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Essex Co, 1914

birth place is given before residence


9928-14 Harry Edward ADAMS, 26, architect, Michigan, Windsor, s/o John W. ADAMS & Annie MATTHEWSON, married Grace Jane SCOTT, 23, Windsor, same, d/o George SCOTT & Annie VESEY, witn: John D. CHICK & Madell SCOTT, both of Windsor, 23 June 1914 at Windsor

9939-14 Orry H. ADAMS, 33, farmer, Marathon NY, Detroit, s/o Burt ADAMS & Carrie GARDNER, married Alma GARDINER, 34, Marathon NY, Detroit, d/o William GARDINER & Alice SHERMAN, witn: Agnes & Katherine HIND of Sandwich, 14 Nov 1914 at Sandwich

9919-14 Arthur Rowland AGATE, 23, student, Ohio, Cleveland, s/o A.L. AGATE & Elizabeth JONES, married Mary Louise JOSLIN, 24, Windsor, same, d/o C.E. JOSLIN & Harriet L. COOPER, witn: Amelia & James OLIVER of Windsor, 30 May 1914 at Windsor 9912-14 James AGRUSO, 20, laborer, Italy, Detroit, s/o Geremino AGRUSO & Delina, married Mary NATO, 15, Italy, Detroit, d/o Petro NATO & Angelina KATONE, witn: Guiseppe LONTINI & Agnes RUSSO, both of Detroit, 13 April 1914 at St. Alphonus Church, Windsor
9937-14 William AIKIN, 23, painter, Belfast Ireland, Wheatley, s/o David AIKIN & Jane McLEOD, married Edith SHAW, 18, Wheatley, same, d/o David SHAW & Nellie GOSLIN, witn: George A. & Mrs. George A. CLARK of Leamington, 26 Sept 1914 at Essex 9931-14 John H. AIKMAN, 24, assistant paymaster, Brockwayville Penn., Detroit, s/o John AIKMAN & Jane McGREGOR, married Rose Louise BUDD, 15 (18?), London England, Walkerville, d/o William BUDD & Annie MERRITT, witn: Emma SCOTT & Anna BUDD, both of Detroit, 13 Feb 1914 at Windsor
9935-14 Leonard Joseph AIRRIESS, 23, mechanic, London England, Walkerville, s/o Edward Robert AIRRIESS & Mary Jane SMITH, married Ethel CHIPCHASE, 23, Tynemouth England, Walkerville, d/o William CHIPCHASE & Sarah Jane LISTER, witn: Irene W. STEPHENSON of Walkerville & Ernest H. AIRRIESS of Windsor, 15 July 1914 at Windsor 9936-14 Oalagro ALA, 25, laborer, Italy, Detroit, s/o Blazio ALLA (sic) & Josephta BRESCHIO, married Rosa ALA (or Alla), 18, Italy, Detroit, d/o Michael ALLA & Aloysia PLATIO, witn: Dominico LORTICHO & Salisso GIUSEPPO, both of Detroit, 30 July 1914 at St. Alphonsus Church, Windsor
9929-14 Hermann J. ALBRECHT, 32, electrician, St. Louis Missouri, same, s/o William ALBRECHT & Lena ALBRECHT, married Marie Imelda DUMOUCHELLE, 22, Sandwich, Windsor, d/o Albert DUMOUCHELLE & Elizabeth MARENTETTE, witn: Albert DUMOUCHELLE & Mrs. CAVINEAU, both of Windsor, 26 Jan 1914 at Windsor 9925-14 Lloyd Everett ALDRICH, 26, telegraph operator, Des Moines Iowa, Windsor, s/o William ALDRICH & Eva GRAFF, married Gladys McLEAN, 22, Windsor, same, d/o John McLEAN & Margaret McRAE, witn: Harold DAVEY & Agnes KANE, both of Windsor, 30 June 1914 at St. Alphonsus Church, Windsor

9938-14 Charlie ALLEN, 20, farmer, Northamptonshire England, Mersea twp., s/o James ALLEN & Annie SNOOK (Thook?), married Irene Lillie BROWN, 21, Comber, Mersea twp., d/o Thomas BROWN & Lizzie ALLAN, witn: Mildred A. KINDER of Leamington & Ethel BAKER of Simcoe, 22 Aug 1914 at Leamington


9941-14 Delbert H. AMLIN, 21, blacksmith, Essex town, Sandwich East, s/o Peter ALMIN (Amlia?) & Mary MAYVILLE, married Lucy RENAUD, 26, Malden, same, d/o Thomas RENAUD & Elizabeth DUBY, witn: Edward RENAUD & Myrtle BASTIEN, both of Malden, 29 Sept 1914 at Amherstburg

9942-14 Franz Otto AMMONITE, 24, farmer, Pelee Island, same, s/o Edward AMMONITE & Amelia MALLER (Miller?), married Aileen Hannah PIPER, 18, Pelee Island, Colchester North, d/o Samuel PIPER & Sarah FLEMING, witn: Guy CAMPBELL & Eva PIPER both of Amherstburg, 7 Dec 1914 at Colchester North

9932-14 Clayton Everett Foster AMBREY, 24, agent, Toronto, Walkerville, s/o Charles Clayton AMBREY & Everett St.CLAIR, married Grace Grover DEWAR, 25, Essex, Windsor, d/o Peter Anderson DEWAR & Annie Kerr NESBITT, witn: C. Foster AMBREY of Walkerville & Agnes A. DEWAR of Windsor, 13 Oct 1914 at Windsor 9926-14 Milton Harris ANDERSON, 23, farmer, Malden twp., same, s/o Thomas ANDERSON & Mary HARRIS, married Edith Mabel RICHARDSON, 20, Colchester twp., same, d/o Edmund RICHARDSON & Isabel SHEPLEY, witn: Ross F. & Mrs. Ross F. COLLISON of Amherstburg, 11 June 1914 at Windsor
9915-14 John McDonald ANDERSON, 34, super indent des--?, Jamaica W.I., Windsor, s/o Adam Walker ANDERSON & Leila McDONALD (d/o the late B.B. McDonald, qu--?), married Eva Maude ERWIN, 34, NY state, Detroit, d/o George ERWIN & Mary DUNN, witn: Lettie K. CAMERON & Sarah F. FRERRE?, both of Windsor, 3 June 1914 at Windsor 9922-14 Joseph ANDERSON, 21, barber, Louisville Kentucky, Windsor, s/o Charles ANDERSON & Julia LOGAN, married Margaret JOHNSTON, 18, Rochester NY, Detroit, d/o Lawson JOHNSTON & Jessie THOMAS, witn: Victor GRIMES of Detroit & Mrs. L. B. THOMPSON of Windsor, 14 April 1914 at 44 McDougall St., Windsor

9940-14 Freeman ANSON, 25, farmer, Colham England, Sandwich, s/o Christian ANSON & Emma KNIGHT, married Florence S. DIBLEY, 18, Essex Ont., Sandwich, d/o William DIBLEY & Rosie E. VAN DUSAN, witn: George & Mabel DIBLEY of Sandwich, 16 Sept 1914 at Sandwich

9924-14 Frederick ANTIS, 26, clerk, Detroit, same, s/o Samuel ANTIS & Josephine RAINVILLE, married Marie LAFRAMBOISE, 18, Ridgetown Ont., Windsor, d/o Alexander LAFRAMBOISE & Augusta KLINE, witn: Augusta LAFRAMBOISE & Amelia OLIVER, both of Windsor, 29 June 1914 at Windsor 9917-14 Ora Elmer APPLE, 33, fireman, Versailles Ohio, Amherstburg, s/o Jacob APPLE & Catherine KISER, married Emma May EDWARDS, 20, Norvayna? Illinois, Belhaine Minnesota, d/o Charles EDWARDS & Anna POHL?, witn: Lettie K. CAMERON & Eliza HARDIGAN, both of Windsor, 5 June 1914 at Windsor
9916-14 Stanislas ARBOUR, 25, laborer, Perce Gaspe Que., Windsor, s/o Joseph ARBOUR & Georgina PROTEAU, married Stella PRUD’HOMME, 24, Windsor, same, d/o Adolphe PRUD’HOMME & Libbie FIELDS, witn: Ernie PRUD’HOMME & Grace POTTER, both of Windsor, 2 June 1914 at Windsor 9921-14 Rudolph ARENS, 30, chemist, Ontario, Akron Ohio, s/o Gerhard H. AHRENS & Catherine RAMIEN, married Margaret L. MacLEAN, 26, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Donald MacLEAN & Margaret LARSON, witn: T.R. HANLEY of Toronto & Donald J. MacLEAN of Windsor, 2 April 1914 at Windsor
9934-14 Nicholas ARMENTO, 22, laborer, Boiano Italy, Cleveland Ohio, s/o Anthony ARMENTO & Brigita AEGIDIO, married Christine AEGIDIO, 18, New York City, Cleveland, d/o John AEGIDIO & Anna Marie CAPIA, witn: Charles S. CAVOLO & Josephine TANNO, both of Cleveland, 27 July 1914 at St. Alphonsus Church, Windsor 9913-14 Charles W. ARNOLD, 53, widower, chemist’s assistant, Sandwich, same, s/o William B. ARNOLD & Louisa CORNISH, married Helen KNOWLES, 46, England, Windsor, d/o Cornelius KNOWLES & Ann GARDNER, witn: Alice NEAL & Alex CLARKE, both of Sandwich, 20 Jan 1914 at St. Johns Church, Sandwich
9914-14 Andrew H.D. ARTES, 47, farmer, Kokomo? Ind?, Colchester North twp, s/o J. ARTES & blank HARDWOOD, married Hazel WIKEL (Wikle?), 44, widow, illegible b/p, Colchester South, d/o R. GIBBS & Mary McCARTNEY?, witn: Dr. ARTES & Mrs. A. DAVEY?, both of Colchester, 16 Feb 1914 at Colchester 9918-14 Harry Percival ARTIS, 21, florist, North Louisburgh Ohio, Walker House in Windsor, s/o Frank ARTIS & Jessie May HARRISON, married Minnie Frances COTRELL, 20, Urbana Ohio, same, d/o James Edward COTRELL & Clara Frances WILLIAMS, witn: Thomas E. LAWSON & Laura B. JACKSON, both of McDougall St. in Windsor, 15 June 1914 at Windsor
9923-14 Samuel ASH, 54, farmer, widower, England, North Gosfield, s/o Samuel ASH & Mary A. RAYMOND, married Alice WYATT, 50, widow, Kentucky, Courtright Ont., d/o Godfrey FREEMAN & Ann E. IRVIN?, witn: M. CARLISLE & P. HARDING, both of Windsor, 29 April 1914 at Windsor 9920-14 Harold S. ASHWORTH, 30, cabinet maker, Gee? Cross England, Detroit, s/o Alfred ASHWORTH & Ruth SMITH?, married Ethel KENYON, 34, Marple England, Windsor, d/o Edwin KENYON & Martha PLUMMER?, witn: Guy L. POWER of Detroit & Amy PIERCE of Windsor, 17 June 1914 at Windsor
9933-14 Conrad ASKERBERG, 26, machinist, Cleveland, Detroit, s/o Conrad ASKERBERG & Christine ALVRERSEN?, married Amy DEETER, 22, Jackson Mich., Detroit, d/o Harry DEETER & Mary BARNES, witn: Florence WICKHAM & Mabel H. PESCOTT, both of Windsor, 8 July 1914 at Windsor 9930-14 Walter Arnold AUGELL (Angell?), 28, mechanic, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Edgar L. AUGELL & Lillian FORD, married Lillian Isabel FARRALL, 24, Ontario, Windsor, d/o James FARRALL & Joanna? M. LEARY, wtn: Jean & Harry FARRALL of Windsor, 21 Jan 1914 at Windsor
9927-14 Hume Cleland AUGUSTINE, 24, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o Alexander AUGUSTINE & Frances CLELAND, married Elsie APPLEYARD, 19, Leeds England, Kingsville, d/o James APPLEYARD & Ann COOPER, witn: Lettie CAMERON of Windsor, 11 March 1914 at Windsor 10008-14 Ernest M. BAKE, 26, merchant, Rodney, Walkerville, s/o Harry BAKE & Elizabeth EDGECOMBE, married Rose M. MAYHEW, 18, Walkerville, Windsor, d/o Alfred MAYHEW & Edwidge JANISSE, witn: Joseph PERO & Mrs. Joseph PERO, both of Windsor, 14 Oct. 1914 at Windsor

9944-15 Norman Joseph BALKWILL, 23, farmer, Kingsville, South Gosfield, s/o John R. BALKWILL & Harriet Julia HART, married Florence SWEETMAN, 20, Gosfield South, same, d/o George SWEETMAN & Mary Ann THORPE, witn: Moore MacDONALD & Mrs. D. E. MORTON (Martin?), both of Kingsville, 24 June 1914 at Kingsville

9943-14 Marshall BROOMFIELD, 50, widower, Michigan, Windsor, s/o William BROOMFIELD & Ellen Janie MACKLIN, married Cora JAMES, 32, widow, Mamie Celbucato?, Toledo Ohio, d/o Ezra PERRY & Emma Jane BERDON, witn: Joseph & Nellie GREEN of Detroit, 2 March 1914 at Windsor

  1009-14 John BURDEN, 24, clerk, England, Windsor, s/o Stephen BURDEN & Harriet BURTON, married Mary GATES, 23, England, Walkerville, d/o George GATES & Mary SLOW?, witn: Harriet GATES & Vernon CARLISLE, both of Windsor, 9 Sept 1914 at Windsor
10377-14 Walter George JACKMAN, 45, widower, Walthamstow England, Windsor, s/o John JACKMAN & Anna MAXWELL (both deceased), married Eliza LUTTMAN, 44, widow, Kingsland England, Windsor, d/o Charles STACEY (deceased) & Rosina CHARTER, witn: John & Elizabeth Stroder WILLIAMS of 19 Brant in Windsor, 2 July 1914 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 10375-14 Mike JOSEPH, 24, merchant, Serhel Syria, Leamington, s/o T. JOSEPH & Mary TAMER, married Zida MICHAEL, 21, Serhel Syria, Leamington, d/o Beshara MICHAL (sic) & G. TAMER, witn: Peter NEHRA of Wheatley & Edith MICHAEL of Leamington, 31 Dec 1914 at Leamington
10583-14 Charles Leo McCLOSKEY, age 26 Maidstone, same; s/o William McCLOSKEY & Margaret MURPHY, married Bridget McHUGH, age 23, Maidstone, same, d/o Frank McHUGH & Mary McGUIRE: Wit James McCLOSKEY & Maymie McHUGH, both of Essex,  on 9 Nov 1914 at St John the Evangelist in Maidstone (RC) 10721-14 John N. RAWLINGS, 26, automobile worker, Knoxville Tennessee, Detroit, s/o John L. RAWLINGS & Eliza YORK, married Ruby RITCHIE, 23, Saginaw, Detroit, d/o James RITCHIE & Molly CLENDENNING, witn: James & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 12 Dec 1914 at Windsor
10722-14 Frank J. RIOPELLE, 30, Supt. Salt Co., Michigan, Ecosse Michigan, s/o Charles H. RIOPELLE & Eliza LIVERNOIS, married Lea KNAPP, 16 (18?), River Canard Ont., Ojibway Ont., d/o Alfred KNAPP & Josephine DROUILLARD, witn: Mrs. John MAJOR of Ojibway & Eliza DONEY of Windsor, 22 Dec 1914 at Windsor 10723-14 Paul RUNY, 30, laborer, Austria, Windsor, s/o Peter RUNY & Justina MORRIS, married Catharina FURMANCHUCK, 25, Russian Poland, Windsor, d/o John FURMANCHUCK & Emma CHUCKI, witn: Paul KNAPCHUCK & Mary STANAZCHUCK, both of Windsor, 17 Oct 1914 at Windsor