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Essex Co., 1902

birth place is given before residence


6910-02 Robert H. ABBOTT, 28, teamster, Ontario, Detroit, s/o R. K. ABBOTT & Elizabeth DYMONT, married Mary B. LACOUNT, 28, Michigan, Detroit, d/o R. A. LACOUNT & Hannah SPENCER, 22 Sept 1902 at Windsor #005744-02 (Essex Co): John Thomas ABBOTT, 23, farmer, Collingwood, Raleigh twp, s/o ABBOTT, George & KERBY, Louisa, married Elizabeth PEPPER, 19, Raleigh twp, same d/o PEPPER, John & BROADBENT, Catherine, witnesses were Charles & Mrs. Etta SNIDER of Leamington, 26-Dec-02, at Leamington
006399- 1902 (Essex Co.) Russell AIKEN, 37, sailor, Ontario, Dresden, s/o Robert AIKEN & Louisa JOHNSTON, married Annie CAISTER, 27, Ontario, Dresden, d/o Israel CAISTER & Annie COTIED?, witn: George & Lizzie CAISTER, both of Windsor, 7 May 1902 at Windsor #005735-02 (Essex Co): Ward J. ALEXANDER, 25, tinsmith, Wayne Co. Mich, Debra Mich s/o ALEXANDER, Edward M.& EION, Perona, married Myrtle WEAVER, 26, Leamington, same d/o WEAVER, James & BROWN, Ida, witnesses were John MENARY & Viola WEAVER, both of Leamington, 02-Sep-02, at Leamington
#006405-02 (Essex Co): Fay Andrews ALFORD, 25, widower, farmer, Ohio, Grand Rapids, s/o J.B. ALFORD & Mary S. ANDREWS, married Eunice E. LUCE, 25, Ohio, Grand Rapids, d/o N.R. LUCE & Mary E. STAUFFER, 28 May 1902 at Windsor 6542-02 Morris ALGOR, 24, fireman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Robert ALGOR & Mary TORRANCE, married Lillian WATSON, 23, Michigan, Jackson, d/o James WATSON & Sarah HORNE, 10 Feb 1902 at Windsor
  6469-02 A. Franklin ALLEYN, 27, engineer, Ontario, Farmington Mich., s/o Charles ALLEYN & Alice LUDLAM, married Ida Mabel LLOYD, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Thomas LLOYD & Martha SAUNDERS, witn: E. S. LLOYD of Windsor & N. Mabel ALLEYN of Leamington, 25 June 1902 at Windsor
# 5598.02 (Essex Co): Adam August ASUMO, 21, tinsmith, Fairstock, Detroit Michigan, s/oASUMO, August & GRULE, Matilda married Rose WINTER, 20, blank, Detroit Mich, d/o WINTER, John & WOLF, Kathleen, witnesses were Benis L. LUCAS, Sarnia & Shirley M. PARKE, Amherstburg: 08/06/1902 at Amherstburg 6426-02 Arthur BAILEY, 21, farmer, Michigan, Clarkston Mich., s/o George W. BAILEY & Ella CAUFIELD, married Clarissa GALLIGAN, 18, Michigan, Clarkston Mich., d/o James GALLIGAN & Elizabeth FOSTER, win: Nelson & Marguerite BAILEY of Clarkston, 21 April 1902 at Windsor
6427-02 Nelson BAILEY, 23, farmer, Michigan, Clarkston Mich., s/o George W. BAILEY & Ella CAUFIELD, married Marguerite GALLIGAN, 19, Michigan, Clarkston Mich., d/o James GALLIGAN & Elizabeth FOSTER, witn: Clarissa GALLIGAN & Arthur BAILEY, both of Clarkston, 21 April 1902 at Windsor #006654-02 (Essex Co): Harry BAISCH, 21, painter, Ohio, Cleveland, s/o Fred BAISCH & Alice AZER, married Celia FLESHER, 19, Ohio, Cleveland, d/o George FLESHER & Emma TYRRELL, 30 June 1902 at Windsor
6444-02 Arthur K. BARKER, 23, clerk, Wisconsin, Detroit, s/o W.M. BARKER & Annie VAN LUGEN (Tugen?), married Ada May HUNTER, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Robert HUNTER & Mary ORR, 19 May 1902 at Windsor #005856-02 (Essex Co): Clifford C. BARLOW, 21, carpenter, Ohio, Cleveland, s/o B.H.C.(or B.M.) BARLOW & Alice BRUDSH-- (Bradshaw?), married Grace M. SISTZ (Seitz?), 18, Ohio, Cleveland, d/o William SISTZ & B. BRAITHWAIT, witn: Nancy McGINNIS & James OLIVER, both of Detroit, 18 April 1902 at Sandwich
5770-02 Randolph BARMER, 27, clerk, Chatham, same, s/o Nicholas BARMER & Armina MATTHEW, married Lillian L. QUICK, 18, Romney twp., same, d/o Robert QUICK & Nettie LEGROS, witn: Nettie QUICK & Ann LEGROS, both of Mersea twp, 25 Jan 1902  
#005718-02 (Essex Co): Cinnamon A. BARR, 24, farmer, Herrickville, Merlin Ont, s/o BARR, Seth & DUNDAS, Christina Ann, married Lennie May D'LAURIER, 19, Point Pelee, same d/o D'LAURIER, John E. & ELLIS, Allice, witnesses were David D'LAURIER of Mersea & Elizabeth A. D'LAURIER of Pt. Pelee, 01-Apr-02, at Leamington 6553-02 Edgar BARR, 21, machinist, England, Detroit, s/o Allan BARR & Emma BARR, married Etta HARRISON, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Edward HARRISON & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Mrs. COURTNEY of Windsor, 26 Feb 1902 at Windsor
6520-02 Horace L. BARRETT, 29, widower, barber, Michigan, Tecumseh Mich., s/o Christopher BARRETT & Mary A. LATKINS, married Ina M. JACKSON, 21, Michigan, Tecumseh Mich., d/o Alfred JACKSON & Cynthia FULLER, witn: Dr. MEDD of Bothwell & Grant LIVINGSTONE of Windsor, 6 Jan 1902 at Windsor 6481-02 Charles BARTH, 25, cooper, Ohio, Sandusky Ohio, s/o William BARTH & Catherine BARSWICK, married A. E. G. COWENS, 20, England, Sandusky, d/o Andrew COWENS & Martha A. HUCKLING, 25 June 1902 at Windsor
6455-02 John BARTLEY, 51, widower, barber, Scotland, Pontiac Mich., s/o John BARTLEY & Agnes BEATTIE, married Victoria FRENCH, 48, Michigan, Pontiac Mich., d/o John FRENCH & Ann GREY, witn: Mrs. S. A. & Guy NEWTON of Pontiac, 4 June 1902 at Windsor 6529-02 Frank K. BATEMAN, 51, widower, cigar maker, New York, Bay City Mich., s/o Samuel BATEMAN & Catherine OFFEE, married Gertrude HARVEY, 24, divorced, Michigan, Bay City Mich., d/o Joshua MARKLE & Sarah BIBBLE, witn: J.A. LIVINGSTONE of Windsor & Estelle LIVINGSTONE of Crystal?, 22 Jan 1902 at Windsor
#007887-03 (Essex Co): Sam BINGHAM, 24, foreman, Ireland, Detroit, s/o W. BINGHAM & Mary McMULLEN, married Margaret J. DUNCAN, 32, widow, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Edmund COLLINGS & Sarah ROSS, 14 Aug 1902 at Windsor 6534-02 Francis W. BLACKLEY, 24, fireman, Ontario, Detroit, s/o John BLACKLEY & Elizabeth WHITELY, married Minnie M. WARRENDER, 18, Ontario, Hamilton Ont., d/o William WARRENDER & L. Adele, witn: A.J. BLACKLEY & Kate WARRENDER, both of Detroit, 28 Jan 1902 at Windsor
#005860-02 (Essex Co): Bruce W. BLAIR, 38, widower, saloon keeper, Ohio, Lima, s/o John BLAIR & Flossy HOL--?, married Matilda COPELAND, 26, widow, Ohio, Lima, d/o W. SHANK & Anna CLIFFORD, 24 April 1902 at Sandwich 6484-02 Barney BLIGER, 25, teamster, widower, Ohio, Windsor, s/o Henry & unknown, married Emma ROBINSON, 25, Ontario, Windsor, d/o George ROBINSON & Sarah SMITH, witn: Howard FOSTER & Fanny CONNORS, both of Windsor, 14 May 1902 at Windsor
6467-02 Albert BOULETTE (Boutette?), 27, watchman, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Louis BOULETTE & Artemise RAYMOND, married Mary KALINOWSKIA, 21, Germany, Windsor, d/o John KALINOWSKIA & Mary SMOLINSKI, witn: Ernest BOULETTE & Mary LEVASSEUR, both of Windsor, 25 June 1902 at Windsor #006407-02 (Essex Co): Henry M. (or W) BOWEN, 32, widower, physician, Ohio, Malinte? O., s/o H.C. BOWEN & Aurilla PRATT, married Jennie SWINDLER, 30, widow, Ohio, Continental O., d/o George B. LIGHT & Josie GALHIDGE, 21 April 1902 at Windsor
#006406-02 (Essex Co): Bert BRANDLE, 34, widower, cigar maker, Delaware, Detroit, s/o Joseph BRANDLE & F. HENDERSON, married Minnie DAVIS, 27, Michigan, Detroit, d/o S. DAVIS & William STRONG, 19 April 1902 at Windsor #006466-02 (Essex Co): Fred A. BRECKENRIDGE, 25, glass worker, divorced, Ohio, Toledo, s/o G.W. BRECKENRIDGE & Emma PETERS, married Leona ASTRY, 19, Ohio, Toledo, d/o Levi & Marguerite, 22 June 1902 at Windsor
#006653-02 (Essex Co): William G. BRICKEN, 26, clerk, Michigan USA, Albion Mich., s/o John BRICKEN & Mary HOSBROOK, married Maud E. MYERS, 24, Michigan, Albion Mich., d/o Charles MYERS & E.B. GRIFFIN, witn: Myrtle HUBBARD of Detroit, 29 June 1902 at Windsor  
5756-02 Veit BROWN, 24, farmer, s/o Alfred & Catherine, married Margaret H. JOYCE, d/o William & Mary, witn: Charles & Hannah DELANTER, both of Essex, 2 April 1902 at Lot 2, Con 3 of Maidstone [no other info given] #006662-02 (Essex Co): Daniel H. BROWN, 32, saloon keeper, New York, Detroit, s/o H.A. BROWN & Emma M. WHITE, married Jennie BARLOW, 31, widow, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Salem TRAYLER & Mary McCARROLL, 18 June 1902 at Windsor
5711-02 Wheeler R. BRUSH, 25, laborer, Anderdon twp., Harrow, s/o Nathan BRUSH & Elizabeth JONES, married Lillie E. BRUSH, 24, Harrow, same, d/o Zelophead BRUSH & Melissa MAYHEW, witn: H. E. FREEMAN & A. F. CLEMENTS, both of Kingsville, 24 Sept 1902 at Kingsville 5709-02 George A. BUCHANAN, 38, farmer, Sandwich West, Gosfield, s/o William BUCHANAN & Caroline FERRIS, married Hannah R. GOATBY, 21, widow, Howard, Colchester South, d/o William BROWN & Kalestia COLLARD, witn: A. F. CLEMENTS & H. E. FREEMAN, both of Kingsville, 5 Aug 1902 at Kingsville
  6538-02 James E. BUCK, 54, widower, laborer, New York, Lansing Mich., s/o Wellington BUCK & Jane ACKER, married Etta L. REESE, 43, divorced, Michigan, Ann Arbor Mich., d/o Norman KELLOGG & Lorinda LAWRENCE, 1 Feb 1902 at Windsor
# 006370-03 (Essex Co): James BUNN, 24, farmer, Maidstone, Gosfield North, s/o Charles + Mary, married May RUMBLE, no age given, of Kingsville, d/o George + Jane, witn: Mary + Oiley RUMBLE, both of Kingsvile, Nov 30 1902 at Gesto 6468-02 Sylvester BURBANK, 45, carpenter, Michigan, Delray Mich., s/o William BURBANK & Mary A. MEHAN, married Caroline CAYEA, 32, widow, Ontario, Delray Mich., d/o Crosack? CRAWFORD & Melinda HARRIS, witn: C. H. BURBANK & Dora SULLIVAN, both of Delray, 26 June 1902 at Windsor
6773-03 (Essex Co): William S. BURGHER, 29, steam fitter, Penn., Cincinnati Ohio, s/o Abraham BURGHER & E. HIGHTURGER?, married Bertha SCHRAG, 26, Ohio, Cincinnati, d/o Robert SCHRAG & Bartor? GIGUR?, witn: Agnes & Katherine HURD of Sandwich, 1 July 1902 at Sandwich 6428-02 Henry BURMEISTER, 45, widower, cigar maker, Michigan, Flint Mich., s/o Henry BURMEISTER & Dorothea GOLDBERG, married Sylva TROWBRIDGE, 40, widow, Michigan, Flint Mich., d/o James TROWBRIDGE & Adeline TOWNSEND, 26 April 1902 at Windsor
6932-02 S. H. BUTTERFIELD, 21, collector, Michigan, Jackson Mich., s/o J. S. BUTTERFIELD & Catherine COATSWORTH, married Cora KNOWLAN, 18, Michigan, Jackson Mich., d/o Edwin KNOWLAN & Electa HOPKINS, witn: S. G. READ of Brantford, 3 Sept 1902 at Windsor 006396- 1902 (Essex Co.) Richard Y. CADMUS?, 39, telegraph operator, New York, Washington DC, widower, s/o Eugene CADMUS? & E. A. YOUNG, married Louise B, BARRINGTON, 29, Michigan, Hampton, d/o R. M. BARRINGTON & Esther ROGERS, with: M. F. TOLIERE? & Minnie PRINGLE, 24 Apr 1902 at Windsor
#006660-02 (Essex Co): Eliada J. CADY, 34, accountant, Michigan, Detroit, s/o J.E. CADY & M. Sylvia ARCOS, married Louise M. EDWARDS, 21, Ontario, Detroit, d/o William & Mary, witn: George WOOLFENDEN & J.H. COX, both of Detroit, 7 June 1902 at Windsor  
6418-02 Arthur J. CARLSON, 21, student, Pennsylvania, Detroit, s/o C. P. CARLSON & M. C. JACKSON, married Ralle CUSHMAN, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o E. C. & Carrie?, 24 May 1902 at Windsor 6462-02 Carl P. CARTER, 24, moulder, Massachusetts, Boston Mass, s/o George P. CARTER & Ursula SMITH, married Rose TRONDLE, 20, Illinois, Detroit, d/o John TRONDLE & Jane MALONE, witn: George W. CHISHOLM & Daisy PICKERING, both of Windsor, 14 June 1902 at Windsor
6451-02 Charles H. CHAMBERLAIN, 28, traveller, Michigan, Columbus O., s/o J. V. CHAMBERLAIN & Delia BABCOCK, married Nellie B. PALMER, 27, Michigan, Columbus O., d/o Daniel PALMER & Susan BARKRIGHT, 28 May 1902 at Windsor 6433-02 William CHAMBERS, 37, widower, machinist, Rhode Island, Saginaw Mich., s/o David CHAMBERS & Ellen ROBOTHAM, married Eleanor M. ROSSITER, 24, Michigan, Saginaw Mich., d/o F.F. ROSSITER & Louisa SMITH, witn: Georgina & M. C. HUICKS of Windsor, 11 June 1902 at Windsor
# 5600-02 (Essex Co): Eli CHARETTE , 24, farmer, Anderdon twp, Anderdon twp, s/o CHARETTE, Julius & DROUILLARD, Catherine, married Ora May CLARK, 20, Anderdon twp, Anderdon twp, d/o CLARK, Alvin & RICHARD, Alice, witnesses were Frank CHARETTE, Anderdon twp & Ida CLARK, Anderdon twp; 08/12/1902 at Amherstburg 6905-02 Garret A. CLEMENT, 61, widower, broker, New York, Detroit, s/o Jacob CLEMENT & Mary BARTHOLOMEW, married Zelia M. BARTLETT, 37, widow, Michigan, Detroit, d/o C. H. CURTIS & Bethana MORRELL, witn: G. J. & Mrs. G. J. CUMMINGS of Grand Forks BC, 19 Sept 1902 at Windsor
5715-02 Hugh COATSWORTH, 23, farmer, Gosfield South, same, s/o George W. COATSWORTH & Agnes WILSON, married Edna B. MALATT, 22, Kingsville, same, d/o Leonard MALATT & Martha PYKETT, witn: Forest WILSON of Maidstone & Blanche NIMMO of Kingsville, 23 Dec 1902 at Kingsville  
6424-02 Herbert H. COLE, 22, telegraph operator, Ontario, Holly Mich., s/o Peter COLE & Catherine GREY, married Jessie P. TUCKER, 18, Michigan, Holly Mich. d/o Ethelbert TUCKER & Mary A. WHEELER, witn: Mrs. M. DUMAS of Detroit, 17 May 1902 at Windsor 6473-02 Ernest COLEMAN, 31, clerk, New Brunswick, Detroit, s/o James COLEMAN & Maria CRIBS, married Eliza BAKER, 28, Quebec, Detroit, d/o Noah BAKER & Annie STOCK, 2 June 1902 at Windsor
6925-02 Jennings J. COLWELL, 25, engineer, New York, Detroit, s/o J.J. COLWELL & Anna HOBART, married Nellie FISHER, 27, Pennsylvania, Detroit, d/o C. W. FISHER & Hannah SILSER, 30 Aug 1902 at Windsor 6913-02 John N. COOK, 26, plumber, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Calvin COOK & Sophia ANTISDEL, married Gertrude E. AYRES, 27, Ontario, Detroit, d/o George AYRES & Mary BOYDELL, witn: Mrs. Mary AYRES of Detroit, 27 Sept 1902 at Windsor
#005725-02 (Essex Co): Nelson COPELL, 24, yeoman, Merlin, Mersea twp, s/o COPELL, William & BATHER, Elizabeth, married Bertha STOCKWELL, 23, Gosfield, same d/o STOCKWELL, William & NOBLE, Sarah, witnesses were Mrs. A. LOCKE & Ida M. WIGLE, both of Leamington, 02-Apr-02, at Leamington 6536-02 Antonio CORAMELLA, 28, operator, New York, Detroit, s/o Frank CORAMELLA & Mary ROSSEO, married Julia SCHIAPPAEASSE, 25, divorced, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Louis SCHIAPPAEASSE & Rosie GARDELL, 30 Jan 1902 at Windsor
# 5604.02 (Essex Co): Edmond COUNTISS, 21, carpenter, Anderdon, Anderdon, s/o COUNTISS, Robert & ATKIN Mary Ann, married Isadore FRENCH, 21, Malden twp, Malden twp, d/o FRENCH, William & RICHARDSON, Emma, witnesses were C.H. KEMP, Amherstburg & Mrs. E.A. FEAR, Amherstburg; 10/21/1902 at Amherstburg 6421-02 Frederick COVEYEAU, 23, laborer, Ontario, Sandwich West, s/o John COVEYEAU & Mary CADA (Casa?), married Alice BEAUDOIN, 16, Ontario, Sandwich West, d/o Frank BEAUDOIN & Ellen OUELLETTE, witn: Peter MARTIN & Daisy PICKERING, both of Windsor, 9 May 1902 at Windsor
#006403-02 (Essex Co): Gid H. CRAMER, 24, merchant, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, s/o Albert CRAMER & Margaret SMITH, married Stella SHOATS, 26, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, d/o Aaron SHOATS & Margaret SHEDENHELM, 20 May 1902 at Windsor 5752-02 Henry James CROFT, 25, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o Rob CROFT & Ann BELLAMY, married Ellen DAWSON, 19, Maidstone, same, d/o John DAWSON & Margaret WILSON, win: Alfred CROFT & Fanny DAWSON, both of Maidstone, 5 Feb 1902 at Maidstone
5751-02 Philip CRONMILLER, 24, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o George CRONMILLER & Elizabeth HULL, married Annie DUHL, 23, Germany, Maidstone, d/o William DUHL & Wilhelmina IKER, witn: Charles DUHL & Maggie KING, both of Maidstone, 7 Jan 1902 at Woodslee 6435-02 William J. CUDLIPP, 23, clerk, Ontario, Detroit, s/o M. J. CUDLIPP & Elizabeth SMITH, married Belle HALL, 25, Ontario, Detroit, d/o William H. HALL & M.J. MOORE, witn: E. JOHNSON & M. C. BOVINGTON, both of Windsor, 3 May 1902 at Windsor
6517-02 John CURRIE, 26, basket maker, Scotland, Leamington, s/o Robert CURRIE & Margaret MULLEN, married May ANDERSON, 24, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Neil ANDERSON & Catherine ANDERSON, witn: J.C. TOLMIE & M. A. LIVINGSTONE, both of Windsor, 1 Jan 1902 at Windsor  
006391- 1902 (Essex Co.) Arthur M. CURTIS, 25, printer, New York, Detroit, s/o Albert CURTIS & Susie HELLER, married May RUSSELL, 24, New York, same, d/o J. F. RUSSELL & Marie GRANT, witn: C. E. SCHILE & Jessie BUESTIER, both of Detroit, 27 Mar 1902 at Windsor. 6431-02 Thomas DALEY, 24, spring maker, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Michael DALEY & Mary J. MAY, married Rose JOHNSON, 24, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Joseph JOHNSON & Maria CLIMIE, witn: Georgina & C. G. HUICKS of Windsor, 4 June 1902 at Windsor
#005734-02 (Essex Co): John DAVIDSON, 27, farmer, Leamington, same, s/o DAVIDSON, John & TRUAX, Nancy, married Elizabeth WAGNER, 28, Leamington, same d/o WAGNER, Stephen & KENYON, Lucretia, witnesses were William McDONALD & Mary E. McDERRALET, both of Leamington, 30-Jun-02 at Leamington #006942-03 (Essex Co): Clyde DAY, 25, widower, actor, Ohio, Cleveland, s/o G.E. DAY & Emma GIBSON, married Lillian BARRY, 26, widow, Michigan, Milford Mich., d/o Charles FINNISAN & Lottie HENSTED, 22 Dec 1902 at Windsor
6516-02 Charles DELAWTER, 26, farmer, Maryland, Colchester, s/o Jacob DELAWTER & Annie BOWERS, married Hannah LEE, 35, Ontario, Maidstone, d/o John LEE & Mary ROBINSON, wtn: R.H. & Jennie EVANS of Detroit, 1 Jan 1902 at Windsor 07014-02 (Essex Co) Forrest DENSMORE, 21, farmer, Michigan, Moscow Mich., s/o J. M. DENSMORE & L. FINCH, married Hattie E. FINCH, 18, Michigan, Moscow Mich., d/o Alva FINCH & Carrie RICHARDS, witn: Martha BOVINGTON of Windsor & Agnes LOCKHART of Walmer, 7 Oct 1902 at Windsor (Quaker)
#005716-02 (Essex Co): Peter H. DERBYSHIRE, 33, farmer, Mersea twp, same, s/o DERBYSHIRE, Richard & LONG, Sarah, married Emma NASH, 23, Leamington, Mersea twp, d/o NASH, Edward & PENTING, Ellen, witnesses were John JONES of Mersea twp & Millie O'NEIL of Sandwich South, 04-Mar-02, at Leamington #005717-02 (Essex Co): Sol W. DERBYSHIRE, 29, farmer, Mersea twp, same. s/o DERBYSHIRE, Richard & LONG, Sarah, married Grace BRISTOW, 29, Mersea twp, same, d/o BRISTOW, Alfred & McCOLLAM, Margaret, witnesses were John A. BRISTOW of Mersea twp & Annie BARRONS of Windsor, 04-Mar-02, Leamington
6915-02 Albert E. DEWAR, 28, telephone employee, Michigan, Luddington Mich., s/o Duncan DEWAR & Jane McMASTER, married Mary CRAINEY, 28, Ontario, Luddington, d/o John CRAINEY & Mary CARL, witn: Annie & Joseph LAURIER of Detroit, 20 Aug 1902 at Windsor #005863-02 (Essex Co): George F. DIXON, 22, tool maker, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Charles DIXON & Eliz. WATSON, married Gertrude MORRISON, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Scott MORRISON & Jessie McNABB, 30 April 1902 at Sandwich
5713-02 John R. DONOVAN, 29, laborer, West Indies, Romney twp., s/o Cornelius DONOVAN & Margaret SMITH, married Annie WILCOX, 32, Tilsonburg, Romney twp., d/o Hial WILCOX & Nancy BAKER (s/b Barker), witn: A. F. CLEMENTS & H. E. FREEMAN, both of Kingsville, 8 Nov 1902 at Kingsville #006661-02 (Essex Co): Robert C. DUNBAR, 30, clerk, Ontario, Detroit, s/o John DUNBAR & Christina COULTER, married Alice SMITH, 26, widow, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Timothy LUCAS & Mary Jane FOOTE, witn: J.A. McDONALD of Detroit, 10 June 1902 at Windsor
#005720-02 (Essex Co): Almanson Everett DRESSER, 27, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o DRESSER, Thomas & MIN--, Sarah Jane, married Fanny MULHOLLAND, 29, Huron twp, Mitchell, d/o MULHOLLAND, John & RUSH, Edith, 02-Apr-02 at Leamington # 5601.02 (Essex Co): Albert Bay DUVAL, 36, fisher, Monroe Co, Rockwood Mich, s/o DUVAL, Eli & COOLEY, Angeline, married Emily COMPAU, 26, Monroe Co, Rockwood Mich, d/o COMPAU, James & NIDEAU, Emily, witnesses were Canon J.P. HINCKS, Windsor & Shirley W. PARKE, Anderdon twp; 09/01/1902 at Amherstburg
6437-02 Frank H. DWYER, 32, teamster, Michigan, Detroit, s/o John DWYER & Mary GLOSIN, married Adelaide WHEELER, 33, Ohio, Detroit, d/o W. E. WHEELER & Julia GORDET, witn: Annie BARNES & Mrs. E. FIRMAN, both of Detroit, 10 May 1902 6523-02 Thomas EBACH, 28, laborer, Michigan, Elkton Mich., s/o Gideon EBACH & Mary CASKA, married Elizabeth GABION, 21, widow, Michigan, Buttermilk Mich., d/o David PLOWFIELD & Mary HUFFER, 8 Jan 1902 at Windsor
#006047-02 (Essex Co): George Henry EDWARDS, 26, blacksmith, Culrose twp Bruce Co., Sandwich S., s/o William EDWARDS & Margaret FINN, married Eliza Jane BARTON, Turnberry twp. Huron Co., Sandwich South, d/o Gustus BARTON & Hannah BENNETT, witnesses were Bert & Beatrice VOLLANS of Sand. S., June 11, 1902 at Sandwich South 006389- 1902 (Essex Co.) Albert EVANS, 32, clerk, England, Detroit, s/o Edward EVANS & A. F. BALDTON, married Lottie HAUDIN?, 22, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Martin HAUDIN? & M. A. WRAYVILLE?, witn: James & Amelia OLIVER, both of Windsor, 18 Apr 1902 at Windsor.
#005741-02 (Essex Co): William S. EVANS, wid, 46, dairyman, North York, London, s/o EVANS, William & WILSON, Mary, married Algina DE LACY, 44, Lambeth, Ontonagon Mich, d/o DE LACY, Stephen & BANGHART, Almira, witnesses were J.W. & Lucy SMITH of Leamington, 24-Dec-02, at Leamington #006655-02 (Essex Co): Isham EWING, 25, laborer, Ohio, Detroit, s/o Thomas & Louise, married Eleanor HAWS, 26, Ontario, Detroit, d/o John HAWS & Lydia WILLIAMS, 27 May 1902 at Windsor
#006665-02 (Essex Co): Samuel L. FEDDER, 31, lawyer, Pennsylvania, Wilkes Barre, s/o Jacob FEDDER & Mary E. HICKS, married Lucia L. PAULGER, 30, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Thomas PAULGER & Emily SACKETT, 25 June 1902 at Windsor #005847-02 (Essex Co): Henry FEEVER, 24, rest. keeper, New York, Detroit, s/o H. FEEVER & F. KAPNER, married Matilda AMO (or Anis), 24, Ontario, Detroit, d/o John AMO & Ad. LEVETT, 6 April 1902 at Sandwich
#005839-02 (Essex Co): Fred FENELY, 20, painter, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Fred FENELY & Mary GER---, married Hattie FORSEY, 20, Michigan, same, d/o Albert FORSEY & Mary? HAMILTON?, witn: Linda? BURLEY (or Basley) of Detroit, 30 March 1902 at Sandwich 6477-02 Adelbert FILER, 24, dentist, Michigan, Detroit, s/o T. W. FILER & C. E. SMITH, married V. E. BRICKER, 22, Ontario, Waterloo, d/o Jacob BRICKER & Marie SHAFFER, 13 June 1902 at Windsor
6918-02 Charles FILSINGER, 22, farmer, Ohio, Bellevue Ohio, s/o John FILSINGER & Sarah MOOK, married Mary C. MIGARD, 27, Pennsylvania, Bellevue Ohio, d/o William F. MIGARD & Rebecca KLESKNER, 21 Aug 1902 at Windsor 07154-02 (Essex Co) Henry C. FINCH, 24, shipping clerk, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Achilles FINCH & Zoa CARRIER, married Florence M. MESSMORE, 24, Michigan, Detroit, d/o W. H. MESSMORE & Mary LYNCH, witn: Agnes LOCKHART of Walmer & Calvin THOMAS of Detroit, 3 Nov 1902 at Windsor (R. Catholic)
6422-02 Andrew John FISHER, 21, brick mason, Michigan, Detroit, s/o A. A. FISHER & Agnes LOW, married Jennie BARRETT, 19, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Robert BARRETT & Christine KAY, wtn: George H. MACKEY & Lizzie LARRIVCE?, both of Detroit, 10 May 1902 at Windsor  
6535-02 Edson FITCHELL, 50, widower, paper hanger, Ontario, Leamington, s/o George FITCHELL & Ellen GRANT, married Amy KENYON, 23, Ontario, Leamington, d/o Charles KENYON & Mary WALTZ, 29 Jan 1902 at Windsor #005854-02 (Essex Co): Charles FLOWER, 35, engineer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o W.H. FLOWER & Ada HENNI--?, married Alzada CLARK, 34, Ohio, Detroit, d/o George CLARK & J. BLAND, witn: William SMITH of Detroit, 17 April 1902 at Sandwich
6931-02 William J. FORD, 28, electrician, Michigan, Cleveland, s/o John FORD & Elizabeth SYMINGTON, married Emma SMITH, 23, Ohio, Cleveland, d/o Martin SMITH & Catherine KOSLOSKI, 2 Sept 1902 at Windsor #005742-02 (Essex Co): Byron Laird FOSTER, 23, farmer, Mersea twp, same s/o FOSTER, Reginald & LAIRD, Margaret Gardner, married Eva ROACH, 18, Mersea twp, same d/o ROACH, Samuel & MALOTT, Clara, witnesses were L.C. & Lizzie OLIVANT of Leamington, 24-Dec-02 at Leamington
  6540-02 George FRASER, 46, widower, gas man, Ontario, Detroit, so Alex FRASER & Ellen SULLIVAN, married Ellen WILSON, 44, divorced, New York, Detroit, d/o Thomas LITTLE & Mary McMASTER, , 5 Feb 1902 at Windsor
#006412-02 (Essex Co): Albert L. FRENCH, 35, farmer, New York, Detroit, s/o J. FRENCH & Anna HOOPER, married Mary WHITEFORD, 34, widow, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Nathan HUNTZELEN? & Eliza McKINNON, witn: J. HARTNETTE of Windsor & Charles FARRAR of Howell Mich., 1 May 1902 at Windsor #005865-02 (Essex Co): Julius FRENSTZ (Frantz?), 23, bartender, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Petrus FRENSTZ & Paulina WOODITZ, married Ida M. WERRILL, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Charles WERRILL & Anna CURRIE, 22 April 1902 at Sandwich
5755-02 Albert GARDNER, 29, farmer, Detroit, Maidstone, s/o Jacques GARDNER & Mary SOULLIERE, married Loretta McPHARLIN, 17, Maidstone, same, d/o Peter McPHARLIN, farmer, & Mary McCANN, witn: Andrew McPHARLIN of Maidstone & Effie SCULLY of Detroit, 28 April 1902 at RC Church, North Woodslee #005859-02 (Essex Co): Ralph E. GASSETT, 22, carriage trimmer, England, Detroit, s/o Ralph GASSETT & A. BRITTON, married Pearl E. SMITH, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o William SMITH & Ida KILPATRICK, witn: Florence GASSETT of Detroit, 24 April 1902 at Sandwich
5776-02 Hugh A. GETTY, 28, farmer, Romney twp., same, s/o Robert GETTY & Catherine FINCH, married Edith WIGFIELD, 28, Mersea twp, same, d/o Edwin WIGFIELD & Hannah MIDDLETON, witn: Gilbert WIGFIELD & Oradell WATSON, both of Mersea twp, 9 April 1902 at Mersea twp #005746-02 (Essex Co): Frank GIBBONS, wid, 47, optician, New York, Chicago, s/o GIBBONS, Jeffrey & McKENZIE, Winnifred, married Tillie Boyle SINASAC (Sarasac?), 30, Colchester twp, Leamington, d/o SINASAC, Daniel & BOYLE, Elizabeth, witnesses were Louisa SINASAC of Leamington & Lena M. BEDFORD of Windsor, 21-Aug-02, at Leamington
6519-02 Burton L. GILLHOUSE, 24, merchant, Michigan, Manchester, s/o Henry GILLHOUSE & Sarah GILLHOUSE, married Lotta JORDAN, 22, Ohio, Maybee, d/o George JORDAN & Catherine HOSKRADD, 2 Jan 1902 at Windsor 5608.02 (Essex Co): Walter GIRARDIN, 25, sailor, Amherstburg, Amherstburg, s/o GIRARDIN, David J. & HUTTON, Elizabeth, married Irene SMITH, 22, Amherstburg, Amherstburg, d/o SMITH, William J. & MORIN, Virginia, witnesses were Fred SMITH, Amherstburg & Alma BARRON, Amherstburg; 11/06/1902 at Amherstburg
6518-02 Michael GOEBEL, 28, press hand, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Valentine GOEBEL & Minnie KUGER, married Justina SCHMIDT, 20, Germany, Detroit, d/o Fred SCHMIDT & Elizabeth WEDHOUR, witn: John & Lottie SCHMIDT of Detroit, 2 Jan 1902 at Windsor #007888-03 (Essex Co): Arthur C. GORDON, 37, widower, laundry man, Michigan, Flint Mich., s/o Andrew GORDON & Mary MATTHEWS, married Catherine CALLADAY, 28, widow, Michigan, Flint, d/o Chris HYMLIE & Esther M. EVOY, 12 July 1902 at Windsor
#005855-02 (Essex Co): Albert GRAVES, 34, upholsterer, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Albert GRAVES & Mary SHAW?, married Jessie C. GASSETT, 20, England, Detroit, d/o Ralph A. GASSETT & Care BRITTON?, witn: Ralph & Florence GASSETT of Detroit, 17 April 1902 at Sandwich 5712-02 Abram Davis GREEN, 30, accountant, Gilford Co. NC, Walkerville, s/o George Warren GREEN & Mary JOYCE, married Gertrude KING, 28, London Ont, Kingsville, d/o James Workman KING & Harriet Foote SMITH, witn: Annie MATHEW of Kingsville & William ISAACS of Walkerville, 15 Oct 1902 at Kingsville
6908-02 Charles C. GRIEVE, 32, physician, Michigan, Sheppard Mich., s/o William GRIEVE & Phoebe WINCHELL, married Frances HURST, 38, widow, Michigan, Sheppard, d/o Edward McLAIN & Mary A. MAXTED, 22 Sept 1902 at Windsor 6442-02 Alcides Joseph GROULX, 27, laborer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Joseph GROULX & Emiline TASSE, married Josephine BLAIS, 17, Michigan, Windsor, d/o Joseph BLAIS & Archange LAUZON, witn: Joseph BLAIS & Elizabeth LANGLOIS, both of Windsor, 18 June 1902 at Windsor
006392- 1902 (Essex Co.) Frank GRUNDY, 22, reed worker?, Ontario, Detroit, s/o James GRUNDY & Christina FROHLICH, married Eva May GRANT, 20, Ontario, Detroit, d/o George GRANT & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: Mary E. SHEA & J. L. HORNSHAW, both of Detroit, 31 Mar 1902 at Windsor # 5602.02 (Essex Co): Eli GRUNDY, widower, 28, laborer, Monroe Co, Wyandotte Mich, s/o GRUNDY, Wilson & MATEVIE, Sophia, married Georye Anna MATEVIE?, wid, 31, Monroe Co, Wyandotte Mich, d/o DULALDSON?, William & MERO, Eliza J., witnesses were James MATEIVE, Wyandotte & Nettie OLONE, Wyandotte; 09/03/1902 at Amherstburg
6443-02 Ralph A. HALL, 25, bookkeeper, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Joseph HALL & Eliza IRVING, married Rose COLBY, 25, Ontario, Windsor, d/o William COLBY & Celina BINSETTE, witn: Leonard CLEMINSON & Margaret COLBY, both of Windsor, 18 June 1902 at Windsor 6479-02 John HAMMER, 40, widower, hotel keeper, Pennsylvania, Holly Mich., s/o Francis HAMMER & Elizabeth McCANN (McCaine?), married Lillie CANGDON, 42, widow, Pennsylvania, Holly Mich., d/o Nelson PETERSON & Mary EASTON, 24 June 1902 at Windsor
6533-02 Charles HANCHEN, 44, butcher, Michigan, Milford Mich., s/o William HANCHEN & Mary Ann CHASE, married Bessie SIMONS, 42, widow, Maine, Milford Mich., d/o H.N. BARTLETT & Susan HEELEY, 24 Jan 1902 at Windsor #005849-02 (Essex Co): Fred HARRINGTON, 35, decorator, Michigan, Port Huron, s/o Nath HARRINGTON & Christina McNALLY, married Mary WATSON, 37, Michigan, Port Huron, d/o James WATSON & Anna KAMBACH?, witn: George & Emma HENLEY of Port Huron, 9 April 1902 at Sandwich
6470-02 Carey HARRIS, 28, lineman, Michigan, Adrian Mich., s/o Joseph HARRIS & Josephine WHITING, married Clara PATTERSON, 24, Michigan, Palmyra Mich., d/o W. J. PATTERSON & Isadore WILLETTS, 8 April 1902 at Windsor 6530-02 Thomas A. HAWKINS, 23, laundry man, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Thomas HAWKINS & Hannah HILLIER, married Catherine M. CABLE, 18, Ontario, Detroit, d/o James CABLE & Lizzie BRUSH, witn: Frederick CADARET & Maude BRESNAHAN, both of Detroit, 22 Jan 1902 at Windsor
006398- 1902 (Essex Co.) Charles D. HAYES, 48, butcher, Wisconsin, Jackson Mich, divorced, s/o C. H. HAYES & M. J. WOOD, married Blanche FAXON, 38, Michigan, Jackson Mich, divorced, d/o Porter BRISTOL & Phoebe LAWRENCE, witn: J. D. FARRELL & Sadie LYNDE, both of Jackson Mich, 4 May 1902 at Windsor. 6858-03 Jasper Ferguson HAZEN, 28, laborer, King? twp., Walkerville, s/o Daniel W. B. HAZEN & Agnes LOUCKS, married Lillie Pearl HUMPHREY, 19, Mosa twp., same, d/o James HUMPHREY & Lexy McLEAN, witn: Hugh A. BEATON & Minnie KENT, both of Walkerville, 23 Dec 1902 at Walkerville
#005848-02 (Essex Co): George A. HENLEY, 35, butcher, Michigan, Port Huron, s/o Ed HENLEY & Ch. MOONEY, married Emma A. LOWE, 37, widow, Michigan, Ypsilanti, d/o S? WILLETT & El. KAMBACH, 6 April 1902 at Sandwich 6528-02 Joseph D. HICKEY, 26, blacksmith, Ontario, Detroit, s/o P.J. HICKEY & Hannah ZENAHAN, married Maimie (Maurie?) DIEHL, 22, Michigan, Detroit, d/o George DIEHL & Gertrude NIDICK, 29 Jan 1902 at Windsor
006400- 1902 (Essex Co.) Harry S. HILDRETH, 27, machinist, Michigan, Cleveland, s/o Henry HILDRETH & Emma SHAFFER, married Janine FERGUSON, 27, Ohio, Cleveland, divorced, d/o Frank STEVENS & Susie GREY, witn: M. F. TOLIERE? & Minnie PRINGLE, 10 May 1902 at Windsor 6420-02 Gilmore HINDS, 52, widower, decorator, Pennsylvania, Detroit, s/o A. T. HINDS & Mary HOCKER, married Sadie BRICELAND, 47, widow, Pennsylvania, Detroit, d/o George HUTCHINSON & Mary STEWART, 28 May 1902 at Windsor
6922-02 Albert E. HINSDALE, 23, student, Ohio, Cleveland, s/o W. B. HINSDALE & Estella STONE, married Jessie F. ALLMAND, 25, Michigan, Toledo, d/o J. H. ALLMAND & Margaret BOUGHEY, witn: M. BOVINGTON of Windsor, 26 Aug 1902 at Windsor #005729-02 (Essex Co): Otto Nelson HISLOP, 25, farmer, North Gosfield, same, s/o HISLOP, John & RASE, Amasa, married Cinderella PEASE, 20, Mersea twp, SouthGosfield, d/o not given & McCLENON, Louisa F., witnesses were Thomas PEASE of South Gosfield & Beatrice P. HISLOP of N. Gosfield, 05-Mar-02 at Leamington
6515-02 John HODGE, 28, GTR foreman, Ontario, Windsor, s/o William HODGE & Dorothy RIDDLE, married Etta GRASER, 30, widow, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Francis SIDALL & Mary JONES, witn: Joseph MINCH & George ELSEY, both of Detroit, 1 Jan 1902 at Windsor 5775-02 Joseph William HODGSON, 27, farmer, Romney twp., same, s/o James W. HODGSON & Hellen IMESON, married Addie Florence CATES, 23, Mersea twp, same, d/o George W. CATES & Christena STERRINGTON, witn: Austin CATES & Maud FISH, both of Mersea twp, 28 March 1902 at Mersea twp
6440-02 John HOGAN, 22, fireman, Ontario, Detroit, s/o John HOGAN & Mary A. CROSSAN, married Mary GREEN, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o William GREEN & Caroline FOX, 17 May 1902 at Windsor 6474-02 Luther P. HOLT, 44, widower, manufacturer, Pennsylvania, Detroit, s/o Burton HOLT & Jane PARKER, married Emily REEVES, 52, England, Sarnia, d/o Thomas REEVES & Sarah DRUETT?, witn: G. W. REEVES of Sarnia & Minnie REEVES of Windsor, 4 June 1902 at Windsor
6441-02 Edwin George HOPF, 22, book keeper, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Edward HOPF & Amelia SCHNABEL, married Margaret McKENDRICK, 23, Michigan, Cassiville Mich., d/o Robert McKENDRICK & Rose CLARK, 15 June 1902 at Windsor 5710-02 William HOWE, 21, section man, Abergavenny Wales, Kingsville, s/o John HOWE & Catherine SANDERS, married Lavena PEARCE, 21, Bath England, Kingsville, d/o John PEARCE & Fanny LYNHAM, witn: Albert J. HOWE & Eugenia PEARCE, both of Kingsville, 17 Sept 1902 at Kingsville
6456-02 Robert HUMPHREY, 48, widower, railway man, England, Oxford Mich., s/o Samuel HUMPHREY & Elizabeth MAYHEW, married Ella LITTLE, 32, widow, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Daniel BARKLEY & Lucy PARKER, witn: Charles & Mrs. C. GROVES of Detroit, 9 June 1902 at Windsor 6522-02 Albert HURLBERT, 43, widower, engineer, New York, Detroit, s/o Edwin HURLBERT & Anna NIGHTINGALE, married Cora STALEY, 34, Michigan, Sanilac, d/o Orson STALEY & Helen COIL, 8 Jan 1902 at Windsor
6521-02 Louis E. HURLEY, 23, laborer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Patrick HURLEY & Mary NERHOFF, married Florence MATHERSON, 27, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Harvey MATHERSON & Julia, witn: John VAN DE PITTE & Thersa HURLEY, both of Detroit, 6 Jan 1902 at Windsor 6460-02 Julius HUROVITCH, 25, widower, laborer, Russia, Detroit, s/o Jacob HUROVITCH & Rena MENDELSOHN, married Helen Rose HARTZ, 20, Germany, Detroit, d/o Aaron & Marie, 11 June 1902 at Windsor
5769-02 Thomas Jewell IMESON, 21, farmer, Mersea twp, same, s/o John IMESON & Louisa THAYER, married Angie Cecilia WALKER, 19, London Ont., Mersea twp, d/o George Henry WALKER & Elizabeth CUBBINS, witn: Alfred Sewell WALKER & Maggie DANCEY, both of Mersea twp, 15 Jan 1902 at Mersea twp #006935-03 (Essex Co): John INGLIS, 27, cabinet maker, Scotland, Detroit, s/o William INGLIS & M. MALCOLM, married Grace CARNEGIE, 21, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Joseph CARNEGIE & Annie ROSS, witn: George & Millie BAKER of Windsor, 5 Nov 1902 at Windsor
#005737-02 (Essex Co): Russell IVISON, 26, mine foreman, Wheatly, Mersea twp, s/o IVISON, Oscar & VAY, Jane, married Eva Aletta CHAMBERLAIN, 20, Wheatly, same, d/o CHAMBERLAIN, Dr. George & FOX, Sarah Jane, witnesses were M.H. CHAMBERLAIN & Laura IVISON, both of Wheatly, 21-Oct-02, at Leamington #005862-02 (Essex Co): Harry C. JENISSON, 53, physician, New York, Battle Creek, s/o John JENISSON & H?. WALLBRIDGE?, married Edith Bella WHITNEY, 21, Michigan, Battle Creek, d/o J. WHITNEY & Eva HUDSON, 27 April 1902 at Sandwich
006394- 1902 (Essex Co.) Frank N. JENKING, 42, painter, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o Nelson JENKING & Sarah Nelson, married Mary Jane RICHARDSON, 31, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Martin RICHARDSON & Hannah PEACOCK, witn: James McEWAN & M. F. TOLIERE, 3 Apr 1902 at Windsor. #006050-02 (Essex Co): Alex JOBIN, 35, farmer, Sandwich South, same, s/o Neil JOBIN & Celina ROBERTS, married Annie MOYNAHAN, 24, Sandwich S., same, d/o illegible MOYNAHAN and Mary BRENNER, witnesses were James MOYNAHAN of Windsor & May BORDY of Sandwich, Feb 11, 1902 at Sandwich South
006397- 1902 (Essex Co.) William D. JOHNSTON, 25, laundry man, Ontario, Windsor, s/o James JOHNSTON & Elizabeth SULLIVAN, married Harriet LEATHERDALE, 19, Ontario, d/o J. H. LEATHERDALE & Sarah MENDIAN?, witn: Mary LEATHERDALE & D. J. CHEYNE, both of Windsor, 30 Apr 1902 at Windsor #005858-02 (Essex Co): Delbert Lorne JOHNSTON, 23, farmer, Ontario, Maidstone, s/o William JOHNSTON & Jane COLNUTT, married Mary Elizabeth SCULLY, 22, Essex, Maidstone, d/o James SCULLY & & H. DUNNSHIELDS?, witn: Agnes & Marion HURD of Sandwich, 19 April 1902 at Sandwich
6463-02 George JOHNSTON, 35, widower, steam fitter, Ontario, Bay City Mich., s/o Edward JOHNSTON & Mary ELLIS, married Etta A. GIBBS, 36, widow, Pennsylvania, Bay City Mich., d/o Edgar ROSS & Lydia BAILEY, witn: 15 June 1902 at Windsor 6478-02 Edward JOHNSTON, 23, lather, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Richard JOHNSTON & Caroline POLISE?, married Caroline BURCH, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o O.H. BURCH & Mary STEINBURGHER, 14 June 1902 at Windsor
#005724-02 (Essex Co): Alfred Ernest JONES, 28, yeoman, Mersea twp, same, s/o JONES, Absalom & WHITE, Nancy, married Fanny BAILEY, 21, Mersea twp, same, d/o BAILEY, George & JACKSON, 25-Feb-02 at Leamington #005736-02 (Essex Co): Samuel M. JONES, 21, agent, Tilbury twp, same, s/o JONES, Reuben H. & BROWN, Jane, married Mary COATSWORTH, 20, Raleigh twp, same, d/o COATSWORTH, Arthur & BALDWIN, Ara, witnesses were Russell & Mrs. A.S. LOCKE of Leamington, 02-Oct-02, at Leamington
# 5610.02 (Essex Co): Antoine JUBENVILLE, 40, farmer, Anderdon twp, Anderdon twp, s/o JUBENVILLE, Thomas & BARRON, Emeline, married Amelia BONDY, 37, Colchester South, Colchester South, d/o BONDY, Eli & BARRON, Margaret, witnesses were Thomas LANGLOIS & Lucy BONDY; 11/18/1902 at Amherstburg #006052-02 (Essex Co): William KANE, 25, Maidstone, Sandwich S., s/o William KANE & Mary McNALLY, married Rose HALFORD, 23, Sandwich S., same, d/o William HALFORD & Rose KELLY, witnesses were Robert HALFORD of Detroit and Rose KANE of Windsor, June 3, 1902 at Sandwich South
#007890-00 (Essex Co): Herman KATCHEFSKY, 22, laborer, Germany, Detroit, s/o Ferdinand KATCHEFSKY & Mary EICKEL, married Anna GUTSCHON, 21, Germany, Detroit, d/o William GUTSCHON & Fredina RHODE, 4 Nov 1902 at Windsor 6859-03 William KELLEY, 22, farmer, Mosa twp., Windsor, s/o Abner & Hattie, married Grace LABUTE, 18, Comber, same, d/o James LABUTE & Alzery RUSHLOW, witn: Nelson ROOT of Walkerville & Eva LABUTE of Windsor, 24 Dec 1902 at Walkerville
6548-02 John KELLY, 82, widower, gentleman, Greenwich, Detroit, s/o Ronald KELLY & Christena BROWN, married Margaret CURRIE, 48, St. Clair, Detroit, d/o Malcolm CURRIE & Sarah MONTGOMERY, witn: E.A. SAGER & Flossie LIVINGSTONE, both of Windsor, 18 Feb 1902 at Windsor 6862-03 Alfred KNIGHT, 34, widower, painter, England, Windsor, s/o George KNIGHT & Elizabeth SUTTON, married Isabella S. FOX, 28, widow, Detroit, Walkerville, d/o Andrew BERTRAM & Isabella HARKNESS, witn: Annie BERTRAM of Walkerville & Fred A. ROSS of Windsor, 30 Oct 1902 at Walkerville
006390- 1902 (Essex Co.) Martin W. KRAINER? (Kramer?), 22, student, Michigan, Windsor, s/o Martin KRAINER? & Charity A. PAIGE, married Eleanor S. CHRISTIE, 23, Ohio, Windsor, d/o Wilbur A. CHRISTIE & Ida KINLEYSIDE?, witn: M. F. TOLERIE? & Minnie PRINGLE, both of Windsor, 24 Mar 1902 at Windsor. 6454-02 Adolph LAEMMERMANN, 45, widower, brewer, Ohio, Fort Wayne Ohio, s/o Conrad LAEMMERMANN & Theresa MAX, married Mary LEICHNER, 40, Ohio, Fort Wayne Ohio, d/o John LEICHNER & Christena EHEN (Eheir?), witn: Mr. & Mrs. George MICHEL of Detroit, 1 June 1902 at Windsor
#005841-02 (Essex Co): Dolphin LAJEUNESSE, 38, widower, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o J. LAJEUNESSE & Joi BANDY, married Elizabeth JANISSE, 46, Sandwich West, same, d/o Pat JANISSE & Matilda GOYCUSE?, witn: illegible, 15 illegible 1902 at Sandwich #006936-03 (Essex Co): Homer T. LANE, 27, widower, teacher, New Hampshire, Detroit, s/o S.A. LANE & Mary TERRILL, married Mabel G. BARNEY, 29, New Hampshire, Southboro Mass., d/o W.E. BARNEY & Jennie PAGE, 14 Nov 1902 at Windsor
6552-02 Edmond LAUCHENCE, 29, boiler maker, Canada, Detroit, s/o Henry LAUCHENCE & Mary LAHA (Laka?), married Minnie CONSIDINE, 25, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John CONSIDINE & Winnifred O'KEEFE, witn: J.H. JOHNSTON & Mrs. SAGER, both of Windsor, 20 Feb 1902 at Windsor  
6429-02 William LE BARON, 21, laborer, Michigan, Baraboo? Mich., s/o William LE BARON & Arella BARCUME, married Maud HARPER, 26, Michigan, Holly Mich., d/o George HARPER & Anna MARSH, witn: Mary LEATHERDALE of Windsor, 27 April 1902 at Windsor 5774-02 George LEBO, 59, farmer, Mersea twp, same, s/o John LEBO & Catherine FULMER, married Violet Ann STACEY, 53, Blanshard Ont., Mersea twp, d/o William STACEY & Mary Jane HUGHSTON, witn: Malcolm WIGLE & Mary L. STACEY, both of Mersea twp, 19 March 1902 at Mersea twp
  5757-02 William E. LEE, 30, farmer, s/o John & Mary, married Ann J. CAMPBELL, 24, d/o Richard & Martha, witn: Charles & Hannah DELANTER, both of Essex, 2 April 1902 at Lot 2, Con 3 of Maidstone [no other info given]
#006944-03 (Essex Co): Jesse H. LELAND, 23, railwayman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o W.H. LELAND & Alice HURD, married Mary G. WATSON, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Thomas WATSON & M.J. BELL, 26 Dec 1902 at Windsor 6472-02 Charles LENDEMAN, 33, driver, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Charles LENDEMAN & Sophia DOPP, married Tillie FULTON, 31, Ontario, Detroit, d/o George FULTON & Mary McBRIDE, 2 June 1902 at Windsor
#005739-02 (Essex Co): William Alfred LENNON, 27, grocer, Ithica Mich, same, s/o LENNON, Peter & KING, Mary, married Sarah WHATLEY, 23, Mersea twp, same, d/o WHATLEY, Esrael & APPLEYARD, Hannah, 15-Sep-02 at Leamington #005727-02 (Essex Co): Arthur Alfred LEONARD, 31, farmer, Michigan state, same, s/o Charles & Eliza, married Jennie HART, 37, Dundee Scotland, Detroit, d/o HART, John & LEONARD, Sarah, witnesses were James LEONARD of Leamington & Sarah HART of Detroit, 30-Apr-02 at Leamington
#006937-03 (Essex Co): Nelson J. LEONARD, 35, widower, grocer, Michigan, Monroe Mich., s/o O.A. LEONARD & Mary J. DAY, married Emma MITCHELL, 32, widow, Quebec, Kalamazoo Mich., d/o Simeon McDERMOTT & Anna STERLING, 23 Nov 1902 at Windsor #005846-02 (Essex Co): Fred G. LEWIS, 27, florist, NY, Stockport, s/o F.R. LEWIS & Florence OLDS, married Catherine PLENBEL?, 30, widow, Michigan, Mt. Clemens, d/o C. STOCKTON & H. ROY, 5 April 1902 at Sandwich
006388- 1902 (Essex Co.) Daniel D. LEWIS, 42, patrolman, Michigan, Lansing Mich, widower, s/o Jacob LEWIS & Mary EGAN, married Cora E. LEWIS, 41, Michigan, Lansing Mich, widow, d/o Cassius TENEYCK & Euphemia BRITTON, witn: James & Amelia OLIVER, both of Windsor, 18 Apr 1902 at Windsor. 6448-02 Charles H. LINTLE (Tintle?), 23, barber, Pennsylvania, Michigan, s/o Henry LINTLE & Frances LAMBERT, married Catherine CARD, 19, New Jersey, New York, d/o John M. CARD & Abbie JOHNSTON, witn: M. A. TISDALE of Simcoe, 24 May 1902 at Windsor
5758-02 Albert LITTLEWOOD, 21, farmer, England, Maidstone, s/o Luke LITTLEWOOD & Annie RADDISH, married Annie WESTLAKE, 18, Maidstone, same, d/o Thomas WESTLAKE & Eva ROATH, witn: Walter WESTLAKE & Annie LOWTON?, both of Maidstone, 12 June 1902 at res of bride's father, Maidstone  
#006414-02 (Essex Co): Orlando LOCKWOOD, 25, machinist, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o Edwin LOCKWOOD & Helen FOX, married Minnie JENKYNS, 21, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Edward JENKYNS & Alice JONES, 15 May 1902 at Windsor 6438-02 George S. LORENGER, 36, widower, carriage painter, Quebec, Detroit, s/o John LORENGER & Dillon DOURWIN, married Clara J. ABRAMOWSKY, 35, Germany, Detroit, d/o Fred ABRAMOWSKY & Emilie REIDEHAUER, 13 May 1902 at Windsor
#005866-02 (Essex Co): Henry LOVE (or Lave), 21, engineer, Michigan, Battle Creek, s/o Thomas LOVE & Lizzie BRUTH?, married Ella KELLOGG, N. Dakota, Detroit, d/o Julius KELLOGG & Hat? CHAMBERS, witn: Alice CROLTEN & Alice KELLOGG, both of Detroit, 26 April 1902 at Sandwich 6550-02 Samuel LUCIER, 22, foreman, Ontario, Colchester North, s/o Joseph LUCIER & Marie BONFORD, married Bertha STYLES, 19, Ontario, Colchester North, d/o James STYLES & Agnes SUTTON, witn: Ira STYLES & Emma LUCIER, both of Colchester North, 19 Feb 1902 at Windsor
6539-02 John R. LOVEJOY (as Lovjoy), 40, widower, traveller, Michigan, Detroit, s/o D.B. LOVEJOY & Rowenna WHITMORE, married Elda TAYLOR, 25, divorced, Michigan, Detroit, d/o S.C. TAYLOR & Margaret PATTERSON, 2 Feb 1902 at Windsor 6926-02 Ernest LUTES, 24, machinist, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Lorenzo LUTES & Mary SHERIDAN, married Mary BURROUGHS, 20, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Robert BURROUGHS & Mary ACMONT, witn: William O'CONNOR & Helen BROWN, both of Detroit, 31 Aug 1902 at Windsor
#006051-02 (Essex Co): John LYNCH, 40, widower, farmer, Sandwich S., same, s/o J. LYNCH & Mary SULLIVAN, married Lizzie KELLY, 34, Sandwich S., same, d/o Thomas KELLY & Annie DURER, witnesses were Michael SULLIVAN of Halford & Frances HALFORD of Detroit, Apr 29, 1902 at Sandwich South 6453-02 John MACK, 22, match maker, Germany, Detroit, s/o John MACK & Julia WESTERLING, married Katherine HOFFMAN, 23, Ohio, N. Baltimore O., d/o Martin HOFFMAN & Katherine JOSEPH, 30 May 1902 at Windsor
6483-02 Gustave MALZATIN (Walzatin?), 23, presshand, Michigan, Detroit, s/o John MALZATIN & Lydia SCHELKIE, married Hattie DARBY, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Justin DARBY & Hannah BOESCHEL?, 30 May 1902 at Windsor 5771-02 Henry W. MANERY, 27, farmer, Mersea twp, same, s/o Robert MANERY & Isabella LESTER, married Pearl E. FULMER, 21, Gosfield, Mersea twp, d/o Michael FULMER & Elizabeth DAWSON, witn: John MANERY & Nora FULMER, both of Mersea twp, 19 Feb 1902 at Mersea twp
#005861-02 (Essex Co): Herbert M. MANN, 37, engineer, New York, Detroit, s/o J.W. MANN & A. WHITCOMB, married Catherine JOHNSON, 40, widow, New York, Detroit, d/o W.W. LESLIE & Olive M. FORBES, 26 April 1902 at Sandwich 5753-02 William A. MARKET, 24, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o Francis MARKET & Maria PREW, married Clara E. BAUR, 19, Maidstone, same, d/o John BAUR & Mary ROATH, witn: Ann MARKET of Maidstone & Charles BAUR, 26 Feb 1902 at Maidstone
#006401-02 (Essex Co): Edmund MARTELL, 27, laborer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Charles MARTELL & Matilda MERCIER, married Jennie WHITNER, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Roland WHITNER & Lizzie GOLDEN, 13 May 1902 at Windsor 6917-02 Thomas William McCAFFREY, 28, plumber, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Thomas McCAFFREY & Margaret MORRIS, married Rose THOLLMAN, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Adoplh THOLLMAN & Louise KIMISKE, witn: Walter HARE of Detroit, 19 Aug 1902 at Windsor
#005740-02 (Essex Co): Fred McDONALD, 28, farmer, Gosfield twp, S. Gosfield twp, s/o Everett & Mary, married Myrtle May FOX, 23, Gosfield twp, S. Gosfield twp, d/o FOX, Horatio & CULLIN, Jessie, witnesses were Maggie & H.D. ROBINSON of Leamington, 12-Nov-02, at Leamington #006666-02 (Essex Co): Alexander McDONALD, 26, shipping clerk, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o William McDONALD & Annie McKAY, married Frances CLARK, 25, Ontario, Windsor, d/o William C. CLARK & Mary Ann BURTCH, witn: Maggie CLARK of Windsor & George HICKMAN of Walkerville, 25 June 1902 at Windsor
# 5606.02 (Essex Co): John McDONALD, 26, brakesman, not given, St. Thomas, s/o McDONALD, Dan & NAILOR, Bridget, married Maud DENEAU, 23, not given, Amherstburg, d/o DENEAU, Gilbert & PRIMEAU, Emilie; no witnesses given, 10/09/1902 at Amherstburg 6447-02 Donald William McDONELL, 26, fireman, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Duncan McDONELL & Elizabeth DAVIDSON, married Mary WILLIAMS, 20, Germany, Detroit, d/o John WILLIAMS & Augusta RUSHLOW, witn: J. C. PELTIER of Windsor, 24 May 1902 at Windsor
#006049-02 (Essex Co): Edward McHUGH, 23, laborer, Maidstone, Windsor, s/o John McHUGH & Jane McPHARLIN, married Lizzie DANIKER, 21, Maidstone, same, d/o William DANIKER & Ellen HEALY, witnesses were Frank McPHARLIN and Mary E McGUIRE, both of Detroit, Jan 20, 1902 at Sandwich South #005721-02 (Essex Co): Alexander McKENZIE, 24, blacksmith, Leamington, same, s/o McKENZIE, William Francis & ASKEW, Amelia Mary, married Florence Lillian ALDERSTON, 23, Leamington, same, d/o ALDERSTON, William & O'NEIL, Johana Jane, witnesses were Lorenzo Leslie DECOW & Mary Ann McKENZIE both of Leamington, 04-Jun-02, at Leamington
#005864-02 (Essex Co): Robert R. McKENZIE, 21, book keeper, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Robert McKENZIE & Mary REVES?, married Margaret L. GREENWOOD, 18, New York, Detroit, d/o Cyrus GREENWOOD & Mary HALLATTSON?, witn: illegible JACOBSEN of Detroit, 21 April 1902 at Sandwich 6459-02 James McKINLAY, 21, painter, Ontario, Windsor, s/o James McKINLAY & Sarah SPENCER, married E. Edith McINTOSH, 17, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Daniel McINTOSH & Jessie McEWEN, witn: Mrs. Jessie McELROY of Detroit & J. MULLINS of Walkerville, 10 June 1902 at Windsor
006395- 1902 (Essex Co.) George A. McLACHLAN, 25, SALESMAN, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Alve McLACHLAN & Helen CRUICKSHANK, married Annie E. MOORE, 24, Ontario, Detroit, d/o William MOORE & Emma SMITH, witn: M. F. TOLIERE? & Minnie PRINGLE, 17 Apr 1902 at Windsor. #006659-02 (Essex Co): David W. McLAUGHLIN, 30, molder, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o Alex McLAUGHLIN & Annie KIRKLAND, married Mary BROWN, 30, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o Donald BROWN & Hannah McLEAN, 6 June 1902 at Windsor
#005738-02 (Essex Co): Lewis McMULLIN, 28, farmer, Mersea twp, same, s/o McMULLIN, David & COULBY, Mary, married Christina STEWART, 21, Mersea twp, same, d/o STEWART, Alexander & McLEOD, witnesses were Elizabeth C.R. WIGLE & L. OLIVANT, both of Leamington, 22-Oct-02, at Leamington #006658-02 (Essex Co): John McMURREN, 26, farmer, Ontario, Maidstone, s/o Joseph McMURREN & Ellen PAISLEY, married Grace HARVEY, 20, Ontario, Rochester, d/o William HARVEY & Ellen CARPENTER, 4 June 1902 at Windsor
6929-02 Lawrence J. MEREDITH, 37, widower, cook, Maryland, Mt. Clemens Mich., s/o Lewis MEREDITH & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, married Elizabeth HARRISON, 39, widow, Ontario, Detroit, d/o George MITCHELL & Rachel HALEY, 1 Sept 1902 at Windsor #006934-03 (Essex Co): Frank A. MILLARD, 22, physician, Ontario, Detroit, s/o William A. MILLARD & Elizabeth SMITH, married Margaret J. WILKINSON, 22, Michigan, Windsor, d/o John B. WILKINSON & Rose McGOWAN, witn: Rose & Edward HATT of Windsor, 30 Oct 1902 at Windsor
6482-02 Burt E. MILLER, 19, salesman, Ohio, Cleveland, s/o Alonzo MILLER & E. EGGLESTON, married Hattie A. ALLINER, 19, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, d/o David ALLINER & Dora ALEXANDER, 28 June 1902 at Windsor #005722-02 (Essex Co): Alexander James MILLER, 21, laborer, Woodsley - Rochester twp., Leamington, s/o MILLER, Jacob & TAYLOR, Hannah, married Myrtle HARRIS, 20, Leamington, Mersea twp., d/o HARRIS, Elisha & JONES, Allice, witnesses were Grace J. & illegible FOX of Leamington, 04-Jun-02 at Leamington
5766-02 Robert William MILLS, 25, farmer, Romney twp., same, s/o Joseph MILLS & Mary HEALEY, married Etta Bell COULTER, 22, Mersea twp, same, d/o William COULTER & Rachel WILLIAMS, witn: Benson MILLS of Romney twp & Almina BULLOCK of Mersea twp, 1 Jan 1902 at Mersea twp 6514-02 J.J. MINCH, 26, cutter, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Mike MINCH & Mary CLOWSON, married Georgie ELSEY, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John ELSEY & Ella WOODHOUSE, 1 Jan 1902 at Windsor
#005719-02 (Essex Co): George Robert MOON, 22, yeoman, Gosfield, Mersea, s/o MOON, Robert & TURNBULL, Maggie, married Emma BEACOME, 19, Mersea, same, d/o BEACOME, Robert & KENNEDY, Jane, 26-Feb-02, at Leamington # 5609.02 (Essex Co): Richard B. MOORE, 42, commercial traveller, Fergus Ont., Detroit Mich, s/o. MOORE, Garret? & O'CONNER, Margaret, married Mary F. McBRIDE, 30, Muskegon Mich, Detroit Mich, d/o CROTTY, Daniel & McMAHON, Annie, witnesses were Jennie W. KERR, Amherstburg & Margaret E. NATTRESS, Amherstburg on 11/15/1902 at Amherstburg
6541-02 Samuel MORTON, 24, farmer, Michigan, Salina Mich. s/o Peter MORTON & Nancy BOYD, married Mabel MONROE, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Benjamin MONROE & Hattie CORGILL, witn: J.H. JOHNSTON & M. A. LIVINGSTONE, both of Windsor, 6 Feb 1902 at Windsor 7168-02 Stephen MUIRHEAD, 40, widower, butcher, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Walter MUIRHEAD & E. KIRKENDOLL, married Alice Lauria MARSHALL, 35, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Thomas MARSHALL & Jemima KING, witn: James & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 4 Aug 1902 at Windsor
#006656-02 (Essex Co): Frank MULLINS, 19, laborer, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o George MULLINS & Selina HALL, married Jessie McINTOSH, 20, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Daniel McINTOSH & Jessie McEWAN, witn: John MULLEN (sic) of Walkerville & Eva MATTHEWS of Windsor, 28 May 1902 at Windsor 5607.02 (Essex Co): Pat MURPHY, 50, farmer, not given, Standish Mich, s/o MURPHY, Patrick & BURNS, Annie, married Annie BARRON, 36, not given, Amherstburg, d/o BARRON, Patrice & MELOCHE, Olive, witnesses were Alex BENETEAU, Amherstburg & Adele BARRON, Amherstburg; 10/14/1902 at Amherstburg
#006663-02 (Essex Co): Harry MYRICK, 22, railway clerk, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Owen MYRICK & Lottie TEFFUSE, married Grace ADAMS, 19, Indiana. Detroit, d/o Thomas ADAMS & Mary BROWN, witn: Carrie WEITZ & D.E. SCHULTE, both of Detroit, 19 June 1902 at Windsor 6537-02 James NEVILLS, 32, wheelsman, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Isaac NEVILLS & Sarah EATON, married Rose PARENT, 26, Ontario, Sandwich East, d/o Joseph PARENT & Philea MANNING, 30 Jan 1902 at Windsor
6527-02 Anthony P. NODE, 27, machine operator, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Anthony NOLDE & Susan JOST, married Bessie M. CABLE, 22, Ontario, Detroit, d/o James F. CABLE & Lizzie BRUSH, witn: John REYNOLDS of Detroit & Lulu LIVINGSTONE of Windsor, 20 Jan 1902 at Windsor 6928-02 William R. NOYES, 37, divorced, salesman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o William R. NOYES & Caroline JONES, married Eliz. S. CALDWELL, 35, divorced, Windsor, Detroit, d/o Robert CALDWELL & Ann REED, witn: Martha BOVINGTON & Agnes LOCKHART, both of Windsor, 1 Sept 1902 at Windsor
6860-03 Emery O. OBERLANDER, 24, painter, Bloomville O., Hanover Pa., s/o J. OBERLANDER & Sally A. ALLBRIGHT, married Dora Mary QUICK, 19, Amherstburg, Walkerville, d/o George M. QUICK & Ada MAYHEW, witn: George HEELEY & Hattie QUICK, both of Walkerville, 24 Dec 1902 at Walkerville 6927-02 William J. O’CONNOR, 23, plumber, Michigan, Detroit, s/o William O’CONNOR & Sarah MALLOCH, married Helen BROWN, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John BROWN & Julia VINCENT, witn: Ernest & Mrs. E. LUTES of Detroit, 31 Aug 1902 at Windsor
6524-02 Jeremiah O'DONNELL, 59, sailor, Michigan, Mt. Clemens Mich., s/o John O'DONNELL & H. McNAMARA, married Mary A. HUTCHINSON, 48, widow, New York, Mt. Clemens Mich., d/o Joseph ESORD & Margaret BOSORDIE, 9 Jan 1902 at Windsor #006404-02 (Essex Co): Frank W. O’KEEFE, 24, clerk, Michigan, Marshall Mich., s/o George A. O’KEEFE & M.J. McGRAW, married Bertha L. FELLOWS, 22, Michigan, Albion Mich., d/o Eugene FELLOWS & Alice HARRINGTON, 20 May 1902 at Windsor
6919-02 Christ OVERHOLT, 23, mechanic, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Auguste OVERHOLT & Charlotte BLUME, married Edna ROSTUCHER, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Joseph ROSTUCHER & Anna GOTTSCHALK, witn: Margaret J. LAW & Agnes LOCKHART, both of Windsor, 22 Aug 1902 at Windsor 6549-02 Fred C. PADGETT, 23, farmer, Michigan, Denton Mich., s/o John PADGETT & Mary SMITH, married Edna SMITH, 18, Michigan, Denton Mich., d/o John SMITH & Alice ARZEAT, witn: E. PROUSE & Flossie LIVINGSTONE, both of Windsor, 19 Feb 1902 at Windsor
6461-02 Charles PESHA, 28, metal spinner, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Michael PESHA & Ann CAPMAN, married Esther REID, 22, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Robert REID & Mary DAVIDSON, witn: Mrs. M. LAW of Windsor & Jennie REID of Detroit, 11 June 1902 at Windsor 6544-02 Charles E. POKVRING, 21, tailor, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Sence? & Anna, married Hattie TRILK, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Fred TRILK & Minnie BURNETT, witn: W.A. CAMPBELL & Carrie PARKS, both of Detroit, 13 Feb 1902 at Windsor
6907-02 Arthur POMEROY, 28, marine engineer, New York, Detroit, s/o George POMEROY & Ellen LADD, married May WALL, 27, Ontario, Detroit, d/o George WALL & Appolina SHARP, witn: E. & M. BROWN of Windsor, 21 Sept 1902 at Windsor  
#006402-02 (Essex Co): Theodore POST, 55, widower, farmer, Michigan, Wyandette Mich., s/o Cornelius POST & E.A. WESTERFIELD, married Agnes MORTON, 46, Ontario, Windsor, d/o William MORTON & Mary Ann SHAW, 14 May 1902 at Windsor 006393- 1902 (Essex Co.) Arthur PULLAM, 19, clerk, Michigan, Pontiac Mich, s/o A. J. PULLAM & Emma? HARRIS, married Viola Bell MESSINGER, 18, Michigan, Pontiac Mich, d/o H. F. MESSINGER & Marie SEDEY, witn: : M. F. TOLERIE? & Minnie PRINGLE, both of Windsor, 2 Apr 1902 at Windsor.
#006410-02 (Essex Co): Frank C. RACE, 25, barber, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Henry RACE & Carrie TASSETT, married Clara STOCKMAN, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John STOCKMAN & Lena CURRY, 26 April 1902 at Windsor 6436-02 Roy RAYMOND, 21, factory hand, New York, Windsor, s/o Hiram RAYMOND & Ella STUBBS, married Lillian SEPNER, 16, Ontario, Windsor, d/o John SEPNER & Margaret SMITH, witn: M. BOVINGTON & M. CONN, both of Windsor, 8 May 1902 at Windsor
  6445-02 Merle E. REARICK, 28, merchant, Ohio, Rising Sun Ohio, s/o J. F. REARICK & Eliza COLE, married Marie GRAHAM, 26, Ohio, Parrie Depot O., d/o L (S?). A. GRAHAM & Louise LACEY, 20 May 1902 at Windsor
6476-02 George H. REEVES, 29, hotel keeper, Michigan, Grand Rapids, s/o George K. REEVES & E. C. CLANCY, married Minnie GOODWIN, 39, England, Detroit, d/o John GOODWIN & Ellen BURNEY, witn: H. O. LABIDY of Detroit & Carrie BONNEAU of Windsor, 10 June 1902 at Windsor 6430-02 George W. REHOHN, 21, tailor, Michigan, Detroit, s/o A. W. REHOHN & Mary F. YAGER, married Mary Louise SMITH, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Nicholas SMITH & Selina LATERMAN, witn: John GREENWALD & Mary DAILEY, both of Detroit, 29 April 1902, at Windsor
#006413-02 (Essex Co): Jos. W. REICKARD, 37, civil engineer, Pennsylvania, Pittsburg Penn., s/o C.W. REICKARD & Louisa OVER, married Caroline QUIGLEY, 25, England, Detroit, d/o John QUIGLEY & Ann COUGHAN, 7 May 1902 at Windsor #005747-02 (Essex Co): Lewis REID, 25, farmer, Gosfield twp, same, s/o REID, Alexander & REEVE, Amanda, married Lena VETOR 25, Mersea twp, same, d/o VETOR, John & RILEY, Sarah Jane, 05-Nov-02, at Leamington
5777-02 Thomas Ellis REID, 36, farmer, Illinois USA, same, s/o James A. REID & Ann FUNSTON, married Ida COULTER, 26, Mersea twp, same, d/o William L. COULTER & Rachel WILLIAMS, witn: C. Benson MILLS of Romney & Almina BULLOCK of Mersea twp, 28 April 1902 at Mersea twp 6425-02 Burt R. REINHART, 21, oil finisher, Michigan, Woodmere, s/o William REINHART & Christina BONNER, married Rose OWENS, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o James OWENS & Fanny GALLAGHER, witn: Daisy PICKERING & Bessie JENNISON, both of Windsor, 15 April 1902 at Windsor
6914-02 John Alex RICKERBY, 30, brush maker, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John RICKERBY & Annie P. RAE, married V. Spencer BUTLER, 30, England, Windsor, d/o William BUTLER & Betty SPENCER, win: C. E. JACKSON & Agnes N. RICKERBY, both of Windsor, 30 Sept 1902 at Windsor 6923-02 William D. RITCHIE, 25, clerk, Michigan, Detroit, s/o J. W. RITCHIE & Elizabeth SWINK, married Mollie K. STEPHENSON, 25, Georgia, Detroit, d/o R. F. STEPHENSON & V. HARRIS, 27 Aug 1902 at Windsor
# 5599.02 (Essex Co): Victor ROBIDOUX, 26, farmer, Malden, Malden, s/o ROBIDOUX, Lawrence & DESLIPPE, Mary, married Norah BEAUDOIN, 19, Anderdon, Malden, d/o BEAUDOIN, Jacques & McLEAN, Margaret, witnesses were Forrest McLEAN, Windsor & Esiel REBIDOUX, Amherstburg; 07/30/1902 at Amherstburg 6417-02 Joseph ROBILLARD, 24, widower, painter, Ontario, Detroit, s/o F. ROBILLARD & Fanny ROMBOLD, married Mary DE ISLE, 24, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Francis DE ISLE & Mary SOUVENIER, 24 May 1902 at Windsor
6480-02 Edgar A. ROBINSON, 28, machinist, New York, same, s/o C. W. ROBINSON & Ellen WHEELER, married Jennie A. BRACE, 20, New York, Detroit, d/o Fred BRACE & Nellie BURNETTE, 24 June 1902 at Windsor #006411-02 (Essex Co): William ROBINSON, 24, clerk, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Jas. ROBINSON & Addie THOMPSON, married Catherine VOGAL, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Michael VOGAL & Mary SCHNEIDER, 30 April 1902 at Windsor
6439-02 Oscar ROETZ, 22, cabinet maker, Michigan, Detroit, s/o John ROETZ & Theresa KROUTZ, married Martha JURISCH, 22, Germany, Detroit, d/o F. J. JURISCH & Emily SCHULTZ, 17 May 1902 at Windsor  
6545-02 Ellerslie W. ROGERS, 28, baker, New Jersey, Detroit, s/o Michael ROGERS & Sarah SOTEHRWHITE, married Vera MYERS, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Daniel MYERS & Hattie DURGER, witn: J.L. QUINN & Mrs. Sarah MICHAEL, both of Detroit, 13 Feb 1902 at Windsor # 5605.02 (Essex Co): Herman ROLL, 27, brewery agency, Wyandotte Mich, Wyandotte Mich, s/o Charles ROLL & Dora BENIER, married Rose WARROW, 23, Anderdon twp, Anderdon twp, d/o Thomas WARROW & Euphemia ALBERTS, witnesses were Thomas WARROW, Anderdon twp & Lottie LIONAIS, Detroit; 09/23/1902 at Amherstburg
6465-02 J. George ROSENFELDER, 25, pharmacist, Ohio, Cleveland, s/o Christian ROSENFELDER & Anna STEED, married Edith E. McCARTHY, 18, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, d/o John McCARTHY & Elizabeth RAIBLE, 22 June 1902 at Windsor #006941-03 (Essex Co): Henry ROSS, 42, widower, carpenter, Scotland, Detroit, s/o John ROSS & Margaret McLEOD, married Eleanor DEVEREUX, 34, widow, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Albert SILVERTHORN & Phoebe WILLIAMS, 10 Dec 1902 at Windsor
6547-02 Charles H. RUSSELL, 23, engineer, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Edward RUSSELL & Martha BOYLE, married Mabel A. HARRIS, 16, Ontario, Detroit, d/o James HARRIS & Christena McGREGOR, witn: Lulu & Flossie LIVINGSTONE of Windsor, 15 Feb 1902 at Windsor 6415-02 Patrick H. RYAN, 47, bridge maker, Ontario, Dearborn Mich., s/o John RYAN & Katherine FOGARTY, married Sarah WILDE, 35, Michigan, Dearborn, d/o Fred MILLER & Mary PREHN (Behn?), witn: James & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 21 May 1902 at Windsor
6532-02 William SANDERS, 28, stone cutter, Vermont, Detroit, s/o Thomas SANDERS & Martha PHILLIP, married Ella BOEBERITZ, 25, divorced, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Albert BOEBERITZ & Sophia STAHL, witn: Ella McMURRAY of Windsor, 23 Jan 1902 at Windsor #005857-02 (Essex Co): Allan SANDS, 58, widower, farmer, Michigan, Milford, s/o Robert SANDS & Ann BANBER, married Sarah SANDS, 53, widow, Michigan, Milford, d/o John P. WHEELER & Julia GARDINER, witn: William WIGLE & Isabella COOK, both of Windsor, 18 April 1902 at Sandwich
6546-02 Frederick SAUCKE, 29, mechanic, divorced, Ohio, Toledo, s/o Henry SAUCKE & Bertha THIEDE, married Bertha SAUCKE, 28, Pennsylvania, Toledo, d/o John HOOD & Anna RILEY, witn: M. A. & Norman LIVINGSTONE of Windsor, 13 Feb 1902 at Windsor #007886-03 (Essex Co): Thom SCARFF, 22, teamster, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Thom SCARFF & Mary FINDLEY, married Mary WISE, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Frank WISE & Rosetta EVANS, witn: Lillian DAVIS of Detroit, 30 July 1902 at Windsor
#007884-03 (Essex Co): Matthew SCHAEFER, 23, barn boss, Michigan, Detroit, s/o A. SCHAEFER & Elizabeth SIMMONS, married Melvina FORTIER, 25, Quebec, Detroit, d/o Theodore FORTIER & Melvina FRAZER, witn: Alex & Mrs. SMITH of Detroit, 30 June 1902 at Windsor 006387- 1902 (Essex Co.) Wesley B. SCHRAM, 23, clerk, not given, Detroit, s/o J. B. SCHRAM & Caroline VARLEY, married Beatrice BOULTON, 22, Ontario, Picton, d/o G. H. BOULTON & G. JEFFERY, witn: James & Amelia OLIVER, both of Windsor, 17 Apr 1902 at Windsor (also 6471-02)
  #006657-02 (Essex Co): George SCHUCHARD, 18, laborer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o George SCHUCHARD & Aurelia GABRIEL, married Bertha PARSONS, 19, Ontario, Windsor, d/o William PARSONS & Alethea MANNING, witn: Eddie SCHUCHARD of Detroit & Bessie PARSONS of Windsor, 3 June 1902 at Windsor
#005743-02 (Essex Co): Harrison Perry SCRATCH, 26, farmer, Mersea twp, same, s/o SCRATCH, Egerton & JEFFREY, Jane, married Carrie Attilia SHILSON, 24, Mersea twp, same, d/o SHILSON, William & GRIFFEN, Debby, witnesses were Edward OLIVANT & Ann SCRATCH, both of Leamington, 10-Dec-02, at Leamington #005731-02 (Essex Co): Herman Norman SCRATCH, 23, traveler, Kingsville, Leamington, s/o SCRATCH, Horatio & ILER, Hanna, married Flora Adella BROWN, 24, Leamington, same, d/o BROWN, Jesse Thomas & GROVER, Ida, witnesses were John Albert PEART & F. Winefred HAZELTON of Leamington, 30-Apr-02, at Leamington
#005730-02 (Essex Co): Joseph Neppin SELI, 24, farmer, Middlesex Co, Mersea twp, s/o SELI, Joseph & MORGAN, Ella, married Martha Ann NEBBITT, 24, Mersea twp, Leamington, d/o NEBIIT, William C.H. & PAIN, Jemmima, witnesses were Frona W. EDWARDS & Jennie WATTS both of Leamington, 09-Apr-02 at Leamington 6912-02 Lewis SHAW, 22, farmer, Michigan, Kingston Mich., s/o Allen SHAW & Alice NOBLE, married Ella SHEPPARD, widow, 25, Michigan, North Branch Mich., d/o Thomas WELCH & Lydia McCLEARY, witn: Charles LANDGREBE (Laudgrebe?) of Windsor, 24 Sept 1902 at Windsor
6446-02 James Urban SHEFFIELD, 62, widower, farmer, New York, Farmington Mich., s/o James G. SHEFFIELD & Liddy EDWARDS, married Matilda M. TRACEY, 34, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John Gear TRACEY & Anna HEBBARD, 24 May 1902 at Windsor #005846-02 (Essex Co): Alanson G. SHEPPARD, 48, widower, machinist, Ohio, Toledo, s/o T.W. SHEPPARD & Polly illegible, married Laura DE MYRE?, 45, widow, England, Detroit, d/o William GUIRE & Cath. FOSTER, witn: Sam CUNNINGHAM of Detroit & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 25 April 1902 at Sandwich
#006940-03 (Essex Co): William E. SHIEL, 39, farmer, Ontario, Anderson - Essex, s/o John SHIEL & Sarah THOMPSON, married Ida HOLDEN, 31, Ontario, Sandwich South, d/o Charles HOLDEN & Emma TAYLOR, 1 Dec 1902 at Windsor 6526-02 A. Louis SHRICKEL, 26, insurance agent, Ohio, Sandusky Ohio, s/o Louis SHRICKEL & Julia YOUNG, married Matilda M. BIEHL, 25, Ohio, Sandusky Ohio, d/o Henry J. BIEHL & Annie C. KAREISEL, 14 Jan 1902 at Windsor
#005853-02 (Essex Co): Frank? SHURMAN, 24, teamster, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Ernest SHURMAN & J. BISHMAN?, married Augusta NARKART, 20, Germany, Detroit, d/o Joseph NARKART & M. illegible, witn: Amelia OLIVER of Windsor & Carl MARCUSK of Detroit, 6 April 1902 at Sandwich (Lutheran) 5778-02 Victor Archibald SKERVING, 23, telegrapher, England, Chatham Ont., s/o Archibald SKERVING & Marie PETTIT, married Jennie NICHOLS, 21, Kent Co., Blenheim, d/o Otis NICHOLS & Ellen ROBERTSON, witn: Ida HANSON & Laura ORMSTEAD, both of Mersea twp, 25 April 1902 at Mersea twp
# 5603.02 (Essex Co): Grant SMITH, 34, waiter, blank, Amherstburg, s/o SMITH, Charity married Myrtle GREEN, 26, Anderdon, Amherstburg, d/o John & Margaret, witnesses were Mrs. D.H. SMITH, Amherstburg & M. NUNN, Amherstburg; 09/15/1902 at Amherstburg #006603-03 (Essex Co): Hugh SMITH, 25, illegible, Kentucky, Cleveland Ohio, s/o Andrew & T., married Bettie SCOTT, 25, widow, Kentucky, Cleveland Ohio, d/o W. MONTAGNE & Z? VICARS, witn: Lizzie ALEXANDER of Windsor, 2 June 1902 at Sandwich
5754-02 Samuel SMITH, 50, widower, laborer, Virginia, Maidstone, s/o John SMITH & Mary NELSON, married Sarah GALLAGHER, 42, Maryland, Maidstone, d/o Edward GALLAGHER & Sarah CLARK, witn: Mrs. D. CORNELL? & Mrs. Emma BARNES, both of Maidstone, 8 March 1902 at Maidstone 6458-02 Frank C. SNOW, 26, tailor, South Carolina, Detroit, s/o F. C. SNOW & Mary WARFALL, married Gertrude L. HAINES, 23, Ontario, Detroit, d/o G. C. & Lucy A., witn: Bessie JENNISON & Daisy PICKERING, both of Windsor, 9 June 1902 at Windsor
6419-02 Weed STACKWEATHER, 28, farmer, Michigan, Romeo Mich., s/o John STACKWEATHER & Elizabeth SPENCER, married Emelia GARVIN, 28, Michigan, Romeo, d/o George W. GARVIN & Elizabeth ACKERMAN, 26 May 1902 at Windsor 6457-02 Edward STEELE, 21, factory hand, Ohio, N. Baltimore O., s/o Frank STEELE & Amelia COFFEY, married Martha TOBIAN, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o William TOBIAN & Teenie FRIEDENTIL, witn: Daisy PICKERING & M. BOVINGTON, both of Windsor, 9 June 1902 at Windsor
  6920-02 John H. STIMPSON, 21, student, Illinois, Elgin Ill., s/o George STIMPSON & Louise GOSDON (Gordon?), married Flossie K. SAUNDERS, 18, Michigan, Ann Arbor, d/o J.B. SAUNDERS & A.J. PIERCE, witn: Edward JOHNSTON of Windsor, 23 Aug 1902 at Windsor
6525-02 George M. STOCKTON, 37, widower, barker, New York, Windsor, s/o George STOCKTON & Catherine JEWELL, married Marie J. PERKINS, 38, widow, Michigan, Windsor, d/o Charles TAIT & Matilda LAMOND, 14 Jan 1902 at Windsor 6432-02 Walter A. STODDARD, 26, wood turner, Michigan, Detroit, s/o A. T. STODDARD & Beatrice HOWE, married Emma StC. SAUERS, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John E. SAUERS & Minnie RENIGER?, witn: E. R. & Louise MORNEY of Detroit, 7 June 1902 at Windsor
# 5597.02 (Essex Co): John SULLIVAN, 27, fireman, Amhertsburg, Amherstburg, s/o SULLIVAN William & LAGHAN, Hannah, married Dora DUFFY, 21, Amherstburg, Amherstburg, d/o DUFFY, Charles G. & KING, Louisa, witness were Charles G. DUFFY & Eliza STRONG; 07/09/1902 at Amherstburg 6450-02 William. H. SULOWA, 26, teamster, Michigan, Detroit, s/o John SULOWA & Sarah VAN BROCKLIN, married Myrie SMITH, 26, widow, Michigan, Detroit, d/o F. B. SMITH & unknown, witn: M.A. TISDALE of Simcoe, 26 May 1902 at Windsor
6911-02 Peter F. SUNDBERG, 21, farmer, Michigan, Van Buren Mich., s/o Peter SUNDBERG & Mary KAMP (Kemp?), married Ethel M. HAUER (Haner?), 18, Michigan, Crubow? Mich., d/o Henry HAUER & Lottie HILL, 24 Sept 1902 at Windsor #006939-03 (Essex Co): James SYMINGTON, 25, lawyer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Campbell SYMINGTON & Adelaide McBEAN, married Lucy WHITE, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Frank WHITE & Abbie GEORGE, witn: Frances --ENNISON & J. HAWES, both of Detroit, 29 Nov 1902 at Windsor
6464-02 Charles TANNER, 28, baker, England, Detroit, s/o Henry & Pauline, married Maud POTTERY, 23, divorced, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Edward JACQUE & Nellie LEDUC, Olive JACQUE & O.H. SMITH, both of Detroit, 17 June 1902 at Windsor 6924-02 Frank C. TERRY, 24, farmer, Michigan, Holly Mich., s/o Isaac TERRY & Charlotte KELLY, married Bertha MILLER, 23, Michigan, Clarkston Mich., d/o Henry MILLER & Adeline BUSH, 27 Aug 1902 at Windsor
5714-02 James (Jonas?) O. THOMAS, 25, physician, Arkona Ont., North Branch Mich., s/o Joshua THOMAS & Julia A. STONER, married Hattie G. ARNOLD, 24, teacher, Granton Ont., Kingsville, d/o Henry E. ARNOLD & Mary L. BISSELL, witn: W. J. McKENZIE & F. M. ARNSER, both of Kingsville, 27 Nov 1902 at Kingsville 6921-02 Guy E. TIFFT, 27, machinist, Michigan, Grand Rapids, s/o George TIFFT & Priscilla WELOVER?, married Nina KENT, 30, Michigan, Grand Rapids, d/o John KENT & Susanna HUGHES, witn: M. BOVINGSTON & Agnes LOCKHART, both of Windsor, 26 Aug 1902 at Windsor
6909-02 Harry TINKHAM, 31, dentist, Indiana, Fort Wayne Ind., s/o B. F. TINKHAM & Jane PARENT, married Clementine SWITZLER (Snitzler?), 24, Indiana, Fort Wayne Ind.,, d/o Adam SWITZLER & Anna ANDRE, 22 Sept 1902 at Windsor #007889-03 (Essex Co): Claude S. TOMPKINS, 28, book keeper, Michigan, Detroit, s/o William TOMPKINS & Ellen PALMER, married Anna BECK, 30, widow, Michigan, Kalamazoo Mich., d/o Ira HALL & Jennie LOVELAND, 4 Nov 1902 at Windsor
  6551-02 David TRACEY, 54, widower, harness maker, Canada, McComb Mich., s/o James TRACEY & Mary ILER, married Lucy CARNEY, 35, Michigan, McComb Mich. d/o Thomas CARNEY & Mary ARD, 20 Feb 1902 at Windsor
6916-02 Humphrey C. TRESIDDER, 31, widower, barber, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Anna J. ALLEE (Aller?), 30, divorced, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Charles ALLEE & Elizabeth DRURY, 19 Aug 1902 at Windsor #005728-02 (Essex Co): Aizea Merrel TRUAX, 21, painter, Leamington, same, s/o TRUAX, William & WEPER, Eliza, married May McGREIVER, 19, not known, Leamington, d/o McGREIVER, William & McKEE, Elizabeth, witnesses were A.L. SCRATCH & Maud McGREIVER, both of Leamington, 21-Jan-02, at Leamington
#005842-02 (Essex Co): George TRUEMAN, 40, widower, commercial traveller, Michigan, Detroit, s/o George A. TRUEMAN & Julia FRANK, married E. Jane REID, 34, widow, Michigan, Jackson, d/o H. DOUGLAS & Elizabeth illegible, 10 March 1902 at Sandwich  
6543-02 George VAN HUSEN, 23, machinist, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Jacob VAN HUSEN & Ann GORDON, married Evelyn HORNING, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o William HORNING & Hettie KERNEY, witn: Samuel BLOW & Mrs. H. A. KERNEY, both of Detroit, 12 Feb 1902 at Windsor 6452-02 Reamener? VAN PELT, 25, clerk, Michigan, Wyandette Mich., s/o Samuel VAN PELT & Alvira RONSON, married Lydia PARISH, 20, Michigan, Wyandette Mich., d/o Henry PARISH & Nelly DINGMAN, 28 May 1902 at Windsor
6906-02 William Henry VEENBOER, 24, med student, Michigan, Big Rapids Mich., s/o Melle VEENBOER & Ewana CHAMBERLAIN, married Mary Janet BAIN, 23, Ohio, Farrington Mich., d/o F. W. BAIN & K.H. MILLER, witn: E. & M. BROWN of Windsor, 20 Sept 1902 at Windsor 5767-02 James Cecil WALKER, 22, machinist, Hamilton, Windsor, s/o George H. WALKER & Elizabeth CRIBBINS, married Ethel Erdine WILLAN, 24, Mersea twp, Windsor, d/o James WILLAN & Sabina FOX, witn: Forest FISH & Myrtle WILLAN, both of Mersea twp, 8 Jan 1902 at Mersea twp
  6553-02 Hartford WALTON, 23, electrician, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Brook WALTON & Hannah STORY, married Elizabeth WALTON, 23, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Charles WEBER (sic) & Mary LASS, witn: Wylie WILSON & Hazel COLEMAN, both of Detroit, 26 Feb 1902 at Windsor
#006046-02 (Essex Co): William Francis WATSON, 25, farmer, Sandwich South, same, s/o John WATSON & Mary LOUNSBURGH, married Mildred Maud MAYNARD, 19, Kingsville, Sandwich South, d/o Arthur MAYNARD & Charlotte COLLINS, witnesses were Percy WATSON & Mabel MAYNARD, both of Sandwich South, May 7, 1902, at Sandwich South. #006048-02 (Essex Co): Stephen James WATSON, 25, farmer, Sandwich South, same, s/o Robert WATSON & Rebecca COLLINS, married Mary Sarah FRITH, 24, Sandwich South, same, d/o William H. FRITH & Eliz. THOVERE, witnesses were Percy WATSON & Edith FRITH, both of Sand. S., Jun 4, 1902 at Sandwich South.
6930-02 Fritz WEBER, 33, widower, baker, Germany, Detroit, s/o Fritz WEBER & Augusta SCHULTZ, married Helena KOERNER, 35, widow, Germany, Detroit, d/o August KOERNER & Ernestina WARTS, 2 Sept 1902 at Windsor 6449-02 Herman W. WEGNER, 26, butcher, Michigan, Memphis Mich., s/o Charles WEGNER & Minnie SCHWICKE, married Maud E. POTTER, 18, Michigan, Memphis Mich., d/o Eugene POTTER & Hannah FAUST, 26 May 1902 at Windsor
6475-02 Paul WEILAND, 20, painter, Germany, Detroit, s/o Bernard WEILAND & Bertha HALSCHER, married Geraldine LASHA, 19, Ontario, Detroit, d/o William LASHA & Lena GALLIPEAU, 7 June 1902 at Windsor 6774-03 (Essex Co): John WHITE, 23, horse show, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Robert WHITE & Mary MENZIE?, married Marie PYSYORA, 23, Germany, Detroit, d/o Jacob PYSYORA & Frances DUSH?, witn: Louisa & John PYSYORA of Detroit, 4 Oct 1902 at Sandwich
5759-02 Thomas WHITSON, 25, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o Thomas WHITSON & Matilda McDOWELL, married Louise Helen LITTLE, 19, Maidstone, Sandwich South, d/o George LITTLE & Harriet DIXON, witn: George A. LITTLE & Mary WHITSON, both of Maidstone, 5 July 1902 at Maidstone #006935-03 (Essex Co): Russell WIGLE, 28, tobacco buyer, Ontario, Leamington, s/o Lewis WIGLE & Rebecca HURSINE, married Gertrude AUKSWORTH, 18, Ontario, Courtess?, d/o W.J. AWKSWORTH (sic) & Kate McLEAN, witn: J.S. & F.T. BELL of Windsor, 7 Nov 1902 at Windsor
#005733-02 (Essex Co): Everett WIGLE, 32, billiards, Leamington, same, s/o Lewis WIGLE & Rebecca HARRISON married Maggie McLEAN, 22, Middlemiss, Leamington, d/o John McLEAN & Euphemia MORRISON, witnesses were Mr. & Mrs. George BEATTIE of Leamington, 19-Feb-02, at Leamington 5773-02 Alexander WILKINSON, 24, farmer, Mersea twp, same, s/o John James WILKINSON & Levina J. ROBINSON, married Louisa BELL, 23, Mersea twp, same, d/o Robert BELL & Elizabeth COULTER, witn: Mary E. BELL & Forest A. WILKINSON, both of Mersea twp, 12 March 1902 at Mersea twp
5765-02 Charles B. WILLAN, 23, farmer, Mersea twp, same, s/o Thomas WILLAN & Roxana HEALEY, married Laura J. COULTER, 21, Mersea twp, same, d/o William COULTER & Rachel WILLIAMS, witn: Clarence WALES & Mabel WILLIAMS, both of Leamington, 1 Jan 1902 at Mersea twp #006409-02 (Essex Co): William H. WILSON, 25, steward, England, bay City Mich, s/o William & blank, married Mary BACKUS, 18, Ontario, Bay City Mich., d/o blank BACKUS & Elizabeth JENNINGS, 22 April 1902 at Windsor
5852-02 John WILSON, 28, laborer, Ontario, Tilbury, s/o HughWILSON & Rose ADAMS, married Ann BELCHEN, 17, [information missing], d/o George WILSON? & Ada HANFORD, 15 April 1902 at Sandwich 6531-02 Manley B. WINTERS, 20, wheelsman, Ontario, Windsor, s/o G.F. WINTERS & Eliza ROWE, married Lillie LADDS, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Joseph LADDS & Grace LONNIE?, witn: Estelle & Verna LIVINGSTONE of Windsor, 23 Jan 1902 at Windsor
6423-02 David WOODRUFF, 21, teamster, Michigan, Detroit, s/o David WOODRUFF & Mary GRESEHOVER, married May HUTCHINS, 18, Michigan, Livonia Mich., d/o Charles HUTCHINS & Electa NEWMAN, witn: Helen A. ELLIS & Leroy SMITH, both of Detroit, 13 May 1902 at Windsor #007885-03 (Essex Co): Stewart YOKES, 25, miller, Michigan, Cheboygan Mich., s/o James YOKES & Maria TAYLOR, married Maud SPIES, 21, Ontario, Cheboygan, d/o W.H. SPIES & Susan PETERSON, 30 July 1902 at Windsor
#005851-02 (Essex Co): Fred O. YOUNG, 23, machinist, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Thomas YOUNG & Frances LYONS, married Mary McMILLAN, 19, Mass., Detroit, d/o Neal McMILLAN & Annie GALBRAITH, witn: Lilly ANHAY? & William KATOR, both of Detroit, 7 May 1902 at Sandwich #006408-02 (Essex Co): William YOUNG, 25, brick mason, Scotland, Detroit, s/o James YOUNG & Susan McLARTY, married Ella E. McKAY, 23, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Isaac McKAY & Ellen COOPER, 22 April 1902 at Windsor
  6416-02 Herman ZEETELL, 23, painter, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Albert ZEETELL & Matilda SCHULTZ, married Fannie PAULITZ, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o August PAULITZ & Laura WILL, 22 May 1902 at Windsor