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Essex Co., 1910

Bithplace was usually NOT given on these registrations


#009951-10 (Essex Co): Charles Gay ADAMY, 24, barber, of Detroit, s/o William ADAMY (train dispatcher) & Emma RUNDELL, married Gertrude A,. JARVIS, 19, of Detroit, d/o John JARVIS (polisher) & Aurelia BELANGER, witnesses were Peter & A.B. ANDREWS of Detroit, 25 Oct., 1910 at Windsor #009872-10 (Essex Co): Theodore ANGUS, 22, machinist, of Fenton Mich., s/o John ANGUS, drayman, & Ella WOODRUFF, married Clarissa NEWBURY, 20, of Flint Mich., d/o John NEWBURY, constable, & Charity KING, witn: A.W. BARKER of Comber, 22 Sept 1910 at Windsor
010448-10 (Essex Co): Elias Davie BALKWILL, (corrected to Silas Davie), 23, farmer, of Arner, s/o Richard BALKWILL, farmer, & Mary Ellen O'CONNOR , married Maude May STADDON (corrected to Laura May), 19 of Kingsville, d/o William STADDON & Lorimay TOFFLEMIRE, witnesses: Awellian ALLEN, & Laura BALKWILL of Arner, 14 Dec 1910 in Ruthven 8529-10 Jesse BARTLETT, 29, cigar maker, of Flint Mich., s/o Henry BARTLETT, traveller, & Mary STEARNS, married Elsa STOLTOW, 25, of Saginaw Mich., d/o Charles STOLTOW, gentleman & Sophie TURDEN?, 29 March 1910 at Windsor
10578-10 Sidney John BOLTON, 21, clerk, of Detroit, s/o Philip BOLTON, farmer, & Elizabeth LERMAR, married Lavina Alice WOOLLARD, 21, of New Market Lane England, d/o Christopher WOOLLARD, farmer, & Grace RACE, witn: William John BOLTON of Sandwich, 11 July 1910 at Sandwich 10579-10 Robert Lee BRANHAM, 22, soldier - 26 USA Infantry, of Detroit, s/o John Thomas BRANHAM, railway man, & Elizabeth GILLAN, married Idella Pearl BOWMAN, 18, of Detroit, d/o Alonzo BOWMAN, painter, & Lozela ABBITOY, witn: Agnes & Harry HIND of Sandwich, 11 July 1910 at Sandwich
10451-10 Charles Brush BROWN (Brouse?), 22, farmer, of Colchester South, s/o James BROWN, farmer, & Ellen SHEPLEY, married Emily N. MOORE, 16, of Colchester, d/o Mervin MOORE, farmer, & Ada SHEPLEY, witn: William RANSOM & Fern WIGLE, both of Kingsville, 9 March 1910 at Kingsville 010589-10 (Essex Co) George William BUSH, 24, apprizer, Detroit Mich., s/o James H. BUSH, apprizer & Sarah OLIVER, married Grace HAGGERTY, 22, Detroit Mich., d/o Patrick HAGGERTY, foreman & Harriet KING, witn W. J. CROSBY & Mrs. William CROSBY, of Detroit, 8 August 1910, at Sandwich.
010602-10 (Essex Co) Ulric CARRIERE, 26, machinist, Detroit Mich., s/o Joseph CARRIERE & Adele LADOUCEUR, married Eva OUELLETTE, 25, Sandwich West Ont., d/o Henri OUELLETTE, farmer & Locadie REAUME, witn Joseph CARRIERE of Detroit & Henri OUELLETTE of Sandwich West, 3 September 1910, at Sandwich. 008966-10 (Essex Co.) John CAWLEY (Cowley?), 23, butcher, of Tilbury, s/o John R CAWLEY & Sarah Ellen BOND, married Kate HALLIDAY, 20, of Fletcher?, d/o David HALLIDAY & Mary TAIT, wtn: Arthur CAWLEY of Windsor & M F TOLMIE of Windsor on June 7, 1910, at Windsor
  #009882-10 (Essex Co): Nelson CLINTON, 58, widower, farmer, of Alma Mich., s/o Andrew J. CLINTON & Augusta PECK, married Lorinda BARTLETT, 5-, widow, of Alma, d/o William SNIDER, farmer, & Sarah BAYARD, 25 Sept 1910 at Windsor
010449-10 (Essex Co) Benjamin A. COWELL, 22, laborer, of Kingsville, s/o Charles COWELL & Isabella LOGAN, married Eva May GRANGER, 27, of Kingsville, d/o Henry GRANGER, farmer, & Ann BARNET (Bamet?), witnesses: Albert GRANGER of Cattaus? & Isabella Traffegas COWELL, 11 Dec 1910 #009886-10 (Essex Co): Judson CUMMINGS, 72, widower, farmer, of Sterling Mich., s/o John W. CUMMINGS & Louisa HEMINGWAY, married Addie SPENCER, 41, widow, of Sterling, d/o Fred COPP & Dorothy BANKLEMAN, 29 Sept 1910 at Windsor
#009878-10 (Essex Co): Henry J. DAVIDSON, 39, widower, farmer, of Sandwich Ont., s/o Anthony DAVIDSON & Mary A. DRULARD, married Mary BEAUDRY, 36, of Sandwich, d/o Israel BEAUDRY & Sarah OUELLETTE, 23 Sept 1910 at Windsor #008578-10 (Essex Co): James Edward DAVIS, 32, cook, of Detroit, s/o George D. DAVIS (farmer) & Angeline CRUZE, married Louise C. MONZO, 32, of Applegate Michigan, d/ James MONZO (farmer) & Kate SHUEHART, 7 April, 1910 at Windsor
#009880-10 (Essex Co): Clifton DAY, 29, machinist, of Detroit, s/o Barney DAY, farmer, & Alice BUTLER (or Bullen), married Wilhelmina PEASE, 20, of Detroit, d/o William PEASE & Mattie KERBY, 24 Sept 1910 at Windsor 010554-10 (Essex Co) : Joseph Armand DETHITRES, 21, carpenter, of Windsor, s/o Honore DETHITRES, & Carlienna NANTAIS, married Lucie TOUSIGNANT, 21, spinster, of Sandwich, d/o Romeo TOUSIGNANT, & Melissa DESROSISRA, witn: Arsenne TOUSIGNANT, of Walkersville & Dora BONDY, of Sandwich, 6 June 1910 at Sandwich
#009955-10 (Essex Co): C. Joseph DETROYER, 21, polisher, of Detroit, s/o Anthony DETROYER (bricklayer) & Gertrude LEMEKE?, married Olive May ATKINS, 18, of Detroit, d/o Milford ATKINS & Olive ABERNETHY, witnesses were Albert & May DETROYER of Detroit, 27 Oct., 1910 at Windsor #008575-10 (Essex Co): Trueman L. DILLEY, 37, machinist, of Philadelphia PA, s/o Robert G. DILLEY (Insurance agent) & Bella WEBSTER, married Rose Alice YERSLEY, 39, divorced, of Allantown PA, d/o A. S. MOYER (contractor) and Sarah HUBER, 6 April, 1910 at Windsor
8960-10 Louise E. DROUILLARD, 30, widower, mechanic, of Windsor, s/o Eli C. DROUILLARD, farmer, & Maggie E. MONETTE, married Elizabeth GRAHAM, 36, of Windsor, d/o Samuel GRAHAM, farmer, & Isabel EVESON, witn: Abbie GRAHAM of Wheatley & Jessie O'NEIL of Windsor, 2 June 1910 at Windsor  
#008299-10 (Essex Co): Horace EATON, 53, widower, accountant, of Bucyrus O., s/o Reason EATON, farmer, & Elizabeth HAYES, married Emily D. HAUSER, 38, widow, of Bucyrus, d/o Stillman TAYLOR, lawyer, & Hattie HALL, 29 Jan 1910 at Windsor 010600-10 (Essex Co) William EDELSTEIN, 44, widower, decorator, Detroit Mich., s/o William H. EDELSTEIN, army captain & Johannah KRUGER, married Maria V. PESHEK, 48, widow, Chicago, d/o Michael KLENER, farmer & Rose PAINTER, witn Alice RIDSDALE & Marion HIND, of Sandwich Ont., 21 August 1910, at Sandwich.
#008300-10 (Essex Co): James ELLIS, 30, painter, of Toledo Ohio, s/o D.P. ELLIS, painter, & Sarah CHRISTIAN, married Clara COLLINS, 30, of Toledo, d/o Lindley COLLINS, railroadman, & Melissa SHARP, 14 Feb 1910 at Windsor 010586-10 (Essex Co) Paul Ramson ELLSWORTH, 21, clerk, West Richfield Ohio, s/o Clarence ELLSWORTH, commercial traveler & Jennie CHANDLER, married Mary Jane CHAFFER, 18, West Richfield Ohio, d/o Wilbert CHAFFER, hotel keeper & Jennie MCGEE, witn Wilbert CHAFFER of Richfield Ohio & Katherine HIND of Sandwich, 6 August 1910, at Sandwich.
8955-10 Esker EMORY, 25, hotel waiter, of Detroit, s/o Charles EMORY, stone mason, & Lizzie EMORY, married Lucinda FLAGG, 39, of Detroit, d/o Thomas FLAGG, laborer, & Rachel FLAGG, witn: G. B. STEWART & L.B. THOMAS, both of Windsor, 2 July 1910 at Windsor 8954-10 Joseph P. ENO, 36, street car employee, of Toledo Ohio, s/o Samuel ENO, laborer, & Mary BURKE, married Jennie SCHROEDER, 42, widow, of Toledo Ohio, d/o Philip LONG & Susan SARNES, witn: Chris & Clara GEISBUHLER of Toledo, 7 July 1910 at Windsor
25031-10 William FLEMING, 45, widower, merchant, of Port Huron Mich., s/o William FLEMING, lumberman & Sarah GURNY (Gurney?), married Martha Eva HADCOCK, 30, of Port Huron Mich., d/o Morgan HADCOCK, carpenter, & Hester HARRIS, 18 July 1910 at Sandwich  
008295-10 (Essex Co): Charles FRITCH, 30, plumber, of Akron Ohio, s/o John FRITCH & Mary MONTZ, married Lillie ROOSE, 30, spinster, of Akron Ohio, d/o George ALLAN & Ada VIALL, 26 Nov 1909 at Windsor 010550-10 (Essex Co) : Harry GARDENER, 23, ferryman, of Windsor, s/o John GARDENER, farmer, & Adeline NANTAIS, married Mary RICHARDSON, 18, spinster, of Windsor, d/o Elias RICHARDSON, farmer, & Catherine EATON, witn: Grace LESPERANCE, & Henry LESPERANCE, both of Windsor, 15 March 1910 at Sandwich
  010583-10 (Essex Co) Wm H. GODDEN, 38, widower, farmer, Winnipeg Man., s/o James GODDEN, moulder & Clara GARDINER, married Clara M. BROWN, 38, widow, Belleville Mich., d/o John BROWN, millwright & Maria WARSE, witn Almeda SMITH & Alice NEAL, of Sandwich, 1 August 1910, at Sandwich.
010596-10 (Essex Co) Iran Ruhl GOEDE, 22, clincher, Detroit, s/o Henry GOEDE, carpenter & Minnie RUHL, married Ollie (Olivia?) Emma FAGELL, 18, Cleveland Ohio, d/o Edward FAGELL, city worker & Matilda FUBERT, witn Clarence MASON & Marie TAYLOR, of Sandwich, 18 August 1910, at Sandwich. 010595-10 (Essex Co) Solomon GOLDWATER, 34, cigar maker, Detroit Mich., s/o Samuel GOLDWATER, cigar maker & Olivia LEVI, married Louise WOELK, 24, Detroit Mich., d/o Herman WOELK, labourer & Minnie TIDKA, witn Alice NEAL & Fred NEAL, of Sandwich, 18 August 1910, at Sandwich.
#009877-10 (Essex Co): John B. GRANSBERRY, 26, steam fitter, of Detroit, s/o Edward GRANSBERRY & Elizabeth PAYNE, married Beatrice ALLOR, 19, of Grosse Pointe Mich., d/o Stephen ALLOR, farmer, & Ann FOREST, 28 Sept 1910 at Windsor 8527-10 Hugh GRANT, 29, barber, of Ellenburg NY, s/o Perry GRANT, contractor, & Mary PHILLIPS, married Anna BEATRIE (Beatric?), 25, of Detroit, d/o Calvin BEATRIE, decorator, & Anna MADDEN, witn: C. r. CHADWICK & Carrie FORBES, both of Windsor, 29 march 1910 at Windsor
#008576-10 (Essex Co): Irving James HALL, 23, clerk, of Flint Michigan, s/o DeVere HALL (lawyer) and Augusta BROWN, married Grace McCrae CHATFIELD, 22, of Detroit, d/o Kenneth McCRAE (captain) & Mary CUNNINGHAM, witnesses were Mrs. Margaret VAN TROYE of Detroit & Gertrude SMITH of Windsor, 6 April, 1910 at Windsor 010559-10 (Essex Co) : Fay P. HASTINGS, 21, clerk, of Jackson Michigan, s/o John HASTINGS, & Nellie WILKINSON, married Katherine Louise CHAPMAN, 18, spinster, of Jackson Michigan, d/o Will CHAPMAN, farmer, James FULLER (adopting father), farmer & Katherine STONE (own mother), Edith THURSTON (adopting mother), , witn: Lavern NICHOL & Mrs. Florence NICHOL, both of Jackson, Michigan, 20 June 1910 at Sandwich
8962-10 Frank Henry HAUK, 22, metal polisher, of Detroit, s/o Andrew HAUK & Mary J. MORRIS, married Pearl M. FITZGERALD, 22, divorced, of Detroit, d/o Hugh HENRY & Emma SINALL, witn: Lena MOORE of Detroit & M. F. TOLMIE of Windsor, 4 June 1910 at Windsor 008965-10 (Essex Co.) Alfred Ernest HENRI, 18, painter, of Windsor, s/o Emile HENRI & Annie E. FRY, married Mary HARMON, 18, of Windsor, d/o John HARMON & Josephine LANGLOIS, wtn: Mrs Annie E HENRI of Windsor & Stella HARRISON of Windsor on June 6,1910, at Windsor
#008574-10 (Essex Co): Charles E. HODGES, 48, widower, farmer, of Jackson Michigan, s/o W.B. HODGES (merchant) & Rebecca CUTHBERTSON, married Della VINING, 42, widow, of Jackson Michigan, d/o C.P. BILLINGS (physician) and Adelia W. BROWN, 3 April, 1910 at Windsor 010601-10 (Essex Co) George A. HUDSON, 26, machinist, Byron Mich., s/o C. L. HUDSON, farmer & Margaret POWERS, married Bertha L. BURNHAM, 20, Byron Mich., d/o Milan BURNHAM, farmer & Lilian L. SAVILLE, witn Mrs. J. W. ROISTER? of Sandwich & J. F. TEMPLETON of Windsor, 29 August 1910, at Sandwich.
#008577-10 (Essex Co): Kirtley B. HULEM, 27, salesman, of Detroit, s/o John W. HULEM (merchant) & Lucy POLLARD, married Nora May HAKES, 27, of Jackson Michigan, d/o Rufus HAKES & May FABURITI, 7 April, 1910 at Windsor #008298-10 (Essex Co): Oscar HULLINGER, 32, salesman, of Toledo Ohio, s/o Daniel HULLINGER & Emma JOHNSTON, married Grace JONES, 27, of Toledo Ohio, d/o Randolf JONES & Kate BETTS, 25 Nov 1909 at Windsor [Hollinger?]
#008296-10 (Essex Co): Arthur HUSTED, 35, attendant at asylum, of Toledo Ohio, s/o Aaron HUSTED & Sarah NASMYTH, married Frances CAIRL, 21, of Toledo Ohio, d/o Calvin CAIRL & Edith PORKEY, 26 Nov 1909 at Windsor 25035-10 Bernard JARVIS, 19, chauffeur, of Toledo Ohio, s/o J. R. JARVIS, wheelwright, & Maria C. WOODCOCK, married Myrtle M. TRIPP, 18, of Toledo Ohio, d/o L. J. TRIPP, musician, & Bessie ACHART, witn: Agnes HIND & Maria TAYLOR, both of Sandwich, 24 July 1910 at Sandwich
010597-10 (Essex Co) Neil J. JOHNSON, 39, lawyer, Chicago, s/o John JOHNSON, broker & Hannah JOHNSON, married Lea E. MARGRAFF, 32, widow, Chicago, d/o Narcisse DELARMRAND?, boot & shoe maker & Celia MARTIN, witn A.C.H. AKESSON & Anna AKESSON, of Chicago, 18 August 1910, at Sandwich. 010557-10 (Essex Co) : John JONES, 50, engineer, of White House Ohio, s/o John JONES, farmer & Sarah CARRAS, married Louisa LOUNEES, 44, widow, of Owasso Michigan, d/o Henry RUBBLEMAN, saloon keeper, & Ellen HAIS, witn: Alice SPARKS, & Alice NEAL, both of Sandwich, 15 June 1910 at Sandwich
#009873-10 (Essex Co): Peter JUBINVILLE, 72, widower, retired, of Ypsilanti Mich., s/o Peter JUBINVILLE & Catherine MONGUL, married Margaret R. DUFFIN, 55, widow, of Ypsilanti, d/o Charles REIMER & Jane E. JUBINVILLE, 22 Sept 1910 at Windsor #009953-10 (Essex Co): Martin KELLY, 21, farmer, of Cement? City Michigan, s/o John S. KELLY (farmer) & Caroline MISCH, married Edith VINING, 18, of Clarks Lake Michigan, d/o Thomas VINING & Viola REDNER, 26 Oct. 1910 at Windsor
10577-10 William Augustus KEYES, 42, widower, foreman, of Detroit, s/o Edward KEYES, painter, & Hannah RADFORD, married Ellen May RADFORD, 36, of Detroit, d/o William RADFORD, farmer, & Mary OTTIS, witn: Ellen A. RADFORD of Detroit & Katherine HIND of Sandwich, 4 July 1910 at Sandwich 25034-10 Robert Albert KLUGHT, 21, auto repair man, of Detroit, s/o Gustave KLUGHT, butcher, & Carrie SPRANGLIT, married Anna Louise FISHER, 18, of Detroit, d/o Ferdinand FISHER, dairy man, & Louise KANNAM, witn: Agnes HIND & Maria TAYLOR, both of Sandwich, 22 July 1910 at Sandwich
010584-10 (Essex Co) Rudoph KOWITZ, 23, builder, Flint Mich., s/o Gottfried KOWITZ, carpenter & Minnie BORMAN, married Ethel D--- HENDERSHOT, 19, Vassar Mich., d/o Ralph HENDERSHOT, farmer & Rosie HOWELL, witn Charles HODGES & Ida A. HODGES, of Flint Mich., 3 August 1910, at Sandwich.  
010552-10 (Essex Co) : Raymond Lapp KURTZ, 26, draughtsman, of Flint Michigan, s/o Daniel KURTZ, farmer, & Nellie LAPP, married Sarah Viola OWEN, 22, spinster, of Genesee Michigan, d/o Talman OWEN, & Harriett BOLES, witn: Mrs. M. O’BRIAN, & Maria TAYLOR, both of Sandwich, 6 June 1910 at Sandwich 010555-10 (Essex Co) : Dolphis LAFRAMBOISE, 26, laborer, of Sandwich, s/o Pierre LAFRAMBOISE (dead), & Elizabeth RENAUD, married Josephine HENNIN, 24, spinster, of Sandwich, d/o Nicholas HENNIN, workingman & Claire TOUSIGNANT, witn: Albert HENNIN, & Hilda LAFRAMBOISE, both of Sandwich, 14 June 1910 at Sandwich
10556-10 (Essex Co) : John Gilbert LANG, 27, switchman, of Detroit Michigan, s/o Dennis LANG, railroadman & Martha MOORE, married Adeline LAU (?), 38, widow, of Detroit Michigan, d/o John MONEGHAN, mechanic, & Mary RODGERS, witn: Agnes HIND, & Catherine HIND, both of Sandwich, 14 June 1910 at Sandwich 25033-10 Laurence LAZARUS, 23, machinist, of Sandwich, s/o Joseph LAZARUS & Jane SMITH, married Evelyn DESROSIERS, 20, of Sandwich, d/o Joseph DESROSIERS, sacristaur?, & Elizabeth MENARD, witn: Archer NANTAIS of Walkerville, & Rose Marie DESROSIERS of Sandwich, 20 July 1910 at Sandwich
010581-10 (Essex Co) George LEBOUDE? (LABONTE?), 34, barber, Belle River Ont., s/o Gaspard LEBOUDE?, farmer & Zoe ZULE, married Margaret MCGAHAN, 28, Woodstock Ont., d/o John MCGAHAN, labourer & Margaret MCINNIS, witn Agnes HIND & Maria TAYLOR, of Sandwich, 25 July 1910, at Sandwich. 25030-10 Leo Clifford LEMILE, 22, brick mason, of Toledo Ohio, s/o Jacob LEMILE, contractor, & Ida Mary BRINL, married Amanda Catherine LE VAQUE, 21, of Toledo Ohio, d/o blank LE VAQUE, factor HB Co., & Josephine LA VOIE, 14 July 1910 at Sandwich
008970-10 (Essex Co.) Dorr LOBDELL, 29, candy maker, of Detroit, s/o Horace LOBDELL & Amanda QUACKENBUSH, married Glena DREW, 23, of Detroit, d/o Llewellen DREW & Ida BALL, wtn: W W DEWSON of Windsor & Maria PRINGLE of Windsor, on June 8, 1910, at Windsor 10452-10 Norman MALOTT, 29, farmer, of Gosfield North, s/o Sol MALOTT, farmer, & Tesly? GIBBOE, married Eliza Myrtle HUTCHEN, 26, of Gosfield South, d/o William HUTCHEN, farmer, & Mary BROURE? witn: William MIBURGALL of Parry Sound & Mrs. MILLSON of Kingsville, 16 March 1910 at Kingsville
010580-10 (Essex Co) John William MARMION, 21, brass founder, Detroit Mich., s/o John W. MARMION, ship builder & Anna WINTLANDT, married Anna PAGEL, 24, Detroit, d/o Fred PAGEL, foreman & Minnie BRITZHEITHER, witn Agnes HIND & Maria TAYLOR, of Sandwich, 25 July 1910, at Sandwich.  
008968-10 (Essex Co.) Charles L MARSHALL, 30, farmer, of Fair Play, Ont, s/o Charles R MARSHALL & Lizzie RENNER, married Louise LYNCH, 23, of Fair Play Ont, d/o James LYNCH & Mary LESPERANCE, wtn: William J WILSON of Essex & Isa Belle MARSHALL of Fair Play Ont, on June 8, 1910, at Windsor #009874-10 (Essex Co): James MASSEY, 30, machinist, of Detroit, s/o James MASSEY, in England, & Sarah ROBINSON, married Rita B. FORTRESS, 24, of Detroit, d/o George FORTRESS, farmer, & Ida WHITE, witn: George T. & Ida E. CLARKE of Byron Mich., 22 Sept 1910 at Windsor
#009952-10 (Essex Co): Arthur Edward MAUSER, 25, clerk, of Detroit, s/o Charles MAUSER(butcher) & Louisa CAILLE, married Myrtle Maud LYONS, 23, of Detroit, d/o Alex LYONS (farmer) & not given, witnesses were Mr. & Mrs. Philip G. DAVIS of Detroit, 25 Oct., 1910 at Windsor 010591-10 (Essex Co) Arthur Charles MAYER (MEYER?), 22, printer, Detroit Mich., s/o Jacob MAYER, conductor & Emma HAVER, married Bessie Ethel STACKHOUSE, 24, Detroit, d/o J. M. STACKHOUSE, trimmer & May C. SKINNER?, witn Lucy M---- of Detroit & Maria TAYLOR of Sandwich, 8 August 1910, at Sandwich.
8958-10 Joseph MAYNES, 35, railroad conductor, of Sandusky Ohio, s/o Patrick MAYNES, farmer, & Ellen MAHER, married Ida M. BIGELOW, 34, widow, of Sandusky Ohio, d/o George W. JENNINGS, farmer, & Mary LANCASTER, witn: James TEMPLETON & Fred J. HOLTON, both of Windsor, 17 June 1910 at Windsor 010582-10 (Essex Co) Henri MCCORMACK, 26, sign painter, Sandwich, s/o John MCCORMACK & Elizabeth ENGLAND, married Elizabeth LANGLOIS, 23, Sandwich, d/o Frederick LANGLOIS, labourer & Emeline SEGUIN, witn; Edgar FORCIER of Belle River & Stella LANGLOIS of Sandwich, 27 July 1910, at Sandwich.
8525-10 George A. McCOY, 28, clothing clerk, of Belding Mich., s/o Nathan McCOY, laborer, & Sarah HAMMOND, married Rose E. DENNIS, 19, of Belding Mich., d/o Thomas DENNIS, farmer, & Eliza HARTFORD, witn: Arthur & Mrs. A. CLEMENCE of Detroit, 28 March 1910 at Windsor 010588-10 (Essex Co) Samuel Charles MCLAUGHLIN, 21, labourer, Carleton Mich., s/o George W. MCLAUGHLIN, farmer & Dela (Della or Delia?) KENT, married Edna Mae KARL, 18, Maybee Mich., d/o John KARL, farmer & Barbara SHADDLER, witn Agnes HIND & Maria TAYLOR, of Sandwich, 8 August 1910, at Sandwich.
8957-10 Henry Joseph MILES, 22, screw machine setter, of Detroit, s/o James MILES, gas fitter, & Abbie SELLER, married Minnie L. SARGENT, 19, of Detroit, d/o John SARGENT, teamster, & Emma CLESTY, witn: Elizabeth BRADLEY of Detroit & Olive SNELGROVE of Windsor, 6 June 1910 at Windsor 8529-10 Herbert MILLER, 27, machinist, of Detroit, s/o Andrew MILLER, farmer, & Hannah McKENZIE, married Alice (Sathre) OLSEN, 25, of Detroit, d/o Lars OLSEN, machinist, & Julia HUIRSEN (Hunsen?), witn: Mrs. A. BOURNMAN of Detroit & Carrie FORBES of Windsor, 29 March 1910 at Windsor
10450-10 George Ernest MOORE, 26, farmer, of Gosfield South, s/o David MOORE, farmer, & Sarah Ann MONTGOMERY, married Eva Florence BRIMACOMBE, 19, of Gosfield North, d/o William BRIMACOMBE, farmer, & Martha MARTIN, witn: Rev. John MORRIS of 135 Central Ave. London & Elleanore? MOORE of Kingsville, 5 Jan 1910 at Kingsville 8964-10 Robert Brainard MORRIS, divorced, 27, manufacturer, of Lansing Mich., s/o H. W. MORRIS, store keeper, & Mattie L. BRAINARD, married Lois Daura MEAD, 21, of Lansing, d/o Charles C. MEAD, farmer, & Viola ANDRESS, 6 June 1910 at Windsor
010599-10 (Essex Co) John V. MURRAY, 25, auto repairer, Detroit Mich., s/o S.S. MURRAY, carpenter & Mary MCGARVEY, married Harriet Mae HURLBERT, 22, Mt. Clemens Mich., d/o Frank E. HURLBERT, quiller & Charlotte HAND, witn George HURLBERT & Mrs. George HURLBERT, of Detroit Mich., 20 August 1910, at Sandwich. 8961-10 George William MUTTER, 50, widower, agent for Parke Davis, s/o Robert MUTTER & Louise PAVEY, married Marie PAVEY, 41, divorced, of Detroit, d/o Samuel PAVEY & Mary A. YOUNG, witn: M. Louise & Harry MUTTER of Detroit, 2 June 1910 at Windsor
010551-10 (Essex Co) : John Joseph NAUER(?), 21, assembler, of Detroit Michigan, s/o John Joseph NAUER(?), scaler, & Elizabeth GAZELKI, married Katherine HARRINGTON, 20, spinster, of Detroit Michigan, d/o Will R HARRINGTON, roofer & Mary DOULEY (Donley?), witn: Oscar W. HARRINGTON, & Mrs Rose ALLEN, both of Detroit, 4 June 1910 at Sandwich  
#009884-10 (Essex Co): Dale NEVELL, 21, railroader, of Detroit, s/o Trueman NEVELL, farmer, & Isora BEE, married Mattie SHELDEN, 18, of Detroit, d/o Almon SHELDEN, farmer, & Reta BRIDSTEIN, witn: George CONKLIN of Detroit, 27 Sept 1910 at Windsor #009876-10 (Essex Co): D. Cass NEWELL, 21, electrician, of Detroit, s/o Herman NEWELL, retired, & Emma BARNHART, married Mary E. DONALDSON, 18, of Detroit, d/o George DONALDSON & Elizabeth CALHOUN, 23 Sept 1910 at Windsor
010558-10 (Essex Co) : Lavern NICHOL, 21 farmer, of Jackson Michigan, s/o Charles NICHOL, & Ella ROBERTS, married Florence Orillo HUBER, 18, spinster, of Jackson Michigan, d/o Abbey HUBER, blacksmith, & Alice WORTZ, witn: Fay HASTINGS, & Katherine HASTINGS, both of Jackson, Michigan, 20 June 1910 at Sandwich 8526-10 Eugene O'CALLAGHAN, 37, farmer, of Greenfield Mich., s/o Denis O'CALLAGHAN, farmer, & Mary FLANAGAN, married Jessie MAYNARD, 30, of Greenfield Mich., d/o John MAYNARD, farmer, & Elizabeth REED, witn: Harriet GIDDENS of Windsor, 28 march 1910 at Windsor
#009871-10 (Essex Co): Dart W. OTTO, 21, machinist, of Lansing Mich., s/o Henry G. OTTO, livery keeper, & Mary MOFIES?, married Shirley REDHEAD, 20, of Lansing, d/o Thomas REDHEAD & Fannie SMITH, John MILNE & James OLIVER of London, 22 Sept 1910 at Windsor 8530-10 Chester H. OWEN, 20, farmer, of Pt. Clinton Ohio, s/o George OWEN & Clara HIATT, married Bessie May SIMONS, 19, of Toledo Ohio, d/o Maye? SIMONS, laborer, & Helen GROVER, witn: Ada A. & Mayfrid? ALLEN of Windsor, 12 Feb 1910 at Windsor
8959-10 William H. PAPINAW (Papineau?), 30, divorced, rigger, of Detroit, s/o Frank PAPINAW, farmer, & Heloira LA FORREST, married Jula ALEXANDER, 35, divorced, of Detroit, d/o Timothy FARRELL, laborer, & Helen O'BRIEN, 2 June 1910 at Windsor #009950-10 (Essex Co): George H. PARMALEE, 21, electrician, of Detroit, s/o Frank PARMALEE (machinist) & Alice PIERCE, married Daisy H. NEWMAN, 20, of Detroit, d/o Chalres NEWMAN (iron moulder) & Augusta SHEPPARD, witness was Viola E. MINTO of Windsor, 15 Oct., 1910 at Windsor
25032-10 Joseph PERA, 28, farmer, of Sandwich West, s/o Hubert PERA, farmer, & Catherine ROCHELEAU, married Delia CONTONI, 18 of Sandwich West, d/o Angel CANTONI, gardener, & Liberati GRASSI, witn: Eugene PERA & Eva CANTONI, both of Sandwich West, 19 July 1910 at Sandwich  
8956-10 Frederick A. REASOR, 22, hospital attendant, of Toledo Ohio, s/o Jacob REASOR, farmer, & Mary ELLSWORTH, married Eleanor G. WOODS, 24, of Toledo Ohio, d/o Michael WOODS, wood carver & Victoria RICKEL, witn: Fred J. HOLTON & James TEMPLETON, both of Windsor, 1 June 1910 at Windsor #008297-10 (Essex Co): James REYNOLDS, 29, printer, of Detroit, s/o Patrick REYNOLDS & Isabella ELKERHAM, married Louise McNABB, 27, of Detroit, d/o Daniel McNABB & Eliza McLEOD, 25 Nov 1909 at Windsor
  010590-10 (Essex Co) Ted Lervon? RICHARDSON, 28, machinist, Newcastle Ohio, s/o Gideon Thomas RICHARDSON, contractor & Molly COHELL (CAHILL?), married Katherine Theodora MARCOTT, 26, Annapolis Ohio, d/o Stacy W. MARCOTT, farmer & Susan HEROD, witn Agnes HIND & Maria TAYLOR, of Sandwich, 8 August 1910, at Sandwich.
010553-10 (Essex Co) : Edwin R. RODGERS, 30, pipe fitter, of Ypsilanti, Michigan, s/o Thomas H. RODGERS, farmer & Elizabeth HERRON, married Jennie MURRAY, 21, spinster, of Bothwell, Ontario, d/o Charlie RODGERS (adopting father), farmer & Hannah MURRAY, witn: I. TEMPLETON, of Windsor, & M H WINTERMUTE, of Sandwich, 6 June 1910 at Sandwich #009881-10 (Essex Co): Herschell ROGERS, 21, machinist, of Toledo Ohio, s/o William ROGERS, watchman, & Amanda JOHNSON, married Della SWEETZER, 20, of Toledo Ohio, d/o David SWEETZER & Rebecca SCHAEFER, 24 Sept 1910 at Windsor [Switzer?]
#009869-10 (Essex Co): Frank RYERSON, 58, widower, farmer, of Shepherd Mich., s/o Abram RYERSON & Rachel ACRIMON, married Emma OPERLEY, 45, widow, of Shepherd, d/o John OSBORNE & Mary FRY, witn: Fred J. HOLTON of Windsor, 21 Sept 1910 at Windsor #009954-10 (Essex Co): Charles SCAHILL, 32, barkeeper, of Port Huron Michigan, s/o Edward SCAHILL (railroader) & Mary McDONALD, married Lottie FOWLER, 26, of Rochester Michigan, d/o Samuel FOWLER & Jennie JOHNSON, witnesses were Dan FOWLER of Detroit & Minnie ANSERSDORFER? of Detroit, 27 Oct., 1910 at Windsor
#008573-10 (Essex Co): Sigmund SCHIVIER (Schriver?), 39, tailor, of Mansfield O, s/o Henry SCHIVIER (tailor) & Mary MENSER, married Hope WARREN, 30, of Mansfield O., d/o Alonzo WARREN (railroadman) & LAURA Henry, 3 April, 1910 at Windsor 010598-10 (Essex Co) Edward SHARKEY, 21, clerk, Essex Ont., s/o David (Ovid?) SHARKEY & Margaret LAFFERTY, married Florence SCARNETT?, 17, Windsor Ont., d/o John SCARNETT, butcher & Matilda COWLEY, witn Matilda SCARNETT of Windsor & Marion HIND of Sandwich, 18 August 1910, at Sandwich.
010587-10 (Essex Co) Henry SQUIRES, 21, driller, Amherstburg Ont., s/o Marshall SQUIRES, foreman & Mary CONROY, married Jane A. F. WILSON, 22, d/o Joseph B. WILSON, contractor & Alberta BUGREME?, witn Alice NEAL & FRED NEAL, of Sandwich, 7 August 1910, at Sandwich. 010593-10 - Bert Laurence STAFFORD, 30, widower, core maker, Saginaw Mich., s/o Bert L. STAFFORD, farmer & Elizabeth COOK, married Catherine M. SPRING, 27, Saginaw Mich., d/o John SPRING, carpenter & Anna LORESBY?, witn Thomas LOFTHOUSE of Grand Rapids Mich. & Mrs. W. PARKER of Sandwich Ont., 11 August 1910, at Sandwich.
#009870-10 (Essex Co): Guy G. STEIMER, 23, farmer, of Jackson Mich., s/o Frank STEIMER, farmer, & Fannie CORSER, married Lillian WAGNER, 20, of Jackson, d/o Christian WAGNER, blacksmith, & Louise HATE, 25 Sept 1910 at Windsor 010585-10 (Essex Co) Benjamin D. STOCKDALE, 22, baseball player, Wayland Mich., s/o D. H. STOCKDALE, liveryman & Bette S----, married Goldie May BRYSON, 20, Wayland Mich., d/o James Edward BRYSON, physician & Blanche BENTON, witn Mrs. Bessie DULFFINNELL? of Detroit & Gladys E. BRYSON of Wayland Mich., 3 August 1910, at Sandwich.
010549-10 (Essex Co) : George B. TURNSTEAD, 36, merchant, of Oxford Michigan, s/o W.I. TURNSTEAD, merchant, & Lida DAVIDSON, married Kate M. VAN WAGONER, 30, widow, of Oxford Michigan, d/o Nathan REID, farmer & Elizabeth STEPSON, witn: Alice NEAL, & Frederick NEAL, both of Sandwich, 9 March 1910 at Sandwich 8963-10 Hosea R. TYLER, 39, divorces, mill man, of Columbus Grove Ohio, s/o Louis TYLER, retired, & Clara C. FULLER, married Minnie PANGLE, 39, of Columbus Grove Ohio, d/o Vance PANGLE & Elizabeth BOICE, witn: R. M. CAMPBELL of Chatham, 6 June 1910 at Windsor
010603-10 (Essex Co) Richard James UPTON, 28, salesman, Saskatoon Sask., s/o Richard UPTON, iron worker & Rachel Maud PEPPER, married Rachel Agnes SMITH, 22, Detroit Mich., d/o Godlip (Godfry?) SMITH, mason & Ella GALLEY, witn Katherine HIND & Maria TAYLOR, of Sandwich, 7 September 1910, at Sandwich. 10576-10 William Frederick WAGNER, 26, machinist, of Elyria Ohio, s/o August WAGNER, gentleman, & Amelia BARTKNECT, married Katherine SIPPEL, 26, of Elyria Ohio, d/o Philip SIPPEL & Matilda MOERIUS, 30 June 1910 at Sandwich
  #009885-10 (Essex Co): John WELLHUSEN, 19, farmer, of St. john Mich., s/o William WELLHUSEN, farmer, & Bessie SCHNEIDER, married Theresa VAN AMBURG, 18, of St. John Mich., d/o Albert VAN AMBURG, farmer, & Mary MARTIN, 28 Sept 1910 at Windsor
10575-10 Ellsworth William WELLS, 20, insurance agent, of Findlay Ohio, s/o Grant A. WELLS, farmer, & Addie B. MAUNERE?, married Nellie Fern MARVIN, 19, of Findlay Ohio, d/o Wesley MARVIN, machinist, & Virginia CARTER, witn: Charles W. & Cora W. MAXWELL of Flint Mich., 26 June 1910 at Sandwich 10458-10 Frank E. WHITE, 20, farmer, of Leamington, s/o Charles WHITE, farmer, & Stella ELLIS, married Mildred May FORD, 18, of Leamington, d/o William FORD, laborer, & Alice JONES, witn: Roy KENYON & Mabel M. WHITE, both of Leamington, 23 March 1910 at Kingsville
010592-10 (Essex Co) William WHITE, 26, machinist, Windsor Ont., s/o Julian WHITE, carpenter & Josephine B---- (crossed out), married Laura SLOTE, 22, Detroit Mich., d/o Sim (s/b Simeon) SLOTE, farmer & Mary GUERUM?, witn Louisa C--- of Essex Ont. & Arthur SLOTE of Cottam Ont., 9 August 1910, at Sandwich. #009875-10 (Essex Co): Norman WHITEHEAD, 24, signartist?, of Detroit, s/o Albert WHITEHEAD, painter, & Ida POWELL, married Anna VAN WORMER, 21, of Vassar Mich., d/o Ettimier? WORMER, farmer, & Julia DOUGHERTY, 24 Sept 1910 at Windsor
010594-10 (Essex Co) Charles WIDENER, 23, engineer, Toledo Ohio, s/o Frank WIDENER, engineer & Virginia TAYLOR, married Myrtle COX, 21, Toledo Ohio, d/o George COX, cooper & Jennie SALE, witn Alice NEAL & Fred NEAL, of Sandwich Ont., 15 August 1910, at Sandwich. 008969-10 (Essex Co.) William J WILSON, 22, farmer, of Essex, s/o John WILSON & Sarah TROTTER married Isa Belle MARSHALL, 23, of Fair Play Ont, d/o Charles R MARSHALL & Lizzie RENNER, wtn: Charles L MARSHALL of Fair Play Ont, & Louise LYNCH of Fair Play Ont, on June 8, 1910, at Windsor
8953-10 James G. WOODWARD, 37, salesman, of Toledo Ohio, s/o Alex WOODWARD, machinist, & Eleanor LATIMORE, married Annie F. MARONEY, 28, of Olean NY, d/o Patrick MARONEY, railroad employee, & Julia HEARN, witn: Joseph FREELANDER of Toledo & Olive SNELGROVE of Windsor, 6 July 1910 at Windsor 008967-10 (Essex Co.) William A YAGER, 53, railroadman, of Pigria O ? s/o George YAGER & Mary F STATLER, married Ella H BASSETT, 42, of Grand Rapids Mich., d/o Richard NIMOCKS & Marcia BUTTON, wtn: M F TOLMIE of Windsor & Maria PRINGLE of Windsor on June 7, 1910, at Windsor