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Elgin Co., 1899


#004585-99 (Elgin Co): George W. ADAMS, 26, farmer, Eckford twp., same, s/o John & Sarah, married Margaret D. McMILLAN, 21, Eckford, Malahide, d/o Lorne & Jane, witnesses were Alfred ADAMS of Eckford & Mary (no surname given) of Aylmer, May 15, 1899 at Aylmer  
4683-99 Richard ALLISON, 30, laborer, Dunwich twp., same, s/o John ALLISON & Matilda HARVEY, married Maud WALKER, 19, domestic, Southwold twp., same, d/o Neil WALKER & Ann CLEMENT, witn: Mrs. J. H. COURTNEY & Mrs. Alex TAYLOR, both of Port Stanley, 5 July 1899 at Port Stanley #004623-99 (Elgin Co): William Byron ALTON, 37, farmer, Houghton, same, s/o John ALTON & Margaret WALKER, married Marion R. GUNN, 27, Halton Co., Houghton, d/o George GUNN & Margaret OAG, witnesses was James LEACH of Bayham, Dec. 27, 1899 at Bayham
#004595-99 (Elgin Co): Edward A. ANGER, 35, dentist, USA, Brooklyn, s/o G.H. ANGER & Frances A. POWERS, married Nellie A. SMITH, 26, Aylmer, same, d/o George M. SMITH & Charlotte L. POWERS, witnesses were George HAYWARD & Jennie TITUS, both of Aylmer, Oct. 18, 1899 at Aylmer 4852-99 Franklin APPLEFORD, no age given, farmer, Lyons, South Dorchester, s/o Wesley & not given, married Maud ATKINS, no age given, Malahide, same, d/o William & not given, witn: Mrs. SPENCER & Miss W. ELLIOTT, both of New Sarum, 12 Jan. 1899 at New Sarum
#004563-99 (Elgin Co): John ARMSTRONG, 31, farmer, Carthage, Keppel twp., s/o John & Catherine, married Christina JOHNSON, 28, Aldborough twp., Crinan, d/o Duncan & Harriet, witnesses were Robert ARMSTRONG of Marton? & Annie M. JOHNSON of Crinan, Jan. 11, 1899 at Crinan, Aldborough twp 4666-99 Frank BALCOMB, 28, farmer, Vienna, South Dorchester, s/o Cyrus BALCOMB & Sarah, married Amanda WILSON, 18, Bayham, Malahide, d/o Ransom WILSON & Elizabeth, witn: Henry POWELL & Augusta WILSON, both of Aylmer, 1 March 1899 at Malahide
4738-99 George Albert BARNES, 25, farmer, England, St. Thomas, s/o William & Emma, married Eva Winifred SAYWELL, 21, St. Thomas, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Anna DODD & Robert McBRAYNE, both of St. Thomas, 22 March 1899 at St. Thomas 4675-99 Charles BEE, 30, farmer, Lincolnshire England, South Dorchester, s/o Robert & Jane, married Emma FISHER, 18, Malahide, same, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William HEWBANK of Aylmer, 13 Dec 1899 at Bayham
#004592-89 (Elgin Co): James BEECROFT, 29, railway foreman, not given, Detroit Mich., s/o James BEECROFT & Mary SOVERENE, married May MILLARD, 19, Aylmer, same, d/o Jerry MILLARD & Charlotte SMITH, witnesses were R.K. BEECROFT & Laura BOELLINGER, both of Aylmer, Sept 13, 1899 at Aylmer 4757-99 John L. BINGER (Benger?), 21, railway employee, Walsingham, St. Thomas, s/o Charles BINGER & Eleanor SHERMAN, married Lilly BENTLEY, 23, St. Thomas, same, d/o James BENTLEY & Jane GREEN, witn: Peter SHERMAN of St. Thomas & Rose BENTLEY of Detroit, 15 Feb 1899 at St. Thomas
004638-1899 (Elgin Co.) John BOBIER, 35, farmer, Ireland, Dunwich, s/o Joshua & Elizabeth, married Grace L. RIPLEY, 27, Nova Scotia, Dunwich, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Amor RIPLEY & Joshua BOBIER, both of Dunwich, 5 Jan 1899 at Dunwich. #004603-99 (Elgin Co): Charles H. BRAYLEY, 30, cheese maker, Middleton, Marston, s/o John & Mary, married Grace E. McCURDY, 23, Bayham, illegible, d/o Frank & Hannah, witnesses were Fred BRAYLEY of Marston & Hattie McCURDY of Bayham, Feb. 15, 1899 at Bayham
4756-99 William Henry BROWN, 22, engineer, Stockport England, St. Thomas, s/o James BROWN & Jane LLOYD, married Lena WHEATLEY, 24, widow, domestic, Houghton Centre, St. Thomas, d/o George PETTITT & Catherine JEWEL, witn: W. W. DALE & Jessie PETTITT, both of St. Thomas, 1 Feb 1899 at St. Thomas 4678-99 Alexander C. BROWN, 35, widower, master mariner, Malahide, Port Stanley, d/o William H. BROWN & Liny HUNTER, married Mary J. EAD, 29, Port Stanley, same, d/o Charles EAD & Lydia McCORKELL, witn: Charles R. EAD of St. Thomas & Lydia EAD of Port Stanley, 16 Jan 1899 at Port Stanley
4692-99 Eli Edgar BURROWS, 22, farmer, Westminster twp., same, s/o James BURROWS & Sarah Eliza FOSTER, married Millicent LAW, 24, Orillia, Southwold twp., d/o Alexander LAW, farmer, & Elizabeth ENGLISH, witn: L. D. HESSEL of London & Mared? LAW of Southwold twp., 18 Jan 1899 at Southwold twp #004610-99 (Elgin Co): Judson CALDWELL, 21, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o John CALDWELL & Margaret JUDSON, married Maggie BOWES, 23, Bayham, same, d/o James BOWES & Candace KENNEDY, witnesses were Oswald CALDWELL of Charlotteville & Josephine BOWES of Bayham, April 11, 1899 at Bayham
4673-99 Thomas W. CAMERON, 23, farmer, Malahide, North Dorchester, s/o Ewen CAMERON & Maria WILLIAMS, married Clara B. HANKINSON, 24, of Malahide, d/o John HANKINSON & Elizabeth KITCHEN, witn: Leonard HANKINSON of Malahide & Minnie MAW of Aylmer, 15 Nov 1899 at Malahide 4699-99 Archibald CAMPBELL, 35, farmer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o James CAMPBELL & Veda BUCHANAN, married Mary Eva SINCLAIR, 25, teacher, Southwold twp., same, d/o Archibald SINCLAIR & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: J. W. McKAY of Yarmouth twp & Margaret CAMPBELL of St. Thomas, 15 Feb 1899 at Southwold
4629-99 Daniel CAMPBELL, 32, farmer, North Dorchester, same, s/o Dan CAMPBELL & Ann TAYLOR, married Ceara BROOKS, 19, South Dorchester, same, d/o Charles BROOKS, farmer, & Charlotte CHARLTON, witn: Camby BROOKS of S. Dorchester & Lancy CLOUSE of Middleton, 29 March 1899 at South Dorchester #004572-99 (Elgin Co): Colin D. CAMPBELL, 26,farmer, Aldborough twp., same, s/o Duncan CAMPBELL & Mary SCOTT, married Lena FRANK, 24, Alborough twp., same, d/o Chris FRANK & Susan GROSS, witnesses were Daniel CAMPBELL & Daniel McLEAN, both of Aldborough twp., 1 Nov., 1899 at Aldborough twp
#004705-99 (Elgin Co): Samuel D. CAMPBELL, 32, telegraph operator, Dunwich twp., same, s/o Malcolm CAMPBELL & Jannett McCOLL, married Henrietta McALPIN, 23, Southwold twp., same, d/o Duncan McALPIN, farmer, & Catherine GRAHAM, witn: John A. McTAGART of Ekfrid twp & Kate McALPIN of Southwold twp., 16 Sept 1899 at Southwold twp 4700-99 George CAMPBELL, 29, farmer, Southwold twp., same, s/o John CAMPBELL & Lydia ROBBINS, married Etta M. CURTIS, 23, teacher, Southwold, same, d/o John CURTIS & Mary DAVIS, witn: Colin WALKER & Clara HUMPHRIES, both of Southwold twp., 7 June 1899 at Southwold twp
#004594-99 (Elgin Co): Asa Thomas CHURCHILL, 23, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Freeman A. CHURCHILL & Annie E. HOBSON, married Laura Ann WHITE, 24, Malahide, same, d/o Benjamin F. WHITE & Annie E. POWERS, witnesses were Elmore WHITE of Malahide & Lavina HOUGHTON, Oct. 11, 1899 at Aylmer 4743-99 Clarence CHUTE, 24, farmer, Canada, St. Thomas, s/o Albert & Matilda, married Irene McCONNELL, 33, Ontario, St. Thomas, d/o John & Lavina, witn: A. E. & F. M. GRIFFITH of St. Thomas, 30 March 1899 at St. Thomas
4747-99 Granville COLLEY, 27, livery, widower, Yarmouth, Dutton, s/o William COLLEY & Susan HAIGHT, married Nancy SUTTON, no age given, of Southwold, d/o Fred SUTTON & Mary Jane ANNETT?, witn: Emma L. IRVINE & May COPPIN, both of St. Thomas, 17 May 1899 at St. Thomas  
#004583-99 (Elgin Co): Patrick CONNELL, 20, motorman, St. Thomas, same, s/o Thomas CONNELL & Adeline TAYLOR, married Mary DAVIS, 18, St. Thomas, same, d/o Rachel ROB-- & not given, witnesses were Minnie WRONG & Polly ANDREWS, both of Aylmer, March 18, 1899 at Aylmer 4743-00 (Elgin Co): Hyrum CORLESS, 27, farmer, South Dorchester, same, s/o Daniel CORLESS & Mary GASKEN, married Lovina MANNING, 24, North Dorchester, same, d/o Loop MANNING, farmer, & Mary SCOTT, witn: James E. & Peter NEWELL of S. Dorchester, 29 Dec 1899 at South Dorchester
#004622-99 (Elgin Co): Arthur CORNWELL, 23, farmer, Middleton, Middleton twp, s/o David CORNWELL & Rose Adeline LINKS, married Annie JOHNSTON, 20, Middleton, same, d/o Stephen JOHNSTON & Ellen SINCLAIR, witnesses were witnesses were Othniel PHILLIPS & Mrs. W. F. CUTHBERT, both of Bayham, Nov. 13, 1899 at Bayham 4684-99 Louis L. COUZENS, 22, book keeper, Vienna Ont., Cleveland Ohio, s/o Charles C. COUZENS & Martha LIVINGSTON, married Edith SNELL, 19, Chatham Ont., same, d/o John SNELL & Annie HORN, witn: Mrs. A. H. GOING of Port Stanley & Beatrice McKENNEY of Springfield, 2 Sept 1899 at Port Stanley
#004625-99 (Elgin Co): Irwin CUNNINGHAM, 56, widower, carpentr, Saltfleet, Houghton, s/o George CUNNINGHAM & Magdalena SPRINGSTEAD, married Margaret Emma SLAGHT, 36, widower, Middleton, Bayham, d/o Rial FULLER & Matilda TISDALE, witnesses were Thomas & Kate MABEE of Bayham, Dec. 6, 1899 at Bayham #004581-99 (Elgin Co): James CURTIS, 42, laborer, Pt. Rowen, Tilsonburg, s/o Thomas & Am--, married Arnetta? VANBUSKIRK?, 41, housemaid, Norwich, Tilsonburg, d/o Asa & Sarah Ann, witnesses were Norman POST of Tilsonburg & John illegible of New Sarnia, March 29, 1899 at Aylmer
4680-99 Henry DADSON (Dodson?), 23, farmer, Southwold twp., Yarmouth twp., s/o William DADSON & Charlotte GOODHUE, married Aggie May LETHBRIDGE, 20, Ekfrid twp., Southwold twp., d/o Thomas LETHBRIDGE & Ellen MOORE, witn: William G. & Mary PAYNE of Port Stanley, 12 April 1899 at Port Stanley 4657-99 Arthur DAIRR (Dain? Doerr?)), 22, driller, St. Thomas, Tyrconnell, s/o Henry & Alma, married Edith CHAPMAN, 21, Fergus, Tyrconnell, d/o M. R. & Therza, witn: Mr. SEEMAN & Mrs? KERR, both of Dutton, 14 June 1899 at Dutton
#004582-99 (Elgin Co): Isaac David DAVIDSON, 31, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o John & Maria, married Sarah Eliza HAWLEY, 21, housemaid, Malahide, same, d/o John & Phoebe, witnesses were James & Phebe WHITE of Sparta, April 4, 1899 at Aylmer 4631-99 Charles F. DEAN, 30, baker, London, same, s/o William DEAN & Johanna CRANE, married Celesta PETTIT, 28, South Dorchester, same, d/o George PETTIT, farmer, & Christena SMITH, witn: M.L. PETTIT of S. Dorchester & R. DEACON of Brooke twp., 4 Oct 1899 at South Dorchester
4744-99 Stanley DE CARTERET, 22, clerk, Isle of Jersey, St. Thomas, s/o George & Eliza, married Edith EAMES, 18, Illinois, St. Thomas, d/o Charles & Louisa, witn: R. W. & Ina EAMES of St. Thomas, 16 March 1899 at St. Thomas 04846-99 (Elgin Co) Edward DeFOE, 25, watchmaker, Zephyr Ont., St. Thomas, s/o Manuel DeFOE & Anne WALKER, married Amelia L. FINCH, 25, Tp. Glanford, St. Thomas, d/o Dana FINCH & Deborah CLARK, witn: Edmund TRELAWEN & May McINTYRE both of St. Thomas, 8 Nov 1899 at St. Thomas
004575-99 (Elgin Co): Andew DEGRAU, 24, farmer, Aldborough twp., same, s/o Chris DEGRAU & Annie KELLY, married Lizzie LAIRD, 22, Nichol twp., same, d/o James LAIRD & Eliza FLETCHER, witnesses were Helen BARNETT & Robena LACHORE, both of Aldborough twp., 27 Dec 1899 at Aldborough twp 4865-99 George DICKENSON, 34, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o John & Barbara nee WISMER, married Esther Ella DERROUGH, 26, Orwell, same, d/o John & Lucinda nee HODGKINSON, witn: William GODWIN of St. Thomas & M.L. GRAHAM of Sparta, 16 Oct. 1899 at Sparta
4628-99 Robert T. DICKIE, 29, tinsmith, Chatham, London, s/o Andrew DICKIE & Mary Ann SCANDRETT?, married Melita WATSON, 34, Ontario, South Dorchester, d/o Robert WATSON, farmer, & Caroline LEE, witn: H. A. DICKIE of St. Thomas & Emmeline WATSON of Belmont, 22 March 1899 at South Dorchester #004710-99 (Elgin Co): Clarence W. DOUGHERTY, 20, farmer, Southwold twp., same, s/o Henry DOUGHERTY & Elexa HARLON, married Carrie HEIDT, 25, Southwold twp., same, d/o Charles F. HEIDT, farmer, & Alantha OSBORNE, witn: Margaret F. HEIDT & Percival SILCOX, both of Southwold twp., 18 Oct 1899 at Southwold twp
#004607-99 (Elgin Co): Robert Reton DRAPER, 29, yeoman, Bayham, same, s/o Robert Peel DRAPER & Isabella MILNE, married Ella S. WALLINGTON, 31, Bayham, same, d/o Ervin WALLINGTON & Rachel CLAUS, witnesses were George PRATT & Louisa WALLINGTON, both of Bayham, March 15, 1899 at Bayham #004566-99 (Elgin Co): Charles W. DUBBS, 23, laborer, Aldborough, same, s/o Louis DUBBS & Jane CLARK, married Lillie BENNETT, 19, Aldborough, same, d/o George BENNETT & Nancy GRAHAM, witnesses were Alex CLARK & Mrs. J.H. BARRETT, both of Aldborough, April 27, 1899 at Aldborough
4695-99 Herbert DUNN, 24, teamster, Ontario, Port Stanley, s/o Samuel DUNN & Mary STANTON, married Ella May BROWN, 19, domestic, Ontario, Detroit, d/o George BROWN & Lula JAGGERS, witn: Edna JACKSON of Southwold twp & Lula JAGGERS of Port Stanley #004617-99 (Elgin Co): Samuel A. EATON, 25, farmer, Harrietsville, same, s/o James & Mary Ann, married Olive HERRIES, 24, Bayham, same, d/o Robert HERRIES & Margaret IRWIN, witnesses were Albert EATON of Harrietsville & Pearl HERRIES of Bayham, Sept 13, 1899 at Bayham
#004567-99 (Elgin Co): Oliver EDWARDS, 41, widower, laborer, not given, Mosa twp., s/o Benjamin EDWARDS & Helen CRANDLE, married Jane BEATON, 42, widow, not given, Mosa twp., d/o Finlay McCARTER & Catherine BROWN, witnesses were Caroline SNELL & Isabel PURCELL, both of Rodney, May 23, 1899 at Mosa twp 4849-99 John Abram EICHENBERG, 41, widower, machine merchant, Bayham twp., Vienna, s/o John & Maria, married Allma MARR, 31, Bayham twp., Vienna, d/o James & Sarah, witn: E. H. SUFFEL & Mable EICHENBERG, both of Vienna, 25 May 1899 at Vienna
004598-98 (Elgin Co), George EVANS, 56, farmer, widower, Glouchestershire Eng, Yarmouth, Thomas blank & Mary WALLACE, married Ruth Rebecca BIGHAM, 38. Oxford Ont, Yarmouth, d/o Jonathon blank & Rebecca MATTICE, witn E.J. MILLYARD of Toronto& Mrs. A.H. GEORGE of Port Stanley, 4 January 1899 of Yarmouth #004618-99 (Elgin Co): John Henry EVELAND, 60, widower, well digger, Yarmouth, Port Burwell, s/o Abram EVELAND & Susannah WALKER, married Martha ARMSTRONG, 49, widow, St. Thomas, same, d/o William BRANDON & Mary KRYLE, witnesses were Andrew BRANDON & Eliza CRANDON, both of Port Burwell, Aug. 16, 1899 at Port Burwell.
004652-1899 (Elgin Co.) William Henry FARR, 35, farmer, Dunwich Twp., same, s/o William & Agnes, married Alice RIPLEY, 35, Nova Scotia, Dunwich Twp., d/o Henry & Mary, witn: John BOBIER & H. E. RIPLEY, both of Dunwich, 29 Dec 1899 at Wallacetown 4652-99 John Henry FARR, 35, farmer, Dunwich, same, s/o John & Agnes, married Alice RIPLEY, 35, Nova Scotia, Dunwich, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: John BOBIER & H. E. RIPLEY, both of Dunwich, 20 Dec 1899 at Dunwich twp
#004562-99 (Elgin Co): Robert Edward FAWCETT, 33, widower, carpenter, London England, Westminster twp., s/o John FAWCETT & Mary BURTONSHAW, married Hannah BINKS, 22, Thirsk England, Aldborough twp., d/o James BINKS & Ellen RAWLIN, witnesses were William MARSH of Lawrence Station & Mary BINKS of Aldborough, Feb. 8, 1899 at Aldborough 4857-99 David W. FERGUSON, 27, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o James & Catherine nee CAMPBELL, married Margaret COUSIN, 22, Westminster, same, d/o William & Mary nee RUSSELL, witn: M. A. CAMPBELL & Mary J. BRODIE, both of Belmont, 11 April 1899 at Belmont
  4850-99 Lamon FICK, 20, farmer, Houghton twp., same, s/o Jeremiah FICK & Abagail ROBBINS, married Jane RAYMOND, 20, Houghton twp., same, d/o Charles RAYMOND & Mary Ann WEST, witn: Albert ESSELTINE & Dexie FICK, both of Houghton, 19 June 1899 at Vienna [divorce granted 14 April 1932 at St. Thomas ]
4718-99 Charles M. FIRBEY, 24, cheese maker, Malahide twp., same, s/o Francis FIRBEY & Rebecca KILMER, married Mary DONALDSON, 23, Malahide, Bayham twp., d/o Robert DONALDSON & Minerva TURNBULL, witn: Angus MORRISON of Thamesford & Nada? DONALDSON of Bayham twp., 27 Feb 1899 at Springfield 4635-99 Ora FITZPATRICK, 22, farmer, North Dorchester, same, s/o Hugh FITZPATRICK & Lilie BERRY, married Bertha O. DEMARAY, 19, South Dorchester, same, d/o William DEMARAY & Mary WOOLLEY, witn: George DEMARAY & D. FITZPATRICK, both of S. Dorchester, 1 Nov 1899 at South Dorchester
4656-99 John Arthur FORD, 26, farmer, of Dunwich, s/o William FORD & Ruth E. MILLS, married Kate McKILLOP, 21, of Dutton, d/o Donald McKILLOP & Catherine McARTHUR, witn: Mrs. STENSON? & James McARTHUR, both of Dutton, 8 March 1899 at Dutton  
4658-99 David Stanley FORSYTH, 22, farmer, Thedford, not given, s/o George FORSYTH & Jane CLINK, married Mary WHITERELL, 21, Highgate, not given, d/o Hiram WHITERELL & Liza SMITH, witn: Frances RUTHVEN & Grace McMURCHIE, both of Dutton, 17 Aug 1899 at Dutton #004568-99 (Elgin Co): James Allan FULLER, 21, processor, Norfolk Co., West Lorne, s/o Jared FULLER & Permilia RAYMOND, married Bella McKILLOP, 29, West Lorne, same, d/o Arch McKILLOP & Mary McKELLAR, witnesses were Daniel CLARK & Annie McDONALD, both of West Lorne, June 15, 1899 at Aldborough twp
004650-1899 (Elgin Co.) Colin Henry GALBRAITH, 25, farmers help, Dunwich Twp., same, s/o Daniel & Sarah, married Rebecca Elizabeth KINZIE, Waterloo, Dunwich Twp., d/o Dilman & Elizabeth, witn: Hector GALBRAITH of Ridgetown & Minnie SMITH of not given, 13 Dec 1899 at Dunwich Twp. 4740-99 William GARDNER, 21, grocer, Ontario, St. Thomas, s/o Thomas & Martha, married Elizabeth R. GRANT, 21, Valetta Ont., St. Thomas, d/o James V. & Ella, witn: A. E. & Mrs. A. E. GRIFFITH of St. Thomas, 29 March 1899 at St. Thomas
4739-99 George W. GERROD, 21, tinsmith, St. Thomas, same, s/o Robert GARROD & Harriet AUSTIN, married Harriet HAMILTON, 19, St. Thomas, same, d/o Fred HAMILTON & Julia BARKER, witn: Mrs. Ben ROBERTS & Hattie MUNCE, both of St. Thomas, 1 March 1899 at St. Thomas #004558-99 (Elgin Co): Charles May GIBSON, 25, laborer, not given, Dunwich, s/o Robert GIBSON & Mary MORISH, married Adelia WHITE, 22, not given, Aldborough, d/o John WHITE & Catherine GORMAN, witnesses were Isabel GRAHAM & Jessie McCOLL, both of Aldborough, Jan. 5, 1899 at Rodney
  4736-99 Roy GILBERT, 23, farmer, Yarmouth, St. Thomas, s/o William GILBERT & Maggie COCKRELL, married Rowena SMALL, 37, widow, domestic, Union, St. Thomas, d/o William FERNS (Ferris?) & Eliza McLELLAN, witn: Bella HAY of Delaware & Harriet McINTYRE of St. Thomas, 15 March 1899 at St. Thomas
004648-1899 (Elgin Co.) George Walter GILBERT, 24, farmer, Dunwich Twp., same, s/o John W. GILBERT & Annie McLEAN, married Hattie May GIBSON, 24, not given, Dunwich Twp., d/o Robert GIBSON & Mary MORRIS, witn: David SCHLAILAUF of Aldborough & Mary BACKUS of Dunwich, 6 Dec 1899 at Dunwich Twp #004576-99 (Elgin Co): John H. GOSWELL, 30, farmer, Orford twp., same, s/o Lawrence P. GOSWELL & Sarah LEE, married Mary Matilda LEITCH, 21, Orford twp., same, d/o D.A. LEITCH & Mary WHALEN, witnesses were D. LEITCH of London & M.A. LEITCH of Delaware, 27 Dec., 1899 at Alborough twp
4681-99 Oliver George GOULD, 21, painter, London, same, s/o John J. GOULD & Eliza McLARY, married Annie A. CARROLL, 20, Hensall Ont., London, d/o William CARROLL & Mary MINES, witn: Mrs. A. H. GOING & Mary E. HOUGH, both of Port Stanley, 27 May 1899 at Port Stanley #004714-99 (Elgin Co): George Elias GRIGG, 28, farmer, Ontario, Caradoc twp., s/o William GRIGG & Mary PHILLIPS, married Ella TIMEWELL, 28, Southwold twp., same, d/o Henry TIMEWELL, farmer, & May HOWARTH, witn: Charles BATEMAN & May TIMEWELL, both of Southwold twp., 20 Dec 1899 at Southwold twp
#004571-99 (Elgin Co): John Albert GRISWOLD, 24, laborer, Dunwich twp., Aldborough twp., s/o Willard GRISWOLD & Ann SLOAN, married Lydia Lavina STONEMAN, 22, Dunwich twp., Aldborough twp., d/o John STONEMAN & Lavina BRADDOW, witnesses were John & Mrs. J.A. GRISWOLD of West Lorne, 15 Nov 1899 at Rodney 004653-1899 (Elgin Co.) Samuel HAYCOCK, 29, farmer, England, St. Thomas, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married Annie SCHRAM, 32, Canada, St. Thomas, d/o John & Annie, witn: John C. BAIN of Wallacetown & Mrs. CARIE? of Dutton, 31 Oct 1899 at Wallacetown.
4674-99 George Henry HAYNES, 29, brakeman, Yarmouth, St. Thomas, s/o Abram HAYNES & Mary Ann BRANIGAN, married May Rose HAMBLETON, 27, Malahide, same, d/o Ira J. HAMBLETON & Ann MITCHELL, witn: Sherman & Ann HAMBLETON of Malahide, 13 Dec 1899 at Malahide 4672-99 William HEWBANK, 32, farmer, Yorkshire England, Malahide, s/o George & Fanny, married Annie FISHER, 20, Malahide, same, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Mary PEARSON of Corinth & Ann PEARSON of Bayham, 21 Oct. 1899 at Bayham
#004608-99 (Elgin Co): Charles Henry HEWER, 23, farmer, Dereham, same, s/o John HEWER & Emily CONATE?, married Mary ROCURE, 18, Bayham, same, d/o Nelson ROCURE & Emily NEWTON, witness was Dennis GRANT of Bayham, March 31,1899 at Bayham 4667-99 Harry HIGGINS, 38, widower, iron moulder, Mount Elgin Ont., Tilsonburg, s/o Joseph HIGGINS & Melissa, married Jennie LAKE, 23, Langton Ont., Tilsonburg, d/o John LAKE & Mary, witn: Dr. G. F. & A.A. CLARK of Aylmer, 9 April 1899 at Aylmer
4859-99 George E. HILL, 30, butcher, Middlesex Co., St. Thomas, s/o John E. HILL & Mary BROWN, married Kate FERGUSON, 28, Yarmouth, same, d/o Edward & Christena nee WALKER, witn: Edward & Mrs. Daniel FERGUSON of Yarmouth, 21 June 1899 at Yarmouth #004590-99 (Elgin Co): Oliver M. HILL, 22, farmer, not given, Norfolk Co., s/o William C. HILL & Clarissa BROWN, married Sarah Jane BLASHELL, 18, not given, Norfolk Co., d/o Thomas BLASHELL & Emma FERRIS, witnesses were Thomas & May GODBY of Aylmer, Sept 6, 1899 at Aylmer
  #004773-00 (Elgin Co): Cornelius Edgar HILLIKER, 38, general mason, Mt. Salem, same, s/o George HILLIKER & Caroline WOOLEY, married Emily Marrilla JOLLIFFE, 38, South Dorchester, Avon, d/o James JOLLIFFE & Mary Ann BLAKE, witn: John H. & Elle--ba TALLMAN of Malahide, 3 May 1899 at Malahide
4679-99 William H. HINDLEY, 31, farmer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o Henry HINDLEY & Mary C. FISHER, married Elizabeth M. STACEY, 20, Port Stanley, Southwold twp., d/o William STACEY & Hester GOODHUE, witn: Joseph BALDWIN of Southwold twp & Therese HINDLEY of Yarmouth twp., 10 May 1899 at Port Stanley 004641-1899 (Elgin Co.) Joseph Kidd HOLLAND, 31, farmer, Aldborough, same, s/o Joseph HOLLAND & Elizabeth FRASER, married Margaret Catherine PAGE, 18, Dunwich, same, d/o Fred H. PAGE & Mary Ann JEFFS, witn: Colin BLUE & Elizabeth McMILLAN, 8 Feb 1899 at Dunwich.
#004613-99 (Elgin Co): Robert HOLLINGSWORTH, 78, widower, yeoman, Ireland, Bayham, s/o H. HOLLINGSWORTH & Jane MATHEWS, married Isabella BUCK, 52, widow, Windham, Bayham, d/o Martin MILLARD & Mary SUTHERLAND, witnesses were James MILLARD & Mary ROBSON, both of Bayhaml, June 17, 1899 at Vienna 4660-99 George L. HOUSE, no age given, farmer, Ontario, Aldborough, s/o Barnum & Rhoda, married Rosina LAHEY, no age given, England, Aldborough, d/o William & blank, witn: Edward LEVERINGTON & Phoebe HOUSE, both of Aldborough, 20 Sept 1899 at Dutton
4697-99 George HOWARD, 60, butcher, widower, England, Southwold twp., s/o George HOWARD & Hannah GRIFFIN, married Susan McLEAY, 44, widow, house keeper, London Ont., Southwold, d/o James McINTYRE & Margaret JACKSON, witn: Mrs. George & Mary SKINNER of Southwold twp., 25 April 1899 at Southwold #004606-99 (Elgin Co): James W. HOWEY, 41, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o William HOWEY & Abigail VINCENT, married Margaret BALDWIN, 30, Bayham, same, d/o Samuel BALDWIN & Abigail KETCHABOW, Jan. 20, 1899 at Bayham
4848-99 George H. HULT, 28, farmer, Port Burwell, Vienna, s/o John George AULT (sic) & Mary E. DUNHAM, married Maud M. BACKHOUSE, 26, Port Burwell, same, d/o William BACKHOUSE & Helena SWAN, witn: Thomas McGREER of Vienna & Grace H. BACKHOUSE of Pt. Burwell, 19 Jan 1899 at Vienna  
004640-1899 (Elgin Co.) Edward A. HUNT, 30, barber, Dunwich, Dutton, s/o George HUNT & Hannah FOX, married Annie L. SUTTON, 21, Dunwich, same, d/o H. L. SUTTON & Sarah A. HILL, witn: Wesley McGILL of Dutton & Annie SUTTON of Dunwich, 8 Feb 1899 at Dunwich 4670-99 Vincent HUNT, 24, farmer, Wainfleet twp., Malahide, s/o Edward HUNT & Larinda (Lucinda?), married Hannah Appleby Janette LEARN, 18, Dorchester twp - Middlesex Co., Malahide, d/o Edwin LEARN & Hannah, witn: Isabella RALLY of St. Thomas & Katherine F.L. SHORE of Port Burwell, 27 April 1899 at Port Burwell
#004560-99 (Elgin Co): Robert William HUNTER, 27, marine engineeer, Duart Ont, Detroit, s/o John HUNTER & Susan CURRIE, married Mattie PATERSON, 25, Aldborough, Detroit, d/o Dan PATERSON & Florence LANG, witnesses were Edward HUNTER of Detroit & Mary LANG of Eagle, Jan. 17, 1899 at Eagle 004647-1899 (Elgin Co.) Hiram HYDE, 30, farmer, Bayham Twp, Dunwich Twp., s/o George Albert HYDE & Catherine CLEMENT, married Ann Mary NEWTON, 40, England, Dunwich Twp., d/o Thomas NEWTON & Elizabeth KENT, witn: George & Mae Bell HYDE, both of Dunwich, 20 Dec 1899 at Dunwich Twp.
4688-99 Herbert Ernest JOHNSON, 24, farmer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o William JOHNSON & Jane CARPENTER, married Grace May FULTON, 22, Southwold twp., same, d/o James FULTON & Nancy McPHERSON, witn: Dan FULTON of St. Thomas & Grace OVERBURY of Clinton, 27 Dec 1899 at Port Stanley 4665-99 Lewis C. JOHNSON, 19, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Albert JOHNSON & Jane, married Margaret J. MURPHY, 16, Malahide, Bayham, d/o Edward MURPHY & Sarah, witn: John JOHNSON & Ann MASON, both of Bayham, 22 Feb 1899 at Bayham
#004619-99 (Elgin Co): George D. JOHNSTON, 46, widower, farmer, Brantford, Houghton, s/o George & Ann, married Matilda BOLSTON, 18, Bayham, New England, d/o Carrie MARTIN "illegitimate", witnesses were A.S. & Sophia PUSHMAN of Bayham, Oct. 25, 1899 at Bayham  
4866-99 Thomas KELLY, 25, farmer, Yarmouth, Malahide, s/o William KELLY & Susannah COLE, married Isola MINARD, 22, Yarmouth, same, d/o Adney & Clarissa nee FERGUSON, wit: Adney & Mary MINARD of Yarmouth, 25 Dec 1899 at Yarmouth #004573-99 (Elgin Co): Robert KELLY, 38, farmer, Dumfries twp., Aldborough twp., s/o James KELLY & Mary CRECH, married Annie SCHLERHAUF, 29, Aldborough twp., same, d/o Philip SCHLERHAUF & Catherine BERGER, witnesses were Malcolm McINTYRE & Jennie WATSON, both of Aldborough twp., 13 Dec 1899 at Aldborough twp
004646-1899 (Elgin Co.) Edward Albert KERRIDGE, 22, farmer, Norfolk, Dunwich, s/o John & Euretta, married Elizabeth CROMIE, 22, Ireland, Detroit, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: Mrs L. M. & Florence RANDALL, both of Aldborough, 15 Mar 1899 at West Lorne 4854-99 Joseph KING, 25, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o William & Alice nee OLIVER, married Bertha E. BAILEY, 20, Yarmouth, same, d/o Stephen & Rachel A. nee POUND, witn: Frank KING & Emma L. COLE, both of Yarmouth, 15 March 1899 at Yarmouth
4726-99 William LADD, 23, barber, Delhi, Aylmer, s/o George LADD & Mary MANTHER?, married Nellie YOUNG, 22, Malahide twp., same, d/o Samuel YOUNG & Mary PERCY, witn: Joseph E. GRIMSBY of Dereham twp & Violet YOUNG of Malahide twp., 11 July 1899 at Springfield 4761-99 Chrs. LALONDE, 23, MCR employee, Aldborough, St. Thomas, s/o Eli LALONDE & Susannah FLINT, married Jennie MILLIGAN, 23, Dunwich, same, d/o Judson MILLIGAN & Hannah GRIFFIN, witn: Ollie E. CHAUL? & Emma IRVINE, both of St. Thomas, 1 March 1899 at St. Thomas
4742-99 Joseph LANDON, 24, brakeman, Oxford, St. Thomas, s/o Joseph LANDON & Henrietta HANDRUM?, married Alberta BLOOM, 18, domestic, Middlemiss, St. Thomas, d/o Samuel BLOOM & Mary Ann LUCAS, witn: William KERR & Maggie A. FERGUSON, both of St. Thomas, 19 April 1899 at St. Thomas 4654-9 William J. LAVERY, 28, farmer, of Rodney, s/o James C. LAVERY & Henrietta WILSON, married Lizzie BELLWOOD, 22, teacher, of Dutton, d/o Joseph BELLWOOD & Catherine McBRIDE, witn: Barbara BELLWOOD of Dutton & Herbert RISK, 11 Jan 1899 at Dutton
#004578-99 (Elgin Co): David LIDDLE, 34, blacksmith, Malahide, Aylmer, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married Annie Mabel WICKETT, 30, teacher, Yarmouth, Aylmer, d/o Andrew & Ann, witnesses were J.L. HUFFMAN & Bertha HUTCHINSON, both of Aylmer, Jan. 4, 1899 at Aylmer #004621-99 (Elgin Co): William LILLY, 26, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o Francis LILY & Catherine BERRY, married Clara KETCHABOW, 26, Bayham, same, d/o Jacob KETCHABOW & Leah HATCH, witnesses were Ralph STEELE of Dorchester & Nora KETCHABOW of Bayham, Sept 27, 1899 at Bayham
#004596-99 (Elgin Co): William LLOYD, 40, widower, cigar maker, Cumberland, Detroit Mich., s/o John & Margaret, married Elizabeth BOUGHNER, 38, widow, Boughton Ont., St. Thomas, d/o James CLAUS & Mary Matilda PRATT, witnesses were Minnie SCOTT & J. Louisa PRATT, both of Aylmer, Nov.8, 1899 at Aylmer 4694-99 Frederick LONG, 23, cooper, Ontario, Port Stanley, s/o Frederick LONG & Elizabeth RUDOLPH, married Lottie MOONEY, 19, domestic, Ontario, Nilestown, d/o George MOONEY & Maria HENRY, witn: T?. H. JACKSON & Beula CROCKER, both of Southwold twp., 3 March 1899 at Southwold twp
4634-99 Ben H. LYONS, 32, carpenter, Malahide twp., North Dorchester, s/o John C. LYONS & Mary J. BLASHALL, married Ida Bell McIVER, 27, South Dorchester, same, d/o Angus McIVER, farmer, & Nancy BETTRIDGE, witn: J. H. LYONS & S. BETTRIDGE, both of S. Dorchester, 22 Nov 1899 at South Dorchester 4851-99 Thomas William MACKIE, 33, civil engineer, Goderich Ont., Tilsonburg, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Ella Finch EDISON, 27, Vienna, same, d/o Charles Oscar EDISON & Mary Ann FINCH, witn: Fred BROWN & Nora EDISON, both of Vienna, 17 Aug 1899 at Vienna
#004557-99 (Elgin Co): Eli MANN, 25, widower, farmer, Yarmouth, St. Thomas, s/o Benjamin MANN & Elizabeth McLEAN, married Katie McKELLAR, 20, Dunwich, Eagle, d/o Donald McKELLAR & Jane McKAY, witness was Carrie BROWN of Rodney, Jan. 4, 1899 at Rodney #004624-99 (Elgin Co): John MARKHAM, 24, illegible occupation, London, same, s/o Robert MARKHAM & Mary Teresa JOLLY, married Edith Dora LIGHT, 27, Houghton, Bayham, d/o Obed E. LIGHT & Huldah Mariah PETTIT, witnesses were Obed E. & Huldah Mariah LIGHT, both of Port Burwell, Dec. 6, 1899 at Port Burwell
4760-99 Francis James MARLETT, 21, railway employee, Durham Ont., St. Thomas, s/o F. A. MALLETT (sic) & B. Ann, married Alberta May GOUGH, Port Stanley, St. Thomas, d/o George B. & Mary, witn: James William BROCK of Exeter Ont. & Eva Dora GOUGH of St. Thomas, 28 Feb 1899 at St. Thomas 4863-99 J.P. MARTYN Jr., 25, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o John P. & Hannah nee MANN, married Clara M. SMITH, 23, Yarmouth, same, d/o William & Mary nee FLEMINGTON, witn: Martin L. SMITH of Sparta & Bertha DUNN of Luton, 30 Nov. 1899 at Sparta
4735-99 Llewellyn MAYNARD, 18, farmer, Cedar Springs, Palmyra, s/o Maxwell MAYNARD & Annie HARTFORD, married Mary Ann HARRIS, 19, domestic, Cedar Springs, Palmyra, d/o John HARRIS & Jane BLAKE, witn: W. W. DALE & Robina B. McKAY, both of St. Thomas, 23 Jan 1899 at St. Thomas 4758-99 David McCALLUM, 25, farmer, Dunwich, same, s/o Hugh McCALLUM & Barbara CATTANACH, married Mary MILTON, 22, Dunwich, same, d/o Joseph MILTON & Eliza HAMILTON, witn: Mrs. R. & Annie McINTYRE of St. Thomas, 15 Feb. 1899 at St. Thomas
4728-99 Lee McCONNELL, 33, farmer, Aylmer, Malahide twp., s/o Leonard McCONNELL & Mary A., married Elizabeth JONES, 23, Malahide twp., same, d/o Richard JONES & Julia McCONNELL, witn: Fred E. & Emma ROBERTS of Malahide twp., 12 Sept 1899 at Springfield 4686-99 Archie McDONALD, 33, blacksmith, Grafton Ont. St. Thomas, s/o William H. McDONALD & Catherine McLEAN, married Ann Esther WILEY, 35, widow, Delhi Ont., St. Thomas, d/o Daniel WILSON & Caroline GILLETT, witn: Edward WILSON of Yarmouth twp., 8 Nov 1899 at Port Stanley
#004590-99 (Elgin Co): John Burton McDOUGALL, 31, clerk, Tilsonburg, same, s/o John McDOUGALL & Ellen BURTON, married Lillian Ada GASKIN, 22, Tilsonburg, same, d/o William GASKIN & Mary FORBES, witnesses were Junius BRADLEY & John WALLACE, both of Aylmer, Aug. 14, 1899 at Aylmer 4716-99 Daniel McFADYEN, 33, teacher, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Alexander McFADYEN & Mary McLEAN, married Maggie BISSELL, 31, house keeper, Southwold twp., same, d/o John BISSELL & Harriet EBERLE, witn: George W. CHISHOLM of Windsor & Ella NEWLAND of Southwold, 27 Dec 1899 at Southwold twp
4636-99 David McGILL, 25, hardware, Vittoria, Springfield, s/o Archibald McGILL & Jane DONALD, married Euphemia NIGH, 22, South Dorchester, same, d/o George NIGH, farmer, & Margaret BELL, witn: Henderson NIGH of Springfield & Fatima NIGH of S. Dorchester, 27 Dec 1899 at South Dorchester 4861-99 David A. McGILL, 21, florist, St. Thomas, same, s/o Laughlin & Mary nee McMULLEN, married Winnifred T. HOUSE, 26, New Sarum, same, d/o H. C. & Dora nee CANNELL, witn: W.C. NEWTON of St. Thomas & Miss FINCHE? of London, 23 Sept 1899 at New Sarum
  004597-99 (Elgin Co): Leroy McHINCH, 21, baker, Mayville Mich., same, s/o Almon McHINCH & Mary COLLINGS, married Jessie CARTWRIGHT, 18, Aylmer, same, d/o Berkly CARTWRIGHT & Nellie EAGER, witnesses were John & Mary WALKER of Aylmer, Dec. 11, 1899 at Aylmer
004645-1899 (Elgin Co.) Duncan W. McINTYRE, 46, farmer, Aldborough, same, s/o Angus McINTYRE & Catherine WALKER, married Rosella VANLOON, 38, Walpole, Aldborough, d/o John VANLOON & Elizabeth SHANK, witn: William R. & Alex A. POLLARD, both of Dunwich, 8 Feb 1899 at Dunwich #004702-99 (Elgin Co): Bruce B. McINTYRE, 26, laborer, Southwold twp., same, s/o Philip McINTYRE & Jane SMITH, married Margaret POTTS, 19, domestic servant, Ontario, Southwold twp., d/o Peter POTTS & Mary E. FORBES, witn: John Jr. & Josephine SMITH of Southwold twp., 4 July 1899 at Southwold twp
4755-99 George A. McINTYRE, 27, farmer, Southwold, Dutton, s/o D. McINTYRE & Mary McCALLUM, married Barbara L. BELLWOOD, 18, domestic, Dutton, same, d/o Josiah BELLWOOD & Catherine McBRIDE, witn: Charles & Harriet McINTYRE of St. Thomas, 18 Jan 1899 at St. Thomas  
#004707-99 (Elgin Co): Angus John McKAY, 24, brick maker, Ontario, Southwold twp, s/o William McKAY & Mary MORRISON, married Gertrude Lillian SHAW, 19, domestic servant, Ontario, Southwold twp, d/o Ezra SHAW & Mary ANDERSON, witn: Lillie (or Tillie) and Mildred MOSES of Southwold twp., 20 Sept 1899 at Southwold twp 4698-99 Duncan McKILLOP, 30, farmer, widower, Dunwich twp., same, s/o Donald McKILLOP & Christena McARTHUR, married Kate McKILLOP, 20, Southwold twp., same, d/o Neil McKILLOP & Mary McINTYRE, witn: Archibald & Donald McKILLOP of Southwold twp., 27 April 1899
4701-99 James A. McLANDERS (McSanders?), 25, drover, Dunwich twp., same, s/o William McLANDERS & Mary McALPIN, married Minnie J. WATERS, 21, Southwold twp., same, d/o Wesley WATERS, farmer, & Nancy McKILLOP, witn: John A. CAREWELL & Emma GLASGOW, both of Southwold twp., 21 June 1899 at Southwold #004570-99 (Elgin Co): William McPHAIL, 28, machinist, East Williams twp., Aldborough twp., s/o Duncan McPHAIL & Elizabeth BOWES, married Rose Elizabeth GROSE, 24, Aldborough twp., same, d/o George GROSE & Catherine BREWER, witnesses were Mr. & Mrs. William McPHAIL of West Lorne, 15 Nov.,1899 at Rodney
#004577-99 (Elgin Co): Richard McQUEEN, 30, laborer, Yarmouth, Bismarck, s/o Richard & Eliza, married Alma WESTOVER, 26, Aylmer, same, d/o Lewis & Eliza, witnesses were Alma RICHARDSON & Minnie M. SCOTT, both of Aylmer, Jan. 3, 1899 at Aylmer #004604-99 (Elgin Co): Henry MILLS, 20, farmer, Houghton,same, s/o William & Rebecca, married Jennie M. WILLIAMS, 16, Port Burwell, same, d/o John & Lucy, witnesses were Reuben & Lira? TRIBE? of Griffins Corners, Feb. 19, 1899 at Port Burwell
  4745-99 William Henry MOODY, 24, butcher, England, St. Thomas, s/o Charles MOODY & Sophia MORRIS, married Victoria EVANS, 20, London, St. Thomas, d/o John EVANS & Catherine DONOVAN, witn: Mary S. GOOD & Edgar A. MOODY, both of St. Thomas, 5 May 1899 at St. Thomas
4632-99 Maynard C. MOORE, 22, farmer, Bayham twp., Malahide twp., s/o Solomon MOORE & Esther M. NESBIT, married Allie M. McCREDIE, 24, South Dorchester, same, d/o William McCREDIE, farmer, & Ellen CROSSLEY, witn: T. M. MOORE of Springfield & Meda SMITH of Belmont, 4 July 1899 at South Dorchester 4719-99 Angus MOORE, 37, farmer, Malahide twp., Springfield, s/o George MOORE & Jane HOOPER, married Lida COOK, 25, South Dorchester twp., Springfield, d/o Ebenezer COOK & Mary A. STREHEAN?, witn: George GOLDHAWK & Jennie N. COOK, both of St. Thomas, 8 March 1899 at Springfield
#004615-99 (Elgin Co): William Alexander MOORE, 24, farmer, Malahide, Dereham, s/o David MOORE & Harriet LINDSAY, married Mable ANDREWS, 20, Dereham, Bayham, d/o William & Mary Ann, witnesses were R.E. MOORE of Brownsville & Addie P. COOK of Bayham, June 28, 1899 at Bayham #004712-99 (Elgin Co): George MOORE, 39, merchant, Sarnia, Southwold twp., s/o Alexander MOORE & Sarah HALLIDAY, married Jessie PARKS, 25, South Northumberland Ont., Southwold twp., d/o John R. PARKS & Sarah Ann MURPHY, witn: Walter PARKS & Sarah Ann MURPHY, both of Southwold twp., 29 Nov 1899 at Southwold twp
#004559-99 (Elgin Co): Robert MORRISON, 40, farmer, Aldborough, same, s/o William MORRISON & Mary McALLISTER, married Eliza W. GARLIC, 20, Aldborough, same, d/o Charles GARLIC & Eliza WIGLEY, witnesses were Thomas SOMERVILLE of Rodney & Bathsheba Zillah GARLIC of Aldborough, Jan. 11, 1899 at Aldborough 4685-99 William M. MOWRY, 36, widower, carpenter, Greenville PA., same, s/o Jesse MOWRY & Sarah BLEACHLER, married Mary Ellen ROYAL, 32, widow, Fredonia PA, same, d/o Samuel ROYAL & Mary BAKER, witn: Mrs. A. H. GOING & Mrs. A. C. TAYLOR, both of Port Stanley, Sept 1899 at Port Stanley
4725-99 Frederick MULLER, 27, telegraph operator, Tilsonburg, Springfield, s/o George MULLER & Frances AMBERGER, married Mary E. ROBINS, 24, Walsingham twp., Springfield, d/o John ROBINS & C. STEELE, witn: George ROBINS & Leela MULLER, both of Springfield, 15 July 1899 at Springfield #004777-00 (Elgin Co): Elwood MURRAY, 19, farmer, Springfield, Aylmer, s/o James A. MURRAY & Amanda BUCK, married Emily May ROCKEY, 18, Fairview, Malahide, d/o Orlando ROCKEY & Mary Elizabeth DORLAND, 2 Jan 1899 at Malahide
4671-99 Oliver NAHRGANG, 33, farmer, New Hamburg, same, s/o John NAHRGANG & Mary, married Maggie PHILLMORE, 21, Bayham, Malahide, d/o John PHILLMORE & Almira, witn: John M. PHILLMORE of Bayham & Eliza PHILLMORE of Aylmer, 14 June 1899 at Malahide [witn note: both bride & groom deaf & dumb but both are bright & intelligent] 4777-99 Percy Lynn NEWCOMB, 20, farmer, Yarmouth Centre, same, s/o Cook NEWCOMB & Ann N. WINCHESTER, married Ada Louise LEWIS, 20, New Sarum, same, d/o D.J. LEWIS & Hannah WESTLAKE, witn: W.J. WRIGHT & Louisa STANLEY (Hanley?) of New Sarum, 25 Dec 1899 at St. Thomas
4776-99 John NUNN, 35, widower, baker, London England, not given, s/o A. & E.A. BOND (sic), married Edith GRAHAM, 31, widow, New Sarum, not given, d/o W. & E. ELLIOTT, witn: Henry & Ida GILBERT of NEw Sarum, 28 Dec 1899 at St. Thomas 4677-99 Archie A. OLIVER, 21, mariner, Southwold, Port Stanley, s/o William OLIVER & Nancy EAGAN, married Alice A. BROWN, 22, Belgrave Ont., Port Stanley, d/o Patrick BROWN & Sarah STEWART, witn: A. A. ALEXANDER of Yarmouth twp & Mrs. A. H. GOING of Port Stanley, 3 Jan 1899 at Port Stanley
#004774-00 (Elgin Co): James OVERHOLT, 34, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o James OVERHOLT & Ann SMITH, married Lavina FERGUSON, 35, widow, Yarmouth, Malahide, d/o George POWERS & Catherine BUSTIN, witn: Milton & Gertrude STAPLES of Luton, 21 Sept 1899 at Malahide 4732-99 Edmund PADDON (Patton?), 24, brakeman, Yarmouth, St. Thomas, s/o Samuel PADDON & Dinah OLIVER, married Margaret ORR, 22, domestic, Ireland, St. Thomas, d/o Hugh ORR & Margaret MARK, witn: John LOGAN & Rose MARTIN, both of St. Thomas, 14 June 1899 at St. Thomas
#004704-99 (Elgin Co): Fred James PAGE, 30, tinsmith, Ontario, Southwold twp., s/o William PAGE & Nancy Amanda BODINE, married Alice Emma WEBB, 21, Southwold twp., same, d/o Robert WEBB, farmer, & Mary Jane OLLITT, witn: Albert Roy WELTER (or Weller) & Martha Mary PAGE, both of Southwold twp., 13 Sept 1899 at Southwold twp  
4864-99 Henry Burton PARKER, 26, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o Watson & Charlotte nee MANN, married Edith Maud RUSS, 20, Yarmouth, same, d/o Wellington & Mayhitable nee THOMPSON, witn: Alfred MILLMAN of Yarmouth & Myrtle PARKER of Aldborough, 20 Dec 1899 at Yarmouth #004665-99 (Elgin Co): Duncan PATERSON, 45, farmer, Aldborough, same, s/o Hector PATERSON & Sarah McPHERSON, married Mary J. McLEAN, 35, Aldborough, same, d/o Dugald McLEAN & Annie MUNROE, witnesses were James D. McLEAN & Mary A. PATERSON, both of Aldborough, March 1, 1899 at Aldborough
4741-99 Edward PATRICK, 25, farmer, Southwold, St. Thomas, s/o John & Rose, married Elizabeth UPTON, 26, St. Thomas, same, d/o Michael & Sarah, witn: Charles UPTON of St. Thomas & Alice PATRICK of Southwold, 19 April 1899 at St. Thomas #004616-99 (Elgin Co): George W. PATTON, 23, farmer, Bayham, Brownsville, s/o Charles & Mary Jane, married Maggie May HOUGHTON, 20, Bayham, same, d/o William & Sarah, witnesses were John McCURDY of Bayham twp & Miss COOPER of Houghton twp., Aug. 28, 1899 at Port Burwell
4746-99 Fred PEARSE, 23, machinist, Delaware Ont., Dundas, s/o George PEARSE & Margaret PINCOMBE, married Alice CHALMERS, 20, London, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas CHALMERS & Annie FICK, witn: Fred CHALMERS & Alice STUART, both of St. Thomas, 10 May 1899 at St. Thomas 4659-99 Harry PICKLE, 27, clerk, Brantford, same, s/o Joseph PICKLE & Louisa COOPER, married Fannie HOLLINGSHEAD, 24, Kippen, Dutton, d/o Henry HOLLINGSHEAD & Mary PORTER, witn: Jessie HOLLINGSHEAD of Dutton & Cassie McALPINE of Glencoe, 30 Aug 1899 at Dutton
4733-99 August PLETSCH, 27, express man, Tavistock, St. Thomas, s/o John PLETSCH & Catherine ENGLAND, married Minnie ALLEN, 21, St. Thomas, same, d/o Henry ALLAN & Ann FOLLAND, witn: Arthur ALLEN of St. Thomas & Alice HILL Of Frome, 21 June 1899 at St. Thomas 4682-99 Myron A. POST, 23, bank clerk, West Shelly NY, Medusa NY, s/o Roswell W. POST & Vesta MOORE, married Clara V. HERRICK, 22, Edenville Mich., Medusa NY, d/o George ESWAY (sic) & Maria CARD, witn: Mrs. A. H. GOING & Grace EAD, both of Port Stanley, 18 may 1899 at Port Stanley
#004587-99 (Elgin Co): George Smith POUND, 38, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Jacob POUND & Anna SMITH, married Luella Maud McKENNEY, 25, Malahide, same, d/o Washington McKENNY & Nancy STALEY, witnesses were William WARNICK & Nancy STALEY, both of Aylmer, May 23, 1899 at Aylmer #004775-00 (Elgin Co): Edward POWERS, 21, laborer, Yarmouth, same, s/o George POWERS & Catherine BUSTIN, married Alice SCHOOLEY, 23, Malahide, same, d/o Abraham SCHOOLEY & Eliza JOHNSON, witn: Eliza & Gertrude STAPLES of Luton, 12 Oct 1899 at Malahide
#004776-00 (Elgin Co): Leonard POWERS, 23, laborer, Yarmouth, same, s/o George POWERS & Catherine BUSTIN, married Catherine WILEY, 18, Bayham, Yarmouth, d/o Monson (or Inonson) WILEY & Mary ANDERSON, witn: Eliza & Vera STAPLES of Luton, 5 Dec 1899 at Malahide #004601-99 (Elgin Co): Ernest Van PRITCHARD, 28, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Ganes PRITCHARD & Ernest VANPATTER ( as written), married Nellie Edith ELLIOTT, 24, Aylmer, same, d/o John ELLIOTT & Anna JONES, witnesses were Ganes VAN PATTER & Violet PARKER, both of Aylmer, Dec. 27, 1899 at Aylmer
#004593-99 (Elgin Co): William Henry RALPH, 28, hotel keeper, not given, Chicago USA, s/o John RALPH & Catherine DAVIS, married Edith CAVERLY, 22, Aylmer, same, d/o Eli CAVERLY & Eleanor NELSON, witnesses were Frank H. & Stella TRIM of Aylmer, Sept 21, 1899 at Aylmer #004605-99 (Elgin Co): Henry RAYMOND, 23, farmer, Char? Creek, Vienna, s/o Andrew & Eliza, married Nancy McGREGOR, 24, illegible, illegible, d/o James & Elizabeth, Feb. 23, 1899 at Port Burwell
#004612-99 (Elgin Co): Charles A. RAYSON, farmer, Malahide, illegible, s/o Justice & Ansuil?, married Hattie B. JOHNSTON, 20, Middleton, same, d/o David & Maggie, witnesses were Henry & Jennie MILSS of Port Burwell, 17 June 1899 at Port Burwell 004639-1899 (Elgin Co.) Joseph H. REYCRAFT, 28, farmer, Oxford, same, s/o James & Philica, married Lizzie CAMERON, 27, Dunwich, same, d/o Donald & Nancy, witn: Isaac W. WATTERWORTH of Mosa & Minnie F. REYCRAFT of Highgate, 18 Jan 1899 at Wallacetown.
4693-99 William E. RICHHELD (s/b Reicheld?), 28, farmer, Ontario, Dunwich twp., s/o John RICHHELD & Lena KEMPF, married Mary BROWN, 22, Ontario, Southwold twp., d/o Thomas BROWN, farmer, & Elizabeth STUBBS, witn: Fred RICHHELD of Dunwich twp & Annie BROWN of Southwold twp., 8 Feb 1899 at Southwold 4655-99 Duncan ROBERTSON, 24, on railway, of Wheatley, s/o James & Margaret, married Annie WARD, 24, of Cleamlee?, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: Kate McKILLOP of Dutton & William J. STORM, 15 Feb 1899 at Dutton
#004602-99 (Elgin Co): William ROBINSON, 21, farmer, Bayham, Houghton, s/o Isaac ROBINSON & Marietta CHUTE, married Clara DICKOUT, 21, seamstress, Bayham, same, d/o Edward DICKOUT & Rachel --IVELY, witnesses were Edward ROBINSON of Houghton & Bessie DICKOUT of Bayham, Feb. 8, 1899 at Bayham 4856-99 Henry Herbert ROGERSON, 32, farmer, Ontario, South Dorchester, s/o William Henry & Margery nee VENNING, married Mary Grace JENKINS, 22, Ontario, Yarmouth, d/o James & Lucy nee WILLIAMS, witn: Thomas JENKINS of Mapleton & Emily ROGERSON of Gladstone, 29 March 1899 at Yarmouth
#004703-99 (Elgin Co): Philip James ROWCLIFFE, 21, farmer, Ontario, Osborne twp., s/o James ROWCLIFFE & Agnes Ellen TURNBULL, married Martha BURTON, 32, Ontario, Southwold, d/o Josiah BURTON, farmer, & Charlotte BEAMONT, witn: Marion HARRIS & Albert BURTON, both of Southwold twp., 7 Sept 1899 at Southwold twp #004584-99 (Elgin Co): William SEARS, 28, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o William & Mary, married Nettie HOUSE, 24, Malahide, same, d/o William HOUSE & Susan ALDRETT, March 29, 1899 at Aylmer
#004611-99 (Elgin Co): Virgil SEAULIN?, 18, farmer, Port Burwell, Griffins Corneers, s/o William & Matilda, married Anna Maude SOPER, 19, Vienna, Griffins Corners, d/o Leonard & Mary, June 7, 1899 at Port Burwell #004711-99 (Elgin Co): James Herbert (or Robert) SELLS (or Sills), 21, farmer, Southwold twp., same, s/o William J. SELLS & Sarah SPENCER, married Jennie Ella Maude NICOLLS, 22, Southwold twp., same, d/o James H. NICOLLS & Mary Ann ROUTLEDGE, witn: George & Minnie NICOLLS of Southwold twp., 1 Nov 1899 at Southwold twp
4753-99 James Edward SHAW, 22, drayman, Norfolk, St. Thomas, s/o John C. & Maria C., married Evelin Florence McDARLEY, 20, Toronto, St. Thomas, d/o Milan C. DAILEY (sic) & Susan Ann, witn: Emily M. HILL & Mary McGREGOR, both of St. Thomas, 9 Jan 1899 at St. Thomas 4853-99 William H. SHEILS, 31, farmer, North Dorchester, same, s/o James & Susan nee COWAN, married Martha A. CAMPBELL, 28, Yarmouth, same, d/o James & Vida nee BUCHANAN, witn: Frank CAMPBELL & Rebecca SHEILS, both of Belmont, 25 Jan 1899 at Yarmouth
4730-99 John SHOLT, 25, foundry man, Delhi, same, s/o Michael SHOLT & Christena VOIT, married May WIDDIS, 25, Delhi, same, d/o Thomas WIDDIS & L. C. HARTLEY, witn: Mrs. L. C. & Edith HARTLEY of St. Thomas, 30 May 1899 at St. Thomas 4858-99 Charles SINGER, 64, widower, farmer, Talbotville, res not given, s/o Henry & Delilah nee ELLIOTT, married Susan WILLIAMS, no age given, widow, Yarmouth, New Sarum, d/o Job MINARD & Betsy HOUSE, witn: John GRAVES of Edgware Rd in Yarmouth & Mrs. Gertrude GRAVES of Yarmouth, 2 May 1899 at Edgware Rd., Yarmouth
004651-1899 (Elgin Co.) Thomas SLOAN, 35, farmer, Dunwich Twp., same, s/o Thomas SLOAN & Nancy MALONE, married Margaret Gift? BOBIER, 28, Pt. Stanley, Pt. Talbot, d/o William BOBIER & Mary MEEK, witn: H. Harold BARNUM of Dutton & Hophie? MEEK of Fingal, 3 Jan 1900 at Port Talbot. #004778-00 (Elgin Co): Robert Henry SMITH, 47, widower, apiarist, England, St. Thomas, s/o Henry SMITH & Ann COOKE, married Alice Jane HILL, 39, Malahide, same, d/o Ambrose HILL & Rebecca Ann PRICHARD, witn: Eugene B. & Susan HILL of Malahide, 1 April 1899 at Malahide
#004715-99 (Elgin Co): Joseph W. SMITH, 23, commercial traveler, Southwold twp., same, s/o William SMITH & Mary Ann MILLER, married Eliza STORMES, 20, house keeper, Delaware twp., Southwold twp., d/o John G. STORMES & Nancy SELLS, witn: Jennie SELLS & Gilbert STORMES, both of Southwold twp., 25 Dec 1899 at Southwold twp 4671-99 Frederick Roy SMITH, 25, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Harvey & Mary, married Hulda CHALK, 24, Malahide, same, d/o Finlay & Mary J., witn: Omer CHALK of Mt. Salem & Aldrina CHUTE of Lakeview, 26 July 1899 at Bayham
4676-99 George Stanley SNELGROVE, 25, farmer, Caradoc, Malahide, s/o Lemuel SNELGROVE & Eliza ROGERS, married Sarah Bell MARSHALL, 24, Malahide, same, d/o Alex MARSHALL & Mary BENTLEY, witn: Francis SNELGROVE & Mary MARSHALL, both of Malahide, 29 Nov 1899 at Malahide 4798-00 Charles L. STAFFORD, 20, merchant, Southwold twp., same, s/o Caleb STAFFORD & Evaline WILLSON, married Blanche WELDON, 20, organist, Southwold twp., same, d/o Samuel WELDON & Mary BASSETT, witn: Ernest STAFFORD & Ida LAURENCE, both of Southwold twp., 27 Dec 1899 at Southwold twp
004649-1899 (Elgin Co.) Henry A. STEVENSON, 22, farmer, Ontario, Dunwich Twp., s/o Robert STEVENSON & Sara CRANE, married Lois BEDFORD, 29, Ontario, Dunwich Twp., d/o John BEDFORD & Eliza CHAPMAN, witn: Philip BEDFORD & Ida STEVENSON, both of Dunwich, 15 Nov 1899 at Dunwich Twp 4633-99 Archibald STEWART, 36, farmer, South Dorchester, same, s/o John STEWART & Kate McCOLL, married Agnes C. ROSS, 36, St. Thomas, same, d/o Thomas ROSS & Agnes ANDERSON, witn: D. C. PARKER & Eva C. BALSDEN, both of St. Thomas, 6 Aug 1899 at St. Thomas
#004579-99 (Elgin Co): Benson W. SUMMERS, 29, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o William & Charlotte, married Ella May SOULES?, 25, teacher, Yarmouth, Aylmer, d/o illegible, witnesses were J.M. FARTHINGS of Aylmer & Della HARP of Malahide, March 10, 1899 at Aylmer #004706-99 (Elgin Co): Franklin SUTTON, 24, farmer, Southwold twp., same, s/o Frederick SUTTON & Mary Jane ARNETT, married Margaret J. WALTERS, 25, domestic servant, Southwold twp., same, d/o George WALTERS & Margaret Jane MOWAT, witn: George McLAY & Millie CULVER, both of Southwold twp., 3 July 1899 at Southwold twp
#004586-99 (Elgin Co): James TANNER, 25, blacksmith, Atlmer, same, s/o James & Mary, married Annie Rhoda ELLIOTT, 17, Aylmer, same, d/o Albert John ELLIOTT & Anna JONES, witnesses were Mervin SEARS & Flira ELLIOTT, both of Aylmer, April 26, 1899 at Aylmer #004708-99 (Elgin Co): George Ernest TAYLOR, 24, clerk, Ontario, Southwold twp., s/o Freeborn TAYLOR & Margaret HAIGHT, married Rhoda SPITLER, 21, Southwold twp., same, d/o Samuel SPITLER, farmer, & Pricilla McDOWELL, witn: Cora M. SPITLER of Southwold twp & Charles L. TAYLOR of Port Stanley, 24 Sept 1899 at Southwold twp
#004709-99 (Elgin Co): John Redding TEDFORD, 25, farmer, Malahide twp., same, s/o John P. TEDFORD & Sarah Jane MILLS, married Laura Rose CAMERON, 26, Southwold twp., Port Stanley, d/o Ewen CAMERON, farmer, & Maria WILLIAMS, witn: Phyllis THOMPSON of Port Stanley & E.F. TEDFORD of Port Burwell, 27 Sept 1899 at Southwold twp #004598-99 (Elgin Co): Lewis TEEPLE, 29, cheese maker, Yarmouth, Malahide, s/o Thomas TEEPLE & Mary CARR, married Ada Rose CLARKE, 20, Watford, Malahide, d/o James H. CLARKE & Adeline ABELL, witnesses were Mr. & Mrs. William FIRBY of Malahide, Dec. 20, 1899 at Aylmer
#004569-99 (Elgin Co): Adolphus THOMAS, 32, fisherman, Tryconnel?, West Lorne, s/o Augustus THOMAS & Harriet GREEN, married Emily PREBBLE, 28, London England, Aldborough twp., d/o Edward PREBBLE & Elizabeth FIELD, witness was Henry G. TOWNSEND of Aldborough twp., 18 July 1899 at con. 6, Aldborough twp 004644-1899 (Elgin Co.) Archibald Sinclair THOMPSON, 29, farmer, Aldborough, same, s/o Archibald THOMPSON & Mary SINCLAIR, married Rosie Minnie BURR, 28, Aldborough, same, d/o Henry BURR & Jane PAGE, witn; Mrs. Mary POLLARD & Mrs. M. SHEARING, both of Dunwich, 25 Jan 1899 Aldborough.
4630-99 James F. THOMPSON, 27, farmer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o John D. THOMPSON & Sarah FOWLER, married Olive CHARLTON, 23, South Dorchester, same, d/o Miles CHARLTON, farmer, & Sophrona BROOKS, witn: Dan THOMPSON of Yarmouth & Kate CHARLTON of S. Dorchester, 1 March 1899 at South Dorchester #004599-99 (Elgin Co): Mathew TISDALE, 28, fireman, Malahide, same, s/o Angus TISDALE & Elizabeth McTAGGART, married Agnes May DEAN, 28, Nissouri twp., Malahide, d/o Robert DEAN & Caroline GARNER, witnesses were Lawford JONES & Jennie TISDALE, both of Malahide, Dec. 25, 1899 at Aylmer
#004713-99 (Elgin Co): William H. TURNER, 27, farmer, Southwold twp., same, s/o Donald TURNER & Fanny CARLISS, married Hannah JACKSON, 23, Southwold twp., same, d/o Thomas, farmer, & Harriet, witn: Allison TURNER & Ethel FERGUSON, both of Southwold twp., 5 Dec 1899 at Port Stanley 4687-99 William Henry TURNER, 27, farmer, Southwold twp., same, s/o Donald TURNER & blank CARLESS, married Hannah JACKSON, 23, Southwold twp., same, d/o Thomas JACKSON & Harriet WOODALL, witn: Allison TURNER & Ethel M. FERGUSON, both of Southwold twp., 5 Dec 1899 at Port Stanley
#004609-99 (Elgin Co): Hartley UNDERHILL, 21, farmer, Vienna, same, s/o David & Mary M., married Pheobe J. LOCKER, 18, Straffordville, same, d/o James & Dortha, April 22, 1899 at Port Burwell 4731-99 Charles UPTON, 30, machinist, England, St. Thomas, s/o Michael & Sarah, married May L. CLARKE, 25, Iowa, St. Thomas, d/o Elijah & Susan, witn: George COTTENS of Union & Emily UPTON of St. Thomas, 14 June 1899 at St. Thomas
4727-99 William Lawson VANDUZEN, 34, fruit grower, Grimsby, same, s/o Levi VANDUZEN & Caroline McCOLLOM, married Margaret McGILL, 34, Charlotteville twp., Springfield, d/o Archibald McGILL & Jane DONALD, witn: Euphemia NIGH & David McGILL, both of Springfield, 30 Aug 1899 at Springfield #004588-99 (Elgin Co): Francis D. WADE, 23, laborer, Malahide, Alpena Mich., s/o James WADE & Nettie JOHNSON, married Alice May ESSELTINE, 23, South Dorchester, Culliden, d/o George ESSELTINE & Lathina WILSON, witnesses were Warren DEEN & Violet O'BRIEN, both of Malahide, June 10 (or 12), 1899 at Aylmer
4663-99 William Henry WAGNER, 24, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o Abram WAGNER & Miranda, married Elizabeth CHAMBERS, 21, Brooke twp., Malahide, d/o Arthur CHAMBERS & Mary Jane, witn: Pemberton CHAMBERS & Grace KILMER, both of Aylmer, 18 Jan 1899 at Aylmer #004589-99 (Elgin Co): Charles WALKER, 61, widower, farmer, South Dorchester, Aylmer, s/o Benjamin WALKER & Ann PALMORE, married Olive GERMAN, 50, widow, not given, Ingersoll, d/o Merell GEE & Mary GRAMSHAW, witnesses were Thomspon & Mary SNIDER, both of Aylmer, July 26, 1899 at Aylmer
#004614-99 (Elgin Co): Edwin M. WALLACE, 34, farmer, Corinth, same, s/o John & Lovilla, married Susan VEITCH, 32, Corinth, same, d/o John & Jane, witnesses were J.A. DALURAN? of Tilsonburg & Edith VEITCH of Corinth, June 21, 1899 at Corinth #004620-99 (Elgin Co): Thomas Gordon WALTERS, 19, farmer, Houghton, same, s/o JohnEnsley WALTERS & Mary Ann VOLICK, married Martha Eleanor VAUGHAN, 16, Bayham, same, d/o Azariah VAUGHAN & Sarah Martha PAYAR?, witnesses were George KYLE & Azariah VAUGHAN, both of Port Burwell, Oct. 26, 1899 at Port Burwell
#004574-99 (Elgin Co): Frederick Thomas WEBB, 21, blacksmith, St. Johns NB, Petrolia, s/o George WEBB & Matilda REID, married Eliza Ann LOWRY, 21, Rodney, same, d/o James & Henrietta, witnesses were Neil BAXTER & Christy LOWRY, both of Rodney, 20 Dec 1899 at Rodney #004600-99 (Elgin Co): Charles John WEISBROD, 34, fireman, Aylmer, same, s/o John C. & Mary, married Nina Alfreda HOWEY, 34, Kingsville, Aylmer, d/o Ezra James HOWEY & Charlotte PERCIVAL, witnesses were David McGILL of Alpina Mich & Euphemia NIGH of Springfield, Dec. 25, 1899 at Aylmer
#004580-99 (Elgin Co): George WILKINS, 27, laborer, --nan, Aylmer, s/o William WILKINS & Elena FEAR, married Catherine BUSTON, 27, housemaid, Malahide, Aylmer, d/o John BUSTON & Amelia WAYNER, witnesses were Walter & Sarah UTTER of Aylmer, March 28, 1899 at Aylmer  
4759-99 Harvey WILKINSON, 20, MCR employee, Courtland, same, s/o Alva WILKINSON & Victoria RONSON, married Maggie STANSELL, 18, Courtland, same, d/o Ephraim STANSELL & Eunice BELOSE?, witn: William STANSELL & Maud SHRINER, both of St. Thomas, 22 Feb. 1899 at St. Thomas 4737-99 Arthur R. WILLIAMS, 24, printer, St. Thomas, same, s/o Philip WILLIAMS & Mary Ann JAMES, married Maggie FORREST, 19, domestic, St. Thomas, same, d/o John FORREST & Ella JOHNSTON, witn: Milton & Harriet McINTYRE of St. Thomas, 5 March 1899 at St. Thomas
  4729-99 Rennie WILSON, 22, fisherman, Tilsonburg, Bayham, s/o Alexander WILSON & Annie DEFRIES, married Sarah HORTINYA?, 22, Buffalo NY, same, d/o George HORHUYA? & Fannie DEFRIES, witn: Mrs. A. OLIVER & Mrs. W. ELERTON, both of Springfield, 31 Oct. 1899 at Springfield
4717-99 Harmon O. WILTSE, 20, telegraph operator, Springfield, same, s/o Mortimer WILTSE & Martha NESBITT, married Sarah N. HODGSON, 19, Dereham twp., Springfield, d/o Hiram HODGSON & Catherine WHITLOCK, witn: Mary E. & Mary J. VEALE of Springfield, 23 Jan 1899 at Springfield 4734-99 John W. WING, 27, farmer, Rodney, Aldborough, s/o William WING & Catherine MILLER, married Fannie J. AUCKLAND, 21, domestic, Rodney, Aldborough, d/o Oliver AUCKLAND & Annie STRICKLER, witn: Annie & Harriet McINTYRE of St. Thomas, 17 March 1899 at St. Thomas
4669-99 John R. WINTERMUTE, 22, farmer, Bayham, Malahide, s/o John WINTERMUTE & Agnes, married Lizzie KYLE, 22, Houghton, Aylmer, d/o James KYLE & Jane, witn: Ann MASON of Bayham & Cyrus Leslie CRANE of Corinth, 19 April 1899 at Bayham 4860-99 Edward WITTY, 29, teacher, St. George, same, s/o Robert & Mary nee COFFAY, married Florence YARWOOD, 31, Yarmouth, same, d/o James H. & Ursula nee FARRELL (Turrell?), witn: Fred H. HANDSFIELD of Brantford & Mary A. NASH of St. Thomas, 9 Aug 1899 at Sparta
#004564-99 (Elgin Co): Harry WORTHINGTON, 23, farmer, England, Dunwich, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Florence CRABBE, 21, Dunwich, Aldborough, d/o John CRABBE & Eliza PAGE, witness was Mansen MULHOLLAND of West Lorne, April 5, 1899 at West Lorne 4862-99 James H. YARWOOD, 54, widower, farmer, Yarmouth, same, s/o Henry & Hannah nee EVELAND, married Lizzette GUNN, 35, Malahide, Yarmouth, d/o Daniel & Mary Ann nee McCAUSLAND, witn: H.B. & Alice Gunn SMITH of Sparta, 21 Sept 1899 at Sparta
4654-00 Emil H. YAUCH, 24, farmer, Cheapside, Aldborough, s/o Herman & Katherine, married Maggie Jane SINCLAIR, 22, Dunwich, Aldborough, d/o Malcolm SINCLAIR & Eliza McARTHUR, witn: Florence & Mrs. L. N. RANDALL of Aldborough, 21 Feb 1899 at Aldborough 4720-99 Francis W. YOUNG, 21, blacksmith, Tilsonburg, same, s/o John YOUNG & Mary Jane WINTERMUTE, married Maggie ECKER, 22, Wentworth Co, Tilsonburg, d/o David ECKER & Agnes A. MOFFAT, witn: George WHARTON & Myrtle THYBADOR, both of Springfield, 18 March 1899 at Springfield