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Essex Co., 1903, part 2

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007175/03 (Essex Co) Frank G. ARCHER, 30, machinist, Ontario, Detroit, s/o W. H. ARCHER & Emma CLARK, married Addie B. MAINE, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o James MAINE & Violetta ENNEST (Ernest?), witn: E. M. BROWN & M. BROWN both of Windsor, 3 April 1903, Windsor  
7219-03 Frederick BECK, 23, farmer, Michigan, Utica Mich., s/o Christal BECK & Sophia BLEIMASTER? (Blencaster?), married Anna Marie OLMSTEAD, 18, Germany, Windsor, d/o John OLMSTEAD & Minnie PENSENE, witn: C. D. & G. D. HUICKS of Windsor, 21 May 1903 at Windsor 7222-03 Philip BOVINGTON, 25, florist, England, Riverdale on Hudson NY, s/o Richard BOVINGTON & Emma DENCH, married Beatrice E. CHADBURN, 26, England, London England, d/o Thomas CHADBURN & Anne PETRIE, witn: Jennie MELVILLE of Detroit & Elizabeth BOOTH of Windsor, 18 April 1903 at Windsor
7235-03 Edward D. CHRISTIAN, 28, barber, divorced, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Lorenzo CHRISTIAN & Mary TERIWINKLE?, married Rose GASPARD, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John GASPARD & Kathleen MONDLOOK?, 20 May 1903 at Windsor 007184/03 (Essex Co) Charles R. CUTLER, 34, core maker, England, Cleveland Ohio, s/o John CUTLER & Alice AMBLER, married Blanche BURTON, 38, England, Cleveland Ohio, d/o Thomas BURTON & Phoebe PHILLIPS, witn: David STANBANK & Celia WILSON both of Detroit, 18 April 1903, Windsor
  7226-03 Edward DORAN, 40, harness maker, Michigan, Saginaw Mich., s/o William DORAN & Hannah SLENON?, married M. Ann LOGNESS, 39, widow, Ontario, Saginaw Mich., d/o Lemuel SLOOT (Sloat?) & Alice PARKER, 26 April 1903 at Windsor
7196-03 Robert L. DUNN, 42, manufacturer, widower, Ontario, Windsor, s/o George B. DUNN & Mary C. JACKSON, married Mary E. RICHARDSON, 35, widow, Ontario, Chicago, d/o Alexander WATSON & Milly A. STEWARD, witn: Louise HYATT & David SURETTE both of Windsor on Apr. 18, 1903 at Windsor. 7193-03 George EASTERLY, 27, plasterer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Thomas EASTERLY & Susan SPENSER (Spencer?), married Mary SMITH, 28, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Thomas SMITH & Mary DAUGHSSAY, witn: C. H. & Winnifred KOENIG both of Detroit on May 9, 1903 at Windsor.
007173/03 (Essex Co) Thomas FOLEY, 27, bridge constructor, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Michael FOLEY & Annie O’BRIAN, married Harriet M. BLINKIE, 23, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Peter BLINKIE & Henrietta GORTIE, witn: Georgina HICKS & Cy HICKS both of Windsor, 30 April 1903, Windsor 7234-03 Alfred T. GREEN, 24, potter, England, Akron Ohio, s/o Thomas GREEN & A.A. KERS, married Myrtle SMALLEY, 21, Indiana, Akron Ohio, d/o George & Hannah, witn: 20 May 1903 at Windsor
7239-03 William HALL, 24, livery man, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Charles & unknown, married Minnie CLESSEN, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Adolph CLESSEN & Mary HUFF, witn: William & Alwilda SEAS of Detroit, 3 June 1903 at Windsor 7194-03 Howard B. HALL, 23, salesman, Kentucky, Plymouth Michigan, s/o Albert HALL & Susan EVANS, married Ethel J. CORWIN, 22, Michigan, Plymouth Michigan, d/o Frank CORWIN & Dora LYNDON, witn: J. R. WHISNER & Nancy B. GRAGG both of Detroit on May 9, 1903 at Windsor
7225-03 Charles HENDERSON, 23, horseshoer, Ontario, Detroit, s/o George C. HENDERSON & Margaret BEAL, married Myrtle M. G. JONES, 22, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Fayette JONES & Minerva HENERYS?, witn: Vera L. DEWITT & George A. YOUNG, both of Detroit, 22 April 1903 at Windsor 7223-03 Richard HOAGLAND, 29, farmer, widower, Michigan. Huron Mich., s/o George HOAGLAND & Nancy PATTERSON, married Lydia BROUGHTON, 18, Michigan, Huron Mich., d/o Daniel BROUGHTON & Caroline SANSBURN, witn: Ella HOAGLAND of Brownston Mich. & Thomas DOUGHLAR of Flat Rock Mich., 20 April 1903 at Windsor
7237-03 Daniel KENNEDY, 25, railway man, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Dugald KENNEDY & Mary MARTIN, married Bertha E. TANNER, 22, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Francis TANNER & Martha J. McAFEE, witn: Lottie VAN DE PITT of Detroit & O.O. MILLARD of Windsor, 27 May 1903 at Windsor 7231-03 Robert B. KENNY, 27, laundry man, Ontario, Detroit, s/o James A. KENNY & Catherine TAYLOR, married Mildred HOFFMEYER, 27, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Charles HOFFMEYER & Louisa REH, 8 May 1903 at Windsor
7215-03 George J. LETTERMAN, 24, salesman, New York, Detroit, s/o J. LETTERMAN & Kate KRUG, married Florence SHILLABIE (Shillaber?), 25, widow, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Daniel McMILLAN & Mary McDONALD, 24 April 1903 at Windsor  
7224-03 George W. MALLORY, 25, electrician, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Joseph MALLORY & Levina ASHBOURN, married Gussie ANDERSON, 23, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Andrew ANDERSON & Nellie NELSON, witn: Mary POMEROY & Martha BOVINGTON, both of Windsor, 22 April 1903 at Windsor 7214-03 Fred C. MAUS, 21, druggist, Michigan, Detroit, s/o J. C. MAUS & M. FOLEY, married Elgin STEARNS, 21, widow, Michigan, Kalamazoo, d/o G. W. O'HARA & Ida REYNOLDS, witn: James & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 24 April 1903 at Windsor
7230-03 Charles F. McCARTHY, 28, salesman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o William McCARTHY & Mary BARRY, married Kittie FALER, 27, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Nicholas FALER & Gertrude NOSCHKER, witn: Viola MINTO of Windsor, 7 May 1903 at Windsor 7241-03 William E. MacEWEN, 21, clerk, Ontario, Cleveland, s/o Murdock MacEWEN & Catherine DRISCOLL, married Catherine A. LYNCH, 32, divorced, Minnesota, Cleveland, d/o Inglebert STIGER? & Sarah SUGDEN?, witn: Grace BROWN & G. HAZARD, both of Windsor, 2 May 1903 at Windsor
007178/03 (Essex Co) Stanly E. McMICHAEL, 23, journalist, Ontario, Detroit, s/o C. P. McMICHAEL & Annie LEE, married Mary E. MAINS, 20, Indiana, Detroit, d/o G. W. MAINS & Josie FLEUNES?, witn: Mr. A. C. PALMER & Mr. PALMER both of Detroit, 8 April 1903, Windsor 7228-03 Charles MEINKE, 30, pattern maker, Ohio, Cleveland, s/o Charles MEINKE & Emaline? COPPER, married Bertha WILHELM, 22, Ohio, Cleveland, d/o August WILHELM & Frieda MILLER, witn: Mary POMEROY & Martha BOVINGTON, both of Windsor, 28 April 1903 at Windsor
7221-03 Tom MITCHESON, 27, carpenter, England, Wyandotte Mich., s/o William MITCHESON & Eliza KITWOOD, married Minnie DUTTON, 20, England, Windsor, d/o Edwin DUTTON & Ann Jane LELAND, 30 May 1903 at Windsor 7186-03 William MOYNES, 22, carpenter, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Isaac MOYNES & Mary SIRAD (?) married Edith EASTERBY, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Thomas EASTERBY & Susan SPOONER, witn: Edith & W. BROWN both of Windsor on April 23, 1903 at Windsor
007183/03 (Essex Co) Michael MULCAHEY, 23, stove mounter, Ontario, Rochester N.Y., s/o David MULCAHEY & Annie HAAS, married Florence WALKER, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Arthur WALKER & Isabella SLATION, witn: M. BROWN & Grace BROWN both of Windsor, 17 April 1903, Windsor 7233-03 Peter NAYLOR, 25, teamster, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o Robert NAYLOR & Margaret ROBINSON, married Jessie POWERS, 23, New York, Sandwich East, d/o John POWERS & Sarah ERRITE, witn: Mary DUMAS of Windsor, 18 May 1903 at Windsor
  7188-03 John PARK, 50, laborer, England, Delray Michigan, s/o Samuel PARK & Mary PITCHFORTH, married Sarah SMITH, 68, widow, England, Delray, d/o William & Sarah COULSON, witn: F. T. B. & Annie SUTTON both of Detroit on Apr. 28, 1903 at Windsor
7220-03 James L. RICHARDSON, 40, widower, tel. operator, Virginia, Toledo Ohio, s/o James RICHARDSON & Ann Eliza KEMP, married Alice Jane AHRENS, 40, England, Toledo Ohio, d/o A. K. AHRENS & Jane E. WITHERS, 21 May 1903 at Windsor 7238-03 Robert ROBINSON, 24, farmer, Ontario, Sandwich South, s/o Robert ROBINSON & Mary KEEFE, married Aurelia BOURQUE, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Nazaire BOURQUE & Agnes DELISLE, witn: C. E. KAVANAUGH of Sandwich & Rose BOURQUE of Windsor, 26 May 1903 at Windsor
007181/03 (Essex Co) Charles M. SARBER, 32, widower, merchant, Indiana, Argos Indiana, s/o W. L. SARBER & Martha DULANEY (Delaney?), married E. M. CADWALLADER, 28, Indiana, Fort Wayne Indiana, d/o Thomas CADWALLADER & Mary SAIBERT, witn: F. E. STOCHEL of Detroit & E. M. BROWN of Windsor, 14 April 1903, Windsor 7232-03 Emil SCHNEIDER, 24, cabinet maker, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Frederick SCHNEIDER & Louisa GRIPENTROY, married Rose GRUENING, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John GRUENING & Minnie HUEPNER, 16 may 1903 at Windsor
7240-03 William SEAS (Sear?), 28, engineer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Bruce (Brust?) SEAS & Margaret McINTOSH, married Alwilda JORDAN, 33, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Thomas JORDAN & Mary E. KELL, witn: William & Minnie HALL of Detroit, 3 June 1903 at Windsor 7217-03 John B. SHOYER (Stroyer?), 33, laborer, Michigan, Adrian Mich., s/o J. T. SHOYER & Clizabella? ROUCH, married Josephine ISAAC, 35, widow, Ontario, Adrian Mich., d/o Joseph McEVERY & Margaret CROFT, 29 April 1903 at Windsor
7227-03 Frank SMITH, 20, painter, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Peter SMITH & Alice BURNS, married Ora M. WILLIAMS, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Robert WILLIAMS & Elizabeth WAGGOTT, 27 April 1903 at Windsor 7216-03 Frank W. SNYDER, 29, widower, brakesman, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, s/o Ch. SNYDER & Rose BASCH, married Caroline FRITZ, 28, Michigan, Toledo, d/o Fred FRITZ & Eliza NICOL, witn: Nellie CLINTON & Amelia OLIVER, both of Windsor, 29 April 1903 at Windsor
7236-03 Robert A. TEEL, 37, textile worker, Massachusetts, South Bend Indiana, s/o John TEEL & Eliza HANSCOMB, married Lizzie KING, 34, Connecticut, South Bend Indiana, d/o Edward KING & Susie MORRIS, 23 May 1903 at Windsor 7199-03 William A. THOMAS, 28, salesman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o F. J. THOMAS & Georgiana NORTON, married Sadie Viola ERICKSON, 18, Indiana, Detroit, d/o John ERICKSON & Augusta LARIOS, witn: M. C. & C. G. HUCK? (Blurred) both of Windsor on May 9, 1903 at Windsor
7218-03 James TIPPEN, 29, teamster, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, s/o J.S. TIPPEN & Eliza McCARTY, married Jennie STOCKMAN, 27, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Ch. STOCKMAN & Alice BROWN, Rose B. BLACKWELL & M. HOSMAN, both of Detroit, 29 April 1903 at Windsor 7191-03 William G. TRACEY, 34, machinist, Dist. Of Columbia, Detroit, s/o J. T. TRACEY & W. A. HARDING, married J. B. HUTCHISON, 25, Michigan, Detroit, d/o W. H. HUTCHISON & Catherine RYAN, witn: W. & E. W. BROWN both of Windsor on Apr. 30, 1903 at Windsor
007172/03 (Essex Co) Otto VENDT, 23, stove molder?, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Christopher VENDT & Sophia RANGE, married Kate DEUNE, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John DEUNE & Kate DELTINGER, witn: Agnes LOCKHART of Windsor & Charles VENDT of Detroit, 28 March 1903, Windsor 7198-03 Charles A. WALLACE, 26, porter, Kentucky, Chicago, s/o Richard WALLACE & Susan OFFELT, married Florence BEATTY, 24, Ontario, Windsor, d/o William BEATTY & G. HAYS, witn: W. HUMPHREY of Detroit & W. C. BALL of Windsor on Apr. 23, 1903 at Windsor.
7229-03 John WILSON, 27, lineman, Michigan, Chicago, s/o James WILSON & Annie NORMAN, married Lillian SUSICK, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Edwin SUSICK & Mary LUDWIG, witn: Mary POMEROY & Martha BOVINGTON, both of Windsor, 2 May 1903 at Windsor