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Essex Co., 1909

birthplace is usually not given on 1909 registrations


009527-09  William ALBRECHT, 30, farmer, Carsonville Mich., s/o Christopher ALBRIGHT & Mary FISK, married Laura SHEFFLER, 23, Port Hope Mich., d/o Charles SHEFFLER & Anna STACHEL, witn Louis H. MILLER of Detroit & Emma SHEFFLER of Port Hope Mich., 27 February 1909, at Sandwich. 7567-09 John S. ALMEIDA, 31, engineer, of Detroit, s/o M.da V. C. de Douvia ALMEIDA & Marion SNEYD, married Susan Louie HART, 31, of Detroit, d/o Albert J. HART & Susan REEVES, witn: Jean & Mary MANNING of Windsor, 4 March 1909 at Windsor
7562-09 Sumner R. ANABELL, 26, painter, of Detroit, s/o Arthur ANABELL & Mary LURVERY, married Ethel S. RIPLEY, 19, of Detroit, d/o not given, witn: Elizabeth CLARK & Mary MANNING, both of Windsor, 26 Feb 1909 at Windsor (LDS) 8741-09 Isaac AUSTIN, 54, widower, janitor, of Romeo Mich., s/o Robert AUSTIN & Mary SPARBANK, married Carrie VANHORN, 47, widow, of Romeo Mich., d/o John PARR, farmer, & Sarah WINNS, 22 May 1909 at Windsor
009543-09  Philander C. BAILEY, 42, chemist, ("divorced, remarried), Detroit, s/o George H. BAILEY & Harriet H. CASWELL, married Phoebe BAILEY, 42, ("divorced, remarried"), Detroit, d/o Marinus? DE BRU (DE BREE?) & Jane DECARTISSI, witn E. H. DONNELLY & John HARMON, of Sandwich, 10 March 1909, at Sandwich. 009547-09  John Alexander BAIN, 25, printer, Windsor Ont., s/o J. G. BAIN & Jennie MARTIN, married Edith Mary HIRONS, 18, Windsor Ont., d/o William HIRONS & Catherine LATHAM, witn Erle Martin BAIN & Florence M. HARESTON, of Windsor Ont., 26 May 1909, at Sandwich.
7565-09 Fred C. BARTCH, 25, clerk, of Findlay Ohio, s/o S.A. BARTCH & Anna M. SMITH, married Sadie W. BIGGS, 22, of Findlay Ohio, d/o Frank BIGGS & Helen SPRAUGE, witn: Jean MANNING & Jennie MACFARLANE, both of Windsor, 4 March 1909 at Windsor 7578-09 Walter J. BASTIEN, 29, salesman, of Windsor, s/o Remi BASTIEN, shoe maker & Mary BOUSSIE, married Florence Henrietta McDONALD, 25, of Detroit, d/o Daniel McDONALD & Harriet McLELLAN, witn: Robert CAPLING & Stella BASTIEN, both of Windsor, 7 Jan 1909 at Windsor
7585-09 Elmore W. BEALS, 36, widow, decorator, of Detroit, s/o Morgan BEALS & Louise FRASER, married Beatrice L. FARNSWORTH, 20, of Detroit, d/o Morgan BEALS & Louise FACER, witn: Jennie & Mary MANNING of Windsor, 13 March 1909 at Windsor 8758-09 Charles F. BEBELL, 25, clerk, of Toledo, s/o William BEBELL & Mary SNYDER, married Annie FAULKNER, 35, of Toledo, d/o Charles FAULKNER, butcher, & Elizabeth HUNT, 1 Aug 1909 at Windsor
8722-09 William E. BENNETT, 28, trucker, of Windsor, s/o Edward & blank, married Susie HUGILL, 21, of Windsor, d/o Charles HUGILL, street car employee, & Elizabeth CANNON, 28 July 1909 at Windsor 7556-09 Arthur P. BENOIT, 23, driver, of Detroit, s/o John BENOIT, machinist & Louisa WINNS (Winne?), married Irene ROUTHIER, 23, of Detroit, d/o John ROUTHIER, molder & Josephine ROUTHIER, witn: Lena HOWE & Olive SNELGROVE, both of Windsor, 16 Feb 1909 at Windsor
#007474-09  Wilson BENSON, 57 (or 51), widower, tobacconist, of Detroit, s/o Wilson BENSON & Jemmima? HEWITT, married Rose MURPHY, 43, widow, of Detroit, d/o Patrick ROONEY & Sarah BURNS, 2 Feb 1909 at Windsor 009537-09  Emile BENTHAL, 28, salesman, Wyandotte Mich., s/o John BENTHAL & Anna KALNBACH, married Jane TEELING, 22, Wyandotte Mich., d/o John TEELING & Catherine BEATIE, witn Raymond FLEMING of Detroit & P. MAHONEY of Dresden Ont., 19 January 1909, at Sandwich.
8744-09 William Peter BERKEL, 23, machinist, of Toledo Ohio, s/o Henry BERKEL, retired, & Kate, married Clara E. PARSELS, of Toledo, d/o John PARSELS, painter, & Phoebe HOSELL, witn: Beulah HAWKEY of Park Hill & Fern ALLIN of Windsor, 29 May 1909 at Windsor 7587-09 Joseph A. BERTRAND, 53, salesman, of Detroit, s/o William BERTRAND & Ann WOODROW, married Charlotte McKay DAVIS, 44, widow, of Detroit, d/o Angus MURRAY & Elizabeth SUTHERLAND, witn: J.K. & Ethel CALDER of Detroit, 13 March 1909 at Windsor
7553-09 Richard George BLACKBURN, 24, brass moulder, of Chatham Ont., s/o Robert BLACKBURN, captain, & Helen HENRY, married Margaret RITCHIE, 21, of Bothwell, d/o Peter RITCHIE, farmer, & Ellen ROOME, witn: Edward & Villa ADAIR of Windsor, 11 Feb 1909 at Windsor 8732-09 William J. BLOSSER, 23, painter, of Payette O., s/o not given, married Louisa McDANIEL, 18, of Payette O., d/o Daniel McDANIEL & Bertha ELY, witn: C. J. & Mary HOLLINRAKE of Windsor, 27 Sept 1909 at Windsor
#007464-09  Andrew BOSTICK, molder, 32, widower, of Lapier Michigan, s/o Alonzo BOSTICK, blacksmith, & Lucy LORD, married Goldie G. REED, 25, of Dryden Mich., d/o William REED, farmer, & Wealthy SHOLES, witn: Helen MALLARD? of Detroit, 22 Jan 1909 at Windsor 7597-09 Charles F. BRAHS, 23, machinist, of Detroit, s/o John BRAHS & Anna SEGMEIER, married Gertrude Laura JOHNSON, 22, of Chatham Ont., d/o Fred JOHNSON, teamser, & Emma BAYLEY, witn: Bertha & Ruth HUGHSON of Windsor, 15 March 1909
8720-09 Vanwyck BRINKERHOFF, 24, piano salesman, of Upper Sandusky, s/o Wilford BRINKERHOFF, piano dealer, & Ella KISKADDEN, married Roma Dell RITZ, 24, of Nevada Ohio, d/o Ed M. RITZ & Rosa SIEGLER, witn: Ada A. & V. W. ALLEN of Windsor, 28 July 1909 at Windsor 7554-09 James D. BRONSON, 27, blacksmith, of Flint Mich., s/o Stephen BRONSON, carpenter, & Frankie ACKLEY, married Agnes Justine ALGER, 18, of Flint Mich., d/o Myron ALGER, miller & Helen MORAN, witn: James & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 13 Feb 1909 at Windsor
009519-09  Alfred BROOKER, 21, driller, Amherstburg Ont., s/o Thomas BROOKER & Emily MELOCHE ("dead"), married Charlotte MARTIN, 21, Sandwich West, d/o Remi MARTIN & Josephine GIGNAC, witn Albert BROOKER of Amherstburg & Rose MARTIN of Sandwich West, 23 February 1909, at Sandwich. 8740-09 Edward William BUCHTA, 21, plumber, of Detroit, s/o Christian BUCHTA, weaver, & Minnie FEEBLESON, married Theresa Louise METZLER, 20, of Detroit, d/o John METZLER & Sophia FRITZ, 22 May 1909 at Windsor
009539-09  Michael BUHR, 21, plumber, Detroit, s/o John BUHR & Josephine BRINKMAN, married Helen JONCAS, 24, Bay City Mich., d/o Napoleon JONCAS & Mary ALLARD, witn Oswald MURPHY & Hugh MURPHY, of Sandwich, 25 January 1909, at Sandwich. 7552-09 Jacob CAMPBELL, 19, book keeper, of Leamington, s/o William CAMPBELL, farmer, & Olive ALDERTON, married Natalie LYNN, 19, of Leamington, d/o blank & Maggie LYNN, witn: Norma IMESON & Bell McKINLAY, both of Windsor, 10 Feb 1909 at Windsor
009540-09  Jacques CAMPEAU, 26, farmer, Tecumseh Ont., s/o David CAMPEAU & Adelaide MONTMARJORY?, married Juliette GUENOT, 21, Sandwich, d/o Albert GUENOT & Julie BRANGET?, witn George GUENOT of Sandwich & Bella CAMPEAU of Tecumseh Ont., 1 February 1909, at Sandwich. 7579-09 Robert Milton CAPLING, 24, laborer, of Windsor, s/o George CAPLING, merchant, & Isabella VANCE, married Stella BASTIEN, 19, of Windsor, d/o Remi BASTIEN, shoe maker & Mary BOUSSIE, witn: W.J. BASTIEN of Windsor & Hattie MacDONALD of et, 7 Jan 1909 at Windsor
009530-09  George CARRICK, 21, farmer, Elyria Ohio, s/o Arch. CARRICK & Rose ROULEY?, married Anna BIRCHLINE?, 18, Elyria Ohio, d/o Faltine BIRCHLINE & Lena PHILLIPS, witn J.A. MCMANUS & Ada CARRICK, of Elyria Ohio, 4 January 1909, at Sandwich. 8749-09 Ernest CHANEY, 29, farmer, of Elba Mich.., s/o John CHANEY, cab maker, & Ellen McINTYRE, married Alice TRUAX, 22, of Elba Mich., d/o Henry TRUAX, farmer, & Mahala MOORE, witn: James & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 24 July 1909 at Windsor
9381-09 Urly CHARETTE, 22, laborer, of Malden, s/o James CHARETTE, farmer, & Suzanne DESLIPPE, married Christina LUSSIER, 21, domestic, of Colchester North, d/o Gregoire LUSSIER, farmer, & Adelaide MENARD, witn: Willie MELOCHE & Lida CHARETTE, both of McGregor, 9 Nov 1909 at McGregor 7574-09 Alex CHOUINARD, 23, teamster, of Windsor, s/o Alfred CHOUINARD, farmer, & Louise TRUDELL, married Louise HARRIS, 23, of Windsor, d/o John HARRIS & Mary APHAN, witn: Alcide TRUDELL of Walkerville & Hattie HARRIS of Windsor, 23 Feb 1909 at Windsor
8727-09 Jonette Henry CLEMENTS, 25, salesman, of Detroit, s/o John CLEMENTS, dealer, & Irene WRIGHT, married Marguerite Alice NILES, 19, of Detroit, d/o Monroe NILES & Alice FOOT, witn: Ralph O. WIRZ & Edna BIRTCH, both of Detroit, 31 July 1909 at Windsor 007655-1909  Marsensa T. COCHRANE, 44, clerk, not given, Bridgeport Conn., widower, s/o John A. COCHRANE & Mary LOFFINGWELL, married Hanna Y. SMITH, 42, not given, Flint Mich, widow, d/o Edward CONNOR & Helen McGLUCHY, witn: Mayfrid & A. A. ALLIN, both of Windsor, 14 Jan 1909 at Windsor.
8742-09 Jule E. COHEN, 30, clerk, of Detroit, s/o Ed B. COHEN, grocer & Addie LYONS, married Beulah Pemberthy SECOR, of Mason Mich., d/o John SECOR & Jennie BROWN, 26 May 1909 at Windsor  
7588-09 John Joseph CONLEY, 40, widower, musician, of Detroit, s/o Martin CONLEY & Marillea BLODGETT, married Helta A. HORNING, 42, widow, of Detroit, d/o James KENNEY & Hannah GREGORY, witn: Jennie & Josephine MACFARLANE of Windsor, 14 March 1909 at Windsor 007501-09  : George COOK, 49, widowed, Decorator, of Detroit, s/o Samuel COOK, & Mary A HUNT, married Emily Melissa HEINE, 46, widowed, of Detroit, d/o Amos James HIMES?, & Maria HANDY, witn: Bertha & Muriel HUGHSON of Windsor, 12 February 1909 at Windsor
9379-09 Joseph COULOMBE, 25, laborer, of Anderdon, s/o Joseph COULOMBE, farmer, & Angela DROUILLARD, married Adele GALIPEAU, 18, of Anderdon, d/o Ezilde GALIPEAU, farmer, & Anna LAE? (Sas?), witn: Euzibe GALIPEAU & Eva LESPERANCE, 14 Sept 1909 at McGregor no number -09 Joseph COULOMBE, 25, laborer, of Anderdon, s/o Joseph COULOMBE, farmer, & Emma LEMIEUX, married Adele GALIPEAU, 18, of Anderdon, d/o Ezilda GALIPEAU, farmer, & Angele DROUILLARD, witn: Euzebe GALIPEAU of McGregor & Eva LESPERANCE of Windsor, 14 Sept 1909 at McGregor [when numbering, this one was marked as duplicate, there are enough differences between this and 9379-09, that both appear here]
009532-09  Stanley CRAIG, 21, dredgeman, Amherstburg Ont., s/o Joseph CRAIG & Elizabeth BRUSH, married Marie L. REAUME, 21, Sandwich West, d/o Noe REAUME ("Dead") & Henrietta DUROCHER, witn Archie REAUME of Sandwich West & Alma LA BOEUF of Sandwich, 7 January 1909, at Sandwich .7549-09 Franklin CRANDALL, 23, blacksmith, of Detroit, s/o Robert CRANDALL, stone cutter & Mary KENLINE, married Margaret HEDGER, 20, of Detroit, d/o Thomas HEDGER, cook & Elizabeth CRONIN, witn: James & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 8 Feb 1909 at Windsor
009597-09  Jesse D. CRUMP, 29, butler, Detroit, s/o Will CRUMP & Malinda, married Jessie B. ROBINSON, 19, Detroit, d/o Alex ROBINSON & Sarah MCPHERSON, witn Agnes Hind & Frederick NEAL, of Sandwich, 1 July 1909, at Sandwich. 007653-1909  George H. CUDNEY, 46, contractor, not given, Detroit, divorced, s/o Ezekiel CUDNEY & Susanna LENNIMAN, married Esther Ella BRINKER, 44, not given, Detroit, divorced, d/o John ASHER & Ellen CALLOP, witn: Robert CUDNEY & Mabel E BRINKER, both of Detroit, 11 Jan 1909 at Windsor.
009599-09  Homer I. CUTSINGER, 33, lumber merchant, Louisville Kentucky, s/o Martin CUTSINGER & Margaret WILLIAMS, married Annie B. ST. CLAIR, 26, Louisville Kentucky, d/o Wesley ST. CLAIR & Sarah SHIPKENSONS, witn Fred NEAL & Alice NEAL, of Sandwich, 2 July 1909, at Sandwich. 7561-09 William J. DAVIS, 31, foreman, of Saginaw Mich., s/o Isaac DAVIS, miner, & Jennie RENN, married Pearl DEMARSE, 24, of Windsor, d/o George DEMARSE, chef & Harriet YOTT, witn: Grace MORTON of Windsor, 27 Feb 1909 at Windsor
#007821-09  John Henry DAVIDSON, 25, ironworker, of Wyandette Mich., s/o John, boiler maker, & Margaret, married Carrie C. KAUFFMAN, 20, of Wyandette Mich., d/o Herman KAUFFMAN, painter, & Caroline SILKY, witn: David NORTH of Wyandette, 16 Jan 1909 at Windsor 8748-09 George DEAR, 40, drayman, of London, s/o Charles DEAR & Catherine McCABE, married Elizabeth SNIDER, 38, of London, d/o Benjamin SNIDER & Olive BARNUM, witn: James TEMPLETON & Amelia OLIVER, both of Windsor, 24 July 1909 at Windsor
009538-09  Gilbert DE BEAUMONT, 30, widower, machinist, Detroit, s/o James DE BEAUMONT & Matilda BOISMIER, married Elizabeth SIMONS, 38, Sandwich, d/o Wallace SIMONS & Anna OTIS?, witn Adrian DROUILLARD of Canard River Ont. & May DE BEAUMONT of River Rouge Mich., 19 January 1909, at Sandwich. 009524-09  Summer DELANO (Delanie?), 26, locomotive engineer, Detroit, s/o Harris DELANO & Jennie SHAW, married Lotta CHATFIELD, 21, Detroit, d/o Dan CHATFIELD & Minnie STICKIE, witn Jessie A. SPIERS & Almeda SMITH, of Sandwich, 24 February 1909, at Sandwich.
8743-09 William Charles DOBINSON, 37, cook, of Saginaw Mich., s/o James J. DOBINSON & Mary SURTIS, married Mary Jane WASTMAN, 39, divorced, of Saginaw, d/o James McCORMICK & Rose GREEN, 27 may 1909 at Windsor 9378-09 Adolph DROUILLARD, 23, farmer, of Sandwich West, s/o Maxime DROUILLARD, farmer, & Josephine GUARD, married Fanny BENITEAU, 20, of Anderdon, d/o Joseph BENITEAU, farmer, & Fusine MELOCHE, witn: Willie DROUILLARD & Ida BENITEAU, both of Canard River, 12 Sept 1909 at McGregor
7577-09 Paul DUBIE, 21, laborer, of Detroit, s/o John DUBIE & Marie BOUCHER, married Myrtle STRONG, 21, of Windsor, d/o Michael STRONG, farmer, & Elizabeth HUDSON, witn: Michael STRONG of Jeanettes Creek & Joseph BOYER of Windsor, 19 Jan 1909 at Windsor 7576-09 Marcell John DUFOUR, 19, book keeper, of Walkerville, s/o John DUFOUR, pipe fitter & Eugenie NANTAIS, married Sarah Marie GIRARD, 19, of Windsor, d/o Charles GIRARD, laborer, & Josephine DUPUIS, witn: Ernest GIRARD & Ethel SCOBIE, both of Windsor, 4 Feb 1909 at Windsor
007505-09  Daniel DUPUIS, 32, Laborer, of Windsor, s/o Beloni DUPUIS, Farmer, & Emelie LABATT, married Eloise HENIN, 25, of Windsor, d/o Ferdinand HENIN, Farmer, & Salomie HEBERT, witn: Onesime PRATT, & Mrs. Onesime PRATT, both of Windsor, 9 February 1909 at Windsor 7559-09 George Hubert DYCE, 30, widower, actor, of Detroit, s/o Fred DYER, railroad employee, & Bertha MacKAY, married Elizabeth McGUIRE, 18, of Detroit, d/o Michael McGUIRE, molder & Bertha CHRIST, witn: James TEMPLETON & Olive SNELGROVE, both of Windsor, 24 Feb 1909 at Windsor
8756-09 Fred E. DYER, 48, baker, of Detroit, s/o Walter DYER & Adele LAMB, married Georgina LEWIS, 38, of Detroit, d/o George F. LEWIS & Adeline SHORT, 31 July 1909, at Windsor 009548-09  Richard Nicholas ECKEL, 34, butcher, Detroit, s/o Anthony ECKEL & Mary SHULER, married Agnes GUTHRIE, 33, widow, Detroit, d/o James BARRON & Kithmel? EGAN, witn Mrs. Rose JOHN of Detroit & Agnes HIND of Sandwich, 27 May 1909, at Sandwich.
  7551-09 Garnet A. EDWARDS, 23, gas fitter, of Windsor, s/o Sylvester EDWARDS, drayman & Jane OVERHOLT, married Anna SORENSON, 23, of Windsor, d/o Christian SORENSON, retired, & Mary YENSON, witn: Peter SORENSON of Windsor & Marie HOLLOWAY of Detroit, 10 Feb 1909 at Windsor
009518-09  Gordon W. EDWARDS, 20, laborer, Tilbury Ont., s/o Solomon EDWARDS & Elizabeth DES ROCHES, married Elizabeth RIVAIT, 17, Ruscom Ont., d/o Joseph RIVAIT & Elizabeth BEAUSEJOUR, witn Henry RIVAIT & Helen DEMERS, of Ruscom Ont., 22 February 1909, at Sandwich. 9376-09 John T. EDWARDS, 25, farmer, of Colchester North, s/o Hugh John EDWARDS & Hannah LESTER, married Maude Ann LIPPATT, 22, of Colchester North, d/o Charles LIPPATT, farmer, & Emily THOMAS, witn: Thomas GEE of Gesto & Evaline LIPPATT of Essex, 30 June 1909 at Gesto
9387-09 Lorne A. ELFORD, 31, of Gosfield North, s/o William ELFORD, farmer, & Eliza HAWKY, married Margaret TICE, 26, of Colchester North, d/o Sheply TICE, farmer, & Lena JOHNSTON, witn: Forest SWEETMAN & Alva TICE, both of Banetville, 29 Dec 1909 at Banetville 007503-09  George ELKINS, 23, Springmaker, of Pontiac Michigan, s/o E.R. ELKINS, Springmaker, & Laura HOLWICK, married Gertrude SCHELL, 18, of Pontiac Michigan, d/o Alex SCHELL, Laborer, & Mary SPENCER, witn: Thomas SMILEY, of Windsor & Jennie KANADY, of Windsor, 13 February 1909 at Windsor
009535-09  John L. EVANS, 23, salesman, Detroit, s/o Hugh EVANS & Nellie MCALLEN, married Estella OSBORNE, 23, Detroit, d/o William Richard OSBORNE & Mary CLIFT, witn Alice NEAL & Joseph LAZARUS, of Sandwich, 9 January 1909, at Sandwich. 009596-09  Elisha FARMER, 68, widower, farmer, Pontiac Mich., s/o Thomas FARMER & Jane SARDESSON?, married Carrie CALKINS, 56, widow, Holly Mich., d/o Eph. ELWOOD & Harriet SHAW, witn Agnes HIND & Fred NEAL, of Sandwich, 1 July 1909, at Sandwich.
009517-09  William FINNIGAN, 23, book keeper, Detroit, s/o William FINNIGAN & Mary O'NEIL, married Mary COONAN, 18, Detroit, d/o James COONAN & Ellen MCGRATH, witn Maurice WALSH of Tyre? Mich., & P. MAHONEY of Dresden Ont., 18 February 1909, at Sandwich. 009601-09  John FOLSOM, 21, clerk, Columbiaville Mich., s/o Abner FOLSOM & Sophina SECORD, married Eva E. LAURENCE, 21, Columbiaville Mich., d/o Arthur LAURENCE & Alice READ, witn M. H. WINTEMUTE & Alice NEAL, of Sandwich, 3 July 1909, at Sandwich.
7600-09 Garnet FRASER, 23, farmer, of Cottam, s/o Thomas FRASER & Sarah MOE, married Daisy RAWLINS, 23, of Cottam, d/o William RAWLINS & Elizabeth HOWEY, witn: Edith SHEPHERD & Jennie MACFARLANE, both of Windsor, 15 March 1909 at Windsor  
8754-09 Fred W. FUNK, 31, salesman, of Chicago, s/o Carl FUNK, carpenter, & Louisa CROUSE, married Annie E. HOFFEMAN, 32, divorced, of Milwaukee, d/o William SCHMIDT & Emily RADKE, 30 July 1909 at Windsor 9375-09 Oliver GAGNON, 21, farmer, of Colchester North, s/o Amboise GAGNON, farmer, & Adele BOUFFARD, married Rose MELOCHE, 16, of Anderdon, d/o Elie MELOCHE, farmer, & Helene LE CLAIRE, witn: Joseph RENAUD & Agnes MELOCHE, both of Anderdon, 22 Feb 1909 at McGregor
8755-09 Walter GERHAM, 22, clerk, of Cleveland, s/o Christ. GERHAM & Marie HOHEN, married Ann HRDLICKA, 21, of Cleveland, d/o Fred HRDLICKA (Hedlicka?), moulder & Nettie WASEK, 31 July 1909 at Windsor 7429-09 Allan Mowry GIDDINGS, 24, student, of Augusta Mich., s/o William GIDDINGS, livery man & Emma MOWRY, married Leah Scott MASON, 22, of Battle Creek Mich., d/o Orris MASON, carpenter, & Eda DOWLING, witn: Hazel TINESON (Timson?) of McGregor & Olive SNELGROVE of Windsor, 4 Jan 1909 at Windsor
8730-09 Percy Furlong GILHULA, 23, railroader, of St. Thomas, s/o James GILHULA, railroader & Anna HELD, married Mignon Garnet JONES, 22, of St. Thomas, d/o Leonard JONES & Rachel FYLE, 2 Aug 1909 at Windsor 9398-09 John Corneal GILLETT, 30, farmer, of Gosfield North, s/o Robert GILLETT, farmer, & Melvina BONE, married Myrtle Elizabeth THURSTON, 21, of Gosfield South, d/o Henry THURSTON, farmer, & Alice BARNETT, witn: William & Rose GILLETT of Elford, 9 Aug 1909 at Essex town
8752-09 Harvey L. GRAHAM, 31, farmer, of Galion O., s/o J.W. GRAHAM, mason, & Margaret WALKER, married Winifred RITZHAUPT, 32, of Galion O., d/o James RITZHAUPT, farmer, & Sarah COCHRANE, witn: Joseph & Maggie THATCHER of Galion, 28 July 1909 at Windsor 8737-09 James GRAVES, 25, wood worker, of Detroit, s/o Albert GRAVES & Mary SHAW, married Goldie BROOD, 17, of Detroit, d/o Alfred BROOD & Martha ROWLEY, witn: Martha BROOD of Detroit & Mrs. F. W. HOLLINRAKE of Windsor, 30 Sept 1909 at Windsor
009520-09  M. A. GREGG, 35, musician, Detroit, s/o Thomas GREGG & Helen R. KINNEY, married Blanche DE WOLF, 25, Detroit, d/o Jean DE WOLF & Sarah MINNION, witn Mrs. Amelia DENZEN of Detroit & Alice NEAL of Sandwich, 3 February 1909, at Sandwich. #007462-09  William GREGORY, 32, car inspector, of Windsor, s/o Henry & Sophia, married Rebecca Ellen JENSEN, 28, widow, of Windsor, d/o Philip HARVEY & Alice EDGE, witn: Charles HARWOOD & Maud LONG, both of Windsor, 20 Jan 1909 at Windsor
8753-09 Robert Roy HARMER, 22, wood worker, of Detroit, s/o William HARMER & Mary SUTTON, married Pearl E. AYERS, 21, of Detroit, d/o Henry R. AYERS, tinner, & Mary SIMPSON, 28 July 1909 at Windsor 7575-09 Jeremiah HARRINGTON, 34, mechanic, of Windsor, s/o Michael HARRINGTON, soldier & Mary BRENNER, married Mary Emily CROSS, 30, of Windsor, d/o William CROSS & Jane ACKFORD, witn: Thomas WALSH & Kate LYNCH, both of Windsor, 18 Feb 1909 at Windsor
009545-09  Jack A. HART, 30, railroad man, Grand Rapids Mich., s/o Patrick O. HART & Angelina SHEA, married Nellie VAN KEUREN, 30, Grand Rapids Mich., d/o Matthew VAN KEUREN & Capitola WAITS, witn John F. MILLEN & John HARMON, of Sandwich, 17 March 1909, at Sandwich. 9388-09 John Franklin HEATON, 26, farmer, of Colchester South, s/o Henry HEATON, farmer, & Lydia WEST, married Barbara Ethel McGEE, 24, teacher, of Colchester North, d/o Frederick T. McGEE, farmer, & Sarah BRATT, witn: Edmund HEATON of Harrow & Martha McGEE of Gesto, 30 Dec 1909 at Gesto
007504-09  Arthur HEBERT, 24, Vocalist, of Windsor, s/o Gilbert HEBERT, Laborer, & Mary VERDUYN, married Mary Ellen HICKEY, 22, of Windsor, d/o Denis HICKEY, & Elizabeth GRANT, witn: William HEBERT, of Windsor & Stella REYNOLDS, of Windsor, 16 February 1909 at Windsor 7557-09 Otto F. HEIDEN, 25, pattern maker, of Detroit, s/o Charles HEIDEN, laborer, & blank, married Clara A. SCHOENFIELD, 20, of Detroit, d/o Herman SCHOENFIELD, engineer, & Rachel BROKER, witn: James & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 20 Feb 1909 at Windsor
8760-09 John James HEXT, 22, clerk, of Sarnia, s/o Daniel HEXT, oil refiner, & Mary NORTHCOTT, married Isabella Louisa COULTER, 21, of Sarnia, d/o William COULTER, machinist, & Jean CLARKE, 3 Aug 1909 at Windsor 9393-09 Edwin J. HICKS, 29, furniture dealer, of Essex, d/o James A. HICKS, merchant & Sarah JOHNSTON, married Laura POWELL, 28, of Essex, d/o Henry POWELL, farmer, & Alice MILLER, witn: G.K. & Mrs. G.K. MILLS of Tilbury, 23 June 1909 at Essex town
8734-09 Frederick HOFFMAN, 40, widower, real estate, of Detroit, s/o John HOFFMAN & Julia WESTBROOKE, married Frances WARD, 20, of Port Huron, d/o Patrick WARD & Emma LENTHALL, 25 Sept 1909 at Windsor 009522-09  John C. HOTTUM, 26, clerk, Detroit, s/o Leonard HOTTUM & Helen LEID, married Hazel SANDERS, 22, Detroit, d/o Leo SANDERS & Beulah HAZELWOOD, witn Alice NEAL & Bertha WINTEMUTE, of Sandwich, 22 February 1909, at Sandwich.
8746-09 Edward IVERS, 44, brick layer, of Detroit, s/o John IVERS & Louise McLAUGHLAN, married Alice Mary CLARKE, 38, of Detroit, d/o George CLARKE & Elizabeth SIBLEY, witn: James TEMPLETON & Amelia OLIVER, both of Windsor, 16 July 1909 at Windsor 8739-09 Harry JEFFERS, 34, merchant, of Freemont O., s/o John JEFFERS & Susan BAUSEY, married Maye SCHATZMAN, 35, of Sandusky O., d/o Jacob SCHATZMAN & Catherine BORK, 29 Sept 1909 at Windsor
8759-09 Thomas Albert JOHNSON, 25, farmer, of Richwood Ohio, s/o John F. JOHNSON, farmer, & Lovina WRIGHT, married Orpha E. McPHERSON, 25, of Richwood, d/o Henry McPHERSON, farmer, & Dora SNYDER, 3 Aug 1909 at Windsor 009523-09 (Esssex Co) John JUDGE, 25, machinist, Toledo Ohio, s/o John JUDGE & Catherine WHITE, married Francis SIMSON (s/b SIMPSON), 18, Toledo Ohio, d/o Arthur SIMPSON & Emma CARNEN?, witn W. H. WINTEMUTE of Sandwich & Walter WINTEMUTE of Belle River Ont., 22 February 1909, at Sandwich.
7609-09 Leo J. KELLY, 23, dentist, of Detroit, s/o Thomas KELLY, blacksmith, & Martha McCORD, married Ada J. DUGGAN, 22, of Detroit, d/o John DUGGAN, miner & Mary WESTFALL, witn: James TEMPLETON & Amelia OLIVER, both of Windsor, 9 March 1909 at Windsor  
7590-09 Charles Stuart KETCHUM, 22, clerk, of Northeast PA, s/o E. KETCHUM, hotel keeper, & Hattie HORTON, married Anna Belle WISEMAN, 23, of Parkersburgh West Virginia, d/o John WISEMAN, farmer, & Marguerite WELCH, witn: Mrs. E.S. PHIPPS of Mr. Clemens Mich & Bertha HUGHSON of Windsor, 1 March 1909 at Windsor 8725-09 George KITLEY, 62, widower, farmer, of Mt. Clemens, s/o Daniel KITLEY & Ann THOMPSON, married Nancy MOORE, 60, widow, of Detroit, d/o Benjamin LE SUER & Mary HARP, witn: W. H. & Luella McINTOSH of Windsor, 31 July 1909
9377-09 Samuel KNAPP, 20, laborer, of McGregor, s/o Ulric KNAPP, farmer, & Philomene LANGIS, married Aldia SOULIGNY, 16, of Anderdon, d/o Darius SOULIGNY, farmer, & Elizabeth CAYA, witn: John KNAPP & Rosie SOULIGNY, both of McGregor, 10 Aug 1909 at McGregor 009546-09  Lewis KORTAN (HORTON?), 42, musician, Detroit, s/o John Kortan & Mary HROCH, married Anna M.E. KRASA, 32, Detroit, d/o Ferdinand KRASA & Cecilia SROBODO, witn Erle Martin BAIN & J. A. BAIN, of Windsor Ont., 26 May 1909, at Sandwich.
  7563-09 Albert KRATZ, 30, wood turner, of Detroit, s/o Nicholas KRATZ & Isabelle LIVINGSTONE, married Lilian HEFFRON, 32, widow, of Detroit, d/o John ADAMS & Maria GOIT, witn: Jean MANNING & Jennie MACFARLANE, both of Windsor, 2 March 1909 at Windsor
009536-09  Anthony KWIATKOWSKI, 22, baker, Toledo Ohio, s/o John KWIATKOWSKI & Eva MEJCHA?, married Mary Etta COSLIN (COCLIN?), 18, Toledo Ohio, d/o William COSLIN & Ida H. LANE, witn A. RUMBALL & John HARMON, of Sandwich, 15 January 1909, at Sandwich. 7431-09 Blanie E. LAMERT, 21, clerk, of Kenton Ohio, s/o Charles E. LAMERT & Nettie M. RILEY, married Gertrude McCARTHY, 20, of Columbus Ohio, d/o John McCARTHY & Josephine BREEN, witn: Jean MANNING & Jennie MacFARLANE, both of Windsor, 22 Jan 1909 at Windsor
7428-09 Henry LATOUR, 21, steward, of Windsor, s/o Octave LATOUR, captain, & Matilda, married Grace THIBODEAU, 21, of Port Huron Mich., d/o Moses THIBODEAU, carpenter, & Elnora MELDRUM, witn: James TEMPLETON & Amelia OLIVER, both of Windsor, 1 Jan 1909 at Windsor 7599-09 Charles W. LEAKE, 29, teamster, of Detroit, s/o James LEAKE & Mary McGLASH, married Florence M. BARNEY, 21, of Detroit, d/o Albert BARNEY & Anna GRAHAM, witn: Jennie & Mary MANNING of Windsor, 15 March 1909 at Windsor
7568-09 Elmer LE DUE, widower, 50, grocer, of Pontiac Mich., s/o Phineas LA DUE & Sarah DARBY, married Frank LYONS, 41, widow, of Pontiac, d/o Isaac SHARPE & Sarah TYNES, witn: Jean MANNING & Jennie MACFARLANE, both of Windsor, 6 March 1909 at Windsor  
7606-09 Orville Lynn LEE, 22, farmer, of Carey Ohio, s/o Lorin LEE, farmer, & Effie CROSS, married Saville Mae BAUGHMAN, 21, of Carey Ohio, d/o Levi BAUGHMAN, farmer, & Ellen WOHLGAUNETH, witn: Lena HOWE & Olive SNELGROVE, both of Windsor, 3 March 1909 at Windsor 9515-09  Alfred Edmond LEFEBVRE, 27, farmer, Staples, s/o Joseph LEFEBVRE & Adelaide GREFFE, married Exilda CASA, 27, Tilbury West, d/o Louis CASA & Stephane? MAILLOUX, witn Louis CASA of St. Joachim & Joseph LEFEBVRE of Staples, 12 October 1909, at St. Joachim.
8751-09 Jay W. LEONARD, 35, sailor, of Toledo Ohio, s/o Waldren LEONARD & Barbara CLEAVE, married May NORTON, 33, of Toledo, d/o David NORTON & Ida DEWBERRY, witn: James TEMPLETON & Amelia OLIVER, both of Windsor, 28 July 1909 at Windsor 8745-09 Abe LINCOLN, 38, carpenter, of Chicago, s/o Lyman LINCOLN, retired, & Jerusha NEALY, married Pearl BRYANT, 24, widow, of Lake City Mich., d/o Ed CORLISS & Laura LEWIS, witn: Fern ALLIN of Windsor & Beulah HAWKEY of Park Hill, 31 May 1909 at Windsor
7586-09 Fred James LITTLE, 45, carriage driver, divorced & re-married, s/o Charles A. LITTLE & Helen JOHNSON, married Ella Malinda LITTLE, 40, divorced & re-married, of Detroit, d/o Daniel BARKLEY & Lucy PARKS, witn: A. CLARK & M. MANNING, both of Windsor, 13 March 1909 at Windsor 009521-09  David Blain MASTERS, 29, electrician, ("divorced, remarried"), Detroit, s/o John MASTERS & Martha MCCOURE?, married Jesse MASTERS, 22, ("divorced, remarried") d/o John JOHNSTON & Rose Mary GILKISON, witn Leo B. MASTERS of Detroit & Horace M. EDGAR of Windsor, 20 February 1909, at Sandwich.
9385-09 Robert McCALLUM, 57, farmer, of Gesto, s/o John McCALLUM, cabinet maker, & Fanny SWAN, married Martha C. WEBER, 44, widow, of Detroit, d/o Elisha AMES & Mary COOPER, witn: William & Christena BUHLER of Gesto, 22 Oct 1909 at Gesto #009846-09  John McCLINTOCK, 31, master builder, of Chicago, s/o John McCLINTOCK & Charlotte FORESTER, married Lela Maud McKEE, 23, of Sandwich South, d/o Thomas McKEE (farmer) & Elizabeth OLIVER, witnesses were John WILKIE of Chicago & Alice J. WILSON of Detroit, 2 June 1909 at Sandwich South.
9396-09 Marcus McWILLIAMS, 26, railroad hand, of St. Thomas, s/o William McWILLIAMS, farmer, & Fannie MERRITT, married Hulda MERRITT, 22, of Cottam, d/o James MERRITT, farmer, & Alwilda WIGLE, witn: Dr. J. W. BRIEN & Mrs. John ROSS, both of Essex, 30 June 1909 at Essex town 9382-09 Cyprien MELOCHE, 21, farmer, of Colchester North, s/o Felix MELOCHE, farmer, & Emelie DUFOUR, married Rose LUSSIER, 17, domestic, of Colchester North, d/o James LUSSIER, laborer, & Angelique MAINVILLE, witn: Adelaide LUSSIER & Willie MELOCHE, both of McGregor, 20 Sept 1909 at McGregor
7596-09 Walter L. MICHELSON, 24, letter carrier, of Detroit, s/o Herman J. MICHELSON, tailor & Augusta SCHULTZ, married Matilda Eva FRIEDLINE, of Detroit, d/o Leonard FRIEDLINE & Mary ECKERT, witn: Bertha & Ruth HUGHSON of Windsor, 13 March 1909 at Windsor 8726-09 William MICK, 28, machinist, of Detroit, s/o William & Minnie, married Mary BOTH, 30, of Detroit, d/o Herman BOTH, carpenter, & Augusta LAVITZKE, 31 July 1909 at Windsor
7560-09 William Fred MILLER, 24, glass worker, of Detroit, s/o Fred MILLER, mechanic & Antonia BANKE (Bauke?), married Edith KURKOWSKI, 21, of Detroit, d/o John KURKOWSKI, carpenter, & Augusta SCHULTZ, James & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 25 Feb 1909 at Windsor 8738-09 Ralph MOONEY, 26, of Freemont O., s/o Luther MOONEY & Hortense BENNETT, married Tillie STASCHKE, 18, of Freemont O., d/o Herman STASCHKE & Bertha KLIFFE, 30 Sept 1909 at Windsor
7611-09 Magnus MORHOLT, 24, engineer, of Detroit, s/o Gunderson MORHOLT, captain & Olive JACOBSON, married Ingrid OYEN, 23, of Detroit, d/o Paul OYEN, book keeper, & Carrie LYCKSETH, witn: Louise LARSEN of Detroit & Olive SNELGROVE of Windsor, 17 March 1909 at Windsor 7430-09 Jacob G. MULDER, 22, core maker, of Cornstock Mich., s/o G. MULDER & Jennie KUEL, married Minnie MULDER, 18, of Cornstock Mich., d/o B. MULDER & Elizabeth DOESBURG, witn: Jean MANNING & Jennie MacFARLANE, both of Windsor, 21 Jan 1909 at Windsor
#007463-09  Patrick MURPHY, 20, glassworker, of Toledo Ohio, s/o Harry MURPHY & Bridget CARLON, married Eva SPRAGG, 18, of Toledo Ohio, d/o Henry SPRAGG, mechanic, & Elizabeth PLOWMAN, 22 Jan 1909 at Windsor #007822-09  Eugene Don MURPHY, 47, divorced, traveling salesman, of Chicago, s/o Franklin MURPHY & Margaret N.L. LAIRD, married Josephine FIKENSHER, 34, divorced, d/o John REYNOLDS & Laura GILLEAND, 18 Jan 1909 at Windsor
7604-09 Thomas NAUBERT, 22, engineer, of Detroit, s/o A.T. NAUBERT & Rose McNALLY, married Elizabeth WAKEFIELD, 18, of Detroit, d/o Alva WAKEFIELD & Elvira MURPHY, witn: Charles H. HOLT of Detroit & Wilhelmina EVERITT of Windsor, 20 march 1909 at Windsor 7569-09 Ethel Lance NICHOLS, 24, driver, of Detroit, s/o Lawrence NICHOLS & Sarah J. PURDY, married Emma Jane RYCKMAN, 24, of Detroit, d/o W.J. RYCKMAN & Alvira COOMBES, witn: Jean MANNING & Jennie MACFARLANE, both of Windsor, 6 March 1909 at Windsor
7550-09 Fred E. OSTEN, 20, mechanic, of Detroit, s/o William OSTEN, farmer, & Anna STOLZENFELD, married Sadie WARRINGTON, 18, of Detroit, d/o Henry WARRINGTON, farmer, & Elizabeth GREFOR, witn: Edward HOWE & Olive SNELGROVE, both of Windsor, 8 Feb 1909 at Windsor 9383-09 Arthur OUELLETTE, 23, farmer, of Sandwich East, s/o Leon OUELLETTE , farmer, & Emelie POUGET, married Lena GERARD, 19, domestic, of Colchester North, d/o John GERARD, farmer, & Emma POUGET, witn: Alfred OUELLETTE of Walkerville & Christena GERARD of McGregor, 5 Oct 1909 at McGregor
7593-09 Fred George OWEN, 23, farmer, of Clarkstown Mich., s/o H.J. OWEN, farmer, & Annie MORGAN, married Ethel May McMAHON, 24, of not given, d/o George W. McMAHON, farmer, & Mary YEAGER, witn: Samuel JOSSMAN of Detroit & Ruth HUGHSON of Windsor, 6 March 1909 at Windsor 9380-09 Samuel PAQUETTE, 23, farmer, of Colchester North, s/o Felix PAQUETTE, farmer, & Louise DROUILLARD, married Vina DROUILLARD, 23, domestic, of Anderdon, d/o Joseph H. DROUILLARD, farmer, & Mary HELFRICH, witn: Wallace PAQUETTE & Emma DROUILLARD, both of McGregor, 20 Oct 1909 at McGregor
009529-09  Arsene PARE, 23, laborer, River Rouge Mich., s/o Jacques PARE & Scholastica RAYMOND, married Laura L. L'AMANT, 18, Sandwich West, d/o Alexander L'AMANT & Anna BASTIEN, witn Alexander L'AMANT of Sandwich West & Joseph LA BOEUF of Sandwich, 31 December 1909, at Sandwich. #007823-09  Frederick PARKER, 25, fireman, of Chicago, s/o William H. PARKER, contractor, & Saphronia BIRD, married Adah THORNTON, 23, of Chicago, d/o Mark THORNTON & Livey SUTTERFIELD, 19 Jan 1909 at Windsor
7610-09 Hugh PASTORIUS, 23, drillman, of Essex Ont., s/o Elihu PASTORIUS, agent & Eliza QUICK, married Grace LARABEE, 20, of Amherstburg, d/o Theodore LARABEE, farmer, & Hattie WOODIWISS, witn: Roy PASTORIUS of Essex & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 11 March 1909 at Windsor  
009600-09  Frank Joseph PATELSEY, 21, shipping clerk, Detroit, s/o Frank PATELSEY & Julia RANTZ, married Mollie M. LEON, 18, Detroit, d/o Henry LEON & Ann MAYS, witn Asutin Beeman JOSEPH & Julia Mary PATELSEY, of Detroit, 3 July 1909, at Sandwich. 9392-09 Archibald PATTERSON, 24, laborer, of Essex, s/o Archibald PATTERSON, farmer, & Christena SINCLAIR, married Alice Ann SAWYER, 19, of Essex, d/o Fred SAWYER, railway employee, & Jennie BUTLER, witn: Peter C COLLARD & Ethel SAWYER, both of Essex town, 5 May 1909 at Essex town
9397-09 Milton Edward PECK, 24, electrician, of Windsor, s/o J.O. PECK, insurance agent, & Adria SMITH, married Beulah Agnes RODGERS, 19, of Detroit, d/o Richard Francis RODGERS & Susanna JAMIESON, witn: J. E. & Emma STONE of Essex, 7 Aug 1909 at Essex town 7594-09 William Harrison PENNINGTON, 29, sailor, of Detroit, s/o Drew PENNINGTON & Elizabeth SHERIDAN, married Ida FAFTY, 25, of Detroit, d/o Peter FAFTY, contractor & Sarah HALE, witn: Mrs. Deborah GRIFFITH of Detroit & Mrs. HALLIE of Sercombe, 6 March 1909 at Windsor
007576-09  James N. PERAULT, 35, laborer, of Wyandette Mich., s/o Antoine PERAULT, barber & Catherine CADRAN (or Cadeau), married Mary L. GAGNON, 22, of Wyandette Mich., d/o Thomas GAGNON & Selina? GUERRIE?, 16 Jan 1909 at Windsor (Rom Cath) [Perrault?] 7608-09 Morey PEREIRA, 25, printer, of Detroit, s/o Abram PEREIRA, cigar maker, & Jennie SHELFISH, married Pearl DONALDSON, 24, of Detroit, d/o William DONALDSON, ship builder & Jennie WILLIS, witn: George DONALDSON of Detroit & Olive SNELGROVE of Windsor, 6 March 1909 at Windsor
7566-09 John Arthur PICKLES, 18, clerk, of Weston Mich, s/o J.F. PICKLES & Jeannette SERVICE, married Ruth Gertrude NEGUS, 18, of Weston Mich., d/o G.N. NEGUS & Hattie ALLEN, witn: Jean MANNING & Jennie MACFARLANE, both of Windsor, 4 March 1909 at Windsor 7558-09 William PINNER, 22, printer, of Detroit, s/o William PINNER, tailor & Frances SHOEMAKER, married Ella BARGER, 19, of Detroit, d/o Frank BARGER, brewer, & Mary FRAYE, witn: Charles HARWOOD & Olive SNELGROVE, both of Windsor, 20 Feb 1909 at Windsor
  8728-09 Benjamin C. PLATT, 24, carpenter, of Detroit, s/o Zenas PLATT & Sarah DAUBLE, married Lou EATON, 30, of Detroit, d/o James H. EATON & Florence TENNEY, 31 July 1909 at Windsor
007654-1909  Robert QUEEN, 32, laborer, not given, Sandwich, s/o Robert QUEEN & Mary CLARKE, married Helen KETT, 22, not given, Amherstburg, d/o Charles & Eliza KETT, witn: Mayfrid & Ada A. ALLIN, both of Windsor, 12 Jan 1909 at Windsor. #007475-09  Frederick C. RAMLOW, 35, widower, tailor, of Kalamazoo Mich., s/o Charles RAMLOW, blacksmith, & Lizzie KEY, married Mabel COX, 25, of Kalamazoo, d/o Charles COX, steel worker, & Ade BEVIER, 11 Jan 1909 at Windsor
009516-09  Alfred REAUME, 20, farmer, St. Joachim, s/o Alexander REAUME & Mathilde JOLY, married Marie Louise BELLEMORE, 20, St. Joachim, d/o Onesime BELLEMORE & Marie Louise CASA, witn Alexander REAUME & Onesime BELLEMORE, of St. Joachim, 4 October 1909, at St. Joachim. 7603-09 Case REEVES, 23, teacher, of Carlton Mich., s/o George REEVES & Sarah COLE, married Mary RICHARDS, 23, of Carlton Mich., d/o Wesley RICHARDS & Lavinia SMOCK, witn: Clyde COLE & Maud McCOLLUM, both of Detroit, 20 March 1909 at Windsor
9386-09 Joseph RENAUD, 24, farmer, of Anderdon, s/o Daniel RENAUD, farmer, & Madeline MELOCHE, married Agnes MELOCHE, 20, domestic, of Anderdon, d/o Eli MELOCHE, farmer, & Helen LECLARE, witn: Arsene RENAUD & Emily MELOCHE, both of McGregor, 22 Nov 1909 at McGregor 8721-09 Wesley G. REUTLER (Rentler?), 28, laundry manager, of Detroit, s/o Jacob REUTLER, moulder, & Harriet DURANT, married Lillian FOX, 33, widow, of Detroit, d/o George FOX, hack driver, & Rose HAFF, witn: Minnie NESBIT of Windsor, 28 July 1909 at Windsor
7601-09 Ernest W. RHODES, 23, wood worker, of Walkerville, s/o Milton RHODES & Hattie PRICE, married Arletta HANNAH, 19, of Bracebridge Ont., d/o William HANNAH & Mary MOORE, witn: Jennie & Mary MANNING of Windsor, 16 March 190 at Windsor 8735-09 Frederick RINDFUSZ, 27, divorced, fireman, of Fort Wayne, s/o Everett RINDFUSZ & Annie HIVELY, married Lillian SIKARSKI, 24, of Detroit, d/o Michel SIKARSKI & Josephine SPANDOLASKE, witn: Clara & Mary HOLLINRAKE of Milton, 25 Sept 1909 at Windsor
009534-09  James RITCHIE, 70, widower, boiler maker, Detroit, s/o John RITCHIE (Scotland) & Jane HART, married Jane MOFFATT , 62, widow, Detroit, d/o John D. HENDERSON (Scotland) (no mother), witn Lilian ELLIOTT & Frederick NEAL, of Sandwich, 9 January 1909, at Sandwich. 8736-09 Arthur ROGERS, 24, telegraph operator, of West Minster?, s/o William ROGERS & Mary PRUNE (Priene?), married Mildred SMITH, 21, of Wauseau, d/o Preserved SMITH & Caroline LINK, 28 Sept 1909 at Windsor
8719-09 William Elliott ROWE, 29, farmer, of Vickery Ohio, s/o Adam ROWE, farmer, & Margaret THOMPSON, married Ruby Grace SCOTT, 18, of Vickery, d/o Charles SCOTT, farmer, & Elizabeth BOOTH, witn: Ada A. & V. W. ALLEN of Windsor, 27 July 1909 at Windsor 8747-09 George RUHLMAN, 19, of Detroit, s/o Jacques RUHLMAN, grocer, & Ersula SMITH, married Corrine RICH, 18, of Detroit, d/o John RICH & Agnes CROSSEN, witn: James TEMPLETON & Amelia OLIVER, both of Windsor, 20 July 1909 at Windsor
7571-09 Frank RUSH, 49, widower, tinsmith, of Detroit, s/o William E. RUSH & Jemima RIGBY, married Rea BARNES, 42, widow, of Detroit, d/o Edwin PARKER & Kate STONE, witn: Sadie LEAROYD & Jean MANNING, both of Windsor, 7 March 1909 at Windsor 7555-09 Thomas Y. SAINSBURY, 27, farmer, of Cleveland Ohio, s/o Thomas SAINSBURY, farmer, & Sarah BLAKE, married Constance Edith PORTER, 18, of Charlotte Mich., d/o Albert PORTER, brewer, & Annie BLAKE, witn: Violet SHAW & Olive SNELGROVE, both of Windsor, 15 Feb 1909 at Windsor
009598-09  Bruno SCHMUCK, 22, meat cutter, Detroit, s/o Rheinold SCHMUCK & Hermine SARPKE, married Helen S. MCKELVEY, 21, Detroit, d/o Byron MCKELVEY & Louise HOUGHTON, witn Douglas MCQUEEN & Katherine HIND, of Sandwich, 1 July 1909, at Sandwich. 7595-09 Sam SCHULER, 23, book keeper, of Detroit, s/o Sam SCHULER, cigar dealer & Matilda PHILLIPS, married Bernetta BENNETT, 20, of Detroit, d/o Ed M. MAINCOURT of Detroit & Muriel HUGHSON of Windsor, 9 March 1909 at Windsor
9389-09 Walter C. SCOTT, 21, laborer, of Colchester North, s/o not given, married Noley LAIRD, 19, of New Canaan, d/o not given, witn: Obadiah CLINGMAN & John CHAVIS Sr., both of Briton?, 21 Nov 1909 at New Canaan 8750-09 George Joseph SCOTT, 64, widower, farmer, of Cleveland, s/o John SCOTT & Susan SHERBEAU, married Dolina McKAY, 55 of Cleveland, d/o Angus McKAY & Christena NICHOLSON, witn: James TEMPLETON & Amelia OLIVER, both of Windsor, 25 July 1909 at Windsor
9391-09 John H. SHEPPARD, 40, farmer, of Gosfield North, s/o William SHEPPARD, retired farmer, & Mary Ann HARVEY, married Clara RODD, 41, teacher, of Essex town, d/o John RODD, farmer, & Clarissa PROUSE, witn: J. S. AUSTIN of Essex & Emily SHEPPARD of Cottam, 24 Feb 1909 at Essex town 7572-09 Jesse A. SHULSE, 24, farmer, of Detroit, s/o Frank SHULSE & Ellen HONN, married Martha RANSON, 19, of Detroit, d/o John RANSON & Martha OSTRANDER, witn: Nathan MACK of Detroit & Jennie MACFARLANE of Windsor, 10 March 1909 at Windsor
7602-09 Real Elmer SIMONS, 25, farmer, of Lapeer Mich., s/o John SIMONS & Emma ELMER, married Violet Holmes MORRISON, 27, widow, of Lapeer Mich., d/o Andrew HOLMES & Jennie HUBBARD, witn: Jennie & Mary MANNING of Windsor, 19 March 1909 at Windsor 7598-09 John William SIMPKINS, 21, machinist, of Detroit, s/o Charles SIMPKINS, painter, & Mary SMITH, married Mary Hazel SHAULES, 20, of Detroit, d/o George S. SHAULES & Ella COLLIGAN, witn: Emma M. SHAULES of Detroit & Ruth HUGHSON of Windsor, 16 March 1909 at Windsor
009541  Charlie SMITH, 40, widower, railroad man, Detroit, s/o John & Nora SMITH, married Ida WACHTER?, 33, Windsor Ont., d/o William WACHTER & Caroline WEBBER, witn A. A. TEMPLETON & A. B. TEMPLETON, of Detroit, 8 March 1909, at Sandwich. 8724-09 Douglas R. SMITH, 21, clerk, of Detroit, s/o Joseph SMITH, hardware dealer, & Jennie DOUGLAS, married Jeanne JACKSON, 18, of Broadripple Indiana, d/o Clinton JACKSON & Lucy REDDING, 30 July 1909 at Windsor
7589-09 Adolph Andrew SMITH, 23, soldier, of Detroit, s/o Jacob SMITH, brick layer & Frances KLINE, married Lillian BARCIA, 22, of Detroit, d/o John BARCIA & Edith GRISDALE, witn: Ruth & Muriel HUGHSON of Windsor, 27 Feb 1909 at Windsor  
7573-09 Albert Ernest STANLEY, 23, carpenter, of Windsor, s/o Albert STANLEY & Margaret BURNS, married Evangeline St.LOUIS, 21, of Windsor, d/o Jason St.LOUIS, blacksmith & Mary Louise PILON, witn: William PILON & Clara PARENT, both of Windsor, 23 Feb 1909 at Windsor 8757-09 Howard STARRIE, 21, rubber worker, of Akron O., s/o John STARRIE & Alice, married Helen BERTELS (Berlets?), 21, of Akron, d/o Joseph BERTELS, rubber worker, & Mary YOST, 1 Aug 1909 at Windsor
7591-09 James Andrew STEEB, 20, farmer, of Ann Arbor Mich., s/o George J. STEEB Jr. & Agatha GEIGER, married Eleanor STABLER, 21, of Ann Arbor Mich., d/o Joseph STABLER, farmer, & Katherine KALENBACK, witn: Lillie STABLER of Ann Arbor & Bertha HUGHSON of Windsor, 2 March 1909 at Windsor 9394-09 Robert STEED, 28, farmer, of Gosfield North, s/o Gordon STEED, farmer, & Agnes HENDRON, married Edith Frances LIPPATT, 23, of Colchester North, d/o Charles LIPPATT, farmer, & Emma THOMAS, witn: John & Mrs. John GORMLEY of Essex town, 9 June 1909 at Essex town
7592-09 William G. STOCK, 21, candy maker, of Toledo Ohio, s/o W.A. STOCK, candy maker & Sarah A. HARRISON, married Ruth JAY, 18, of Toledo Ohio, d/o Joseph JAY, paper hanger & Florence ROWLAND, witn: Muriel HUGHSON & Olive McCONNELL, both of Windsor, 2 March 109 at Windsor 8729-09 Delbert W. STURGEON, 27, farmer, of Mansfield Ohio, s/o J.G. STURGEON, farmer, & Clara SIERGERT, married Mabel E.H. QUERY, 19, of Lucas Ohio, d/o J. E. QUERY, railroader, & Josephine HERSCHEL, 1 Aug 1909 at Windsor
8723-09 Carl J. SWAIN, 21, carpenter, of Sherwood Mich., s/o Frank SWAIN, contractor, & Libbie SHELTS, married Gladys HAGELSHAW, 21, of Union City Mich., d/o Charles HAGELSHAW & blank, 29 July 1909 at Windsor 7564-09 Herbert Edward TAYLOR, 30, farmer, of Colchester Essex, s/o Francis TAYLOR & Louisa MIDDEX, married Nellie Elizabeth McLEAN, 24, of Colchester Essex, d/o Jacob McLEAN & Marie WATERS, witn: V.F. McLEAN of Harrow & Viola McLEAN of Colchester, 3 March 1909 at Windsor
9390-09 Fred TOFFLEMIRE, 21, farmer, of Gesto, s/o Joseph TOFFLEMIRE, farmer, & Salome J. nee TOFFLEMIRE, married Ida L. ROUNDING, 20, seamstress, of Essex town, d/o George ROUNDING, butcher & farmer, & Susannah ROADHOUSE, witn: J. F. TAYLOR of North Ridge & Phoebe L. ROSS of Essex, 17 Feb 1909 at Manse, Essex town 9384-09 Walter TREMBLAY, 22, of Colchester North, s/o Albert TREMBLAY, farmer, & Delima GRAVELINE, married Eva GRONDIN, 20, domestic, of Colchester North, d/o Maurice GRONDIN, farmer, & Marie GIGNAC, witn: Joe GRONDIN & Emma TREMBLAY, both of McGregor, 12 Oct 1909 at McGregor
7607-09 Clarence TUMEY, 22, manager, of Detroit, s/o Frank TUMEY, mason & Ellen KLANKA, married Mabel CAREY, 22, of Detroit, d/o William CAREY, barber, & Henrietta DRAKE, witn: Ethel DANIEL & Olive SNELGROVE, both of Windsor, 4 March 1909 at Windsor  
009528-09  Adolphe VERYSER, 27, butcher, Detroit, s/o Rene VERYSER & Etodia? JACQUES, married Irma VERYSER, 25, Detroit, d/o Desederium? VERYSER & Sylvia FAIS, witn H. LYVEN of Detroit & Joseph PICHE of Sandwich, 11 March 1909, at Sandwich. 007502-09 Vern Stanley WARNER, 21, Cutter, of Clyde Ohio, s/o F.S. WARNER, Sign painter & Clara STURTEVANT, married Nancy Elizabeth WILLIS, 18, of Clyde Ohio, d/o Chris WILLIS, Engineer, & Mary WRIGHT, witn: Thomas SMILEY, of Windsor & Flossie LAW, of Windsor, 13 February 1909 at Windsor
009531-09  James WATSON, 24, barber, Detroit, (no parents) married Ethel Beatrice Clark, 30, Detroit, d/o John CLARK & Elizabeth LEONARD, witn Alfred CLARK & Mrs. Alfred CLARK, of Detroit, 6 January 1909, at Sandwich. 7570-09 Edward C. WATSON, 25, decorator, of Detroit, s/o Robert WATSON & Agnes GRIFFIN, married Evelyn BLAVATT, 22, of Detroit, d/o Matthew BLAVATT & Eva PERHEN, witn: Jennie & Mary MANNING of Windsor, 6 March 1909 at Windsor.
009544-09  Joseph R. WAYNE, 22, musician, Detroit, s/o James W. WAYNE & Elizabeth TREMBLY (TREMBLAY?) married Lillian M. ROCHE, 19, Detroit, d/o Thomas H. ROCHE & Anna KRAUS, witn Mr. and Mrs. Frank RENSHAW of Detroit, 17 March 1909, at Sandwich 7605-09 Frederick C. WESTON, 23, inspector, of Detroit, s/o Howard WESTON & blank, married Anna Katherine KRAFT, 21, of Detroit, d/o William KRAFT & Lizzie STRICKRIGHT, witn: Wilhelmina EVERITT & Jean MANNING, both of Windsor, 20 March 1909 at Windsor
  8731-09 Isaac WHITE, 22, porter, of Detroit, s/o S. WHITE, travelling agent & blank, married Bertha LUCAS, 18, of Detroit, d/o Henry LUCAS, carpenter, & S. WALLS, witn: Mrs. W. BUSH & Mrs. J. H. WILLIAMS, both of Windsor, 30 Sept 1909 at Windsor
009525-09  Frederick Harvey WHITING, 20, shipping clerk, Detroit, s/o Thomas WHITING & Margaret EHLART, married Bernice Evelyn TONKIN, 18, Detroit, d/o John TONKIN & Agnes REED, witn Lyda TRUDELL of Detroit & Frank ELLIOT of Phillips?, 24 February 1909, at Sandwich. 9395-09 Flavian Myron WILDER, 22, contractor, of Ann Arbor Mich., s/o Flavian Myron WILDER, deceased, & Martha BROWN, married Freda Winnifred WILLSHER, 20, of Essex, d/o William Henry WILLSHER, engineer, & Anna HALL, witn: Shad LYNN of Ann Arbor Mich & Maud WILLSHER of Essex, 26 May 1909 at Essex town
8733-09 Claude WILLIS, 18, stove mounter, of Marion Indiana, s/o John WILLIS & Nellie ROGERSON, married Viola HILL, 18, of Marion Indiana, d/o George HILL & Adeline BALLARD, witn: Vivian & Edward KLIBBE of Marion Ind., 26 Sept 1909 at Windsor 009526-09  Thomas WILSON, 22, barber, Detroit, s/o William WILSON (no mother), married Gladys WATSON, 18, Detroit, d/o Peter WATSON & Anna MCCURREY, witn Alexander CLARK of Sandwich & Katherine HIND of Sandwich, 25 February 1909, at Sandwich.
009533-09  George WIRTH, 24, machinist, Detroit, s/o John WIRTH & Louisa WYLE, married Barbara CONDO, 19, Detroit, d/o George CONDO & Barbara BUCHTA, witn Bertha WINTEMUTE & Alice NEAL, of Sandwich, 7 January 1909, at Sandwich. 009542  Ralph E. YOUNKIN, 21, machinist, Jackson Mich., s/o Fred YOUNKIN & Stella REACHOUL?, married Elizabeth M. VASSEL, 18, Jackson Mich., d/o Louis VASSEL & Margaret HILL, witn Fred & Estella YOUNKIN, of Jackson Mich., 10 March 1909, at Sandwich.