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006784 05-(Essex) John ABBOTT, 42, Welland, Essex, R R Agent, s/o Richard ABBOTT & Mary CLOTHIER to Isabell PETTAPIECE, 28, Amherstburg, Amherstburg, teacher, d/o Thomas PETTAPIECE & Isabella COLLANDER (Callander?); wit A H SCARFF & Miss J McWILLIAM on 1, June 1905 in Essex 006730 05-(Essex) Jean Bte ADAM, 30, St Barnabe Que, Belle River, merchant, s/o Guillaume ADAM & Elmire RAINVILLE to Alma OUELETTE, 21, Belle River, Belle River, sailor's daughter, d/o Alfred OUELETTE & Mathilda FONTAINE, wit Arthur OUELETTE & Victoria ADAM on 5, June 1905 in Belle River
006763 05-(Essex) Edward AFFLECK, 22, Harrow, Harrow, farmer, s/o Robert AFFLECK & Mary Ann WRIDE to Myrtle HALSTEAD, 22, Harrow, Harrow, d/o William Jackson HALSTEAD, Emily THOMPSON, wit H M S WHEATON & Rose Ann PATRIDGE on 1, May 1905 in Colchester 7372-05 Wilfred Levy ALLEN, 26, tinsmith, Oshawa, Essex town, s/o Alfred John ALLEN & Margaret COLLIER, married Edith Amanda LEWIS, 25, Sarnia, Colchester North, d/o Francis LEWIS & Isabella STINSON, witn: Frank VOLLANS of Sandwich West & H. E. HARTLEY, 11 Jan 1905 at Sandwich South
8407-05 James Bruce ALLISON, 30, grocer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o David ALLISON & Martha STITT, married Laura M. BLACKBURN, 32, Michigan, Windsor, d/o Thomas BLACKBURN & Mary Jane BAILEY, 18 Oct 1905 at Windsor 6794-05 William ALLISON, 28, farmer, South Woodslee, same, s/o George ALLISON & Mary SIMONS, married Rosa Catherine PILE, 22, house keeper, Walsingham, Cottam, d/o John PILE & Jane GLOVER, witn: Lottie J. MILLEN & Eva WIGLE, both of Cottam, 29 March 1905 at Cottam
8390-05 Robert ANDERSON, 33, commission agent, Illinois, Chicago, s/o Robert ANDERSON & Annie SULLIVAN, married Helen LESLIE, 28, Scotland, Chicago, d/o John LESLIE & Anna DOBBS, witn: C. HODGKISS of Detroit & E. S. JONES of Windsor, 12 Sept 1905 at Windsor 8668-07 James A. BACHELLER, 35, farmer, Michigan, Wales Mich., s/o Byron BACHELLER & Sarah CHAFFEE, married Alma? M. GREEN, 35, Michigan, Wales Mich., d/o Truman GREEN & Mary RIPLEY, witn: J. F. SMYTHE of Windsor, 29 Nov 1905 at Windsor
7125-05 George BAKER, 24, book keeper, Colorado, Detroit, s/o Nathan BAKER & Julia MORRIS, married Mae THORNTON, 23, Ontario, Detroit, d/o John THORNTON & Lizzie McEWAN, witn: Katherine HIND & Maria TAYLOR, both of Sandwich, 12 July 1905 at Sandwich #006803-05 (Essex Co): Albert Benoni BALKWILL, 24, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o Richard BALKWILL & Mary O'CONNOR, married Lucinda WIGLE, 27, Gosfield, same, d/o Philip WIGLE & Hannah WRIGHT, witn: Philip & Hannah WIGLE, 30 Aug 1905 at Gosfield South
8537-05 Clarence A. BARLOW, 28, watch maker, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Daniel BARLOW & Elizabeth EMMETT, married Caroline SMITH, 31, New York, Detroit, d/o James SMITH & Elizabeth McDONALD, witn: John JACKSON & L. M. SYMES, both of Windsor, 27 Nov 1905 at Windsor 006699 05-(Essex) Nelson BARRON, 23, Malden, Malden, farmer, s/o Charles BARRON & Susan NULIN (Neelin?) to Laomi WRIGHT, Colchester, Malden, d/o Joseph WRIGHT & Odelia BREWER, wit Louis BRUSH & Maud BARRON on 15, May 1905 in Amherstburg
8548-05 Wesley BAUMGARDNER, 22, farmer, Ohio, Freemont Ohio, s/o William BAUMGARDNER & Anna OTT, married Grace LEASE, 24, Ohio, Freemont, d/o Otto LEASE & Rowena INKS, witn: Jean MANNING & L. M. SYMES, both of Windsor, 5 Oct. 1905 at Windsor 8551-05 John N. BEAUBIEN, 21, typewriter repairer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o A.A. BEAUBIEN & Margaret REDMOND, married Nettie BOEHMER, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Frank BOEHMER & Mary RADMACHER, witn: 9 Oct. 1905 at Windsor
7201-05 William BECKWITH, 31 (21?), laborer, Michigan, Battle Creek Mich., s/o T. W. BECKWITH & Ruth BRIDGES, married Esther BRIDGES, 20, Michigan, Battle Creek Mich., d/o J. H. BRIDGES & Martha McCONNELL, witn: James H. & Martha BRIDGES of Battle Creek, 30 Aug 1905 at Sandwich 8414-05 William B. BEERS, 25, cabinet maker, England, Detroit, s/o William BEERS & Elizabeth HARDING, married Stella M. LOONEY, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o J. W. LOONEY & Lillie PHILPS, 11 Oct 1905 at Windsor
8528-05 Isaac O. BELL, 32, doctor, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Silas S. BELL & Susannah STEWART, married Louise LORENZ, 24, Michigan, Warren Mich., d/o Ernest LORENZ & Anna RAHBURN (Rathburn?), witn: Maria PRINGLE & M.F. TOLMIE, both of Windsor, 17 Nov 1905 at Windsor 6886-05 Ernest James BENNETT, 20, mechanic, Maidstone twp., Essex, s/o William BENNETT & Jane GRIEVES, married Jessie WAGNER, 18, Essex, same, d/o Louis WAGNER, laborer, & Jessie BROWN, witn: F.D. CUMMIFORD & Nettie TOLL, both of S. Woodslee, 20 Sept 1905 at South Woodslee
008365-05 (Essex Co): Harry BERNSTEIN, 26, traveling salesman, Ohio, Cleveland Ohio, s/o D. J. BERNSTEIN & Augusta JACOBS, married Tillie LABOWITCH, 20, Ohio, Cleveland Ohio, d/o David LABOWITCH & Lottie ALTMAN, witn: William Kraus &  E--?  HATHAWAY of Windsor,  4 October 1905 at Windsor 8396-05 Edward A. BINGA, 27, laborer, Michigan, same, s/o Joshua BINGA & unknown, married Harriet COOPER, 39, widow, Pennsylvania, Michigan, d/o Harry JONES & J. S?. HOPKINS, witn: W. E. WALKER & E. L. McGOWAN, both of Windsor, 5 Oct 1905 at Windsor
  7094 -05 (Essex Co): Herbert BLACKMAN, 28, Illinois, Detroit, optician, s/o Angus BLACKMAN & illegible ROWNING? to Catherine CHIERA (or Chiesa), Italy, Detroit, d/o S.N. CHIERA & Louisa NEAY (or May), witn: James ROSIER of Sandwich, 6-17-1905 in Sandwich
7223-05 Ben BLAIR, 34, teamster, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Thomas BLAIR & Sophia FERGUSON, married Frances I. HILL, 40, widow, New York, Detroit, d/o John VAN VOLKENBURG & Mary A. NEAL?, 21 Sept 1905 at Sandwich 6810-05 George BLAIR, 21, distiller, Detroit, Delray Mich. s/o Joseph BLAIR & Julia RUCHLOUR?, married Maud BOYER, 19, Tilsonburg, Leamington, d/o James BOYER & Maria STEPHENS, witn: F. J. & Selena VOADEN of Kingsville, 24 Jan 1905 at Kingsville
7086 -05 (Essex Co): Adolphus BLASHUL (Blashill?), 21, Michigan, Marine City, butcher, s/o James BLASHUL & Susan? LEFERRY to Ida TUCKER, 18, Michigan, Marine City, d/o Lyman TUCKER & Ester BASSETT, wit: Agnes & Katherine HUD (Hird?) of Sandwich, 11 June 1905 in Sandwich 6812-05 Henry W. BONDY, 31, farmer, Colchester South, same, s/o Edward BONDY & Susan LANGLOIS, married Julia Alice WHITE, 19, Colchester South, same, d/o Frederick WHITE & Julia LEE, witn: A.J.A. STEPHENS & Mary Ann WHITE, both of Colchester South, 21 June 1905 at Kingsville
8416-05 Henry B. BOUG? (Boag?), 45, upholsterer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Godfrey BOUG & Clara FALDER, married Minnie ZUHN, 46, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John ZUHN & Mary MAEBAWR?, 7 Oct 1905 at Windsor 8539-05 David A. BOUGHNER, 27, foreman, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Lemon BOUGHNER & Angeline AUSTIN, married Olivia LAYMON, 22, Ontario, Windsor, d/o George H. LAYMON & Caroline SHAW, witn: 29 Nov 1905 at Windsor
7113-05 Arthur J. BRAIDWOOD, 32, farmer, Michigan, Metamora? twp. Mich., same, s/o George & blank, married Ruby E. SELLICK, 27, Michigan, Metamora? twp Mich., d/o Samuel SELLICK & Mary FRICKKIE, 5 July 1905 at Sandwich 08387-05 (Essex Co): Henry T. BRAUN, 21, bookkeeper, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Jacob BRAUN & Catherine PELSO?, married Helena M. BEAUBIEN, 23, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Henry BEAUBIEN & Justine BOUCHARD, witn: Sara DICE, of Milton, & C. R. CHADWICK, of Windsor, 4 September 1905 at Windsor.
7425-05 William Algernon BROWN, 27, book keeper, Calf Mountain - Manitoba, Winnipeg, s/o William BROWN & Annie RILEY, married Catherine Eliza WEBSTER, 27, Walkerville, same, d/o Thomas WEBSTER & Sabina LITTLE, witn: Ernest E. COTE of Windsor & Mary J. WEBSTER of Walkerville, 20 Dec 1905 at Walkerville 7204-05 Mario BROWN, 28, laborer, Kentucky, Walkerton Ont., s/o David BROWN & Lutes? CORNWALL, married Sadie MENZIE, 28, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Jacob MENZIE & Isabel LINDSAY, 3 Sept 1905 at Sandwich
#006808-05 (Essex Co): Albert L. BRUNER, 22, farmer, Gosfield North, same, s/o Thomas BRUNER & Delia LEE, married Nora Mae PETERSON, 18, Gosfield South, same, d/o Josiah PETERSON & Mary J. WHITTLE, witn: Ezra REIVE of Gosfield North & Beatrice PETERSON of Gosfield South, Oct 11, 1905 at Gosfield South 8406-05 William BRUSHLOW, 20, ship builder, Ohio, Wyandotte Mich., s/o Charles BRUSHLOW & Frances MALOUSH, married Louse VERMITTE, 19, Michigan, Wyandotte, d/o Frank VERMITTE & Angelina MINLISSE, 16 Oct 1905 at Windsor
7093 -05 (Essex Co): George BURKE, 24, Michigan, Detroit, steel worker, s/o Thomas BURKE & Mary SEVANCEY? to Marie NICHOLAS, 19, Ontario, Kingston Ont, d/o Willard NICHOLAS & Mary PARKER, 6-17-1905 in Sandwich 6802-05 Marshall E. BURK, 21, farmer, Harwich, same, s/o Samuel BURK & Sarah McKENZIE, married Florence B. PETERSON, 19, Gosfield South, same, d/o Josiah PETERSON & Mary J. WHITTLE, witn: Arthur BURK of Harwich & Nora May PETERSON of Gosfield South, 3 May 1905 at Gosfield South
8408-05 George V. BUTT, 30 (31?), divorced, laborer, Ontario, Mt. Clemens Mich, s/o George BUTT & Leah FISHER, married Mary E. GOULETTE, 20, Michigan, Mt. Clemens, d/o Ambrose GOULETTE & Arkie GROGEON?, 19 Oct 1905 at Windsor 6858-05 Burton CALVERT, 22, sailor, Buffalo NY, same, s/o Robert J. CALVERT & Mary DARLING, married Isabella SCHUHOLS, 18, Detroit, same, d/o George SCHUHOLS & Mabel CAVANAUGH, witn: Edward SEYMOUR & Johanna WEBBER, both of Detroit, 10 July 1905 at Malden
7219-05 Edward CHATEAU, 33, wood turner, Detroit, same, s/o John CHATEAU & Catherine MAHON, married Melanie SEGUIN, 24, Tecumseh Ont., Sandwich, d/o Alexander SEGUIN & Elizabeth CHAPUT, witn: Frank VASETON? of Detroit & Virginia SEGUIN of Sandwich, 19 Sept 1905 at Sandwich (Rom Cath) 7216-05 Richard T. CHISSUS, 21, brick layer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Ch. S. CHISSUS & Mary THOMPSON, married Lillian SNIDER, 19, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Louis B. SNIDER & Emily, witn: Angus & Marion HURD of Sandwich, 19 Sept 1905 at Sandwich
006695 05-(Essex) Willis CHOTMAN (Chatman?), 45, Kentucky USA, Amherstburg, widower, s/ Geo Washington CHOTMAN & Julia Ann HUBBARD to Mary Ella KING, 47, Anderdon, Amherstburg, widow, d/o Benjamin SAUNDERS & Mary ROBINSON, wit Davis D ROGEST & John WESLEY on 1, March 1905 in Amherstburg 006702 05-(Essex) Percy CLAYTON, 36, Newmarket, Newmarket, widower, painter, s/o William PERCY & Esther E GRAHAM to Sussey SELLARS, 26, Malden, Malden, d/o Robt SELLARS & Alma PARKS, wit Fred J HUGHES & Blanche FERRIS on 7, June 1905 in Amherstburg
006757 05-(Essex) Harry CLINGMAN, 20, Colchester South, Colchester South, farmer, s/o Millon CLINGMAN & Nancy HATFIELD to Lizzie SCOTT, New Canaan, New Canaan, d/o no parents listed, wit Carrie EIDSON & Minnie JOHNSON on 8, December 1904 in H W EIDSON House Colchester South Filed in 1905 8410-05 Louis G. CLOSKEY, 21, laborer, Ohio, Sandusky Ohio, s/o Henry CLOSKEY & Amanda CULCHER?, married Anna E. CHESTNUTWOOD, 18, Ohio, Freemont Ohio, d/o Al CHESTNUTWOOD & Jennie ESTERLINE?, 23 Oct 1905 at Windsor
7375-05 Jerry COLLINS, 21, farmer, Sandwich South, same, s/o Jerry COLLINS & Ann KAVANAGH, married Catherine KIRBY, 19, Chicago, Sandwich South, d/o John KIRBY & Mary SULLIVAN, witn: John KIRBY of Detroit & Agnes KANE of Sandwich South, 6 June 1905 at Sandwich South 7109-05 George CONLEY, 25, farmer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Maurice CONLEY & B. SULLIVAN, married Olive LUDINGTON, 21, Tennessee, Mt. Clemens Mich., d/o Albert LUDINGTON & Mary SHEPHERD, witn: Maria TAYLOR & Harry HURD, both of Sandwich, 1 July 1905 at Sandwich
7376-05 Stephen CONROY, 35, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o Thomas CONROY & Annie REILLY, married Lottie COLLINS, 24, Maidstone, same, d/o Jerry COLLINS & Ann KAVANAGH, witn: Joseph CONROY of Maidstone & Mary KAVANAGH of Sandwich South, 29 Aug 1905 at Sandwich South 008377-05 (Essex Co): Charles William COOK, 48, merchant, widower, New York, Lansing Michigan, s/o Livingston COOK & Mary LASTINE, married Rowena CUTLER, 50, widow, Michigan, Leslie Michigan, d/o Joseph WATERS & Julia COLEMAN, witn: Bertha HUGHSON & Ruth HUGHSON, of Windsor, 5 October 1905 at Windsor.
006723 05-(Essex) Arthur COTE, 22, Anderdon, Anderdon, farmer, s/o Jacques COTE & Mary BOUFFORD to Adelle MELOCHE, 19, Anderdon, Anderdon, farmer's daughter, d/o Antoim MELOCHE & Elizabeth MARTIN, wit Joseph & Louise MELOCHE on 28, February 1905 at St Jos & phs' Church in Anderdon 7198-05 James COWAN, 27, electrician, Ontario, Toledo Ohio, s/o W. J. COWAN & Catherine O'NEIL, married Mary Irena SEDGEWICK, 19, Ohio, Toledo, d/o Ch. SEDGEWICK & Anna HAMILTON, witn: Katherine HURD & Maria TAYLOR, both of Sandwich, 26 Aug 1905 at Sandwich
7412-05 Harold William CROWELL, 29, insurance agent, Brooklyn NY, Detroit, s/o William Ross CROWELL & Katherine Maria CHAPMAN?, married Katherine Forrest CHAPMAN, 28, Detroit, same, d/o Edward Forrest CHAPMAN & Ella Louise LEELE, witn: Edward F. CHAPMAN of Detroit & Ethel Chapman WARING of New York City, 14 June 1905 at Walkerville 7416-05 Norman CUMMING, 20, yeoman, Harwich twp., same, s/o Robert CUMMING & Lucy MALLORY, married Alice B. GOSNEL, 19, Ridgetown, Highgate, d/o George W. GOSNEL & Frances BALDWIN, witn: Leslie & Gertie BURNS of Walkerville, 16 Aug 1905 at Walkerville
008364-05 (Essex Co): Lynn A. CURTISS, 22, fireman, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, s/o M. A. CURTISS and Loa DUKES, married Helen Gibson HOUTON?, 20, Ontario, Toledo Ohio, d/o Alex HOUTON? & Agnes STEWART, witn: Bertha HUGHSON & Jennie KASSADY? of Windsor, 3 October 1905 at Windsor 7392-05 Willie DAMPHOUSE, 23, laborer, Stoney Point, Staples, s/o J.B. DAMPHOUSE & Delia CARTIER, married Emma BISONETTE, 18, St. Joachim Ont., Staples, d/o Pierre BISONETTE & Mary DUPUIS, witn: Edward DAMPHOUSE & Charles TREMBLAY of Staples, 20 Nov 1905 at Staples
8403-05 George DEACONS, 45, laborer, New York, Windsor, s/o George DEACONS & Lucinda HALL, married Martha CLAPPER, 42, widow, Canada, Detroit, d/o Joseph WHITEMAN & Anna YEOMANS, witn: E. L. & C. E. McGOWAN of Windsor, 16 Sept 1905 at Windsor 006789 05-(Essex) Percival DEAN, 28, Blenhiem, Toronto, b, photographer, s/o Armisbing? DEAN & Nellie CROWDER to Ida MAN (Mair?), 31, Thomasville, not given, s, d/o Joseph H MAN & S M CASELLS, wit J H MAN & W D BEAMAN on 16, October 1905 in Essex
006782 05-(Essex) Alexander DENNIS, 44, Elgin Co, Maidstone, farmer, s/o Courtland DENNIS & Mary Jane ALWARD to Elizabeth ROZELL, 35, Gainsboro ont, Maidstone, d/o John Sanford ROZELL & Sarah Ann DENNIS, witn William D & Mrs W F CUTHBERT on 28, June 1905 in Essex 8415-05 Clifton DEVEREAUX, 21, druggist, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Albert & Minnie, married Nina HARBACK, 17, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Jarvis HARBACK & Stella BEWDLEY, 12 Oct 1905 at Windsor
008368-05 (Essex Co): Jas. (or Jos?) C. DISSETT, 22, R.R. timekeeper, Ohio, Detroit, s/o E. H. DISSETTE (as written) & E. F. FAREWELL, married J. D. M. ARMSTRONG, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John ARMSTRONG & Phedora WAIT, witn: Mary MANNNING & Jean MANNING, of Windsor, 21 September 1905 at Windsor 7352-05 Robert L. DOULL, 38, engineer, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Robert DOULL & Catherine McLELLAN, married Cora SMITH, 34, Ontario, Essex, d/o John SMITH & Maria WEIRS, witn: Katherine HURD of Sandwich & Mrs. James SMITH of Detroit, 18 Dec 1905 at Sandwich
7354-05 Harry DREWYONE?, 24, tin plater, Michigan, Woodmere? Michigan, s/o William DUWYONE? & Betsy KING, married Helen TORANGO, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Lawrence TORANGO & Cecilia ODETTE, witn: Henry & Viola TORANGO of Woodmere, 21 Dec 1905 at Sandwich 006727 05-(Essex) Frs Edouard DUFRESNE, 20, Maidstone, Maidstone, farmer, s/o Peter DUFRESNE & Herminie SLYVESTRE to Rosalie GERARD, 16, Maidstone, Maidstone, farmers' daughter, d/o William GERARD & Emielie DISBOURG Wit Felix DIESBOUG & Ida GERAUD on 14, February, 1905 in Belle River
7379-05 Alexandre DUMAS, 46, widower, laborer, Sandwich West, Detroit, s/o Philip DUMAS & Angele BONDY, married Melonie MONFORTON, 46, Anderdon, same, d/o Joseph MONFORTON & Catherine GIGNAC, witn: Alphonse PARE & Arsene BEZAIRE, both of Sandwich West, 4 June 1905 at St. Josephs Church 008371-05 (Essex Co): Lewis A. DUMAS, 38, carpenter, widower, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Joseph DUMAS & Mary GREEN, married Myrtle I. DILLE, 29, Pennsylvania, Utica Pennsylvania, d/o Lewis DILLE & Margaret HIBLER, witn: Jean MANNING & Lily M. SQUIRES, of Windsor, 29 September 1905 at Windsor
6856-05 John J. DUNCAN, 27, salesman, Tyrone Ireland, Cleveland O., s/o William DUNCAN & Eliza J. DANENS?, married Rebecca SCOTT, 26, saleslady, Tyrone Ireland, Diamond Castle D--? Ireland, d/o David SCOTT & Rebecca LAURY, witn: Thomas SAYERA of Millbank & Bella CAMPBELL of St. Thomas, 25 Oct. 1905 at Woodslee 7420-05 William Wallis DUNN, moulder, Scotland, Walkerville, s/o George DUNN & Jane METCALF, married Caroline WILLIAMS, 31, Caintown Ont., Walkerville, d/o Thomas WILLIAMS & Mary Ann ARMSTRONG, witn: D. A. & May McLAUGHLAN of Walkerville, 14 Sept 1905 at Walkerville
7205-05 Ernest DUPUIS, 26, farmer, Anderdon, Sandwich West, s/o Seraphin DUPUIS & Magdalene BRANDT, married Rose TOUSANGEAU, 20, Sandwich West, same, d/o L. TOUSANGEAU & Margaret DROULLARD, witn: Francis DUPUIS Of Sandwich West & Eliza TOUSANGEAU of Sandwich, 6 Sept 1905 at Sandwich (Rom Cath) 7101 -05 (Essex Co): George EAGAN, 24, Michigan, Detroit, brakeman, s/o Patrick EAGAN & Kitty NOLAN to Emma WEBBER, 24, Indiana, Detroit, d/o Jacob WEBBER, 6-22-1905 in Sandwich, RC
8393-05 Edwin E. EASTMAN, widower, saloon keeper, Michigan, Saginaw Mich., s/o W. H. EASTMAN & Elizabeth TAPLIN, married Alice E. WILSON, 25, Michigan, Saginaw, d/o Rob WILSON & Mary HANFORD, 17 Sept 1905 at Windsor 8543-05 Joseph EDICK, 40, moulder, New York, Chatham Ont., s/o William EDICK & Carrie WILLIAMS, married Susie RAYMOE, 32, Ontario, Chatham, d/o Andrew RAYMOE & Nancy HEYLAND, witn: M. V. McKINNEY & Bertha HUGHSON, both of Windsor, 25 Nov 1905 at Windsor
7378-05 Joseph Henry EDWARDS, 26, teamster, London Ont., Windsor, s/o John EDWARDS & Katherine MITCHELL, married Charlotte VOLLANS, 26, Sandwich West, same, d/o Isaac VOLLANS & Eliza HERDMAN, witn: Edward VOLLANS & Lillie FENN, both of Sandwich West, 25 Oct 1905 at Sandwich South 7218-05 Rabie? ELDRED, 37 (31?), farmer, Michigan, Romeo Mich., s/o Harry ELDRED & Rachel SHAW, married Edith SIMON, 24, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, d/o Louis SIMON & Bella M--ES?, 19 Sept 1905
008370-05 (Essex Co): Richard A. ELMER, 25, marine fireman, Ohio, Sandusky Ohio, s/o F. A. ELMER &  C. E. MANSHON?, married Annie M. TRAVERSE, 18, New York, Put-in-Bay Ohio, d/o Stephen TRAVERSE & Mary CUNES?, witn: Mary MANNING &  Jean MANNING, of Windsor, 28 September 1905 at Windsor. 8400-05 Silas A. ELSIFOR, 25, teamster, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Albert ELSIFOR & Julia CASE, married Olga SCHALLHORN, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Albert SCHALLHORN & Anna SCHLICHHULZ?, witn: G. L. & Bertha HUGHSON of Windsor, Windsor, 12 Sept 1905 at Windsor
8392-05 Earl EMMONS, 27, student, Michigan, St. Johns Mich., s/o E. E. EMMONS & Sarah SMITH, married Hattie G. GARLOCK, 27, Illinois, Janesville, d/o Joseph GARLOCK & Sarah TUCKWOOD, witn: E. L. MARCON & C. R. CHADWICK, both of Windsor, 14 Sept 1905 at Windsor 008363-05 (Essex Co): Freemont E. ENGLISH, 42, hotel-keeper, widower, Ohio, Montpelier Ohio, s/o W. H. ENGLISH & C. W. SPRACKLIN, married Mattie HOOVER, 28, Ontario, Pioneer Ohio, d/o J. F. HOOVER & M. E. HOLSTED, witn: John ABSOLOM & Bertha HUGHSON of Windsor, 3 October 1905 at Windsor
  7106-05 J. P. FAULKNER, 22, barber, Ontario, Fenton Mich., s/o George FAULKNER & Mary HALL, married Minnie PAYNE, 19, Quebec, Battle Creek Mich., d/o George PAYNE & Alma LOTTEN, witn: John P. MARTIN? & Maria TAYLOR, both of Sandwich, 1 July 1905 at Sandwich
006697 05-(Essex) Les Frances FAY, 23, New Boston USA?, Detroit Mich, mechanical superintendant, s/o William Edward FAY & Anna HERMAN to Anna LABECK, 23, Detroit, Detroit Mich, d/o Charles & Mary LEBECK, wit Max LAPORTE & Margaret NATRESS on 25, April 1905 in Amherstburg 006785 05-(Essex) Elmer E FEATHERSTONE, 23, Toronto, Essex, b, druggist, s/o David FEATHERSTONE & Emma GILSON to Gracie I GREEN, 22, Essex, Essex, s, d/o Samuel GREEN & Eliza WALKER, wit I STUART & Miss M MALNER? on 7, June 1905 in Essex
8541-05 Roy C. FENNIS, 20, farmer, Pennsylvania, Mansfield O., s/o E.E. FENNIS & Matilda POWELL, married Stella M. TAYLOR, 22, Ohio, Mansfield O., d/o Marion TAYLOR & Emma HOFFEE, witn: Alice H. WIGLE & H.S. COSTELLO, both of Windsor, 30 Nov 1905 at Windsor 7213-05 Walter FISH, 30, engineer, Indiana, Detroit, s/o A. J. FISH & Hattie LANDIS, married Maria BRIGSTOCK, 30, widow, Germany, Detroit, d/o George SCALLEY? (Scadley?) & Mabel OTTO, witn: Agnes & Katherine HURD of Sandwich, 18 Sept 1905 at Sandwich
8395-05 George W. FISHER, 30, machinist, Ontario, Simcoe Ont., s/o James FISHER & Janet McGREGOR, married Ella E. HALL, 35, Ontario, Windsor, d/o John A. HALL & Eliza COOK, witn: Clarence BRISTOW & Mina CHRYSLER, both of Windsor, 11 Oct 1905 at Windsor 006777 05-(Essex)Thomas FITE, 24, Carlton Co, Gosfield South, farmer, s/o Alfonzo FITE & Annie NOBLE to Bella MOORE, 23, Gosfield S, Gosfield South, d/o David MOORE & Sarah Ann MONTGOMERY, wit Annie E FORD & Jessie M FORD on 18, January 1905 in Essex
7127-05 Robert H. FLOCK, 22, salesman, Wyandotte Mich., Woodmere? Mich., s/o Andrew H. FLOCK & Alice GRIFFEN, married Mabel LOSWEN, no age given, Detroit, same, d/o John LOSWEN & Mary HENRY, witn: P. CHALANDARD of Sandwich & A. VASCHARDE of Toronto, 14 July 1905 at Sandwich 8553-05 Edward FOBEAR, 23, laborer, Ontario, Detroit, s/o John FOBEAR & Julia PALKEY, married Bella BEACH, 28, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Peter BEACH & Elizabeth, witn: Eva & John FRALICK of Detroit, 13 Oct 1905 at Windsor
7397-05 Harry Scott FORD, 17, farmer, Leamington, same, s/o P. FORD & E. PRESTON, married Edith May LARUE, 19, Elgin Co., Staples, d/o J. A. LARUE & F.J. BRADDON, witn: C. LARUE of Staples & Lulu FORD of Leamington, 10 May 1905 at Comber 006780 05-(Essex) Edwin FORD, 25, Colchester S, Colchester South, farmer, s/o John Ford & Mary McCORMICK to Mary Louise FERRIS, 25, Colchester S, Colchester South, d/o William Ferris & Letitia BUCHANAN , Witn Helen D FORD & Willa M FORD on 25, January 1905 in Essex
6800-05 Ottis FOX, 21, farmer, Gosfield South, same, s/o Samuel FOX & Mary BATISHILL, married Edith MILLER, 19, South Woodslee, same, d/o Jacob MILLER & Hannah G. TAYLOR, witn: Nellie LALLIS of Ruthven & Millie FOX of Gosfield South, 4 March 1905 at Ruthven 7220-05 - C.L. E. FOX, 32, steward, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Rudolph & blank, married Rae JOHNS, 29, Michigan, Mt. Clemens Mich, d/o Antoine JOHNS & Rose TROMBERG, witn: F. M. HASTINGS of New Haven Mich. & Josephine JOHNS of Mt. Clemens, 20 Sept 1905 at Sandwich (Rom Cath)
006764 05-(Essex) James GIBB, 24, Maldon, Maldon, farmer, s/o William GIBB & Elizabeth DESLIPPE to Grace BONDY, Malden, Malden, d/o Francis BONDY & Ellen SHAY, wit H M S WHEATON & R A PARTRIDGE on 1, May 1905 in Colchester  
8542-05 William L. GILBERT, 28, cook, Michigan, Ovid Mich., s/o Marcellus GILBERT & Eliza HURSEY, married Nellie V. OBERLIN, 28, widow, Michigan, Ovid Mich., d/o F. H. BUGBEE & Jennie BOYD, witn: M. V. McKINNEY & Bertha HUGHSON, both of Windsor, 24 Nov 1905 at Windsor 006696 05-(Essex) William Louis GOLDEN, 33, Anderson, Malden, farmer, s/o Richard P? GOLDEN & Margaret PATON to Ena BOTSFORD, 26, Amherstburg, Amherstburg, d/o Daniel BOTSFORD & Catherine TOPPING?; wit Daniel & Mrs Daniel BOTSFORD on 12, April 1905 in Amherstburg
#006805-05 (Essex Co): Albert GRAHAM, 27, laborer, Ebgland, Gosfield South, s/o Robert GRAHAM & Hannah M. REUMIE, married Florence CADY, 29, London Ont., Gosfield South, d/o George CADY & Amelia LEE, witn: Angus M. CHARLES (McCHarles?) & Kate GENUNG, both of Ruthven, Nov 2, 1905 at Ruthven 8554-05 William H. GREGORY, 21, hardware clerk, Michigan, Dexter Mich., s/o William GREGORY & Susan STRAITH, married Clara M. BELL, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o George BELL & Mary HOWARD, witn: Blanche E. BELL of Detroit, 14 Oct. 1905 at Windsor
7118-05 Robert HALLENBECK, 19, blacksmith, Michigan, Pontiac Mich., s/o Louis HALLENBECK & Jane MALLETT?,. married Maud WARREN, 19, Michigan, Pontiac Mich., d/o Sam WARREN & Elizabeth MACKLEM, witn: Katherine HIND & Maria TAYLOR, both of Sandwich, 5 July 1905 at Sandwich 8536-05 Thomas HALTON, 44, moulder, England, Hamilton, s/o Jesse HALTON & Sarah J. NARGAL, married Edith DELL, 28, Michigan, Hamilton, d/o W.J. DELL & Eliza, witn: 27 Nov 1905 at Windsor
006701 05-(Essex) Chrysler HAMILTON, 21, Uxbridge, Walkerville, bookkeeper, s/o Joseph HAMILTON & Ella (Elsa?) CHRYSLER to Jean HOUSER, 21, Sarnia, Detroit, d/o Philip HOUSER & Elizabeth HOUSIER, wit Mrs C H VAHEY & Miss Jean KERR on 30, May 1905 7388-05 Henry HANSBERGER, 66, widower, retired farmer, Cayuga, Leamington, s/o H. HANSBERGER & Barbara GIGMAN, married A. E. BARTLEY, no age given, Tyrone Ireland, East Tilbury, d/o James BARTLEY & Eliza DEELEY, witn: John E. & Mary MACKLEM of Tilbury, 22 June 1905 at Comber
7391-05 James HARSHAW, 58, widower, Durham England, res not given, s/o John HARSHAW & Rebecca WHITE, married Sarah GREER, 42, widow, Armagh Ireland, Tilbury West, d/o James DONALDSON & Ruth HEWITT, witn: Charles CLARK & Rose MORRISON of Comber, 22 Nov 1905 at Comber 7099 -05 (Essex Co): Osborne H. HARWOOD, 22, Ontario, Sandwich, furrier, s/o W.G. HARWOOD & T. G. ARNOCH? to Gertrude SMITH, 24, Ontario, Sandwich, d/o James SMITH & Gracie (or Genie) THEASHER, wit: Mary SMITH & H. B. HARWOOD of Sandwich, 6-21-1905 in Sandwich
7222-05 Frank Milton HASTINGS, 37, farmer, Michigan, New haven Mich., s/o Freeman R. HASTINGS & Cinthia M. CLARK, married Josephine JOHNS, 27, Michigan, Mt. Clemens Mich., d/o Antoine JOHNS & Rose TROMBERG, witn: Charles E. FOX of Detroit & Rose FOX of Mt. Clemens, 20 Sept 1905 at Sandwich 8397-05 G. W. HAWKINS, 35, stone cutter, North Carolina, Detroit, s/o Jesse & Nancy, married Sarah EVANS, 37, Canada, Detroit, d/o John EVANS & Isabella ARMSTRONG, witn: E. L. & C.E. McGOWAN of Windsor, 11 Sept 1905 at Windsor
8556-05 John H. HEASLIP, 26, farmer, Michigan, Richmond Mich., s/o William HEASLIP & Dora BEEBE, married Mary E. THELAN, 26, Michigan, Richmond Mich., d/o Nicholas THELAN & Margaret DONLEY, witn: 16 Oct 1905 at Windsor 7386-05 Delphis HEBERT, 26, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Jacques HEBERT & Vitaline HENRY, married Ida LECOMTE, 17, Tilbury West, Tilbury North, d/o Joseph LECOMTE & Marguerite REAUME, witn: Elphige & Joseph LECOMTE of Tilbury North, 30 Oct 1905 at Stoney Point
7224-05 Charles HELWIG, 21, box maker, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Julius HELWIG & Minnie HOPKIN?, married Millie PITT, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Sam PITT & Julia PELLS, witn: Henry COATES of Detroit, 22 Sept 1905 at Sandwich 7103 -05 (Essex Co): Frank J. HERBRAND, 34, Wisconsin, Milwaukee, manager of Cattle Co, s/o Phillip HERBRAND & Mary WEYBACK? to Anna HAUSMAN, 24, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Ch & Anna MOELLER, wit: Maria TAYLOR & James ROSIER, 6-24-1905 in Sandwich
7374-05 William HERDMAN, 28, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o John HERDMAN & Mary TAYLOR, married Fanny OLIVER, 21, Sandwich South, Sandwich West, d/o William H. OLIVER & Jane LOUNSBOROUGH, witn: Henry OLIVER & Maude VOLLANS, both of Sandwich West, 27 Sept 1905 at Sandwich South 7417-05 Joseph B. HILL, 23, railway employee, Port Huron, Walkerville, s/o William HULL & Josephine MILLAR, married Katherine PETERSON, 23, Indiana US, Louisville US, d/o Jacob PETERSON & Mary E. MAPLES, witn: F. W. CHELVER? of Walkerville & Gertrude YORK of Louisville, 18 Aug 1905 at Walkerville
6797-05 Adolphus HILLIER, 27, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o Jonathan HILLIER & Mary GILBERT, married Ruby WHITTLE, 20, Mersea twp., same, d/o George A. WHITTLE & Adelia JIME?, witn: Aaron WHITTLE & Lovinia HILLIER, both of Mersea, 1 Nov 1905 at Cottam 7373-05 Edward Page HOLDEN, 27, farmer, Sandwich South, same, s/o James HOLDEN & Anny Jane VOLLANS, married Mary Esther CURTIS, 28, Sandwich South, same, d/o Albert W. CURTIS & Ellen MASON, witn: James G. CURTIS & Barbara HOLDEN, both of Sandwich South, 13 Sept 1905 at Sandwich South
008386-05 (Essex Co): Richard HOPPS, 23, express driver?, Michigan, Pt Huron Michigan, s/o William HOPPS & Jane SMITH, married Lena PETERSON, 20, Michigan, Pt Huron Michigan, d/o Peter PETERSON & Ann ANDERSON, witn: C. R. CHADWICK, of Windsor & Sara DICE, of Milton, 2 September 1905 at Windsor. 7110-05 Chester A. HOUGHTON, 23, farmer, Ohio, Troy Ohio, s/o Albert K. HOUGHTON & Flora HAMMOND, married Gertrude J. SPENCER, 21, Ohio, Mautha Station, d/o Albert SPENCER & Ella DUTTICK?, witn: Katherine HURD & Maria TAYLOR, both of Sandwich, 3 July 1905 at Sandwich
8538-05 David M. HOWARD, 33, brush maker, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Stephen HOWARD & Annie DUTTON, married Prude E. CLARKE, 18, Ontario, Windsor, d/o W. G. CLARKE & Addie MAYO (Mays?), witn: 27 Nov 1905 at Windsor 006762 05-(Essex) Thomas HUGHSON, 35, Raleigh Tp, Gosfield South, farmer, s/o Hezekiah HUGHSON & Mary ASKEW to Lula May BUCHANAN, 28, Colchester South, Colchester South, d/o Alexander BUCHANAN & Mary GRUBB, wit Josie J DRUMMOND & Grace M HUGHSON on 5 April 1905
7100 -05 (Essex Co): Louis HUGUENARD, 28, Indiana, Toledo, cigar maker, s/o Frank HUGUENARD & Jane MASON to Mildred MARKLEY, 28, Ohio, Toledo, d/o George MARKLEY & Mary McKEE , 6-21-1905 in Sandwich 6833-05 Evan J. HUMPHREYS, 28, machinist, East Liberty Ohio, Delray Mich., s/o Daniel HUMPHREYS & Emily EVERINGHAM, married Clara Bell WILKINSON, 24, Leamington, same, d/o Minnis WILKINSON & Margaret PICKLE, witn: Annie WILKINSON & Lucy SCRATCH, both of Leamington, 10 June 1905 at Leamington
008366-05 (Essex Co): Laverne Miller IDE, 45, secretary mfg. co., widower, Michigan, Detroit, s/o W. J. IDE & Matilda HAYNES, married Grace A. SELZER, 36, widow, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Samuel SELZER & Barbara SCHULTE, witn: S. A. BLACKBURN & Bertha HUGHSON, of Windsor, 4 October 1905 at Windsor 008384-05 (Essex Co): Frank C. IRWIN, 26, barber, Pennsylvania, Toledo, s/o J. B. IRWIN & Emma RHEEM, married Cecilia CHLAGHECK (CHLAGHEOK?), 23, Ohio, Toledo, d/o Henry CHLAGHECK (CHLAGHEOK?) & Elizabeth RESSLING, witn: Maud CRAMPTON & D. W. CRAMPTON, of Windsor, 31 August 1905 at Windsor
006779 05-(Essex) - P H JENNER, 26, Charinf Cross, Charing Cross, farmer, s/o Thomas JENNER & Sarah HARRY to Susie Grace RUSSELL, 23, Essex, Essex, d/o W H RUSSELL & Lois DENING on 19, January 1905 in Essex 006791 05-(Essex) Joseph JENKINS, 39, Seneca Ont, Maidstone, w, farmer, s/o William JENKINS & Mary CLINE to Cora SMITH, 37, Rochester, Rochester, s, d/o George SMITH & Harriet SNEEDER (Snider?); wit Mrs J E FORD & Jessie FORD on 25, October 1905 in Essex
7423-05 David JENNISON, 22, brass moulder, England, Windsor, s/o Francis JENNISON & Elizabeth ANDREWS, married Ella May WRIGHT, 21, Comber, Windsor, d/o John WRIGHT & Mary CAMERON, witn: A. J. JACKSON of Stratford & Susie JACKSON of Walkerville, 11 Oct 1905 at Walkerville  
7214-05 George E. JENNY, 41, lawyer, Ohio, Fostonia Ohio, s/o John JENNY & Emma MERVIN, married Lucy MERVIN, 42, Ohio, Rising Sun Ohio, d/o John MARVIN & Elizabeth LEILEY, witn: M. H. WINTERMUTE & Fred NEAL, both of Sandwich, 18 Sept 1905 at Sandwich 7221-05 John Amos JESSOP, 25, farmer, Ontario, Sandwich West twp., s/o Franklyn JESSOP & Florence FINLEY, married Ida Anna PECK, 23, Ontario, Sandwich West twp., d/o Fred PECK & Louisa LANGFIELD, witn: Florence JESSOP & Fred PECK, both of Windsor, 20 Sept 1905 at Sandwich
8413-05 Henry William JOHNS, 27, widower, engineer, Michigan, Pontiac Mich., s/o William JOHNS & Hattie CASE, married Aleen A. BERTWISTLE, 20 (29?), divorced, Michigan, Pontiac, d/o Clayton J. PHILO & Adelia McCREERY, 11 Oct 1905 at Windsor 8411-05 Ernest JOHNSON, 32, farmer, Michigan, Grand Blane? Mich., s/o A.A. JOHNSON & Angelina MATTHEWSON, married Laura MATTHEWSON, 31, Michigan, Grand Blane, d/o Grice MATTHEWSON & Abbie SIGSBY, 11 Oct 1905 at Windsor
006787 05-(Essex) Jas Joseph JOHNSTON, 20, Toledo, b, farmer, s/o Hill JOHNSTON & Laura GANES to Maggie May COLBERTA?, 16, Maidstone, Maidstone, s, d/o Alfred COLBERTA & Clara PALMER, wit Madeline JUNER & Martha PALMER on 15, June 1905 in Essex 008376-05 (Essex Co): Alexander JORDON, 46, waiter, widower, Ontario, Detroit,  s/o Barnard JORDON & Levinia JORDON, married Rose SMITH, 44, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Beverly SMITH & Avia? JOHNSON, witn: William HUGHES & Lizzie HUGHES, of Windsor, 3 October 1905 at Windsor.
7422-05 Thomas J. KENNEDY, 26, cooper, London, Walkerville, s/o Thomas KENNEDY & Margaret BRENNAN, married Mary BELMORE, 20, Sandwich East, same, d/o Joseph BELMORE & Marie OUELETTE, witn: J. S. DUMAS of Walkerville & Estelle REYNOLDS of Windsor, 5 Nov 1905 at Walkerville 7414-05 George Clarence KING, 30, clerk, Kingsville, London, s/o Sydney Arthur KING & Esther WIGLE, married Anna THOMPSON, 31, Lapier Mich., Sandwich East, d/o Edwin Lewis THOMPSON & Julia PIPER, witn: Eric N. ARMOUR of Toronto & Mabel G. THOMPSON of Sandwich East, 20 June 1905 at Sandwich East
7211-05 Philip KLOPP, 49, widower, decorator, Michigan, Detroit, s/o S. & Christena, married Matilda STORKEY, 21, Ohio, Detroit, d/o Patrick STORKEY & Estella RANCH (Ranek?), 12 Sept 1905 at Sandwich 7104 -05 (Essex Co): Harry B KLOTZ, 21, Ohio, Helena Ohio, farmer, s/o Sam KLOTZ & Mary BOLEN to Ethel LONG, 19, Ohio, Gibsonburg Ohio, d/o Michael LONG & Jane FISH , 6-25-1905 in Sandwich
7225-05 Joseph F. KORBEL, 23, barn keeper, Austria, Upsilanti Mich., s/o Joseph KORBEL & Mary TISHER?, married Martha SCHAFFEN (Schaffler?), 18, Michigan, Upsilanti Mich., d/o C. L. SCHAFFEN & Julia STEINBERG, 22 Sept 1905 at Sandwich 008379-05 (Essex Co): Carl Emil KUNZ, 54, clerk, widower, Germany, Detroit, s/o Gotleib KUNZ & Augusta SCHRUTH?, married Serena B. SHOWIDS, 29, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Richard SHOWIDS & Sarah Dalley, witn: C. W. CHURCHILL & Mrs. CHURCHILL, of Detroit, 7 October 1905 at  Windsor
006700 05-(Essex) William H KYLE, 21? (check mark over number), Sullivan twp Ont., Detroit, physician, s/o James KYLE & Mary McCONNELL to Lucy B ROWE, 20, Liverpool England, Detroit, d/o We Edward ROWE & Betsy Ann WATKIN, wit Mrs C H VAHEY & Jermie KERR on 10, May 1905 in Amherstburg 7389-05 Esidore LABUTE, 21, laborer, Stoney Point, Staples, s/o John LABUTE & Clara PLUFFE, married Anna TESSIER, 18, St. Joachim, Staples, d/o Louis TESSIER & Dolphine SHENE, witn: H. TESSIER & Rosa LABUTE, both of Staples, 31 July 1905 at Staples
6889-05 Joseph LALONDE, 48, laborer, St. Joachim, same, s/o Jean B. LALONDE & Angelique LAUZON, married Marie Louise MORRISON, 26, St. Joachim, same, d/o Peter MORRISON & Clothilde DESJARLAIS, witn: Jean Bapiste LALONDE & Joseph BLAIS, both of St. Joachim, 17 Oct. 1905 at St. Joachim 6885-05 Wilfrid LAUZON, 17, laborer, Rochester twp., St. Joachim, s/o Victor LAUZON & Emilienne LALIBERTE, married Emma LANDRY, 23, house keeper, Rochester twp., St. Joachim, d/o Onezime LANDRY & Celina VERMETTE, witn: Gideon VERMETTE & Lucia SYLVESTRE, both of Rochester twp., 22 Aug 1905 at St. Joachim
7387-05 Adelard LEBERT, 22, laborer, Tilbury West, Tilbury North, s/o Julien LEBERT & Emelie SIMARD, married Louise LEFRANCOIS, 19, Tilbury West, Tilbury North, d/o Olivier LEFRANCOIS & Emilina LEVASSEUR, witn: Julien LEBERT of Tilbury West & Hornisdas LEFRANCOIS of Tilbury North, 7 Nov 1905 at Tilbury North 006740 05-(Essex) Joseph LEDUC, 26, Rochester, Rochester, farmer, s/o Eugene LEDUC & Masie ST ONGE to Anna RIVET (nee BRUNELLE), 17, Rochester, Belle River, widow, d/o Francis BRUNELLE & Odile LEFEBVRE, wit Gedion LEDUC & Alessandrine LEFEBRE on 30 October 1905 in Belle River
006788 05-(Essex) Henry LEE, 20, Maidstone, Maidstone, b, farmer, s/o Jaqmes Lee & Mary PERRY to Maggie JONES, 14, Maidstone, Maidstone, s, d/o John JONES & Rachael ARMISON, wit Martha Palmer & W D PALMER on 15, June 1905 in Essex 008383-05 (Essex Co): Cornelius W. LEONARD, 21, publisher, Michigan, Detroit, s/o C. H. LEONARD & C. S. WILLIAMS, married Ruth J. BERNETT, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o James BENNETT & Janet F. BOAG, witn: C. R. CHADWICK, of Windsor & H. PHILLIPS, of Seaforth, 31 August 1905 at Windsor
006734 05-(Essex) Adolphe LESPERANCE, 20, Rochester, Detroit Mich, machinist, s/o Joseph LESPERANCE & Larclelle (Marcelle?) RENAUD to Louise RENAUD, age not given, Garfield Mich, Garfield Mich, d/o Adelard RENAUD & Odile DICAIRE, wit Honore MARENTETTE & Francois GERARD on 17, July 1905 in Belle River 006698 05-(Essex) - E R LEWIS, 34, Mt Clemens, Mt Clemens, inspector, s/o Edward LEWIS & Anna DUNTON to Alice Maud OUELETTE, Amherstburg, Amherstburg, d/o Thomas OUELETTE & Elizabeth WISEMAN, wit F C CADY & Anna OUELETTE on 8, March (May?) 1905 in Amherstburg
008367-05 (Essex Co): Jesse LEWIS, 29, cook, Michigan, Windsor, s/o James LEWIS & Nancy HALL, married Hattie THOMPSON, 22, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Jacob THOMPSON & Eliza LAWSON, witn: Jean MANNING & Mary MANNING, of Windsor, 18 September 1905 at Windsor. 7091 -05 (Essex Co): Care? LIGHTHALL, 21, Mich, Chelsea Mich, electrical engineer, s/o Herman LIGHTHALL & Hannah NORTH to Nina GEISEL, 20, Mich, Chelsea Mich, d/o John GEISEL & Lina ROTH , wit: Roy & Grace EVANS of Chelsea, Mich, 6-17-1905 in Sandwich
7391-05 Watson E LOCK, 20, farmer, Innerkip, Blanford - Oxford Co., s/o William LOCK & Nancy A. WHITMAN, married Mary T. LEWIS, 19, Woodstock, Tilbury West, d/o James LEWIS & Alice GOODHAM, witn: Fanny G. LOCK of Innerkip & James LEWIS jr. of Tilbury West, 25 Dec 1905 at Tilbury West 8404-05 David E. LOVELL, 27, barber, Ontario, Port Huron Mich., s/o Edward LOVELL & Edair HULL, married Aggie ARNELLE?, 22, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Alex ARNELLE & Hattie RICHARDS, 18 Oct 1905 at Windsor
7407-05 Joseph Jerry LOZZELLE, 46, laborer, Detroit, same, s/o Augustin LOZELLE (sic) & Julia RAYEAR? (Rayeal?), married Cecilia CORNEILSON, 56, widow, Detroit, same, d/o Robert LAPIERRE & Cecilia CADETTE, witn: Edith BATTERSBY of Walkerville & Mary DAMPIER of Detroit, 16 May 1905 at Walkerville 8409-05 Edward J. LYONS, 22, lineman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Charles H. LYONS & Catherine WARD, married Florence M. HUME, 23, divorced, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Jos. S. HUME & Jane BRADLEY, 20 Oct 1905 at Windsor
006739 05-(Essex) Ilric MARENTETTE, 20, Rochester, Rochester, farmer, s/o Peter MARENTETTE & Adele DUROCHES to Jennie DUPUIS, 20 Maidstone, Rochester, d/o Joseph DUPUIS & Deline? SOUCHEREAU, wit Ernest DUPUIS & Louise MARENTETTE on 30, October 1905 in Belle River 7403-05 William J. MARK, 29, Windsor, same, s/o William Joseph MARK & Mary McNALL, married Margaret M.M. HUGILL, 26, Mersea twp., Windsor, d/o Charles HUGILL & Elizabeth BUCHANAN, witn: Margaret PEARCE & M. H. KIRKLAND, both of Walkerville, 1 Feb 1905 at Walkerville
008388-05 (Essex Co): Roy MARR, 23, grocer, Ontario, London Ontario, s/o Truman MARR & Elizabeth O'NEIL, married Mamie LARKIN, 23, Ontario, London Ontario, d/o Jeremiah LARKIN & Mary KELLEY, witn: E. S. JONES & A. O. HOLTON, of Windsor, 4 September 1905 at Windsor. 8535-05 Roy N. MATTHEWS, 20, decorator, Michigan, Detroit, s/o J. A. MATTHEWS & Mary HALL, married Nellie E. McCLELLAND, 18, Ireland, Detroit, d/o William McCLELLAND & Eliza HOOPER, witn: C. B. ROBERTSON of Detroit & L. M. SYMES of Windsor, 25 Nov 1905 at Windsor
8399-05 - R. J. MAY, 25, machinist, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Alex MAY & Elizabeth FRASER, married Effie VAN DOREN, 21, Michigan, Monroe Mich., d/o Edwin VAN DOREN & Leoce HERSEY, witn: Charles SCHULZ & Mrs. M. SLOAN, both of Detroit, 11 Sept 1905 at Windsor 7096 -05 (Essex Co): Samuel L. MAY, 29, Nebraska, Toledo Ohio, watchmaker, s/o Isaac MAY & Rachel LOCK to Dora M. MANN, 26, Ohio, Delta Ohio, d/o Edward MANN & Mary Jane HOYT , 6-18-1905 in Sandwich
8405-05 William R. McBRIDE, 25, merchant, Michigan, St. Clair Heights Mich., s/o Charles McBRIDE & Ellen BURFORD, married Alma JUBINVILLE, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Joseph JUBINVILLE & Hattie ARNELLE, 18 Oct 1905 at Windsor 7421-05 William Edgar McAULEY, 21, salesman, Windsor, same, s/o Thomas McAULEY & Elizabeth SCOTT, married Mildred Jeanette DOHERTY, 18, Windsor, same, d/o William M. DOHERTY & Mary Ann McAFEE, witn: Arthur J. & Alice A. WEDLAKE of Detroit, 21 Sept 1905 at Walkerville
7119-05 Harry A. McCAIN, 20, baseball player, Michigan, Ann Arbor Mich., s/o A. McCAIN & Viola SEMPLE, married Lucia DORE, 19, Michigan, Ann Arbor Mich., d/o G. L. DORE & Mary A. WAHR, witn: Katherine HIND of Sandwich & G.L. DORE of Ann Arbor, 5 July 1905 at Sandwich 006786 05-(Essex) Enos McCAUSLAND, 38, Pickering, Essex, b, grain merchant, s/o William McCAUSLAND & Mary A JERRY to Victoria SMITH, 34, England, Windsor, s, tailoress, d/o Sire SMITH & Anna WILDING, wit James Douglas & H A Douglas on 16, August 1905 in Essex
008369-05 (Essex Co): Earl F. MCCLUSKY, 19, baker, S. Dakota, Dryden Michigan, s/o H. F. MCCLUSKY &  L. T. BILLINGS, married Jennie G. FERGUSON, 18, Michigan, Dryden Michigan, d/o Yates FERGUSON & Belle SARGENT, witn: Jean MANNING & Mary MANNING, of Windsor, 26 September 1905 at Windsor 7112-05 David McCUMMINGS, 27, machinist, Ontario, Wyandotte Mich., s/o Sam McCUMMINGS & Mary McDONALD, married Mabel TORONGO, 21, Michigan, Wyandotte Mich., d/o G. B. TORONGO & Mary LABADIE, 3 July 1905 at Sandwich
7424-05 Allan F. McGEE, 30, yeoman, Malden, same, s/o Alex McGEE & Annie ATKINS, married May L. BERTRAND, 19, Harrow, Walkerville, d/o Herman BERTRAND & Louis WEAVER, witn: Arthur McGEE of Malden & Flossie BERTRAND of Walkerville, 6 Dec 1905 at Walkerville 6809-05 William B. McGORMAN, 37, yeoman, Dunn twp - Haldimand, Gosfield South, s/o William Henry McGORMAN & Elizabeth GRAINGER, married Elizabeth HOLMES, 28, widow, Gosfield South, same, d/o Jonas WIGLE & Mary Ann EADE, witn: Arthur Austin BARNETT & Melda McGORMAN, both of Gosfield South, 11 Jan 1905 at Kingsville
008375-05 (Essex Co): Leo MCGOWAN, 23, laundryman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o James MCGOWAN & Elizabeth KINTZ?, married Josephine LIVERNOISE, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Joseph LIVERNOISE & Ellen LEADBETER, witn: E. D. CRAIG & Marie PRINGLE, of Windsor, 5 October 1905 at Windsor 6853-05 Peter J. McHUGH, 33, street car conductor, Maidstone, Detroit, s/o John McHUGH & Margaret RILEY, married Mary Frances HENRY, 24, teacher, Maidstone, same, d/o Mathew HENRY & Eliza GRAHAM, witn: James McCANN of Detroit & Agnes HENRY of Maidstone, 4 Sept 1905 at Woodslee RC Church
7381-05 Samuel MELOCHE, 35, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Joseph MELOCHE & Angelique DROUILLARD, married Adele HAMEL, 20, Anderdon, same, d/o Ullric HAMEL & Marie MARTIN, witn: Auguste JEAN of Wyandotte Mich & Clarisse HAMEL of Anderdon, 18 Sept 1905 at St. Joseph Church 006724 05-(Essex) Patrice MELOCHE, 19, Anderdon, Anderdon, farmer, s/o Antoim MELOCHE & Elizabeth MARTIN, wit Joseph & Louise MELOCHE to Laura BEZAIRE, 19, Anderdon, Anderdon, farmer's daughter, d/o Ferdinand BEZAIRE & Emelio BEAUDOIN, wit Antoim MELOCHE & Ferdninand BESAIRE on 31, January 1905 at St Jo's and Ph's church in Anderdon
008389-05 (Essex Co): Charles F. MEZGER, 27, clerk, Ontario, Windsor, s/o J. G. MEZGER & Margaret JOHNSON, married Lulu M. MCKENZIE, 25, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Donald MCKENZIE & Clarinda PATTERSON, witn: Robert COOK & Jessie MCKENZIE, of Windsor, 6 September 1905 at Windsor 7380-05 Francois MONFORTON, 21, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Joseph MONFORTON & Annie GOYEAU, married Josephine LEMANDE, 25, Sandwich West, same, d/o Remi LEMANDE & Delima BONDY, witn: Ulysse MONFORTON & Alma LEMANDE, both of Sandwich West, 4 July 1905 at St. Joseph Church
7384-05 Pierre MONGON (Mangan?), 36, farmer, Tilbury West, Tilbury North, s/o Pierre MONGON & Sophie BROUSSEAU, married Mary Jane MAILLOUX, 20, Tilbury West, Tilbury North, d/o Antoine MAILLOUX & Anna PILETTE, witn: Benjamin MONGON & Antoine MAILLOUX, both of Tilbury North, 4 Oct 1905 at Stoney Point #006804-05 (Essex Co): John Edward MOON, 29, farmer, 29, Rochester, same, s/o Frederick MOON & Mary ROWE, married Nellie SCRATCH, 29, Gosfield North, same, d/o Thaddeus SCRATCH & Hariett MALOTT, witn: Charles & Edna MOON of Gosfield North, July 6, 1905 at Ruthven
7377-05 Vincent MOONEY, 26, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o Richard MOONEY & Maria McAULIFFE, married Ellen FERRY, 25, Sandwich South, same, d/o John FERRY & Mary QUICK, witn: Bernard R. MOONEY of Windsor & Mary PERRIN of Sandwich South, 27 Sept 1905 at Sandwich South 7126-05 George MORGAN, 24, plumber, Michigan, Detroit, s/o John MORGAN & blank, married Mary KNOX, 24, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Thomas KNOX & Priscilla WAKON?, witn: Katherine HIND & Maria TAYLOR, both of Sandwich, 12 July 1905 at Sandwich
006760 05-(Essex) George Geoffrey MORIN, 20, Harrow, Harrow, sailor, s/o Gilbert MORIN & Arvilla LINTNER to Josie QUICK, 20, Harrow, Harrow, housekeeper, d/o Raymond QUICK & Letitia FERRISS, wit Mina QUICK & Esther SMITHER on 15, March 1905 in Harrow 008380-05 (Essex Co): Edward William MOSS, 30, salesman, divorced, Michigan, Bay City Michigan, s/o Joseph MOSS & Josephine YOUNG, married Mary Ann GIRARD, 29, divorced, Michigan, Bay City Michigan, d/o Andrew GIRARD & Johanna O' CONNOR, witn: G. L. HUGHSON & B. L. HUGSON, of Windsor, 10 October 1905 at Windsor
#006766-06 (Essex Co): Charles MURPHY, 47, widower, laborer, Haldimand Co., Detroit, s/o David MURPHY & Mary BOWRICK, married Ann McNAMARA, 45, widow, Hapana Ont., Detroit, d/o Joseph EDWARDS & Ann O'HARE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Patrick DONNELLY of Belle River, Dec 26 1905 at Belle River, (Rom Cath) 6834-05 James Edward MYERS, 29, well driller, Ohio US, Mersea twp., s/o Edward MEYERS (sic) & Mary BURKET, married Susan ROBINSON, 19, Mersea twp., same, d/o Robert ROBINSON & Mary McGREGOR, witn: George & Effie ROBINSON of Mersea twp., 13 June 1905 at Leamington
6881-05 Fred D. NAGALEISEN, 21, laborer, Pelee Island, same, s/o Pino? NAGALEISEN & Franzika HINNAN?, married Elvira S. LIDWILL, 20, Pelee Island, same, d/o Seeley LIDWILL, farmer, & Mary YELLAND, wit: R.P. NAGALEISEN & Beatrice CARNAGIE, both of Pelee Island, 9 Nov 1905 at Pelee Island 006732 05-(Essex) Narcisse NEVEUX, 25, Tecumseh, Windsor, laborer,Narcirse, NEVEUX & Delia DOUCETTE to Alma LACHARITE, 29, Sandwich, Maidstone, farmer's daughter, d/o Geo LACHARITE & Liboise/Liboire ROUDOT (Rondot?); wit Eujene LACHARITE & Mary Louisa NEVEAUX on 19, June 1905 in Belle River
7092 -05 (Essex Co): Herman NICKEL, 40, widower, Germany, Wyandotte Mich, boat builder, s/o Herman NICKEL & Julia ROSEN to Frances JOHNSTON, 25, widow, Michigan, Wyandotte Mich, , d/o Luther? HARRIS & Mary HEWIT, wit: Florence KAITH? & Minnie NICKEL of Wyandotte, 6-17-1905 in Sandwich #006837-06 (Essex Co): Daniel ODETTE, 23, actor, Windsor, Gosfield South, s/o George ODETTE & Minnie? CORBETT, married Alice WICKENS, 23, Brantford, london, d/o Frank WICKENS & Martha KITCHEN, witnesses: Frank Gennung & Manela Osetture? both of Ruthven, Dec 30, 1905 in Ruthven, (relig = "Christian Workers")
7212-05 Herbert P. ORR, 23, lawyer, Michigan, Cairo Mich., s/o Fred H. ORR & Kitty O'RILEY, married Catherine JOHNSON, 26, Michigan, Ann Arbour Mich, d/o L. S. JOHNSON & Catherine M. GARRETT, witn: C. W. & Mrs. C. W. McKEE of Sandwich, 18 Sept 1905 at Sandwich 7120-05 Stanislaus OSIER, 21, electrician, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o Stanislaus OSIER & Lottie YOUNG, married Cora McCOLLUM, 22, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Oliver McCOLLUM & Annie DONNAN, witn: Katherine HIND of Sandwich & James OLIVER of Windsor, 5 July 1905 at Sandwich
7199-05 Levi OWENS, 24, cigar maker, Michigan, Tecumseh Mich., s/o Robert OWENS & Sarah AITKINS, married Edith STAULTER, 18, Michigan, Tecumseh Mich., d/o Alexander STAULTER & Mary BERNARD, witn: Mrs. J. W. ROSEN of Sandwich, 27 Aug 1905 at Sandwich 006726 05-(Essex) Noah PARE, 23, Anderdon, Anderdon, farmer, s/o Laurane PARE & Marie BONDY to Laura VERMETTE, 19, Anderdon, Anderdon, farmer's daughter, d/o Antoine VERMETTE & Mary MILLER on 9, May 1905 at St Joseph's C hurch in Anderdon
7102 -05 (Essex Co): Joseph PARENT, 22. Ontario, Windsor, tailor, s/o Victor PARENT & Catherine MAISONVILLE to Mary CRAWFORD, 17, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Ch. CRAWFORD & Mary SISSON , wit: Robert SURLEY, 6-22-1905 in Sandwich #006807-05 (Essex Co): Albert Edward PATTERSON, no age, physician, Thamesville, Plymoth Mich., s/o Donald PATTERSON & Mary McPHAIL, married Gladys Nettie BRUNER, 25, Gosfield South, same, d/o John A. BRUNER & Catherine E. STEWART, witn: Warren E. MALOTT of gosfield North & Eva Blauce BRUNER of Gosfield South, Dec. 25, 1905 at Gosfield South.
8398-05 Philo H. PEASE, 23, student Ohio, Ann Arbor Mich., s/o H.P. PEASE & Frances SHAW, married Alice E. RIDDLE, 23, Ohio, Cleveland, d/o Elmer RIDDLE & Laura ROBINSON, witn: G. L. & Ruth HUGHSON of Windsor, 11 Sept 1905 at Windsor 7385-05 Joseph PELLETIER, 36, widower, laborer, Tilbury West, Tilbury North, widower of Julie TETREAULT, s/o not given, married Cecile GRONDIN, 23, Quebec, Tilbury North, d/o Edouard GRONDIN, farmer, & Luce BOUTET, witn: Joseph DESJARDINS & Noel GAGNE, both of Tilbury North, 8 Oct 1905 at Stoney Point
8394-05 Frank PERRAULT, 21, pharmacist, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Charles PERRAULT & Sophia SORA, married Irene L. BOWDEN, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o E. J. BOWDEN & Kate LONGLEY (Langley?), witn: Arthur FIELD of Windsor & J. M. MILLS of Detroit, 27 Sept 1905 at Windsor 7415-05 William PHILLIPS, 54, widower, foreman, England, Windsor, s/o Andrew PHILLIPS & Martha MORRIS, married Annie LAWRENCE, 50, widow, Goderich, Windsor, d/o James BARKER & Eliza YEATES, witn: Tom PEARCE & M. Helena KIRKLAND, both of Walkerville, 26 June 1905 at Walkerville
008382-05 (Essex Co): Joseph PIDGEON, 29, engineer, Quebec, Detroit, s/o John PIDGEON & Annie RAY, married Nellie MAYER, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Harry MAYER & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: John GRIMLEY & Lizze GRIMLEY, of Detroit, 30 August 1905 at Windsor. 6852-05 Ralph R. PINKERTON, 32, farmer, York Co., Essex, s/o David PINKERTON & Hannah PULENS, married Maggie MARKET, 25, Maidstone, same, d/o Frank MARKET, farmer, & Hannah BRAW, witn: D.H. PINKERTON of York Co & L. M. MARKET of Maidstone, 7 June 1905 at Maidstone
008378-05 (Essex Co): John C. PIPPENGER, 23, laborer, Indiana, Huron Ontario, s/o W. B. PIPPENGER & Adeline SKINNER, married Olive Maud HALEY, 18, Indiana, Huron Ontario, d/o B. H. HALEY & Louise HUTTENLOOKER, witn: Geo W WELLMAN of Detroit & Bertha HUGHSON of Windsor, 5 October 1905 at Windsor. 006729 05-(Essex)Adelard PLANTE, 24, Maidstone, Maidstone, farmer, s/o Joseph PLANTE & Emielie FLEURY to Lucille POISSON, 18, Maidstone, Maidstone, farmer's daughter, d/o Edmond POISSON & Josephine GERARD, wit Melinda PLANTE & Curcy/Hursy ? GERARD on 16, February 1905 in Belle River
006731 05-(Essex) Ernest POISSON, 18, Maidstone, Maidstone, bachelor farmer, s/o Jos Liboise POISSON & Adeline SEGER to Elmire DUROCHER, 16, Rochester, Rochester, farmers daughter, d/o Charles DOROCHER & Olive DUPUIS, wit Emile DUROCHER & Emma GERARD on 6, June 1905 in Belle River 7370-05 Edmond POISSON, 23, laborer, Belle River, same, s/o Dams POISSON & Helene DESBOURG, married Amanda NANTAIS, 18, Pike Creek, Walkerville, d/o Emil NANTAIS & Georgina HARNOIS, witn: Damas POISSON of Belle River & Emil NANTAIS of Walkerville, 3 Oct. 1905 at Our Lady of the Lake, Sandwich East
008374-05 (Essex Co): Charles POLI, 25, plasterer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o P. E. POLI & J. Mary CAMRY (Canny?), married Leona DUPART, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Sebastian DUPART & Mary DUPART, witn: Jean MANNING & Lily M. SYMES, of Windsor, 4 October 1905 at Windsor. 7200-05 Arthur J. POST, 30, crick layer, Ontario, Windsor Ont., s/o Jordan POST & Charlotte SPALDING, married Ethel FROST, 27, England, Har--osser? Ont., d/o William FROST & Jane COATES, 28 Aug 1905 at Sandwich
7105 -05 (Essex Co): Charles R POTTER, 38, Michigan, Bridgeport Mich, merchant, s/o G.D. POTTER & Lydia ALLERTON to Nevada M LEE, 18, Michigan, Bridgeport Mich, d/o Robert LEE & Isabella HEGE, 26 June 1905, Sandwich 006725 05-(Essex) Francois POUPART, 39, Malden, Malden, farmer, s/o Leon POUPART & Catherine LACOSTE to Phoebe MELOCHE, 27, Anderdon, Anderdon, farmer's daughter, d/o Antoim MELOCHE & Elizabeth MARTIN, wit Albert & Louise MELOCHE on 21, February 1905 at St Josephs' Church in Anderdon
006759 05-(Essex) Eldred POWELL, 21, Colchester South, Colchester South, farmer, s/o Lewin POWELL & Grozeat ? HANN to Jennie MATTHEWS, 18, Colchester south, Colchester South, d/o Edmond MATTHEWS & Mary MASON, wit Mrs Mary C LEWIS & Annie G LEWIS on 1, February 1905 in Colchester South 7383-05 Gilbert RANGER, 24, farmer, Tilbury West, Tilbury North, s/o F.X. RANGER & M. Louise LEFEBVRE, married Lucia MASSE, 18, West Tilbury, Tilbury North, d/o Arthur MASSE, farmer, & Josephine PAQUIN, witn: Xavier RANGER & Arthur MASSE, both of Tilbury North, 8 May 1905 at Stoney Point
7382-05 Eugene REAUME, 24, motorman, Anderdon, Sandwich West, s/o Olivier REAUME & Angelique BASTIEN, married Olympe MAJOR, 23, Sandwich West, same, d/o Paul MAJOR & Marie HUNEAU, witn: John MAJOR & Elmira REAUME, both of Sandwich West, 20? Nov 1905 at St. Joseph Church 008381-05 (Essex Co): August F. REDLIN, 21, farmer, Michigan, Deerfield Michigan, s/o William REDLIN & Eliz. WAGNER, married Anna LAPOINTE, 18, Michigan, Holloway Michigan, d/o Robert LAPOINTE & Mary WITT, witn: B. L. HUGHSON & G. L. HUGHSON, of Windsor, 10 October 1905 at Windsor
006728 05-(Essex) Alfred RENAUD, 20, Rochester, Rochester, farmer, s/o Jean Bte RENAUD & Marceline MOREAU to Mary Ann GOULET, 22, Belle River, Belle River, spinster. Laborer's daughter, d/o Jean Bte GOULET & Helene (poss Celene) LALONDE, Wit Geo B GOULET & Minnie SEGUIN on 9, May 1905 in Belle River 006738 05-(Essex) Peter RENAUD, 30, Belle River, Belle River, laborer, s/o John B RENAUD & Marceline MOREAU to Agnis LAVOIE, 19, Belle River, Belle River, d/o Leon LAVOIE & Emma BOUNIN, wit Leon LAVOIE & John B RENAUD on 10, October, 1905 in Belle River
7356-05 Henri RENAUD, no age given, farmer, Sandwich, Sandwich West, s/o Antoine RENAUD & Marcelline BAZINET?, married Marie Ann RIVARD, no age given, Sandwich East, same, d/o Thomas RIVARD & Adele TREMBLAY, witn: Achil RENAUD of Sandwich West & Della RIVARD of Sandwich East, 9 Jan 1905 at St. Anne Church 7359-05 Hilaire RIVARD, 25, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Henry RIVARD & Rose OUELLETTE, married Minnie LABADIE, 25, Sandwich East, same, d/o Alfred LABADIE & Desange St.LOUIS, witn: Charles LABADIE & Minnie RIVARD, both of Sandwich East, 9 May 1905 at St. Anne
6850-05 Walter F. ROBERTS, 20, moulder, Monroe Mich., same, s/o Francis ROBERTS & Emily COUSINEAU, married Mary Ann L'ESPERANCE, 26, Rochester, same, d/o Felix L'ESPERANCE, farmer, & Mary A. GRAHAM, witn: Simon L'ESPERANCE of Rochester & Violet ROBERTS of Monroe Mich., 24 Jan 1905 at Woodslee RC Church 7095 -05 (Essex Co): Walter ROBERTS, 26, Marine City, Michigan, hardware merchant, s/o W.C ROBERTS & Catherine HARRON to Bertha CONNER, 21, Ontario, Algomac Mich, d/o Chris T. CONNER & Emma CUNARD, 17 June 1905, at Sandwich
7357-05 Henri ROBINET, 21, laborer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Victor ROBINET & Mathilde RENAUD, married Annie CAMPEAU, 20, Sandwich East, same, d/o Joseph CAMPEAU & Annie BROUILLETTE, witn: Barnaby CAMPEAU & Rose Marie ROBINET, both of Sandwich East, 8 Jan 1905 at St. Annes Church 7108-05 Oscar ROGERS, 19, mason, Michigan, Detroit, s/o T. W. ROGERS & Hattie HUBBARD, married Lillian B. VHER? (Vhee?), 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Adrian VHER & Alide VANDECORAN?, witn: Charles D. SUTHERLAND & Margaret A. BUSHA, both of Detroit, 1 July 1905 at Sandwich
7353-05 Julius H. ROHDY, 22, plater, Ohio, Detroit, s/o John ROHDY & Pauline, married Gertrude GALSHAN, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o George GALSHAN & Helen SHULTZ, witn: Katherine & Marion HURD of Sandwich, 18 Dec 1905 at Sandwich 006735 05-(Essex) Auguste ROQUIN, 21, France, Walkerville, laborer, s/o Coustant ROQUIN & Louise DACOUR to Emma TREMBLAY, 15, Rochester, Rochester, d/o Elie TREMBLAY & Marie DESBIENS, wit Eujene TREMBLAY & Julia ROQUIN on 22 August 1905 in Belle River
006733 05-(Essex) Joseph ROUDOT (Rondot?), 53, Putnam Mass, Maidstone, laborer, s/o Leboise ROUDOT & Heloise MARENTETTE to Mary BOILEAU, 24, St Clair Siding, Maidstone, d/o Samuel BOILEAU & Alphonsine GERARD, wit Henry ? MARENTETTE & Sam BOILEAU on 3, July 1905 in Belle River 008373-05 (Essex Co): Harry B. ROUK, 22, car builder?, Ohio, Fort Wayne Indiana, s/o W. E. ROUK & Kate COOK, married Minnie SCHAFER, 18, Indiana, Fort Wayne Indiana, d/o Gotleib SCHAFER & Racine? Fedderspiel, witn: Lily M. SYMES,  of Rutherford & Jean MANNING, of Windsor, 1 October 1905 at Windsor.
8550-05 H. Spencer ROYS, 21, clerk, Michigan, Detroit, s/o H.M. ROYS & Sadie WULLER (Miller?), married Florence M. STEVENSON, 19, Michigan, Saginaw, d/o James STEVENSON & Nellie BOYNTON, witn: 9 Oct. 1905 at Windsor 7087 -05 (Essex Co): Frederick RUPP, 31, Michigan, Saginaw Mich, moulder, s/o G. L. RUPP & Sophia COOPER? to Edna PRICE, 22, Ohio, Columbus Ohio, d/o John PRICE & Cynthia PHYFIELD? , 6-14-1905 in Sandwich
7115-05 Edward P. RYAN, 43, widower, saloon keeper, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Patrick RYAN & Margaret REILEY, married Lottie LE CROIX, 27, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Frank LE CROIX & Rebecca RITCHIE, witn: Katherine HIND & Maria TAYLOR, both of Sandwich, 4 July 1905 at Sandwich 7207-05 Leon B. RYAN, 23, motor man, New York, Toledo Ohio, s/o S. B. RYAN & Gertrude SISSON, married Dollie CARPENTER, 20, Ohio, Toledo, d/o W. D. CARPENTER & Mary POWELL, 9 Sept 1905 at Sandwich
7402-05 Romeo J. SAMSON, 23, marine engineer, Quebec, Detroit, s/o Adina SAMSON & Philomena REAUME, married Henrietta MASKILL, 20, England, Detroit, d/o William MASKILL & Emma FURNISS, witn: Thomas SAYWELL & Alice S. MILLINGTON, both of St. Thomas, 19 Jan 1905 at Walkerville 6854-05 Francis X. SCHIHL, 33, farmer, Ohio, Woodslee, s/o Martin SCHIHL & Magdalena DURBAH?, married Harriet CHEVALIER, 20, Woodslee, same, d/o John CHEVALIER & Magdalena ROOTH, wit: Achille MORISSEAU of Rochester & Louise DAGNAN (Dayman?) of S. Woodslee, 19 Sept 1905 at Woodslee RC Church
8401-05 Adolph G. SCHLEICHER, 24, waiter, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Louis SCHLEICHER & Eliz. SCHRILER, married Margaret M. FETT, 22, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Bergarst? FETT & Eliz. MALMEISTER, witn: H. C. & Mrs. H. FREY of Detroit, 12 Sept 1905 at Windsor 7419-05 Roy Stanley SEARS, 22, yeoman, Ruthven, Detroit, s/o George SEARS & Hanna CALVERT, married Edith M. MYLES, 22, South Woodslee, same, d/o William MYLES & Emma BROWN, witn: Margaret PEARCE & Bernice? CROGHAN, both of Walkerville, 121 Sept 1905 at Walkerville
006692 05-(Essex) Alfred SELLARS, 22, Malden, Malden, yeoman, s/o John SELLARS & Nancy L WEST to Jenie L. LARAMIE, 20 Malden, Malden, d/o Francis Laramie & Rao? A RENEQU, wit Morris & Carrie SELLARS on 15, February 1905 in Amherstburg 7217-05 Frank M--? SHARPE, 38, widower, railroad man, Ohio, Sandusky Ohio, s/o Milo SHARPE & Elizabeth THURSTON, married Leva NAHRING, 37, Ohio, Huron Ohio, d/o Henry NAHRING & Elizabeth SHAFFER, 19 Sept 1905 at Sandwich
7209-05 George SHELTON, 28, illegible worker, Michigan, Toledo, s/o John SHELTON & Sarah WHITS--?, married Delia DUSMAN, 30, widow, Kentucky, Toledo, d/o Mandeville BOYD & Sarah SMA--?, witn: Maria TAYLOR of Sandwich & Lulu A. WARN? of Flint Mich., 12 Sept 1905 at Sandwich 8412-05 Oliver SHOEMAKER, 39, widower, farmer, Michigan, Romeo Mich., s/o Peter SHOEMAKER & Sarah PINGER, married Amy HOSNER, 30, Michigan, Romeo, d/o Theodore HOSNER & Amanda SHOEMAKER, 11 Oct 1905 at Windsor
7208-05 Sam F. SILVESTER, 40, farmer, widower, England, Milford Mich., s/o Fred SILVESTER & Susan WHEELER, married Mary Portia SILVESTER, 39, England, Milford Mich., d/o David SILVESTER & Mary PONTIN, witn: Henry & Rebecca PRIOR of Detroit, 10 Sept 1905 at Sandwich 6795-05 Forest SIMONS, 22, farmer, Rochester twp., same, s/o Christian SIMONS & Mary MERO, married Ella Irene WHITMORE, 20, Gosfield North, same, d/o Richard WHITMORE & Addie JONES, witn: Frank WHITMORE of Gosfield North & Ettie SIMONS of Rochester, 6 Sept 1905 at Gosfield North
006694 05-(Essex) Jerome SIMPSON, 21, Anderdon, Amherstburg, laborer, s/o James SIMPSON & Matilda BROOKS to Mabel McCURDY, 17, Amherstburg, Amherstburg, d/o George McCURDY & Mary THOMAS, wit Philys & Beatrice THOMAS on 30, June 1905 in Amhersburg 8391-05 Seth SMITH, 60?, widower, gentleman, New York, Springfield, s/o Abijah SMITH & L. SLAUGHTER, married Mary WOOD, 60, Michigan, Ann Arbor, d/o Robert WOOD & Elizabeth BRERETON, witn: C. R. CHADWICK & A. P. HOLTON, both of Windsor, 14 Sept 1905 at Windsor
008385-05 (Essex Co): William F STENTON, 33, clerk, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Godfrey STENTON & Susan ELLIOTT, married Carolyn B. ZIELKE, 23, Michigan, Detroit, d/o A. H. ZIELKE & M. C. SCHEIBLE, witn: H. PHILLIPS, of Seaforth & C. R. CHADWICK, of Windsor, 31 August 1905 at Windsor. 7088 -05 (Essex Co): Leon B. STODDARD, 27, Mass, Ypsilainte Mich, machinist, s/o Fred B. STODDARD & Eddie BRITT to Lillian EFFNER, 28, Michigan, Ann Arbor, d/o G.W. EFFNER & Mary ATKINSON , 6-14-1905 in Windsor
7111-05 Jervis K. STEWART, 45, widower, newsagent manager, Michigan, Detroit, s/o M. S. STEWART & Emily CHURCH, married Hattie GILMORE, 39, Michigan, Kalamazoo Mich., d/o John M. GILMORE & Elizabeth WILCOX, witn: Katherine HURD & Maria TAYLOR, 3 July 1905 at Sandwich  
008362-05 (Essex Co): James Jos. STRONG, 27, streetcar conductor, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Patrick STRONG & Bridget KENNY, married Alberta M. CHILCOTT, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Francis CHILCOTT & Helena MANN?, witn: Francis CHAPPUS & Lena BELLEPERCHE of Windsor, 4 October 1905 at Windsor. 7206-05 John SULLIVAN, 20, contractor, Jonetta? Illinois, Detroit, s/o Patrick F. SULLIVAN & Catherine CONEY, married Marguerite WHITE, 18, Detroit, same, d/o Thomas WHITE & Elizabeth CORWIN?, witn: Zacharia SEGUIN & John GODYKIS, both of Sandwich, 7 Sept 1905 at Sandwich (Rom Cath)
7107-05 Charles D. SUTHERLAND, 24, machinist, Michigan, Detroit, s/o J. S. SUTHERLAND & Emily KELLY, married Margaret A. BUSHA, 17, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Esidore BUSHA & Philomene BEABAR?, witn: Oscar ROGERS & Lillien VHEE? (Vher?), both of Detroit, 1 July 1905 7123-05 George TAPPENDEN, 33, widower, manufacturer, Ohio, Detroit, s/o Thomas TAPPENDEN & Amelia HOLLENBACK, married Mary A. FORRAN, 31, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Michael FORRAN & Margaret KENNEY (Kearney?), witn: Katherine HIND & Maria TAYLOR, both of Sandwich, 11 July 1905 at Sandwich
8516-05 Hamilton B. TAYLOR, 37, farmer, widower, Michigan, Richfield Mich., s/o George E. TAYLOR & E. S. BEARDSLEE, married Abbie L. ROZUK, 34, divorced, Michigan, Flint Mich., d/o L. S. HENRY & A. C. POTTER, witn: Christine CRAIG & M.F. TOLMIE, both of Windsor, 8 Nov 1905 at Windsor 8517-06 William R. TEACHOUT, 27, divorced, salesman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Myron TEACHOUT & Clara GOLDEN, married Frances GORDON, 29, widow, Ohio, Washington DC, d/o And. VAN PEDANCONSKI & Frances KRUGER, witn: Christine CRAIG & M.F. TOLMIE, both of Windsor, 8 Nov 1905 at Windsor
006736 05-(Essex) Delphis THIBERT, 25, Belle River, Belle River, laborer, s/o Michel THIBERT & Angile CAMPEAU to Marie Louise TROTTIER, 20, Stoney Point, Rochester, farmer's daughter, d/o Louis TROTTIER & Rosalie TREMBLAY, wit Ephraime TROTTIER & Louise THIBERT on 12, September 1905 in Belle River 8540-05 Benjamin F. THOMPSON, 35, farmer, Ontario, Dryden Mich., s/o George THOMPSON & Loraine VANDERWATER, married Louisa J. DIRSTINE, 32, Michigan, Metamora Mich., d/o Thomas DIRSTINE & Melvina GOODENOUGH, witn: 29 Nov 1905 at Windsor
006703 05-(Essex) Charles W THRASHER, 36, Harrow, Amherstburg, widower, s/o John THRASHER & Jane PIBBS to Elizabeth C HACKETT, 38, Amherstburg, Amherstburg, d/o Joseph HACKETT & Jean HEDLEY, wit John B & Dora MENZES on 21, June 1905 in Amherstburg 006693 05-(Essex) Joseph THURLBY, 28, Norfolk Co, Windsor, sewing machine agent, s/o John THURLBY & Mary D WENKIRK? to Emily A WESTAWAY, 27, Amherstburg, Amherstburg, widow, d/o John A WESTAWAY & Francis BUFFOUR, wit Albert WESTAWAY & Mrs B J WALKER on 21, February 1905 in Amherstburg
7098 -05 (Essex Co): James TIERNAN, 26, Maidstone, Detroit, bookkeeper, s/o Peter TIERNAN & Mary NEVEN to Alma GENEST, 25, Sandwich, Sandwich, d/o F. K. GENEST & Zoe OUELETTE, witn: Charles BRADY of Detroit & Louisa GENEST of Sandwich, 6-20-1905 in Sandwich 006737 05-(Essex) Ernest TINEAU, Tecumseh, Tecusmah, farmer, s/o Anthony TINEAU & Emily TELLIER to Rosalie FLEURY, 20, Belle River, Belle River, d/o Horace FLEURY & Rose LALONDE, wit Fred & Lillie FLEURY on 19, September 1905 in Belle River.
7355-05 Henry TORANGO, 21, machinist, Michigan, Woodmere? Mich. s/o Joseph TORANGO & Lettie? RINAU, married Viola SMITH, 29, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Fred C. SMITH & Ann OLANG--?, witn: Harry & Helen DREWYONE of Woodmere, 21 Dec 1905 at Sandwich 7390-05 Eduard TREPANIER, 22, laborer, St. Joachim, Staples, s/o Peter TREPANIER & Maria DESPARLAIS (Desjarlais?), married Suzanne RHEAUME, 21, Tilbury, same, d/o X. RHEAUME & Mary RICHER, witn: Alex RHEAUME & Mary LABUTE, both of Tilbury, 25 Sept 1905 at Staples
7369-05 Alfred TRUDELL, 21, laborer, Stoney Point, Sandwich East, s/o Joseph TRUDELL & Melina DESCHENE, married Helene BOISSONNEAULT, 23, Stoney Point, Sandwich East, d/o Francois BOISSONNEAULT & Oliva ROBERT, witn: Remi TRUDELL & John SAUVE, both of Sandwich East, 13 Nov 1905 at Our Lady of the Lake, Sandwich East 7089 -05 (Essex Co): Leroy TURNEY (Tierney?), 24, Ontario, Detroit, plasterer, s/o Michael TURNEY & Mary KELSEY to Carrie SMITH, 21, Mass, Detroit, d/o Julius SMITH & Anna BATES, wit: Henry TURNEY & Viola DAVIES of Detroit, 6-14-1905 in Sandwich
7097 -05 (Essex Co): Harry E. VAN HUSAN, 39, widower, Michigan, Detroit, manufacturer, s/o Abel VAN HUSEN & Emily BURK to Ethel WILLIAMS, 23, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Charles WILLIAMS & Mary PIERCE, wit: Mrs E IRVING of Detroit, 6-18-1905 in Sandwich 7124-05 Harrison VANORMAN, 19, ironworker, Michigan, Detroit, s/o J.O. VANORMAN & Olive CARTURE?, married Georgia M. SHAW, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o G.R. SHAW & Harriet HOPKINS, witn: Katherine HIND & Maria TAYLOR, both of Sandwich, 11 July 1905 at Sandwich
7395-05 Alex WALLACE, 27, drayman, Huron Co., Comber, s/o W. WALLACE & M.J. PALMER, married M. J. DUTOT, 19, Tilbury West, same, d/o J.N. DUTOT & S. McCRACKEN, witn: Adam WALLACE of Comber & F. DUTOT of Tilbury West, 26 Jan 1905 at Comber 7418-05 Warren R. WATTERS, 30, railway employee, London, St. Thomas, s/o John WATTERS & Jane M. THOMAS, married Mabel A. GRIFFITHS, 25, Walkerville, same, d/o Amos GRIFFITH & Agnes DOUGLAS, witn: S. D. WATTERS of London & Minnie GRIFFITHS of Walkerville, 5 Sept 1905 at Walkerville
8417-05 Philip WEBER, 39, clerk, Michigan, Sandwich East, s/o Philip WEBER & Christena KRONSKER?, married Ann VATER, 24, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Charles VATER & Bertha RAINE? (Rainie?), 9 Oct 1905 at Windsor 7215-05 Walter E. WESTFALL, 27, elevator conductor, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Eugene WESTFALL Harriet McCONNELL, married Pearl HILL, 25, New York, Detroit, d/o Val HILL & Frances VAN VALKENBURG, witn: Rose HILL of Detroit & Marion HURD of Sandwich, 19 Sept 1905 at Sandwich
6796-05 Elmer WHITTLE, 24, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o Thomas WHITTLE & Nellie JAMES?, married Jennet STOCKWELL, 20, Gosfield South, same, d/o George STOCKWELL & Jennie WEBBER, witn: Aaron WHITTLE of Mersea & Florence STOCKWELL of Gosfield South, 25 Oct 1905 at Cottam 006790 05-(Essex) David E WICKIE, 31, Scotland, Akron Ohio, b, solicitor, s/o David WICKIE & Anne EDWARD to Maggie W LORNE, 26, Scotland, Akron Ohio, s, d/o John LORNE & Isabell WILSON, wit James LORNE & Jemina LORNE on 6, September, 1905 in Essex
7090 -05 (Essex Co): Stanley WIGGINS, 25, Ontario, Flint Mich, clerk, s/o Henry WIGGINS & Deborah NIPPAN to Grace HENKEL, 18, Michigan, W. Clement? Mich, d/o Peter HENKEL & Mary THURMAN, wit: Angus & Maria HUD of Sandwich, 6-15-1905 in Sandwich 8402-05 Arch P. WIGLE, 21, librarian, Ontario, Detroit, s/o N.M.. WIGLE & Anna SCRATCH, married Hazel W. MORRISON, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o T. W. MORRISON & E. J. REYNOLDS, witn: H. D. CORCORAN of Ruthven & R. C. HUGHSON of Windsor, 13 Sept 1905 at Windsor
006783 05-(Essex) John O WILCOX, 25, Rochester, Woodslee, farmer, s/o Samuel WILCOX & Mary Jane MYLES to Laura E HAINES, 18, Aldborough, Woodslee, d/o John HAINES & Harriet Fernetta DOAN, wit A H SCARFF & Mrs W F CUTHBERT on 14, June, 1905 8544-05 Milo D. WILDER, 39, machinist, Michigan, Detroit, s/o John WILDER & Luantha GILSON, married Mary A. McLAUGHLIN, 33, widow, Ontario, Detroit, d/o John CURLEY & Mary DOHERTY, witn: Jennie KANADY & Bertha HUGHSON, both of Windsor, 29 Nov 1905 at Windsor
7203-05 Arthur J. WILLETT, 23, street car conductor, Michigan, Detroit, s/o George WILLETT & Cecilia COSETLAM?, married Jessie A. BEACOM, 21, Ontario, Detroit, d/o James BEACOM & Elizabeth McCORMICK, 31 Aug 1905 at Sandwich 6811-05 William Adam WILLIAMSON, 33, widower, electrician, South Gosfield, Kingsville, s/o John WILLIAMSON & Ellen WEAVER, married Lida Van Norman REEVES, 39, widow, Yarmouth NS, Detroit, d/o John BUSSAY & Maria M. KING, witn: K. & Agnes MOYER of Kingsville, 6 March 1905 at Kingsville
006781 05-(Essex) Albert WOLFE, 21, Essex Ridgetown Ont, farmer, s/o Robert WOLFE & Elizabeth STEVENSON to Sadie MUSTARD, 21, Elford Ont, Essex, d/o George MUSTARD & Mila Ann KINDRY, wit William WOLFE & Lelia M WIGLE on 14, June 1905 in Essex #006808-05 (Essex Co): Ernest WOODWISS, 26, widower, clerk, Wheatley, Kingsville, s/o Lewis WOODWISS & Ida Ella GRIENER?, married Mary Irene DAWSON, 19, Gosfield South, same, d/o Kenneth DAWSON & Dortha BROOKER, witn: Kenneth & Mrs. K. DAWSON of Gosfield South, Dec, 25, 1905 at Gosfield South
008372-05 (Essex Co): Charles WRAY, 21, molder, Michigan, Windsor, s/o James WRAY & Anne FLEISHMAN, married Josephine PICHA, 20, Michigan, Windsor, d/o Michael PICHA & Ann HAVLENE, witn: W. H. DUGER & May SHEEHEY, of Detroit, 30 September 1905 at Windsor.