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Essex Co., 1904

birth place is given before residence


6857-05 Charles AFFLECK, 28, mason, Ohio, Cleveland, s/o William AFFLECK & Mary Jane STEPHENS, married Lucinda Catherine DOWLER, 29, Malden, same, d/o William A. DOWLER & Mary ANDERSON, witn: William MORRIS of Cleveland & Frankie HENDERSON of Detroit, 22 July 1904 at Malden  
006761 05-(Essex) James Leroy ALLEN, 24, Gosfield, South, Gosfield, South, farmer, s/o Leonard ALLEN & Ann Elizabeth TOWNSEND to Mabel Deliah WRIGHT, 23, Colchester South, Colchester South, d/o Thomas L WRIGHT & Louisa Frances LOCKHART; wit Ernest Townsend & Rosie WRIGHT on 12 October 1904 in Colchester South #007226-04 (Essex Co): Cyrus ALSDORF, 27, oil pumper, Ohio, "N. Baltimore O"., s/o A.W. ALSDORF & Minerva GATES, married Zella BLACK, 28, Ohio, N. Baltimore O., d/o W.C. BLACK & J.Y. LONG, 16 May 1904 at Windsor
#006658-04 (Essex Co): George BARLOW, 35, salesman, Michigan, Coldwater Mich., s/o Will BARLOW & Mary Ann FOSTER, married Lily SHAW (or Shan), 19, Ontario, Port Huron Mich., d/o Thomas SHAW & Augusta LAWRENCE, 25 June 1904 at Sandwich 7427-05 Leonard BEATON, 24, butcher, Ontario, Wallaceburg, s/o D.C. BEATON & Lydia JOHNSTON, married Lena STEVENS, 18, Ontario, Wallaceburg, d/o Perrin STEVENS & Adelaide GROOMBRIDGE, witn: A.G. BROWN & G. HAZARD, both of Windsor, 5 Dec 1904 at Windsor
  #007227-04 (Essex Co): W.J. BRYCE, 30, widower, printer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o George C. BRYCE & Louise WILSON, married Mary A. KANSLEY (or Kainley), 25, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Miller KANSLEY & Angeline SONGO (Longo?), 11 May 1904 at Windsor
#007235-04 (Essex Co): William C. CAHOON, 23, machinist, Michigan, Detroit, s/o W.C. CAHOON & Carrie COLES, married Lena LA BUHN, 25, Michigan, Detroit, d/o William LA BUHN & Henrietta NESKE, 4 Feb 1904 at Windsor 8530-05 Leonard CLEMINSON, 27, pattern maker, Ontario, Windsor, s/o R.J. CLEMINSON & Sarah MILLER, married Margaret A. COLBY, 23, Ontario, Windsor, d/o William COLBY & Celina BENSETTE, witn: F. C. CLEMINSON of Comber & Grace COLBY of Windsor, 28 June 1904 at Windsor
#007230-04 (Essex Co): Edward B. COOLEDGE, 50, widower, railroad worker, Mass. Cleveland , s/o Charles E. COOLEDGE & Anna RICE, married Sarah E. BURKE, 28, Ontario, Blenheim Ont., d/o Solomon BURKE & Sarah DENNIS?, 11 Jan 1904 at Windsor 7433-05 John F. CRANSTON, 21, carriage trimmer, Ontario, Flint Mich., s/o William CRANSTON & Sarah BOLTON, married Hazel H. HORTON, 19 Michigan, Flint Mich., d/o A. R. HORTON & Cora BEGOLE, 12 Dec 1904 at Windsor
07063-04 (Essex Co) John C. DANCY, 30, butcher, Ontario, Detroit, s/o John DANCY & Isabella GRAHAM, married Emily FINCH, 30, widow, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Christopher WADE & Susan LINCOLN, witn: James & Amelia OLIVER both of Windsor, 6 Feb 1904 at Windsor 7429-05 David DENNING, 48, widower, manager, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Samuel DENNING & Sarah INNES, married Margaret GARDNER, 36, divorced, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Thomas HARRIS & Matilda DOUGHERTY, witn: Edith BROWN & G. HAZARD , both of Windsor, 6 Dec 1904 at Windsor
#007382-04 (Essex Co): William DIXON, 21, file cutter, Ontario, Cleveland, s/o William DIXON & Laura GRAINGER, married Alice CORCORAN, 21, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Richard CORCORAN & Rose FETIER?, 28 June 1904 at Windsor 7430-05 Leonard DOUGLAS, 21, clerk, Michigan, Pontiac Mich., s/o Edward DOUGLAS & Maria MONTGOMERY, married Mae PALMER, 20, Michigan, Rochester, d/o Louis PALMER & C. C. SCARRITT, witn: J.T. VAN HATTEN of Pontiac, 7 Dec 1904 at Windsor
  #007234-04 (Essex Co): Charles M. FERRISS, 36, brick layer, Ontario, Amherstburg, s/o Joseph FERRISS & Alma BALDWIN, married Martha BARLOW, 23, Ontario, Amherstburg, d/o Thomas S. BARLOW & Ann HORSLEY, witn: F. Louise FERRISS of Detroit, & N.C. BOXALL of Amherstburg, 2 Feb 1904 at Windsor
#007229-04 (Essex Co): John R. FLEMING, 23, detective, Ontario, Chicago, s/o Henry FLEMING & Sultana LANGFORD, married Joseph? THIERRY, 20, Ohio, Detroit, d/o Joseph THIERRY & Mary LEWIS, 11 Jan 1904 at Windsor #007231-04 (Essex Co): Samuel J. GOWEN, 24, marine engineer, Ontario, Detroit, s/o John GOWEN & Barbara GRAHAM, married Katherine LAIDLAW, 24, Ontario, Sandwich Ont., d/o James LAIDLAW & Jean HISLOP, witn: Ralph LAIDLAW of Sandwich & Mary GOWEN of Detroit, 12 Jan 1904 at Windsor
7432-05 Harry GURR, 29, farmer, New Jersey, Detroit, s/o Harry GURR & Mary BASTIN, married Lottie F. MILLER, 22, Ohio, Detroit, d/o Hiram MILLER & Mary MALE (Wale?), witn: Mrs. G. & Kenneth MAUK of Detroit, 10 Dec 1904 at Windsor  
#006656-04 (Essex Co): James H. HATCH, 26, farmer, Michigan, Mason Mich, s/o James HATCH & Anna MILLS, married Georgia MANGAS, 23, Michigan, Mason, Mich, d/o George MANGAS & Mary HOWE, 17 June 1904 at Sandwich #007238-04 (Essex Co): Eric G. HAVENS, 21, basket maker, Ontario, Leamington, s/o James HAVENS & Emily ARNER, married Lulu WALES, 22, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Fred WALES & Bertha STOCKWELL, witn: Jeff STOCKWELL of Windsor, 15 Feb 1904 at Windsor
#007388-04 (Essex Co): Bernard R. HAZELRIGG (or Hazebrigg), 24, salesman, Indiana, Indianapolis, s/o A.W. HAZELRIGG & K.M. POWERS, married Edith E. FERRISS, 23, Michigan, Saginaw, d/o Thomas FERRISS & Anna McDONALD, 2 July 1904 at Windsor #007233-04 (Essex Co): Roy F. HIGGINS, 20, laborer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Frank HIGGINS & Caroline GATES, married Alma E. SCHROEDER, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Fred SCHROEDER & Freda SMITH, 20 Jan 1904 at Windsor
7426-05 Martin HORMAN, 22, soldier, Iowa, Detroit, s/o John HORMAN & Jennie VAN BROGEN, married Lizzie BEAUDIN, 18, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Louis BEUDIN (sic) & Phyllis ANTAYNE (Autayne?), witn: Robert EVANS of Detroit & Edith BROWN of Windsor, 5 Dec 1904 at Windsor 6704-05 Frank W. HOVEY, 25, Anglican priest, Clinton Ont., Hagersville, s/o Charles E. HOVEY & Mary WELDON, married Rena Maud BILLINGS, 22, Ottawa Ont, St. Louis US, d/o George W. BILLINGS & Jane COLLINS, witn: H. Le Vine PARK of Amherstburg & Rev. F.A.P. CHADWICK of Windsor, 28 Sept 1904 at Amherstburg
#007379-04 (Essex Co): Frank M. JOHNSON, 37, laborer, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, s/o Isaac JOHNSON & Angeline BILLINGS, married Caroline A. ERBERT, 30, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, d/o Hubert ERBERT & Bernardine BURAGARD, 29 June 1904 at Windsor 7434-05 Frank H. JOHNSON, 27, sailor, Ontario, Duluth Minn., s/o William JOHNSON & Margaret SHAW, married Winnifred E. STURDY, 23, Ontario, Holmesville Ont., d/o Samuel STURDY & Janet FERRIS, 12 Dec 1904 at Windsor
  #006666-04 (Essex Co): Frank KEELER?, 2-, lineman, Ohio, Tremont? Ohio, s/o Joseph KEELER & Sarah STRAPP (or Strupp), married Jennie COLES, Ohio, Noswash? Ohio, d/o Lawrence K. COLES & Charlotte PHILLIPS, witn: Perse? R. BELL of Clyde Ohio & Mary HALLENTOCK? of Nowash Ohio, 26 June 1904 at Sandwich
#007228-04 (Essex Co): Henry J. KENT, 32, butcher, Michigan, Detroit, s/o not given, married Mary SIGLER, 30, widow, Ontario, Detroit, d/o William PHILLIPS & Isabella BAIN, 7 Jan 1904 at Windsor #006662-04 (Essex Co): Frank L. KREIBER, 33, saloon keeper, Michigan, Toledo Ohio, s/o Christian KREIBER & Frederica REGRIN?, married Phoebe LA PIER, 34, Ontario, Toledo Ohio, d/o John LA PIER & Mary BOUTALL (or Bouhall), witn: Harry A. & H.C. ROBERTS of Detroit, 7 June 1904 at Sandwich
#007236-04 (Essex Co): John KRUPPE, 27, laborer, Ontario, Rodney Ont., s/o John KRUPPE & Rebecca STRICKER, married Clara SAVAGE, 25, Ontario, Detroit, d/o James SAVAGE & Janet McDONALD, witn: Charles MILLER of Rodney & Josephine SAVAGE of Detroit, 11 Feb 1904 at Windsor  
7437-05 Frank LAMBIE, 50, farmer, Michigan, Ypsilanti Mich., s/o William LAMBIE & Mary CAMPBELL, married Julia A. MILLER, 45, widow, Michigan, Ypsilanti Mich., d/o Hiram BIRD & Harriet PRATT, 14 Dec 1904 at Windsor #007225-04 (Essex Co): Joseph LAWLOR, 35, salesman, Michigan, Bay City Mich., s/o John LAWLOR & Eliza WOOD, married Rose GANIWAN, 20, Michigan, Bay City Mich., d/o David GANIWAN & Mary SORROW, witn: Dan? & Maggie McFADYEN of Detroit, 15 May 1904 at Windsor
#006661-04 (Essex Co): Daniel LEAHAN, 21, gas fitter, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Patrick LEAHAN & Helen MURPHY, married Ida REIMER, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Charles REIMER & Caroline WALKER, witn: Martin & Hattie BEOSTEAN of Detroit, 6 June 1904 at Sandwich 6792-05 David MALLOTT, 50, widower, farmer, Olinda, Gosfield South, s/o Windle MALLOTT & Louisa UPCOTT, married Lillie Agusta TURNER, 50, widow, house keeper, New York, Gosfield North, d/o Levi Brett TURNER & Sarah COLIFA?, witn: Alanson? & Harriet CLARKE of Gosfield North, 28 Dec 1904 at Gosfield North
8531-05 James MANGAN, 31, painter, Ontario, Windsor, s/o James MANGAN & Bridget WALSH, married Florence HITCHCOCK, 29, Ontario, Windsor, d/o John HITCHCOCK & Jennie McGRATH, witn: Joseph GERARD & Rachel ROBINSON, both of Windsor, 6 Dec 1904 at Windsor #006653-04 (Essex Co): Harry G. MANN, 36, widower, train dispatcher, Indiana, Mt. Pelice? Ohio, s/o W. MANN & Sarah L. ABEE, married Florence A. TRUX, 26, Ohio, Mt. Pelice, d/o George TRUX & Mary GRUBS, 15 June 1904 at Sandwich
#006659-04 (Essex Co): Currie McALPINE, 21, clerk, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Duncan McALPINE & Margaret SPENCE, married Katheleen ROWE, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o John ROWE & Annie STICKER, 26 June 1904 at Sandwich 7436-05 James H. McARTHUR, 37, farmer, Ontario, Westminster Ont., s/o Alex McARTHUR & Catherine McKELLAR, married Elizabeth McNAUGHTON, 24, Ontario, London, d/o Peter McNAUGHTON & Margaret MERRITT, 13 Dec 1904 at Windsor
  8534-05 Charles F. McCLINTON, 39, clerk, Ohio, Pittsburg, s/o John McCLINTON & Margaret NESBITT, married Helen V. MAHONEY, 34, Ontario, Pittsburg, d/o Cornelius MAHONEY & Mary JUDGE, witn: H. PARK of Amherstburg & C. R. CHADWICK of Windsor, 13 Sept 1904 at Windsor
#007385-04 (Essex Co): Andrew McLAULIN, 36, farmer, Michigan, Bedford Mich., s/o John McLAULIN & Serene HACKER, married Perrilia STAPP, 24, widow, Denmark, St. Louis Missouri, d/o Thomas POOLE & Josephine MOUNT, 29 June 1904 at Windsor #008377-08 (Essex Co): Maxwell McLEOD, 24, clerk, Ontario, Chatham Ont., s/o A. McLEOD & Maria BURGESS, married Louisa McCARTHY, 21, Ontario, Chatham, d/o Timothy McCARTHY & Johanna MAHONEY, 25 Aug 1904 at Windsor
#006657-04 (Essex Co): Malcolm McLEOD, 24, brick layer, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Kenneth McLEOD & Flora McCLURE, married Alice E. MILLS, 22, Minnesota, Detroit, d/o Ira C. MILLS & Amelia THOMAS, 24 June 1904 at Sandwich 8532-05 Robert C. McREA, 23, telegraph operator, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Robert McREA & Sarah BYERS, married Elizabeth A. MICHELL, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Christian MICHELL & Jane BOND, witn: Elsie McCAFFREY & C. R. CHADWICK, both of Windsor, 29 March 1904 at Windsor
#006655-04 (Essex Co): Albert MEYERS, 30, clerk, Michigan, Detroit, s/o John B. MEYERS & Louise SHIERNY?, married Abi WESTON, 33, Ontario, Detroit, d/o David WESTON & Catherine CAMPBELL, Eva M. BURKE & Phyllis SMITH, both of Sandwich, 15 June 1904 at Sandwich #006660-04 (Essex Co): Cloyce? G. MILLER, 33, commercial traveler, Ohio, Detroit, s/o Wesley R. MILER & Clara GRIFFITH, married Adelaide DUBBIN, 26, widow, Michigan, Detroit, d/o David S. MONROE & Sophie CADY, witn: Stephen & Elizabeth RENTON of Detroit, 4 June 1904 at Sandwich
8533-05 John MILLS, 19, steward, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John MILLS & Lottie GOLDEN, married Emma KRUGER, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o William KRUGER & Henrietta BACKUS, witn: C.R. CHADWICK of Windsor & Mrs. George STRENG of Detroit, 29 March 1904 at Windsor #006664-04 (Essex Co): Albert J. MORAN, 21, bottler, New York, Toledo Ohio, s/o Thomas MORAN & Ann GREY, married Maud M. COONROD, 20, Ohio, Toledo, d/o Will H. COONROD & Julia MACK, witn: Gertrude COONROD of Stryker? Ohio & Beatrice HOADBY or Hoadley of Toledo Ohio, 15 June 1904 at Sandwich
#007383-04 Charles O'CONNOR, 28, steam fitter, Michigan, Detroit, s/o David O'CONNOR & Annie HIGGINS, married Emma G. SMITH, 26, Michigan, Detroit, d/o William SMITH & Elizabeth CRETON, witn: Nettie FREDERICKS of Detroit, 28 June 1904 at Windsor 7431-05 Fred PALMER, 20, farmer, Michigan, Fowlerville Mich., s/o George PALMER & Kit PERKINS, married Ethel DODGE, 18, Michigan, Fowlerville, d/o Jonas DODGE & Matilda FROST, 7 Dec 1904 at Windsor
#007232-04 (Essex Co): John C. PARKER, 52, widower, engineer, England, Detroit, s/o John & Rebecca, married Christina ROSS, 39, Scotland, Detroit, d/o William ROSS & Margaret McGREGOR, 20 Jan 1904 at Windsor 7428-05 Lee H. PASSAGE, 23, foreman, Michigan, Plymouth Mich., s/o Frank PASSAGE & A.N. BAXTER, married Lottie PARKS, 22, Michigan, Northville Mich., d/o George PARKS & Anna SMITH, witn: F.S. PASSAGE of Plymouth & Shoila? TISEHAM (Tinham?) of Northville, 6 Dec 1904 at Windsor
#007391-04 (Essex Co): Joseph W. PEARSON, 25, iron worker, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, s/o David PEARSON & Ellen C. D-illegible, married Bessie WILLIAMS, 20, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, d/o Edward WILLIAMS & Eurnie? illegible, 1 June 1904 at Windsor #007380-04 (Essex Co): John PETRI, 21, molder, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Paul PETRI & Elizabeth DICK, married Elizabeth M. GARLAND, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Thomas GARLAND & Bertha BREHMER, witn: Harry THIELE & Hattie MIDDERS, both of Detroit, 27 June 1904 at Windsor
006691 05-(Essex) William PULFORD, 26, Kingsville, Harrow, widower, carriage decorator, s/o Edwin PULFORD & Annie HOOPER to Edith QUICK, 33, Harrow, Harrow, d/o Philip L? QUICK & Amelia RESTORIUS?, wit Judson A Brall & Louesa C BRALL on 25, December, 1904 in Amherstburg #006663-04 (Essex Co): C.L.E. RIGLEY, 21, salesman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o George E. RIGLEY & Car-- WILMER?, married Margaret L HUBERT, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Peter HUBERT & Julia O'NEAL, witn: Leonard RIGLEY & Alice A. LATA, both of Detroit, 8 June 1904 at Sandwich
7439-05 Eli ROBERTS, 25, laborer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Samuel ROBERTS & Carrie CHENEVAR, married Ida McLEE, 30, divorced, New York, Detroit, d/o James G. FRISBY & J. W. GREGORY, 15 Dec 1904 at Windsor #007389-04 (Essex Co): Frank ROBBINS, 26, barber, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Denis ROBINS & Selecia WHITE, married Cora DAY, 31, widow, Kentucky, Detroit, d/o Jackson DAY & Fannie ANDERSON, 30 June 1904 at Windsor
#007381-04 (Essex Co): William ROWE, 38, widower, candy maker, Ohio, Detroit, s/o William ROWE & Ann PRICE, married Anna OTTO, 32, widow, Michigan, Detroit, d/o J.E. EWALD & Mary MIELS?, 28 June 1904 at Windsor #007390-04 (Essex Co): Leroy E. SCOTT, 23, farmer, Michigan, Kalamo Mich., s/o O.J. SCOTT & Lily MOFFATT, married Ora May SCOTT, 23, Michigan, Kalamo Mich., d/o G.A. SCOTT & Mary ZEBELL?, 1 June 1904 at Windsor
  7438-05 Albert G. SHADEL, 21, merchant, Ontario, Detroit, s/o John H. SHADEL & Catherine ROWE, married Myrtle E. POTTS, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o F. W. POTTS & Carrie POLLOCK, 14 Dec 1904 at Windsor
#007237-04 (Essex Co): James D. TEMPLETON, 21, electrician, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Thomas W. & Jane, married Merbah MINTONGE (or Miertonge), 1, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John MINTONGE & Mary SHAY, 11 Feb 1904 at Windsor #007384-04 (Essex Co): Frank TOWER, 47, widower, farmer, Michigan, Lodi Mich, s/o Loyal TOWER & Ann BALLANTYNE, married Minnie K. DREGGETT, 26, widow, Michigan, Flat Rock Mich., d/o Fred KRAUSE & Florence HASSELBURG, 29 June 1904 at Windsor
006778 05-(Essex) William TRIMBLE, 56, Carlton Co, Essex, widower, merchant, s/o William TRIMBLE & Jane HILL to Ella PETTAPIECE, 38, Carlton Co, Essex, d/o Thomas PETTAPIECE & Bella CALENDAR; wit Bella F PETTAPIECE & J A ABBOTT on 7, November 1904 in Essex #006654-04 (Essex Co): Anthony VESTIEU [Vestien?], 36, book binder, Bohemia, Detroit, s/o James VESTIEU & Mary NORAH, married Nellie McDONALD, 29, New York, Detroit, d/o Andrew McDONALD & Kate RUNNALLS, 15 June 1904 at Sandwich
7435-05 Clyde C. VOUT, 21, planning mill man, Michigan, Holly Mich., s/o Charles VOUT & Stella WOODRUFF, married Edith L. TRIMMER, 18, Michigan, Holly Mich., d/o Edward TRIMMER & Ella HURST, 13 Dec 1904 at Windsor  
6798-05 Wilder Leverine WALLING, 25, teacher, Kingsville, Onaway Mich., s/o Wilder E. WALLING & Prudy Ann BURROUGHS, married Matilda McNAUGHTON, 25, Walkerton, same, d/o Colin McNAUGHTON & Nellie INNES, witn: Forest WILSON of Maidstone & Annie McCREARY of Gosfield North, 28 Nov 1904 at Gosfield South #007387-04 (Essex Co): Tom Smith WARD, 32, painter, England, Detroit, s/o Tom B. WARD & Lucy SMITH, married Elizabeth WHITTAKER, 23, Michigan, Detroit, d/o T.G. WHITTAKER & S.E. BAILEY, witn: E.M. OWCUS? & M.E. MOON, both of Detroit, 29 June 1904 at Windsor
#007386-04 (Essex Co): William J. WARK, 25, farmer, Ontario, Tillsonburg, s/o James WARK & Emma ARMBRUSTER, married Jessie MUSSEL, 23, Ontario, Tillsonburg, d/o Henry MUSSEL & Pamella McINTYRE, 2 July 1904 at Windsor 006758 05-(Essex) Henry William WHITE, 46, Holland Landing Ont, Colchester South, widower, laborer, s/o Austin WHITE & Martha Jane MITCHILL to Emma Keziah MITCHELL, 59, Colchester South, Colchester South, widow, d/o Levi SIMPSON & Elizabeth SIMPSON; wit Mary A TAYLOR & Elizabeth CROSBY on 25, December 1904 in Colchester South,
  #007378 (Essex Co): Walter WITTERS, 28, wood cutter, Indiana, Detroit, s/o David WITTERS & M.E. WARINGER, married Minnie McQUADE, 30, widow, Indiana, Detroit, d/o Francis NEWBAUGH & Matilda BACKENKISER, witn: James & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 29 June 1904 at Windsor