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Essex Co., 1901

birth place is given before residence


6462-01 Joseph ADAMS, 29, restaurateur, Ontario, Detroit, /s/o Henry ADAMS & Eliza COLUMBUS, married Maud DONNELLY, 23, Ontario, Detroit, d/o John DONNELLY & Nora CONWAY, 5 June 901 at Windsor 6465-01 James D. ALEXANDER, 27, soldier, Michigan, Detroit, s/o George B. ALEXANDER & Adeline ROGERS, married Maria DREN, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Daniel DREN & Margaret ROGERS, 9 June 1901 at Windsor
006667-1901 (Co of Essex) H.H. ANDERSON, 21, Michigan, Detroit, Clerk, s/o O.F. ANDERSON & Ella HALL, married Mildred MARTIN, 19, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Richard MARTIN & Margaret GRAHAM, wtn: Ethel KAYS of Windsor, on October 11, 1901, at Windsor 6469-01 Robert ANDERSON, 40, saloon keeper, Scotland, Detroit, s/o John & Barbara, married Grace MILLENS, 30, widow, Canada, Detroit, d/o Richard COLLEN & Maria DOUGLAS, 15 June 1901 at Windsor
  6502-01 George ARCHER, 22, mechanic, England, St. Thomas, s/o Henry ARCHER & Margaret RYAN, married Grace THOMAS, 21, Ontario, Chatham, d/o J.A. THOMAS & M. CUNNINGHAM, witn: Alex THOMAS of Detroit & Lue THOMAS of Chatham, 2 Dec 1901 at Windsor
6453-01 Louis ATCHISON, 20, steel worker, Michigan, Cleveland, s/o John ATCHISON & Janettte MOCKELWAINE (s/b McIlwaine?), married Pauline LORENZE, 21, Ohio, Cleveland, d/o Fred LORENZE & Caroline NEWCOMER, witn: Alice STANFORD & William SUMMERSGILL, both of Cleveland, 4 July 1901 at Windsor 6446-01 Francis BARCEIA, 24, electrician, Michigan, Detroit, s/o William BARCEIA & Anne SHOWER, married Maud BARTHOLOMEW, 20, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Benjamin BARTHOLOMEW & Eliza WELLS, witn: M. F. TOLMIE & Minnie PRINGLE, both of Windsor, 20 June 1901 at Windsor
006577-1901  Albert BECKWITH, 21, Ohio, Cleveland, Milkman, s/o J.T. BECKWITH & J.E. TRAXLER, married Abbie E. ROBERTSON, 18, Ohio, Cleveland, d/o R.L. ROBERTSON & Mollie MORRIS, wtn: Eve BECKWITH of Cleveland, on September 11, 1901, at Windsor 6511-01 Frank BELBY, 26, moulder, New York, Detroit, s/o George BELBY & Sarah FORSYTH, married Mary A. SMITH, 31, divorced, Ontario, Detroit, d/o William McLEAN & Sarah HOCKE, witn: W.E. MILLSON of Gesto & M.A. LIVINGSTONE of Windsor, 26 Dec 1901 at Windsor
6448-01 Frank J. BOWENHAUSER, 22, clerk, Ohio, Sandusky Ohio, s/o Emil BOWENHAUSER & Mary GRANT, married Minnie REED, 22, Ohio, Sandusky Ohio, d/o Joseph REED & Louisa SCHNELL, 20 June 1901 at Windsor  
6828-01 (Essex Co) John B. BRODD, 25, telephone manager, Ontario, Tecumseh Mich, s/o David BRODD & Mary PETRIE, married Emma SCHRODER, 25, Michigan, Tecumseh Mich, d/o Louis SCHRODER & Sophia MASHER, witn: M.F. TOLMIE & Florence KEELER, both of Windsor, 2 Sept 1901 at Windsor 6823-01 (Essex Co) Otto A. BRODDA, 27, ironworker, Germany, Detroit, s/o August & Minnie BRODDA, married Susan E. LOCKIE, 24, Ontario, Blythe Ont, d/o Alex LOCKIE & Eliz CLUETT, witn: M.F. TOLMIE & Florence KEELER, both of Windsor, 14 Aug 1901 at Windsor
6819-01 (Essex Co) Alex BROOKER, 21, farmer, Ontario, Amherstburg, s/o Thomas BROOKER & Mary MELOCHE, married Josephine BROOKER, 25, Ontario, Anderdon, d/o William BROOKER & Victoria MELOCHE, witn: George & Maggie WELSH, both of Windsor, 1 Aug 1901 at Windsor, RC 6447-01 William Henry BROWN, 34, widower, clerk, Ohio, Sandusky Ohio, s/o H.H. BROWN & Hannah WEST, married Jean Hughena (Black) MUNRO, 25, Port Hope Ont., Windsor, d/o George MUNO & J. Gray MOLLISON, witn: Florence DOMME? & Gustave O. CILIAX, both of Detroit, 20 June 1901 at Windsor [as written]
#006434-01 (Essex Co): Elsworth J. BURDICK, 32, electrical engineer, Wisconsin, Detroit, s/o H.L. BURDICK & Helen TAYLOR, married Sylva B. CROSS, 24, Michigan, Detroit, d/o James CROSS & Harriet DIETZ, 23 April 1901 at Windsor 6457-01 Thomas BURGESS, 23, laborer, Ireland, Detroit, s/o John BURGESS & Mary PAGE, married Nora CASEY, 22, Ireland, Detroit, d/o Michael CASEY & Nora HAYES, witn: W. C. MEADOWS of Detroit & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 3 June 1901 at Windsor (Rom Cath)
5522-01 Alfred BURNS, 30, sailor, Montreal, Oliver US, s/o Alfred BURNS & Mary MEAN, married Harriet Catherine GIBB, 24, Anderdon, same, d/o John GIBB & Mary COOK, witn: Felix BURNS & Dora GIBB, both of Anderdon, 28 May 1901 at Amherstburg 6464-01 Arthur A. CADY, 41, watch maker, Vermont, Detroit, s/o Augustus CADY & Amelia SPAULDING, married Mary B. PAYNE, 40, widow, Wisconsin, Detroit, d/o Josiah HARMON & Elsie SMITH, 8 June 1901 at Windsor
006328-01 (Essex Co): Robert L. CAMPBELL, 22, Ontario, Detroit, Lineman, s/o David CAMPBELL & Charlotte ROBINSON, married Auria LAZON, 22, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John LAZON & Susan DEFOREST, wtn: R.E. VANSICKLE of Detroit & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, ON April 9, 1901, at Windsor 6513-02 Lewis CARRIER, 21, agent, Ohio, Detroit, s/o J.M. CARRIER & Minerva STOWE, married Ruth J. MANSFIELD, 19, New York, Detroit, d/o C.W. MANSFIELD & Elizabeth BACON, 31 Dec 1901 at Windsor
  006570-1901  Harry A. CHAMBERLAIN, 24, Michigan, Windosr, Switchman, s/o H.A. CHAMBERLAIN & Christina SCOTT, married Bella McDONALD, 25, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Vernon McDONALD & Grace ROBINSON, wtn: J.A.LOWNIE (Lowrie?) of Windsor & Kate McDONALD of Hespler, on September 4,1901, at Windsor
006674-1901  Charles L. CLARKE, 30, Michigan, Detroit, Restauranteur, s/o Austin CLARK & Sarah MICHAEL, married Mabel WRIGHTMAN, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Edw. WRIGHTMAN & Mary RIVERS, wtn: Lulu & W.A. LIVINGSTONE of Windsor, on April 2, 1901, at Windsor 6470-01 David CLEVELAND, 25, barber, Michigan, New Haven Mich., s/o R. CLEVELAND & Mary PARKER, married Emma KIELBLOCK, 21, Michigan, New Haven Mich., d/o Charles KIELBLOCK & Augusta HAMSTEIN, witn: Rosa PHELPS of New Haven, 16 June 1901 at Windsor
#006442-01 (Essex Co): William F. CODY, 28, salesman, Ohio, Detroit, s/o William CODY & Rose LAUGHLIN, married Clara G. FARISIER (or Farmer)?, 44, divorced, d/o Silas A. VORCE & M.G. GARDNER, witn: Vorce & Ella A. BARNES of Detroit, 4 June 1901 at Windsor  
6830-01 (Essix Co) James H. COLLINS, 22, bookkeeper, Michigan, Detroit, s/o H.W. COLLINS & Christina JOHNSON, married Grace M. ROBERTS, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o J.J. ROBERTS & Caroline SEGOTE, witn: Lena ESERLINSH & S.W. JAMES, both of Detroit, 8 Sept 1901 at Windsor 006568-1901  Fred S. CONKLIN, 31, Michigan, Detroit, Salesman, d/o C.A. CONKLIN & M.A. BRADISH, married Frances BROWN, 27, Indiana, Detroit, d/o G.D. BROWN & E.A. BRANDEBERRY, wtn: Martha BOVINGTON & Mary LEATHERDALE both of Windsor, on September 3, 1901, at Windsor
006332-01 (Essex Co): Peter CONNELLY, 28, Michigan, Detroit, Laborer, s/o R.B. & A. CONNELLY married Delia TERRA, 24, Michigan, Detroit, d/o M. TERRA & C. PAYNE, wtn: Lizzie STOWE & Amelia OLIVER, on April 11, 1901, at Windsor #006642-01 (Essex Co): Charles COULSON, 23, piano finisher, Ontario, Windsor, s/o blank COULSON & Jane ARTHUR, married Bessie McCOY, 20, Ontario, London, d/o James McCOY & Susan HACKET, witn: Lizzie STOWE of Windsor, 6 Sept 1901 at Windsor
#006136-01 (Essex Co): Charles H. CORWIN, 32, widower, hotel keeper, Michigan, Lansing Michigan, s/o W.W. CORWIN & Elizabeth GILBERT, married F.H. RICH, 38, widow, New York, Lansing Mich., d/o Charles SASKEY & Lucy J. KING, witness was Ida CORWIN of Lansing, 11 Oct., 1901 at Windsor 6503-01 Charles L. COWIN, 22, Ontario, Detroit, s/o J.L. COWIN & Annie CHARLESWORTH, married Ethel M. ROSS, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o James W. ROSS & Emily GILLELAND, witn: E.J. GIBSON of Toronto & E.J. STOWE of Detroit, 4 Dec 1901 at Windsor
  5526-01 George F. COWPER, 24, barber, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Mages? COWPER & Rachel JAGER, married Myrtle HUNT, 22, Amherstburg, same, d/o W.T. HUNT & Annie GOSCO, witn: J.H. LOVEGROVE & Adelle DIXON, both of Amherstburg, 6 June 1901 at Amherstburg
006579-1901  Wilson E. CROSS, Michigan, New Boston, Farmer, s/o Meritt CROSS & Debbie JONES, married Lena M. NASS, 18, Michigan, Sheldon Mich., d/o Charles NASS & Frederika HAILER, wtn: France CAPREAU (Caprian?) of Chatham, on September 18, 1901, at Windsor 5768-02 George DALTON, 40, farmer, Scugog Island, Gosfield, s/o James DALTON & Annie SWEETMAN, married Elizabeth COOK, 35, Mersea twp, same, d/o John COOK & Mary HOLLAND, witn: William JARRET of Woodslee & Valeria WIGLE of Cottam, 18 Dec 1901 at Mersea twp
006672-1901  Elijah DAREY, 22, Ontario Windsor, Waiter, s/o James DAREY, & M. WILSON, married G.E. JACKSON, 26, Michigan, same, d/o Robert & Elizabeth JACKSON, wtn: Ernest DAY & S. JACKSON, on September 25, 1901, at Windsor #006128-01 (Essex Co): John A. DAVIES, 22, stenographer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Thomas DAVIES & Isabel BOW, married Lillian A. BYERS, 20, Ontario, Detroit, d/o John BYERS & Helen LEE, Oct. 3, 1901 at Windsor
#006641-01 (Essex Co): George S. DAVIS, 21, sailor, Ontario, Buffalo, s/o Thomas DAVIS & Anna NELSON, married Dora GROSER, 18, Michigan, Bay City Mich., d/o Oren GROSER & Medora EVANS, 5 Sept 1901 at Windsor #006647-01 (Essex Co): Frank J. DEIBELE, 25, machinist, Michigan, Adrian Mich, s/o August DEIBELE & Margaret HARTMANN, married Emma SEIDE, 19, Germany, Holloway Mich., d/o William SEIDE & Louise HAWKE, 14 Sep 1901 at Windsor
  6461-01 John T. DEGEBECK, 63, widower, book binder, Germany, Detroit, s/o John & blank, married Appolina SCHOEFFER, 70, widow, Germany, Detroit, d/o Henry SCHOEFFER & blank, witn: Lizzie STOWE & James OLIVER, both of Windsor, 5 June 1901 at Windsor
#005840-02 (Essex Co): William DEMARSE, 29, stone cutter, Ontario, R--illegible, s/o J. DEMARSE & Harriet YOTT, married Agnes WILCOX, 21, Ontario, R-illegbile, d/o H. WILCOX & Nancy BARKER, witn: Fanny & C.R.M. PENTLAND of Sandwich, 16 Feb 1901 at Sandwich 006669-1901  Rudolph DeMORNEY, 24, Ontario, Detroit, Clerk, s/o E.R. DeMORNEY & Emma CHARBONNEAU, married L.W. HARRIS, 22, Michigan, Detroit, d/o William HARRIS & Lizzie McARTHUR, on October 12, 1901, at Windsor
5514-01 Edward L. DENEAU, 28, laborer, Amherstburg, same, s/o Alex DENEAU & Euphim FRIMONT, married Olive P. RENAUD, 27, Leamington, Amherstburg, d/o Maxime RENAUD & Mary Jane BICKFORD, witn: Margaret E. NATTRESS & Thomas MOFFAT, both of Amherstburg, 26 Jan 1901 at Amherstburg  
#006443-01 (Essex Co): Thomas S. DOBIE, 31, machinist, Scotland, Walkerville, s/o James DOBIE & Mary GRAHAM, married Louise F. GILBERT, 27, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o George GILBERT & Sarah ANNETT, witn: James E. ROSS & Ada GILBERT, both of Walkerville, 6 June 1901 at Windsor #006487-01 (Essex Co): Claude H. DOLPH, 23, engineer, Michigan, Oak Grove Mich., s/o C (G?).H. DOLPH & Lydia MOORE, married Laura B. LEWIS, 18, Michigan, Oak Grove Mich., d/o F.P. LEWIS & Henrietta BRODIE, 11 Nov 1901 at Windsor
#006135-01 (Essex Co): William T. DORSEY, 25, dredger, Kentucky, Anderdon?, s/o Richard DORSEY & Lucinda BRUSH, married Sarah D. WARD, 21, Ontario, Anderdon, d/o Thomas WARD & Margaret ATKINSON, witnesses were A.J. SMITH & Hattie WARD, both of Amherstburg, 10 Oct., 1901 at Windsor  
6505-01 John DUNCAN, 19, printer, Ohio, Windsor, s/o James DUNCAN & Martha LUDY, married Louisa COURT, 16, Ohio, Windsor, d/o Thomas COURT & Mary COURT, 8 Dec 1901 at Windsor 6827-01 (Essex Co) James C. DUNCAN, 32, R.R.checker, Scotland, Detroit, s/o Thomas DUNCAN & Anna CASSIE, married Maggie MCLEOD, 29, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Donald MCLEOD & Isabella MCDONALD, witn: James CASSIE Detroit & M.F. TOLMIE, Windsor, 21 Aug 1901 at Windsor
  6508-01 Harry J. EMERSON, 20, laborer, Michigan, Jackson Mich., s/o Charles EMERSON & Martha HOGLES, married Ethel B. ROSE, 20, Ohio, Jackson Mich., d/o Norris ROSE & Martha CLOSE, witn: M.A. & Reggie LIVINGSTONE of Windsor, 13 Dec 1901 at Windsor
006321-01 (Essex Co): William. ERWIN, 26 Ontario, Howell Michigan, Veterinary Surgeon, s/o David ERWIN & Mary ORR, married Mary JERDEU (Jerden?), 26, Michigan, same, d/o John JERDEU & Eliza FAWCETT, on March 26, 1901, at Windsor #006498-01 (Essex Co): William FELTS, 25, salesman, Indiana, Detroit, s/o William FELTS & Rebecca DOWNEY, married Ida FOOTE, 25, not given, Detroit, d/o George FOOTE & Mary DAGLES, witn: Sam FINLEY of Windsor, 27 Nov 1901 at Windsor
006575-1901  John P. FERRELL, 22, North Virginia, Detroit, Teacher, s/o J.F. FERRELL & Mary BRESINGHAM, married Agnes PRING, 22, England, Detroit, d/o William PRING & Maria HOOK, on September 9, 1901, at Windsor #006493-01 (Essex Co): Ira E. FERRISS, 36, sailor, Ontario, Harrow, s/o Joseph (or James) R. FERRISS & Alma BALDWIN, married Lena M. YOUNG, 22, Ontario, Harrow, d/o Nelson YOUNG & J. DEVLIN, witn: William YOUNG of Harrow & Maggie FINNIGAN of Detroit, 20 Nov 1901 at Windsor
#006440-01 (Essex Co): Bertrand H. FIELD, 24, merchant, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Myron E. FIELD & Mary COBBAN, married R. Alberta FINZEL, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o George M. FINZEL & Rose ABELES, 29 May 1901 at Windsor #006495-01 (Essex Co): Harry FISHER, 26, laborer, Pennsylvania, Windsor, s/o Charles FISHER & Matilda DEVEREAU, married Carrie M. KEELEY, 19, not given, Windsor, d/o L. KELLY (sic) & Sophia COLLEY, 21 Nov 1901 at Windsor
6504-01 Ross FLETCHER, 21, civil engineer, Illinois, Detroit, s/o Archibald FLETCHER & Elizabeth YATES, married Pansy REITER, 18, Indiana, Detroit, d/o Scott REITER & Eva HOOK, witn: Frank DUCHA of Fort Wayne & Maud JOHNSON of Detroit, 5 Dec 1901 at Windsor  
006320-01 (Essex Co): George FOOTITT, 23, England, Detroit, Teamster, George FOOTITT & Olive STEVENS, married Josephine McGRAW, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Napoleon McGRAW & Amelia FILADEAU, wtn: James & Amelia Oliver both of Windsor, on March 26, 1901, at Windsor #006648-01 (Essex Co): James FOOTT, 28, wireman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o James FOOTT & Jennie DAWSON, married Annie S. POWELL, 26, Ontario, Detroit, d/o William POWELL & Elizabeth COULSON, 14 Sept 1901 at Windsor
#006486-01 (Essex Co): Charles W. FRITCH, 30, widower, plasterer, Michigan, Baltimore Mich., s/o Charles W. FRITSH & Annie STIGGERY, married Annie ROBB, 28, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John ROBB & Margaret STEWART, Nov. 11, 1901 at Windsor #005584-01 (Essex Co): Jacob Menzies FRY, 31, farmer, Haldimand, Colchester N., s/o Jacob M. FRY & Mary A. CALTHORPE, married Rosie May BEER, 19, Elgin, Colchester N., d/o William BEER & Elizabeth An. MUNFORD, witn: W.S. SHAW of Gesto & L. TOWNSEND of Gosford N., 25 Dec 1901 at Gesto
#006438-01 (Essex Co): Charles W. GEASON, 35, moulder, Ohio, Sandusky Ohio, s/o William GEASON & Mary LESTER, married Mary NASH, 39, widow, Pennsylvania, Sandusky, d/o Sebastien BUCK & Elizabeth BLACK, 9 May 1901 at Windsor #006646-01 (Essex Co): W.F. GERARD, 39, clerk, Connecticut, Detroit, s/o W.F. GERARD & Emily S. POWERS, married Hattie CODY, 30, widow, Spaire?, Detroit, d/o Luther R. BREE & not given, 14 Sept 1901 at Windsor
  6509-01 Lawrence GIBSON, 26, farmer, Ontario, Harrow, s/o Robert GIBSON & Louisa HELTON, married Carrie BUTLER, 18, Ontario, Harrow, d/o A.H. BUTLER & Anne TOMLIN, witn: E.J. GIBSON of Detroit & Edith BUTLER of Harrow, 24 Dec 1901 at Windsor
#006445-01 (Essex Co): Charles A. GILBERT, 19, student, Ohio, Cleveland, s/o N.A. GILBERT & Annie ALLEN, married Selberta W. SAFFORD, 18, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, d/o Selbert SAFFORD & H.P. WEBB, 17 June 1901 at Windsor 006329-01 (Essex Co): David B GOLDBERG, 33, Ohio, Detroit, Clerk, s/o Joseph GOLDBERG & Rose VANSTAGHER, married Margaret POLLARD, 23, Ohio, same, d/o John POLLARD & Hannah WARDER, on April 9, 1901, at Windsor
6449-01 David GOODLANDER, 29, railroader, Indiana, Lapeer Mich., s/o G. W. GOODLANDER & Elizabeth KING, married Grace BRIGGS, 19, Michigan, Lapeer Mich., d/o James BRIGGS & Augusta YERKEY, 20 June 1901 at Windsor  
#006650-01 (Essex Co): Frank GOODWIN, 23, restauranter, Ohio, Kenton Ohio, s/o John GOODWIN & Ellen McNEAR, married Kate JONES, 23, Ohio, Kenton Ohio, d/o E.W. JONES & Estella SCHWARTZ, 16 Sept 1901 at Windsor #006435-01 (Essex Co): Benjamin F. GREGORY, 23, forester, Ontario, Caradoc Ont., s/o Thomas GREGORY & Martha LINDSTON?, married G. Fay ELLIS, 25, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Isaiah ELLIS & E.J. ELLIOTT, witn: T.H. GREGORY of Caradoc & E. Mary SPRAGUE of Windsor, 24 April 1091 at Windsor
#006645-01 (Essex Co): John O. HALL, 44, saloon keeper, Ireland, Cleveland, s/o Joseph & Ellen, married Nancy DUBEY, 27, Michigan, Mt. Clemens, d/o John DUBEY & Martha TUCKER, 12 Sept 1901 at Windsor #006644-01 (Essex Co): Harlon O. HARTWELL, 39, widower, grocer, Vermont, Detroit, s/o H.D. HARTWELL & Elizabeth McCOY, married Anna WALSH, 30, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John WALSH & Anna HOGAN, 11 Sept 1901 at Windsor
#006496-01 (Essex Co): Louis L. HERRICK, 24, grocer, California, Detroit, s/o R.P. HERRICK & Frances POSTON, married Annie HALL, 24, London, Detroit, d/o George HALL & A. SIMONS, witn: Mrs? FOX of Detroit, 21 Nov 1901 at Windsor 5772-02 Neiland Ross HILLMAN, 21, farmer, Mersea twp, same, s/o William HILLMAN & Roxana E. HYATT, married Jennie Myrtle TRUAX, 17, Romney twp., Mersea twp, d/o Abram TRUAX & Adelaide JONES, witn: Miles Burton TRUAX & Sarah Jane HARRIS, both of Mersea twp, 25 Dec 1901 at Mersea twp
6473-01 John P. HOLT, 56, widower, liveryman, Ohio, Wauseau? Ohio, s/o Israel HOLT & Harriet PRESTON, married Hennie M. CARTER, 37, widow, Michigan, Wauseau, d/o Joseph BIRD & Sarah WILES, witn: Amelia & James OLIVER of Windsor, 16 June 1901 at Windsor #005581-01 (Essex Co): Maxime HUNEAU, 22, laborer, McGregor, same, s/o J.B. HUNEAU & Marguerite DROUILLARD, married Adelaide RENAUD, 25, Colchester North, same, d/o Joseph RENAUD & Felice LORONGEAU, witn: Felix DROUILLARD of Canard R. & Annie OUELLETTE of Colchester N., 5 Nov. 1901 at McGregor (Rom Cath)
#006124-01 (Essex Co): Louis IMRIE, 21, clerk, Ontario, Sandwich South, s/o John IMRIE & Ella BUTLER, married Annie GASKIN, 18, Ontario, Dorchester, d/o William GASKIN & Mary FORBES, Oct. 1, 1900 at Windsor  
6500-01 Charles H. JEFFREY, 24, book keeper, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Thomas JEFFREY & Julia ADAMS, married Laura DALSON, 27, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Samuel DALSON & Jennie SANDERS, witn: C.A. ADAMS & F.W. JEFFREY, both of Detroit, 27 Nov 1901 at Windsor #005583-01 (Essex Co): Edward JOHNSON, 27, farmer, London, Colchester North, s/o Noah & Martha, married Daisy M.R. CHAVIS, 17, Colchester N., same, d/o John & Caroline, witn: Isaac & Mary CHAVIS of Colchester N., 29 Nov 1901 at Colchester N
006678-1901 (Co.of Essex) Harvey JOHNSON, 24, Michigan, same, Agent, s/o William JOHNSTON & Martha REID, married Bessie VANDERSWAIN, 23, Michigan, same, d/o Ab VANDERSWAIN & Sarah BATTERSWORTH, wtn: Estelle & DD LIVINGSTONE, both of Windsor, on April 6, 1901, at Windsor 006571-1901  George JOHNSTON, 39, Ontario, Sarnia, Sailor, Widower, s/o Robert JOHNSTON & Sophia TROUCH, married Silvia La FORGE, 25, Ontario, Sarnia, d/o Joseph La FORGE & Clara BURLETTE, wtn: S.W. LAYCOX of Meaford, on September 4, 1901, at Windsor
#005585-01 (Essex Co): William JONES, 29, farmer, Amherstburg, Colchester N., s/o Leander & Catherine, married Emma STEVENSON, 19, Essex, Colchester North, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Arthur NEIL of Paquette & Flossie ALLEN of Edgars Mills, 25 Dec 1901 at Paquette 006671-1901  L.A. KEITH, 29, Ohio, Mansfield O, Electrical Engineer, s/o H.D. KEITH, & Jessie GOLDSMITH, married C.B. MOORES, 33, Ohio, Mansfield O, d/o Alfred MOORES & W.E. CALVIN, wtn: N.E. HARRIS of Windsor, on October 18, 1901, at Windsor
#006489-01 (Essex Co): Charles D. KIDDER, 31, widower, real estate agent, Ohio, Cleveland, s/o Charles KIDDER & Frances FISH, married Rebecca CAMPBELL, 32, Maryland?, Cleveland, d/o John CAMPBELL & Sarah BAYNE, witn: J.S. WINDSOR of Windsor & H.E. KEATING of Detroit, 14 Nov 1901 at Windsor 006326-01 (Essex Co): J.F. KIMBASS, 32, Ohio, same, Veterinary Surgeon, s/o B.P. KIMBALL & Elnora BOGGS, married Almia LAUERMEUR (Lanermeier?), 29, Ohio, same, d/o George LAUERMEUR & Catherine KAINBY, on April 9, 1901, at Windsor
006572-1901  George KING, 28, Ontario, Woodville, Farmer, s/o George KING & Susan DANIER, married Jennie HEIL, 19, Ontario, Woodville, d/o Adam HEIL & Elizabeth HUMPHREY, on September 5, 1901, at Windsor 006574-1901  John KLINE, 58, Ontario, Detroit, Grocer, Widower, s/o J.A. KLINE & Christina SCHAFER, married Elizabeth WATERS, 65, England, Detroit, Widow, d/o Simon ?OVECAY & Elizabeth DICKER, wtn: William CHITTERDEW of Windsor, on September 9, 1901, at Windsor
  6506-01 Cyrus C. KLUMPH, 64, widower, engineer, Michigan, Bay City, s/o Nelson KLUMPH & A. STEPHENS, married Hobenna GIBSON, 48, Scotland, Bay City, d/o John GIBSON & Rebecca STEPHENS, witn: J.H. JOHNSON & M. A. LIVINGSTONE, both of Windsor, 10 Dec 1901 at Windsor
#006439-01 (Essex Co): Herbert LA FRANCE, 27, ship builder, Michigan, Toledo, s/o John LA FRANCE & Helen NORTHRUP, married Daisy G. HARRISON, 20, Maryland, Toledo, d/o Matthew HARRISON & Frances LARGENT?, 12 May 1901 at Windsor 6829-01 (Essex Co) John LEACH, 51, Ontario, Detroit, widower, s/o James LEACH & Mary MALL, married Mary SCOFIELD, 41, Ontario, Detroit, widow, d/o John CHRISTMAN & Elizabeth HALLEY, witn: Ida HASKETT & Charles LESHEAR, both of Detroit, 7 Sept 1901 at Windsor
006324-01 (Essex Co): William LEPP, 21, Michigan, Detroit, Clerk, s/o Martin LEPP & Hannah MURPHY, married Bertha HUFFMAN, 18, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Malvin HUFFMAN & Catherine DALEAU, wtn: R.W. BELL of Detroit & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, on April 2, 1901, at Windsor 6501-01 Edward LEWIS, 36, cooper, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Joel LEWIS & Ellen ARNOLD, married Glenn BENTLEY, 28, Michigan, Detroit, d/o James BENTLEY & Cynthia ROBINSON, 1 Dec 1901 at Windsor
5520-01 Ebnier LEWIS, 25, sailor, Michigan US, Amherstburg, s/o H.O. LEWIS & Helen HAVENS, married Lena KETT, 16, Amherstburg, same, d/o Charles KETT & Eliza KETT, witn: Charles & Eliza KETT of Amherstburg, 8 May 1901 at Amherstburg 006333-01 (Essex Co): Miller F. LEWIS, 26, Michigan, Detroit, Commercial Traveller, s/o Levi & Minnie LEWIS, married Margaret MAHER, 24, Michigan, Detroit, d/o James MAHER & Anna DOLER, on April 12, 1901, at Windsor
  5518-01 John LITIGOT, 21, farmer, New Boston US, same, s/o Abner LITIGOT & Ida ANSON, married Florence M. BURNHAM, 19, New Boston, same, d/o George W. BURNHAM & Emily SWICK, witn: Mrs. Thomas MOFFAT of Amherstburg & William WALSH of Detroit, 4 July 1901 at Amherstburg
006675-1901  Charles LOUNSBURY, 38, ?, Detroit, Salesman, s/o Henry LOUNSBURY & Mary BRADLEY, married Clara WARNER, 25, Michigan, Detroit, Widow, d/o William ROSE & Lydia HAMBLIN, wtn: James TURNEY & A.S. CLIDGE, both of Detroit, on April 4, 1901, at Windsor #005844-02 (Essex Co): William LYNCH, 25, traveller, New York, Toledo, s/o Richard LYNCH & Ann? MATTACK, married Agnes POLLIFOYE, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Aug. & not given, 24 June 1901 at Sandwich
6824-01 (Essex Co) Hans MANECK, 29, designer, Germany, Detroit, widower, s/o William MANECK & Agnes HOLSTEIN, married Jessica TWIST, 31, England, Milwaukee, widow, d/o William TWIST & Mary Bain VIVIEN, witn: James TWIST & Frank RALPH, both of Detroit, 15 Aug 1901 at Windsor #006131-01 (Essex Co): Frank A. MASSON, 23, soldier, California, Detroit, s/o Eugene & Eloise, married Helen SMITH, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John SMITH & Gertrude MAX, witnesses were William MITCHELL & Christie SISLAN, both of Detroit, Oct. 4, 1901 at Windsor
5513-01 Ellis McCARTHY, 20, farmer, Colchester South, Malden, s/o Joseph McCARTHY & Margaret WOODMISS, married Ida May HUNT, 19, Malden, same, d/o Frank A. HUNT & Emma LEMAY, witn: Margaret E. NATTRESS & Effie BOWLES, both of Amherstburg, 15 Jan 1901 at Amherstburg #006491-01 (Essex Co): Charles S. McKAY, 34, laborer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Sylvester McKAY & Margaret BRODERICK, married Gertie WHEELER, 25, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o Charles WHEELER & Jane McDONALD, witn: Ida WILLIAMSON & Mary BOLESON, both of Detroit, 16 Nov 1901 at Windsor
6499-01 John H. McKELVEY, 39, divorced, salesman, Ohio, Detroit, s/o James McKELVEY & Fannie McAFEE, married Alice M. WARTHEN, 27, Michigan, Monroe Mich., d/o R. A. WARTHEN & Mary DUVAL, witn: Estelle & Lulu LIVINGSTONE of Windsor, 27 Nov 1901 at Windsor 6450-01 John McPHAIL, 31, stove mounter, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Archibald McPHAIL & Eliza CAMERON, married Eliza McKINNON, 23, Ontario, Detroit, do Donald McKINNON & Mary VASS, 22 June 1901 at Windsor
5519-01 Arsene MELOCHE, 27, farmer, Anderdon, same, s/o James MELOCHE & Emilie COTE, married Mable HANDCOCK, 19, Anderdon, same, d/o John HANDCOCK & Margaret MULDOWNEY, witn: Remie MELOCHE & Mary HANDCOCK, both of Anderdon, 30 April 1901 at Amherstburg 5524-01 Charles MELOCHE, 28, farmer, Malden, same, s/o Joseph MELOCHE & Zoe LANGLOIS, married Margaret POUGET, 20, Malden, same, d/o Joseph POUGET & Mary MONGEAU, witn: Thomas MELOCHE & Delia POUGET, both of Malden, 10 June 1901 at Amherstburg
5516-01 William MERO, 26, mariner, of Amherstburg, s/o Peter MERO & Benedux FOUCHISE, married Margaret E. RYAN, 29, widow, of Amherstburg, d/o John RYAN & Sarah STREETS, witn: Mrs. D. BOTSFORD & Emma L. KERR, both of Amherstburg, 8 May 1901 at Amherstburg 6507-01 Edward MEYERS, 22, laborer, Ohio, River Rouge, s/o Simon MEYERS & Cecilia CICOTTE, married Elizabeth HALTINNER (Halteimer?), 22, Michigan, River Rouge, d/o Henry HALTINNER & blank, 12 Dec 1901 at Windsor
#006492-01 (Essex Co): Herbert A. MICKLE, 25, sailor, Ontario, Malden, s/o W.A. MICKLE & G. SIMPSON, married Elizabeth LARAMIE, 29, Ontario, Malden, d/o Francis LARAMIE & Dinah WALDRON, 19 Nov 1901 at Windsor 6458-01 Stephen MILLER, 26, carpenter, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Anthony MILLER & Catherine STORM, married Sarah E E. CHITTINGDON, 21, spinster, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Thomas L. ERWIN & Sarah WELSH, witn: Bertha LEIGHT of Ann Arbor, 3 June 1901 at Windsor [as written]
006325-01 (Essex Co): George MISN?, 27, Michigan, same, Farmer, s/o J.F. MISN & Flossie EVANS, married Matilda DRAINER, 27, Michigan, same, d/o Jacob DRAINER & Mary SAWYER, wtn: James & Amelia Oliver both of Windsor, on April 6, 1901, at Windsor #006126-01 (Essex Co): Charles H. MITCHELL, 26, coachman, England, Detroit, s/o J.H. MITCHELL & Susan ROYALL, married Lizzie WHITE, 23, Mass. USA, St. Thomas Ont., d/o William WHITE & Lizzie ENGLISH, Oct. 2, 1900 at Windsor
#006125-01 (Essex Co): Andrew J. MORRISON, 41, tea business, Ohio, Detroit, s/o G.A. MORRISON & E. WELSH, married Bird E. CAMPBELL, 31, Ohio, Detroit, d/o Peter CAMPBELL & Sophia GELLVER, Oct. 1, 1900 at Windsor 6825-01 (Essex Co) William N. MOSKOVITZ, 21, clerk, Russia, Detroit, s/o Benj MOSKOVITZ & Esther BARRON, married Bessie GOLDMAN, 19, Prussia, Detroit, d/o Samuel & Lena GOLDMAN, witn: S. GOLDMAN, Detroit & M.F.TOLMIE, Windsor, 17 Aug 1901 at Windsor, Jewish
6832-01 (Essex Co) Edward J. MUIR, 34, trimmer, Michigan, Saline Mich, s/o William MUIR & Euslene RHEINSFRANK, married Gertrude M. HUBBARD, 20, Michigan, Ypsilanta, d/o Hartwell HUBBARD & Mary GRISCOLL, with: Florence KEELER & M.F. TOLMIE, both of Windsor, 12 Sept 1901 at Windsor #005580-01 (Essex Co): Richard MULCASTER, 56, widower, farmer, Goderich, Sandwich, s/o Edward MULCASTER & Esther COTTERAL, married Eliza BATTEN, 41, Cornwall England, Colchester N., d/o John BATTEN & Elizabeth SMITH, 2 Nov 1901 at Gesto
#006490-01 (Essex Co): Herbert MUNFORD, 29, machinist, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Robert MUNFORD & Jane WESLEY, married K.K. SANDERSON, 27, divorced, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Dewet KANE & Martha PRICE, 16 Nov 1901 at Windsor 006323-01 (Essex Co): Albert NADEAU, 23, Michigan, Toledo O, Brakeman, s/o John NADEAU & Emma STODDARD, married Constance H. SCHOBER, 21, Michigan, Toledo O, d/o Leonard SCHOBER & Rose FRY, on March 31, 1901, at Windsor
006673-1901  David OLIVER, 32, Canada, ?, Farmer, Widower, s/o Peter OLIVER & Catherine BROWN, married Pauline WHITE, 34, Sweden, Divorced, d/o Andrew WINGUARD & Johanna JOHNSON, wtn: Bertha POTTER & Estelle LIVINGSTONE, both of Windsor, on April 1, 1901, at Windsor #006432-01 (Essex Co): Fred W. PAPKE, 54, railroader, Germany, Detroit, s/o Edward PAPKE & Caroline RORMAN, married Mary McGOLDRICK, 28, Michigan, Detroit, d/o James McGOLDRICK & Bridget GILNROSE?, 14 April 1901 at Windsor
6459-01 Judd L. PARKE, 25, pattern maker, Pennsylvania, Walkerville, s/o Reuben PARKE & Grace HILDRETH, married Annie FRANK, 21, Wisconsin, Detroit, d/o Conrad FRANK & Margaret MILLER, 3 June 1901 at Windsor 5515-01 Henry PECK, 23, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Frederick PECK & Louise LANGFIELD, married Alice Jane HILLIER, 21, McGregor, Anderdon, d/o William HILLIER & Emma J. HASTING, witn: C. JESSOP of Sandwich West & Lucy Ann HILLIER of Anderdon, 28 Feb 1901 at Anderdon
6466-01 Judson PERRINE, 26, barber, Ohio, Upper Sandusky Ohio, s/o John PERRINE & Amanda MORGAN, married Verna ATEN, 18, Ohio, Upper Sandusky, d/o Richard ATEN & Martha R. SMITH, 11 June 1901 at Windsor #006437-01 (Essex Co): Paul G. PETERS, 24, cornice maker, Michigan, Detroit, s/o W.H. PETERS & E.R. WISEMAN, married Jessie THORBURN, 24, Ontario, Windsor, d/o John THORBURN & S. Ann HAMBLETON, witn: F.G. PETERS & Nell CLARE, both of Detroit, 29 April 1901 at Windsor
6820-01 (Essex Co) Earl A. PETITHORY, 24, electrical engineer, Ohio, Detroit, s/o Alex PETITHORY & A.C. HAMILTON, married Daisy M. BRIGGS, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Harlon BIRGGS & E.F. REBEE, witn: P.A. CRAIG & M.F. TOLMIE, both of Windsor, 3 Aug 1901 at Windsor 6512-01 Hugo POLACHUK, 32, merchant, Hungary, Chicago, s/o William POLACHUK & Rose FELLNER, married Johanna FELLNER, 30, Germany, Chicago, d/o Adolph FELLNER & Minnie STERNHOGAN, 31 Dec 1901 at Windsor
#006485-01 (Essex Co): William J. PORTER, 24, plumber, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Thomas PORTER & Elizabeth WATSON, married Ethel A. SWEERNS?, 22, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Andrew SWEERNS & Charlotte ROSS, witn: Bert SWEERNS & Edith ACKERMAN, both of Windsor, 11 Nov 1901 at Windsor #006441-01 (Essex Co): Charles A. POWELL, 24, salesman, Ontario, Tilbury Ont., s/o James POWELL & Nellie GRANT, married Ruth E. STITT, 23, Ontario, Detroit, d/o John STITT & Martha STAFFORD, 4 June 1901 at Windsor
6452-01 Curtis C. "PROBB or PRATT", 33, painter, Michigan, Cleveland, s/o George PROBB & Lucretia CODDING, married Carrie AYLIFF, 34, Michigan, Mantua? Station, d/o William AYLIFF & Ann MOORE, 4 July 1901 at Windsor  
#006488-01 (Essex Co): Lewis O. PURDY, 21, baker, Ontario, Plymouth Mich., s/o William PURDY & Eliza MATTHEWS, married Annie M. BROOK, 22, Ontario, Aylmer, d/o T? M. BROOK & Ann MOORE, witn: W & Bertha PURDY of Milford, 13 Nov 1901 at Windsor 6822-01 (Essex Co) David PURVIS, 37, motorman, Ontario, Rochester, widower, s/o Dolway PURVIS & Mary MARTIN, married Esletta COE, 28, Michigan, Rochester, d/o William COE & Dora TAINIER, witn: Florence KEELER & M.F. TOLMIE, both of Windsor, 14 Aug 1901 at Windsor
#006638-01 (Essex Co): William O. RAYMOND, 29, well driller, Ontario, Flint Mich., s/o James RAYMOND & Louise BLACK, married Florence S. NEWCOMB, 33, Michigan, Flint Mich., d/o Henry NEWCOMB & Mary McCOLLOM, 2 Sept 1901 at Windsor 5521-01 Remie REAUME, 21, farmer, St. Joachim Ont., same, s/o Alex REAUME & Matilda JOLE, married Emma BROOKER, 19, Amherstburg, same, d/o Thomas BROOKER & Emma MELOCHE, witn: Alex BEAUDOIN & Emma REAUME, both of St. Joachim, 28 May 1901 at Amherstburg
006666-1901  Fred A. REDDICK 26, Michigan, same, Attendant, s/o F.A. REDDICK & F.J. WILSON, married Agnes PROUDE, 27, Ontario, Michigan, d/o Andrew JOHNSTON & Lizzie GALLINGER, wtn: Martha BOVINGTON & Ethel KAYS, both of Windsor, on October 10, 1901, at Windsor 6460-01 Robert REINHART, 60, widower, farmer, Germany, Detroit, s/o John REINHART & Ernestine WAUT?, married Ida L. HOEINGHAUSEN, 28, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Aug. HOEINGHAUSEN & Ida KRAUZEL?, witn: A. C. HOEINGHAUSEN of Detroit & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 4 June 1901 at Windsor
5523-01 Joseph RICHARD, 75, widower, farmer, Lower Canada, Malden, s/o Joseph RICHARD & Mary BRAULT, married Angelique DENEAU, 62, widow, Anderdon, same, d/o Louis DENEAU & Mary JUBENVILLE, witn: J.W. RICHARD & J.B. AUTIN, both of Amherstburg, 10 June 1901 at Amherstburg 6467-01 William RICHERT, 20, clerk, Michigan, Detroit, s/o W. RICHERT & Ada MOOS, married Elsie JENNINGS, 19, Germany, Detroit, d/o August JENNINGS & Louisa BUTZIER, 11 June 1901 at Windsor
#006639-01 (Essex Co): Frank ROBINSON, 23, laundry man, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Edward ROBINSON & Anna MOORE, married Clara RALEY, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John RALEY & Julia TOGO (or TOZO), witn: C. GREEN of Detroit, 2 Sept 1901 at Windsor #006444-01 (Essex Co): John H. ROUSELLE, 42, corset maker, divorced, New York, Detroit, s/o J.B. ROUSSELLE & Julia A. McCARTHY, married Esther M. WOOFENDEN, 33, divorced, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Thomas WOOFENDEN & Catherine TYLER, witn: Mrs. P. CRAIG of Windsor, 13 June 1901 at Windsor
#005931-01 (Essex Co): H.S. RUMBLE, 26, not given, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Albert RUMBLE + Pauline DALIZE, married Christine HEINKE, 23, Michigan, Detroit, d/o ? + Helen BINGLE, witn: C. HEINCKE of Detroit & Lizzie STOWE of Windsor, Sept 14 1901 at Sandwich (Rom Cath) 006569-1901  Henry RUSHLEAU, 69, Ontario, Trenton, Laborer, Widower, s/o Peter RUSHLEAU & Catherine RENEAU, married Elizabeth BLOW, 62, Ontario, Trenton, Widow, d/o Frank BLOW & Kate JONES, wtn: M.N. LIVINGSTONE of Windsor & Sadie COLLINS of Kincardine, on September 3, 1901, at Windsor
5157-01 William E. SCRIPPS, 20, printer, Detroit, same, s/o James e. SCRIPPS & Harriet J. MESSINGER, married Nina Amanda DOWNEY, 18, Detroit, same, d/ o John J. DOWNEY & Ella VLIET, witn: E.H. SOUTHWICK & W. P. FAIRBAIRN, both of Detroit, 27 June 1901 at Amherstburg 6463-01 John SHATKA, 18, farmer, Michigan, Livonia Mich., s/o John SHATKA & Mary PRESSKORN, married Edna WAKEFIELD, 18, Michigan, Livonia Mich., d/o George WAKEFIELD & W (M?) BARRETT, 6 June 1901 at Windsor
#006640-01 (Essex Co): M.J. SHERIDAN, 31, livery man, Illinois, Chicago, s/o Thomas SHERIDAN & Catherine O’DONNELLY, married Edith G. ROUSH, 27, Ohio, Mt. Clemens, d/o Hiram ROUSH & Sarah BECHTEL, 4 Sept 1901 at Windsor 006330-01 (Essex Co): Charles C SHERRILD?, 22, Ontario, Pontiac Mich?, Photographer, s/o Calvin SHEMILD? & Encura? SMITH, married Hattie ETHERINGTON, 22, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Hiram ETHERINGTON & Levina TAYLOR, on April 9, 1901, at Windsor
#006132-01 (essex Co): Charles A. SIMS, 24, 32, railwayman, Michigan, Dearborn, s/o John SIMS & Addie THOMPSON, married Minnie RASCHEWSKI, 28, Michigan, Dearborn, d/o Fred RASCHEWSKI & May NATIONAL, witnesses were J.C. REID of Merlin & Lizzie CLEMINSON of Windsor, Oct. 4, 1901 at Windsor  
6510-01 Charles L. SMITH, 25, blacksmith, Michigan, Pontiac Mich., s/o John SMITH & Elizabeth ROBINSON, married Rose MORROW, 27, Ontario, Strathroy, d/o Edgerton MORROW & Ann PULLMAN, witn: Ina MORROW of Strathroy & Douglas LIVINGSTONE of Windsor, 24 Dec 1901 at Windsor #006137-01 (Essex Co): Charles W. SMITH, 37, clerk, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Lewis SMITH & Susannah COGGER, married M.C.W. MORRIS, 39, widow, Michigan, Detroit, d/o G.A. & Margaret ARCHIBALD, witnesses were R.W. & B.L. WILLIAMS of Maidstone, 12 Oct., 1901 at Windsor
6471-01 Clarence SOFTEL, 21, engineer, Michigan, Toledo Ohio, s/o Edward SOFTEL & Mary READING, married Josephine GOSTOWSKI, 20, New York, Toledo Ohio, d/o John GOSTOWSKI & Frances GRON?, 16 June 1901 at Windsor 6456-01 James STACKPOLE, 65, widower, gentleman, Ireland, Detroit, s/o Michael STACKPOLE & Bridget McSWEENEY, married Margaret McNULTY, 41, widow, Canada, Detroit, d/o Patrick HUNT & Ellen CULHANE, witn: Alphonse GILLENBERG & Josephine GERARD, both of Windsor, 26 June 1901 at Windsor (Rom Cath)
006573-1901  James A. STAYNER, 26, Ontario, ?? Harbour (Ann Arbour), Yardman, s/o William STAYNOR & Eunice TAYLOR, married Ada BROWN, 24, England, ?--wood, d/o David BROWN & Elizabeth HEWITSON, on September 5, 1901, at Windsor 006677-1901  Charles STEVENS, 38, New York, Detroit, Metal Polisher, s/o John & Louise STEVENS, married Lulu KEELER, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Fred KEELER & Sarah JOY, wtn: D. MACPHERSON of Toronto & Arthur FILEMAN of Milwaukee, on April 5, 1901, at Windsor
006327-01 (Essex Co): Frank STEPHENS, 19, Michigan, Detroit, Machinist, s/o Charles STEPHENS & Maria PIRGREE, married Frances COUGHLIN, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Thomas COUGHLIN & Julia KILFOY, on April 9, 1901, at Windsor 006331-01 (Essex Co): Albert STRETZER, 26, Michigan, Detroit, Merchant, s/o H.G & Christina STRETZER, married Mabel HATHAWAY, 22, Michigan, Detroit, d/o George HATHAWAY & Isabella BLEMMER?, on April 11, 1901, at Windsor
6468-01 Francis TAMLYN, 38, coachman, Michigan, Toledo Ohio, s/o James TAMLYN & Elizabeth BLACKMORE, married Jennie CASE, 30, Ontario, Toledo, d/o Josiah CASE & Sarah CHAMBERLAIN, witn: A. CORDOZO of Detroit & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 13 June 1901 at Windsor #006129-01 (Essex Co): R.J. THOMAS, 52, widower, cook, Washington, Detroit, s/o William THOMAS & Ann MOORE, married Sarah A. MAXWELL, 49, widow, Canada, Mt. Clemens?, d/o Edward WATKINS & Jane JOHNSTON, 3 Oct., 1901 at Windsor
6472-01 Thomas THOMPSON, 24, laborer, Colchester, Amherstburg, s/o Thomas THOMPSON & Sarah BUTLER, married Emma TAYLOR, 22, Ontario, Amherstburg, d/o George TAYLOR & Mary BROKES, witn: Mary E. BALL & Mary BULLER, both of Windsor, 8 July 1901 at Windsor 006576-1901  Oliver L. THORNTON, 24, Ohio, Akron, Summer Resort Keeper, s/o Henry THORNTON & Clara GEIGER, married Helen PICKETT, 22, Ohio, Cleveland, d/o J.J. PICKETT & Catherine CUMMEEN, on September 10, 1901, at Windsor
#006433-01 (Essex Co): Henry C. TINHAM, 47, widower, stockman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Alex (or Alvie) TINHAM & Mary LUTHER, married Anna BEACH, 28, widow, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Israel PERRY & Elizabeth RUSH, witn: Jay RUSSELL & Edith PERRY, both of Detroit, 16 April 1901 at Windsor 6831-01 (Essex Co) William D. TINLINE, 24, farmer, Ontario, Oxford Twp, s/o James D. TINLINE, & Mary JACK, married Margaret MCLEAN, 23, Ontario, Oxford Twp, d/o C.H. MCLEAN & Agnes ROSE, witn: M.F.TOLMIE & Florence KEELER, both of Windsor 11 Sept 1901
#006649-01 (Essex Co): W.H. TIPTON, 21, clerk, Ohio, Bluffton, s/o G.W. TIPTON & R. MYERS, married Eva C. OVERHALTZ, 19, Virginia, Luria? Ohio, d/o S.P. OVERHALTZ & C. ROSENBERG, 15 Sept 1901 at Windsor 006665-1901  William R. TODD, 21, Ontario, Windsor, Clerk, s/o John TODD & Nettie GREENWOOD, married Minnie CLEMENS, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Albert CLEMENS & Lizzie MOORE, wtn: F.M. BARR of Detroit & Arthur FIELDS of Windsor, on October 10, 1901, at Windsor
#006494-01 (Essex Co): George W. TORMEY, 22, traveller, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Edward TORMEY & Mary McMULLEN, married Bella WARD, 19, Ontario, Detroit, d/o G.L. WARD & Ellen MATTWELL, 21 Nov 1901 at Windsor #005578-01 (Essex Co): Alexander TREMBLY, 29, farmer, Anderdon, Colchester North, s/o Daniel TREMBLY & Emilie MARION, married Delime MONFORTON, 27, Canard R., McGregor, d/o Joseph MONFORTON & Agnes BOUDY, witn: Albert MONFORTON of Detroit, 22 July 1901 at McGregor (Rom Cath)
#005582-01 (Essex Co): Frank TREMBLY, 26, laborer, Anderdon, same, s/o Alfred TREMBLY & Henrietta LINDSAY, married Olive MELOCHE, 16, Colchester North, same, d/o Eli MELOCHE & Helene LECLERE, witn: Ferdinand MELOCHE of Anderdon & Leoveline TREMBLY of Colchester N., 11 Nov 1901 at Colchester N. (Rom Cath) 006578-1901  William S. VALLEAU, 33, New York, same, Civil Engineer, Divorced, s/o William VALLEAU & S.A. MONTEITH, married Agnes McINTOSH, 28, England, Detroit, Widow, d/o Thomas VAUGHAN & Mary RAVENHILL, on September 12, 1901, at Windsor
5525-01 Joseph VINCENT, 27, farmer, Michigan US, Anderdon, s/o George VINCENT & Mary LABELLE, married Rose CALDWELL, 27, Sandwich, Anderdon, d/o Alex CALDWELL & Mary CLARK, witn: Alex OUELLETTE & E.J. MILEUX, both of Anderdon, 24 June 1901 at Amherstburg  
6454-01 William WOOD, 42, mil foreman, Michigan, Standish Mich., so Sandford WOOD & Becky CUNNINGHAM, married Nellie MARVIN, 48, Ohio, Standish, d/o Albert COOKE & Louisa WHITE, 4 July 1901 at Windsor 6455-01 Joseph Ed. WURTSMITH, 37, engineer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Ferdinand WURTSMITH & Ann YORKER, married Catherine CONROY, 36, Amherstburg, Detroit, d/o John CONROY & Ellen McGUIRE, witn: John HOGAN & Catherine GERARD, both of Windsor, 18 June 1901 at Windsor (Rom Cath)
6451-01 William ZEILMAN, 21, farmer, Michigan, Northville Mich., s/o John ZEILMAN & Carrie DEMKE, married Carnia WILSON, 18, Michigan, Northville, d/o Robert WILSON & Evelyn OTTERKIRK, witn: Martha BOVINGTON & Mabel OWEN, both of Windsor, 3 July 1901 at Windsor (also 6434-02)