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8483-16 (Essex Co): Nevin Basil ACTON, 20, book keeper, Petrolia, Detroit, s/o Joseph ACTON & Effie J. FISHER, married Leah Exilda SHARPLEY, 20, Oconto Wisc., Sandwich, d/o Cyrus SHARPLEY & Laura ELLIOTT, witn: Fred J. STUART & Helen M. GAUTHIER, both of Sandwich, 7 Sept 1916 at Sandwich 8480-16 (Essex Co): Jesse ARROWSMITH, 29, machinist, Ontario, Ford City Ont., s/o Albert ARROWSMITH & Lillian SMITH, married Bertha IRELAND, 28, Ontario, Ford City, d/o Robert IRELAND & Rebecca LEGACY, witn: Gerald & Laura FITZGERALD of Ford City, 5 Feb 1916 at Windsor
25676-11 Byron Winfield BABCOCK, 48, machinist, of Toledo Ohio, s/o Judson no surname given, deceased, & Frances LEONARD, married Hattie PELTIER, 44, widow, of Savanna Ohio, d/o Henry HUNTER, deceased, & Angelina DYER, witn: Ada & Fernie ALLIN of Windsor, 19 Aug 1911 at Windsor 25693-11 Iral Webster BAILEY, 49, widower, commercial, of Grand Rapids Mich., s/o Joseph BAILEY, mechanic & Laura FIELDING, married Sarah L. KITTLE, 46, widow, of Grand Rapids, d/o Labana BAKER, carpenter, & Angeline MANN, witn: Will H. KITTLE of Grand Rapids & Ira L. EVERETT of Detroit, 20 Aug 1911 at Windsor
25681-11 Clyde Walter BAKER, 21, farmer, of Belleville Ohio, s/o John BAKER, farmer, & Sophia MOWERY, married Florence C. HERRICK, 18, of Belleville Ohio, d/o John HERRICK, farmer, & Hattie THRUSH, witn: E.A. McCRAE & P. BEALE, both of Windsor, 22 Aug 1911 at Windsor 34807-17 (Essex Co) William Harwood BALKWILL; engineer; age 23; Detroit, Akron Ohio*; s/o Richard BALWILL & Mary Helen O’CONNOR, married to Anna Marie PANGEL; 24, at home; Kingsville; Arner; d/o James Arthur PANGEL & Elizabeth Ann BROWN; wit: Amelia & James Oliver Jr on 12-31-1917 in Kingsville (NOTE: William Harwood Balkwill was born on January 23, 1894 in Gosfield South-Ontario vital Records # 007187.)
25674-11 Samuel Nuttall BARKE, 26, clerk, of Windsor, s/o Samuel BARKE, superintendent, & Annie IRVING, married Lila PARKER, 22, of Windsor, d/o George PARKER, farmer, & Mary CASLICK, witn: E.J. CRAMPTON & May EMERY, both of Windsor, 16 Aug 1911 at Windsor 25680-11 George Grant BARLOW, 47, widower, dentist, of Neenah Wis., s/o John W. BARLOW, Justice of the Peace, & Elizabeth DOWNS, married Elizabeth KOCH, 43, of Neenah Wis., d/o Carl KOCH, merchant, & Marie STURN, witn: Olive SNELGROVE of Windsor & C.M. FARNEY of Florence Ont., 17 Aug 1911 at Windsor
25689-11 Almer BARNES, 21, salesman, of Cleveland Ohio, s/o Leonard BARNES, foreman & Alice AVERY, married Florence LATURELL, 18, of Cleveland, d/o John LATURELL, blacksmith & Thresa REIMANN, witn: Pauline & Ferold AYERS of Barberton Ohio, 11 Aug 1911 at Windsor 25678-11 Frank BARNES, 20, machinist, of Detroit, s/o Peter BARNES, dead, & Mary, married Millie PLANT, 20, of Detroit, d/o August PLANT, dead, & Eva, witn: Lettie Kells CAMERON & Edna CAMERON, both of Windsor, 19 Aug 1911 at Windsor
8423-18 - E. A. BARTMAN, 48, tailor, Hamilton, same, s/o G. W. BARTMAN & Margaret SINTZEL, married Alice Mary GALLOWAY, 42, Hamilton, same, d/o James GALLOWAY & Robina STEPHENSON, witn: M. BROWN & E.J. KENNEDY, both of Windsor, 24 July 1918 at Windsor 25672-11 Joseph A. BARTOLETT, 21, laborer, of Fostoria Ohio, s/o Joseph BARTOLETT, railroad employee, & Sarah MORRIS, married Nellie PLACE, 18, of Tiffin Ohio, d/o Frank PLACE, metal worker, & Minnie WORKMAN, witn: Frizzen TROMBLEY & Olive SNELGROVE, both of Windsor, 30 Aug 1911 at Windsor
25683-11 Edgar S. BASSETT, 58, widower, hardware merchant, of Jackson Mich., s/o Ben BASSETT, jeweller & Caroline STANFORD, married Emily LIVERGOOD, 45, widow, of Jackson Mich., d/o Thomas YOUNG, carpenter, & Mary CUNNINGHAM, witn: E.C. & L.K. CAMERON of Windsor, 26 Aug 1911 at Windsor 25688-11 George S. BECKLER, 20, druggist, of Ann Arbor Mich., s/o George BECKLER, furniture dealer, & Louisa SHADFORD, married Ruth R. PEIRSOL, 19, of Ann Arbor Mich., d/o Harry PEIRSOL, lawyer & Minnie RIORDON?, witn: Lena HOWE & Olive SNELGROVE, both of Windsor, 14 Aug 1911 at Windsor
25669-11 Herman BELL, 28, machinist, of Detroit, s/o Joseph BELL, laborer, & Lena MAY, married Clara EGGERT, 26, of Detroit, d/o Frank EGGERT, painter, & Minnie FLORIAN, witn: Mrs. F. W. HOLLINRAKE & Addie BECK, both of Windsor, 16 Aug 1911 at Windsor 25684-11 William George BENEST, 26, carpenter, of Windsor, s/o Frederick BENEST, deceased & Mary Ann HAMLIN, married Emma REAUME, 27, of Windsor, d/o Pierre REAUME, deceased & Emma LAMARSH, witn: La Har RUSS & Clara BROWE?, both of Windsor, 23 Aug 1911 at Windsor
8585-16 Frank BENETEAU, 24, Loiselleville, same, s/o Emile BENETEAU, farmer, & Helene MELOCHE, married Alma LANGLOIS, 23, Loiselleville, same, d/o Adolph LANGLOIS, farmer, & Elizabeth BONDY, witn: Walter BONDY & Hilda LANGLOIS, both of Loiselleville, 26 June 1916 at Loiselleville 25695-11 Marvin Tomkin BENNETT, 21, driver, of Cleveland Ohio, s/o Albert E. BENNETT, lumber merchant & Corda TOMPKINS, married Susan Jane HYDE, 18, domestic, of Cleveland, d/o Charles HYDE, lumber merchant, & Daisie B. RUPLE, witn: L.K. & Edna CAMERON of Windsor, 17 Aug 1911 at Windsor
8564-16 Edlin BERCIER, 24, laborer, Flint Mich., same, s/o John BERCIER & Alphonsine CHARTIER, married Alva HEBERT, 21, Tecumseth, same, d/o Joseph HEBERT & Arzilie MAY, witn: Eugene HEBERT of Tecumseh & Rose GAUDREAU of Windsor, 21 Aug 1916 at Tecumseh 25685-11 Theodore BERGERON, 31, foreman, of Houghton Mich., s/o Treffle BERGERON, railroad man & Delia COLLINS, married Maude J. McGUIRE, 31, of Colon Mich., d/o James McGUIRE, soldier, & Hannah LEASE, witn: George HOLLEY & Dora NICHOLS, both of Detroit, 28 Aug 1911 at Windsor
25691-11 James H. BERRY, 40, clerk, of Windsor, s/o James no surname given, deceased & Elizabeth ROUSE, married Annie MORTIMORE, 33, of Hamilton Ont., d/o Edgar no surname given, furnace mounter & Susan ASHTON, witn: Ada & Fernie ALLIN of Windsor, 10 Aug 1911 at Windsor 26023-11 Lloyd BILLYERD, 22, book keeper, of Worster O., s/o Charles BILLYERD, engineer, & Mary BOWERS, married Florence ROSS, 19, of Chelsea Mich., d/o John ROSS, laborer, & Mary KEELAN, witn: Mary CARLISLE & Pearl BEALE,, both of Windsor, 19 Sept 1911 at Windsor
11039-20 Cornelius BLACK, 21, mechanic, Kansas City, same, s/o Charles BLACK (b. US) & Della ALLEN, married Bertha COLBERT, 18, waitress, Newbraska (Nebraska?), Windsor, d/o Harry COLBERT (b. US) & Lillian FRANKLIN, witn: Emelia VAN SICKLE & Lottie CLEMEN, both of Windsor, 24 Aug 1920 at Windsor  25675-11 Richard Henry BLACKBURN, 37, designer, of Toledo Ohio, s/o Richard no surname given, deceased & Mary POUNDER, married Florence Edna CAMPBELL, 20, of Toledo Ohio, d/o James no surname given, lumberman, & Cassandra PETERS, witn: Fernie & V. Way ALLIN of Windsor, 17 Aug 1911 at Windsor
  26022-11 Algernon BLYTHER, 26, cabinet maker, of Detroit, s/o Stephen BLYTHER, salesman, & Emma WRENCH, married Della COLBERT, 29, of Detroit, d/o Jemill? COLBERT, butcher, & Clemena VANDERWINKLE, witn: Mrs. F. E. HOLLINRAKE of Windsor & C.J. HOLLINRAKE of Toronto, 22 Sept 1911 at Windsor
11040-20 Joseph BOLOGNA, 24, laborer, Italy, Detroit, s/o Samuel BOLOGNA (b. Italy) & Rose MISURSEA, married Mary ORLANDO, 18, Italy, Detroit, d/o Joseph ORLANDO (b. Italy) & Vincenza BOLOGNA, witn: Vincent DIMERENRIO? & Grace SICAVALI, both of Detroit, 30 July 1920 at Windsor 8424-18 James BOLOGNA, 22, truck driver, Italy, Windsor, s/o Samuel BOLOGNA & Rose INCALCATERAS, married Helen DARGA, 18, Detroit, same, d/o Ferdinand DARGA & Anna BOLDA, witn: Mrs. BOLOGNA of Detroit & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 13 May 1918 at Windsor
25686-11 Edmund P. BONIFACE, 28, trainer?, of Hamilton Ont., s/o P.E. BONIFACE, tinsmith & Mary DENYER, married Margaret McDONALD, 28, of Sleemans Manitoba, d/o William McDONALD, farmer, & Katie McKINNON, witn: Addie BECK & Mrs. F.W. HOLLINRAKE, both of Windsor, 7 Aug 1911 at Windsor 25694-11 Claren David BOWMAN, 24, pattern maker, of Kenton Ohio, s/o David BOWMAN, carpenter, & Sophia ROFIE?, married Lethia Irene CASS, 21, telephone operator, of Columbus Ohio, d/o Daniel CASS, cooper & Jane PAGENT, witn: John ORLICH & Ida OBAD, both of Detroit, 21 Aug 1911 at Windsor
25692-11 Harry BRAULT, 25, fireman, of Amherstburg, s/o Dan BRAULT, railway man & Kate BROWN, married Masie MORASH, 18, of Windsor, d/o John MORASH, teamster & Harriet BILLADEAU, witn: Addie BECK & Mrs. F.W. HOLLINRAKE, both of Windsor, 9 Aug 1911 at Windsor 11042-20 Ira BRAUN, 21, mechanic, Rising Sun Ohio, Detroit, s/o Charles BRAUN (b. US) & Emma ROUSH, married Leola STANTON, 20, Quincy Mich., Windsor, d/o Smith STANTON (b. US) & Ella VANASDALE?, witn: Clifford & Merna STANTON of Quincy Illinois, 4 Sept 1920 at Windsor
26024-11 Walter BRECHIN, 22, tailor, of Detroit, s/o Edward, tailor, & Mary, married Mabel KLIMA, 20, of Detroit, d/o Joseph, farmer, & Clara, witn: Fernie & Arthur E. ALLIN, 25 Sept 1911 at Windsor 11041-20 William J. BRENNAN, 34, machinist, Wellington Co., Windsor, s/o Richard BRENNAN, b. Ireland, & Ann BERWICK, married Jennie CUNNINGHAM, 34, Ireland, Windsor, d/o William CUNNINGHAM, b. Ireland, & Catherine SUTHERLAND, witn: James & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 6 Sept 1920 at Windsor
25679-11 Lynn BROOKS, 26, printer, of village of Chicago - Huron Co., s/o Alonzo BROOKS, blacksmith & Nettie WAINES, married Dora Gertrude BAKER, 20?, teacher, of Chicago - Huron Co., d/o Edward BAKER, farmer, & Florence HODGES, witn: S? Kent SOUTHARD & Frances Baker McLANE, both of Chicago - Huron Co., 19 Aug 1911 at Baptist parsonage (Windsor?) 25690-11 Amiel H. BROUGHTON, 31, clerk, of Detroit, s/o Henry BROUGHTON, clerk & Louie MAGERS, married Myrtle HUNT, 24, of Detroit, d/o Lyman HUNT, cashier & Rizpah ANTAN, witn: George REID & Rachel HIRSCH, both of Detroit, 14 Aug 1911 at Windsor
25687-11 Archie C. BROWN, 41, oil gager, of Finlay Ohio, s/o Alex no surname given, oil worker & Catherine McFADYEN, married Bessie BALDWIN, 30, of Finlay Ohio, d/o William no surname given, machinist & Ellen TREMAIN, witn: Ada & Fernie ALLIN of Windsor, 9 Aug 1911 at Windsor 25682-11 Joseph A. BRUGGER, 41, divorced, cook, of Belleville Ohio, s/o Joseph A. BRUGGER, butcher, & Marie SETZER, married Josephine BRUGGER, 34, divorced, of Belleville Ohio, d/o William BRISTOLL, retired, & Anna M. LOCKWOOD, witn: B. CARLISLE & P. BEALE, both of Windsor, 24 Aug 1911 at Windsor
25673-11 Orlando Crossley BRUNNER, 26, electrician, of Cleveland Ohio, s/o William H. BRUNNER, merchant, & Lida POTTER, married Hazel Belle ROOF, 27, of Cleveland, d/o William A. ROOF, engineer, & Agnes MURPHY, witn: Bertha CARLISLE & Pearl BEALE, both of Windsor, 9 Aug 1911 at Windsor 25671-11 Frank H. BUCK, 24 (21?), druggist, of Columbus Ohio, s/o William BUCK, civil engineer, & Velresnta? BUCK, married Mina BLACKLOCK, 21, of Toledo Ohio, d/o Robert BLACKLOCK, oil man, & Hattie HETTINGER, witn: Mrs. F. W. HOLLINRAKE & Addie BECK, both of Windsor, 21 Aug 1911 at Windsor
25670-11 Edgar Joel BUSH, 24, glass manufacturer, of Lansing Mich., s/o Floyd BUSH, manufacturer & Caroline CAIN, married Crystal AUREDON, 22, of Dubuque Indiana, d/o Charles AUREDON, railway man & Dorothy OLT, witn: George VAN SICKLE & Mrs. F. W. HOLLINRAKE, both of Windsor, 19 Aug 1911 at Windsor 25677-11 Robert Edgar BYERS, 23, cutter, of Toledo Ohio, s/o Wilton BYERS, carpenter, & Rosa EARL, married Alice SAUTER, 20, of Toledo Ohio, d/o Christian SAUTER, railroad man & Frieda HARBRACHT, witn: Lettie Kells CAMERON & Edna CAMERON, both of Windsor, 18 Aug 1911 at Windsor
8505-18 Robert Alexander CALDWELL, 48, carpenter, Michigan, Mt. Morris Mich., s/o Robert CALDWELL & Sarah LONG, married Ella WELSH, 35, divorced, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Edward VYSE & Amanda PROCUNIER, witn: Mary H. & Aleda H. CREWS of Windsor, 30 Sept 1918 at Windsor 8507-18 Achille CAMPEAU, 28, farmer, Tecumseh, same, s/o Jeremie CAMPEAU & Therese LETOURNEAU, married Emelie BEAUSOLEIL, 19, Tecumseh, same, d/o Joseph Auguste BEAUSOLEIL & Josephine SEGUIN, witn: Ernest LAUZON & Clare BEAUSOLEIL, both of Tecumseh, 22 Jan 1918 at Tecumseh
8502-18 Samuel Alexander CLUTTERBUCK, 34, inspector of machine parts, Surrey England, Windsor, s/o Samuel J. CLUTTERBUCK & Caroline BAILEY, married Ada Alice FOSTER, 40, Windsor, same, d/o Porter FOSTER & Jane CHAPMAN, witn: J. CHAPMAN & M. CARLISLE, both of Windsor, 24 Dec 1918 at Windsor 8489-18 George Henry COATES, 20, farmer, Colchester North, Colchester South, s/o William COATES & Adeline MULDES?, married Maud Garnett BOYD, 19, Colchester North, same, d/o Anthony BOYD & Hattie TURNER, witn: Clifford & Edward TURNER of New Canaan Ont., 25 Dec 1918 at Colchester
9883-19 James COOK, 34, machinist, England, Ontario, s/o Robert COOK & Margaret KNOWLES, married Annie Margaret CURTIS, 35, house keeper, Stratford, same, d/o Gad CURTIS & Elizabeth WATSON, witn: Mrs. C. COULTER of 68 Victoria in Windsor & Mrs. H. M. PAULIN of Windsor, 14 May 1919 at Windsor 8504-18 Frederick CORNWALL, 25, tool maker, Kingston, Ford City, s/o Samuel CORNWALL & Mary A. GOOD, married Anna FENTON, 19, Windsor, same, d/o Francis FENTON & Annie BRADY, witn: Levi DUCHARME & Ethel RENSHAW, both of Windsor, 23 Oct 1918 at Windsor
008643-16 (Essex Co) Delbert Frederick COWELL; 20, farmer; Colchester, Gosfield North s/o George COWELL & Theresa QUICK, married Carrie Lathier HEATH; 19, Colchester South, Kingsville, d/o William HEATH & Elizabeth O’CONNOR; witn: W R McGORMAN & Bessie LEE on 7 Jan 1916 in Kingsville [with note: "Divorce Granted 5-16-1933 in Sandwich"] 8506-18 Leonard COX, 26, machinist in the army, Boston Mass., Battle Creek Mich., s/o Emanuel COX & Bridget CUNNINGHAM, married Edith ALDER, 19, nurse, London England, Toronto, d/o Thomas ALDER & Alice Isabella BIRD, witn: Ruth A. OUELLETTE & H. A. WEBSTER, both of Windsor, 12 Sept 1918 at Windsor
8503-18 Glen Waldo CRITTON, 35, divorced, real estate agent, Manesport? Ohio, Detroit, s/o Griffon CRITTON & Clara EVANS, married Helen Evelyn SCOTT, 20, stenographer, Windsor, same, d/o Oliver R. SCOTT & Sarah CORBETT, witn: Mrs. H.M. PAULIN & Miss Helen BARTLET, both of Windsor, 4 Dec 1918 at Windsor 8490-18 William J. CROFOOT, 41, farmer, Fowlerville Mich., same, s/o James Edward CROFOOT & Louisa A. BUMP, married Marie Anna ASSELIN, 39, Windsor, same, d/o Regis ASSELIN & Marie Louise Alexis PALTIER, witn: Jerome Charles ASSELIN & Mrs. Alice MARENTETTE, both of Windsor, 19 Aug 1918 at St. Johns Rectory, Sandwich
026785-1911 (Essex Co.) Floyd Earl CUDNEY, 21, not given, Marlett Mich., Detroit, s/o George CUDNEY & Lillian SMITH, married Viola BUSHEY, 21, Detroit Mich, same, d/o Victor BUSHEY & Caroline REAUME, witn: F. W. & Helen C. BUSHEY of Detroit, 23 Dec 1911 at Windsor. 26814-11 Edward DALEY, 21, Detroit, same, s/o William DALEY, saloon keeper & Bertha TEMPHIN, married Margaret HALLOCK, 18, Sault Ste. Marie, Detroit, d/o Benjamin HALLOCK, harness maker & Elizabeth NEAL, witn: Mrs. F.W. & Mary HOLLINRAKE of Windsor, Dec 1911 at Windsor
4184-12 Charles DAVIS, 31, farmer, Hancock Ohio, Delaware Ohio, s/o Sidney DAVIS & Irene PRATT, married Mary MARQUART, 29, Van Buren twp. Ohio, same, d/o Peter MARQUART & Christena CRAMER, witn: L.V. CAMERON of Windsor & Maggie MICHAELS of Sandwich, 12 Dec 1912 at Windsor 26812-11 Charles DEAL, 36, widower, drayman, of Imlay City Mich., s/o William no surname given, deceased & Lucy GRAVES, married Mae BRAMEN, 35, divorced, of Fenton Mich., d/o James BOYD, deceased & Jennie WENCH, witn: Ada & Fernie ALLIN of Windsor, 6 Dec 1911 at Windsor
26813-11 Ward D. DONNELLY, 21, decorator, of Detroit, s/o James P. DONNELLY, salesman & Anna FERRISS, married Annette KAHL, 21, of Detroit, d/o John KAHL, foreman & Marion, witn: Nettie RICE & Hugh PLATT, both of Detroit, 4 Dec 1911 at Windsor 26815-11 Frank W. DRIFTMEYER, 24, Fort Wayne Indiana, Detroit, s/o August DRIFTMEYER, watchman & Frances SNYDER, married Bertha JACKSON, 21, Fort Wayne Indiana, Detroit, d/o Alvin JACKSON, carpenter, & Elizabeth BOWES, witn: Mrs. F.W. HOLLINRAKE & C. BLATCHFORD, both of Windsor, 31 Dec 1911 at Windsor
  26818-11 Earl EDDLEMAN, 22, laborer, of Akron Ohio, s/o A.J. EDDLEMAN, carpenter, & Mary SELLERS, married Ruth SISLER, 20, of Akron Ohio, d/o Arthur SISLER, rubber worker & Cora SNIDER, witn: Mrs. F.W. HOLLINRAKE of Windsor & A.J. EDDLEMAN of Akron, 10 Dec 1911 at Windsor
26817-11 John EGAN, 35, fireman, of Cleveland Ohio, s/o Patrick EGAN, carpenter, & Bridget MONAHAN, married Mina WAGNER, 19, of Cleveland, d/o Adam WAGNER, refiner & Christena HUSSONG, witn: Mary & Bertha CARLISLE of Windsor, 17 Dec 1911 at Windsor 26820-11 Merle E. ELDREDGE, 22, Ohio, Tremont Ohio, s/o Frederick no surname given, policeman & Addie STEELE, married Etta M. KARSHNER, 18, USA, Tremont Ohio, d/o Edgar no surname given, mason & Mary BERDAN (faded), witn: James & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 24 Dec 1911 at Windsor
26822-11 Charles J. ELLIOTT, 29, Lansing Mich., Detroit, s/o Henry J. ELLIOTT, dead & Mary KELLY, married Jessie C. WALKER, 26, Wiley? Mich., Detroit, d/o Colin WALKER, dead & Katherine PATTERSON, witn: M.F. TOLMIE & A. McFARLANE, both of Windsor, 20 Dec 1911 at Windsor 26819-11 Herschel ELLIOTT, 20, carpenter, of Bellefontaine Ohio, s/o Haman ELLIOTT, farmer, & Nancy BELL, married Bessie WEBBER, 20, of Rushsylonia Ohio, d/o William WEBBER, farmer, & Sarah BRUCE (Pruice?), witn: Robert BOOTH & Hazel BOOTH, both of Rushsylonia, 12 Dec 1911 at Windsor
26821-11 Jesse William ELLISON, 21, USA, Fairgrove Mich., s/o John no surname given, deceased & Elizabeth BATEMAN, married Carrie M. BENNETT, 21, USA, Fairgrove Mich., d/o William no surname given, farmer, & Frances JACOBS, witn: Ethel CRAWFORD of Fairgrove Mich & Leo BLACK, 26 Dec 1911 at Windsor 26823-11 Frederick Robert EMERICK, 47, widower, Mackinac Island?, Detroit, s/o James J. EMERICK, dead & James J. EMERICK (sic), married Marion E. DOMENIQUE, 25, divorced, Aurora NY, Detroit, d/o Charles C. HALE, retired & Jennie C.W. WEBSTER, witn: M.F. TOLMIE of Windsor & W.W. WEBSTER of N? Castle NY, 30 Dec 1911 at Windsor
26824-11 Lee Andrew ENOS, 24, farmer, of Vassar Mich., s/o David ENOS, farmer, & Emma PATRICK, married Ruby Mae OSGERBY, 18, of Vassar Mich., d/o Miles OSGERBY, mail carrier & Keziah CALDWELL, witn: E.B. & Maud TYRRELL of Detroit, 7 Dec 1911 at Detroit 26816-11 H E. EPPLEY, 21, Michigan, Ecorse Mich., s/o John EPPLEY, laborer, & Josephine RUSHTON, married Flora Bell HEATER, 18, Michigan, Ecorse Mich., d/o Ralph HEATER, lighthouse keeper, & Mary Jane LEE, witn: Henry W. & Mrs. H.W. NOEL of Ecorse, 5? Dec 1911 at Windsor
7617-12 Albert A. FLINT, 27, East Tawas Mich., Amherstburg, s/o Morris FLINT, farmer, & Catherine COYLE, married Elizabeth BERTRAND, 25, Amherstburg, same, d/o Felix BERTRAND, ship carpenter, & Josephine LEMAY, witn: Alexander McDONALD & Maud RENAUD, both of Amherstburg, 9 OCt 1912 at RC Church, Amherstburg 10426-21 Elton Arthur FLINT, 24, farmer, Gosfield North, same, s/o Arthur FLINT (b. England) & Joanna NEVILLE, married Madeline Jean SMITH, 19, Gosfield North, same, d/o David SMITH (b. Canada) & Ella May JARRIETT, witn: Pearl M. LUCKHAM of 106 Elm Ave & Minnie E. MOORHOUSE of 919 London St., 28 Sept 1921 at Windsor
11330-20 Sidney FOSTER, 23, laborer, England, Windsor, s/o George FOSTER (b. England) & Sarah SHEPPARD, married Grace STEPHENS, 22, Toronto, Windsor, d/o Edward STEPHENS (b. England ) & Rose JOHNSTON, witn: M.E. CARLISLE & T?. L. WATTS, both of Windsor, 24 June 1920 at Windsor 8774-16 William FOURNIER, 23, machinist, Detroit, same, s/o Alexander FOURNIER & Ella BRILLINGER, married Ida HEBERT, 22, Tecumseh, Windsor, d/o Donis HEBERT & Victoria DESJARDIN?, witn: Louise HEBERT of Windsor & Hillard? PENNEFATHER of Detroit, 8 NOv 1916 at Windsor
1135-12 Leon GOLDBERG, 21, Illinois, Detroit, s/o Harris GOLDBERG, shoe maker, & Bessie KOHEN, married Marie KLOTZ, 18, Ohio, Detroit, d/o George KLOTZ, farmer, & Lillian YOUNG, witn: Daniel & Louise TEXLER of Detroit, 15 Jan 1912 at Windsor  
26362-11 John W. HARRIS, 41, divorced, teamster, of Navarre Mich., s/o Charles S. HARRIS, teamster & Maria A. SMITH, married Frankie L. COOLEY, 38, divorced, of Caro Mich., d/o Delos H. HOSLER, farmer & Julia A. CARPENTER, witn: M.F. TOLMIE & A. McFARLANE, both of Windsor, 24 Oct 1911 at Windsor 8167-17 Ernest HEBERT, 30, painter, Tecumseh, Ford, s/o Francois HEBERT & Victoria PAQUETTE, married Agnes BENOIT, 22, widow, dress maker, Vener Ont., Walkerville, d/o Joseph BENOIT & Zoe BRUNETTE, witn: Wilfred DUROCHER of Walkerville & Irene NANTAIS of Ford, 30 JAn 1917 at Walkerville
26361-11 Samuel HENDERSON, 28, mason, of Ford City, s/o Samuel HENDERSON, laborer, & Sarah HENDERSON, married Mary REICHENBACH, 22, domestic, of Ford City, d/o Sarah HENDERSON (sic), blacksmith & Mary REICHENBACH, witn: Wallace LA BEAU of Ford & R. James WRIDENS? of Ontario, 25 Oct 1911 at Windsor 26365-11 Charles HENDERSON, 19, draughtsman, of Jackson Mich., s/o Edward JACKSON (sic), superintendent, & Edna ELLEN, married Bessie GARDINER, 18, of Jackson Mich., d/o Samuel GARDINER, salesman, & Anna STONE, witn: Georgia CLARKE & Olive SNELGROVE, both of Windsor, 24 Oct 1911 at Windsor
8825-16 Ralph Steven HEWLETT, 23, shipping clerk, Horndean England, Walkerville, s/o H. C. HEWLETT & Nellie KENNISH, married Martha M. SWEITZER, 25, Shipka Ont., Windsor, d/o Samuel SWEITZER & Lydia MORLOCK, witn: S.J. & Mrs. Lydia SWEITZER  of 86 May Ave in Windsor, 1 Jan 1916 at Windsor 26366-11 James HUGH, 21, machinist, of Detroit, s/o Jock HIGH, wheelsman, & blank, married Dorothy FLEGLER, 18, of Detroit, d/o Casper FLEGLER, sailor, & Caroline BETERSHEAD, witn: Levi & Clara PHILLIPS of Detroit, 22 Oct 1911 at Windsor
26363-11 John Francis HUGG, 32, widower, brick layer, of Detroit, s/o Francis HUGG, farmer, & Catherine RYAN, married Florrie RICHARDSON, 29, of Wyandotte Mich., d/o Thomas RICHARDSON, gardener, & Susan ASHFORD, witn: Mary & Bertha CARLISLE of Windsor, 21 Oct 1911 at Windsor 26364-11 Ernest HURD, 19, trimmer, of Corunna - Shiawasa Co. Mich, s/o Charles HURD, foreman in truck works, & Mary ANDREWS, married Sadie DRAIN, 18, of Corunna - Shiawasa Co. Mich, d/o Charles DRAIN, foreman in brick yard, & Minnie HULL, witn: Charles F. WEBBER & Jane WEBBER, both of Detroit, 30 Oct 1911 at Windsor
24246-11 Charles E. KANDT, 22, time keeper, of Detroit, s/o Charles KANDT, hotel keeper, & Marie WITT, married Florence MEAD, 21, of Detroit, d/o Herbert MEAD, mechanic, & Ada BENNETT, witn: Mrs. F. W. HOLLINRAKE & Alice MANSELL, both of Windsor, 7 Jan 1911 at Windsor 24247-11 Samuel S. KIMBOROUGH, 22, laborer, of Athens - McAlin? Co. Tennessee, s/o Joseph KIMBOROUGH & Mary, married Lelah F. HISEY, 27, divorced, of Detroit, d/o John HISEY, farmer, & Eliza EMBEVERS?, witn: H. & Mrs. Ella HOLLISTER of Detroit, 7 Jan 1911 at Windsor
24244-11 Richard KINEY, 21, plumber, of South Lyon Mich., s/o Asa M. KINEY, plumber, & Rosa TREAT, married Beulah Bernice BOND, 18, of South Lyon, d/o Robert BOND, blacksmith, & Phoebe JOHNSTON, witn: R. W. BOND of South Lyon Mich & M. F. TOLMIE of Windsor, 20 Jan 1911 at Windsor 24243-11 Nelson KRANZ, 18, clerk, of Flint Mich., s/o William KRANZ, farmer & Amelia SMITH, married Myrtle FLINT, 24, of Flint Mich., d/o Elmer KEECH (sic), retired soldier, & Rose GREEN, witn: Mary PHILLIPS & Edna CAMERON, both of Windsor, 20 Jan 1911 at Windsor
24245-11 Chris S. KRONESWITTER, 40, mechanic, of Detroit, s/o John M. KRONESWITTER, farmer, & Margaret HOFFMAN, married Marguerite Annie THOMPSON, 27, widow, domestic, of Detroit, d/o Thomas RAFFERLE, brick layer, & Margaret M. BARNES, witn: A.M. McKINNEY & J. MEACHAM, both of Windsor, 18 Jan 1911 at Windsor 24249-11 Harry W. LIPPERT, 22, clerk, of Cleveland Ohio, s/o W.L. LIPPERT, librarian, & Mary WESTENBERG, married Berd KILPATRICK, 22, of Niles Ohio, d/o Samuel KILPATRICK, miller, & Sarah HOMWELL, witn: Mrs. F. HOLLINRAKE & Alice MANSELL, both of Windsor, 14 Jan 1911 at Windsor
24248-11 William O. LYNCH, 28, farmer, of Bridgeman Mich., s/o Dennis LYNCH, farmer, & Mary D. E. FIELD, married Augusta M. STAHLIN, 28, of Custer Mich., d/o Charles W. STAHELM (sic), farmer, & Elsie D.E. FIELD, with: Charles W. STAHELM (father) & Ada A. ALLIN, 26 Jan 1911 at Windsor 26182-11 Micheal McKEON, 26, railroader, of Durand Mich., s/o James McKEON, farmer, & Lizzie TWOMEY, married Blanche STIFF, 21, of Vernon Mich., d/o Henry STIFF, farmer, & Sarah WHITEHEAD, witn: Mary CARLISLE & Pearl BEALE, both of Windsor, 21 Sept 1911 at Windsor
10537-22 William Henry McLEAR, 58, widower, switchman, Mosa twp., Windsor, s/o Mark McLEAR, b. Ireland & Mary McCABE, married Alean CUNNINGHAM, 54, widow, Detroit, same, d/o Nicholas CUNNINGHAM, b. Dublin Ireland & Margaret SHIELDS, witn: Alice NEAL & Minnie WESTGATE, both of Sandwich, 25 Oct 1922 at St. Johns Rectory, Sandwich  
10536-22 Archibald McWILLIAM, 30, draftsman, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Alexander McWILLIAM, b. Scotland & Jane SOUTHWICK, married Mildred Lulu RUPERT, 23, Ontario, Essex, d/o John RUPERT, b. Canada & Jeanie REID, witn: David THOMSON & E. THOMSON, both of Essex, 1 March 1922 at Essex 26646-11 Joseph MEYERS, 44, divorced, carpenter, of Toledo Ohio, s/o Joseph MYERS (sic), farmer, & Mary MILLAR, married Amelia MARQUARDT, 32, divorced, of Toledo Ohio, d/o Frederick MARQUARDT, laborer, & Frances MARQUARDT, witn: M. H. TOLMIE & A. McFARLANE, both of Windsor, 13 Nov 1911 at Windsor
26184-11 Howard D. MITCHELL, 24, boiler maker, of Marion Ohio, s/o Edward, deceased, & Margaret nee JONES, married Sophia C. BROOKS, 19, of Lima Ohio, d/o Thompson, oil worker, & Clena nee KOONS, witn: Ada & Fernie ALLIN of Windsor, 12 Sept 1911 at Windsor 10393-19 Arlo Edgar MORGAN, 20, farmer, Blenheim, Leamington, s/o Charles William MORGAN & Ella ARMSTRONG, married Edna BUCHANAN, 20, Leamington, same, d/o Sherman BUCHANAN & Leonia CARSCADDEN, witn: Loyde HORTON of Windsor & Mrs. McDIARMID of Walkerville, 21 March 1919 at Walkerville
26183-11 Daniel Prince MORRIS, 25, laborer, of Detroit, s/o John MORRIS, farmer, & Mercy COX, married Bertha Constant ARCHER, 36, of Windsor, d/o John ARCHER, laborer, & Virginia CHASE, witn: William MORRIS of Detroit & Laura PARKER, 11 Sept 1911 at Windsor 10394-19 Carl MULCASTER, 21, painter, Colchester North, Windsor, s/o George MULCASTER & Martha CLARK, married Alma MYERS, 20, Ingersoll Ont., Windsor, d/o Edward MYERS & Annie ALMAS, witn: W.F. TAYLOR & Amelia OLIVER, both of Windsor, 3 Dec 1919 at Windsor
4058-11 (Essex Co) Ernest MURPHY, age 30, Maidstone; of Maidstone Twp, s/o Patrick MURPHY & Catherine O'CONNOR, farmers, married Josephine SHANAHAN, farmer, age 28 of Maidstone Twp; d/o John & Rosa SMITH, farmers; Wit: Leo McCLOSKY & Margaret QUINDEN; married on 8-26-1911 in Maidstone 3950-12696-15 [check number!] (Essex Co) Charles MURPHY, farmer, age 25, Rochester, same, s/o John & Ellen GRAHAM, to Elizabeth McMAHON , domestic, age 25, d/o Michael McMAHON & Elizabeth BYRNE; Wit: Joseph McMAHON & Loretta MURPHY; Sept 1915 in Belle River, Rochester Twp; RC
26022- 9078-16 [check number!] (Essex Co) Alphonsus MURPHY, street Car Conductor; age 30; Detroit; Maidstone; s/o Thomas MURPHY & Johanna KEATING, married Delila PALLEY; nurse; age 27; Maidstone; not given; d/o Horace PALLEY & Letitia BUSH ; Wit Leo & Monica MURPHY on 7 June 1916 at St John the Evangelist in Maidstone (RC) 9135-16 Philip NORTHMAN, 23, auto worker, Chicago, Detroit, s/o Emanuel NORTHMAN & Fanny TUCK, married Henrietta HEBERT, 24, Tecumseh, Windsor, d/o Joseph HEBERT & Marie DUCHARME, witn: Norman EANSON? of Church St. & Ida HEBERT of Marentette St. (both Windsor), 30 Nov 1916 at Windsor
  8841-18 Raymond PITRE, 24, machinist, Tecumseh Ont., Stoney Point, s/o Pierre PITRE & Patronille LANGLOIS, married Marie Anne DESMARAIS, 26, Tecumseh Ont., Stoney Point, d/o Emanuel DESMARAIS & Lumina JACQUES, witn: Hector LONOUE? & Lottie PITRE, both of Stoney Point, 24 Sept 1918 at Stoney Point
03036-12 (Essex Co) Robert ROBINSON, 42, colored, Lucan Ont, 387 Monroe Ave in Detroit, s/o William ROBINSON labourer & Sarah TURNER, married Carrie Menerva FINCH, 27, colored, Anderson Indiana, 387 Monroe Ave in Detroit, d/o William FINCH mechanic & Marguarett STEPHENS, witn: Frank F. CARROLL of 810 Ford Bdg. Detroit & Mrs. Emma Mae DAY of 183 Runeth St. Detroit, 20 Aug 1912 at City of Windsor #002295-12 (Essex Co): William RUMBLE, 23, carpenter of Pelee twp., s/o George RUMBLE, gardener , & Jane McCAULEY, married Rita SMITH, 19, of Pelee Island, d/o Robert M. SMITH, traveller, & Rita, witn: Ellen RUMBLE &Vernon ALLISLE, both of Windsor, 5 June 1912 at Windsor

10047-22 (Essex Co) Gilbert Sidney RUSSELL, 54, farmer, widower, Oxley, Oxley, s/o . RUSSELL & Lois HUGHSON married Ida May THRASHER, 54, widow, Harrow, Harrow, d/o Zelphehad BRUSH & Malissa MAYHEW, witn: Mrs. Wheeler BRUSH of Harrow & illegible, 24 Aug 1922, at Windsor

8572-17 George St.LOUIS, 29, farmer, Tecumseh, same, s/o Denis St.LOUIS & Mazie LANGLOIS, married Lilly HEBERT, 21, Tecumseth, same, d/o Alfred HEBERT & Louise PARENT, witn: Denis St.LOUIS & Alfred HEBERT, both of Tecumseh, 5 Nov 1917 at Tecumseh
9353-16 Ferdine St.LOUIS, 28, farmer, Tecumseh, same, s/o Francos St.LOUIS & Elizabeth LANGLOIS, married Minnie HEBERT, 23, Tecumseh, same, d/o Alfred HEBERT & Louise PARENT, witn: James St.LOUIS & Florestine HEBERT, both of Tecumseh, 30 OCt 1916 at Tecumseh 9351-16 Columbus St.LOUIS, 25, plumber, Ford, Windsor, s/o Joseph St.LOUIS & Rose MAILLOUX, married Emily HEBERT, 22, Tecumseh, Windsor, d/o Daniel HEBERT & Louisa DUPRIS, witn: Gaspard St.LOUIS & Anne HEBERT, both of Windsor, 24 Oct 1916 at Windsor
025948-1911 (Essex Co.) Edmond Edgar SCHRAM, 27, theatrical work, not given, Detroit, s/o Jeremiah SCHRAM & Caroline VARLEY, married Alice May WEIDERHOLD, 33, not given, Detroit, d/o John WIEDERHOLD & Lavina GRAYBILL, witn: Edna C. & Lettie Kells CAMERON, both of 90 London St. Windsor, 21 Aug 1911 at the Baptist Parsonage Windsor 26250-11 (Essex Co) Henry Samuel SCOTT, 71, widower, farmer, of Cutler - Dade Co. Florida, s/o Joseph SCOTT farmer & Abigail PRATT, married Martha H. FINCH, 71, widow, of Cutler Florida, d/o Jesse CORWHIN farmer & Rebecca KUOBS (Knobs?), witn: Mrs. F. C. HOLLENRAKE of Windsor & M. L. HOLLENRAKE of Toronto, 22 Sep 1911 at City of Windsor
  4210-11 John Franklin SHERLOCK, 59, widower, manufacturer, of London Ont., s/o James SHERLOCK, farmer, & Synthia DAY, married Mary RUTHVEN, 41, of Gosfield twp (lives with sister), d/o Hugh RUTHVEN, farmer, & Emily FOX, witn: A. RUTHVEN of Windsor & Allard E. WIGLE of Kingsville, 31 Oct 1911 at Gosfield South
04179-11 (Essex Co) William Ervine SHIVELY, 21, rubber worker, of Akron Ohio, s/o W. H. SHIVELY rubber worker & Ann BROOK, married Dorotha Luella FINCH, 20, lady, of Akron Ohio, d/o William FINCH rubber worker & Sophia SMITH, witn: Frank FINCH of Akron Ohio & Katherine HIND of Sandwich, 7 Jun 1911 at Town of Sandwich (both Christian Disciple) 12012-20 Hans SIMMS, 23, mason, England, Windsor, s/o Henry SIMMS (b. Kendal England) & Sarah WHALLEY, married Florence Gertrude HEWLETT, 23, England, Windsor, d/o William HEWLETT (b. Orford? England) & Maria HARVEY, witn: W. HEWLETT & H. NIXON, both of Windsor, 30 Dec 1920 at Windsor
4082-15 (Essex Co) Gordon Douglas SIMPSON, age 31, born Banff Scotland, of Fleming Sask, farmer, s/o Jas SIMPSON & Margaret FINLAY, married to Laura Edith BALKWILL, age 29, South Gosfield, same; d/o Richard BALKWILL & Mary O'CONNOR, Wit: Harwood Balkwill & Hazel CORNWALL, on 12-28-1915 in Kingsville  
4205-11 David F. STANFIELD, 42, widower, workman, of Toledo Ohio, s/o W.B. STANFIELD, workman, & Sarah CRAMPTON, married Maude COUPLES, 42, widow, of Toledo Ohio, d/o Isaak LUELLING, farmer, & Elizabeth SHAW? (Shace?), witn: Katherine & Marion HURD of Sandwich, 27 Sept 1911 at Sandwich West 9352-16 Humphrey STANGE, 21, farmer, Belle River, same, s/o Adelard STANGE & Delima GERARD, married Edna SOULLIERE, 23, Tecumseh, Windsor, d/o Arsas SOULLIERE & Louise JANISSE, witn: Leslie PEACOCK of Windsor & Minnie STANGE of Belle River, 27 Sept 1916 at Windsor
4067-12 Harold E. STONE, 21, Cairo Michigan, same, s/o Frank L. STONE & Nellie R. RICHSON, married Lillian M. KNIBBS, 19, Mayville Mich., Cairo Mich., d/o Henry J. KNIBBS & May J. STENVAR?, witn: John C. & Grace WHITE of Detroit, 16 Nov 1912 at Windsor 8621-17 Dominic TREPANNIER, 29, laboer, St. Joachim Ont.,. Windsor, s/o Paul TREPANNIER & Ermenia VINCENT, married Marie HEBERT, 17, Stapleton Ont., Sandwich, d/o Olivier HEBERT & Anna DE--?, witn: Eugene TREPANNIER of Windsor & Elizabeth HEBERT of Sandwich, 29 Oct 1917 at Sandwich
8971-18 William John TRUMAN, 33, machinist, Shepherds Bush England, Walkerville, s/o Harry TRUMAN & Minnie GOLDSPRING, married Carle Ireen SAWYER, 19, Ingersoll Ont., Windsor, d/o Fred SAWYER & Jane BUTLER, witn: Archie & Alice PATTERSON of Windsor, 5 June 1918 at Windsor 19753-19 Ora Edward UNDERWOOD, 19, farmer, Paulding Co. Ohio, Essex, s/o Ora Aroud UNDERWOOD & Mary Jane LEE, married Susanna (Sadie) HARTLEY, 19, Paulding CO Ohio, Wheatley, d/o David Thomas HARTLEY & Alma Louise CARTER, witn: Clara BAKER of Simcoe & Mildred KINDER of Leamington, 19 Nov 1919 at Leamington
10751-19 Arthur Harold UPCOTT, 19, clerk, Leamington, same, s/o Robert UPCOTT & Florence WILKINSON, married Ivya Anna LAMARSH, 20, London, Leamington, d/o Robert LAMARSH & Phoebe TANNER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Roy GETTY of Leamington, 4 Oct 1919 at Leamington 10750-19 Frederick Irvin URE, 28, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o David URE & Helen DIXON, married Dora SEDGWICK, 30, teacher, Cottam, Windsor, d/o John SEDGWICK & Anna M. WRIGHT, witn: Arthur Nelson URE of Maidstone & Mrs. L.W. CARPENTER of Windsor, 19 March 1919 at Windsor
19752-19 Frederick John URIE, 27, machinist, London England, Walkerville, s/o James Samuel URIE & Louise Sarah WINSTALL, married Emily Eliza WESTGARTH, 35, London England, Walkerville, d/o Robert WESTGARTH & Isabella MEEK, witn: Albert E. & Bladwin May URIE of Walkerville, 11 Oct 1919 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 8986-18 Herbert VOLLANS, 24, farmer, Windsor, same, s/o Samuel VOLLANS & Mary Ann HERDMAN, married Margaret Ellen NOAKES, 21, England, Windsor, d/o Edward NOAKES & Rhoda NUTCHER, witn: Dessie SHORT of Ruscomb & Edward NOAKES of RR#1 Windsor, 14 Sept 1918 at St. Johns Church, Sandwich
9029-18 Gerald WALE, 19, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o Gordon Liza WALES & Florence Jane BELL (Ball?), married Effie A. McWILLIAM (McMULLEN?), 18, Mersea twp., same, d/o Eli McWILLIAM (McMullen?) & Charlotte JACKSON, witness and date illegible, at Leamington 0111889-21 (Essex Co) Ernest B. WILSON, 22, mechanic, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Windsor Ont, s/o John WILSON & Lizzie WILL married Mary B. SHEWAN, 20, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Windsor Ont, d/o James SHEWAN & Annabel BUCHAN Wtn: Margaret WILSON of 167 E Carr Ave Windsor & W. FOSTER of 209 Gladstone Windsor, Sep. 3, 1921 at Windsor
  3140-12 Rufus M. WINT, 56, widower, illegible birth place, Catasaugua Penn USA, s/o F. W. WINT, farmer, & Sarah KIDD, married Mary B. KLOTZ, 46, widow, illegible birth place, of Catasuagua Penn., d/o H. S. KLOTZ, harness maker, & Susan SIEFRID, witn: Ada BAKER & Clarence N. WYN, both of Grand Haven Mich., 6 Aug 1912 at Windsor