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Essex Co, 1915

birth place is given before residence


4205-15 Herbert S. BABCOCK, 30, sheet metal worker, divorced, state of Kansas, Detroit, s/o Robert G. BABCOCK & May HANDLEY, married Vesta MURDEN, 23, divorced, Indiana, Detroit, d/o Silas N. TRUMAN & Cordelia HARDY, witn: George P. VANSICKLE of Mabel PESCOTT, both of Windsor, 12 Dec 1915 at Windsor

4158-15 Fred BASTIEN, 23, laborer, Sandwich, Windsor, s/o Clement BASTIEN & Josephine CABINO, married Marie URQUHART, 18, Detroit, Windsor, d/o Alex URQUHART & Eliza St.AMOUR, witn: Edmond OUELLETTE of 84 Tuscarora & Lena BASTIEN of 30 Brant in Windsor, 15 Nov 1915 at St. Alphonsus, Windsor

4159-15 Harlen William BERRY, 26, machinist, Perry Co. Ohio, Detroit, s/o Cash BERRY & Emma MILLER, married Clara Lestena BERRY, 20, Ohio, Windsor, d/o Aromton BERRY & Ellen RIBBLE, witn: Percy SMITH & Mary WILSON, both of Windsor, 25 Oct 1915 at Windsor 4160-15 Walter Harrick BRAKE, 21, bugler, Detroit, Windsor, s/o Walter Hiron BRAKE & Margaret INGLES, married Florence MIDDLETON, 19, Fergus Ont., Windsor, d/o David Walter MIDDLETON & Mary Jane MORGAN, witn: Anne M. DUPONT of Windsor & Maggie BRAKE of Detroit, 1 July 1915 at Windsor
4206-15 Clarence W. BRINDLE, 33, clerk, Girard? Windsor, s/o Samuel BRINDLE & Emma ANDERSON, married Saydee Irene MACK, 29, Des--? Ohio, Windsor, d/o Martin MACK & illegible (faded), witn: Amelia & James OLIVER of Windsor, 8 Sept 1915 at Windsor 4161-15 James C. BROWN, 32, veterinarian, Langside Scotland, Windsor, s/o James BROWN & Lizzie BURRELL, married Annie Duff BEATTIE, 38, Grey Co., Windsor, d/o James BEATTIE & Jessie MacDONALD, witn: Lacy L. LANE & M.L. PAULIN, both of Windsor, 7 July 1915 at Windsor

4216-15 Lawrence R. CALL, 22, fireman, Fort William, Amherstburg, s/o Charles E. CALL & Elizabeth SLITER, married Sennia MACKEY, 18, Fort William, Amherstburg, d/o Erland MACKEY & Matilda R. CALL, witn: Martha L. AYLESWORTH of Windsor, 28 July 1915 at Windsor

4232-15 John William CALLERY, 21, electrician, Madoc Ont., Windsor, s/o Bernard CALLERY & Beatrice FEENEY, married Rose TOURANGEAU, 22, clerk, Sandwich, Windsor, d/o Samuel TOURANGEAU & Phyllis PAYEAU, witn: John Blake HARPER & Cecilia TOURANGEAU, both of Windsor, 25 Oct 1915 at Windsor

4238-15 Donald CAMPBELL, 25, laborer, Parry Sound Ont., Colchester North, s/o Donald CAMPBELL & Annie MacEACHERIN, married Ellen NORTH, 23, New Canaan Ont., Colchester North, d/o Edwin H. NORTH & Mary A. GOLDEN, witn: Albert G. ROBERTS of 169 Victoria Ave & Agnes TULMIE of 28 Mercer St., 12 April 1915 at Windsor

4228-25 Malcolm George CAMPBELL, 42, manufacturer of auto wheels, Windsor, same, s/o John A.H. CAMPBELL & Florence Cordelia BENJAMIN, married Elsie NEWCOMB, 35, Blenheim Ont., Windsor, d/o David Henry NEWCOMB & Janet McCOLL, witn: Agnes NEWCOMB of Windsor & Florence A. CAMERON of Leamington, 30 June 1915 at Windsor

4231-15 Joseph CAMPO, 21, rubber worker, Italy, Detroit, s/o Toney CAMPO & Anna SARTORO, married Catherine CAMPO, 19, Italy, Detroit, d/o John CAMPO & Rosie HADRAGNO, witn: Frank CAMPO & Josephine TODERO, both of Detroit, 11 Oct 1915 at Windsor

4234-15 James CARL, 29, machinist, Michigan, Walkerville, s/o Milton CARL & Carrie KELLER, married Eva LIGE, 21, Michigan, Somerset Centre - Mich., d/o William LIGE & Mina EUTZ, witn: Amelia & James OLIVER of Windsor, 10 July 1915 at Windsor

4212-15 Jerry CEDAR, 39, widower, furnace tender, Wallaceburg Ont., Detroit, s/o William CEDAR & Helen BUSHY, married Elizabeth SMITH, 32, Ontario, Windsor, d/o James SMITH & Margaret CORRAL, witn: Charles SMITH of Windsor & Elizabeth BENNETT of Walkerville, 8 Dec 1915 at Windsor

4218-15 Pierre CHABOT, 25, laborer, Masson Que., Windsor, s/o Jean B. CHABOT & Malvine CONSTANTINEAU, married Amanda LAFORET, 23, Tecumseh, Walkerville, d/o Damas LAFORET & Philomene St.PIERRE, witn: Edmond LAFORET & Marie Ann LA CROIX, both of Windsor, 17 Aug 1915 at Windsor

4235-15 Michael CHECOVICH, 22, laborer, Russia, Windsor, s/o John CHECOVICH & unknown, married Eva KUCHINSKI, 23, Russia, Windsor, d/o Joe KUCHINSKI & unknown, witn: J.F. COULSON of Jackson Mich. & A. OLIVER of Windsor, 7 Jan 1915 at Windsor

4215-15 Oscar CHERRY, 34, laborer, Harbordale Illinois, Windsor, s/o Tobias CHERRY & Mary V. HUBBARD, married Maud WASHINGTON, 29, widow, Windsor, same, d/o Joshua GROSS & Eitha M. DAVIS, witn: Willie & Louisa GROSS of Windsor, 4 July 1915 at Windsor

4241-15 Oscar L. CHRISTIE, 30, machinist, Detroit, same, s/o Stephen CHRISTIE & Mary ROBERTS, married Sarah M. MONKS, 29, Savanne? Mich., Detroit, d/o John MONKS & Emma SWITZER, witn: Letitia K. & M.J. CAMERON of Windsor, 6 March 1915 at Windsor

4227-15 Reginald Sydney Bond CLAPP, 26, clerk, England, Windsor, s/o Frederick Pierce CLAPP & Ellen BOND, married Myrtle Priscilla Hessman SURERUS, 26, Windsor, same, d/o unknown, witn: C.F. CLAPP & C.V. TOMPKINS, both of Windsor, 19 Oct. 1915 at Windsor

4223-15 Ernest M. CLEMENTS, 32, engineer, England, Windsor, s/o William CLEMENT & Druscilla SMITH, married Elizabeth PENNINGTON, 23, England, Windsor, d/o William PENNINGTON & Margaret SMITH, witn: Olive SNELGROVE & Beatrice GIBSON, both of Windsor, 25 Sept 1915 at Windsor

4240-15 Philip H. CLOUDMAN, 27, salesman, Maine, Detroit, s/o Horace CLOUDMAN & Charlotte REID?, married Mabelle RIGG, 23, Ontario, Windsor, d/o George RIGG & Emma M. INGS?, witn: Victor LUNN of Detroit & Bessie RIGG of Windsor, 22 Feb 1915 at Windsor

4211-15 George Edward CLOUGH, 32, automobile worker, Leeds England, Windsor, s/o Alfred CLOUGH & Edith BELLHOUSE, married Gertrude Victoria ARUNDELL, 23, Richmond England, Windsor, d/o James ARUNDELL & Ada HOLLEY, witn: William T. WRIGHT of Toronto & Ida DOBBIE of Acton West, 4 Dec 1915 at Windsor

4226-15 Charles Toole COLE, 22, student, Detroit, Windsor, s/o James H. COLE & Julia WILLIAMS, married Otelia Faustine JOHNSON, 19, Detroit, same, d/o John W. JOHNSON & Kate O. JOHNSON, witn: Thomas LAWSON of 71 McDougall St. & Claudie WELLS of 44 McDougall St., 28 Sept 1915 at Windsor

4210-15 William Patrick CONROY, 22, machinist, Detroit, same, s/o Patrick CONROY & Margaret FLANNERY, married Winnie Jewel TRACEY, 21, London Ont., Toronto, d/o not known, guardian of Elizabeth Ward, witn: Edith LAYMAN of Windsor M.W. TRUEMAN, 11 Dec 1915 at Windsor

4209-15 George P. COOK, 49, widower, painter, New York, Battle Creek Mich., s/o Miles E. COOK & Jennie STORING, married Kate HINDER (Hindes?), 40, widow, England, Windsor, d/o Henry HENDERSON & Elizabeth SIMMONS, witn: Jane HARMON & Mary BLACKLER, both of Windsor, 7 Dec 1915 at Windsor

4233-15 Oscar Phillip COOK, 24, optician, Pickaway Co. Ohio, Windsor, s/o Frank COOK & Edith MAY, married Mabel STONE, 25, Newark Ohio, Windsor, d/o Joel STONE & Ida M. DRONE, witn: Mabel H. PESCOTT of Windsor & Ida May STONE of Newark Ohio, 5 July 1915 at Windsor

4229-15 Morris COOLEY, 23, manager of Consumers Gas, Bryan Ohio, Windsor, s/o James COOLEY & Phila CLEVELAND, married Pearl HARTFORD, 19, Newmarket, Toronto, d/o George HARTFORD & Mary NUGENT, witn: W.E. GUNDY of Windsor & A. HARDY of Hamilton, 28 Oct. 1915 at Windsor

4222-15 Arthur CORNISH, 21, laborer, Schuyler Co. NY, Detroit, s/o William CORNISH & Lorena BAUL (Bard?), married Mina BROWN, 19, Schuyler Co NY, Detroit, d/o Johnnie BROWN & Mary BUCHANAN, witn: Frank & Elma ACKERMAN of Detroit, 13 Sept 1915 at Windsor

4239-15 Alfred COTE, 32, insurance agent, River Canard, Windsor, s/o Eli COTE & Elize DROUILLARD, married Nellie DEMAY, 40, widow, Chatham Canada, 82 6th in Detroit, d/o Albert VAN ZANDT & Mary KAKE (Kaake?), witn: Joseph & Mrs. MENARD of 126 Langlois Ave., 28 Dec 1915 at St. Alphonsus, Windsor

4208-15 Felix COUVYEAU, 44, widower, laborer, Anderdon, Windsor, s/o John COUVYEAU & Mary CADA, married Agnes KANE, 35, Lambton Ont., Windsor, d/o James KANE & Catherine HUDSON, witn: Herman & Mrs. Herman KANOPASKA of Windsor, 24 Nov 1915 at St. Alphonsus Church, Windsor

4237-15 William G. COWLEY, 27, clerk, England, Detroit, s/o William J. COWLEY & Rachel Matilda OSBORNE, married Lydia E. WOODFIELD, 25, England, Windsor, d/o Charles Edward WOODFIELD & Lydia Ellen MILLS, witn: Cecil S. COWLEY of Detroit & Mary CARLISLE of Windsor, 14 April 1915 at Windsor

4220-15 William CRANSTON, 23, kiln hand, Ohio, Walkerville, s/o Thomas CRANSTON & Bell MORPHY, married Ruth BACON, 23, Ohio, Sandwich, d/o David BACON & Mary HARRIS, witn: Olive SNELGROVE & Ethel DANIELS, both of Windsor, 26 Aug 1915 at Windsor

4217-15 Benjamin CRAY, 30, fireman, England, Windsor, s/o Benjamin CRAY & Sophia MARTIN, married Elizabeth BARKER, 40, England, Windsor, d/o Joseph BARKER & Emma DAWSON, witn: Sextus K. STILES of Toronto & Mary CARLISLE of Windsor, 4 Aug 1915 at Windsor

4214-15 Alfred CREW, 38, widower, electrician, London England, Windsor, s/o Alfred CREW & Margaret BROWN, married Florence GOSS, 18, England, Chatham, d/o George GOSS & Ada PAGE, witn: Mark & Annie LEMMON of Windsor, 6 July 1915 at Windsor

4207-15 Alfred G. CROSS, 30, contractor, England, Windsor, s/o James CROSS & Ellen BROOKS, married Mary J. SMITHSON, 26, Ontario, Windsor, d/o George SMITHSON & Jemima WIDDUP, witn: A. BRAITHWAITE & M. SMITHSON, both of Windsor, 25 Jan 1915 at Windsor

4213-15 Arnold Frederick CROSTHWAITE, 24, oiler, Manchester England, Erie St. in Windsor, s/o Walter BUNTON (Burton?) (sic) & Kate Alenine Crosthwaite BUNTON, married Eva Mary CLARKE, 19, Rotherham England, 124 Glengarry Ave in Windsor, d/o Charles CLARKE & Amelia White CLARKE, witn: Duncan & Olive Mary CLARKE of 124 Glengarry, 24 July 1915 at All Saints Church, Windsor

4225-15 Patrick James CROWLEY, 22, machinist, Frankfort, Windsor, s/o Walter CROWLEY & Sarah BAMPER, married Helen POMFRET, 18, Pontiac Mich., Windsor, d/o John POMFRET & Nellie LEONARD, witn: A. Jenner BOUCHIER & M.H. PESCOTT, both of Windsor, 2 Oct 1915 at Windsor

4219-15 Joseph Raymond CRUISE, 27, clerk, Sarnia, Windsor, s/o W. Wallace CRUISE & Susan J. ROBINSON, married Ethel May KEITH, 26, Comber, Windsor, d/o Alex B. KEITH & Elizabeth Lillian SAUNDERS, witn: R.G. McKeller GRAHAM of Pontiac Mich & Lucile CRUISE, 14 Aug 1915 at St. Alphonsus Church, Windsor

4230-15 Thomas E. CULLEN, 18, photographer, Cleveland, same, s/o Thomas S. CULLEN & Kathleen BOLDGER, married Mary A. WILKINS, 18 Cleveland, Windsor, d/o Walter WILKINS & Katherine NETT (Hett?), witn: Mary WILSON & M. H. PESCOTT, both of Windsor, 11 Oct 1915 at Windsor

4224-15 Charles W. CURTIS, 22, metal worker, Sylvania Ohio, Toledo, s/o Charles Henry CURTIS & Julia BUSH, married Mary Jane SMITH, 30, Caragher Ohio, Toledo, d/o Joseph SMITH & Martha GODDEN, witn: Herman MOORE of Newtonbrook & J.H. RODD of Windsor, 25 Sept 1915 at Windsor

4236-15 Stanislas CZAPLINSKI, 27, blacksmith, Poland, Windsor, s/o Ludwig CZAPLINSKI & Sophia SURDIRA?, married Heten GENSZA (Gemza?), 19, Poland, Depew NY, d/o Joseph GENSZA & Katherine GINALSKI, witn: Janest STANPINVIK? & A. WHITMORE, both of Windsor, 18 Jan 1915 at Windsor  
3786-15 Lee D. DAVIS, 19, farmer, Detroit, Pelee Island, s/o Frederick P. MATTHEWS (sic) & blank, married Jennie M. MATTHEWS, 17, Putinbay, Pelee Island, d/o Frederick P. MATTHEWS & Cecila WILKISON, witn: Arthur WEIR & Eva JUPP, both of Pelee Island, 23 Sept 1915 at Pelee Island 3785-15 Laurence DICAIRE, 19, farmer, Rochester twp., same, s/o Joseph DICAIRE & Marie CHEVALIER, married Amanda BELLEMORE, 18, Rochester twp., same, d/o Thomas BELLEMORE & Celina EMERY, witn: Joseph DICAIRE & Thomas BELLEMORE, both of St. Joachim, 4 Oct. 1915 at St. Joachim
3787-15 Harmon DOAN, 21, farmer, Sombra twp., same, s/o Moses DOAN & Catherine BRADSHAW, married Eleanor COWLEY, 20, Moore twp., Walkerville, d/o Frank COWLEY & Margaret DOUGLAS, witn: H.L. CHOLVER & Mrs. P. TAYLOR, both of Walkerville, 16 Oct 1915 at Walkerville 3788-15 Henry Logan DOBBINS, 24, farmer, North Carolina US, Pelee, s/o Samuel L. DOBBINS & blank, married Edith OUELLETTE, 28, Pelee, same, d/o George GIRARDIN & Amelia LEVI, witn: Albert W. JOHNSTON of Pelee & Charlotte GIRARDIN of Scudder, 7 Oct 1915 at Scudder, Pelee
3781-15 Herbert DROUILLARD, 25, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Maxime DROUILLARD & Josephine GIRARD, married Elizabeth DESLIPPE, 24, Colchester South, same, d/o Michael DESLIPPE & Mary AYOTTE, witn: Eli GIRARD of Amherstburg & Zita DESLIPPE of Colchester South, 19 Oct 1915 at Amherstburg 04287-15 (Essex Co) Ray H. FINCH, 30, machinist, Michigan, Walkerville Ont, s/o Delevan FINCH & Lillian HOLLING, married Floy H. or F. FLANSBURGH, 30, Mich, Houston Texas, d/o George FLANSBURGH & Laura HAYES, witn: Olive SNELGROVE of Windsor Ont & Beatrice GIBSON of Denfield Ont, 28 Aug 1915 at Windsor
003861-15 Lawrence Donald HEATHERINGTON, 19, farmer, Romney twp. Kent Co., Romney twp., s/o Howard HEATHERINGTON & Amelia STOCKWELL, married Margaret McMULLIN, 19, Mersea twp. Essex Co., Mersea twp., d/o Hudson McMULLIN & Elizabeth STEWART, witn: Ernest NEWMAN, Mrs. NEWMAN, both of Detroit, 25 December 1915 at Mersea twp  
4388-15 William JACOBS, 24, tool maker, Buffalo NY, Detroit, s/o John JACOBS & Rosy BOWEN, married Margaret SHINE, 22, St. Louis Missouri, Detroit, d/o Dan SHINE & Minnie SCANLON, witn: Mary CARLISLE & Alice WHITMORE, both of Windsor, 28 March 1915 at Windsor 4385-15 Peter JACOBSON, 41, widower, laborer, Chicago, Ohio, s/o Fred JACOBSON & Catherine, married Louisa SUHRBRINER, 28, Ohio, Windsor, d/o Fred SUHRBRINER & Augusta BARTEL, witn: A. & J. OLIVER of Windsor, 26 May 1915 at Windsor
4389-15 Anthony JAWORSKI, 27, laborer, Russian Poland, Detroit, s/o Joseph JAWORSKI & Josepha SIEMIENTKOUCKI, married Stanislaa SIEMIENTKOUCKI, 26, Russian Poland, Detroit, d/o Mathaeus SIEMIENTKOUCKI & Rosalia CZACHOUSKA, witn: Mrs. M. EGAN & Philip CARLIN, both of Windsor, 24 Nov 1915 at Windsor 4390-15 James Wesley JOHNSTON, 25, manufacturer, Barrie Ont., Toronto, s/o Richard JOHNSTON & Harriet HAGUE, married Margaret TERRYBERRY, 20, Beamsville, same, d/o George TERRYBERRY & Louisa BOWER, witn: Minnie BOOMER & Elizabeth HARDING, both of Windsor, 25 Nov 1915 at Windsor
4386-15 Harold W. JONES, 26, motor salesman, Cleveland Ohio, Detroit, s/o William JONES & Olive HARDINBURG, married Neva B. GOULD, 23, Detroit, Windsor, d/o Eugene GOULD & Eva HARRYMAN, witn: Mrs. W.M. BOOMER & Elizabeth P. HARDING, both of Windsor, 9 June 1915 at Windsor 4387-15 William JONES, 45, painter, Elgin Co. Ont., Detroit, s/o Mason JONES & Gertrude MINER, married Anna PARKIN, 29, divorced, Ingersoll, Detroit, d/o James McCRUM & Anna RYCKMAN, witn: E.C. VANSICKLE & Mabel H. PESCOTT, both of Windsor, 16 Jan 1915 at Windsor
3921-15 Harry Earl LESLIE, 24, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o George LESLIE & Mary KELLY, married Grace BUCHANAN, 22, Mersea, Leamington, d/o Sherman BUCHANAN & Lenora CARSCADDEN, witn: W.L. & Edith BUCHANAN of Leamington, 4 March 1925 at Leamington 3932-15 Edward LOUNDSBROUGH, 29, farmer, Anderdon twp., Sandwich twp., s/o W.T. LOUNDSBROUGH & Jessie DICKSON, married Leta F. PLANT, 23, Wheatley, same, d/o Robert PLANT & E.J. LOUNDSBROUGH, witn: Mrs. Anna & Clinton PLANT of Wheatley, 27 Feb 1915 at Wheatley
4658-15 Joseph E.G. WADDINGTON, 48, divorced, physician, Manchester England, Detroit, s/o John Hick WADDINGTON & Ann Eliza JONES, married Antoinette M. MARGRAF, 29, Detroit, same, d/o Frederick MARGRAF & Marie PAULI, witn: Helene M. WILKINS of 22 Chestnut St. & Lucy E. INGRAM of 1654 Fort St. (both Detroit), 15 Feb 1915 at Windsor 4660-15 William WARNER, 50, moulder, widower, Toronto, Detroit, s/o James WARNER & Margaret QUINN, married Anne E. CONNER, 47, widow, New Hamburg Ont., Detroit, d/o Jonas OTTO & Mary P/ PAHOR?, witn: L.K. & Lettie CAMERON of Windsor, 29 March 1915 at Windsor
4659-15 Jake WERBE, 30, salesman, Michigan, Windsor, s/o Barnett WERBE & Lena ADELSON, married Eva MOON, 38, widow, Michigan, Windsor, d/o William MOON & Delia PIERCE, witn: Agnes M. GIBSON of Denfield Ont & Loretto HANLEY of Windsor, 15 Jan 1915 at Windsor 4657-15 Byron W. WHITNEY, 37, widower, machinist, Kent Co. Michigan, Grand rapids Mich., s/o Larken WHITNEY & Alice BROWN? (Benn?), married Alma M. CHURCH, 38, widow, Cannington Ont., Windsor, d/o James McMILLAN & Margaret REX, witn: Amelia & James OLIVER of Windsor, 10 Dec 1915 at Windsor
4656-15 Sidney WILKINSON, 19, assembler, England, Windsor, s/o John WILKINSON & Emma, married Carrie Lydia MAYVILLE, 19, Anderdon, same, d/o John B. MAYVILLE & Caroline LONG, witn: Mrs. W. CHANTLER & Mary CARLISLE, both of Windsor, 8 May 1915 at Windsor 4661-15 Frank WOOD, 22, carpenter, Palmyra, Windsor, s/o Alfred WOOD & Effie MITCHELL, married Minnie M. HEAD, 19, Windsor, same, d/o William HEAD & Sophia BROOKER, witn: Lettie L. & Kells M. CAMERON of Windsor, 16 Jan 1915 at Windsor