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Essex Co, 1923, part 3

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10255-23 Edward James BECKWELL, 28, tool maker, Boston Mass. USA, Midland Penn. USA, s/o Robert BECKWELL & Delia GALLAGHER, married Nora Marie SHANNON, 28, Detroit Mich. USA, Windsor, d/o Charles SHANNON & Mary Helen TOMLINSON, witn: Zita HUSBAND of Windsor & Robert BECKWELL of Midland Penn. USA on July 25, 1923 at Windsor


10253-23 Jules BERGERON, 24, printer, Hull Que, Windsor, s/o Adrien BERGERON & Anastasie LACOMBE, married Rachel FORTIN, 20, Sudbury, Windsor, d/o John FORTIN & Lucianie BOIVIN, witn: Rodolphe & Edward BERGERON both of Detroit Michigan on June 13, 1923 at Windsor.

10242-23 Francis F. BLISS, 40, Ford employee, near St Thomas, Royal Oak, s/o Isaac BLISS (b. Canada) & Melvina SOPER, married Lillian FISHER, 31, widow, London England, Detroit Michigan, d/o Alfred BOWMAN (b. England) & Katharine INDALE, witn: Laura EARP of Windsor & Alice GILBERT of Reading England on May 19, 1923 at Windsor

10251-23 Claude Alexander BULIVANT (?), 23, salesman, Toronto, Sandwich, s/o John BULLIVANT (sic) & Flossie REYNOLDS, married Jean KIRK, 18, Ireland, Walkerville, d/o William KIRK & Jane TURNER, witn: Isobell C. KIRK of Walkerville & Ferne BULIVAN (sic) of London on Dec. 25, 1923 at Windsor.

10238-23 Lloyd E. BURKHOLDER, 24, dairyman, Elmira, Kitchener, s/o Ezra BURKHOLDER (b. Ontario) & Hannah ELSLEY, married Nell E. WINCHESTER, 26, Grand Rapids Michigan, same, d/o Arthur E. WINCHESTER & Florence WOOD, witn: Arthur BOLTON & Alice WARNER both of Windsor on June 9, 1923 at Windsor.

10323-23 Raphael CALIGUIRE, 25, laborer, Sovenia Mannela Italy, Windsor, s/o Guiseppe CALIGUIRE & Mary LUPINACCI, married Josephine ROSSI, 18, Sidney NS, Windsor, d/o Alphons ROSSI & Rosina CAITALDI, witn: Nicolas & Anna ROSSI of 94 Marion Ave., 18 July 1923 at Windsor 10282-23 Alphonse B. CALLENS, 27, carpenter, NY state, Chatham Ont., s/o August F. CALLENS (b. Belgium) & Marie E. ZUTTERMAN, married Helen Mae FRENCH, 24, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Alvin Edgar FRENCH (b. Ont) & Frances WILLISS, witn: F. McCARDLE & Josephine GERARD, both of Windsor, 16 Nov 1923 at Windsor
10306-23 Floyd Miles CAMPBELL, 22, advertising solicitor, Ontario, 636 Campbell Ave in Windsor, s/o George CAMPBELL (b. Ont) & Bertha L. LOOP, married Hazel MORROW, 22, Windsor, 494 Caron Ave in Windsor, d/o Fred L. MORROW (b. USA) & Maud PILLMAN, witn: Grace MORROW of 494 Caron Ave & Newton CAMPBELL of 836 Campbell Ave., 26 June 1923 at Windsor 10313-23 Thomas CAMPBELL, 47, car oiler, Ireland, 517 Arthur St. in Windsor, s/o William CAMPBELL (b. Ireland) & Eliza Jane McMILLEN, married Catherine Jean MUTCH, 46, domestic, Scotland, 25 Glen Grove Ave., d/o James MUTCH (b. Scotland) & Helen DUFF, witn: Nellie PIRIE of 135 Bedford Rd in Toronto & Frederick GOMME of 517 Arthur St. in Windsor, 1 June 1923 at Windsor
10292-23 Joseph CAMPBELL, 32, machinist, Scotland, Ford Ont., s/o Alexander CAMPBELL (b. Scotland) & Lilian HAMILTON, married Elizabeth McFADYEN, 27, Scotland, Windsor, d/o William McFADYEN (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth SHARP, witn: Alex DONALD & Isabella HAMILTON, both of 172 Crawford Ave in Windsor, 21 Sept 1923 at Windsor 10293-23 Gustavous CANN, 38, machine operator, England, Detroit, s/o William CANN (b. England) & Jane HILL, married Elizabeth Ann CANN, 30, Canada, Alvinston, d/o John CANN (b. England) & Mary McTAVISH, witn: James & Amelia OLLIVER (Oliver?) of Windsor, 15 Sept 1923 at Windsor
10300-23 Frederick George CARR, 36, laborer, England, Windsor, s/o Henry Bryan CARR (b. England) & Caroline BENNETT, married Maud Ethel ABBOTT, 26, England, Windsor, d/o Albert Edward ABBOTT (b. England) & Olivette MILLS, witn: Arthur BOLTON & Minnie BOOMER, both of Windsor, 17 Aug 1923 at Windsor 10295-23 Albert CARRIER, 22, core maker, Sault Ste. Marie Ont., 1209 Elsinore Ave in Windsor, so Emanuel CARRIER (b. Ottawa) & Alexina SEGUIN, married Ellen MEYERS, 18, New Brunswick, 1209 Elsinore Ave., d/o John MEYERS (b. Canada) & Stella CLOUSAK?, witn: Emanuel & Mrs. Emanuel CARRIER of 315 Glengarry Ave., 14 Sept 1923 at 315 Glengarry Ave
10283-23 Cecil CASCADDEN, 24, farmer, Ontario, Ruthven, s/o Isaac CASCADDEN (b. Ont) & Rebecca WIGLE, married Wilhelmina LYNESS, 19, Ontario, 104 Glengary in Windsor, d/o Richard LYNESS (b. Ont) & Estella AXFORD, witn: Mrs. Ella WOODRISSER? & Mrs. WALTERS, both of 1036 Howard Ave., 15 Nov 1923 at Windsor 10308-23 Arthur William CHAPMAN, 28, furniture finisher, Greenwich - London England, 319 Douro Rd in Stratford Ont., s/o Joel CHAPMAN (b. England) & Sarah Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Lillian ROUSE, 34, furniture finisher, Clinton Ont., 36 McNab St. in Stratford, d/o Charles ROUSE (b. Ont) & Mary Jane EAST, witn: Arthur BOLTON? of 209 Langlois Ave in Windsor & Alice WARNER of Windsor, 16 June 1923 at Windsor
10298-23 Hans George CHRISTENSEN, 42, laborer, Denmark, Herendan? Hotel in Windsor, s/o Christian CHRISTENSEN (b. Denmark) & Marie LARSEN, married Anna CHRISTENSEN, 29, Denmark, Harenden Hotel in Windsor, d/o Carl CHRISTENSEN (b. Denmark) & Anna RESMUSSEN, witn: Robert CHRISTENSEN & Lee JENSEN, both of Windsor, 5 Sept 1923 at Windsor 10320-23 Joseph Wilfrid CLARKE, 22, auto mechanic, London Ont., Windsor, s/o Wilmot K. CLARKE & Maude McCALLUM, married Catherine MORRISON, 20, Rockford Illinois, Windsor, d/o Duncan MORRISON & Catherine CAMPBELL, witn: Joseph M. AUBERT of Windsor & Catherine FLEMING of Florence Ont, 18 May 1923 at Windsor
10301-23 Joseph CLEMENT, 24, chauffeur, Ontario, 125 Goyeau in Windsor, s/o Sylvia CLEMENT (b. Que) & Caroline OUELLETTE, married Flora MERCIER, 19, Quebec, 217 Langlois in Windsor, d/o George MERCIER (b. Que) & Emelie PIOLETTE, witn: Armand LEGAULT of 118 W. Columbia St. in Detroit & Irene CLEMENT of 125 Goyeau St., 4 July 1923 at Windsor 10291-23 Harry CLIFFE, 18, inspector, Ontario, 1504 Dougall Ave in Windsor, s/o William CLIFFE (b. Ont) & Ettie LAFUE?, married Mildred MORRISSEY, 23, Kingston Ont., Windsor, d/o Denis MORRISSEY (b. Ont) & Nellie MEDE, witn: William & Nellie CLIFFE of Windsor, 19 Nov 1923 at Windsor
10285-23 Solomon COGHLAN, 32, furniture set up man, Ottawa, Windsor, s/o James S. COGHLAN (b. Canada) & Jane HONAN? (Horan?), married Lexy MacLEOD, 30, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Alexander MacLEOD (b. Scotland) & Julia MacLENNAN, witn: Elsie HEFFERNAN of 408 Janette Ave & Lester L. LODGE of 5766 Lincoln Ave in Detroit, 16 Oct. 1923 at Windsor 10297-23 Basil COLE, 21, farmer, Athens Mich.., Kingsville Ont. for the past 4 weeks, s/o Albert COLE (b. Mich) & Delphine HARBAUGH, married Doris SHELTS, 18 on 3 March 1923, Sherwood Mich., Sherwood Mich. but for last 3 weeks been with her aunt at Kingsville - Mrs. Herbert Moher?, d/o Wayne SHELTS (b. Mich) & Bessie HEMMINGWAY, witn: Mrs. Mabel HARBAUGH & Mrs. Albert MOHR, both of Detroit, 7 Sept 1923 at Windsor
10314-23 George Bishop COLLINS, 40, widower, brick layer, Hamilton, Windsor, s/o George COLLINS (b. England) & Jane HANCOCK, married Emma Maud LANE, 39, widow, England, Hamilton, d/o William Henry COLE (b. England) & Ellen PEEVER, witn: Gladys THOMPSON of Walkerville, 29 May 1923 at Windsor 10310-23 Clarence E. COLVIN, 33, truck driver, Detroit, 78 Argyle Ave in Walkerville, s/o John COLVIN (b. NY state) & Hattie DARROCH?, married Lena LA POINT, 38, widow, Detroit, Walkerville, d/o John LA POINT (b. Bay City Mich) & Anna FERSTALL, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS & Mary E. MARTIN, both of Windsor, 9 June 1923 at Windsor
10286-23 Francis Joseph CONNOLLY, 23, switchman, Lochgelly - Fife Scotland, 2630 Sampson St. in Detroit, s/o Francis CONNOLLY (b. Scotland) & Catherine HUGHES, married Margaret LAWSON, 22, domestic servant, Baukpe? Scotland, 1114 Assumption St. in Windsor, d/o James LAWSON (b. Scotland) & Margaret McGOVERN, witn: Robert CONNOLLY & Catherine BOYLE, both of Scotland, 17 Oct. 1923 at Windsor  
10318-23 Elwood Lee COOK, 29, painter, Nova Scotia, Windsor, s/o George COOK (b. Canada) & Civilla LEE, married Irene Margaret FOSTER, 18 (Oct 1922), Canada, Windsor, d/o Clarence FOSTER (b. Canada) & Margaret ROOT, witn: Mrs. Grace FRASER of 119 Curry Ave & Milton Earl FRASER of 1330 Dufferin Place in Windsor, 26 May 1923 at Windsor 10316-23 Robert Lemuel COOKE, 23, painter, Springhill NS, 119 Currie Ave in Windsor, s/o George COOKE (b. Truro NS) & Civilla LEE, married Lucy Lily DAVIS, 20, Springhill NS, same, d/o William DAVIS (b. England) & Emily FEAR, witn: Mrs. F. A. & Fred A. MILES of Windsor, 19 May 1923 at Windsor
10303-23 Allen COOMBER, 28, Snodland England, Windsor, s/o Richard COOMBER (b. England) & Rose UNDERHILL, married Leona BEAUDOIN, 19, Malden twp., Windsor, d/o Daniel BEAUDOIN (b. England) & Mabel DARACH?, witn: Lloyd BEAUDOIN & Hilda BABIER, both of Windsor, 20 (30?) June 1923 at Windsor 10296-23 William Lucious COPENING, 23, carpenter, Tennessee US, 546 Goyeau St. in Windsor, s/o Thomas COPENING (b. New York) & Nettie ROBERTS, married Rosemond WETTLEY, 20, New York, 546 Goyeau St., d/o John WETTLEY (b. New York) & Stradura WOODS, witn: Herbert COPENING of 219 Trelport? Ave in Detroit & Mrs. Ada SELDONS of 546 Goyeau St., 31 Aug 1923 at Windsor
10302-23 Daniel H. COPPOCK, 40, bond salesman, Dayton Ohio, 321 Victoria Ave in Windsor, s/o Isaac COPPOCK (b. Ohio) & Martha E. HUTCHINS, married Julia K. FALKERSTEIN, 27, Logan Ohio, same, d/o Martin FALKERSTEIN (b. Ohio) & Katherine NORAK, witn: Alice WARNER of Rectory & George MINFIELD (Winfield?) of 1267 Pelissier? St., 14 July 1923 at Windsor 10322-23 Eugene COUILLARD, 25, machinist, Thurso Que., Detroit, s/o Romain COUILLARD & Elizabeth RABBY, married Lea ROY, 18, St. Philipe D'Argenteuil Que., Windsor, d/o Napoleon ROY & Mary ROY, witn: Emile COUILLARD of Brownsburg Que & Amy ROY of 1010 Louis Ave., 17 July 1923 at Windsor
10307-23 Charles Calvin COULTER, 27, coal merchant, Gusto - Essex Ont., 910 Church St. in Windsor, s/o James A. COULTER (b. Ont) & Sarah Jane PIPE, married Ronie Leatha LITTLE, 23, Colchester South, 1121 Church St. in Windsor, d/o Thomas LITTLE (b. Ont) & Mary Jane LITTLE, witn: Bertha M. WHITE of Windsor & Harold FEATHER of Detroit, 25 June 1923 at Windsor 10294-23 Ralph Howard COULTER, 21, farmer, Chatham twp., Eberts - Chatham twp., s/o Aaron COULTER (b. Ont) & Sarah THOMAS, married Madeline Inez OLDERSHAW, 19, Chatham, same, d/o Frank OLDERSHAW (b. Ont) & Laura MARTIN, witn: Margaret SMITH & Elizabeth A. OLDS, both of Windsor, 15 Sept 1923 at Windsor
10281-23 Francis Leo COUSINEAU, 25, plumber, Ontario, 2137 Park in Detroit, s/o Napoleon COUSINEAU (b. Ont) & Philomene MIETTE, married Isabel CLEMENT, 26, Ontario, 125 Goyeau St. in Windsor, d/o Sylvia CLEMENT & Caroline MALETTE, witn: Adelard COUSINEAU of Detroit & Loretto CLEMENT of Windsor, 29 Nov 1923 at Windsor 10280-23 Harvin COUSINEAU, 23, Windsor, McKay & Tecumseh in Windsor, s/o Joseph COUSINEAU (b. USA) & Melina CHAUVIN, married Elizabeth MAYVILLE, 18 in Aug last, Ontario, 394 Bridge Ave in Windsor, d/o Archibald MAYVILLE (b. Ont) & Adelaide CHARETTE, witn: Beatrice COUSINEAU & Clarence R. DRULARD, both of Windsor, 10 Dec 1923 at Windsor [divorced 26/4/50]
10287-23 Arthur COWLEY, 41, widower, butcher, England, Windsor, s/o Richard COWLEY (b. England) & Ruth HEWER, married Edith May GIRLING, 37, widow, England, Windsor, d/o Frederick William HODAN? (Hoolan?) (b. England) & Caroline WINCH, witn: William C. & Minnie COWLEY of Sandwich Ont., 15 Sept 1923 at 1528 Giles Blvd., Windsor 10289-23 Thomas William COWPERTHWAITE, 31, engineer, England, 1502 Campbell Ave in Detroit, s/o Edward COWPERTHWAITE (b. England) & Martha OGDEN, married Andrina ROY, 30, widow, stenographer, Scotland, Prince Edward Hotel in Windsor - recently from Dryden Ont., d/o Andrew ROSE (Ross?) (b. Scotland) & Frances HASTY, witn: Louisa EARP of Windsor & Frederick R. AUSTIN of Stirling Ave in Detroit, 9 Oct. 1923 at Windsor
10284-23 Austin Benjamin COY, 26, Pennsylvania, Detroit, s/o Solomon COY (b. USA) & Minnie MYERS, married Helen Marie HAHNE, 19, Cleveland Ohio, 515 Brant St. in Windsor, d/o Frank HAHNE (b. USA) & Olive COWLEY, witn: George LANE of Woodstock & Sadie CHARLEBOIS of Windsor, 10 Nov 1923 at Windsor  
10321-23 Joseph Edward COYLE, 30, sheet metal worker, Stayner Ont., Windsor, s/o John COYLE & Mary Ann HOAG, married Mary Catherine Crosby PETERS, 30, widow, Brechin Ont., Windsor, d/o Michael CROSBY & Susan CORRIGAN, witn: Fred & Mabel CROSBY of Windsor, 29 May 1923 a Windsor 10319-23 Matthew COYLE, 35, clerk, Scotland, Detroit, s/o James COYLE (v. Ireland) & Margaret NORMAN, married May OPPLE, 39, Ohio, 361 King St. in Toronto, d/o Nathan OPPLE (b. USA) & Amelia BOWYER, witn: David GARRIE of 529 Goyeau St & Idella BAKER of Windsor, 15 May 1923 at Windsor
10299-23 Wilfred Joseph COYNE, 23, train man, Chatham Ont., Windsor, s/o Edward M. COYNE (b. Canada) & Ellen M. McCARTHY, married Esther Victoria CLARK, 23, Ridgetown, same, d/o John E. CLARK (b. Canada) & Maria LENOVER, witn: Mrs. Mary & Albert Henry PAGE of Leamington, 21 July 1923 at Windsor 10309-23 George Herbert CRITESER, 52, widower, laborer, Michigan, Royal Oak twp - Mich., s/o Joseph CRITESER (b. Indiana) & Deborah LATTIN, married Theresa KOERBER, 41, Detroit, Royal Oak twp., d/o Adam KOERBER (b. Germany) & Fredericka BOOTZ (Boetz?), witn: Jessie S. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 9 June 1923 at Windsor
10288-23 Demitrie CROITORI, 28?, checker, Roumania, 549 Hall Ave in Windsor, s/o Ghiorghi CROITORI (b. Roumania) & Ecaterina, married Ida LAUZON, 24, Ontario, St. Thomas Ont., d/o Menesep LAUZON (b. Ont) & Genereus, witn: Grigoire & Ana G. ARAMA of Detroit, 30 Sept 1923 at Windsor 10304-23 Matthew Henry CROOKS, 35, inspector in machine plant, Ireland, 5927 Beaubien in Detroit, s/o William John CROOKS (b. Ireland) & Sarah COSGROVE, married Clare Florence MASETT, 25, Guernsey Channel Islands, 42 Bellefair Ave in Toronto, d/o Charles Francis MASETT (b. Jersey) & Helen DE CARTWRIGHT, witn: Teresa DUFFY of 5 Langley Ave in Toronto & Thomas GLANCEY of Eganville? Ont., 4 July 1923 at Windsor
10305-23 William Ernest CROWE, 22, baker, Ontario, 1300 London St. West in Windsor, s/o John CROWE (b. Ont) & Eva QUIBELL, married Gertrude Wickem REES, 22, Ireland, Whitby Ont., d/o George REES (b. Ireland) & Isabella COLQUHOUN, witn: Gertrude Christena YOUNG & George A. YOUNG, both of 1300 London St. West, 2 July 1923 at Windsor 10311-23 Vernon Way CRUSE, 22, salesman, Port Hope, Herenden? Hotel in Windsor, s/o Walter CRUSE (b. Port Hope) & Alberta ARNOTT, married Annie W. M. DIACK, 25, Scotland, Guelph, d/o William DIACK (b. Scotland) & Annie Wedderburn MURRAY, witn: Jenny Lindsay MITCHELL & Jessie S. THOMAS, both of Windsor, 6 June 1923 at Windsor
10290-23 Fred CUMBERLIDGE, 31, machinist, England, Detroit, s/o John George CUMBERLIDGE (b. England) & Ray LORD, married Louise EYKELBOSCH, 32, England, Windsor, d/o Joseph EYKELBOSCH (b. England) & Fanny ESSEX, witn: Ethel & Mrs. George CUMBERLIDGE of 422 Goyeau St., 26 Nov 1923 at Windsor 10315-23 Lorne Raeburn CUMMING, 28, barrister, Lyn - Leeds Co., 9 La Belle Bldg in Windsor, s/o Gordon C. CUMMING (b. Ont) & Mary Y. BROWN, married Flora Beatrice MACDONALD, 24, Winnipeg, 875 Dufferin St. in Windsor, d/o Duncan M. MACDONALD (b. Canada) & Sophia MALLORY, witn: Mary Y. CUMMINGS of Lyn Marie A. MACDONALD of Windsor, 19 May 1923 at Windsor
10342-23 John Howard CURZON, 33, widower, civil engineer, Toronto, 1964 Queen St. East, s/o Arthur John CURZON (b. Ont) & Mary Power SEMPLE, married Hilary DANE, 20, England, 194 Elm Ave in Windsor, d/o Harry E. DANE (b. England) & Ella PAYNE, witn: Edward A. GEORGE of 194 Elm Ave & Janette HARWOOD of 192 Elm Ave. (both Windsor), 8 June 1923 at Windsor 10317-23 Larry C. CYPHERS, 51, widower, motorman, Michigan, 131 1/2 Superior in Toledo Ohio, s/o Philip C. CYPHERS (b. Ireland) & Ella ROGERS, married Edna Mary THOMAS, 42, Belleville Ont., same, d/o Edward THOMAS (b. Wales) & Mina MILLS, witn: Arthur BOLA of 209 Langlois Ave in Windsor & Laura EARP of All Saints Rectory, 29 May 1923 at Windsor