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Essex Co., 1907, part 2

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9215-07 Edward M. ANSON, 24, switchman, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Edward M. ANSON & Georgina LAWSON, married Nora HULLYER, 19, England, Windsor, d/o unknown, witn: E. A. McCRAE & C. R. CHADWICK, both of Windsor, 10 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9235-07 William P. CHARON, 21, operating moving pictures, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Lewis CHARON & Margaret STRONG, married Violet M. CHILDERS, 18, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Joseph CHILVERS (sic) & Jessie GREGG, witn: Leo J. FERRY & Belle REDMOND, both of Detroit, 5 Oct 1907 at Windsor
9212-07 Henry C. CLEARY, 28, widower, optician, Ohio, Toledo, s/o Robert W. CLEARY & Elizabeth SULLIVAN, married Lillian COLE, 26, widow, Ohio, Toledo, d/o Arthur STACK & Catherine McHARDY, witn: C. A. McCRAE & C. R. CHADWICK, both of Windsor, 3 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9240-07 Frank COUTURE, 26, engineer, Michigan, Loraine O., s/o Ambrose COUTURE & Emily YOUNG, married Mabelle Florence LAW, 20, Ontario, Loraine O., d/o Enoch LAW & Florence ROBB, witn: Minnie HEATHERS of Windsor, 19 Aug 1907 at Windsor
9224-07 Stian ERICSON, 29, milk driver, Norway, Detroit, s/o Eric ERICSON & Bertha KUNDSON, married Verona LUEDEMAN, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Charles W. LUEDEMAN & Anna BOENCH, witn: Emma LUEDEMAN of Detroit, 24 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9219-07 Frederick C. GREEN, 27, farmer, Michigan, Greenfield Mich., s/o J.C. GREEN & Elizabeth FIELD, married Eva M. LESTER, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o William LESTER & Hannah BELL, witn: C. R. CHADWICK & A. P. HOLTON, both of Windsor, 18 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9221-07 Stephen B. GUYETTE, 41, widow, foreman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Jacob GUYETTE & Victoria BAYLOR, married Jennie N. SMITH, 26, widow, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Edward SMITH & Elva BURNS, witn: Lettie KELLY of Windsor, 23 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9233-07 Frank Benjamin HICKOX, 22, machinist, Michigan, Flint Mich., s/o Ben HICKOX & Jennie WALKINGSHAW, married Bessie Mary GREEN, 20, Michigan, Flint Mich., d/o Amos GREEN & Cornia RUSSELL, witn: Flirence A. FAUL & Minnie NESBITT, both of Windsor, 3 Oct. 197 at Windsor
9264-07 Wade Hamilton HOOVER, 21, hardware, Indiana, Ashley Ind., s/o Frank HOOVER & Emma MITCHELL, married Lula Belle PIXLEY, 21, Indiana, Ashley Ind., d/o James PIXLEY & Martha McDONALD, 12 Oct 1907 at Windsor 9208-07 Albert James HOOVER, 26, wood finisher, Ohio, Columbus Ohio, s/o Milton HOOVER & Susan MURRAY, married Ruth LANG, 18, Ohio, Columbus, d/o John LANG & Julia WENTWORTH, witn: Julia LANG of Columbus & Margaret GERARD of Windsor, 1 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9218-07 Walter John JORDAN, 30, tailor, Ontario, Windsor, s/o J.T. JORDAN & Elizabeth JONES, married Irene Evelyn HORN, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o George D. HORN & Ann CROSS, witn: H.M. REYNOLDS of Windsor & Clara HULBRIER? of Detroit, 18 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9250-07 Charles KEHOE, 35, superintendent, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Charles KEHOE & Mary NOLAN, married Nellie ROBINSON, 24, Michigan, Toledo, d/o Sam ROBINSON & Belle MOREHEAD, witn: Mrs. Bruce ALLISON & Mrs. W. LOUNSPEARY, both of Windsor, 30 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9206-07 Wallace B. MITCHELL, 26, carpenter, Illinois, Detroit, s/o Alex MITCHELL & Susan KERR, married Ella DAVIS, 26, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Seth & Mary, witn: Edith HOCKEN & Lean HOPE, both of Windsor, 28 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9245-07 Eugene Robert MORRIS, 27, carpenter, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Arthur MORRIS & Annie BAILEY, married Eleanro M. BURROUGHS, 20, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o Philp BURROUGHS & Eliza TOMLINSON, witn: Alfred P. & Sarah Jane BURROUGHS of Walkerville, 28 Aug 1907 at Windsor
9260-07 Richard A. PINCOMB, 23, painter, Michigan, North Branch Mich., s/o Alphonse PINCOMB & Eliza J. MILLS, married Grace Marie SACKRIDER, 23, Michigan, Fostoria Mich., d/o William SACKRIDER & Melissa LAYMAN, 8 OCt 1907 at Windsor 9229-07 George Hubert RAEDLE, 25, chef, Germany, Detroit, s/o Joseph RAEDLE & Catherine TEAUFFER, married Hattie Alvira WILLSON, 38, widow, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John GREENING & Rosalba FAIRCHILD, witn: Irene WHITTAKER & Maud ADAMS, both of Windsor, 2 Oct 1907 at Windsor
9220-07 Claude H. SPRENTALL, 26, waiter, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Thomas B. SPRENTALL & Fannie HARNDER, married Calra P. ZINK, 27, Germany, Alpina, d/o Edward ZINK & Paulina KRAUSER, witn: Elizabeth CRAMPTON of Windsor, 19 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9236-07 Brace M. STAHL, 22, salesman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Charles STAHL & Maria JONES, married Leila H. COLLING, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Emmerson COLLING & May SIMPSON, witn; George WHITE of Windsor, 7 Oct 1907 at Windsor
9205-07 William J. STRUBANK, 25, butcher, Michigan, Detroit, s/o David STRUBANK & Mary LYONS, married Della OUELLETTE, 25, Ontario, Tilbury, d/o Albert OUELLETTE & Matilda FREDERICK, witn: Jean MANNING & Louisa CURTIS, both of Windsor, 11 Sept 1907 at Windsor 9226-07 George THOMAS, 28, barber, Ontario, Battle Creek, s/o William THOMAS & Lucy BOTTER, married Jennie BURGHDORF, 24, New Jersey, Battle Creek, d/o William BURGHDORF & Mary HODGE, 28 Sept 1907 at Windsor
9234-07 Charles Lawrence WELLS, 21, machinist, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Seth C. WELLS & Mary DAVIS, married Ada Maud PEMBLETON, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o William PEMBLETON & Adele BOUGHNER, witn: Jean & Mary MANNING of Windsor, 5 Oct 1907 at Windsor 9244-07 George M. WILSON, 21, barber, Ontario, Detroit, s/o John M. WILSON & Eliza CLYDE, married Ethyl LAWRASON, 19, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Mortimer LAWRASON & Emma STEVENSON, witn: P.J. & Mina McKELVIE of Detroit, 27 Aug 1907 at Windsor