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Essex Co., 1900, part 2

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005209/00 (Essex Co) Charles ARMSTRONG, 26, mill man, Lambton Co, Tilbury West, s/o Charles ARMSTRONG & Jane ARMSTRONG, married Hattie B. GINNAN, 22, Michigan U.S.A., Mersea Twp, d/o Michael GINNAN & Manda MOODY, witn: Minnie WHITEHEAD of Delhi & Mrs. C. H. DEWEY of Mersea Twp, 2 April 1900, Wheatley Mersea Twp 005216/00 (Essex Co) Christopher W. BADDER, 25, stone cutter, Tilbury, Tilbury, s/o James BADDER & Isabel TASKER, married Minnie GRIEVE, 21, Tilbury, Tilbury, d/o Walter GRIEVE & Jane ROE, witn: Mrs. C. BARNHART & Mrs. C. N. DEWEY both of Mersea Twp, 13 September 1900, Mersea Twp
5136-00 George Mayne BARNETT, 21, farmer, Gosfield South, same, s/o Charles & Harriet, married Phoebe Lisetta McGORMAN, 20, Haldimand, Gosfield South, d/o William McGORMAN & Elizabeth GRAINGER, witn: Leonard WIGLE & Ethel Cora McGORMAN, both of Gosfield South, 24 Oct. 1900 at Kingsville 5316-00 William W. BASSARDEL?, 25, farmer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o James BASSARDEL & Louisa BARTLETT, married Addie GERUE, 22, Michigan, Detroit, d/o J.B. GERUE & Ellen HAYES, witn: Kate & Agnes HIND of Sandwich, 24 May 1900 at Sandwich
5300-00 Noe BASTIEN, 23, laborer, Sandwich West, Sandwich, s/o Xavier BASTIEN & Flo LAFRAMBOISE, married Rose ROBERT, 17, Sandwich West, Sandwich, d/o John ROBERT & Adelaide LAFRAMBOISE, witn: Albert ROBERT & Eliza OUELLETTE, both of Sandwich, 21 May 1900 at Sandwich 5087-00 John BERTRAND, 26, farmer, Colchester South, same, s/o Charles BERTRAND & Elisa, married Lottie RUPERT, 24, Blenheim, Essex, d/o John & Jane, witn: Herbert & Mary ROBINSON of Essex, 25 Dec 1900 at Essex
5060-00 Thomas BONDY, 35, farmer, Colchester South, Harrow, s/o Christopher BONDY & Zoe L'HEREUX, married Etty RIDSDALE, 23, Sandwich West, Colchester South, d/o George RIDSDALE & Mercy HALL, witn: Annie McCORMICK & Marie WHALEN, both of Colchester South, 14 Feb 1900 at Colchester 5062-00 Andrew BREMNER, 24, carpenter, Colchester South, same, s/o Alexander BREMNER & Elizabeth ULCH?, married Hattie Ann GRANT, 21, Colchester South, same, d/o John GRANT & Flora MILLS, witn: Forest STEPHENS & Emma GRANT, both of Colchester South, 14 Feb 1900 at Harrow
5037-00 John BUEKLE, 25, moulder, Detroit, same, s/o Jacob BUEKLE & blank SOTROCHK, married Sadie LUDWICK, 22, Bay City, Belle River, d/o Henry LUDWICK & Martha TRUDO, witn: Eli TRUDO of Belle River & Albert MARKHAM of Stoney Point, 22 Jan 1900 at Belle River (Rom Cath) 5132-00 Robert BUTLER, 30, laborer, Ontario, Leamington, s/o Daniel BUTLER & Ann CARROTHERS, married Mary HAMBLY, 21, Ontario, Leamington, d/o James HAMBLY & Ann Eliz. CADY, witn: Ella & Jennie BUTLER of Leamington, 7 Sept 1900 at Kingsville
005219/00 (Essex Co) Alexander CAMPBELL Jr., 25, farmer, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, s/o Alexander CAMPBELL & Susanna HOCKEY, married Rhoda WHITTAL, 18, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o William WHITTAL & Janet COLLARD, witn: Hannah RADFORD & Hattie May FOX both of Mersea Twp, 1 October 1900, Mersea Twp  
5116-00 Willia CHASE, 22, farmer, Rochester Ont., Gosfield, s/o Thomas CHASE & Ellen BERNIE, married Maud SCRAM, 16, Essex Co., Leamington, d/o John SCRAM & Isabella TAYLOR, witn: George & Blanch SHERIDAN of Gosfield, 25 Dec 1900 at Gosfield 5129-00 James R. Lamont COATE, 26, merchant, Chatham, Kingsville, s/o Philip COATE & Catherine LAMONT, married Mabel Louise KING, 23, Kingsville, same, d/o James W. KING & Harriet SMITH, witn: Gertrude & Laura KING of Kingsville and J. Wesley PETCH of Detroit, 20 June 1900 at Kingsville
5111-00 John COGHILL, 19, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o Anthony COGHILL & Mary DEWHURST, married Linnie Edna ALLEN, 18, Gosfield, same, d/o Leonard ALLEN & Elizabeth TOWNSEND, witn: Annie McMULLEN of London & Annie C. McMULLEN of Ruthven, 25 June 1900 at Ruthven 005210/00 (Essex Co) Albert B. DEVITT, 30, R.R. Conductor, Mersea Twp, Walkerville, s/o David DEVITT & Lorrita? KREUGER, married Nellie May STEWART, 20, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o Charles W. STEWART & Victoria WILKINSON, witn: Howard C. STEWART & Victoria STEWART both of Mersea Twp, 12 April 1900, Mersea Twp
5303-00 William DOTY, 43, widower, printer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Harley DOTY & Elvina HASKETT, married Mary E. MERICOLL?, 43, widow, Canada, Detroit, d/o James REED & Emma SHURT?, witn: F. E. & M. E. GREEN of Detroit, 2 May 1900 at Sandwich 5299-00 William DOU--NAN?, 32, carriage maker, Germany, Pontiac, s/o Charles DOU--? & Maud KARNELL?, married Lizzie FISHER, 33, Detroit, Pontiac, d/o Charles FISHER & Marie SANDERS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John WIGLE of Windsor, 17 May 1900 at Sandwich
5315-00 Walter S. DUPONT, 31, druggist, Michigan, Detroit, s/o William DUPONT & Cath SIENTHANEL?, married Eda A. D—BACH?, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o E. S. DUNNSBACK? & Elizabeth ECKERT, witn: Sarah PENTLAND & G. R. M. PENTLAND of Sandwich, 24 May 1900 at Sandwich 5076-00 Edward EDGEWORTH, 70, widower, farmer, Ontario, Anderdon, s/o John EDGEWORTH & Hannah FREEMAN, married Mary JONES, 40, England, Colchester North, d/o Louis JONES & Sarah PEDDRICK, witn: W. D. BEAMAN & Jessie P. FORD, both of Essex, 24 July 1900 at Essex
  005203/00 (Essex Co) James A. FENTON, 53, widower, tobacco manufacturer, U.S.A., Leamington, s/o Enoch FENTON & Sarah JOHNSTON, married Lilly Jennettia DELAHAYE, 27, Kent Co , Leamington, d/o John DELAHAYE & Annie LAWSON, witn: Freddie & Nina LINADAC? of Romney Twp, 27 December 1899, Mersea Twp
5058-00 John FERGUSON, 21, farmer, Chatham, Colchester North, s/o Frank FERGUSON & Miley HARTWICK, married Bertha GILLETT, 22, Aylmer, Colchester North, d/o Robert GILLETT & Melvina BOWEN, witn: Jennie BRETHROP & Edna F. BOUSSEY, both of Harrow, 24 Jan 1900 at Harrow 5312-00 Emil FINGEL, 39, brewer, Germany, Cleveland, s/o Frederick FINGEL & Matel? SWATZ?, married Lena RUFFORT (Rupport?), 39, Germany, Cleveland, d/o Frederick RUFFORT & Louisa STRANTAK?, 21 May 1900 at Sandwich
#005696-00 (Essex Co): William FLOOD, 27, tinsmith, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Frank FLOOD & Lavina JACKSON, married Jennie NEWTON, 27, England, Detroit, d/o Fred NEWTON & Elizabeth HOOPER, 22 Nov 1900 at Windsor 5323-00 Cyrus M. FLUHART, 37, Ohio, Cleveland, s/o Robert FLUHART & Margaret THIESSEN, married Malvina SHAW, 33, Ohio, Cleveland, d/o F. BENSON & Mary SIPE, witn: A. SMITH & G. GRAHAM?, both of Windsor, 1 June 1900 at Sandwich [as written]
5142-00 George Eli FOX, 24, farmer, Gosfield South, same, s/o George FOX & Jane THOMPSON, married Ethel BALTZER, 20, Gosfield South, same, d/o Michael BALTZER & Susan MALOTT, witn: Catherine E. CLEMENT of Kingsville & Mary P. PROCTOR of Sarnia, 21 Nov 1900 at Kingsville 005217/00 (Essex Co) Thomas Albert FULLER, 26, farmer, England, Mersea Twp, s/o William FULLER & Matilda BURLING, married Ella Jean HOPE, 22, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o James HOPE & Sarah REID, witn: William J. HOPE & Bella HOPE both of Mersea Twp, 19 September 1900, Mersea Twp
5319-00 Willis GEROW, 25, railway man, Michigan, Grand Rapids, s/o Freeman GEROW & Sarah McDONALD, married Georgie McNAUGHTON, 18, Michigan, New Boston Mich., d/o Reid (Rich?) McNAUGHTON & Martha SMITH, witn: Ed & Mabel STOTHERS of New Boston, 27 May 1900 at Sandwich  
5135-00 Ernest J. GILLESPIE, 25, mechanic, Kingsville, same, s/o Hugh GILLESPIE & Sarah FOX, married Annie McCORMICK, 25, Indianapolis USA, Kingsville, d/o William McCORMICK & Sarah FRINK?, witn: Sarah GILLESPIE & Carrie McDONALD, both of Kingsville, 23 Sept 1900 at Kingsville 5083-00 John Walker GRANT, 19, farmer, Ontario, Maidstone, s/o George GRANT & Catherine DEACON, married Mary ALLEN, 21, Ontario, Maidstone, d/o Barnard ALLEN & Elizabeth McFARLANE, witn: Phoebe GRANT of Maidstone, 3 Oct 1900 at Essex
5308-00 Ernest GRUGEL, 21, polisher, Ohio, Broklyn? Ohio, s/o Charles GRUGEL & Mary COLLINS, married Lena STENCK, 18, Ohio, Broklyn? Ohio, d/o Herman STENCK & Mary FRISBEY, witn: Marcella & John WIGLE of Windsor, 14 May 1900 at Sandwich 5063-00 Miles Philemon HALSTEAD, 22, farmer, Harrow, same, s/o James HALSTEAD & Clara GOBLE, married Helenor (Nettie) FAIRBROTHER, 17, Harrow, same, d/o George FAIRBROTHER & Ann WHITE, witn: Gordon & Maud HALSTEAD of Harrow, 28 March 1900 at Harrow
005215/00 (Essex Co) Albert Arthur HARRIS, 22, farmer, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, s/o Samuel HARRIS & Eliza Ann CULLAN, married Josephine Louisa CULLEN, 20, Mt. Brydges, Mersea Twp, d/o John CULLEN & Sarah Jane PONEVILLE, witn: Gordon HARRIS of Mersea Twp & Lona EDWARDS of Leamington, 4 July 1900, Mersea Twp 005204/00 (Essex Co) Henry Burns HATT, 26, farmer, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, s/o William HATT & Elizabeth HICKSON, married Jene? E. LIDDALL, 19, England, Mersea Twp, d/o Thomas LIDDALL & Elizabeth IMESON, witn: John LIDDALL & Elsie TENNANT both of Mersea Twp, 10 January 1900, Mersea Twp
5307-00 Charles HELMORE, 25, decorator, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Thomas HELMORE & Elizabeth DYER, married Lilian RUTH, 19, Michigan, Marine City, d/o August RUTH & Anna KELLY, witn: Charles & Emma NORTON of Detroit, 12 May 1900 at Sandwich 5133-00 A. J. HERRINGTON, 42, music teacher, Kingsville, same, s/o R. D. & Adelaide, married Susan P. JOHNSON, 32, teacher, Chicago, Osh Kosh Wis., d/o Charles & Carrie T., witn: Robert E. WIGLE & J. W. HERRINGTON, both of Kingsville, 2 Sept 1900 at Kingsville
005205/00 (Essex Co) James Watson HODGSON, 26, farmer, Romney Twp, Romney Twp, s/o James W. HODGSON & Helen IMESON, married Melissa Ann DALES, 27, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o Joseph DALES & Mary IMESON, witn: William DALES & Orvie CATES both of Mersea Twp, 17 January 1900, Mersea Twp 005213/00 (Essex Co) William L. HOPE, 27, farmer, Tilbury East, Tilbury East, s/o William HOPE & Martha HANCOCK, married Edith A. FISH, 28, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o Robert FISH & Jane HOPGOOD, witn: Jennie McHARDY of Stewart Kent Co & Sarah HOPE of Merlin, 12 June 1900, Mersea Twp
5130-00 William HORNE, 33, book keeper, England, Windsor, s/o James M. BAILEY & Emmanuel HORNE, married Rosalind GRENVILLE, 27, Kingsville, same, d/o William A. GRENVILLE & Mina FOX, witn: Charles GRENVILLE & Jennie ALLEN, both of Kingsville, 29 Aug 1900 at Kingsville 005214/00 (Essex Co) Henry Leslie HUTCHINSON, 29, brakeman, Blenheim, Walkerville, s/o John HUTCHINSON & Maggie HOPE, married Maggie Louisa ARMSTRONG, 25, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o Thomas ARMSTRONG & Jane HILLIER, witn: James SELKIRK & Eliza HUTCHINSON both of Mersea Twp, 20 June 1900, Mersea Twp
5057-00 Almeron ILER, 21, farmer, Colchester South, same, s/o Theodore ILER & Eliza JONES, married Hester Edna Rosetta COWAN, 18, Colchester South, same, d/o William COWAN & Mary Ann BENNETT, witn: Jennie BARTHOPE & Fannie HARRIS, both of Harrow, 31 Jan 1900 at Harrow 005196/00 (Essex Co) Franklin IRWIN, 24, farmer, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, s/o John IRWIN & Hilda ROLFSON, married Elizabeth FOZER, 20, Michigan U.S.A., Mersea Twp, d/o Albert FOZER & Martha VOAKET, witn: John W. IRWIN of Mersea Twp & Lillian SOULLIERE of Michigan U.S.A., 1 January 1900, Mersea Twp.
5321-00 James JOHNSON, 57, laborer, Ireland, Detroit, s/o And. JOHNSON & Mary Ann JONES, married Margaret McGHEE, 60, Canada, Detroit, d/o John McGHEE & Margaret BR--?, 29 May 1900 at Sandwich 005206/00 (Essex Co) Aldred James JONES, 28, commercial traveler, Union Grove, Niagara Falls U.S.A., s/o James JONES & Mary Ann JONES, married Edith WALKER, 29, England, Mersea Twp, d/o George Henry WALKER & Elizabeth WALKER, witn: William L. WALKER of Amherstburg Ontario & Angie WALKER of Mersea Twp, 7 February 1900, Mersea Twp.
5114-00 John JONES, 25, farmer, Gosfield North, same, s/o William JONES & Isabella WOLFE, married Ora SHEPLY, 22, Gosfield, same, d/o Jacob SHEPLY & Alvira WILCOX, witn: J. C. & E.M. SHEPLY of Gosfield, 24 Oct. 1900 at Gosfield 5061-00 Henry LANGLOIS, 23, farmer, Colchester, Colchester South, s/o Tough? LANGLOIS & Elizabeth LYPPE, married Mandena FOX, 24, Colchester, Colchester South, d/o Peter FOX & Jane STOCKWELL, witn: Lilla? HOTTON & Marie WHALEN, both of Colchester, 27 March 1900 at Colchester
5044-00 Pierre L'ARPENTIGNY, 30, widower, laborer, Belle River, same, s/o Pierre L'ARPENTIGNY & Zoe PARENT, married Rose Delima DUPUIS, 22, Belle River, same, d/o Narcisse DUPUIS, farmer, & Marie RENAUD, witn: Narcisse & Willie DUPUIS of Belle River, 1 May 1900 at Belle River (Rom Cath) 5077-00 William A. LIEBROCK, 26, jeweller, Wheatly, Leamington, s/o John LIEBROCK & Mary Ann BREEZE, married Mary Ann HALL, 18, Essex Co., Essex, d/o David HALL & Jane HOLLAND, witn: David & Martha HALL of Essex, 11 Aug 1900 at Essex
5317-00 Robert A. LITTLE, 25, tailor, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Albert LITTLE & Elizabeth BURGESS, married Gertrude DEMASSE (Demaise?), 19, Ontario, Windsor, d/o George DEMASSE & Harriett YOTT, witn: Agnes HIND & G. PENTLAND, both of Sandwich, 26 May 1900 at Sandwich 5324-00 William LUDLOW, 38, mechanic, Michigan, Allegne?, s/o Hugh LUDLOW & Erie TALINE?, married Minnie DAVIS, 25, Michigan, Allegne?, d/o Andrew DAVIS & Jane DARLING, 3 June 1900 at Sandwich
5313-00 Edward MAHAN, 26, commercial traveler, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Thomas MAHAN & Annie COWALL (Corrall?), married Emma MERRY, 22, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Conrad MERRY & Mat. ?—ASHER, witn: Kath & Agnes HIND of Sandwich, 21 May 1900 at Sandwich 5301-00 Charles MANQUE?, 30, farmer, Alsace, Sandwich West, s/o Francis MANQUE & Ad. MACC--?, married Graselle PRATTE, 31, Sandwich West, Sandwich, d/o Eloi PRATTE & Desange LAZON, witn: Bernard PRATTE of Sandwich West & Marg NESTERMAN of Windsor, 22 May 1900 at Sandwich
5079-00 Joseph John MANSELL, 23, CERR agent, Essex Co., McGregor, s/o Joseph MANSELL & Catherine HARPER, married Carrie Blanche FAUL, 20, Prince Edward Co., Windsor, d/o H. M. FAUL & Phoebe Ellen WALT, witn: H. M. FAUL of Windsor & Catherine MANSELL of S. Woodslie, 26 Sept 1900 at Essex 5304-00 Bert J. McGINNIS (McGivens?), 27, carpenter, Michigan, Detroit, s/o J. L. McGINNIS & L. A. MARVEN, married Jennie SHAW, 26, Ontario, Detroit, d/o J. S. SHAW & Maria RUSHMAN?, witn: R. S. ROFST? & Florence PHIPPS, both of Detroit, 3 May 1900 at Sandwich
005225/00 (Essex Co) John Dorlon McINTOSH, 24, farmer, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, s/o Philip McINTOSH & Hannah M. PERSALL, married Edith Christina HOOKER, 23, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o Francis HOOKER & Susanna REID, witn: Archie McINTOSH & Agnes J. BEATTIE both of Mersea Twp, 27 December 1900, Mersea Twp  
005222/00 (Essex Co) Harris McMULLIN, 24, farmer, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, s/o David McMULLIN & Mary COULTER, married Ruby HOOKER, 18, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o George HOOKER & Ruth REID, witn: Mary A. LAMARSH & Marie E. BLATCHFORD both of Mersea Twp, 19 October 1900, Mersea Twp. 5064-00 John McNULTY, 30, carriage finisher, St. Thomas, South Bend Indiana, s/o John & Sarah, married Harriet A. McINTYRE, 30, Ortenville Mich., Detroit, d/o P. L. & Annetta, witn: Frank B. ILER & Esther SMITHER?, both of Harrow, 18 June 1900 at Harrow
5119-00 James Albert MITCHELL, 25, widower, cheese maker, Northumberland Co., Kingsville, s/o Shadrach MITCHELL & Mary MAYBEE, married May Bertha WIGLE, 19, Gosfield South, Kingsville, d/o Prideux WIGLE & Lydia Emily FOSTER, witn: Monro WIGLE & Dora MAYCOCK, both of Kingsville, 1 Jan 1900 at Kingsville 005198/00 (Essex Co) William MOODY, 22, farmer, Romney Twp, Romney Twp, s/o James MOODY & Adeline McLEAN, married Elizabeth BROWN, 18, Tilbury West Twp, Tilbury West Twp, d/o John L. BROWN & Mary McEWAN, witn: Mrs. C. N. DEWEY & H. M. FOX both of Mersea Twp, 3 January 1900, Mersea Twp
  5118-00 Thomas MORGAN, 33, farmer, Haldimand Co., same, s/o Thomas MORGAN & Rachel GARRINGER, married Martha Jane BARNETT, 26, South Gosfield, same, d/o Charles & Harriet, witn: Mary & Edward BARNETT, both of S. Gosfield, 1 Jan 1900 at Kingsville
5043-00 Gideon MOUSSEAU (Monsseau?), 26, carpenter, Belle River, same, s/o J. MONSSEAU & Marguerite DUCHARME, married Verginie DUMOND, 23, Belle River, same, d/o Joseph DUMOND, farmer, & Euphraisie CHEVALIER, witn: J.Z?. MONSSEAU of Woodslie & Joseph DUMOND of Belle River, 1 May 1900 at Belle River (Rom Cath) 5309-00 Emil MUNDT, 20, machinist, Michigan, Detroit, s/o John J. MUNDT & Mary GREEN?, married Julia BRULE?, 20, widow, Michigan, Detroit, d/o A. GUBLEMANE? & Elizabeth VOGEL, 17 May 1900 at Sandwich
5089-00 William John NESBITT, 28, farmer, Carleton Co., Maidstone, s/o William NESBITT & Jane WATT, married Ella CARNAHAN, 26, Ontario, Colchester North, d/o Elias CARNAHAN & Sarah E. McANENARY, witn: W. E. CHURCH of New York & Jessie P. FORD of Essex, 26 Dec 1900 at Essex 5310-00 Frank L. NICHOLAS, 35, moulder, Ohio, Toledo, s/o Herman NICHOLAS & Emma EDWARDS, married Rocela LEWIS, 23, Ohio, Toledo, d/o Art LEWIS & Frances BREWER, witn: Ed B. & Mable WINTER of Windsor, 20 May 1900 at Sandwich
5306-00 Charles NORTON, 22, decorator, Michigan, Detroit, s/o J. A. NORTON & A. S. DAY, married Emma JOHNSON, 22, Sweden, Detroit, d/o John JOHNSON & Anna BRAIER?, witn: Charles HELMORE & Lilian PALMER, both of Detroit, 12 May 1900 at Sandwich 5305-00 Edward O’HARA, 25, butcher, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Denis O’HARA & Johanna SUFFLE?, married Evelyn CASSCIRASE?, 22, England, Detroit, d/o Thomas B. CASSESSONS? & Georgina PECK?, 11 May 1900 at Sandwich
5040-00 Adolphe PARENT, 31, laborer, Belle River, same, s/o Jerome PARENT & Agnes PRIMEAU, married Odile GOULET, 26, dress maker, Belle River, same, d/o George GOULET & Julie LALONDE, witn: Jerome PARENT & George GOULET, both of Belle River, 26 Feb 1900 at Belle River (Rom Cath) 5038-00 Wilfred PARENT, 25, laborer, Belle River, same, s/o Jerome PARENT & Agness PRIMEAU, married Cecilie LALONDE, 27, Belle River, same, d/o Gaspare LALONDE, farmer, & Zie DUBE, witn: William LALONDE of Belle River & Josie PARENT of Windsor, 25 Jan 1900 at Belle River (Rom Cath)
5080-00 Daniel W. PATTEN, 22, barber, Ontario, Essex, s/o James PATTEN & Cynthia EMIGH, married Sarah E. BROWN, 23, compositor, Kent Co., Essex, d/o John E. BROWN & Eliza EARLY, witn: Lawrence FROUGH of Sandwich & Fannie BROWN of Essex, 18 Oct 1900 at Essex 5318-00 Henry PELTIER, 21, horse trainer, Michigan, Mt. Clemens, s/o John PELTIER & Alice LURY?, married Mabel TUCKER, 21, Michigan, Mt. Clemens, d/o James TUCKER & Jennie WEEKS, 26 May 1900 at Sandwich
005212/00 (Essex Co) George W. PICKFORD, 26, farmer, Belle River, Romney Twp, s/o William PICKFORD & Susanna KING, married Margaret A. BROWN, 20, Tilbury Twp, Tilbury Twp, d/o Thomas BROWN & Mary McEWAN, witn: H. PICKFORD & Mrs. Ada FOX both of Mersea Twp, 6 June 1900, Mersea Twp 005218/00 (Essex Co) Noble Allen PRENDERGAST, 30, farmer, Huron Co, Tilbury West, s/o Mathew PRENDERGAST & Hannah RICE, married Annie Bernice IMESON, 23, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o Gaines IMESON & Catherine CAMERON, witn: Henry B. PRENDERGAST of Tilbury West & Nellie B. IMESON of Mersea Twp, 20 September 1900, Mersea Twp.
005200/00 (Essex Co) Walter PUTT, 26, farmer, England, Kent Co, s/o John PUTT & Jane ERANT, married Rhoda Ann PAINE, 20, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o Eli PAINE & Eliza Jane NEBBITT, witn: William H. MILLS of Mersea Twp & Etta M. NEBBITT of Leamington, 3 January 1900, Wheatley Mersea Twp 5123-00 Thomas Robson RAWSON, 34, farmer, Caledonia, Kingsville, s/o Joseph RAWSON & Martha ROBINSON, married Carrie Bell LAWRENCE, 20, Michigan, Kingsville, d/o Silas LAWRENCE & Eleanor McKEAGUE, witn: William RAWSON & Daisy LAWRENCE, both of Kingsville, 19 March 1900 at Kingsville
005207/00 (Essex Co) Amos K. REID, 23, farmer, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, s/o James A. REID & Catherine KENNEDY, married Selina BEACON, 19, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o Robert BEACON & Jane KENNEDY, witn: Nora NEVILS & Mrs. BATCHFORD both of Mersea Twp, 21 March 1900, Wheatley Mersea Twp. 5134-00 Frank Aspinall REID, 25, merchant, London Ont., same, s/o W. J. REID & Kate ASPINALL, married Anna Laura KING, 3, Kingsville, same, d/o S.A. KING & Esther WIGLE, witn: Walter REID of London & Gertrude E. ROBBINS of Walkerville, 10 Oct 1900 at Kingsville
5042-00 John RENAUD, 28, widower, laborer, Belle River, same, s/o J.B. RENAUD & Marceline MOREAU, married Marie LAMBERT, 25, Tecumseh, same, d/o Simeon LAMBERT & Emilie BARNEDRE?, witn: Pierre RENAUD & Delina LAMBERT, both of Belle River, 1 May 1900 at Belle River (Rom Cath) 5113-00 Martin RILEY, 26, farmer, Gosfield North, same, s/o Isaac RILEY & Sophia KNIGHT, married Therresa STOCKWELL, 20, Mersea, Gosfield, d/o George STOCKWELL & Jennie WEBBER, witn: Howard STOCKWELL & Mrs. W. BAUGH, both of Gosfield, 19 Sept 1900 at Gosfield
5041-00 Josire St. PIERRE, 26, laborer, Gutten? Flatts Quebec, Belle River, s/o Eusebe St.PIERRE & Jonoide? GALIPEAU, married Sarah PAPINEAU, 20, Belle River, same, d/o Moise PAPINEAU, farmer, & Georgianna SAUVE?, witn" Eusebe St. PIERRE & Moise PAPINEAU, both of Belle River, 30 April 1900 at Belle River (Rom Cath) 5141-00 Sherman P. SCRATCH, 29, farmer, Gosfield South, same, s/o Henry SCRATCH & Sarah McNUTT, married Minnie C. McDONALD, 25, Kingsville, same, d/o Lewis McDONALD & Orilla WIGLE, witn: Robert BLACK & Mabel MALOTT, both of Kingsville, 14 Nov 1900 at Kingsville
5321-00 John SHANAHAN, 36, mechanic, USA, Detroit, s/o Denis SHANAHAN & Mary McCARTY, married Nellie CASE, 34, England, Detroit, d/o Jacob CASE & Jane CROKER, 29 May 1900 at Sandwich 005197/00 (Essex Co) Norman A. SIMPSON, 26, farmer, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, s/o Robert SIMPSON & Elizabeth BURKHOLDER, married Rosa May LANE, 21, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o Horatio LANE & Hattie MIDDLETON, witn: Burns HODGSON & Hattie WIGFIELD both of Mersea Twp, 1 January 1900, Mersea Twp.
5086-00 Mahlon Albert SMITH, 30, mechanic, Ancaster, Leamington, s/o James Albert SMITH & Margaret Jane LONDON, married Martha Josephine LONDON, 28, Ontario, Woodslie, d/o Joseph LONDON & Mary Ann HISLOP, witn: Mrs. R. J. MURPHY & Mrs. R. R. BRETT, both of Essex, 14 Nov 1900 at Essex 005208/00 (Essex Co) Robert J. SPARLING, 30, farmer, Perth Co, Mersea Twp, s/o Robert W. SPARLING & Martha GILPIN, married Elizabeth E. MILLS, 25, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o Thomas MILLS & Mary Jane CREIGHTON, witn: Harvey SIMPSON of Romney & Jennie MILLS of Mersea Twp, 21 February 1900, Wheatley Mersea Twp.
5326-00 [no first name given] STANDBURY, 24, machinist, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Thomas STANDBURY & Hannah D—Y?, married Minnie M. ELLIOTT, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John ELLIOTT & Sarah KIRTY?, witn: J. & Mrs. W. FERNWOOD? of Detroit, 5 June 1900 at Sandwich  
5325-00 Murray STAPLETON, 22, fireman, Ontario, Cleveland, s/o James STAPLETON & Josephine ROSS, married Helen RYAN, 22, Ohio, Cleveland, d/o Thomas RYAN & Just? M—NEY?, 4 June 1900 at Sandwich 5128-00 Samuel STERLING, 38, Howard twp., same, s/o not given, married Cora Ball RANDALL, 29, widow, Leamington, same, d/o not given, witn: F. H. & Emma CAREY of Wallaceburg, 7 June 1900 at Kingsville
5078-00 James STEVENSON, 27, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o James STEVENSON & Lizzie COWAN, married Hannah SHEPLEY, 20, Colchester, Maidstone, d/o Solomon SHEPLEY & Emma MICHAEL, witn: Lizzie FLEMING & E. LAING, both of Essex, 20 Sept 1900 at Essex 005221/00 (Essex Co) Allen Henry STEWART, 25, farmer, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, s/o Alexander STEWART & Elizabeth McLEOD, married Edith Luella REID, 24, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o James REID & Ruth OGLE, witn: Lewis McMULLEN & Christina STEWART both of Mersea Twp, 10 October 1900, Mersea Twp.
5320-00 Edward STOTHERS, 22, nursery agent, New York, New Boston Mich., s/o William STOTHERS & Mary STEEL, married Mabel KREBS, 18, Michigan, New Boston, d/o Harmon KREBS & Euph USBORNE (Weburne?), witn: W. C. & George GEROW of Grand Rapids, 27 May 1900 at Sandwich 005199/00 (Essex Co) William TILDEN, 39, widower, farmer, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, s/o Charles TILDEN & Ann ROBINSON, married Harriet Ann HOOKER, 28, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o George HOOKER & Ruth REID, witn: John R. HOOKER & Ruby HOOKER both of Mersea Twp, 3 January 1900, Mersea Twp
5311-00 Manor TREMBLY, 40, widower, steam boat carpenter, Michigan, Mt. Clemens, s/o J. B. TREMBLY & Mary NICHOLA, married Annie CARHILL, 31, widow, Michigan, Mt. Clemens, d/o Frank MOORE & Jessie BOYER, witn: W. H. & Mrs. F. LEECH of St. Clair, 21 May 1900 at Sandwich 5138-00 Russell ULCH, 24, farmer, Kingsville, same, s/o John ULCH & Cornelia WIGLE, married Jane VALADE, 22, Colchester twp., Kingsville, d/o Dominique VALADE & Sarah BAILEY, witn: Charles VALADE & Dulrie ULCH, both of Kingsville, 24 Oct 1900 at Kingsville
005223/00 (Essex Co) Hubert VANATTER, 28, druggist, Mersea Twp, Joliet Illinois, s/o William H. VANATTER & Amanda KENNY, married Lucy J. WHITTLE, 25, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o Jackson WHITTLE & Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, witn: Laird MANN & Olah MANN both of Leamington, 31 October 1900, Mersea Twp. 005224/00 (Essex Co) Anthony VANHORN, 22, farmer, Tilbury West, Tilbury West, s/o James VANHORN & Jane SWAN, married Hannah Agnes McGREGOR, 19, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o John A. McGREGOR & Selina BALL, witn: Wilmot BELL of Mersea Twp & Ella SPENCE of Ridgetown, 31 October 1900, Mersea Twp.
005226/00 (Essex Co) Everett Alvin WATSON, 21, farmer, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, s/o Solomon WATSON & Melinda MERRYFIELD, married Ida Maud WIGFIELD, 21, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o William WIGFIELD & Elizabeth MIDDLETON, witn: Culbert WIGFIELD & Oradell WATSON both of Mersea Twp, 21 November 1900, Mersea Twp 5314-00 Henry H. WICKS (Wilks?), 21, machinist, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Charles WILKS & Louisa R—TA?, married Daisy P. HEPKINS (s/b Hopkins?), 19, North Carolina, Detroit, d/o James HEPKINS & Anna TAYLOR, witn: F. W. & Mrs. F. W. STEWART of Detroit, 22 May 1900 at Sandwich
5115-00 Homer WIGLE, 30, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o Charles WIGLE & Mary Ann FOX, married Minnie FOX, 33, Gosfield, same, d/o Charles FOX & Caroline WIPER, witn: Harry & Mary MATTHEW of Gosfield, 5 Dec 1900 at Gosfield 005211/00 (Essex Co) Ernest Ogiling WIGLE, 25, barber, Gosfield South, Leamington, s/o Joseph H. WIGLE & Mary RUSSELL, married Catherine May DeLAURIER, 20, Michigan U.S.A., Mersea Twp, d/o Gilbert DeLAURIER & Mary MITCHIE, witn: W. T. GREGORY & Edith May MARCOTTE both of Leamington, 13 April 1900, Mersea Twp
5301-00 Charles WILBERT?, 24, laborer, Pe--?, Detroit, s/o Any? WELBERT? & Amelie CROKER, married Laura SPARKS, 25, widow, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Dennis MEND--? & Rose KEELY, witn: Kate & Agnes HIND of Sandwich, 1 May 1900 at Sandwich 005220/00 (Essex Co) Albert WILLIAMS, 25, farmer, Kingsville, Chatham, s/o Robert WILLIAMS & Diantha MALOTT, , married Octavia MILLER, 21, Leamington, Chatham, d/o John MILLER & Anna WEBBER, witn: R.A. HOWEY & M. E. BLATCHFORD of Mersea Twp, 4 October 1900, Mersea Twp
5082-00 Herbert Leslie WRIGHT, 21, farmer, Ontario, Gosfield, s/o Robert WRIGHT & Sarah FISHER, married Amy McMURREN, 20, Ontario, Maidstone, d/o Joseph McMURREN & Ellen PAISHLEY, witn: Ellen CHURCH & Jessie P. FORD, both of Essex, 3 Oct. 1900 at Essex