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Essex Co., 1908

birth place is given before residence


008035-08  James S. ALLEN, 20, electrician, Michigan, Detroit, s/o James W. ALLEN & Hattie DOULIN, married Bernardine C. ANDRE, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o James A. ANDRE & Alberta RYDER, witn: Florence BARTLET & Robert HENRY both of Windsor on June 4, 1908 at Windsor  
#007566-08  Russell M. ARMSTRONG, 24, barber, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o Thomas ARMSTRONG & Jane HILLIER, married Alberta WIGLE, 23, Ontario, Kingsville, d/o Simon WIGLE & Margaret MANES, witn: Arthur & Maud WIGLE of Windsor, 15 Jan 1908 at Windsor #008393-08  Lewis ARNOLD, 38, sailor, of Toledo Ohio, s/o William ARNOLD & Rachel LOVEJOY, married Lizzie J. RANDS, 36, of Brigden Ont., d/o Alex RANDS & Jane JOHNSON, 24 Aug 1908 at Windsor
#008381-08  Fred Grover ASH, 23, brass finisher, Michigan, Detroit, s/o John ASH & Sarah WOODWARD, married Alice Anna KREGER, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Charles F. KREGER & Anna ROSENCRANZ, witn: Emma HUGHES & Olive SNELGROVE, both of Windsor, 25 Aug 1908 at Windsor #007560-08  Louis F. BEGY, 30, mechanic, Ontario, Detroit, s/o William J. BEGY & Kathleen GORDON, married Lottie GILL, 25, Ontario, Detroit, d/o James GILL & Isabel STAMP, witn: Grace SYMINGTON of Windsor & Shirley M. PARKS of Amherstburg, 4 Jan 1908 at Windsor
008431-1908  George O. BELL, 27, farmer, not given, Bell Centre Ohio, s/o Casper BELL & Alice JEFFERS, married Jessie LAYTON, 36, not given, Bell Centre Ohio, d/o Francis S. LAYTON & Anna HATFIELD, witn: James & Amelia OLIVER, both of Windsor, 30 Aug 1908 at Windsor 008033-08  Charles George BOECK, 27, manufacturing sup’t, Wisconsin, Jackson Michigan, s/o C. H. BOECK & Katie GROTZ, married Maud E. ENGLISH, 22, Michigan, Jackson, d/o Charles ENGLISH & Levina WEST, witn: Ida RENAUD & M. F. TOLMIE both of Windsor on June 3, 1908 at Windsor
#008398-08  Lloyd BOROUGH, 19, butcher, of Detroit, s/o A.W. BOROUGH & Loretta JOHNSON, married Marcye SMITH, 18, of Detroit, d/o Elmer SMITH & Frances SEACHRIST, witn: Thomas B. HILLIER of Windsor, 3 Sept 1908 at Windsor #008074-08  Frederick E. BROWN, 28, chauffeuer, England, Detroit, s/o Thomas BROWN & Ada HAYWOOD married Florence Carrie WENTZ, 24, Washington, Detroit, d/o William WENTZ & Carrie WAGNER, witnesses: Bessie CROOK & John CUSICK, both of Detroit, 23 June 1908 in Windsor
#008386-08  Robert BROWN, 33, molder, Ireland, Detroit, s/o John BROWN & Sarah COOK, married Laura DEEMER, 29, Michigan, Avoca Mich., d/o Lewis DEEMER & Lulu EDDY, witn: George WHITEVILL of Brantford, 28 Aug 1908 at Windsor #007194-08  Albert BULLION, 23, printer, of Detroit, s/o Michael BULLION, ship carpenter, & Adeline LA VALLEY, married Louise BAUMEY, 22, of Detroit, d/o Joseph BAUMEY, farmer, & Angeline MORAN, 17 Oct 1908 at Sandwich (Rom Cath)
  7426-09 Charles CAKEBREAD, 22, fireman, of Windsor, s/o John CAKEBREAD, soldier & Rachel KEATS, married Cora HEATH, 20, of Windsor, d/o Charles HEATH, carpenter, & Margaret HARRIS, witn: Dougal MOIR & Cora CAHILL, both of Windsor, 29 Dec 1908 at Windsor
#008387-08  John CALVERT, 76, widower, retired, Detroit, Windsor, s/o Thomas CALVERT & Mary BEAL, married Annie W. PERKINS, 64, widow, of Detroit, d/o William WALKER & Demaris DUNHAM, witn: William RAPER of Windsor, 28 Aug 1908 at Windsor #008380-08  Ralph CAMPBELL, 30, clerk, Ohio, Mansfield O., s/o Edward CAMPBELL & Amelia MICHAEL, married Catherine CASTON, 26, Ohio, Mansfield O., d/o Charles CASTON & Amelia DOREMAN, 27 Aug 1908 at Windsor
#007193-08  Mont CASSADY, 49, widower, physician, of Milan Mich., s/o Marcus CASSADY, carriage maker, & Eliza LOZIER, married Mildred KERR, 34, of Toledo Ohio, d/o J.W. KERR, farmer, & Hattie BIRCHFIELD, witn: Jennie KENT & Caroline PACKARD, both of Toledo Ohio, 14 Oct 1908 at Sandwich #00759-08  William J. CHURCH, 45, real estate agent, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Isaac CHURCH & Mary A. SANDERSON, married Louise PARKS, 46, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Nicholas PARKS & Arilla BADGLEY, 4 Jan 1908 at Windsor
#008383-08  Floyd CLARK, 23, brick layer, Michigan, Detroit, s/o John CLARK & Ida GRANT, married Mabelle McNAUGHTON, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John McNAUGHTON & Janet THOMPSON, witn: L.W. CARLEY of Windsor, 27 Aug 1908 at Windsor #007188-08  Justin J. CLARKE, 25, baseball player, of Detroit, s/o Jerome CLARKE, dead, & Catherine, married Mary SMITH, 22, of Sandwich, d/o James SMITH, ex-hotel keeper, & Augusta THRASHER, witn: Osborne HARWOOD & Almeda SMITH, both of Sandwich, 26 Nov 1908 at Sandwich
#007191-08  William Henry COLBY, 23, paper ruler, of Detroit, s/o William COLBY, picture framer, & Sarah ADAMS, married Elizabeth WILSON, 23, of Detroit, d/o James T. WILSON, farmer, & Eliza ZESS, witn: Katherine HIND & Maria TAYLOR, both of Sandwich, 7 Oct 1908 at Sandwich #007195-08  Frederick Charles CONNER, 35, telegraph operator, of Detroit, s/o Christopher Thomas CONNER, laundry man, & Amy CUNARD, married Aloina Sophia Johanna SPRINGBORN, 35, of Detroit, d/o Herman SPRINGBORN, salesman, & Minnie REID, witn: Margaret McTAGGERT & Mary O'BRIEN, both of Sandwich, 17 Oct 1908 at Sandwich
#007572-08  Oswald Mann CROSBY, 21, piano tuner, Illinois, Adel Georgia, s/o J.J. CROSBY & Matilda MANN, married Henrietta Gabriela NICOLAI, 21, Illinois, Toledo, d/o H.W. NICOLAI & Matilda WALDORF, 8 Feb 1908 at Windsor #007561-08  Lee COUNSELMAN, 23, painter, Ohio, Toledo, s/o J.J. COUNSELMAN & Willia STONER, married Jessie KOWALSKI, 22, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Michael & Jessie, witn: Tracy KOWALSKI of Detroit, 7 Jan 1908 at Windsor
#007199-08  George W. COX, 29, divorced but remarrying former wife, picture framer, of Detroit, s/o Charles COX, wood turner, & Elizabeth WHITE, married Lillian GATES, 29, divorced but remarrying former husband, of Detroit, d/o William GATES, cabinet maker, & Ida FOURNIER, witn: William GATES of 7 Cooper Ave Detroit, 28 Oct 1908 at Sandwich  
7581-09 Narcisse DALPE, 31, molder, of Windsor, s/o Andre DALPE & Malvina TETREAULT, married Alide BASTIEN, 31, of Windsor, d/o Remi BASTIEN, shoe maker, & Mary BOUSSIE, witn: W.J. BASTIEN of Windsor & Hattie McDONALD of Detroit, 23 Nov 1908 at Windsor #007710-08  Harry G. DITTRICK, 24, fireman, Michigan, Mt. Clemens Mich., s/o August DITTRICK & Henrietta FOX, married Catherine NICKE, 23, Michigan, Mt. Clemens Mich., d/o Charles NICHE (sic) & Lucy LAWLESS, witn: James OLIVER & Mrs. A. E. MALLARD, both of Windsor, 3 March 1908 at Windsor
#007717-08  George John DOUGLAS, 30, decorator, Minnesota, Detroit, s/o Henry & Louise, married Mary DENNISON, 35, England, Detroit, d/o Henry DENNISON & Elizabeth COLE, witn: Mary MANNING of Windsor, 28 March 1908 at Windsor 007024-08  Wilmot Floyd DRESSER, 22, farmer, of Mersea Twp s/o Thomas DRESSER Jr & Evelyn UPCOTT, married Beulah OLIVER, 17, of Leamington, d/o John OLIVER & Christina MOORE, witn: E. J. JEWELL & Mrs. E. J. JEWELL both of Leamington, 12 August 1908 at Leamington
7584-09 Charles DUROCHER, 20, laborer, of Windsor, s/o Antoine DUROCHER & Elizabeth OUELLETTE, married Alma LETOURNEAU, 17, of Windsor, d/o Hubert LETOURNEAU & Rose MENARD, witn: Denis LETOURNEAU of Windsor & Archangel DUROCHER of Maidstone, 27 Oct 1908 at Windsor 008034-08  Reginald T. EAGER, 28, hardware business, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John B. EAGER & Jane McDOWELL, married Eliza Isabella JOYCE, 19, Ontario, Kingston, d/o William John JOYCE & Rose Ann EVANS, witn: J. M. EAGER of Detroit & M. F. TOLMIE of Windsor on June 4, 1908 at Windsor
#008385-08  Clyde EMMONS, 21, farmer, Michigan, St. John Mich., s/o Ed EMMONS & Della OLIVER, married Neita P. DAGGETT, 18, Michigan, St. John Mich., d/o William DAGGETT & Nettie REDINOUR, witn: Florence McGEE of Windsor, 27 Aug 1908 at Windsor 008432-1908  Charles C. FELSHOW (Felshaw?), 36, salesman, not given, Detroit, s/o Charles P. FELSHOW & Phoebe CAMPBELL, married Charlotte CULLEN, 30, not given, Detroit, d/o Andrew CULLEN & Elizabeth McGUIRE, witn: J. TEMPLETON & Amelia OLIVER, both of Windsor, 2 Sep 1908 at Windsor.
#007718-08  Arthur M. FILLMORE, 22, book keeper, Michigan, Detroit, s/o White FILLMORE & Linda FRENCH, married Katherine A. BEEMER, 21, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Alphonse BEEMER & Martha MEYERS, 28 March 1908 at Windsor 07163-08  Wesley L. FINCH, 21, yardman D.U.R., of Detroit Mich., s/o Arch FINCH (farmer) & Joe CARRIE, married Gussie HOOPER, 18, of Detroit Mich., d/o William HOOPER (cement worker) & Olive McDONALD, witn: Roy FINDLAY of 352 Lansing Ave. Detroit & Mrs. J. BAIN of Church St. Windsor, 7 Sep 1908 at Sandwich
08747-08  Herbert W. FINCH, 22, machinist, of Flint Mich., s/o David W. FINCH (laborer) & Sarah BROWN, married Luella WETHY, 25, of Flint Mich., d/o Hiram (laborer) & Sarah, witn: James TEMPLETON & Amelia OLIVER both of Windsor, 10 Nov 1908 at Windsor #007185-08  Floyd FOX, 21, farmer, of Jackson Mich., s/o John William FOX, farmer, & Hattie SWAIN, married Susie EDDY, 18, of Eaton Rapids Mich., d/o William EDDY, farmer, & Millisea INGRAM, witn: J.E. & Maude L. EDDY of Jackson Mich., 21 Nov 1908 at Sandwich
#007716-08  Charles Anthony FRITSCH, 21, cigar maker, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Charles M. (or W) FRITSCH & Katherine WAGNER, married Carrie R. HEWITT, 17, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Samuel HEWITT & Minnie HILTON, witn: William CALIAF? of Detroit, 30 March 1908 at Windsor #007562-08  John FULLER, 26, horse trainer, Iowa, Detroit, s/o Alfred & Hannah, married Arlene E. PRICHARD, 21, Illinois, Detroit, d/o Charles W. PRICHARD & Mary BEMISH, 10 Jan 1908 at Windsor
7583-09 Arthur GIGNAC, 25, laborer, of Windsor, s/o Clement GIGNAC & Christine ODETTE, married Catherine TOURANGEAU, 23, of Windsor, d/o Jacques TOURANGEAU & Julia DONELLY, witn: Forest GIGNAC & Cecilia BENSETTE (Beusette?), both of Windsor, 17 Nov 1908 at Windsor 7582-09 William GIRARD, 23, fireman, of Windsor, s/o Cesaire GIRARD & Anastasie PAGEAU, married Reina LESPERANCE, 20, of Windsor, d/o Alfred LESPERANCE, laborer, & Christine DUCHENE, witn: Arsene PARE of Ojibwa & Lena GIRARD of Windsor, 17 Nov 1908 at Windsor
#007712-08  Charles W. GLASS, 30, real estate agent, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, s/o Thomas GLASS & Ellen OPRITZ, married Ethel M. LEWIS, 22, Indiana, Lima O., d/o George LEWIS & Helen GRUPAY, witn: James & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 12 March 1908 at Windsor #007568-08  Darrell C. GOULD, 24, machinist, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Lynes GOULD & Myra HARRIS, married Jessie KOPP, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Jacob D. KOPP & Minnie STAHL, 27 Jan 1908 at Windsor
007506-09  : Leson GRADY, 23, widowed, Plasterer, of Windsor, s/o A.J. GRADY, Barber & Hulda BROWN, married Maud SIMPSON, 18, of Windsor, d/o Charles SIMPSON, & Mary SIMMONS, witn: W. GRADY & Amy BROOKS, both of Windsor, 27 August 1908 at Windsor #007714-08  Alphonse T. GREINER, 29, wood finisher, Ontario, Detroit, s/o John B. GRENIER & Rebecca BERTRAND, married Nellie E. DAWSON, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Frank DAWSON & Alma CHAPMAN, witn: Hazel LONEY of Windsor, 16 March 1908 at Windsor
#007709-08  Ray Jacob HELLER, 20, fireman, Ohio, Lansing Mich., s/o Matthew HELLER & Mary HICKMAN, married Agnes E. BURRELL, 19, Ohio, Lansing Mich., d/o Irving BURRELL & Mary GIBSON, witn: Jean MANNING & Louisa CURTIS, both of Windsor, 27 March 1908 at Windsor #007197-08  Shelley J. HIGGINS, 22, attorney at law, of Buffalo NY, s/o William HIGGINS, gentleman, & Mattie HILL, married Minnie Thelma DUNN, 19, of Buffalo, d/o William DUNN, book keeper, & Louise HELD, witn: Frank A. LITTLE & N. Mansfield HEBRINGER, both of Buffalo NY, 21 Oct 1908 at Sandwich
  008036-08  Daniel C. HITT, 30, coal business, divorced, Ohio, Kalamazoo Michigan, s/o Prestly P. HITT & Josephine CLEIGHTON, married Elizabeth G. LONG, 34, widow, Indiana, Kalamazoo Michigan, d/o John S. GALE & Anna ROGERS, witn: Carrie SEVILLE & Ida RENAUD both of Windsor on June 5, 1908 at Windsor
#008388-08  Julian David HOIT, 25, office work, of Cleveland, s/o Lehman HOIT & Mary L. DELONG, married Alice RUPRECHT, 25, of Cleveland, d/o Charles RUPRECHT & Jane TERRILL, witn: Charles STEPHANY & Josie MANNING, both of Windsor, 28 Aug 1908 at Windsor #008404-08  Richard Oscar JANOFSKI, 21, farmer, of Taylor Center Mich., s/o Fred JANOFSKI & Mary LANG, married Martha Rachel C. FRANK, 20, of Taylor center, d/o Fred FRANK & Mary OHERNS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. W. LAMBOCK of Detroit, 2 Sept 1908 at Windsor (Lutheran)
#007565-08  William H. JENKS, 44, widower, merchant, Ohio, Fresno Calif., s/o William H. JENKS & Jane SHELDON, married Sylvia O. STAMM, 30, Ohio, Fresno Calif., d/o William H. STAMM & Elmira WASE, 14 Jan 1908 at Windsor 007022-08 , Ernest JEWELL , 29, laundryman, of Leamington, s/o Charles A. JEWELL & Helen M. ROBERTS, married Ina Jane DICK, 18, of Leamington, d/o Thomas DICK & Hattie MOYER, witn: Mrs Hattie DICK & Chas A. JEWELL both of Leamington, 29 July 1908 at Leamington
#007570-08  Urtin JOHNSTON, 22, express manager, Ohio, Montpelier O., s/o Thomas JOHNSTON & Emma HORSMAN, married Zella Bianca COX, 19, Ohio, Montpelier O., d/o Cas COX & Fanny (changed to Tammy) MERCER, witn: Ruth C. & Muriel HUGHSON of Windsor, 6 Feb 1908 at Windsor #008394-08  William JOHNSTON, 32, conductor, of Detroit, s/o Thomas JOHNSTON & Lucy KING, married Netta Christena LAWRENCE, 28, of Detroit, d/o Joel B. LAWRENCE & Laura BISING, witn: Anna McKINNEY of Windsor, 31 Aug 1908 at Windsor
#008384-08  Erin JOLES, 20, farmer, Michigan, Maple Rapids Mich., s/o Marion JOLES & Alice HALLOCK, married Pauline MARTIN, 18, Michigan, Maple Rapids, d/o William MARTIN & Adella LOSEY, witn: Mary HOWE of Windsor, 27 Aug 1908 at Windsor 007021-08 , Stanley Carl JONES, 21, farmer, Mersea Twp, same, s/o Thomas JONES & Elizabeth COLHER, married Lily Sabine SETTERINGTON, 19, Mrsea Twp, same, d/o Chas SETTERINGTON & Annie E. THORPE, witn: Howard SETTERINGTON of Mersea Twp & Maria? JONES of Leamington, 10 June 1908 at Leamington
#008389-08  Raymond KING, 24, bridge builder, of Detroit, s/o Philip KING & Mary HADLEY, married Angie TEMPLETON, 24, of Detroit, d/o Daniel TEMPLETON & Emma TINKER, witn: Lula MOORE of Detroit, 29 Aug 1908 at Windsor #008402-08  Stephen KOZNIACKY, 25, bar tender, of Detroit, s/o Anthony & Marie, married Louise GORALSKI, 21, of Detroit, d/o Joseph & Julia, witn: G. ROSENBERGER & Mary COLLINS, both of Detroit, 4 Sept 1908 at Windsor (Rom Cath)
008428-1908  Richard K. KUSS (Kress?), 25, musician, birthplace not given, Detroit, s/o Paul KUSS & Pauline LECOLD, married Clementina BOI, 28, birthplace not given, Detroit, d/o Joachim & Mary BOI, witn: James TEMPLETON & Aurelia OLIVER, both of Windsor, 29 Aug 1908 at Windsor..  
#007715-08  Roy LOYSON, 21, tobacco maker, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Robert LOYSON & Caroline ADAMS, married Sarah Clara GRAFF, 18, Michigan, Wayne Mich., d/o William GRAFF & Johanna STABLIER?, witn: Nellie A. HANES of Windsor, 28 March 1908 at Windsor #007713-08  Henry L. LYDY, 24, traveling salesman, Toledo O., Windsor, s/o Charles W. LYDY & Anna COVERLY, married Leah KETCHER, 22, Ohio, Toledo O., d/o Henry H. KETCHER & Addie HERRING, witn: James TEMPLETON of Windsor, 12 March 1908 at Windsor
008076-08  Vincent McCLOSKEY, 27, farmer, Ontario, Woodslee, s/o William McCLOSKEY and Margaret MURPHY married to Delia KENNY, 26, Ontario, not given, d/o Patrick KENNY and Mary FARREL, witnesses: Joseph KENNY of Windsor and sister Kate McCLOSKEY of Woodslee, in Windsor on June 23, 1908.(Rom Cath) #007190-08  William Ray McDONALD, 23, farmer, of Mound City Missouri, s/o David F. McDONALD, farmer, & Ella WHITE, married Carrie May REED, 21, of South Milford Indiana, d/o Albert REED, farmer, & Tilley McDONALD, witn: Agnes & Katherine HIND of Sandwich, 6 Oct 1908 at Sandwich
#008390-08  Fred W. McDONALD, 26, clerk, of Cleveland, s/o W.W. McDONALD & Isabel BALL, married Mary E. MUELLER, 24, of Cleveland, d/o Carl MUELLER & Pauline DOBLER, witn: W. Etta WHITE of Windsor, 29 Aug 1908 at Windsor #007711-08  Frederick Gordon McGREGOR, 22, book keeper, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Duncan R. McGREGOR & Nellie ROUSE, married Lillian Josephine KLEIN, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Fred KLEIN & Mary CHRISTIE, witn: Charles WEIGEL of Detroit & Iva H. HICKS of Windsor, 3 March 1908 at Windsor
#007187-08  Clarence McPHERSON, 23, clerk, of Wellington Mich., s/o William McPHERSON, clerk & Elizabeth DUNN, married Carrie Belle SCHWARTZ, 20, of Wellington Mich., d/o John SCHWARTZ, farmer, & Marie LOCALL, witn: Mr. & Mrs. G.B. HUDSON of Detroit, 26 Nov 1908 at Sandwich #008378-08  Solon Harvy MOORE, 22, shoe cutter, Michigan, Belding Mich., s/o A.H. MOORE & Louise NORTHRUP, married Clara REYNOLDS, 21, Michigan, Coldwater Mich., d/o Charles E. REYNOLDS & Mary BLAKELY, witn: O. McCOY & Nettie BROUGHTON, both of Detroit, 27 Aug 1908 at Windsor
  007023-08 , Pius NAGELERSON, 21, farmer, of Pelee Island Ont, s/o Pius NAGELERSON & Frances (don't know), married Minnie STOLTZ, 18, of Pelee Island, d/o Henry STOLTZ & Margaret KRUPP, witn: H. W. & Mary BREDEMAIR both of Pelee Island, 7 August 1908 at Leamington
#007201-08  Albert NIETHAWMER, 28, letter carrier, of Sabine Mich., s/o George NIETHAWMER, farmer, & Mary BLUMHARDT, married Clara C. SCHERDT, 23, of Lodi Mich., d/o Godlip SCHERDT, farmer, & Caroline PAUL, witn: F. Favins LAVIGROVE & P.N. WOOD, both of Sandwich, 7 Nov 1908 at Sandwich (Rom Cath) #007564-08  Lloyd H. OSCAR, 19, actor, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Charles OSCAR & Winnifred RICHARDSON, married Mildred E. HALL, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Benjamin T. HALL & Mildred H. LEVERE, 14 Jan 1908 at Windsor
#008400-08  Walter C. OTTO, 22, cafe, of Detroit, s/o George C. OTTO & Annie SPRINGMAN, married Louise GORSCHEL, 21, of Detroit, d/o Charles GORSCHEL & Henrietta MYER, 3 Sept 1908 #007192-08  Albert PARE, 24, laborer, of Sandwich West, s/o Joseph PARE, laborer, & Helen SOULIERE, married Alice BEAUDOIN, 20, of Sandwich, d/o Francis BEAUDOIN, dead, & Helen OUELLETE, witn: Herben BEAUDOIN & Alice PARE, 12 Oct 1908 at Sandwich (Rom Cath)
7580-09 Albert PARENT, 41, barber, of Fort Wayne Mich., s/o Henry PARENT & Rosalie ROUILLIER, married Alexandrine St.AMOUR, 45, of Windsor, d/o Paul St.AMOUR, farmer, & Victoria PARENT, witn: A. PELTON & Nellie PELTON, both of Ottawa, 23 Nov 1908 at Windsor  
#007571-08  William PARNITZKY, 24, fitter, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Fred PARNITZKY & Mary KUNZ, married Emma Eliz. KAGOFF, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Henry KAGOFF & Ida ZIEMANN, witn: Jennie KANADY & Muriel HUGHSON, both of Windsor, 10 Feb 1908 at Windsor #007186-08  Ransom PATTERSON, 46, widower, farmer, of Royal Oak Mich., s/o John PATTERSON, farmer, & Sarah COLEMAN, married Harriet REED, 47, widow, of Royal Oak Mich., d/o Abraham COLE, farmer, & Mary KARRICK, witn: Alice NEAL of Sandwich & Mrs. A.M. SHOECRAFT of Allston Mass., 24 Nov 1908 at Sandwich
#008391-08  John Almer PINDER, 26, steam fitter, of Detroit, s/o William PINDER & Bessie BREMER, married Rosanna LANSING, 28, widow, of Petrolia Ont., d/o William SEYMOUR & Hanna IRONSIDE, witn: K.G. KAEBLER of Ann Arbor Mich. & Bertha HUGHSON of Windsor, 22 Aug 1908 at Windsor #008403-08  Earl R. POWERS, 21, clerk, of Cleveland, s/o Garfield POWERS & Grace MOYER, married Grace J. POCKRANT, 19, of Cleveland, d/o Augustus POCKRANT & Christine AKMAN, witn: W.W. CRUISE of Windsor, 5 Sept 1908 at Windsor (Lutheran)
#007708-08  Herman Max PRILL, 23, barber, Ohio, Cleveland, s/o H. August PRILL & Libby BRAESE, married Lydia Charlotte PRILL, 22, Ohio, Cleveland, d/o Fred PRILL & Charlotte PESTROWSKY?, 26 March 1908 at Windsor #008395-08  Fred PROPER, 24, bar tender, of St. Clemens Mich., s/o William PROPER & Catherine LAMB, married Grace FARRAR, 24, of St. Clemens Mich., d/o Judson FARRAR & Carrie ELDRIDGE, witn: A. B. & Mary WILLIAMS of Flint Mich., 31 Aug 1908 at Windsor
#008401-08  William PULSE, 29, widower, engineer, of Grand Rapids Mich., s/o William PULSE & Elizabeth KARN, married Hattie WRAY, 28, widow, of St. Clair Mich., d/o Moses CARLETON & Emma WORTZ, witn: John POUPARD of Windsor, 4 Sept 1908 at Windsor  
007020-08  Forest L. QUICK, 21, farmer, Mersea Twp, same, s/o Isaac QUICK & Lena WOODS, married Catherine SETTERINGTON, 19, Mersea Twp, same, d/o Filemon SETTERINGTON & Sarah McMULLIN, witn: Charlotte & May ROCK both of Leamington, 10 June 1908 at Leamington #008405-08  James Arthur RAYMOND, 21, student, of Marshall Mich., s/o William H. RAYMOND & Cora E. NELSON, married Pauline L. AVERY, 20, of Marshall Mich., d/o Freeman L. AVERY & Mary KEMP, witn: C.L. MILLER of Marshall Mich. & A.F. WILKINSON of Sarnia, 3 Sept 1908 at Windsor
#007558-08  Fred G. REBHAN, 40, widower, machinist, New York, Onondaga, s/o John N. REBHAN & Elizabeth GRENNER?, married Henrietta FUHRMANN, 41, Ontario, Onondaga, d/o Joseph FUHRMANN & Wilhelmina BEINKA, 3 Jan 1908 at Windsor 008037-08  Karl S. REINHARDT, 55, widower, finance? France, Detroit, s/o M. M. REINHARDT & Mary FENNISE, married Jessie M. SMITH, 27, England, Detroit, d/o Richard SMITH & Agnes CONSTABLE, witn: Frank E. & Minnie A. WILLIAMS both of Detroit on June 5, 1908 at Windsor
  #007719-08  Edward D. RENDT, 45, widow, commission merchant, New York, Detroit, s/o Emanuel RENDT & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, married Lucy FORSYTH, 36, England, Detroit, d/o John FORSYTH & Catherine FERRIS, 30 March 1908 at Windsor
#007184-08  Antoine RENO, 56, widower, plasterer, of River Rouge Mich., s/o Anthony RENO, laborer, & Mary PERNIER, married Louise BAUER, 39, widow, of Sandusky Ohio, d/o Joseph BAUER, laborer, & Mary RENO, witn: Fred PATTENAUDE & Mary PARE, 19 Nov 1908 at Sandwich #008379-08  Harvey H. RISH, 22, miller, Ohio, LaRue O., s/o Wilkinson RISH & Laura J. CALVIN, married Bertha E. LOUGHBERRY, 18, Ohio, LaRue O., d/o Perry LOUGHBERRY & Louise MOHR, witn: Margaret MORASH? & Kosie MANNING, both of Windsor, 27 Aug 1908 at Windsor
#008382-08  Ord. RHODES, 24, salesman, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Paris RHODES & Jennie HARSHLEY, married Mary B. STEVENS, 20, Michigan, Battle Creek Mich., d/o William STEVENS & Bell PRINGLE, witn: Edward HOWE of Windsor, 26 Aug 1908 at Windsor #007569-08  Frank H. SALON, 22, upholsterer, Russia, Fort Wayne, s/o Max SALON & Leona LEHMAN, married Mabel G. KLINE, 20, Indiana, Detroit, d/o Charles KLINE & Mary KELSEY, witn: Mrs. A. H. MILLER of Detroit, 29 Jan 1908 at Windsor
#008075-08  Walter J. ST. LOUIS, 20, cler, Ohio, Windsor, s/o Frank K. ST. LOUIS & Annie CAMPBELL to Mabelle MARENTETTE, 18, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Columbia MARENTETTE & Emma COUSINEAU, witnesses: H J? DUMOUCHELLES & Charlotte DUCHARME, both of Windsor, on 6-22-1908 atWindsor (Rom Cath) #007198-08  Henry SALTER, 26, farmer, of Fulton Mich., s/o Jerome SALTER, farmer, & Fanny HINTOON, married Jennie MORLEY, 18, of Fulton Mich., d/o William MORLEY, carpenter, & Grace PAIN, witn: Mrs. Elmira MORRISON of Clinton Mich. & Robert MORRISON of St. Johns Mich., 21 Oct 1908 at Sandwich
#007567-08  Edward S. SANDERS, 22, telegraph operator, Ontario, St. Thomas, s/o Charles E. SANDERS & Jennie GAFFREY, married Laura G. ROCHE, 21, Ontario, Dutton, d/o Edmund ROCHE & Emma RICHMOND, 23 Jan 1908 at Windsor 008427-1908  Walter SCHRAM, 28, shoemaker, birthplace not given, Detroit, s/o Robert SCHRAM & Lydia DAVIS, married Louise FERNS, 21, birthplace not given, Detroit, d/o William FERNS & Lilla FROST, witn: Wilhelmina EVERETT & Josie MANNING, both of Windsor, 10 Sep 1908 at Windsor.
008430-1908  Charles A. SCHROFF, 31, painter, not given, Cleveland Ohio, s/o George F. SCHROFF & Frances PFEIL, married Anna DAVIS, 22, not given, Cleveland Ohio, d/o Daniel S. DAVIS & Kezia WILCOX, witn: William D. SQUIRE & Florence DAVIS, both of Cleveland, 29 Aug 1908 at Windsor.  
#007189-08  Alois SCHULTE, 27, pattern maker, of Detroit, s/o Anton SCHULTE, farmer, & Christine, married Clara FERGUSON, 19, of Detroit, d/o Christopher FERGUSON, farmer, & Mary VAN SHAW, witn: Catherine ALLISON of Cedar Springs Ont. & Maggie McTAGGART of Windsor, 2 Dec 1908 at Sandwich #007196-08  Emile SEGUIN, 30, machinist, of Sandwich, s/o Alexander SEGUIN, dead, & Elizabeth CHAPPUS, married Mary LE BOEUF, 24, of Sandwich, d/o Caliste LA BOEUF, insurance agent, & Rose MELOCHE, witn: Daniel DUFOUR & Alma LA BOEUF, 20 Oct 1908 at Sandwich (Rom Cath)
#008392-08  Aaron SHANK, 33, car builder, of Luna? O., s/o J. W. SHANK & Samantha NEIL, married Lella HILL, 24, spinster, of Luna O., d/o Leslie PORTER & Emma HILL, witn: Mrs. Emma HANSON of Luna O., 24 Aug 1908 at Windsor 7427-09 George H. SMITH, 20, mechanic, of Jackson Mich., s/o George SMITH, cooper, & Nancy ETCHRIE, married Mary Bell DUNN, 18, of Jackson Mich., s/o Charles DUNN, evangelist, & Polly NEWCOMBE, witn: Harry GIBSON of Denfield & Frank SNELGROVE of Woodstock, 31 Dec 1908 at Windsor
#008397-08  Henry Adam SNYDER, 19, of Tiffin O., s/o Adam SNYDER & Delila SMITH, married Hattie Ellen FEASEL, 19, of Tiffin O., d/o Charles FEASEL & Jane FLACK, witn: William REID of Windsor, 2 Sept 1908 at Windsor 008429-1908  William D. SQUIRE, 33, printer, birthplace not given, Cleveland Ohio, s/o Eldbert J. SQUIRE & Alice WELCH, married Florence DAVIS, 26, , birthplace not given, Cleveland Ohio, d/o Daniel S. DAVIS & Kezia WILCOX, witn: Charles SCHROFF & Anna DAVIS, both of Cleveland, 29 Aug 1908 at Windsor.
 007019-08 , Daniel Bensen STEVENSON, 35, farmer, Mersea Twp, same, s/o Robert STEVENSON & Mary REID, married  Eliza HUTCHINSON, 28, Mersea Twp, same, d/o John HUTCHINSON & Margaret HOPE, witn: Miss I. COX & Miss V. HAMILTON both of Leamington, 3 June 1908 at Leamington #007200-08  Leonard Charles STOLTE, 21, coal & ice dealer, of Detroit, s/o William STOLTE, contractor, & Sophia DITRITH, married Alma Pearl SMITH, 21, of Harrow Ont., d/o Harvey SMITH, farmer, & Jennie WRIGHT, witn: Kathleen CRAMPTON & Gertrude E. LODGE, both of Windsor, 30 Oct 1908 at Sandwich
#007557-08  Tony TOPINCO, 20, brass worker, Italy, Detroit, s/o Nicolo TOPINCO & Mary CONSILIO, married Frieda L. KOCH, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Henry KOCH & Bertha BUTLER, witn: Tom YOUNG of Detroit & Lillie KELLY of Windsor, 2 Jan 1908 at Windsor #008399-08  Floyd E. VROOMAN, 26, machinist, of Flint Mich., s/o Reuben VROOMAN & Corinne COATS, married Mabel L. WARNER, 28, of Augusta Mich., d/o Arthur WARNER & Salome COATS, witn: Rose DURRANT of Windsor, 3 Sept 1908 at Windsor
#007563-08  Leon WAMSLEY, 23, laborer, Michigan, Birmingham, s/o John WAMSLEY & Hannah OLIVER, married Maude J. McKAY, 24, Michigan, Goodrich, d/o William McKAY & Pauline HITCHKINS, 13 Jan 1908 at Windsor #008376-08  William WEBSTER, 28, laborer, Michigan, Capoc Mich., s/o R. WEBSTER & Lucy WILSON, married Vera GLASSFORD, 18, Michigan, Capoc Mich., d/o George GLASSFORD & Eliza TAYLOR, witn: Rachel CLINTON of Windsor, 25 Aug 1908 at Windsor
008032-08  Leo Julius WILKINSON, 22, barber, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Charles WILKINSON & Julia SWEET, married Corinne MOORE, 19, Ontario, London Ont., d/o George MOORE & Marguerite JOHNSTON, witn: Annie JOHNSTON of Detroit & M. F. TOLMIE of Windsor on June 1, 1908 at Windsor #008396-08  Ambro Blinkley WILLIAMS, 24, automobile, of Flint Mich., s/o H. WILLIAMS & Mary BUGENER, married Mary Amelia SCHULTZ, 22, of Durand Mich., d/o Frank SCHULTZ & Louisa RUEDE, witn: Fred PROPER & Grace FARRAR, both of Mt. Clemens, 31 Aug 1908 at Windsor


St Alphonse RC Church, Windsor, Essex County, Ontario - 1908

from FHC Film # 1312029, submitted by Ley O'Connor


4-28-1908 ------ LAFOND, James, 22, son of Jas & Ceubin?? St ANTOINE LAFOND to DELISLE, Julia, 19; daughter of Edward & Salome MAILLOUSE DESLILE Witnesses; William LAFOND & Lillie LAFORET both of Windsor

4-30-1908 ----- RUMP, John, 55 , son of Francis A & Elizabeth NEDERSTEIN RUMP to HOFFMAN, Marie, 30, daughter of Antoine & antoinette RUMP HOFFMAN Witnesses; M MOONEY & Christine? MARENETTE both of Detroit

5-20-1908 ----- CATON, Res?Ras?  R, 21, son of Edgarton & Sarah FISHER CATON of Detroit to McCARTHY, Mary E, 22 daughter of Mike & Bridget HIGGINS McCARTHY of Windsor Witnesses: M K? McCARTHY & Anne  (not given)

5-27-1908 ----- HAYES, WILLIAM, 34 of Detroit, son of William & Mary ROACH HAYES to MOONEY, Effie, 33,of windsor, daughter of John & Sarah O'CONNOR MOONEY Witnesses: Charlotte Gibney & Edward Mooney

6-2-1908 ----- KAVANAUGH, Arthur, 28 of Maidstone, son of Chas & Elizabeth DION? IXON? KAVANAUGH  to FIELDS, Margaret E, 25 of Windor, daughter of Daniel & Elizabeth MARTIN FIELDS Witnesses: Nicholas FIELDS & Mary KAVANAUGH TAMMARINO, Alesice, 23 of Clevland , Ohio, son of A & Maria TAMMARINO to TASCINO (Fasciano), Cametto, 21 also of Cleveland, daughter of Peter & Antoinett3 FASCIANO (yes, one is a capital T and the other an F), witnesses: P FANIANO & Mairie FARCIANO

6-18-1908 ----- PAXTON, Edgar S, 34, of Grosse Ilse, Michigan , son of E D & Felice CHAPATON PAXTON to CHISHOLM, Regina A, 26, of Toronto, daughter of Alex & Jennie MORIN CHISHOLM Witnesses: Lillian BERRY & Francis CLEARY

6-22-1908 ----- St LOUIS, Walter Jas., 20 son of Frank & Annie CAMPBELL ST LOUIS to MARENTETTE, Mabel, 18, daughter of Columbus and Emma COUSINEAU MARENTETTE, all of windsor Witnesses H J DUMOUCHELLE & Charlotte DUCHARME

6-23-1908 ----- McCLOSKEY, Vincent, 27, of Woodslee, so of Wm & Margaret MURPHY McCLOSKEY to KENNEY, Delia, 26, of Windsor, daughter of Patrick & Mary FARRELL KENNEY Witnesses: Joe KENNEY & Kate McCLOSKEY