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10151-23 Wilfred ABRAHAMS, 29, Ontario, Dresden, s/o Charles ABRAHAMS (b. USA) & Bessie CARR, married Mary COULTER, 21, Ontario, Dover Centre, d/o George COULTER (b. Canada) & Rebecca IRWIN, witn: Linda McEWEN & Mrs. W. A. WALDEN, both of London St. West in Windsor, 29 Aug 1923 at Windsor 10145-23 George Mortimer ACKER, 31, clerk, Ohio, 106 Wash Ave in Lorraine Ohio, s/o James Henry ACKER (b. Ohio) & Mary BULMER, married Etta Ruth CHAMBERLAIN, 29, Wisconsin, Elyssia? Ohio, d/o George Henry CHAMBERLAIN (b. USA) & Etta Catherine MYERDOSE?, witn: Laura EARP of All Saints Rectory & Arthur BOLTON of Langlois Ave in Windsor, 25 Oct. 1923 at Windsor
10147-23 Joseph AIELLO, 23, fruit dealer, Detroit, 1907 E. Cor--? in Detroit, s/o Francesco AIELLO (b. Italy) & Francesca MOCERI, married Justine MOCERI, 18, Italy, 1052 Hastings in Detroit, d/o Joseph MOCERI (b. Italy) & Concetta LOCRICCHIO?, witn: Joseph MAZZOLA & Rosalie BOLOGNE, both of Detroit, 4 Oct. 1923 at Windsor 10138-23 Joseph ALBANO, 29, laborer, Italy, 524 Pitt St. in Windsor, s/o James ALBANO (b. Italy) & Katrina SALERNI, married Dorothy JOHNSON, 22, England, 524 Pitt St., d/o John JOHNSON (b. England) & Jennie MILLER, witn: Alfonso & Lucia AULLI? (Arilli?) of Windsor, 12 March 1923 at Windsor
10160-23 Francis Truman ALEXANDER, 41 in July next, machinist, Ontario, 330 Goyeau St. in Windsor, s/o Francis ALEXANDER (b. Ont) & Victoria Fredericka (deceased), married Stella Maud JACKSON, 45, Leamington Ont., 238 Gladstone Ave in Windsor, d/o Ephraim JACKSON (b. Leamington) & Jemima? (Joarina?) MAINS, witn: Inez DAVIS of 1828 Giles Blvd & Sarah Ann CATIN? of 512 Niagara St. in Windsor, 2 June 1923 at 1828 Giles Blvd., Windsor 10164-23 Joseph Gabriel ALLARD, 25, laborer, Belle River, Windsor, s/o Noah ALLARD & Emily GRONDIN, married Mabel ARQUETTE, 18, Windsor, same, d/o Israel ARQUETTE & Zuville PARENT, witn: Louis & Violet ARQUETTE of 8 Tecumseh Rd in Windsor, 13 Sept 1923 at Windsor
10137-23 William B. ALLEN, 52, widower, laborer, Colchester North, Amherstburg, s/o Benjamin ALLEN (b. Georgia US) & Nancy CHAVES, married Annie HARPER, 46, widow, of Amherstburg, d/o William D'LYON (b. Georgia US) & Sally C. BROOKS, witn: Ione BIRD & Mary SIMS, both of Windsor, 16 May 1923 at Windsor 10153-23 Lloyd Wallace ALLEN, 39, widower, blacksmith, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Thomas ALLEN (b. England) & Elizabeth LARABIE, married Margaret Irene SIDLE (or Siddle, both given), 23, Ontario, Blenheim, d/o Jack SIDDEL (sic) & Lena JOHNSTON, witn: John & M. R. PEPPIN of 1112 Church St. in Windsor, 1 Aug 1923 at Windsor
10139-23 Ernest ALLSOP, 27, locomotive machinist, England, 407 Glengarry in Windsor, s/o Job Ernest ALLSOP (b. England) & Florence BARRETT, married Elsie SOMMERVILLE, 27, Scotland, 335 Dougall in Windsor, d/o Alex SOMMERVILLE (b. Scotland) & Margaret LINDSAY, witn: Mrs. A. E. & Mr. Albert WATTS of 151 Sandwich St., 29 Jan 1923 at Windsor 10154-23 Norman ANDERSON, 25, machinist, York England, 321 Church St. in Windsor, s/o Henry ANDERSON (b. England) & Ann WINTERBURN, married Marguerite Nellie VON ARX, 29, Switzerland, 321 Church St. in Windsor, d/o Victor VON ARX (b. Switzerland) & Emma BOURGUIN, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 25 July 1923 at Windsor
10161-23 Hugh Bittle ANDERSON, 29, mechanic, Columbus Ohio, RR2 Essex, s/o William ANDERSON (b. USA) & Jennie BITTLE, married Hazel Fern WILLEY, 22, Toledo Ohio, 1212 Colborne St. in Toledo Ohio, d/o Frank WILLEY (b. Ohio) & Levenia HINE, witn: Mrs. Adrian E. & A. E. CASEY of 315 W. Central Ave in Toledo, 2 June 1923 at Windsor 10155-23 John ANDERSON, 31, brakesman, Ontario, Port Arthur, s/o John ANDERSON (b. Finland) & Minnie RAASI, married Esther HOLGREN, 23, Sweden, Stanley Ont., d/o John HOLGREN (b. Sweden) & Christena, witn: Robert J. CAMPBELL of 828 Bruce Ave & H. Y. C. HEIRONT? of 482 Church St. in Windsor, 21 July 1923 at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Windsor
10157-23 James ANDREWS, 26, carpenter, New Brunswick, 574 Janet Ave in Windsor, s/o Abram ANDREWS (b. New Brunswick) & Marjorie FAGIAN, married Kathleen THOMPSETT, 18, England, 331 Goyeau St. in Windsor, d/o James THOMPSETT (b. England) & Margaret SHINE (Shires?), witn: Miss E. G. MISDER & P. J.S. THOMPSETT, both of Windsor, 20 June 1923 at Windsor 10149-23 Abraham ANDREWS, 50, widower, St. John NB, 504 1/2 Brock St. in Sandwich, s/o James ANDREWS (b. Ireland) & Bethiah PATTERSON, married Jane RAWLINS, 42, England, Windsor, d/o Joseph RAWLINGS (b. England) & Betsy HAMMOND, witn: James ANDREWS of 331 Goyeau St. & Percy RAWLINGS of Detroit, 1 Sept 1923 at Windsor
10141-23 Norman Charles ARMITAGE, 24, machinist, Lindsay Ontario, Detroit, s/o Elias ARMITAGE (b. Chicago) & Hattie FRYER, married Kathleen MARACLE, 18 (on 19 April 1923), Toronto, 105 York St. in Toronto, d/o Ira MARACLE (b. Deseronto) & Bertha CULBERTSON, witn: Margaret SMITH & Jessie THOMAS, both of Windsor, 27 Jan 1923 at Windsor 10159-23 William A. ARMSTRONG, 21, farmer, Embro Ont., Walkerville, s/o George ARMSTRONG (b. Ont) & Ethel TIZZARD, married Myrtle Ada WARD, 18 [accompanied by old friend of family], Grey Ontario, Moncton Ont., d/o Henry WARD (b. Ont) & Marguerite SUTTER, witn: Gerald A. ATWELL of 821 Victoria Ave in Windsor & Mabel PAULIN of Windsor, 16 June 1923 at Windsor
10150-23 Theodore ARNOLD, 33, carpenter, Poland, 751 Pierre in Windsor, s/o Gust ARNOLD (b. Poland) & Amelia ZEMAN, married Elsie HERZOG, 27, Poland, 751 Pierre in Windsor, d/o Andrew HERZOG (b. Poland) & Christian HOFSETS, witn: Minnie BOOMER & A. G. BURRELL, both of Windsor, 28 Aug 1923 at Windsor 10156-23 George Johnston ARNOLD, 28, England, Walkerville Dairy Farm - Sandwich twp., s/o George William ARNOLD (b. England) & Agnes Jane JOHNSTON, married Marion Louise HOLLERMAN, 33, operator, Ontario, Brantford, d/o Richard Ferdinand HOLLERMAN (b. Germany) & Lois PETTIT, witn: M. M. DILLON of Windsor & Alice WARNER of the Rectory, Windsor, 5 July 1923 at Windsor
10158-23 Ira Kilbourne ARNOTT, 28, cost accountant, London Ont., 1149 Patterson Ave in Windsor, s/o George Henry ARNOTT (b. Canada) & Myrtle Lucinda GARDINER, married Charlotte Louise RICHARDS, 25, Windsor, 475 Janet Ave., d/o William F. RICHARDS (b. Canada) & Mary HOUSTON, witn: Helen RICHARDS of 475 Janet Ave & Harold FAHRNER of Royal Oak, 18 June 1923 at Windsor 10146-23 John Clifford ASHBURY, 23, tool maker, Toronto, Windsor, s/o John Frank ASHBURY (b. Ont) & Margaret HILL, married Elizabeth May FRASER, 21, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John FRASER (b. Scotland) & Mary WILSON, witn: William ROGERS of 741 Goyeau St. & Mrs. L. C. KEELY of 1088 Howard Ave., 18 Aug 1923 at "my residence", 1059 Howard, Windsor
10162-23 Harold ASTON, 24, mechanic, England, 917 Gladstone in Windsor, s/o Thomas ASTON (b. England) & Esther EDWARDS, married Lillian BRYDGES, 16, Paris Ont., 110 Lincoln Rd in Walkerville, d/o Percy BRYDGES (b. England) & Sarah RUSSELL, witn: Sarah J. BRYDGES of Walkerville & Henry W. ASTON of Windsor, 15 May 1923 at Windsor 10142-23 Henry Wilfred ASTON, 22, mechanic, Smethwick England, 110 Lincoln Rd in Walkerville, s/o Thomas ASTON (b. England) & Esther EDWARDS, married Lucy HUNT, 17, domestic, Skegness England, May Ave in Windsor, d/o Ernest Elwood HUNT (b. England) & Betsy Ann GOLSTHORPE, witn: Harold ASTON of 110 Lincoln Rd in Walkerville & Francis LEADBETTER of 425 May Ave in Windsor, 31 March 1923 at St. Georges illegible Church, Windsor
10148-23 Joseph William ATKINSON, 42, stationary engineer, England, 116 Windsor Ave in Windsor, s/o George ATKINSON (b. England) & Jane SINGLETON, married Maggie GRADY, 38, widow, Scotland, 719 Albert St. in Windsor, d/o James BRODIE (b. Scotland) & Mary SCANDLIN, witn: M. L. PAULIN of Windsor & Catherine CAMPBELL of Sandwich, 12 Oct. 1923 at Windsor 10144-23 George Clifford ATKINSON, 19, baker, Port Dover, 1205 London St. West in Windsor, s/o George M. ATKINSON (b. Ont) & Ella ATKINSON, married Marjorie RANDLES, 19 on next 23 Dec, Manitoba, 348 Mauketa? St. in Windsor, d/o Edward RANDLES (b. Ont) & Ada FREEMAN, witn: Mrs. A? WALDEN & Mrs. S. E. FAIRBAIRN, both of 919 London St. West, 11 Dec 1923 at Windsor
10143-23 John George AUKETT, 23, car oiler on CNR, London England, Walkerville, s/o John George AUKETT (b. London England) & Alice BOOTH, married Eliza Rose GIPP, 21, London England, 73 Cameron Ave in Windsor, d/o George James GIPP (b. London England) & Sarah Ann KENT, witn: James HUMPHRIES of 225 Curry Ave & Elizabeth PILE of 39 Wyandotte St. E., 29 Dec 1923 at Windsor 10152-23 Sydney AUKLAND, 25, fireman, England, Detroit, s/o Ephraim AUKLAND (b. England) & Clara BOWCOCK, married Winifred STANDING, 25, England, Windsor, d/o Charles STANDING (b. England) & Winnifred PARSONS, witn: Albert G. & Maude Mary GILHAM of Detroit, 18 Aug 1923 at Windsor
10163-23 Charles AVERY, 22, driver, Detroit, Windsor, s/o Richard AVERY & Louisa GAMMON, married Eva BASTIEN, 16, Windsor, same, d/o Clement BASTIEN & Josephine CAVANAUGH, witn: Elmer & Lillian BASTIEN of Windsor, 12 June 1923 at Windsor  
10205-23 Johnson Harold BAILEY, 26, farmer, Ontario, Chatham, s/o George L. BAILEY (b. Ont) & Marion ORR, married Grace LEE, 27, Ontario, Rolley twp - Kent (s/b Raleigh?), d/o William LEE (b. Ireland) & Annie MORROW, witn: Sadie CHARLEBOIS & Joseph STARCHIE?, both of Windsor, 1 Dec 1924 at Windsor 10220-23 George William BAILEY, 31, cashier, England, Windsor, s/o John BAILEY (b. England) & Isabella JEFFREY, married Ada Wallace STIRLING, 21, Scotland, Windsor, d/o James STIRLING (b. Scotland) & Christena WALLACE, witn: Chris SPINDELMAN of 201 Crawford Ave & Mabel PAULIN of Windsor, 15 Sept 1923 at Windsor
10198-23 Thomas BAILEY, 38, machinist, Ontario, Amherstburg, s/o Thomas BAILEY (b. Ont) & Lewina GOBLE, married Susie Elizabeth CAVANA, 31, Ontario, Amherstburg, d/o Joseph CAVANA (b. Canada) & Selanie DENAU?, witn: Laura EARP of All Saints Rectory & Arthur BOLTON of 209 Langlois Ave., 23 Oct. 1923 at Windsor 10206-23 Seymour R. BAILEY, 41, clerk, Michigan US, New Boston Mich., s/o John BAILEY (b. USA) & Mabel GREENWOOD, married Maud Elizabeth IRWIN, 35, Ontario, Chatham, d/o John R. IRWIN (b. Michigan) & Nancy CHAMBERS, witn: Hugh McSWEEN & Sadie CHARLEBOIS, both of Windsor, 30 Nov 1923 at Windsor

10229-23 Garnet Wolseley BAKER, 27, clerk, Gananoque, Windsor, s/o Thomas L. BAKER (b. St. John’s Newfoundland) & Mary C. HAYNES, married Marjory HENDERSON, 22, Scotland, Ottawa, d/o John HENDERSON (b. Scotland) & Susan COCKS, witn: Margaret SMITH & Jessie S. THOMAS both of Windsor on July 4, 1923 at Windsor.

10203-23 Robert Edmund Yarwood BALDWIN, 30, bank clerk, Toronto, 1049 Ouellette in Windsor, s/o Robert Willcocks BALDWIN (b. Toronto) & Mary Fleming ARMSTRONG, married Emma Ruth Sheppard GILLIES, 23, Ridgetown, 9 Giles Blvd in Windsor, d/o Henry Morton GILLIES (b. Ont) & Emma Ann WATTS, witn: A. BURKE of Knowles St. in Cleveland Ohio & John E. GILLIES of 9 Giles Blvd, 3 Oct. 1923 at Windsor

10256-23 Frederick Basil BANNON, 33, broker, Stratford, Windsor, s/o Patrick BANNON & Mary MURRAY, married Mary Jane MORRIS, 29, Sandwich, Windsor, d/o Patrick MORRIS & Nellie GASCO, witn: Marvella MORRIS & Joseph BANNON both of Windsor on July 24, 1923 at Windsor

10182-23 Joseph Louis BARANOSKY, 28, motor mechanic, Russia, 415 Perth Ave in Toronto, s/o Louis BARANOWSKY (b. Russia) & Mary BARANOSKA, married Isobel BEATTY, 20, Ottawa, Toronto, d/o Benjamin BEATTY (b. Ireland) & Martha CRAWFORD, witn: Irene MURTENS of 65 Chester Ave in Toronto & Laura EARP of All Saints Rectory in Windsor, 22 Feb 1923 at Windsor
10223-23 Frederick Richard BARDEN, 37, riding master, England, Hamilton, s/o Frederick BARDEN (b. England) & Frances BROWN, married Edith Isabel SANSUM?, 37, England, Northville Mich., d/o David Huffer SANSUM (b. England) & Mary Ann STILCK, witn: A. G. BURRELL & Mrs. W. M. BOOMER, both of Windsor, 22 Aug 1923 at Windsor 10184-23 William BARFELL, 43, salesman, Indiana, 323 S. 22nd St. in Columbus Ohio, s/o Ethias BARFELL (b. Ohio) & Mary Jane LARGE, married Mary BEACH, 38, widow, Ohio, 988 E. Main St. in Columbus Ohio, d/o Gotleb DAUM (b. Ohio) & Barbara CRIST, witn: Lillian KREIGHTON of Detroit & Mrs. L. S. NOICE of Lancaster Ohio, 14 Feb 1923 at Windsor
10197-23 Harry J. BARKLEY, 41, widower, furnace worker, USA, Detroit, s/o Edwin BARKLEY (sic) & Anna SULLIVAN , married Josephine OHLRICH, 42, widow, Detroit, Windsor, d/o Lewis BEAUDOIN & Phyllis ANTAYA, witn: Clara E. GROSE of 1579 Park View Ave in Detroit & Benjamin LUCAS of Oxford Rd. in Royal Oak Mich., 27 Oct 1923 at Windsor 10169-23 Charles W. BARNHARD, 19, Michigan, Muskegon Mich., s/o Frank H. BARNHARD (b. Michigan) & Matilda POPPS, married Grace Lillian POPPS, 22, Michigan, Muskegon Mich., d/o Sidney H. POPPS (b. Michigan) & Lillian YOUNG, witn: Margaret SMITH & A. E. EDGE, both of Windsor, 2 April 1923 at Windsor

10241-23 Arnold BARRETT, 24, metal finisher, Michigan, Windsor, s/o Frank L. BARRETT (b. Michigan) & Nellie CLOSS, married Alice MACY, 20, Wisconsin, Detroit, d/o William MACY (b. USA) & Lettie PHARES, witn: Mr. & Mrs. H. A. BENOIT both of Detroit on May 13, 1923 at Windsor.

10254-23 John BARRIE, 29, plumber, Scotland, Windsor, s/o James BARRIE & Mary FLYNN, married Annie Mary HEANEY, 29, Canada, Windsor, d/o William HEANEY & Margaret PRENDERGAST, witn: Beatrice RYAN of Montreal & William HEANEY of Windsor on July 19, 1923 at Windsor

  10190-23 Alwyn BARRY, 32, diamond setter, Toronto, same, s/o James BARRY (b. Ireland) & Frances GARDINER, married Betty Idella FINLEY, 27, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Albert FINLEY (b. Ireland) & Mary LOWRY, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS of Windsor & C. C. DONALDSON of Forest, 18 Dec 1923 at Windsor
10193-23 Robert Paul BARTSCHT, 27, window trimmer, Ohio, 814 N. Main St. in Findlay Ohio, s/o Gabriel M. BARTSCHT (b. Illinois) & Mary BECK, married Thelma May GLICK, 20, Ohio, resides with Aunt - Mrs. T. G. Histe of Kingsville Ont., d/o Harry GLICK (b. Ohio) & Florence FRANKS, wtn: C. Rose HAY of Toronto & Laura EARP of Windsor, 1 Nov 1923 at Windsor

10248-23 Charles BARWICK, 21, auto mechanic, Rosedale near Soo Michigan, Detroit Michigan, s/o Richard BARWICK & Annie Laura HOTCHKISS, married Irene MANERD, 19, Ste Marthe Quebec, Windsor, d/o Benjamin MANERD & Josephine ROSE, witn: Marie Rose DION & Joseph James LAFARD both of Windsor on Sept. 26, 1923 at Windsor

10235-23 John Thomas BATEMAN, 23, machinist, Hastings Co., Detroit USA, s/o Joseph BATEMAN (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann LISLE, married Lillian Charlotte SMITH, 21, England, Guelph, d/o Charles William SMITH (b. England) & Alice LOFT, witn: Alice WARNER & May C. FOTHERINGHAM both of Windsor on July 11, 1923 at Windsor

10176-23 William BAXTER Jr., 22, commercial traveller, Chatham, same, s/o Rufus W. BAXTER (b. Ont) & Isobel HORNE, married Freda Annette WANDS, 20, stenographer, Chatham, same, d/o George William WANDS (b. Ont) & Edith May HENDERSON, witn: Winifred BARRETT & Mabel PAULIN, both of Windsor, 15 March 1923 at Windsor

10250-23 Gilbert Andrew BAYARD, 29, accountant, Petrolia, Windsor, s/o Gilbert BAYARD & Anna POWER, married Caroline Mary SALEM, 33, Waterloo Co., Windsor, d/o Casper SALEM & Magdalin FRANZEL, witn: Enid Elizabeth CARTER of Detroit Mich. & William J. SALEM of Windsor on Oct. 24, 1923 at Windsor.

10221-23 Gordon Henry BAYLEY, 33, widower, superintendent, Ontario, Flint Mich., s/o William Thomas BAYLEY (b. England) & Margaret ANDERSON, married Mary Susan CLARK, 27, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Augustus CLARK (b. Ont) & Mary Ann MARTIN, witn: Blanche VERRAS? of St. Thomas & Hartley N. CLARK of Windsor, 29 Aug 1923 at Windsor

10234-23 Victor BEAUCHAMP, 36, ironworker, Hull Que., Windsor, s/o Oliver BEAUCHAMP & Elizabeth GAGNE, married Ernestienne BOURDAGES, 22, Prov. of Que, Hull Quebec, d/o Marcellin BOURDAGES (b. Quebec) & Francoise POIRIER, witn: J. B. SIMARD & J. B. BEAUCHAMP both of Windsor on June 27, 1923 at Windsor.

10252-23 George BEINE, 30, laborer, Gustareva Russia, Ford Ont., s/o George BEINE & Catharine SZPECHT, married Zenovi ZACHAREWICZ, 29, Szkudy Russia, Ford Ont., d/o Stephen ZACHAREWICZ & Catharine IGORWNS, witn: Agatha UBELL & Joseph SMITH both of Ford Ont. on June 9, 1923 at Windsor

10239-23 Alphonse BELANGER, 41, tailor, Prov. Quebec, Windsor, s/o Joseph BELANGER (b. Quebec) & Virginie GOODREAU, married Ermina McDONALD, 46, Ontario, Windsor, d/o William McDONALD (b. Ontario) & Anna McQUARRIE, witn: Sarah GRAY & Mary BOND both of Windsor on June 6, 1923 at Windsor

10246-23 Cerias BELANGER, 24, machinist, Montreal, same, s/o Cerias BELANGER (b. Canada) & Blanche LEFRANCOIS, married Mary Rose LEBLOND, 23, Montreal, same, d/o Charles LEBLOND (b. Canada) & Leysoldine PELLETIER, witn: James E. DEIR & Mrs Charlotte ROSIER both of Windsor on May 12, 1923 at Windsor.

10199-23 Edgar BELLEAU, 25, pressman, Ottawa, Detroit, s/o Laurent A. BELLEAU (b. Quebec Que.) & Marie DUQUET, married Rose LIRETTE, 21, maid, Chenierville Quebec, 33 Melrose Ave in Ottawa, d/o Gilbert LIRETTE (b. Chenierville Que) & Wilsina ROBILLARD, witn: James DIER? & Mrs. Charlotte ROSIER, both of Windsor, 15 Oct. 1923 at Windsor

10225-23 Arthur Roland BENNETT, 29, foreman, Ontario, Indianapolis Ind. USA, s/o John William BENNETT (b. Ontario) & Emma LICHMAN, married Vera Maud CUTHBERT, 25, Ontario, Ford City Ont., d/o John Andrew CUTHBERT (b. Ontario) & Alice Blanche JOHNSTON, witn: Vivian May CUTHBERT of Ford & Ralph E. BENNETT of Windsor on Aug. 14, 1923 at Windsor.

10201-23 Alfred Charles BERRY, 25, electrician, England, Windsor, s/o Alfred Charles BERRY (b. England) & Jane TURNER, married Mabel HENRY, 18 (on 21 Sept 1923), Ontario, Windsor, d/o Fred HENRY (b. Canada) & Florence THAYER, witn: Mary & Ralph Floyd DAVIS of Marentette Ave in Windsor, 6 Oct. 1923 at All Saints Church, Windsor 10170-23 Emil BEYER, 26, electrician, Kitchener, 68 St. George St. in Kitchener, s/o Conrad BEYER (b. Germany) & Rebecca BORTH, married Frida BECK, 21, domestic, Essex Co., 125 Louisa St. in Kitchener, d/o George BECK (b. Canada) & Julia KNABB, witn: Mrs. H. B. FEHNER & Miss B. BRAUER, both of Windsor, 18 April 1923 at Windsor
10210-23 David BIANCHI, 29, hammer man, Italy, Ford City, s/o Angelo BANCHI (b. Italy) & "don't know - in Italy, groom out fourteen years", married Edna IRWIN, 28, Brockville Ont., 1154 Albert Rd in Ford City, d/o Thomas IRWIN (b. Ireland) & Henrietta FLORA?, witn: James OTTWEIN & Amelia OLIVER, both of Windsor, 2 Oct 1923 at Windsor

10237-23 Clarence K. BISHOP, 57, real estate, divorced, Michigan, Thorise Village Michigan, s/o Benjamin BISHOP & Annie STEVENS, married Carrie Wyers BISHOP, 60, divorced, Chatham, Thorise Village Michigan, d/o Richard WYERS & Susan POTTER, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH both of Windsor on June 6, 1923 at Windsor.

10217-23 James Frank BIXLER, 34, automobile inspector, Indiana US, Nashville Ind., s/o John H. BIXLER (b. Columbus Ohio) & Anna DEPEW, married Mary Rosetta FISHER, 29, Ridgetown, Windsor, d/o John FISHER (b. Ont) & Ida Elizabeth DODMAN, witn: Vera C. KAUFMAN of Michigan & D. B. FISHER of Windsor, 19 Sept 1923 at Windsor

10257-23 Charles Edward BLANCHETTE, 25, clerk, Three Rivers Que., Windsor, s/o Armand BLANCHETTE & Amanda MAILLOUX, married Philienne Marie LAFRAMBOISE, 18, McGregor Ont., Windsor, d/o Albert LAFRAMBOISE & Lodorine JEAN, witn: Marie Anna BLANCHETTE of Windsor & Ernest LA FOREST of Detroit Michigan on Sept. 18, 1923 at Windsor

10204-23 Arthur Edward BLEWETT, 22, cableman, St. Thomas, 17 Crawford Ave in Windsor, s/o Charles BLEWETT (b. Ont) & Nellie PRESTON, married Florence NANTAU, 20, salesclerk, Windsor, 658? Goyeau St. in Windsor, d/o Joseph NANTAU (b. Ont) & Agnes CLEMENT, witn: F. & Agnes NANTAU (parents) of Goyeau St. in Windsor, 2 Oct. 1923 at All Saints Church, Windsor 10172-23 Frederick Emil BLITZ, 33, carpenter, England, 2334 E. Grand Blvd in Detroit, s/o Theodore BLITZ (b. England) & Annie E. STRANGE, married Constance Mae STRANGE, 22, England, YWCA on Hubbard Ave in Detroit, d/o George STRANGE (b. England) & Emily LUMLEY, witn: Mrs. W. M. BOOMER & Laura EARP, both of Windsor, 4 April 1923 at Windsor
10174-23 Joseph Laurie BLONDE, 21, switchman, Bothwell, Detroit, s/o Alex BLONDE (b. Canada) & Josephine LACHINE, married Mildred LITTLE, 19, Bothwell, 131 Forest Ave in Chatham, d/o James LITTLE (b. Canada) & Margaret McGEE, witn: P. R. SMITH & Jessie S. THOMAS, both of Windsor, 15 March 1923 at Windsor 10191-23 Albert Edward S. BLOOMFIELD, 25, porter, England, Windsor, s/o Albert BLOOMFIELD (b. England) & Elizabeth BRADDICK, married Florence Hazel BRUNER, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Thomas BRUNER (b. Ont) & Sinthia REID, witn: Henry J. BLOOMFIELD of 1682 Louis Ave & Doris F. HEAD of 1085 Louis Ave, 22 Dec 1923 at Windsor
10202-23 James Thorp BLYTH, 23, clerk, Melita Manitoba, 89 Laurier Ave in Ottawa, s/o Walter Geggie BLYTH (b. Ottawa) & Harriet Ellen GRAHAM, married Francis Townley BENETAUX, 23, USA, Detroit, d/o Eugene BENETAUX (b. USA) & Blanche MORLEY (Monley?), witn: Ruth SRIGLEY & Merle PICKARD, both of Windsor, 8 Sept 1923 at Windsor

10227-23 George BOLDERSTON, 28, truck driver, Toronto, same, s/o James BOLDERSTON (b. England) & Alice HUGHES, married Selena May JEFFERY, 22, Toronto, same, d/o John Adams JEFFERY (b. England) & Sarah COLDWILL, witn: Edward & Mrs E. A. FITZGERALD both of Detroit Michigan USA on July 25, 1923 at Windsor

10230-23 Albert William BOND, 24, sheet metal worker, England, Windsor, s/o William Francis BOND (b. England) & Violet FRASER, married Violet MASON, 22, England, Windsor, d/o James M. MASON (b. Scotland) & Sarah Elizabeth WILLIAMS, witn: Richard & Mrs. R. WILLIAMS both of Windsor, on July 2, 1923 at Windsor.

10212-23 Arthur Francis BOND, 30, Ford Motor employee, Toronto, 200 Dougall Ave in Windsor, s/o Alfred BOND (b. Ottawa) & Josephine LOMAX, married Mandy Catherine RUPERT, 31, Cornwall Ont., 145 Hall Ave in Windsor, d/o Beaque? RUPERT (b. Ont) & Georgean WERELEY, witn: Wesley Coderry? RUPERT & Grace Edna Ann McLEAN?, both of Windsor, 22 Sept 1923 at Windsor

10249-23 Otto Joseph BONDY, 26, postman, St Joachim, Sandwich, s/o Joseph BONDY & Celina DEMARSE, married Harriet Marie TOURANGEAU, 26, Windsor, Sandwich, d/o Clement TOURANGEAU & Elmire MAJOR, witn: Edith TOURANGEAU of Windsor & Joseph REAUME of Tilbury on Oct. 16, 1923 at Windsor

10222-23 Daniel BONK, 34, laborer, Russia, Ford City, s/o Max BONK (b. Russia) & Anastatia WOLOSHEN, married Marie SKALUBRISKA, 40, widow, Austria, Ford City, d/o John TAMECHKA (b. Austria) & Annie LEATYN, witn: Pete ANTONIK of Ford City & H.R.C.S. STEWART of Windsor, 24 Aug 1923 at Windsor

10240-23 Alfred John BOOKER Jr., 25, cutter, England, Windsor, s/o Alfred John BOOKER (b. England) & Annie ROGERS, married Amy HORTON, 26, England, Windsor, d/o George HORTON & Rose SMITH, witn: Florence HORTON & John BOOKER both of Windsor on June 2, 1923 at Windsor

10214-23 Thomas Edgar BOORMAN, 22, pattern maker, England, 787 Lansdowne Ave in Toronto, s/o Edgar BOORMAN (b. England) & Alice PAGE, married Cleta Pearl KNIGHT, 21, Ontario, 213 Wallace Ave., d/o Ernest KNIGHT (b. Ont) & Kathleen CARTER, witn: Arthur BOLTON of 209 Langlois Ave in Windsor & Alice WARNER of 318 Windsor Ave.., 22 Sept 1923 at Windsor
10189-23 Robert BOOTH, 30, widower, miler, Terre Haute Indiana, Sandwich Ont. ( for 2 yrs), s/o Joseph BOOTH (b. Ohio) & Emma THORNE, married Sylvia JEPKE, 26, Detroit, Sandwich Ont (for 1 yr), d/o Johan JEPKE (b. Poland) & Marie JEPKE, witn: Alice WARNE & Laura EARP, both of All Saints Rectory Windsor, 9 Jan 1923 at Windsor

10244-23 Richard Lyle BOOTH, 21, stationery engineer, Cleveland Ohio, Windsor, s/o Richard M. BOOTH (b. New York State) & Emma NORTHOVER, married Florida G. MAILLOUX, 18, Tilbury, Windsor, d/o Harry A. MAILLOUX (b. Prov of Quebec) & Mary MARCHAND, witn: Melvin BROPHY & Alma GARRARD both of Windsor on May 12, 1923 at Windsor

10215-23 Jesse Leonard BOSTON, 21, rubber worker, Per--? - West Virginia, London St. East in Windsor, s/o Ed BOSTON (b. USA) & Rillie KANE, married Mary Alice GARMAN, 19, Fallen Timber? Penn., d/o Harvey GARMAN (b. USA) & Lecty RUFFNEL, witn: Mrs. Rillie BOSTON & Marie A. HOPP, both of Akron Ohio, 1 Sept 1923 at Windsor 10207-23 Gideon Marcel BOUCHARD, 27, farmer, Bedford Mass., 423 Janet Ave in Windsor, s/o Gideon BOUCHARD (b. Quebec) & Delina BRASSEUR, married Mary Ann GOYER, 19, Standish Mich., 423 Janet Ave, d/o Adelard GOYER (b. USA) & Clephire VALLEE, witn: Edward & Bertha GOYER of Windsor, 27 Nov 1923 at Windsor
10219-23 Mackool Kalil BOULAS, 23, machinist, Syria, Detroit, s/o Kalil BOULAS (b. Syria) & Sonsan HADDAD, married Annie BOULAS, 18, Lansing Mich., Detroit, d/o George BOULAS (b. Syria) & Marie RAHALL, witn: Abraham C. HADDAD & Gahia FARHARD, both of Detroit, 18 Aug 1923 at Windsor

10247-23 Arthur Joseph BOUTETTE, 19, laborer, Windsor, same, s/o Albert J. BOUTETTE & Mary KOLICOWSKY, married Mabel KAVANAUGH, 19, Loiselleville, Windsor, d/o Michael KAVANAUGH & Josephine FIELDS, witn: Teresa & Frank FIELDS both of Windsor on Aug. 8, 1923 at Windsor.

10194-23 Alphonse Louis BOUTETTE, 23, automobile trimmer, Windsor, 123 Cameron Ave in Windsor, s/o Michael BOUTETTE (b. Ont) & Lena LAFAVE, married Rose WALKER, 19, London England, 600 South St. in Sandwich, d/o James WALKER (b. England) & Louise TAYLOR, witn: Orval SMITH & Isabel PARENT, both of Windsor, 3 Nov 1923 at Windsor

10258-23 Theodore Joseph BOUTETTE, 19, banking, Windsor, same, s/o Albert BOUTETTE & Mary KALMOWSKIA, married Bertha Elizabeth SOULLIERE, 18, Belle River, Windsor, d/o David SOULLIERE & Louisa MAILLOUX, witn: Lottie C. CAMPEAU & Arthur BOUTETTE both of Windsor on April 18, 1923 at Windsor.

10232-23 George Frederick BOVEY, 34, teamster, Owen Sound, Windsor, s/o Irvine W. H. BOVEY (b. Ontario) & Emily Ann HALL, married Agnes Isabel CHARLTON, 31, widow, Southampton, Windsor, d/o John James THOMPSON (b. Scotland) & Florence WATKINS, witn: George Alfred & Hilda COPELAND both of Windsor on July 18, 1923 at Windsor

10173-23 David Fergus BOYD, 21, machinist, Scotland, Windsor, s/o William BOYD (b. Scotland) & Margaret FERGUS, married Daisy STEWART, 17, England, Windsor, d/o James STEWART (b. Scotland) & Rosalind RADFORD, witn: Georgina & Charles MULLIGAN of Windsor, 24 March 1923 at Windsor

10226-23 Charles Franklin BOYNTON, 49, widower, traveller, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John BOYNTON (b. England) & Maria VICERY, married Frances WILSON, 40, widow, England, Windsor, d/o James MOORE (b. England) & Emily JOEL, witn: J. E. EARLE & Alma G. ALLEN both of Windsor on Aug. 16, 1923 at Windsor

10243-23 James Francis BRADDOCK, 26, printer, England, Windsor, s/o Timothy BRADDOCK (b. England) & Mary BRETT, married Kathleen Annie THORNTON, 26, Canada, Windsor, d/o Samuel THORNTON (b. Canada) & Kathleen COLE, witn: Mabel PAULIN & Winifred BARNETT both of Windsor on May 10, 1923 at Windsor.

10231-23 John BRAGG, 38, machinist, England, Windsor, s/o Henry BRAGG (b. England) & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, married Alice BROWN, 34, England, Windsor, d/o Edward John BROWN (b. England) & Mary Jane PARKER, witn: Mary & J. KELLY both of Windsor on July 14, 1923 at Windsor.

10208-23 Fred BRAMHALL, 43, widower, contractor, England, 142 Oak Ave in Windsor, s/o Thomas William BRAMHALL (b. England) & Martha DIGGLE, married Martha WOODRUFF, 43, England, 1063 Shaw St. in Toronto, d/o George WOODRUFF (b. England) & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, witn: C. SLOAN of 143 Isabella St. in Toronto & Laura EARP of Windsor, 19 Nov 1923 at Windsor
10185-23 Thomas BRATT, 55, widower, laborer, Colchester South twp., 214 Aylmer Ave in Windsor, s/o James BRATT (b. England) & Eliza MARENTETTE, married Annie BAILEY, 48, widow, Malden twp., Montmoreine? St. in Windsor, d/o John FRENCH? (Hurch?) & Esther SHAY, witn: H. Bryan GILBERT of 907 Gladstone Ave & Howard W. BAILEY of 1436 Highland Ave., 15 Feb 1923 at Windsor

10245-23 Antonio BRAZEAU, 22, furnace man, Rockland Ont., Windsor, s/o Jean Baptiste BRAZEAU (b. Ontario) & Delia PILON, married Rose Mary PERREAULT, 18, Quebec, Windsor, d/o Augustus PERRAULT (b. Quebec) & Rosalie SAUCIE, witn: Joseph ROBITAILLE & Augustus PERRAULT both of Windsor on May 15, 1923 at Windsor.

10236-23 Henry BREWIS, 25, Univ. Prod. Co. employee, England, Brockville, s/o Mary BREWIS (father unknown sic), married Rilla Bernadette DUMONT, 20, Alexandria Bay New York USA, Brockville, d/o Thomas E. DUMONT (b. Canada) & Ella KINSELLA, witn: Arthur BOLTON & Alice WARNE both of Windsor on June 23, 1923 at Windsor.

10195-23 Francis Robert BRIGGS-JUDE, 24, farmer, England, 138 Jarvis St., s/o Robert Arthur BRIGGS-JUDE (b. England) & Catherine Isabel MURRAY, married Lillian Irene BERRY, 22, book keeper, Ontario, Dunnville, d/o John Thomas BERRY (b. Ont) & Helen WATSON, witn: Doris LAWSON & Hilda DICKS, both of Belle River, 17 Nov 1924 at All Saints Church, Windsor
10175-23 Samuel George BRIGHT, 40, vet. surgeon, Lambton Co., Chatham, s/o Leonard BRIGHT (b. Canada) & Eliza EDWARDS, married Pearl Minerva SMITH, 29, Camden twp., Chatham, d/o Charles SMITH (b. Canada) & Johanna ESCOTT, witn: Idella RADER & Mabel PAULIN, both of Windsor, 10 March 1923 at Windsor 10171-23 John McLean BRODIE, 22, automobile worker, Glasgow Scotland, formerly Brockville Ont. - now Detroit, s/o James (Joseph?) Anderson BRODIE (b. Scotland) & Margaret McLEAN, married Vera Naomi WETHERELL, 19, Brockville, same, d/o Lincoln Roy (Ray?) WETHERELL (b. New York) & Mary Jane WARREN, witn: H. M. WATSON & Jean BRODIE, both of Brockville, 21 April 1923 at Windsor
10183-23 Nereo BROMBAL, 27 in next May, machinist, Italy, McEwan Ave in Windsor, s/o Angelo BROMBAL (b. Italy) & Teresa DEBORTALI, married Johanna LAUSCH (Lansch?), 21 next May, Germany, McEwan Ave in Windsor, d/o Ernest R. LAUSCH (b. Germany) & Anna M. FUNK, witn: Richard F. LAUSCH & Mrs. M. DAPRA, both of Windsor, 17 Feb 1923 at Windsor 10179-23 Lewis Frederick BROOKER, 18, machinist, Cottam, RR1 Cottam, s/o Fred BROOKER (b. Cottam) & Nora C. KAY, married Lulla Alberta BARLOW, 19, clerk, Essex, Box 41 in Essex, d/o Henry H. BARLOW (b. North Ridge Ont) & Isabella Jane LEWIS, witn: Mary E. MARTIN & Jessie S. THOMAS, both of Windsor, 6 March 1923 at Windsor
10187-23 Thurman Albert BROOKS, 21, machinist, Indiana US, Windsor, s/o Clark BROOKS (b. USA) & Shellana GALLION, married Loretta Marion LINCOURT, 19, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Hilaire LINCOURT (b. Canada) & Amanda BACON, witn: William R. McLEAN of 826 Assumption St. & Dora GIGNAC of 613 Pierre Ave., 27 Jan 1923 at Windsor 10181-23 Lawrence Hilary BROOKS, 26, Ontario, Leamington, s/o Elwood BROOKS (b. Ont) & Mary BUCHANAN, married Gertrude LOOP, 19, Ontario, Leamington, d/o Leonard LOOP (b. Ont) & Isabel JONES, witn: W. BARRETT & Idella RADER, both of Windsor, 1 March 1923 at Windsor
10168-23 Cecil BROPHEY, 25, clerk, Windsor, same, s/o Thomas BROPHEY (b. Ont) & Pauline THOMPSON, married Elizabeth P. S. TAYLOR, 24, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John TAYLOR (b. Scotland) & Margaret WILL, witn: Thomas OLIVER & Gladys BROPHEY, both of Lillian Ave in Windsor, 9 May 1923 at 1021 Elsmere Ave in Windsor (Salv. Army)

10224-23 Parkinson Wood BROPHEY, 23, machinist, Windsor, same, s/o Thomas BROPHEY (b. Ontario) & Pauline ORCHARD, married Minnie KOEHN, 23, Saginaw Michigan USA, Walkerville, d/o Herman KOEHN (b. USA) & Sophia PETERS, witn: Edith NANTOUS & Llewellyn BROPHEY both of Windsor on Aug. 18, 1923 at Windsor

10233-23 Charles Arthur BROWN, 29, mechanic, Owen Sound, Windsor, s/o Edward BROWN (b. Ontario) & Permilla BAILEY, married Mary Bertha MILLER, 17, Vermont, Windsor, d/o Frank L. MILLER (b. New York State) & Hosanna GRAVEL, witn: Beatrice & Alphons MILLER both of Windsor on July 16, 1923 at Windsor.

10213-23 Andrew Clinton BROWN, 22, steam fitter, Ohio US, RR3 Windsor, s/o Matthew Henry BROWN (b. USA) & Ella NICHOLS, married Lula Alice MACEY, 20, stenographer, Michigan US, 2281 Terry Ave in Detroit, d/o Richard Henry MACEY (b. USA) & Myra QUIMBY, witn: Amelia OLIVER & Anna M. HAMILTON, both of Windsor, 29 Sept 1923 at Windsor
10200-23 Richard Jones BROWN, 31, salesman, England, Church St. in Windsor, s/o Richard Jones BROWN (b. Wales) & Mary ELLIS, married Florence MURRAY, 28, bookkeeper, England, 771 Windsor Ave in Windsor, d/o George William MURRAY (b. England) & Nora Emma TAYLOR, witn: R. J. MURRAY of 1405 Erie St. in Windsor & Arthur BOLTON of 209 Langlois Ave., 10 Oct. 1923 at Windsor 10209-23 Edward Francis BROWN, 49, widower, laundry man, Massachusetts, 700 Erie St. in Windsor, s/o Charles BROWN (b. Mass. USA) & Eliz. MORGAN, married Mary Smith MORREN, 32, Scotland, 700 Erie St. in Windsor, d/o William Grant MORREN (b. Scotland) & Jane SMITH, witn: Mary McLaren WATSON of 63 Delaware Ave in Detroit & John CLARK of Windsor, 24 Nov 1923 at Windsor
10180-23 Robert N. BROWN, 43, painter & decorator, Leamington, same, s/o George BROWN (b. Leamington) & Maria BELCHER, married Vesta L. FREY, 42, widow, clerk, Fayette Ohio, Ann Arbor Mich., d/o Andrew FREY (b. Ohio) & Hannah JOHNSON, witn: Amelia & Mrs. OLIVER of Windsor, 7 March 1923 10186-23 John Alton BROWN, 25, sailor, Ontario, 464 Dougall Ave in Windsor, s/o John Fulton BROWN (b. Scotland) & Martha SUTTON, married Catherine Lena PARKS, 30, Ontario, 490 Goyeau St. in Windsor, d/o William Henry EMBURY (b. Ont) & Martha CRACKNELL, witn: David J. PILON of 464 Dougall Ave in Windsor & Marie FERRARI of 267 Walker Rd in Walkerville, 10 Feb 1923 at Windsor

10228-23 William BRUNELL, 25, machinist, USA, Windsor, s/o Levi BRUNELL (b. Canada) & Josephine TRUCKEY, married Gladys POOLE, 25, England, Windsor, d/o Robert POOLE (b. England) & Margaret PEASH, witn: George D. HARMON & Hazel HICKS both of Windsor on July 23 1923 at Windsor.

10165-23 Caleb BUCKENHAM, 57, widower, driver, England, Chatham, s/o Robert BUCKENHAM (b. England) & Martha GOODBODY, married Mary MEAD, 44, stenographer, Quebec, Windsor, d/o William MEAD (b. Canada) & Mary A. DUFFY, witn: Charles & Nellie TUITE of Windsor, 5 May 1923 at Windsor
10196-23 Albert William James BUCKLAND, 23, editor, Burks Falls Ont., London, s/o Caleb Henry BUCKLAND (b. Lemster? England) & Ellen Mary McGEAR, married Alberta Lillian SHARPE, 21, house keeper, Winnipeg, Windsor, d/o Albert James SHARPE (b. Lobo twp) & Harriet Mary MARSHALL, witn: Francis L. BUCKLAND of Toronto & Clara SHARPE of Detroit, 3 Nov 1923 at Windsor 10211-23 Ernest H. BUCKLAND, 27, customs appraiser, Powassan Ont., Chatham, s/o Caleb Henry BUCKLAND (b. England) & Ellen Mary McGEAR, married Myrtle Guttridge BAXTER, 21, Chatham, same, d/o Frank Eldridge BAXTER (b. Canada) & Floretta Helena GUTTRIDGE, witn: A. G. BURRELL & Minnie BOOMER, both of Windsor, 1 Sept 1923 at Windsor
10188-23 James BUCKLEY, 31, machinist, Derbyshire England, 229 Marentette Ave in Windsor, s/o Henry BUCKLEY (b. England) & Maria PAXSON, married Margaret Janette BROOKS, 26, Hertfordshire England, 229 Marentette Ave in Windsor, d/o Charles BROOKS & Frances WILKINSON, witn: Martha & Leonard David BROOKS of 223 Marentette Ave, 20 Jan 1923 at Windsor 10216-23 Sidney John BULL, 18, welder, England, Windsor, s/o Sidney George BULL (b. England) & Edith Emily STEWARD?, married Elizabeth Mabel KIRBY, 18, Canada, Windsor, d/o Joseph KIRBY (b. Canada) & Susan SIMMONS, witn: Gladys KIRBY of 1148 Pierre Ave & S. MAYHEW of 1529 York St., 11 Sept 1923 at Windsor
10192-23 Albert Lewis BUMP, 58, stock clerk, Chatham Ont., 2123 Stanley in Detroit, s/o William BUMP (b. Ont) & Mary Ann PARSON, married Catherine CORMODE, 48, Chatham Ont., 253 Hall in Windsor, d/o William A. CORMODE (b. Isle of Man) & Rebecca BROADBENT, witn: Mrs. S. E. FAIRBAIRN & Mrs. W. A. WALDEN, both of 919 London St. in Windsor, 22 Dec 1923 at Windsor 10167-23 Albert BUNKE, 27, laborer, Pembroke Ont., same, s/o William BUNKE (b. Pembroke) & Anna BIEDERMANN, married Ottelie BUDD, 27, Pembroke Ont., Windsor, d/o Herman BUDD (b. Canada) & Bertha BEHNKE, witn: Arthur & Mrs. Elsie HASELDEN of Detroit, 8 May 1923 at Windsor
10177-23 Richard BURNHAM, 27, presser, London England, Windsor, s/o Richard BURNHAM (b. England) & Emma BURNHAM, married Eunice Ruth BEVAN, 22, Wales, Windsor, d/o Lewis BEVAN (b. Wales) & Mary Ann DAVIES, witn: Mrs. W. & T?. SIMPSON of Elsmere Ave in Windsor, 10 March 1923 at Windsor 10178-23 Edwin Henry BURROWS, 27, mechanic, England, Amherstburg, s/o Joseph BURROWS (b. England) & Margaret WARNE, married Marjorie Ethel KEMP, 21, Amherstburg, same, d/o Arthur KEMP (b. Ont) & Sarah CHURCHILL, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 10 March 1923 at Windsor
10218-23 Frederick Jefferson Ganong BUTLER [Butler is adopted name], 26, Michigan, Grand Haven Mich., s/o Peter GANONG (b. USA) & Susan BOSTON, married Amy RICHARDSON, 22, Michigan, Grand Haven Mich., d/o Eugene RICHARDSON (b. USA) & Rosaphine BOSTON, witn: Angeline RICHARDSON & J. E. VAN DYKE, both of Grand Haven, 15 Sept 1923 at Windsor  

10275-23 Ottorino CALZAVARA, 28, laborer, Italy, Windsor, s/o Fortunato CALZAVARA (b. Italy) & Mariana CAMOSINE, married Rosina FRAVERO, 34, Italy, Windsor, d/o Louis FRAVERO (b. Italy) & Teresa BELLRAINE, witn: Dean AMERCO of Ford City Ont. & Thomas PAGNETTE of Windsor on Jan. 19, 1923 at Windsor.

10263-23 Frederick Ernest CAMPER, 21, electrician, England, Windsor, s/o Ernest John CAMPER (b. England) & Rose Ellen WADE, married Matilda Marion Constance SMITH, 21, England, Windsor, d/o Albert George SMITH (b. England) & Mary Ann Charlotte HALL, witn: S. A. A. SMITH & Mae TENNACY both of Windsor on April 5, 1923 at Windsor

10267-23 Otto Earl CARLE, 30, harness maker, widower, Langton Ont., Tilsonburg, s/o G. A. CARLE, (b. Ont) & Martha HAGAN, married Olive DOUGLAS, 23, Port Elgin, Tilsonburg, d/o Hugh DOUGLAS (b. Ont) & Dolly CORNFOOT, witn: William BRAITHWAITE & Eva R. GRAY both of Windsor on March 8, 1923 at Windsor.

10276-23 Lloyd CARNEGIE, 20, mechanic, Leamington, Kingsville, s/o John CARNEGIE (b. Ont) & Margaret BENNETT, married Ada Viola BUCHANAN, 19, Lanark Co., not given, d/o Andrew BUCHANAN (b. Ont) & Mary FERGUSON, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS of Windsor & C. C. DONALDSON of Forest on Dec. 24, 1923 at Windsor.

10260-23 John CERAVSKY, 26, factory worker, Minnesota USA, Detroit Mich. USA, s/o John CERAVSKY (b. Russia) & Dora ARSIN, married Pauline PRYMACK, 19, Austria, Windsor, d/o Metre (b. Austria) & Yustan, witn: Laura EARP & Daisy M. CASTLE both of Windsor on May 8, 1923 at Windsor.

10278-23 Cabell Horace CHENAULT, 50, farmer, USA, Peoria Illinois USA, s/o David CHENAULT (b. USA) & Mary BULLOCK, married Daisy Jones REYNOLDS, 49, widow, USA, Charlottesville Virginia USA, d/o Johnathan De Armour JONES (b. USA) & Mary Belle HAGAN, witn: Gertrude POMEROY & Arthur BOLTON both of Windsor on Dec. 28, 1923 at Windsor.

10273-23 Henry Lewis CHILVER, 43, civil engineer, Walkerville, same, s/o Charles L. CHILVER (b. Windsor) & Almina FULMER, married Annie Louisa TURNER, 27, nurse, Detroit Michigan USA, Windsor, d/o John TURNER (b. Brockville NY) & Louisa GOWARD, witn: Florence May RIDLEY of Detroit & Jessie Louisa WALKER of Windsor on Jan. 8, 1923 at Windsor.

10272-23 James Edson CLENNY, 68, manufacturer, widower, Indiana USA, Oak Park Illinois USA, s/o John W. CLENNY (b. Indiana USA) & Deborah B. BANKS, married Christine McIntyre MacPHAIL, 37, St. Thomas, same, d/o Donald MacPHAIL (b. Scotland) & Catherine REID, witn: Harold BROWNING & Charles HAIGHT both of Windsor on Jan. 7, 1923 at Windsor

10259-23 Francis L. CLEVENGER, 35, farmer, Ohio, Gilby Alberta, s/o Abram CLEVENGER (b. Ohio) & Emma BEST, married Mollie May GREEN, 36, Indiana, Crawfordsville, d/o George GREEN (b. Indiana) & Ida NEICE, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH both of Windsor on May 2, 1923 at Windsor

10324-23 Thomas E. CLINANSMITH, 21, Chatham Ont., Windsor, s/o William CLINANSMITH & Mary GARRUD, married Bertha MORNEAU, 18, Windsor, same, d/o David MORNEAU & Cecilia LANGLOIS, witn: Ernest MAILLOUX of Ford & Anna MORNEAU of 1516 Marentette, 27 Nov 1923 at Windsor

10279-23 Frank N. COE, 44, traffic man, Maryland, Detroit USA, s/o William COE (b. Maryland) & Mary BURNS, married Ellen Jane MORGAN, 42, Ontario, Parkhill, d/o John MORGAN (b. Ottawa) & Catharine SCELI, witn: Laura EARP of Windsor & Lawrence MARSHALL both of Windsor on Dec. 19, 1923 at Windsor.

10265-23 Elias COHEN, 29, wholesale butter & egg dealer, New York City, Detroit Michigan USA, s/o Rachmial COHEN (b. Russia) & Ada DOSKOPF married Sylvia DUSCOFF, 24, Slutzk Russia, Detroit Michigan USA, d/o Jonathan DOSKOPF (b. Russia) & Russia FAINBERG, witn: Joe POLAK & Lewis BROWN both of Windsor on March 6, 1923 at Windsor.

10326-23 Marvyn Joseph COLBY, 23, electrician, Windsor, same, s/o Albert COLBY & Ethel LANGLOIS, married Elsie Emily HOLDER, 22, Windsor, same, d/o George HOLDER & Edith WELLS, witn: Stanley Arsene MELOCHE of 213 Currie Ave in Windsor & Edna PHANEUF of 432 Caron Ave in Windsor, 18 April 1923 at Windsor

10266-23 Frederick COLLINS, 38, painter, England, Windsor, s/o Edward John COLLINS (b. England) & Martha NEWMAN, married Alice May KIRKHAM, 29, England, Windsor, d/o George Henry KIRKHAM (b. England) & Ann BARKER, witn: Jessie ASHBY & Kate BECKETT no residences given on March 8, 1923 at Windsor.

10270-23 Ermacora COMISSO, 25, bricklayer, Italy, Windsor, s/o Sanches di Clemente COMISSO (b. Italy) & Catharina VENIER, married Elisa TESOLINI, 26, South America, Windsor, d/o Carlo TESOLINI & Maria de STIVAL, witn: Louis & Dolores BORTOLOTTI both of Windsor on Feb. 17, 1923 at Windsor

10325-23 William Lee (Leo?) COREY, 30, Chelsea Mich., Detroit, s/o Daniel COREY & Sarah McCOVER, married Mary Rachel NICHOLL, 31, Windsor, same, d/o John NICHOLL & Bridget McGINNIS, witn: George V. & Mary K. COREY of 6119 Trumbull Ave in Detroit, 4 Sept 1923 at Windsor

10269-23 Lawrence CORNELL, 26, stationery engineer, Tilsonburg, Detroit, s/o Rowen CORNELL (b. Ont) & Jennie MAINE, married Mabel WATTS, 20, Tilsonburg, same, d/o Kirkland WATTS (b. Ont) & Catherine KERR, witn: Jessie THOMAS & Margaret SMITH both of Windsor on Feb. 19, 1923 at Windsor.

10277-23 Edwin Joseph COSFORD, 30, district manager, Marquette Mich. USA, Windsor, s/o Frederick COSFORD (b. Ont) & Millicent DUNGY, married Bertha C. ENGLAND, 25, Windsor, Sandwich, d/o Percy ENGLAND (b. Ont) & Bertha MITCHELL, witn: Thelma ENGLAND of Sandwich & William D. WISEMAN of Windsor on Dec. 29, 1923 at Windsor.

10268-23 Garnet COUSINS, 18, laborer, Ruthven, Town of Essex, s/o William COUSINS (b. Cannington Ont) & Mary LEVI, married Grace TAYLOR, 18, Essex Ont, same, d/o Archie TAYLOR (b. Essex) & Clydene THOMAS, witn: Margaret SMITH & Jessie S. THOMAS both of Windsor on Feb. 28, 1923 at Windsor.

10262-23 Joseph Chambers CRAIG, 38, foreman, Goderich, same, s/o William CRAIG (b. Ireland) Lily CHAMBERS, married Edith HENRY, 30, England, Windsor, d/o John HENRY (b. England) & Margaret Ann BRYERS, witn: Constance & Wesley B. JOHNSTON both of Windsor on April 26, 1923 at Windsor

10271-23 Joseph Henry CRANER, 25, fisherman, Carrock (Carrick?) Ont., Ridgetown, s/o William John CRANER (b. Ont) & Catherine Jane SPINK, married Elizabeth May HEARNS, 18, Melburne, Ridgetown, d/o Thomas HEARNS (b. Ont) & Mary Jane WALKER, witn: John W. LITTLEWOOD of Windsor & Mrs Laurence PETRINOUX of Ridgetown on Jan. 13, 1923 at Windsor

10261-23 James CROCKER, 36, machinist, Georgia USA, Windsor, s/o Sam CROCKER, (b. Georgia USA) & Frances DEAN, married Georgeanna RIVERS, 25, S. Carolina USA, Albion Michigan USA, d/o Edward RIVERS (b. USA) & Caroline GIVENS, witn: Ralph RUTLEY & Ruth SIMPSON both of Windsor on May 1, 1923 at Windsor.

10274-23 Andrew Wellington CRUMB, 21, barber, Ontario, Dunnville, s/o Elias CRUMB (b. Ont) & Kate PRICE, married Eva May McLELLAN, 22, Ontario, Essex, d/o John McLELLAN (b. Canada) & Annie SCHRAM, witn: Mary J. BOND & Eva R. GRAY both of Windsor on Jan. 11, 1923 at Windsor

10264-23 Norman Guy CUNLIFFE, 25, panneller, Wallaceburg, Windsor, s/o Edward CUNLIFFE (b. Dresden Ont) & Hulda BADGLEY, married Mae GOODWIN, 21, dressmaker, Cobalt Ont., Windsor, d/o Oscar GOODWIN (Dresden Ont) & Clara DUNN, witn: Mrs. Raymond FORHAN of Detroit & M. C. DAVIES of Windsor on March 3, 1923 at Windsor.

10334-23 Pietro (Peter) DABIOGGIO, 24, laborer, Italy, 324 Tuscarora St. in Windsor, s/o Francisco DI BIAGGIE (sic) & Cecilia, married Anna VADONAI, 26, Italy, Windsor, d/o Dominico VIDONI (sic) & Magdalene NAFALINO, witn: Pietro FLABIONO & Merianna TOPPAZZINI, both of Windsor, 20 Nov 1923 at Windsor 10343-23 Bryant DALE, 21, druggist, London Ont., 841 Church St. in Windsor, s/o Thomas DALE (b. Ont) & Margaret BRYANT, married Bertha FREILICH, 18, Detroit, 841 Church St. in Windsor, d/o Joseph FREILICH (b. Michigan) & Belle SEDEAUER, witn: Mrs. G. EDWARDS of Detroit & Mrs. M.V. GULLY of Windsor, 13 Aug 1923 at Windsor
10341-23 Arnold Byron DALTON, 37, switch man, Ontario, Windsor, s/o William Arnold DALTON (b. Ont) & Jean L. GILLANDERS, married Lulu Mary PENFOLD, 27, Windsor, same, d/o Stephen PENFOLD (b. England) & Louise DENT, witn: Gladys MORROW of 169 Oak Ave in Windsor & Harry MATTHEWS of 250 Cameron Ave in Windsor, 15 Sept 1923 at Windsor 10337-23 George Ronald DAVIDSON, 25, electrician, Scotland, Windsor, s/o George Ronald DAVIDSON (b. Scotland) & Jean CRUIKSHANKS, married Mary WARD, 35, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John WARD (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth CASSELS, witn: Alice OLIVER & Nellie RADLEY, both of Windsor, 26 Nov 1923 at Windsor
10339-23 Edwin DAVIES, 28, Wales, Windsor, s/o John DAVIES (b. Wales) & Dyna JONES, married Margaret Elvira EVANS, 26, Wales, Windsor, d/o Thomas EVANS (b. Wales) & Jane REESE, witn: Laura EARP of All Saints Rectory in Windsor & Alice WARNER of Windsor, 25 Sept 1923 at Windsor 10342-23 Harry DAVIS, 32, tool maker, London England, 543 Gladstone Ave in Windsor, s/o Henry DAVIS (b. England) & Alice HENLEY, married Margaret DAVIS, 28, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Charlie ROBERTSON (b. Scotland) & Mary LUMSDEN, witn: M. S. PAULIN of Windsor & Mrs. A. CAMPBELL of Sandwich, 4 Sept 1923 ["divorced from each other and remarrying"]
10347-23 Archie DAWE, 28, laborer, Newfoundland, 617 Glengarry in Windsor, s/o Henry DAWE (b. England) & Elizabeth FORD, married Gladys LLOYD, 17 (18 on 9 Oct 1923), England, 617 Glengarry in Windsor, d/o Edgar William LLOYD (b. England) & Clara TAYLOR, witn: Ethel LIPSET of Ilderton & Clara LLOYD of Windsor, 21 July 1923 at Windsor 10358-23 Cecil William DAYNES, 24, decorator, England, 321 Caron Ave., s/o Thomas DAYNES & Annie TAYLOR, married Mary KELLY, 18 (Sep 1922), England, 747 Lanspeary Ave., d/o Ernest KELLY & Mary HARRISON, witn: Minnie HILL of 233 Park St. in Chatham & James KELLY of 747 Lanspeary, 28 June 1923 at All Saints Church, Windsor
  10328-23 John Geoffrey DELANEY, 26, salesman, England, 833 London St. W. in Windsor, s/o John DELANEY (b. England) & Ann GRAVES, married Ethyle Dorothy Bell BURTCH, 19, Kingston Ont., 299 Simcoe St. in Windsor, d/o Ira BURTCH (b. Ont) & Esther May WATTS, witn: Gladys BURTCH of 299 Simcoe St. & Frank S. ENGLISH of 833 London St. west, 7 April 1923 at Windsor
10332-23 William DEMARSE, 17 (18 in May next), Tilbury Ont., 605 Pierre Ave in Windsor, s/o James Edward DEMARSE (b. Ont) & Ann RANGER, married Janie HERDMAN, 17, Ontario, 209 Janet Ave in Windsor, d/o George HERDMAN (b. Ont) & Elizabeth DAWSON, witn: Elizabeth HERDMAN of 209 Janette Ave & Jessie ASHBY of 1107 London St. West, 22 Jan 1923 at Windsor 10357-23 Francois DEMERS, 27, electrician, Tilbury Ont., Windsor, s/o Joseph DEMERS & Delima LARAME, married Elizabeth DUFOUR, 24, house work, McGregor Ont., Windsor, d/o Joseph DUFOUR & Emma TREMBLAY, witn: Albert KELLER of 4190 Moran St. & Eva DUFOUR of 632 Aylmer Ave., 26 June 1923 at Windsor
10346-23 Melbourne Allan DENSEM, 22, clerk, Toronto, 257 Beatrice St. in Toronto, s/o John Arthur DENSEM (b. England) & Lucy NEMBLY?, married Irene Lillian Grace ASHTON, 19, stenographer, Ontario, 20 Gerrard St. East, d/o Frederick Thomas ASHTON (b. Ont) & Mary MARTIN, witn: Lace? & George Elvin ASHTON of 23rd St. in Detroit, 14 July 1923 at St. Andrews Church, Windsor 10340-23 Peter DE QUICK, 22, laborer, Belgium, Windsor, s/o Gustave DE QUICK (b. Belgium) & Rachel VAN LONDER SILL, married Mary VAN VAERENBERGH, 21, Belgium, Windsor, d/o Peter VAN VAERENBERGH (b. Belgium) & Leonie DE SCHIYVER, witn: Margaret SMITH & Madeleine BENNELL?, both of Windsor, 17 Sept 1923 at Windsor
10355-23 Arthur DILLON, 27, grocery manager, Newbridge Ireland, 529 Grove Ave in Windsor, s/o Thomas DILLON (b. Ireland) & Annie BATTERTON?, married Ida May JOYCE, 29, Hornsap? London, 529 Grove Ave in Windsor, d/o Theophilus JOYCE (b. England) & Ida Blanche ROBINSON, witn: Emily & Frederick DILLON of 529 Grove Ave., 2 June 1923 at Windsor 10331-23 Andrew Milton DINSMORE, 45, merchant, Woodham Ont., 1277 York St. in Windsor, s/o Andrew DINSMORE (b. Granton Ont) & Mary MILLSON, married Marguerite DINSMORE, 29, Granton, Lucan, d/o Wellington DINSMORE (b. Granton) & Lizza Jane IRWIN, witn: Mary BOND & Eva R. GRAY, both of Windsor, 26 Feb 1923 at Windsor
10354-23 Emeil DION, 26, railway conductor, Sudbury, 487 Pellissie St. in Windsor, s/o David DION (b. Montreal) & Mary DUBE? (Bulie?), married Hilda RENNACAMP, 19, Windsor, 487 Pellissie St., d/o Joseph RENNACAMP (b. Ohio) & Viola BISSETT, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 27 June 1923 at Windsor 10351-23 Gerald Clifford DITTMER, 22, laborer, Chatham Ontario., 173 Janet in Windsor, s/o John DITTMER (b. Germany) & Mary PELKEY, married Parnel Ceabur? BETTS, 19, Wheatley Ont., 473 Janet in Windsor, d/o David BETTS (b. Ont) & Margaret FOWKES, witn: Harriet Elizabeth BEMBRIDGE of Leamington & Alex TRUMBLEY of 412 Chatham St. in Windsor, 4 July 1923 at Windsor
10350-23 Wilfred Joseph DONNELLY, 21, laborer, Windsor, same, s/o John DONNLEY (sic) (b. Ont) & Melvina LESPERANCE, married Elizabeth Eva Pearl DUBRY, 17, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Louis DUBRY (b. USA) & Elizabeth DOAN, witn: James & Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 11 July 1923 [divorced 1 June 1932 at Sandwich] 10330-23 William Albert DORWART, 44, widower, traveller, Pennsylvania US, Detroit, s/o George M. DORWART (b. Pennsylvania) & Catherine LUTZ, married Esther THOMPSON, 45, widow, Michigan, 2 Erie Apts. in Windsor, d/o Thomas W. EDWARDS (b. Ireland) & Margaret GRAY, witn: Thomas G. & Florence E. MURRAY of Windsor, 17 March 1923 at Windsor [with note re bride: "lived 4 yrs at this address, lived in Canada all life)
10353-23 Donald Smith DOUGLAS, 22 July next, Windsor, 661 Pellissie St. in Windsor, s/o William J. DOUGLAS (b. Ont) & Mary BURNIE, married Mary Elizabeth PENNINGTON, 23, Windsor, 635 Victoria Ave in Windsor, d/o James PENNINGTON (b. Ont) & Bertha SADD, witn: Florence PENNINGTON & Carl W. CHRISTIAN, both of Windsor, 25 June 1923 at Windsor 10349-23 Albert Edwin DOVEY, 34, laborer, England, Windsor, s/o Edward John DOVEY (b. England) & Eliza Ann PERRIN?, married Alice Mabel NICHOLLS, 25, England, Windsor, d/o Joseph Henry NICHOLS (sic) (b. England) & Alice Marie REYNOLDS, witn: Herbert C. NICHOLLS of 727 Sandwich St. in Windsor & Lillian BROWN of 9 Windsor Ave in Windsor, 21 July 1923 at Windsor
10333-23 Henry Gustin DOWNER, 32, laborer, Norwood Ont., 16 London St. West in Windsor, s/o William John DOWNER (b. Ont) & Tillie SAUNDERS, married Bella Mary DOW, 22, house maid, Scotland, 223 London St. W. in Windsor, d/o James DOW (b. Scotland) & Maggie ROSS, witn: Nora McQUARRIE of 223 Windsor Ave & Clifton LANE? of Woodstock, 5 Jan 1923 at Windsor 10360-23 Frank Edward DOWNEY, 21, electrician, England, 1495 Howard Ave in Windsor, s/o James DOWNEY & Annie MURRAY, married Maud Beatrice WEBB, 30, England, 1495 Howard Ave (formerly of Ipswich England), d/o Robert Edward WEBB & Selina BARNES, witn: N. DOWNEY of & W. J. BEVINGTON, both of 1495 Howard Ave., 16 Oct. 1923 at All Saints Church, Windsor
10338-23 Harry Raymond DRANE, 28, railway clerk, North Dakota, Kingsville Ont., s/o Harry DRANE (b. England) & Lydia BROADBENT, married Lina Fern MONTGOMERY, 22, Ontario, 624 Dougall Ave in Windsor, d/o Newton MONTGOMERY (b. Canada) & Theresa DUNBAR, witn: F.W. BARR of 277 Riverside Dr. in Ford Ont & Alice Agnes CRANDALL of 509 Pelissie St. in Windsor, 19 Sept 1923 at Windsor 10345-23 Dorwin Alex DRYSDALE, 21, driver, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Alexander DRYSDALE (b. Ont) & Mary LOVE, married Lillian Rose ROBERTSON, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Samuel ROBERTSON (b. Ont) & Louisa SHANNON, witn: Mary Lucinda Katherine DRYSDALE of Detroit & Nelson ROBERTSON of 72 Bridge Ave in Windsor, 11 Aug 1923 at Windsor
10348-23 Donat DUBEAU, 22 next Nov., laborer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Flavien DUBEAU (b. Que) & Ada FARANT, married Annette FLORANT, 19, Ontario, Sudbury, d/o Joseph FLORANT (b. Ont) & Elizabeth DAVID, witn: Alma BELLEPECHE & Lillian MICHAELS, both of Windsor, 23 June 1923 at Windsor 10361-23 Archille DUCHARME, 19, auto painter, St. Joachim Ont., Windsor, s/o Avila DUCHARME & Dorilda DEPICIER, married Mildred Irene CAMPBELL, 19, Leamington Ont., Windsor, d/o Louis CAMPBELL & Sarah HOOPLE, witn: Aurele DUCHARME of Belle River & Ethel CAMPBELL of Riverside Ont., 22 Jan 1923 at Windsor
10329-23 Thomas DUDDY, 19, shipping clerk, Chatham, 446 Goyeau St. in Windsor, s/o Archibald DUDDY (b. Chatham Ont) & Ida KNIGHT, married Stella ANDREWS, 17, Ontario, 229 Cameron Ave in Windsor, d/o Walter ANDREWS (b. Ont) & Ella GIFFORD, witn: Ida CAMPBELL of 446 Goyeau St.. & Ella ANDREWS of 229 Cameron Ave., 31 March 1923 at Windsor 10335-23 Thomas James DUFTY, 22, fisherman, Michigan USA, Chatham Ont., s/o Thomas James DUFTY (b. USA) & Caroline TONER, married Margaret McBRIDE, 21, Caseville Mich., same, d/o Joseph McBRIDE (b. USA) & Rose WITHERSPOON, witn: F. R. DOWLING of Orion Mich & Laura EARP of Windsor, 4 Oct. 1923 at Windsor
10359-23 Rene Oswald DUMOUCHELLE, 25, Windsor, same, s/o George DUMOUCHELLE & Caroline DEHARNOIS, married Lena Henrietta MALINSKI, 23, Germany, Windsor, d/o Louis MALINSKI & Bertha PAUL, witn: Charles DUMOUCHELLE of Windsor & Matilda MALINSKI of Detroit, 22 Sept 1923 at Windsor 10327-23 Wilfred DUNLOP, 21, laborer, Arkona Ont., Sandwich, s/o Malcolm DUNLOP (b. Ont) & Sarah Jane, married Bessie NEWMAN, 21, Chatham Ont., 600 Janet Ave in Windsor, d/o Chas Henry NEWMAN (b. New Jersey) & Victoria Georgina WEMP, witn: Mervin CLARK of 480 Chatham St. & Lyons THORNE of 218 Victoria Ave., 21 April 1923 at Windsor
10352-23 Joseph DUPUIS, 48, widower, farmer, Ontario, Huron Line - Sandwich West twp., s/o Seraphin DUPUIS (b. Canada) & Madeline BEAUDOIN, married Victoria LEVASSEUR, 44, Ontario, 400 Langlois in Windsor, d/o Joseph LEVASSEUR (b. Canada) & Henriette DESILETS, witn: Peter LEVASSEUR of 400 Langlois & Albert DUPUIS of Loiselleville Ont., 2 July 1923 at Windsor 10344-23 Sylvester Henry DUQUETTE, 21, machine setter, Detroit, 382 Goyeau St. in Windsor (for 8 yrs), s/o Hector DUQUETTE (b. USA) & Martha SEITZ, married Alice FLYNN, 22, USA, Detroit, d/o Edward FLYNN (b. USA) & Clara, witn: E.J. DUQUETTE & Clara BOCKLAGE, both of Detroit, 18 Aug 1923 at Windsor
10356-23 Ross Roger DYKE, 41, oil well driller & farmer, Forest Ont., Wyoming Ont., s/o William DYKE (b. England) & Mary J. PAGE, married Annie DUNCAN, 29, Ontario, Blytheswood, d/o Robert DUNCAN (b. Canada) & Fanny JUNE, witn: Charlotte M. DYKE of Willow St. in Port Huron & John BRADLEY of Petrolia, 12 June 1923 at Windsor  
10376-23 Cyril EAST, 24, book keeper, Abergavenny Wales, Windsor, s/o Walter EAST & May ALLEN, married Sarah O'NEILL, 23, telephone operator, Dublin Ireland, Windsor, d/o Charles O'NEILL & Kathleen MURPHY, witn: Ina BOURKE & Agnes HICKEY, both of Windsor, 8 Sept 1923 at Windsor 10371-23 Ellsworth L. EASTERBROOK, 25, moulder, Michigan, 700 Windsor Ave in Windsor, s/o Nathan EASTERBROOK (b. USA) & Harriet Elizabeth FREEMAN, married Ella Marie PAPENFUSS, 19, USA, Windsor, d/o John PAPENFUSS (b. Germany) & Louise GROB, witn: Mrs. Grace DAWSON & Eleanor FISHER, both of Windsor, 8 Aug 1923 at Windsor
10363-23 Edward EDGETT, 24, teamster, Michigan, Battle Creek Mich., s/o Alden EDGETT (b. Michigan) & Annie BEEBEE, married Eva EDGETT, 18 in July 1922, Michigan, Dryden Mich., d/o John EDGETT (b. Michigan) & Jessie WILCOX, witn: Daisy & Lynwood BUSH of 321 Reid St. in Kalamazoo, 24 March 1923 at All Saints Rectory, Windsor 10372-23 Frank EDMONDSON, 28, Manchester England, Walkerville, s/o George EDMONDSON (b. England) & Emma MILLER, married Jeannie Mary MARSHALL, 24, tailoress, Mans? Chappel England, Windsor, d/o Joseph Henry MARSHALL (b. England) & Emma SOPER, witn: Ernest EDMONDSON of Detroit & Ethel Irene PEACE of Kingsville, 14 July 1923 at Tecumseh Rd in Windsor
10370-23 James EDWARDS, 28, merchant, Syria, Walkerville, s/o Joseph EDWARDS (b. Syria) & Ann JYDRID, married Rosa SCHROPP, 25, clerk, Canada, Windsor, d/o Andrew SCHROPP (b. Canada) & Anna GOODWIN, witn: Walter & Beatrice SAUVE of 92 Lincoln Rd in Walkerville, 5 Sept 1923 at Windsor 10373-23 Thomas EDWARDS, 45, painter for American Pad? Co., Michigan, Chatham Ont., s/o Oliver EDWARDS (b. Canada) & Margaret BURGESS, married Violet L. RIDENOUR, 44, divorced [Cass Circuit Court of Indiana], Indiana, Logansport Indiana [moving to Chatham], d/o Ezra MARTIN (b. USA) & Sarah DUNWOODIE, witn: Hugh McSWEEN & Mary F. LEEK, both of Windsor, 14 July 1923 at Windsor
10366-23 Frank Claude ELDRED, 38, proof reader, Wisconsin, Chicago, s/o John Orville ELDRED (b. NY state) & Abigail VAN NORMAN, married Florence Jane MONTGOMERY, 36, Detroit, 92 Tennyson Ave. in Detroit, d/o William R. MONTGOMERY (b. Michigan) & Hannah FAREWELL (b. Ont), witn: Elsie M. CHAPMAN of Sandwich & Fred G. POOLE of Windsor, 15 Nov 1923 at Windsor [with note re bride: "spent considerable time in Canada with mothers people"] 10365-23 Dimitry ELOWSKY, 30, laborer, Russia, Ford City, s/o Paul ELOWSKY (b. Russia) & Mary SHUSAK, married Edna LAUZON, 24, Ontario, Ford City, d/o Abraham LAUZON (b. Ont) & Elizabeth LA CHARIDE, witn: Peter KSENDYCK of 2743 Hallick in Detroit & Florida GAGNON of 162 Maisonville Ave in Ford, 1 Dec 1923 at Windsor
10364-23 Gust Niles ENGBLOOM, 28, mechanic, Sweden, Windsor, s/o John ENGBLOOM (b. Sweden) & Christine CARLSON, married May Victoria A. WOOD, 26, England, Windsor, d/o Harold WOOD (b. England) & Harriet ROGERS, witn: Frank & Beulah WOOD of 306 Cartier Place in Windsor, 13 Jan 1923 at 937 Dougall Ave in Windsor 10374-23 John Bridgland ENGLISH, 27, electrician, England, 1230 Wyandotte St. East in Windsor, s/o Frank Beale ENGLISH (b. England) & Annie BRIDGLAND, married Mary Pearl SEGER, 23, Canada, 814 Marentette in Windsor, d/o James SEGER (b. Canada) & Emmeline FLYNN, witn: Frank S. & Annie ENGLISH o 1230 Wyandotte, 20 June 1923 at Windsor
10367-23 James Frederick ERMISCH, 29, machinist, London Ont., 225 Dundas St. in London, s/o Fred ERMISCH (b. England) & Helen KERACHER, married Bessie ALCORN, 27, Ontario, Goderich, d/o Edward ALCORN (b. England) & Mary SMITH, witn: C. SLOAN & C. Rose HAY, both of 143 Isabella St. in Toronto, 14 Nov 1923 at Windsor 10368-23 Alfred Cameron EVANS, 25, sales dept. of Ford Motor Co., Windsor, 705 Victoria in Windsor, s/o Frederick Sam Aislie? EVANS (b. Ont) & Adelaide Eliz. SMITH, married Elizabeth HACKETT, 23, Amherstburg Ont., 611 Pellessie St. in Windsor, d/o Harry HACKETT (b. Ont) & Annie BAILEY, witn: George MESEDT? of 347 Victoria Ave in Windsor & Alexandra HACKETT of 611 Pellessie, 10 Nov 1923 at Windsor
10369-23 Lloyd Ernest EVOY, 25, electrician, Ontario, 182 Patterson Ave in Chatham Ont., s/o Alex EVOY (b. Ont) & Annie DOHERTY, married Gladys M. GERBER, 22, Ontario, Chatham, d/o Frank E. GERBER (b. Ont) & Mary PIERCE, witn: Alice WARNER of 318 Windsor Ave & Dorothy HELPS of 87 Pillotte Rd in Ford, 22 Sept 1923 at Windsor 10375-23 Sidney Leonard EYRE, 21, electrician, England, Windsor, s/o James EYRE (b. England) & Elizabeth SHAILER, married Louise F. GUTTERIDGE, 23, England, Windsor, d/o Joseph H. GUTTERIDGE (b. England) & Julia FAIRE, witn: E. F. SNELGROVE & Maude TULLY, both of Windsor, 6 June 1923 at Windsor
10388-23 John Charles FACTOR, 27, salesman, Toronto, Detroit, so Maurice FACTOR (b. Canada) & Rebecca SPRINCEN?, married Ella May BADGERO, 19, Ontario, Pickering Ont., d/o Fred BADGERO (b. Ont) & Eva HARMER, witn: Helen BARTLET & Sadie CHARLEBOIS, both of Windsor, 10 Dec 1923 at Windsor 10398-23 Frederick FAIRBANKS, 27, baker, Ontario, Beachville, s/o Samuel FAIRBANKS (b. England) & Sierra MERRIL, married Edith F. NICHOLL, 20, England, Windsor, d/o John NICHOLL (b. England) & Elizabeth HUME, witn: Henry FAIRBANKS & Miss Lillian MOORE, both of Beachville, 23 Aug 1923 at Windsor
10399-23 Harold Revere FEATHER, 23, stockman, Allentown Pennsylvania, 2035 Etiene St. in Detroit, s/o Jacob FEATHER (b. Pennsylvania) & Esther HUBER, married Bertha Mildred WHITE, 22, typist, Harrow Ont., 500 Giles Blvd East in Windsor, d/o George WHITE (b. England) & Amanda BALDWIN, witn: Dolie BAILLEY of Windsor & Amelia R. CUNNINGTON of 1071 Louis Ave., 18 Aug 1923 at Windsor 10394-23 William Delmar FERGUSON, 21, draughtsman, Essex Co., 108 Louis Ave in Windsor, s/o John T. FERGUSON (b. Ont) & Bertha GILLET, married Margaret West CORVIN, 21, Detroit, 201 Campbell Ave in Windsor, d/o George CORVIN (b. Michigan) & Susie A. WEST, witn: Blanche Maria O'NEIL of Windsor & Irving GRANT of Detroit, 28 Aug 1923 at Windsor
10397-23 Bill Henry FERGUSON, 25, machinist, Detroit, Leamington, s/o William FERGUSON (b. Scotland) & Thresha SKELLY, married Gladys Irene EATON, 20, Ontario, Strabane, d/o Milton EATON (b. Ont) & Margaret WATSON, witn: Kathleen Edith RUBY of RR4 Dundas & Florence N. EATON of RR4 Dundas, 26 Aug 1923 at Windsor 10381-23 Thomas Erving FERGUSON, 43, real estate, Detroit, 46 Elm Ave in Windsor, s/o Robert E. FERGUSON (b. Montreal) & Frances CARNEY, married Theresa Elizabeth WALTERS, 42, Detroit, 37 Cadallan Ave in Detroit, d/o Walter WALTERS (b. Holland) & Helen McCARTHY, witn: Joseph P. WARREN & Florence YOUNGBLOOD, both of Detroit, 13 Feb 1923 at Windsor
10396-23 Arthur FERGUSON, 28, machinist, Montreal, 809 Sandwich St. West in Windsor, s/o George FERGUSON (b. Quebec) & Rose BARCHAM, married Nellie BATTEN, 20, England, 809 Sandwich West, d/o Charles Henry BATTEN (b. England) & Helena FOARD, witn: Kenneth D. BARCHAM of 809 Sandwich West & May FURLONG of 3174 Lan--? in Montreal, 22 Sept 1923 at Windsor 10405-23 Elmer Ross FIFE, 22, brakesman, Bracebridge Ont., 68 Cameron Ave in Windsor, s/o Thomas FIFE (b. Ont) & Elizabeth LONGHURST, married Lillian STOLIKER, 18, Brockville Ont., 16 Cameron Ave., d/o Joseph STOLIKER (b. Ont) & Elizabeth TAYLOR, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 7 June 1923 at Windsor
10404-23 John Joseph FITZGERALD, 52, divorced, Michigan, Bay City Mich., s/o Daniel FITZGERALD (b. Ireland) & Margaret LEE, married Jessie FITZGERALD, 42, divorced, Michigan, Bay City Mich., d/o Joseph FRAGHER ( Frazher?) (b. Michigan) & Josephine MURRAY, witn: Alice WARNER & M. Murray DILLON, both of Windsor, 19 June 1923 at Windsor [divorced from each other and now re-marrying] 10392-23 William Ernest FITZGERALD, 24, machinist, England, Walkerville, s/o Edward FITZGERALD (b. England) & Alice LOYNES, married Dorothy LORD, 22, domestic, England, Walkerville, d/o Rennie LORD (b. England) & Edith CHEETHAM, witn: Edith F. LORD of Walkerville & Harold DEAN of 465 Gladstone Ave., 26 Sept 1923 at Windsor
  10406-23 Edward James FLANAGAN, 25, machinist, Drayton - North Dakota, 16 London St. in Windsor, s/o Francis James FLANAGAN (b. Ireland) & Katherine WHITE, married Minnie Adeline GRICHEN, 29, Ottawa Ont., 45 1/2 Curry Ave in Windsor, d/o August Martin GRICHEN (b. Germany) & Ernestine KRITSCH, witn: Harold & Lillian MURPHY of 45 1/2 Curry Ave., 8 June 1923 at Windsor
10400-23 Douglas William FLEMING, 41, clerk, Dundee Scotland, 505 Erie St. in Windsor, s/o James FLEMING (b. Scotland) & Catherine DONALDSON, married Dorothy Ann HARRIS, 37, demonstrator, Suffolk England, 180 Mansfield St. in Montreal, d/o Joseph HARRIS (b. England) & Fanny HARRIS, witn: William & Violet CHALMERS of 505 Erie St. West, 7 July 1923 at Windsor 10385-23 John Harold FLEMING, 23, clerk, Detroit, 269 Pitt St. West in Windsor, s/o F.F. FLEMING (b. USA) & Lillian VINT, married Bertha DE HART, 22, Toronto, Windsor, d/o Thomas E. DE HART (b. Canada) & Josephine McCUTCHEON, witn: Mabel PAULIN & Helen BARTLET, both of Windsor, 11 April 1923 at Windsor
10402-23 Walter Ray FLEMING, 28, farmer, Ontario, Chatham Ont., s/o William James FLEMING (b. Ont) & Jane STEPHENSON, married Mary Ellen ROSZELL, 27, Ontario, Chatham Ont., d/o George ROSZELL (b. Ont) & Norah BAILEY, witn: T. E. EWER of 223 Windsor Ave & Alice WARNER of Windsor, 30 June 1923 at Windsor 10379-23 Elmer Lorne FLEMING, 19, Ontario, Windsor, s/o James FLEMING (b. Ont) & Bertha WHITE, married Adeline Beatrice A. NORRIS, 18, Halifax NS, Windsor, d/o Matthew NORRIS (b. Halifax NS) & Annie MAKEPEACE, witn: Mrs. Annie M. & Thomas W. NORRIS of 1144 Langlois Ave in Windsor, 26 Feb 1923 at Windsor
10395-23 Louis FLORIT, 34, laborer, Italy, Windsor, s/o Dominic FLORIT (b. Italy) & Gabriela MICAR, married Vincenza CHIARCOSSI, 20, Italy, Windsor, d/o Ambrosio CHIARCOSSI (b. Italy) & Maria ILOGALI, witn: George SUFFERI & Eliza SPODITTO, both of 1336 Giles Blvd., 22 Sept 1923 at Windsor 10380-23 John James FLURETTE, 26, chauffeur, Orillia, same, s/o James FLURETTE (b. Ont) & Emma HATHAWAY, married Lena Isabel MAY, 23, Belleville Ont., Toronto, d/o John MAY (b. England) & Alma PALMER, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 24 Feb 1923 at 504 Ouellette Ave in Windsor,
10382-23 Whitney Allan FORD, 21, mechanic, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o Edwin FORD (b. Ont) & Mary FERRIS, married Myrtle Leatha CHASE, 20, Essex Ont., same, d/o William CHASE (b. Ont) & Annie KLINGBLIE, witn: Ida PERRY of Sandwich & Jessie S. THOMAS of Windsor, 7 Feb 1923 at Windsor 10403-23 Roy Alexander FORD, 19, truck driver, London Ont., 532 Caron Ave in Windsor, s/o William FORD (b. Ont) & Annie BRANTON, married Phyllis Muriel TOMPKIN, 19, England, 371 Wellington Ave in Windsor, d/o Wallace TOMPKIN (b. England) & Susie HARRIS, witn: Louise Marie DOE & Wallace TOMKIN (sic), both of 371 Wellington Ave., 21 June 1923 at Windsor
10384-23 John Henry FORD, 23, laborer, Huron Co. Ont., Forsyth St. in Detroit, s/o Thomas Henry FORD (b. Huron Co) & Annie TAYLOR, married Florence May BUTLER, 22 next July, Birmingham England, Blenheim, d/o Moses BUTLER (b. England) & Emily KANE (Kain?), witn: Winnifred May BUTLER of Blenheim & William P. TURNER of Temple Ave in Detroit, 21 April 1923 at Windsor 10390-23 Ivan Owen FORSYTH, 21, machinist, Halifax NS, 267 Walker Rd in Walkerville, s/o William FORSYTH (b. Nova Scotia) & Lillian JOLLYMORE, married Louise Margaret FERRARI, 18, Walkerville, 267 Walker Rd., d/o John FERRARI (b. Italy) & Lena CONTANY, witn: David & Marie RILSON of 267 Walker Rd in Walkerville, 30 Oct. 1923 at Windsor
10393-23 Ewart Wilfred FORSYTH, 26, teacher, Alton Ont., 908 Green Ave in Windsor, s/o Ralph FORSYTH (b. Canada) & Eliz. KESTER, married Emma LIVINGSTONE, 28, nurse, Ireland, Ontario Hospital in Mimico, d/o John LIVINGSTONE (b. Ireland) & Hannah McKEE, witn: Bertram KING (Ring?) of 716 Albert St. in Windsor & Esther E. GUNN of 562 Dougall Ave., 24 Nov 1923 at Windsor 10389-23 Frederick G. FORSYTHE, 19, adjuster, Ontario, 451 Pellissie St. in Windsor, s/o George E. FORSYTHE (b. Ont) & Sadie NOLAND, married Isabel DUNCAN, 18, Ontario, 815 Arthur St. in Windsor, d/o Joseph DUNCAN (b. Ont) & Margaret PARKER, witn: M. Edward FORSYTHE & Henry F. FREEMAN, both of Windsor, 1 Nov 1923 at Windsor
10383-23 George William FORTIER, 54, packer, widower, USA, Windsor, s/o Eugene FORTIER (b. Quebec) & Odile MENARD, married Matilda STEDMAN, 53, widow, Quebec, Waltham Mass., d/o John ROBELARD (b. Joliet Que) & Leda MICHEAU, witn: Laura EARP of All Saints Rectory in Windsor & Joseph BEAUDOIN of Lillian St. in Windsor, 30 April 1923 at Windsor 10378-23 Russell John FREDERICK, 22, machinist, Detroit, Windsor, s/o Fred FREDERICK & Anne KREIGER, married Dorothy Iris Irene TAYLOR, 18, domestic, England, Windsor, d/o Arthur? (Walter?) TAYLOR & Dorcas SHEATH, witn: M.B. VAN BUSKIRK of 77 Crawford Ave in Windsor & Mrs. H. WILKINS of 121 Marentette Ave., 8 Jan 1923 at Windsor
10377-23 Harold FRYER, 19, laborer, England, 509 Banwell Ave in Windsor, s/o George FRYER (b. England) & Sarah WINTERBOTTOM, married Elsie May SHEPLEY, 18, Kent Co. Ont., 712 Shepherd Ave in Windsor, d/o Ed SHEPLEY (b. Canada) & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Leonard illegible of Sal? Ave & Fanny SHEPLEY of 712 Shepherd St., 8 May 1923 at 446 Erie St. in Windsor 10401-23 Bertram FULLER, 30, electrician, England, 146 Earlsdale Ave in Toronto, s/o John FULLER (b. England) & Mary Alice BLACKFORD, married Isabella McPhee DUNCAN, 29, clerk, Scotland, 172 Crawford Ave in Windsor, d/o John Robertson DUNCAN (b. Scotland) & Agnes LYLE, witn: Mary Stott MELANCE? of 4 May Sq. in Toronto & Selma KINCAID of 424 Caron Ave in Windsor, 16 July 1923 at Windsor
10391-23 Frederick William FURLONG, 26, manager, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Matthew FURLONG (b. Ont) & Karashappreh LEPORD?, married Mary Elsie KINZLE, 25, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o Charles KINZLE (b. Ont) & Magdalena BOYD, witn: Inez BLOW of 860 Pellissie St. in Windsor & C. A. WING of 245 McEwan Ave in Windsor, 6 Oct. 1923 at Windsor 10387-23 Sugtrigue JORUNDSON, 30, carpenter, Cold Springs Manitoba, Trenton Mich., s/o Loftus JORDNSON? (b. Iceland) & Jonina MAGNUSON, married Jonina ERICKSON, 22, Manitoba, Winnipeg Ave in Windsor, d/o Julius ERICKSON (b. Iceland) & Gudrun BJARNSON, witn: J. JORUNDSON & R. S. BERGMANN, both of Trenton Mich, 24 March 1923 at 446 Erie St. in Windsor