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10140-23 Albert ARPS, 27, farmer, Deshler Ohio, Romney twp., s/o Henry ARPS & Marjorie STEELE & Maria FREYTAG, married Cora Mildred BOWERS, 19, Tilbury East, Romney, d/o Henry BOWERS (b. Tweed Ont) & Marjorie STEELE, witn: Emma ARPS of Deshler Ohio & Clarence BOWERS of Coatsworth, 18 Jan 1923 at Windsor 010166-23 William George BARKER, 25, England, of 466 Pelisser St Windsor, warehouse man, s/o William George BARKER & Martha PATT, married Molly CRAIG, 25, Scotland, of Pail St Windsor, d/o Samuel CRAIG & Annie PENDILAN?, witn John BALSHAW of 466 Pelisser St, Laura EARP of All Saint’s Rectory, married 3 May 1923, All Saints, Windsor
10336-23 James DOYLE, 45, mechanic, Napanee, 5667 McMillan St. in Detroit, s/o John DOYLE (b. Canada) & Catherine GARRETT, married Frances FOX, 37, Cainsville Ont., 325 Windsor Ave in Windsor, d/o Michael FOX (b. Ireland) & Margaret COOK, witn: Arthur MELOCHE & Mary FOURNIER, both of Windsor, 28 Nov 1923 at Windsor 10362-23 George Clifford ELLIOTT, 25, clerk, Chatham Ont, 662 Wellington St. in Chatham, s/o Robert ELLIOTT (b. England) & Mary ELLIOTT, married Gladys REEVE, 20, stenographer, England, 40 Cornhill St. in Chatham, d/o Russell REEVE (b. England) & Alice CACKER?, witn: Laura EARP of All Saints Rectory & George W. THORNTON of 1421 Dougall St. in Windsor, 30 April 1923 at Windsor
11146-23 Walter Frederick FITCH, 29, merchant, England, Amherstburg, s/o Frederick William FITCH (b. Surrey England) & Agnes NEAVE, married Nonna May MICKLE, 18, clerk, Pelee Island, Amherstburg, d/o Andrew Alfred MICKLE (b. Malden twp) & Blanche WIRES, witn: Mrs. Eleanor MOORE & Mrs. C. H. VAHEY, both of Amherstburg, 3 May 1923 at Amherstburg 10386-23 - J. R. FOX, 21, cement contractor, Wallaceburg Ont., Windsor, s/o John T. FOX (b. Canada) & Viola PALMER, married Verna Eileen MILLS, 18 (in Oct 1922), Wallaceburg, Windsor, d/o Fred MILLS (b. Canada) & Annie HUESTON, witn: Mary BOND & Eva R. GRAY, both of Windsor, 18 April 1923 at Windsor
11147-23 Lawrence David FRASER, 23, machinist, London England, 286 Lincoln Rd in Walkerville, s/o William FRASER, deceased, & Ada Ann PYNE, married Elsie Mary WILMOT, 21, London England, 466 Lincoln Rd in Walkerville, d/o Albert WILMOT & Mary COOPER, witn: John WILD of Walkerville & Frances PINNEGAR of Windsor, 22 Sept 1923 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 11179-23 Philias GAGNE, 23, Pointe Aux Roches, same, s/o Alfred GAGNE & Marie GARANT, married Isabella LAVASSEUR, 18, Pointe Aux Roches, same, d/o Philippe LAVASSEUR & Josephine MAILLOUX, witn: Hector LAVASSEUR of Pointe Aux Roches & Hilda TREMBLAY of Tilbury, 1 Oct 1923 at Pointe Aux Roches
11172-23 Wilfred GAGNIER, 20, farmer, of Pointe-Aux-Roches, s/o Alfred GAGNIER & Marie GARANT, married Melina OUELLETTE, 18, of Pointe-Aux Roches, d/o Leonide OUELLETTE & Emma GROULX, witn: Edward OUELLETTE of Pointe Aux Roches & Lucie GAGNIER of St. Joachim, 10 July 1923 at Pointe-Aux-Roches 11150-23 Wilmer GALLOWAY, 20, farmer, Maidstone twp., Gosfield twp., s/o William GALLOWAY (b. Kingston) & Eliza WOLTZ, married Mabel WYATT, 18 (19 soon), Gosfield North, same, d/o Sydney WYATT (b. England) & Annie JACKSON, witn: Annie & Lewis GALLOWAY of Ruthven, 14 March 1923 at Leamington
11158-23 George Nelson GAMMON, 21, laborer, Essex Co., Essex, s/o George GAMMON (b. Ontario) & Christena, married Alberta Pearl BALDWIN, 19, Essex Co., Detroit, d/o Richard BALDWIN (b. Canada) & Ellen REID, witn: Albert Earl BALDWIN of 4004 18th St. in Detroit & Vivian Marie BRANDT of 3975 18th St. in Detroit, 21 Nov 1923 at Gesto, Colchester North 11149-23 Everett Clayton GAMMON, 25, laborer, Gosfield North, town of Essex, s/o George GAMMON (b. Gosfield North) & Christina BROOKER, married Irene WHITNEY, 18, house keeper, of Gosfield North, d/o Willard WHITNEY (b. Brighton Ont) & Ella PUFFER (Rufffer?), witn: M. C. & Eva WOLTZ (Voltz?) of South Woodslee, 7 Jan 1923 at Gesto, North Colchester
11157-23 William GASTON, 29, farmer, France, Louisville - Sandwich West, s/o Alfred GASTON (b. France) & Mary GASTON "maiden name unknown", married Helen HAMEL, 33, widow, Essex Co., Louisville, d/o Alfred LANGLOIS (b. Canada) & Judith REAUME, witn: Henry GIGNAC & Rose Anna HAMEL, both of Amherstburg, 8 May 1923 at Amherstburg 11171-23 Joseph GAUDETTE, 19, laborer, Quebec, Ford, s/o Alexander GAUDETTE & Exelia BOULANGER, married Maria MICHAEL, 19, Pittsburg USA, Ford, d/o Samuel & Josephine, witn: Louis GAUDETTE of 110 Cadillac St. in Ford & Verna MICHAEL of 344 Aylmer Ave in Windsor, 27 June 1923 at Ford
11174-23 Silas Moise GEE, 35, machinist, Newport Mich., River Rouge Mich., s/o Anthony GEE & Adelaide BEAUBIEN, married Cecilia BEZAIRE, 22, Loiselleville, same, d/o Eddie? BEZAIRE & Philamine BENETEAU, witn: William LEDUC of Detroit & Julia BEZAIRE of Loiselleville, 29 July 1923 at Loiselleville 11173-23 Joseph Alfred GEMUS, 23, clerk, Buckingham Que., Ford, s/o Desire GEMUS & Meline PARENT, married Ella Marie DEMERS, 23, Lowell Mass. USA, Ford, d/o William DEMERS & Marie DUBE, witn: Joseph DEMERS & Leona BOUTRENT?, both of Ford, 3 Sept 1923 at Our Lady of the Lake, Ford City
11163-23 Harold Minifie GERARD, 20, farmer, Sandwich South, same, s/o Thomas GERARD (b. England) & Eliza FERO, married Delia WILSON, 21, house keeper, Kentucky, Sandwich South, d/o James WILSON (b. USA) & Sarah Ann COX, witn: Stanley GERARD & Janey WILSON, both of Maidstone, 6 Sept 1923 at St. Stephens Church, Sandwich South 11148-23 Charles Julien GERONDALE, 38, druggist, Brussels County Wis., Riverside, s/o John GERONDALE (b. USA) & Pauline BAZILLE, married Alice Marie WOLFF, 21, Detroit, Riverside, d/o Otto WOLFF (b. Germany) & Bertha BUCHOLZ, witn: Thomas GREEN & Isa DURRANT, both of Sandwich, 6 Jan 1923 at Sandwich
11152-23 Clement GIGNAC, 29, laborer, Ontario, Ford Ont., s/o Richard GIGNAC (b. Canada) & Josephine RENAUD, married Louise LAUZON, 18, Ontario, Ford, d/o Henry LAUZON (b. Canada) & Ida WISE, witn: Clement DECAIRE & Emma LAUZON, both of Ford City, 27 Feb 1923 at Loiselleville 11159-23 Alphonse Joseph GIGNAC, 34, clerk, Petite Cote, same, s/o Jacob GIGNAC ( b. Petite Cote) & Emelie DUROCHER, married Louise Rose BERGERON, 24, clerk, Loiselleville, same, d/o Gregoire BERGERON (b. Loiselleville) & Tharaille DUFOUR, witn: Edward GIGNAC of Petite Cote & Lottie BERGERON of Loiselleville, 26 Dec 1923 at Loiselleville
11160-23 Theophile GIGNAC, 26, printer, Malden twp., Petite Cote, s/o Frank GIGNAC (b. Ontario) & Emma LAFRAMBOISE, married Clara GIGNAC, 32, Petite Cote, same, d/o Albert GIGNAC (b. Ontario) & Josephine CHARETTE, witn: Archille & Jennie GIGNAC of Petite Cote, 5 Nov 1923 at Petite Cote, Sandwich West 11161-23 Raymond GIGNAC, 34, widower, mechanic, Ontario, Petite Cote, s/o Napoleon GIGNAC (b. Ontario) & Marguerite MARTIN, married Louise MONFORTON, 25, Ontario, Loiselleville, d/o Remi MONFORTON (b. Ontario) & Virginie NADEAU, witn: Reford BEZAIRE & Alma GIGNAC, both of Windsor, 22 Oct 1923 at Loiselleville
11166-23 William Wright GILL, 22, tool maker, Leeds England, Walkerville, s/o George GILL (b. London England) & Ellen WRIGHT, married Georgina Margaret FOXWORTHY, 20, London Ont, same, d/o Richard FOXWORTHY (b. London Ont) & Dina WALTERS, witn: Ellen TATE of Walkerville & Clifford STONE of Detroit, 23 July 1923 at Walkerville 1176-23 Joseph Leo GIRARD, 24, doctor, Windsor, same, s/o Irenius GIRARD & Petronille MONTPETIT, married Corinne BARRETTE, 23, Rochester twp., same, d/o Francis Xavier BARRETTE & Marie Louise GIROUX, witn: Dr. Adelard TROTTIER of Belle River & F. X. BARRETTE of St. Joachim, 27 Nov 1923 at St. Joachim
11169-23 John Joseph GLEESON, 26, farmer, Anderton twp., same, s/o John GLEESON & Margaret POWER, married Hilda May SUTTS, 22, farmerette, Malden twp., same, d/o William SUTTS & Annie SHAW, witn: William GLEESON & Marion SUTTS, both of Amherstburg, 29 Jan 1923 at Amherstburg 11175023 Nelson GODIN, 32?, shipping clerk, Ford, same, s/o Benjamin GODIN & Julia MASSE, married Eileen EVAN (Evon?), 22, Sandwich, Petite Cote, d/o Albert EVAN & Elizabeth MASSE, witn Theo GODIN of Ford & Berthilde EVAN of Petite Cote, 5 Sept 1923 at Sacred Church, Petite Cote
11156-23 Arthur GOODBURN, 31, clerk, Milton Mowbray England, Pelee Island, s/o John James GOODBURN (b. Milton Mowbray England) & Mary E. ALTON, married Edith HUTTON, 21, Milton Mowbray England, Pelee Island, d/o Thomas William HUTTON (b. England) & Alice WARRENER, witn: Miss M. NYE & James SWABEY, both of Scudder, 11 April 1923 at Scudder, Pelee Island 11178-23 Arthur James GOSSELIN, 30, builder, USA, Windsor, s/o Aleide James GOSSELIN & Azilda Mary DAOUST, married Myricyl Grace PARK, 27, music teacher, Canada, Amherstburg, d/o Dr. W. Fred PARK & Amanda R. ROWSELL, witn: H. Lester HAMILTON & Marjorie PARK, both of Amherstburg, 26 Sept 1923 at Amherstburg
11167-23 Henry Herbert GOUGH, 19, plasterer, Kingston, 913 Gladstone Ave in Windsor, s/o Henry GOUGH (b. Asitsbay? Ont) & Edith SMITH, married Thelma PURDY, 19, Detroit, 1572 Park-- in Detroit, d/o William PURDY (b. USA) & Charlotte POLLSKY, witn: Harmon (Hanna?) MELOCHE of 859 Wellington Ave in Windsor & Harriet SHIFFER of 2012 McDougall in Detroit, 14 July 1923 at 394 Lincoln Rd in Walkerville 11168-23 Harold Vincent GRAHAM, 23, salesman, Lakefield Ont., Windsor, s/o Silas GRAHAM (b. Ontario) & Annie SAGE, married Hannah Evelyn MONCREIF, 22, dress maker, Peterborough Ont., Windsor, d/o George MONCREIF (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, witn: Annie S. PEARSON of Walkerville & Ceclia COLLINS of 224 Gladstone Ave in Windsor, 27 June 1923 at Walkerville
11155-23 John GRANT, 31, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o Ewing GRANT (b. Aberdeenshire Scotland) & Esther KENNEDY, married Agnes McPHERSON, 31, Kirkintullock Scotland, d/o Robert McPHERSON (b. Kirkintullock Scotland) & Alice CONSIDINE, witn: Rose M. EDSALL & Charlotte PENROSE, both of Leamington, 17 April 1923 at Leamington 11165-23 Samuel Partington GREEN, 34, widower, grain buyer, town of Essex, same, s/o Samuel B. GREEN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth WALKER, married Pearl Margaret SCRATCH, 21, nurse, Kingsville, same, d/o Sherman SCRATCH (b. Ontario) & Minnie McDONALD, witn: H. WHITE of illegible & Ruby SCRATCH of Kingsville, 18 Aug 1923 at Gosfield South
11154-23 John Duncan GREEN, 28, motor mechanic, Perth Co., Detroit, s/o George GREEN (b. Oxford Co) & Mary A. INNES, married Jane Maw YOUNG, 23, West Zorra, 116 Riddle St. in Woodstock, d/o Alonzo YOUNG (b. Oxford Co) & Rosie? MATHESON, witn: Annie S. PEARSON of Walkerville & Vaughan W. PEARSON of Toronto, 31 March 1923 at Walkerville 11153-23 Douglas Brebner GREIG, 34, accountant, Toronto, Walkerville, s/o John GREIG (b. Glamis Scotland) & Rebecca CRAWFORD, married Isabella GRAHAM, 32, book keeper, Thamesville, Walkerville, d/o Gilbert GRAHAM (b. Picton) & Rachel NEVILLE, witn: Harrington Walker GRAHAM & Clara Hattie JOHNSON, both of Walkerville, 17 Feb 1923 at St. Johns Church, Sandwich
11162-23 Walter George GRIMMETT, 23, baker, London England, 105 Salter Ave in Windsor, s/o Edward Henry GRIMMETT (b. London England) & Charlotte, married Ettie GEORGE, 20, clerk, London England, 146 Bridge Ave in Windsor, d/o John Charles GEORGE (b. London England) & Lillian Alice, witn: Frederick & Alice M. E. NEAL of 512 Mills St. in Sandwich, 13 Sept 1923 at 512 Mill St., Sandwich  
011151-23 (Essex Co) John Bernard GROESBECK, 24, clerk, Detroit Michigan, 33 Glengarry Windsor, s/o Bernard William GROESBECK (b. Detroit Michigan) & Catherine KERGAN, married Ruth KRIEGER, 19, Detroit Michigan, 33 Glengarry Ave. Windsor, d/o Carl KRIEGER (b. Germany) & Ottilie WITTE, witn: Frederick NEAL & Minnie E. WESTGATE both of Sandwich Ontario, 26 February 1923 at St. John's Rectory in Sandwich 11170-23 Joseph Alfred GRONDIN, 25, farmer, Maidstone twp., same, s/o Thomas GRONDIN & Rose ROUILLIER, married Emily Virginia BISSON, 18, Belle River, Maidstone twp., d/o George BISSON & Agnes LACHAPELLE, witn: Alf Adolph PARENT & Alma GRONDIN, both of Belle River, 10 April 1923 at Church of St. John the Evangelist, Woodslee
11177-23 Paul GUENOT, 22, mechanic, Sandwich, same, s/o Albert GUENOT & Julia BRANGET, married Rose MARTIN, 21, maid, Detroit, Tecumseh Ont., d/o John MARTIN & Martha BOISMER, witn: Celia F. & Louise DROELLE (Droette?) of Detroit, 29 Nov 1923 at Tecumseh 11164-23 Freeman Reginald GUEST, 29, physician, London Ontario, Walkerville, s/o Richard L. GUEST (b. Ontario) & Margaret TALBOT, married Dorothy THOMAS, 20, clerk, England, Walkerville, d/o John W. THOMAS (b. England) & Hanna SPENCER, witn: Leonard THOMAS of Walkerville & Margaret GUEST of London, 27 Aug 1923 at Walkerville
11204-23 M. James HAGER, 34, sales manager, Detroit, same, s/o Adolph HAGER (b. NY) & Wanda ERDMAN, married Veulah S. WRIGHT, 24, Gosfield South, same, d/o Stanley WRIGHT (b. Essex) & Gingra? VALADE, witn: Gerald S. PETERSON of 18 A--? Place in Detroit & Lillian WRIGHT of Kingsville, 9 June 1923 at Kingsville 11203-23 William Bylch HAGGART, 52, retired, Sandwich, same, s/o Charles HAGGART (b. Scotland) & Jean HENDERSON, married Daisy Lavia PARKER, 44, Sandwich, same, d/o William PARKER (b. Newcastle Ont) & Clara QUICK, witn: Joseph WHITELY & Ethel Parker WHITELY, both of Detroit, 21 June 1923 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville
11211-23 Harvey Edmund HAMILTON, 27, clerk, Amherstburg, same, s/o John HAMILTON & Catherine TORMEY, married Anita Evangeline OUG, 24, Anderdon, Amherstburg, d/o Orin Joseph OUG & Chloe McLEAN, witn: Walter CALLAM of 68 Gladstone in Detroit & Catherine HAMILTON of Amherstburg, 3 Sept 1923 at Amherstburg 11201-223 Richard Earl HARRISON, 21, laborer, Maidstone twp., town of Essex, s/o William Herbert HARRISON (b. Essex) & Bessie McARRGHER, married Lilly LAMBIER, 18, house keeper, Gosfield North, same, d/o Melvin LAMBIER (b. Mersea twp) & Hattie LOWE, witn: Archie & Gladys DOAN of Essex, 30 June 1923 at parsonage, Essex
11202-23 Hambert Harrison HARTWICK, 20, butcher, Leamington, same, s/o Isaac HARTWICK (b. Essex Co) & Mildred SNYDER, married Flossie Hazel LOOP, 18 on 1 Aug 1922, Romney twp., Wheatley, d/o Henry Adam LOOP (b. Romney twp) & Lucinda MOONEY, witn: Mary MOONEY of Leamington & L. L. EPPLETT of Wheatley, 30 June 1923 at Leamington 011195-23 (Essex Co) Roy HASSELBACK, 25, sales manager, Fresno California, Riverside, s/o Andre HASSELBACK (b. Denmark) & Amelia SCHMIDT married Helen K. ZIMMER, 24, Lansing Michigan, Riverside, d/o John J. ZIMMER (b. Detroit) & Katherine DALEY (Daby?), witn: Dr. Francis W. ST. LOUIS of Riverside & Veronica M. CONWAY of Detroit Michigan, 1 September 1923 at Our Lady of the Lake Church in Ford
  11182-23 Francis William HAYES, 21, farmer, Maidstone twp., same, s/o James HAYS (sic) & Mary DONOVAN, married Margaret Dorothy STOWE, 24, house keeper, Maidstone twp., same, d/o Charles STOWE & Marans? KERR, witn: John HAYS of 106 High St. in Detroit & Edna STOWE of 230 Lisgar St. in Ottawa, 29 Nov 1923 at St. Marys RC Church, Maidstone
11207-23 Roy HAYWARD, 65, widower, farmer, Bothwell, Ford, s/o William HAYWARD (b. England) & Elizabeth HUMPHREY, married Lillian SULLEY, 40, widow, nurse, Scotland, Ford City, d/o R. A. BLUERE (b. Scotland) & Marguerite LANCASTLE, witn: Annie S. PEARSON of 93 Lincoln Rd in Walkerville & Roy HAYWARD of 6420 Desota St. in Detroit, 13 Jan 1923 at Walkerville 11213-23 Arsene HEBERT, 23, laborer, Tecumseh, same, s/o Alfred HEBERT & Louise PARENT, married Lorraine ELLISON, 20, servant, Leicester England, Tecumseh, d/o Robert ELLISON & Annie RAWSON, witn: Alfred HEBERT & Israel PARENT, both of Tecumseh, 24 April 1923 at Tecumseh
11213-23 Frank HEFFERNAN, 24, cableman, Norwood, Windsor, s/o Patrick HEFFERNAN & Annie MURPHY, married Flossie COUVILLON, 24, Sandwich, Petite Cote, d/o Elie COUVILLON & Mary EAGLE, witn: Leo HEFFERNAN of Norwood & Almira BROTHERS of Petite Cote, 24 April 1923 at Petite Cote 11200-23 Robert Wilson HEISEL (or Heiser, written both ways), 20, Birmingham Alabama, 2214 W. Grand Blvd in Detroit, s/o Albert J. HEISEL (b. New York) & Martha L. HILL, married Virginia SHUTTS, 19, music teacher, Danville Illinois, 18 Rivers Ave in Sandwich, d/o Eddy SHUTTS (b. Ohio) & Josephine DURRANT, witn: Isa & E. D. DURRANT of Sandwich, 29 April 1923 at Sandwich
11193-23 William Clayton HELKIE, 21, farmer, Gosfield North, same, s/o John HELKIE (b. Gosfield North) & Nettie PERKINS, married Mary TRIMBLE, 17, house keeper, Gosfield North, same, d/o John TRIMBLE (b. Gosfield North) & Jane McCLOSKEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. George BARLOW of Sandwich, 12 Sept 1923 at Kingsville 11210-23 Daniel Thomas HENDRICKS, 23, clerk, Detroit, same, s/o James HENDRICKS & Mary HIGGINS, married Helen May PRATT, 21, Detroit, Ford, d/o Frank PRATT & Agnes O'BRIEN, 11 June 1923 at Ford
11197-23 Freddie HEPWORTH, 23, book keeper, Chatham Ont., 14 Gladstone Ave in Windsor, s/o Robert John HEPWORTH (b. Ontario) & Mary Helen VANDOSER (Venidorer?), married Ester MARTINDALE, 19, time keeper, Pine Ont., 226 Drouillard Rd in Ford, d/o William MARTINDALE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth BELIER?, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Francis L. McCANN of 4650 Indiana St. in Detroit, 18 Aug 1923 at Ford 11183-23 Charles Wilfred HEPWORTH, 27, roofer, Belfountain Ont., Walkerville, s/o Harry HEPWORTH (b. England) & Clara LEADBEATER, married Gladys May WILSON, 23, stenographer, Coventry England, Walkerville, d/o Frederick Thomas WILSON (b. England) & Charlotte BLAY, witn: Thomas MEEHAN of Detroit & Edith C. PATON of Walkerville, 28 Dec 1923 at Walkerville
11180-23 Allen HERDMAN, 24, blacksmith, Detroit, Harrow, s/o Frank HERDMAN (b. Sandwich) & Clara M. KANER?, married Mildred Meryl McLEAN, 22, Colchester South, Harrow, d/o Jack K. McLEAN (b. Colchester South) & Mary Eva WRIGHT, witn: Evan HERDMAN of Detroit & Gertrude FLOOD of Harrow, 8 Dec 1923 at Harrow 11190-23 William Victor HETHERINGTON, 22, plumber, Cranbrook BC, Leamington, s/o Thomas R. HETHERINGTON (b. Newcastle on Tyne England) & Melissa A. MIFFLIN, married Zettie May CROW, 23, Gosfield South, same, d/o Herbert CROW (b. Gosfield South) & Lydia BEST, witn: Russell HICKS of Cottam & Thelma CROW of Ruthven, 28 Sept 1923 at Gosfield South
11198-23 Herman Gordon HILL, 25, London Ont., Windsor, s/o Robert HILL (b. Canada) & Sarah MEEWAN, married Rose RENAUD, 25, Sandwich West, same, d/o Felix RENAUD (b. Canada) & Josephine BERGERON, witn: Christine RENAUD of McGregor & Everett HILL of 518 Caron Ave in Windsor, 4 Aug 1923 at McGregor 011186-23 (Essex Co) Richard HILLMAN, 31, teamster, Tilbury East Twp Kent Co., Leamington, s/o Nathaniel HILLMAN (b. Elgin Co) & Katherine BROWN married Leatha Amelia CUMMINGS, 25, housework, South Woodslee Ont., Leamington, d/o Celsus CUMMINGS (b. South Woodslee) & Mary Ann PARSONS, witn: Mrs. H.G. BURRELL of Leamington & Gerty CUMMINGS of Cottam, 30 October 1923 in Leamington
011187-23 (Essex Co) Donald Alphonso HOFFMAN, 23, truck driver, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Cyrenus HOFFMAN (b. Ontario) & Ida MORTIMORE married Catherine Dora BAILEY, 25, Ontario, Harrow, d/o Francis J. BAILEY (b. Ontario) & Margaret HEATON, witn: Francis J. & Margaret BAILEY both of Harrow, 20 October 1923 at the Malden Methodist Parsonage 011188-23 (Essex Co) Edwin HOLDAWAY, 23, laborer, England, Amherstburg, s/o Arthur William HOLDAWAY (b. London England) & Emma BOWDEN married Georgina Frances Annie HUNT, 21, England, Amherstburg, d/o William HUNT (b. London England) & Helen BROWNE, witn: Charles & Victoria BOURDINEAU both of Amherstburg, 11 October 1923 in Amherstburg.
  11209-23 William Stanley HOLLAND, 30, brick manufacturer, Detroit, Russnel? - Essex, s/o William HOLLAND ( b. Comber) & Sarah McNAUGHTON, married Edna VOAKES, 19, Woodslee, 1709 Howard Ave in Windsor , d/o Peter VOAKES (b. Canada) & Caroline HATH?, witn: Annie S. PEARSON of Walkerville & H. W. PEARSON of Toronto, 28 Feb 1923 at Walkerville
11206-23 Henry William HOLLETZ, 27, fireman, Logan twp., 110 Windsor Ave in Windsor, s/o Charles HOLLATZ (b. Germany) & Christena WEISGABER, married Maudie BALDWIN, 36, widow, Colchester twp., 110 Windsor Ave in Windsor, d/o John EAGLE (b. Germany) & Margaret DENNIS, witn: Ernest J. & Mrs. Rosa STIERS of Ojibway Ont., 12 Feb 1923 at St. Johns Rectory, Sandwich 11194-23 George Proud HOPE, 23, Glasgow Scotland, Walkerville, s/o Thomas HOPE (b. Scotland) & Marian PROUD, married Helen Grant NICOL, 24, Glasgow Scotland, Walkerville, d/o John NICOL (b. Scotland) & Ellen GRANT, witn: Grace Proud HOPE of Walkerville & Robert Alfred CLARK of Windsor, 7 Sept 1923 at Walkerville
11181-23 Robert Riggs HOSPER, 32, machinist, Pittsburg Penn., Walkerville, s/o Andrew HOSPER (b. Maryland) & Cora CALHOUN, married Nellie Lenore SHEPPERD, 27, widow, domestic, Wheatley Ont., Walkerville, d/o Joshua GIBSON (b. Wheatley) & Alzora WATSON, witn: Percy COCHRANE of 390 Lincoln Rd. in Walkerville & Mrs. E. A. FEAR of 394 Lincoln Rd in Walkerville, 8 Dec 1923 at 394 Lincoln Rd, Walkerville 11199-23 Charles William HOWDEN, 28, electrician, Durham England, Burke Idaho, s/o James HOWDEN (b. Durham England) & Mary Jane ADAMSON, married Jessica LANGFORD, 21, Sutton St. Helens England, Leamington, d/o William Henry LANGFORD (b. Durham England) & Jane BEAKS, witn: Roy VANIDON & Elizabeth LANGFORD, both of Leamington, 20 July 1923 at Leamington
011185-23 (Essex Co) Russell HUBER, 23, salesman, Detroit Michigan, 611 Erie St. S. Windsor, s/o Edward HUBER (b. Detroit) & Della CALLEIT (?) married Florence STORK, 20, Detroit, same, d/o Herman Henry STORK (b. Detroit) & Mareda BOLAND, witn: Alfred Charles BLYTHE of Windsor & Evelyn HUBER of Detroit Michigan, 8 November 1923 at St. Mary’s Church in Walkerville 11196-23 Ioan (or Iwan) HUDYMAN, 30, laborer, Roumania, Sandwich, s/o Grigore HUDYMAN (b. Roumania) & Eposina, married Elea HATNEAU, 18 on 27 Dec 1922, Roumania, Ford, d/o Jennitne & Joana D., witn: Teodor & Elena YALBA of Ford, 11 Aug 1923 at Ford City
11205-23 Robert David HUGGARD, 32, tester, Essex Ont., Walkerville, s/o Thomas HUGGARD (b. Ireland) & Martha JHIES?, married Flossie Ahnes STEAD, 29, Essex Ont., Walkerville, d/o John E. STEAD (b. Ireland) & Ella AGLE, witn: Mrs. G. DANSON of Kingsville & George E. STEAD of Walkerville, 4 June 1923 at Walkerville 11184-23 James HUGGARD, 28, machine hand, Ontario, 1124 Hall in Windsor, s/o Thomas HUGGARD (b. Ireland) & Harriet SPIERS, married Nettie KLINGBEIL, 24, Ontario, Muskoka Ont., d/o Gustave KLINGBEIL (b. Ontario) & Solina HILL, witn: Raymond F. St.AUBIN & Theresa W. SEALE?, both of Ford City, 22 Dec 1923 at Walkerville
11189-23 James Gerald HUNTER, 22, machinist, Fort William, Windsor, s/o James E. HUNTER & Emma LONGSDALE, married Sadie McKINNON, 20, Bracebridge, Windsor, d/o Archie McKINNON & Ellen Jane BICKFORD, witn: Violet Gladys RANSOM of 1022 Elenore Ave Windsor & Frank JUDGE of 13 Chorl St. in Windsor, 3 Oct 1923 at Walkerville 11192-23 Roderick HURLEY, 37, widower, carpenter, s/o Michael [blank] (b. Ireland) & Katherine McCOSHEN, married Mary ZRIMMER, 30, Kingsville, RR1 Kingsville, d/o Arthur BRENNER (b. Ontario) & Wilhelmina FORD, witn: Ernest BRIMMER of Arner? & Katherine JOHNSTON of Essex, 1 Sept 1923 at Essex
11191-23 William Beecher HUTCHINS, 22, farmer, North Gosfield, same, s/o Matthew William HUTCHINS & Caroline McLENNON, married Grace McOUAT, 21, North Gosfield, same, d/o James McOUAT & Margaret MURRAY, witn: Dennis COWAN & Andrea B. HUTCHINS, both of S. Woodslee, 21 Nov 1923 at Kingsville 11208-23 Clifford Albert HYLAND, 23, Maidstone, Colchester South, s/o Albert HYLAND (b. Ottawa) & Annie NOBLE, married Beatrice Marion HOWIE, 25, Colchester South, same, d/o James (b. Scotland) & Lydia, witn: Jean HOWIE of Harrow & G. HYLAND of RR4 Essex, 8 March 1923 at Harrow
11214-23 Rufus Wakefield IRWIN, 29, garage operator, St. Lamberts Que., New Jersey US, s/o David IRWIN (b. Belfast) & Augusta MARTIN, married Dorothy Marguerite LEE, 20, house keeper, Gosfield North, town of Essex, d/o William E. LE (b. Ontario) & Winona Ethel BARTOSH, witn: Reginald JOHNSTON of Essex & Jean MURRAY of Highgate, 8 Jan 1923 at Essex 11215-23 Frederick Bray ISAACS, 27, vice president, Walkerville, 236 Central Ave., s/o Frederick ISAACS (b. England) & Louise BRAY, married Verna Mae ARNOLD, 26, book keeper, Loiseville, 195 Victoria Rd. in Walkerville, d/o George Nelson ARNOLD (b. Loiseville ) & Emma Elizabeth WINTER, witn: R. J. SHERLOCK & Elma E. PARDO, both of Detroit, 9 June 1923 at Walkerville
11219-23 Jay Calvin JACKSON, 37, widower, farmer, Eaton twp - Lorraine Co. USA, s/o Andrew JACKSON (b. USA) & Lucy IVES, married Leona May HENKEL, 36, widow, teacher, Elyria Ohio, Walkerville, d/o Edward CLUNEY (b. USA) & Susie BRAYEN, witn: Mrs. Harry BICKEL & Mrs. M. G. MELVIN, both of Walkerville, 11 Oct 1923 at Walkerville 11222-23 Emerson Ray JACKSON, 18 (on 3 March 1923), billing clerk, Ingersoll, Windsor, s/o Emerson JACKSON (b. Ontario) & Laura LEWIS, married Pauline DESMOND, 19, Ingersoll, same, d/o Lawrence DESMOND (b. Ontario) & Ellen BATT, witn: Gertrude DESMOND of 1067 Wyandotte St. in Windsor & Annie S. PEARSON of Walkerville, 16 July 1923 at Walkerville
11216-23 Maurice JACKSON, 26, widower, mechanic, Brockville, Windsor, s/o Jeremiah JACKSON (b. Brockville) & Ida HARA, married Lillian Ageila SOPER, 31, widow, dress maker, Brockville, Walkerville, d/o James A. WIGHT (b. Brockville) & Mary Ann HEFFERNAN, witn: Levi S. & Eulalia WIGHT of Walkerville, 18 April 1923 at Walkerville 11224-23 Reuben JACQUES, 36, farmer, Wirksworth England, Pelee Island, s/o William JACQUES (b. Charlton England) & Mary A. SHENTON (Sheriton?), married Lillie REH, 21, Pelee Island, same, d/o Fred REH (b. Ohio) & Alice CARTER, witn: Herbert TAYLOR & Mrs. Fred REH, both of Scudder, 20 June 1923 at Pelee Island
11217-23 James Edward JARDINE, 26, shipping clerk, Mass., 1179 Ferry West in Detroit, s/o Daniel JARDINE (b. New Brunswick Canada) & Annie GUNN, married Doria M. COURTNEY, 22, Newfoundland, Sandwich, d/o James COURTNEY (b. Newfoundland) & Florence ANDERSON, witn: Winnie BILLARD & Stanley G. COURTNEY, both of Detroit, 25 Dec 1923 at Sandwich 11220-23 John JARMAK, 23, machinist, Russia, Windsor, s/o Alexander JARMAK (b. Russia) & Anna REZNSKY, married Anna WEST, 22, telephone operator, Pt. Edward, Windsor, d/o Frederick WEST (b. Ontario) & Anna MURPHY, witn: Mrs. E. A. FEAR of 394 Lincoln Rd in Walkerville & Sidney W. OSBORNE of 390 Lincoln Rd in Walkerville, 29 Sept 1923 at Walkerville
11227-23 Joseph Amand Orphede JOANES, 20, machinist, Vernor Ont., Ford, s/o Charles JOANES & Mary GUENVILLE, married Loretta TRUDELLE, 17, Belle Riviere, Ford, d/o Joseph TRUDELLE & Rose CAMPEAU, witn: Leo & Henrietta LALIBERTE of 28 Hickory St. in Ford, 16 Jan 1923 at Ford 11226-23 Leo JOBIN, 21, farmer, Sandwich South, same, s/o Thomas JOBIN & Irene HALFORD, married Mary LAFORET, 21, farmer, Sandwich South, same, d/o Mose LAFORET & Celene LAFOND, witn: Frank JOBIN & Edna LAFOND, both of Maidstone, 23 Sept 1923 at Maidstone
11221-23 Richard JOHNSON, 48, widower, laborer, England, Windsor, s/o Richard JOHNSON (b. England) & Elizabeth FISHER, married Elizabeth Ann HAWKIN, 46, widow, England, Windsor, d/o Thomas SHAW (b. England) & Agnes SIMPSON, witn: Frank & Lottie WOOD of 1710 Ottawa St. in Windsor, 2 Sept 1923 at Walkerville 11223-23 Everett JOHNSON, 22, driving truck in Windsor for Detroit firm, Windsor, same, s/o Elmer JOHNSSON (sic) (b. Michigan) & Leona ROBINSON, married Helen STANTON, 22, divorced (as of 28 Sept 1922, Oakland Co. Mich), Pontiac Mich., 30 Chamberlain St. in Pontiac, d/o Frank HOWARD (b. Michigan) & Margaret FRAY, witn: Minnie? C. LINDSAY & Magdalene BUTLER, both of Walkerville, 28 June 1923 at Walkerville
11225-23 Joseph Eugene JOINVILLE, 19, mechanic, Tecumseh, same, s/o Eugene JOINVILLE & Amanda TINEAU, married Marie Lauda LEBER, 17, Tecumseh, same, d/o Emery LEBER & Louse DESJARDINS, witn: Leo LAFORET of Maidstone & May JOINVILLE of Tecumseh, 18 June 1923 at Tecumseh 11218-23 Reginald Muir JONES, 20, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o Alfred JONES (b. Mersea twp) & Frances BAILEY, married Bertha Gertrude HEALEY, 20, Romney twp., same, d/o George HEALEY (b. Romney twp) & Eletta WICKWIRE, witn: Nellie HEALEY & Milo HEATHERINGTON, both of Wheatley, 14 Nov 1923 at Leamington
11228-23 Roy KEE, 21, hoisting engineer, Michigan, 4431 3rd St. in Detroit, s/o Joseph KEE (b. USA) & Amanda BRANSKOMB, married Ella CRAWFORD, 18, Ontario, 549 Goyeau St. in Windsor, d/o Alex CRAWFORD (b. Scotland) & Martha HAYWARD, witn: J. COLESTON (Cokston?) & Mrs. N. EGLESTON, both of London, 22 Dec 1923 at Walkerville 11232-23 Robert John KEITH, 45, widower, merchant, Detroit, Windsor, s/o William KEITH (b. Stirling Ont) & Agnes HOLLAND, married Olive JOHNSTON, 27, house keeper, Blenheim, Windsor, d/o Harrison JOHNSTON (b. York Co) & Agnes FITZGERALD, witn: Dr. & Mrs. Andrew WIGLE of Kingsville, 24 Sept 1923 at Essex
11244-23 Thomas Irving KELLY, 28, marine reporter, Sandwich, Amherstburg, s/o William KELLY & Monte? DOHERTY, married Monica Eleanor SCOTT, 23, Sandwich, same, d/o James SCOTT & Sarah COYLE, witn: Joseph E. McGUIRE of Windsor & Marie Eileen KELLY of Amherstburg, 5 Sept 1923 at Sandwich 11240-23 James KELLY, 31, barber, Victoria Que., Ford City, s/o James KELLY (b. Thorn Quebec) & Mary HARTY, married Agnes DUNN, 25, Victoria? Que. Ford City, d/o William DUNN (b. Calumet Island Que) & Catherine McCORMICK, witn: Angus McECHERN & Marguerite KELLY, both of 204 Albert Rd in Ford, 15 May 1923 at Ford
11239-23 Clifford Henry KEMPSON, 26, wood carver, Staffordshire England, Walkerville, s/o Henry Edward KEMPSON (b. England) & Elizabeth MALE, married Florence Beatrice WORRELL, 26, Staffordshire England, Walkerville, d/o William WORRELL (b. England) & Honor PARTON, witn: Albert William HUGGETT & Arthur Frederick KEMPSON, both of Walkerville, 9 June 1923 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 11235-23 Alfred Tennyson KENDALL, 29, draftsman, Wisconsin USA, Fort William, s/o George KENDALL (b. England) & Hannah CALDWELL, married Jean McC. FAIRBAIRN, 21, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Robert FAIRBAIRN (b. Scotland) & Jean McCULLOUGH, witn: Mrs. Janet & John WALKER of Windsor, 4 Aug 1923 at Walkerville
11229-23 Thomas Wesley KENDRICK, 26, Ontario, Essex, s/o James KENDRICK (b. England) & Jane FAIRBAIRN, married Ethel Daisy MINER, 23, Ontario, Kingsville, d/o George MINER (b. Canada) & Grace JENNINGS, witn: Edward KENDRICK of Essex & Mabel J. MINER of Detroit, 16 Nov 1923 at Kingsville 11241-23 Fred Lloyd KENYON, 28, widower, machinist, Detroit, same, s/o Allen C. KENYON (b. Greenwich NY) & Lena SEABERER?, married Ethel Maude LIVINGSTONE, 28, Mersea twp., Leamington, d/o Isaac LIVINGSTONE (b. Hamilton On) & Emily MANERY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. P. LIVINGSTONE of Leamington, 8 March 1923 at Leamington
11243-23 Duncan Alexander Campbell KILLEN, 26, real estate, Windsor, same, s/o Jonathan Edward KILLEN & Tilla CAMPBELL, married Dorothy Evelyn CROCKETT, 22, New Glasgow NS, Walkerville, d/o John Sprague CROCKETT & Mary MACDONALD, witn: Mary Catherine CROCKETT of Walkerville & Tilla C. KILLEN of Windsor, 27 June 1923 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 11231-23 Alex KINDIAK, 25, moulder, Austria, 1330 Langlois Ave in Windsor, s/o Lumins? KINDRIAK (b. Austria) & Thedora WYKYNSKI, married Fanny MARUSZCHUK, 28, widow, Austria, 1330 Langlois Ave in Windsor, d/o John MARUSZCHUK (b. Austria) & Paula EVECHEVSKI, witn: Steve SOLIMSA of 805 Paul Ave in Windsor & Fred DEVENSENZO of 1330 Langlois Ave., 30 Sept 1923 at Ford
10518-23 Frank Crawford KING, 26, hammer man, Scotland, 665 Hall in Windsor, s/o John KING (b. Scotland) & Mary Jane CRAWFORD, married Elizabeth Smith GRIEVE, 24, Scotland, B.A. Hotel in Windsor, d/o James GRIEVE (b. Scotland) & Eliz. SMITH, witn: John TEW of 909 Janette Ave. in Windsor & Mrs. John TEW, 9 May 1923 at Windsor 11236-23 Stuart Cameron KIRKLAND, 39, barrister, Dutton, same, s/o Robert A. KIRKLAND (b. Sparta Ont) & Annie CAMERON, married Elizabeth GARTLIN, 34, teacher, Stayner Ont., Dutton, d/o Michael GARTLIN (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth HALL, witn: Father E. BURNS of Sandwich & Father BLONDE of Wallaceburg, 21 June 1923 at Sandwich
11233-23 Fred Gargett KIRKUP, 26, auto worker, England, Walkerville, s/o Arthur KIRKUP (b. England) & Isabel GARGETT, married Ada Belle MONTROSE, 20, domestic, Walkerville, same, d/o Emsley MONTROSE (b. Canada) & Annie POST, witn: Edna C. WILSON of St. Thomas & A. R. POST of London, 3 Sept 1923 at Walkerville  
11242-23 Clifford KNIGHT, 22, Kingsville, Maidstone, s/o Alfred KNIGHT (b. Canada) & Mary DORSETT, married Viola WAGNER, 22, widow, domestic, Cottam, Maidstone, d/o Thomas SMITH & Nellie McCLARY, wit: Frances G. SMITH of Stratford & Edith B. BATTERSBY of Walkerville, 15 March 1923 at Walkerville 11237-23 Earl Raymond KNIGHT, 29, superintendent, Detroit, Windsor, s/o Alfred KNIGHT (b. England) & Isabel BERTRAM, married Doris POTTS, 20, domestic, England, Windsor, d/o Robert POTTS (b. England) & Mary ORD, witn: Edna LAFORET of Maidstone & George Ord POTTS of 105 Montgomery St. in Windsor, 18 June 1923 at Walkerville
11238-23 Theodore Earl KNOWLES, 22, machinist, London, same, s/o Arthur KNOWLES (b. England) & Sarah GLEASON, married Marie LOGAN, 21, Ontario, 50 Kain? St. in St. Thomas, d/o George LOGAN (b. on) & Mary KEISER, witn: Minnie SHEA & Josephine GROULX, both of Ford, 18 June 1923 at Ford City 11234-23 Stephen KUPICKI, 32, laborer, Zolkiew Galacia, Ford City, s/o Proc KUPICKI (b. Galacia) & Barbara, married Anna BUCHAK, 24, waitress, Zoliew Galacia, Ford City, d/o Stanislas BUCHAK (b. Galacia) & Mary SKIRA, witn: Stanislas BUCHAK & Mary RONCHKA, both of Ford City, 22 Sept 1923 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville
11230-23 William KUZYK, 28, laborer, Poland, Ford, s/o William KUZYK & "don't know", married Julia FEDORINCK, 19, Poland, Ford, d/o Nick FEDORINCK (b. Poland) & Amelia DUA, witn: Mack KUCKAVISKY & Rose HUIDYCHUK, both of Windsor, 3 Nov 1923 at Ford 11268-23 Aldoria LABRANCHE, 22, machinist, Aylmer Que., Sandwich, s/o Alfred LABRANCHE & Rosanna LEBLANC, married Cecile BOISMIER, 18, Sandwich, same, d/o Edward BOISMIER & Aurore GAGNON, witn: Donat LABRANCHE & Delia GAGNON, both of Sandwich, 17 Aug 1923 at Sandwich
11269-23 Jerome LACHAPELLE, 22, laborer, Belle River, same, s/o Basile LACHAPELLE & Adeline LESPERANCE, married Charlotte DESLAURIERS, 18, Tilbury North, Rochester twp., d/o Oliver DESLAURIERS & Helen DEHETRE, witn: M. OUELLETTE of Belle River & Anna BISSON of S. Woodslee, 21 Aug 1923 at St. Joachim 11262-23 Laurence LAFORET, 21, grocer, Sandwich, same, s/o Henri LAFORET & Ida CANTONI, married Myrtle COLLINS, 18, Wingham Ont., Sandwich, d/o William G. COLLINS & Elizabeth LITTLE, witn: Earl LESPERANCE & Ida LAFORET, both of Windsor, 2 Jan 1923 at Sandwich
  11264-23 Leo Elmer LAFORTUNE, 26, laborer, Peqaoming Mich., Ford, s/o Gospard LAFORTUNE & Elodie DESCHANE, married Lina MARTIN, 24, Big Point Ont., Stoney Point, d/o Frank MARTIN & Ilaire? TURCOTTE, witn: Arthur DESCHANE of Ford & Ursula LABADIE of Tilbury, 7 May 1923 at Stoney Point
11248-23 Alfred LAGRIN, 35, farmer, Stoney Point, same, s/o Maxine LAGRIN (b. Quebec) & Anne MAILLOUX, married Mary TRUDELL, 31 (37?), widow, Stoney Point, Ford City, d/o Belamy TRUDEL (sic) (b. Quebec) & Larene DEJERLAIS, witn: Herman & Mabel LAGRIN of 1053 Elsmyre in Windsor, 24 Nov 1923 at Ford 11272-23 Maxime LALUTE (Labete?), 21, laborer, Tecumseh, Riverside, s/o Maxime LALUTE & Josephine CHAMPAGNE, married Marie JACOB, 17, Riverside, same, d/o Frank JACOB & Rose DROUILLARD, witn: Edmund JACOB & Bertha LALUTE, both of Riverside, 26 Sept 1923 at Ford
11273-23 Herman Francis LANGLOIS, 21, farmer, Malden twp., same, s/o Demos LANGLOIS & Adele PRIMEAU, married Lillian Mary BASTIEN, 17, Malden twp., same, d/o Maurice BASTIEN & Elmire MELOCHE, witn: Clyde & Loretta MAYVILLE of Leamington, 23 Oct 1923 at Amherstburg 11247-23 Stanley Wilfred LANGLOIS, 22, farmer, Windsor, Malden twp., s/o Henry S. LANGLOIS (b. Colchester South) & Mondana FOX, married Thelma Madeline FERRIS, 19, Colchester South, same, d/o Abner FERRIS (b. Colchester South) & Mabel MUNSER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Harland LYPPS? of Harrow, 5 March 1923 at Malden Parsonage
11266-23 Louis LAPORTE, 21, farmer, Stoney Point, Tilbury, s/o Alfred LAPORTE & Emma RENAUD, married Rose Alma GARANT, 19, Staples, Stoney Point, d/o Hormidas GARANT & illegible KILLAIZE?, win: Romeo GARANT of Stoney Point & Rose Lydia LAPORTE of Tilbury, 12 June 1923 at illegible (Stoney Point?) 11255-23 William LAROCQUE, 42, widower, marine engineer, Ontario, Kingsville, s/o John LAROCQUE (b. Montreal) & Katherine LAMORADINE?, married Rena Myrtle CAMERON, 32, Ontario, Leamington, d/o Angus CAMERON (b. Nova Scotia) & Hanna LARABEE, witn: Marion M. FALLS of 153 Windsor Rd & Mabel E. SLINO? of 129 Windsor Rd., 28 July 1923 at Walkerville
11267-23 John LAUZON, 26, truck driving, Detroit, River Rouge Mich., s/o Jerome LAUZON & Mary MENARD, married Louise CADERETTE, 26, lady, Edgar Ont, same, d/o Jules CADERETTE & Annie DUPUIS, witn: Alfred CADERETTE of Edgar & Melvena LAUZON of River Rouge, 30 July 1923 at McGregor 11263-23 Leo LAUZON, 24, laborer, Comber, Ford, s/o Jean Baptiste LAUZON & Julia EMMET?, married Anna BOUFFORD, 22, St. Etienne Que., Ford, d/o Jules BOUFFORD & Leda RACINE, witn: Jean Baptiste LAUZON of 155 Albert Rd in Ford & Julia BOUFFORD of Melville, 10 April 1923 at Ford
11270-23 Auguste LAUZON, 20, mechanic, Tecumseh, same, s/o Celesten LAUZON & Delima MOISAN, married Rose THIBODEAU, 19, Port Lambton Ont., Tecumseh, d/o Joseph THIBODEAU & Bella LOZON, witn: Paul LAUZON & Rebecca SOUILLAS, both of Tecumseh, 21 Nov 1923 at Tecumseh 11245-23 Francis Foggden? LEAMON, 26, laborer, Hansfilne? England, Leamington, s/o Percy (b. England) & Emily, married Mildred May WHITE, 31, widow, Leamington, same, d/o William FORD (b. Ontario) & Alice JONES, witn: Robert A. LEAMON of Leamington & Minnie HIBBERT of Kingsville, 25 Jan 1923 at Kingsville
11271-23 Joseph Charles LEBLANC, 28, carpenter, Rigaud Que., Ford, s/o Eugene LEBLANC & Lenni? Emelia PICHE, married Marie Leonie Jeanne ASSELIN, 17, Verner?, Ford, d/o Tenerene? ASSELIN & Palmire ETHIER, witn: Rodrique PICHE of 242 Albert Rd in Ford & Jeanne ASSELIN of 311 Albert Rd., 27 Sept 1923 at Ford 11260-23 Simon Peter LECK, 53, widower, farmer, Colchester South, same, s/o Isaac LECK (Leek?) & Carline, married Medora MYLES, 55, widow, house keeper, Colchester North, Colchester South, d/o Lewis CARTER & Sarah E. HARKINS, witn: M. G. MULDER of Harrow & Mabel MORGA of 771 McDougall St., 2 June 1923 at Harrow
11253-23 Percy Warren LEE, 27, postal clerk, Essex, same, s/o Warren LEE (b. Canada) & Katherine FEENAN, married Leola HENSINGER, 25, widow, Staples - Rochester twp., Essex, d/o Charles MODELL (b. Canada) & Eva BOUGNER, witn: Alicia TWEEDALE & Margaret PIZER, both of Essex, 24 Sept 1923 at Essex  
11265-23 Joseph Denis LESPERANCE, 22, machinist, Tecumseh, Windsor, s/o Joseph Francois LESPERANCE & Zoe TOUSSIGNEAT, married Marguerite BERTHIAUME, 24, Sandwich East, same, d/o Henri BERTHIAUME & Pomilla GUINDON, witn: Wilfred LESPERANCE of Windsor & Frances BERTHIAUME of Jackson Corner, 5 June 1923 at Our Lady of the Lake, Ford 11274-23 Edward LESPERANCE, 25, mechanic, Tecumseh, same, s/o Jaques LESPERANCE & Helen LEMAY, married Emily FARRAND, 18, River Rouge Mich., Ford, d/o Etienne FARRAND & Louisa DESCHANE, witn: Edmund LESPERANCE & Della POITHE?, both of Tecumseh, 6 Nov 1923 at Ford
  11254-23 Thomas LIBBY, 48, livery man, widower, Toronto, Windsor, s/o Benjamin LIBBY (b. en) & Hannah DUCK, married Ethel Viola O'NEIL, 34, Paquette Stn - Sandwich South, Sandwich South, d/o William J. O'NEIL (b. Ontario) & Rosetta HOLDEN, witn: Clyde & Mrs. Gertrude O'NEIL of Paquette Stn., 22 Sept 1923 at Redeemer Church, Essex
11249-23 Wilbert John LIDDLE, 24, farmer, Romney twp., Mersea twp., s/o William LIDDLE (b. England) & Henrietta BACKUS, married Fay Linney MANERY, 19, Colchester South, Mersea twp., d/o James T. MANERY (b. Mersea twp) & Myrtle FOX, witn: Arnold LIDDLE & Stella JONES, both of Leamington, 25 Dec 1923 at Mersea twp 11252-23 William A. LINEHAM, 23, motor mechanic, Leamington, Windsor, s/o Albert E. LINEHAM (b. Marthaville - Lambton Co) & Mary IRWIN, married Lillian POTTS, 18, stock work, Barrow England, Windsor, d/o Edmond POTTS (b. Haydon Bridge, Northumberland England) & Sarah BELL, witn: A. E. LINEHAM of 125 Park Ave in Chatham & Catherine EDMONDSON of Jefferson St. in Riverside, 27 Oct 1923 at Walkerville
11251-23 Alvin LIVERGOOD, 19, trucking, Colchester South, Walkerville, s/o Adrian LIVERGOOD (b. Colchester South) & Alice PIGEON, married Ida SMALL, 17, Windsor, Ford City, d/o Robert Albert SMALL (b. Michigan) & Helen LA PLANTE, witn: Sidney Joseph GURR & Gertrude REX, both of Windsor, 1 Nov 1923 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville  
11261-23 Frederick Earl LIVINGSTONE, 30, laborer, Leamington, same, s/o Isaac LIVINGSTONE (b. Mersea twp) & Emily MANERY, married Lorna May KNIGHT, 22, telephone operator, Leamington, same, d/o Arthur KNIGHT (b. Essex Co) & Elizabeth CLARK, witn: Mrs. R. A. & Margaret MILLER of Cottam, 21 March 1923 at Cottam 11246-23 Percy LIVINGSTONE, 21, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o Isaac LIVINGSTONE (b. near Hamilton Ont) & Emily MANERY, married Julia FORD, 19, England, Leamington, d/o Henry FORD (b. en) & Mildred HILLER, witn: Prosper HUTCHINS & Carmen DANSON, both of Leamington, 26 Feb 1923 at Leamington
11250-23 George Everett LOUCKS, 21, salesman, Maidstone twp., town of Essex, s/o George LOUCKS (b. Morrisburg Ont) & Alice WAINER, married Gladys Viola BURLING, 18, house keeper, Leamington, same, d/o Frederick BURLING (b. Cottam ) & Janet BEACOM, witn: Charles McGHIE & May JOHNSTON, both of Essex, 24 Nov 1923 at Essex 11256-23 Maxime LUCIER, 35, widower, carpenter, Anderdon twp., Windsor, s/o Antoine LUCIER (b. Essex Co) & Melinie MELOCHE, married Emilie MELOCHE, 32, widow, house keeper, Anderdon twp., Windsor, d/o Elie MELOCHE (b. Essex Co) & Helen LECLAIRE, witn: Jacob MELOCHE & Pearl PRIEUR, both of McGregor, 10 July 1923 at McGregor
11257-23 Varno LUOTO, 31, millwright, Finland, Sandwich, s/o Kalle LUOTO (b. Finland) & Kristina HOLM, married Ali HYVARINEN, 21, house maid, Finland, Toronto, d/o Kalle HYVARINEN (b. Finland) & Anna JORHONEN, witn: Mrs. Frances KIBBLE & Minnie E. WESTGATE, both of Sandwich, 21 May 1923 at St. Johns Rectory, Sandwich 11275-23 Joseph Timothy LYNCH, 22, mechanic, Windsor, same, s/o Thomas LYNCH & Marguerite SILVER, married Rena LADOUCEUR, 22, Tecumseh, same, d/o John LADOUCEUR & Mary PARADIS, witn: Eddie LADOUCEUR of Detroit & Clara LAY--? of Windsor, 7 Nov 1923 at Tecumseh
11258-23 James LYND, 25, sheet metal worker, Ireland, 189 Elm in Windsor, s/o William LYND (b. Ireland) & Mary McMULLEN, married Georgina Evelyn MANNEY, 22, Ireland, 275 Morrisett? Ave in Walkerville, d/o James MANNEY (b. Ireland) & Edith PILLAN, witn: Arthur BOURNE of Windsor & illegible (Judy?) MANNEY of Walkerville, 6 June 1923 at Walkerville 11259-23 Edward LYONS, 27, machinist, Glasgow Scotland, 106 Turner Rd in Walkerville, s/o James LYONS (b. Stirling Scotland) & Elizabeth JOHNSON, married Lily HOUSTON, 25, Edinburgh Scotland, 106 Turner Rd in Walkerville, d/o Alexander HOUSTON (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Margaret HAY, witn: Samuel J. LYONS of 1421 East 90th St. in Cleveland & Elizabeth HARRISON of Walkerville, 9 June 1923 at Walkerville
11297-23 William MACASKELL, 32, die setter, Nairn Scotland, 1505 Bruce Ave. in Windsor, s/o John MACASKELL (b. Scotland) & Marjorie DAVIDSON, married Ada ROBINSON, 26, Liverpool England, 1505 Bruce Ave., d/o James ROBINSON (b. England) & Margaret McKEOWN?, witn: Jack LARIVIER & Elizabeth ROBINSON, both of Windsor, 4 Aug 1923 at Walkerville 11316-23 Alberni MAILLOUX, 26, laborer, Tilbury North, same, s/o Israel MAILLOUX & Marie BELLEMORE, married Rosina GAGNONS, 18, Rochester twp., same, d/o Ludger GAGNONS & Eliza TRUDELLE, witn: Alcide MAILLOUX of Stoney Point & Lena TREPANIER of Staples, 22 Jan 1923 at St. Joachim
11287-23 Wesley MAITLAND, 30, manager, Kincardine Ont., Walkerville, s/o Joseph MAITLAND (b. Kincardine Ont) & Rebecca WHALEN, married Hazel GOODINGS, 27, clerk, Guelph, Walkerville, d/o Walter K. GOODINGS (b. Guelph) & Christena McKENZIE, witn: Annie S. PEARSON & Sarah PORTER, both of Walkerville, 1 Dec 1923 at Walkerville 11280-23 Edward Albert MAITRE, 22, production clerk, Ohio, 700 Pierre Ave in Windsor, s/o August Joseph [MAITRE] (b. Ontario) & Leocadi SOULLIER, married Mary Elizabeth TAYLOR, 22, England, 84? Monmouth Ave in Walkerville, d/o John T. [TAYLOR] (b. England) & Euphemia CHASE, witn: William Lloyd & Ellen GIRLING of 221 Hickory Rd in Ford, 22 Dec 1923 at Walkerville
11321-23 Wilfred Albert MAJOR, 17, Maxime Major & Archange DESLISLE, married Mary Catherine McDOUGAL, 18, 18, factory hand, Standish Mich., Windsor, d/o Archibald McDOUGAL & Mary A. BEDOUR, witn: Leonard FREDERICK & Isabella MAJOR, both of Windsor, 18 July 1923 at Sandwich 11290-23 John J. MALOTT, 25, mechanic, Kingsville, same, s/o Burwell MALOTT (b. Essex Co) & Luella QUESNEL, married Edna Fern BRUNER, 28, house keeper, Kingsville, Leamington, d/o Joseph BRUNER (b. Essex Co) & Adelaide COGHELL, witn: Wood MALOTT of ?--pville & Luella BRUNER of Leamington, 8 Sept 1923 at Leamington
11320-23 Joseph Pride? MARCHAND, 29, banker, Nicolet Que., Walkerville, s/o Mederic MARCHAND & Delvina DESMARAIS, married Mae DEMPSEY, 26, Fort Coulonge Que., Montreal, d/o William DEMPSEY & Hanna LECLAIR, witn: Thaddeus FORTON of Ford & Victor E. BLAY of Walkerville, 22 July 1923 at Walkerville 11281-23 Vavarre Philip MARENTAY, 24, student, Windsor, Detroit, s/o George Barron MARENTAY (b. Ontario) & Marie FOUGNIER?, married Florence Margaret DEWAR, 24, Windsor, Kildare Rd in Walkerville, d/o Peter Anderson DEWAR (b. Ontario) & Annie Kerr NESBITT, witn: Catherine DEWAR of Walkerville & Curt P. SCHNEIDER of Peru Illinois, 24 Oct 1923 at Walkerville
11312-23 Albert MARION, 19 in May 1923, Walkerville, 111 Lincoln Rd Walkerville, s/o Arsene MARION (b. Ontario) & Josephine RANDALL, married Ida TRUDELL, 19, Walkerville, 130 St. Larle? Rd in Walkerville, d/o Romaine TRUDELL (b. Ontario) & Roma MAILOUX, witn: Elizabeth FIELDS of 183 Walker Rd & Iva MORAUD? of 522 Janette Ave in Windsor, 9 April 1923 at Walkerville 11323-23 Joseph Delos MARION, 30, carpenter, Detroit, Sandwich, s/o Seraphin MARION & Vitaline BENETEAU, married Evelyn PAGEAU, 21, factory, Sandwich, same, d/o Alfred PAGEAU & Sebre ROCHELEAU, witn: Clifford LAMART of Windsor & Marie MARION of Sandwich, 30 Sept 1923 at Sandwich
11324-23 Antoine Dominic MARONTATE, 18, farmer, Malden twp., same, s/o Antoine MARONTATE & Minnie JOHNSTON, married Eva BONDY, 18, Colchester North twp., Amherstburg, d/o James BONDY & Julie PILON, witn: Leo MARONTATE of Harrow & Hazel BONDY of Windsor, 28 Nov 1923 at Amherstburg 11314-23 Abel MARONTETTE, 19, farmer, Staples, same, s/o Guillaume MARONTETTE & Marguerite TREPANIER, married Laurentia GARONT, 19, Stoney Point, same, d/o F.X. GARONT & Marie Louise PRIET, witn: Leopold GARONT of Stoney Point & Emelina MARONTETTE of Staples, 1 May 1923 at Stoney Point
11302-23 James Welsford MARTIN, 24, electrician, Cargill Ont., Windsor, s/o Frederick Luther MARTIN (b. Victoria Harbour Ont) & Ida WELSFORD, married Gladys Louisa CATHER, 20, stenographer, Bath England, Walkerville, d/o John CATHER (Catlin?) (b. Bath England) & Frances Eliza MILSON (Milone?), witn: C. F. & Jean MARTIN of 817 Gladstone Ave in Windsor, 6 June 1923 at Walkerville 11304-23 Frank James MARTIN, 26, insurance broker, Essex, Windsor, s/o Henry P. MARTIN (b. Ontario) & Mary E. NESBIT, married Clare Gladys PAYNE, 24, nurse, Chatham Ont., Windsor, d/o Robert D. PAYNE (b. on) & Catherine DILLON, witn: Alfred J. BUSTER? & Irena SISSONS, both of Sandwich, 5 June 1923 at Sandwich
11310-23 Merle Milton MARTIN, 23, farmer, Malden, same, s/o James MARTIN (b. Essex Co) & Adelle McLEAN, married Ena Bell BONDY, 18, clerk, Colchester South, Malden, d/o Daniel BONDY (b. Essex Co) & Ada Belle LONSBERY, witn: Earl A. MASON? & Luella PIGEON, both of Amherstburg, 21 April 1923 at Amherstburg 11284-23 George D. MARTINDALE, 21 (27?), carpenter, Pr--? Ont., Ford City, s/o William MARTINDALE (b. Essex Co) & Elizabeth BELIE?, married Bertha Lucy CAMPEAU, 19, Belle River, Ford City, d/o Anthony CAMPEAU (b. Belle River) & Adele RENAUD, witn: Raymond TRUDELLE of 202 Albert Rd & Evelyn CAMPEAU of Belle River, 1 Oct. 1923 at Ford
11298-23 Charles MARTZ, 21, student, Detroit, same, s/o Charles MARTZ & Lotta DUST, married Grace STABLER, 20, house keeper, Ironwood Michigan, Kingsville, d/o Frank STOBLER (sic) & Nellie FISHER, wit: W. D. BEAMAN & Katherine JOHNSTON, both of Essex, 7 July 1923 at Essex 11288-23 Thomas MAY, 23, farmer, Ontario, Pike Creek, s/o Willie MAY (b. Ontario) & Annie CODA, married Ella MAY, 17, Ontario, Pike Creek, d/o Maurice MAY (b. Ontario) & Rose ROUNE?, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy PITRE of Tecumseh, 29 Nov 1923 at Tecumseh
11292-23 Leon MELNIK, 25, laborer, Russia, Windsor, s/o John (b. Russia) & Anna, married Kytiz KRIL, 23, Austria, Windsor, d/o Gregory (b. Austria) & Martha, witn: P. PYTTOWAY & J. GROGI--?, both of Ford City, 2 Sept 1923 at Ford City 11318-23 Asslin MELOCHE, 23, machinist, Amherstburg, same, s/o Alex MELOCHE & Amelie DESLIPPE, married Lillia GIGNAC, 20, Sandwich, Petite Cote, d/o Napoleon GIGNAC & Marguerite MARTIN, witn: Roy MELOCHE of Amherstburg & Lina GIGNAC of Petite Cote, 25 June 1923 at Petite Cote
11315-23 Jean MENARD, 19, farmer, Loiselleville, Tecumseh, s/o Arthur MENARD & Eliza LAVALEE, married Eugenie BELAIRE, 16, Tecumseh, same, d/o Charles BELAIRE & Aurelie DAME?, witn: Joseph LAFERTY of Petite Cote & Cecile MENARD of Tecumseh, 1 May 1923 at Tecumseh 11317-23 Albert MENARD, 23, mechanic, Loiselleville, Tecumseh, s/o Arthur MENARD & Elizabeth LAVALEE, married Marie DESJARDINS, 16, Tecumseh, same, d/o George DESJARDINS & Elizabeth CHENE, witn: Charles DESJARDINS & Cecilie MENARD, both of Tecumseh, 6 Feb 1923 at Tecumseh
11282-23 Roy MERWIN, 21, farmer, New York City, Leamington, s/o Reuben MERWIN (b. NY state) & Myrtle ADAMS, married Wilma FOX, 17 (on 7 Feb 1923), Mersea twp., Leamington, d/o Michael (b. Ontario) & Mary J., witn: Hazel illegible & Emerson illegible, both of Windsor, 24 Dec 1923 at Windsor 11289-23 Henry METZGER, 24, laborer, Russia, Stoughton Sask., s/o Phillipp METZGER (b. Russia) & Christina HERBERT, married Rose SCHNEIDER, 18, Russia, Detroit, d/o John SCHNEIDER (b. Russia) & Dorothy HELD, witn: John METZGER of Stoughton Sask & Minnie E. WESTGATE of 77 Sandwich St. in Sandwich, 16 April 1923 at St. Johns Rectory, Sandwich
11278-23 Frank George MEXSON (Meyson?), 22, clerk, London England, Detroit, s/o George MEXSON (b. England) & Beatrice LARKING, married Bertha Estelle SHARPIN, 25, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Robert SHARPIN (b. Ontario) & Mary Alice WHITE, witn: George MEXSON of Toronto & Flora May BARTLE of Windsor, 15 Dec 1923 at Walkerville 11309-23 Harry James MIDDLEDITCH, 26, machinist, Ridgetown, Amherstburg, s/o Joseph MIDDLEDITCH (b. England) & Alice BAXTER, married Ethel Annetta DOHERTY, 27, Erlanger Ky., Amherstburg, d/o Charles DOHERTY (b. Canada) & Emma COGHILL, witn: Ernest A. & Mrs. E.A. DEL VE of Detroit, 5 April 1923 at Amherstburg
10635-23 Ellis Ford MILLARD, 27, clerk, Vancouver BC, Walkerville, s/o Ellis Jacob MILLARD (b. Ontario) & Sabia O. MILLARD, married Margaret Chelta E. GRIEVE, 25, Windsor, same, d/o Charles Simpson GRIEVE (b. Ontario) & Margaret Ann SMITH, witn: P.B. COLE & Lila GRIEVE, both of Windsor, 16 May 1923 at Windsor 11322-23 Louis Raymond MILLER, 22, farmer, St. John NB, Leamington, s/o John MILER & Margaret HARRITY, married Geneva Daisy GOODISON, 18, Coatsworth Ont., Wheatley, d/o Joseph GOODISON & Adelaide WRIGHT, witn: Frank MAJOR & Margaret GLEESON, both of Leamington, 10 Sept 1923 at Leamington
11293-23 Howard James MILLER, 22, electrician, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o Walter MILLER (b. Ontario) & Bessie JAMES, married Nina Jane CASCADDEN, 22, on, Windsor, d/o James William CASCADDEN (b. Ontario) & Arabella MILES, witn: Robert & Eileen COOPER of Windsor, 30 Aug 1923 at Walkerville 11291-23 Harry Thomas MILLER, 27, carpenter, Manchester England, Mersea twp, s/o William J. A. MILLER (b. Manchester) & Mary MacINTYRE, married Esther S. IVES, 28, South Bend Indiana, Leamington, d/o Levi IVES (b. Burbon Indiana) & Nancy GROVES, witn: Leila (Lieta?) May YOUNG & Henry Major AYOTTE, both of Leamington, 1 Sept 1923 at Leamington
11301-23 Everett Laughlin MILLS, 20, machine shop worker, Maidstone twp., same, s/o William MILLS (b. Maidstone twp) & Alice HILL, married Mary McCLOSKEY, 16, Gosfield North, same, d/o Frank McCLOSKEY (b. Gosfield North) & Ada BROOKER, witn: Mrs. J. MARSHALL of Kingsville & Mrs. Harry WEINERT of Toronto, 25 June 1923 at Kingsville 11295-23 William Edward MINER, 23, farmer, Gosfield South, same, s/o John T. MINER (b. Ohio) & Laona WIGLE, married Josephine PETERSON, 20, Gosfield South, same, d/o Raymer PETERSON (b. Ontario) & Leila Maria PULFORD, witn: Morel R. MASON of Leamington & Louise M. PETERSON of Kingsville, 20 Aug 1923 at Kingsville
11311-23 Clarence Edward MITCHELL, 23, farmer, Rochester twp., same, s/o John MITCHELL (b. Rochester twp) & Mary HIEL? (Kiel?), married Ruby Verna SRIGLEY, 20, house keeper, Gosfield North, Maidstone twp., d/o Joseph SRIGLEY (b. Teeswater) & Annie ARMSTRONG, witn: Mildred WESTLAKE of Essex & Dwight SRIGLEY of South Woodslee, 11 April 1923 at South Woodslee 11285-23 William James MOLL, 33, musician, Detroit, Petite Cote, s/o Gottfried MOLL (b. Germany) & Theresia TROTT, married Ethel May RICHARDS, 30, Bridgend - S. Wales, Petite Cote, d/o Henry RICHARDS (b. Devonshire England) & Margaret Ann BROWN, witn: Henry Lee & Clara C. CARTER of 7585 Melrose in Detroit, 20 Sept 1923 at St. Johns Rectory, Sandwich
11279-23 James Earle MOODY, 20, fisherman, Wheatley, same, s/o Syrenus MOODY (b. Canada) & Nancy EDWARDS, married Otta W. BICKFORD, 18, Wheatley, same, d/o Hezekah BICKFORD (b. England) & Leilla SHAFER, witn: Mrs. F. G. BURRELL & Mrs. L. H. ROBINSON, both of Leamington, 21 Dec 1923 at Leamington 11307-23 John Charles MOORE, 19, stationary engineer, London England, Kingsville, s/o John Henry MOORE (b. England) & Alice TORME?, married Maisie COOPER, 19, East--? England, Kingsville, d/o Frederick COOPER (b. England) & Minnie KITCHER, witn: T. H. COOPER & Amy CLARK, both of Kingsville, 17 Jan 1923 at Kingsville
11308-23 Frederick Charles MOORE, 23, Bristol England, Mersea twp., s/o unknown, home boy, married Violet Edna THORNDYCRAFT, 25, Orpington England, Leamington, d/o Albert THORNDYCRAFT (b. England) & Louise LAWSON, witn: Arthur THORNDYCRAFT & Dorothy RICE, both of Leamington, 1 March 1923 at Leamington 11303-23 Harold Eugene MOORE, 21, time keeper, Grand Chain Illinois, Windsor, s/o James Hoag MOORE (b. Grand Chain Illinois) & Mary Etta ESQUA, married Fedora Hazel DELL, 20, floor work, Farwene? Mich., Windsor, d/o Henry DELL (b. London England) & Mary Elizabeth HADLEY, witn: Edward F. SHELKOPSKY & Lucy Ann CARREN, both of Windsor, 9 June 1923 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville
11296-23 Alexander MORAY, 25, machinist, Scotland, Walkerville, s/o Edmund MORAY (b. Scotland ) & Elizabeth GILLIES, married Bessie KELLY, 26, Scotland, Windsor, d/o William KELLY (b. Scotland) & Helen WALLACE, witn: Mrs. Margaret & Gordon MATHESON of Windsor, 2 Aug 1923 at Walkerville  
11313-23 Thomas Edward MORGAN, 19, farmer, Tilbury, Leamington, s/o Charles W. MORGAN (b. Blenheim Ont) & Ella ARMSTRONG, married Mary Lydia OSMAN, 19, house keeper, Scotland, Leamington, d/o George William OSMAN (b. England) & Margaret Elizabeth DEARY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. George ROLPH of Leamington, 4 May 1923 at Leamington 11294-23 Clifford Joseph MORRELL, 24, clerk, Windsor, 428 Caron Ave in Windsor, s/o James Louis MORRELL (b. Quebec) & Elizabeth POWERS, married Clara Margaret NEWMAN, 26, Windsor, Winnipeg, d/o William NEWMAN (b. Ontario) & Loraine WILKINSON, witn: Hazel Margaret MEAL & Burton COPELAND, both of Windsor, 23 Aug 1923 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville
11277-23 William H. MORRIS, 28, farmer, Tilsonburg West, same, s/o William H. MORRIS (b. Tilbury West) & Mary VICKERMAN, married Annie E. NASSEY (Nussey?), 21, Tilbury West, Tilbury North, d/o Joshua N. MASSEY (farmer, b. Quebec), & Marion LINDSAY, witn: Walter D. & Freda M.N. MORRIS of RR4 Tilbury, 18 Dec 1923 at Tilbury North 11277-23 Walter David MORRIS, 28, farmer, Tilsonburg West, same, s/o William H. MORRIS (b. Tilbury West) & Mary VICKERMAN, married Freda Marion NASSEY (Nussey?), 20, Tilbury West, Tilbury North, d/o Joshua N. MASSEY (farmer, b. Quebec), & Marion LINDSAY, witn: William H & A. Elizabeth N. MORRIS of RR4 Tilbury, 18 Dec 1923 at Tilbury North
11299-23 Frank Jason MOSEY, 26, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o Thomas MOSEY (b. Mersea twp) & Martha HEALEY, married Esther Ruth HOLLAND, 24, Romney twp., Mersea twp., d/o John HOLLAND (b. Cayuga Ont) & Anna RUBLE, witn: Cleda Ilo? MILLS & Walter Lyle HOLLAND, both of Wheatley, 28 June 1923 at home of the bride 11286-23 George James MOSS, 23, Pennsylvania US, Riverside Ont., s/o John (b. NY state) & Helen, married Julia Catherine SULLIVAN, 21, stenographer, Detroit, Riverside, d/o Eugene SULLIVAN (b. Michigan) & Minnie MacLEES, witn: Mrs. Frances KIBBLE & Minnie E. WESTGATE, both of Sandwich, 21 Sept 1923 at St. Johns Rectory, Sandwich
11283-23 Alexander MOWAT, 25, brick layer, Scotland, Sandwich, s/o Kenneth MOWAT (b. Scotland) & Barbara THOMSON, married Isa Gibb NICOL, 25, Scotland, Sandwich, d/o Peter NICOL & Isabella GIBB, witn: William McKENDRICK of 1835 20th St. in Detroit & Miss Cora CALLAN of 25 Tennyson St. in Detroit, 23 Oct 1923 at Sandwich 11305-23 Joseph MULLIGAN, 25, motor mechanic, of Sandwich, s/o Alexander MULLIGAN (b. Ottawa) & Mathilda BLONDIN, married Ellen Jane McTAGUE, 21, of 112 Randolph St. in Sandwich, d/o William John McTAGUE (b. Venosta? Que), & Sarah MORRIS, witn: Lorenzo PILON of 120 Sibley St. in Detroit & Estel BEAUPRE of 414 Erie St. in Windsor, 19 May 1923 at Sandwich
11325-23 Narand MUNIER (s/b Meunier?), 20, farmer, St. Joachim, same, s/o Arsene MUNIER & Malvina SYLVESTRE, married Alda LAPORTE, 17, Pointe aux Roches, same, d/o Felix LAPORTE & Hilda BEAULIEU, witn: Omer MAILLOUX & Estelle MEUNIER, both of Ford City, 18 Sept 1923 at Pointe aux Roches 11300-23 Leo MURPHY, 23, laborer, Marine City Mich., Leamington, s/o Hamilton MURPHY (b. Ontario) & Flora KENNEDY, married Mary Elizabeth MANCHESTER, 18, Leamington, same, d/o Herman MANCHESTER (b. Ontario) & Ora REYNOLDS, witn: Florence HARKNESS & John JANESS, both of Leamington, 20 May 1923 at Leamington
11319-23 John Joseph MURRAY, 22, salesman, St. Louise Mich., Sandwich, adopted s/o Edward H. DONNELLY & Margaret REARDON (natural parents names unknown), married Marie Annette FREYTAG, 18, Rockwood Mich., Sandwich, d/o Leon Francis FREYTAG & Anna FEROHN, witn: George P. MURRAY (DONNELLY) of 29 Elm Ave in Windsor & Marie Isabel ODETTE Of 34 Oak Ave., 28 June 1923 at Sandwich 11306-23 Nathan Kenneth MYERS, 23, laborer, Mersea twp., Leamington, s/o Rodney MYERS (b. Ontario) & Annabel McLEAN, married Geraldine Alice BRECKENRIDGE, 18 on 29 March 1923, Missouri USA, Leamington, d/o Emmerson BRECKENRIDGE (b. Tilbury) & Evelyn KEATH (Reath?), witn: Miss Ada AUGUSTINE & Mrs. J. MARSHALL, both of Kingsville, 12 May 1923 at Kingsville
11411-23 George Leslie READING, 23, clerk, Birmingham England, Walkerville, s/o Arthur READING (b. Birmingham Eng) & Esther GARDINER, married Helen Louise BOWBEER, 18, clerk, Detroit, Walkerville, d/o Thomas Murray BOWBEER (b. Hamilton Missouri) & Sarah Maude WOOD (Hood?), witn: Harry & Edith M. STRONG of 1273 Cosgrain Ave in Detroit, 1 Sept 1923 at 328 Monmouth Rd in Walkerville 11412-23 William Francis REED, 42, widower, salesman, Toronto, 14 Perry St. in Sandwich, s/o Robert REED (b. Hamilton Ont) & Mary A. HALVEY, married Anna RANDALL, 42, widow, book keeper, Washington Mich., Flint Mich., d/o William FANGBONER (b. New Jersey) & Sarah L. RANDALL, witn: Leo SOUCIE of 14 Perry St. in Sandwich & Elizabeth THIRZTON of Flint Mich., 3 Sept 1923 at St. Johns Rectory, Sandwich
11406-23 Telesphore REGNIER, 30, widower, laborer, Embrun Ont., Ford City, s/o Telesphore REGNIER & Melvina GAUTHIER, married Virginia SAVAGE, 30, laborer, Crysler Ont., Ford City, d/o Olivier SAVAGE & Clementine LAFLEUR, witn: Olivier SAVAGE of St. Charles & Noe REGNIER of Crysler, 27 Oct. 1923 at Ford 11408-23 Ira Henry RESINGER, 38, divorced, Cedar Springs Mich., 313 Janette Ave in Windsor, s/o John RESINGER (b. Ohio) & Esther ROBINSON, married Mabel Agatha FERRIS, 32, widow, typist, Luddington Mich., Hamilton Ave in Detroit, d/o Victor ROUSSIN (b. Quebec) & Susan McELROY, witn: John WATSON & E. R. NORTH, both of Sandwich, 19 Oct 1923 at Sandwich
11414-23 Morris RICHARDS, 22, tool maker, Amherstburg, Windsor, s/o David RICHARD (sic) (b. Amherstburg) & Helen HANCOCK, married Nettie DROUILLARD, 19, Ford City, Walkerville, d/o Eli DROUILLARD (b. Ford) & Marie LAUZON, witn: Harold SEXTON of Windsor & Alberta HOLLINGER of Walkerville, 22 Aug 1923 at Walkerville 11404-23 Arnold Chester RIPLEY, 22, Elgin Co., 487 Ouellette St. in Windsor, s/o Inglis RIPLEY (b. Ontario) & Lily EADIE, married Flora Grace TANSLEY, 18, Essex Co., 36 Wyandette St. in Sandwich, d/o Thomas William TANSLEY (b. Ontario) & Olive JESSOP, witn: Frank J. TANSLEY of 36 Wyandotte in Sandwich & Miss Louise COOPER of 85 Crawford St. in Windsor, 22 Dec 1923 at Sandwich
11405-23 Bertram Anderson (Andrew?) RIVERS, 28, teacher, Lucknow, Dorchester, s/o William RIVERS (b. Howick twp) & Sarah SELLERY, married Nina ALLEN, 35, widow, house keeper, Kincardine Ont., 789 Queens Ave in London, d/o William SELLERY (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Agnes STEVENS, witn: Miss Lily LARAMIE of RR2 Amherstburg & Jean JOHNSTON of RR1 Malden, 8 Nov 1923 at Methodist parsonage, Malden 11409-23 Wilfred ROBERTS, 24, electrician, England, Windsor, s/o Alfred E. ROBERTS (b. England) & Ada LORD, married Lillian HORTON, 23, England, Windsor, d/o James HORTON (b. England) & Teresa BUNN, witn: Thomas TURNE of 322 McMasters Ave in Turtle Creek PA & Elizabeth Jane JOHNSON of 1710 Ottawa St. in Windsor, 14 Oct 1923 at 394 Lincoln Rd in Walkerville
11407-23 John ROSEVEAR, 19, student, Saginaw Mich., 296 Picadilly St. in London, s/o William Bleacher ROSEVEAR (b. Ontario) & Mame WALLACE, married Josephine GUIN, 18 on 10 Dec 1922, Leipsic Ohio, Toledo Ohio, d/o George Franklin GUIN (b. Columbus Ohio) & Maud EWING, witn: Frances KIBBLE & Minnie E. WESTGATE, both of Sandwich, 20 Oct 1923 at St. Johns Rectory, Sandwich 11416-23 George Ervin ROY, 22, die cutter, St. Thomas, 120 Louis Ave in Windsor, s/o William ROY (b. Ontario) & Lottie GUYETTE, married Norma Elizabeth CORLESS, 23, Avon Ont., 120 Louis Ave in Windsor, d/o George CORLESS (b. Ontario) & Mary MABEE, witn: Alta May & Roy B. JONES of 120 Louis Ave., 30 June 1923 at Walkerville
11410-23 Harry Wentford RUSSELS, 35, widower, Leamington, Chatham, s/o Thomas RUSSELS (b. Scotland) & Tilda McDONALD, married Maggie Jessie BATHGATE, 22, Scotland, Harwich twp., d/o Robert BATHGATE (b. Leamington Ont) & Charlotte BEGG, witn: Ernest J. & Flossie C. WILLIAMS of Leamington, 11 Oct. 1923 at Leamington 11413-23 Abraham Robert RUSTON, 57, widower, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o John RUSTON (b. Essex Co) & Sarah Jane PEAK (Leak?), married Ida REID, 47, widow, Rochester twp., Mersea twp., d/o John BROOKER (b. England) & Esther WOLTZ, witn: Adrian REID of Staples & Estella RUSTON of Woodslee, 12 Sept 1923 at Comber
11415-23 Michael RUTHVEN, 57, widower, laborer, Kent Co., Harrow, s/o James RUTHVEN (b. Canada) & Sarah FOX, married Margaret LYNCH, 56, England, Harrow, d/o Thomas Joseph LYNCH (b. England) & Alice LAPTON (Lupton?), witn: Louis FERRIS (Ferns?) of Harrow & Mrs. Helen KEELER of Windsor, 3 July 1923 at Amherstburg 11504-23 John Baptiste THIBERT, 31, widower, machinist, St. Ba--? Que., Ford City, s/o Napoleon THIBERT (b. St. Valentin Que) & Celinaire OBUT?, married Elmire HENIN (ANAIN), 24, Tecumseh, same, d/o Frank HENIN (ANAIN) (b. Tecumseh ) & Clisane MONTMONIL, witn: Napoleon THIBERT & Zoe VINCELETTE, both of Ford City, 2 July 1923 at Tecumseh
11507-23 Russell George TOBIN, 29, sailor, Windsor, same, s/o John TOBIN & Marguerite O’HARA, married Zoe Pauline JANISSE, 26, Riverside, same, d/o Alexander JANISSE & Leocadie PARENT, witn: Daniel JOLICOEUR of 137 Ellen? Ave in Ford & Iona JANISSE of Riverside, Feb 1923 at Ford 11506-23 Philip J. TOURANGEAU, 20, chauffeur, Ontario, Petite Cote, s/o Clemens [TOURANGEAU] (b. Ontario) & Elmire MAJOR, married Henrietta REAUME, 21, Ontario, Petite Cote, d/o Alberic REAUME (b. Ontario) & Anna RENAUD, witn: W.J. & Mrs. W.J. MAJOR of Petite Cote, 18 May 1923 at Petite Cote
11509-23 Alex Joseph TRAHAN, 26, laborer, Grand Junction Colorado, Detroit, s/o Arthur TRAHAN & Leocadie BENOIT, married Mary Rosa DUCHARME, 18, North Adan? Mass. USA, Ind [Indiana?], d/o Joseph DUCHARME & Rosalie TESSIER, witn: Arthur TRAHAN of Hyde Park Mich & Lottie TESSIER of 216 Albert Rd in Ford, 3 July 1923 at Ford 11505-23 Charles James TRAHAN, 34, furniture dealer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Denis TRAHAN (b. Ontario) & Marie BREEN, married Rhea Virginia D'AOUST, 27, Michigan, cor of Stravane & Ottawa in Ford, d/o Napoleon D'AOUST (b. Canada) & Virginia CONSTANTINEAU, witn: Frank Jerome TRAHAM of 9 Park Place in Windsor & Constance D'AOUST of 93 Ottawa St. in Ford, 25 June 1923 at Ford
11510-23 Raymond TRAMBLAY, 30, barber, Amherstburg, same, s/o Noe TRAMBLY & Mathilde BERTRAND, married Alma GIGNAC, 22, Loiselleville, same, d/o Donno GIGNAC & Marie MORIN, witn: Arthur GIGNAC of Loiselleville & Marie MORIN of Ford, 1 Oct 1923 at Loiselleville 11508-23 Wallace TREMBLAY, 23, tool maker, Sandwich, same, s/o Theodore TREMBLAY & Virginie BENETEAU, married Laura WEAVER, 17, elevator operator, Halifax NS, Sandwich, d/o Eugene WEAVER & Mary ARBEAU, witn: Leo MAYNARD of Sandwich & Kathleen BURNS of Windsor, 30 May 1923 at Sandwich
11511-23 Alfred ULCH, 21, farmer, Windsor, Puce Ont., s/o Henry ULCH & Lena LABUTE, married Pearl Victoria PATELLO, 20, domestic, Puce, same, d/o Charles PATELLO & Lottie MARTINDALE, witn: Miss Marie CORBETT & Grant PATELLO, both of Puce, 14 Nov 1923 at Manse, Puce 11513-23 Norman VERNON, 32, decorator, Rochester NY, Detroit, s/o Ed VERNON (b. Rochester NY) & Jennie HAINES, married Anna LAMBTON, 23, saleslady, Montreal, Walkerville, d/o George LAMBTON (b. Montreal) & Lilian BUCKLEY, witn: William HUNTER of Detroit & Doris LAMBTON of Walkerville, 30 June 1923 at Walkerville
11515-23 Trysman Elis VETOR, 21 on 8 March 1923, Ontario, 315 Bridge Ave in Windsor, s/o Andrew VETOR (b. Ontario) & Lizzie SHIRK, married Notre Dame HEATH, 18 on 25 Nov 1922, Illinois US, Essex, d/o Lafayette HEATH (b. USA) & Mary Elizabeth ALLEN, witn: Bruce SMITH of RR2 South Woodslee & Qara EDDS of Essex, 14 March 1923 at South Woodslee 11512-23 Roland Washington VETOR, 37, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o John VETOR (b. Windsor Ont) & Sima Jane RILEY, married Katherine Jane CAMERON, 29, Port Alma - Kent Co, Leamington, d/o Angus CAMERON (b. Nova Scotia) & Hannah LARIBY, witn: Mrs. W. LAROCQUE of Leamington & Mrs. A. BUTLER of Walkerville, 9 Aug 1923 at Walkerville
11514-23 Harry VOLLANS, 22 in June next, Sandwich West, same, s/o James VOLLANS (b. Ontario) & Nellie LOUNSBROUGH, married Hazel NICHOLSON, 18 on 14 Feb 1923, Anderdon twp., Sandwich, d/o Frank NICHOLSON (b. Ontario) & Erma RENAUD, witn: Harold J. & Nina SKIDMORE of 2109 Hillyer Ave in Detroit, 17 March 1923 at St. Johns Rectory, Sandwich 11552-23 Cecil Robert WAGGETT, 23, fireman, Kingsville, same, s/o Worington WAGGETT (b. Canada) & Tina HAWKINS, married Myrtle May WAGGETT, 21, London, same, d/o Robert WAGGETT (b. Canada) & Ida HUNTER, witn: Curtis J. & Mary WAGGETT of Kingsville, 10 July 1923 at Kingsville
11560-23 Frank M. WAKEFIELD, 21, machine operator, Fort William, Windsor, s/o John WAKEFIELD (b. England) & Elizabeth WHITE, married Margaret Eliz. COLLINS, 21, operator, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Thomas COLLINS (b. Ireland) & Mary HOOLEY, witn: Everett McKIBBON of Windsor & Mrs. A. McGILLIVRAY of Ford, 30 May 1923 at Walkerville 11553-23 George WAKELING, 29, elevator man, England, McKay Ave in Windsor, s/o Albert WAKELING (b. England) & unknown, married Aretta P. FORD, 21, Canada, 35 McKay Ave in Windsor, d/o William Albert FORD (b. Canada) & Alice Matilda JONES, witn: Anna Margaret FORD & Francis LEAMON, both of Leamington, 3 July 1923 at Leamington
11545-23 Roderick WALLACE, 21, Scotland, Windsor, s/o William WALLACE (b. Scotland) & Isabel GRANT, married Isabel Laing Porter LYON, 24, Scotland, Windsor, d/o James LYON (b. Scotland) & Agnes EASON, witn: Bessie FORSYTH & Donald MURRAY, both of Walkerville, 31 Aug 1923 at Walkerville 11549-23 Harold K. WALLACE, 31, finisher, Quebec, Windsor, s/o Joseph WALLACE (b. Quebec) & Clara McLENNAN, married Harriet RADLEY, 20, Quebec, Hemingford Que., d/o William RADLEY (b. Quebec) & Louise F. LAMPMAN, witn: David J. CUNNINGHAM & J. RYAN, both of Windsor, 10 Aug 1923 at Walkerville
11557-23 Ernest Mark WALTON, 39, fireman, widower, Ottawa Mich., Leamington, s/o Philander WALTON (b. Tyrone NY) & Minnie BISHOP, married Edith DEWS, 39, widow, factory hand, Sunderland England, Leamington, d/o Roman DEWS (b. Kings Lynn England) & Jean THOMPSON, witn: Florence & William ARMES of Leamington, 9 June 1923 at Leamington 11525-23 Elgin Hillock WARD, 25, farmer, Lobo twp., same, s/o Hyland Benson WARD (b. Lobo) & Florence C. HUTTON, married Delalla Margaret HILLMAN, 25, clerk, Kent Co., Windsor, d/o David HILLMAN (b. Mersea twp) & Charlotte PATTERSON, witn: Hazel HILLMAN of 934 May Ave & Viola HILLMAN of 351 Windermere Rd., 28 March 1923 at Walkerville
11535-23 Arthur Milton WARNER, 60, widower, Glasgow Scotland, Essex town, s/o John WARNER (b. Glasgow) & Esther WALDRON, married Minnie MEYERS, 49, widow, house keeper, Toronto, Essex, d/o William HILLER (b. London England) & Charlotte ELLIS, witn: R. E. DANNS? & Margaret NEILSON, both of Essex, 17 Nov 1923 at Essex 11520-23 Millard WARNER, 61, no marital status given, contractor, Port Hope, Sandwich, s/o Herman WARNER (b. Ontario) & Sarah CLARE, married Jessie NEWTON, 49, no marital status given, England, Sandwich, d/o Henry RYDE (b. England) & Mary GRAYSON, witn: Florence ULRIGHT (Wright?) of Amherstburg & Frank HICKS of Essex, 7 Feb 1923 at Amherstburg
11540-23 John Howard WARREN, 31, electrician, Ridgetown Ont., Essex, s/o John WARREN (b. Dutton Ont) & Orpha WATERWORTH, married Clara Mildred ELLIS, 25, house keeper, Colchester North, Essex, d/o Robert ELLIS (b. Maidstone) & Mary TAYLOR, witn: Fred JARVIS & Margaret NEILSON, both of Essex, 29 Nov 1923 at Essex 11532-23 Melville Robert WARREN, 23, clerk, Kingston, Leamington, s/o William H. WARREN (b. Orillia) & Margaret LODGE, married Amy Evangeline SKINNER, 20, Paris Ont., Windsor, d/o Thomas SKINNER (b. England) & Florence MATTHEWS, witn: D. MACDONALD of Leamington & Annie S. PEARSON of Walkerville, 16 Dec 1923 at Walkerville
11538-23 John WASS, 42, widower, farmer, Ontario, Petite Cote, s/o John WASS (b. England) & Sarah ION, married Mary HEALEY, 28, domestic, Belgium, Harrow, d/o William HEALEY (b. England) & Mary SERAPHIN, witn: Frances KIBBLE & Minnie E. WESTGATE, both of Sandwich, 6 Oct 1923 at St. Johns Rectory, Sandwich 11539-23 William Charles WATSON, 25, mechanic, Chatham Ont., 3655 Lycastle? Ave in Detroit, s/o Charles WATSON (b. England) & Sarah HOBSON, married Annie HART, 19, telephone operator, Chatham Ont., 105 Wellington Ave in Windsor, d/o Fred HART (b. Ontario) & Aleilda BADGLEY, witn: Annie S. PEARSON & Gordon WOODROW, both of Walkerville, 1 Dec 1923 at Walkerville
11547-23 Earle WENDLING, 46, widower, cooper, Erdbach? France, Walkerville, s/o Louis WENDLING (b. France) & Mary Ann WEISS, married Elisa WOODWARD, 34, England, Windsor, d/o John Henry WOODWARD (b. England) & Rebecca BAXTER, witn: Louis ROCHE & Mrs. F. MANNING, both of Walkerville, 5 Sept 1923 at Walkerville 11537-23 Alfred Josiah WESLEY, 25 next April, England, 2756 Mcguire? Ave in Detroit formerly of Kitchener, s/o Josiah WESLEY (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth BENTON, married Mary SHANKS, 26, nurse, Ireland, Durham Ont., d/o John SHANKS (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth REID, witn: Elizabeth PIQUET of Durham & Mrs. Charles BARWELL of 210 Aylmer Ave in Windsor, 9 Oct 1923 at Walkerville
11554-23 Leonard L. WESTLAND, 22, painter, London, 1063 Assumption St. in Windsor, s/o Leonard George WESTLAND (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth COURTIS, married Euphemia Margaret BROTHERSTON, 21, Windsor, 124 Cadellis? in Ford, d/o William J. BROTHERSTON (b. Ontario) & Jennie PRATT, witn: Miss Lois BROTHERSTON of Ford & Mrs. A. BUTLER of Walkerville, 30 June 1923 at Walkerville 10968-23 Louis Carlton WHEELER, 23, clerk, Windsor, of 527 London St. in West Windsor, s/o William N. WHEELER (b. Ontario) & Charlotte CUNNINGHAM, married Gertrude May BOUGHNER, 19, Windsor, 487 Dougall Ave in Windsor, d/o Harry BOUGHNER (b. Ontario) & Nella May JOHNSTON, witn: Verlie ELLWOOD & C. B. WHEELER, both of Windsor, 4 Sept 1923 at Windsor
11562-23 Frederick Roger WHITE, 22, machinist, Wiltshire England, 233 Lincoln in Walkerville, s/o Edward William WHITE & Annie KAYNES, married Edna May LLOYD, 18, Gloucestershire England, 226 Lincoln in Walkerville, d/o Edgar William LLOYD & Clara Ann TAYLOR, witn: George ALFORD & Gwendoline Mary LLOYD, both of Walkerville, 11 Aug 1923 at Walkerville 11516-23 Verne WHITE, 23, laborer, Tilbury, Leamington, s/o Henry WHITE (b. England) & Anna BREENE, married Ina Doria DIMMA, 20, Wheatley Ont., Leamington, d/o John Henry DIMMA (b. Wheatley) & Laura GIBSON, witn: Miss Anna HOFFMAN & Mrs. L. G. BURRELL, both of Leamington, 17 March 1923 at Leamington
11524-23 John Alton Ray WHITE, 21, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o Frederick W. WHITE (b. Mersea twp) & Clara J. ROACH, married Annie HYATT, 22, Essex, Leamington, d/o Fred J. HYATT (b. Romney twp) & Jane UPCOTT, witn: Norman & Mrs. N. WRIGHT of Leamington, 18 Jan 1923 at Leamington 11550-23 Willis WHITE, 25, plumber, Toronto, Windsor, s/o John WHITE (b. Cork Ireland) & Christena WILLS, married Caroline Lillian SYKES, 21, clerk, Leeds England, Windsor, d/o Harry SYKES (b. Leeds England) & Fanny WRIGHT, witn: William SYKES of 1084 Hall Ave & Irene EAST of 141 Walker Rd in Walkerville, 2 Aug 1923 at Methodist Church, Walkerville
11531-23 George William WHITTAKER, 25, shipper, England, 231 Glengarry Ave in Windsor, s/o Thomas WHITTAKER (b. England) & Ellen JOULE, married Esther Annie TAYLOR, 19, England, 217 Albert Ave in Ford, d/o William Armitage TAYLOR (B. England) & Emily HOLLINGSWORTH, witn: James ROBERTS & Mrs. F. X. DE BRULE, both of Windsor, 28 April 1923 at Leamington 11526-23 Benjamin Stanley WHITTLE, 28, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o William WHITTLE (b. Gosfield South) & Celia HOWE, married Bernice Lola QUICK, 23, Mersea twp., Gosfield South, d/o Solomon E. QUICK (b. Mersea twp) & Phoebe Jane HOWE, witn: Mrs. Angus McCHARLES & Mrs. W. E. STAFFORD, both of Ruthven, 14 March 1923 at Ruthven
11528-23 Walter Leslie WHYATT, 22, Bristol England, Windsor, s/o Walter George WHYATT (b. Bristol England) & Ann HITCHCOCK, married Edna GILES, 24, tailoress, Wellington - Somerset England, Windsor, d/o Ernest GILES (b. Somerset England) & Annie BICKNELL, witn: Dorothy BROWNLEE of 1187 Lallan? Windsor & Clarence W. YOUNG of 295 Windermere in Walkerville, 21 April 1923 at Walkerville 11542-23 Howard Ryal WICKWIRE, 31, farmer, Ontario, Wheatley, s/o William WICKWIRE (b. Ontario) & Mary FRALEIGH, married Marvel Ethel FOX, 26, Ontario, Kingsville, d/o Arthur FOX (b. on) & Ella SHANKS, witn: Mrs. E. A. FEAR of 394 Lincoln Rd Walkerville & Sidney W. OSBORNE of 390 Lincoln Rd Walkerville, 12 Sept 1923 at 394 Lincoln Rd., Walkerville
  11523-23 Lewis William WIGLE, 19, farmer, Leamington, same, s/o Russell WIGLE (b. Leamington) & Gertrude OUTWORTH?, married Mary Henrietta BUTLER, 24, Leamington, same, d/o Abner BUTLER (b. Leamington) & Huldah WILKINSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Harry BUTLER of Detroit, 3 Jan 1923 at Leamington
11530-23 Elton Artemine WIGLE, 22, millwright, Gosfield South, same, s/o Ena? E. WIGLE (b. Ontario) & Laura E. BALKWELL, married Hazel Gertrude SMITH, 22, Gosfield South, same, d/o Byron A. SMITH (b. Ontario) & Gertrude E. HARRINGTON, witn: Garth & Eva WIGLE of Kingsville, 2 May 1923 at Gosfield 11546-23 John Harold WIGLE, 23, student, Leamington, Ford City, s/o Elihu WIGLE (b. Leamington) & Alice Helena BURKHOLDER, married Edith Camilla Maria STODGELL, 21, Ford City, Walkerville, d/o John STODGELL (b. England) & Emma Otelia BLOCK (Black?), witn: Edith Coatsworth STODGELL of Ford & Frederick Kingston ASHBAUGH of Windsor, 5 Sept 1923 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville
11548-23 Glenbourne C. WILKINSON, 27, Mersea twp., same, s/o Philmore T. WILKINSON (b. Mersea twp) & Elizabeth G. COULTER, married Lulu Pearl WYLIE, 24, Tilbury West, same, d/o George WYLIE (b. Ontario) & Kaliste HONSBURGER, witn: Hugh C. WILKINSON of Blythwood Ont & Vida WYLIE of Comber, 4 Sept 1923 at Tilbury West twp 11551-23 Russel WILKINSON, 22, mechanic, Leamington, same, s/o Louis WILKINSON (b. Leamington) & Olive DESLAURIER, married Beatrice BERNIER, 18, Wallaceburg, Leamington, d/o William BERNIER (b. Wallaceburg) & Rachel HEWITT, wtn: W. D. BEAMAN & Katherine JOHNSTON, both of Essex, 4 Aug 1923 at Essex
11536-23 Thomas WILSON, 26, machinist, Scotland, Detroit, s/o James WILSON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth BAIRD, married Rose McKENZIE, 25, Scotland, 1184 Factoria? St. in Ford, d/o Donald McKENZIE (b. Scotland) & Rose SUTHERLAND, witn: William FULTON of 12th St. in Detroit & Maisie HORNALL of Detroit, 22 Sept 1923 at Ford City 11534-23 Norman Francis WILSON, 26, railwayman, Strathroy Ont., Detroit, s/o Albert WILSON (b. Strathroy) & blank CASE, married Emma Bella WELLER, 23, stenographer, Staples, Leamington, d/o James WELLER (b. England) & Mary COWAN, witn: Annie WELLER & L. STOCKWELL, both of Leamington, 7 Nov 1923 at Leamington
11541-23 Robert Henry WILSON, 31, optician, Ontario, Windsor, s/o William James WILSON (b. USA) & Mary HUTCHINSON, married Henrietta Gertrude LEE, 29, Ontario, Windsor, d/o William LEE (b. England) & Alice LAING, witn: Phyllis C. THORBURN of 98 Devonshire Rd & Melvin R. SLOAN of 349 Hill Ave., 4 Dec 1923 at Walkerville 11521-23 George Frederick WILSON, 21, clerk, Toledo Ohio, Windsor, s/o Hiram F. WILSON (b. Ontario) & Mary KAUZ (Kanz?), married Mary Margaret HAYS, 18, Muncie Ind., Toledo, d/o Harry D. HAYS (b. Picaway? Co. Ohio) & Nellie GARRISON, witn: Annie PEARSON & Robert McDOWELL, both of Walkerville, 2 Feb 1923 at Walkerville
11558-23 William John WILSON, 26, manager, Ontario, 126 Glenholme Ave. Toronto, s/o Benjamin Franklin WILSON (b. Ontario) & Henrietta CRYAN, married Amy Elizabeth HEYWOOD, 25, stenographer, Ontario, Winchelsea Ont., d/o Elie HEYWOOD (b. Ontario) & Maud Marida? FRANCIS, witn: Lylla Frances & Millard PATRICK of Windsor 2 June 1923 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 11555-23 Norman WINGER, 21, laborer, Wardsville, Leamington, s/o Albert WINGER (b. Welland Co) & Angeline WINGER, married Zelma Ruth JOHNSTON, 20, laborer, Bothwell Ont., Leamington, d/o Alexander JOHNSTON (b. Bothwell) & Annie McKAY, witn: James L. WINGER & Annie JOHNSTON, both of Leamington, 27 June 1923 at Leamington
11559-23 Frank WINTERS, 51, widower, decorator, Sparta Ont., Essex, s/o Edmond E WINTERS (b. Essex Ont) & Sarah E. DOAN, married Iva Lena CUMMINGS, 25, house keeper, Gosfield North, same, d/o Celsas CUMMINGS (b. Hamilton Ont) & Annie PARSONS, witn: Margaret & J. A. NEILSON of Essex, 24 May 1923 at Baptist Parsonage, Essex 11518-23 Ivan Clair WIPER, 20, fisherman, Mersea twp., Leamington, s/o Sylvester WIPER (b. Mersea) & Mary SEILI, married Marguerite COFELL, 19 in Sept 1922, Kent Co., Leamington, d/o Earl COFELL (b. Blenheim Ont) & Maud LOTT, witn: Lulu COFELL & Mrs. B.H. ROBINSON, both of Leamington, 17 Feb 1923 at Leamington
11517-23 Cecil Vere WOOD, 20, farmer, Gosfield South, same, s/o Arthur WOOD (b. Co. Galway Ireland) & Cecilia SQUIRE, married Pearl Irene ROWLEY, 21, Gosfield South, Mersea, d/o Thomas ROWLEY (b. Wales) & Estella COWELL, witn: Blake ROWLEY of Leamington & Loraine KLIE of Harrow, 20 Feb 1923 at 1st Con of Mersea twp 11533-23 Asa WOODWISS, 21, farmer, Colchester South, same, s/o Thomas WOODWISS (b. Colchester South) & Mary FLOYDE, married Hannah Elizabeth EEDE, 18, Colchester South, same, d/o Leonard EEDE (b. Colchester South) & Mabel ATKINS, witn: Malcolm EEDE & Roy FORD, both of Harrow, 15 Dec 1923 at Harrow
11529-23 Stanley WOOLLAMS, 20, machinist, England, Detroit, s/o John WOOLLAMS (b. England) & Sophie BUNNAGE? (Brunage?), married Pearl Mary CORNWALL, 20, stenographer, Amherstburg, Detroit, d/o Percy CORNWALL (b. Canada) & Agnes BRATT, witn: Mrs. James CLARK & Anthony George WOOLLAMS, both of Amherstburg, 28 April 1923 at Amherstburg 11519-23 Lloyd Vivian WORKMAN, 25, embalmer, Wilwood Mich. Thornloe Ont., s/o Swithan WORKMAN (b. Michigan) & Maude FRITZ, married Caroline Ann HEMMELION, 27, Michigan, Flint Mich., d/o John HEMMELION (b. New York) & Mary KUHL, witn: James W. LORNE of 122 Askin Ave & Mrs. Agnes MILLER of 110 Askin Ave., 14 Feb 1923 at 110 Askin Ave., Sandwich
11561-23 William Peter WRIDE, 47, widower, laborer, Malden twp., Leamington, s/o William Peter WRIDE (b. New York), married Annie May HOUSTON, 36, widow, house keeper, Mersea twp., Kingsville, d/o James CASSEL (b. Ottawa) & Sarah Jane CARALLS?, witn: Clifford CASSELS of Leamington & Louisa WARE of Kingsville, 30 May 1923 at Kingsville 11543-23 Wilmot Lloyd WRIGHT, 24, druggist, Blackstock Ont., Windsor, s/o William Robert WRIGHT (b. Ontario) & Caroline SOULEY, married Edna Marie WITHERDEN, 23, London Ont, Sandwich, d/o Edwin WITHERDEN (b. Ontario) & Mary GLOVER, witn: Mrs. Agla BUTLER of Walkerville & H.M. PAULIN of Windsor, 3 Sept 1923 at Walkerville
11522-23 Roy Robert WRIGHT, 22, laborer, Ontario, Sandwich, so Richard Anderson WRIGHT (b. Ontario) & Effie Sophia SAGER, married Edna Lillian LESPERANCE, 15, Windsor, same, d/o Moses Louis LESPERANCE (b. Ontario) & Sarah OUELLETTE, witn: Herve & Marie RAYMOND of 466 Dufferin Place in Windsor & Mrs. Fannie BEAHAN of 1073 Wyandotte St. in Windsor, 10 Jan 1923 at Russell St., Sandwich 11556-23 Henry Mervyn WRIGHT, 30, minister, Raleigh twp., same, s/o Thomas WRIGHT (b. Durham) & Charlotte WORKMAN, married Amelia Joanna COX, 29, Leamington, same, d/o W. D. COX (b. Goderich) & Anna DOWNING, witn: Mrs. Meryle McLELLAN of 386 Philip Ave in Detroit & Fred WHITTAKER of Toronto, 27 June 1923 at Leamington
11527-23 Delbert Victor WYATT, 22, farmer, Gosfield North, same, s/o Sydney WYATT (b. Springville NY ) & Annie JACKSON, married Irene NOBLE, 22, house keeper, Gosfield South, same, d/o David NOBLE (b. Gosfield South) & Elmira Elizabeth SQUIRES, witn: David NOBLE of RR2 Ruthven & S. L. MILLAR of Essex, 19 April 1923 at Essex 11563-23 Frederick YOUNG, 26, mechanic, London Ont., 175 Candle Ave in Detroit, s/o Fred YOUNG (b. Ontario) & Minnie TRACEY, married Nora O'CONNOR, 22, England, 205 Dalhousie St., d/o Dennis O'CONNOR (b. England) & Louisa PRESTON, witn: William Irwin & Eva Nesbit OLDS of Detroit, 12 Aug 1923 at Walkerville
11564-23 Stephen ZANKUTOWICH, 23, machinist, Winnipeg, Windsor, s/o Michel ZANKUTOWICH (b. Austria) & Katherine PODWINSKA, married Victoria WOJCISCHOWSKA, 18, domestic, Winnipeg, Walkerville, d/o John WOJCISCHOWSKA (b. Austria) & Mary STANKOUSKA, witn: N. CHOP & R. SMORONY, both of 4724 Grandy Ave in Detroit, 15 Dec 1923 at Walkerville 11565-23 Harold Roscoe ZAVITZ, 28, fruit grower, Strathroy, Grimbsy, s/o Eliphalet ZAVITZ (b. Ontario) & Lizzie CHAPMAN, married Gertrude Mary STEED, 27, Essex Ont., 732 London St. in Windsor, d/o Beecham STEED (b. Ontario) & Marietta AGLA, witn: Gordon & Grace FORCE of 732 London St. West in Windsor, 24 May 1923 at Walkerville
11566-23 Frederick B. ZIMMERMAN, 45, widower, contractor, Hamilton, Essex House in Windsor, s/o Peter ZIMMERMAN (b. Ontario) & Marian DUFFY, married Cora CONQUERGOOD, 50, widow, Michigan, Westhope ND, d/o Chauncey VAN WARINER (b. Michigan) & Harriet McNEICE, witn: Margaret TRIPP & Mabel SINCLAIR, both of Walkerville, 17 Nov 1923 at Walkerville