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Essex Co, 1913

birth place is given before residence


4319-13 William Albert ACTON, 23, motor tester, Ohio, Walkerville, s/o Albert ACTON & Gertrude DITZER, married Edith BAKER, 23, Walkerville, same, d/o William BAKER & Elizabeth PETERS, witn: George THOMAS & Mrs. H. FERGUSON, both of Walkerville, 4 Feb 1913 at Walkerville 4322-13 Verner AINSLIE, 22, fisherman, Comber, Mersea, s/o James H. AINSLIE & Maud RUSSELL, married Grace YOUNG, 22, Mersea, same, d/o George YOUNG & Alma HAZELTON, witn: George YOUNG & Winnie ARMSTRONG, both of Mersea, 15 March 1913 at Leamington
4327-13 William B. ALDERTON, 68, widower, Essex Co., Leamington, s/o Jacob ALDERTON & Isabel PARK, married Charlotte CRUMP, 53, widow, Sussex England, Leamington, d/o Andrew? LEVITT & Mary CATT, witn: H.J. & Ray LECKIE of Leamington, 10 May 1913 at Leamington 4331-13 Ephrem ALLARD, 20, carpenter, of Rochester twp., s/o Octavien ALLARD, carpenter, & Emily ALLARD, married Aimie LADOUCEUR, 18, of Rochester twp., d/o Avila LADOUCEUR, deceased, & Emily TRUDELLE, witn: Josephat LADOUCEUR of Belle River & Vitaline GUILBAULT of Staples, 8 Sept 1913 at Belle River
4330-13 Alexander ALLEN, 26, Maidstone twp., same, s/o Thomas ALLEN, farmer, & Ellen DRISCOLL, married Ida Bell DEEHAN (Derhan?), 24, Maidstone twp., same, d/o James DEEHAN, farmer, & Elizabeth ROBINSON, witn: Wilfrid ALLEN of Maidstone twp & Lottie KANE of Windsor, 16 Sept 1913 at RC Church, Maidstone 4328-13 Bernard ALLORD, 40, widower, farmer, Mt. Clemens Mich., same, s/o James ALLORD & Marie FORTIN, married Sarah BARTON, 44, widow, Mt. Clemens Mich., same, d/o William FORTIN & Elizabeth CHAMPAGNE, witn: Arthur & Edna ALLORD of Mt. Clemens, 22 May 1913 at Sandwich
4325-13 Joseph Stewart ANDERSON, 21, farmer, Camden twp., Ford City, s/o James ANDERSON & Mary HOPPER, married Parmelia POIRIER, 19, Leicester Mass. US, Ford City, d/o Olier POIRIER & Marie BLAIS, witn: Josephat LADOUCEUR of Belle River & Ida POIRIER of Ford City, 20 Jan 1913 at Ford City 4326-13 David ANDREWS, 21, brick maker, England, Mersea, s/o David ANDREWS & Kate AMBROSE, married Violet PATRICK, 19, Romney twp., same, d/o George PATRICK & Eliza NISBETT, witn: Mary A. & Mamie WALKER of Leamington, 12 April 1913 at Leamington
4321-13 George Wallace ANSON, 22, South Gosfield, same, s/o Edward ANSON, farmer, & Georgiana LOSSON, married Edith Ann LANNIN, 27, South Gosfield, same, d/o John LANNIN, farmer, & Sarah J. ALLEN, witn: Alvin THORPE of Kingsville & James CURRIE of Ruthven, 25 Feb 1913 at Ruthven 4323-13 (Essex Co): Thomas ARCHER, 20, electrician, Detroit, same, s/o Thomas ARCHER & Anna CHILD, married Mary L. GOODFELLOW, 18, Aylmer Ont. Detroit, d/o William GOODFELLOW & Katherine ACKERMAN, witn: Agnes & Katherine HURD of Sandwich, April 1913 at Sandwich
4318-13 Earl Hawey ARMSTRONG, 21, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o Francis ARMSTRONG & Eliza J. REID, married Maggie A. McDONALD, 18, Mersea, same, d/o Frank McDONALD & Margaret READ, witn: R. & Emily HOSKING of Leamington, 22 Jan 1913 at Leamington 4329-13 William David ARMSTRONG, 53, widower, manufacturer, Waterbury Conn., Walkerville, s/o John ARMSTRONG & Rebecca BLACK, married Lucy M. OLTZ, 40, widow, Saginaw Mich., Detroit, d/o George WEBB & Amy SHREVE?, witn: S. C. JACKSON of Walkerville, 25 June 1913 at Walkerville
4320-13 Leslie R. ASH, 22, North Ridge, Gosfield North, s/o Samuel ASH, farmer, & Emma BRILLINGER, married Annie HANNA, 18, St. Louis Mich., Gosfield North, d/o George Ernest HANNA, farmer, & Maud? FRITMILN?, witn: Harry A. CLIFFORD of illegible & Lona Florence Bessie ASH of Essex, 5 Feb 1913 at town of Essex 4324-13 Albert George ATKINSON, 39, farmer, Lambton Mills Ont., Jeanettes Creek, s/o Jacob C. ATKINSON & Julia Ann KAISER, married Victoria Edith BEASLEY, 34, Nobleton Ont., Sandwich, d/o John BEASLEY & Victoria Elizabeth KURTZ, witn: Lillian & W.G. BEASLEY of Sandwich, 23 April 1913 at Sandwich
027504-1913 (Essex Co.) Harrison M. BROWN, 23, carpenter, Brigden, Windsor, s/o Alonzo BROWN & Mary DODGE, married Lillie SCHRAMM, 19, Illinois, Pontiac Mich., d/o John SCHRAMM & Augusta PETERS, witn: Frank LAUZON & Amelia OLIVER, both of Windsor, 21 Jun 1913 at Windsor 4485-13 Roy Woodsworth DALTON, 22, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o John DALTON & Mary Jane BAILEY, married Sylvie Stella HILLMAN, 22, Tilbury West, same, d/o John HILLMAN & Harriet Elizabeth WATKINS, witn: Lona WHITTLE & Ruby BEACOM, both of Blytheswood, 29 Oct 1913 at Blytheswood
27124-13 (Essex Co) Harry FINCH, 23, attendant, Kentucky, Detroit, s/o Charles FINCH & Lizzie WILLIS, married Eleanora CRAVEN, 21, Detroit, same, d/o James CRAVEN & Mary HANES, witn: S. B. GASKILL of Detroit & Harold HOLLENRAKE of Windsor, 5 Mar 1913 at Windsor  
4578-13 (Essex Co): Walter HAIGHT, 30, upholsterer, Winnipeg, Windsor, s/o Edward HAIGHT & Alia PENNEL, married Mabel L. COLLIER, 23, divorced but ex-husband dead, Spu--? Pennsylvania, Detroit, d/o Eli--? LONDON & Cora COLLIER, witn: Alice M. ROSER? & Agnes HURD, both of Sandwich, 28 July 1913 at Sandwich 4570-13 (Essex Co): James HANNA, 24, accountant, Oakville, Wallaceburg, s/o James HANNA & Mary BURNS, married Ethel DEAN, 26, Wheatley, same, d/o William E. DEAN & Hanna PLANT, witn: Hugh MUNRO of Wallaceburg & Mrs. J. SMITH of Sutherland Sask., 4 June 1913 at Wheatley
27293-13 Philip George MARQUARDT, 25, mortician, Calhoun Co. Mich., Grand Ledge Mich., s/o George MARQUARDT & Kate HAARER?, married Christiana Almina HASKINS, 22, Marshall Mich., same,  d/o Almond HASKINS & Minnie CATHCART, witn: Edna & Kells CAMERON of Windsor, 21 April 1913 at Windsor 27239-13 Elwein L. MARSOM, 19, milk man, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Ernest MARSOM & Florence WARRINGTON, married Caroline N. REESE, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Matthew M. REESE & Henrietta MAGNETTE, witn: Mary CARLISLE & Elsie HOGARTH, both of Windsor, 24 April 1913 at Windsor
27354-13 Charles Augustus RINGLE, 26, farmer, Attica Ohio, Bellevue - Huron Co Ohio, s/o Lewis RINGLE & Lydia CHERRY, married Alice Almeta GEYER, 27, Bellevue Ohio, same, d/o Edward GEYER & Eliza COWERVINE, witn: Lottie Kells CAMERON & Margaret J. LAW, both of Windsor, 7 April 1913 at Windsor 27352-13 Edward William ROSENBAUM, 21, tool maker, Newton Falls Ohio, Pontiac - Oakland Co., s/o Sam ROSENBAUM & Jennie RODERICK, married Bessie Bell CULP, 18, Washington Michigan, Pontiac, d/o James CULP & Daisy HILLIS, witn: M. A. TOLL & G.G. CROSS, both of Windsor, 12 April 1913 at Windsor
27353-13 Ernest Roy ROSS, 25, metal worker, Dutton Ont, Detroit, s/o Herman ROSS & Elizabeth MARCH, married Daisy E. HUNTER, 22, Earsville Michigan, Detroit, d/o Nelson HUNTER & Emma SKINNER, witn: Edna CAMERON & Margaret LAW, both of Windsor, 7 April 1913 at Windsor 27356-13 Charles L. St.CLAIR, 28, hotel keeper, Gennesse, Nashville Tennessee, s/o Hazen St.CLAIR & Mary SMITH, married Winnifred M. MOORE, 22, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Fred MOORE & Lillian TAYLOR, witn: Pearl & Hazel MORRIS of Detroit, 29 March 1913 at Windsor
027882-1913 (Essex Co.) Malvin SCHRAM, 25, railroad worker, Tillsonburg, Galt, s/o Henry SCHRAM & Elizabeth McARTHUR, married Jean HENDERSON, 27, North Dumfries, Paris, d/o Robert HENDERSON & Joanna MILLER, witn: Mabel H. PRESCOTT & Emma C. VAN SICKLE, both of Windsor, 19 Jul 1913 at Windsor 27355-13 Sam SCHWARTZBERG, 26, book keeper, Russia, Toledo Ohio, s/o Harris SCHWARTZBERG & Sophia FELDMAN, married Rebecca FELDMAN, 19, Chicago, Toledo, d/o Wolf FELDMAN & Rose ZOLLONCH, witn: J. ORECHKIN & M. GRAPKIN, 21 March 1913 at Windsor