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Essex Co., 1926, part 3

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35319-26 Francis Whitney DOUGHERTY, 28, labourer, Albion, Detroit - Mich., John DOUGHERTY & Sarah HAYES, married Mary Eileen O'CONNOR, 21, stenographer, Essex, same, d/o Henry O'CONNOR & Mary MOONEY, witn: Richard O'CONNOR of Essex & Agatha DOUGHERTY of Detroit, 6 Apr 1926 at Essex (RC) 35320-26 Carl Edwin DRESSER, 20, farmer, Gosfield North Twp., Cottam, s/o Christopher DRESSER & Annie DAVIS, married Mabel Anna NEWMAN, 17, Gosfield North Twp., Cottam, d/o George E. NEWMAN & Susan MILLEN, witn: Mrs. Robert BRADY & Mary Louise WHALEY, both of Maidstone, 31 Jul 1926 at Maidstone
35323-26 William DUBENSKY, 31, merchant, Russia, Ford City, s/o Mike DUBENSKY, c. Austria & Marie RATINSKY, married Emilia RYMAR, 16, Nova Scotia, Ford City, d/o John RYMAR, b. Austria & Mary ZAGWOLSKY, witn: Olga KAMENSKY of Detroit & Theodor GAYOWSKY of Ford City, 17 Oct 1926 at Walkerville 35324-26 Uriah James DUDLEY, 26, telephone inspector, Inwood, Windsor, s/o John DUDLEY, b. Alvinston & Anne BROWN, married Maud Georgina LEROY, 22, bank clerk, Glenora, Harrow, d/o George LEROY, b. Demorestville & Phoebe STEINER, witn: Robert DUDLEY of Harrow & illegible of Harrow, 10 Nov 1926 at Harrow
35328-26 Edward DUROCHER, 24, farmer, Brunswick Maine, Belle River, s/o Cesaere DUROCHER & Louise DUBE, married Ida May BEAUNE, 20, Pointe aux Roches, same, d/o Pierre BEAUNE & Rose DEMERS, witn: Ulric DEROCHER of Belle River & Albertine BEAUNE of Pointe aux Roches, 25 Nov 1926 at Pointe aux Roches (RC) 35329-26 Louis DUROCHER, 24, farmer, Sandwich West Twp., same, s/o Eugene DUROCHER & Marie JANISSE, married Laurentia MARENTETTE, 23, Sandwich West Twp., same, d/o Henry MARENTETTE & Hedwige GIGNAC, witn: Raymond DUROCHER & Marie MARENTETTE, both of Sandwich West Twp., 25 Oct 1926 at Sandwich (RC)
35332-26 George EDMONDSON, 57, widower, machinist, Manchester - England, Walkerville, s/o Thomas EDMONDSON, b. England & Elizabeth DOUGLAS, married Elizabeth Eliza MULLIGAN, 49, widow, England, Montreal, d/o Herbert RAYMENT, b. England & Annie PIGGOTT, witn: Robert MERCER, & Elizabeth MERCER, both of Walkerville, 27 Mar 1926 at Walkerville 35334-26 Albert Frank EMLEY, 23, painter, Cleveland Ohio, Ford City, s/o Alexander EMLEY, b. Canada & Mary, married Hazel May BROOKS, 25, domestic, Belvedere Illinois, Ford City, d/o Lincoln BROOKS, b. USA & Florence ATKINS, witn: Mrs. A.B. VINCENT & Bernice VINCENT, both of Walkerville, 5 Oct 1926 at Walkerville
35335-26 John Leonard ESSON, 27, tinsmith, Petrolia, Leamington, s/o John ESSON, b. Wellington Co. & Mary Ellen LANE, married Rose Ellen BUCHNER, 26, Harwich Twp., Leamington, d/o John Henry BUCHNER & Mary Elizabeth DENNET, witn: Hazel BUCHNER & John E. BUCHNER, both of Leamington, 6 Nov 1926 at South Woodslee  
35338-26 Fred James FABER, 32, branch manager, Bay City Mich., Detroit, s/o Nicholas FABER, b. Detroit & Pauline MACK, married Jennie Marie PROSSER, 31, Leamington, same, d/o Darius PROSSER, b. Leamington & Jennette PRENDERGAST, witn: Eleanor CHANTLER & Douglas SLINGER, both of Detroit, 16 March 1926 at Leamington 35339-36 Gavin A. FALLOW, 33, locomotive fireman, New Richmond Que., Windsor, s/o James FALLOW, b. New Richmond Que & Mary BUDD, married Jennie K. BERNARD, 24 next birthday, Amherstburg, Sandwich, d/o Henry George BERNARD, b. Amherstburg & Katherine MARSHALL, witn: Frank BERNARD of Sandwich & Rose MILLER of Windsor, 16 March 1926 at St. Johns Rectory, Sandwich
35340-26 Daniel Joseph FIKE, 24, checker, Midland Ont., same, s/o John FIKE, b. Simcoe Ont & Mary CORRIGAN, married Tressa WILKINSON, 26, widow, Kincardine Ont, same, d/o Frank HALL, b. London Ont & Elizabeth ATKINSON, witn: C.B. & Laura CLINTON of Sandwich, 15 May 1926 at St. Johns Church, Sandwich 35341-26 Gabriel FLORESKUL, 38, carpenter, Roumania, Ford, s/o Simeon FLORESKUL, b. Roumania & Panaska PARESHNIUK, married Annie BOJEIZKO, 33, Austria Poland, Ford, d/o Peter BOJEIZKO, b. Poland & Eudoska BOJAZUK, witn: Wasil PARICHNIK & Helen BOYER, both of Ford, 31 Dec 1926 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville
35342-26 James FORDE, 38, laborer, Ireland, Ford, s/o Thomas FORDE, b. Ireland & Mary MORRIS, married Julia THORNTON, 28, Ireland, Ford, d/o Martin THORNTON, b. Ireland & Mary O'MALLY, witn: James DOLINGHAM & Mary O'LOUGHAN, both of Walkerville, 10 July 1926 at Ford 35343-26 Henry Bennett FORREST, 21, bank clerk, Nova Scotia, Ford, s/o Martin FORREST, b. Canada & Annie LOCKHART, married Vera Ina HAMILTON, 20, bank clerk, Heathcoat, Ford, d/o Herbert HAMILTON, b. Canada & Elizabeth GREEN, witn: Raymond W. SMITH & Jessie A. WATTS, both of Windsor, 11 May 1926 at Ford
35344-26 Alfred Burns FOSTER, 56, widower, painter, Mersea twp., Leamington, s/o Thomas FOSTER, b. Nova Scotia & Sarah SCOTT, married Ada Robena L. McCULLOUGH, 40, clerk, Teeswater, Leamington, d/o James McCULLOUGH, b. Co. Antrim Ireland & Jane GREIG, witn: Louise M. TURNER of Leamington & Miss N.B. MOORE of Toronto, 29 Dec 1926 at Leamington 35345-26 Thomas George William FOUNTAIN, 21, machinist, England, Amherstburg, s/o George William FOUNTAIN, b. England & Violet ROBINSON, married Frances Louise FERRIS, 19, stenographer, Essex Co., Amherstburg, d/o Charles M. FERRIS, b. Ont & Martha BARLOW, witn: Joseph JAMIESON & Alpha ROCHELEAU, both of Windsor, 14 Dec 1926 at Sandwich
35347-26 Harold G. FOX, 24, Gosfield South, same, s/o George FOX & Abbie FOX, married Hazel VALADE, 28, Gosfield South, Kingsville, d/o John Wesley VALADE & Lydia Ann HEATON, witn: Inez FOX & David HEATON, both of Kingsville, 12 jan 1926 at Kingsville 35346-26 Ernest FOX, 21, laborer, Colchester South, Amherstburg, s/o Horacio FOX, b. Ont & Lorella LANE, married Louise MELOCHE, 14, Amherstburg, same, d/o Felix MELOCHE, b. Ont & Cecil MELOCHE, witn: Harry & Laura MELOCHE of Amherstburg, 31 Dec 1926 at Amherstburg
  35348-26 Roy Ereu FRANCOM, 23, carpenter, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John FRANCOM, b. Ont & Maude TRAINLEY, married Florence Emily WEBSTER, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Frank E. WEBSTER, b. England & Alice FAY (Fray?), witn: William GURR of Walkerville & Kathleen WEBSTER of Windsor, 31 March 1926 at Walkerville
35349-26 Kenneth G. FRASER, 30, automobile financing, Detroit, same, s/o William A. FRASER, b. Port Bruce Ont & Annie L. SAWYER, married Hortense A. DUSSEAU, 21, Detroit, same, d/o Walter A. DUSSEAU, b. Detroit & Ida L'ABBE, witn: Dean? & Hazel BRENGLE of Detroit, 12 Aug. 1926 at Ford 35350-26 William FROBEL, 33, plumber, Ottawa, Ford, s/o Ernest FROBEL, b. Germany & Dorothy BURKE, married Stella CHURCOTT, 26, glass cutter, Wallaceburg, Ford, d/o Oliver CHURCOTT, b. Ont & Louise HUNTER, witn: Pat MURPHY & Katie HARDT, both of Ford, 21 Oct 1926 at Ford
35351-26 William James FULLER, 24, gentleman, Detroit, same, s/o Thomas FULLER, b. England & Ella HAYES, married Irene Virginia PETLOCK, 21, of Detroit, d/o Frank Joseph PETLOCK, b. Germany & Florence ARMKNECHT, witn: Fred TURNER & Alice COLNIG?, both of Detroit, 20 Nov 1926 at town of Essex 35352-26 Arthur Livingston FURLONG, 28, farmer, Mount Forest, Ford, s/o Michael FURLONG & Jean FRASER, married Mary Margaret O'KEEFE, 21, Sandwich East, same, d/o John O'KEEFE & Virginia PRUD'HOMME, witn: Frederick J. FURLONG of Niagara Falls NY & Cecilia McLEAN of Windsor, 16 Feb 1926 at Ford
35353-26 Delifa Joseph GAGNON, 20, mechanic, Loiselleville, Windsor, s/o Anterino GAGNON & Hedwidge DICAIRE, married Lena Marie BASTIEN, 21, McGregor, Sandwich, d/o Ferdinand BASTIEN & Emelie BENETEAU, witn: Wallace CHARRETTE & Cecilia BASTIEN, both of Sandwich, 31 Aug 1926 at Sandwich 35354-26 Joseph Leo GAGNON, 19, clerk, Montreal, Windsor, s/o Joseph Omer GAGNON, b. St. Justien Que & Mary Virginie PAQUETTE, married Beatrice BELLEMORE, 19, St. Joachim, Windsor, d/o Damase BELLEMORE, b. Louisville Que & Celamire DESAULIERS, witn: Elmer BELLEMORE & Florida GAGNON, both of Ford, 5 Nov 1926 at Ford
35355-26 John Shand GALL, 46, widower, assistant sales manager, Windsor, same, s/o George GALL, b. Scotland & Annie SHAND, married Irene Mildred LYPPS, 25, of Colchester South twp., d/o Perry Edward LYPPS, b. Ont & Annie LIDWELL (Sidwell?), witn: R. & Lloyd LYPPS of Harrow, 19 July 1926 at Christ Church, Colchester South 35356-26 Alfred Frederick GALLOP, 26, baker, England, Belle River, s/o William H. GALLOP, b. Warrington & Elizabeth JONES, married Evelyn CAMPEAU, 20, clerk, Belle River, same, d/o Anthony CAMPEAU, b. Belle River & Adele RENAUD, witn: William GROSSELIN & Laura GEORGE, both of Belle River, 11 Dec 1926 at Belle River
35357-26 Frederick GARVIN, 38, mechanic, Brantford, YMCA in Brantford, s/o James GARVIN, b. Ireland & Emily MOUNTAIN, married Mildred Jane HUMBLE, 23, saleslady, Petrolia Ont., Walkerville, d/o Charles HUMBLE, b. Canada & Viola VANDERWATER, witn: S.J. & A.E. HUMBLE of Windsor, 30 Oct 1926 at Walkerville 35358-26 Stanley GASCOYNE, 22, laborer, Gosfield South, Leamington, s/o Jackson GASCOYNE, b. Ont & Sarah Ella MANCHESTER, married Susan PAULUS, 18, Saginaw Mich, same, d/o Daniel PAULUS, b. Michigan & Gertie WITZ, witn: Garnet GASCOYNE of Leamington & Ruby COWAN of Woodslee, 11 Nov 1926 at Leamington
35359-26 Henri GATIEN, 25, laborer, Sault Ste. Marie Ont., Ford, s/o Theodore GATIEN & Vitaline McDONALD, married Malvina TREPANIER, 21, Rochester twp., St. Joachim, d/o Salomon TREPANIER & Roe LEFEBVRE, witn: John TREPANIER of Staples & Elmire TREPANIER of St. Joachim, 4 May 1926 at St. Joachim 35360-26 George William GAUDION, 33, farmer, Ontario, Essex, s/o John GAUDION, b. Canada & Delia CROWDER, married Leitha Victoria WAGNER, 19, Ontario, Essex, d/o Andrew WAGNER, b. Canada & Elfreda MUSTARD, witn: Nenny CHALK of Kingsville & Francis PARNALL of Burford, 1 Sept 1926 at Walkerville
35361-26 Russell Howard GAUSLIN, 22, salesman, Toronto, same, s/o Albert L. GAUSLIN, b. Canada & Jessie SELLARY, married Helen Elizabeth GRAY, 21, Toronto, same, d/o Frank Arthur GRAY, b. Canada & Evelyn Louisa MITCHELL, witn: Hazel E. ADOLPH & Elma? CHAPMAN, both of Sandwich, 18 Sept 1925 at Sandwich 35362-26 Earl William GEDDES, 31, agent, Romney twp., Chatham, s/o George GEDDES, b. Scotland & Annie GREGOR, married Grace Alexandra OSTERHOUT, 24, teacher, Thamesville, Coatsworth - Romney twp., d/o Charles Eugene OSTERHOUT, b. Canada & Minnie Maud LLOYD, witn: Garnet S. & Mrs. Garnet POPE of Detroit, 30 Oct 1926 at Walkerville
35363-26 Thomas William GEKILL, 20, truck driver, England, Riverside, s/o William GEKILL, b. England & Mary SNOOK, married Ethel Marie BENNETT, 18, Cottam, Sandwich, d/o Alfred Leroy BENNETT, b. Ont & Edith MYLES, witn: A. & Mrs. A. GIFFORD of Riverside, 11 Sept 1926 at Ford 35364-26 Errol GEROW, 37, railway brakeman, Wallacetown, Leamington, s/o Peter GROW, b. Picton & Martha BULL, married Stella May ALLISON, 20, domestic work, Woodslee, Leamington, d/o William ALLISON, b. Woodslee & Rosie A. PYLE, witn: Mahlon & Ina WRIGHT of Leamington, 15 July 1926 at Leamington
35365-26 Philip Stapleton GERRARD, 20, builder, Hamilton Ont., Sandwich, s/o Stapleton GERRARD & Frances TETLOW, married Stella WEBB, 22, sales clerk, Lancaster England, Sandwich, d/o Samuel WEBB & Elizabeth GLENDENNING, witn: Lawrence A. GERRARD of Hamilton & Edna J. BROAD of Windsor, 25 Aug 1926 at St. Johns Church, Sandwich 35366-26 William Henry GIDDY, 35, machinist, England, Windsor, s/o Frederick James GIDDY & Lillian Kate MARTIN, married Mary Onell? WOODCOCK, 26, England, Walkerville, d/o Thomas WOODCOCK & Fannie WHITTLE, witn: Hugh WOODCOCK of Walkerville & Mrs. Walter BOLTON of Ford, 17 July 1926 at Walkerville
35367-26 Edward GIRARD, 33, widower, motorman on streetcar, Montreal, Windsor, s/o Edmond GIRARD & Nathalie PAGE, married Dora HODGES, 18, Elmstead, Tecumseh, d/o Isaac HODGES & Emma GALIPEAULT, witn: Victorien DEPRES of Windsor & Rose HODGES of Tecumseh, 22 June 1926 at Tecumseh 35368-26 George GIRARD, 26, mechanic, Belle River, Ford, s/o Joseph GIRARD & Leocadie POISSON, married Irene LAFOND, 21, Sandwich East twp., same, d/o Alexander LAFOND & Anna SOULLIERE, witn: Henry LAFOND of Maidstone & Melvina GIRARD of Belle River, 21 Sept 1926 at Tecumseh
35369-26 Joseph GLEDHILL, 24, baker, Bay City Mich., Flint Mich., s/o Charles GLEDHILL, b. Toledo Ohio & Margaret BARBER, married Iola WOODS, 18, Bay City Mich., Walkerville, d/o Edmund WOODS, b. Clarkson Ohio & Sarah FOSSIETTE, witn: Mrs. M. GLEDHILL of Flint & Artelle RICHIE of 188 Windermere Rd., 22 Aug 1926 at Walkerville 35370-26 Ernest Albert GORICK, 24, farmer, London England, Colchester South, s/o Henry GORICK, b. England & Ada LIEBERMAN, married Mary Agnes AFFLECK, 17, Colchester South, same, d/o Arthur AFFLECK, b. Harrow Ont & Theresa TIERNEY, witn: Norman AFFLECK of Harrow & Myrtle SKIDMORE of Woodslee, 20 Jan 1926 at manse, Harrow
35372-26 Frederick Oswald GRAHAM, 32, widower, Ontario, Kingsville, s/o John GRAHAM & Annie May CUMMINGS, married Isabell Florence CAMPBELL, 27, Ontario, Kingsville, d/o John CAMPBELL & Annie McCALLUM, witn: Thomas Carlyle LEA of Chicago & Jean Irene GRAHAM of Kingsville, 14 Oct 1926 at Church of the Epiphany, Kingsville 35373-26 John Lawrence GRAHAM, 26, widower, mechanic, Leamington, same, s/o William Rennie GRAHAM, b. Scotland & Anna Elizabeth COLLISON, married Leola Hildred JONES, 20, stenographer, Mersea twp., Leamington, d/o Ernest Jefferson JONES, b. Mersea twp & Adazilla Hester SETTERINGTON, witn: Ida HOPE & Rex IMESON, both of Leamington, 4 Sept 1926 at Leamington
35374-26 George Duncan GRAY, 52, agent, Ontario, Brigden Ont., s/o James GRAY, b. Ont & Elspeth WARREN, married Lillian Sophia DELL, 26, teacher, England, King Edward Hotel in Toronto, d/o William Blackley DELL, b. England & Agnes HUGHES, witn: Georgia CALVEN & Kenneth Hemsley MURRAY, both of Windsor, 23 Aug 1926 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 35375-26 Jacob A. GREENBERG, 28, druggist, Russia, Windsor, s/o Henry GREENBERG, b. Russia & Sarah ROGIN, married Annette WEINGARDEN, 19, Windsor, Sandwich, d/o Isaac WEINGARDEN, b. Russia & Cella MERETZKY, witn: Mondel illegible of Philadelphia & Samuel JACOBS of Detroit, 17 Oct 1926 at Sandwich
35376-26 Chester J. GREENE, 30, clerk, Bloomington Illinois, Windsor, s/o Ralph B. GREENE, b. Iowa & Grace L. JOHNSTON, married Mildred J. LUTTRELL, 21, Burgettstown PA., Windsor, d/o Albert E. LUTTRELL b. Ohio & Edna MILLER, witn: George W. KELLY of Pittsburgh PA & Bessie DYSON of Essex, 27 July 1926 at Essex 35803-26 Anthony GRESERA? (Zresera?), 20, machine operator, Detroit, Ford, s/o Thomas GRESERA & Elizabeth VERDA, married Laura LAFORET, 28, Tecumseh, Ford, d/o Alexander LAFORET & Louise LETOURNEAU, witn: Elizabeth LAFORET & Lucile BEAUSOLEIL, both of Ford, 29 June 1926 at Ford
35377-26 John Fraser GRIEVE, 24, machinist, Glasgow Scotland, Walkerville, s/o David W. GRIEVE, b. Scotland & Jean FRASER, married Sarah Lillian Violet McWHINNEY, 23, saleslady, Glasgow Scotland, same, d/o Hugh McWHINNEY, b. Ireland & Jane WATT, witn: James HOAD of Riverside & Jean M. GRIEVE of Walkerville, 30 July 1926 at Walkerville 35371-26 Charel GROSSENS (Goosens?), 22, Staicken Belgium, Comber, s/o Cyril GROSSENS & Dollik MAES, married Maria DE BLICK, 25, Beverens Belgium, Comber, d/o Lamore? DE BLICK & Maria MAES, witn: Albert VAN ORULOOP & Irma GROSSENS, both of Comber, 19 May 1926 at Staples
35378-26 Darwin Leon GROVES, 31, farmer, Indiana US, Colchester North, s/o Albert b. USA & Rebecca, married Sarah Emily KENNEDY, 27, nurse, Frontenac Co., Gosfield North, d/o Isaac KENNEDY, b. Ireland & Annastasia McPHERSON, witn: Isaac & Annastasia KENNEDY of Essex, 23 March 1926 at Kingsville 35379-26 James Edison GRUBB, 25, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o William A. GRUBB, b. Essex Co Ont & Lucinda CHAMBERS, married Lorna Odessa LIEBROCK, 20, Mersea twp., Leamington, d/o Charles Alvin LIEBROCK, b. Essex Co Ont & Elsie A. THOMPSON, witn: Clarence LIEBROCK & Edith GRUBB, both of Leamington, 17 July 1926 at Leamington
35380-26 Israel GUILBEAULT, 18, laborer, Staples, Ford, s/o Alfred GUILBEAULT & Zelda LEFEVRE, married Eveline CHAUVIN, 20, Tilbury, Ford, d/o Noe CHAUVIN & Leona MAILLOUX, witn: Romeo GARENT & Eva CHAUVIN, both of Ford, 5 Oct 1926 at Ford 35381-26 George HAIGH, 23, seat inspector, Batley Yorkshire England, Riverside, s/o Webster HAIGH, b. England & Jane PARKINSON, married Mabel HAYLAND, 20, shoe marker, Sheffield Yorkshire, Riverside, d/o George HAYLAND, b. England & Elizabeth Ann EGLINGTON, witn: Ernest HAIGH & Alice INGHAM, both of Ford, 31 March 1926 at Ford
35382-26 Frank HAILSTONE, 27, electrician, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Frank HAILSTONE, b. Glasgow & Christine HAY, married Mary Bryden McWHIRTER, 29, Scotland, Windsor, d/o James McWHIRTER, b. Ayrshire & Mary HYSLIP, witn: James Henry DUNCAN of 1559 Parent Ave & May DRUMMOND of 116 Tecumseh Rd., 4 June 1926 at Walkerville 035384-26 Kenneth HAMILTON, 26, auditor, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o Samuel HAMILTON (b. Ontario) & Catharine SEEVER married Dorothy Mary Ellen SARSFIELD, 26, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o William SARSFIELD (b. Canada) & Elizabeth O'SHAUGHNESSY, witn: W. J. SARSFIELD of Detroit & P. J. SARSFIELD of Walkerville, 18 November 1926 in Walkerville.
035485-26 Peter HANCHARUK, 37, auto worker, Russia, 4 Francis St. Ford , s/o Vassiliy HANCHARUK (b. Russia) & Mary married Annie PANCUKUK, 35, housewife, Austria, 4 Francis St. Ford, spinster, d/o Peter PANCUKUK (b. Austria) & (no mother's name given), witn: Constant J. VASUK of 150 Drouillard & Neil DEALON of 158 Callice St., 2 October 1926 in Ford 035486-26 Melville W. HANDBRIDGE, 23 on 7 December 1926, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John HANDBRIDGE (b. Canada) & Phoebe BOYCE married Kathleen GAWLEY, 23, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Joseph J. GAWLEY (b. Ireland) & Hester JONES, witn: Cecil V. C. GAWLEY of 124 Marentette Ave. Windsor & Marjorie CARTER of 142 Josephine St. Windsor, 10 September 1926 in Walkerville
035387-26 George HARDY, 22, machinist, Chatham, Walkerville, s/o George HARDY & Ellen SARGENT married Stella FAUTEUX, 18, Walkerville, Walkerville, d/o Alexander FAUTEUX & Seraphine DROUILLARD, witn: Jack HARDY & Anna MALOTT both of Walkerville, 5 June 1926 in Walkerville 035388-26 Donald HARGREAVES, 22, mechanic, England, Walkerville, s/o James HARGREAVES (b. England) & Ellen CONNELL (Cannell?) married Ivy May SIMPSON, 23, England, Windsor, d/o Bernard William SIMPSON (b. England) & Sarah TENSAM?, witn: Rich & William DAVIE (Durie?) of Windsor, 24 September 1926 in Walkerville
035389-26 Sidney HARPER, 24, machinist, Barrow? Lancashire England, Detroit, s/o James HARPER (b. Scotland) & Jessie L. CUTHBERT married Florence Taylor PARKIN, 20, factory employee, Bury Lancashire England, Ford City Ont., d/o Robert Thomas PARKIN (b. England) & Martha DEWSNAP, witn: Leslie L. HARPER of Flint Michigan & Elsie NEWBOLD of 521 Arthur Windsor, 10 (15 ?) October 1926 in Walkerville 035390-26 Arthur HARRIS, 21, welder helper, England, Walkerville, s/o Robert HARRIS (b. England) & Elizabeth WHITE married Jessie HOGARTH, 21, Scotland, Walkerville, d/o Henry HOGARTH (b. Scotland) & Marguerite N. SPROAT, witn: William HARRIS of 172 Monmouth Rd. Walkerville & Annie HOGARTH of Leamington Ont., 19 June 1926 in Walkerville
035392-26 William Henry HARRISON, 30, machinist, East Sandwich Twp, 587 California Ave. Sandwich, widower, s/o William HARRISON (b. Ontario) & Julia COOK married Charlotte HALL, 21, shop girl, Belfast Ireland, California Ave. Sandwich, d/o William HALL (b. Ireland) & Sarah Jane McGOWAN, witn: Raymond KENNEDY of 454 Murray St. Windsor & Miss Minnie HARWOOD of 587 California Ave., 1 May 1926 in Sandwich. 035391-26 Theodore HARRISON, 25, truck driver, Belle River, 587 California Ave. Sandwich Town, s/o William HARRISON (b. Niagara Falls Ont) & Julia COOK married Marine TALBERT, 16 past, housework, Windsor, Fort Amherstburg, d/o William TALBERT (b. Essex Co) & Rosie GOURD, witn: Raymond KENNEDY & Marie HARRISON both of Sandwich, 5 June 1926 in Amherstburg.
035393-26 Clyde Perrin HATCH, 29, farmer, St. Thomas, Mersea Twp., s/o Morgan HATCH (b. Elgin Co) & Ruey YEATMAN married Grace Millicent MOSS, 25, A. T. C. M., Leamington, Leamington, d/o Fred S. MOSS (b. Sandusky Ohio) & Emma FRYE, witn: Harold HATCH of Leamington & Beatrice L. WHEATON of Port Stanley, 16 June 1926 in Leamington. 035394-26 Henry HENAIS, 29, carpenter, Tecumseh, Tecumseh, s/o Henri HENAIS & Rose LAUZON married Elizabeth RENE, 19, La Salle (Petite Cote), La Salle, d/o Samuel RENE & Emma HENIN, witn: Pierre & Cecile RENE both of La Salle, 4 October 1926 in La Salle.
035395-26 Joseph Francis HEWER, 20, farmer, Leamington, Leamington, s/o Albert Henry HEWER (b. England) & Gertrude ROBINSON married Vera Jane REID, 19, stenographer, Blytheswood, Leamington, d/o Roy Nelson REID (b. Blytheswood) & Eva Maud COULTER , witn: C. R. HEIDRITH of 22 Eliot St. Leamington & Jean PROSSER of 14 Robinson St. Leamington, 29 November 1926 in Leamington. 035396-26 Adiel HEYTENS, 37, farmer, Belgium, Sarnia, s/o Charles HEYTENS (b. Belgium) & Julia GILL married Eliza MANHOUT, 31, works in tobacco factory, Belgium, Kingsville, spinster, d/o Peter MANHOUT (b. Belgium) & Rose DEVOS, witn: Louise M. & Morrice M. TURNER both of Leamington, 8 March 1926 in Leamington.
035397-26 Theodore Joseph HILLSTROM, 22, accountant, St. Paul Minnesota, 2970 Clairmont Detroit, s/o Joseph HILLSTROM & Sophia CARLSON married Dorothea Bernice HOOD, 20, student, Lafayette Indiana, 12 California Ave. Sandwich, d/o Percy R. HOOD & Cora MOHR, witn: Kenneth M. & Mrs. K. M. BORDEN both of Detroit, 2 June 1926 in Sandwich. 035399-26 Herbert Elmer HINES, 21, laborer, Essex Town, Essex Town, s/o Edward HINES (b. Canada) & Emma EBBINGHOUSE married Muriel Beatrice PETTIT, 19, housekeeper, Hamilton, Essex Town lately, d/o Norman PETTIT (b. Canada) & Mina SWAYSE, witn: S. L. MILLAR & Claire CRAKEN both of Essex, 15 October 1926 in Essex. [divorced March 19, 1936]
035398-26 Nelson Earl HISLOP, 20, farmer, Gosfield North Essex Co., Gosfield North Essex Co., s/o Otto N. HISLOP (b. Essex Co) & Cinderella PEASE married Mildred Irene MALOTT (MALLOTT), 22, Gosfield North Essex Co., Leamington, d/o Roy MALLOTT (b. Essex Co) & Rosetta PARSONS, witn: Mrs. S. J. BRIDGETTE & Mrs. Mary THORNTON both of Ruthven Ont., 24 December 1926 in Ruthven 035400-26 Emil HLEUKA, 28, bridge worker, Roumania, Ford City, s/o Ernst HLEUKA (b. Roumania) & Rackela PALSEVIN, married Mary ATAMACHUK, 16, home duties, Russia, Ford City, d/o Anton ATAMANCHUK (b. Russia) & Annie JAKOWESCHAN, witn: Mary MALIK & Nik STACK both of Ford, 2 January 1926 at St. Marys Church in Walkerville
035401-26 Charles Wallace HODGE, 60, blacksmith, Ontario, Florence, widower, s/o Myles HODGE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth REED married Ellen STILL, 58, domestic, England, Cottam, widow, d/o Samuel KERSHAW (b. England) & Alice GOODACRE, witn: Henry STILL & Alice CARTER both of Cottam, 30 October 1926 in Cottam  
035402-26 Louis Elbridge HOGGE, 24, electrician, New Glasgow N.S., 90 Victoria Rd Walkerville, s/o George HOGGE (b. Canada) & Annie REYNOLDS married Doris HAMMOND, 19, telephone operator, London England, 184 Windermere Rd. Walkerville, d/o James HAMMOND (b. Essex England) & Sarah FRYETT, witn: George C. & Honor HOGGE both of 90 Victoria Rd Walkerville, 18  June 1926 in Walkerville 035403-26 Frank HOUGHTON, 36, machinist, Dawn Twp, Ford City, s/o Joseph HOUGHTON (b. Canada) & Ellen S. BLACKLOCK married Dorothy N. PUDDINGTON, 25, house duties, Hayward Heath, Ford City, d/o Thomas J. PUDDINGTON (b. England) & Annie F. JENNER, witn: Mrs. A. B. & Jeanne VINCENT both of Walkerville, 8 November 1926 in Walkerville
035405-26 William Charles HOWE, 27, plasterer, Leamington, Leamington, s/o Albert HOWE (b. Ontario) & Esther FITZPATRICK married Jessie Evelyn LATAM, 22, Mersea Twp., Mersea Twp, d/o Bruce LATAM (b. Ontario) & Ida BAILEY, witn: Anna May & Peggy M. TAYLOR both of London, 3 August 1926 in Kingsville 035404-26 Edward Nettleton HOWE, 25, auto worker, Wakefield England, 312½ London St. London, s/o Edward W. HOWE (b. not given) & Caroline TILLY married Christine Hardy TOCHER, 22, domestic, Peterhead Scotland, 344 Argyle Rd. Walkerville, d/o Alexander TOCHER (b. not given) & Catharine BAIN, witn: Robert W. & Isabel J. THOMSON both of 344 Argyle Rd. Walkerville, 27 November 1926 in Walkerville
035406-26 Charles William HUFFMAN, 23, farmer, Colchester South, Colchester South, s/o William HUFFMAN (b. Colchester South) & Gertrude E. SELLERS married Helen Sylvia THOMPSON, 16, Colchester South, Colchester South, d/o Ernest THOMPSON (b. Colchester South) & Susie H. McLEAN, witn: Ellis E. WHITE of 16156 Oakfield Ave. Detroit & Gladys Jessie HUFFMAN of Arner, 1 November 1926 in Harrow 035407-26 Frank Edward HUGHES, 31, salesman, Winnipeg Manitoba, Sarnia, divorced in Manitoba in 1925, s/o John HUGHES (b. Wales) & Minnie CORNISH married Agnes Magdalene STILSON, 21, London, Sandwich, d/o Albert STILSON (b. Canada) & Minnie VOLKER, witn: Elmer F. & Olive L. CORNISH both of Sandwich, 14 March 1926 in Walkerville
035408-26 Charles HUMPAGE, 26, farmer, England, Pelee Island, s/o John Thomas HUMPAGE (b. England) & Katherine BLATCHFORD married Frieda Anna RIEGER, 20, Ohio U.S.A., Pelee Island, d/o Carl RIEGER (b. Germany) & Pauline Anna BERTHOLD, witn: Mrs. O. & Orvel McCORMICK both of Pelee Island, 15 October 1926 in Pelee Island. 035409-26 George HUSTON, 24, manager Eureka shop, Glencoe, Windsor, s/o Robert W. HUSTON (b. Canada) & Catherine L. McLACHLAN married Evelyn HUGHES, 23, Newmarket, Windsor, d/o George W. HUGHES (b. Canada) & Sarah HOLLINGSHEAD, witn: Viola O. & D. A. BACON both of Walkerville, 20 January 1926 in Walkerville
  035410-26 Henry HWIEGERS, 28, farmer, Laven N.H. Holland, Leamington, s/o Henry HWIEGERS & Gertrude SCHAAL married Antonia EYPE (EYKE?), 27, Bussum Holland, Leamington, d/o Theodore EYPE (EYKE?) & Mina HOOGERS, witn: William REESER of Kingsville & Mrs. Martin VAN LIESHOUT of Leamington, 5 April 1926 in Leamington
035411-26 Nelson INNES, 28, shipping clerk, West Woodstock, Tecumseh Village, s/o John INNES (b. Canada) & Jennie VANDECAR married Christine OGILVY, 20, housekeeper, Stratford, Tecumseh Village, d/o James OGILVY (b. Canada) & Christena BLANE, witn: Harry H. LORGIN (LORGEN?) of 3541 Porter St. Detroit & Gladys OGILVY of 8782 Olivet St. Detroit, 8 February 1926 in Walkerville 035412-26 John Hulley IRELAND, 21, clerk, Gorston England, 133 Fournier St. Sandwich, s/o Josiah IRELAND (b. England) & Ruth HULLEY, married Doris Maud FOX, 20, typist, Ipswich England, 133 Fournier St. Sandwich, d/o Albert FOX (b. England) & Alice Maud COOPER, witn: Inez V. & A. D. BATTERSBY both of Walkerville, 30 October 1926 at St. Mary's Church in Walkerville
035413-26 John Joseph JACKSON, 21, chemist, New Brunswick, Walkerville, s/o John W. JACKSON (b. New Brunswick) & Mary E. FOLEY married Marie Virginia DORAN, 21, New Brunswick, Walkerville, d/o Sylvester DORAN (b. New Brunswick) & Margaret COMO, witn: Patrick & Nellie DIGGINS both of Detroit, 14 August 1926 in Walkerville. 035414-26 Stevens John Henry JACKSON, 24, machinist, Windsor Ont., Detroit, s/o Stonewall John Richard JACKSON (b. Surrey England) & Huldah Marjorie DUNNING married Audrey Orlena WAITE, 22, cashier, St. Thomas, Windsor, spinster, d/o Thomas MARSHALL (b. St. Thomas) & May POTTICARY (mother married 2nd time- illeg info (c/b David WAITE ?)), witn: William M. WAITE of 184 Church St. Highland Park Michigan & Verlie I. WAITE of 114 Brock St. Sandwich, 15 May 1926 at St. John's Church in Sandwich
035415-26 Wilfred JACQUES, 28, farmer, Derbyshire England, Pelee Island Ont., s/o William JACQUES (b. England) & Mary Ann SHENTON married Annie REH, 18 (was 18 on 6 March 1926), Pelee Island, Pelee Island, d/o Frederick REH (b. Sandusky Ohio) & Alice CARTER, witn: William J. & Sarah E. DAUBNEY both of Scudder Ont., 6 May 1926 in Leamington 035416-26 George JANISKY (YANISKY), 37, laborer, Russia, Ford City, s/o Frank JANISKY (b. Russia) & Annie ELNUKY married Marie CALFAINAC, 43, house duties, Bucovina Austria, Ford City, widow, d/o Mike COLFLAINAC (b. Austria) & Aral ALEXANDIUN, witn: Peter DOEKANCHUK & Eva NECKAC, both of Ford City, 20 February 1926 in Walkerville.
035417-26 Samuel JANISSE, 56, watchman, Essex Co., Walkerville, widower, s/o Thomas JANISSE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth GOYEAU, married Mary GELINA, 58, Essex Co., Ford, widow, d/o Leon NANTAIS (b. Ontario) & Adeline MENARD, witn: Nelson F. GODIN of Riverside & T. P. C. DONNELLAN of Ford, 28 August 1926 in Ford. 035418-26 Joseph JEANNETOT, 27, gas maker, Quebec, Windsor, s/o Adolph JEANNETOT (b. Canada) & Georgina BOUDREAU married Victoria MIREAULT, 19 (b. 17 April 1906), St. Julien Quebec, Windsor, d/o Wilfred MIREAULT (deceased) (b. Canada) & Leticia BERTHRANE (deceased), witn: R. Michel GINGRAS of 637 Sandwich East & Vincent BARTOLOME of 1132 Hall Ave., 1 January 1926 in Walkerville
035419-26 Earl JESSOP, 22 past, farmer, Sandwich South, Roseland Essex Co., s/o William JESSOP (b. Canada) & Anna E. LOUNSBROUGH married Florence Winnifred SMITH, 24 past, clerk, Windsor, Winnipeg Manitoba, d/o Andrew SMITH (b. England) & Kate SWIFT, witn: Muriel JESSOP of 214 Randolph St. Windsor & Otto JESSOP of Roseland, 25 March 1926 in Sandwich South  
035421-26 Austin JONES, 19, farmer, Anderdon Twp, Anderdon Twp, s/o Henry JONES (b. Malden Twp) & Alice TODD married Helen MICKLE, 18, housework, Anderdon Twp, Anderdon Twp, d/o Andrew MICKLE (b. Malden Twp) & Blanche WIRES, witn: Elizabeth RICHMOND of Auld & Darwin WISMER of Amherstburg, 20 January 1926 at L. D. S. Church in Anderdon Twp 035420-26 Archibald P. H. JONES, 21, steam fitter, Rodney, Brazil (new subdivision) Windsor, s/o Joseph JONES (b. Wales) & Anna Jane PATTERSON married Josephine M. COUVILLON (COUVEAU), 17 past, filler girl - Canadian salt company, Matchell Rd in Sandwich West, no residence given, d/o Albert COUVILLON (COUVEAU) (b. Ontario) & Adeline BEAUDOIN, witn: Arthur & Louise GELINA both of Windsor, 21 January 1926 in Sandwich
035422-26 Clayton JONES, 20, farmer, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp Essex Co., s/o Alfred JONES (b. Essex Co) & Fanny BAILEY married Laurena FISH, 18, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o Abraham FISH (b. Essex Co) & Lilian BELL, witn: Nettie & Lawrence FISH both of Leamington, 7 October 1926 in Leamington 035423-26 Sidney JONES, 20, machinist, St. Thomas Elgin Co., Howard Ave. Windsor, s/o Joseph JONES (b. Canada) & Anna PATTERSON married Blanch E. CLINANSMITH, 19 past, telephone operator, Chatham, 317 Gladstone Ave. Windsor, d/o William CLINANSMITH (b. Canada) & Mary GAURD, witn: Christopher L. PAGET of 57 Jos Jannisee Ave. Ford & Florence RISEBOROUGH of 20 Gladstone Ave. Windsor, 3 November 1926 in Walkerville
  035424-26 Frank JORDAN, 32, farmer, England, Southwold Twp, s/o Charles JORDAN (b. England) & Henrietta BEARD married Mary Margaret FLINT, 22, maid, Dunwich Twp , Elgin Co., d/o Thomas George FLINT (b. England) & Louisa McCARTY, witn: Clara A. BATCHELOR & Annie VOWEL both of Leamington, 9 December 1926 in Leamington.
035425-26 Francis KANE, 48, farmer, Thamesville Ont., Bothwell, s/o James KANE & Catherine O'HARA married Eleanor COUVILLON, 17, McGregor Ont., Sandwich, d/o Felix COUVILLON & Elizabeth MATCHET, witn: Thomas & Anna COUVILLON both of Sandwich, 22 November 1926 in Sandwich 035426-26 Francis KANE, 30, truck driver, Maidstone Twp, Sandwich South, s/o Bernard KANE & Hannah KENNY married Marie BROWNE, 24, nurse, Woodslee Ont., Sandwich South, d/o Thomas BROWNE & Margaret McRAE, witn: Bernard BROWNE of Maidstone & Agnes DONOVAN of Windsor Ont., 21 July 1926 at St. Mary's Church in Maidstone.
035427-26 Walder Johannes KAUPPI, 27, laborer, Finland, Amherstburg, s/o Johannes KAUPPI (b. Finland) & Olka WAUKATATO (?) married Helmi Alexandra MOIAIA (?), 25, domestic, Finland, Amherstburg, d/o Joseph MOIAIA (b. Finland) & Effdaryyne LAURIKKA,, witn: Emily GOODCHILD of Amherstburg & Helmi TUOMI of Riverside, 19 June 1926 in Amherstburg. 035428-26 Joseph Wilfred KAVANAUGH, 24, laborer, Gaspe Quebec, Sandwich, s/o Patrick KAVANAUGH & Elizabeth O'CONNOR married Albina Marie GOUDREAU, 17, factory work, Gaspe Quebec, Sandwich, d/o Louis GOUDREAU & Rosa Belle COULOMBE, witn: Ludger KAVANAUGH & Georgianna GOUDREAU both of Sandwich, 20 April 1926 in Sandwich
035429-26 Robert Martin KEITH, 22, bookkeeper, Combs, Ford Ont., s/o John KEITH & Mabel MARSH, married Daisy Beatrice SHEPHERD, 21, Wales, Ford, d/o John SHEPHERD & Ada HUGO, witn: Russell KEITH of Ember & Maria SHEPHERD of Ford City, 12 July 1926 in Ford. 035430-26 William Alexander KEITH, 29, clerk, Scotland, Windsor, s/o William KEITH (b. Scotland) & Maria CABLE married Barbara C. YEATS, 32, Scotland, Windsor, spinster, d/o William YEATS (b. Scotland) & Jane CRUICKSHANK, witn: Alexander Cable KEITH of 107 Sandwich St. East & Catherine L. GRAHAM of 214 Erskine St. Detroit, 7 August 1926 in Walkerville.
035431-26 Joseph KELLY, 25, bus driver, Ireland, Detroit, s/o Peter KELLY & Catherine BRADLEY married Mary Elizabeth WILSON, 18, Scotland, Sandwich East, d/o James WILSON & Elizabeth JAMESON, witn: Wilfred J. & Rose RENAUD both of RR#1 Roseland Ont., 14 June 1926 in Ford City 035432-26 Sam KERZNER, 25, laborer, Lithuania, RR#4 Bright - Blenheim Twp, s/o Morris KERZNER (b. Kovno Latvia) & Sarah KERZNER married Riveka KANDER, 25, domestic servant, Republic of Lithuania, 209 Mill St. Kitchener, d/o Chaim KANDER (b. Kovno Latvia) & Dora KANDER, witn: Will. A. LATAM of 6251 Detroit Michigan & Mr. Adler ABRAHAM of 187 Drouillard Rd., 12 December 1926 in Ford City.
035433-26 Henry Arthur KIES, 20, bookkeeper, Detroit, Detroit, s/o Arthur KIES (b. Detroit) & Viola TRULT, married Marion MARTIN, 20, Indiana, Detroit, d/o Walter MARTIN (b. South Bend Indiana) & Nora LONG, witn: Mrs. W. E. MARTIN of Detroit & Griffin STRATTON of 171 Westmount Ave. Toronto, 17 June 1926 in Walkerville. 035434-26 Walter Lance KELLINGTON, 21, motorman, Pelee Island, Ford City, s/o Albert KELLINGTON (b. Canada) & Mary COUSINS married Hazel Gertrude FOX, 21, Ruthven, Leamington, d/o Michael FOX (b. Canada) & Mary Jane NOBLE, witn: Guy IVES & Olive FOX both of Leamington, 16 October 1926 in Walkerville
035435-26 Robert KILPATRICK, 38, bricklayer, Scotland, Detroit, s/o John KILPATRICK (b. Scotland) & Jemima ROBERTSON, married Grace WILLIAMSON, 31, Scotland, Walkerville, widow, d/o James McCUBBREY (b. Scotland) & Jessie DUNLOP, witn: Alice McCUBBREY of 65 Lincoln Rd. & James Letham McCUBBREY of 276 Lincoln Rd., 25 November 1926 in Walkerville 035436-26 Paul KLIPA, 33, laborer, Jugo Slovakia, 162 St. Luke Rd. Ford, widower, s/o Matfey (b. Yugoslavia) & Eva married Mary KAPUSTA, 36, housewife, Jugo-Slovakia, 162 St. Luke Rd Ford, widow, d/o Georgiy (b. Yugoslavia) & Magdalena, witn: John S. ALAYCHA & Meela L. BARACH both of 162 St. Luke Rd., 5 September 1926 in Ford
035437-26 Edward KOEHLER, 21, laborer, Palmerston, Windsor, s/o Jacob KOEHLER (b. Germany) & Catharine BENDER married Lottie Leona DENSTEDT, 21, stenographer, Burks Falls, Windsor, d/o George DENSTEDT (b. Perth Co) & Anna MOORE, witn: Grace & Margaret HEALEY both of Essex, 4 September 1926 in Essex 035438-26 Henry August Brett KOEPPEN, 32, carpenter, Schleswig Wis., 64 Elm Ave. Windsor, s/o Fred KOEPPEN (b. Wisconsin U.S.A.) & Amelia QUANTE married Adeline Matilda Bertha LUTZKE, 33, housekeeper, Meeme Wis., Windsor, widow, d/o August QUANTE (b. Wisconsin U.S.A.) & Wilhelmina DOBBERT, witn: Caleb R. E. & Pearl A. CARNEY both of 64 Elm Ave. Windsor, 8 November 1926 at St. John's Rectory in Sandwich
035439-26 William KOSSMAN, 21, carpenter, Austria, 550 Metcalfe St. Ford, s/o John KOSSMAN (b. Austria) & Mereniuk, married Jessie CHECORLAN, 17, Winnipeg Manitoba, Ford, d/o Basil CHECORLAN (b. Austria) & Franie RODNIXA, witn: Jemion & Elena KOSMAN both of 1357 St. Luke Rd. Ford, 30 October 1926 in Ford 035440-26 Daniel KUSHESJONSKY (KUCHIJNSKIG ?), 39, laborer, Podiwauhka Poland, 559 California Sandwich, s/o Savery KUCHIJNSKIG (b. Poland) & Ludvika KADLUBORSKIC married Anni PASIOSNIKE, 26, housework, Chenelicoe Poland, 559 California Sandwich, d/o John PASIOSNIKE (b. Poland) & Senka PASIOSNIKE, witn: George KARLECHUK of 116 King St. Sandwich & Mike HOWCHUK of 2308 Cornfield Rd. Sandwich, 31 December 1926 in Sandwich.
035490-26 Joseph Jean Baptiste MAILLOUX, 23, electrical engineer, Sandwich East, Riverside, s/o Eugene MAILLOUX & Josephine DUGAL married Mary Madeleine Corinne LANGLOIS, 17 yrs 362 days, Belle River, Riverside, d/o Hilaire LANGLOIS & Alexandrine MENARD, witn: Theodore MAILLOUX of Riverside & Mary MENARD of Belle River, 21 September 1926 at St. Rose Church Riverside 035491-26 Henry Aubin Alvin MAISONVILLE, 20, farmer, Windsor, Malden Twp, s/o Eugene MAISONVILLE & Olive ARQUETTE, married Nina May ROCHELEAU, 18, McGregor, Anderdon Twp, d/o Joseph ROCHELEAU & Mabel DESLIPPE, witn: Roy MAISONVILLE of Malden Twp & Yvonne ROCHELEAU of Anderdon Twp, 16 November 1926 in Amherstburg
035492-26 Elzear MALLET, 24, laborer, Shippegan, Detroit, s/o Honore MALLET & Marie DUQUAY (DUGUAY? ) married Edith COCHOIS, 20, Sandwich East, Tecumseh Sandwich East, d/o Alexander COCHOIS & Melissa BAILLARGEON, witn: Clarence COCHOIS & Lena BAILLARGEON both of Tecumseh, 16 November 1926 in Tecumseh. 035493-26 Alvin Ray MALOTT, 36, farmer, Mersea Twp Essex Co., Leamington, s/o Lancelot MALOTT (b. Essex Co) & Eva BRAUN married Myrtle May KENNEDY, 26, Colchester North Essex Co., Leamington, d/o Daniel KENNEDY (b. Chatham) & Catherine CAMPBELL, witn: Louise M. & Morrice M. TURNER both of Leamington, 2 February 1926 in Leamington
035494-26 William MANNIE, 22, machinist, Ford, Detroit, s/o Eli MANNIE & Rose PARADIS married Violetta DESCHAMPS, 18, Hull, Ford, d/o Ovila DESCHAMPS & Delia St. JACQUES, witn: Leonard & Grace LEGENDE of 2676 New Port Ave. Detroit, 13 November 1926 in Ford 035495-26 Ernest MANNING, 25, automobile body builder, Kentucky, Ford, s/o Joseph MANNING & & Lula SMITH married Edna WILLIAMSON, 20, Owen Sound, Ford, d/o Alex WILLIAMSON & Annie WATTS, witn: Edith MANNING of Williamsburg Ky. & John TEMPLETON of Detroit Michigan, 17 April 1926 in Sandwich
035496-26 Francis Joseph MARION, 28, tile setter, Detroit, Sandwich, s/o Seraphin MARION & Vitaline BENETEAU, married Margaret Bernadette KENNEY, 22, clerk, Woodslee, Tecumseh, d/o Thomas KENNEY & Louisa CARRICK, witn: Bernard KENNEY of Elmstead & Marie MARION of Sandwich, 4 August 1926 in Sandwich 035497-26 Charles William MARKERT, 23, farmer, Maidstone Twp, Maidstone Twp, s/o William MARKERT (b. Essex Co) & Clara BOWER married Edna May DAWSON, 20, housekeeper, Maidstone Twp, Maidstone Twp, d/o Robert DAWSON (b. Essex Co) & Lissie HEIL, witn: Miss J. W. HUXLEY & Mrs. Ben GOSLIN? both of Essex, 12 October 1926 in Essex
035498-26 Ivan MARANTETTE, 19, farmer, Maidstone Twp, Malden Twp, s/o Morris MARANTETTE (b. Maidstone Twp) & Rosali ENDERBY married Agnes GARDNER, 16, housework, Illinois, Malden Twp, d/o Henry GARDNER (b. not given) & Ruby ROSS, witn: Ross RUTHVEN of Harrow & Marie MARANTETTE of Malden Twp, 15 February 1926 in Amherstburg 035499-26 Rowland MARSHALL, 35, office clerk, Pateley Bridge England, 1311 May Ave. Windsor, s/o Thomas MARSHALL (b. England) & Mary Jane RAND, married Ethel May COLLINGE, 26, bookkeeper, Levenshulme England, The Limes Walton Wakefield England, d/o Edwin COLLINGE (b. England) & Elizabeth FLETCHER, witn: Janine DUNCAN & Sydney G. G. SMITH both of Walkerville, 27 May 1926 at St. George Church in Walkerville.
035500-26 Hector MARTEL, 18 past, laborer, Hull Quebec, 814 Brant St. Windsor, s/o George MARTEL (b. Hull Quebec) & Agnes DICAIRE, married Antoinette DONAIS, 28 past, folder, Hull Quebec, 32 Sandwich St. Sandwich, spinster, d/o Victor DONAT (b. Hull Quebec) & Rose JOLIE, witn: Eugene & Elida DICAIRE both of Sandwich, 6 October 1926 in Sandwich. 035501-26 Joseph Arthur MARTELL, 22, steam fitter, Victoria Mine Ont., Sandwich, s/o Joseph MARTELL & Aurore JARVAIS married Gertrude Jeanne SOUCIE, 17, Silver Town Quebec, Ford, d/o Napoleon SOUCIE & Rose BOUCHER, witn: Alexander SOUCIE of 57 Turner Rd Walkerville & E. LANGFORD of 14 Louis Lane Windsor, 11 May 1926 in Ford
035502-26 Ashley James MARTIN, 20, farmer, Malden, Malden, s/o James MARTIN (b. England) & Adelle McLEAN married Eva Julia KLIE, 19, domestic, Colchester North, Malden, d/o William KLIE (b. Ontario) & Mina MARTIN, witn: Merle Milton & Eva Belle MARTIN both of Amherstburg, 1 September 1926 in Kingsville. 035503-26 John MARTIN, 36, dairyman, Lochwinnock Scotland, 184 Monmouth Rd Walkerville, s/o James MARTIN (b. not given) & Agnes BARCLAY married Christina Colquhoun RUSSELL, 37, Glasgow Scotland, 146 Monmouth Rd. Walkerville, spinster, d/o Thomas RUSSELL (b. not given) & Isabell COLQUHOUN, witn: George MARTIN & Agnes McCALL both of Walkerville, 31 December 1926 in Walkerville.
035504-26 John MARTIN, 53, farmer, England, Walkerville, s/o Joseph MARTIN (b. England) & Sarah RANKIN married Fanny SARSON, 52, England, Dansville? Michigan, spinster, d/o William SARSON (b. England) & Erma FOX, witn: Erma & John WHEELER both of Walkerville, 24 September 1926 in Walkerville 035505-26 William Euart MARTINSON, 39, farmer, Howick Twp Kent Co., Cottam Village, s/o Albert M. MARTINSON (b. U.S.A.) & Louisa HAWK married Margaret Irene QUICK, 33, clerk, Gosfield North, Gosfield North, widow, d/o John WILCOX (b. Kent Co) & Jemima DUNCAN, witn: Mrs. William & William WALLACE both of Puce Ont., 14 April 1926 at the Manse in Puce
035506-26 Joseph Eugene MASSE, 25 (b. 14 November 1900), auto assembly man, Belle River, Ford City, s/o Israel MASSE & Katherine JACQUES married Marie Louise Adele SOULIERE, 20 (b. 3 December 1905), domestic, Sandwich East, Riverside, d/o Christophe SOULIERE & Leonie TOUSSIGNANT, witn: Paul MASSE of Ford City & Irene GELINAS of Roseland, 12 October 1926 at St. Rose Church in Riverside. 035507-26 Louis Remi MASSE, 21, car tender, Onway Michigan, Sandwich, s/o Louis MASSE & Margaret TOULOUSE married Ida Rose PARE, 20, Windsor, Sandwich, d/o Albert PARE & Sebre LAFRAMBOISE, witn: Albert OUELLETTE of Detroit & Eva MASSE of Sandwich, 11 May 1926 in Sandwich
035508-26 William Annand MATTHEW, 19, mechanic, Forfar Scotland, Walkerville, s/o David MATTHEW & Mary THORNTON married Emma Charlotte WALTER, 16, Windsor, Sandwich Twp, d/o Sherman WALTER & Eva LAMAR, witn: Stanley BENNETT of 136 Monmouth Rd. Walkerville & Florence LAMAR of RR#1 Roseland, 4 May 1926 in Ford 35537-26 Wayne McCAULEY, 25, machinist, Kingsville, Windsor, s/o Thomas McCAULEY, b. Ont & Margaret BAULSER, married Myrtle HEDGE, 25, North Gosfield twp., Windsor, res not given, d/o Charles HEDGE, b. Ont & Esther ROBSON, witn: Ellen & Walter HEDGE of South Woodslee, 13 June 1926 at South Woodslee
35538-26 William Lawrence McCRAE, 32, salesman, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o James McCRAE, b. Canada & Margaret SMITH, married Winifred MOORE, 30, widow, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Mark Burgess LOBLAW, b. Canada & Margaret BOWSER, witn: A.E. & Edith PRITCHARD of Riverside, 5 Nov 1926 at Walkerville 35539-26 John Alex McCRINDLE, 34, body assembler, Scotland, Detroit, s/o John McCRINGLE, b. Scotland & Sarah SHIELDS, married Grace May FRANCIS, 26, London England, Walkerville, d/o John FRANCIS, b. England & Elizabeth HAND, witn: Caroline WALKER & Ivy Doris LAMBE, both of Walkerville, 25 Nov 1926 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville
35540-26 John McDONALD, 32, sheet metal worker, Glasgow Scotland, Walkerville, s/o Alex McDONALD, b. Scotland & Janet KERR, married Maggie McKAY, 29, domestic, Forfar Scotland, Windsor, d/o Allan McKAY, b. Scotland & Jessie McKENZIE, witn: Anny SUMMERS & Archie McPHEE, both of Detroit, 3 April 1926 at Walkerville 35541-26 Clarence Henry Graham McEWEN, 25, accountant, Wisconsin, 97 Woodfield Rd in Toronto, s/o John Henry McEWEN, b. Ont & Margaret GORDON?, married Sarah Amelia CAMPBELL, 24, hair dresser, Ontario, 561 Church St. in Toronto, d/o James? CAMPBELL, b. Ont & Margaret RENWICK, witn: Mrs. FORD & Miss Annie MASON, both of Harrow, 21 Sept 1926 at Harrow
35542-26 Andrew McFARLAND, 22, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o Thomas McFARLAND & Annie KILDIE, married Libbie LEMIRE, 20, Tecumseh, same, d/o Louis LEMIRE & Elizabeth SOULLIERE, witn: Charles McFARLAND of Maidstone & Rose LEMIRE of Tecumseh, 7 Sept 1926 at Tecumseh 35543-26 Thomas McGEE, 34, carpenter, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Jacob McGEE, b. Canada & Louisa CHEVESON?, married Eleanor Jane Hope BATES, 19, Goderich, Windsor, d/o Thomas BATES, b. Canada & Isbobel POLLOCK, witn: J.G. McGEE of Windsor & May MORENCY of Amherstburg, 11 Oct 1926 at Amherstburg
35544-26 William Russell McGORMAN, 19, farmer, Gosfield South, same, s/o William McGORMAN, b. Ont & Elizabeth WIGLE, married Mary Isobel BOOSE, 16, Essex Co, same, d/o Richard BOOSE, b. USA & Laura GETTY, witn: Ollie Ray BOOSE & Cora Jane BOOSE, both of Gosfield South, 1 Dec 1926 at Kingsville 35545-26 Donald Gregor MacGREGOR, 27, plumber, Alpena Mich., Ripley Ont., s/o Gregor MacGREGOR, b. Canada & Mary MARTIN, married Alberta M. O'DAY, 21, Detroit, same, d/o Bert O'DAY, b. Michigan & Mary Stella WEIDEMEYER, witn: Florence WHITELY of Detroit & Lizetta MAGWOOD of Walkerville, 7 Dec 1926 at Walkerville
35547-26 Thomas Russell McKENZIE, 27, accountant, Scotland, Detroit, s/o Clark McKENZIE, b. Scotland & Jenet RUSSELL, married Muriel D'Orville KETTLE, 28, Hamilton, Detroit, d/o William KETTLE, b. Canada & Emily HARRISON, witn: Helene M. ROBE of Detroit & Florence L. WRIGHT of Amherstburg, 10 March 1926 at Amherstburg 35546-26 Alexander J. MacKENZIE, 54, physician, Bruce Co., Toronto, s/o Peter MacKENZIE, b Canada & Elizabeth VALENS, married Norma SUTHERLAND, 35, Windsor, Toronto, d/o Robert SUTHERLAND, b. Canada & Mary BARTLET, witn: Helen SUTHERLAND of Toronto & James R. COULTER of Windsor, 7 Sept 1926 at Leamington
35548-26 Robert Stark McKINNON , 36, carpenter, Percy Main - Northumberland England, Walkerville, s/o Angus McKINNON & Margaret HUMPHRIES, married Margaret Jane SCOTT, 35, Willingdon England, Howden on Tyne England, d/o James SCOTT & Ann ROBINSON, witn: William Humphrey McKINNON of Walkerville & Barbara STEEL of 121 Victoria Rd., 6 July 1926 at Walkerville 35549-26 Floyd Carruthers McKNIGHT, 26, mechanic, Bad Axe Mich., Detroit, s/o Samuel McKNIGHT, b. Canada & Mary CARRUTHERS, married Edith Florence YOUNG, 18, Hamilton, Canboro Ont., d/o Ernest YOUNG, b. Canada & Bertha BEAVIS, witn: Albert & Mrs. Nettie YOUNG of Detroit, 26 June 1926 at Walkerville
35550-26 Ray J. McLARDY, 30, telegraph operator, Hamilton, Ford, s/o James A. McLARDY & Annie BELL, married Marion A. MOORE, 27, clerk, Bothwell, Walkerville, d/o Frank MOORE & Margaret SENLER, witn: Douglas & Maria MOORE of Walkerville, 2 Nov 1926 at Walkerville 35551-26 Adam Chalmers McMILLAN, 33, butcher, Hampstead Ont., Leamington, s/o Alex McMILLAN, b. Hampstead Ont & Margaret CHALMERS, married Edith Edna WATSON, 21, clerk, Edinburgh Scotland, Leamington, d/o James WATSON, b. Scotland or England & Margaret A. REDHEAD, witn: Louise R. TURNER of Leamington & James WATSON of RR2 Ruthven, 26 Oct 1926 at Leamington
35552-26 Frederick Richard MacMURCHY, 25, illegible employee, Canada, Amherstburg, s/o John Thomas MacMURCHY & Della SMALL, married Minnie Brando Dowsett PATTERSON, 18, England, Amherstburg, d/o "didn't know", witn: Jean MacMURCHY of Collingwood Ont & Elwood CARMICHAEL of Detroit, 26 June 1926 at Amherstburg 35553-26 Donald McPHERSON, 22, electrician, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Peter McPHERSON, b. Ont & Genevieve AGLA, married Martha Ada BARTLETT, 18, England, Windsor, d/o Algua? BARTLETT, b. England & Martha HILDROW, witn: Norman Earl & Louisa BAUGH of Windsor, 31 Dec 1926 at Walkerville
035509-26 Arthur MELOCHE, 21, day laborer, Loiselleville, Loiselleville Ont., s/o Dolphis MELOCHE & Elmira BEAUDOIN married Bella MELOCHE, 21, Loiselleville, Loiselleville, d/o Henri & Cecile, witn: Fred & Bertha MELOCHE both of Loiselleville, 28 July 1926 in Loiselleville 035510-26 Claude MELOCHE, 24, gardener, La Salle, La Salle, s/o George MELOCHE & Mary PRATT married Maria NADEAU, 22, Loiselleville, Loiselleville, d/o Simeon NADEAU & Annie MONFORTON, witn: Harry MELOCHE of La Salle & Laurette MARION of Loiselleville, 20 April 1926 in Loiselleville
035511-26 Harry MELOCHE, 23, gardener, Sandwich, La Salle, s/o George MELOCHE & Mary PRATT married Laura MARION, 23, Loiselleville, Loiselleville, d/o Edward MARION & Georgine MONFORTON, witn: Clifford DUFOUR of La Salle & Loretta MONFORTON of Loiselleville, 29 November 1926 in Loiselleville.  
035512-26 Benjamin Lewis METCALFE, 18, fisherman, Romney Twp Kent Co., Leamington, s/o Harold METCALFE (b. Ontario) & Mary HILLS, married Nevada STOCKWELL, 16 on 3 August 1925), Mersea Twp Essex Co., Leamington, d/o Lorne STOCKWELL (b. Essex Co) & Olive GERARDINE, witn: Percy ELLERBECK & Leah HILLMAN, both of Leamington, 6 February 1926 in Kingsville. 035513-26 William Thomas METCALFE, 27, machinist, Hull England, Sandwich, s/o George METCALFE & Margaret COLLIER married Gladys CALEY, 24, teacher, Flinton East Yorks. England, Sandwich, d/o Samuel CALEY & Annie HERON, witn: Harry FIELD of 130 Indian Rd Sandwich & Frank VALE of 467 Janette Ave. Windsor, 18 August 1926 at St. John's Church in Sandwich
035514-26 William METIVIER, 30, carpenter, Pain Court, Detroit, s/o Theodore METIVIER & Helene MARTIN married Lena SAUVE, 20, Pointe aux Roches, Pointe aux Roches, d/o Paul SAUVE & Hatte May BESSENAIRE, witn: Elzior MARTIN of Pain Court & Anne METIVIER of Standish? Michigan, 28 December 1926 at Pointe aux Roches. 035515-26 Earl Parks MICKLE, 24, farmer, Malden, Malden, s/o Curtis R. MICKLE (b. Essex Co) & Mary PARKS married Hazel Catherine HONOR, 20, school teacher, Malden, Malden, d/o Samuel A. HONOR (b. Essex Co) & Laura CAMPBELL, witn: Lillie SELLARS & Jean M. JOHNSTON both of North Malden, 31 July 1926 at the Malden Parsonage
  035516-26 Lawrence Patrick MILKS, 23, mechanic, Ottawa, Windsor, s/o Albert MILKS & Julia KENNY married Lorna Margaret DESLIPPE, 17, typist, Sandwich South Twp, same, d/o Charles DESLIPPE & Josephine TOURANGE, witn: Piere LEROWE of 75 Pilette Rd. Ford City & Pauline A. McCARTHY of 128 Lawrence Rd. Ford City, 19 October 1926 at St. Mary's R.C. Church
035518-26 Frank MILLS, 21, farmer, Stratford, Blytheswood, s/o Samuel MILLS (b. Stratford) & Allison SCOTT married Lorna Gertrude ROADHOUSE, 17 (will be 18 on 27 February 1926), Blytheswood, Blytheswood, d/o Winnett ROADHOUSE (b. Wentworth Co) & Rebecca BRIXTON, witn: Frances FERGUSON & Bessie KLIPPERT both of Leamington, 9 January 1926 in Leamington 035517-26 Charles Sherman MILLS, 29, teacher, Belfast Maine, Chicago, s/o George Sherman MILLS (b. Copake New York) & Kate L. VASE married Lucy Evelyn ROSS, 24, teacher, Brookston Indiana, Maidstone Twp, d/o John B. ROSS (b. Illinois U.S.A.) & Lucy Evelyn MOORE, witn: Edna CUMMISON of Riverside & William Ray RICHARDSON of Ford City, 27 July 1926 at the United Church in Essex.
035519-26 Ugo MINELLO, 24, laborer, Vige Cogo? Italy, Ford City, s/o Luigi MINELLO & Christina CAPPINELLO married Florence Louisa Jane ELLWOOD, 18, Oxford Co., Ford City, d/o Amos ELLWOOD & Celina (Selina?) EMERY, witn: Alphone EMERY of Ford City & Rose MARTIN of 215 Cadillac Ford City, 23 October 1926 in Ford City. 035520-26 Arthur MINNIS, 23, taxi garage, Windsor, Windsor, s/o Edward Hugh MINNIS (b. Canada) & Minnie BENNETT married Edna Ruth HASTINGS, 18, Ontario, Windsor, d/o James HASTINGS (b. England) & Edith SIEGER, witn: Jessie CURRIE of 821 Parent Windsor & William PRIEUR of 401 Wellington Windsor, 13 April 1926 in Sandwich
035521-26 George Nile MITCHELL, 24, farmer, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, s/o Joseph MITCHELL (b. England) & Drewsilla McLENNAN married Helen Eliza FORD, 21, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o E. A. FORD (b. Essex Co) & Grace WILKINSON, witn: Frank L. MITCHELL of RR#2 Leamington & Nellie FORD of Leamington, 20 February 1926 in Leamington 035522-26 Richard MONKS, 51, laborer, Gateshead Co. Durham England, 211 St. Antoine St. Sandwich, widower, s/o Richard MONKS (b. Ireland) & Anne McNALLY married Sarah Lucy BURNS, 41, widow, housekeeper, Gateshead Co. Durham England, 211 St. Antoine St. Sandwich, d/o Mathew CRILLEY (b. Ireland) & Bridget O'HARE, witn: Albert & Leah OUELLETTE both of Sandwich, 10 April 1926 in Sandwich.
035523-26 Edward MONTFILS, 36, sign writer, Detroit, Detroit, s/o Joseph MONTFILS (b. Detroit Michigan) & Amelia MALO married Henrietta MALO, 36, Detroit, Detroit, spinster, d/o Frederic MALO (b. Detroit) & Hermilene MONTFILS, witn: E. J. & Jennie CHEVALIER both of Detroit, 13 February 1926 in Tecumseh. 035524-26 Michael M. MOODREY, 32, coal dealer, Russia, Windsor, divorced, s/o Constantine MOODREY (b. Russia) & Francina BELSTAR married Bernadette CATCH, 20, Russia, Windsor, d/o Charles CATCH (b. Russia) & Victoria WHITWOOD, witn: Mrs. M. C. DAVIS & A.G. OLDFIELD both of Windsor, 14 May 1926 in Walkerville
035525-26 Charles Henry MOORE, 26, carpenter, St. Marys, Windsor, s/o James Stuart MOORE (b. Ontario) & Agnes TRAVER, married Ruth Alexandria THREAPLETON, 20, stenographer, Windsor, 239½ Partington Ave. Sandwich, d/o Charles THREAPLETON (b. Ontario) & Maude Eliza LAMBERT, witn: John George MOORE of 1128 Howard Ave. Windsor & Louise THREAPLETON of 239½ Partington Ave. Sandwich, 11 September 1926 at St. John's Rectory in Sandwich 035526-26 Dawson Hilliard MOORE, 20, truck driver, Ontario, Windsor, s/o James MOORE (b. Ontario) & Catherine OVERLAND married Ottie Mary Laura McIVOR, 17, Ontario, Windsor, d/o William John McIVOR (b. Ontario) & Jane KING, witn: C. Estella DYAS & Lizette MAGWOOD both of Walkerville, 15 September 1926 in Walkerville.
035527-26 Frederick Leonard MOORE, 25, shipping clerk, Leistershire England, Tilbury Kent Co., foster s/o Alexander KARKRUFF (b. England) & Violet HENDERSON (real parents unknown) married Irene Emma RHODES, 25, Tilbury, Tilbury, d/o Charles RHODES (b. England) & Harriett GAWE (Gaine?), witn: Mildred A. & Margaret W. KINDER both of Leamington, 19 June 1926 in Leamington  
035528-26 John Joseph MORAN, 45, farmer, Woodslee, Belle River, s/o John MORAN & Mary HENRY married Anna Marie BYRNE, 38, Woodslee, Woodslee, spinster, d/o Michael BYRNE & Ellen MULLINS, witn: Andrew BYRNE & Mary DUNN both of Woodslee, 15 June 1926 in Woodslee 035529-26 Robert E. MORAN, 18, grocer, Leamington, Leamington, s/o Robert T. MORAN (b. Ontario) & Minnie FOX married Lillian ASCOTT, 18, Barrydale Ont., Leamington, d/o Ernest ASCOTT (b. England) & Martha MANN, witn: Prosser MORAN & Florence ASCOTT both of Leamington, 25 December 1926 in Leamington
035530-26 William Paterson MORGAN, 23, tool grinder, Scotland, Detroit, s/o Matthew MORGAN (b. Scotland) & Agnes STEVENSON married Jemima Whyte MATTHEW, 25, Scotland, Walkerville, d/o David MATTHEW (b. Scotland) & Mary THORNTON, witn: William JORDAN of 359 Wellington Ave. Windsor & Mary BLAIR of 1008 Marentette Ave. Windsor, 25 December 1926 in Walkerville 035531-26 Renie MORRELL, 25, mechanic, Becancourt (Becancour ?) Quebec, Windsor, s/o Amede MORRELL & Clara BEAUCHESNE, married Bella DUFOUR, 18, McGregor, Sandwich, d/o Remi DUFOUR & Emma DROUILLARD, witn: Albert & Cecile DUFOUR both of Sandwich, 16 November 1926 in Sandwich
035532-26 Robert S. MORRIS, 22, farmer, Sandwich West Twp, same, s/o W. H. MORRIS (b. Detroit.) & Minnie DAWSON married Ella Jean CROFT, 22, Sandwich South Twp, same, d/o James CROFT (b. Essex Co) & Margaret Ella DAWSON, witn: Robert J. CROFT of RR#3 Maidstone & Elizabeth ELMES (Elwes?) of Rochester Michigan, 27 January 1926 in Sandwich. 035533-26 John H. MUNDY, 72, retired minister, Hull England, Wyoming Ont, widower, s/o John MUNDY (b. Hull England) & Miss WILCOX married Mary Louisa PRUDOM, 50, home duties, Lambton Co., Camlachie Lambton Co., widow, d/o Joseph HOLLING (b. England) & Mary KELLS, witn: Annie & Martin HUMPHRIES of Scudder Pelee Island, 21 August 1926 in Pelee Island
035534-26 Cyril Joseph MURPHY, 27, architectural engineer, London, Detroit, s/o Thomas MURPHY & Mary HANLEY married Frances Elizabeth LASSALINE, 26, school teacher, Sandwich, Sandwich, d/o Eugene LASSALINE & Anne MURPHY, witn: Fergus MURPHY of London & Beatrice LASSALINE of Sandwich, 19 August 1926 in Sandwich. 035535-26 Joseph Ray MURPHY, 22, plumber, Highgate Ont., 3 Lincoln Rd Walkerville, s/o Joseph Scott MURPHY (b. Bothwell) & Addie FIELDS married Helen HELLIKER, 19, saleslady, Warrington England, 209 Monmouth Rd. Walkerville, d/o Robert M. HELLIKER (b. Bristol England) & Helen GREGG, witn: Robert HELLIKER of 200 Monmouth Rd. Walkerville & Albert SMITH of 1709 London St. W. Windsor, 26 June 1926 at 200 Monmouth Rd. Walkerville
035536-26 Frank Henry MYERS, 28, laborer, Sarnia Ont, Windsor Ont., s/o Alexander MYERS (b. Canada) & Elizabeth DOUGLAS married Minnie Jane LARRETT, 24, machine worker, Beachburg Ont., Walkerville, d/o John LARRETT (b. Canada) & Mary JARVIS, witn: W. M. MAGWOOD of Toronto & Lizette MAGWOOD of Walkerville, 6 November 1926 in Walkerville 35554-26 Raymond NADEAU, 22, gardener, Loiselleville, same, s/o Remi NADEAU & Adele PREVILLE, married Cecile DUFOUR, 22, Loiselleville, same, d/o Albert DUFOUR & Marguerite BRODERICK, witn: Leo DUFOUR & Emma PAQUETTE, both of Loiselleville, 15 June 1926 at Loiselleville
35116-26 Johan NAGY, 38, labourer, Hungary, Windsor, s/o John NAGY, b. Hungary & Frances POP, married Elizabeth BOBICS, 29, Hungary, Windsor, d/o Joseph BOBICS, b. Hungary & Anna PECZELYE, witn: Thomas RAUFFER & Andrew LOKSON, both of Windsor, 14 Aug 1926 at Windsor (RC) 35555-26 Fred NANTAU, 32, electrician, Windsor, same, s/o John NANTAU & Anna CHART, married Myrtle GILLIAM, 31, Bronte Ont., Windsor, d/o John GILLIAM & Anna MacCLAIN, witn: Maria & Alex HUNT of Glanworth, 22 Feb 1926 at Kingsville
35556-26 John NANTAIS, 22, paint maker, Walkerville, Ford, s/o Jean Baptist NANTAIS, b. Ont & Annie HEBERT, married Flory Margaret EVESON, 18, Walkerville, Ford, d/o Maurice EVESON, b. England & Vina NANTAIS, witn: Ernest & Mary NANTAIS of 940 Auborn Rd in Ford, 25 Sept 1926 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 35557-26 Joseph NANTAIS, 35, machinist, Windsor, same, s/o John NANTAIS & Clemenca JANNISSE, married Mae COTE, 24, Loiselleville, same, d/o Alberni COTE & Julia MAHAN, witn: Arthur NANTAIS of Windsor & Lorette COTE of Loiselleville, 23 June 1926 at Loiselleville
35558-26 Joseph Norman NANTAIS, 23, farmer, Sandwich West twp., same, s/o Joseph NANTAIS & Elmire MAITRES, married Amanda OUELLETTE, 21, Sandwich West, same, d/o Clement OUELLETTE & Rose GIGNAC, witn: Lester NANTAIS & Alma OUELLETTE, both of RR1 Windsor, 2 Feb 1926 at Sandwich 35559-26 John Arthur NAYLOR, 23, with Naylor Osborn Mfg. Co., town of Essex, same, s/o James L. NAYLOR, b. Mariposa Ont & Marietta CHURCH, married Lillian Isobel BEAMAN, 29, dietitian, town of Essex, same, d/o William D. BEAMAN, b. Marlborough twp - Carleton Co Ont & Lizzie R. COLEMAN, witn: Eric Alger NAYLOR & Elsie Kathryn BEAMAN, both of Essex, 21 Aug 1926 at Essex
35560-26 Thomas NEIL, 32, machinist, Scotland, Columbus Ohio, s/o Thomas NEIL, b. Scotland & Ann CARMICHAEL, married Marjory S. FINDLAY, 28, Scotland, enroute from Scotland, d/o David FINDLAY, b. Scotland & Helen Rodman FULTON, witn: Robert WEIR of Riverside & Helen Fulton REID of Edmonton Alberta, 3 Sept 1926 at Walkerville 35561-26 Arthur Homer NELSON, 22, widower, thresher, Wheatley, same, s/o George A. NELSON, b. Lincoln Co & Stella May HICKSON, married Elvyn Ermina HARRISON, 25, Huron twp., RR2 Ripley, d/o George N. HARRISON, b. Hastings & Mary Alice PIERCE, witn: Inez & Albert SCANLAN of Leamington, 28 Sept 1926 at Leamington
35562-26 Gerhard NEUFELD, 29, farmer, Schonfeld Russia, Wheatley, s/o Kornelius NEUFELD & Aganeta ENNS, married Margaretta ENNS, 29, Schonfeld Russia, Wheatley, d/o Jacob ENNS & Helena REMPEL, witn: Nicolai SCHMIDT & Helen SCHMIDT, both of Leamington, 190 Oct 1926 at Leamington (Mennonite) 35563-26 John NEWBY, 28, electrician, Orillia Ont., Windsor, s/o James NEWBY & Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, married Mary Eulalia WIGHT, 21, Henvelton NY, Walkerville, d/o Frank E. WIGHT & Mary Margaret LAPOINTE, witn: Levi S. WIGHT & Agnes BRICK, both of Walkerville, 21 April 1926 at Walkerville
35564-26 Charles Alvin NEWMAN, 18, farmer, Gosfield North, same, s/o Alvin NEWMAN, b. Gosfield North & Norretta DAVIS, married Jessie Jean WRIGHT, 18, Gosfield North, same, d/o Abram WRIGHT, b. Ont & Millie McMURRAY, witn: Mrs. R.A. & Margaret MILLER of Cottam, 20 Feb 1926 at Cottam 35565-26 Kustia Warner NIEMI, 31, tailor, Finland, Ford, s/o Karl Julius NIEMI, b. Finland & Anna SWAN, married Irya Amanda LEHTONEN, 24, Finland, Sandwich, d/o Hugo Hjalmas LEHTONEN, b. Finland & Olga Amanda HEINERSON, witn: Saimi Elizabet WARNICA of Walkerville & Francs Emil HEINO of Detroit, 20 Feb 1926 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville
35566-26 William John NIXON, 28, plumber, Edinburgh Scotland, Walkerville, s/o William John NIXON & Sarah CAMPBELL, married Margaret Fleming WEIR, 26, laboratory worker, Johnson Scotland, Windsor, d/o William WEIR & Margaret MACAULEY, witn: Margaret Armstrong YOUNG & George STEEL, both of Walkerville, 28 Aug. 1926 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 35567-26 Joseph Valerian NOEL, 23, book keeper, St. Appollinaire - Co. Lothmiere? Que., Riverside, s/o Leon NOEL & Marie LAMBERT, married Florence May PITRE, 20, stenographer, Sandwich East, Riverside, d/o Albert PITRE & Anne LAUZON, witn: Gilbert PITRE & Marie Ann NOEL, both of Riverside, 21 Sept 1926 at St. Rose Church, Riverside
35568-26 Harry NORTON, 22, mechanic, London England, Windsor, s/o Henry NORTON & Annie BERNARD, married Sarah MOONEY, 21, clerk, Greenock Scotland, Ford, d/o James MOONEY & Sarah McKENNA, witn: Arthur DUCHARME & Ruth HARDAKER, both of Ford, 13 Oct. 1926 at Ford 35569-26 John Oscar O'BRIEN, 19, farm implement shop, Orillia, Amherstburg, s/o Thomas E. O'BRIEN & Bertha KELLY, married Anna Irene DENEAU, 15 ½, Amherstburg, same, d/o Antoine DENEAU & Theresa RENAUD, witn: Edgar FINN of Merlin & Maria BARNAIS of Amherstburg, 22 Nov 1926 at Amherstburg
35570-26 Arthur John O'CONNOR, 24, auto worker, Croswell Mich., Detroit, s/o John O'CONNOR, b. Ireland & Anna HUSSON, married Hilda Jane COTTON, 24, Isleworth England, Walkerville, d/o George COTTON , b. England & Gertrude COTTON, witn: Roscoe STITT of Detroit & Irene PARKINS of Sandwich, 29 May 1926 at Walkerville 35571-26 Gordon Lyod O'DONNELL, 17, steam fitter, Sault Ste. Marie Mich., Ford, s/o Francis J. O'DONNELL & Mary BRANAN?, married Josephine Antoinette HALL, 23, Tilbury, Ford, d/o Frank HALL & Cesarie EMERY, witn: Walter B. HALL of Detroit & Emily RENAUD of Ford, 21 June 1926 at Ford
35572-26 Edward OKONOWSKI, 20, machinist, Detroit, same, s/o Joseph OKONOWSKI & Josephine GULAS, married Alice Mary DEMERS, 21, Rockland Mich., Ford, d/o Paul DEMERS & Alice THIBERT, witn: Francis OKONOWSKY of Orchard Lake Mich. & Lena DENAN? of Ford, 10 Feb 1926 at Ford 35573-26 Frank ORAER, 21, Belgium, Mersea twp., s/o Augustin ORAER, farmer, & Renna MARTONI, married Clemence Louise MOEYAERT, 17, Belgium, Mersea twp., d/o Edmond MOEYAERT & Emilie DEBLAERE, witn: Cohiel MOEYAERT of Leamington & Lea ORAER of Coatsworth - Essex Co., 9 Feb 1926 at Leamington
35574-26 Thomas Wilfred ORD, 29, druggist, Toronto, Windsor, s/o William ORD & Margaret BENSON, married Lilian Beatrice PHELPS, 22, Bristol England, Walkerville, d/o Thomas PHELPS & Marie Anne BIRD, witn: George MIDDLETON of Windsor & Ivy PHELPS of Walkerville, 4 Sept 1926 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 35575-26 John George OSBORNE, 22, farmer, London England, Riverside, s/o John OSBORNE, b. England & Mary TABAR, married Phyllis TEARNE, 19, Bradford England, Riverside, d/o Henry TEARNE, b. England & Annie HODGSON, witn: Henry & Ada TEARNE of Riverside, 23 Oct 1926 at Ford
35576-26 Achille Joseph OUELLETTE, 23, laborer, Sandwich, same, s/o Achille OUELLETE & Catherine MAITRE, married Margaret Mary CROWE, 23, factory work, Ireland, Windsor, d/o Alexander CROWE & Mary Elizabeth KEOUGH, witn: Philip OUELLETTE & Cecile DUFOUR, both of Sandwich, 14 Jan 1926 at Sandwich 35577-26 Arthur OUELLETTE, 23, farmer, Malden twp., same, s/o Luke OUELLETTE & Elizabeth PILON, married Edna GERARD, 21, Colchester North, same, d/o Albert GERARD & Philomene GRONDIN, witn: Willie OUELLETTE of Amherstburg & Marie LEVACK of McGregor, 26 Oct 1926 at McGregor
35578-26 Elzear OUELLETTE, 22, laborer, Tilbury twp. - Essex Co , Ford, s/o Cyrille OUELLETTE & Celeste DUPUIS, married Belsa DROUILLARD, 22, Tecumseh, same, d/o Arzas DROUILLARD & Josephine DESJARDINS, witn: Ernest DROUILLARD & Bernadette LABUTE, both of Riverside, 6 Sept 1926 at Tecumseh 35579-26 James OUELLETTE, 24, iron worker, Port Arthur, Windsor, s/o John OUELLETTE & Mary CRAPPER, married Gertrude Mary RANETTE (Rossette?), 22, telephone girl, Ford, same, d/o Alexandre RANETTE & Melina MOYNAHAN, witn: Arthur St.AMAND of Windsor & Mary BENN of Maidstone, 19 Jan 1926 at Ford
35682-26 Stanley Charles SAMPLE, 28, England, Amherstburg, s/o William Charles SAMPLE, b. England & Mary A. SUTTON, married Daisy GRANT, 29, England, Amherstburg, d/o Alfred S. GRANT, b. England & Alice E. NEWBY, witn: Wesley Amos GRANT of Arner? Ont & Sylvia Mae McLEAN of Harrow, 24 Sept 1926 at Harrow 35683-26 Cecil George SAMPSON, 23, tool & die maker, Oulton Broad - Suffolk England, Walkerville, s/o George SAMPSON & Minny KING, married Flora Alice LOWTHER, 19, clerk, Nottingham England, Walkerville, d/o Harry LOWTHER & Flora Caroline SAVILL, witn: Alfred Harold MARTIN & Harry LOWTHER, both of Walkerville, 6 Feb 1926 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville
35684-26 Peter SANDERSON, 30, moulder, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Thomas SANDERSON, b. Scotland & Janet SMITH, married Margaret McLELLAN, 24, stenographer, Scotland, Lachine Que., d/o William McLELLAN, b. Scotland & Janet SHERMAN, witn: Frank HIBBARD of Detroit & Jean McLELLAN of Lachine Que., 28 April 1926 at Walkerville 35685-26 Joseph Anthony SAUVE, 21, clerk, Staples, Windsor, s/o Hubert SAUVE & Anna MONMENIE, married Christena JECOWETS, 18, clerk, Sandwich, same, d/o Charles JECOWETS & Lucilla JONES, witn: Daniel PICHE of Sandwich & Marie BATTERSBY of Windsor, 4 Feb 1926 at Sandwich
35686-26 Michael SCHLEE, 28, driver, Buffalo NY, Walkerville, s/o August SCLEE & Frances SCHWERT, married Eva LEE, 24, Guelph, Walkerville, d/o John LEE & Annie DORAN (Devan?), witn: Alexander & Rita TAYLOR of Walkerville, 4 July 1926 at Walkerville 35690-26 John SEDLER, 45, farmer, Austria, Maidstone twp., s/o George, b. Austria & Sarah, married Annie ALLARD, 53, widow, Poland, Maidstone twp., d/o Frank [no surname given], b. Germany or Poland, & Mary TASMER, witn: John BECKETT & Ida JOBIN, both of RR1 Belle River, 8 June 1926 at Tecumseh
35693-26 Joseph Napier SEILI, 48, widower, Middlesex Co Ont., Mersea twp., s/o Joseph SEILI, b. Middlesex Co & Ellen MORGAN, married Leila Mae FERRISS, 29, Malden twp., Harrow, d/o Herbert FERRISS, b. Essex Co Ont & Almina Jeanette ARNER, witn: Mrs. William WALDRON of North Malden & Gordon WALDRON of Windsor, 17 April 1926 at Malden parsonage 35694-26 John Milton SEIM, 28, teacher, Holstein Ont., Ohsweken Ont., s/o Andrew SEIM, b. Ont & Alice ELLIOTT, married Verda EADS, 22, telephone operator, Warsaw Mo. US, Essex Ont., d/o Thomas EADS, b. Virginia US & Melinda COX, witn: Fred EADS of Detroit & Orpha JENKINS of Essex, 10 April 1926 at Essex
35695-26 Philias SEMANDE, 24, gardener, Loiselleville, same, s/o Remi SEMANDE & Delima BENDY, married Valeda MAILLOUX, 20, North Temiscaming, Walkerville, d/o Edmond MAILLOUX & Antonia CAZA, witn: Arthur LAFAVE & Bernadette MAILLOUX, both of Walkerville, 23 Nov 1926 at Walkerville 35687-26 John SENYSHYN, 29, baker, Galicia, Windsor, s/o Peter SENYSHYN, b. Galicia & Annie LUCREVIEN, married Dora LUERKIW, 24, Galicia, Windsor, d/o Thomas LUE--?, b. Galicia & "do not known", witn: Bertha M. MORDEN of Walkerville & R. RARECIKO?, 22 Oct 1926 at Walkerville
35696-26 Frank SHARMAN, 48, widower, machine operator, England, Walkerville, s/o Frank SHARMAN, b. England & Lovinia PROCTOR, married Sarah MOLYNEUX, 48, widow, Ireland, Walkerville, d/o John MOLYNEUX, b. Ireland & Mary Jane BLACK, witn: Joseph & Mary CLAYTON of Winnipeg, 10 June 1926 at Walkerville 25697-26 Gardo SHAVALIER, 24, mechanic, Mariland Mich., Cottam, s/o Robert E. SHAVALIER, b. Ont & Luella MORSE, married May HUNTER, 21, Scotland, res not given, d/o Thomas HUNTER, b. Ayrshire Scotland & Barbara RAE, witn: Francis FERGUSON & Bessie KLIPPERT, both of Leamington, 23 Nov 1926 at Leamington
35698-26 Meren SHOOSHNIAIN, 28, moulder, Erzerum (Armenia) Turkey , Sandwich, s/o Krekor SHOOSHNIAIN, b. Armenia & Doureg ALVIAN, married Hoigo HOVESPIAN, 24, Erzerum (Armenia) Turkey, Sandwich, d/o Krekor HOVESPIAN, b. Armenia & Markred MAREGIAN, witn: Ohannes SARKESIAN of Detroit & Sarah ANGER of Windsor, 29 March 1926 at Sandwich 35699-26 Maka SIGICHUK, 29, farmer, Russia, Haintsamick? Mich., s/o Teodor, b. Russia & Marta, married Mary HOMENUK, 22, waitress, Russia, Ford, d/o Mefthedey, b. Russia & Fekla, witn: Alexander PALITSKY of Haintsmick? Mich & Samuel MOODRICZ, 5 Sept 1926 at not given
35700-26 Stanley Thomas SILK, 20, auto trimmer, Emmiton England, Sandwich, s/o Henry Herbert SILK, b. England & Rosina FELSTEAD, married Florence Margaret Martha HATTON, 20, chequer at Parke Davis & Co., Kensington town England, Sandwich, d/o William HATTON, b. London England & Annie DAVIS, witn: Charles Arthur SILK & Mrs. Ethel WELLS, both of Sandwich, and Lillian COOK of Windsor, 3 April 1926 at Sandwich 35701-26 Camille SIMARD, 22, farmer, Sandwich, Stoney Point, s/o Pierre SIMARD & Malvina BRISSET, married Angelina PARENT, 21, Fletcher Ont., same, d/o Onesime PARENT & Cecile LADOUCEUR, witn: Jules ROBINET of Sandwich & Flossie SIMARD of Fletcher, 7 June 1926 at Stoney Point
35703-26 Paul SITTA (Silta?), 28, laborer, Finland, Ford, s/o John SITTA, b. Finland & Matilda HELIN, married Helvi JARVIS, 25, Finland, Ford, d/o William JARVIS, b. Finland & Sophia JARVIS, witn: Mrs. Mary MELVIN & Miss Emily Josephine WHITE, both of Walkerville, 15 Feb 1926 at Walkerville  
35058-26 Giacomo SOVRAN, 25, labourer, Italy, Windsor, s/o August SOVRAN, b. Italy & Mary LENARDON, married Margherita BASSO, 23, Italy, Windsor, d/o Paul BASSO, b. Italy & Laurentia ANGELO, witn: Amaliale SOVRAN of Sandwich East & Amelia MASTOLO of Windsor, 18 Dec 1926 at Windsor (RC) 35059-26 William Earl STAINTON, 27, machine operator, Oxford Co., Windsor, s/o William STAINTON, b. Ontario & Annie BEXALL, married Hattie Lorene HENSHAW, 28, sewing machine operator, Middlesex Co., Windsor, d/o John HENSHAW, b. Ontario & Elizabeth LACKEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Ralph HOLDEN, both of Windsor, 25 Apr 1926 at Windsor
35060-26 Oiva Villehad STALHAMMER, 36, divorced, labourer, Finland, Windsor, s/o Johann STALHAMMER, b. Finland & Minnie KALLIOLA, married Minnie POLMROSO, 31, widow, Finland, Windsor, d/o Esau TANSKANEN, b. Finland & Annie KETTUNEN, witn: William ROMAN & Katharine HYNONEN, both of Windsor, 20 Mar 1926 at Windsor 35061-26 George Bertram STALLWOOD, 34, widower, machinist, Jarvis, Detroit, s/o Henry STALLWOOD, b. England & Georgina JACOBS, married Josephine Alice WILSON, 34, widow, Caro Mich., Brantford, d/o Horace MARKHAM, b. USA & Alice OWENS, witn: Margaret SMITH of Windsor & William SUTTON of Ford City, 31 Jul 1926 at Windsor
35062-26 Donald Joseph STEELE, 22, manager, Breckenridge Mich., Windsor, s/o John STEELE & Catherine EMORY, married Elizabeth Ila ELLIOTT, 22, London, Windsor, d/o Charles ELLIOTT & Anna O'BRIEN, witn: Henry W. SCHUBILLE & Edna SCHUBILLE, both of Detroit, 5 Apr 1926 at Windsor (RC) 35063-26 Gordon A. STEIN, 24, buffer & polisher, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Charles F. STEIN, b. Canada & Isabel ADAMSON, married Kathleen PEERS, 20, England, Windsor, d/o John Henry PEERS, b. England & Rose Ellen BARGE, witn: Betty BRANER & Mrs. H. FEHNER, both of Windsor, 30 Sep 1926 at Windsor
35064-26 Harry E. STEPHENS, 32, divorced, trimmer, USA, Detroit, s/o Adam STEPHENS, b. Michigan & Marie ALBA, married Ellen KEELAN, 24, England, Windsor, d/o Terence KEELAN, b. England & Catherine MITCHELL, witn: Thomas H. PAQUETTE & S.J. BALOGH, both of Windsor, 16 Jan 1926 at Windsor 35065-26 Edward Burgess STEVENS, 26, machinist, England, Windsor, s/o Albert STEVENS, b. England & Frances BURGESS, married Mary Isabel CAVENDER, 22, England, "now en route from England", d/o William CAVENDER, b. England & Jane Rothery BRYAN, witn: Charles E. LOCKLEY of Detroit & Minnie JACKSON of Windsor, 20 Sep 1926 at Windsor
35066-26 James STEVENSON, 29, machinist, Glasgow Scotland, Windsor, s/o Robert STEVENSON, b. Bannockburn Scotland & Priscilla JEFFREY, married Mary CAMPBELL, 22, Scotland, "en route to Windsor from Scotland", d/o Donald CAMPBELL, b. Port Bannatyne - Bute Scotland & Marion CURRIE, witn: Fred LAIDLAW & Margaret LAIDLAW, both of Windsor, 14 Apr 1926 at Windsor 35067-26 William Beattie STEVENSON, 27, die maker, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Thomas STEVENSON, b. Scotland & Mary BEATTIE, married Ruth THORBURN, 28, Scotland, same, d/o James THORBURN, b. Scotland & Fanny BENTON, witn: James SHEDDEN & Margaret STEVENSON, both of Windsor, 2 Sep 1926 at Windsor
35068-26 Charles Henry STIBBS, 39, scale assembler, England, Windsor, s/o George STIBBS, b. Gloucestershire England & Thora LAWRENCE, married Thelma Theresa MCNORGAN, 21, Detroit, Windsor, d/o Thomas MCNORGAN, b. St. Marys & Maud PARKER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Henry N.A. GOEBEL, both of Ford City, 1 Feb 1926 at Windsor 35069-26 William Edward STINSON, 24, machinist, Ontario, Detroit, s/o William STINSON, b. Canada & Elsie DAVIS, married Etta May MCLEAN, 21, Ontario, Glencoe, d/o John MCLEAN, b. on High Seas & Maria Jane EPPY, witn: D. MCKENZIE of Windsor & Eleanor C. MOORE of Amherstburg, 21 Aug 1926 at Windsor
35070-26 William Cyril STORM, 29, engineer, Ferry Hill England, Windsor, s/o William STORM & Margaret METCALF, married Margaret Gladys BUTLER, 23, stenographer, Toronto, Windsor, d/o George BUTLER & Mary Ellen DESORMEAU, witn: John MURRAY & Nell Agnes BUTLER, both of Windsor, 3 Nov 1926 at Windsor (RC) 35071-26 Arthur Burwell STORREY, 35, salesman, Ontario, Windsor, s/o William John STORREY, b. Canada & Saphronia LEE, married Beatrice Muriel SCRIMGER, 33, Wales, Windsor, d/o William SCRIMGER, b. Wales & Mary LLEWELLYN, witn: Mabel PAULIN & Annie MACKAY, both of Windsor, 30 Sep 1926 at Windsor
35072-26 Samuel STOVER, 78, widower, Chatham, Windsor, s/o Reubin STOVER, b. New Brunswick & Sarah, married Anna L. BOOSEY, 76, widow, Ontario, Armada Mich., d/o William THOMPSON, b. Ireland & Christina PHELPS, witn: Edward BOOSEY & Ollie N. BOOSEY, both of Detroit, 9 Oct 1926 at Windsor 35073-26 Evan STRATH, 23, tinsmith, Manitoba, Detroit, s/o James STRATH, b. Canada & Elizabeth MARSHALL, married Janet Moir ANDERSON, Scotland, "just arrived from Vancouver", d/o John ANDERSON, b. Scotland & Margaret MCKAY, witn: Annie G. STICKNEY & Clark T. STICKNEY, both of Highland Park Mich., 26 Jun 1926 at Windsor
35074-26 Cyril James STRICKLAND, 21, driver, England, Windsor, s/o Oliver Lewis STRICKLAND, b. England & Louise JAMES, married Emma WRIGHT, 19, England, Windsor, d/o George WRIGHT, b. England & Annie BOOKER, witn: Florence HALTON of Windsor & Stanley SILL of Stratford, 1 Jan 1926 at Windsor 35075-26 Michael SWARTZ, 29, cutter, Detroit, same, s/o Max SWARTZ, b. Germany & Martha NOWAK, married Bessie WRIGHT, 23, Saskatchewan, Windsor, d/o Franklin WRIGHT, b. Ohio USA & Mae STANLEY, witn: Mrs. W.A. WALDEN & Mrs. S.E. FAIRBAIRN, both of Windsor, 30 Dec 1926 at Windsor
35076-26 Alfred TAYLOR, 36, painter, England, Windsor, s/o William Waddock TAYLOR, b. England & Mary Jane ANDREWS, married Rosa DENNIS, 40, widow, England, Windsor, d/o Thomas LAVIN, b. England & Mary Ann CLIFTON, witn: Thomas SIDAWAY & Sarah E. GEE, both of Windsor, 15 Aug 1926 at Windsor 35077-26 George TAYLOR, 25, mechanic, Windsor, same, s/o Thomas TAYLOR, b. Canada & Caroline DEZELISE, married Loretta PERO, 20, Essex Co., Windsor, d/o Adolphe PERO, b. Canada & Mary WALSH, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth S. ATKINSON, both of Windsor, 13 Mar 1926 at Windsor
35078-26 James F. TAYLOR, 23, engineer, Scotland, Windsor, s/o William TAYLOR, b. Scotland & Jean FORRESTER, married Christina M. SMILLIE, 24, Scotland, Windsor, d/o William SMILLIE, b. Scotland & Flora FLETCHER, witn: Alice BICKERTON & John KING, both of Ford City, 18 Sep 1926 at Windsor 35079-26 Thomas Chester TELFORD, 24, salesman, Toronto, Detroit, s/o William TELFORD & Maria J. BEAN, married Eva Mary Beatrice CLEMENT, 21, Quebec, Windsor, d/o Charles CLEMENT & Katharine PAQUETTE, witn: illegible Edgar TELFORD & Jessie S. THOMAS, both of Windsor, 13 Feb 1926 at Windsor
35080-26 Charles E. TENCH, 32, civil engineer, Newmarket, Ford City, s/o Charles TENCH, b. Ontario & Mary MAURICE, married Irene Jane MCDONOUGH, 25, Kleinburg, Windsor, d/o John MCDONOUGH, b. Ontario & Margaret EAGEN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. George G. REID, both of Riverside, 25 Sep 1926 at Windsor 35081-26 Robert TERNAHAN, 23, carpenter, Ireland, Windsor, s/o Robert TERNAHAN, b. Ireland & Sarah PRICE, married Ann BISHOP, 25, England, Windsor, d/o John BISHOP, b. England & Hannah CHURMS, witn: Lily TERNAHAN & William KIDD, both of Windsor, 14 Sep 1926 at Windsor
35082-26 John Vivian TERRIEN, 23, widower, porter, South Wales, Windsor, s/o Harper Reginald TERRIEN & Blanche GLASEITRAY?, married Effie BREYLEY, 22, England, Windsor, d/o John BREYLEY & Bertha PERRIN, witn: Gladys KLOCK & H.T. BREYLEY, both of Windsor, 24 Mar 1926 at Windsor 35083-26 Lawrence Leo TERRIEN, 23, mechanic, N.Y. state, Detroit, s/o Albert TERRIEN, b. USA & Julia DESOE, married Edith May WEATHERHEAD, 19, Brockville, Windsor, d/o Robert Miles WEATHERHEAD, b. Ontario & Adeline READ, witn: Frances Pearl WOOD of Windsor & Reginald F. STAGG of Detroit, 12 Aug 1926 at Windsor
35084-26 Harold Joseph TERRINGTON, 31, farmer, Chatham, Windsor, s/o Henry TERRINGTON & Mary Ellen SULLIVAN, married Marie Rose BLONDIN, 23, maid, Chelmsford, Windsor, d/o Isaie BLONDON & Mathilda QUESNEL, witn: Archie J. BLONDIN & Zeta BLONDIN, both of Windsor, 1 Jul 1926 at Windsor (RC) 35085-26 John Leslie THOMAS, 24, railway clerk, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John THOMAS, b. Ontario & Jane DODD, married Audrey Aileen OWEN, 18, Ontario, Glenshee, d/o Anson OWEN, b. Ontario & Ada TAYLOR, witn: Mrs. S.E. FAIRBAIRN & Mrs. W.A. WALDER, both of Windsor, 17 Feb 1926 at Windsor
35086-26 Gilbert Leander THOMPSON, 35, widower, glazier, Northridge Ont, Sandwich, s/o Gilbert THOMPSON, b. Ontario & Ethel E. JONES, married Ethel PYE, 29, England, Windsor, d/o William PYE, b. England & Elizabeth Ellen GORNALL, witn: Annie PYE & Richard PYE, both of Windsor, 8 Jul 1926 at Windsor 35087-26 Joseph Ambler THOMPSON, 23, bricklayer, England, Windsor, s/o John THOMPSON, b. England & Ellen AMBLER, married Phyllis Ethel POPE, 20, England, Windsor, d/o Alfred Thomas POPE, b. England & Ethel Alice STREVETT, witn: John THOMPSON & Marjorie Howard POPE, both of Windsor, 23 Jun 1926 at Windsor
35088-26 Harry TODD, 42, widower, painter, Toronto, Walkerville, s/o William TODD, b. Toronto & Agnes Amelia GOOD, married Hattie May FLITTON, 37, widow, London, Walkerville, d/o Whitney BULLOCK, b. Ontario & Margaret COOK, witn: Mr. & Mrs. H.G. OLDFIELD, both of Windsor, 26 Jun 1926 at Windsor 35089-26 William TOMLIN, 25, chemical works employee, England, Detroit, s/o George TOMLIN, b. England & Elizabeth MASON, married Dorothy Alexis CROMER, 22, Ontario, Windsor, d/o John CROMER, b. Scotland & Etta GREENFIELDS, witn: Robert KENNEDY & Lorna CROMER, both of Windsor, 1 Jun 1926 at Windsor
35090-26 John TOULOUSE, 21, baker, Staples, Windsor, s/o Oliver TOULOUSE & Hedwidge JEAN, married Ann COSTELLO, 17, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John J. COSTELLO & Mary FOY, witn: Rene LONGPRE & Lena TOULOUSE, both of Windsor 27 Nov 1926 at Windsor (RC) 35751-26 William Donald TROMBLEY, 23, cook, Amherstburg, Windsor, s/o William TROMBLEY & Catherine BURNS, married Madeline QUINN, 18, Sandwich, same, d/o Henry QUINN & Elizabeth OUELLETTE, witn: Carl O'NEIL of Windsor & Edna QUINN of Sandwich, 20 April 1926 at Sandwich
35752-26 Joseph Edward Arthur TROTTIER, 25, barber, Warren Ont., Detroit, s/o Octave TROTTIER & Judith PEQUIN, married Augustine LABELLE, 21, Gracefield Que., Ford, d/o Octave LABELLE & Theodora BOISVENUE?, witn: J.O. LABELLE of Ford & F. ROBICHAUD of Windsor, 9 Aug 1926 at Ford 35091-26 Peter TRUANT, 29, cement finisher, Italy, Windsor, s/o Angelo TRUANT, b. Italy & Ginditta CIVOIN, married Bruna SCODELLARO, 19, Switzerland, Windsor, d/o Guiseppe SCODELLARO, b. Italy & Maria VENIER, witn: Louigi SOVRAN & Amelia SOVRAN, both of Windsor, 20 Nov 1926 at Windsor (RC)
35092-26 Lloyd Stanford TRULL, 26, mechanic, Toronto, Windsor, s/o Cameron TRULL, b. Canada & Nettie COURTICE, married Ethel May WRIGHT, 26, widow, Scotland, Detroit, d/o John FINDLATER, b. Scotland & Jane WATSON, witn: Owen COLLISON & Irene M. VAN OVER, both of Detroit, 16 Jan 1926 at Windsor 35753-26 Nick TRUSH, 21, metal finisher, Cooks Creek Manitoba, Ford, s/o John TRUSH, b. Tremovolia Austria & Mary ANDROUSYCHUK, married Kate EWASYKE, 17, Austria, Ford, d/o Constantin EWASYKE, b. Buckovina & Mary LITOVSKY, witn: Mike & Pearl RYCHLIWOSKI of Detroit, 23 Oct. 1926 at Ford
35093-26 Leo Francis TUCKER, 38, salesman, Detroit, same, s/o John TUCKER & Catherine FRALEY, married Mary Ann MORRIS, 31, stenographer, Maidstone, Windsor, d/o Frank MORRIS & Mary COYLE, witn: Harry TUCKER of Detroit & Helen MORRIS of Windsor, 20 Nov 1926 at Windsor (RC) 35094-26 George Robert TULLY, 26, tile setter's helper, England, Windsor, s/o George W. TULLY, b. England & Edith Blanche WELFORD, married Lillian Ethel FRISE, 21, Toronto, Detroit, d/o John FRISE, b. Ontario & Lena SCOTT, witn: Andrew BROWN & Olive M. RUTLEDGE, both of Detroit, 10 Jul 1926 at Windsor

35095-26 Thomas TURNBULL, 22, warehouseman, Scotland, Detroit, s/o Robert TURNBULL, b. Scotland & Helen GRAHAM, married Jessie Kay NEILSON, 20, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Thomas NEILSON, b. Scotland & Jean C. USHER, witn: Isabella Forsyth PETERS & Thomas U. NEILSON, both of Windsor, 3 Sep 1926 at Windsor

35754-26 James Douglas TURNBULL, 23, chauffeur, Governeur NY, Detroit, s/o Frank TURNBULL, b. USA & Helen O'HERN, married Flora SLIDDERS, 25, Coupar Angus - Perthshire Scotland, Detroit, d/o James SLIDDERS, b. Scotland & Isabell STEWART, witn: Alexander BARRON & Anne Gregg STEWART, both of Walkerville, 12 July 1926 at Walkerville
35755-26 John TURNER, 26, auto factory employee, Govan Scotland, Walkerville, s/o William TURNER, b. Scotland & Mary McCASH, married Margaret Cameron MITCHELL, 24 (b. 14 Aug 1901), clerk, Govan Scotland, Walkerville, d/o John MITCHELL, b. Scotland & Jemima CAMERON (married 23 Aug 1900 at Tradeston Glasgow), witn: Robert WILSON & Mrs. Margaret WILSON, both of Detroit, 30 April 1926 at Walkerville 35096-26 Donald Frederick TURNER, 23, contractor, England, Windsor, s/o Frederick George TURNER, b. England & Henrietta HIRST, married Catherine Jane MARTIN, 18, Scotland, Windsor, d/o William MARTIN, b. Scotland & Helen HOLMES, witn: Samuel HOLMES & Helen MARTIN, both of Windsor, 21 Aug 1926 at Windsor
35097-26 John TUROK, 36, widower, carpenter, Russia, London, s/o Ignety TUROK, b. Russia & Mary HORNICK, married Marion NEUBAUER, 34, widow, nurse, d/o John NEUBAUER, b. USA & Catherine HALY, witn: Marie TONITSAI & George IRANESKY, both of Ford City, 16 Jun 1926 at Ford City 35756-26 Theophilus Wallis TWEEDALE, 23, salesman, Essex town, same, s/o T.B.S. TWEEDALE, b. Canada & Charlotte TARRANT, married Mary Helen NIGHTINGALE, 20, Huffs Island - Prince Edward Co., Essex town, d/o Joseph NIGHTINGALE, b. Canada & Letty SPRAGUE, witn: T.B.S. TWEEDALE & Letty NIGHTINGALE, both of Essex, 21 Jan 1926 at Essex
35757-26 Charles Atkinson TWEEDY, 24, accountant, Ottawa Ont., Detroit, s/o John A. TWEEDY, b. Ont & Blanche WARREN, married Bertha Doris HILDRETH, 22, book keeper, Mull Ont., Leamington, d/o James H. HILDRETH, b. Ont & Alice M. JACQUES, witn: Irene ROBINSON & G. McKENZIE, both of Windsor, 15 May 1925 at Leamington 35098-26 Maurice Reidy TWOMEY, 33, contractor, Amherstburg, Sandwich, s/o Maurice B. TWOMEY, b. Canada & Mary A. REIDY, married Erena Helen PATTERSON, 25, Strathroy, Windsor, d/o Thomas PATTERSON, b. Canada & Evelina MORRISON, witn: E.B. BAXTER & Nyle PATTERSON, both of Windsor, 2 Jun 1926 at Windsor
35099-26 Carl UNDERWOOD, 19, b. Apr 1906, foreman enameller, Guelph, Windsor, s/o Orval UNDERWOOD & Elizabeth KARN, married Ina TOWNSEND, 17, b. 14 May 1908, MacLennon, Riverside, d/o Joseph John TOWNSEND & Eleanor Jane ROBINSON, witn: Thorn PINDER of Detroit & Margaret UNDERWOOD of Sandwich, 15 Mar 1926 at Windsor (Divorced 28 Feb 1949) 35758-26 Burton Stanford UPCOTT, 38, mechanic, Mersea twp., Leamington, s/o William UPCOTT, b. Essex Co Ont & Charlotte THOMPSON, married Pearl Gladys MALOTT, 31, divorced, Gosfield South, Kingsville, d/o Peter MALOTT, b. Kent Co Ont & Mary Jane BATHER?, witn: L.M. TURNER of Leamington & Mrs. A. B. MOORE of Toronto, 23 Dec 1926 at Leamington
35100-26 Michael URBAN, 48, widower, molder, Hungary, Windsor, s/o Joseph URBAN, b. Hungary & Anna SO, married Mary URBAN, 45, widow, Hungary, Windsor, d/o John LUKAH, b. Hungary & Anna FARKARS, witn: Stephen POLAKI & Stephen S. POLAKI, both of Windsor, 6 Feb 1926 at Windsor (RC) 35759-26 Arthur Nelson URE, 28, farmer, Sandwich South, Maidstone, s/o David URE, b. Canada & Ellen DIXON, married Mina May McGEE, 32, Colchester North twp., Roseland - Sandwich, d/o F.T. McGEE, b. Canada & Sarah BRATT, witn: R.D. URE of Maidstone & Ida McGEE of Roseland, 2 June 1926 at Sandwich South
35101-26 Ahti Veikko VAANANEN, 24, machinist, Finland, Windsor, s/o Aaro VAANANEN, b. Finland & Vilna SAVOLAINEN, married Arli Elina RASANEN, 22, Finland, St. Clair Shores USA, d/o August RASANEN, b. Finland & Elizabeth KINNUNEN, witn: Hanes KAUBBINEN & Jacob SILLARIBA, both of Windsor, 7 Nov 1926 at Windsor 35760-26 Xavier Theodore VAILLANCOURT, 20, auto inspector, Sturgeon Falls, Ford, s/o Francis X. VAILLANCOURT & Octavie BRAZEAU, married Marie Anna ROCHON, 20, Ripon Que., Ford, d/o Eugene ROCHON & Emma PREVOST, witn: Rosaire MORAND & Yvonne VAILLANCOURT, both of Ford, 7 Sept 1926 at Ford
35761-26 William Dominique VALADE, 27, farmer, Colchester North, same, s/o Daniel VALADE, b. Canada & Emma QUICK, married Keitha Adella BRETT (Butt?), 16, Colchester North, same, d/o William J. BRETT, b. Canada & Alice Adella SWEET, witn: Mrs. Alice BRETT of RR2 Essex & Robert McEWAN of West Lorne, 28 Dec 1926 at Colchester North 35102-26 Joseph Wallace VALLANCE, 31, punch press operator, Scotland, Windsor, s/o James VALLANCE, b. Scotland & Annie WALLACE, married Rachel Tennant BEVERIDGE, 24, stenographer, Scotland, Windsor, d/o William BEVERIDGE, b. Scotland & Wilhelmina MORRISON, witn: Euphemia G.C. VALLANCE & George VALLANCE, both of Detroit, 24 Dec 1926 at Windsor
35103-26 William Henry VAN ALLEN, 55, widower, farmer, England, Windsor, s/o Henry VAN ALLEN, b. Ontario & Lydia LAGBURN, married Hannah RHODES, 54, Ontario, Dresden, d/o William John RHODES, b. England & Jane FRYERS, witn: Mrs. O.M. FISHER of Detroit & Elizabeth HARDING of Windsor, 1 Oct 1926 at Windsor 35762-26 Robert Leon VANCE, 24, laborer, Cottam, same, s/o Henry Richard VANCE, b. Ont & Elizabeth COWAN, married Thelma Beryl RUSSELE (Russels?), 21, Leamington, Cottam, d/o Ivan RUSSELE, b. Ont & Nellie HOWSON, witn: Carl LITTLE of Bothwell & Dolores RUSSELE of Detroit, 28 July 1926 at Essex
35104-26 Leo (John J.) VAN DE VEERE, 23, adjuster, Chicago, Detroit, s/o Leo VAN DE VEERE & Camille VAN HYFTE, married Hannah Veronica TAYLOR, 22, England, Windsor, d/o John TAYLOR & Euphemia CHASE, witn: Orval Clement NANTAIS of Windsor & Amy TAYLOR of Walkerville, 28 Jun 1926 at Windsor (RC) 35105-26 Harry Sydney VAN DYKE, 29, porter, Dresden, Windsor, s/o Cyrus VAN DYKE, b. Ontario & Mary BOSSEY, married Alberta Valerie WATSON, 24, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Lewis WATSON, b. Ontario & Orabela CHRISTIAN, witn: Mrs. Emma KELLY & Hazel GRAY, both of Windsor, 15 Apr 1926 at Windsor
35106-26 Allan VAN NORMAN, 29, divorced, decorator, Brockway Mich., Detroit, s/o Arthur VAN NORMAN, b. USA & Minnie HARRIS, married Evalena SWEETMAN, 30, Gosfield South, Windsor, d/o George SWEETMAN, b. Canada & Mary Ann THORPE, witn: Theresa BEST & Mrs. L. POND?, both of Windsor, 10 Jun 1926 at Windsor 35763-26 George William VARS, 25, baker, England, Harrow, s/o George W. VARS, b. England & Sarah VARS, married Leta Gladys GEE, 21, Essex, Harrow, d/o Thomas GEE, b. England & Lavina KING, witn: Walter MORAN & Sylvia CUNNINGHAM, both of Essex, 25 Aug 1926 at Leamington
35107-26 Archie VAUGHAN, 22, labourer, Tilbury, Windsor, s/o William VAUGHAN, b. England & Hannah GIBSON, married Mary Brown HOSIE, 20, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Thomas HOSIE, b. Scotland & Flora SCHOFIELD, witn: Emma VAUGHAN & John ALLISON, both of Windsor, 28 May 1926 at Windsor 35764-26 Joseph Alfred VENNE, 40, widower, auto worker, Sante Emilie - Co. Joliette Que., Detroit, s/o Israel VENNE, b. St. Beatrice Que & Adeline BEAULIEU, married Marie Amanda DESVOST, 30, domestic, St. Suzanne de Beaudary Que., Ford, d/o Leandre DESVOST, b. Rimouski Que & Emelie BISSONNETTE, witn: Bernard PARENT of Ford & Ernest VENNE of Detroit, 5 May 1926 at Ford
35765-26 Leon VENTHUYNE, 29, laborer, Belgium, Leamington, s/o Brethro VENTHUYNE, b. Belgium & Eugenie DESEHRYNER, married Irma DEPREY, 21, works in factory, Belgium, Leamington, d/o August DEPREY, b. Belgium & Sophie LANEKRIET, witn: Daniel CRATCHLOUR of Leamington & Mrs. George DELAERE of Toronto, 5 Nov 1926 at Leamington 35766-26 George VOWEL, 39, widower, bowling alley owner, Elgin Co., Leamington, s/o John VOWEL, b. Dutton & Emma, married Annie COLESTOCK, 18 last Dec., Oshawa, Leamington, d/o Robert COLESTOCK, b. Oshawa & Florence McCAFFERY, witn: George & Mrs. Maud YOUNG of Leamington, 5 Feb 1926 at Leamington
35767-26 Thory Burns WALES, 18 (on 2 June 1926), farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o Robert Leroy WALES, b. Mersea twp & Hattie JONES, married Mary Marguerite McDONALD, 18 (on 17 Feb 1926), Wheatley, same, d/o James A. McDONALD, b. Iroquois & Edith BETTS, witn: G. Ross BRUNER of Ruthven & Eva GILLANDERS of Leamington, 5 Aug 1926 at Leamington 35120-26 G. Clifford WALLIS, 21, sign painter, Barrie, Walkerville, s/o George WALLIS, b. England & Mabel C. BRIGED?, married Janet LOUDON, 21, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o William LOUDON, b. Scotland & Agnes BULLOCH, witn: J.L. MCHARG & J.H. JONES, both of Windsor, 14 Oct 1926 at Windsor
35121-26 John James WALSH, 25, clerk, Merlin, Maidstone, s/o John James WALSH & Margaret MCCANN, married Genevieve BARTLE, 19, Sault Ste. Marie Mich. Windsor, d/o Oliver BARTLE & Emma MEHL, witn: Arthur T. WELCH of Michigan & Edna Margaret REKERT of Windsor, 21 Sep 1926 at Windsor (RC) 35125-26 Jacob WARD, 26, assembler, England, Windsor, s/o Jacob WARD, b. England & Bessie STEPHENS, married Mary Elizabeth ALLEN, 26, England, Windsor, d/o Anthony ALLEN, b. England & Mary BARRIMAN, witn: Anthony ALLEN & William KERNICK, both of Highland Park Mich. 16 Oct 1926 at Windsor
35124-26 Glendon Spears WARD, 23, drug clerk, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Archibald WARD, b. Ontario & Harriet JONES, married Vera Della BELLAMY, 18, Ontario, Windsor, d/o James Arthur BELLAMY, b. Canada & Rhoda Frances Elizabeth JACKSON, witn: Laurine MISNER of Sandwich & James BELLAMY of Windsor, 30 Aug 1926 at Windsor 35123-26 Albert Cecil WARD, 28, asst. foreman, England, Windsor, s/o Samuel N. WARD, b. England & Edith STAFF, married Margaret Mary WALKER, 23, England, Windsor, d/o Alfred WALKER, b. England & Alice SOL, witn: Edgar W. MATHER & Walburga WALKER, both of Windsor, 23 Dec 1926 at Windsor
35769-26 Arthur WARD, 22, butcher, England, Windsor, s/o William Thomas WARD, b. England & Florence WHIGFELL, married Evelyn OLIVER, 21, England, Windsor, d/o Edward OLIVER, b. England & unknown, witn: Sarah & Clifford JORDAN of Windsor, 28 June 1926 at Walkerville 35770-26 Leonard Edward WARNER, 35, widower, mechanic, Sulphur Springs Indiana, Detroit, s/o William E. WARNER, b. USA & Sierra WEAVER, married Elizabeth Livingston CRESWELL, 24, domestic, Aberdeen Scotland, Walkerville, d/o Thomas CRESWELL, b. Scotland & Jeanie MORRISON, witn: Barbara McGOWAN of Detroit & James SIBBALD of Walkerville, 30 April 1926 at Walkerville
35771-26 Charles Edward William WARNHAM of Kitchener, married Annie SPARKS of Sandwich, license issued 2 Sept 1926 at Sandwich [no other information] 35772-26 Alton Aubrey WARREN, 25, switchman, Windsor, same, s/o Thomas Henry WARREN, b. Ont & Frances HAVELOCK, married Thelma Isabel ENGLAND, 26, clerk, Windsor, same, d/o Percy Joseph ENGLAND, b. Ont & Bertha MITCHELL, witn: Margaret & John Munroe McCAFFREY of Sandwich, 2 Jan 1926, 7:10 p.m., at St. Johns Church, Sandwich
35773-26 Harry WASZCHUK, 35, machinist, Shutrowentz Galicia, Ford, s/o John WASZCHUK, b. Galicia & Mary PRASUIK, married Siklow HRYHORKA, 23, domestic, Shutrowentz Galicia, Ford, d/o John HRYHORKA, b. Galicia & Fransena TKACH, witn: Fred & Lena KABELSKI of Ford, 27 Feb 1926 at St. Marys Church, Walkerville 35774-26 Robert WATSON, 30, carpenter, Blackwood Scotland, Walkerville, s/o Archibald WATSON & Martha ROBERTS, married Jean AIRD, 34, Motherwell Scotland, Walkerville, d/o Adam AIRD & Barbara McCREATH, witn: Hugh Scott WATSON of Toronto & Helen WALKER of Detroit, 11 Dec 1926 at Walkerville
35775-26 Floyd W. WEBER, 29, widower, street railway conductor, Ontario, Windsor, s/o William WEBER, b. Canada & Mary KLEINN?, married Clara A. HUTCHINSON, 19 (b. 4 Aug 1906), Rochester twp., Windsor, d/o George HUTCHINSON, b. Canada & Martha MITCHELL, witn: L.P. MAGWOOD of Walkerville & Florence BENTON of 840 Gladstone Ave., 10 March 1926 at Walkerville 35776-26 Bruce Cockburn WEBSTER, 26, stock keeper, Chatham Ont., Windsor, s/o Harry WEBSTER & Florence A. McKENNEY, married Louise Marguerite PETERSON, 28, Gosfield South, same, d/o Raymor PETERSON & Leila M. PULFORD, witn: Irene? S. WEBSTER of Windsor & Margaret PETERSON of Detroit, 30 June 1926 at Kingsville
35777-26 Frederick Gordon WELSH, 20, book keeper, Cottam, Windsor, s/o Daniel WELSH & Bertha GEANVREAU?, married Grace Elva RABB, 18, Showers Corners, Windsor, d/o Jacob RABB & Mary BEAN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Chester WELSH of Kingsville, 6 March 1926 at Kingsville 35778-26 Sidor WESELES, 40, laborer, Besarata, Ford, s/o Kalistrat WESELES & Parsokeska? WESELES, married Mary ZOTKOVA, 34 (b. 27 July 1892), widow, Hotus Besarata Russia, Ford, d/o Filomon ZOTKOVA & Alexandra ZOTKOVA, witn: Derafi MELNIK & Andrew KOROTVIK, both of Ford, 7 Aug 1926 at Ford [re bride: "parents reside in old country"]
35779-26 Harold Alexander WESTHEAD, 31, bank clerk, London Ont., same, s/o Henry WESTHEAD, b. Liverpool England & Ida ALEXANDER, married Helen Gertrude SMITH, 18, London, same, d/o Frank SMITH, b. Chicago & Anna Gertrude SMITH, witn: Olla & Mrs. Olla HOWEY of Royal Oak, 23 Oct. 1926 at Walkerville 35780-26 Richard Clarence WHEELER, 24, musician, Windsor, same, s/o William N. WHEELER, b. Ont & Charlotte CUNNINGHAM, married Madeline Elizabeth SMITH, 20, London Ont., Walkerville, d/o John McLean SMITH, b. Ont & Ethel HARDY, witn: Eleanor C. MOORE & Margaret HACKETT, both of Amherstburg, 17 July 1926 at Amherstburg
35781-26 Ellis Edward WHITE, 23, steam engineer, Colchester South, Detroit, s/o Frederick WHITE, b. Oxford? England, & Julia LEE, married Marjory Latimer SHAW, 23, Colchester South, same, d/o William SHAW, b. Colchester & Belle VOLLENS, witn: Edward McGEE (Mabee?) of Windsor & Hazel SHAW of Harrow, 18 Nov. 1926 at Colchester South twp 35782-26 Karl Frederick WHITE, 36, banker, Port Colborne Ont., Niagara Falls, s/o Charles A. WHITE, b. USA & Julia WHITEMAN, married Helen Byron CLANCY, 38, widow, town of Essex, same, d/o Samuel B. GREEN, b. Canada & Elizabeth WALKER, witn: R?. & Florence FURLONG of Riverside, 6 April 1926 at Riverside
35135-26 Arthur WHITE, 27, die maker, Quebec, Detroit, s/o John WHITE, b. England & Susan LATIMER, married Alice Winona ZELLER, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Edmund ZELLER, b. Canada & Mabel MARSHALL, witn: Hazen ZELLER of Windsor & Frances MOORE of Rockport Mass., 1 Sep 1926 at Windsor 35136-26 Thomas MacNaughton WHITE, 24, engineer, Scotland, Detroit, s/o George WHITE, b. Scotland & Catherine CONNELL, married Sarah Law HAUGHEY, Scotland "en route from Scotland", d/o John HAUGHEY, b. Scotland & Ellen MCILHINEY, witn: Jessie CHRISTIE of Windsor & Alex INGRAM of Detroit, 25 Jun 1926 at Windsor
35783-26 Thomas James WHITSON, 21, machinist, Maidstone twp., town of Essex, s/o Thomas WHITSON, b. Ont & Helen? (Nellie?) LITTLE, married Lewella McCAULEY, 17, Gosfield South, town of Essex, d/o Thomas McCAULEY, b. Ont & Margaret BELZER, witn: Herbert & Norma BOLTINGHOUSE of Essex, 29 Nov 1926 at Essex 35784-26 Clifford WHITWORTH, 22, telegraph operator, England, Walkerville, s/o Galdstone WHITWORTH, b. England & Annie TAYLOR, married Helen HOEY, 23, comptometer operator, Niagara Falls NY, Detroit, d/o Thomas HOEY, b. USA & Emma DEAN, witn: W. Ross HUMPHREY & Gladys Hoey TILLOCK, both of Detroit, 18 Sept 1926 at Walkerville
35787-26 Milton Eldon WIGLE, 25, farmer, Kingsville, same, s/o Pharon J. WIGLE, b. Gosfield South & Irene McGORMAN, married Mildred Fay COGHILL, 20, Kingsville, same, d/o Burwell COGHILL, b. Gosfield South & Nellie NEVILLE, witn: Vernert McGORMAN of Windsor & Winifred WILDER of Ann Arbor Michigan, 27 March 1926 at Ruthven 35785-26 Brooks WIGLE, 39, salesman, Leamington, Toledo Ohio, s/o Walter WIGLE, b. Essex Co Ont & Anna May KENYON, married Helen Anna GARTZ, 30, widow, domestic, Toledo Ohio, same, d/o John GORS, b. Germany & Minnie STOLL, witn: F.H. & Anna CONOVER of Leamington, 29 May 1926 at Leamington
35786-26 Colin Morley WIGLE, 41, clerk, widower, Gosfield South, Kingsville, s/o Wesley WIGLE, b. Gosfield South & Catherine FOX, married Rena May McDONALD, 33, Kingsville, same, d/o Colin McDONALD, b. Kingsville & Mary McCAULEY, witn: Gordon & Mrs. Gordon McLEOD of Windsor, 25 Dec 1926 at Kingsville 35137-26 Jacob Benjamin WIITAJYLKA, 38, carpenter, Finland, Detroit, s/o Matti WIITAJYLKA, b. Finland & Maria LIITENTALI, married Ida Wilhelmina TORMELA, 24, Finland, Ford City, d/o Ephraim TORMELA, b. Finland & Wilhelmina RANTALA, witn: Mrs. H. FEHNER & Betty BRANER, both of Windsor, 9 Mar 1926 at Windsor
35788-26 Earl E. WILFONG, 26, mechanic, Lancaster PA, Detroit, s/o Harry Edward WILFONG, b. Lancaster PA & Rebecca REAM, married Mary Frances WOOLLVEN, 19, Wentworth Co., Leamington, d/o Francis James WOOLLVEN, b. en & Lucretia Marion BRAY, witn: Mrs. Fred WALKER & William Francis WALKER, both of Leamington, 14 May 1926 at Leamington 35140-26 Edwin Earl WILL, 31, farmer, Odell Illinois, Staples, s/o Archie WILL & Cora JENKINSON, married Olive Louise DIETRICH, 30, Onaway Mich. Leamington, d/o Jacob DIETRICH & Nellie CURRENT, witn: Arthur J. DIETRICH of Comber & Jessie S. THOMAS of Windsor, 24 Apr 1926 at Windsor
35142-26 Robert WILLIAMS, 26, steel inspector, Columbus Ohio, Detroit, s/o Edward WILLIAMS, b. England & Margie WATT, married Cecelia MARCHAND, 20, Three Rivers Que., Windsor, d/o Jules MARCHAND, b. Canada & Mary HARDY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. H. SKELLY, both of Windsor, 22 May 1926 at Windsor 35143-26 Wilfred G. WILLIAMS, 20, carpenter, London England, Windsor, s/o Hedley WILLIAMS, b. England & Bertha Alice WILLIAMS, married Florence May WALTER, 20, b. Dec 1906, London England, Windsor, d/o Frederick WALTER, b. England & Ellen RUMBLE, witn: Alvin MARENTETTE & Vera MICHELL, both of Windsor, 1 Nov 1926 at Windsor
35141-26 Maxwell Harry WILLIAMS, 22, brick mason, Peterborough, Detroit., s/o Harry WILLIAMS, b. England & Millie NICHOLS, married Ethel Zoetta REEDER, 18, Bellville, Detroit, d/o John REEDER, b. Ohio USA & Anna BROWN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Carl HUNTER, both of Windsor, 28 Aug 1926 at Windsor 35789-26 Robert Arthur WILLIAMS, 25, hydro employee, Leamington, same, s/o Albert WILLIAMS, b. Essex Co Ont & Octavia MILLER, married Yula Thirza DUNPHY, 20, Gosfield North, Leamington, d/o Roland DUNPHY, b. Oxford Co Ont & Emily SCHOOLEY, witn: Freda WILLIAMS & Glen DUNPHY, both of Leamington, 24 July 1926 at Leamington
35790-26 Richard WILLISON, 19 past, laborer, Fletcher Ont., Sandwich, s/o Edward WILLISON, b. Ohio & Margaret THOMAS, married Jepheline STIERS, 18 past, Sandwich, same, d/o Frederick STIERS, b. Ont & Janet OUELLETTE, witn: Harry Clayburn LOYST of Detroit & Vida Marie OUELLETTE of Sandwich, 20 March 1926 at St. Johns Rectory, Sandwich 35791-26 Harold R. WILTSE, 29, filling station, Michigan, Windsor, s/o Charles WILTSE, b. NY state & Lottie HALL, married Lois J. OLDS, 25, stenographer, Michigan, Windsor, d/o Lucius OLDS, b. Michigan & Nellie L. COY, witn: W.S. FRENCH & Josephine FRENCH, both of Amherstburg, 11 Aug 1926 at Amherstburg
35792-26 Thomas Roy WISWELL, 26, laborer, Sheet Harbor NS, Leamington, s/o George WISWELL & Annie HARTLING, married Rebecca WILLIAMSON, 23, Scotland, Halifax NS, d/o John WILLIAMSON & Rebecca McCABE, witn: Frank MAJOR of Leamington & Mary WILLIAMSON of Halifax NS, 4 Sept 1926 at Leamington 35152-26 Carleton H. WOLF, 21, inspector, Detroit, same, s/o Edward H. WOLF, b. USA & Mary E. WATTS, married Ruth E. MALOTT, 18, b. May 1905, Kingsville, Windsor, d/o Harley S. MALOTT, b. Canada & Elizabeth A. ALLAN, witn: Norma L. MERNER & Renford R. MERNER, both of Windsor, 17 Apr 1926 at Windsor
35153-26 George Peers WOOD, 26, manufacturer, Ontario, Islington, s/o G.J.T. WOOD, b. Ontario & Elizabeth PEERS, married Gertrude Evelyn SMILEY, 37, teacher, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Percy Thomas SMILEY, b. England & Agnes DODS, witn: Helen F. SMILEY & P.E. SMILEY, both of Toronto, 7 Aug 1926 at Windsor 35793-26 Robert Louis WOOD, 27, farmer, Virginia US, Leamington, s/o Thomas D. WOOD, b. Virginia & Ida YATES, married Lily Viola ROACH, 19, Mersea twp., Leamington, d/o Carl B. ROACH, b. Mersea twp & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: William ROACH & Lena WHITE, both of Leamington, 27 Feb 1926 at Leamington
35794-26 Arthur John WOODHOUSE, 23, fireman, England, Gosfield South, s/o John William WOODHOUSE, b. Norfolk England & Gertrude ALICE, married Lucille TAGGART, 18, Gosfield South, same, d/o Darius TAGGART, b. Kingsville & Rose SANFORD, witn: Garnet TAGGART of Kingsville & Lena SANDFORD (sic) of Windsor, 24 March 1926 at Kingsville 35795-26 Charles WOODROW, 21 past, pipe fitter, Wallaceburg, Sandwich, s/o Charles WOODROW, b. Canada & Nellie JOYCE, married Verna May STEER, 19 past, clerk, Wallaceburg, same, d/o George Edward STEER, b. Canada & Mary RICHARDS, witn: Mrs. J.E. & Fred HOLMES of Sandwich, 28 June 1926 at Sandwich
35796-26 James A. WRIGHT, 22, machinist, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Robert WRIGHT, b. Scotland & Margaret ALLAN, married Ruth ELLIOTT, 26, clerk, Kentucky, Detroit, d/o Charles B. ELLIOTT, b. Kentucky & Zettie BRUCE, witn: Lee ELLIOTT & Lanimie HENSON, both of Detroit, 9 Nov 1926 at Sandwich 35797-26 Mahlon Robert WRIGHT, 21, blacksmith, Ruscom - Essex Co, Leamington, s/o Norman W. WRIGHT, b. Ont & Bertha LAMBERT, married Ina Ariel CALDER, 18 on 24 March 1926, Tilbury West, same, d/o Albert CALDER, b. Peterborough Ont & May BLACK, witn: Hazel R. WRIGHT of Leamington & Gerald L. BRUNER of Ruthven, 10 July 1926 at Leamington
35156-26 Joseph WYLUPEK, 36, labourer, Sasiadka poland, Windsor, s/o Peter WYLUPEK & Antonine ZUKOZEWSKA, married Amila KRUKOWSKA, 22, housework, Zadlodzig poland, Windsor, d/o Andrew KRUKOWSKI & Agnes WIKTOROW, witn: Vincent KANIEWITZ & Albert RUSNICK, both of Windsor, 13 Feb 1926 at Windsor (RC) 35798-26 Joseph YATES, 26, farmer, Scotland, Detroit, s/o Samuel YATES, b. Scotland & Jane HYSLOP, married Elsie Maud PERRAT, 25, Island of Jersey, Walkerville, d/o Francois PERRAT, b. Island of Jersey & Marie Francoise RIAU, witn: S.N. TRIPP & Miss Emily Josephine WHITE, both of Walkerville, 15 Feb. 1926 at Walkerville
35158-26 John Cecil YOUNG, 23, banker, Quebec, Windsor, s/o William C. YOUNG, b. Quebec & Helen BAIRD, married Gladys Mabel STOFFEL, 24, England, Windsor, d/o John STOFFEL, b. England & Bertha CLOKE, witn: H.P. STANLEY of Detroit & E.S. STANLEY of Windsor, 17 Sep 1926 at Windsor 35157-26 Garnet YOUNG, 23, clerk, Leamington, Windsor, s/o Andrew YOUNG & Isabella ARMSTRONG, married Nellie Alvena STOVER, 24, Brantford, Windsor, d/o John STOVER & Amanda FORD, witn: George RANDLES & Reta STOVER, both of Windsor, 25 May 1926 at Windsor
35799-26 Ernest Allan YOUNG, 21, mechanic, Mersea twp., Leamington, s/o James A. YOUNG, b. Essex Co Ont & Harriet A. BRISTOW, married Mary Amelia HETHERINGTON, 22, Kent Co Ont., Leamington, d/o Thomas R. HETHERINGTON, b. Newcastle on Tyne England, & Melissa Ann MIFFLIN, witn: R. Hugh YOUNG & Rhoda HETHERINGTON, both of Leamington, 19 May 1926 at Leamington 35800-26 William Rankin YOUNG, 26, tool maker, Scotland, Windsor, s/o James YOUNG, b. Scotland & Sarah GILLESPIE, married Catherine McEwan NEWBIGGING, 26, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Hugh NEWBIGGING, b. Scotland & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: John Clark MOFFAT & Margaret Anderson MOFFAT, both of Detroit, 25 Dec 1926 at Walkerville
35801-26 Cleveland R. ZAVITZ, 31, production clerk, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Silas ZAVITZ, b. Ont & Annie McMILLAN, married Vera Frances WARREN, 24, England, Windsor, d/o Frank B. WARREN, b. England & Ellen TULLIMORE?, witn: Robert & Pearl LITTLE of Windsor, 27 Dec 1926 at Windsor 35802-26 Blaz ZINICK, 46, machinist, Vratecko, Ford, s/o Matthew ZINICK, b. Vratecko & Helen MILKOVICE, married Matilda KOSIR, 45, Susak, Ford, d/o Matthew KOSIR, b. Susak & Margarita KRALJ, witn: Orden SUPER & George SILICK, both of Ford, 12 Oct. 1926 at Ford