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Essex Co., 1906


006839-06 (Essex Co): Wilamar J. AGLA, 29, farmer, Gosfield South, same, s/o Solomon AGLA & Louisa Agnes GILLESPIE, married Mary E. BALKWILL, 23, Gosfield South, same, d/o Richard B. BALKWILL & Mary E O'CONNOR, witnesses: J R & H R BALKWILL both of Gosfield,14 Mar1906, Gosfield South 6763-06 Arthur BEAULIEU, 23, farmer, River Canard, Rochester twp., s/o Thomas BEAULIEU & Mary LEVEQUE, married Rose de Lima LADOUCEUR, 17, Stoney Point, Rochester twp., d/o Ovila LADOUCEUR & Emelie TRUDELLE, witn: Frada LADOUCEUR & Alma CARON, both of Rochester twp., 30 Oct 1906 at Belle River
6755-06 Remie BENETEAU, 25, widower, laborer, Anderdon, Windsor, s/o Felix BENETEAU & Marie BASTIEN, married Jennie PARE, 18, Sandwich West, same, d/o Ferdinand PARE, farmer, & Octavie DROUILLARD, witn: Arthur BENETEAU & Denise PARE, both of Sandwich West, 28 May 1906 at St. Josephs Church [reg'd in Anderdon ] #007860-06 (Essex Co): John Robert BOYD, 28, architect, New York, Windsor, s/o Alexander BOYD & Mary TRACEY, married Elizabeth ROCHFORD, 29, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Michael ROCHFORD & Elizabeth CARRICK, witn: James Charles BURNS of Hamilton & Josephine ROCHFORD of Windsor, 12 June 1906 at Windsor (Rom Cath)
007252-06 (Essex Co) Harry Arthur BRADFORD, 23, farmer, Ohio, Freemont Ohio, s/o Ransom BRADFORD & Elizabeth ROPP, married Verna SLATER, 20, Ohio, Freemont Ohio, d/o Christian SLATER & Anna MOORE, witn Katharine HIND & Maria TAYLOR, of Sandwich, 26 September 1906, at Sandwich. 006914/06 (Essex Co) Percy L. BROWN, 22, fruit grower, Clacton-on-the-Sea Essex Co England, Mersea Twp, s/o Ernest BROWN & Sarah Ann AMBROSE, married Muriel QUICK, 24, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o Solomon QUICK & Jane HARRIS, witn: Samuel McCRAE & Elsie QUICK both of Mersea Twp Essex Co, 24 December 1906, Leamington
006822/06 (Essex Co) William John BUTT, 26, Gas Company employee, Goderich Ontario, Windsor Ontario, s/o Lionel BUTT & Sophia BRAY, married Alice Adella SWEET, 25, Colchester, Colchester, d/o Francis William SWEET & Susan Amelia THORNTON, witn: William HAMILTON of Gesto Ontario & Mrs. W. F. CUTHBERT of Essex, 15 November 1906 007257-06 (Essex Co) George CATHY (CATHEY?), 46, widower, superintendent public works, Little Falls N.Y., Detroit Mich., s/o James CATHY & Sarah LEVEN, married Helen O’CONNOR, 43, widow, Detroit Mich., same, d/o Eugene O’CONNOR & Helen HENNESSEY, witn Eugene O’CONNOR & Mary O’CONNOR, of Detroit Mich., 16 October 1906, at Sandwich.
006953-06 (Essex Co) Noe CAZA, 34, farmer, Tilbury, Temiskaming Ont., s/o Pierre CAZA & Virginie DUPUIS, married Eugenie LAFRENIERE, 26, Rochester Tp., same, d/o Alexandre LAFRENIERE & Philomene LAJEUNNESSE, witn Pierre CAZA of Tilbury W. & Alexandre LAFRENIERE of Rochester, 17 September 1906, at St. Joachim. 006952-06 (Essex Co) Noe CAZABON, 23, farmer, St. Joachim, same, s/o Chas. CAZABON & Virginia PLANTE, married Lucia BEUGLET, 23, St. Joachim, same, d/o Eugene BEUGLET & Lucie RENAUD, witn Chas. CAZABON of Tp. of Rochester & Eugene BEUGLET of St. Joachim, 25 September 1906, at St. Joachim.
#007870-06 (Essex Co): Jesse D. CHAMBERLAIN, 18, revising? clerk, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, s/o Alex CHAMBERLAIN & Carrie WHEATON, married Mary Jane MILLEN, 18, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, d/o Edwin MILLEN & Mary CHAMBERLAIN, 6 June 1906 at Windsor #007865-06 (Essex Co): Francis CHRISTMAN, 28, farmer, New York, Adams NY, s/o Abraham CHRISTMAN & Frances WOODRUFF, married Jessie DENNIE, 30, widow, New York, Adams NY, d/o Montrose BROWN & Angie PHILLIPS, witn: Edward T. HOWE & Olive SNELGROVE, both of Windsor, 14 June 1906 at Windsor
006818/06 (Essex Co) Arthur CROTEAU, 24, merchant, Ottawa, Webbwood Algoma, s/o Alfred CROTEAU & Olivine BARBE, married Llewella May GRIFFITHS, 27, Twp Maidstone, Essex, d/o William GRIFFITHS & Selina DEWHURST, witn: Earl Ray FOX of Olinda & Mabel E. GRIFFITHS of Essex, 1 October 1906, Essex 006907/06 (Essex Co) Arthur S. DAY, 22, farmer, Oneida NY, Leamington, s/o Stephen H. DAY & Elizabeth VESLEY, married Florence Nota JACKSON, 18, Leamington, Leamington, d/o Charles G. JACKSON & Emmeretta COLLARD, witn: Oscar B. COLLARD & Cornelia JACKSON both of Leamington, 28 November 1906, Leamington
008318-06 ( Essex Co) Leonard DEWRING, 28, salesman, Virginia, Richmond Virginia, s/o C.H.T. DEWRING & Elizabeth DAWSON, married Clara MYERS, 28, Ohio, Cincinnati, d/o Michael MYERS & Maggie CHANEY ,witn: Eva JONES & Nell McKAY both from Windsor, 4 Aug 1906 at Windsor 007102-06 (Essex Co) Norman Ball DIXON, 23, contractor, Ontario, Windsor, s/o James DIXON & Mary LADDS, married Mary T. RENNER, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Frank RENNER & Emma ROTH, witn Katharine HIND & Marion HIND, of Sandwich, 19 May 1906, at Sandwich.
006814/06 (Essex Co) J. Francis DOBSON, 28, widower, farmer, Essex Co. Ontario, Gosfield N., s/o George DOBSON & Sarah JONES, married Fannie BROWN, 24, Twp. of Raleigh, Essex, d/o John BROWN & Eliza EARLY, witn: Daniel W. PATTEN & Sarah E. PATTEN both of Essex, 20 June 1906, Essex  
6759-06 Benjamin P. DRAKE, 50, widower, contractor, or Detroit, s/o William DRAKE & Eliza MALOTTE, married Elisabeth A. BRETT, 36, [no other info given], d/o John BRETT & Ann ELLIOTT, witn: R.R. & M.M. BRETT of Essex (Amherstburg?), 22 Aug 1906 at Amherstburg #007863-06 (Essex Co): Halsey DURFE, 22, cabinet maker, Michigan, Wayne Mich., s/o Charles DURFE & Clara BLACKBURN, married Mary REMUS, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John REMUS & Eva GIRCH, witn: Robert & Ida J. CASWELL of Windsor, 9 June 1906 at Windsor
007250-06 (Essex Co) Albert E. FIELD, 30, teamster, England, Detroit, s/o John H. FIELD & Mary Ann FRETER (FRETTER?), married Louisa M. HATHORNE (HAWTHORNE?), 24, Ontario, Detroit, d/o James HAWTHORNE & Catherine JAMES, witn Alice NEAL & Frederick NEAL, of Sandwich, 24 September 1906, at Sandwich. 007251-06 (Essex Co) John Elijah FISHER, 27, laborer, Indiana, Cedar Creek Indiana, s/o Eli FISHER & Harriet GLASCOW, married Rhoda BOYER, 41, Indiana, Springfield Indiana, d/o George BOYER & Rebecca LEVERBOOK?, witn Agnes HIND & Katharine HIND, of Sandwich, 24 September 1906, at Sandwich.
007100-06 (Essex Co) Lewis FISHER, 27, blacksmith, Michigan, Utica Mich., s/o Will FISHER & Julia KIRACK, married Elizabeth VIERK, 20, Michigan, Utica Mich., d/o William VIERK & Johanna MOSS, witn Jessie SPIERS & Lottie PARKER, of Sandwich, 13 May 1906, at Sandwich. 006912/06 (Essex Co) Adelbert FORD, 22, farmer, Leamington, Mersea, s/o Oliver FORD & Mary WRIGHT, married May GIBSON, 21, Mersea Wheatley, Mersea, d/o Henry GIBSON & Emily HILLMAN, witn: Floyd GETTY & Flossie GETTIE both of Mersea, 20 December 1906, Leamington
6765-06 Henry GERARD, 20, farmer, Maidstone twp., same, s/o Joseph GERARD & Leocadie POISSON, married Melinda PLANTE, 20, Maidstone twp., same, d/o Joseph PLANTE & Emelie FLEURY, witn: Felix DUSBOURG of Rochester twp & Emma GERARD of Maidstone twp., 27 Nov 1906 at Belle River 006916/06 (Essex Co) Timothy Ignatius GILHULY, 28, farmer, Raleigh, North Woodslee, s/o Timothy GILHULY & Mary FINLAN, married Mary Jane DONOVAN, 28, farmer's daughter, Maidstone Twp, North Woodslee, d/o Michael DONOVAN & Catherine CONWAY, witn: Andrew GILHULY of Wallaceburg & Elizabeth DONOVAN of N. Woodslee, 4 June 1906, Woodslee R. C. Church
006821/06 (Essex Co) Herman HARRISON, 22, factory employee, Essex, Essex, s/o Richard HARRISON & Mary Jane WOLFE, married Julia Bell VOAKES, 19, factory employee, Staples, Essex, d/o Richard VOAKES & Julia WHEELER, witn: E. S. STONE & A. E. HARRISON both of Essex, 29 October 1906, Essex 006812/06 (Essex Co) Jasper F. K. HAZEN, 32, widower, laborer, Norfolk Co, Windsor Ontario, s/o D.W. Royd HAZEN & Agnes LOUKES, married Isa Lillian RHYNDRESS, 21, seamstress, Keswick York County, Essex, d/o Elisha RHYNDRESS & Lois Annie CONWELL, witn: Harley WILLIAMS of Elford Essex County & Annie RHYNDRESS of Essex Ontario, 6 June 1906, Essex
006838-06 Essex Co): William H. HEATON, 24, farmer, Colchester, Gosfield South, s/o William HEATON & Martha Ann WEST, married Rowena Beatrice ALLEN, 22, Gosfield South, same, d/o Nelson ALLEN & Mary J. QUICK, witnesses: Wm H HEATON & Mary ALLEN, both of Gosfield, 14 Feb1906, in Gosfield South 6764-06 Ferdinand HEBERT, 26, farmer, Sandwich South twp., same, s/o Francis HEBERT & Victoria PAQUETTE, married Rose Anna FLEURY, 15, Belle River, same, d/o Horace FLEURY & Rose LALONDE, witn: Thomas HEBERT of Sandwich S. & Ezilda THIBERT of Belle River, 13 Nov 1906 at Belle River
006815/06 (Essex Co) Allen HOPSON, 28, jeweler, Detroit Michigan, Detroit Michigan, s/o Richard HOPSON & Catherine FLEMING, married Estella M. ROBINSON, 28, Essex Town, Detroit, d/o Joseph ROBINSON & Louisa SQUIRE, witn: R. HOPSON of Detroit & Della ROBINSON of Essex, 2 July 1906, Essex  
#007859-06 (Essex Co): Edward D. HORTON, 25, railroad man, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Elmer HORTON & Julia GRANGER, married Maude B. BRADLEY, 22, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Thomas BRADLEY & Mary McINTYRE, witn: C.R. CHADWICK & Agnes P. HORTON (Holton), both of Windsor, 28 May 1906 at Windsor 007101-06 (Essex Co) George JOHNSON, 21, painter, Wisconsin, Detroit Mich., s/o Ch. Johnson & Maude HANDSEN, married Mattie SEELEY, 18, Colorado, Detroit, d/o John SEELEY & Fannie GREGG, witn H. S. ARMSTRONG & Lillian WEBER, of Detroit, 17 May 1906, at Sandwich.
007103-06 (Essex Co) Edgar JOHNSON, 27, wheel maker, Indiana, Flint Mich., s/o J. A. JOHNSON & Delia MUNDAY, married Grace HALLER, 18, Michigan, Flint Mich., d/o Frank HALLER & Cora LOCKE, witn Katharine HIND & Marion HIND, of Sandwich, 19 May 1906, at Sandwich. 007095-06 (Essex Co) Emmanuel H. JONES, 27, widower, parcel man, Ontario, Windsor Ont., s/o Emmanuel JONES & Margaret HAWKINS, married Lillian B. WATKINS, 24, Ontario, Windsor Ont., d/o Will WATKINS & Mary KIDD, witn Katherine HIND & Marion HIND, of Sandwich, 2 May 1906, at Sandwich.
#007866-06 (Essex Co): Solomon JONES, 23, elevator man, Florida, Detroit, s/o Horace JONES & unknown, married Cora Bell CUNNINGHAM, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Jesse CUNNINGHAM & Rachel LAWSON, witn: William E. WALKER & E.L. McGOWAN, both of Windsor, 12 June 1906 at Windsor 006819/06 (Essex Co) George A. JONES, 29, farmer, Norwich Oxford Co, Gosfield N., s/o Henry JONES & Lucy PORTER, married Clara H. OLVER, 31, Strathroy, Essex, d/o William H. OLVER & A. L. HARRIS, witn: William B. OLVER of Ann Harbor Michigan & May R. JONES of Gosfield N., 5 September 1906, Essex
006820/06 (Essex Co) John KERR, 36, widower, merchant, Essex, Essex, s/o John KERR & Jane WOOD, married Grace E. CAMPBELL, 28, widow, Essex, Essex, d/o Darius LABAR & & Elizabeth SLACK, witn: D.B. LABAR & Elizabeth LABAR both of Essex, 24 October 1906, Essex 008313-06 ( Essex Co) Albert John KNIGHT, 35, electrician, Ohio, Bellefountaine , s/o John E. KNIGHT & Sarah DAY, married Fern Le Fee LONG, 20, Ohio, Cincinnati, d/o James LONG & Sarah FONK, witn: Jean & Paul MANNING of Windsor, 7 Oct 1906 at Windsor.
#007856-06 (Essex Co): Daniel LAMARSH, 24, railway man, Ontario, Wallaceburg, s/o John LAMARSH & Catherine MOSES, married Esther JACKSON, 23, Ontario, Chatham, d/o Thomas JACKSON & Alice KEELER, witn: Gordon WELLMAN of Wallaceburg & Lizzie NORTON of Detroit, 22 May 1906 at Windsor 006817/06 (Essex Co) Harvey Stephen LAMBERT, 26, farmer, Tilbury W., Colchester N., s/o Mahlon LAMBERT & Elizabeth STEEN, married Bertha M. GUTCH, 24, Harbor Beach Michigan, West Bay City Michigan, d/o August GUTCH & Caroline HOLSTEIN, witn: E. E. COOKE & Ettie ROSS both of Essex, 22 August 1906, Essex
006956-06 (Essex Co) Albemie? LEFAVRE (LEFEVRE?), 25, laborer, Sandwich, Comber, s/o Joseph LEFAVRE & Stephanie MAILLOUX, married Maloine? LEDUC, 20, Rochester Tp., same, d/o Eugene LEDUC & Marie St. ONGE, witn Joseph LEFAVRE of Comber & Eugene LEDUC of Rochester Tp., 29 October 1906, at St. Joachim. 006957-06 (Essex Co) Clement LEFAVRE (LEFEVRE?), 21, laborer, Sandwich, Comber, s/o Joseph LEFEFAVRE & Stephanie MAILLOUX, married Emma LEDUC, 20, Rochester, same, d/o Eugene LEDUC & Marie ST. ONGE, witn Joseph LEFAVRE of Comber & Eugene LEDUC of Rochester Tp., 13 November 1906, at St. Joachim.
007093-06 (Essex Co) Henry LEONARD, 23, teamster, Quebec, Detroit, s/o George LEONARD & Mary Ann ROBINSON, married Mary WILLIAMS, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Stephen WILLIAMS & Mary FAIRODE?, witn Agnes HIND & Katharine HIND, of Sandwich, 1 May 1906, at Sandwich. #006995-06 (Essex Co.): Gore? Francis LITTLE, 19, farmer, Colchester South, Harrow, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Lillian MOWBRY, 21, Scotland, Harrow, d/o George MOWBRY & Susan RUSSELL, witn: Edna LITTLE of Harrow & Marie WHEALAN of Oldcastle, 19 Dec 1906 at Sandwich South
006951-06 (Essex Co) Ernest MAILLOUX, 26, farmer, Sandwich, St. Joachim, s/o Pierre MAILLOUX & Marie Anne LAUZON, married Caroline PINSONNEAULT, 19, St. Joachim, same, d/o Narcisse PINSONNEAULT & Anne TREPANIER, witn Pierre MAILLOUX & Narcisse PINSONNEAULT, of Tp. of Rochester, 29 October 1906, at St. Joachim  
006908/06 (Essex Co) Alfred MANNING, 26, farmer, Tilbury North, same, s/o John MANNING & Henrietta JACKSON, married Maud Morena MAULEY, 18, Tilbury West, same, d/o Joseph MAULEY & Catherine LEY, witn: Mr. Roy MAULEY & Miss Maude RILEY both of Tilbury West, 5 December 1906, Leamington 007253-06 (Essex Co) Charles MAYER, 22, iron worker, New York, River Rouge Mich., s/o Godfrey MAYER & Augusta ADAM, married Lolaine? WATSON, 23, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Richard Watson & Jenny WOOD, witn Robert A. BALLANTINE of Windsor & C. W. MCKEE of Sandwich, 27 September 1906, at Sandwich.
#006993-06 (Essex Co): Charles McCLOSKEY, 37, blacksmith, Sandwich South, same, s/o Thomas McCLOSKEY & Ellen RYKETT (or PYKETT) married Nellie (or Tillie) BARRETT, 29, Sandwich South, same, d/o Anthony BARRETT & Ellen O'BRIEN, Oct 30, 1906 in Sandwich South (Rom Cath) 006813/06 (Essex Co) Oscar McCRACKEN, 23, farmer, Mersea Ontario, Mersea Ontario, s/o Jas. McCRACKEN & Margaret DRESSER, married Florence M. SKILLING, 21, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o William SKILLING & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: H. SWIFT & Mrs. P.L. ROSS both of Essex, 13 June 1906, Essex
  #009845-09 (Essex Co): William Henry McDOWELL, 25, farm hand, of Sandwich twp., s/o William McDOWELL (farmer) & Jane SECORD, married Mabel NESS, 19, of Sandwich twp., d/o Henry NESS (farmer) & Annie RODD, 25 Dec 1906 at Sandwich South
008314-06 ( Essex Co) George McKAY, 22, laborer, Ontario, Detroit, s/o John McKAY & Sarah LYMAN, married Carrie PATTERSON , 18, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Joseph PATTERSON & Maggie NICHOLSON, witn: Samuel FOSTER & Lillian RITCHIE both of Detroit, 7 Oct 1906 at Windsor 6757-06 Alfred MELOCHE, 29, farmer, Anderdon, same, s/o Jacques MELOCHE & Emelie COTE, married Eva LAFRAMBOISE, 22, Anderdon, same, d/o Thomas LAFRAMBOISE, farmer, & Martine TRIOLETTE, witn: Thomas LAFRAMBOISE & Emelie COTE, both of Anderdon, 13 Nov 1906 at St. Josephs Church [reg'd in Anderdon]
007971-1906 (Essex Co.) George W. MICHAEL. 23, machinist, Ohio, Lima Ohio, s/o Burdette MICHAEL & Mary Jane WARD, married Mary May FINFROCK, 23, , Ohio, Lima Ohio, d/o John FINFROCK & Eliza Alice SOYSTER, witn: Bertha & Ruth HUGHSON, both of Windsor, 4 Jul 1906 at Windsor. 007096-06 (Essex Co) Moses? G. MILLER, 25, varnisher, Germany, Detroit, s/o Henry MILLER & Minnie HARNOT?, married Florence SCHULTZ, 22, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Ch. SCHULTZ & Lizzie SHARLOCH, witn Harry O’HARA & Mrs. Harry O’HARA, of Detroit, 5 May 1906, at Sandwich.
006954-06 (Essex Co) William F. MILLS, 24, farmer, Romney Tp., Mersea Tp., s/o Robert H. MILLS & Harriett FOX, married Ora Bell JUNE, 19, Gosfield Tp., Rochester Tp., d/o Milton R. JUNE & Minerva ------, witn Ezra E. THOMAS & Rosy COURTNEY, of Mersea Tp., 5 October 1906, at Rochester Tp. 6756-06 Jacques MONFORTON, 61, widower, farmer, Sandwich West, Anderdon, s/o William MONFORTON & Angelique GIGNAC, married Fillienne OUELLETTE, 62, Sandwich West, Anderdon, d/o Norbert OUELLETTE, farmer, & Salome PAQUETTE, witn: Edmund & Georgina MARION of Anderdon, 8 Jan 1906 at St. Josephs Church [reg'd in Anderdon ]
007248-06 (Essex Co) Leopold Ferdinand MUELLER, 34, physician, Prussia, Detroit, s/o Francis MUELLER & Clara M----, married Anna Angela M. FROST, 28, New York, Detroit, d/o Joseph MORMAN? & Adeline DAVIDSON, witn J.W. DESHE (DESCHE?) & J. BUCHANAN, of Windsor, 22 September 1906, at Sandwich. 006913/06 (Essex Co) Dell Irving MULLIN, 24, tank builder, Knaps Creek Pennsylvania, Leamington, s/o Alexander MULLIN & Susan Elizabeth PORTER, married Jennie QUICK, 21, Wheatley, Leamington, d/o Isaac QUICK & Lina THORPE, witn: Isabel COX & Vanchie I. HAMILTON both of Leamington, 21 December 1906, Leamington
#007867-06 (Essex Co): Clyde E. MURRAY, 25, yeoman, Michigan, Calhoun Mich., s/o A.J. MURRAY & Mary LEWIS, married Marie LEWIS, 18, Michigan, Calhoun Mich., d/o Leonard LEWIS & Marie WEBSTER, witn: Louise JACKSON & Jean MANNING, both of Windsor, 31 May 1906 at Windsor 006909/06 (Essex Co) William Ryerson OGLE, 37, farmer, Mersea Twp, same, s/o Christopher OGLE & Catherine REID, married Clara Edna McINTOSH, 22, Mersea Twp, Leamington, d/o unknown & Margaret McINTOSH, witn: Mr. Wallace CULLEN & Mrs. Wallace CULLEN both of Leamington, 12 December 1906, Leamington
007094-06 (Essex Co) Frederick OLDS, 21, fireman, Michigan, Cone Mich., s/o Gideon OLDS & Katharine KEMP, married Ethel AUTEN, 19, Michigan, Cone Mich., d/o Ben AUTEN & Carrie SMITH, witn Agnes HIND & Katharine HIND, of Sandwich, 2 May 1906, at Sandwich. #006767-06 (Essex Co): Raymond PARENT, 21, farmer, Rochester twp., same, s/o Edsras PARENT & Clarisse RENARD, married Alphonsine GROUDIN, 16, Maidstone, Rochester twp., d/o Thomas GROUDIN & Rose ROUILLER, witn: Lucy MENARD of Walkerville & Aurele PARENT of Rochester twp., 20 Feb 1906 at Belle River (Rom Cath)
#006768-06 (Essex Co): Achille PARENT, 21, laborer, Belle River, same, s/o Clovis PARENT & Marie LAFORET, married Laura LEVASSEUR, 18, Stoney Point, Belle River, d/o Phiogine LEVASSEUR & Phoebe FAUGHER, witn: Gregoire & Ida PARENT, 29 May 1906 at Belle River (Rom Cath) 007973-1906 (Essex Co.) Lawrence PERRY, 21, carpet layer, Ohio, Detroit, s/o Henry PERRY & Victoria CHUCKEE, married Florence DAVENPORT, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Joseph DAVENPORT & Vina PARADISE, witn: Agnes M. Gibson of Denfield & Olive SNELGROVE of Windsor, 5 Jul 1906 at Windsor. (Rom Cath)
007256-06 (Essex Co) Leo PFEIFER, 27, foreman, Ohio, Columbus Ohio, s/o William & Sophia PFEIFER, married Minnie CLARK, 28, Pennsylvania, Columbus Ohio, d/o Walter CLARK & Marguerite NEWIN, witn; Mrs. C. W. MCKEE & Hazel LAZARUS, of Sandwich, 29 September 1906, at Sandwich. #007858-06 (Essex Co): Wendell PHILLIPS, 24, theatrical, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Winfield S. PHILLIPS & Jennie GREEN, married Lillian PUTNAM, 23, Illinois, Chicago, d/o Charles PUTNAM & Lydia WINGATE, 26 May 1906 at Windsor
#008090-07 (Essex Co): Tyrell RAYNER, 33, carpenter, England, Windsor, s/o Christopher RAYNER & Helene THOMPSON, married Maud BLUNDELL, 24, England, Windsor, d/o John BLUNDELL & Emma WEBB, witn: W.C.B. BEERS & C.R. HENDERSON, both of Windsor, 2 Oct 1906 at Windsor #007864-06 (Essex Co): Victor E. REICHTY (Ruchty?), 23, cabinet maker, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Joseph REICHTY & Mary SMITH, married Melinda WAECKER, 22, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Henry WAECKER & Sophia KRUEGER, witn: Mary BECKERSON of Windsor, 13 June 1906 at Windsor
006816/06 (Essex Co) Roy Nelson REID, 26, widower, farmer, Twp Mersea, Twp Mersea, s/o George B. REID & Jane McMULLEN, married Eva Maud COULTER , 19, Twp Mersea, Twp Mersea, d/o John T. COULTER & Catherine TOFFLEMIRE, witn: C. E. NAYLOR & Mary G. NAYLOR both of Essex, 11 August 1906, Essex  
6762-06 Edgar RENAUD, 19, farmer, Rochester twp., same, s/o Jean Baptiste RENAUD & Marcelline MOREAU, married Evelyn GRONDIN, 18, Rochester twp., Maidstone twp., d/o Thomas GRONDIN & Rose ROUILLIER, witn: Emile DUROCHES & Laurina DUBE, both of Rochester twp., 25 Sept 1906 at Belle River #007869-06 (Essex Co): Joseph RIOPELLE, 21, boiler maker, Michigan, Wyandotte Mich., s/o Charles RIOPELLE & Eliza LIVOSIE, married Mary LABOE, 19, of Ford City Mich., d/o George LABOE & Mary BEAUBIEN, witn: Doris MOUTRY & Mabel VROMAN, both of Wyandotte, 3 June 1906 at Windsor
6760-06 Reginald H (K?.) RORISON, 25, clerk, of Windsor, s/o B.D.D. RORISON & Elizabeth STOKES, married Anny Mm. LEGGATT, 25, [no other info given], d/o J.H.C. LEGGATT & Mary E. GIRDLESTONE, witn: A.E. PATERSON of Windsor & B.E.H. LEGGATT of Amherstburg, 1 Sept 1906 at Amherstburg 6758-06 David Wilson ROSE, 27, clerk, of Petrolia, s/o Almond ROSE & Margaret ADAIR, married Alice Esther BRIGHAM, 25, of Petrolia, d/o Richard BRIGHAM & Jane Ann FALCONER, witn: Freda TAYLOR of Toronto, Addie KELLY of Sarnia, B. McPHERSON of Markdale and Shirley M. PARKS of Amherstburg, 11 July 1906 at Amherstburg
007099-06 (Essex Co) Carl ROSENGUEST, 31, widower, printer, Sweden, Cleveland Ohio, s/o August ROSENGUEST & Mary VERKERY?, married Katherine SHANT, 30, Pennsylvania, Cleveland Ohio, d/o John SHANT & Catherine PONTRONS, witn Katherine HIND of Sandwich & W. E. MARENTETTE of Windsor, 13 May 1906, at Sandwich. 007259-06 (Essex Co) Frederick Henry RUIGE, 46, merchant, New York, Hoboken U.S., s/o Henry RUIGE & Elizabeth BEHRMAN, married Dora Alice DELOYE, 26, Wisconsin, Split Rock Wis., d/o Jules DELOYE & Azelina FADDEN, witn James TEMPLETON & Fred HOLTON, of Windsor, 1 October 1906, at Sandwich.
#006401-06 (Essex Co): John SCARLET, 32, casket trimmer, Orford, Ridgetown, s/o Gilbert & Nancy, married Christena LOWRY, 22, Rodney, same, d/o James LOWRY & Henrietta WILSON, witn: J.W. & Mrs. J.W. LOWRY of Rodney, 12 April 1906 at Rodney 007972-1906 (Essex Co.) Fred William SCHRAMM, 29, boilermaker, Michigan, Saginaw Mich, s/o William & Annie SCHRAMM, married Marie L. BOYER, 21, Michigan, Saginaw Mich, d/o Peter BOYER & Zermade PROVOST, witn: Bertha & Ruth HUGHSON, both of Windsor, 4 Jul 1906 at Windsor.
007249-06 (Essex Co) Albert J. SCHULTZ, 24, machinist, Ohio, Cleveland Ohio, s/o Charles SCHULTZ & Minnie LUNGREN?, married Rose M. PLECHATY, 25, Ohio, Cleveland Ohio, d/o Vincent PLECHATY & Mary KACIREK, witn Alfred AMBROSE & Herbert G-----, of Windsor, 22 September 1906, at Sandwich. 008315-06 ( Essex Co) Ernest A. SCOTT, 20, cement worker, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Andrew E. SCOTT & Emeline MILLER , married Nellian A. FAILTE , 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o August FAILTE & Catherine CHAPMAN, witn: R.H. LLOYD & V.E. CHAPMAN both of Detroit, 31 July 1906 at Windsor (also 8089-06)
006911/06 (Essex Co) David Josiah SCOTT, 24, farmer, County of Peel, Pelee Island, s/o David SCOTT & Ellen McCORMICK, married Sarah Jane QUICK, 19, Pelee Island, Pelee Island, d/o James E. QUICK & Eliza Victoria GRAHAM, witn: Mrs. James E. QUICK of Pelee Island & M. Grace E. WILSON of Leamington, 17 December 1906, Leamington  
#007868-06 (Essex Co): Henry J. SIMMERMAN, 40, widower, wood worker, Ontario, Hamilton Ont., s/o James S. SIMMERMAN & Julia A. RALYEA, married Pauline Edith SCHNIRRING, 35, Michigan, Freedom Mich., d/o George J. SCHNIRRING & Christena FLORENCE, witn: H.W. MANNING of Clinton & L.T. GRAHAM of St. Marys, 2 June 1906 at Windsor 006955-06 (Essex Co) Russell SIMON, 23, farmer, Rochester Tp., same, s/o Conrad SIMON & Laura HILLMAN, married Myrtle BROOKER, 18, Rochester Tp., same, d/o Adrian BROOKER & Annie MCENTEER, witn Stanton? KNISTER & Emma VANAVERY, of Rochester Tp., 3 October 1906, at Rochester Tp.
007092-06 (Essex Co) Albert SOULIERE, 22, farmer, Tecumseh, Sandwich West, s/o Israel SOULIERE & Marie LAFORET, married Elmire? FIELDS, 18, Sandwich West, same, d/o Joseph FIELDS & Olive BRISEBOIS, witn Edmund PARENT & Corinne SOULLIERE, of Sandwich West, 14 May 1906, at Sandwich. 007098-06 (Essex Co) Thomas STACEY Jr., 28, merchant, Ohio, Acadia Ohio, s/o Cyrus STACEY & Sedelia MONUTS, married Becca B. HAMMOND, 26, Ohio, Mt. Blanchard Ohio, d/o Squire HAMMOND & Marie BALLARD, witn Katherine HIND & Marion HIND, of Sandwich, 7 May 1906, at Sandwich.
007255-06 (Essex Co) Samuel STEBBINS, 70, widower, farmer, New York, T’ship of Howell Mich., s/o Clement STEBBINS & Sarah ALLWOOD, married Minnie J. STEWART, 38, widow, Michigan, Howell twp. - Mich., d/o William MAW & Lidia MUNCK, witn Timothy A. HOGARTY of Detroit & Katherine HIND of Sandwich, 27 September 1906, at Sandwich. #006404-06 (Essex Co): George L. STIDWELL, 22, carpenter, Wallacetown, same, s/o Samuel STIDWELL & Grace SMALL, married Mary Catherine STREIB, 22, Aldborough, Rodney, d/o Frederick STREIB & Elizabeth LUDY--(off page), witn: Mrs. F. MEYER of Rodney & Susan SCHMELTZ of Aldborough, 8 May 1906 at Rodney
#007862-06 (Essex Co): Floyd Franklin TELLER, 25, asylum attendant, Michigan, Pontiac Mich., s/o Garret TELLER & Mary WATKINS, married Myrtle Eva GRIFFIN, 25, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Joseph GRIFFIN & Eleanor RAYMOND, witn: Mary V. McKINNEY & Ruth HUGHSON, both of Windsor, 5 June 1906 at Windsor 007254-06 (Essex Co) Alfred TOUPONCE, 23, laborer, Mass., Detroit, s/o Julius TOUPONCE & blank ROSS, married Lena LANAKE, 22, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John LANAKE & Katherine PLANTE, witn Agnes HIND & Maria HIND, of Sandwich, 27 September 1906, at Sandwich.
008316-06 ( Essex Co) George T. TOWNSLEY, 52, widower, farmer, Iowa, Muscatine Iowa, s/o A.G. TOWNSLEY & Sarah A. WRIGHT, married Mary WRIGHT , 49, Ohio, Henia Ohio, d/o J.F. WRIGHT & Miss Van EATON, witn: Mr & Mrs J.E. EAVEY of Henia Ohio, 1 Aug 1906 at Windsor. 008317-06 ( Essex Co) Thomas S. TRINDER, 24, Michigan, Detroit , s/o Thomas & Lizzie, married Margaret J. GILLS, 21, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Robert GILLS & Emma GANSON, witn: Alice LODGE of Windsor & V.E. CHADWICK of Toronto, 2 Aug 1906 at Windsor.
6761-06 Joseph TRUDELLE, 71, widower, farmer, St. Bartholeme Que., Tilbury North, s/o Joseph TRUDELLE & Josephte SYLVESTRE, married Constance LIMOGE, 65, widow, St. Bartholeme Que., Belle River, d/o Joseph PLANTE & Emeretia DUQUETTE, witn: Prosper ALLARD & Celestin POISSON, both of Belle River 9 Sept 1906 at Belle River 007258-06 (Essex Co) Oliver George WALTERS, 20, carpenter, Clyde Ohio USA, Belleview Ohio, s/o Fred WALTERS & Ella BECHLER, married Marie Francis MEYERS, 18, Belleview Ohio, same, d/o Gottlib MEYERS & Mary ROUCHE, witn C.E. WADGE of Sandwich & Ida H. HICKS of Windsor, 21 October 1906, at Sandwich.
006910/06 (Essex Co) Wilmot Larson WATSON, 26, farmer, Leamington, Mersea, s/o Joseph WATSON & Philena SHELDON, married Myrtle Claudia TERRYBERRY, 27, Mersea, Leamington, d/o Martin TERRYBERRY & Florence Imba SMALL, witn: Bernard Calvin WATSON & Gertrude TERRYBERRY both of Leamington, 12 December 1906, Leamington 007097-06 (Essex Co) Walter WEISS, 22, commercial traveler, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Paul WEISS & Barbara SEELEY, married Grace LIVINGSTONE, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Harvey LIVINGSTONE & Cora HOSKINS, witn Agnes HIND & Katherine HIND, of Sandwich, 5 May 1906, at Sandwich.
#007861-06 (Essex Co): George Walter WELLMAN, 26, motorman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Herb A. WELLMAN & Mary FOSTER, married Bertha SASS, 25, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Charles A. SASS & Marie BAUR, witn: Bertha & Rutta C. HUGHSON of Windsor, 13 June 1906 at Windsor #006402-06 (Essex Co): John S. WILEY, 28, carpenter, Mosa, West Lorne, s/o Joseph WILEY & Mary CRAWFORD, married Sarah E. THAYER, 23, Oxford C., Rodney, d/o John THAYER & Mary LOGAN, witn: Hattie WILEY of W. Lorne & William THAYER of Rodney, 25 April 1906 at Rodney
006906/06 (Essex Co) D. E. Leon WILLEY, 18, oil man, Nunda NY, Leamington Ontario, s/o George H. WILLEY & Eugenia RIES, married Florence Mary JAMES, 18, music teacher, Leamington Ontario, Leamington Ontario, d/o William JAMES & Frankie BROWN, witn: William JAMES & Frankie JAMES both of Leamington, 26 November 1906, Leamington #008088-07 (Essex Co): William J. WILSON, 31, laborer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William J. WILSON & Jessie SMITHSON, married Emily CONNER, 30, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Samuel CONNER & Levina TARKINGTON, witn: Alfred AMBROSE & H.H. CRONK, both of Windsor, 19 Dec 1906 at Windsor
006915/06 (Essex Co) George H. WINTERMUTE, 32, widower, farmer, Maidstone, Maidstone, s/o George A. WINTERMUTE & Melinia SHERK, married Annie MANKERT?, 31, farmer's daughter, Maidstone, Maidstone, d/o Frank MANKERT? & Marie PRICE, witn: Ea. T. McLEAN & Mrs. E. T. McLEAN both of Maidstone, 13 February 1906, Maidstone #008089-07 (Essex Co): John Harry WOGAN, 25, seaman, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Joseph WOGAN & Emma JOHNS, married Ellen Louise RILEY, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o John RILEY & Elizabeth LOWRY, witn: Eugene PARENT of Windsor & Mary LEISHMAN of Walkerville, 24 Oct 1906 at Windsor
#008596-06 (Essex Co): Frank WRIGLEY, 30, shoemaker, England, Windsor, s/o Roger WRIGLEY & Helen MORTON, married Mabel LEE, 19, (Mormon),Ontario, Detroit, d/o Hamilton LEE & Sarah FARMER, Dec 15, 1906 at Windsor #007857-06 (Essex Co): John J. ZELLER, 25, metal polisher, Ohio, Windsor, s/o John J. ZELLER & Susanna SPRANGE (or Sprauge), married Minnie VENNER, 21, Michigan, Midland Mich., d/o Joseph VENNER & Celia NALSON, witn: Nell McKAY of Windsor, 26 May 1906 at Windsor (Rom Cath)