSON of Harrietsville & Bertha DEMARAY of Lyons, 12 Oct 1898 at South Dorchester 4751-99 Robert Douglas FERGUSON, 28, farmer, Southwold, same, s/o Dugald & Sarah, married Daizy Rose Elizabeth GEARY, 23, St. Thomas, same, d/o Charles P. & Susan R., witn: Dr?. A. McK. CAMPBELL of Grand Rapids & Grace HOUSTON of Chatham, 21 Dec 1898 at St. Thomas
4437-98 Freeman E. FERGUSON, 21, fisherman, of Aldborough, s/o Frank FERGUSON & ?--nila HARTWICK, married Louisa G. McLAUGHLIN, 19, of Detroit, d/o Den-? McLACHLIN (sic) & Jennie BLISOLF?, witn: E.H. & Ida WENMOTH, 13 Sept 1898 at Dutton 04371-98 (Elgin Co) Edward FINCH, 22, butcher, Aylmer, same, s/o Charles FINCH & Elizabeth COUTTS, married Catherine SILVERTHORN, 23, Aylmer, same, d/o Jonathan SILVERTHORN & Mary BOUGHDON, witn: George & Lizzie FINCH of Aylmer, 28 Apr 1898 at Aylmer
4383-98 William H. FOLLICK, 24, farmer, Mapleton, same, s/o William FOLLICK & Annie SMITH, married Margaret WILLIAMS, 20, Vienna, Aylmer, d/o John WILLIAMS & Mary WILLISON, witn: Hattie PERKINS of Petrolia & Aggie KING of Aylmer, 4 Sept 1898 at Aylmer 4425-98 James FRANCIS, 22, farmer, West Oxford, Dereham, s/o Harry FRANCIS & Almira COOK, married Celia LESPEY, 22, South Dorchester, same, d/o Walter LESPEY, farmer, & Mary ESCOTT, witn: Thomas N. LESPEY of South Dorchester & Clara FRANCIS of Dereham, 30 march 1898 at Dereham
004583-98 (Elgin Co), George FRANKLIN, 27, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o N. FRANKLIN & E. GRIFFIN, married Lula Maud PINES, 23, Yarmouth, same, d/o George PINES & E. BRADLEY, witn Frank HENDERSON & Mr. E. COPELANND both of Yarmouth, 8 February 1898 at Yarmouth 004591-98 (Elgin Co), Adam James FULTON, 23, farmer, Southwold, Yarmouth, s/o James blank & Ann McPHERSON, married Bertha May SUTTON, 24, Yarmouth, same, d/o J. H. blank & Emmeline PHILPOT, witn H.A. FULTON of St. Thomas & Mabel McINTYRE of Yarmouth, 21 December 1898 at Yarmouth
004584-98 (Elgin Co), Alfred GLOIN, 25, grocer, Yarmouth, St. Thomas, s/o John GLOIN & M. NORTON, married Mary E. SMALL, 20, Southwold, Yarmouth, d/o George A. SMALL & M. ROBBINS, witn Nathan SMALL & Mrs. H. GLOIN both of St. Thomas, 9 February 1898 at Yarmouth 004578-98 (Elgin Co), Isaac Harvey GRAHAM, 33, baker, Windham, Vienna, s/o Wm H. GRAHAM & Hannah HORNING, married Edith May ELLIOTT, 29, New Sarum, same, d/o blank & Elizabeth, witn Horace & Wilmot ELLIOTT both of New Sarum, 13 April 1898 at New Sarum
4752-99 Leighton Roy HARVEY, 23, cigar maker, Romeo Mich., St. Thomas, s/o E. G. & Senie?, married Caroline Sarah HAYSLIP, 18, St. Thomas, same, d/o William & W (M?)., witn: Emily M. HILL & Mary McGREGOR, both of St. Thomas, 21 Dec 1898 at St. Thomas 4691-99 Elgin HATCH, 27, farmer, Bayham twp., same, s/o Henry & Ellenor, married Clara Leck MOORE, 28, Southwold twp., same, d/o Edward E., farmer, & Catherine, witn: Whitson D. MOORE of Dorchester twp & Louisa HATCH of Southwold twp., 20 Oct 1898 at Southwold
  004362-98 (Elgin Co), Frank HEFFER, 29, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o John HEFFER & Bertha SMITH, married Mary Melissa SEERS, 33, widow, Sparta, Aylmer, d/o Charles STRONG & Margaret WILLS (Mills?), witn: Benson & Adelia VANPATTER of Aylmer, 6 April 1898 at Aylmer
#004334-98 (Elgin Co): William H. HENNEKER, 28, farmer, of 4th con of Harwich twp., s/o William HENNEKER & Sarah NEWCOMBE, married Maria NEWCOMBE, 28, of Rodney, d/o Henry NEWCOMBE & Euphemia McCEAN?, witn: Lizzie NEWCOMBE & John HENNEKER, 19 Jan 1898 at not given, but registered in Aldborough 4626-99 Josiah HEWER, 27, farmer, Ontario, South Dorchester, s/o John HEWER & Hannah BUCKNELL, married Thursa Dell MOORE, 20, South Dorchester, same, d/o George A. MOORE, farmer, & Mary HOOPER, witn: Alvin HEWER & Augusta MOORE, both of S. Dorchester, 30 Nov 1898 at South Dorchester
4696-99 Joseph W. HIBBERT, 25, Methodist minister, Ontario, Aldborough twp., s/o Joseph HIBBERT & Amelia MATLOCK, married Mary S. LAW, 26, Ontario, Southwold twp., d/o Alexander LAW, farmer, & Elizabeth ENGLISH, wtn: H. HERN & Lucy LAW, both of Southwold twp., 29 June 1898 at Southwold twp 4424-98 John HOGARTH, 25, locomotive fireman, England, Buffalo, s/o Thomas HOGARTH & Mary NELSON?, married Agnes Mary LIGHTBURN, 23, England, South Dorchester, d/o Thomas LIGHTBURN, farmer, & Mary ALDERSON, witn: W.J. SAVAGE of Buffalo & Eva BAXTER of Aylmer, 15 June 1898 at South Dorchester
4375-98 Harold HOLLINSHEAD, 25, Prof of music, Surrey England, Portage la Prairie, s/o James HOLLINSHEAD & Mary Jane BEARD?, married Mary Jane BOUGHNER, 24, Aylmer, same, d/o John Nelson BOUGHNER & Adeline TIBBETS, witn: W. P. MEHILL? of London & Emma L. McCARTNEY of Ingersoll, 30 June 1898 at Aylmer #004771-00 (Elgin Co): William HOWELL, 54, widower, farmer, Brant Co., Villa Nova, s/o William HOWELL & Elizabeth DAY, married Catherine MARCH, 55, widow, Malahide, Sparta, d/o William & Christy Ann CASCADDEN, witn: Eliza STAPLES & Emily EGBERT, both of Luton, 13 Sept 1898 at Malahide
4422-98 John HUNTER, 56, widower, farmer, England, North Dorchester, s/o Henry HUNTER & Mary Ann MAINE, married Mary Jane McGREGOR, 50, widow, house maid, Elgin Co., North Dorchester, d/o Thomas LINDSAY & Catherine BROWN, witn: W. T. & Sarah NUGENT of Belmont, 28 Feb 1898 at South Dorchester 4430-98 John William KENNEDY, 32, baker, Orford, same, s/o John KENNEDY & Annie McINTYRE, married Annie E. SINCLAIR, 24, Orford, same, d/o Neil SINCLAIR & Minerva BABCOCK, witn: John R. POLLARD & Ermina SHEARING, both of Dunwich, 29 June 1898 at Dunwich
#004507-98 (Elgin) James LANN (or LAUR, 40), Oxford Co, Port Talbot, widower, farmer, s/o Andrew & Isabella LANN/LAUR, married Eliza Hay GEDDES, 28, Scotland, Tyrconnell, s, d/o Andrw GEDDES & Eliza HAY, witn: Annie M. GEDDES of Tyrconnell, Mrs. DRUMMOND of St. Thomas, 9 February 1898, St. Thomas 004360-98 (Elgin Co), Moses LEACH, 26, laborer, illegible, Aylmer, s/o Noah LEACH & Martha A. SMITH, married Cassie SORRELL, 26, Inlay City Michigan, same, d/o S. H. SMITH & Hannah illegible, witn: Robert LEACH of Aylmer & Rosa DAWSON of Straffordville, 30 March 1898 at Aylmer
  #004449-98 (Elgin Co): Charles LEE, 22, farmer, Yarmouth Ont., Bayham, s/o George & Sarah, married Sarah A. BEATTIE, 17, Bayham, same, d/o William & Sarinda, witnesses were were Arthur T. BROWN & Eda A. LORANE?, both of Corinth, June 8, 1898 at Corinth, Malahide twp
004580-98 (Elgin Co), Frederick Peter LEWIS, 28, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o Joshua LEWIS & Jane JOHNSON, married Margaret Martha HARKNESS, 30, Yarmouth, same, d/o Thomas & Martha HARKNESS, witn Henry B. HARKNESS & Blanche E. GILBERT both of Yarmouth, 7 June 1898 at Yarmouth #004513-98 (Elgin) Richard Mason LIPSEY, 36, St. Thomas, St. Thomas, b, Medical Doctor, s/o Andrew LIPSEY & Jane FERGUSON, married Daisy Deidree DAVIS, 21, St. Thomas, Yarmouth, s, d/o Bruce DAVIS & Naomi SMITH, witn: H.A. STEWART, Nell GREEN, both St. Thomas, 1 June 1898, St. Thomas (also 4579-98)
004576-98 (Elgin Co), Charles LLOYD, 22, farmer, Essex Co, Kingsmill (Kingsville?), s/o John & Lydia, married Eliza POTTS, 19, Mapleton, same, d/o Peter & Eliza, witn George GRAY of New Sarum & Morris DOAN of Kingsmill, 2 February 1898 at New Sarum 4433-98 William LOOP, 23, merchant, of Kingsville, s/o Ira LOOP & Clarissa GRAVEAU?, married Mabel NELSON, 20, of Dutton, d/o W.H. NELSON & Sarah HAGGARTY, wit: Lorne A. SCRATCH & Katie NELSON, 14 Feb 1898 at Dutton
#004661-99 (Elgin Co): Alexander LOW, 25, machinist, Howard, Dutton, s/o James LOW & Isabell HARPER, married Sadie F. HOOD, 20, West Lorne, same, d/o Charles HOOD & Mary STRACHAN, witnesses were Neil McMILLAN of Dutton & Nellie HOOD of West Lorne, Dec. 28, 1898 at West Lorne  
004592-98 (Elgin Co), Joseph A. LUCE, 24, farmer, illegible, Yarmouth, Asa blank & Martha illegible, married Eliza WILLOUGHBY, 28, Brampton, Yarmouth, d/o Joseph blank & Mary CUNNINGHAM, witn John H. LUCE of Lobo Twp & Jennie McKENZIE of Yarmouth, 22 December 1898 at Yarmouth 4384-98 Ernest MABEE, 22, Vittoria, same, s/o R. G. MABEE & Leonora RAYMOND, married Laura Louise CAMPBELL, 22, Aylmer, same, d/o John CAMPBELL & Ella SUMMERS, witn: Nellie CAMPBELL of Aylmer & O. R. H. MABEE of London, 12 Sept 1898 at Aylmer
004582-98 (Elgin Co), Walter A. MANSHION, 30, tile maker, Yarmouth, Southwold, s/o John MANSHION & M. J. BUNTON, married Bessie BUSTON (Burton?), 18, Almonte US, Yarmouth, d/o Thomas BUSTON & C. J. YAGEL, witn Frederick & Mary J. MANSHION both of Yarmouth, 2 February 1898 at Yarmouth 4385-98 John W. MARSH, 37, widower, miller, Lobo twp., Aylmer, s/o Joseph & Cynthia, married Olive PENNELL, 35, Malahide, same, d/o George & Eunice, witn: F. D. SMITH & Edna DICKHOUT, both of Aylmer, 12 Oct. 1898 at Aylmer
  4421-98 John MARTIN, 27, farmer, Westminster, Yarmouth, s/o William MARTIN & Nancy BUCHANAN, married Ida M. WALKER, 26, Wellington Co., South Dorchester, d/o Thomas WALKER, laborer, & Charlotte, witn: William MARTIN of Middlesex & Robena WALKER of South Dorchester, 23 Feb 1898 at South Dorchester
#004442-98 (Elgin Co): Theodore MARTIN, 56, widower, plasterer, Malahide, Aylmer, s/o not given, married Mary Jane MILLER, 48, Malahide, same, d/o Benjamin & Nancy, witnesses wereGeorge F. CLARK & G.R. CHRISTIE, both of Aylmer, 26 Jan., 1898 at Malahide 004637-1899 (Elgin Co.) Hugh McCALLUM, 52, farmer, Dunwich, same, s/o John McCALLUM & Lizzie McKINLEY, married Sarah McKAY, 38, Dunwich, same, d/o Robert McKAY & Christina McCALLUM, witn Dan & Kate McBRIDE, both of Dunwich, 19 Oct 1898 at Currie Road, Dunwich.
#004511-98 (Elgin) Alexander McGUGAN, 27, Southwold, St. Thomas, b, farmer, s/o Neil McGUGAN & Elizabeth McLEAN, married Katie DEWAR, 26, Dunwich?, St. Thomas, s, d/o Alexais DEWAR & Johanna BUCHANAN, witn: Neil McGUGAN of Southwold, Annie DEWAR of St. Thomas, 8 June 1898, St. Thomas 4440-98 Andrew A. McINTYRE, 42, widower, mechanic, of Dutton, s/o John McINTYRE & Jennet KERR, married Emily BRODIE, 23, of Dutton, d/o Thomas & blank, witn: Clara BALKWELL & Annie L. BEER, both of Dutton, 29 Nov 1898 at Dutton
4749-99 Hugh Falkner McKAY, 22, metal polisher, Cherokee, Buffalo NY, s/o William & Phoebe, married Harriet Irene ROSENKRAUS, 18, Nayland (Weyland?) NY, same, d/o Hamilton & H.M., witn: Emily M. HILL & Mary McGREGOR, both of St. Thomas, 7 Sept 1898 at St. Thomas 4429-98 Donald McKENZIE, 42, farmer, Campbellton, same, s/o John McKENZIE & Hanabell McLENNAN, married Betsy PATTON, 30, Largie, same, d/o John PATTON & Rose McKORKINDALE, witn: John PATTON & Rose McWILLIAMS, both of Largie, 27 April 1898 at Largie
#004342-98 (Elgin Co): Daniel McKILLOP, 33, lumber merchant, of West Lorne, s/o Arch & Mary, married Selina McQUEEN, 30, of West Lorne, d/o Rich & Elizabeth, witn: H.C. McKILLOP & Neva McQUEEN, 1 June 1898 at not given, but registered in Aldborough 004589-98 (Elgin Co), Michael McKNIGHT, 26, blank, blank, Yarmouth, s/o Martin blank & Catherine CROWLEY, married Ethel Lewis MARSHALL, 22, of Yarmouth, d/o John blank & Emma LEWIS, witn D. MARSHALL & Cora M. BROWN both of blank, 10 October 1898 at Yarmouth
004590-98 (Elgin Co), John Black McLARTY, 34, yeoman, Yarmouth, same, s/o Archibald blank & Catharine BLACK, married Veda CAMPBELL, 30, Yarmouth, same, d/o James blank & Veda BUCHAMON, witn Angus McINTYRE of Yarmouth & Veda CAMPBELL of Belmont, 26 October 1898 at Yarmouth 4419-98 John McNABB, 40, farmer, South Dorchester, same, s/o Mungo McNABB & Margaret FERGUSON, married Annie May CONNETY, 23, New York, South Dorchester, d/o Hugh CONNETY & Margaret McDOWELL, witn: Lizzie CONNEBY? of South Dorchester & Mrs. CURRIE of Belmont, 26 Jan 1898 at South Dorchester
  4439-98 Archibald McPHAIL, 34, farmer, of Mosa, s/o Dougald & Katie, married Jenett McNEIL, 28, of Dutton, d/o Neil McNEIL & Janet GRAHAM, witn: Arch McNEIL of Mosa & Katie McARTHUR of Dunwich, 9 Nov 1898 at Dutton
4431-98 Peter H. McPHAIL, 70, farmer, Orford, same, s/o Hugh & blank, married Mrs. Ellen LONG, 41, widow, Orford, same, d/o Neil McPHAIL & Ellen KING, witn: Margaret POLLARD & Emma SHEARING, both of Dunwich, 7 Sept 1898 at Dunwich #004444-98 (Elgin Co): Joseph MEHARG, 24, farmer, Houghton, Malahide, s/o John & Mary, married Edith CHADWICK, 18, Wellington, Malahide, d/o William & Alice, witness was Annie PEARSON of Bayham, Feb. 9, 1898 at Bayham, Malahide twp
4373-98 Solom MILLARD, 25, farmer, Malahide, Springfield, s/o Noah MILLARD & Theresa THOMPSON, married Mary HODSON, 22, England, Springfield, d/o Thomas HODSON & Annie HYSLOP, witn: J. W. HUTCHINSON & Nellie K. CLARK, both of Aylmer, 1 June 1898 at Aylmer 4382-98 Enoch MILLS, 21, painter, Bayham, Aylmer, s/o Willard MILLS & Phoebe Jane CHUTE, married Annie BEEMER, 19, Wellandport, Aylmer, d/o William & Mary, witn: Emery J. MILLS of Aylmer & Mary J. BAGNALL of Lakeview, 31 Aug 1898 at Aylmer
004581-98 (Elgin Co) Ernest Ezra MILLS, 21, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o George MILLS & E. WHITE, married Rosa May ROSS, 21, Elgin Co, Yarmouth, d/o C. F. ROSS & E. McLENNON, witn Henry MILLS & Lillie ROSS both of Yarmouth, 12 January 1898 at Yarmouth 4381-98 Ellis Ward MURGATROYD, 39, merchant, South Grimsby, same, s/o Robert & Charlotte, married Alice Maud WICKETT, 27, Yarmouth, Aylmer, d/o Andrew & Annie, witn: Robert C. MURGATROYD of Smithville & Mabel WICKETT of Aylmer, 18 Aug 1898 at Aylmer
  4768-00 (Elgin Co): Albert NELSON, 30, barber, Orwell, Sparta, s/o John D. NELSON & Hennettie SMITH, married Cecilia ROBINS, 20, Sparta, same, d/o John ROBINS & Elinda SMITH, witn: Milton H. & Eliza STAPLES of Luton, 28 Dec 1898 at Luton (also #4780-00)
004597-98 (Elgin Co), Charles A. NORMAN?, 22, teacher, Malahide, Yarmouth, s/o Jos & Eliza, married Myrtle Viola DOANE, 21, Yarmouth, same, d/o J.J. & Catherine, witn Anna & John DOANE both of Yarmouth, 24 November 1898 at Yarmouth 4338-98 (Elgin Co): Peter O’MALLEY, 27, farmer, of Wardsville, s/o Charles O’MALLEY & Mary M. ARCHER, married Maggie LONG, 21, of Aldborough, d/o Arch LONG & Agnes ARCHER, witn: W.G. LONG & Rosie MILLER, both of Aldborough, 27 April 1898 at not given, but registered in Aldborough
#004335-98 (Elgin Co): John H. PARKS, 23, farmer, of Tyrconnell, s/o Samuel PARKS & Caroline BULL, married Katie HANSER (Hauser?), 27, of Aldborough, d/o John HANSER & Elizabeth BAKER, witn: Fred W. SCHMELTZ & Rosa E. HANSER, 26 Jan 1898 at not given, but registered in Aldborough #004446-98 (Elgin Co): John H. PHILLMORE, 49, widower, farmer, Jordan - Lincoln Co., Malahide, s/o William & Fidelia, married Sarah C. REECE, 47, Lincoln Co., Bayham, d/o William & Julia Ann, witnesses were William E. PHILLMORE of Bayham & Frances PENNINGTON of Carlton, March 2, 1898 at Bayham, Malahide twp
#004339-98 (Elgin Co): Wesley PLYLY, 28, farmer, of Aldborough, s/o George PLYLY & Magdaline SAUER (or Lauer), married Katie MILLER, 28, of Aldborough, d/o Stephen MILLER & Eva SCHALLER, witn: Lewis MILLER & Maggie HESSENAUER, 4 May 1898 at not given, but registered in Aldborough 004361-98 (Elgin Co), Frederick POOK, 39, mover, widower, Cayuga, Aylmer, s/o Frances & Catherine POOK, married Ruth WILSON, 34, Norfolk, Aylmer, d/o Hiram & Mary WILSON, witn: Mabel MARSHALL & Pollie ANDREW both of Aylmer, 30 March 1898 at Aylmer
4379-98 Frank PROCURE, 23, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o William & Louise, married May BURDICK, 20, Aylmer, same, d/o Caleb & Eliza, witn: Minnie SCOTT & Lizzie HENDERSON, both of Aylmer, 4 Aug 1898 at Aylmer 004595-98 (Elgin Co), William A. RUSLING (Reisling?), 25, merchant, Bloomsburg, Alymer, s/o John & Eliza, married Emma Beryle LEVERTON, 24, Dunwich, Sparta d/o Robt W. & Sarah, witn George L. LEVERTON & Phebe C. SCOTT both of Yarmouth, 26 April 1898 at Yarmouth
#004443-98 (Elgin Co): Clarence B. SHACKLETON, 23, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o William & Matilda, married Sylvia BEARSS, 26, Malahide, same, d/o Wilson & Mary, witnesses were Burton W. BEARSS & Clara J. SHACKLETON, both of Aylmer, Feb. 2, 1898 at Malahide 004596-98 (Elgin Co), George A. SHANNON, 32, physician, illegible, Sparta, s/o William & Sara, married Mabel COLE, 28, Yarmouth, same, d/o William B. & Almyria, witn John & Anna RUNDELL both of Yarmouth, 13 September 1898 at Yarmouth
004577-98 (Elgin Co), George SIMPSON, 28, farmer, Malahide, Orwell, s/o Edmund & Elizabeth, married Nettie SPAFFORD, 29, S. Dorchester, Orwell, James & Harriet, witn Margaret GRAY of New Sarum & Mrs. T. ROBERTS of Orwell, 19 January1898 at New Sarum 4378-98 Richard Thomas SLOUTT (Stoutt?), 24, machinist, Belleville, Ingersoll, s/o John SLOUTT & Margaret CREGGIE, married Ella BROOKS, 27, Walkers Corners, Dorchester, d/o Francis BROOKS & Ellen McCABE, witn: Thomas WILSON of Ingersoll & Rosa BROOKS of Dorchester, 20 June 1898 at Aylmer
004585-98 (Elgin Co), Richard SMALL, 27, farmer, Southwold, Yarmouth, s/o George A. SMALL & J.M. ROBBINS, married Lillie Maud ROSS, 23, Malahide, Yarmouth, d/o C.F. ROSS & E. McLENNON, witn William SMALL & Laura ROSS, 12 April 1898 at Yarmouth 4750-99 David William Bigelow SPRY, 26, journalist, Toronto, Chatham, s/o Daniel & Mary E., married Ethelyn Alma RICH, 24, St. Thomas, same, d/o Charles RICH & Kate GRAHAM, witn: Frank M.L. SPRY of London & Lucian NICOLL of Southwold, 21 Sept 1898 at St. Thomas
4627-99 Clark S. STANLEY, 25, farmer, of Huron twp., s/o Richard STANLEY & Deborah COLLINS, married Daisy E. C. MOSS, 20, South Dorchester, same, d/o W.H. MOSS, minister, & Delilah H. BROWN, witn: John H. STANLEY of Huron & Delilah L.L. MOSS of S. Dorchester, 28 Dec 1898 at South Dorchester 4754-99 John Franklin STONE, 30, farmer, Highgate, same, s/o Alfred J. & Margaret, married Alma Kate WHITING, 27, Caradoc, St. Thomas, d/o R.E. & Elizabeth, witn: Nelson HONE of Highgate & Emma Jane WHITING of Strathroy, 7 Dec 1898 at St. Thomas
004364-98 (Elgin Co), Robinson SCRIVEN (Service?), 29, grocer, England, St. Thomas, s/o Thomas SCRIVEN & Mary Ann ROBINSON, married Sarah Francis BARNECOTT, 21, illegible, Aylmer, d/o Thomas BARNECOTT & Annie M. RICH, witn: James E. SWIM of St. Thomas & Jane Wilson of Tilsonburg, 11 April 1898 at Aylmer 004372-98 (Elgin Co), Dawes Edward SCRIVEN (Service?), 27, merchant, Holgate England, St Thomas, s/o Thomas SCRIVEN & Mary Ann ROBINSON, married Mabel Ann MARSHALL, 24, Yarmouth, Aylmer, d/o John Marshall & Emma LEWIS, witn: David MARSHALL & Ruth POOLE both of Aylmer, 2 May 1898 at Aylmer
4432-98 Walter Drummond STEWART, 28, farmer, Toronto, Bayham, s/o Robert STEWART & Margaret PERROT, married Claribel Ann HOWELL, 23, Bayham, same, d/o Elisha HOWELL & Mary ELLSWORTH, witn: Edward MOORE of Frome & Alvin HOWELL of Bayham, 29 Dec 1898 at Dunwich 4427-98 William STIRTON, 39, farmer, Bruce Co., Brownsville, s/o John & Hester, married Mary MITCHELL, 31, Dereham, South Dorchester, d/o James & Marion, witn: George STIRTON of Springfield & Agnes MITCHELL of Lyons, 12 Jan 1898 at South Dorchester
4434-98 William Henry SUTTON, 24, farmer, of Dutton, s/o Anthony C. & Diana, married Martha Robena PARKER, 20, of Dutton, d/o William H. & Charlotte, witn: Mrs. S. BALKWELL & Gilbert LUTZE, both of Dutton, 9 Feb. 1898 at Dutton 4423-98 Duncan TAYLOR, 29, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o Gilbert TAYLOR & Jane HEYMAN, married Cora Eva CHARLTON, 20, South Dorchester, same, d/o Miles CHARLTON, farmer, & Sophrona BROOKS, witn: Archibald & Flora TAYLOR of Mapleton, 18 may 1898 at South Dorchester
#004451-98 (Elgin Co): Eber B. TEDFORD, 26, agent, Malahide, Toronto, s/o Joseph H. & Maria, married Rosa M. BEARSS, 21, Malahide, same, d/o George W. & Rosannah, witnesses were George E. BEARSS & Edna TEDFORD, both of Malahide, May 16, 1898 at Malahide 4764-00 (Elgin Co): James TELFORD, 29, brick & tile maker, London Ont., Vienna, s/o William & Catherine, married Alma BAXTER, 25, Malahide, same, d/o John & Mary Urletta, witn: Andrew & Eva Maude BAXTER of Aylmer, 11 May 1898 at Malahide
  4662-99 Andrew TURRILL, 45, farmer, Ontario, Bayham, s/o Miles TURRILL & Catherine, married Fannie WILLIAM, 23, Ontario, Dereham - Norfolk, d/o Christopher WILLIAMS (sic) & Catherine, witn: H.H. McDIARMID & Jennie BRADLEY, both of Aylmer, 3 Oct 1898 at Malahide
4386-98 Andrew TYRRELL, 45, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o Miles TYRRELL & Catherine OSHLAUGH, married Fannie WILLIAMS, 23, Kent Co., Bayham, d/o Christopher WILLIAMS & Catherine MILLS (Mitts?), witn: Jennie BRADLEY & Hugh McDIARMID, both of Aylmer, 3 Oct. 1898 at Aylmer 4380-98 George WAGLERIDE?, 21, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o John & Agnes WADERUDE?, married May THIBODEAU, 18, Michigan, Malahide, d/o Albert & Elfrida, witn: W. E. MARTIN of Shelburne & Lizzie HENDERSON of Aylmer, 27 July 1898 at Aylmer
4377-98 Orren WARD, 26, cheese maker, Mosley, Springfield, s/o Rufus WARD & Sarah VANCUET? (Vincent?), married May Beatrice DANCEY, 24, Malahide, Aylmer, d/o Benjamin DANCEY & Julia LIGHTFOOT, witn: Simon & Mrs. Simon MILLER of Aylmer, 30 July 1898 at Aylmer 4374-98 George WARD, 28, mason, Tilsonburg, same, s/o Charles & Ann, married Mary ANDREWS, 19, Seaforth, Tilsonburg, d/o George & Nellie, witn: Minnie M. SCOTT & Elizabeth HENDERSON, both of Aylmer, 10? July 1898 at Aylmer
004368-98 (Elgin Co), Ira WEEKS, 28, farmer, Norwich, Dereham, s/o Isaac & Mary WEEKS, married Roxy A. ANDRESS, 21, Walsingham, Tilsonburg, d/o George & Charity ANDRESS, witn: Edward J. MOORE of Walsingham & Millie ANDRESS of Houghton, 20 April 1898 at Aylmer 004588-98 (Elgin Co), Robert Emerson WHALLEY, 26, farmer, of Yarmouth, s/o John blank & Emily LONG, married Cora Gertrude GREEN, 25, of Yarmouth, d/o Eli O. blank & Mary illegible, witn E. D. LONG & Mabel McINTYRE both of blank, 28 September 1898 at Yarmouth
#004782-00 (Elgin Co): John WILCOX, 27, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o Henry & Neoma, married Bertha BECKETT, 21, Yarmouth, Malahide, d/o Edward & Clara, witn: Edward & Clara BECKETT of Malahide, 1 July 1898 at Malahide #004508-98 (Elgin) Henry Lincoln WILLIAMS, 37, Leamington, St. Thomas, b, Engineer MCR, s/o Peter & Mary WILLIAMS, married Isabella Jane McKENZIE, 18, St. Thomas, same, s, d/o John McKENZIE (mothers name not listed), witn: Mrs. George FENWICK, James FLEMING (?), both St. Thomas, 19 March 1898, St. Thomas
4428-98 John WILLIAMSON, 28, farmer, Ontario, South Dorchester, s/o William WILLIAMSON & Eliza KINGSWORTH, married Annie SHIVELY, 25, South Dorchester, same, d/o Edward SHIVELY, farmer, & Julia Ann ALWOOD, wit: Augustus POUND of Malahide & Rosa WILLIAMSON of Dereham, 26 Nov 1898 at South Dorchester  
#004510-98 (Elgin) Charles A. WINFIELD, 48, Virginia USA, St Thomas, widower, barber, s/o John A. & Sarah WINFIELD, married Sylvia Della ROCKHOLE, 26, Ohio USA, London Ont, s, d/o Henry & Mary Jane ROCKHOLE, witn: R.T. WILLIAMS, M.A. WILLIAMS, both St. Thomas, 9 June 1898, St. Thomas 004367-98 (Elgin Co), Merton WONNACOTT, 25, farmer, Pt Bruce, same, s/o William & Edith WONNACOTT, married Louise REED, 20, Uxbridge, Mt Salem, d/o John & Sarah REED, witn: Walter ASHLON of Pt Bruce & Nettie CLEVERS of Copenhagen, 1 February 1898 at Aylmer
#004341-98 (Elgin Co): Frank Pierce YAGER, 25, laborer, of Bothwell, s/o Abraham & Mary Ann, married Clara Lugusta LYNDEN, 20, of Beddow Mich., d/o Charles LYNDEN & Hannah HUFFMAN, witn: Bertha & Joseph RANDALL, 16 May 1898 at not given, but registered in Aldborough 004587-98 (Elgin Co), Hugh W. ZAVITZ, 44, farmer, widower, of Lobo, s/o Isaac ZAVITZ & Sarah E. VAIL, married Sarah V. SHOTWELL, 39, widow, of Garston Neb, d/o John BOND & Jane ACTINSON (Atkinson?), witn Richard MUMA & Maria HAIGHT both of Yarmouth, 13 August 1898 at Yarmouth