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9069-25 Gordon Wilbur BALLANTYNE, 34, widower, merchant, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Michael BALLANTYNE (b. Ont) & Agnes ARMSTRONG, married Eunice Helen GOLDSWORTHY, 30, Ontario, Blenheim, d/o George GOLDSWORTHY (b. Ont) & Margaret TODD, witn: Irene C. LA BINE? of Martin Place in Detroit & W.L. KNOWLES of 1009 Ouellette Ave in Windsor, 22 Jan 1925 at Windsor 9074-25 William BARTLETT, 22, machinist, England, Sandwich, s/o John R. BARTLETT (b. England) & Lucy BARFORD, married Pearl JEAN, 23, Windsor, same, d/o Louis JEAN (b. Ont) & Olive LONG, witn: Roy & Mrs. Roy JEAN of 140 McEwan Ave, 21 March 1925 at Windsor
9063-25 Frank BARTOLINO, 22, stock room employee, South Dakota, Detroit, s/o Frank BARTOLINO (b. Italy) & Ella GRANDIS, married Carmen GRANDIS, 22, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Paul GRANDIS (b. Italy) & Theresa RUFFINA, witn: Peter MIGLIO of 2682 Columbus in Detroit & Jennie RUFFINA of Detroit, 24 Feb 1925 at Windsor 9081-25 Oliver BEAUGRAND, 25, driver, Staples, Sandwich, s/o Joseph BEAUGRAND & Archange TOULOUSE, married Eileen KIRK, 23, Windsor, Jackson Corners, d/o Thomas KIRK & Mary VANDELINDER, witn: Ernest BEAUGRAND of Sandwich & Margaret KIRK of Jackson Corners, 7 July 1925 at Windsor
9078-25 Adelard BECHARD, 27, truck driver, Paincourt, Detroit, s/o Medard BECHARD & Emma BENOIT, married Berneda FAUBERT, 19, Chatham, Windsor, d/o Alfred FAUBERT & Margaret McGRAIL, witn: Hector BECHARD & Nellie McGRAIL, both of Chatham, 15 June 1925 at Windsor 9057-25 Reginald Lawrence BECKETT, 19, sheet metal worker, Ontario, Windsor, s/o William Samuel BECKETT (b. Ont) & Beatrice Maud LAWRENCE, married Cora Evelyn BLACKLER, 18, Ontario, Windsor, d/o John William BLACKLER (b. Ont) & Mary Ellen VIVIAN, witn: Emily Rosina KIRBY of 409 London St. & Fred Vivian Gose BLACKLER of 471 Welling Ave (both Windsor), 20 June 1925 at Windsor
9077-25 Eugene BELLEPERCHE, 26, salesman, Windsor, same, s/o Joseph BELLEPERCHE & Phyllis MAHONEY, married Marguerite Emma FREDERICK, 25, Windsor, same, d/o Frank FREDERICK & Emma BOURBEAU, witn: Earl James ENRIGHT of 961 Howard Ave & Myrtle FREDERICK of 1106 Elsmere Ave., 28 April 1925 at Windsor 9064-25 Doyle Emerson BENJAMIN, 27, printer, Mount Cory Ohio, Walkerville, s/o Daniel BENJAMIN & Lottie FOX, married Marjorie Frances LONG, 18, Peterboro Ont., Walkerville, d/o Fred LONG & Lillian SMITH, witn: Margaret SMITH & Jessie D. THOMAS, both of Windsor, 21 Feb 1925 at Windsor
9053-25 Clark R. BENNETT, 21, auto trimmer, Walkerville, same, s/o Richard BENNETT (b. Ont) & Rachel LARABEE, married Marion Ross BANNERMAN, 18, Scotland, Cleveland Ohio, d/o William BANNERMAN (b. Scotland) & Minnie HYSLOP, witn: Chester R. & Dorothy BENNETT of 268 Monmouth Rd in Walkerville, 27 June 1925 at 1059 Howard Ave., Windsor 9054-25 Joseph J. BEZEAU, 25, body assembler, Sandwich Ont., Windsor, s/o Mitchell BEZEAU (b. Windsor Ont) & Mary BILAVEAU, married Ethel COIL, 23, USA, Detroit, d/o Lewis COIL (b. USA) & Marcettie EDGE, witn: Margaret WHITSELL of 118 Elm Ave in Windsor & Hercule BEZEAU of 155 Bridge Ave in Windsor, 21 June 1925 at Windsor
9056-25 David BIGGAR, 33, soft drink manufacturer, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Alexander BIGGAR (b. Scotland) & Margaret McFARLANE, married Nan Paton WEIR, 21, Scotland, Windsor, d/o William WEIR (b. Scotland) & Margaret A. McAULEY, witn: Alexander BIGGAR of 42 Gladstone Ave & Margaret WEIR of 900 Hall Ave (both Windsor), 30 June 1925 at Windsor 9062-25 Ivan BOGHEAN, 48, widower, machinist, Roumania, Ford City, s/o Em BOGHEAN & Aria, married Annie NEINES, 35, widow, Roumania, Ford City, d/o Mihail NEINES & Maria, witn: Grigonie & Vironica LATIANA? of RR3 Essex, 21 Feb 1925 at Windsor
9076-25 Alfred BOISMIER, 22, carpenter, Ontario, Sandwich, s/o Fred BOISMIER & Aurore GAGNON, married Blanche LESPERANCE, 18, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Eli LESPERANCE & Ann SHARON, witn: Aldoria & Cecile LABRANCHE of Sandwich, 21 July 1925 at Windsor 9082-25 Norman BOISMIER, 18, machinist, Ontario, Sandwich, s/o Fred BOISMIER & Aurore GAGNON, married Clara BRIAN, 17, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Patrick BRIAN & Elizabeth SHARON, witn: Alcide GAGNON & Pearl SHARON, both of Sandwich, 21 July 1925 (consent for bride given by guardian, Mr. Sharon)
9085-25 William BONDY, 30, farmer, McGregor, same, s/o Thomas BONDY & Elizabeth RENAUD, married Mary WALSH, 31, teacher, Mount Forest, Windsor, d/o Edward WALSH & Margaret FLYNN, witn: Fred BONDY & Pear? PARDO, both of Windsor, 5 Oct. 1925 at Windsor 9079-25 Paul BOURGET, 25, carpenter, Montreal, Windsor, s/o Silfrid BOURGET & Olivia SABOURIN, married Marie Louisa JANISSE, 21, Amherstburg Ont., Windsor, d/o Emile JANISSE & Delphine LAFORET, witn: Sylvain J. MARENTETTE of 122 Sandwich St. in Sandwich & Simone Bourget JANISSE of 64 Pillette Rd in Ford, 3 Aug 1925 at Windsor
9086-25 William BOWEN, 23, fireman, London Ont., Windsor, s/o George BOWEN & Eleanor STANN (Starr?), married Agnes MURPHY, 22, Wexford Ireland, Windsor, d/o Patrick MURPHY & Mary HAYDEN, witn: Augustine & Nancy MURPHY of 1041 Arthur St., 19 Dec 1925 at Windsor 9060-25 Ivan R. BRADLEY, 23, machinist, Ontario, Norwich Ont., s/o James W. BRADLEY (b. Ont) & Ida ROZELLE, married Catherine YOUNG, 21, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o Edward YOUNG (b. Ont) & Mabel SCOTT, witn: Wardle STAFFORD of 51 Bond St. in Toronto & Margaret SMITH of Windsor, 2 March 1925 at Windsor
9059-25 Frank BRANT, 22, sheet metal worker, Deseronto Ont., Windsor, s/o Frank BRANT (b. Ont) & Mary MOSES, married Marjorie FILSON, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Edward FILSON (b. USA) & Anna KEELEY, witn: Frances & John E. MARACLE of 317 Dougall in Windsor, 6 June 1925 at Windsor 9068-25 George A. BRASSOW, 36, farmer, Michigan, Farmington Mich., s/o Christopher BRASSOW (b. Germany) & Mary HESS, married Minnie BRASSOW, 22, Michigan, Farmington Mich., d/o William BRASSOW (b. Germany) & Minnie LIVERANCE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. C. J. BRACE of Farmington Mich., 7 Feb 1925 at Windsor
9067-25 Arcene BREAULT, 45, widower, automobile worker, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Izaire BREAULT & Esther TREMBLAY, married Emma CHAPUT, 34, widow, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Felix COUTURE (b. Quebec) & Catherine Eliz. POLTON, witn: Leo BEZAIRE & Helen BREAULT, both of 723 Pierre Ave., 19 Feb 1925 at Windsor 9071-25 Frederick May BRIDGWATER, 25, punch press operator, Liverpool England, 34 Wilkinson Lane in Sandwich, s/o John BRIDGWATER (b. England) & Susannah HUGHES, married Margaret Alice IRELAND, 19, Liverpool England, 3334 Felix Ave in Sandwich, d/o James IRELAND (b. England) & Eliza Jane CALDER, witn: Bessie SWIFT of St. Antoine St. in Sandwich & Alex LYON of 623 Goyeau St. in Windsor, 3 Jan 1925 at Windsor
9055-25 Elmer Melvin BRIEN, 27, switchman, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Edward James BRIEN (b. Ont) & Annie Jane CREWS, married Hazel Mary KAAKE, 20, Saskatchewan, Windsor, d/o Joseph KAAKE (b. Canada) & Isabel PERCY, witn: Mr. J.H. BRIEN of Toronto & Miss S. KAAKE of Windsor, 24 June 1925 at Windsor 9070-25 Robert BRIGHAM, 36, trainman, England, Windsor, s/o James BRIGHAM (b. England) & Salina ROBSON, married Vera Jane EDMONDS, 35, USA, Windsor, d/o David H. EDMONDS (b. USA) & Anna PENDERGAST, witn: S.A. HOPE & Grace PENDERGAST, both of Elsmere Ave, 1 Jan 1925 at 1125 Elsmere Ave., Windsor
9072-25 Charles BRIGNALL, 29, office work, St. Leonards on Sea - Sussex England, Walkerville, s/o Stephen Burges BRIGNALL (b. England) & Harriet LAUTER, married Mabel Doris Elizabeth KING, 31, domestic, Horsham England, Windsor, d/o George KING (b. England) & Elizabeth FORICE?, witn: Arthur KEMP of Windsor, 3 Jan 1925 at St. Georges Church, Windsor 9080-25 Clifford James Leroy BRIMACOMBE, 22, laborer, Exeter Ont., 909 Windsor Ave in Windsor, s/o William Albert BRIMACOMBE & Rachel LE GRICE, married Marion May PETHER, 28, waitress, Brighton England, 909 Windsor Ave., d/o James PETHER & Marion HARLAND, witn: Elsie DYSON & Fred BRIMACOMBE, both of 909 Windsor Ave., 27 June 1925 at Windsor
9065-25 James Arthur BRINN, 26, farmer, Ontario, Windsor (formerly Tilsonburg), s/o James Henry BRINN (b. Ont) & Vena MANSELL, married Olive REDMOND, 28, widow, USA, Windsor, d/o Robert RALSTON (b. USA) & Sadie DOUTT, witn: Elsie CHAPMAN & Russell ALWARD, both of Windsor, 18 Feb 1925 at Windsor 9073-25 John William BRODIE, 22, auto trimmer, Chatham Ontario., Walkerville, s/o John BRODIE (b. Scotland) & Jennie McLELLAN, married Alleta COWLEY, 19, Tilbury Ont., Windsor, d/o Jack COWLEY (b. England) & Sarah Ellen BOND, witn: Angus MacDONALD of Ecorse Mich & Mae LADOUCEUR of Stoney Point Ont., 21 March 1925 at Windsor
9066-25 George BROWN, 28, automobile worker, Russia, Detroit, s/o August BRANDES? (b. Russia) & Anna STURKIE, married Mary WALTERS, 23, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Charles WALTERS (b. Scotland) & Anna MUIR, witn: Katie BRADLEY of Ouelette Ave in Windsor & Rudolph McCULLEN of 5621 Christiany St. in Detroit, 21 Feb 1925 at St. Andrews Manse, Windsor 9083-25 Lorenzo Thomas BROWN, 21, clerk, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Thomas BROWN & Margaret McRAE, married Anna Rose McMAHON, 18, Ontario, Belle River, d/o Charles McMAHON & Mary Ann BYRNE, witn: Bernard BROWN of Detroit & Marie McMAHON of Belle River, 3 Aug 1925 at Windsor
9087-25 John BUDZYNSKI, 29, laborer, Gorajec Poland, Windsor, s/o Albert BUDZYNSKI & Catherine DUER, married Emilia SLONINA, 27, Merzyniec Poland, Windsor, d/o John SLONINA & Sophie BLOS, witn: John RUSINCK of 1232 Langlois Ave & Mary LESKIEWICZ of 949 Langlois, 21 Nov 1925 at Windsor 9058-25 George Frederick BURNE, 27, machinist, Ireland, Windsor, s/o John Joseph BURNE (b. Ireland) & Charlotte HINGSON, married Alice Caroline BOOMER, 28, divorced (Alberta), South Wales, Windsor, d/o George C. WALDER (b. South Wales) & Alice Ann CHANEY, witn: M. S. PARKIN of Windsor & Albert WALDER of 601 Windsor Ave., 6 June 1925 at Windsor
9075-25 Robert H. BURNIE, 24, banker, Windsor, same, s/o William BURNIE & Annie SHAW, married Delia Hortense JANISSE, 25, Windsor, same, d/o Hector JANISSE & Mary MARENTETTE, witn: Leo Paul JANISSE of 406 Marentette Ave & Ella Margaret O'NEIL of 457 Hall Ave (both Windsor), 2 June 1925 at Windsor 9061-25 Edward BURT, 18, polisher, Windsor, Detroit, s/o James A. BURT & Janie CRAM, married Rose DYMOND, 16, England, Windsor, d/o James Edgar DYMOND & Elizabeth JAMES, witn: Kathleen DYMOND of 659 Goyeau St. in Windsor & James A. BURT of 1177 Delaware in Detroit, 28 Feb 1925 at Windsor
9084-25 Michael John BYRNE, 32, farmer, Woodslee, same, s/o John BYRNE & Helen McMAHON, married Corinne MAITRE, 22, Windsor, same, d/o Seraphin MAITRE & Nettie LANGLOIS, witn: E. S. MAITRE of 509 Parent Ave & Edna PARENT of 585 Bruce Ave., 15 Sept 1925 at Windsor 9118-25 John Rigg CAHILL, 27, machinist, England, Windsor, s/o John CAHILL (b. Ireland) & Mary PEATTIE, married Katheleen Bessie SHEARER, 25, Wales, Belfast Ireland - sailing for Canada April 18, d/o William SHEARER (b. Ireland) & Annie LEE, witn: Mary McKAY & Jeffrey HEARN, both of 590 Janette Ave., 29 April 1925 at Windsor
9129-25 James CAIRD, 29, postman, Scotland, Windsor, s/o James Benton (Burton?) CAIRD (b. Scotland) & Isabel Hepburn CHRISTIE, married Catherine G. REID, 19, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Daniel REID (b. Scotland) & Mary GRIER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. E. KING of Windsor, 10 July 1925 at Windsor 9107-25 Sam CAMILLERI, 25, coil maker, Malta, Detroit, s/o Albert CAMILLERI (b. Isle of Malta) & Angelina AQUILINA, married Georgina LALIBERTY (Laliberte?), 18, Ontario, Ford, d/o Philip LALIBERTY (b. St. Joachim Ont) & Georgia CANVILLE, witn: Eli & Anna LIBERTY of Ford, 8 Aug 1925 at Windsor
9154-25 Edmond CAMERON, 21, engineer, Portage du Fort Que., Detroit, s/o O'Kane CAMERON & Elizabeth LOONAW?, married Annie BOURKE, 17, McGregor Ont., Windsor, d/o Eugene BOURKE & Marguerite DELISLE, witn: Denis BOURKE of 939 Elsmere Ave in Windsor & Bertha CAMERON of 2180 Ashland Ave in Detroit, 14 Dec 1925 at Windsor 9143-25 Wallace N. CAMERON, 22, stock broker, Toronto, same, s/o Charles CAMERON (b. Ont) & Hannah RICHARDSON, married Ruth Ann BRAY, 20, Ohio, Detroit, d/o Anson BRAY (b. USA) & Roxie STEWART, witn: John HOWELL & Mildred THOMPSON, both of Detroit, 21 March 1925 at Windsor
9130-25 Edison Herschel CAMPBELL, 20, carpenter, Ontario, 1550 Bruce Ave. in Windsor, s/o Edward John CAMPBELL (b. Colchester North - Essex Co) & Laura KEANE, married Corine J. MALENFANT, 21, Ontario, Colchester North twp., d/o Alfred MALENFANT (b. Quebec) & Vitaline RENAUD, witn: Laura L. CAMPBELL of 1550 Bruce Ave & Marchell C. BLIGHT of RR2 Essex 9139-25 John CAMPBELL, 53, laborer, Alboro twp., Windsor, s/o Duncan CAMPBELL (b. Ont) & Christena McNEIL, married Queenie HUNTER, 45, widow, New Brunswick, Windsor, d/o Israel BRIGGS (b. New Brunswick) & Olivia BURNS, witn: Charles DROWN of 110 Shepherd St. in Windsor & Mrs. T. STEELE of 956 Goyeau St., 9 March 1925 at Windsor
9108-25 James H. CAMPBELL, 26, florist, Chicago, Detroit, s/o John CARDO (sic) (b. USA) & Helen BUNSEN, married Leta Marie BARTON, 26, Chatham Ont., Windsor, d/o Alex MOAD (sic) (b. Canada) & Jane GOVENLOCK, witn: Margaret SMITH & Lillian SULLIVAN, both of Windsor, 2 Aug 1925 at Windsor 9103-25 Archibald CAMPBELL, 24, boat builder, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Archibald CAMPBELL (b. Scotland) & Charlotte CREIGHTON, married Tamar Anderson BUCHAN, 23, Scotland, en route from Scotland, d/o George BUCHAN (b. Scotland) & Tamar ANDERSON, witn: Jessie L. BUCHAN & Isaac NOBLE, both of Detroit, 23 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9148-25 William Charles CAMPBELL, 21, laborer, England, Sandwich, s/o Robert Charles CAMPBELL (b. England) & Helen Rose SMITH, married Ivy CATHERINE, 21, England, Riverside Ont., d/o Thomas CATHERINE (b. England) & Florence Alice HURST, witn: V. GRAY of St. Clair Ave in Ford & G. SINGLETON of 834 Peterboro Ave in Detroit, 24 Jan 1925 at Windsor 9096-25 Joseph Edward CAMPEAU, 27, barrister, Windsor, same, s/o Alex CAMPEAU (b. Tecumseh Ont) & Louise SOULLIERE, married Blanche HARVEY, 24, Windsor, same, d/o Philip HARVEY (b. England) & Anna BARKER, witn: Elmore J. PEACOCK of 304 Caroline St. in Windsor & Mildred T. BECK of 22 May Ave., 11 Oct 1925 at Windsor
9113-25 Maurice CARD, 27, plumber, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Charles CARD (b. England) & Emma STAGG, married Helen Alice LAMB, 19, England, Windsor, d/o William George LAMB (b. England) & Emloy Georgina DOWNES, witn: Richard CLARK & Mary LAMB, both of Windsor, 24 April 1925 at Windsor 9125-25 James Nicolson Green CARDNO, 28, electrician, Scotland, Windsor, s/o John CARDNO (b. Scotland) & Helen BUNSEN, married Gladys Luella MOAD, 20, Manitoba, Windsor, d/o Alex MOAD (b. Ont) & Jane GOVENLOCK, witn: Margaret SMITH of Windsor & Louise B. MOAD of Gladstone Manitoba, 26 Aug 1925 at Windsor
9097-25 Gerald CARLISLE, 29, accountant, London Ont., Windsor, s/o James CARLISLE (b. England) & Mary Agnes STANS?, married Ethel Madlyn McCUAIG, 25 (b. 6 Oct. 1899), Minneapolis Minn., Detroit, d/o James T. McCUAIG (b. Canada) & Ethel GRASSETT, witn: Dorothy CARLISLE of Sarnia & V. CARLISLE of Mt. Dennis Toronto, 5 Oct. 1925 at Windsor 9141-25 Ubaldi CARMILOTTI, 31, tile setter, Italy, Windsor, s/o Dominic CARMILOTTI (b. Italy) & Marie PATRUCCI, married Marie Ella CARRODA, 22, Italy, Windsor, d/o Sebastien CARRODA (b. Italy) & Lucy DAGNOLI, witn: Leonard & Minnie LANGS of Windsor, 24 Feb 1925 at Windsor
9142-25 Joseph Richard CARNOTE, 29, machinist, Iowa US, Windsor, s/o Joseph CARNOTE (b. France) & Mary CAROM, married Adline Agnes BENSON, 30, Ontario, Windsor, d/o John BENSON (b. Norway) & Elizabeth MERRILL, witn: Edward & Etta M. WILEY of 40 Josephine Ave in Windsor, 28 march 1925 at Windsor 9126-25 Joseph CAROM, 25, electrician, California, Windsor for the last 2 years, s/o Kaled CAROM (b. Hasroon Syria) & Mary LASHAH, married Genevieve MICHAEL, 18, Michigan, Windsor, d/o Peter MICHAEL (b. Hasroon Syria) & Jooreia JABOOR, witn: Peter CAROM of 907 Wyandotte St. & Lily CAROM of 110 Pitt St., 25 July 1925 at Windsor
9105-25 Thomas CAROTHERS, 45, mechanic, West Virginia, Windsor (since 1912), s/o James CAROTHERS (b. West Virginia) & Margaret LENOX, married Mabel W. VANDEGRIFT, 21, West Virginia, Windsor (since 1920), d/o William VANDEGRIFT (b. West Virginia) & Ruth CARPENTER, witn: C.E. PHILPOTT & A. PITMAN, both of Windsor, 14 Aug 1925 at Windsor 9115-25 Herbert George CARPENTER, 41, steel worker, Ohio, Windsor, s/o Frederick W. CARPENTER & Martha Jane GRAY, married Ethel Clara SPRAGUE, 33, Ohio, Windsor, d/o Stephen SPRAGUE & Myrtle CLOSSON, witn: Joseph W. DODD & Russell J. JACKSON, both of Walkerville, 9 May 1925 at Windsor
9104-25 Charles Eldred CARRUTHERS, 23, accountant, Barrie Ont., Windsor, s/o Charles H. CARRUTHERS & Edith SMITH, married Margaret Lillian HAGER, 18 in Sept 1924, Essex Ont., Windsor, d/o William HAGER & Jessie McKENZIE, witn: Charles Emerson HAGER of Windsor & Beatrice Thelma LONG of Walkerville, 12 Sept 1925 at Windsor 9114-25 Reginald J. CARSON, 40, Brantford, Windsor, s/o James A. CARSON (b. Ont) & Emma WALLACE, married Margaret McDONALD, 30, Stratford, same, d/o Alexander McDONALD & Matilda NEIL, witn: Jean MIDDLETON of Windsor & J. A. McKEOWN of Sandwich, 15 April 1925 at Windsor
9111-25 Henry CARTER, 40, laborer, Arkansas, Windsor, s/o Spencer CARTER (b. USA) & Louisa RONEY (Raney?), married Evelyn TOOKES, 38, Florida, Detroit, d/o John JOHNSON (sic) (b. USA) & Isabel JACKSON, witn: Christena BETHEL of 523 Wilkins St. & May TAYLOR of 446 Benton, 1 April 1925 at Windsor 9101-25 Lorne Edward CARTLIDGE, 34, tool grinder, Stratford Ont., 270 Windermere Rd in Walkerville, s/o Thomas CARTLIDGE (b. England) & Sarah HENDERSON, married Violet Hazel PORTER, 26, stenographer, Becher Ont., 258 Lincoln Rd in Walkerville, d/o Wesley PORTER (b. Canada) & Charlotte WILLIAMSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. W. T. CARTER of Windsor, 5 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9136-25 Arol Glenn CASCADDEN, 24, mechanic, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Elihu CASCADDEN & Clarissa FOX, married Ellen Ona LITTLE, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Robert LITTLE & Ina E. LIDWELL, witn: Donald Alan FRALICK of Windsor & Thelma Irene CASCADDEN of Leamington, 10 June 1925 at Windsor 9153-25 Michael Joseph CASEY, 24, clerk, Armascaul - Co. Kerry Ireland, Detroit, s/o John CASEY & Mary BOWLER, married Agnes Mary BRODERICK, 21, nurse, Sandwich, Windsor, d/o Patrick BRODERICK & Clara MOYNAHAN, witn: Thomas FRASER of Detroit & Genevieve BRODERICK of Windsor, 21 Oct. 1925 at Windsor
9145-25 Louis CETNER, 26, hatter, Poland, Detroit, s/o Heneck CETNER (b. Poland) & Sarah WEISMAN, married Sala FERSZT, 23, Poland, Windsor, d/o Moris FERSZT (b. Poland) & Henda WEISMAN, witn: D. STITTSAMER of 501 Mercer St. & S.H. GOTTLIEB of 1992 Blane Ave., 8 Feb 1925 at Windsor 9089-25 Clifton B. CHAPIN, 28, funeral director, Brighton Ont., 939 Ouellette Ave in Windsor, s/o Jay R. CHAPIN (b. Canada) & Mabel Ann PETERSON, married Ina Lyall MARTIN, 28, clerk, widow, Edinburgh Scotland, 2526 John St. in Detroit, d/o Thomas G. GOODALL (b. Scotland) & Mary LYALL, witn: Mabel CHAPIN of 939 Ouellette Ave & Jay R. CHAPIN of Windsor, 11 Nov 1925 at Windsor
9134-25 Thomas CHARD, 26, decorator, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Thomas CHARD (b. Scotland) & Helen EDDY, married Mildred BARTON, 20, Canada, Windsor, d/o Frederick BARTON (b. England) & Elizabeth STEVENSON, witn: M.L. PAULIN of Windsor & Lillie BARTON of 459 Wellington Ave., 6 June 1925 at Windsor 9121-25 Samuel CHARETTE, 25, chauffeur, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Felix CHARETTE (b. Canada) & Marie L. SEGUIN?, married Bella GRAVELINE, 23, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Miles GRAVELINE (b. Ont) & Martha MAJOR, witn: Mabel PAULIN of Windsor & Napoleon CHARETTE of 829 Bruce Ave in Windsor, 30 May 1925 at Windsor
9106-25 Louis Delor Joseph CHARRON, 27, tool maker, Quebec, Windsor, s/o Charles CHARRON (b. Quebec) & Albina BOISART, married Adele Ulerie Lucienne LEMIEUX, 26, Quebec, Montreal, d/o Joseph LEMIEUX (b. Quebec) & Adila PARE, witn: Charles & Oscar CHARRON of Windsor, 19 Aug 1925 at Windsor 9120-25 Ernest CHAUVIN, 26, machinist, Ontario, Tecumseh Ont., s/o William CHAUVIN (b. Ont) & Mary Louise ADAMS, married Cecile GRONDIN, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o James GRONDIN (b. Ont) & Mary FILAUNDRY, witn: Mr. William & Ada ADAMS of 1100 Dougall Ave., 1 May 1925 at Windsor [divorced 25/6/32]
9152-25 Joseph Arthur CHEVALIER, 26, barber, Marinette Wis., Windsor, s/o Joseph Arthur CHEVALIER & Marie Daisy POTVIN, married Jeanne Marie LECLAIRE, 22, St. Philip d'Argeneuil Que., Windsor, d/o Misias LECLAIRE & Appoline DESJARDINS, witn: Edward CHEVALIER of Windsor & Imelda DUCHARME of Detroit, 7 July 1925 at Windsor 9100-25 Einar CHRISTENSEN, 44, structural steel worker, Denmark, Woodville, s/o Andreas CHRISTENSEN (b. Denmark) & Ellen M. V. JENSEN, married Kirsten RAMBUSCH, 22 (b. 3 Oct. 1903), Skallerup - Vynnebier? Denmark, Windsor, d/o Svend RAMBUSCH (b. Norway) & Charlotte ESSNIANN, witn: Mrs. Ada Mary HOPKINS & Mr. Sam M. TAYLOR, both of Windsor, 11 Oct. 1925 at Windsor (bride's parents in Norway)
9112-25 Kenneth Rat CHRISTIE, 20, salesman, Tilsonburg Ont., Detroit, s/o Alwynne CHRISTIE (b. Ont) & Jennie Elizabeth MAGUIRE, married Alfretta Elizabeth Pearl SIMONS, 19, St. Thomas Ont. London, d/o Arnold SIMONS (b. Ont) & Georgia Annie KERR, witn: Eunice? S. MORISETTE & Charles A. WALLACE, both of Detroit, 15 April 1925 at Windsor 9935-25 Earnest John CHURCHILL, 30, tire salesman, Clinton Ont., Leamington, s/o Joseph CHURCHILL, b. Clinton & Harriet ROWDEN, married Bertha Helen LEVI, 31, Pelee Tp., Leamington, d/o Gordon LEVI, b. Essex Co & Jane CALL, witn: Blanche SHERRIDEN & Russel GIRARDIN, both of Leamington, 6 Jan 1925 at Leamington
9092-25 William Valie CICHOWSKI, 37, reed maker, Lacosse Wis., Wisconsin US, s/o Michael CICHOWSKI (b. Poland) & Anna KROZOSKI, married Karen Ursula Fabritis BENTZEN, 24, Norway, Windsor, do Gutfred BENTZEN (b. Norway) & Martha ESSENDORF, witn: Tom G. KUGAWA of La Crosse Wis & Jean CLARKE of Windsor, 17 Nov 1925 at Windsor 9094-25 Vincenzo CIOTTI, 28, carpenter, Italy, Windsor, s/o Dionizi CIOTTI (b. Italy) & Marie, married Tranquilla LENARDUZZI, 22 (b. 16 Nov 1902), Spilimbergo Italy, Windsor, d/o Eli LENARDUZZI (b. Italy) & Gilda, witn: Noe BARTOLOTTI & Elina LENARDUZZI, both of Windsor, 31 Oct. 1925 at Windsor
9140-25 Thomas Harold CLAPP, 22, tool maker, England, Detroit, s/o Frederick CLAPP (b. England) & Nellie BOND, married Myrtle Rosella LYPPS, 31, Ontario, Colchester South twp., d/o Charles LYPPS (b. Ont) & Dora PIDGEON, witn: Jessie .J. DENCH of 699 Pelessier St. & Lawrence MARSHALL of 488 Janette Ave (both Windsor), 14 Feb 1925 at Windsor 9119-25 William James CLARK, 21, machinist, Ontario, Windsor, s/o William J. CLARK (b. Ont) & Mabel FARLEY, married Irene LANGLOIS, 18, Windsor, same, d/o Joseph LANGLOIS (b. Ont) & Vina BONDIEU? (Boudieu?), witn: Hugh & Mrs. Hugh FOSTER of 213 Wellington Ave in Windsor, 4 May 1925 at Windsor
9109-25 James George G. CLARK, 27, inspector, Scotland, Windsor, s/o James CLARK (b. Scotland) & Ellen GORDON, married Ethel BLACK, 23, Scotland, Windsor, d/o William BLACK (b. Scotland) & Mary MILTON, witn: Katherine & J. BROWN of 320 Aylmer Ave in Windsor, 18 April 1925 at Windsor 9123-25 James Edward CLARK, 29, electrician, Windsor, same, s/o James Joseph CLARK (b. Canada) & Annie Helena SEPNER?, married Hester Louise LEWIS, 27, Detroit, Riverside, d/o Frederick Octavius LEWIS (b. Wales) & Hester COWLEY, witn: Ruth ROBERTSON of Detroit & William Lloyd STEVENSON of Windsor, 28 Nov 1925 at Windsor
9091-25 Bruce CLARKE, 29, immigration inspector, Windsor, same, s/o John CLARKE (b. England) & Ellen WOOD, married Lily S.C. STEWART, 21, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Alexander STEWART (b. Scotland) & Isabella LYALL, witn: James & Jessie HOLT of 1122 Howard Ave., 5 Nov 1925 at Windsor 9090-25 David Paterson CLARKE, 20 (on 22 Nov 1925), drug apprentice, Ireland, Windsor, s/o Thomas CLARKE & Margaret PATERSON, married Edith HALLOWS, 18 (b. 11 April 1907), Bolton Lancs. England, Windsor, d/o William HALLOWS & Martha LOWE, witn: Florence COLLEY of 1006 Marentette Ave & Calin? CARNIVEAU of 1381 Langlois Ave (both Windsor), 7 Nov 1925 at Windsor
9138-25 William Joseph CLEARY, 34, hoisting engineer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John CLEARY (b. Ont) & Hanna FYCKES, married Mildred Audrey BIRT, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o John BIRT (b. Ont) & Gertrude COLLINS, witn: D.J. CLEARY & Agnes DONOVAN, both of Windsor, 2 June 1925 at Windsor 9098-25 Clifford George CLINE, 21, millwright, Chatham Ont., Walkerville, s/o Lorne C. CLINE (b. Ont) & Dorothy CAMPBELL, married Beatrice O'HALLORAN, 20 (b. 29 Jan 1905), Barrie Ontario, Walkerville, d/o Timothy O'HALLORAN (b. Canada) & Eleanor TRACEY, witn: Mrs. S.E. FAIRBAIRN of Windsor & Mrs. W. A. WALDEN of 919 London St. in Windsor, 19 Dec 1925 at Windsor (bride's parents live near Parry Sound)
9127-25 Arthur COCKERHAM, 21, machinist, England, Windsor, s/o John COCKERHAM (b. Leeds England) & Elizabeth SMITH, married Mary Whyte KERR, 23, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Peter KERR (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Mary WHYTE, witn: Frederick Thomas OLIVER of 465 Oak Ave & Ina KERR of 489 Oak Ave., 27 July 1925 at Windsor 9151-25 Robert COLFER, 31, die setter, Kilkenny Co - Ireland, Detroit, s/o Mathew COLFER & Mary FINN, married Mary S. NOSOTTI, 30, Windsor, same, d/o Andrew NOSOTTI & Henrietta BONI, witn: John CASEY of 1603 Campbell Ave & Rosaline NOSOTTI of 615 Erie St., 15 June 1925 at Windsor
9131-25 Wilbert COLLARD, 25, plumber, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John COLLARD (b. Canada) & Margaret PATTERSON, married Beulah BARTON, 32, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Frederick BARTON (b. England) & Elizabeth STEVENSON, witn: Nellie & Arthur SCOTT of Walkerville, 31 July 1925 at Windsor 9147-25 Robert COLLEDGE, 23, paint maker, England, Windsor, s/o Robert COLLEDGE (b. England) & Jane Ellen ELLIOTT, married Winifred FOSTER, 18, London England, Windsor, d/o Benjamin Charles FOSTER (b. England) & Janet PENDLETON, witn: Charles & Sarah THOMPSON of 176 Crawford Ave., 24 Jan 1925 at Windsor [divorced 8/10/52]
9124-25 Samuel COLVILLE, 33, machinist, Belfast Ireland, Detroit, s/o Robert COLVILLE (b. Ireland) & Margaret SMITH, married Kathleen DEANE, 31, Belfast Ireland, Toronto, d/o John DEANE (b. Ireland) & Mary KEARNEY, witn: Helen KILANDER of 1939 Glendale Ave in Detroit & Robert McNALLY of 3065 Beneteau Ave in Detroit, 2 Dec 1925 at Windsor 9116-25 Albert Armando CONGLIO, 31, laborer, Italy, Windsor, s/o Dominic CONIGLIO (b. Italy) & Angela SCARPELLI, married Maria Grazio BALDORI, 28, Italy, Windsor, d/o Dominic BALDORI (b. Italy) & Victoria BARTELO, witn: Renaldo SASSO & Antonette SASSO, both of Windsor, 16 May 1925 at Windsor
9099-25 John Henry CONLIN, 21, student, Ontario, Ann Arbor Mich., s/o James CONLIN (b. Ont) & Nellie COWING, married Christine Jarvis GIVEN, 21 (b. 23 Oct. 1904), Elie - Fife Scotland, Windsor, d/o Robert GIVEN (b. Scotland) & Ellen FAIRFUL, witn: Margaret Ann McCLOSKEY of 146 Pilgrim Ave in Detroit & Earl CONLIN of Ann Arbour, 25 Dec 1925 at Windsor 9146-25 Lawrence Field CONNETTE, 31, feature writer, Isle of Wight, Windsor, s/o Ralph CONNETTE (b. St. Helena) & Emily CONNETTE, married Mignon FONTAINE, 25, Detroit, same, d/o Richard FONTAINE (b. USA) & Louise GISKOFFF, witn: Phyllis F. & A. Arthur CAILLE of 1135 Nottingham Rd in Detroit, 25 Jan 1925 at Windsor
9093-25 Henry COOK, 55, widower, barn man, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Joseph COOK (b. Canada) & Elizabeth SANDER, married Mary WARNER, 60, widow, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Thomas NICHOLS (b. Canada) & Elizabeth TURNER, witn: Theressa G. BEST & Helena BUCHAN, both of Windsor, 4 Nov 1925 at Windsor 9135-25 Chauncey Earl COOK, 27, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Sheldon B. COOK (b. Forestville Ont) & Sarah Ann BARKER, married Esther Lily WATSON, 26, Ontario, Windsor, d/o John WATSON (b. Sandwich Ont) & Mary Ann McDONALD, witn: Pearl L. WATSON & C. Roy COOK, both of Windsor, 1 June 1925 at Windsor
9122-25 James H. COOK, 39, cabinet maker, New Jersey, Detroit, s/o Francis COOK (b. Batte? New Jersey) & Emma COLE, married Rose COOK, 26, New Jersey, Windsor, d/o John COOK (b. Batte? New Jersey) & Annie COOK, witn: Jessie ASHBY & Kate BECKETT, both of 1107 London St. in Windsor, 29 May 1925 at Windsor 9102-25 Eleazer G. COOKSON, 22, machinist, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Thomas COOKSON (b. Ont) & Emma SAUNDERS, married Esther Caroline HINKLEY, 17 (b. 30 Oct 1907), Detroit, same, d/o Charles HINKLEY (b. USA) & Edith DEAN, witn: Earl J.A. COOKSON of Leamington & Hazel COOKSON of 808 Pierre Ave in Windsor, 3 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9144-25 Leo Melvin COOPER, 24, clerk, Ontario, Port Huron Mich., s/o James COOPER (b. Ont) & Harriet PRACKOCK?, married Mabel May RILEY, 25, Port Huron Mich., same, d/o George RILEY (b. Ont) & Margaret COOPER, witn: Mrs. PAULIN & Signa NYBLOM, both of St. Andrews Manse, Windsor, 21 Feb 1925 at St. Andrews Manse, Windsor 9110-25 Albert Ed CORNISH, 30, widower, locomotive engineer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Richard CORNISH (b. Ont) & Hattie CROSS, married Nellie May WHITELOCK, 19, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Charles Henry WHITELOCK (b. Ont) & Nellie VICE, witn: Mrs. O. QUINTAL of Detroit & Mehin? COLWELL of 124 Elm Ave., 15 April 1925 at Windsor
9132-25 Charles Edward COSTAIN, 29, accountant, England, Windsor, s/o William Henry COSTAIN (b. England) & Elizabeth Margaret ROBSON, married Sarah Ethel McNISH, 26, England, enroute from England, d/o David McNISH (b. England) & Elizabeth ELLIS, witn: .R. & A.R. ADAMS of 702 Giles Blvd in Windsor, 20 June 1925 at All Saints Church, Windsor 9088-25 Joseph Samuel COX, 22, laborer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Samuel COX (b. England) & Josephine PIDGEON, married Florence Jane WHEELER, 18, England, Windsor, d/o Edward C. WHEELER (b. England) & Florence GILLING, witn: Bertha GRAHAM & Alfred PRITCHARD, both of Windsor, 12 Dec 1925 at Windsor
9128-25 James Arthur CRAMER, 22, traveller, Saskatchewan, Windsor, s/o John CRAMER (b. Holland) & Effie COOL, married Margaret STROBEL, 24, Manitoba, Winnipeg, d/o John STROBEL (b. Germany) & Margaret HUBER, witn: Duncan M. & Catherine MacGREGOR of 431 Chatham St. in Windsor, 16 July 1925 at Windsor 9117-25 William A. CROWDER, 25, machinist, Mountain Ont., Windsor, s/o Ira CROWDER & Helen HAMMOND, married Myrtle Irene DANIKER (Dahmer?), 20, Windsor, same, d/o John DANIKER & Mary ROTH, witn: Neta MILLER of Walkerville & George CORNWELL of Windsor, 9 May 1925 at Windsor
9133-25 Everett Duncan CROWE, 23, student in law office, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Homer CROWE & Helen CAMPBELL, married Thelma RAWLINGS, 23, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Stonewall RAWLINGS & Edith WELLINGTON, witn Jessie S. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 12 June 1925 at Windsor 9149-25 James CULLY, 50, widower, watchman, Ireland, 4861 Canton St. in Detroit, s/o Robert CULLY (b. Ireland) & Maria DREW, married Lily FRANCIS, 39, widow, England, 739 Gifford - Cedardale Oshawa, d/o Walter Frederick HUDSON (b. England) & Ellen Elizabeth CHAPMAN, witn: Molly MACFARLANE of the Rectory & Winifred HUDSON of Ouellette Ave in Windsor, 3 Jan 1924 at Windsor (s/b 1925)
9137-25 Edward CURTIS, 27, real estate salesman, Pennsylvania, Detroit, s/o Houston CURTIS (b. Salem VA) & Rose JEFFRIES, married Mary Louise FLOWERS, 30, Missouri, Windsor for 11 months past, d/o Cicero FLOWERS (b. New Orleans LA) & Virginia HARVEY, witn: Florence J. & Marrita? DAWSON of 325 McDougall, 9 June 1925 at Windsor 9095-25 Reginald Victor CUSHING, 35, electrician, Nova Scotia, Detroit, s/o Charles Ed CUSHING (b. Ont) & Delilah K. CUSHING, married Dorothy Mary GREEN, 27 (b. 18 Feb 1898), Forst Tower - St. Hillier - Island of Jersey, Windsor, d/o Walter George GREEN (b. Jersey) & Mary BISSON, witn: Theresa BEST & Mabel PAULIN, both of Windsor, 24 Oct. 1925 at Windsor
9150-25 Fortunat CYR, 24, laborer, Quebec, Windsor, s/o James CYR (b. Quebec) & Marie Anne ALAIN, married Antonia LABELLE, 18, Quebec, Windsor, d/o Stanislas LABELLE & Leonard (sic) LANTHIER, witn: Leo CYR of 606 Market St. & Lionel CHALOUX of 708 Langlois Ave., 7 jan 1925 at Windsor  
9160-25 Charles Alexander DALTON, 25, clerk, St. Thomas, 49 McKay Ave in Windsor, s/o Daniel DALTON & Marjorie TAYLOR, married Rachel Margaret HARWOOD, 23, book keeper, Windsor, 172 Campbell Ave in Windsor, d/o Harry HARWOOD & Calicie Catherine TRAVIS, witn: Gertrude HARWOOD of 172 Campbell Ave & Gladys MORROW of 169 Oak Ave., 23 Oct. 1925 at Windsor 9158-25 Thomas Bernard DALY, 46, store keeper, Iowa, Windsor, s/o John DALY, b. Ireland, & Maggie O'BRIEN, married Florabelle BLACKBURN, 44, Windsor, same, d/o Thomas BLACKBURN, b. Canada, & Ellen SMITH, witn: Charles J. FRITH of Roseland & Lorene OLDERSHAW of Windsor, 19 Oct. 1925 at Windsor
9173-25 William Ewart DAMSELL, 26, clerk, England, Windsor, s/o William DAMSELL & Frances E. DENFOLD, married Rhoda F. WARREN, 25, England, Puce? Ont, d/o Henry WARREN & Rhoda DOIDGE, witn: James CARRUTHERS of Ford City & Lilian WARREN of Walkerville, 18 July 1925 at Windsor 9157-25 William DARBYSON, 21, teamster, Montreal, Windsor, s/o John DARBYSON & Mary SONEIVE, married Laura SWICK, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o William SWICK & Lue Emma SHARP, witn: William GIBSON of Windsor & Christena CHRISTOPOLOUS of Detroit, 21 Nov 1925 at Windsor
9190-25 Constantino D'ATTANASIO, 60, laborer, Italy, 415 Mercer St., s/o Domenico D'ATTANASIO & Elizabetha DANDREA, married Angelina SCARPELLI, 54, widow, Italy, 415 Mercer St., d/o Norfrio SCARPELLI & Filomena ABROGATA, witn: John MURRAY & Mrs. Nuncia Lucia AIELLI, both of Windsor, 10 Aug 1925 at Windsor 9163-25 Harold Louis DAUBERGER (Danberger?), 28, merchant, Kitchener, Detroit, s/o Joseph DAUBERGER, b. Ont & Margaret WEY, married Alice A. CONLON, 29, Windsor, same, d/o James CONLON, b. USA, & Matilda KOGLER, witn: Howard & Carrie VAN EVERY of Detroit, 21 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9174-25 Frederick William DAVIDSON, 28, machinist, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Alexander DAVIDSON, b. Scotland & Mary WILKIE, married Mary McNAMARA, 28, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Frederick MacNAMARA, b. Scotland, & Margaret DOOLAN, witn: James & Mae MacNAMARA of Windsor, 31 July 1925 at Windsor 9182-25 Archibald DAVIDSON, 44, mason, Scotland, Detroit, s/o Thomas DAVIDSON, b. Scotland & Margaret McBAIN, married Lillian Shipman HODGE, 31, England, Sandwich, d/o John HODGE, b. England & Mary SHIPMAN, witn: J.B. & M.L. PAULIN, both of Windsor, 8 Feb 1925 at Windsor
  9183-25 Curtis DAVIS, 30, widower, mechanic, Arkansas, Detroit, s/o R. DAVIS, b. Mississippi, & Sarah BROWN, married Sallie Beatrice HILL, 26, widow, Alabama, Windsor, d/o George MILSON (Wilson?), b. Alabama & Mary SMITH, witn: Richard SCOTT of Detroit & Annie QUARRY of Windsor, 29 Jan 1925 at Windsor
9167-25 Wilford James DAWSON, 20, landscape gardener, Ontario, St. Thomas, s/o James DAWSON, b. Delaware twp., & Rebecca EDEN, married Georgina WHITCROFT, 18, Ontario, Springfield Ont., d/o George WHITCROFT, b. Oxford Co., & Ida ACKER, witn: Carrie WILSON of 81 Lee Ave in Toronto & Zona EDEN of 857 Crawford Ave in Windsor, 8 Aug 1925 at Windsor 9168-25 Charles Wilbert DAY, 30, iron moulder, Nova Scotia, Walkerville, s/o Charles DAY, b. Newfoundland, & Julia HARDER, married Nettie MATTHEWS, 27, Nova Scotia, Toronto, d/o Joseph MATTHEWS, b. Newfoundland, & Susan PRINCE, witn: M. L. PAULIN & Signa NYHLON, both of Windsor, 2 May 1925 at Windsor
9177-25 Ernest Joseph DECAIRE, 22, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Dolphus DECAIRE, b. Ont & Merencel HEBERT, married Marie Eugenie Irene SOULLIERE, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Arzace SOULLIERE, b. Canada & Louise JANISSE, witn: Fred SOULLIERE of 108 Parent Ave & Charlotte STEWART of 10 Windsor Ave., 10 June 1925 at Windsor 9180-25 Percy Terence DELANDER, 41, Ohio, Toledo Ohio, s/o George W. DELANDER, b. Virginia US, & Mary BRILL, married Cora RENO, 42, widow, Delta Ohio, St. Thomas Ont., d/o Charles SWEEDLAND, b. Canada, & Fannie MOORE, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 10 Feb 1925 at Windsor
9175-25 Robert Walter DELANEY, 22, laborer, Montrose Missouri US, 75 Grand Ave in Chatham Ont., s/o Michael Valentine DELANEY, b. Manitoba, & Lucy DUNLOP, married Myrtle May HOGLE, 24 1/2, Chatham, 140 Stewart St. in Chatham, d/o Edward Arthur HOGLE, b. Florence Ont., & Sarah CONIBEAR, witn: Jessie ASHBY & Kate BECKETT, both of 1107 London St. in Windsor, 27 June 1925 at Windsor 9179-25 Henry Simpson DELANEY, 24, abstractor, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Simpson T. DELANEY, b. Ont & Mary Agnes MURRAY, married Elizabeth Jane MORAN, 22, Michigan, Detroit, d/o John Joseph MORAN, b. Michigan, & Mabel GARBUTT, witn: John Joseph POCOCK of 112 Peter St. in Sandwich & Louise MORAN of 968 Yellowstone in Detroit, 18 Feb 1925 at Windsor
9176-25 Maxwell DELL, 26, soda dispenser, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o Al DELL, b. England & Fannie SMELSER, married Violet May FREDERICKS, 20, Windsor, Detroit, d/o Wilbert E. FREDERICKS, b. Canada, & Mina A. ALLEN, witn: Molly MacFARLANE of All Saints Rectory & Arthur BOLTON of 209 Langlois Ave in Windsor, 15 June 1925 at All Saints Church, Windsor 9156-25 Louis DE LUCA, 21, laborer, Italy, Windsor, s/o Fury DE LUCA (b. Italy) & Angela DERIGO, married Lucy CAZZOLA, 17, Italy, Windsor, d/o Joseph CAZZOLA (b. Italy) & Cecilia MARENGIONI (Marenzioni?), witn: John TOHOLO & Rosy STEFANO, both of Windsor, 28 Nov 1925 at Windsor
9178-25 Joseph Theodule DEPRES, 22, machine operator, Gaspe Que., Windsor, s/o Charles DEPRES, b. Gaspe Que, & Marie GIRARD, married Marie Rosina CAVALLERRE, 17, Montreal, Windsor, d/o Dominique CAVALLERRE, b. Italy, & Rosina DESAYRIE, witn: Dominique CAVALLERRE of 1668 Howard Ave & Joseph BOBINEAU of 1619 Highland Ave (both Windsor), 23 Feb 1925 at Windsor 9155-25 Peter DEROSBY, 56, widower, gas worker, Quebec, Windsor, s/o Peter DEROSBY (b. Quebec) & Adelaide MAGEROTTE (Mazerotte?), married Rose LAVIGNEUR, 40, widow, Quebec, Windsor, d/o Peter LECLERC (b. Quebec) & Amanda LECLERC, witn: John J. O'NEIL of 525 Cataraqui & George SPATTZ of 736 London St., 26 Dec 1925 at Windsor
9188-25 Sylvio DESCHAMPS, 24, plasterer, Montreal, Windsor, s/o Elzear DESCHAMPS & Albina LAFLEUR, married Cecile BOUTET?, 21, Stoney Point Ont., Windsor, d/o Alfred BOUTET & Emma LAVOIE, witn: Philippe DESCHAMPS of 1129 Marentette Ave & Edna BOUTET of 816 Pierre Ave., 21 July 1925 at Windsor 9189-25 Patrick DEVLIN, 25, brick layer, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Daniel DEVLIN & Martha O'NEIL, married Annie FREELAND, 27, Scotland, Detroit, d/o John FREELAND & Mary HAMEL, witn: James DEVLIN of 332 Aylmer Ave in Windsor & Theresa O'BRIEN of 1565 Pine St. in Detroit, 3 July 1925 at Windsor
9164-25 Rex E. DE VOGT, 38, divorced from this bride (re-marrying), sales manager & director of service, Clare Michigan, Alma Mich., s/o Eugene DE VOGT, b. USA & Mary OLDS, married Genevieve DE VOGT, 37, divorced, Bay City Mich., Saginaw Mich., d/o Joseph SUSELLA, b. Germany, & Mary STAUFFER, witn: Duncan M. McKENZIE & Mabel PAULIN, both of Windsor, 19 Sept 1925 at Windsor 9186-25 Nocholas DI BERNARDINO, 27, moulder, St. Angelo Italy, 3171 Alexandrine St. in Detroit, s/o Silvestre DI BERNARDINO & Pasquallosa DI OTTAVIANTARIO, married Francesca TRICOMO, 16, St. Thomas Ont., 107 Wyandotte St. in Windsor, d/o Francisco TRICOMO & Mary Anna MELLINO, witn: Lorenzo PALUMBI & Frances TRICOMO, both of Windsor, 31 Jan 1925 at Windsor
9161-25 Arthur Thomas T. DICKENS, 27, decorator, England, Windsor, s/o Benjamin DICKENS, b. England, & Isabella SKELLY, married Mary Bruce Paterson KESSON, 20, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Archibald Reid KESSON b. Scotland & Margaret Hall SANGSTER, witn: Gertrude TURNBULL & A.E. DICKENS, both of 586 Janette Ave in Windsor, 4 Sept 1925 at Windsor [divorced 23.07.36] 9181-25 Spiro DIEFF, 32, widower, restaurant worker, Greece, Windsor, s/o Dimitrie KARCHUN (sic), b. Greece & Pachka KARCHUN, married Rissa GRANCHAROVA, 28, widow, Greece, Windsor, d/o Dimitrie GRANCHAROVA, b. Greece, & Elena GRANCHAROVA, witn: Thomas & Angeline KONDEFF of 322 London St. in Windsor, 19 Feb 1925 at Windsor
9171-25 Umberti DI LORENZI, 30, laborer, Italy, Windsor, s/o Lorenzo DI LORENZI, b. Codogue Italy, & Irene MARDINI, married Tranquilla CECCHINO, 26, domestic, Italy, Windsor, d/o Antonio CECCHINO (b. Codogue Italy, & Augusta DALLA COLETTA, witn: Joanne DU BEU & Emilie CECCHINO, both of 401 Mercer St. in Windsor, 16 May 1925 at Windsor 9187-25 James DONACHIE, 26, engineer, Dundee Scotland, 315 Goyeau St. in Windsor, s/o John DONACHIE & Eliza FARLEY, married Esther BURNS, 28, nurse, Dundee Scotland, Windsor, d/o Francis BURNS & Mary Ann FENEY, witn: Philip DESJARDINS & Bibiana QUINN, both of 315 Goyeau St., 12 Feb 1925 at Windsor
9169-25 Watson DONALD, 26, electric welder, Scotland, Detroit, s/o William DONALD, b. Scotland, & Annie WALKER, married Frances Jessie THOW, 24, Scotland, Windsor, d/o not known & Flora THOW, witn: Helen WILSON of 333 Lincoln Rd & James AITKEN of 3029 Kirby Ave (both Detroit), 19 June 1925 at Windsor 9165-25 Antonio DOTTOR, 33, manufacturer, Italy, Windsor, s/o Frank DOTTOR, b. Italy & Louisa TAFARD, married Gertrude Maria BORTOLOTTI, 27, Italy, Windsor, d/o Jeremiah BORTOLOTTI, b. Italy, & Louiza BENGLIA, witn: Silvio NASSIVORA of 3139 Benson St. in Detroit & Teresa ALESSIO of 817 Langlois Ave in Windsor, 28 Nov 1925 at Windsor
9170-25 Ernest James DOWKER, 32, laborer, Johannesburg Mich., Windsor, s/o Caleb DOWKER, b. Canada, & Minnie BARDING, married Violet Evelyn KORONKE, 19, domestic, Gaylord Mich., same, d/o Valentine KORONKE, b. Poland, & Antoinette MILEZZKE, witn: Mrs. Grace M. CLABAUGH of Johannesburg Mich. & John WILLIAMSON of 59 Victoria Ave in Detroit, 29 April 1925 at Windsor 9172-25 George DOWLING, 38, salesman, Ontario, 8061 Woodward Ave in Detroit, s/o Bryan DOWLING, b. Ireland & Sarah Ann TRIMBLE, married Sadie Verner COOK, 24, clerk, Ontario, 143 Duncan Ave in Toronto, d/o William COOK, b. Ont & Aleda LAIDLEY, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS & Myrtle G. CROSSON, both of Windsor, 4 July 1925 at Windsor
9191-25 John Osborne DOYLE, 33, laborer, Thamesville, Windsor, s/o John DOYLE & Mary KERNS, married Mary Pauline CONLEY, 32, teacher, Merlin Ont., Windsor, d/o James CONLEY & Catherine HICKEY, witn: Fergus CUNNINGHAM of Detroit & Eva Agnes CONLEY of Windsor, 12 Sept 1925 at Windsor 9192-25 Arthur DUFOUR, 21, laborer, Ford City, same, s/o John DUFOUR & Eugenie NANTAIS, married Mary PERRAULT, 19, Belle River Ont., Windsor, d/o Moses PERRAULT & Genevieve HEBERT, witn: Edward DUFOUR of Ford City & Alice PERRAULT of Windsor, 22 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9166-25 William DUNCAN, 25, decorator, Bothwell Ont., Windsor, s/o Joseph DUNCAN, b. Ont & Margaret PARKER, married Marie Sarah NANTAIS, 24, Walkerville, Ford, d/o Joseph NANTAIS, b. Ont & Lucy LAUZON, witn: Gordon & Mrs. Isabel FORSYTHE of Windsor, 5 Sept 1925 at Windsor 9162-25 Alfred Samuel DUNNETT, 27, accountant, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Charles DUNNETT, b. England, & Camilla IRVIN, married Lila Adele IRVINE, 27, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Alexander IRVIN (sic), b/ Canada, & Mary A. SALISBURY, witn: William ATKINSON & Helen DOWD, both of Windsor, 16 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9159-25 Ernest James DURHAM, 25, tool maker, Bay City Mich., Detroit, s/o Ernest James DURHAM (b. Ont) & Lillie E. PLUMSTEEL, married Marjorie Helen BEEDLE, 20, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o Charles BEEDLE (b. Ont) & Jessie LONSBURY, witn: Grace E. BEEDLE of 37 Oneida Court in Walkerville & T.E. DUNLOP of 181 Ford Ave in Detroit, 14 Nov 1925 at Windsor 9185-25 Morton DURHAM, 22, laborer, McGregor, Windsor, s/o Charles DURHAM & Matilda MORENCIE, married Aurore Beatrice LAJOIE, 18, Walkerville, Windsor, d/o Dolphis LAJOIE & Malvina SOULIGNY, witn: Leo LAJOIE & Elsie DURHAM, both of Windsor, 7 Jan 1925 at Windsor
9184-25 Walter Joseph DUTTON, 36, widower, auto trimmer, England, Windsor, s/o James DUTTON, b. England & Catherine HUMPHREYS, married Violet Lorne CAMPBELL, 35, widow, England, Windsor, d/o Arthur WILLCOX, b. England, & Sarah Ann BANKS, witn: Joseph J. & Olive CHANCE of Windsor, 1 Jan 1925 at Windsor 9198-25 Richard Harold EAGER, 26, engineer, Ireland, Windsor, s/o James EAGER, b. Germany, & Mary FRENCH, married Jean Cottrell SLOAN, 21, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Isaac SLOAN, b. Ireland, & Jean ANDERSON, witn: C.E. PHILPOTT & A. PITMAN, both of Windsor, 25 July 1925 at Windsor
9199-25 Lindsay St.Clair EDMONDS, 29, arc welder, Ontario, Detroit, s/o David EDMONDS, b. Ontario & Caroline YATES, married Annie DEVENEY, 21, Ontario, Brantford, d/o David DEVENEY, b. Ireland & Elizabeth ROBB, witn: Roy DEVENEY of Burford & Arthur BOLTON of Windsor, 25 April 1925 at Windsor 9203-25 George Victor EDMONDS, 22, tool maker, England, Windsor, s/o George EDMONDS, b. England & Mary APPLEWHITE, married Lucy CLEGG, 23, England, enroute from England, d/o Wormsley CLEGG, b. England, & Martha PHILLPSON, witn: Frank & Henry ABETT of Detroit, 12 Jan 1925 at Windsor
9201-25 Charles Willard EDWARDS, 33, automobile finisher, Innerkip Ont., Windsor, s/o Charles Edgar EDWARDS, b. Innerkip, & Mary Margaret TOWN, married Gladys Wilhelmina HEPPE, 29, widow, Michigan, Sandwich, d/o Isaac PAPINEAU, b. Quebec, & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Mrs. J. McINTYRE of Windsor & Mrs. W. A. WALDEN of 919 London St. in Windsor, 6 Aug 1925 at Windsor 9193-25 James EDWARDS, 24, chauffeur, Cornwall England, Windsor, s/o Henry EDWARDS & Phyllis JELBART, married Anna McKELLAR, 19, London Ont., Detroit, d/o James McKELLAR & Annie KILBORNE, witn: Wilfred Jones BATEMAN of All Saints Rectory & W. Ernest EDWARDS of West Side Hotel in Windsor, 30 Nov 1925 at Windsor
9204-25 George Elvin ELWOOD, 21, mechanic, Simcoe Ont., 61 McKay Ave in Windsor, s/o William ELWOOD & Margaret Ellen KNIFFEN, married Charlotte Alma PORTER, 20, Windsor, 60 McKay Ave in Windsor, d/o William PORTER & Ethel SERRES, witn: Vyra & Clarence PORTER of 60 McKay Ave., 26 Nov 1925 at Windsor 9200-25 Mattavos Garibad EMERZIAN, 32, shoe maker, Armenia, Detroit, s/o Garibad EMERZIAN & Gartig KREKORIAN, married Bayzar BACKAIAN, 28, Armenia, Windsor, d/o Mansog BACKAIAN & Tworwanda VARTARESIAN, witn: Appar KALOOGIAN of Windsor & Mrs. K.Y. BOYEGIAN of Detroit, 29 June 1925 at Windsor
9197-25 Thomas Ion EPPLETT, 20, fisherman, Wheatley Ont., same, s/o Thomas F. EPPLETT, b. Blanchard twp, & Maud Mary WATSON, married Mildred Mary MOONEY, 20, Mersea twp., same, d/o John MOONEY, b. Essex Co. Ont., & Lucy J. MANERY, witn: Mrs. R. HILL of 985 Howard Ave & Mrs. J. PERKINS of 1007 Howard Ave (both Windsor), 20 May 1925 at Windsor 9194-25 Arthur James ESSER, 35, widower, grocer, London England, 126 Pitt St. in Windsor, s/o Peter ESSER, b. Germany, & Alice Mary JEFFRIES, married Dorothy Maud RIMMER, 27, widow, England, Windsor, d/o Walter SMITH, b. England, & Dorothy Maud SMITH, witn: Kate BECKETT & Jessie ASHBY, both of 1107 London St. in Windsor, 26 Nov 1925 at Windsor
9196-25 Donald Edward EVANS, 22, sailor, Sarnia, same, s/o William A. EVANS & Elizabeth McARA, married Ruth Anna CRANICK, 22, Sarnia, same, d/o Jacob S. CRANICK & Anna ROSS, witn: Jessie s. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 24 Dec 1925 at 1:45 p.m., at Windsor 9202-25 William EVANS, 58, widower, baker, Ontario, Chatham, s/o John EVANS & Mary GREER, married Eva MARLATT, 46, widow, Ontario, Chatham, d/o Daniel FRASER & Sarah MANNING, 7 March 1925 at Windsor
9195-25 Arthur EYRE, 26, salesman, England, Sandwich West, s/o James EYRE, b. England & Elizabeth SHAYLOR, married Lillian SHAYLOR, 30, England, Windsor, d/o William James SHAYLOR, b. England & Sarah HIAN, witn: Louise & Sidney EYRE of 712 Shepard Ave in Windsor, 1 Sept 1925 at All Saints Church, Windsor  
9225-25 Fred FAIRFIELD, 25, automobile worker, England, Windsor, s/o Henry FAIRFIELD, b, England & Martha FLOCKTON, married Zelda Gertrude WELSH, 18 last May, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Walter WELSH, b. Canada & Martha Ann WEIR, witn: John William FLAVELL & Arthur BOLTON, both of Windsor, 14 July 1925 at Windsor 9217-25 Henry FAIRHURST, 29, machinist, England, Windsor, s/o Joseph FAIRHURST, b. England, & Sarah Ann MEE, married Lily DAVIES, 27, England, Windsor, d/o William DAVIES, b. Wales & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Moses FAIRHURST of 1135 Marentette Ave & Winifred DAVIES of 1062 Louis? Ave, 26 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9224-25 Frederick Charles FARRANCE, 29, green house business, England, Toronto, s/o Henry Charles FARRANCE & Isabel PIERCE, married Freda Joyce CHAPIN, 22, Linden Mich., Detroit, d/o Clyde C. CHAPIN & Isabel POTTER, witn: Mrs. Earl & E.V. MERCIL of 9278 Cascade in Detroit, 31 Dec 1925 at Windsor 9208-25 George FAULKNER, 21, inspector for Motor Co., Port Dover Ont., Detroit, s/o Albert FAULKNER, b. Ont & Maria CLARK, married Louisa REID, 23, Port Dover, same, d/o George REID, b. Ont & Catherine FAURIE, witn: Edward & Adelle CHANDA of Port Dover, 13 April 1925 at Windsor
9237-25 Archie Norman FEATHERSTON, 20, accounting clerk, Wheatley Ontario., 102 Windermere Rd in Walkerville, s/o Peter Byron FEATHERSTON & Cora HYATT, married Violet Gladys BLUNDELL, 19, stenographer, Windsor, 439 Wellington Ave in Windsor, d/o Cecil Thomas BLUNDELL & Martha BRAMHALL, witn: Audrey L. PORTER of 7223 Yinger? Ave in Detroit & Boyce B. BLUNDELL of 439 Wellington Ave., 20 June 1925 at Windsor 9205-25 Harry T. FELGER, 21, manager, Ohio, Puce Ont., s/o Ira FELGER, b. USA & Emma BRANDT, married Violet PARLEE, 21, Ontario, Calgary Alberta, d/o George PARLEE, b. Ont & Mary Flora MacDONALD, witn: Mrs. & William R. MAXWELL of 1573 Bruce Ave in Windsor, 15 April 1925 at Windsor
9231-25 Stanley FELT, 26, commercial traveller, Missouri, Windsor, s/o George FELT, b. USA & Mary ANDERSON, married Muriel WILSON, 20, Michigan, Cincinnati, d/o Frank WILSON, b. USA & Florence KELLY, witn: Mary S. JONES of London, 16 Feb 1925 at Windsor 9223-25 Robert Gunn FERGUS, 21, inspector in factory, Scotland, Detroit, s/o James E. FERGUS & Jane GUNN, married Jane BEATON, 22 (b. 28 Aug 1903), Preston St. - Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, d/o Alexander BEATON & Jane GAMMIE, witn: James & Martha FERGUS of Detroit, 18 Dec 1925 at Windsor
9209-25 John FERGUSON, 37, farmer, Ontario, Highgate, s/o Daniel FERGUSON, b. Ont & Harriet HOLT, married Annie THOMSON, 24, Ontario, Highgate, d/o John THOMSON, b. Scotland & Margaret COOK, witn: Richard HOWETT of La Salle Ont & Laura THOMSON of Detroit, 30 April 1925 at Windsor 9219-25 Lawrence J. FERGUSON, 21, pressman, London Ont., Windsor, s/o Charles FERGUSON, b. Canada & Emily SHAW, married Hazel Marie O'BRIEN, 21, London Ont., Windsor, d/o Charles O'BRIEN b. Canada & Dorothy McEWEN, witn: D. C. FERGUSON of 104 Glengarry in Windsor & Mrs. Myrtle SMITH of London, 19 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9238-25 Rudolph FERRARI, 26, railway brakeman, Windsor, same, s/o Serafin FERRARI & Angelina AROZZOLI, married Laurentia Adel SORELL, 22, Windsor, same, d/o Albert SORELL & Adel LIMBERGER, witn: Raymond SORELL of Windsor & Marie KALTZ of Detroit, 30 June 1925 at Windsor 9207-25 Percy Ronald FESTING, 32, salesman, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Henry FESTING, b. England & Letitia WHYTE, married Sarah MURPHY, 24, Belfast Ireland, Windsor, d/o John MURPHY, b. Ireland & Mary McDOWELL, witn: Mrs. Pearl M. & C.M. HARE of Windsor, 25 April 1925 at Windsor
9232-25 Ames John FINDLAY, 21, chauffeur, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Thomas FINDLAY (or step-father is William McFARLANE) & Josie LEQUILLE, married Pearl BURROWS, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Joseph BURROWS, b. England & Margaret WARREN, witn: Marjorie DALE of 311 Peter St. in Sandwich & Percy AUGER of 36 McLean Ave in Windsor, 7 Feb 1925 at Windsor 9239-25 Joseph Patrick FINN, 30, machinist, Tilbury Ont., Windsor, s/o Patrick FINN & Bridget McKEON, married Marguerite Alice LENNON, 22, Maidstone Ont., Windsor, d/o Edward LENNON & Catherine MOYNAHAN, witn: James FINN of 119 Gladstone & Marie LENNON of 15 Moy Ave., 15 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9226-25 William FISHER, 31, electrician, England, Windsor, s/o John FISHER, b. Scotland & Emma PEARCE, married Annie WATSON, 26, Garstang - Lancashire England, Windsor, d/o Thomas S. WATSON, b. England & Beatrice KAY, witn: John & Laney LAIRD of Windsor, 1 July 1925 at Windsor 9221-25 Lorne Herbert FITZGERALD, 30, salesman, Tupperville Ont, Detroit, s/o William FITZGERALD, b. Canada & Mildred HERBERT, married Margaret SIMS, 23, Thorndale Ont., London, d/o William SIMS, b. Canada & Etta BRAZIER, witn: H. LAMOND & Susan MacARTHUR, both of Windsor, 12 Aug 1925 at Windsor
9240-25 Pietro FLABIANO, 27, brick layer, Italy, Windsor, s/o Luigi FLABIANO & Maria SIVILOTTI, married Gina GALLINO, 24, Italy, Windsor, d/o Francisco GALLINO & Victoria PIDUTTI, witn: Ermacora COMMISO & Winifred MAZALI, both of Windsor, 5 Sept 1925 at Windsor 9210-25 William James FLANAGAN, 27, rail roading, Fort William, 1312 Elsmere Ave in Windsor, s/o Patrick FLANAGAN & Martha SCOTT, married Elizabeth Gladys COWLING, 20, stenographer, Port Arthur, Windsor, d/o Thomas COWLING & Clara LABELLE, witn: Lloyd WOODBURY of 7441 Brush Ave in Detroit & Janie COCKELL of 1312 Elsmere Ave., 23 Dec 1925 at Windsor
9229-25 William Henry FLAVELL, 39, engineer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Thomas FLAVELL & Jessie MUIRHEAD, married Henrietta FALLS, 34, nurse, Ontario, Lisle, d/o Frank FALLS & Agnes CROSLEY, 9 June 1925 at Windsor 9234-25 Willoughby FLETCHER, 35, printer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Charles FLETCHER, b. Ont & Sarah KING, married Edna GREATRIX, 33, widow, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Frederick HOUSEN, b. Canada & Rosanna FOSTER, witn: Signa NHYLON & Mabel PAULIN, both of Windsor, 27 March 1925 at Windsor
  9233-25 Alexander D. FORBES, 55, widower, farmer, Ontario, Blenheim - Kent Co., s/o John FORBES, b. Quebec, & Annie GLENDENNING, married Louise BISNETT, 43, widow, Ontario, Blenheim, d/o Charles LEITCH & Martha MOFFAT, witn: Mabel PAULIN & Signa NHYLON, both of Windsor, 20 Jan 1925 at Windsor
9211-25 Bertram FORD, 23, wire worker, England, Windsor, s/o Nathaniel FORD, b. England & Sarah KNIGHT, married Edna KELLY, 18, Ontario, Anglican (sic), d/o Edward KELLY, b. Canada & Margaret McFARLANE, witn: W.E. FORD & B. MORNINGSTAR, both of 821 Brant St., 31 Oct 1925 at Windsor 9236-25 Lloyd Patrick FOWLER, 32, car inspector, Windsor, same, s/o Patrick FOWLER & Ann BERTRAND, married Hazel Lorena CHASELEY, 29, West Lorne, Walkerville, d/o Walter CHASELEY & Mary PETHERICK, witn: Charles J. QUINLAN of Detroit & Kathleen FOWLER of Windsor, 10 June 1925 at Windsor
9222-25 Stanley Russell FOX, 30, electric truck operator, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Philip Henry FOX, b. Ont & Emma Lucinda LA MARCH, married Eva Irena MALOTT, 36, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Peter Augustus MALOTT, b. Ont & Mary Jane BALTZER, witn: Salome ANDERSON of Windsor & Ponty WOOD of Amherstburg, 16 Dec 1925 at Windsor 9216-25 Clifford George FRABA, 26, carpenter, Ontario, Windsor, s/o George FRABA, b. Ont & Janet LA MARSH, married Hattie Evelyn REID, 19, Gosfield Ont., Windsor, d/o Herbert REID, b. Ont & Lottie ASH, witn: Elsie CHAPMAN & Hazel E. ADOLPH, both of Sandwich, 2 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9206-25 Frederick Arthur FRASER, 25, carpenter, Nova Scotia, Detroit, s/o Thomas Edward FRASER, b. Canada & Elizabeth HUBLEY, married Gladys May SUTTON, 20, Walkerton Ont., same, d/o Richard K. SUTTON, b. England & Annie Jane STUBBS, witn: John C. FRASER of Brighton Mich & William R. STUBBS of Windsor, 6 April 1925 at Windsor 9227-25 Herbert James FRASER, 30 on 23 June 1925, salesman, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Daniel FRASER, b. Canada & Mary SERSON, married Sarah Mae FENNACY, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Bruce FENNACY, b. Canada & Daisy BOND, witn: M. FRASER & Norman O'LOANE, both of 1508 Giles Blvd., 25 June 1925 at Windsor
9235-25 John Henry FRAZER, 27, electrician, Petrolia Ont., Windsor, s/o John FRAZER & Catherine BURNS, married Gertrude Josephine O'CONNOR, 21, McGregor Ont., Windsor, d/o Michael O'CONNOR & Philomene LARIVIERE, witn: Donald Peter FRAZER of Thompson Blvd in Riverside Ont & Marie Catherine McQUADE of 1571 Courtland Ave in Detroit, 24 June 1925 at Windsor 9230-25 Herman M. FREDERICK, 43, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Henry FREDERICK, b. Germany & Margaret BALDWIN, married Harriet FEERE, 33, Ontario, Riverside Ont., d/o Curtis FEERE, b. Canada & Ida BOYINGTON, witn: Ramus & Florence LITTLE of Riverside, 1 June 1925 at Windsor
9214-25 John Corbett FREMLIN, 21, clerk, Toronto, Walkerville, s/o Ernest Nelson FREMLIN, b. England & Sarah Louise CORBETT, married Dora Victoria AUSTIN, 18 on 21 April 1925, London Ont., Walkerville, d/o wm John AUSTIN, b. England & Louise TREMMAN?, witn: Chester EVANS of 315 Goyeau in Windsor & Marjorie ROSE of 111 Huron St. in Walkerville, 8 Sept 1925 at Windsor 9220-25 William Thomas FRETWELL, 32, electric plater, England, Windsor, s/o John FRETWELL, b. England & Sarah KEY, married Rosie Tressia ARMSTRONG, 25, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Thomas G. ARMSTRONG, b. Canada & Charlotte STILES, 22 June 1925 at Windsor
9213-25 Joseph FREW, 23, machinist, Scotland, Highland Park Michigan, s/o Peter FREW, b. Scotland & Catherine BRODIE, married Susan McCONKEY, 22, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John McCONKEY, b. Ireland, & Charlotte DALY, witn: Agnes M. FARQUHARSON of 907 Parent Ave in Windsor & James Brodie FREW of 104 Hill Ave in Highland Park, 30 Oct 1925 at Windsor  
9218-25 Herbert FRIES, 38, shaper, Bruce Co. Ont., Windsor, s/o Jacob FRIES, b. Mount Forest, & Elizabeth COUFER (Cooper?), married Nellie GILCHRIST, 38, widow, Bruce Co., Windsor, d/o Robert STRONG, b. Durham Co. Ont & Elizabeth CROOME, witn: Nellie & Mrs. Margaret ANDREW of 37 Hall, 23 Dec 1925 at 37 Hall, Windsor 9212-25 Christian FRIIS (Fries?), 22, farmer, Denmark, Walkerville, s/o Thomas FRIIS, b. Denmark & Maren RASMUSSEN, married Mary Alexandra CALDER, 18, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o John CALDER, b. Ont & Isabella KENNEDY, witn: R. DUFFY & Alma ALLEN, both of Windsor, 19 Oct. 1925 at Windsor
9228-25 Hedley C. FRODSHAM, 23, machinist, England, Windsor, s/o Cecil FRODSHAM, b. England & Jean Elizabeth ABBOTT, married Jean CROOKER, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Charles CROOKER, b. Canada & Lottie ELSTONE, witn: Florence STICKLEY of 301 California in Sandwich & Leonard JAMES of 1203 Pelessier St., 7 May 1925 at Windsor 9215-25 Henry H. FRONDE, 21, taxi driver, England, Windsor, s/o Henry H. FRONDE, b. Ont & Elizabeth CALLENDER, married Violet Rose ESSERY, 15, Windsor, same, d/o William ESSERY, b. England & Emma Nellie PETERSON, witn: H.D. & Mrs. A. BERTRAM of 128 Fournier St. in Sandwich, 2 Sept 1925 at Windsor [consent form gives bride's b.p. as London Ont]
9243-25 Thomas GACH, 32, mechanic, Galicia, Ford, s/o Donald GACH, b. Galicia, & Catherine SLOBODZAN, married Catherine (Catren) ALEXANDER, 30 (b. 7 June 1895), Sbidz - Kamenec Padolsky Russia, Ford, d/o Alexander ALEXANDER, b. Russia & Martha YABLONSKA, witn: Anton HARTLICK & M.S. KRYPNYK, both of Ford City, 31 Oct. 1925 at Windsor 9248-25 Joseph GAINES, 25, machinist, England, Windsor, s/o William Scott GAINES, b. England & Mary Agnes McGOWAN, married Maud E. SUTTON, 22, Newcastle on Tyne England, Windsor, d/o William SUTTON, b. England & Ellen BEST, witn: Samuel RILLA of Windsor & Mrs. Ralph EDEN of Highland Park Michigan, 17 Oct. 1925 at St. Georges Church, Windsor
9245-25 Harry William GALLOP, 33, divorced, plasterer, Pilford Dorset England, Detroit, s/o Israel GALLOP, b. England & Annie BATH, married Lillie O'CONNOR, 36, Freshwater - Isle of Wight, Windsor, d/o Lawrence O'CONNOR, b. England & Emma Ann LOADER, witn: William John & Beatrice WILCOX of 166 Cale Ave in Windsor, 18 Dec 1925 at Windsor 9246-25 Charles GANJAMIAN, 35, shoe repairer, Armenia, Detroit, s/o Arahef GANJAMIAN, b. Armenia & Sharnat, married Nazalde KABADINE, 18, Osnack Armenia, Detroit, d/o Chunnas KABADIAN (sic), b. Armenia & Myra, witn: Edward SAHRATIAN of 2556 Ferry Park Ave & Manuel MUGURIAN of 2323 Sixth St. (both Detroit), 11 Oct. 1925 at Windsor
9258-25 Joseph GARBUTT, 33, stock man, England, Detroit, s/o Joe GARBUTT, b. England & Elizabeth JONES, married Elsie May LAPPING, 27, England, Windsor, d/o Arthur LAPPING, b. England & Annie Maria GREGORY, witn: Thomas E. & Eleanor JONES of 165 Elm St. in Windsor, 1 May 1925 at All Saints Church, Windsor 9256-25 Norman GASCHO, 22, street car operator, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Joseph GASCHO, b. Ont & Barbara ERB, married Laura DESCH, 22, Ontario, Windsor, d/o John DESCH, b. Ont & Anna TYLER, witn: Percy & Mrs. Percy CLARK of 1056 Hall Ave in Windsor, 8 April 1925 at Windsor
9259-25 Arthur Leslie GATES, 22, machinist, Montreal, Windsor, s/o Albert Gregson GATES, b. England & Ann Eliza PURCHASE, married Mary Virginia Kathleen WATT, 20, Montreal, same, d/o Edward James WATT, b. Canada & Delina DUBEAU, witn: James GATES & Henley Grant HIGGINS, both of Windsor, 9 May 1925 at All Saints Church, Windsor 020830-25 Earl GAUTHIER, 29, farmer, Tecumseh, Tecumseh, s/o Noe GAUTHIER & Kate FITCH married Amanda BAILLARGEON, 27, Tecumseh, Tecumseh, d/o Zepherin BAILLARGEON & Clementine ADAM, witn: Albert BAILLARGEON of Tecumseh & Julia JANISSE of St. Joachim, 17 November 1925 in Tecumseh
9242-25 William GAYNER, 37, merchant, Syria, Windsor, s/o Leonard GAYNER, b. Syria & Mary AZURIA, married Jamel ATTAR, 19 on Dec 4 next, Petadin Syria, Windsor, d/o Joseph ATTAR, b. Syria & Tam AMI (parents in Syria), witn: Mabel PAULIN of Windsor & Alice GAROMI of 1440 Broadway in Detroit, 29 Nov 1925 at Windsor 9255-25 Harvey GEE, 35, decorator, Birmingham England, 8219 Bishop St. in Chicago, s/o Thomas GEE, b. England & Annie MAULLIN, married Margaret Robertson CONCHAR, 21, Kilmarnock Scotland, 1117 Sandwich St. in Windsor, d/o Thomas CONCHAR, b. Scotland & Jane SKEOCH, witn: Margaret W. HADLEY of 908 Lillian St. in Windsor & Edward John HILLS (Hiller?) of Windsor, 28 March 1925 at Windsor
9257-25 John GIBSON, 55, widower, laborer, Scotland, Windsor, s/o James GIBSON, b. Scotland & Elizabeth THOMSON, married Jennie BROGAN, 49, widow, Scotland, Simcoe Ont., d/o George McKINLEY, b. Scotland & Mary BEVERIDGE, witn: Angus SUTHERLAND & Minnie BEATTIE, both of 234 Goyeau Ave in Windsor, 23 March 1925 at Windsor 9252-25 Henry Victor GINGRAS, 26 (b. 9 June 1899), Toronto, 42 Jameson Ave in Toronto, s/o Henry GINGRAS, b. Quebec, & Mary O'REILLY, married Betty May TRAVERS, 24, accountant, USA, 103 MacPherson Ave, d/o Henry TRAVERS, b. Ont & Bertha BESSEY, witn: S. & Mrs. S. ANDERSON of 1741 Collingwood Ave in Detroit, 15 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9244-25 Yosef GLASER, 28, punch press operator, Hungary, Windsor, s/o John GLASER, b. Hungary & Marion PIALIN, married Rosa KATVASZ, 30 (b. 22 April 1895), Satmar Hungary, Detroit, d/o Lafias PAL & Agnes BORNCMIRE, witn: Elek GULAS & Andrew FARKAS, both of Marentette St., 10 Dec 1925 at Windsor  
9250-25 Earl Franklin GOOD, 25, civil engineer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Aaron GOOD, b. Ont & Mary McNALLY, married Grace Genevieve LANG, 23, Auburn Iowa, Maple Valley Ont., d/o Allan LANG, b. Ont & Agnes FERGUSON, witn: Arthur E. PADDON of 955 Louis Ave & Robert J. O'HARA of 1309 Bruce Ave (both Windsor), 3 Sept 1925 at Windsor 9249-25 Arnold GOSSETT, 29, laborer, widower, Jacksonville Ohio, 441 Windermere Rd in Walkerville, s/o Samuel GOSSETT, b. Ohio & Mancie YOUKES, married Elsie STARNER, 18, Rockbridge Ohio, 441 Windermere Rd., d/o Isaac STARNER, b. Ohio & Salina YARGER, witn: Mrs. Violetta HARRIS of 412 Mercer St. & Mrs. Nina JONES of 404 Mercer St., 5 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9241-25 Percy Thomas GRAHAM, 27, carpenter, Manchester England, RR1 Roseland - Sandwich East, s/o Thomas GRAHAM & Alice STEELE (Skule?), married Muriel Edith MUNDY, 24, Woodstock Ontario., Windsor, d/o William MUNDY & Sarah LEWIS, witn: Gertrude ODONALD of 1330 Bruce Ave in Windsor & Arthur GRAHAM of Riberdy Rd in Roseland, 13 Nov 1925 at Windsor 9253-25 Alex McEwing GRAHAM, 26, paint mixer, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Colquhoun GRAHAM, b. Scotland & Margaret ARNOTT, married Janet Beck HART, 24 (b. 3 June 1901), Belville St. in Greenock Scotland, Windsor, d/o John HART & Selina GILCHRIST (m. 1898 in Cathcart), witn: Elizabeth HART of 33 Crawford Ave in Windsor & James KELLY of Detroit, 31 Dec 1925 at Windsor
9254-25 James Percy GRANT, 42, insurance broker, Ontario, Windsor, s/o James GRANT, b. England & Agnes TURNBULL, married Frances Margaret MORDEN, 39, Ohio, Windsor, d/o Ralph MORDEN, b. Ont & Lenore STEIN, witn: Mrs. Andrew LYNCH & Josephine MORDEN, both of 433 Janette Ave., 21 March 1925 at Windsor 9251-25 Gordon GRAYBILL, 33, builder, Kitchener, Windsor, s/o Benjamin GRAYBILL & Christena KOOPMAN, married Edith NEARY, 24, Ireland, Windsor, d/o George NEARY & Edith MURPHY, witn: Pearl & James H. NEARY of 1140 Dufferin St. in Windsor, 1 Oct 1925 at All Saints Church, Windsor
9247-25 Wilfred E. GRIFFITHS, 26, mechanic, Newport - South Wales, Windsor, s/o John GRIFFITHS & Mary SCOTT, married Mary Elizabeth MEYERS, 25, Johnstown Pennsylvania, Windsor, d/o Mahlon MEYERS & Lydia SWANK, witn: Archie & Mary Cecilia ELLIOTT of Windsor, 13 Oct. 1925 at Windsor 9311-25 Harry Simpson HAGGERTY, 32, salesman, Rochester NY, Detroit, s/o Harry C. HAGGERTY, b. USA & Louise LAWRENCE, married Evelyn May GRIFFITHS, 32, widow, England, Windsor, d/o Joseph KENDALL, b. England & Laura CROSS, witn: Wardle STAFFORD of Metropolitan parsonage in Toronto & Jessie S. THOMAS of Windsor, 28 Feb 1925 at Windsor
9321-25 Clarence HALL, 24, switchman, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Charles HALL, b. Ont & Emma STIMERS, married Madelyn TAYLOR, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Allen TAYLOR, b. Ont & Lydia HUBBELL, witn: Mrs. W. A. WALDEN & Mrs. S. E. FAIRBAIRN, both of 919 London St. in Windsor, 14 Feb 1925 at Windsor 9330-25 Alfred HAMLIN, 23, laborer, McGregor, Windsor, s/o Olivier HAMLIN & Minnie DORE, married Blanche PERREAULT, 18, Sudbury, Windsor, d/o Augustine PERREAULT & Rosalie SAUCIE, witn: Garnet EMLEY of Windsor & lily HAMLIN of McGregor, 29 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9320-25 Harold Claude HAWGOOD, 19, machinist, Ontario, Langlois Ave in Windsor, s/o Thomas HAWGOOD, b. Ont & Agnes CARMICHAEL, married Gladys May MOULD, 30, England, 611 Ouellette Ave in Windsor, d/o Robert MOULD, b. England & Maria THOMPSON, witn: M. COWIE & Andrew NICOLSON (Nicholson?), both of 611 Ouellette Ave in Windsor, 4 Feb 1925 at Windsor 9325-25 Clarence J. HEBERT, 23, architectural draftsman, Tecumseh Ont., Windsor, s/o Alex HEBERT & Mary LEFEBVRE, married Iris Gwendolyn ANDREW, 19, England, Windsor, d/o William ANDREW & Edith KELLY, witn: Gordon J. HERBERT of Windsor & Mrs. Mabel SPENCER of Walkerville, 24 Feb 1925 at Windsor
9322-25 Thomas Jefferson HENDERSON, 27, supt., Virginia US, Leamington, s/o James HENDERSON, b. Canada & Aurilie BLANKENSHIP, married May Elizabeth LE GOOD, 18, London England, Kingsville, d/o Robert LE GOOD, b. Canada & Emily WILKES, witn: John & Mrs. J. LAMBERT of Windsor, 14 Feb 1925 at Windsor 9310-25 John HENDERSON, 26, mechanic, Scotland, Sandwich, s/o John HENDERSON, b. Scotland & Annie E. MARSDEN, married Agnes RENTON, 22, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Thomas RENTON, b. Scotland & Jessie GEMMILL, witn: Annie E. CRESI of 244 Randolph St. & John M. SHIELDS of 1409 Martin St., 6 June 1925 at Windsor
9313-25 Arthur Thomas HENDERSON, 34, provider?, Ontario, 231 Wellington St. in Winnipeg, s/o Patrick HENDERSON, b. Ont & Mary CHAMP, married Acile Allani OUELLETTE, 29, teacher, Ontario, 333 Victoria Ave in Windsor, d/o Patrice OUELLETTE, b. Ont & Helen WHITE, witn: Louis OUELLETTE of Windsor and James & Mrs. Helen COOPER of Walkerville, 20 Jan 1925 at Windsor 9329-25 Charles Edward HERBERT, 26, machinist, Henley on Thames - England, Windsor, s/o Edward HERBERT & Caroline SILVEY, married Marie Cecile ROI, 25, Tecumseh Ont., Windsor, d/o Hermidas ROI & Mathilde MONGEAU, witn: Victor FATHERS? & Marie ROI, both of Windsor, 28 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9331-25 William Henry Adkin HERVEY, 21, auto employee, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Robert HERVEY & Elizabeth ADKIN, married Catherine Parker McLACHLAN, 28, domestic, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John McLACHLAN & Jane JOHNSTON, witn: Jean McCONNACHIE of Walkerville & John HERVEY of Rover Rouge Mich., 31 Dec 1925 at Windsor 9326-25 Frank HERRING, 25, laborer, Czecho-Slovakia, Ford, s/o Ludwik HERRING & Lydia MENIETH, married Helen STROPKOVICS, 21, Sydney NS, Ford, d/o Andrew STROPKOVICS & Catherine WARKOVICS, witn: James SOOR (Svor?) & Charles HIRTNER, both of Windsor, 21 Feb 1925 at Windsor
9316-25 Percy Albert HEXWELL, 30, electrician, England, Walkerville, s/o William HEXWELL, b. England & Fannie LUMMINS, married Edna Mary BERRY, 31, widow, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o Walter Gavin FRASER, b. Canada & Anabella STEPHENS, witn: Charles & Winifred POLLARD of Windsor, 1 Jan 1925 at Windsor 9327-25 George HILLIER, 26, machinist, Windsor, same, s/o George HILLIER & Clara MEEK, married Mary Rose VALLEE, 18, Amgrie Que., Windsor, d/o Louis VALLEE & Mary GAUTHIER, witn: Ernest CHRISTIAN of Glengarry Ave & Alice PEGLER of 301 Aylmer Ave., 12 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9317-25 Hugh H. HISCOX, 55, inspector, NY state, Detroit, s/o Nelson HISCOX, b. England & Sarah SAYERS, married Caroline SAVARD, 42, widow, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Thomas SAUNDERS, b. Scotland & Annie HANSON, witn: Mrs. M. A. WALMSLEY of Peterborough & M.L. PAULLIN of Windsor, 15 Jan 1925 at Windsor 9328-25 Wilfrid Breen HOGAN, 19, laborer, Madoc Ont., Windsor, s/o Thomas HOGAN & Mary MARRIN, married Almina Adele GIRARD, 18, McGregor, Windsor, d/o John GIRARD & Emelie POUGET, witn: Malcolm A. MELOCHE of 752 Langlois Ave & Mary JACKSON of Detroit, 6 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9314-25 Albert Wesley HOLLAR, 21, salesman, Detroit, same, s/o William C. HOLLAR, b. Pennsylvania & Amanda Jane BARNES, married Seline Jean BOILORE, 19, Alpina Mich., Walkerville, d/o Antoine L. BOILORE, b. Michigan US & Vernald FORREST, witn: Mrs. Doris CAUSGROVE of Windsor & John E. MURRAY of 419 Goyeau St., 21 Jan 1925 at St. Alphonsus, Windsor 9315-25 Ernest Lorne HOOPER, 35, baker, Cottam, Kingsville, s/o Robert HOOPER, b. Ont & Adeline SANFORD, married May HILLIER, 34, Woodslee Ont, Detroit, d/o Fraser HILLIER, b. Ont & Susan REID, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 17 Jan 1925 at Windsor
9312-25 Walter Loyal HOOVER, 23, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Josiah W. HOOVER, b. Ont & Elizabeth K. LAMB, married Florence McINTYRE, 21, Manitoba, Sidney Manitoba, d/o Duncan McINTYRE, b. Canada & Elizabeth BESWITHERICK, witn: Margaret SMITH & Jessie S. THOMAS, both of Windsor, 28 Feb 1925 at Windsor 9319-25 Edward L. HORNICK, 21, student, Ontario, Tilbury, s/o Alfred W. HORICK, b. Ont & Edith SAWERS, married Nora HUTTON, 20, Ontario, Tilbury, d/o William A. HUTTON, b. Ont & Stella E. BROWN, witn: R. DUFFY & Alina G. ALLEN, both of Windsor, 31 Jan 1925 at Windsor
9309-25 Thomas HOWARTH, 28, checker, England, Windsor, s/o Robert HOWARTH, b. England & Alice Ann KAY, married Effie KEIR, 27, England, Windsor, d/o William KEIR, b. England & Marion PORTEOUS, witn: Sarah Annie HOWARTH of Giles Blvd in Windsor & James Henry BENSON? of 425 Campbell Ave in Windsor, 20 June 1925 at All Saints Church, Windsor 9323-25 Edgar Alphonsus HOWATT, 45, widower, painter, Arthur Ont., Windsor, s/o John HOWATT, b. Ont & Jane IRWIN, married Maud Luella FOWLER, 47, widow, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Jasper FORBES, b. Ont & Elizabeth NUNN, witn: Mrs. D.G. & Donald G. HAND of 268 Hall Ave in Windsor, 24 Feb 1925 at Windsor
9318-25 John HRYCUIK, 27, railroad employee, Austria, Ford, s/o Nicolas HRYCUIK, b. Austria & Magdalen RYPNICEK, married Helen ZAJOUS, 22, Austria, Ford, d/o Michael ZAJOUS, b. Austria & Mary BALACKA, witn: Michael JASINSKI of Detroit & Mary SEMAK of Ford, 11 Jan 1925 at Windsor 9324-25 Edwin HUBER, 30, cook, Switzerland, Windsor, s/o Jack HUBER, b. Switzerland & Louise MERZ, married Rose PACE (Pare?), 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Dominic PACE, b. Ont & blank, witn: Hans STEIGER & Bessie SRTATORNS?, both of Windsor, 18 March 1925 at Windsor
9334-25 Pietro IMBRONONE, 23, automobile worker, Italy, Detroit, s/o Frank IMBRONONE, b. Italy & Frances ROUSSO, married Grazia IMBRONONE, 17, Detroit, same, d/o Salvatore IMBRONONE, b. Italy & Josephine TIMPA, witn: Salvatore IMBRONONE & Josephine TIMPA, both of Detroit, 21 Nov 1925 at Windsor 9340-25 Edward Jerome INGRAM, 29, clerk, Ridgetown, Windsor, s/o Eugene INGRAM, b. USA & Annie HILDERSHINE, married Cora May LOREE, 24, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Edgar LOREE, b. Ont & Louise STERTZMEYER, witn: Cecile BONDY of Windsor & T.M. ARMSTRONG of Sandwich, 2 June 1925 at All Saints church, Windsor
9336-25 Frederick INNES, 27, machinist, Scotland, Windsor, s/o William INNES, b. Scotland & Ellen MARTIN, married Emma May FORD, 24, England, Windsor, d/o Alfred FORD, b. England & Clara STRINGER, witn: F.M. KEYS of Windsor & Harry KEYS of Detroit, 5 Sept 1925 at Windsor 9339-25 Wilho INKERAINEN, 26, tailor, Finland, Ford City, s/o Victor INKERAINEN, b. Finland & Ida HASANEN, married Helmi Linnea TALLBERG, 25, Finland, Ford City, d/o Emil TALLBERG, b. Finland & Amanda HOLMBERG, witn: Victor WAROHALA & Mary LAITINEN, both of Ford City, 6 July 1925 at Windsor
9332-25 Ralph IRONSIDE, 27, machinist, Aberdeen Scotland, Windsor, s/o Alexander IRONSIDE, b. Scotland & Mary MILNE, married Maggie McKECHNIE, 24, Scotland, enroute from Scotland, d/o Thomas McKECHNIE, b. Scotland & Mary FORDYCE, witn: Charles Rae IRONSIDE of Detroit & Isabella SMITH of 50 Cameron Ave., 4 Nov 1925 at Windsor 9341-25 Thomas McC. IRVINE, 23, factory worker, Scotland, Flint Mich., s/o John IRVINE, b. Scotland & Margaret McCLYMONT, married Jennie Cameron MORRIS, 21 (b. 2 Aug 1904), 26 Winton St. in Ardossan Scotland, Windsor, d/o Duncan MORRIS, b. Scotland & Elizabeth McLEISH (married 29 Dec 1900 at Ardossan), witn: James POTTER of Flint & Mrs. David McFARLANE of 328 Pine St., 18 June 1925 at Windsor
9333-25 Paul Mansell IRWIN, 24, salesman, Dalyrymple - Victoria Co., Whitby, s/o A. Mansell IRWIN, b. Canada & Lillian R. WEBSTER, married Frances Kathleen HICKS, 27, stenographer, Cambermore - Hastings Co., Windsor, d/o William A. HICKS, b. Canada & Rebecca McCLOSKEY, witn: Howard HICKS of Windsor & Lillian PEARSON of Detroit, 28 Dec 1925 at Windsor 9338-25 Charles F. ISMOND, 47, divorced, barber, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Thomas A. ISMOND, b. Canada & Rosa DAVIS, married Hilda DREW, 32, London England, 612 Tecumseh Rd in Windsor, d/o Alfred DREW, b. London England & Eliza Ann WATSON, witn: M.L. PAULIN & Signa MYBLA, both of Windsor, 26 May 1925 at Windsor
9335-25 Henry IVORY, 29, driver, Florida, Windsor, s/o John? IVORY, b. Georgia & Mary JOHNSON, married Annie Grace DRAKE, 23, Georgia, Windsor, d/o Walter DRAKE, b. Georgia & Annie WILSON, witn: G.H. BROOKS & Rev. Mrs. WILLIAMS, both of Windsor, 17 Sept 1925 at Windsor 9337-25 Stephen IZSAK, 29, laborer, Hungary, Windsor, s/o George IZSAK, b. Hungaria & Julia FARKAS, married Lena ANDRESY, 19, Hungary, Windsor, d/o Julius ANDRESY, b. Hungaria & Marie HORIAT, witn: Martin MAGGERI & Thoma ROUFFER, both of Windsor, 21 Nov 1925 at Windsor
9345-25 Lewis JACKSON, 25, carpenter, Ontario, Windsor, s/o William JACKSON, b. Canada & Mary A. ANDREWS, married Doris Laura MORLEY, 22, England, Windsor, d/o Frederick MORLEY, b. England & Florence FUSSELL, witn: Charlotte JACKSON of Chatham & Raymond MORLEY of Windsor, 29 Aug 1925 at Windsor 9350-25 George Henry JACKSON, 26, travelling salesman, Windsor, same, s/o Godber JACKSON, b. England & Mary Elizabeth ASKEW, married Lottie May MURRAY, 25, Goderich, Windsor, d/o William Henry MURRAY, b. Canada & Mary Ann MILLER, witn: Edith & Godber JACKSON of Windsor, 19 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9342-25 Richard JOHNSTON, 58, widower, railroad employee, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John JOHNSTON, b. Ireland & Matilda MILLER, married Marilla Winifred BARRICK, 50, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Samuel BARRICK & Jane DAMUDE, witn: Stella Jane & John W. BARNES of 136 Goyeau St. in Windsor, 16 April 1925 at Windsor 9349-25 Lloyd A. JOHNSTON, 21, stock clerk, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Richard JOHNSTON, b. Ont & Sarah Emma JEFFERY, married Edith may WEEKS, 20, Wales, Windsor, d/o William WEEKS, b. Wales & Ada FERRIS witn: D.V. ROBINSON of 106 Grand Rd in St. Thomas & Elsie Maude WEEKS of 1585 Church St. in Windsor, 18 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9384-25 Daniel KATZMAN, 28, merchant, Russia, Detroit, s/o Dave BER, b. Russia & Bluma CHAIE, married Bessie KATZMAN, 21, Russia, Windsor, d/o Myer, b. Russia & Ida CHAIE, witn: Herman M. L. YEREMAICH of 644 Euclid Ave & Morris GORDNER of Louis Ave., 18 Feb 1925 at Windsor 9391-25 Wilfrid KEELAN, 23, machinist, England, Windsor, s/o Mathew KEELAN & Ellen ROBERTSON, married Lucille LAPENSIE, 20, Ottawa, Windsor, d/o Wilfrid LAPENSIE & Albertine DAGENAIS, witn: Oswald LAPENSIE & Mary KEELAN, both of Windsor, 1 Aug 1925 at Windsor
9371-25 John Joseph KELLY, 25, rubber worker, Toronto, same, s/o Patrick KELLY, b. Ireland & Catherine GILMORE, married Winnifred Blanche ROUTLEDGE, 18, England, Toronto, d/o George ROUTLEDGE, b. England & Jane BRETHERTON, witn: Annie CHADWICK & Arthur BOLTON, both of Windsor, 14 Aug 1925 at All Saints Church, Windsor [divorced 18/3/57] 9374-25 Garnet Wesley KERR, 39, clerk, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o William Albert KERR & Susan Ellen BIRD, married Blanche Irene LOWRY, 33, Windsor, same, d/o Jonathan LOWRY & Emma Louise EVANS, witn: Arthur Lewis KERR of Walkerville & Ada ARNER of Kingsville, 29 April 1925 at Windsor
9380-25 John KIRKPATRICK, 24, marine fireman, Scotland, Windsor, s/o William KIRKPATRICK, b. Scotland & Agnes ALLAN, married Agnes Thomson McDOWELL, 22, Scotland, Windsor, d/o James McDOWELL, b. Scotland & Jessie IRVINE, witn: Mrs. McCOLL & Frederick BALLARD, both of Windsor, 26 Aug 1925 at Windsor 9390-25 Francis Leroy KNOTT, 28, engineer, Washington DC, Windsor, s/o John W. KNOTT & Grace E. KNOTT, married Anna Marie DAUPHAISE, 33, Detroit, Windsor, d/o Paschal DAUPHAISE & Lea VERVILLE, witn: Claude FLEMING of 4573 Pacific Ave in Detroit & Mina DAUPHAISE of 1202? Ouellette Ave in Windsor, 25 June 1925 at Windsor
9392-25 Joseph KOVAC, 26, laborer, Horne Ostrokovie - Czecho Slovakia, Windsor, s/o Joseph KOVAC & Josephine SOPUCH, married Marguerite STOJKOVICH, 22, Podmeryce Czecho Slovakia, Windsor, d/o John STOJKOVICH & Magdalena KUTZMAN, witn: Joseph KENDARA of 210 St. Luke Rd in Ford & William VIDRA of 3384 Milwaukee St. in Detroit, 7 Nov 1925 at Windsor 9386-25 Leslie KOVACH, 32, mechanic, Hungary, Windsor, s/o Stephen KOVACH, b. Hungary & Barbara POF, married Teresa UKOVICO, 34, Germany, Windsor, d/o Joseph UKOVICO, b. Hungary & Barbara LANZ, witn: Mrs. C.D. FARQUHARSON & Mrs. STEEL, both of Goyeu St., Windsor, 21 Feb 1925 at Windsor
9427-25 Emile LA ROCQUE, 36, printer, Canada, Detroit, s/o Louis LA ROCQUE & Emilie SAUVE, married Lena HALL, 31, widow, Canada, Windsor, d/o Joseph A. LUCIER & Mary V. GRONDIN, witn: Emile & Azilia LAJOIE of Detroit, 22 June 1925 at Windsor 9400-25 John Arthur LAXDAL, 42, sheet metal worker, Winnipeg, Windsor, s/o John Arthur LAXDAL, b. England & Sarah JOHANNESON, married Helen McKEGGAN, 29, Scotland, Regina Sask., d/o Dugald McKEGGAN, b. Scotland & Christena McLELLAN, witn: Theresa BEST & Mabel PAULIN, both of Windsor, 24 Oct. 1925 at Windsor
9409-25 Ernest Zepherin LE CLAIR, 24, machine operator, Sudbury, Windsor, s/o Henry LE CLAIR, b. Ont & Celina BRISEBOIS, married Alice VALLEY, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Louis VALLEY, b. Canada & Marie GAUTHIER, witn: George A. HILIER of 345 Assumption St. & Mary Rose VALLEY of 7 Marentette Ave., 16 May 1925 at Windsor 9407-25 William G. LE CLAIR, 28, laborer, Sudbury, Windsor, s/o Henry LE CLAIR, b. Ont & Celia BRISEBOIS, married Rosalie DESCHAMPS, 30, Sturgeon Falls, Windsor, d/o Carmille DESCHAMPS, b. Canada & Eleaonr ARCAND, witn: Paul DUCETTE of 169 Albert Rd in Ford & Denisa DESCHAMPS of 591 Sandwich St. in Windsor, 31 Dec 1925 at Windsor
9426-25 William H. LEE, 24, merchandise manager, Missouri, Detroit, s/o J.B. LEE, b. Kentucky & Sarah E. MINGUS, married Olga ZELINER (Zelmer?), 19, Russia, Windsor, d/o Edward ZELINER, b. Russia & Emelie VELTA, witn: Jessie M. CLARK & W.E. MONTGOMERY, both of Detroit, 24 Jan 1925 at Windsor 9396-25 John LEES, 31, boiler maker, Scotland, Windsor, s/o John Mathew LEES, b. Scotland & Isabella CAMERON, married Jamesina WATSON, 30, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Alexander WATSON, b. Scotland & Jane HOGG, witn: James & Mrs. James LEES of 369 Esdras Ave in Riverside, 16 Dec 1925 at Windsor
9405-25 Philip Russell LOWRY, 26, railway fireman, Windsor, same, s/o Henry LOWRY, b. Canada & Sarah NASH, married May THOMPSON, 27, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Charles THOMPSON, b. Scotland & Helen CAMPBELL, witn: Margaret & Walter POCOCK of Windsor, 12 Sept 1925 at Windsor 9452-25 Roosevelt MALONE, 22, chauffeur, Mississippi, Windsor, so Robert MALONE, b. Memphis Tennessee & Mattie SIMS, married Marie JOHNSON, 19, Georgia, Windsor, d/o A. William JOHNSON, b. Atlanta Georgia & Emma TIMLIN, witn: Robert MALONE of 1647 Labelle Ave & Eliza JACKSON of Memphis Tennessee, 31 Dec 1925 at Windsor
9443-25 William MANGAN, 38, laborer, Liverpool England, Windsor, s/o Thomas MANGAN & Mary Jane BATE, married Elizabeth GILBERT, 40, Bristol England, Detroit, d/o William GILBERT & Caroline PURVIS?, witn: Daniel & Annie YAGER of 147 Cameron Ave in Windsor, 3 Dec 1925 at Windsor 9437-25 Alexander MARCHAND, 40, widower, laborer, Tilbury, Windsor, s/o Maurice MARCHAND, b. Quebec & Philomene ROBERT, married Orine DUQUETTE, 37, widow, Tilbury, Windsor, d/o Isaie BREAULT, b. Quebec & Esther TREMBLAY, witn: George MARCHAND of Ford & Dolphis F. BEZAIRE of 723 Pierre Ave., 31 Dec 1925 at Windsor
9446-25 Harry MARETSKY, 28, iron & metal dealer, Windsor, same, s/o Mike, b. Russia & Rachel, married Lillian MARETSKY, 27, Windsor, same, d/o Aron, b. Russia & Gittle, witn: Israel SHUNTER? of Windsor ? & Max SMITH of Toronto , 3 Sept 1925 at Windsor 9445-25 Jesse Bartel MARSHALL, 54, widower, traveler, Wooster USA, Wooster Ohio, s/o Joseph MARSHALL, b. USA & Susannah STOUGH, married Ada Anna LURZ, 51, widow, Ohio US, Mansfield Ohio, d/o Cyrus S. MILLER, b. USA & Louise ECHELBARGER, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 30 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9435-25 William John MARTIN, 21, cost accountant, Montreal, Windsor, s/o William John MARTIN, & Molly M. KOTTZE, married Margaret J. CHAPPELLE, 20, New Brunswick, Windsor, d/o Aubrey P. CHAPPELLE & Amelia GOODMAN, witn: Hantz Emald CHAPPELLE & Muriel E. TRITES, both of Windsor, 9 Nov 1925 at Windsor 9442-25 Wellington Lancelot MAUN, 25, clerk, Listowel Ont., Jamestown - Perth Co., s/o Wellington MAUN & Priscilla WATSON, married Vivian PARKER, 16, Flint Mich., Detroit, d/o William PARKER & Edith MERCHANT, witn: Lloyd Watson MAUN of RR2 Bluevale & Edith M. PARKER of Highland Park, 24 Dec 1925 at Windsor
9438-25 William Thomas MAYS, 21, clerk, England, Walkerville, s/o Thomas MAYS, b. England & Rose YOUNG, married Merceda Mary WOOD, 20, Orillia, Tecumseh (St. Clair Shores), d/o Edward W. WOOD, b. Canada & Susan GILLESPIE, witn: Marion F. McRAE & Jessie ASHBY, both of Windsor, 31 Oct. 1925 at Windsor 9448-25 Eric Stephen MENZIES, 27, clerk, Kirkcaldy Scotland, 318 Victoria Rd in Walkerville, s/o George MENZIES, b. Scotland & Ann BEGG, married Bessie Phoebe May HYATT, 21, stenographer, Petrolia Ont., 67 Campbell Ave in Windsor, d/o Wilbert HYATT, b. Canada & Violet McILWAIN, witn: Claudia THOMPSON of 329 May Ave & Clayton? HYATT of Campbell Ave., both Windsor, 30 Sept 1925 at Windsor
9440-25 Hugh MIEHM, 32, foreman - sheet metal, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Jacob MIEHM, b. Canada & Mary McDONALD, married Ada Amanda SCHNERR, 25, Ontario, Windsor, d/o George SCHNERR, b. Canada & Mary MEIER, witn: Sexton ROWAN of Windsor & Mildred CROSBY of Sandwich, 29 Oct. 1925 at Windsor 9444-25 James John MILLROSS, 62, widower, plasterer, London England, Windsor, s/o John MILLROSS, b. London England & Mary Ann HOLDING, married Ellen DAVIS, 52, Cheshire England, Windsor, d/o John DAVIS, b. Cheshire England & Mary DAVIS, witn: W.D. BEAMAN of Essex & Dalen COOK of Windsor, 2 Aug 1925 at Essex
9439-25 Henry Harvey MIRACLE, 34, police constable, Kentucky, Windsor, s/o Newton MIRACLE, b. Kentucky US & Sarah MASON, married Estelle M. TREMBLAY, 20, Sandwich, Windsor, d/o David TREMBLAY, b. Ont & Pauline LACOSTE, witn: James MAY & Anna GRAHAM, both of Windsor, 3 Nov 1925 at Windsor [divorced 8/6/43] 9436-25 Neil Farquharson MORRISON, 29, teacher, Sarnia, Windsor, s/o James Donaldson MORRISON, b. Sault St. Marie Mich & Elizabeth FARQUHARSON, married Sarah MOORE, 29, Mapleton Ont., Belmont Ont., d/o James MOORE, b. Canada & Lizzie WIDNER, witn: Mrs. Elzira ADAMSON of Hamilton & John A. MORRISON of Detroit, 5 Nov 1915 at Windsor
9449-25 William MOYER, 35, waiter, Nebraska, Detroit, s/o William H. MOYER, b. USA & Lillian NEWMAN, married Jane E. BENZIE, 43, Scotland, Windsor, d/o William BENZIE, b. Scotland & Helen LUMSDEN, witn: M.L. PAULIN & George BROWNE?, both of Windsor, 21 Sept 1925 at Windsor 009507-25 (Essex Co) Ernest Edward McALLISTER, 25, farmer, Lambton Co, Croton s/o John McALLISTER (b. Canada) & Margaret FLEMING married Dottie WILLMORE, 21, Lambton Co, Croton d/o William WILLMORE (b. Ontario) & Trissie TIFFIN wtn: Margaret SMITH & Mary H. CROWD both of Windsor, 29 August 1925 at Windsor
009506-25 (Essex Co) Everett James MacAULAY, 25, carpenter, Quebec province, Windsor s/o Murdock MacAULAY (b. Quebec province) & Rachel ANDERSON married Jean Mae ROBBIE, 25, Scotland, Gould Quebec d/o Hillman ROBBIE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth FRASER wtn: Katharine MacKENZIE of 421 Ann Ave in Windsor & John D. MacAULAY of 242 Frederick in Detroit, 22 December 1925 at Windsor 009515-25 (Essex Co) Robert McCALLUM, 26, marine engineer, Scotland, Windsor s/o Alex McCALLUM (b. Scotland) & Catherine SINCLAIR married Jessie ROSS, 20, Scotland, Windsor d/o Henry ROSS (b. Scotland) & Lillie ANDERSON wtn: Jean F. McCALLUM & A.B. McCALLUM both of 404 Caroline St in Windsor, 10 October 1925 at Windsor
009512-25 (Essex Co) Clayton McCART, 26, farmer, Ontario, Chatham Ontario s/o Thomas McCART & Edith PARSONS married Vera Maud BURKE, 24, Ontario, Chatham, d/o Thomas BURKE & Louisa BURKE wtn: Jamie SIMPSON of 465 Bruce Ave in Windsor & Arthur BOLTON of 209 Langlois Ave in Windsor, 3 October 1925 at Windsor 009536-25 (Essex Co) Joseph Louis McCAULEY, 27, engineer, Mattawa Ontario, Windsor s/o Denis McCAULEY & Caroline ST. GERMAIN married Irene Gertrude STRONG, 25, Belle River Ontario, Windsor d/o Joseph STRONG & Mary Louise LACHARITE wtn: Joseph McCAULEY of 1149 Goyeau St & Peggy HAMLIN of 3324 Harrison Ave in Detroit, 9 November 1925 at Windsor
009521-25 (Essex Co) Thomas Anderson McCLELLAND, 25, molder, Ireland, Windsor s/o David McCLELLAND (b. Ireland) & Margaret POLLOCK married Jean CAMPBELL, 26, Ireland, Detroit Mich USA d/o Robert CAMPBELL (b. Ireland) & Margaret KANE wtn: A.T. JOYCE & M.L. PAULIN both of Windsor, 24 June 1925 at Windsor 009514-25 (Essex Co) Joseph Patrick McCLOSKEY, 23, garage man, Ottawa, Ottawa s/o Charles McCLOSKEY (b. Ireland) & Bridget FIELDS married Alice NICHOLSON, 21, Detroit, same d/o Stanley NICHOLSON (b. Detroit) & Blanche BECKMAN wtn: Mary PETTIGREW & Mary KELLY both of Windsor, 25 September 1925 at Windsor
009526-25 (Essex Co) Harold Stuart McCLURE, 26, salesman, Toronto, 173 Parlington Ave in Sandwich Ontario s/o John McCLURE (b. USA) & Henrietta SHEPHERD married Grace Beverly CURTH, 20, Frontier Mich, 114 East Lawn Ave in Detroit d/o John CURTH (b. Canada) & Sophia FROMAN wtn: J.E SULLIVAN & Mrs J.E. SULLIVAN both of Sandwich, 14 February 1925 at Windsor 009528-25 (Essex Co) Wilfred James McCREA, 26, salesman, Quebec, 466 Dougall St in Windsor s/o James H. McCREA (b. Quebec) & Nora DEVEAULT married Florence STONE, 25, bookkeeper, England, 1462 York St in Windsor d/o Charles Stone (b. England) & Mary Jane WATTS wtn: M.J. KELCH of 239 Windermere Rd in Windsor & A.A. JOHNSTONE of 326 Albert St in Windsor, 17 January 1925 in Windsor
009513-25 (Essex Co) Charles E. McCRIMMON, 42, widower, carpenter, Kansas USA, Detroit, s/o Richard McCRIMMON (b. Canada) & Sarah FORD married Henrietta R. AYTON, 22, England, Windsor d/o Anthony AYTON (b. England) & Agnes Annie CLARKE wtn: Agnes Laura CLARKE & John Anthony AYTON both of Windsor, 4 September 1925 at Fergus 009532-25 (Essex Co) John Vincent Eugene McDEVITT, 23, salesman, Toronto, Windsor s/o John McDEVITT & Mary McENANEY married Marie Florence DUMOUCHELLE, 23, Windsor, Windsor d/o Ulysse DUMOUCHELLE & Evelyn LANGLOIS wtn: Lawrence DUMOUCHELLE of 38 Sheppard E & Dorothy McDEVITT of 334 Pacific Ave in Toronto, 10 June 1925 at Windsor
009520-25 (Essex Co) John Carr McDONALD, 30, tool setter, Scotland, Windsor s/o James McDONALD (b. Scotland) & Isabella KIDD married Catherine Peters BOWIE, 25, Scotland, Windsor d/o John BOWIE (b. Scotland) & Martha FRASER wtn: Nora Duncan JOHNSON of 68 McKay Ave in Windsor & John Edward BOWIE of 451 Prentis Ave in Detroit Mich USA, 4 July 1925 at Windsor 009527-25 (Essex Co) Angus McDONALD, 48, farmer, Orillia Ontario, Harrisville Mich s/o David F. McDONALD (b. New York, USA) & Florence BETHUNE, married Mary Rosanne MURPHY, 45, Ontario, Mikado Mich USA d/o Michael MURPHY (b. Ireland) & Janette BETHUNE wtn: Anna COUGHLIN & Aileen BAILEY both of Windsor, 28 February 1925 at St Alphonsus Church in Windsor
009517-25 (Essex Co) Joseph MACFARLANE, 23, plasterer, Scotland, Windsor s/o Abraham MACFARLANE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth DUFFIN married Eva RUSSELL, 19, United States, Windsor d/o Joseph RUSSELL (b. Scotland) & Annie NIMMO?, wtn: John DUFFIN of 1253 Lillian St in Windsor & Elizabeth RICHMOND of 1033 Highland Ave in Windsor, 10 October 1925 at Windsor 009508-25 (Essex Co) David McGHEE, 24, inspector, Scotland, Windsor s/o Harry McGHEE (b. Scotland) & Christina WALKER married Isabella GRAY, 24, Scotland, Windsor d/o James GRAY (b. Scotland) & Mary GARNER wtn: Agnes GRAY & W.W. McGHEE both of Windsor, 29 August 1925 at Windsor
009531-25 (Essex Co) Stephen Thomas McGRATTON, 28, machinist, Ireland, Windsor s/o Alex McGRATTON (b. Ireland) & Anne McCANN married Violet S.S. PRESS, 29, Ireland, enroute from Ireland to Windsor d/o William PRESS (b. Ireland) & Minnie BROWN wtn: W.H. STEWART of 1143 Curry Ave in Windsor & Kate BECKETT of 1107 London St in Windsor, 17 March 1925 at Windsor 009516-25 (Essex Co) Robert McGREGOR, 41, die maker, Scotland, Detroit Mich USA s/o Robert McGREGOR (b. Scotland) & Margaret LITTLE married Bessie Duffie SMALL, 41, widow, Scotland, Windsor d/o Francis DUFFIE (b. Scotland) & Catherine McCUSKER wtn: Helen SMALL & M.L. PAULSON both of Windsor, 11 October 1925 at Windsor
009534-25 (Essex Co) Stanley A. McGUIRE, 24, clerical work, Amherstburg Ontario, Windsor s/o Edward McGUIRE & Margaret KELLY married Lenore Marion LAUZON, 21, St Joachim Ontario, Windsor d/o Victor LAUZON & Emelinne LALIBERTE wtn: Ernest BEAUSOLIEL of 2330 E. Grand Blvd in Detroit Mich & Helen LACHANCE of 1009 Tuscarora St, 29 September 1925 at Windsor 009519-25 (Essex Co) Arthur George McGUIRE, 25, baker, Ontario, Windsor s/o George McGUIRE (b. Ontario) & Sarah ENGRAM (Ingram?) married Beatrice A. LANGLOIS, 20, Ontario, Windsor d/o Arthur LANGLOIS (b. Ontario) & Ester BARROW wtn: Arnold LAMONT of Detroit Mich USA & Hazel LANGLOIS of Windsor, 24 August 1925 at Windsor
009511-25 (Essex Co) Peter McINTYRE, 32, lantern maker, Scotland, Windsor s/o Peter McINTYRE (b. Scotland) & Annie HIGGINS married Elizabeth Nesbit GRANT, 30, Scotland, Windsor d/o Joseph GRANT (b. Scotland) & Mary McALONEN wtn: Isobel WALKER & Joseph WILSON both of Walkerville, 6 November 1925 at Windsor 009509-25 (Essex Co) Reginald McINTYRE, 35, farmer, Ontario, Cottam s/o Gregor McINTYRE (b. Ontario) & Margaret MOODIE married Fanny Elizabeth DAVIES, 19, Ontario, R.R.#1 Sesors? Corners, d/o William DAVIS (b. England) & Eliza ALSTON wtn: W.W. WRIGHT & Duncan McKENZIE both of Windsor, 29 August 1925 at Windsor
009535-25 (Essex Co) James Harron MACKENZIE, 27, salesman, Port Elgin Ontario, Detroit s/o John MACKENZIE & Jean HARRON married Margaret May BEAULIEU, 20, Thessalon Ontario, Windsor d/o Lucien BEAULIEU & Josephine ATKINS wtn: Leopold CAMERON & Alice CAMERON both of Windsor, 28 September 1925 at Windsor 009510-25 (Essex Co) Harlan K. McKINNON, 23, cook, Ontario, Windsor s/o Donald McKINNON (b. Toronto) & Pearl LIGHT married Gwendolyn P. MOE, 20, Ontario, Windsor d/o William MOE (b. Dresden Ontario) & Annie Elizabeth PEDRICH wtn: Richard K. WOOD of 541 Hall Ave in Windsor & Audrey MOE of 735 Gladstone in Windsor, 30 July 1925 at 1059 Howard Ave in Windsor
009530-25 (Essex Co) Joseph Ross McLACHLAN, 21, truck driver, Forest Ontario, Windsor s/o Alfred McLACHLAN (b. Ontario) & Victoria SANDER married Julia Alice BROWN, 18, England, Windsor d/o Charles Edward BROWN (b. England) & Julia Marie NICHOLL wtn: Mrs Laura EARP & Mrs Blanche LANG both of Windsor, 30 March 1925 at Windsor 009524-25 (Essex Co) Arthur McLARTY, 26, inspection dept Ford Motor Company, Ontario, Windsor s/o Alex MCLARTY (b. Ontario) & Harriot Allen PICKERING married Annie RUSSELL, 22, Scotland, Windsor d/o Joseph RUSSELL (b. Scotland) & Annie MINNO wtn: Frank K. FREDERICK & Alma G. ALLEN both of Windsor, 2 June 1925 at Windsor
009533-25 (Essex Co) Harry A. McLAUGHLIN, 26, labourer, Venosta Ontario, Detroit Mich USA s/o Ross McLAUGHLIN & Mary MURRAY married Beatrice Cushing MEYERS, 33, widow, Fort Coulonge Quebec, d/o Michael CUSHING & Elizabeth SMITH wtn: Peter Alfred LaPONSA & Sarah O'CONNOR both of 1507 Allan Rd in Detroit Mich, 17 June 1925 at Windsor 009529-25 (Essex Co) George McLEAN, 40, widower, merchant, Ireland, Windsor s/o William McLEAN (b. Ireland) & Frances RICE married Blanche McCALLISTER, 29, Windsor, Detroit d/o Charles McCALLISTER (b. Pennsylvania) & Laura WINGARD wtn: Jessie P. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH both of Windsor, 24 January 1925 at Windsor
009537-25 (Essex Co) John Francis McLEAR, 28, CNR yard hand, Windsor, Walkerville Ontario s/o John McLEAR & Margaret McRAE married Clara PRESSLER. 20, Lancashire England, Windsor d/o Arthur PRESSLER & Nellie SOLE wtn: George BROWNE of 511 Victoria Ave & Alice CUPPILL of 608 Bruce Ave, 26 October 1925 at Windsor 009525-25 (Essex Co) James G. McLEOD, 22, tire builder, Windsor, Windsor s/o Angus L. McLEOD (b. Ontario) & Annie Alicia BOND married Mildred McCAULEY, 19, Ontario, Windsor d/o William Nelson McCAULEY (b. Ontario) & Annie Louisa STICKELS wtn: Edith M. McCAULEY of 116 Crawford Ave in Windsor & Harold F. BELL of 1021 Elsmere Ave in Windsor, 14 March 1925 at 986 Dongall Ave in Windsor
009523-25 (Essex Co) William John McMILLAN, 24, labourer, Glencoe Ontario, same s/o John McMILLAN (b. Scotland) & Fanny LOSSEMORE married Lena Elizabeth CRAIG, 31, room keeper, Glencoe Ontario, same d/o Wesley G. CRAIG & Elizabeth Jane SIDDALL wtn: Louis & Alfretta HYTTENNAUCH of Windsor, 6 June 1925 at Windsor 009522-25 (Essex Co) John Alex McMILLAN, 31, machine setter, Owen Sound Ontario, Detroit Mich USA s/o John McMILLAN (b. Ontario) & Charlotte BROWN married Florinde HUTCHINSON, 29, Ontario, Owen Sound Ontario d/o Singleton HUTCHINSON (b. Canada) & Margaret GARDINER wtn: M.L. PAULIN of Windsor & Jessie D. BRAY of 574 Bruce Ave in Windsor, 6 June 1925 at Windsor
009518-25 (Essex Co) John Alex McNAUGHTON, 35, inspector, Granton Ontario, Detroit Mich USA s/o James McNAUGHTON (b. Ontario) & Janet DAVIE married Sarah Jane HENRY, 30, Ontario, Brantford Ontario d/o Louis HENRY (b. Ontario) & Mabel BUTLER wtn: Harry WARDLE & M.L. PAULIN both of Windsor, 5 September 1925 at Windsor 009541-25 (Essex Co) Stanley NANTOIS, 19, farmer, Ontario, Sandwich Twp s/o Joseph NANTOIS (b. Ontario) & Elmire METRON married Louisa Helen BENSETTE, 21, Ontario, Windsor d/o Paul BENSETTE (b. Ontario) & Alphonsine FORTIER wtn: Archille PRENNEY & Claressse BENSETTE both of Sandwich, 4 March 1925 at Windsor
009550-25 (Essex Co) Peter NEEDHAM, 28, tinsmith, Scotland, Windsor s/o Michael NEEDHAM & Alice McGUIRE married Margaret McCANN, 28, Scotland, Windsor d/o John McCANN & Margaret McGOWAN wtn: Mathew McGOWAN & Martha LESTER both of Detroit, 4 July 1925 at Windsor 009539-25 (Essex Co) Oscar NELSON, 24, electrician, Sweden, Chicago, s/o Gustav NELSON (b. Sweden) & Louise JOHNSON married Signe ANDERSON, 21, Sweden, Windsor d/o Andreas OLSON (b. Sweden) & Sivia ISRAELSON?, wtn: Mrs H.B. FEHNER & Elenor MARSHALL both of Windsor, 14 December 1925 at Windsor
009538-25 (Essex Co) George NESBITT, 25, R.R. wiper, Scotland, Sault Ste Marie Ontario s/o John NESBITT (b. Scotland) & Agnes HAMILTON married Florence COLEMAN, 17, Ontario, Sault Ste Marie Ontario d/o Thomas COLEMAN (b. England) & Mary Anne FORD wtn: Wesley CARROLL & Pearl STOVEL both of Sault Ste Marie, 9 December 1925 at All Saints Church in Windsor 009543-25 (Essex Co) Roy Elwood NICHOLSON, 30, farmer, Mara Twp, Mara Twp s/o Joseph NICHOLSON (b. Ontario) & Malinda C. YOUNG married Catharine May MacDONALD, Mara Twp, Windsor d/o Malcolm MacDONALD (b. Ontario) & Annie JOHNSTON wtn: Margaret MacDONALD & Mark? MacDONALD both of Windsor, 5 September 1925 at Windsor
009545-25 (Essex Co) Percy W. NICKASON, 21, job seller, Ontario, Detroit s/o George NICKASON (b. Muskoka) & Mary COCKS married Ruby GREENWOOD, 21, Ontario, Ford d/o Joseph GREENWOOD (b. Three Rivers Quebec) & Victoria CHAMPANGE wtn: Martin NICKASON of Ford & Lloyd McINTOSH of Maisonville, 18 July 1925 at Windsor 009546-25 (Essex Co) Julian Emilie NINNISTO, 31, auto worker, Pegaumung Mich, 1553 Clement St in Detroit Mich s/o Emanuel NINNISTO ( b. Wara Finland) & Sylvia RASKU married Louisa Emilia PETTARE, 37, tent maker, Finland, 141 Cadillac St in Ford d/o Jasha PETTARE (b, Wara Finland) & Maria WIIK wtn: Samuel CAMPBELL & Lena CAMPBELL both of 191 Cadillac St, 7 July 1925 at Windsor
009544-25 (Essex Co) George NIXON, 40, widower, machinist, Romania, Ford Ontario s/o Theodor NICXON (sic) (b. Romania & Pararcheve NICXON married Valeria PETRUTE, 39, widow, Romania, Ford Ontario d/o George PETRUTE (b. Romania) & Salonna PETRUTE wtn: Terdor PRADAU & Maria PRADAU both of Hanna Ste Roi, 4 July 1925 at Windsor 009551-25 (Essex Co) Eminigild NOCENT, 9 Feb 1900, Italy, Windsor s/o Valentino NOCENT & Amalia MUSSIO married Inez MISSAN, 3 June 1902, plasterer, Italy, Windsor d/o Juseppi NOCENT & Theodora D'AGOSTINA wtn: Guiseppe ROZERO & Olivia CALNUTTA both of 1117 Benjamin Ave in Windsor, 7 November 1925 at Windsor
009540-25 (Essex Co) Albert NORMAN, 33, mail carrier, England, Windsor s/o George NORMAN (b. England) & Caroline AYTON, married Emma TOMLINSON, 31, England, Windsor d/o William TOMLINSON (b. England) & Harriett Ann BRENAN wtn: George F. PAYNE & Harriett PAYNE both of 1036 Arthur, 30 April 1925 at All Saints Church in Windsor 009542-25 (Essex Co) Philip Benard NORMANTON, 27, metal finisher, England, Detroit Mich s/o Levi NORMANTON & Sarah Jane CREIGHTON married Emma NEWSHAM, 27 (born Sept 17, 1879), Rochdale England, Windsor d/o John Robert NEWSHAM & Ellen MANNERING wtn: Arthur BOLTON & Amy BOLTON both of 209 Langlois Ave in Windsor, at 8 pm on 17 October 1925 in Windsor
009547-25 (Essex Co) Clarence Edgar NORTHRUP, 18, student, Ohio USA, McConnelsville Ohio s/o Clarence Edgar NORTHRUP (b. Ohio) & Teresa Clara HAWORTH, married Lena Eleanor ERWIN, 19, Ohio USA, McConnelsville Ohio d/o John ERWIN (b. Ohio) & Ettie FLETCHER wtn: T, FARGET? & John William HASELLE?, 25 July 1925 at All Saints Church in Windsor 009548-25 (Essex Co) Charles Wilson NORTHWOOD, 22, inspector, .Windsor, Riverside Ontario s/o Charles NORTHWOOD (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth MARKENSON married Helen Rose DESROCHER, 18, Riverside, Riverside d/o Patrick (b. Ontario) DESROCHER & Eliza LaFORET wtn: W.W. NORTHWOOD of 1229 Dufferin St in Windsor, 17 January 1925 at Windsor
009549-25 (Essex Co) Stephan NOWOSEDLIK, 27, widower, labourer, Cifer Czechoslovakia, Windsor s/o John NOWOSEDLIK & Catharine BERNADYS married Magdalene SABO, 19, housework, Halmer Czechoslovakia, Windsor d/o Stephan SABO & Julia MORAEZYK wtn: Rudel SONIERS of 10310 Manor Ave in Cleveland Ohio & Stephan RAJKOWIC of 177 Albert Road in Ford, 14 June 1925 at Windsor 009552-25 (Essex Co) Sarkas O'KHAN, 31, plumber, Armenia, Detroit s/o Henry O'KHAN & Naodis VARTRAN married Saranis VARTRAN, 25, Armenia, Windsor d/o Martig GARGAIN & Wuighr GARGAIN wtn: Ardell? SARAICER & Mariam HORSEPIAN, both of Windsor, 8 pm 31 October 1925 at Windsor
009554-25 (Essex Co) Carl OLSEN, 18, jeweller apprentice, Windsor, Windsor s/o Jens R. OLSEN & Edna L. BENSETTE married Madeline DENNISON, 14 (accompanied by mother), Windsor, Windsor d/o James DENNISON & Nellie St.LOUIS wtn: Oswald R. BENSETTE & Dora SCHILLAN (Schillars?) both of 1239 Victoria Ave in Windsor 009555-25 (Essex Co) Harry Ernest O'NEILL, 22, clerk, Sarnia Ontario, Sandwich s/o Fred E. O'NEILL & Belle MacDONALD married Helen Pearl WHITE, 19, Nova Scotia, Windsor d/o Frank WHITE & Mary wtn: Sarah FREDERICK of 1148 Benjamin St in Windsor & James O'BRIEN of 512 Pelissie St in Windsor, 3 October 1925 at Windsor
009553-25 (Essex Co) Frank OPIE, 27, toolmaker, South Africa, Windsor s/o Francis OPIE & Jane RODGERS married Clara Andrew JENKIN, 25, England, was coming from England d/o William Henry JENKIN & Clara Andrew GILBERT wtn: Frederick WILLIAMS of Highland Park in Detroit & Annie WILLIAMS of Detroit, 5 November 1925 at All Saints Church in Detroit