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Essex Co., 1907, part 1

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9176-07 Jeremiah ADDISON, 28, laborer, District of Columbia, Detroit, s/o John ADDISON & Amelia CHEW, married Selina WILLIAMS, 18, Minnesota, Detroit, d/o James WILLIAMS & Harriet DAVIS, witn: Fred J. HOLTON & James OLIVER, both of Windsor, 2 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9142-07 Charles F. ALBERT, 30, sailor, Michigan, Detroit, s/o John & Margaret, married Mary STENARWASHE, 29, Germany, Detroit, d/o John & Fannie, witn: Gertrude STENARWASHE of Detroit, 7 Aug 1907 at Windsor
9198-07 Orin Dan ALLEN, 21, tinsmith, Michigan, Alma Mich., s/o Orin ALLEN & MaryJ. WOODHURST, married Fern E. DAVISON, 18, Michigan, Flint Mich., d/o N. N. DAVISON & Mattie R. DOUGLAS, witn: John F. & Bessie WILSON of Coaticook? Que., 27 Sept 1907 at Windsor 8739-07 Clarence AMSTUTZ, 21, farmer, Ohio, Columbus Grove Ohio, s/o P.W?. AMSTUTZ & Isabel SALAMURZ, married Frances PENCE (Pewce?), 19, Ohio, Columbus Grove Ohio, d/o Frank PENCE & Jane BUCKINGHAM, witn: Carl B. PENCE & Nellie A. NORMAN, both of Columbus Grove, 27 June 1907 at Windsor
8666-07 Harry ANDERSON, 29, painter, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, s/o J. A. ANDERSON & Elizabeth WHIGHTMAN, married Alice L. LEIDY, 25, Ohio, Fostoria O., d/o Clement LEIDY & Rebecca SHOEMAKER, 12 June 1907 at Windsor 9227-07 Gilbert G. ANDERSON, 22, printer, Michigan, Grand Rapids Mich., s/o August ANDERSON & Matilda ERICSON, married Tekla T. OHMAN, 21, Sweden, Grand Rapids, d/o L. E. OHMAN & Mary LARSON, 29 Sept 1907 at Windsor
8669-07 Grover A. ARMSTRONG, 21, clerk, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Eugene ARMSTRONG & Kate FOREMAN, married Lulu Grace GIBSON, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o James GIBSON & Carrie COUPE, witn: Olive SNELGROVE & Emma HUGHES, both of Windsor, 10 June 1907 at Windsor 8741-07 Bert Abram AXFORD, 37, mechanic, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Ogden AXFORD & Dinah SISSON, married Katherine Ann MacKENZIE, 27, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Donald & Janet, witn: O. B. HAMMOND of Detroit & Iva H. HICKS of Windsor, 27 June 1907 at Windsor
#008084-07 (Essex Co): Charles R. BALLARD, 26, mechanic, Michigan USA, Windsor, s/o Elias BALLARD & Venir COON, married Emily WHITEHOUSE, 25, Leeds England, Windsor, d/o John WHITEHOUSE & Martha SUTCLIFFE, witn: Robert J. & Mary E. HEPWORTH of Windsor, 28 Nov 1907 at Walkerville 9243-07 James BALLANTYNE, 43, locomotive engineer, Ontario, St. Thomas, s/o William BALLENTYNE & Agnes BOND, married Mary J. McINTYRE, 29, Ontario, Port Huron, d/o Hugh McINTYRE & Sarah LEICH, 27 Aug 1907 at Windsor
9593-07 Lyman F. BARLOW, 30, druggist, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Fred BARLOW & Delia TURNER, married Mayme PRICE, 24, Illinois, Detroit, d/o Charles PRICE & Josephine BURCH, witn: A. E. MALLARD of Detroit & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 16 Dec 1907 at Windsor 8712-07 Louis C. BARTEAU, 39, widower, railroading, Ohio, Detroit, s/o Theo BARTEAU & Catherine CATHERS, married Hazel B. LAYER, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John LAYER & Anna WEEKS, 25 June 1907 at Windsor
#008086-07 (Essex Co): James R. BEATTIE, 45, saloonist, Fergus Ont., Detroit, s/o William BEATTIE & Jane BLACK, married Linnie Y. GLADDING, 49, divorced, Essex Ont., Detroit, d/o Joseph IRWIN & Mary TELFORD, witn: A.W. & S.S. JACKSON, both of Walkerville, 17 Dec 1907 at Walkerville 008727-07 (Essex Co) Claude BELTZ, 21, laborer, Michigan, Birmingham Mich., s/o Joseph BELTZ & Mary SHOLER, married Florence WRIGHT, 18, Michigan, Rochester Mich., d/o George WRIGHT & Mary BAGLEY, witn A. ESAU of Birmingham & Robert ESAU of Detroit, 22 June 1907, at Windsor.
9575-07 Aguilla Walsh BERRY, 35, butcher, Ontario, Windsor, s/o A. E. BERRY & Merilla SHAW, married Catherine E. HAMBLETON, 34, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Thomas HAMBLETON & Catherine FEAR (Frear?), witn: Arthur TURNER of Flint Mich. & B. W(M?) GREENE of Avoca Mich., 10 Dec 1907 at Windsor 8746-07 George Joseph BESINGER, 33, divorced, Indiana, Detroit, s/o Valentine BESINGER & Justina OSTRICH, married Ada WHITE, 33, divorced? (widowed?) Michigan, Detroit, d/o Joseph REESE & Mary LOGAN, witn: Maria PRINGLE of Windsor, 29 June 1907 at Windsor
9600-07 Jacob F. BEYER, 26, piano maker, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Godfried BEYER & Margaret WEIBER, married Emma HONEYSETT, 27, Michigan, Kalamazoo Mich., d/o William HONEYSETT & Olive CROUCH, witn: Amelia OLIVER of Windsor & Mrs. A. E. MALLARD of Detroit, 24 Dec 1907 at Windsor  
008720-07 (Essex Co) George N. BISBEE, 18, clerk, Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio, s/o George BISBEE & Avis PECK, married Gertrude SWEARINGEN, 18, Ohio, Cincinnati, d/o J. H. SWEARINGEN & Kathryn RICH, witn J.H. SWEARINGEN of Detroit & Ira H. HICKS of Windsor, 17 June 1907, at Windsor. 9157-07 Fred J. BIGGANEISS, 22, foreman, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Albert BIGGANEISS & Helena SCHOUNARD, married Eva J. LABUTE, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o James LABUTE & Alzora RUSSELL, witn: Alfred J. LABUTE & Winnifred ARCHER, both of Windsor, 18 Sept 1907 at Windsor
88713-07 Allan Arthur BLANCHARD, 27, mechanical engineer, Ontario, Toledo, s/o Richard SRIGLEY & Mary BLANCHARD, married Sarah Alicia McDONALD, 24, Ontario, Wingham Ont., d/o David McDONALD & Sarah MITCHELL, 25 June 1907 at Windsor 9599-07 Evariste BLANCHARD, 29, drover, France, Livingston Montana, s/o Peter BLANCHARD & Adelphine ESCALLE, married Lucie GAINGUET, 25, France, Mt. Clemens Mich., d/o Vincent GAINGUET & Virginia PELQUIN, witn: Amedee GRUESPIN of Mt. Clemens Mich. & Olive SNELGROVE of Windsor, 24 Dec 1907 at Windsor
9156-07 George Emery BOOMER, 39, farmer, Michigan, Wandrester? Mich., s/o Daniel BOOMER & Sarah HOLMES, married Emma Regina HUBER, 21, Michigan, Norwell Mich., d/o Jacob HUBER & Martha SCHMID, 18 Aug 1907 at Windsor #007555-08 (Essex Co): Alfred BOOTON, 54, plasterer, England, London Ont., s/o Adam BOOTON & Jane MOORE, married Matilda LEE, 49, widow, England, London, d/o Henry CLARK & Mary A. POVEY, witn: Rhoda & John DONAHUE of Detroit, 31 Dec 1907 at Windsor
86672-07 Arthur BOSHY (Bostry?), 21, painter, Michigan, Bay City Mich., s/o David BOSHY & Jennie McQUADE, married Lillian C. DISHER, 20, Michigan, Bay City, d/o William DISHER & Caroline NEWMAN, witn: Rev. REICHENBACH & Tillie E. DISHER, both of Bay City, 10 June 1907 at Windsor 9237-07 Oliver BOSTON, 32, widower, laborer, Ohio, Windsor, s/o John BOSTON & Hattie WHEELER, married Ida BUTLER, 26, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Cornelius BUTLER & Martha PINER, witn: Thomas LAWSON of Windsor & Louisa BUTLER of Detroit
9146-07 Charles BREACHEISIN, 36, divorced, laborer, Germany, Toledo Ohio, s/o Louis BREACHEISIN & Elizabeth HERMAN, married Lena SCHAM (Shane?), 37, widow, Germany, Toledo Ohio, d/o Louis SCHAM & Louise JEORG, witn: Carrie SHIELLS & Florence BARTLET, both of Windsor, 12 Aug 1907 at Windsor 8675-07 illegible (Floyd?) BROUGHTON, 23, laborer, Michigan, River Rouge Mich., s/o Daniel BROUGHTON & Clara SANBORN, married Ida Matilda LOHR, 18, Michigan, North Detroit, d/o Richard LOHR & Ellen CHAMPINE, witn: Joseph H. & Ellen LOHR of N. Detroit, 18 June 1907 at Windsor
8684-07 Frederick Baylis BROWN, 25, engineer, Quebec, Westmount Que., s/o William Forbes BROWN & Annie C. BAYLIS, married Alice LECH, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Albert E. LECH & Margaret HAMILTON, witn: Amy LECH of Windsor & Gale G. GORDON of Ottawa, 5 June 1907 at Windsor 9568-07 Albert BRUDER, 29, contractor, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Edward BRUDER & Mary J. BLOOM, married Ernestina BRUDER, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Charles BRUDER & Emma SCHMIDT, 12 Dec 1907 at Windsor
.9583-07 Robert Charles Glen BRUNGER, 20, farmer, Michigan, Swartz Creek Mich., s/o James BRUNGER & Jane OTTAWA, married Marie GOODING, 18, England, Lemon Mich., d/o James GOODING & Eliza BILLS, wtn: Jean MANNING & Louisa CURTIS, both of Windsor, 20 Dec 1907 at Windsor 008714-07 (Essex Co) Arthur William BRUNS, 25, clerk, Ohio, Napoleon O, s/o R. H. BRUNS & Mary BUCHOP, married Ada Karnes KROUSE, 22, Indiana, Napolean O, d/o John KROUSE & Jennie KARNES, witn Jean MANNING & Louisa CURTIS, of Windsor, 26 June 1907, at Windsor
9253-07 William Lee BUESSING, 39, baggage man, Ohio, Toledo O., s/o Henry BUESSING & Agnes TRAME (Frame?), married Adele EYMER, 40, widow, New York, Toledo, d/o Ira LOUNSBURY & Sarah PELTON, witn: M.V. McKINNEY of Windsor, 3 Oct 1907 at Windsor 9258-07 Carl F. BUHNER, 20, wood worker, Ohio, Bucyrus O., s/o William BUHNER & Catherine BOLTZ, married Desta Alice HANCOCK, 19, Ohio, Bucyrus O., d/o Henry HANCOCK & Emma BRESLER, witn: Jennie HANADY & Bertha HUGHSON, both of Windsor, 14 Oct 1907 at Windsor
8747-07 Jesse Monroe BURKE, 27, divorced, carpenter, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Jesse BURKE & Edith SMALL, married Alice Sadie PERRY, 28, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Louis PERRY & Josephine DUFOUR, witn: Henry & Mrs. PLANT of Detroit, 29 June 1907 at Windsor 9588-07 William Lybrook BURRUSS, 43, widower, farmer, Michigan, Jackson Mich., s/o Albert BURRUSS & Catherine E. KEY, married Emily A. STORM, 40, widow, Michigan, Jackson Mich., d/o Daniel R. COVEY & Elma ASHWORTH, 18 Dec 1907 at Windsor
8738-07 Joseph BUTSON, 27, teamster, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Henry BUTSON & Mary Ann WILSON, married Cora HYDE, 24, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Charles A. HYDE & Matilda PHILLIPS, witn: Bertha & Ruth HUGHSON of Windsor, 26 June 1907 at Windsor 9190-07 Henry E. BYERS, 35, commercial traveller, Ohio, Belleview Ohio, s/o Philip L. BYERS & Martha MOORE, married E. Mary HUGILL, 27, Ontario, Jackson Mich., d/o Thomas HUGILL & Helen EVERETT, witn: Elizabeth & Iva H. HICKS of Windsor, 24 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9606-07 John CALDER, 26, plasterer, Scotland, Detroit, s/o John CALDER & Margaret ROSS, married Cora May JACKSON, 29, divorced, Indiana, Detroit, d/o George BOLINGER & Mary Ann STUMP, witn: Harry L. BRIGGS of Detroit, 11 Dec 1907 at Windsor 8710-07 Royal Ralph CALES (Cater?), 22, carpenter, Pennsylvania, Beaver Penn., s/o David R. CALES & Mary J. WISEMAN, married Mary Alice PRATT, 18, Pennsylvania, New Brighton Penn., d/o George J. PRATT & Annie J. CASHBOUGH, witn: Jean MANNING & Louisa CURTIS, both of Windsor, 22 June 1907 at Windsor
8661-07 Frederick CANNADAY, 29, fireman, Indiana, Windsor, s/o David E. & Mattie, married Nellie FORD, 31, Ontario, Detroit, d/o David FORD & Evangeline REYNOLDS, 4 June 1907 at Windsor 9186-07 James LeRoy CAREY, 22, streetcar conductor, Michigan, Detroit, s/o William H. CAREY & Caroline FAREWELL, married Ella S. DUNDAS, 20 Michigan, Detroit, d/o William DUNDAS & Minnie WICK, witn: Lewis C. & Lilly M. BECK of Detroit, 18 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9200-07 Charles CARPENTER, 22, laborer, Michigan, Lapeer Mich., s/o Marcellus CARPENTER & Louisa LAVORD, married Myrtle Adele HILTON, 22, Michigan, Rochester Mich., d/o G. W. HILTON & Louisa MIDDLETON, witn: Jennie KANADY of Windsor & Clara WILSON of Coatisook Que., 30 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9166-07 Walter Roy CASAM, 26, commission business, New Hampshire, Detroit, s/o William CASAM & Flo DAVIS, married Vera Belle HATHAWAY, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Ernest HATHWAY & Rose RHEHEL, witn: L. C. TEDMAN of Detroit, 21 Sept 1907 at Windsor
8749-07 Joseph R. CASTLE, 26, clerk, Kentucky, Detroit, s/o Charles F. CASTLE & Sally BOWLES, married Georgia B. SMITH, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Willard J. SMITH & Jennie B. KENNEDY, witn: L. C. DUFF of Guelph & C. R. CHADWICK of Windsor, 1 June 1907 at Windsor 009059/07 (Essex Co) Joseph CEDAR, 21, laborer, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o Joseph CEDAR & Ellen BERNIER, married Annie PARENT, 18, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o Joseph PARENT & Celia LEPEUR?, witn: W. EMERY of Big? Brig? & Libey LaPLANT of Walkerville, 31 August 1907, Windsor
9188-07 Grover H. CHAPIN, 26, rubber manufacturer, Ohio, Akron Ohio, d/o James CHAPIN & Nellie COOPER, married Pauline RUSSELL, 22, Germany, Akron Ohio, d/o Fred RUSSELL & Mary MATHERN, witn: Elizabeth & Iva H. HICKS of Windsor, 21 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9185-07 William CHRISTIAN, 32, book keeper, Ontario, Detroit, s/o John CHRISTIAN & Fanny B. GIBBS, married Anna Isabel McGARRITY, 25, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Terence McGARRITY & Jean H. McRITCHIE, witn: Fanny B. CHRISTIAN of Detroit & Jean H. McGARRITY of Windsor, 18 Sept 1907 at Windsor
8679-07 Roy CHURCH, 26, farmer, Michigan, Howell Mich., s/o Judson CHURCH & Ella LOVELY, married Qu--? FOWLER, 23, Michigan, Fowlerville Mich., d/o Rosell FOWLER & Jennie VARMEST, witn: Jane MANNING of Windsor & M. H. LAMBERT of Parry Sound, 18 June 1907 at Windsor #008079-07 (Essex Co): Morgan J. CILLEY, 26, machinist, divorced, Dundee Mich., Medina Mich., s/o William Edwin CILLEY & Alvira WITHEY, married Nellie G. PALMER, 18, Tecumseh Mich., Adrian Mich, d/o Aaron J. PALMER & Dorothy MOSS, 14 Oct 107 at Walkerville
#008079-07 (Essex Co): Morgan J. CILLEY, 26, machinist, Dundee Mich., Medina Mich., s/o William Edwin CILLEY & Alvira WITKEY, married Nellie G. PALMER, 18, Tecumseth Mich., Adrian Mich., d/o Aaron J. PALMER & Dorothy MOSS, 14 Oct 1907 at Walkerville 9175-07 Samuel CLAUSE, 49, divorced, merchant, Ohio, Bays Ohio, s/o Christian CLAUSE & Mary HEVERIN, married Ellen GRIFFIN, 34, Ohio, Bowling Green Ohio, d/o Frank GRIFFIN & Mary M. FOSTER, witn: Charles MITEREN? of Windsor, 2 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9173-07 Frank CLEMENS, 47, widower, farmer, Michigan, Jackson Mich., s/o A. R. CLEMENS & Eliza HOWARD, married Lida Mae SANDERS, 32, widow, Michigan, Jackson Mich., d/o Levi GOODRICH & Mary Rose NELSON, 25 Sept 1907 at Windsor #008075-07 (Essex Co): Arthur Frederick James CLEMENTS, 22, laborer, Twickenham England, Walkerville, s/o James CLEMENTS & Elizabeth Jane HALLIA?, married Minnie HEWITT, 21, Crewe England, Walkerville, d/o Robert HEWETT & Elizabeth GARNETT (both deceased), witn: Francis LUCKETT & Annie Rose MEAGHAN, both of Walkerville, 12 Oct 1907 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville
9204-07 Harry Gordon CLIFF, 26, manufacturer, Ontario, Detroit, s/o George H. CLIFF & Maria E. SIPES, married Kate Winnifred KERRISON, 26, England, Detroit, d/o Joseph A. KERRISON & Sarah DYNES, witn: Jean MANNING & Louisa CURTIS, both of Windsor, 11 Sept 1907 at Windsor 8752-07 Thomas W?. COBERLY, 45, fireman, Ohio, Columbus, s/o William COBERLY & Margaret GARDINER, married Sarah A. BEAN, 43, widow, Ohio, Columbus, d/o Matthew PATTERSON & Amanda SCRIVENER, witn: O. G. VAN SCHOYCK & Ella BLACKSTONE, both of Columbus, 3 June 1907 at Windsor
9610-07 Charles COCKRILL, 21, fireman, Ontario, Detroit, s/o John COCKRILL & Elizabeth EADIE, married Laura LEWIS, 18, Ontario, Windsor, d/o William LEWIS & Ellen DONLEY, witn: Mrs. LEWIS of Windsor, 17 Dec 1907 at Windsor 9170-07 Theo Eugene COLEMAN, 33, painter, New York, Rochester NY, s/o Wesley COLEMAN & Mary SICK, married Mary D. PARKER, 27, New York, Rochester NY, d/o Homer PARKER & Sarah MOSHER, 25 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9231-07 Walter CONGDON, 21, manufacturer, Michigan, Columbiaville Mich., s/o Jepp CONGDON & Laura ARMOUR, married Ada Jane METCALF, 21, Michigan, Lapeer Mich., d/o Robert METCALF & Palmiria REMINGTON, witn: M. Ella WHITE & Mary MANNING, both of Windsor, 2 Oct 1907 at Windsor 9572-07 Guy H. COOK, 22, lineman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o James COOK & Samantha GARFIELD, married Ernestine C. KEIDEL, 22, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Charles KEIDEL & Anna PUSCHAL (Paschal?), witn: Mary V. McKINNEY & Bertha HUGHSON, both of Windsor, 9 Dec 1907 at Windsor
9230-07 Thomas COULTER, 49, cattle drover, Ontario, Wheatley, s/o Henry & Mary J., married Mary LOUNSBURY, 39, widow, Ontario, Wheatley, d/o Philip MALOTT & Agnes ROBERTSON, witn: Pegg BELL & Irene WHITTAKER, both of Windsor, 2 Oct 1907 at Windsor 9147-07 Frank Earl CRAWFORD, 21, switchman, Illinois, Chicago, s/o F. H. CRAWFORD & Fannie ADAMS, married Mae Rain--? PETRIE, 18, Illinois, Chicago, d/o Charles C. PETRIE & Carrie COOK, 12 Aug 1907 at Windsor
9594-07 Andrew Jackson CUTCHER, 21, laborer, Michigan, Armada Mich., s/o Sherman CUTCHER & Myrtle ALLEN, married Marcella Grace KENNEDY, 20, Michigan, Emmet Mich., d/o James KENNEDY & Ellen O'NEIL, 21 Dec 1907 at Windsor 9613-07 Hiram F. DANIELS, 63, widower, farmer, Michigan, Birmingham Mich., s/o Hiram DANIELS & Rhoda BINGHAM, married Mary McBRIDE, 51, widow, Ireland, Birmingham, d/o William WILLIAMSON & Ellen BLAKELEY, 23 Dec 1907 at Windsor
#008082-07 (Essex Co): Walter DAW, 25, foreman (or fireman), Bay Roberts Nfld, Windsor, s/o William DAW & Eliza BOONE, married Leila May MILNE, 20, Durham Ont., Windsor, d/o Robert Howard MILNE & Caroline WATSON, witn: James F. VIGER & Kate CASSIDY, both of Windsor, 20 Nov 1907 at Walkerville #008082-07 (Essex Co): Walter DAW, 25, fireman, Bay Roberts Newfoundland, Windsor, s/o William DAW & Eliza BOONE, married Leila May MILNE, 20, Durham Ont., Windsor, d/o Robert Howard MILNE & Caroline WATSON, witn: James F. VIGER & Kate CASSIDY, both of Windsor, 20 Nov 1907 at Walkerville
9140-07 Arthur L. DE LA FORET, 20, advertising agent, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, s/o Louis DE LA FORET & Lillie McLEARY, married Emma SCHATT, 19, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, d/o John SCHATT & Edith BRICKENBACK, witn: Violet G. TROTTER of Toledo & Maria PRINGLE of Windsor, 1 Aug 1907 at Windsor 9611-07 Louis Benjamin DITTMER, 37, divorced, salesman, New York, Chicago, s/o George P. DITTMER & Catherine SCHMIDT, married Grace May LUDORF, 23, Wisconsin, Milwaukee, d/o Rudolph LUDORF & Helen HOLLASON, 21 Dec 1907 at Windsor
9255-07 Michael DOYLE, 33, barber, Michigan, Detroit, s/o John DOYLE & Eva DIXON, married Mina MONDON, 24, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Peter MONDON & Flo JUBENVILLE, 9 Oct. 1907 at Windsor 9211-07 Samuel A. DREITZLER, 23, farmer, Ohio, Fostoria, s/o Samuel DREITZLER & Elizabeth KASSING, married Mary J. RINEBOLD, 18, Ohio, Fostoria, d/o Abraham RINEBOLD & Anna FOX, witn: Anna RINEBOLD of Fostoria, 3 Sept 1907 at Windsor
8665-07 Napoleon DUVALL, 45, widower, teamster, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Stephen DUVALL & Marguerite GOUYA, married Clara STIELER, 31, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John STIELER & Catherine HEIDE, witn: F. C. WILTON of Windsor, 12 June 1907 at Windsor 9152-07 Nelson EDWARD, 36, buffer, Ontario, Plymouth Mich., s/o Thomas & blank, married Mary HUNTER, 36, widow, Wisconsin, Plymouth Mich., d/o John KANGER & Mary GRAFF, witn: Maria & Jane PRINGLE of Windsor, 17 Aug 1907 at Windsor
9183-07 Martin EDWARDS, 40, painter, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Oliver EDWARDS & Margaret BURGESS, married Frances ARMSTRONG, 38, widow, New York, Detroit, d/o William B. ROSEBUSH & Martha J., witn: Thomas & Mrs. T. EDWARDS of Detroit, 12 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9151-07 Budd ELLIS, 32, elevator foreman, Ontario, Fort William, s/o David ELLIS & Melissa MITTON, married Maybell SHAW, 25, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Walter SHAW & Eliza GAGE, witn: Bernice SMITH & Pearl DONALDSON, both of Detroit, 14 Aug 1907 at Windsor
9139-07 Charles ELPHICKE, 58, widower, lake freight agent, England, Chicago, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Eda SLEIGHT, 42, Illinois, Detroit, d/o Louis SLEIGHT & Sarah B. FRISBY, witn: Victor & Elen? MARENTETTE of Windsor, 19 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9168-07 William C. ENGELS, 28, foreman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Augustus ENGELS & Minnie KLINSON, married Ida Pearl BOYCE, 18, Ontario, Ottawa Ont., d/o W. J. BOYCE & Mary SWARDFARGER, witn: Mrs. J. T. WOODBRIDGE & Bert BOYCE, both of Detroit, 21 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9307-07 Frank ENGLEBERT, 32, farmer, Michigan, Warren Mich., s/o Andrew ENGLEBERT & Barbara WIGGIN, married Annie ZIMMERMAN, 24, Michigan, Warren Mich., d/o William ZIMMERMAN & Christina RANKEY, witn: Lena HOWE & Olive SNELGROVE, both of Windsor, 19 Oct 1907 at Windsor 9612-07 George Huey EVANS, 52, laborer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o John EVANS & Catherine MYERS, married Ellen L. KELLOGG, 47, divorced, Ohio, Detroit, d/o John KELLOGG & Amelia CLARK, 22 Dec 1907 at Windsor
008736-07 (Essex Co) Roy FEDERMAN, 21, cabinet maker, Ohio, Detroit, s/o Jacob & Anna FEDERMAN, married Jessie L. SCHMITT, 21, Ohio, Detroit, d/o John SCHMITT & Anna VOGLEY, witn J. W. BRIEN & Bertha HUGHSON, of Windsor, 24 June 1907, at Windsor. 8711-07 August FEIDNER, 34, widower, moulder, New York, Marion Mich., s/o John FEIDNER & Lena WESSINGER (Messinger?), married Zoa ROWSE, 32, widow, Ohio, Marion, d/o David CORWIN & Viola GLEASON, 23 June 1907 at Windsor
9196-07 William FELTS, 31, widower, wood carver, Indiana, Rushville Ind., s/o William J. FELTS & Rebecca DOWNEY, married Maggie H. KIPLINGER, 24, Indiana, Rushville Ind., d/o Ben F. KIPLINGER & Mary E. FLEENER (Heener?), witn: John F. & Clara WILSON of Coaticook? Que., 26 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9598-07 George C. FENTON, 21, machinist, Michigan, Detroit, s/o George FENTON & Mary GUTH, married Clarinda CONTI, 22, Illinois, Detroit, d/o Joseph & Christena, witn: Olive SNELGROVE & Emma HUGHES, both of Windsor, 23 Dec 1907 at Windsor
8695-07 Edwin H. FINEGAN, 25, divorced, salesman, Michigan, Grand Rapids Mich., s/o John P. FINEGAN & Mary EBLE, married Clytie May COLBY, 22, Michigan, Grand Rapids, d/o Harry L. COLBY & Norma COLLINS, 15 June 1907 at Windsor 8706-07 Michael Edward FITZGERALD, 25, teamster, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Thomas FITZGERALD & Mary SINCLAIR, married Addie Ophemia SPENCER, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Seba SPENCER & Elizabeth PRATT, witn: Mrs. E. SPENCER & Mrs. Jennie CRAWFORD, both of Detroit, 22 June 1907 at Windsor
9257-07 Thomas Neilson FLETCHER, 26, farmer, widower, Ontario, St. Marys, s/o Robert FLETCHER & Jane CLARK, married Ethel Evelyn PULLEYBANK, 20, England, St. Marys, d/o George PULLEYBANK & Louisa CLEMENT, witn: Bertha & Muriel HUGHSON of Windsor, 13 Oct 1907 at Windsor 9210-07 Frank FOGLESON, 39, widower, machinist, Ohio, Cleveland, s/o William FOGLESON & Henrietta HERISHER, married Margaret E. DUFFY, 36, New York, Cleveland, d/o Michael DUFFY & Theresa FLYNN, witn: Eva S. JONES & A. P. HOLTON, both of Windsor, 2 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9602-07 James A. FORD, 52, widower, janitor, Ohio, Detroit, s/o James A. FORD & Annie THOMPSON, married Carrie COLBERT, 35, widow, New York, Mt. Clemens Mich., d/o John PALMER & Clara HOVER, witn: Mrs. R. L. BRADLEY & J. H. WILLIAMS, both of Windsor, 23 Dec 1907 at Windsor 08715-07 (Essex Co) Edward FOWLER, 23, farmer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Edward FOWLER & Emma ARMSTRONG, married H. Minnie LAMBERT, 24, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Mahlon LAMBERT & Elizabeth STEEN, witn Rachel MCNAUGTON of Ruscom Ont. & George O’DELL of Windsor, 26 June 1907, at Windsor.
009056/07 (Essex Co) Henry F. FRANCIS, 52, widower, printer, England, Detroit, s/o George FRANCIS & Caroline FUTVOYE, married Mary OGLE, 45, widow, Wisconsin, Detroit, d/o George SHELDON & Jane BLACKBURN, witn: Irene W. EVANS & Charles F. CURRY both of Windsor, 29 August 1907, Windsor 9579-07 Verne George GABLE, 21, tinsmith, Michigan, Cass City Mich., s/o N. GABLE & Mary REAM, married Frances HARTMAN, 29, widow, Michigan, Cass City Mich., d/o John BALDWIN & Fanny BATES, witn: Roy DODD & Louisa CURTIS, both of Windsor, 17 Dec 1907 at Windsor
9232-07 George F. GARN, 21, farmer, Ohio, Bettsville Ohio, s/o W. J. GARN & Lottie BOOR, married Chattie E. STIGER, 19, Ohio, Bettsville Ohio, d/o David STIGER & Clara LE FLURE, witn: J. E. BRADLEY & M. Etta WHITE, both of Windsor, 3 Oct 1907 at Windsor 9239-07 Earl GIBSON, 29, dry goods business, Indiana, Chicago, s/o William GIBSON & Dora LAWRENCE, married Anna N. HARIED, 30, Norway, Chicago, d/o Thorsten HARIED & Jorard SAEM, witn: F. NEAL of Sandwich, 19 Aug 1907 at Windsor
009062/07 (Essex Co) Frederick H. GILMORE, 25, undertaker, Ohio, Parkman Ohio, s/o H. W. GILMORE & Alice HENRY, married Lena Ellen HOOD, 27, Ohio, Parkman Ohio, d/o Samuel HOOD & Amelia GILES, witn: Amelia OLIVER & Hazel OLIVER both of Windsor, 15 August 1907, Windsor 008719-07 (Essex Co) Homer GOING, 28, laborer, Michigan, Pontiac Mich., s/o William GOING & Phoebe CLARKE, married Ella GREER, 32, Michigan, Pontiac, d/o James GREER & Alice SUITTE (SERISTTI?), witn Clark F. LOGAN of Ripley Ont. & Ira H. HICKS of Windsor, 17 June 1907, at Windsor.
8700-07 Herman GREEN, 42, divorced, Furrier, Germany, Toledo Ohio, s/o Herman GREEN & Goldy CLINE, married Jennie PERLSTEIN, 28, Ohio, Toledo, d/o Levi PERLSTEIN & Rozela BEBEE, 18 June 1907 at Windsor (Hebrew) 9163-07 Bert Ed GRIFFETH, 21, machinist, Michigan, Galesburg Mich., s/o George B. GRIFFETH & Carrie HALLEY, married Bernice Eunice HOLDEN, 18, Michigan, Richland Mich., d/o John HOLDEN & Tona ROLLEY, witn: H. L. & Mrs. H. L. HOYT of Richland, 20 Sept 1907 at Windsor
8699-07 Walter Dunlop GROVES, 50, widower, mail carrier, Ohio, Kalamazoo Mich., s/o William GROVES & Jane HILLOCK, married Lena KNAPP, 40, divorced, Maryland, Kalamazoo, d/o Adam WILDERMUTH & Louise GROTHE, 18 June 1907 at Windsor 8671-07 William F. GRUNO, 26, salesman, Illinois, Saginaw Mich., s/o Justin & Bertha, married Jessie Pearl STEVENS, 23, Michigan, Saginaw, d/o Wallace P. STEVENS & Valetta CRONE, witn: E. A. KIMMERLY of Windsor, 9 June 1907 at Windsor
9309-07 John William GURRY, 28, city fireman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Edward GURRY & Anna ALLEN, married Bessie CATLIN (Cattin?), 29, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Henry CATLIN & Catherine VOGT, witn: Anna D. CATLIN of Detroit & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 22 Oct 1907 at Windsor #007556-08 (Essex Co): Herbert H. HABEL, 19, printer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Henry HABEL & Augusta RUTZ, married Josephine McNAMARA, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Sashfield McNAMARA & Bridget RILEY, witn: A.D. DICE of Milton & C.R. CHADWICK of Windsor, 31 Dec 1907 at Windsor
9191-07 Russell Howe HAGGINS, 24, farmer, Ontario, Gosfield South, s/o John HAGGINS & Amanda HOWE, married Mary Louise KENNEDY, 22, Ontario, Windsor, d/o David KENNEDY & Sarah Jane ROBERTSON, witn: Agnes HAGGINS of Detroit & Mabel KENNEDY of Windsor, 25 Sept 1907 at Windsor 8744-07 William James HAMLYN, 31, shipping clerk, Quebec, Detroit, s/o James & Mary, married Minnie A. BEAUFAIT, 31, divorced, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Charles BEAUFAIT & Matilda CARROLL, witn: Hazel & Louis BEAUFAIT of Detroit, 29 June 1907 at Windsor
9154-07 Clace (Chas?) L. HAMMEL, 21, clerk, Ohio, Cleveland, s/o M. C. HAMMEL & Jennie C. REYNOLDS, married Ethel B. BEIGHLEE, 22, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, d/o Martin C. BEIGHLEE & Mary C. GILLESPIE, witn: Elizabeth BUTCHER & Maria PRINGLE, both of Windsor, 17 Aug 1907 at Windsor 9262-07 John HANES, 24, coachman, Ohio, Detroit, s/o Henry HANES & Louie ANDERSON, married Myrtle HARRISON, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Asbury HARRISON & Jenny BURNS, witn: Selina WITT of Windsor, 10 Oct 1907 at Windsor
008724-07 (Essex Co) Frank W. HARMON, 41, widower, carriage -------?, New Brunswick, Windsor, s/o W. B. HARMON & Elizabeth BROWN, married Evelina JOHNSON, 36, widow, England, Windsor, d/o William KIRKBY & Emma RAWLINGSON, witn Ella NORMAN of Detroit & Aurelia OLIVER of Windsor, 22 June 1907, at Windsor. 9609-07 Sidney HARRIS, 25, music publisher, England, Detroit, s/o Philip HARRIS & Margaret RUSSELL, married Marie FLANELLY, 25, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Andrew FLANELLY & Mary WILSON, 15 Dec 1907 at Windsor
9201-07 Francis Nelson HARVEY, 27, clerk, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Nelson HARVEY & Victoria BRUSSO, married Mollie Alice RHOESA, 26, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Adolph RHOESA & Alexandrine KIRKER, witn: Olive SNELGROVE of Windsor & Joseph E. HARVEY of Detroit, 19 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9596-07 William A. HAY, 38, widower, tailor, Scotland, Cleveland Ohio, s/o John HAY & Jean McDONALD, married Lily E. KENDRICK, 42, Ohio, Cleveland, d/o John C. KENDRICK & Sarah TRAVER, witn: Mary HOWE & Emma HUGHES, both of Windsor, 21 Dec 1907 at Windsor
008733-07 (Essex Co) John HAYES, 36, bartender, Massachusetts, Detroit, s/o John HAYES & Mary SWEENEY, married Bella TORRY, 29, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Alex TORRY & Sarah HAMILTON, witn Anna DALE & Bertha HUGHSON, of Windsor, 21 June 1907, at Windsor. 8750-07 Walter John HAYES, 31, banker, Michigan, Detroit, s/o John HAYES & Sarah J. WALTER, married Ida Berford ELLIS, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o H.T.W. ELLIS & Ida STAYNER, witn: W.H. CONSTAINE of Detroit & Mary F. BARTLETT of Charlottetown, 1 June 1907 at Windsor
#008087-07 (Essex Co): Russell illegible HAZZARD, 41, US army officer, Louisville Kentucky, Detroit, d/o William HAZZARD & Miriam SPURGEON, married Mary Ann MASATH, 24, Detroit, same, d/o John Albert MASATH & Jane STEVENSON, witn: Edith BATTERSBY & Jane PURSELL, both of Walkerville, 30 Dec 1907 at Walkerville 9578-07 Nathaniel HEAD, 19, bridge carpenter, Indiana, Ligonier? Indiana, s/o Thomas HEAD & Hattie MARKER, married Ceclia L. GARRETTE, 19, Ohio, Ligonier? Ind., d/o John GARRETTE & Susie FLOWERS, 17 Dec 1907 at Windsor
9310-07 Erle HEATH, 20, lumberyard man, Pennsylvania, Pittsburg Penn., s/o W.H. HEATH & Jennie HARRISON, married Nellie DONNELLY, 18, Pennsylvania, Pittsburg Penn., d/o James DONNELLY & Margaret CLIFFORD, witn: Jessie MULLINS & Jean MANNING, both of Windsor, 21 Oct 1907 at Windsor 9570-07 Howard HEATON, 22, agent, Ontario, Harrow Ont., s/o Robert HEATON & Helen HALL, married Fay BASSETT, 19, Michigan, Harrow, d/o C. H. BASSETT & Susan ILER, 4 Dec 1907 at Windsor
9228-07 Harry V. HEARD, 27, mechanical engineer, Ontario, Detroit, s/o harry G. HEARD & Frances DURHAM, married Mildred H. COPELAND, 27, Michigan, Detroit, d/o James COPELAND & Ida SHERMAN, witn: Jessie MULLINS of Windsor, 1 Oct 1907 at Windsor 9179-07 Henry J. HECKMAN, 21, farmer, Michigan, Mt. Clemens Mich., s/o William HECKMAN & Sophia PETERS, married Lucy SCHULZ, 18, Michigan, Mt. Clemens Mich., d/o Ferdinand SCHULZ & Minnie KALDING, witn: Ella NORMAN of Detroit, 4 Sept 1907 at Windsor
009060/07 (Essex Co) Frank C. HEGENER, 39, traveling salesman, Ohio, Cleveland, s/o Henry HEGENER & Wilhelmina KRULL, married Laura CHARLWOOD, 28, Ontario, Cleveland, d/o James CHARLWOOD & Jane PRATT, witn: James TEMPLETON & Amelia OLIVER both of Windsor, 13 August 1907, Windsor 9249-07 George E. HESTER, 41, widower, travelling performer, Illinois, Cleveland, s/o Edward HESTER & Elizabeth SMILE, married Anna A. CLARK, 27, Ohio, Cleveland, d/o Martin CLARK & Mary KELLY, 19 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9141-07 Thomas Gilbert HEWSON, 29, shipping clerk, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Thomas HEWSON & Jane C. MARSH, married Emma Esther WILSON, 29, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Daniel G. WILSON & Sarah J. QUANTRELL, witn: Lulu F--ATER? & J. D. FRAYER, both of Detroit, 1 Aug 1907 at Windsor #008085-07 (Essex Co): Otis HIDDEN, 40, widower, engineer, Dearborn Mich., Detroit, s/o William HIDDEN & Sarah HAZZARD, married Bertha KING, 34, widow, Frazer Mich., Detroit, d/o Frederick GLADERY & Helen SCHREIBER, witn: Mabel BEATON of Walkerville, 9 Dec 1907 at Walkerville
009054/07 (Essex Co) Louis R. HILKE, 25, plumber, Pennsylvania, Pittsburg, s/o Louis HILKE & Charlotte YOUNG, married Eliz M. ROLL, 23, Pennsylvania, Pittsburg, d/o Simon ROLL & Catherine FRANCIS, witn: C.R. CHADWICK & Lizzie CARTER both of Windsor, 22 August 1907, Windsor 009061/07 (Essex Co) Charles Wesley HIMEBAUGH, 41, contractor, Indiana, Goshen Indiana, s/o John HIMEBAUGH & Annie JAMESON, married Emma Alice MARM (Marne?), 41, Indiana, Goshen, d/o Samuel MARM & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Mrs. Fanny LONG of Union Ontario & Iva H. HICKS of Windsor, 14 August 1907, Windsor
8708-07 Euclid HINES, 68, widower, Louisiana, Windsor, s/o McDonald HINES & Fannie QUIGLEY, married Lottie ILES, 36, widow, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Thomas ILES & Mary WILKES, witn: P.W. EIDSON of Ypsilanti Mich & Mrs. R. L. BRADLEY of Windsor, 7 June 1907 at Windsor 9225-07 Frank S. HINKSTON, 28, photographer, Illinois, Detroit, s/o Harmon HINKSTON & Alvira SMITH, married Ella May REIGER, 23, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Charles REIGER & Elizabeth REID, 24 Sept 1907 at Windsor
8698-07 George A. HIRSCH, 27, grain business, Ohio, Celina O., s/o George HIRSCH & Mary KANMEIER, married Minnie K. GOGGINS, 25, Michigan, Celina, d/o James GOGGINS & Barbara RUSCH, 16 June 1907 at Windsor 8697-07 Earl F. HODGES, 24, agriculturist, Wauseau O., Windsor, s/o James HODGES & Margaret YEAGER, married Stella BAYES, 30, Ohio, Wauseau, d/o Lorenzo BAYES & Phoebe GATES, 16 June 1907 at Windsor
9563-07 Albert M. HOLDERNESS, 21, carpenter, Ontario, Walkerton Ont., s/o Austin HOLDERNESS & Jane PRIOR, married Edna B. ARMSTRONG, 22, Michigan, Detroit, d/o James & Elizabeth, wtn: H. O. HOLDERNESS of Detroit & M. A. THORPE of Windsor, 4 Dec 1907 at Windsor 8743-07 Eldred J. HORNING, 24, tailor, Ohio, Detroit, s/o Edward B. HORNING & Clara E. SMITH, married Caroline VINCENT, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Philip VINCENT & Mary PERRY, witn: Agnes SHIELDS & M. F. TOLMIE, both of Windsor, 29 June 1907 at Windsor
9608-07 Fred Benjamin HOTCHKISS, 34, farmer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Benjamin D. HOTCHKISS & Hattie E. BAIN, married Nellie BELLANGER, 38, divorced, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Harvey DUPREW & Theresa DUBY, witn: Elmer BELLANGER of Detroit, 14 Dec 1907 at Windsor 8748-07 William HOWARD, 44, widower, salesman, Wisconsin, Detroit, s/o W.H. HOWARD & Sarah AYRES, married Alma GIBBS, 35, widow, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Reuben LYTER & Margaret WAYSTEAL, witn: Dexter W. CRAIG of Leamington & Emma ZIMMERMAN of Detroit, 29 June 1907 at Windsor
8707-07 Edward HOWELL, 40, laborer, North Carolina, Windsor, s/o Alexander HOWELL & Sarah HARDY, married Sarah HUTTLER, 37, widow, Ontario, Windsor, d/o William SHORTS & Merilda AKINS, witn: Oliver BOSTON & Lilian THOMPSON, both of Windsor, 25 May 1907 9162-07 Homer Low HOYT, 22, baker, Michigan, Richland Mich., s/o William HOYT & Emma PENNANT, married Dorothy Cloe CASIDY (Cassidy?), 19, Michigan, Richland Mich., d/o Jacob CASIDY & Betsy WILCOX, witn: B. E. GRIFFETH of Galesburg Mich & Bernice E. HOLDEN of Richland, 20 Sept 1907 at Windsor
  009058/07 (Essex Co) Charles HUGHES, 24, laborer, Ohio, Bellefontaine Ohio, s/o John HUGHES & Emily WILGUS, married Lovina EVANS, 18, Ohio, Canton Ohio, d/o William EVANS & Mattie WEIR, witn: Eva S. JONES & C. R. CHADWICK both of Windsor, 31 August 1907, Windsor
9569-07 Ed Henry INGLES, 25, bar keeper, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Ed INGLES & Annie PRIMROSE, married Katherine KING, 30, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Bolton KING & blank, 3 Dec 1907 at Windsor 9567-07 Robert INGRAM, 21, conductor, Tennessee, Detroit, s/o Isaac INGRAM & Mary DUNCAN, married Helen WINES, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o James WINES & Della BENDER, 10 Dec 1907 at Windsor
9607-07 Joseph IRVING, 39, widower, carpenter, Ontario, Detroit, s/o James IRVING & Jane SANDERS, married Maggie S. MORTON, 40, Ontario, Detroit, d/o John MORTON & Anna WONNICOTT, 14 Dec 1907 at Windsor 9576-07 Fred JACKSON, 21, carpenter, Ohio, Windsor, s/o Perry JACKSON & Jane CUPP, married Emma LAVERTY, 18, Michigan, same, d/o John LAVERTY & Caroline DIETRICH, 15 Dec 1907 at Windsor
9586-07 David B. JAMESON, 38, widower, Ontario, Detroit, s/o William JAMESON & Isabel BEST, married Cora E. HOPKINS, 37, widow, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Moses WOOD & Louisa BATES, 15 Dec 1907 at Windsor #008077-07 (Essex Co): Hugh JAMIESON, 28, assistant manager, Detroit, Walkerville, s/o Alexander JAMIESON & Isabella McDONALD, married Eva WHITELY, 27, Paris Ont., Walkerville, d/o Joseph WHITELY & Martha MARSDEN, witn: Ethel B. PARKS of Sandwich Ont. & Joseph WHITELY of Walkerville, 25 Sept 1907 at Walkerville
8740-07 Alfred Kitchen JEFFREY, 29, widower, baker, Ontario, Mt. Clemens Mich., s/o George JEFFREY & Augusta WIGLE, married Maud Olive TORN, 29, widow, Michigan, Mt. Clemens Mich., d/o John GWOLEY (Grooley?) & Ella MOORE, witn: Amelia OLIVER & Leah BRETT, both of Windsor, 27 June 1907 at Windsor 9143-07 John H. JENNINGS, 27, ice pedlar, Ontario, Pontiac Mich., s/o John JENNINGS & Mary ROBISON, married Annabelle WATSON, 27, Ontario, Pontiac Mich., d/o Henry WATSON & Anna SHAW, 7 Aug 1907 at Windsor
009055/07 (Essex Co) Ernest T. JEWELL, 24, draughtsman, England, Detroit, s/o Eli JEWELL & Adeline CLUFF, married Rella McKENZIE, 22, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Finlay McKENZIE & Helen CUMMINGS, witn: E.A. McCRAE & D.D. ROGERS both of Windsor, 24 August 1907, Windsor 9184-07 Robert JOHNS, 25, harness maker, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Charles JOHNS & Mary MILLER, married Lillian Isabella DENCH, 21, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Josiah DENCH & Elizabeth MITCHELL, witn: Iva H. HICKS of Windsor & Mrs. Fanny LONG of Union Ont., 16 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9580-07 John Wesley JONES, 46, widower, carpenter, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o James JONES & Jane HARRIS, married Mabel HAWKINS, 33, Ontario, Stratford, d/o George HAWKINS & Lydia HOOK, witn: John GRANT & Louisa CURTIS, both of Windsor, 17 Dec 1907 at Windsor 9150-07 Edward C. KAINTZ, 24, picture frame maker, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, s/o John KAINTZ & Louisa HUSSMAN, married Ida KUNTZ, 22, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, d/o John KUNTZ & Amelia SELLER, witn: Carrie SHIELLS & Retta ROADHOUSE, both of Windsor, 14 Aug 1907 at Windsor
9203-07 William Frederick KAISER, 21, brick layer, Indiana, Michigan City Indiana, s/o Charles KAISER & Anna WITTE, married Linda Lena SASS, 18, Indiana, Michigan City Ind., d/o August SASS & Julia KONKY, witn: Maggie PARSONS & Emma HUGHES, both of Windsor, 25 Sept 1907 at Windsor 8674-07 Richard KEELEY, 28, iron worker, Kentucky, Dayton Ky., s/o David & blank, married Lena Beulah CROUCH, 21, New York, Binghampton NY, d/o Wallace CROUCH & Carrie BARLOW, witn: M. McKINNEY & Bertha HUGHSON, both of Windsor, 18 June 197 at Windsor
8690-07 Francis (Fred?) Dent KEENER, 28, moulder, Missouri, Port Huron, s/o Fred KEENER & Malvina STAHLEY, married Lesta RICHARDSON, 18, Michigan, Port Huron, d/o Edwin RICHARDSON & Ella CLENDENNING, witn: W.F. TOLMIE & Maria PRINGLE, both of Windsor, 8 June 1907 at Windsor 008730-07 (Essex Co) Frank KEILLOR, 26, sheet iron worker, (no birth place), Detroit, s/o William E. KEILLER & Ada GOURLEY, married Ida HARDY, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Joseph HARDY & Mary PRIEST, witn M. F. TOLMIE & Maria PRINGLE, of Windsor, 26 June 1907, at Windsor.
008729-07 (Essex Co) William Alex KENNEDY, 23, pattern maker, Ontario, Chicago, s/o Alex KENNEDY & Mary Ann TAYLOR, married Josephine HULSIZER,, 27, Pennsylvania, Chicago, d/o Joshua HULSIZER & Christiana DILLON, witn M. F. TOLMIE & Maria PRINGLE, of Windsor, 26 June 1907, at Windsor. 9591-07 Fred KERN, 33, plasterer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Peter KERN & Frederika GEPPARD, married Minnie BLAIR, 23, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Joseph BLAIR & Julia RUSHLOW, witn: Mary HOWE & Elizabeth SMITH, both of Windsor, 12 Dec 1907 at Windsor
9202-07 Martin Edward KILDUFF, 30, shirt cutter, Michigan, Ionia Mich., s/o Martin KILDUFF & Matilda McGANNON, married Myrtle May AUSTIN, 25, Michigan, South Ionia Mich., d/o George AUSTIN & Ellen HELMAR, witn: B. R. MOORE & Olive SNELGROVE, both of Windsor, 21 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9149-07 Otho (Otto?) Brown KISSELL, 23, pot maker, New Jersey, Findley O., s/o Isaac P. KISSELL & Ella MARSHALL, married Elpha Dale KNEPPER, 20, Ohio, Findley O, d/o Gideon C. KNEPPER & Sarah HOSLER, witn: Retta ROADHOUSE & Carrie SHIELLS, both of Windsor, 13 Aug 1907 at Windsor
#008081-07 (Essex Co): Arthur B. KOCH, 21, moulder, Detroit Mich., same, s/o Charles KOCH & Elizabeth BLASS, married Elizabeth M. YORK, 18, Detroit Mich., same, d/o Joseph YORK & Mary MAYER, witn: Lena WOOBRATH of Detroit & Cenda MALOTT of Coltran? Ont., 16 Nov 1907 at Walkerville 9589-07 George August KOCH, 37, widower, grocer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Charles KOCH & Sophia WOLF, married Carrie PETERSON, 33, widow, Sweden, Detroit, d/o Magnus PETERSON & Clara BOWMAN, witn: Muriel & Bertha HUGHSON of Windsor, 18 Dec 1907 at Windsor
9597-07 August KUENZEL, 45, widower, book keeper, Germany, Detroit, s/o Frantz KUENZEL & Catherine SCHUSTER, married Catherine T. KELMEL, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Lawrence KELMEL & Annie STREIT, wtn: Edward HOWE & Olive SNELGROVE, both of Windsor, 22 Dec 1907 at Windsor 9587-07 Sylvester D. KUHRY, 22, clerk, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Anthony KUHRY & Ellen McGOWAN, married Margaret Gable BYERS, 22, widow, Ohio, Detroit, d/o Jacob GABLE & Katherine, witn: W. H. PETTIT of Toronto & Bertha HUGHSON of Windsor, 17 Dec 1907 at Windsor
9573-07 Ernest KUNTZ, 22, lithographer, Switzerland, Detroit, s/o Jacob KUNTZ & Rosena HABBEGGER, married Louise PFEIFFER, 26, Switzerland, Detroit, d/o Fred PFEIFFER & Caroline SPOERULE, witn: Jennie KANADY & Bertha HUGHSON, both of Windsor, 10 Dec 1907 at Windsor 009065/07 (Essex Co) Edward F. LAKE, 35, shoemaker, Bradford Massachusetts, Detroit, s/o Thomas LAKE & M. LAUER, married Elizabeth LAUER, 25, Michigan, Detroit, d/o M. KIMBALL & Francis LAWRENCE, witn: James OLIVER & Amelia OLIVER both of Windsor, 17 August 1907, Windsor
9213-07 Bert LATHROP, 35, clerk, Michigan, Union City, s/o Ferdinand LATHROP & Helen HOPKINS, married Ola WHEELER, 42, widow, Michigan, Union City, d/o George WHELAN & Lydia ARMSTRONG, witn: Florence BOYNTON of Union City, 3 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9195-07 Frank LAVINE, 24, locomotive fireman, Michigan, Ypsilanti Mich., s/o Joseph & Marion, married Margaret O'DONNELL, 27, widow, Michigan, Detroit, d/o James O'DONNELL & Katherine KEARNEY, witn: Neil JOHNSTON of Detroit & Lizzie PITTALOE of Jackson Mich., 29 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9238-07 Emanuel LE FEVE, 26, brick mason, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Emanuel LE FEVE & Julia TERESE, married Lillian RICKETTS, 26, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Alexander RICKETTS & Mary DELGROAT, witn: Maria & Jane PRINGLE of Windsor, 19 Aug 1907 at Windsor 9180-07 Ernest E. LEFEVRE, 25, baker, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John LEFEVRE & Charlotte BRAZIER, married Elvia DEWHIRST, 19, Ontario, Windsor, d/o John DEWHIRST & Grace McCAULEY, 6 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9144-07 Edward E. LEIBLEIN, 38, druggist, Ohio, Detroit, s/o George W. LEIBLEIN & Rosina PFEIFFLER, married Florence KEYS, 27, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Robert KEYS & Elizabeth STEWART, 7 Aug 1907 at Windsor 9187-07 Joseph LEONARD, 24, teamster, Michigan, Detroit, s/o James & Annie, married Cora St.CLAIR, 25, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Oliver St.CLAIR & Margaret BURGESS, witn: Martin & Frances EDWARDS of Detroit, 19 Sept 1907 at Windsor
008734-07 (Essex Co) Robert LOSHAW, 26, farmer, Ontario, Plympton Ont., s/o Mitchell LOSHAW & Annie COLLINS, married Blanche KING, 19, Michigan, Plympton Ont., Michigan, d/o George KING & Elizabeth MCINTYRE, witn Jennie (Jessie?) KANADY & Forest F. BELL, of Windsor, 24 June 1907, at Windsor. 9194-07 Iva C. LOWE, 29, gentleman, Michigan, Cody Wyoming, s/o Delbert M. LOWE & Dolly E. NORTHWOOD, married Gertrude BERTRAND, 26, New York, Carthage NY, d/o Peter BERTRAND & Mary MORRISON, witn: Mrs. Guy GROOMS of Detroit & Elizabeth HICKS of Windsor, 26 Sept 1907 at Windsor
008722-07 (Essex Co) Joseph P. MANOGUE, 53, widower, solicitor, s/o Lawrence MANOGUE & Julia KING, married Marie Louise BRAMMER, 24, Ohio, Glen Este O., d/o James BRAMMER & Hannah HICKS, witn Charis COULTER & Austin OLIVIER, of Windsor, 20 June 1907, at Windsor. 9197-07 Arthur illegible MARRIOTT, 26, physician, Virginia, Detroit, s/o Charles MARRIOTT & Eliz. DENOCHER, married Eva May STAMP, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o George STAMP & Jessie EDWARDS, witn: John F. & Clara WILSON of Coaticook Que., 26 Sept 1907 at Windsor
8742-07 Albert Abbott MARSHALL, 23, carpenter, Ontario, Detroit, s/o James N. MARSHALL & Elizabeth CARTWRIGHT, married Josephine BELCOUR, 18, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Joseph BELCOUR & Aggie GIRDAIN, witn: Paul & Caroline LABUDDE of Detroit, 29 June 1907 at Windsor 9595-07 James Louis MARTIN, 27, marine engineer, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Edward MARTIN & Nellie CROW, married Carrie A. SIMPSON, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Henry SIMPSON & Maria WARNER, witn: Mary HOWE & Olive SNELGROVE, both of Windsor, 21 Dec 1907 at Windsor
008718-07 (Essex Co) George Willis MASON, 20, office assistant, Michigan, Detroit, s/o D. Willis MASON & Clara WEGG, married Pearl Leonard KAUMEYER (Kanmeyer?), 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Leonard M. KAUMEYER & Eleanor STREETER, witn Lloyd MCBRAYNE of Walkerville & Myrtle E. LOWEY? of Windsor, 12 June 1907, at Windsor. 9158-07 Peter MAYER, 26, barber, Hungary, Detroit, s/o Barnwath? MAYER & Marie MAURER, married Marie LANT, 21, Hungary, Detroit, d/o Nickolaus LANT & Katarine MASNER, witn: George A. STEINER & Mathias MAYER, both of Detroit, 17 Sept 1907 at Windsor
8701-07 John Adams MAYER, 22, switchman, Ohio, Sandusky Ohio, s/o John A. MAYER & Frances SUTTER, married Irene May BLACK, 18, Illinois, Sandusky, d/o Simon BLACK & Annie WIMINER?, 19 June 1907 at Windsor 008726-07 (Essex Co) Arthur L. MCBRAYNE, 24, machinist, Ontario, Walkerville Ont., s/o Dugald MCBRAYNE & Maggie BELL, married Myrtle E. LONEY, 19, Michigan, Windsor, d/o William LONEY & Eliza A. POTTER, witn W.E. LONEY of Windsor & Leora MCBRAYNE of Walkerville, 26 June 1907, at Windsor.
8685-07 John D. McCLAIN, 42, divorced, superintendent Bears Foundry, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, s/o John B. McCLAIN & Rebecca VAUGHN, married Georgia F. FLECK, 37, widow, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, d/o Philip FERNSELL & Sarah COY, witn: William FERNSELL of illegible Willow Ohio, 5 June 1907 at Windsor 008717-07 (Essex Co) Alexander MCCOMB, 46, stonecutter, Scotland, Detroit, s/o James MCCOMB & Helen CAMPBELL, married Caroline HUSACK, 42, Germany, Detroit, d/o R. HUSACK & Gete? JORDON, witn Mrs. James OLIVER & Hazel OLIVER, of Windsor, 12 June 1907, at Windsor.
8689-07 John McCONVILLE, 49, divorced, farmer, Ireland, Jackson Mich., s/o Patrick & Helena, married Estella GRABER, 48, divorced New York, Jackson, d/o Herman DAVIS & Emily SHERWOOD, 7 June 1907 at Windsor 8678-07 Terence? (Francis?) Kingsley McDONALD, 21, farmer, Ontario, Marine City Mich., s/o John A. McDONALD & Nancy CONLIN, married Laura SAPH, 18, Michigan, Marine City Mich., d/o C. H SAPH & Phoebe YOUNG, witn: Jean MANNING & Louisa CURTIS, both of Windsor, 17 June 1907 at Windsor
#009845-09 (Essex Co): William Henry McDOWELL, 25, farm hand, of Sandwich twp., s/o William McDOWELL (farmer) & Jane SECORD, married Mabel NESS, 19, of Sandwich twp., d/o Henry NESS (farmer) & Annie RODD, 25 Dec 1906 at Sandwich South 008732-07 (Essex Co) Jos. A. MCGARVAH, 25, physician, Ontario, Fowlerville Mich., s/o James MCGARVAH & Mary J. LANSPEARY, married Ethel Mae THOMPSON, 23, Ontario, Windsor, d/o George THOMPSON & Mary Ann PACE, witn C.D. BROOKS of Detroit & Jessie MCGARVAH of Windsor, 19 June 1907, at Windsor.
9242-07 James Nelson McINTOSH, 23, railway man, Ontario, Tilbury, s/o William McINTOSH & Euphemia McSWEEN, married Margaret Ruth GARBUTT, 20, Ontario, Tilbury, d/o Newman GARBUTT & Eleanor ROCK, 20 Aug 1907 at Windsor 9256-07 Fred McINTYRE, 24, baker, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Peter McINTYRE & Arvilla WALTERS, married Irene VINCENT, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Ed VINCENT & Elizabeth ROBINSON, witn: G. L. & Bertha HUGHSON of Windsor, 9 Oct 1907 at Windsor
9214-07 Forrest McLEAN, 24. machinist, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Annis McLEAN & Virginia BOIDOIN, married Myrtle VANDERBURG, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Gilbert VANDERBURG & Orpha ADAIR, witn: J. H. ADAIR of Detroit & Alta McLEAN of Sandwich, 9 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9207-07 Henry C. McLEOD, 57, widower, sheet metal worker, Michigan, Detroit, s/o William McLEOD & Mary Ann FOY, married Virginia GERMAIN, 53, widow, New York, Detroit, d/o Peter LIMBERT & Lucy LOBISKY, witn: Ida BAXTER & Minnie SMITH, both of Windsor, 28 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9254-07 Jesse MEAD, 23, street car conductor, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Joseph MEAD & Anna DAVIS, married Jennie SMITH, 23, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Henry SMITH & Mary CALLINDER, 9 Oct 1907 at Windsor 9217-07 Karl A. MEINKE, 34, surveyor, Ontario, Sault Ste. Marie Mich., s/o August MEINKE & Carrie ISRAEL, married Mary G. KENT, 26, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o Henry KENT & Dorcas COAHET, witn: Mable McKILLOP of Walkerville & Hazel F. GILLIAN of London, 12 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9178-07 Nadjim MERHIGE, 42, widower, Palestine, Grand Rapids Mich., s/o Daker MERHIGE & Nestas KIAMY, married Alta Josephine KIBBY, 45, widow, Michigan, Grand Rapids, d/o William LANDON & Mary FRY, witn: Hazel & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 3 Sept 1907 at Windsor 8702-07 Charles MERRILL, 31, divorced, doctor, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Harvey M. MERRILL & Amanda BILLINGS, married Corine De Forest GRAY, 30, widow, Michigan, Detroit, d/o William C. ROSS & Lydia BALSLEY, 19 June 1907 at Windsor
9164-07 John MIDBACH, 22, brick layer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Charles MIDBACH & Justina TRENGLOW, married Elizabeth COTTIN, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Edward COTTIN & Mary TROUDLE, witn: J. KEELEY & J. GERARD, both of Windsor, 21 Sept 1907 at Windsor 8663-07 Frank MILLER, 26, car whacker?, Ohio, Detroit, s/o John MILLER & Annie EBERT, married Nellie WILLMOUTH, 25, Ohio, Detroit, d/o Thomas WILLMOUTH & Bridget TURNER, witn: A. D. LEAROYD & Jean MANNING, both of Windsor, 9 June 1907 at Windsor
9153-07 Harry A. MILLER, 21, rubber worker, Ohio, Akron Ohio, s/o Charles W. MILLER & Mary STEIN, married Hattie Beulah VIEVING, Ohio, Millersburg O., d/o Louis VIEVING & Dorothy HEILMANN, witn: Maria & Jane PRINGLE of Windsor, 17 Aug 1907 at Windsor 9189-07 William John MILLER, 37, widower, farmer, Germany, Novi Mich., s/o Fred MILLER & Eliza FREITAG, married Ida ROTTSCHALK, 26, widow, Germany, Novi Mich., d/o William RESCH & Johanna BARGE, witn: James TEMPLETON & Amelia OLIVER, both of Windsor, 24 Sept 1907 at Windsor
8681-07 H. Stuart MINCHIN, 20, trimmer, Michigan, Pontiac Mich., s/o Jesse MINCHIN & Minnie MURRAY, married Mae E. CHAMBERLAIN, 18, Michigan, Pontiac, d/o Charles CHAMBERLAIN & Della ZEAGER, 19 June 1907 at Windsor 8688-07 Albert R. C. MONTGOMERY, 28, insurance agent, Indiana, Toledo Ohio, s/o John M. MONTGOMERY & Frances C. WRIGHT, married Florence ACKER, 26, Ohio, Fayette O., d/o William M. ACKER & Ella ACKLEY, 7 June 1907 at Windsor
9182-07 William Thomas MOORE, 42, widower, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Lenora MONTGOMERY, 47, widow, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Eli WILSON & Susan WHEELER, witn: Bessie TAYLOR of Detroit & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 9 Sept 1907 at Windsor 008721-07 (Essex Co) Charles MORGAN, 23, laborer, West Virginia, Flat Rock Mich., s/o John MORGAN & Rose SHAFER, married Edith WEST, 22, widower, Michigan, Flat Rock, d/o John FRENCH & Anna PETERS, witn Ira H. HICKS & Myrtle LOWEY (LONEY?), of Windsor, 19 June 1907, at Windsor.
008723-07 (Essex Co) James A. MORRISON, 26, machinist, Michigan, Bay City Mich., s/o Alex MORRISON & Elizabeth GRAHAM, married Winnifred WILSON, 23, Michigan, Saginaw Mich., d/o Joseph WILSON & Alfretta WILLIS, witn Harry L. SECKELL & Grace M. SECKELL, of Bay City Mich., 22 June 1907, at Windsor. 9167-07 Frank Alex MORSE, 22, auto assembler, Ohio, Cleveland, s/o F. A. MORSE & Jessie M. WHEELOCK, married Ellen Jane CAMERON, 19, Kansas, Cleveland, d/o James C. CAMERON & Rose WHEELOCK, witn: LeGrand N. & Mrs. L. G. MORGAN of Cleveland, 21 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9592-07 Percy John MORTON, 26, salesman, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Thomas MORTON & Mary O'CONNOR, married Emma BUCKBERROUGH, 27, Ontario, Windsor, d/o James BUCKBERROUGH & Elizabeth THOMPSON, 14 Dec 1907 at Windsor 9248-07 Edward Scott MOUNTEER, 21, book keeper, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Albert C. MOUNTEER & Hattie CLARK, married Mabel Estelle MARLOTT, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Frank W. MARLOTT & Mary COLLINS, 2 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9564-07 Leonard A. MULLIGAN, 21, draughtsman, Lima O., Windsor, s/o T. J. MULLIGAN & Catherine ANDERSON, married Olive MILLER, 19, Ohio, Lima O., d/o Herbert MILER & Lillie WHITE, witn: M.A. THORPE & Laura BOND, both of Windsor, 4 Dec 1907 at Windsor 9160-07 Clark Joseph MUMBRUE (Mumbren?), 24, painter, Michigan, Marshall Mich., s/o Henry MUMBREN & Eva GERRY, married Minnie FORSYTH, 21, Michigan, Ypsilanti Mich., d/o Fred FORSYTH & Retta BOOER (Bover?), witn: M. V. McKINNEY of Windsor & Miss E. DOWNS of Detroit, 18 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9241-07 Albert Henry NEVIN, 40, farmer, Ontario, Sandwich East, s/o Joseph NEVIN & Ellen WILSON, married Nancy LENNOX, 35, Ireland, Maidstone, d/o Thomas LENNOX & Margaret MURPHY, witn: Elizabeth LENNOX of Puce & M. S. CLAPP of Tecumseh, 20 Aug 1907 at Windsor 9222-07 Charles NICHELS, 19, raiilroading, Ohio, Cleveland, s/o John NICKELS (sic) & Augusta REIKOWSKI, married Pauline GORKE, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Emil GORKE & Mary KROLE, 23 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9172-07 Wylie R. NICHOLLS, 21, meat cutter, Ontario, Jackson Mich., s/o Thomas C. NICHOLLS & Mary SMARLY, married Nellie BURNETT, 20, Michigan, Jackson Mich., d/o James A. BURNETT & Carrie C. JEWETT, witn: H. H. Mrs. H.H. WENGER of Jackson, 25 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9246-07 Joseph NOEL, 38, divorced, Quebec, Detroit, s/o Anthony NOEL & Marion BASTIEN, married Malinda WEIR, 40, widow, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Lorenzo WEIR & Eliza BERTRAND, witn: Lizzie CARON & M. F. TOLMIE, both of Windsor, 28 Aug 1907 at Windsor
9251-07 Dan O’HARE, 68, widow, mill operator, Ontario, Saginaw Mich., s/o John O’HARE & Rosana McEWAN, married Johanna McGINNIS, 62, widow, New York, Cleveland, d/o blank GAHAN & Catherine COSTELLO, witn: Bessie WILSON of Coaticook Que., 1 Oct 1907 at Windsor 9312-07 Parmer? OLMSTED, 26, assembler, Michigan, Detroit, s/o William OLMSTED & Lola CHAPMAN, married Julia L. JENNINGS, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Patrick JENNINGS & Mary Ann POLLOCK, witn: Paul & Jean MANNING of Windsor, 21 Oct. 1907 at Windsor
009057/07 (Essex Co) Thomas E. O'NEIL, 27, butcher, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Thomas E. O'NEIL & Ursula BENOIT, married Violet W. WILSON, 22, Ontario, London, d/o Malcolm WILSON & Christina McINTYRE, witn: Eva S. JONES & E. A. McCRAE both of Windsor, 30 August 1907, Windsor 9259-07 James PARSONS, 37, railroad clerk, Michigan, Bay City Mich., s/o Owen PARSONS & Sarah BURNS, married Edith OTTO, 33, Michigan, Bay City, d/o Jacob OTTO & Katherine SCHMITZ, witn: Mrs. D. MOONEY & Kate O'BRIEN, both of Windsor, 12 Oct 1907 at Windsor
8692-07 William PATON, 20, iron worker, Scotland, Detroit, s/o William PATON & Ellen WHITEHOUSE, married Maud ROUTLEY, 18, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Richard ROUTLEY & Lydia MILLER, witn: Edith & Joseph HOLOHAN (Holchan?) of Detroit, 10 June 1907 at Windsor 008716-07 (Essex Co) Otto Hugo PAWLITZ, 22, metalworker, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Gustave PAWLITZ & Laura WILL, married Adeline Louise BURCK, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Otto Hugo BURCK & Mary Ann STERNBERGER, witn Bertha HELLENIS? of Kingsville & Mrs. James OLIVER, 8 June 1907, at Windsor.
9261-07 Glenn T. PELHAM, 20, electro-plater, Michigan, Jackson Mich., s/o D. F. PELHAM & Ida TOWNER, married Bertha Rosalie GEER, 20, Michigan, Jackson Mich., d/o Frank GEER & Eliza ELLIS, witn: George JACKSON of Walkerville, 9 Oct 1907 at Windsor 008728-07 (Essex Co) Ira Russel PELTON, 22, fishing, Ohio, Windsor, s/o Nelson TURNER (s/b PELTON) & Josephine FAVIS (FARIS?), married Nellie TURNER, 20, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Thomas TURNER & Agnes WERDIN?, witn T. G. BUCHER (Busher?) & Mrs. T.G. BUCHER, of Detroit, 24 June 1907, at Windsor.
9165-07 Clyde Burbank PEPPER, 23, wheel worker, Michigan, Jackson Mich., s/o Asa H. PEPPER & Sarah STEPHENSON, married Alice GRANT, 23, Michigan, Flint Mich., d/o Thomas GRANT & Mary O’HARA, 21 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9247-07 John B. PHILLIPS, 33, widower, automobile business, Scotland, Alpena Mich., s/o Andrew PHILLIPS & Agnes STORRIE, married Elizabeth M. WILKS, 35, Michigan, Alpena Mich., d/o William WILKS & Josephine ROSSEAU, 28 Aug 1907 at Windsor
8696-07 Henry PIERCE, 51, widower, carpenter, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Stephen PIERCE & Marguerite MAISONVILLE, married Cora ANGLE, 41, divorced, Michigan, Detroit, d/o George ANGLE & Amelia SCHULTZ, 15 June 1907 at Windsor 008735-07 (Essex Co) Fred M. PIGGOTT, 21, business man, Michigan, Bay City Mich., s/o J.C. PIGGOTT & Martha NEWCOMBE, married Eva L. RICHARDSON, 21, Ohio, Bay City Mich., d/o John RICHARDSON & Kate HILBERT, witn Anna DALE & Bertha HUGHSON, of Windsor, 24 June 1907, at Windsor.
8667-07 Ralph E. PLUMER (Plummer?), 24, student, Ohio, Chicago, s/o George E. PLUMER & Cora GRAY, married Cora Adele WAITE, 24, Michigan, Searey Ark., d/o Milton WAITE & Diantha SMITH, 12 June 1907 at Windsor 8660-07 Clarence B. POLLARD, 29, machinist, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Sylvester POLLARD & Mary BROOKS, married Elizabeth JORDAN, 30, Ontario, Dutton, d/o Robert JORDAN & Isabella JOHNSON, witn: Barbara R. PEDDIE of Windsor, 4 June 1907 at Windsor
9193-07 Adam Edward POLLOCK, 30, plumber, Ontario, Essex Ont., s/o Thomas POLLOCK & Eliza JOHNSTON, married Annie Elizabeth PRATT, 27, Ontario, North Gower Ont., d/o Isaac PRATT & Sarah PETTIPIECE, witn: Elizabeth HICKS of Windsor & Mrs. R. MAISEY of Sandwich, 25 Sept 1907 at Windsor 8751-07 Elisha S. PRICE, 28, druggist, Michigan, Oxford Mich., s/o Hiram PRICE & Jennie SMITH, married Loretta SPIES, 19, Michigan, Oxford, d/o Edward SPIES & Elva BIGLER, witn: C. R. CHADWICK & Lizzie BEGG, both of Windsor, 3 June 1907 at Windsor
9161-07 Fred Franklin PROCTOR, 47, widower, laborer, Ontario, Saginaw Mich., s/o James W. PROCTOR & Beulah BEVER, married Elizabeth QUACKENBUSH, 47, teacher, Michigan, Saginaw Mich., d/o Jesse A. QUACKENBUSH & Almira LYTTE, witn: Jennie KANADY & Bertha HUGHSON, both of Windsor, 19 Sept 1907 at Windsor 008731-07 (Essex Co) Alfred Michael REESER, 44, merchant, Ohio, Cincinnati O., s/o Abraham REESER & Melissa? MENDEL?, married Marguerite WOOD, 32, widow, Germany, Cincinnati, d/o Rudolph WIESDORFT & Cornelia DEHEYERS?, witn M. F. TOLMIE & Maria PRINGLE, of Windsor, 26 June 1907, at Windsor.
9568-07 John Sherman RENO, 23, packer, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, s/o Benjamin F. RENO & Fanny LIDEY, married Vera Irene KENNE, 21, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, d/o Albert KENNE & Eva URRY, 9 Dec 1907 at Windsor 9603-07 Fred F. RICHARDSON, 41, sailor, USA, Detroit, s/o M. RICHARDSON & Mary SPATT, married Bella SHAVERS, 43, widow, Kentucky, Detroit, d/o Henry RUSSEL & Mary PARIS, witn: Frank PATTERSON & Thomas LAWSON, both of Windsor, 24 Dec 1907 at Windsor
9199-07 Ernest Osman RICKETTS, 37, traveller, Ohio, St. Louis Mo., s/o James S. RICKETTS & Helen M. GOODSPEED, married Minnia A. FLETCHER, 24, Missouri, St. Louis Mo., d/o Burton C. FLETCHER & Edith TROST, witn: John F. & Clara WILSON of Coatisook Que., 28 Sept 1907 at Windsor #008083-07 (Essex Co): John Roy RIDLEY, 24, book keeper, Ridley Ont., Detroit, s/o Thomas Arthur RIDLEY & Clara Ella WILLSON, married Florence May CHILVER, 23, Walkerville, same, d/o Charles Lewis CHILVER & Elma Jane FULMER, witn: Mildred Priscilla CHILVER of Walkerville & Arthur Pierre RIDLEY of Tottenham Ont., 20 Nov 1907 at Walkerville
9601-07 Harry G. ROBBINS, 27, farmer, Ontario, Raleigh Ont., s/o Archie ROBBINS & Armor GREEN, married Anna HALL, 22, Tennessee, Detroit, d/o James HALL & Mary BOWERMAN, witn: Arabella ADLEY of Detroit & Mrs. R. L. BRADLEY of Windsor, 23 Dec 1907 at Windsor 9308-07 Clarence C. ROBERTS, 24, musician, Arkansas, Eureka Springs Ark., s/o Leonidas ROBERTS & Mary WINN, married Beulah V. THAYER, 20, Michigan, Saginaw Mich., d/o Sylvester THAYER & Elizabeth TURNER, witn: Rose BARTHOLOMEW of Detroit, 19 Oct. 1907 at Windsor
8670-07 Charles Edward SANGSTER, 21, steward, England, Detroit, s/o Alfred SANGSTER & Julia MILLS, married Florence A. E. LAMPARD, 23, England, Detroit, d/o Charles LAMPARD & Louisa GOODALL, witn: Louis S. & Mrs. Louisa LAMKIE of Detroit, 10 June 1907 at Windsor 8703-07 Charles William SCHAFER, 39, book keeper, Ohio, Independence Ks., s/o Frederick SCHAFER & Louisa RAMPES, married Edna K. RAMPES, 22, Ohio, Toledo, d/o Frank RAMPES & Josephine SEGAR, witn: Josephine RAMPES & Louise SCHAFER, both of Toledo, 19 June 1907 at Windsor
8664-07 Ernest SCHIMANSKI, 22, switchman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Fred SCHIMANSKI & Gusta DORSAH, married Eva HARDING, 23, Ontario, London Ont., d/o Fred HARDING & Lizzie WALTERS, witn: H. W. FARROW of Windsor, 11 June 1907 at Windsor 9155-07 Otto W. SCHONFELDT, 56, widower, manufacturer, Sweden, Detroit, s/o Eric W. SCHONFELDT & C.C. BROMELL, married Anna Eliza HART, 46, widow, New York, Detroit, d/o John LEADLEY & Mary CALVERT, 18 Aug 1907 at Windsor
8683-07 James M. SEUSENBACHER, 45, brick layer, Ohio, Hicksville Ohio, s/o John SEUSENBACHER & Beulah MEEK, married Mary E. COULTER, 37, Ohio, Hicksville Ohio, d/o George COULTER & Susanna FREY, 19 June 1907 at Windsor 9159-07 Lloyd Wesley SHAW, 21, laborer, Pennsylvania, Toledo Ohio, s/o Wallace SHAW & Emma MATHER, married Hattie? (Nellie?) Catherine BUCKINGHAM, 18, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, d/o H. N. BUCKINGHAM & Emma BURR, witn: Cora B. BURR of Detroit & Bertha HUGHSON of Windsor, 18 Sept 1907 at Windsor
8682-07 Albert Henry SHEPARD, 72, widower, farmer, Michigan, Pontiac Mich., s/o Albert SHEPARD & Marie DOWNS, married Elizabeth MacNEIL, 45, Michigan, Pontiac, d/o Hiram MacNEIL & Mary GRIFFIN, 19 June 1907 at Windsor 9209-07 Guy SHEROD, 19, electrician, Iowa, Elyria, s/o John SHEROD & Lucy BACON, married Julia PATTON, 20, Ohio, Elyria, d/o W. C. PATTON & Mary STILES, 2 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9562-07 Morley George SHORTT, 28, barber, Ontario, Detroit, s/o John SHORTT & Jane GILROY, married Emma HUNTER, 32, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Alex HUNTER & Emily PLAYFAIR, witn: M. A. THORPE & Nellie PIERCE, both of Windsor, 3 Dec 1907 at Windsor 9581-07 Robert SHULTZ, 24, cook, Michigan, Detroit, s/o August SHULTZ & Pauline DUNST, married Lillian MORTON, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Frank MORTON & not known, 19 Dec 1907 at Windsor
8680-07 Fred (Ned?) Clark SLAYTON, 24, farmer, Michigan, Ypsilanti Mich., s/o George W. SLAYTON & Mary F. CLARK, married Alla HAYES, 22, Michigan, Ypsilanti Mich., d/o R. HAYES & Ella CLARKE, witn: Jean MANNING of Windsor & M. H. LAMBERT of Parry Sound, 18 June 1907 at Windsor 9216-07 Ralph C. SLOANE, 25, musician, Galion, same, s/o William L. SLOANE & Sarah BRYAN, married Lois Augusta PICKERING, 22, Ontario, Amherstburg, d/o Horatio & Nellie, witn: Arthur W. PETERS of Battle Creek & Bellie PICKERING of Amherstburg, 12 Sept 1907 at Amherstburg
009064/07 (Essex Co) Benjamin F. SMITH, 38, laborer, Michigan, Trenton Michigan, s/o William SMITH & Louisa GODITH, married Jennie CAGULE?, 36, widow, Ontario, Wyandotte Michigan, d/o Alex DUNCAN & Isabella SMITH, witn: Mrs. Fanny LONG of Union Ontario & Emily PHILPOT of Nanpa Indiana, 17 August 1907, Windsor 009063/07 (Essex Co) Peter Henry SMITH, 32, traveling agent, Michigan, Grand Rapids Michigan, s/o Henry P. SMITH & blank, married Margaret C. VANDERBERG, 27, Michigan, Grand Rapids Michigan, d/o James VANDERBERG & Belle VANHOOVEN, witn: Mrs. Fanny LONG of Union Ontario & Iva H. HICKS of Windsor, 15 August 1907, Windsor
9574-07 William Arthur SMITH, 23, book keeper, Kentucky, Detroit, s/o Joseph SMITH & Eliza CLUBB, married Ethel May HILL, 21, Ontario, Detroit, d/o George HILL & Evelyn ANDERSON, 10 Dec 1907 at Windsor 9181-07 John B. SNODGRASS, 58, widower, farmer, Ohio, Wilmington Ohio, s/o John SNODGRASS & Anna TURK, married Mary C. ALLWOOD, 47, widow, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, d/o Jacob SWITZER & Matilda NEBB, witn: M. J. GORTON of Toledo Ohio & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 8 Sept 1907 at Windsor
#008080-07 (Essex Co): R.P. SNYDER, 26, engineer, Memphis, Detroit Mich., s/o Rufus SNYDER & Mary LIVINGSTONE, married Emma L. ENGALL, 22, Harbor Beach Mich., Detroit, d/o Theodore ENGALL & Minnie CRUTZ, witn: Frank J. & Mrs. F.J. WHEATON of Detroit Mich., 11 Nov 1907 at Walkerville 8693-07 Frederick Louis STAHL, 34, interior decorator, divorced, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Frederick J. STAHL & Sophia BRANDREW, married Hattie Victoria CRILL, 36, divorced, Michigan, Allegan Mich., d/o James CRILL & Eliza THEYER, witn: Carrie SHIELLS & Maria PRINGLE, both of Windsor, 12 June 1907 at Windsor
9571-07 Alfred George STAUB, 20, electrician, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Paul & blank, married Mabel Grace BERGER, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Herman BERGER & Emma BEPPELL, witn: Mrs. J. T. MacKELLAR & Bertha HUGHSON, both of Windsor, 6 Dec 1907 at Windsor 9192-07 John Peter STICK (Stich?), 22, die maker, Michigan, Detroit, s/o John A. STICK & Elizabeth KUHN, married Sarah E. BOUSSIE, 25, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Eli BOUSSIE & Lucy HOULE, witn: James & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 25 Sept 1907 at Windsor
8676-07 Leslie M. STONE, 30, widower, butler, Kentucky, Detroit, s/o Jacob & Ellen, married Louise SCHELLING, 31, Germany, Detroit, d/o Joseph SCHELLING & Marie HUBAR, witn: Arch W. STONE of Detroit & E. L. McGOWAN of Windsor, 13 June 1907 at Windsor 9252-07 Clark John STROHMER, 18, meat cutter, Michigan, Detroit, s/o R. H. STROHMER & Emily S. CLARK, married Faith W. BLAKESLEE, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Jesse BLAKESLEE & Jennie E. HOWARD, 2 Oct 1907 at Windsor
9584-07 Fremont Francis SUN (Sein?), 23, railroad, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Archie SUN & Josephine RODE, married Lucy may SILLIPHANT (Lilliphant?), 25, Texas, Prince PEI, d/o Lemeul SILLIPHANT & Matilda YEO, 14 Dec 1907 at Windsor 08737-07 (Essex Co) Edward O. SWEET, 22, Brakeman G.T.R., Ontario, Windsor, s/o Jas. H. SWEET & Lottie GRANT, married Adella FIELDS, 17, Ontario, Windsor, Joseph FIELDS & Olive BRISBOIS, witn Denis FIELDS of Tecumseh & Rhoda M. SWEET of Kingsville, 25 June 1907, at Windsor.
9604-07 William H. TALBOT, 29, farmer, Ontario, Harrow Ont.., s/o William TALBOT & Frances E. HYDE, married Florence A. MOORE, 18, Ontario, Harrow, d/o Frank MOORE & Mary MATTHEWS, witn: Mrs. R. L. BRADLEY & Mrs. A. SHELBY, both of Windsor, 25 Dec 1907 at Windsor 8705-07 William Frederick THEIDT, 25, laborer, Michigan, Walkerville Ont., s/o Heman THEIDT & Minnie PRESS, married M. Beatrice OLINGER, 22, Michigan, Detroit, d/o George D. OLINGER & Catherine RUTHGAUER, 20 June 1907 at Windsor
008725-07 (Essex Co) Joseph THOMPSON, 36, widower, carriage painter, Illinois, Detroit, s/o William A. THOMPSON & Mary ROBERTS, married Emma EWING, 32, Ohio, Carral? Dover Ohio, d/o John EWING & Sarah GARDENER, witn Gertrude SNYDER & Ira H. HICKS, of Windsor, 26 June 1907, at Windsor. 9577-07 John THOMPSON, 21, farmer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o John & Emily, married Margaret JONES, 22, Ontario, Dresden Ont., d/o William & not known, 15 Dec 1907 at Windsor
8691-07 Roy F. THOMSON, 27, marine service, Ontario, Detroit, s/o McKellar THOMSON & Jessie STEWART, married Bernice SHULTZ, 29, Ohio, Mansfield Ohio, d/o Martin SHULTZ & Margaret HANT (Haut?), witn: Annie STUBBING of Detroit, 10 June 1907 at Windsor #008078-07 (Essex Co): Herbert John TRUMAN, 28, machinist, London England, Walkerville, s/o Henry John TRUMAN (deceased) & Minnie Elizabeth GOLDSPRING, married Bertha Fanny TUCKER, 33, Walkerville, same, d/o John Ephraim TUCKER (deceased) & Annie COS, witn: Minnie Elizabeth GOLDSPRING, Erland E. TUCKER & Henrietta BARR, all of Walkerville, 30 Oct 1907 at Walkerville
9177-07 Amery L. URNSTER, 35 (36?), divorced, die maker, Pennsylvania, Williamsport Penn., s/o Christian URNSTER & Mary IRWIN, married Sarah Eliz. ORTLIP (Orttip?), 21, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, d/o John ORTLIP & Ella MONTGOMERY, witn: Fanny LONG of Union Ont & Emma BOTSFORD of Sandwich, 3 Sept 1907 at Windsor 8687-07 LeRoy W. VAN ATTA, 34, salesman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o A.F.W. VAN ATTA & Maria WALKER, married Eleanor GRAHAM, 40, widow, England, Portage Wis., d/o John MARSHALL & Ellen PHALEN, 6 June 1907 at Windsor
9223-07 Winfred VANDERBURG, 24, clerk, Thorndale, Windsor, s/o Gilbert VANDERBURG & Orpha ADAIR, married Carrie SCOTT, 23, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Jonathan SCOTT & Sarah ADAIR, witn: J. H. ADAIR & Mary COULTER, both of Detroit, 23 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9145-07 William G. H. VAN HYNING, 36, foreman, Michigan, Jackson Mich., s/o John J. VAN HYNING & Luciodica WHITE, married Cora ROLFE, 23, Michigan, Windsor, d/o Ashwin ROLFE & Mary REED, witn: Jennie & W. H. OSTERHOUT of Chatham, 10 Aug 1907 at Windsor
8753-07 Ora G. VAN SCHOYCK, 30, foreman, Ohio, Columbus, s/o David VAN SCHOYCK & Mary HART, married Ella M. BLACKSTONE, 31, widow, Ohio, Columbus, d/o Matthew PATTERSON & Amanda SCRIVENER, witn: T.W. & S.A. COBERLY of Columbus, 3 June 1907 at Windsor 8709-07 W. Addbert VIETS, 21, railroading, Ohio, Urbania Ohio, s/o William VIETS & Catherine BEARD, married Dorothy M. LINGENFELTER, 21, Pennsylvania, East Freedom Conn., d/o Austin LINGENFELTER & Anna HILDEBRAN, witn: Jean MANNING & Louisa CURTIS, both of Windsor, 20 June 1907 at Windsor
8704-07 Arthur Augustus WALKER, 45, blacksmith, divorced, Michigan, Lansing Mich., s/o Otis WALKER & Julia K. HOWELL, married Rose St.CLAIR, 45, divorced, Ohio, Lansing, d/o James St.CLAIR & Sarah BURNS, 20 June 1907 at Windsor 8686-07 Clay W. WALKINS (Watkins?), 27, salesman, Kentucky, Cleveland, s/o Joel WALKINS & Tabitha KELLER, married Ada GORHAM, 21, Michigan, Baltimore Mich., d/o Alex GORHAM & Betty BELWAY, 6 June 1907 at Windsor
9585-07 Anthony WAYNE, 35, packer, Pennsylvania, Detroit, s/o Henry WAYNE & Florence HARRIS, married Maude K. SPINK, 34, New York, Detroit, d/o Gilbert SPINK & Harriet PIXBY (Pixley?), 14 Dec 1907 at Windsor 9565-07 Leonard M. WEBBER, 46, widower, confectioner, Ohio, Findlay Ohio, s/o S. B. WEBBER & Lucinda TURLEY, married Mina SMITH, 25, Ohio, Findlay Ohio, d/o John SMITH & Lucinda WAHL, witn: M. A. THORPE & Nellie PIERCE, both of Windsor, 5 Dec 1907 at Windsor
8745-07 Charles A. WEILZMAN , 40, divorced, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Charles WEILZMAN & Cornelia STREIK, married Anna WEILZMAN, 32, divorced, Michigan, Detroit, d/o George MARTHER? & Sarah LAKE, witn: Maria PRINGLE of Windsor, 29 June 1907 at Windsor 9171-07 Harold H. WENGER, 21, machinist, Michigan, Jackson Mich., s/o John WENGER & Olive V. REDDING, married Mabel WILSON, 20, Michigan, Horton Mich., d/o James WILSON & Cora V. ADAMS, witn: Wylie & Mrs. Wylie NICHOLS of Jackson Mich., 25 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9605-07 Frederick G. WESTINGHAUSER, 34, contractor, Ohio, Trelby Ohio, s/o Fred WESTINGHAUSER & Kate SWARTZ, married Julia FISHER, 18, Michigan, Lambertville Mich., d/o Philip FISHER & Ella POLLING, 11 Dec 1907 at Windsor 9148-07 Fayette WETHERBY, 34, dredging, Michigan, Grand Rapids, s/o Hiram WETHERBY & Emma STURGIS, married Henrietta CARNS, 32, Michigan, Flint, d/o Richard CARNS & Elizabeth ORME, witn: Carrie & Harry BUCHHAUPT of Detroit, 12 Aug 1907 at Windsor
#008074-07 (Essex Co): Harry Warden WHITEMORE, 28, bridge builder, Longport Somerset England, Walkerville, s/o George Samson WHITEMORE (deceased) & Mary HAYES, married Ada Mary GILBERT, 30, Bothwell Ont., Walkerville, d/o George GILBERT & Sarah ANNETS, witn: Ernest James CLEGG & Elizabeth Jane GILBERT, both of Walkerville, 5 Oct 1907 at Walkerville 9263-07 Adoniram John WILKINSON, 42, widower, traveller, Quebec, Sutton Que., s/o William WILKINSON & Emily SQUIRES, married Mary Elizabeth LABEREE, 25, Quebec, Sand Hill Que., d/o Alfred LABEREE & Carissa FACTEAU, 10 Oct 1907 at Windsor
8673-07 Carlyle M. WILLSON, 24, cashier, Ontario, Windsor, s/o E. M. WILLSON & Eunice HALL, married Florence JOHNSON, 29, Ontario, Windsor, d/o John LONGLEY & Fanny JOHNSON, witn: Hedley V. SMYTHE of Windsor & Mrs. John HODDEN of Waterford, 15 June 1907 at Windsor 9174-07 Ray WILLSON, 21, clerk, Michigan, Flint Mich., s/o R. N. WILLSON & Orpha CREWDILL?, married Julia WESTERN, 19, Michigan, Flint Mich., d/o William WESTERN & Nellie MARSHALL, witn: James S. LEWIS of Saginaw & Lelia WHITE of Flint Mich., 1 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9590-07 Orrin Arthur WILSON, 26, barber, Michigan, St. Johns Mich., s/o Warren E. WILSON & Lavina CUMMINGS, married Martha Florentine ANGER, 23, Wisconsin, St. Johns Mich., d/o Ernest ANGER & Eliza COODREY, witn: Martha LINDSAY & Olive SNELGROVE, both of Windsor, 11 Dec 1907 at Windsor 9582-07 Thomas WILSON, 22, fireman, Ontario, St. Thomas Ont., s/o Robert WILSON & Catherine ARMSTRONG, married Mary DAWDY, 21, Ontario, St. Thomas, d/o Sylvester DAWDY & Catherine LEGICAY (Legacy?), 19 Dec 1907 at Windsor
#008076-07 (Essex Co): William Edward WINDEBANK, 21, dairyman, Toleworth England, Walkerville, s/o Rd Edward WINDEBANK & Isabel MAY, married Annie Rose MEAGHAN, 21, Toleworth England, Walkerville, d/o James William MEAGHAN & Margaret NILAN, witn: Algernon Charles BLYTHE & Mrs. Minnie CLEMENTS, both of Walkerville, 16 Oct 1907 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 8677-07 Frederick William WINNEN, 25, machinist, England, Detroit, s/o Peter & Elizabeth, married Catherine Violet WHITE, 19, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Richard WHITE & Catherine DILLON, witn: Paul MANNING & Louisa CURTIS, both of Windsor, 12 June 1907 at Windsor
9169-07 William Henry WISMER, 28, farmer, Michigan, Mt. Pleasant Mich., s/o A. WISMER & Ida McCRARY, married Grace McDONALD, 20, Michigan, Mt. Pleasant, d/o A. P. McDONALD & Bertha PIERCE, 22 Sept 1907 at Windsor 8694-07 Roy B. WRIGHT, 24, real estate agent, Michigan, Detroit, s/o George W. WRIGHT & Hester R. BELFRY, married Irene SCHWEDT, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o William SCHWEDT & Anna JOY, witn: F. & Mrs. F. BELLAIR of Detroit, 12 June 1907 at Windsor
9311-07 Benjamin YOUNG, 21, waiter, Michigan, Amherstburg, s/o Benjamin YOUNG & Ophelia BUNDY, married Blanche May ROUNDIE?, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Charles W. ROUNDIE & Ida WILSON, witn: Ellen JIOLDE of Detroit, 21 Oct 1907 at Windsor 8662-07 Connell? ZIMMERMAN, 48, widower, physician, Pennsylvania, Wayne Mich., s/o Levi ZIMMERMAN & Elizabeth WILGUS?, married Cora STEINHAUER, 25, Michigan, Wayne Mich., d/o Charles STEINHAUER & Anna KINLE, witn: Ethel TOFFLEMIRE of Windsor, 5 June 1907 at Windsor