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35164-26 Irwin ABBOT, 20, steel worker, Detroit, Windsor, s/o Bert ABBOT & Flora PATERSON, married Marguerite CHAPPUS, 18, Sandwich, La Salle, d/o Ferdinand CHAPPUS & Jane HEBERT, witn: John BRODERICK of Windsor & Jeanette CHAPPUS of La Salle, 11 Oct 1926 at La Salle  
34165-26 Ernest ADAMS, 30, lather, Tecumseh Ont., Windsor, s/o Joseph ADAMS, b. Ont & Agnes LESPERANCE, married Marie Helene Irene REAUME, 22, Windsor, same, d/o Albemi REAUME, b. Ont & Elizabeth LANGLOIS, witn: Albemia REAUME & Joseph ADAMS, both of Windsor, 10 Aug 1926 at Windsor 34166-26 Robert Nelson ADAMS, 22, boiler maker, Toronto, same, s/o Jack ADAMS, b. Canada & Bessie FLEMING, married Laria Faye WILLIAMSON, 21, Toronto, same, d/o Perry WILLIAMSON, b. Canada & Bertha PRESTON, witn: M.L. PAULIN of Windsor & F.H. HAZLEDINE of Walkerville, 2 Oct. 1926 at Windsor
34167-26 Thomas Vincent ADAMS, 32, book keeper, Amherstburg, Windsor, s/o Edgar ADAMS & Amelia McNANAMY, married Beatrice CHAUVIN, 25, lady, Stoney Point, Windsor, d/o Donas CHAUVIN & Nadia MARION, witn: J. ADAMS of 356 Moy Ave & Germaine CHAUVIN of 304 Langlois Ave., 20 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34168-26 Wilfred ADAMS, 22, lithographer, Tecumseh, Windsor, s/o Joseph ADAMS & Agnes LESPERANCE, married Florence JOHNSON, 17, Windsor, same, d/o James JOHNSON & Emma PAGEAU, witn: Ernest ADAMS & Irene REAUME, both of Windsor, 14 April 1926 at Windsor
34169-26 Andrew ADAMSON, 40, auto worker, Dist. of Johnston & Enderslie Scotland, Walkerville, s/o Andrew ADAMSON, b. Scotland & Mary McINTOSH, married Lizzie Edna GRAY, 39, domestic, Norwich Ont., Windsor, d/o Thomas GRAY, b. Ont & Kathan MORRIS, witn: Mary & A. GREIG of 161 Cortland Ave, 7 May 1926 at Windsor 34170-26 Jack ADELMAN, 21, foreman, Montreal, Windsor, s/o Jozef ADELMAN, b. Russia & Aida MARKOS, married Sadie GOLDENBERG, 18, Roumania, Windsor, d/o Tiza GOLDENBERG, b. Roumania & Golokia GOLDSTEIN, witn: M. NAFTSIN of 433 Mercer St. & Isaac BARAT, 31 Oct. 1926 at Windsor
35165-26 John ADIE, 28, police constable, Scotland, 2 Triller Ave in Toronto, s/o William ADIE, b. Scotland & Elizabeth BAXTER, married Janet COLE, 28 (b. 22 Nov 1897), East Kilbride Lanarkshire Scotland, Leamington, d/o George COLE, b. Scotland & Agnes WATSON (married 8 Nov 1895 at Buckhaven Wemyas), witn: George Jr. & Elizabeth COLE of Leamington, 8 June 1926 at Leamington 35166-25 Norman Arthur AFFLECK, 19, farmer, Colchester South, same, s/o Arthur AFFLECK, b. Harrow & Theresa TIERNEY, married Myrtle May SKIDMORE, 22, Rodney, Ruscomb, d/o George SKIDMORE, b. Willoughby twp - Welland Co. & Eleanor STARK, witn: Charles WOODBRIDGE of Harrow & Eva HALA? of Ruscomb, 1 Dec 1926 at Rochester twp
35167-26 Charles Wieand AHBURN, 42, widower, tool maker, Richland Town Penn., Detroit, s/o William AHBURN, b. Richland Town PA, & Lydia WIEAND, married Myrtle Viola MacDONALD, 34, Oneida Ont., Harrow, d/o Hugh MacDONALD, b. Scotland & Mary HAGNEY, witn: James McDONALD of Harrow & Karl MacDONALD of Detroit, 9 June 1926 at Harrow 35168-26 Henry Cooper ALLAN, 33, machinist, Scotland, Walkerville, s/o George ALLAN, b. Scotland & Margaret ROBERTSON, married Mary Sinclair JEFFREY, 27, Scotland, just arrived from Scotland, s/o Charles JEFFREY, b. Scotland & Mary SINCLAIR, witn: Walter S. SMITH & Charles F. WILLS, both of Windsor, 1 May 1926 at Walkerville
35170-26 Norman Oscar ANDERSON, 23, chemical, Malden twp., Amherstburg, s/o George David ANDERSON, b. Ont & Stella V. SECORD, married Elizabeth Selina DOWSETT, 21, domestic, England, Amherstburg, d/o "doesn't know", witn: Minnie & F. R. MacMURCHY of Amherstburg, 20 Nov 1926 at Amherstburg 35171-26 William Henry ANDREWS, 29, street car conductor, Ontario, Detroit, s/o James M. ANDREWS, b. Ont & Dorothy DAYTON, married Luella Josephine LATAM, 20, Leamington, same, d/o Maxwell LATAM, b. Ont & Ruby READ, witn: Ruby & Maxwell LATAM of Leamington, 25 Feb 1926 at Leamington
35172-26 Toivo William ANTIKAIMEN, 25, die maker, Finland, Ford, s/o Dains ANTIKAIMEN, b. Finland & Evasliina NISSIMEN, married Tyyne Eileen PIHLAJAMAKI, 17, stenographer, Hella Mines Ont., Ford, d/o John PIHLAJAMAKI, b. Finland & Eliina KELTAMAKI, witn: Eliina PIHLAJAMAKI & Dains ANTIKAIMEN, both of Ford, 6 Oct 1926 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 35174-26 James ARMSTRONG, 24, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o Adolphus Talbot ARMSTRONG, b. Mersea twp & Laura Jane REID, married Dorothy Blanche HOPE, 21, stenographer, Mersea twp., same, d/o Allan John HOPE, b. Mersea & Eva Blanche TERRYBERRY, witn: Fanny CREARY & Olive LEVERSAGE, both of Comber, 4 Sept 1926 at Comber
35175-26 Leo Samuel ARNER, 35, farmer, Kingsville, Gosfield South, s/o Calvin H. ARNER, b. Gosfield South & Mina ILER, married Nola May WIGLE, 24, type setter, Kingsville, same, d/o Oiley WIGLE, b. Kingsville & Marie BRUYETTE, witn: Marjorie SIMMERS & Fred J. MARSHALL, both of Kingsville, 26 June 1926 at Kingsville 35169-26 Guy Ernest ARNER, 24, salesman, Malden twp., Kingsville, s/o Albert ARNER, b. Malden & Emily GIBB, married Mary Olive BONDY, 19, domestic, Colchester South, Kingsville, d/o Daniel BONDY, b. Colchester & Anna LOUNSBERY, witn: Sarah GIBB & Florence WRIGHT, both of Amherstburg, 17 Nov 1926 at Amherstburg
35176-26 Joseph ASHTON, 20, farmer, Leamington, same, s/o Joseph ASHTON, b. Leamington & Ella WHITSELL, married Margaret Helen FORD, 17, Romney twp., Leamington, d/o Henry FORD, b. Wiltshire England & Mildred HILLIAR, witn: Louise & Alfred ANDREWS of Leamington, 15 Dec 1926 at Leamington 35177-26 Russell A. ATCHESON, 25, salesman, Manitoba, Saskatoon Sask.,. s/o Barker ATCHESON, b. Ont & Elizabeth WHENKEM?, married Agnes L. WADDELL, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o John WADDELL, b. Ont & Agnes AINLEY, witn: R.B. & Ellen LAWRENCE of 1014 Gladstone, 11 Dec 1926 at Walkerville
35178-26 Joe AUGUST, 36, factory hand, Lithuania, Detroit, s/o Casimir AUGUST, b. Europe & Barbara ELESXSY?, married Julie MATULENCAITE, 28, Lithuania, Ford, d/o Tony MATULENCAITE, b. Europe & Paulina URBONOVITZ, witn: Anthony PALOSKY & Nan TAMDRINNAS, both of Ford, 31 July 1926 at Ford 35179-26 Cyril AUSSANT, 21, laborer, North Bay, Walkerville, s/o Peter AUSSANT, b. Quebec & Emma BRACCONIER, married Nellie MAY, 22, England, Walkerville, d/o John Charles MAY, b. England & Susan? CHARLES, witn: David & Mrs. Edith CLARK of 1334 Langlois in Windsor, 6 Feb 1926 at Ford
35180-26 Ewart Oscar AUSTIN, 25, accountant, Ontario, Sandwich, s/o Peter AUSTIN, b. Canada & Hester Eliza WILLIAMS, married Margareta Jane Ione ROBINSON, 24, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o John ROBINSON, b. Canada & Mary SANSBURNE, witn: Leslie R. JUDGES of Sandwich & Lottie ROBINSON of Walkerville, 27 Oct 1926 at Walkerville [divorced 24/3/49] 35181-26 Santo BAGGIO, 27, laborer, Italy, Windsor, s/o Joachimo BAGGIO, b. Italy & Caterine CASONATE, married Saretta OLIMPIA, 23, Italy, Windsor, d/o Pitro Di OLIMPIA, b. Italy & Lucia BOLDRIN, witn: Libero MAIDEGON & Silane DESONTI, both of Windsor, 17 July 1926 at La Salle
35182-26 Everill William BAGLEY, 20, machinist, Tilbury East, Ford, s/o Arthur BAGLEY, b. Canada & Lena PROCTOR, married Ada Mary JONES, 17, West Lorne, Ford, d/o both deceased, witn: Mrs. C. REDFERN & Andrew JONES, both of Ford, 27 Dec 1926 at Walkerville 35183-26 Carl Lloyd BAILEY, 21, laborer, Kingsville, Windsor, s/o Orlando BAILEY, b. Gosfield twp & Cecilia Lucinda BARNETT, married Hazel F. THORPE, 20 next Aug., Windsor, Gosfield South, d/o Ernest Alfred THORPE, b. Gosfield twp & Florence May TURK, witn: Everett William BAILEY of Kingsville & Hazel CHURCH of Essex, 19 May 1926 at Gosfield South
35184-26 Russell Morley BAKER, 23, farmer, Ontario, North Dorchester, s/o James Arthur BAKER, b. Canada & Stella May BAKER, married Maud Elizabeth SMITH, 22, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o Thomas SMITH, b. Canada & Eliza GABLE, witn: Earl REESON of Windsor & A.S. FERGUSON of Ingersol, 14 Oct 1926 at Essex 35185-26 Frank BALLERGEON, 42, farmer, Tecumseh, same, s/o Joseph BALLERGEON & Ellen RENAUD, married Louise JANISSE, 30, Sandwich South twp., same, d/o Francis JANISSE & Clara DUROCHES, witn: Lawrence BAILLERGEON (sic) of Tecumseh & Cecile JANISSE of Jacksons Corners, 16 Feb 1926 at St. Marys RC Church (Maidstone?)
  35186-26 Harold BANKS, 21, mechanic, England, Windsor, s/o Edwin BANKS, b. England & Mary A. DOUD, married Adella VOGEL, 23, Strathcona Alberta, Windsor, d/o John VOGEL & Justine DARTESKOFF , witn: Ernest Edward BANKS of Windsor & D. VINCENT of Walkerville, 16 March 1926 at Walkerville
35187-26 James E. BARKER, 24, interior decorator, Alabama, Detroit, s/o James BARKER, b. Alabama & Leona PRIDMORE, married Thurza Ellen MILLINGTON, 18, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Charles MILLINGTON, b. England & Mary HELMS?, witn: Jeanne & Mrs. A.B. VINCENT of Walkerville, 21 Sept 1926 at Walkerville 35188-26 Roy BARNIER, 29, foreman for Ford Motor Co., Ontario, Ford, s/o Andrew BARNIER, b. Ont & Sophia PRIMEAU, married Mary Annette MIGNAULT, 22, Ontario, Riverside, d/o Louis MIGNAULT, b. Quebec & Anna TREMBLAY, witn: Mrs. Florence BURKES of St. Thomas & Minnie E. MOORHOUSE of Ford, 19 July 1926 at Ford
35189-26 Walter Joseph BASTIEN, 47, insurance broker, Amherstburg, Windsor, s/o Remi BASTIEN & Melinda BUSSEY, married Loretta GIBBS, 26, nurse, Amherstburg, same, d/o William GIBBS & Ellen DELMORE, witn: Harold PIERCE of Detroit & Marie Leona GIBBS of Amherstburg, 14 Sept 1926 at Amherstburg 35190-26 Frank James BASTOW, 30, driver, Ontario, Detroit, s/o James BASTOW, b. England & Mary SHEPHERD, married Lila M. LATIMER, 26, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o George LATIMER, b. Ireland & Mary GILSON, witn: Harry MILLS & Helen MILLS, both of Windsor, 2 Oct 1926 at Walkerville
35191-26 George Harley BATES, 27, chief clerk, Aylmer Ont., Windsor, s/o Benjamin BATES, b. Ont & Kate FEELEY, married Sarah Hughena STEPHENSON, 24, Windsor, Walkerville, d/o George STEPHENSON, b. England & Margaret McLEAN, witn: Frances FERGUSON of Leamington & Evelyn KLIPPERT of Vancouver BC, 4 Aug 1926 at Leamington 35192-26 Gregory BATTERSBY, 27, auto worker, Maidstone, Walkerville, s/o John BATTERSBY & Sarah McCARTHY, married Corinne Gertrude BOURQUE, 20, McGregor, Walkerville, d/o Charles BOURQUE & Delina FIELDS, witn: Gordon W. LINDSAY & Christine LINDSAY, both of Walkerville, 11 Oct. 1926 at Walkerville
35193-26 Daniel Cyril BAWTENHEIMER, 26, salesman, St. Thomas, Walkerville, s/o D.C. BAWTENHEIMER, b. Canada & Jessie R. COLTOUS (Coltons?), married Marie Irene BAILEY, 20, stenographer, Colchester South, Walkerville, d/o James BAILY, b. Canada & Elizabeth DUTATT?, witn: Gordon TURNER of Walkerville & Ivah BEASLEY of 951 Wyandotte, 30 June 1926 at Walkerville 35194-26 Louis BAYLISS, 30, tool maker, Massachusetts US, Detroit, s/o Dan BAYLISS, b. USA & Annie PRICE, married Agnes THOMSON, 22, Scotland, Ford, d/o John THOMSON, b. Scotland & Alice CLARK, witn: S.N. TRIPP & Mrs. Mary MALVIN, both of Walkerville, 4 Feb 1926 at Walkerville
35195-26 Bernard M. BEAUBIEN, 21, factory hand, Wyandotte Michigan, Ecorse Mich., s/o Bernard BEAUBIEN & Hattie DAY, married Edna KAVANAUGH, 20, Sandwich, same, d/o Charles KAVANAUGH & Lucie MORENIS, witn: Edward KAVANAUGH of Sandwich & Loetha FOUNTAIN of Wyandotte Mich, 6 Sept 1926 at Sandwich 35196-26 Frederic BEAUDIN (adopted name Frederic GWILT), 22, laborer, McGregor, Sandwich West, s/o Francis BEAUDIN & Anna MAROIS (adopted s/o Maurice GWILT & Josephine ANTAYA), married Florence ROBERT, 18, Windsor, Sandwich, d/o Alexis ROBERT & Alice DROUILLARD, witn: Samuel ROBERT of Sandwich & Myrtle BEAUDOIN of Detroit, 12 April 1926 at Sandwich
35197-26 Joseph Frederick Albert BEAUSOLEIL, 20, mechanic, Windsor, Ford, s/o Gilbert BEAUSOLEIL & Alice VANDELEIDEN, married Marie Eva CARTIER, 21, Big Point, Ford, d/o August CARTIER & Emma MARTIN, witn: Harvey MARTIN of Stoney Point & Daisy BEAUSOLEIL of Ford, 25 July 1926 at Ford 35199-26 Steve BELISH, 36, merchant, Jugoslavia, Ford, s/o Ven BELISH, b. Yugoslavia & blank DYKE, married Milka JUZETIC, 24, Wobina? Ford, d/o Nill JUZETIC, b. Jugoslavia and blank BOJA, witn: Frank HART of Detroit & Rosa SIYRER, 5 May 1926 at not given
35200-26 Omar BELLEFEUILLE, 24, laborer, Glengarry Co Ont., Detroit, s/o Albert BELLEFEUILLE & Emilia FERGUSON, married Marie LESPERANCE, 18, Tecumseh, same, d/o James LESPERANCE & Hilaire LEMAI, witn: Isaie BELLEFEUILLE & Dorothy BADOUR, both of Detroit, 3 May 1926 at Tecumseh 35201-26 Stephen BENNETT, 35, shoe cutter, Bristol England, Walkerville, s/o George BENNETT, b. England & Esther FEAR, married Catherine Frances INSLEY, 27, auto trimming, Newport Wales, Walkerville, d/o George William INSLEY, b. England & Elizabeth WATKINS, witn: Laura & Sidney Ernest FIELD of Windsor, 3 Sept 1926 at St. Mays Church, Walkerville
35202-26 Charles Everett BENO, 22, mechanic, Ontario, Mount Dennis, s/o Franklin BENO, b. Ont & Gertrude CARLESS, married Vera Gladys WILLEY, 20, operator, Ontario, Mount Dennis, d/o George WILLEY, b. England & Emily BARKER, witn: A. & Margaret CLARK of Detroit, 1 Nov 1926 at Walkerville 35203-26 Roy BENTLEY, 23, machine operator, North Bay, Windsor, s/o Thomas BENTLEY, b. Canada & Elizabeth LEFROY, married Mildred Eileen Pearl JEWELL, 19, Ontario, Windsor, d/o James JEWELL, b. Canada & Alice REXTRAWE (Rakestraw?), witn: Harley BENTLEY & Margaret ROSEBUSH, both of 117 Langlois Ave, 1 April 1926 at Walkerville
35205-26 Samuel BERGERON, 28, gardener, Loiselleville, same, s/o Remi BERGERON & Emma VIGNEAU, married Josephine MARTIN, 28, Sandwich, Loiselleville, d/o Remi MARTIN & Josephine GIGNAC, witn: Adolphe MARTIN & Claire BERGERON, both of Loiselleville, 27 July 1926 at La Salle 35204-26 Albert BERGERON, 28, clerk, St. Celestin Que., Tecumseh, s/o Hercules BERGERON & Caroline BELINEAU, married Marie Evelyn Vina DUCHARME, 20, Tecumseh, same, d/o late Peter DUCHARME & Elizabeth LAUZON, witn: Walter DUCHARME & Edna DUCHARME, both of Tecumseh, 15 June 1926 at Tecumseh
35206-26 Robert BERNIER, 26, laborer, Montpellier Vermont, Tecumseh, s/o Philip BERNIER & Elizabeth BEAULNE, married Rose Anna DROUILLARD, 30, Tecumseh, same, d/o Arzas DROUILLARD & Josephine DESJARDINS, witn: Ernest H. DROUILLARD & Bernadette LABUTE, both of Riverside, 6 Sept 1926 at Tecumseh  
35198-26 Thomas Lloyd BIBB, 26, creamery employee, Wales, Detroit, s/o John Maurice BIBB, b. Wales & Jemima JONES, married Hannah FLETCHER, 18, domestic, March England, Sandwich East, d/o James FLETCHER, b. England & Hannah OVERALL, witn: Doris Mary FLETCHER & John Christian BIBB, both of Windsor, 11 Sept 1926 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 35207-26 Joseph Louis BIDLER, 25, mail clerk, Poland, Detroit, s/o Louis BIDLER & Rose PACYNSKI, married Elizabeth DUBE, 20, McGregor, Windsor, d/o Alexander DUBE & Emelie TOURANGEAU, witn: William ORLEY of Detroit & Agnes RITCHIE of Windsor, 30 Aug 1926 at Sandwich
35208-26 Herbert BIRKS, 23, draftsman, Sheffield England, Walkerville, s/o Herbert BIRKS, b. England & Mary LITTLEWOOD, married Hilda SHIELDS, 20, clerk, Middlesbrough England, 4 Mills St. Newport - Middlesbrough, d/o David SHIELDS, b. England & Sarah Jane WILLIAMS, witn: G.W. SPOONER & Edna WERNE, both of Windsor, 29 Sept 1926 at Walkerville 35209-26 Henri Edmond BISSETTE, 19, mechanic, Loiselleville, Ford, s/o William BISSETTE & Ursule PARE, married Marie Stella BONDY, 16, McGregor, Ford, d/o Edouard BONDY & Agnes DORE, witn: Alphonse BISSETTE of Sandwich & Margaret BONDY of Ford, 22 June 1926 at Ford
35210-26 William Israel BISSON, 23, farmer, Belle River, Woodslee, s/o William BISSON & Mary LAUZON, married Catherine DEACEY, 18, Athlone Ireland, Woodslee, d/o John F. DEACEY & Anna PIERCE, witn: Dennis & Anna BISSON of Woodslee, 12 Jan 1926 at Woodslee 35211-26 Russell Earl BLACK, 22, tire vulcanizer, Windsor, Walkerville, s/o Walter BLACK, b. Ont & Maud NUTBROWN, married Loretta S. SWAN, 21, stenographer, St. Thomas on 21 Aug 1905, Walkerville, d/o Elae SWAN & Lena BISHOP, witn: Gordon Davis MASON & Roberta M. DURDIN, both of London, 5 Oct. 1926 at Walkerville
35212-26 Romeo BLANCHETTE, 19, auto trimmer, Three Rivers Que., Ford, s/o Armand BLANCHETTE & Amanda MAILLOUX, married Eugenie MARTIN, 23, Masham Que., Riverside, d/o Francois MARTIN & Albina ROSE, witn: Joseph MARTIN of Ford & Edna BOUTETTE of Windsor, 28 Dec 1926 at St. Rose, Riverside 35220-26 Elwood BOER (Bow?), 20, laborer, Detroit, Amherstburg, s/o William BOER, b. Detroit & Marie HUGHS, married Olive CLINGMAN, 19, domestic, Colchester South, Amherstburg, d/o William CLINGMAN, b. Essex Co & Matilda REIGHTWORTH, witn: Chester? SMITH of Windsor & Lottie WINLLYN? of Amherstburg, 19 June 1926 at Amherstburg
35213-26 Robert James BONDY, 23, contractor, Windsor, same, s/o Henry BONDY & Lottie KING, married Helen Mary PARRY, 23, London Ont., Windsor, d/o Ellis PARRY & Martha JENKINS, witn: James FOWLER & Geraldine BONDY, both of Windsor, 1 Sept 1926 at Sandwich 35214-26 Ollie Ray BOOSE, 21, farmer, Gosfield South, same, s/o Richard BOOSE, b. USA & Laura GETTY, married Cora Viola McGORMAN, 20, Gosfield South, same, d/o William BURTON (sic), b. Ont & Elizabeth WIGLE, witn: William R. & Mary Isobel McGORMAN of Gosfield South, 1 Dec 1926 at Kingsville
35215-26 Peter BORATTO, 23, contractor, Italy, Windsor, s/o Angelo BORATTO, b. Italy & Domenica AUGUSTINE, married Maria MINELLO, 18, Italy, Ford, d/o Luigi MINELLO, b. Italy & Christena SCAPINELLO, witn: Carlo DOMINATO & Ida DA RE, both of 711 Langlois in Windsor, 28 Sept 1926 at Ford 35216-26 Oswald Arthur BOUFFORD, 23, machinist, McGregor, Detroit, s/o Alfred BOUFFORD & Zoe BRODEUR, married Marie Myrtle HAMELIN, 19, McGregor, Anderdon, d/o William HAMLIN & Josie DELMOR, witn: Howard BOUFFORD of Detroit & Geneva BEAUDOIN of Anderdon, 22 June 1926 at Amherstburg
35217-26 Louis Joseph Emery BOURGOIN, 22, bank teller, Edmonston NB, Sandwich, s/o William F. BOURGOIN, b. New Brunswick & Anies COLIN, married Kathalene Elizabeth BEALE (or Beal), 18, clerk, Winnipeg, Sandwich, d/o Edward C. BEALE, b. Dublin Ont, & Catherine SCHARLE, witn: Charles BOURGOIN of Detroit & Margaret O'BRIEN of Winnipeg, 22 Nov 1926 at town of Sandwich 35218-26 Alexander Bruce BOURNE, 35, accountant, Wallaceburg, Chatham, s/o Alexander BOURNE, b. Ont & Isabella FORBES, married Florence Maud AUSTIN, 23, nurse, Kingsville, Chatham, d/o Oliver Alexander AUSTIN, b. Ont & Maud SUMMERFIELD, witn: Olive AUSTIN of R1 Ruthven & E.R. TIFFIN of Tupperville, 3 June 1926 at Kingsville
35219-26 Valdry BOUTEILLER, 23, laborer, Tecumseh, same, s/o Frederic BOUTEILLER & Marguerite MERS (Meis?), married Lillian BERNIER, 23, Central Falls, Tecumseh, d/o Maxime BERNIER & Mahala BOUCHARD, witn: Harold BOUTEILLER & Alida LESSARD, both of Tecumseh, 11 Jan 1926 at Tecumseh  
35221-26 Philip BRAITHWAITE, 21, trimmer, Manitoba, Windsor, s/o John A. BRAITHWAITE, b. Ont & Marion CAMPBELL, married Elmire PARE, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Ulric PARE, b. Ont & Mary ROBIDEAU, witn: Della H. & Wilfred JACKSON of Windsor, 9 Oct 1926 at Walkerville 35222-26 Mark Sidney Herbert BRIANT, 25, machinist, South Maxwell - Wiltshire England, Ford, s/o George BRIANT, b. England & Thirza BOYD, married Ethel Kate THOMPSON, 21, Leeds England, Ford, d/o William Henry THOMPSON, b. England & Clara Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Edith GODBOLD of Walkerville & Edward TUNNICLIF of Amherstburg, 16 Oct. 1926 at Ford
35223-26 Robert Lorenzo BRIDGEN, 23, laborer, Gosfield North, Kingsville, s/o Alonzo BRIDGEN, b. Ont & Janet QUEEN, married Alina Frances PEARCE, 19, Kingsville, same, d/o Charles PEARCE, b. England & Susanna WARE, witn: S.L. & Frederick MILLAR of Essex, 8 Dec 1926 at town of Essex 35224-26 Ralph Bennett BRISSON, 22, truck driver, Leamington, same, s/o Robert Stanley BROWN, b. Watford & Laura may BENNETT, married Mabel Lydia SYMONS, 21, England, Leamington, d/o Charles SYMONS, b. England & May A.L. SMITH, witn: George BUCHNER & Florence SYMONS, both of Leamington, 1 Sept 1926 at Leamington
35225-26 Eddmer Gordon Brody BROCKWELL, 22, soldier, London England, Windsor, s/o Charles BROCKWELL, b. England & Irene BOWEN (Baven?), married Agnes Mabel POTTER, 25, England, Windsor, d/o Herbert POTTER, b. England & Elinor APGAY (Cyngay?), witn: Olive Mary POTTER & Pat NICHOLAS?, both of Windsor, 22 May 1926 at Walkerville 35226-26 Joseph BROMLEY, 31, carpenter, London England, Detroit, s/o Joseph BROMLEY b. England & Amy POPLAR, married Rene SOULLIERE, 21, Essex Co., Walkerville, d/o William SOULLIERE, b. Ont & Victoria TOURANGEAU, witn: Acile COUTANI & Alina PICHE, both of Sandwich, 7 April 1926 at Sandwich
35227-26 Harold Leslie BROOKS, 23, brakeman, Gravenhurst, St. Thomas, s/o Ezra Ozer BROOKS, b. Picton Ont & Mary BUCHANAN, married Allie Marguerite ROADHOUSE, 22, Gosfield North, Comber, d/o John ROADHOUSE, b. St. Marys & Deborah STEVENS, witn: H.S. BROOKS of Leamington & Aleta G. ROADHOUSE of Comber, 9 Aug 1926 at Comber 35228-26 Jesse Wilkinson BROOKS, 24, buffer, England, Ford, s/o Charles BROOKS, b. England & Fanny WILKINSON, married Gladys E. McNEIL, 27, Montana?, Ford, d/o Malcolm McNEIL, b. Canada & Hannett MARSHALL, witn: Edward WARREN of Windsor & Dollie McNEIL of Merlin, 6 March 1926 at Walkerville
35229-26 Wingfield Franklin BROOKS, 18, meat cutter, London Ont., Windsor, s/o Frank BROOKS, b. London Ont & Violet Lucy REID, married Doris Frances HAGGIS, 18, stenographer, London England, Windsor, d/o Albert E. HAGGIS, b. London England & Frances Jane VINNEY, witn: Oliva Esther & Elinor McKenzie RUSSELLS of Windsor, 26 Aug 1926 at Essex 35230-26 Frederick L. BROUNEAU, 39, plasterer, St. Didace Que., Windsor, s/o Leon BROUNEAU & Delima BROUNEAU, married Marie Jeanne CHARRETTE, 26, Montreal Windsor, d/o Leonard CHARRETTE & Cordelia CARRIERE, witn: Willie BELLEPERCHE & Leonard CHARRETTE, both of Windsor, 4 Dec 1926 at Sandwich
35231-26 William Webster BROWN, 19, cable splicer Walkerville, Windsor, s/o William BROWN, b. Manitoba & Catherine Elizabeth WEBSTER, married Esther Elizabeth HARE, 19, Windsor, Sandwich, d/o Roland HARE, b. Ont & Mary Pearl BATEMAN, witn: Arthur HOWELL of Windsor & Frances Sarah Bateman PULLIN of Birmingham Mich., 18 Sept 1926 at Sandwich 35232-26 Joseph BRULE, 38, painter, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Alexis BRULE, b. Ottawa & Annie HUMMEL, married Beatrice CASSAN, 24, stenographer, Ottawa, Riverside, d/o Ferdinand CASSAN, b. Montreal & Lida LETELLIER, witn: Daniel BRULE of Ottawa & Laura TRUDEL of Windsor, 3 July 1926 at Ste. Rose Church, Riverside
35233-26 Wallace BRUNETT, 20, farmer, Windsor, Roseland, s/o Ulric BRUNETT, b. Ont & Etta QUICK, married Ellen DAWSON, 21, Winnipeg, Windsor, d/o Henry (Harry?) DAWSON, b. Windsor & Margaret HENDERSON, witn: Norman QUICK of Sandwich & Ada DAWSON of Windsor, 30 Oct 1926 at Walkerville 35234-26 Alfred BRYDGES, 28, auto trimmer, London England, Walkerville, s/o Percy BRYDGES & Sarah RUSSELL, married Gladys HEBERT, 18, Maidstone, Ford, d/o Joseph HEBERT & Mary DUROCHER, witn: Joseph HEBERT & Edna DUROCHER, both of Ford, 27 July 1926 at Ford
35235-36 Donald Orr BRYSON, 22, compositor, Scotland, Ford, s/o John BRYSON, b. Scotland & Stella BURTON, married Emily May HILSON, 19, England, Ford, d/o Frederick HILSON, b. England & Emily Rose MERRICK, witn: R.W. BRYEN (Bergen?) of 416 E. Hancock? & Helen Buron BRADFORD of Ford, 28 Aug 1926 at Walkerville 35236-26 William James BUCHAN, 24, machinist, Fraserburgh Scotland, Windsor, s/o Robert BUCHAN, b. Scotland & Iva Della MURRAY, married Enid May RANCE, 22, domestic, Tring England, Walkerville, d/o Charles RANCE, b. England & Emily ARGUE, witn: Mrs? A. KEMP of Walkerville & Mrs. BRIGNALL of Sandwich, 9 Jan 1926 at Walkerville
35237-26 Alfred Arling BURLEY, 25, sheet metal worker, Ruthven, Sandwich, s/o Monford BURLEY, b. Canada & Hattie HYATT, married Jessie Winnifred CASSON, 20, Campbellford Ont., Windsor, d/o Harry CASSON, b. Canada & Loretta HUBBEL, witn: Charles Earle BURLEY & Eric W. H--LLY?, both of Sandwich, 22 Jan 1926 at Sandwich 35238-26 John BURNS, 24, stock man, Lachaber NS, Sandwich, s/o Daniel BURNS & Catherine McGILLIVRAY, married Florence EVAN (Evon?), 23, Sandwich, same, d/o Henry EVAN & Louise FORTIER, witn: Frederick BURNS & Dora EVAN, both of Sandwich, 18 Nov 1926 at Sandwich
35239-26 Michael BURTNIAK, 30, jeweller, Galicia, Ford, s/o Stephen BURTNIAK, b. Galicia & Dokia SLYBODIAN, married Annie PEDRUDZNIAK, 17, Galicia, Ford, d/o John PEDRUDZNIAK, b. Galicia, & Kathleen HNALIUK, witn: Bella DUTCHESKA & Carol TOMASZEVSKI, both of Ford, 13 Nov 1926 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 35240-26 Frank George BURTON, 21, laborer, London England, Essex, s/o James William BURTON, b. England & Annie AMBLER, married Cora Jane KISSNER (Kistner?), 17, Gosfield South, same, d/o Ben KISSNER, b. Ont & Mary ULCH, witn: Henry KISSNER of Kingsville & Kate A. BURTON of Essex, 9 Feb 1926 at Kingsville

35241-26 Walter Burch BUTLER, 40, widower, factory foreman, Leamington, same, s/o Abnier BUTLER, b. Ontario & Huldia WILKINSON, married Lois DUFORD, 34, widow, clerical worker, Wheatley, Dearborn Mich. d/o Solomon LAMARSH, b. Leamington & Lillian SNIVLEY, witn: Annie B. SHERWOOD & George SHERWOOD, both of Leamington, 23 Oct 1926 at Kingsville

35242-26 Stanley BUTTERILL, 27, tool maker, England, Windsor, s/o William Jarvis BUTTERILL, b. England & Esther REEVES, married Edith UNWIN, 26, England, Windsor, d/o William UNWIN, b. England & Bertha ALLEN, witn: Alice HANCOX & Wilfred HANCOX, both of Windsor, 12 Jun 1926 at Walkerville.

35243-26 Frederick CAHILL, 33, metal finisher, England, South Windsor, s/o John CAHILL, b. England & Catherine UNDERWOOD, married Margaret B. WILSON, 18, England, South Windsor, d/o Thomas WILSON, b. England & Maria WHITEHEAD, witn: Robert PAYNE & Catherine PAYNE, both of Sandwich West, 29 Jul 1926 at Sandwich. (RC)

35244-26 Wilbur Lawrence CAIN, 24, farmer, Deshler Ohio, Colchester North, s/o Orr M. CAIN, b. USA & Pearl BRETBRUNNER, married Lucile BOLLAR, 24, bookkeeper, Hildreth Illinois, Detroit, d/o Leo C. BOLLAR, b. USA & Alice HILDRETH, witn: Mrs. O.M. CAIN & Mrs. T.C. WILKINSON, both of Essex, 4 Aug 1926 at Gesto

35245-26 Leon Bert CAISSE, 29, adjuster, Bracebridge, Ferndale - Detroit, s/o Joseph CAISSE, b. Canada & Fergelidia POTVIN, married Margaret Elma BOYD, 19, Toronto, Walkerville, d/o Robert BOYD, b. Scotland & Lettie HEWELL, witn: Ednamae AUERBACK of Detroit & Ernest L. RANDALL of Milton, 27 Dec 1926 at Walkerville

34324-26 Gordon James CALLAM, 24, collection manager, Windsor, Flint Mich., s/o William CALLAM, b. Ont & Sarah McGRAW, married Zela Geraldine CLARK, 24, St. Thomas, Windsor, d/o Augustus CLARK, b. Nova Scotia, & Mary MARTIN, witn: N. Hartley CLARK of Windsor & Edith H. PRETTIE of Walkerville, 14 Sept 1926 at Windsor

35249-26 Hadley Collins CAMPBELL, 18, labourer, Mersea, Leamington, s/o Louis CAMPBELL, b. Canada & Isabell HOOPLE, married Violet Ruth DENT, 20, Rodney Twp., Leamington, d/o Lei DENT, b. Canada & Winnifred SHAFFER, witn: Mrs. A.B. VINCENT of Walkerville & J. FERGUSON of Leamington, 19 Feb 1926 at Walkerville.

35248-26 Duncan CAMPBELL, 30, farmer, Parry Sound District, Colchester North, s/o Donald CAMPBELL, b. Ontario & Annie MCEACHREN, married Marion DONNELLY, 19, housemaid, Parry Sound District, Colchester North, d/o Patrick DONNELLY, b. Leeds Co. & Agnes RAMSAY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Ernest MALOTT, both of Colchester North, 18 May 1926 at Amherstburg.

35252-26 Joseph Henry CARR, 21, farmer, Mersea Twp., same, s/o Henry CARR, b. Kent Co. & Martha JULIAN, married Lieta May YOUNG, 21, Mersea Twp., Leamington, d/o William H. YOUNG, b. Essex Co. & Caroline MCINTOSH, witn: David YOUNG & Lilah RIBBLE, both of Leamington, 1 May 1926 at Leamington.

35253-26 Joseph Henry CARROTHERS, 20, railroad fireman, London, Sandwich, s/o William CARROTHERS & Theresa FALLON, married Beatrice Mary BONDY, 20, clerk, Loiselleville, Sandwich, d/o Joseph BONDY & Celina DEMARCE, witn: Ulysse BONDY & Dora BONDY, both of Sandwich, 17 Aug 1926 at Sandwich. (RC)

35254-26 George Morley CARTMILL, 33, railroad clerk, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Thomas CARTMILL, b. Ontario & Sarah TOLAN, married Reta Grace MILLER, 29, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o James MILLER, b. Canada & Anna MCKAY, witn: W.H. CORNELL of Tecumseh & Z. MILLER of Walkerville, 25 Sep 1926 at Walkerville.

35255-26 Clarence Webb CASCADDEN, 28, labourer, Kingsville, same, s/o Goldy CASCADDEN, b. Kingsville & Lera MELOSH, married Lucy Lily FERGUSON, 20, widow, Oil Springs, Gosfield South, d/o Edward KNIFFIN, b. Oil Springs & Sarah HUNT, witn: Leslie J. AGNEW & Lily AGNEW, both of Pontiac Mich. 6 Jul 1926 at Essex

35256-26 Alfred William CATT, 33, farmer, Sevenoaks England, Gosfield South, s/o Alfred William CATT, b. England & Lilly Emily CURSON, married Linnie Edna WIGLE, 35, Gosfield South, same, d/o Orlando WIGLE, b. Canada & Georgana WRIGHT, witn: Mrs. E.W. HENRY of Detroit & Mrs. J.I. REID of Essex, 12 May 1926 at The Manse, Essex

35257-26 Robert Elmer CAVERS, 21, farmer, Wellandport, Tilbury West, s/o William CAVERS, b. Lincoln Co. & Mary GRACEY, married Marion Grace KEITH, 18, Tilbury West, same, d/o Mahlon KEITH, b. Tilbury West & Orphy WILLAN, witn: Walter DOBBYN & Edytha DOBBYN, both of Comber, 22 Nov 1926 at Comber

35258-26 Raymond CHAGNON, 22, machinist, Waltham Mass., Detroit, s/o Aurelius CHAGNON & Anna BOURASSA, married Isabelle ROBINET, 21, Sandwich, same, d/o Louis ROBINET & Marie Louise PARENT, witn: Julius MAYER of Detroit & Yvonne ROBINET of Sandwich, 6 Jul 1926 at Sandwich. (RC)

35259-26 Amie CHAMPAGNE, 30, widower, merchant, Verner, Ford City, s/o Charles CHAMPAGNE, b. St. Dima - Quebec & Elgera COTE, married Alda LACASSE, 25, Hull - Quebec, Ford City, d/o Eugene LACASSE, b. Ottawa & Lorina BRUNETTE, witn: Joseph DUFRESNE & William LEDUC, both of Ford City, 11 Dec 1926 at Ford City. (RC)

35260-26 Joseph Gedeon CHAPEDELAINE, 23, electrician, South Hanley, Ford City, s/o Gedeon CHAPEDELAINE & Hermenine CARON, married Rosanna BOUCHARD, 19, Sudbury, Ford City, d/o Alexandre BOUCHARD & Clara MENARD, witn: Eugene BOUCHARD of Detroit & Eleanore GOIL of Ford City, 6 Sep 1926 at Ford City. (RC)

35261-26 Lorison Edgar CHAPMAN, 22, butcher, Windsor, Sandwich, s/o Charles CHAPMAN, b. England & Elizabeth LETIGUE, married Lorraine Agnes PARENT, 21, dental nurse, Windsor, same, d/o Wilfred PARENT, b. Ontario & Cecile LALONDE, witn: Viola RICHMOND & Bessie DYSON, both of Essex, 16 Sep 1926 at Essex

35262-26 Gerald CHASE, 19, plumber, Essex Co., Windsor, s/o Garrison CHASE, b. Ontario & Florence EDWARDS, married Clara BEZAIRE, 18, Essex Co., Sandwich, d/o Henry BEZAIRE, b. Ontario & Bertha BONDY, witn: William WHITE of Windsor & Nellie WHITE of Sandwich, 28 Aug 1926 at Sandwich

35263-26 Joseph Henry CHAUVIN, 25, cleaning & dye work, Stoney Point, Windsor, s/o Pierre Alexandre CHAUVIN & Vitaline DESCHAMPS, married Donat BEZAIRE, 25, Loiselleville, same, d/o Eddie BEZAIRE & Felanise BENETEAU, witn: Alphonse CHAUVIN, of Stoney Point & Julienne BEZAIRE of Loiselleville, 4 Jan 1926 at Loiselleville. (RC)

35264-26 Flory CHUBAN, 43, widower, labourer, Basaraba - Russia, Ford City, s/o Philip CHUBAN, b. Bessarabia - Russia & Barbara BANARI, married Mary ZUKIWSKI, 23, servant, Albert, Ford City, d/o Basil ZUKIWSKI, b. Austria & Ellen VOROTILO, witn: Basil DIMITRUK & Irene DIMITRUK, both of Windsor, 6 Nov 1926 at Ford City. (Russian Orthodox)

35265-26 Harvey Garnet CIPHERY, 33, farmer, Colchester North, same, s/o George CIPHERY, b. England & Catherine BUCKINGHAM, married Lillie Ruth MULCASTER, 35, housekeeper, Gosfield North, same, d/o George MULCASTER, b. Goderich & Martha THOMAS, witn: Ruth E. GOODWYN of Walkerville & Howard MULCASTER of Essex, 11 Mar 1926 at the home of the bride's mother, Gosfield North.

35266-26 Frederick E. CLAPP, 34, salesman, Devonshire England, Windsor, s/o Frederick P. CLAPP, b. England & Ellen BOND, married Edith Vera TOMPKINS, 29, Detroit, Windsor, d/o Arthur TOMPKINS, b. England & Emma BOND, witn: Nora M. RITCHIE & Lizrette MAGWOOD, both of Walkerville, 7 Jun 1926 at Walkerville

35267-26 James CLARK, 26, tool maker, England, Windsor, s/o deceased, b. England & Eleanor ELLIOTT, married Selina NIBLOCK, 28, Ireland, Windsor, d/o deceased, b. Ireland & deceased, witn: Elsie CLARK & Arthur TEMPLETON?, both of Windsor, 26 June 1926 at Walkerville
35268-26 William Wells CLARK, 21, shipping clerk, Hespeler, Detroit, s/o Thomas CLARK, b. Canada & Lydia WILFONG, married Catherine McCOLL, 18, domestic, Doune Scotland, Windsor, d/o Duncan McCOLL, b. Scotland & Anna Bell DRUMMOND, witn: Anthony PAPPAIN of 1672 Lombard Ave & Elizabeth E. MASSEY of 1310 Assumption, 7 Aug 1926 at Walkerville 35269-26 Douglas Frederick CLARKE, 26, railway brakeman, St. Thomas, same, s/o Frederick CLARKE, b. Ont & Julia WILLIAMS, married Frances Leah ARMSTRONG, 29, time keeper, Windsor, same, d/o Charles ARMSTRONG, b. USA & Lea Emma PULLIN, witn: Velma May SAVAGE of Windsor & John Henry CLARK of St. Thomas, 12 June 1926 at Walkerville
35270-26 John CLARKE, 22, draughtsman, Burnley Lancs. England, Walkerville, s/o Walter CLARKE, b. Burnley Lancs. & Clara H. CUNLIFFE, married Agnes Josephine BRICK, 27, multigraph operator, Hamilton, Walkerville, d/o Thomas BRICK, b. Hamilton & Mary HARPER, witn: James BRICK of Hamilton & Geraldine BRICK of Walkerville, 10 July 1926 at Walkerville 35271-26 Wesley CLARKE, 21, salesman, England, Windsor, s/o Abraham CLARKE, b. England & Alice ELLIS, married Nina Pearl SMITH, 22, factory hand, Genessee Co. Mich., Leamington, d/o Charles SMITH, b. Michigan US & Sarah Jane KENYON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Earle HARTWICK of Leamington, 1 April 1926 at Leamington
35272-26 Reginald CLARKSON, 45, widower, tailor, London England, Windsor, s/o William CLARKSON, b England & Mary THOMPSON, married Edith May DINE, 33, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Henry J. DINE, b. England & Ethel SWANSON, witn: Huston & Alice ARMSTRONG of Windsor, 3 April 1926 at Walkerville 35275-26 Glen CLAUS, 22, farmer, Leamington, Gosfield South, s/o Philip CLAUS, b. Kent Co Ont & Pearl LOCKWOOD, married Kate WOOLLVEN, 21, Mount Hope Ont., Leamington, d/o Frank? WOOLLVEN, b. England & Lucretia M. BRAY, witn: Hazel FOX of Leamington & Lance KILLINGTON of Ford, 19 June 1926 at Leamington
35276-26 Arthur CLEMENT, 27, lather, St. Anne des Chenes Manitoba, Detroit, s/o Lucien CLEMENT & Adele LACHARITE, married Olive Marie BOUTROUT, 21, Ford, same, d/o Marc BOUTROUT & Stephanie MAILLOUX, witn: Hector ROUTHIER of Detroit & Leona BOUTROUT of Ford, 8 Sept 1926 at Ford 34318-26 Frank COATES, 212, England, Windsor, s/o John COATES, b. England & Hannah BAILEY, married Gladys BOYD, 23, England, Brandon Manitoba, d/o William BOYD, b. Scotland & Alice HAYNES, witn: Mabel PAULIN of Windsor & J.H. COATES of Ford City, 22 March 1926 at Windsor
34319-26 Charles Craig COCK, 23, locomotive fireman, Scotland, Windsor, s/o James Donald COCK, b. Scotland & Charlotte FRENCH, married Jane Ann RUXTON, 21, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John RUXTON, b. Scotland & Ellen FORBES, witn: Jessie B. CRAIG of Detroit & James YOUNGSON of River Rouge Mich., 25 Dec 1926 at Windsor 35275-25 George Ernest COCK, 20, mechanic, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Joseph F. COCK, b. Canada & Lewa J. FRYSINGER, married Lettie Myrle ELLIS, 18, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Henry J. ELLIS, b. Ont & Jessie S. FAROUGH, witn: Harvey & Effie ELLIS of Maidstone, 3 April 1926 at Maidstone
34320-26 Arthur COLBERT, 23, steam fitter, Ottawa Ont., Detroit, s/o William COLBERT, b. Canada & Minnie MOORE, married Hazel CRAM (Crain?), 26, Ottawa, Windsor, d/o John CRAM, b. Canada & Harriet LITTLE?, wtn: Elsie CRANE & C.W. HUNT, both of Walkerville, 25 Sept 1926 at Windsor 35276-26 James H. COLE, 42, widower, checker, London England, Ford, s/o James COLE, b. England & Jemima HALE, married Elizabeth MILLER, 39, widow, Hadford England, Ford, d/o Maxwell CROMIE, b. Ireland & Margaret McNEIL, witn: William & Sarah Jane REID of Riberdy Rd in Sandwich East, 12 June 1926 at Ford
34321-26 Arthur Holtner COLE, 24, paper maker, USA, Detroit, s/o Earl D. COLE, b. USA & Alma T. HOLTNER, married Viola Eugene ENROTH, 24, Sweden, Port Arthur, d/o John E. ENROTH, b. Sweden & Emma H. BACKENS, witn: M. L. PAULIN of Windsor & Clarence WAHTSTROM (Wahlstrom?) of Detroit, 1 Nov 1926 at Windsor 34322-26 Robert Arthur COLE, 21, core maker, Sarnia, same, s/o Walter COLE, b. Ont & Minnie Hall WILSON, married Mary Eleanor McFEE, 21, stenographer, Sarnia, same, d/o Hector McFEE, b. Ont & Mary DONNELLY, witn: Ann & Elizabeth HARDING of Windsor, 31 Dec 1926 at Windsor
35277-26 Thomas Howard COLEMAN, 31, clerk, Saginaw Mich., Detroit, s/o James J. COLEMAN & Theresa BOLAND, married Elizabeth Hazel HUNT, 28, Amherstburg, same, d/o Colier HUNT & Isabelle PRIMEAU, witn: Orval HUNT of Amherstburg & Irene Marie COLEMAN of Detroit, 20 May 1926 at Amherstburg 34323-26 Edward Henry COLERICK, 22, salesman, Edinburgh Scotland, London, s/o Samuel COLERICK & Jean PAXTON, married Sarah Pauline Leontine GRIMSHAW, 22, stenographer, London, same, d/o George W. GRIMSHAW & Leontine Sarah BAKER, witn: Jessie S. THOM & Mrs. T.E. ROLLET, both of Windsor, 1 July 1926 at Windsor
34325-26 Frank COLLINS, 22, clerk, divorced, East Lancaster NY, Detroit, s/o Frank COLLINS, b. Ireland & Margaret McLERON, married Evelyn Adelaide GUTHRIE, 20, Toronto, same, d/o William GUTHRIE, b. Ont & Irene WRIGHT, witn: Lillian GUTHRIE & Arthur RANDALL, both of Detroit, 10 July 1926 at Windsor 34326-26 John Walker COLLINS, 22, clerk, London Ont., Windsor, s/o Jack COLLINS, b. England & Ada MATTHEWS, married Ada May THOMAS, 19, Ontario, Blenheim, d/o Frank THOMAS, b. Canada & Helen OGLE, witn: Ray MYRTLE of Essex Ont & Marie J. ROW of Windsor, 4 Nov 1926 at Windsor
34327-26 Joseph James COMBER, 23, machinist, Boston Mass., Windsor, s/o John James COMBER, b. Ireland & Helen Mary JOYCE, married Marguerite Cecelia FLYNN, 18, Toronto, Windsor, d/o Charlie FLYNN, b. Ont & Annie O'CONNOR, witn: W.J. & Annie FLYNN of Windsor, 2 Dec 1926 at Windsor 34328-26 Harold CONANT, 25, inspector, Quebec, Toronto, s/o Cornelius CONANT & Charlotte BARRIGAR, married Sarah Wilda SMITH, 21, USA, Chicago, d/o Eugene SMITH & Lucretia WRIGHT, witn: Jessie D. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 25 March 1926 at Windsor
34329-26 Robert CONIBEAR, 22, printer, Pennsylvania, Windsor, s/o George CONIBEAR, b. Canada & Christena CONIBEAR, married Rebecca VALLIERES, 18, Quebec, Oshawa, d/o William VALLIERES & Amanda FORTIER, witn: Howard CONIBEAR of Detroit & Gladys L. LINDSAY of Windsor, 1 Aug. 1926 at Windsor 34330-26 Cecil Alfred CONN, 25, mechanic, Saskatoon Sask., Detroit, s/o John CONN, b. Ont & Sarah A. SMITH, married Olive Mildred BENSON, 25, Owen Sound, Hamilton, d/o John BENSON, b. Ont & Emma PARSONS, witn: Thomas C. PEACOCK of Detroit & Mary A. BENSON of Winnipeg, 6 Aug 1926 at Windsor
34331-26 Abel C. CONRAD, 28, train man, Nova Scotia, St. Thomas, s/o James E. CONRAD, b. Nova Scotia, & Janet BRUNSWICK, married Sadie Ann GERRARD, 22, PEI, Detroit, d/o Hector Charles GERRARD, b. Nova Scotia & Annie McKINNON, witn: Mrs. Margaret WICKAM & Willis McFARLANE, both of 3311 Jefferson in Detroit, 1 June 1926 at Windsor 34332-26 Herbert Henry COOK, 40, cashier, England, Detroit, s/o Alfred COOK, b. England & Ellen SMITH, married Margaret Elizabeth HAYLOCK, 19, England, enroute from England, d/o George HAYLOCK, b. England & Mary Ann ARNOLD, witn: R.D. & Mrs. R.D. BLACKKETTER of Detroit, 1 Nov 1926 at Windsor
35279-26 Thomas Henry COOPER, 25, chauffeur, Eastborne England, Kingsville, s/o Frederick COOPER, b. England & Minnie KITCHEN, married Martha MARK, 18, Greenock Scotland, Sandwich, d/o John MARK, b. Scotland & Sarah HERON, witn: John BAXTER of Sandwich & Freda COOPER of Kingsville, 11 Dec 1926 at Kingsville 35278-26 Earl COOPER, 21, painter & decorator, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Henry COOPER, b. Ont & Anne GRAHAM, married Beatrice GRONDIN, 19, Ford, same, d/o Louis GRONDIN, n. Ont & Alma St.PIERRE, witn: Adelaide COOPER & Merrill BEBENSEE, both of Detroit, 13 Nov 1926 at Walkerville
34333-26 Roger Griest COOPER, 27, artist, Fredericton NB, Windsor, s/o Frank L. COOPER, b. Canada & Edith GRIEST, married Frances Eliza COLEMAN, 28, Halifax NS, North Sydney NS, d/o William R. COLEMAN, b. Canada & Annie M. DIXON, witn: Margaret SMITH & Florence LONG, both of Windsor, 29 Jan 1926 at Windsor 34334-26 Walter Nelson COPELAND, 21, electrician, Cornwall, Windsor, s/o John COPELAND, b. Ont & Louise SNIDER, married Norma Mae SCOTT, 22, Ont, Windsor, d/o Delorm SCOTT, b. Ont & Margaret WILLIAMSON, witn: Frederick & Olive Jean NEWBURY of Windsor, 2 Oct. 1926 at Windsor
34335-26 Cecil Claud CORNISH, 21, driver, England, Windsor, s/o Joseph CORNISH, b. USA & Caroline CONATION?, married Orphila J. STEIN, 21, St. Thomas, Windsor, d/o Charles STEIN, b. Canada & Isabella ADAMS, witn: William & May Drucilla SWAN of Windsor, 31 Dec 1926 at Windsor 34336-26 Chauncey L. COSTELLO, 17, truck driver, Owasso Mich. Pontiac Mich., s/o Howard COSTELLO & Grace LLOYD, married Vivian Lee TEEPLE, 16, Mayville Mich?, Pontiac Mich., d/o Fred TEEPLE & Elizabeth THOMPSON, witn: Mrs. Howard COSTELLO & Mrs. Fred TEEPLE, both of Pontiac Mich., 8 May 1926 at Windsor
34337-26 Harry COTTER, 37, paymaster, St. Joachim, Windsor, s/o William COTTER & Susan TREMBLAY, married Kathalyne PAYNE, 29, Chatham, Windsor, d/o Daniel PAYNE & Catherine DILLON, witn: Arthur COTTER & Irene PAYNE, both of Windsor, 8 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34338-26 Thomas Leonard COTTER, 30, insurance agent, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Daniel COTTER, b. Canada & Helen POWER, married Mary Katherine Ann GERAGHTY, 35, Quebec, Windsor, d/o Christopher GERAGHTY, b. Ireland & Catherine FORAN, witn: John MURRAY & Mary PETTIGREW, both of Windsor, 23 Nov 1926 at Windsor
35280-26 Melbourne Edly COUGHLAN, 27, carpenter, Brecon Que., Walkerville, s/o Thomas COUGHLAN & Susan WALLS, married Gladys Helen CARSWELL, 24, Watertown NY, Walkerville, d/o James G. CARSWELL & Louise STONE, witn: Iva COUGHLAN of Windsor & James CARSWELL of Detroit, 24 June 1926 at Walkerville 35281-26 Cyrias COULOMBE, 31, painter, widower, Quebec, Sandwich, s/o Joseph COULOMBE, b. Quebec & Emma LEMIEUX, married Malinda EVON, 55, widow, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Baptiste DELISLE & Aurelie RICHARD, witn: Wilfrid & Mazie MAJOR of Windsor, 14 Aug 1926 at Sandwich
  35282-26 Glenn Benson COULTER, 26, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o David COULTER, b. Mersea twp & Jane YOUNG, married Jean Gladys REID, 18, Mersea twp., same, d/o Gordon W. REID, b. Mersea twp & Emily WARNOCK, witn: Garnet DUNDAS of Blythewood & Margaret REID of Staples, 10 March 1926 at Leamington
35284-26 William Clayton COX, 21, laborer, Ompah village - Frontenac Co., same, s/o William COX, b. Canada & Martha AYLSWORTH, married Millicie Eldora BREEN, 21, Toronto, Ompah village, d/o Hugh John BREEN, b. Canada & Charity HAINES, witn: Harry Elmer & Mabel Beatrice MARTIN of RR2 Essex, 7 April 1926 at Manse, Essex 35283-26 Edward COX, 18, laborer, Essexville Mich., Tecumseh, s/o Alfred COX & Anna VERETIN? (Veriteu?), married Mabel DROUILLARD, 19, Tecumseh, same, d/o Arzas DROUILLARD & Josephine DESJARDINS, witn: Ernest H. DROUILLARD & Bernadette LABUTE, both of Riverside, 6 Sept 1926 at Tecumseh
35285-26 George CROMWELL, 40, shoe maker, Canada, Windsor, s/o George CROMWELL, b. USA & not known, married Evelina Sophia KOOPMAN, 35, Canada, Windsor, d/o Henry KOOPMAN, b. Canada & Dora RIES, witn: Emma & George ZIMMERMAN of Windsor, 3 Nov 1926 at Walkerville 35286-26 Frank CROOK, 22, salesman, Stratford Ont., same, s/o Charles CROOK, b. Ont & Frances POWELL, married Kathryn MEISTER, 21, Toronto, 212 Dundas St. in Toronto, d/o John MEISTER, b. Ont & Louise HEATER, witn: Minnie E. WESTGATE & Bessie BORTHWICK, both of Sandwich, 26 Dec 1926 at Sandwich
35287-26 Russell CUMMINGS, 26, switchman, Rodney twp., Windsor, s/o Melvin CUMMINGS, b. Ont & Margaret PARDY, married Kathleen MULHOLLAND, 19, Wynberg - South Africa, Sandwich, d/o John MULHOLLAND, b. England & Mary POWERS, witn: Agnes & Lawrence W. HOLT of Sandwich, 4 Feb 1926 at Sandwich 35297-26 Michael CZOP, 26, laborer, Poland, Ford, s/o Andrew CZOP, b. Galicia Poland & Anna CZOP, married Efimia SILICK, 20, domestic, Poland, Ford, d/o Stiff SILICK, b. Galicia & Eudosia SILICK , witn: John SILICK of Cadillac St. & Mary ZALONSKI of Detroit, 4 Sept 1926 at Ford
35298-26 Earl Reginald DANIKER, 24, mechanic, Maidstone twp., Windsor, s/o Robert DANIKER, b. Ont & Rosina SLOTE, married Gladys Mary PALMER, 20, England, Walkerville, d/o Herbert PALMER, b. England & Edith WATSON, witn: Elsie PALMER & Carl Meredith EDWARDS, both of Walkerville, 21 Dec 1926 at Walkerville 35290-26 George DASSIOS, 45, restaurant business, Greece, 9101 Joseph Campeau in Detroit, s/o John DASSIOS, b. Greece & Violet DOMITROULIS, married Sophia VRAHNOS, 29, Greece, 209 Mercer St. in Windsor, d/o Elias VRAHNOS, b. Greece & Maria KANAKARIS, witn: Mike LOURIO of Detroit & Kostantina KASTELAINOU of Windsor, 30 July 1926 at St. Johns Rectory, Sandwich
35291-26 William Alfred DAVIDSON, 25, chauffeur, Leamington, same, s/o William DAVIDSON, b. Ont & Edith PICKEL, married Florence Mabel MARKEY, 18 on 1 Nov 1925, waitress, Blenheim Ont., same, d/o Henry Alfred MARKEY, b. Ont & Fannie BRISTOW, witn: Frank COTT of Chatham & Clara LESLIE of Leamington, 28 May 1926 at Leamington 35292-26 Artie Daniel DAVIS, 23, farmer, Virginia, Talbot St. - Mersea twp., s/o Henry DAVIS, b. Virginia & Lucy DOBSON, married Hazel MACKLEM, 17, Mersea twp., 7th Con of Mersea twp., d/o Clarence MACKLEM, b. Aldbury? & Edith CARTER, witn: Margaret D. BENNIE & Georgina BURRELL, both of Leamington, 4 Sept 1926 at Leamington
35293-26 Ernest DEEHAN, 39, builder, Maidstone twp., Detroit, s/o James DEEHAN & Elizabeth ROBINSON, married Josephine DOYLE, 29, Maidstone twp., same, d/o William DOYLE & Mary HIGGINS, witn: John S. SAGE of Detroit & Ella DOYLE of Maidstone, 14 Sept 1926 at St. Marys Church, Maidstone 352943-26 Camill DELAERE, 27, farmer, Tranrout? Belgium, Kingsville, s/o Constans DELAERE & Delphine DERINELS, married Eloide BELINK, 28, Peetegem Belgium, Kingsville, d/o Ero BELINK & Louise MARSSCELK, witn: Peter HAGENAERS & Maud BELINK, both of Kingsville, 29 May 1926 at Leamington
35295-26 Wilfred Gilbert DEMERS, 21, clerk, Copper Cliff, Ford, s/o Adelard DEMERS & Alexandrina GERVAIS, married Marie Rose Emilie RENAUD, 17, Tecumseh, Ford, d/o Joseph RENAUD & Delima BERTHIAUME, witn: O.J. RENAUD of Ford & Pearl RENAUD of Tecumseh, 31 Aug 1926 at Ford 35296-26 Aurel DENOURME, 21, farmer, Belle River, same, s/o Cyrille DENOURME & Marcelline MOUSSEAU, married Marguerite GOUIN, 20, Tecumseh, same, d/o Joseph GOUIN & Helene HEBERT, witn: Edward HEBERT & Helene GOUIN, b Tecumseh, 29 June 1926 at Tecumseh
35297-26 Adolphe DESCHAMPS, 20, laborer, Verdun Que., Windsor, s/o Elzear DESCHAMPS & Albina LAFLEUR, married Alice MELOCHE, 15, McGregor, same, d/o Fardine MELOCHE & Marceline GASPIEN, witn: Rolland DESCHAMPS of Windsor & Mildred TOULOUSE of Amherstburg, 17 Aug 1926 at McGregor 35298-26 Joseph Stephane Theodore DESCHAMPS, 22, merchant, St. Joachim Ont., Ford, s/o John DESCHAMPS & Josephine CHILESE (Chilere?), married Marie Palmere Elzere BRUNET, 19, Blezard Valley, Ford, d/o Alphonse BRUNET & Laura GATIEN, witn: Romeo GUILBEAULT & Lida DESCHAMPS, both of St. Joachim, 16 Nov 1926 at Ford
35299-26 Henri DESILETS, 25, farmer, Rochester twp., same, s/o Louis DESILETS & Annie MAILLOUX, married Luella PINSONNAULT, 21, Rochester twp., same, d/o Felix PINSONNAULT & Caroline SOULIGNY, witn: Sylvie PINSONNAULT & Ida DESILETS, both of St. Joachim, 29 June 1926 at St. Joachim 35300-26 Henry Mitchel DESJARDIN, 26, widower, laborer, Benson Mine NY, Windsor, s/o Isidore DESJARDIN & Virginie LALONDE, married Marie Honora BENNETT, 21, Gaspe Que., Sandwich, d/o Theodule BENNETT & Virginie MARIN, witn: Oswald BENNETT of Sandwich & Julia RENAUD of 8979 Dix Ave in Detroit, 19 April 1926 at Sandwich
34605-26 William Thomas INCH, 31, Ford worker, England, Windsor, s/o Thomas INCH, b. England & Christena ROGERS, married Margaret Brown P. LAW, 25, Scotland, Windsor, d/o George LAW, b. Scotland & Margaret LAW, witn: Agnes NETHERCOTE & John MARTIN, both of Walkerville, 16 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34606-26 David Henry Nelson IRWIN, 36, painter, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Robert IRWIN, b. Ont & Louise HOWATT, married Annie Murza GOOD, 24, Toronto, same, d/o William GOOD, b. Ont & Annie BELL, witn: Helen LANGFORD of Windsor & Eleanor C. MOORE of Amherstburg, 20 Aug 1926 at Windsor
34607-26 John William ISON, 21, engineer, Cincinnati Ohio, Detroit, s/o John W. ISON, b. Denver Colorado & Lucy CURD, married Hazel Cora BROWN, 20, Ridgetown Ont., same, d/o Gilbert BROWN, b. Ridgetown & Sarah BROWN, witn: Jessie THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 3 July 1926 at Windsor 34608-26 Oliver IUA, 29, Italy, Windsor, s/o Felix IUA & Josephine BOSCARIOL, married Albina MUSSIN, 23, Brazil, Windsor, d/o Joachino MUSSIN & Angela BULIGAN, witn: Guiglio LENARDON & Elsa BIDINOS, both of Windsor, 20 Nov 1926 at Windsor
34610-26 Alexander JACOB, 23, laborer, Fird City Ont., Riverside, s/o Frank JACOB & Rose DROUILLARD, married Louise GARANT, 23, Stoney Point Ont., Windsor, d/o Francois GARANT & Marie CHESNE, witn: Camille GARANT of 315 Moy Ave & Emily JACOB of Riverside, 1 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34611-26 Murray JACOBSON, 24, salesman, London England, Windsor, s/o David, b. Russia & Dulkon--n?, married Esther CHERKINSKY, 20, Toronto, Windsor, d/o Judia, b. Russia & Alice, witn: David MOSTYN of 1151 Phila Ave & Solomon SNIDERMAN of 7502 Richmond Ave., 5 June 1926 at Windsor
34617-26 Ray JENNINGS, 21, railway switchman, Middlemarch Ont., St. Thomas, s/o William JENNINGS & Anna BURGESS, married Lila Eugenia SALINE, 19, Brunswick - Kenehee Co. Minnesota, St. Paul Minn., d/o Jacob SALINE & Veda STELLSTEDT, witn: Edward & Esther SORENSON of Detroit, 10 July 1926 at Windsor 34616-26 Carl JENNINGS, 21, fireman, Nova Scotia, Windsor, s/o Stephen JENNINGS, b. Nova Scotia & Elizabeth DINGLE, married Margaret McEachren FLETCHER, 18, Nova Scotia, Windsor, d/o Ernest? Fowler FLETCHER, bb. Nova Scotia & Eunice O. FULTON, witn: Amos FLETCHER of Nova Scotia & Russell McLEAN of Windsor, 4 May 1926 at Windsor
34618-26 Stephen Paul JEVAHIRIAN, 27, shipping clerk, Smyrna, Detroit, s/o Paul JEVAHIRIAN, b. Smyrna & Elizabeth HARJIAN, married Pailazoo DERDERIAN, 21, Turkey, Windsor, d/o P. Sarkis DERDERIAN, b. Turkey & Zabel VAITRESIAN, witn: Mrs. H.D. DERDERIAN of Windsor & H.S. DERDERIAN of Detroit, 29 March 1926 at Windsor 35173-26 Armand JOLIE, 30, farmer, Pointe aux Roches, same, s/o Eugene JOLIE & Marie Louise TROTTIER, married Josephine LALONDE, 30, Pointe aux Roches, same, d/o J.B. LALONDE & Rose DEMERS, witn: Armand COMARTIN & Rose LALONDE, both of Pointe aux Roches, 26 May 1926 at Pointe aux Roches
34625-26 Elvie Roy JONES, 19, piano salesman, Detroit, Windsor, s/o Roy JONES, b. Ont & Margaret DYMENT, married Rosamond Jean TELFORD, 19, Elgin Co., Windsor, d/o Frank TELFORD, b. Ont & Lilith McCOWAN, witn: Margaret & John Alfred LAIDLAW of Windsor, 15 Dec 1926 at Windsor 34624-26 Elgin Ross JONES, 23, chauffeur, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Harry W. JONES & Edith M. WHITE, married Jennie SWEET, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Marshall N. SWEET & Emma McCABE, witn: Guild? THORNDYKE of Detroit & Ella M. GRAY of Windsor, 29 May 1926 at Windsor
34627-26 William Kingsley JONES, 21, egg candler, Kent Co Ont., Windsor, s/o William JONES, b. Ont & Emma TUCK, married Della Irene WRIGHT, 21, Kent Co Ont., Windsor, d/o John WRIGHT, b. Ont & Della SMITH, witn: Edward WRIGHT of Windsor & Emily WRIGHT of RR3 Ridgetown, 31 July 1926 at Windsor 34626-26 Wilfred JONES, 24, chemist, Pittsburg PA, Windsor, s/o Thomas JONES, b. England & Sarah Ann DOWNING (Gowning?), married Mary Frances SHEPPARD, 27, Windsor, same, d/o Maxfield SHPPARD, b. Quebec & Lucie Marietta POWERS, witn: Maxfield SHEPPARD of Windsor & Nellie JACOBS of London, 20 July 1926 at Church of the Ascension, Windsor
34630-26 John Pattillo JOSS, 26, motor mechanic, Scotland, Windsor, s/o William Alex JOSS, b. Scotland & Ellen PATTILLO, married Margaret McKinney LAMONT, 23, Scotland, Windsor, d/o William LAMONT, b. Scotland & Margaret McKINNEY, witn: Dorothy RYCKMAN of Windsor & Joseph CRAIG of Detroit, 20 Jan 1926 at Windsor 34632-26 John Matthew JULIAN, 24, tool grinder, England, Windsor, s/o Matthew JULIA, b. England & Susannah HUTCHINSON, married Janie WOOD, 23, England, [illegible] to Windsor from [illegible], d/o William Buckley WOOD, b. England & Alice Ann EASTWOOD, witn: Harold WARDLE & George A. WARD, both of Windsor, 10 April1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor
34634-26 William KABAN, 33, laborer, Russia, Detroit, s/o John KABAN, b. Russia & Joan, married Thecla KIRILENCE, 25, divorced, Russia, Ford, d/o Porto KIRILENCE, b. Russia & Thecla MATALCA, witn: Mabel PAULIN of Windsor & Jan KIRILENCE of Whiting Indiana, 10 Oct 1926 at Windsor 34635-26 Felix KAMECKI, 32, plasterer, Radsmyohl Farnsbrecz Galicia Poland, Windsor, s/o Franciseck KAMECKI & Eleonora KOWALZK, married Maria AUGUSTYNIAK, 22, Worsykiw Stanyslowiv - Eastern Galicia Poland, Windsor, d/o John AUGUSTYNIAK & Anna WOWCZUK, witn: Peter TERLESKI of Windsor & John MOSCICKI of Ford, 13 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34636-26 Benjamin KAPLAN, 75, widower, retired, Russia, Windsor, s/o Dawe KAPLAN, b. Russia & Witja OGUSE, married Jenny MERETSKY, 70, widow, Poland, Windsor, d/o Daniel [no surname given], b. Poland & Aida GELBSTEIN, witn: Max BURNSTEIN of 453 Mercer St. & Sam BREDMAN of 449 Mercer St., 1 Dec 1926 at Windsor 34637-26 Woolf KAPLAN, 26, tailor, London England, Windsor, s/o Harris KAPLAN, b. England & Blooma STEINER, married Euphemia McFARLANE, 29 (b. 18 Aug 1896). Newcastle England, Windsor, d/o Peter McFARLANE, b. England & Margaret GRANT, witn: Gladys & James KLOCK of Windsor, 7 Aug 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor [re bride, on birth reg'n, mother's names given as Margaret McFarlane, late Davidson, formerly Grant]
34639-26 Varno Gabriel KARSTEN, 38, factory employee, Finland, Windsor, s/o John Berstar KARSTEN, b. Finland & Hedwig WALKONEN, married Helga M. E. HAATANEN, 29, Finland, Windsor, d/o Anders HAATANEN, b. Finland & Annie COLLIN, witn: Bertha HADDARA & Eino VUORINEN, both of Windsor, 18 April 1926 at Windsor 34641-26 Willis John KEEFE, 35, electrical engineer, Los Angeles California, Detroit, s/o John KEEFE, b. USA & Rose PRICE, married Alma THOMSON, 24 next Nov., Leeds England, Windsor, d/o Wallace THOMSON, b. Halifax England & Nellie HOWDEN, witn: Ernest LANE of Calgary Alberta & Mabel PAULIN of Windsor, 20 Jan 1926 at Windsor
34642-26 Leon Charles KEELEY, 30, teamster, Otter Lake Mich., London Ont., s/o Charles KEELEY, b. Chatham Ont & Esther KING, married Evelyn Gwendol CALKINS, 19, bookkeeper, Alpena Mich., London Ont., d/o Alwen Clare CALKINS, b. Lexington Kentucky & Grace Anna ATKINSON, witn: Fannie M. BATEMAN & Hattie SHARPE, both of Windsor, 16 July 1926 at Windsor 34643-26 Joseph Patrick F. KELLY, 39, clerk, Windsor, 420 Janette Ave., s/o Thomas KELLY & Mary GORMAN, married Cora Anna Margarite SMITH, 29, nurse, Norwich, 431 Chatham St., d/o Alonzo SMITH & Eliza EDWARDS, witn: John PECK of Sandwich & Corine LE GENDRE of Detroit, 25 Aug 1926 at Windsor
34644-26 Harold Alex KEMP, 30, steam fitter, London England, Windsor, s/o George KEMP, b. England & Clara SIMPSON, married Margaret Georgina THOMPSON, 25, Sackville NB, Wyandotte Mich., d/o Howard THOMPSON, b. Canada & Mabel ROBINSON, witn: Olive & Fred HARRIS of Detroit, 14 June 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor 34648-26 Garnet Marshall KENNEY, 23, conductor, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Ira B. KENNEY, b. Ontario & Elizabeth YACHS (Zachs?), married Julia CHAPMAN, 18, England, Windsor, d/o James CHAPMAN, b. Scotland & Emma HUCK, witn: Ira J. KENNEY of 300? Wellington St. & Sophia CHAPMAN of 735 Crawford Ave., 8 Nov 1926 at Windsor
34650-26 John White KERR, 25, machinist, Glasgow Scotland, Windsor, s/o Peter Shields KERR, b. Glasgow Scotland & Mary WHITE, married Catherine Barbara FERGUSON, 28, Ontario, Detroit, d/o James Angus FERGUSON, b. Williams Town Ont & Margaret Jane McMULLEN, witn: Ina KERR of 491 oak Ave & Murray CAMERON of 465 Oak Ave., 22 April 1926 at Windsor 34651-26 Lawrence KERT, 30, barrister, Ontario, 161 Welland Ave in Toronto, s/o Harry Isaac KERT, b. Russia & Rashael VEINBERG, married Florence MERETSKY, 23, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Leon MERETSKY, b. Russia & Nellie CLAYMAN, witn: Saul LICHTNER of Windsor & T. GALLON of Detroit, 2 Nov 1926 at Windsor
34652-26 William KIDD, 29, body builder, Ireland, Windsor, s/o John KIDD, b. Ireland & Jane ROWLAND, married Anna TERNAHAN, 25, Ireland, Windsor, d/o Robert TERNAHAN, b. Ireland & Sarah PRICE, witn: Ann & Robert TERNAHAN of Detroit, 5 Oct. 1926 at Windsor 34655-26 Elmer John KLEINFELDT, 22, farmer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John KLEINFELDT, b. Canada & Hannah SCHROEDER, married Charlotte Helen ROGERS, 28, Ontario, Windsor, d/o John ROGERS, b. Canada & Mary B. AIKENS, witn: Lorne Russell ROGERS of Windsor & Ethel Louisa KLEINFELDT of Cromarty, 14 April 1926 at Windsor
34656-26 Harold W. KNIGHT, 31, inspector, Owen Sound, Windsor, s/o William KNIGHT, b. Ont & Mary DOUGLAS, married Cora Mae CAKEBREAD, 36, widow, Arner Ont, Windsor, d/o Charles HEATH, b. Ont & Margaret HARRIS, witn: D.C. & Mrs. D.C. HEATH of Windsor, 19 June 1926 at Windsor 34657-26 Clarence KNOWLTON, 20, driver, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John F. KNOWLTON & Jennie ALTON, married Adeline HOOPER, 17, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Thomas HOOPER, b. Ont & Sirville MOORE, witn: Cuthbert KNOWLTON of Windsor & Rhena PEEVER of 514 Glengarry Ave., 4 Jan 1926 at Windsor
34659-26 Isadore KOPSTEIN, 27, clerk, Russia, 359 Markham St., s/o Joseph KOPSTEIN, b. Russia & Rakkana KARALITSKY, married Ruth SLOPEN, 21, Russia, Windsor, d/o Jacob SLOPEN, b. Russia & Fanny ROTNER, witn: B. SCHLAPMAN & N. WEYLEROS?, 21 Feb 1926 at Windsor 34661-26 Paul KOSCHICK, 22, mechanic, Toronto, Ford, s/o George KOSCHICK & Josephine KOSCHICK, married Kathleen STECHYSHYN, 19, Fort William Ont., Windsor, d/o Theodor STECHYSHYN & Pearl CHILBOROB, witn: Wilfred Jones BATEMAN & Douglas LONG, both of Windsor, 31 Jan. 1926 at Windsor
34662-26 Louis Charles KRETZ, 30, dealer in hay & straw, Ohio, Napoleon Ohio, s/o Charles KRETZ, b. Napoleon & Elizabeth WESTHAUER (Westhoven?), married Florence Marie WESTHOVEN, 33, Napoleon Ohio, same, d/o Frank A. WESTHOVEN, b. Napoleon & Mary A. KEHN, witn: Bertha & Leo John WESTHOVEN of Toledo Ohio, 11 April 1926 at Windsor 34663-26 Nathan KRIKORIAN, 31, machine operator, Armenia Detroit, s/o Krikar OSKANIAN, b. Armenia & Mariam SARKISIAN, married Arakse KEVORKIAN, 27, Armenia, Windsor, d/o Ohannes KEVORKIAN, b. Armenia & Hanmig ENOVKIAN, witn: Arakel SARANUS & Kovor L. MURZIN, 17 Oct 1926 at Windsor
34666-26 George Henry KUHN, 25, machinist, Regina Sask., Detroit, s/o Jacob KUHN, b. Austria & Rose ENGEL, married Bertha Anna MOELLER, 26, Germany, just arrived to Windsor from Winnipeg, d/o Julius MOELLER, b. Germany & Margaret ANDRES, witn: Phyllis & Donald SMEAD of Detroit, 23 June 1926 at Windsor 34667-26 Peter KUROSKY, 35, mechanic, Tetiow Russia, Ford, s/o Nohun KUROSKY & Justyna MILICZUK, married Stefania GEMPKA, 19, Boston Mass., Ford, d/o Nicolas GEMPKA & Mary PIZIURE, witn: Michael CZERNIECKI & Wasyl MELNIK, both of Ford, 17 July 1926 at Windsor
34670-26 Henry Homer LACOURSIERE, 29, machinist, Quebec, 240 Pitts St., s/o Joseph Eugene LACOURSIERE & Marie LACROIX, married Elsie Davis BRIGHTMORE, 29, England, 240 Pitt St., d/o Thomas BRIGHTMORE & Eliza DAVIS, witn: Eva BROWN & Joseph LACOURSIERE, both of Windsor, 5 June 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor 34672-26 Leo Winceslaus LAJOIE, 22, auto chauffeur, McGregor, Walkerville, s/o Dolphis LAJOIE & Melina SOULIGNY, married Elsie Ilda DURHAM, 21, McGregor, Windsor, d/o Charles DURHAM & Mathilde MORENCIE, witn: Edward PAGE of Detroit & Norma DURHAM of Windsor, 15 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34675-26 Eric LAMBERTON, 22, stock clerk, Douglas - Isle of Man, Windsor, s/o Samuel LAMBERTON, b. England & Amelia SHERMAN?, married Mariam Christena ELLIOTT, 23, office work, Windsor, Walkerville, d/o William ELLIOTT, b. England & Adeline JACKSON, witn: D.A. & Mrs. D. A. ATHERTON of Windsor, 29 May 1926 at Windsor 34678-26 Geoffrey William LANGTON, 20 on 25 May next, appraiser, Burton on Trent England, Detroit, s/o William LANGTON & Louisa WESLEY, married Dorothy Caroline PROWSE, 19 on 13 Jan last, Brantford, same, d/o William PROWSE & Mary LONGBOTTOM, witn: R.W. BAINBRIDGE of Windsor & Owen WELCH of Redford Mich., 10 April 1926 at Windsor
34681-26 Joseph Emile LAVALLEE, 28, print press operator, St. Justine de Newton Que., Windsor, s/o Oscar LAVALLEE & Marie Louise VACHON, married Dorothy MILLER, 18, Beckwith Cal., Windsor, d/o Jerome MILLER & Dora FORGETTE, witn: Henry E. SEGUIN of 42 Ivory Ave & Rita MILLER of 207 Parent Ave., 7 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34682-26 Leonard LAVALLEE, 23, night auditor, New Bedford Mass., Windsor, s/o Arzene LAVALLEE, b. Quebec & Mathilde REMY, married Marie Jean Elizabeth LESCADRE, 23, Quebec, Windsor, d/o Dolphis LESCADRE, b. Quebec & Exilda PLANT, witn: Euclide CARLOS & Florence CARLOS, both of Windsor, 9 Nov 1926 at Windsor
34689-26 Lloyd Frederick LEE, 20, repair man, Ontario, Windsor, s/o James Albert LEE, b. Canada & Rachel Isabell JONES, married Mildred May THORN, 19, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Alton Declare E.A. THORN, b. Canada & Ida May COLLEY, witn: Elnora JONES & Rachel Isabell LEE, both of Windsor, 6 July 1926 at Church of the Ascension, Windsor 34692-26 James Harold LEGREE, 2, mechanic, Renfrew Co Ont., Windsor, s/o Samuel Lawrence LEGREE, b. Ont & Jennie ROBERTSON, married Mary Gertrude QUILTY, 18, Eganville Ont., Windsor, d/o Thomas QUILTY, b. Ont & Matilda DONOHUE, witn: Patrick DONOHUE & Nicholas John QUILTY, both of Detroit, 20 May 1926 at St. Alphonse Church, Windsor
34694-26 William A. LEMIEUX, 25, truck driver, Massey Ont., Detroit, s/o Nazaire LEMIEUX, b. Quebec & Victoria BROCHER, married Helen Rose Alma LEMIEUX, 22, Massey Ont., Detroit, d/o Alfred LEMIEUX, b. Quebec & Pamela CUILLERIER, witn: Emile & Mrs. Emile LEMIEUX of Detroit, 11 Feb 1926 at Windsor  
34867-26 Sterling James NORRIS, 21, machine operator, Kingston Ont., Windsor, s/o William Marshall NORRIS, b. Ont & Elvinia CUMMINGS, married Marie Louise KIPP, 20, Northville Mich., Windsor, d/o William KIPP, b. USA & Laura PARMENTER, witn: Robert Edmund WARNER & Miss Nellie KIPP, both of Windsor, 23 April 1926 at Armouries, Windsor 34868-26 William Lyle NORRIS, 22, druggist, Cromarty Ont., Windsor, s/o John NORRIS, b. Ont & Cecilia McPHERSON, married Helene McNORGAN, 18, Chatham Ont., Sarnia, d/o David P. McNORGAN, b. Ont & Nellie STERLING, witn: Samuel DUROCHER of Sandwich & Vivian McQUE of Detroit, 3 July 1926 at Windsor
34869-26 George Harold NURSE, 28, motor mechanic, Ontario, Windsor, s/o George NURSE, b. Ont & Margaret EDMONDSON, married Frances Ethel CADIGAN, 25, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Daniel CADIGAN, b. Ont & Bridget MURPHY, witn: Daniel CURTIN & Cecelia CADIGAN, both of Windsor, 6 July 1926 at Windsor 34870-26 Adolph NYBO, 27, Norway, Windsor, s/o Gabriel NYBO, b. Norway & Audrina MONSEN, married Hansy Christena HANSEN, 21, Norway, Windsor, d/o Heindrick HANSEN, b. Norway & Helene LARSEN, witn: Betty BRAUER & Mrs. H.B. FEHNER, both of Windsor, 2 July 1926 at Windsor
34871-26 Michael O'BRIEN, 27, automobile assembler, Buffalo NY, Detroit, s/o Patrick O'BRIEN, b. Ireland & Emily MILLER, married Ethel FISHER, 22 (b. 18 Aug 1903), Batteau - Simcoe Co, Windsor, d/o John FISHER, b. England & Katherine LONG, witn: Mrs. A. ROSS of 1605 Dougal Ave & Arthur BOLTON of 209 Langlois Ave in Windsor, 23 Jan 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor [re bride: "parents living at Stayner Ont"] 34872-26 John Joseph O'CONNOR, 46, mechanic, Arthur Ont., Detroit, s/o Thomas O'CONNOR & Catherine McGILLICUDDY, married Ernestine HINSPERGER, 26, Sault Ste. Marie, Windsor, d/o Albert HINSPERGER & Georgina LEMIEUX, witn: Thomas J. McELLISTRUM of Detroit & Doretta HINSPERGER of Windsor, 23 Nov 1926 at Windsor
34873-26 John McIntosh ODDIE, 21, stock clerk, Manitoba, Walkerville, s/o John M. ODDIE, b. Ont & Minnie L. MORRISON, married Elizabeth Marion LOOSEMORE, 22 (b. 31 Jan 1904), Brooke twp - Lambton Co, Walkerville, d/o Sam LOOSEMORE, b. Ont & Kate LOWES, witn: Chrissie PROCTOR of Sandwich & Wilfred LOOSEMORE of Walkerville, 26 June 1926 at Windsor 34874-26 Charles OGIER, 20 in Nov next, lookout for D & W Ferry Co., Chicago, Windsor for 16 yrs, s/o Charles OGIER, b. Chicago & Margaret MOTLEY, married Dorothy HORSBURGH, 21, Illinois, Windsor for 17 yrs, d/o Angus HORSBURGH, b. Windsor & Milla GERARD, witn: Frank SHAW of 454 Sandwich St. & Blanche OGIER of 483 Caron Ave., 25 Sept 1926 at Windsor
34875-26 George OHANNES, 38, cabinet maker, Persia, Detroit, s/o George OHANNES, b. Persia & Nano SIMON, married Vasire ISAAC, 32, widow, Persia, Ford, d/o Isaac ISAAC, b. Persia & Sabla EDGAR, witn: Alta BENJAMIN of Flint Mich & M.L. PAULIN of Windsor, 30 March 1926 at Windsor 34876-26 Norman Renton OLDING, 22, radio engineer, Hawaii, Walkerville, s/o Edwin Ernest OLDING, b. Nova Scotia & Annie WRIGHT, married Marguerite Elizabeth HARROP, 21, stenographer, New Glasgow NS, Detroit, d/o Austin P. HARROP, b. New Brunswick & Margaret CAMERON, witn: Annie McKAY & Mabel PAULIN, both of Windsor, 25 Oct. 1926 at Windsor
34877-26 Thomas Masterton OLIVER, 22, assistant shipping clerk, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Frederick William OLIVER, b. London England & Plene Erskine OLIVER, married Gladys Sarah BROPHY, 20, Windsor, same, d/o Thomas E. BROPHY, b. London Ont & Pauline BROPHY, witn: Violet DIX of Grace Hospital & Arthur J. OLIVER of 1043 Lilian St., 17 March 1926 at Windsor 34878-26 Carl Arthur O'NEIL, 20, mechanic, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Arthur O'NEIL, b. Ont & Effie GRAHAM, married Edna QUINN, 19, Ontario, Sandwich, d/o Henry QUINN, b. Ont & Elizabeth OUELLETTE, witn: Gertrude & Earl O'NEIL of Sandwich, 26 Oct. 1926 at Windsor
34879-26 Gabriel Stephanus Philippus OOSTHINGEN, 26, pharmacist, South Africa, Windsor, s/o Frederick OOSTHINGEN & Mary Elizabeth SMITH, married Charlotte BELL, 21, Ireland, Windsor, d/o John BELL & Mary Jane FRY, witn: John B. & Ivy BURROWS of Windsor, 20 Feb 1926 at Windsor 34880-26 Nicholas John OPRIE, 33, tool maker, Roumania, Detroit, s/o Nick OPRIE, b. Roumania & Rafila BELASCU, married Helen SADEANN, 31, Roumania, Windsor, d/o Nick SADEANN, b. Roumania & Praschive MOURRIN, witn: William & Catherine RETTY of Detroit, 23 Oct 1926 at Windsor
34881-26 David ORLOPH, 24, machinist, Russia, Windsor, s/o Max ORLOPH, b. Russia & Malley BURSTEIN, married Ruth BAIKER, 23, Poland, Windsor, d/o Rukan? BAIKER, b. Russia & Sronia BRANT, witn: Nathan J. GORING of 204 Richton H.P. & Jacob KATZMAN of 172 Drouillard Rd., 1 Jan 1926 at Windsor 34882-26 Leo O'ROURKE, 22, factory employee, Ottawa, Windsor, s/o Bernard O'ROURKE, b. Canada & Mary McKALE, married Ivy MARTIN, 20, England, Windsor, d/o Albert MARTIN, b. England & Annie TYTHAM, witn: Louisa MARTIN & Albert Henry CLIFTON, both of Windsor, 10 April 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor
34883-26 Emanuel OSTROM, 22, farmer, Sweden, Windsor (just arrived from Port Arthur), s/o Wilfrid OSTROM, b. Sweden & Elizabeth LUNDGREN, married Elsie JOHNSON, 20, Finland, Detroit, d/o John JOHNSON, b. Finland & Helen, witn: Mrs. H. B. FEHNER & Miss Betty BRAUER, both of Windsor, 30 June 1926 at Windsor 34884-26 Joseph Arthur OUELLETTE, 30, merchant, Sandwich, same, s/o Clement OUELLETTE & Rose GIGNAC, married Irene Marie GOFFART, 26, Malmedy Belgium, Windsor, d/o Gustave GOFFART & Octavie BERTRAND , witn: Wilfrid GRAVEL & Yvonne BENNETT, both of Windsor, 16 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34885-26 Nelson OUELLETTE, 39, widower, carpenter, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Denis OUELLETTE, b. Quebec & Adelia PAGET, married Marie Genevieve BEZOIRE, 34, widow, Essex Co Ont., Windsor, d/o Henry CADARETTE, b. Canada & Josephine ROCHELEAU, witn: Roosevelt GAGNON of Detroit & Ceclia CADARETTE of Amherstburg, 11 Jan 1926 at Windsor 34886-26 Philip OUELLETTE, 24, mechanic, Tilbury East twp., Ford, s/o Cyrille OUELLETTE & Celeste DUPUIS, married Lillian Rose STONE, 20, telephone operator, Belle River, Windsor, d/o John STONE & Lydia GUIMOND, witn: Elzear OUELLETTE Of Ford & Donna CAZA of Windsor, 2 Aug 1926 at Windsor
  34887-26 Joseph Emmanuel OUIMET, 24, mechanic, Ste. Agathe Quebec, Windsor, s/o Phileas OUIMET & Fredeline PLOUFFE, married Marie Bertha GIRARD, 20, Fox River Que., Windsor, d/o Edouard GIRARD & Rose Ann PAQUET, witn: Alcide GAGNON of 418 Brock St. & Florence RENAUD of 427 Brock St., 27 April 1926 at Windsor
34888-26 Walter Mablo PAISLEY, 24, salesman, Locomb Alberta, Cedar Springs Ont., s/o John Wesley PAISLEY & Maggie Mary MABLO, married Helen PATZ, 23, nurse, Denver Colorado, Detroit, d/o John PATZ & Selina BORGESSON, witn: W.W. BINKLEY & O?. M, WALTON, both of Sandwich, 21 Aug 1926 at Windsor 34889-26 Joseph PALAZZOLA, 28, mechanic, Italy, Detroit, s/o Frank PALAZZOLA, b. Italy & Anna PALAZZOLA, married Elizabeth LEUTINE, 23, widow, Italy, Detroit, d/o Joseph PALAZZOLA, b. Italy & Antonia ORLANDO, witn: Peter & Rose PALAZZOLA of Detroit, 27 April 1926 at St. Alphonsus, Windsor
34890-26 John PALMIERI, 34, plasterer, Italy, Roseland, s/o Bruno PALMIERI, b. Italy & Anna SACCA, married Florence E. STEVENS, 25, Ontario, Rosleand, d/o George STEVENS, b. England & Ethel LIVENDON, witn: Mrs. M. SALMANDE of 617 Walker Rd & Spery? PALMER of Detroit, 3 Nov 1926 at res of above named witness 34891-26 Charles Russell PAPS, 28, machinist, Dover twp., Chatham, s/o Theodore PAPS, b. Canada & Alphreda DE QUINDER, married Mabel Louise SPRINGER, 21, Raleigh twp., Chatham, d/o Louis SPRINGER, b. Canada & Fannie St.PETER, witn: F.K. STEWART & Mabel PAULIN, both of Windsor, 25 June 1926 at Windsor
34892-26 Arthur PAQUETTE, 43, carpenter, Quebec, Windsor, s/o George PAQUETTE, b. Quebec & Delina LACROIX, married Mina SARRAZIN, 43, Quebec, Windsor, d/o Alex SARRAZIN, b. Quebec & Celina LAFAIVRE, witn: Joseph ROUSSELE & Celina GLOYSELEN, both of Windsor, 15 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34893-26 Arthur Alex PARE, 27, crane operator, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Alexander PARE, b. Canada & Matilda DICAIRE, married Julia MAYRAND, 26, widow, Michigan US, Windsor, d/o Adelard GOYER, b. USA & Clophier VALLEE, witn: Gideon & Mary Ann BOUCHARD of Windsor, 20 Jan 1926 at Windsor
34895-26 Philip Joseph PARENT, 28, auto trimmer, Windsor, same, s/o Albert PARENT, b. Ont & Alma JOYAL, married Winnifred Frances PINGLE, 20 (b. 30 April 1906), Toronto, Windsor, d/o Harry PINGLE, b. Ont & Frances REYNOLDS, witn: B. M. PINGLE & W.R. BENNER, both of Windsor, 23 Aug 1926 at Windsor [re bride: birth reg'n information gives mother's name as Florence Maud Reynolds] 34894-26 Elmer Camille PARENT, 26, inspector, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Henry PARENT, b. Ont & Kenilli MAILLOUX, married Marie Lilly Edna DUPUIS, 17, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Alcide DUPUIS, b. Ont & Rose CHOUINARD, witn: Oziase & Mrs. Marie DUPUIS of Ford, 27 April 1926 at Windsor
34896-26 Arcangelo PARISI, 29 (b. 30 Aug 1896), auto repairman, Terrasini Palermo Italy, Detroit, s/o Joseph PARISI, b. Italy & Rose LUCIDO, married Grace MERCURIA, 17 (b. 1 Aug 1908), Monterey California, Detroit, d/o Francis MERCURIO, b. Italy & Gratia PARISI, witn: Frank ORLANDO & Pearl PARISI, both of Detroit, 3 Feb 1926 at St. Alphonsus, Windsor [bride & groom are related - "consig. in 2nd grad?"] 34897-26 John PARKER, 21, telephone cable man, England, Windsor, s/o Robert PARKER, b. England & Sarah Jane SEWELL, married Margaret May PICHELLA, England, Windsor, d/o Frank PICHELLA, b. Bradford England & Mabel May HUNSDON, witn: Ella PARKER & Stanley PICHELLA, both of Windsor, 1 Jan 1926 at Windsor
34898-26 John William PARSONS, 23, truck driver, Ontario, Windsor, s/o William PARSONS, b. Ont & Annie McEWAN, married Mary Georgina ELLIOTT, 19 (b. 15 July 1907), Lambton Co Ont, Windsor, d/o John W. ELLIOTT, b. Ont & Mary E. LUCAS, witn: Margaret SMITH of Windsor & William SUTTON of Ford, 20 Aug 1926 at Windsor 34899-26 James B. PATTEN, 55, blacksmith, widower, Nova Scotia, Windsor, s/o Isaac PATTEN, b. Nova Scotia & Elizabeth BAXTER, married Minnie E. BRYSON, 41, divorced, Nova Scotia, Northport NS, d/o Thomas BAXTER, b. Nova Scotia & Cynthia BROWNELL, witn: Ethel CRIPHON (Gripon?) of Northport NS & Homer BROWNELL of 383 Bridge Ave., 13 Nov 1926 at Windsor [re bride, divorced in Massachusetts on 9 April 1926 from Frederick C. Bryson of Chelsea Suffolk Co - "utter desertion continued for three consecutive years..."]
34900-26 Albert Victor PATTERSON, 25, machinist, Sunderland England, Windsor, s/o Albert PATTERSON & Margaret WELSH, married Grace May WILSON, 26, domestic, Sunderland England, Sandwich, d/o Thomas WILSON & Grace TODD, witn: F.E. BAKER & J.M. BROUGHTON, both of Windsor, 9 Feb 1926 at Windsor 34901-26 Walter PATTERSON, 53, civil servant, Windsor, Ottawa, s/o James PATTERSON, b. Ireland & Katherine Dorothea ELLIOTT, married Beatrice E.H. LEGGATT, 44, Amherstburg, Windsor, d/o John H.C. LEGGATT, b. Ont & Margareta GIRDLESTONE, witn: Perry? & J.A. MOORE of Windsor, 13 July 1926 at Windsor
34902-26 John PAULINGE, 31, laborer, Hungary, Windsor, s/o Michael PAULINGE, b. Hungary & Elizabeth MOSES, married Irma CUSHING, 21, Hungary, Windsor, d/o Stephen CUSHING, b. Hungary & Maria LAUCSEK, witn: Stephen BLATNIK of 1500 Parent Ave in Windsor & Mike FERDINAND of 1526 Marentette St., 3 July 1926 at Windsor 34903-26 Domitri PAZUK, 30, cook, Roumania, Windsor, s/o Peter PAZUK, b. Roumania & Vassalin URCHUK, married Dorothy WALLIS, 24, England, Windsor, d/o Alexander WALLIS, b. England & Nancy PILSBURY, witn: R. & G. HUSCHENKO of Windsor, 9 March 1926 at Windsor
34904-26 Andrew PEACOCK, 31, checker, Dunfermline Scotland, Windsor, s/o Andrew PEACOCK & Louisa GREGG, married Jean Chapman DRUESDALE, 31, Ardrie Scotland, 130 Bridge Ave in Windsor, d/o William John DRUESDALE & Jean CHAPMAN, witn: Ina FRIEND & John PEACOCK, both of Windsor, 29 Dec 1926 at Windsor 34905-26 Frank George PEARCE, 23, record clerk, England, Windsor, s/o James Edward PEARCE, b. England & Mary WELLINGS, married Edna Louise BAILEY, 23, Amherstburg, same, d/o Edwin BAILEY, b Ont & Susan Maria MALLOTT, witn: Frieda Jean STERLING of Bayfield & Lewis BAILEY of Amherstburg, 20 Nov 1926 at Windsor
34906-26 Harry PELLACK, 23, factory hand, Austria, Windsor, s/o Alex PELLACK & Mary MAKSEMEV, married Lena FEDORUK, 18, Austria, Ford, d/o Alex FEDORUK & Mary SKRAPNUKI, witn: S. KREWENCH & Annie KOSTENIACH, both of Ford, 13 May 1926 at Windsor 34907-26 Andre PELLETIER, 24, lather, Ottawa, Detroit, s/o Uzed PELLETIER, b. Ont & Zilda GOUNEAU, married Hilda Evelyn DAY, 20, Comber, Windsor, d/o William DAY, b. Ont & Harriet FLETCHER, witn: Mrs. W.A. & Ralph WALDEN of Windsor, 28 Sept 1926 at Windsor
34908-26 John Lyman PERKINS, 32, selector, Ontario, Chesterville, s/o William James PERKINS, b. Canada & Rubena SPROUL, married Mary Eliza Winifred SEELEY, 22, Osprey twp. Ont, Detroit, d/o David SEELEY, b. Canada & Sarah JONES, witn: Gladys KLOCK & George SCOTT, both of Windsor, 1 Sept 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor 34909-26 Ernesto PERLIN, 27, laborer, Italy, Windsor, s/o Michele PERLIN, b. Italy & Giovanna FECCA, married Matilda MARINZ, 26, Italy, Windsor, d/o Giovanni MARINZ, b. Italy & Virginia ZAGLUS, witn: Rino FACCA of 213 Louis Ave & Augusto ZORGIT of 907 Louis Ave., 18 Dec 1926 at Windsor
34910-26 Edward J. PERRAULT, 25, steeple jack, Windsor, same, s/o Joseph PERRAULT, b. Canada & Victoria COURIE, married Marion F. LAVINIER, 25, Ohio, Windsor, d/o Frank LAVINIER, b. Ohio US & Catherine WENKE, witn: Manly NELSON & Margaret GEORGE, both of Windsor, 3 April 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor 34911-26 Albert J. PERRIN, 24, clerk, Ottawa Ont., Walkerville, s/o George Henry PERRIN, b. England & Ida DUNSE?, married Beaulah M. NOBLE, 19, Windsor, same, d/o Delmer John NOBLE, b. Ont & Alfretta COREY, witn: Everett M. GRANT & Oleita J. NOBLE, both of Essex, 23 June 1926 at Windsor
34912-26 Albert PERRON, 28 next month, cabinet worker, Quebec, Windsor, s/o Louis PERRON, b. Quebec & Tharsyle BIENVENUE, married Blanche TREMBLAY, 24, Quebec, Windsor, d/o Isaie TREMBLAY, b. Quebec & Laura GAGNON, witn: Raoul VALADE of 123 Pitt St. & Thomas H. PAQUETTE of 614 Marentette Ave., 28 April 1926 at Windsor 34913-26 Augustus PERROT, 36, dry cleaner, Pain Court Ont., Windsor, s/o Jules PERROT & Celina BLAIS, married Elmire Laure Marie ROUSSIN, 29, St. Joachim, Windsor, d/o Alphonse ROUSSIN & Marie BONNEAU, witn: Peter BRENNAN of Detroit & Eva ROUSSIN of Windsor, 17 Aug 1926 at Windsor
34914-26 Rodolphe PETTIGREW, 20, inspector, Quebec, Windsor, s/o Edward PETTIGREW, b. Quebec & Eugene RIOUX, married Jeanne Annette Emilie LEPAGE, 22 (b. 1 April 1903), Tadoussac Quebec, Windsor, d/o Octave LEPAGE, b. Quebec & Jessie GAGNE, witn: Emile BOUCHER of Detroit & Arthur BOUCHER of Windsor, 19 July 1926 at Windsor 34915-26 William John PETTIGREW, 28, assembler, Glasgow Scotland, Windsor, s/o William John PETTIGREW, b. Scotland & Hannah DUNLOP, married Alma BUCHAN, 23, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Robert M. BUCHAN, b. Scotland & Catherine BUCHANAN, witn: Theresa G. BEST of Windsor & Helena BUCHAN of Walkerville, 22 Sept 1926 at Walkerville
  34916-26 Thomas Alvin PEWS, 27, carpenter, Mersea twp., same, s/o John J. PEWS, b. Ont & Margaret MOSEY, married Mary Elizabeth KENNA, 23, Homer Illinois, Detroit, d/o Charles J. KENNA, b. USA & Grace ROWELL, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 15 May 1926 at Windsor
34917-26 Charles PFAHLER, 28, farmer, Maidstone twp., same, s/o George PFAHLER, b. Germany & Cora BAUER, married Vivian Leighton GAWLEY, 26, Northridge Ont., Sandwich, d/o Joseph James GAWLEY, b. Ireland & Hester JONES, witn: Eleanor C. MOORE of Amherstburg & C. Graham JONES of 315 Brock St. in Toronto, 30 July 1926 at Windsor 34918-26 John PICHLER, 21, salesman, Germany, Windsor, s/o Joseph PICHLER, b. Germany & Teresa EISCLE, married Mary HESS, 22, Pennsylvania, Detroit, d/o Gabriel HESS, b. Germany & Amelia KLEIN, witn: Fevo PETRO & Alice CARRETTE, both of Windsor, 10 April 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor
34919-26 James Albert PICKEL, 35, carpenter, Nissouri Ontario, Detroit, s/o Edward PICKEL b. Canada & Sarah STAINTON, married Annie Isabel SCOTT, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Edgar SCOTT, b. Canada & Mary JOHNSTONE, witn: O. BOUFFORD & E. TESCONETTI?, both of Windsor, 1 Jan 1926 at Windsor 34920-26 George Stephen PICKERING, 23, telephone operator, England, Windsor, s/o George PICKERING, b. England & Alice MEAD, married Erma Arvilla BICKFORD, 19, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Samuel BICKFORD, b. Ont & Katie GOSLIN, witn: William H. BRESLIN of Detroit & R.H. HYATT of Windsor, 20 Nov 1926 at Windsor
34921-26 Albert PICKLES, 25, tool maker, Glasgow Scotland, Detroit, s/o Albert PICKLES, b. England & Mary HASTE, married Lenora NEFF, 19, Aylmer - Elgin Co., Windsor, d/o George E. NEFF, b. Ont & Margaret TILLY (Lilly?), witn: David HYDE of Windsor & Mildred PENTZ of Detroit, 3 July 1926 at Windsor 34922-26 George PLAFKIN, 20, tire store, Detroit, Grand Rapids Mich., s/o Max PLAFKIN, b. Poland & Bertha GRIGIN, married Devosia PLAWKIN, 23, Russia, Windsor, d/o Sal PLAWKIN, b. Poland & Roz KAMARSKI, witn: J. YAFTE? of 508 Mercer & Sam MUSKAT of 341 S. Division, 10 June 1926 at Windsor
34923-26 Renaldo W. POLLARD, 22, watchman, Pelee Island, Windsor, s/o Henry POLLARD, b. Ont & Mary ARCHIBALD, married Grace BOTTOM, 22, Pelee Island, Windsor, d/o Stafford BOTTOM, b. Ont & Annie QUICK, witn: Elsie WHITLEY & Orville R. INGLIS? (Ryles?), both of Windsor, 9 March 1926 at All Saints Rectory, Windsor 34924-26 Davis POLSTER, 27, tailor, London England, Windsor, s/o Gotlib POLSTER, b. Poland & Fenis LINBERKNAPPH (Zinberknapp?), married Gertrude MILLER, 25, Russia, Windsor, d/o Louis MILLER, b. Poland & Tamara KLAMER (Klarner?), witn: M. GRAUBERG of 592 Kelenworth? Rd & Ben TATE? (Salo?) of 9685 Delmar in Detroit, 16 March 1926 at Windsor
34925-26 Charles Henry POOK, 25, railway brakeman, Chatham Ont., St. Thomas, s/o Fred W. POOK & Isabel SMITH, married Nellie TILL, 18 (b. 11 Nov 1907), stenographer, Lancashire England, Windsor, d/o Joseph TILL & Ann WRIGHT, witn: Donald & Nellie McLEOD of Windsor, 8 Nov 1926 at Windsor 34926-26 Anastus V. POPOFF, 24, crane operator, Constantinople, Windsor, s/o Vaughel D. POPOFF, b. Greece & Aspasia C. Pop SIMOFF, married Maria MIHAILON, 20, Florina Greece, Windsor, d/o Bogoy MIHAILOFF, b. Greece & Neda ILIEVA, witn: Janikog NICOLEFF & Tomka RASPALEVA, both of 185 Elm Ave., 13 May 1926 at Windsor
34928-26 Louis R. PORTER, 28, laborer, Kent Co Ont., Chatham, s/o Joseph A. PORTER, b. Ont & Laura HOOPER, married Ida WALLACE, 19, Kent Co Ont., Windsor, d/o Enoch WALLACE, b. USA & Christiana TRAVERS, witn: Rosa JOHNSON of Bellville Mich & Morris BLACK of Ypsilanti Mich., 30 Oct 1926 at Windsor 34927-26 Arthur PORTER, 59, widower, brick worker, Wolverhampton England, Windsor, s/o George PORTER, b. England & Mary Ann CUMMINGS, married Eliza Ann GLENN, 53, widow, Buckinghamshire England, Windsor, d/o William GASKIN, b. England & Rhoda ALDERMAN, witn: Alfred & Norah GREEN of 11 Aylmer Ave., 22 May 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor
34929-26 Gilbert Leonard POTTER, 27, chauffeur, England, Windsor, s/o Francis POTTER, b. England & Mary Ann PRING, married Marguerite Helen SHARON, 24, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Frederick SHARON, b. Canada & Elizabeth BARON, witn: Lila G. & Iva SALES of Windsor, 29 April 1926 at Windsor 34930-26 Raymond Aubrey POTVIN, 21, machinist, St. Romuald de Painham Que., Windsor, s/o Andre POTVIN & Albina BEAUDRY, married Geraldine Fanny WELDRICK, 20, lady, England, Windsor, d/o William WELDRICK & Sarah ANDREW, witn: Lionel & Ruby POTVIN of Detroit, 4 April 1926 at Windsor
34931-26 Albert POUPARD, 30, laborer, Sandwich, Windsor, s/o Daniel POUPARD & Victoria St.ANTOINE, married Lucy Marie MOUSSEAU, 22, maid, Alpena Michigan, Windsor, d/o Julien MOUSSEAU & Marie Louise JOLY, witn: Octave POUPARD & Irene M. GIGNAC, both of Windsor, 28 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34932-26 Fred Ellsworth POWELL, 48, divorced Minister of the Gospel, Maggs Co Ohio, Mansfield O., s/o Theophilus POWELL, b. Pennsylvania & Lucinda BRADFIELD, married Mary Elizabeth DUSTY, 34, widow, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Samuel ATKINSON, b. England & Mary Ann DALE, witn: Mrs. Warner FOLLER of Mansfield O. & W.E. ATKINSON of 1147 Marentette Ave., 29 June 1926 at Windsor
34933-26 Stanley Edward POWERS, 22, assistant purchasing agent, Walkerville, same, s/o Edward POWERS, b. England & Florence PACKAM?, married Viola May HILLMAN, 20, clerk, Mersea twp., Walkerville, d/o Ira HILLMAN & Annie PATTERSON, witn: Clarence & M. A. HILLMAN of Walkerville 10 Nov 1926 at Windsor 34934-26 Isadore POZNER, 29, widower, wholesale butcher, Russia, Windsor, s/o Ben POZNER, b. Russia & Rebeka KROL, married Sophia ALTMAN, 27, Russia, Windsor, d/o Jozef ALTMAN, b. Russia & Feina EITZMAN, witn: Isadore SOZALL? of Detroit & Jake BOROFSK of Windsor, 21 march 1926 at Windsor
34935-26 John PREKUP, 39, divorced, mechanic, Roumania, Windsor, s/o Floren PREKUP & Sofia PREKUP, married Maria GLOGAIAN, 30, widow, Roumania, Windsor, d/o Simion STOSHITA & Maria STOSHITA, witn: Ivan & Susanna DARABANE of Windsor, 29 June 1926 at Windsor 34936-26 Henry Edward PREVOST, 24, lineman, England, Windsor, s/o Charles PREVOST, b. Ireland & Elizabeth WENDELKIL, married Florence CHAMBERS, 23, Ireland, Windsor, d/o William CHAMBERS, b. England & Martha McGIBBON, witn: Ernest F. PREVOST & Mrs. H.S. HARWOOD, both of Windsor, 18 Sept 1926 at Windsor
34937-26 Clarence A. PRICE, 22, salesman, New Brunswick, Detroit, s/o James E. PRICE & Jerusha McCREADY, married Marjory Susan E. TALLACK, 20, London, same, d/o John TALLACK & Margaret M. ROBINSON, witn: John TALLACK of London & James E. PRICE of Toronto, 17 April 1926 at Windsor 34938-26 Frank Alfred PRICE, 21, truck driver, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Edward PRICE, b. Ont & Matilda May MERRILL, married Mary Eva GERARD, 18, Ontario, Huron Line in Sandwich, d/o Eli GERARD, b. Canada & Virginia REYNOLDS, witn: Pat BRIAN & Mrs. Patrick BRIAN, both of Windsor, 18 Nov 1926 at Windsor [divorced 12/10/49]
34939-26 Norton Lee PRICE, 27, glass setter, Tennessee, Windsor, s/o William PRICE & Mary BAER, married Rosie May CURTIS, 23, Paquette - Essex Co, Windsor, d/o Joseph Clemence CURTIS & Emily TAYLOR, witn: John Leonard & Viola Florence PRICE of Windsor, 29 April 1926 at Windsor 34940-26 Albert Donald PRIEST, 28, die maker, Montreal, Detroit, s/o James Alper PRIEST, b. England & Elizabeth MORRISON, married Jane LIDDELL, 21 (b. 1 May 1905), Newcastle on Tyne England, Windsor, d/o Matthew LIDDELL, b. England & Isabella PICKLES, witn: E. & M. LIDDELL of Windsor, 10 July 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor
34941-26 Archibald PRINCE, 19 on 6 Aug 1926, farmer, Raleigh twp., same, s/o Thomas PRINCE, b. North Buxton, & Julia HOOPER, married Erma Evelyn HENDERSON, 18 on 8 Jan 1926, domestic help, Chatham Ont., 56 Degge St. in Chatham, d/o Richard HENDERSON, b. Brantford & Cora GRENIAGE, witn: Viola HENDERSON of 56 Degge St. & Wahnita DAWSON of 325 McDougall St., 1 Nov 1926 at Windsor 34942-26 Harry PRINCE, 22, real estate, Chicago, same, s/o Isaac PRINCE & Ida WINGHOLTER, married Ryvka PETCHCUIK, 22, Poland, Windsor, d/o Max PETCHCUIK & Cela GOLDRING, witn: Morra? PETCHCUIK of Detroit & Laura EARP of Rectory in Windsor, 6 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34943-26 Adam PRINGLE, 29, plasterer, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Adam PRINGLE, b. Scotland & Elizabeth MARSHALL, married Grace Wardrope McEWAN, 23, machine operator, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John McEWAN, b. Scotland & Williamina WARDROPE, witn: Agnes BLAIR of 532 Church St. & Thomas B. KIRKHOPE of Windsor, 25 June 1925 at Windsor 34944-26 George John PRITCHARD, 33, divorced on 22 June 1925, Chatham Ont., Windsor, s/o Richard PRITCHARD, b. Ont & Lauren KINNEY, married Florence May CROSIER, 33, Chatham Ont., Windsor, d/o Frederick CROSIER & Flora FIELDER, witn: E.E. & Dolly WINEGARDEN of Windsor, 10 July 1926 at Windsor
34945-26 Peter PURDEN, 26, employee in rubber tire industry, Scotland, Akron Ohio, s/o William PURDEN, b. Scotland & Mary Ann SMITH, married Helen CUTHBERTSON, 25 (b. 15 Nov 1900), Galston Scotland, arrived in Windsor today (10 March) from Scotland, d/o William CUTHBERTSON, b. Scotland & Janet MITCHELL, witn: Marion Jane Edgar SHANKS & John WOOD, both of Windsor, 10 March 1926 at Windsor 34946-26 John PURDIE, 20, iron dresser, Scotland, Walkerville, s/o Henry PURDIE, b. Scotland & Jane CHAPEL, married Florence ADAMS, 22 (b. 27 Nov 1903), Milford Haven - South Wales, Windsor, d/o William ADAMS & Mary RUSSELL, witn: Lillian Mary ADAMS of 727 Victoria Ave & Frank GLOVER? of 117 Janisse Ave in Ford, 19 June 1926 at Windsor
34947-26 Walter PURDON, 22, clerk, Nova Scotia, Walkerville, s/o John T. PURDON, b. England & Bella CHAPMAN, married Irene F. ANDREWS, 22, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Walter George ANDREWS, b. Ont & Ella GIFFORD, witn: C.S. PURDON of Walkerville & Vela LOZON of River Rouge Mich., 29 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34948-26 Leo QUINLAN, 24, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o Philip QUINLAN & Annie McPHARLIN, married Edora Adelle DUMOUCHELLE, 23, Roseland, same, d/o Napoleon DUMOUCHELLE & Agnes HANLEY, witn: Alex DUMOUCHELLE of Roseland & Margaret QUINLAN of Maidstone, 29 June 1926 at Windsor
34950-26 Raymond Patrick QUINN, 23, carpenter, Vinton Que., Windsor, s/o John J. QUINN & Margaret MOUSSEAU, married Ellen Elizabeth RYAN, 18, domestic, Chapeau Que., Windsor, d/o James S. RYAN & Clara KENNEDY, witn: Vincent QUINN of Detroit & Susannah QUINN of Windsor 29 June 1926 at Windsor 34949-26 James Francis QUINN, 27, cook, Belfast Ireland, Bay City Mich, s/o Patrick QUINN, b. Ireland & Alice McCANN, married Elizabeth McKAY, 21, Belfast Ireland, Windsor, d/o John P. McKAY, b. Ireland & Mary LUKE, witn: Stephen McCARTHY & Isabel QUINN, both of Detroit, 5 April 1926 at Windsor
34951-26 Karmier RADAJESKI, 21, clerk, New York, Detroit, s/o Julian RADAJESKI & Mary LONEYNSKI, married Sarah BIGGAR, 20, Sarnia, Detroit, d/o Bertram BIGGAR & Rachel BOURNE, witn: Margaret SMITH & Jessie S. THOMAS, both of Windsor, 3 March 1926 at Windsor 34952-26 Christopher Benjamin RAMBEAU, 27, tailor, Donaldsonville GA., Detroit, s/o Benjamin RAMBEAU & Minnie COLLIER, married Marie Regina McNEILL, 21, Chicago, Windsor, d/o Thomas McNEILL & Regina EMARD, witn: Charles W. YOUNG of Detroit & Aureta ROBBINS of Windsor, 25 Sept 1926 at Windsor
34953-26 George Frederick RANDLES, 23, baker, Vancouver BC, Windsor, s/o Edward RANDLES, b. Canada & Ada FREEMAN, married Reta Mae STOVER, 22, Chatham, Windsor, d/o John STOVER, b. Ont & Amanda HOOD, witn: E.L. & Mrs. E.L. DRESCH of Windsor, 24 July 1926 at Windsor 34954-26 George REDFORD, 22, machinist, England, Windsor, s/o Joseph REDFORD, b. England & Sarah Alice YATES, married Jennie PARKER, 23, England, Windsor, d/o Robert PARKER, b. England & Sarah Jane SEWELL, witn: Ella PARKER of 1504 Church St. & John Henry KENNEY of 1032 Elsmere St. in Windsor, 10 March 1926 at Windsor
34956-26 James Fergus REID, 25, shipping clerk, Yorkton Sask., Detroit, s/o John Haws REID, b. Scotland & Ida RENDALL, married Maude COCKAIGNE 18, England, Winnipeg, d/o Joseph Henry COCKAIGNE, b. England & Eliza FLETCHER, witn: Mabel PAULIN & Theresa BEST, both of Windsor, 12 June 1926 at Windsor 34957-26 William REID, 24, England, Detroit, s/o William REID, b. England & Elizabeth HURST, married Sarah Ann VALLANCE, 34, widow, England, Detroit, d/o William James RAYFIELD, b. England & Sarah Ann READ, witn: Bert Thomas RAYFIELD & Elizabeth REID, both of Detroit, 23 Oct 1926 at Windsor
34955-26 Garland Porter REID, 22, foreman, Canada, Windsor, s/o James S. REID, b. Canada & Annie SCOTT, married Blanche Dewella DENNIS, 19, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Alexander J. DENNIS, b. Canada & Georgina BACON, witn: Thomas P. BATEMAN of Windsor & Pearl DE GRASE of Ford, 19 Aug 1926 at Windsor 34958-26 William Stanley REID, 32, sales agent, Montreal, Windsor, s/o Thomas REID, b. Quebec & Mary LINTON, married Beatrice K. McBRIDE, 29, Montreal, Windsor, d/o John McBRIDE, b. Quebec & Mary Ann GILES, witn: Phyllis HOOPER of 505 Marentette Ave & Mrs. Carl MARKOROF of 662 Outremont Ave in Montreal, 6 Oct. 1926 at Windsor
34960-26 Charles Edmond RENAUD, 26, laborer, Sandwich South twp., Windsor, s/o Jay RENAUD & Margaret SCHOONER, married Gladys Irene GRIFFIN, 18 in July next, Ingersoll Ont., Windsor, d/o George GRIFFIN & Dorcas ELLERY, witn: Alfred Allen GRIFFIN & Mrs. E. PRESCOTT, both of Windsor, 15 May 1926 at Windsor 34959-26 Audrey RENAUD, 19, fisherman, Belle River, same, s/o Peter RENAUD, b. Belle River & Agnes LEVOIE, married Mary Elizabeth MARENTETTE, 17 on 25 May 1926, Belle River, same, d/o Victor MARENTETTE, b. Belle River & Rebecca PAPINEAU, witn: Rebecca MARENTETTE & Frank JACQUES, both of Belle River, 15 June 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor
34961-26 Loftus John RENAUD, 23, switchman, Amherstburg, Windsor, s/o John Henry RENAUD & Ann HANCOCK, married Leila Margaret CLARK, 22, London Ont., Windsor, d/o Alfred CLARK & Amelia JONES, witn: Lorenzo CODY & Amelia CLARK, both of Windsor, 4 May 1926 at Windsor  
34962-26 Charles Besiel RENNO, 31, widower, tailor, New York City, Detroit, s/o Phillip RENNO, b. Italy & Grace LEMONICA, married Alice E. MOORE, 20, Windsor, Sandwich, d/o James MOORE, b. Canada & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Thelma & Harry KENNEDY of Sandwich, 22 May 1926 at Windsor 34963-26 Thomas C. RIBBLE, 29, auto mechanic, Staples Ont., Windsor, s/o Marcinius RIBBLE & Mary McLENON, married Frances YON (You?), 20, Detroit, same, d/o Octave YON & Emily RIELL, witn: Mrs. Mary FARR & Charles RIBBLE, both of Windsor, 22 March 1926 at Windsor
34964-26 Joseph Everett RICHARDS, 29, moulder, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Albert E. RICHARDS, b. Ont & Millie McGRATH, married Lillian Eliza Jane TRELFORD, 34, Paisley Ont., Windsor, d/o John TRELFORD, b. Ont & Sarah FLACK, witn: Clifford TRELFORD of Windsor & Norma Irene RODGERS of Detroit, 28 Oct 1926 at Windsor 34965-26 Mark Berriman RICHARDS, 40, widower, auto worker, England, Detroit, s/o Mark B. RICHARDS & Willmott FREEMAN, married Ann FREEMAN, 29, widow, England, just arrived in Windsor from England, d/o William BURROW & Elizabeth PEAKE, witn: James & Ethel RICHARDS of Detroit, 17 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34966-25 Ross Smith RIDDELL, 27, barrister, Sandwich South twp., town of Sandwich, s/o Andrew J. RIDDELL, b. Scotland & Mary A. BEVERDIGE, married Gladys Mary HOLDEN, 25, book keeper, Wishaw Scotland, Windsor, d/o George W. HOLDEN, b. Canada & Laura MERRICK, witn: H.H. WILLSON of Leamington & Dorothy O'NEIL of Paquette Station, 25 June 1926 at Windsor 34967-26 Edwin John RITTER, 34, pharmacist, Ohio US, Cleveland Ohio, s/o Charles RITTER, b. USA & Amelia MENDLEIN, married Edna May BUSH, 35, widow, Chatham Ont., Crystal Beach, d/o Charles BUSH, b. USA & Josephine DRAGO, witn: Eleanor C. MOORE of Amherstburg & D. McKENZIE of Windsor, 15 July 1926 at Windsor
34968-26 Arthur RIVET, 25, salesman, St. Joachim, Windsor, s/o Wilfrid RIVET & Rose CHEVRIER, married Rina GAGNON, 19, Staples, Windsor, d/o Victor GAGNON & Constance GAGNON, witn: Joseph LAFFERTY of La Salle & Lucia GAGNON of Windsor, 25 Oct. 1926 at Windsor 34969-26 Harold Woburn ROBBINS, 30, widower, blacksmith, England, Windsor, s/o Edward ROBBINS, b. England & Fanny Jane OLDFIELD, married Lilian Ellen MARKHAM, 28, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas MARKHAM, b. England & Emily Elizabeth RALPH, witn: Jessie Mary PIKE of 130 McGill St. & Victoria MARKHAM of 340 Ossington Ave., both Toronto, 23 June 1926 at Windsor
34970-26 Peter ROBERGE, 29, cook, Quebec, Windsor, s/o Gideon ROBERGE & Annie HUEL, married Jeannie FOLET, 32, Belgium, Windsor, d/o Paul FILE & Marie F. LAURENT, witn: Jessie THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 16 Jan 1926 at Windsor 34971-26 George Saville ROBERTS, 26, automobile body finisher, Toronto, Windsor, s/o William H. ROBERTS, b. Ont & Sarah Ann OLIVER, married Jessie ROBERTS, 21, Scotland, Windsor, d/o William ROBERTS, b. England & Agnes CETON?, witn: Edith YOUNG of Ford & Lawrence ROBERTS of 1035 Elsmere Ave., 26 June 1926 at Windsor
34974-26 Reginald Reid ROBERTS, 20, clerk, Windsor, same, s/o Harry ROBERTS, b. Ont & Mary HALL, married Muriel Corinne RITCHIE, 20, Illinois, Windsor, d/o Don RITCHIE, b. Canada & Grace MARVIN, witn: J.M. STEVENSON of Detroit & Eva ROBSON of Windsor, 31 Dec 1926 at Windsor 34973-26 Henry Godfrey ROBERTS, 19, traveller, England, Windsor, s/o Daniel ROBERTS, b. England & Elizabeth ROGERS, married Gwen Lillian EVANS, 20, domestic, Wales, Windsor, d/o Elizabeth ROGERS, b. Wales & Mary A. MORGAN, witn: Mabel PAULIN & Theresa BEST, both of Windsor, 7 Nov 1926 at Windsor
34972-26 Henry George Cecil ROBERTS, 23, machinist, Liverpool England, Sandwich, s/o Henry Cameron ROBERTS, b. England & Rhoda DOIDGE, married Udea Gwendolyn Elizabeth COOK, 18, hem stitcher, Coquitlam BC, Ford, d/o Edward COOK, b. England & Edith SMITH, witn: Charlotte DOIDGE & William DOIDGE, both of Sandwich, 2 Jan 1926 at Windsor 34977-26 William Shaw ROBERTSON, 26, brass finisher, Scotland, Windsor, s/o James ROBERTSON, b. Scotland & Sarah GRAHAM, married Jeanie BARR, 21, Ireland, Windsor, d/o William BARR, b. Ireland & Jane KING, witn: Sydney BARR of Detroit & Kathleen KING of 418 Victoria Ave., 18 June 1926 at Windsor
34975-26 Robert ROBERTSON, 22, milkman, Aberdeen Scotland, Windsor, s/o John ROBERTSON, b. Scotland & Mary THAIN, married Doris May SYCAMORE, 19, London England, Toronto, d/o Ernest SYCAMORE, b. England & Lydia MORRIS, witn: H. LAFORTUNE & Edward LOVELL, both of Windsor, 9 Oct 1926 at Windsor 34976-26 Roy McLean ROBERTSON, 36, engineer, Parry Sound Dist., Windsor, s/o William ROBERTSON, b. Scotland & Eliza McBEAN, married Margaret Ann BLAIR, 36, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Robert BLAIR, b. Ireland & Catherine RAMSAY, witn: Margaret BARTLET of Windsor & Eleanor C. MOORE of Amherstburg, 26 July 1926 at Windsor
34978-26 Melvin J. ROBINSON, 25, clerk, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Leander ROBINSON, b. Canada & Teresa COATS, married Harriet YOST, 18, Ontario, Windsor, d/o George YOST, b. Canada & Louise RIVIERE, witn: Charles & Mrs. Charles YOST of Windsor, 30 Jan 1926 at Windsor 34979-26 Albert ROCHELEAU, 19, die maker, Windsor, same, s/o Noe ROCHELEAU && Rose CARE, married Albertine MAILLOUX, 19, Stoney Point, Windsor, d/o Henri MAILLOUX & Stephanie CAZA, witn: Charles DUBE of Windsor & Loraine CARE of Sandwich East, 26 Oct 1926 at Windsor
34980-26 John H. RODDY, 55, widower, inspector of drills, Ingersoll, Windsor, s/o John RODDY, b. Ireland & Mary Ann CARR, married Laura MELOCHE, 40, widow, Anderdon twp., Windsor, d/o Alfred RENAUD, b. Ont & Matilda DOUFOUR, witn: Roswald MELOCHE of 500 Pierre Ave & Evelyn SAUCIER of Wyandotte Mich., 16 Feb 1926 at Windsor 34981-26 Thomas RODY, 27, machinist, Maynooth Ont., Detroit. s/o John RODY, b. Ont & Elizabeth GREEN, married Catherine Victor Ann FLYNN, 23, Ontario, Lakewood Ont., d/o Michael FLYNN, b. Ont & Catherine NETTERBILLE, witn: Edward J. FLYNN & Mary RODY, both of Detroit, 5 April 1926 at Windsor
34982-26 Goldwin Ross ROGERS, 26, machinist, Forest Ont., Windsor, s/o Charles ROGERS & Kathleen BODDY, married Jean Main McMILLAN, 27, house maid, Scotland, Windsor, d/o James McMILLAN & Helen MAIN, witn: Sarah Jane KEMP of Ford & Mrs. W. J. BLACKMORE of Walkerville, 3 July 1926 at Windsor 34983-26 Joseph RONDINA, 25, laborer, Italy, Windsor, s/o Antonio RONDINA, b. Italy & Ermenia CAMELETTI, married Esther BICKINI, 25, Italy, Windsor, d/o Antonio BICKINI, b. Italy & Anna BERTOLI, witn: Arturo & Solanda RONDINA of 412 Marentette Ave., 26 June 1926 at Windsor
35034-26 William Arthur SISNEY, 25, salesman, Pennsylvania, Detroit, s/o Miles Harper SISNEY, b. USA & Elizabeth Jane THOMSON, married Mildred Matilda SCOTT, 26, Petrolia Ont., Windsor, d/o Thomas SCOTT, b. England & Elizabeth YOUNG, witn: John L. & Myrtle SCOTT of Windsor, 10 Feb 1926 at Windsor 35035-26 Garnet SISSON, 38, marine oiler Ontario, Sandwich, s/o Angus SISSON, b. Ont & Mary Jane ROBINSON, married Anna K. O'NEIL, 31, widow, Ontario, Windsor, d/o John HOWE, b. Ont & Mary KERR, witn: E. & Mrs. E. ROBINSON of Detroit, 31 July 1926 at Windsor
35036-26 Norman Thomas SIVETER, 26, fireman, Dosthill England, Walkerville, s/o Danes SIVETER, b. England & Martha BIRD, married May HOFFMAN, 31, widow, saleslady, Southwold Ont., St. Thomas, d/o Chancey COYLE, b. England & Sarah MUNSON, witn: H.E. & Mrs. H.E. Bishop of Walkerville, 7 June 1926 at Windsor 35037-26 Emil SLABEY, 27, mechanic, Austria Hungary, Ford, s/o Michael SLABEY, b. Austria Hungary & Irma KANSIN, married Wilhelmina MONDOK, 25, Austria Hungary, Philadelphia, d/o Joseph MONDOK, b. Austria Hungary & Cecilia TURIS, witn: Mrs. C. D. FARQUHARSON of Windsor & Mrs. Robert CUMMING of Guilds, 12 June 1926 at Windsor
35038-26 William James SLATTERY, 45, marine engineer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Edward SLATTERY, b. Ont & Olive TELLIER, married Mary Emily FINN, 46, widow, Ontario, Windsor, d/o James MERO, b. Ireland & Annie CAMPEAU, witn: Mr. & Mrs John MURRAY of St. Alphonsus Hall, 2 Sept 1926 at Windsor 35039-26 Percy SLEEP, 28, auto parts assembler, England, Highland Park Mich., s/o Charles D. SLEEP b. England & Elizabeth PENDREY, married Emma L. BROCK, 29, England, Windsor, d/o William BROCK, b. England & Myea? KITTOW, witn: Edith Gwendolyn MOORE of Detroit & Greyinola? SPRY of Highland Park, 26 June 1926 at Windsor
35040-26 Russell SLIMMON, 21, book keeper, Fergus Ont., Sandwich, s/o Charles SLIMMON, b. Ont & Mary HATTON, married Mary Greta REID, 19, Collingwood Ont.,, Sandwich, d/o John REID, b. Ont & Esther HOPPS, witn: Mrs. E. L. & Emerson WHITFIELD of Detroit, 31 Oct 1926 at Windsor 35041-26 Edward SLOAN, 26, automobile mechanic, Vinton Que., Windsor, s/o Thomas SLOAN, b. Quebec & Rosanne KAVANAUGH, married Margaret McDONALD, 20, Vinton Que., Windsor, d/o Roland McDONALD, b. Ont & Leila KAVANAUGH, witn: Vesty & Alma KENNEDY of Detroit, 22 July 1926 at Windsor
35042-26 Josef SMAHAY, 24, farmer, Moravia, 6th Con of Mersea twp., s/o John SMAHAY, b. Moravia, & Anna MIKULEZYK, married Anna CAJKOVA, 24, Moravia, 6th con of Mersea twp., d/o Thomas CAJKOVA, b. Moravia & Catherine ZEMCIKA, witn: John SACHA of 891 Marion Ave & Paul KACER of RR2 Leamington, 6 Nov 1926 at Windsor 35043-26 Garnet SMALE, 21, driver, Dresden Ont., Chatham, s/o Norman SMALE, b. Ont & May PHILLIPS, married Irene SCHOLES, 17, Detroit, same, d/o Robert SCHOLES, b. England & Mabel PHILLIPS, witn: Mrs. Mabel SCHOLES & Mrs. C. BELKAN, both of Detroit, 28 Sept 1926 at Windsor
35044-26 Andrew SMITH, 23, caulker, Dundee Scotland, Windsor, s/o Andrew SMITH & Annie McMORROW, married Lily HUGHES, 19, Dundee Scotland, Windsor, d/o Robert HUGHES & Sarah O'BRIEN, witn: Winifred CLAUS of Detroit & Olive AULWES of 977 West Warren Ave., 24 Aug 1926 at St. Alphonsus Church, Windsor 35045-26 Clarence Harland SMITH, 24, shipping clerk, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Gilbert Goldwin SMITH, b. Canada & Mabel Elizabeth OSBORN, married Gertrude Eve HEAD, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o George HEAD, b. Canada & Sarah PERRY, witn: Myrtle J. SMITH of RR1 Cairo & J.W. HEAD of 465 Wellington St., 4 Sept 1926 at Windsor
35046-26 Jack SMITH, 23, mechanic, Pennsylvania, Detroit, s/o Burt SMITH, b. Pennsylvania & Margaret MURPHY, married Verna E. GLASSFORD, 19, Chatham Ont., same, d/o Ernest GLASSFORD, b. Chatham Ont & Ellen FOY, witn: Charles PERRY of Cleveland Heights Ohio & Violet BROWN of Chatham, 31 Dec 1926 at Windsor 35047-26 Jack SMITH, 29, salesman, Maidstone twp., Windsor, s/o Charles SMITH, b. Ont & Marcella McCAN, married Rose WILLIAMS, 18, England, Windsor, d/o Randolf WILLIAMS, b. England & Florence TYRE, witn: Gladys KLOCK & George SCOTT, both of Windsor, 14 July 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor
35048-26 Melvin R. SMITH, 19, furnace installer, Racine Wis., Flint Mich., s/o Joseph SMITH, b. USA & Minnie HARRIS (Haines?), married Thelma Pauline RAMSAY, 15, Flint Mich., same, d/o Arva R.G.A. RAMSAY, b. USA & Alice POWELL, witn: A.R.G.A. & Alice RAMSAY of Flint, 30 March 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor 35049-26 Robert SMITH, 42, widower, machinist, Kingsville, Windsor, s/o Theodore SMITH, b. Germany & Minnie SMITH, married Lillie TAYLOR, 36, Comber Ont., Windsor, d/o Samuel TAYLOR, b. Comber & Catherine SNELL, witn: Mrs. Pearl DEELY & Ila BROWN, both of Howard Ave., 13 April 1926 at Windsor
35050-26 John SMOLLA, 34, farmer, Presice Czecko Slovakia, Woodslee, s/o John SMOLLA, b. Czecko Slovakia & Barbara BEZDZUKOVA, married Anna FILIPCOVA, 29, Most Czecko Slovakia, Woodslee, d/o Waclow Filipcova, b. Czecko Slovakia & Anna HANZOVA, witn: Charles & Christena HADASH of 1150 Langlois Ave., 26 Oct. 1926 at Windsor 35051-26 Albert Ray SNIDER, 23, building cleaner, Ottawa, Detroit, s/o Albert SNIDER, b. Ont & Ellen QUINN, married Norah SMITH, 22, Ottawa, Windsor, d/o Thomas SMITH, b. Quebec & Ann DOHERTY, witn: John & Mrs. John MURRAY of 419 Goyeau St. in Windsor, 25 Nov 1926 at Windsor
35052-26 Thomas David SNOBELIN, 23, machinist, Harwich twp., Detroit, s/o George A. SNOBELIN, b. Blenheim Ont & Laura TREWIN, married Mary Catherine CONNOR, 19, Chatham Ont., Windsor, d/o Ernest CONNOR, b. Dorchester twp & Maria HYATT, witn: A?. JONES of Chatham & Lucy ANDREWS of Windsor, 12 March 1926 at Windsor 35053-26 Edmund M. SNOW, 27, mechanic, Halifax NS, Windsor, s/o Edmund SNOW, b. Nova Scotia & Hattie ZWICKER, married Elvira A. GLADWIN, 22, Halifax NS, Detroit, d/o William GLADWIN, b. Nova Scotia & Mary SHAW, witn: Marion R. BROWN & Jessie? A. ROSE, both of Windsor, 21 Dec 1926 at Windsor
35054-26 Benjamin M. SOMERS, 26, carpenter, New Brunswick, Windsor, s/o Marvin SOMERS, b. New Brunswick & Anna LUTES, married Caroline E. SNYDER, 21, Pennsylvania, Essex, d/o Howard C. SNIDER (sic) b. Hampstead Maryland, & Lulu Ray BAIS, witn: Mrs. T. ALLEN of Windsor & B. DUFFY, 18 Feb 1926 at Windsor 35055-26 Charles (Karol) SONNENFELD, 38, widower, punch press helper, Wheeling West Virginia, Detroit, s/o Michael SONNENFELD, b. Germany & Mary, married Anna KRYSZCZUK, 24, Poland, Windsor, d/o Simon KRYSZCZUK, b. Poland & Anna KOKEVSZCWICZ, witn: Maria & Frank SONNENFELD of 2268 Milwaukee Ave in Detroit, 11 Dec 1926 at Windsor
35056-26 Alexander Louis SOUCIE, 21, plumber, Ville Marie Quebec, Windsor, s/o Napoleon SOUCIE & Rose BOUCHER, married Ernestine LANGFORD, 16, Sudbury, Windsor, d/o Julien LANGFORD & Rose GUIMOND, witn: George DUGUAY of Walkerville & Bertha SOUCIE of Windsor, 11 Oct 1926 at Windsor 35057-26 George Louis SOVA, 26, carpenter, Tilbury West, Windsor, s/o Alex SOVA, b. Ont & Christena LINDSAY, married Mary Evelyn DELPHE, 22, Springfield Massachusetts, Windsor, d/o Arthur DELPHE, b. Wales & Evelyn LAFRAMBOISE, witn: R. DUFFY of Chatham & Alma ALLEN of Windsor, 14 Aug 1926 at Windsor