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Essex Co., 1926, part 5

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  34339-26 John COUGHLAN, 22, floor walker, England, Windsor, s/o John COUGHLAN, b. England & Mary Orphelia GALBAZZI, married Victoria DUROCHER, 18, Windsor, same, d/o Ambrose DUROCHER, b. Ont & Louise CARRIERE, witn: Edward DUROCHER of 1015 Catarqui St. & Ida PARKER of Ford, 31 Jan 1926 at Windsor
34340-26 Ambrose A. COULES, 29, clerk, Renfrew Ont., Windsor, s/o Frank C. COULES, b. Poland & Frances PRINCE, married Dorothy TURNER, England, London, d/o William TURNER, b. England & Gertrude GRIST, witn: John & Nancy MURRAY of Windsor, 9 June 1926 at St. Alphonsus Church, Windsor 34341-26 James Dennis COULTER, 22, electrician, Lambton Co Ont., Windsor, s/o William COULTER, b. Ont & Elizabeth JENNINGS, married Mart Olive McASKELL, 24, operator, Grey Co Ont., Windsor, d/o William McASKELL, b. Ont & Mary BUCKTON, witn: Jessie THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 11 Dec 1926 at Windsor
34342-26 Samuel Andrew COURTNEY, 32, farmer, Huron twp., same, s/o James Henry COURTNEY, b. Canada & Olivia NESBITT, married Eileen Annie CALDER, 25, nurse, West Luther twp., Detroit, d/o Robert CALDER, b. Canada & Edith RYAN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. George STOREY of Detroit, 24 April 1926 at Windsor 34343-26 Robert COUTTS, 36, truck driver, Scotland, Detroit, s/o James COUTTS, b. Scotland & Jane CRUICKSHANK, married Sarah McGOWAN, 35, Scotland, Winnipeg, d/o Archibald McGOWAN, b. Scotland & Martha McBRIDE, witn: Mrs. C. B. FARQUHARSON & Mrs. Thomas STEELE, both of Windsor, 28 April 1926 at Windsor
34344-26 Alfred Edward COVYEAU, 24, taxi driver, Sandwich, Windsor, s/o Clement COVYEAU & Mary ELSTROM, married Dorothy Marie PERRA, 17, Sandwich, Windsor, d/o Frederick PERRA & Louise DUQUETTE, witn: Alfred PERRA of 620 Parent Ave & Viola CHAFFER of Royal Oak Mich., 15 Feb 1926 at Windsor 34345-26 Clarence Joseph COYLE, 36, Manitoba, Chatham, s/o Thomas COYLE, b. Prescott Ont & Bridget CADDEN, married Leone Eden MOSEY, 33, Kent Co Ont., Chatham, d/o Henry MOSEY, b. Kent Co & Fannie KAVANAUGH, win: William J. McGREGOR & Lila CURTIS, both of Chatham, 17 June 1926 at Windsor
34346-26 John CRAIG, 34, truck driver, Scotland, Detroit, s/o John CRAIG, b. Scotland & Annie CRAIG, married Elizabeth BORLAND, 34, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Daniel BORLAND, b. Scotland & Jessie GRAY, witn: Mary WILLOUGHBY of Windsor & George Buchan DAVIDSON of Detroit, 2 April 1926 at Windsor 34347-26 Joseph Jules Theophile CRAIG, 25, electrician, Montreal, Detroit, s/o Ernest CRAIG, b. Montreal & Mary CARTIER, married Dorothy RYCKMAN, 21, Windsor, same, d/o Joseph RYCKMAN, b. Ont & Eliza DONNELLY, witn: John Pattullo JOSS & Margaret M. LAMONT, both of Windsor, 20? June 1926 at Windsor
34348-26 Allen CRAWFORD, 24, tire builder, Ontario, Windsor, s/o David CRAWFORD, b. Canada & Emma ALLEN, married Iva LACKEY, 22, Ontario, Windsor, d/o James LACKEY, b. Canada & Lillie GRAINGER, witn: Mrs. S.E. FAIRBAIRN of Windsor & Earl FULMER of 134 McEwan Ave., 20 De 1926 at Windsor 34349-26 Daniel McIver CRAWFORD, 38, waiter, Scotland, Windsor, s/o John CRAWFORD, b. Scotland & Janet McIVER, married Elizabeth McLintock PATON, 42, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Mathew PATON, b. Scotland & Jennie NEAL, witn: Alex M. CAMPBELL of Detroit & Alex B. MOFFAT of Windsor, 16 Oct. 1926 at Windsor
34350-26 David Davidson CRAWFORD, 30, engineer, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Robert CRAWFORD, b. Scotland & Anna GRIEVE, married Jean Gordon BEATON, 29, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John BEATON, b. Scotland & Elizabeth WOODY, witn: Celestine GAUTHIER & John GALLAGHER, both of Windsor, 12 Aug 1926 at Windsor 34351-26 Edward CRONE, 23, machinist, Lancashire England, Windsor, s/o John CRONE & Jane Ellen WILKINSON, married Margaret Catherine McVEY, 21, Lancashire England, Windsor, d/o Edward McVEY & Sarah Ann KAVANAUGH, witn: Samuel LINDOW & Margaret PATTERSON, both of Windsor, 18 Aug 1926 at Windsor
34352-26 Herbert CROSS, 40, packer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Jacob CROSS, b. England & Esther HAWKYARD, married Katherine Rose KLOSZ, 29, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Theobad KLOSZ, b. Germany & Martha ATKINS, witn: Cameron HILLMAN & Lida HILLMAN, both of Windsor, 18 Oct. 1926 at Windsor 34353-26 William CROWE, 21, building foreman, Nova Scotia, Windsor, s/o William Harrison CROWE & Lydia MacDONALD, married Gertrude HARRIS, 19, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Richard HARRIS & Josephine BYERS, witn: Albert BARRIE? & Minerva HARRIS, both of Detroit, 3 June 1926 at Windsor
34354-26 Bartholomew CROWLEY, 29, executive, Brooklyn NY, Windsor, s/o Peter Francis CROWLEY & Ellen RYAN, married Kathleen Mary BOYLAN, 26, Sheffield England, Windsor, d/o Patrick BOYLAN & Mar Jane KIELTY, wit: J.H. CROWLEY of Winnipeg & Winnifred BOYLAN of Windsor, 16 Oct. 1926 at Windsor  
34355-26 John CURRIE, 30, photo engraver, Scotland, Montreal, s/o Alexander CURRIE, b. Scotland & Ellen WALL, married Euphemia BROWN, 30, Scotland, Windsor, d/o David BROWN, b. Scotland & Agnes POLLOCK, witn: William & Janet HEGGIE of 510 Banwell Ave., 25 Dec 1926 at Windsor 34356-26 William CURRIE, 24, tool maker, Glasgow Scotland, Walkerville, s/o Robert CURRIE, b. Belfast Ireland & Bessie LEVER, married Edna Irene MICKLE, 19, Anderdon twp., Amherstburg, d/o Andrew MICKLE, b. Amherstburg & Blanche WITRAS?, witn: Ella Bertha BAXTER of 190 McKay Ave & Nathaniel Joseph AITKINS of 127 Aylmer Ave., 15 Sept 1926 at Windsor
34357-26 Calixte CURRIVEAU (Corriveau?), 37, laborer, Cohoes NY, Windsor, s/o Anthony CURRIVEAU & Hermine BENOIT, married Genevieve PUTKOWSKI, 17, Winnipeg, Windsor, d/o Basil PUTKOWSKI & Pauline PILAT, witn: Felix CURRIVEAU of 1381 Langlois Ave & B. PUTKOWSKA of 1218 Pierre Ave., 13 April 1926 at Windsor 34358-26 Brian CURRY, 29, England, Windsor, s/o William H. CURRY, b. England & Maggie B. NICHOLSON, married Elsie May OLIVER, 28, England, enroute from England to Windsor, d/o Richard OLIVER, b. England & Catherine LEE, witn: Lilian NYASON? & John A. MARSHALL, both of Windsor, 20 Sept 1926 at Windsor
34359-26 Carl L. CURT, 22, electrical contractor, Germany, Walkerville, s/o Karl CURT, b. Germany & Bertha WIEHERNEIT, married Margaret REIMANN, 18, Germany, Walkerville, d/o William REIMANN, b. German & Anna BERENDT, witn: John FISHER of Walkerville & William REIMANN of Windsor, 11 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34360-26 Creswell Arthur CURTIS, 23, electrician, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Frederick Arthur CURTIS, b. Scotland & Sophie REID, married Isabella Cameron McKAY, 26, Scotland, Windsor, d/o David McKAY, b. Scotland & Margaret GRAHAM, witn: Cecilia Lilian JANE? & George Albert DAVIS, both of Lock 108 - Pacific Park - Sandwich twp., 27 July 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor
34361-26 John CUTHBERT, 27, solderer, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Thomas CUTHBERT, b. Ireland & Mary McINNES, married Jean BRANSON, 22, England, Windsor, d/o George BRANSON, b. England & Alice GOODCHILD, witn: L. & Isabell SEDGLEY of Windsor, 5 June 1926 at Windsor 34362-26 James DALYRYMPLE, 19, time keeper, Cooksville Ohio, Windsor, s/o Robert DALYRYMPLE & Julia SNEDDEN, married Nancy May COOK, 18 (on 24 Dec 1925), Birmingham England, Windsor, d/o William COOK & Nancy Ann WALLACE, witn: Charles COLLINS of Walkerville & Amelia PARKER of Detroit, 16 Oct. 1926 at Windsor
34363-26 Whitman Cecil DALY, 22, painter, Beach Point - Point Edward Ont., Ridgetown, s/o Joseph DALY & Ida WHITMAN, married Virginia LEWIS, 18 (on 26 may 1925), Detroit, Howell Mich., d/o Jay D. LEWIS & Marie KRUGER, witn: Norman LEWIS & Irene PALMER, both of Detroit, 12 Jan 1926 at Windsor 34364-26 Henry Francis DANIELS, b. 14 Feb 1903, St. George de Windsor Que., Windsor Ont, s/o John DANIELS & Mary MULLINS, married Mary Irene BEGIN, b. 21 Dec 1900, St. Philip of Windsor Que., Windsor Ont., d/o Odilon BEGIN & Mary Ann BELISLE, witn: Eugene Louis BOUFFARD & Odilon BEGIN, both of Windsor, 8 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34365-26 Worth DAVIDSON, 21, machinist, Ecosse Mich., same, s/o E.H. DAVIDSON, b. USA & Catherine WILLIAMS, married Jessie GERMAN, 21, Sarnia, same, d/o Arthur J. GERMAN, b. Canada & Florence BROWN, witn: Mabel PAULIN & Theresa BEST, both of Windsor, 7 Jan. 1926 at Windsor 34366-26 John William DAVIES, 21, chauffeur, England, Windsor, s/o N.H. DAVIES, b. England & Alice PLANE, married Elizabeth McGILL, 20, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Thomas McGILL, b. Scotland & Janet HENDERSON, witn: Mrs. W. J. O'NEILL & J.R. LATTIMER, both of Windsor, 30 March 1926 at Windsor
34367-26 Douglas Lewis DAVIS, 23, gate man, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Lewis Ed DAVIS, b. Ont & Birdie WILLIAMSON, married Catherine Winnifred HARRIS, 23, England, 56 Garfield Ave in Toronto, d/o James B. HARRIS, b. Scotland & Elizabeth TULLOCK, witn: Louis OUIMET of Detroit & M.L. PAULIN of Windsor, 6 Nov 1926 at Windsor 34368-26 George Albert DAVIS, 30, clerk, Windsor, same, s/o Louis DAVIS, b. Windsor & Lauria (Louisa?) BERG, married Virginia TRUPPA, 19, Chicago, same, d/o Joseph TRUPPA, b. Italy & Ida D'EMILIA, win: Eleanor MOORE of Amherstburg & D. McKENZIE of Windsor, 31 Aug 1926 at Windsor
  34369-26 Andrew C. DAVISON, 25, bank clerk, Chesley Ont., Detroit, s/o Samuel DAVISON, b. Ont & Janet ANDERSON, married Irene Leufesty ARMSTRONG, 26, Chesley, Owen Sound, d/o John ARMSTRONG, b. Ont & Flora CASS, witn: Mabel ARMSTRONG of Owen Sound & Wilfred DAVIDSON (sic) of Windsor
34370-26 Mark B. DEAN, 22, lumber scaler, NY state, Detroit, s/o Frank DEAN, b. USA & Anna DE LINE, married Cicely CALVERT, 17, England, Windsor, d/o Walter CALVERT, b. England & Clara WHEATLEY, witn: George SOUTH of Detroit & Sylvia CALVERT of Windsor, 20 Feb 1926 at Windsor 34371-26 Thomas James DEAN, 30, electrician, Belfast Ireland, Detroit, s/o Thomas J. DEAN & Elizabeth CAMBELL (Campbell?), married Bridget Josephine NOLAN, 27, Belfast Ireland, Detroit, d/o John J. NOLAN & Margaret McGRILLAN, witn: Cas E. DEAN of Detroit & Kathleen NOLAN of 315 Victoria Ave., 27 Oct. 1926 at Windsor
34372-26 Henry Caspar DECKER, 25, machinist, Detroit, Windsor, s/o Peter DECKER & Mary BELLINGER, married Marie Rose GRANDMAISON, 24, Maidstone Ont., Windsor, d/o Emil GRANDMAISON & Ellen NANTAIS, witn: Wilfrid GRANDMAISON of 1221 Pellesier St. & Marie IRELAND of 917 Albert St., 27 Dec 1926 at Windsor 34373-26 Harry Eugene DE HETRE, 41, plumber, Sandwich, Windsor, s/o Henry DE HETRE & Julienne NANTAIS, married Marie Reine Regine DESAULINERS, 23, Montreal, Windsor, d/o Hilaire DESAULINERS & Josephine CLERMONT, witn: Hilaire DESAULINERS & Arthur CLOUTIER Jr., both of 958 Parent Blvd in Windsor, 10 Aug 1926 at Windsor
34374-26 Julius DENEWETH, 42, laborer, Belgium, Chatham, s/o Cenuel DENEWETH, b. Belgium & Mary BRASEDP, married Annie May McCATHERN, 28, Chatham, same, d/o William McCATHREN, b. Canada & Ophelia Ann PERRY, witn: Mrs. Mae SEAY of 404 Munn St. & Mrs. Violeta HAWES? of 412 Munn St., 8 Jan 1926 at Windsor 34375-26 Raymond DENIS, 22, glazier, Stoney Point Ont., Windsor, s/o Daniel DENIS, b. Ont & Rosina CAZA, married Marjorie Pearl WRIGHT, 22, Harrow Ont., Windsor, d/o Austin WRIGHT, b. Ont & Agnes McGILL, witn: Mrs. M.J. STEVENS of Detroit & Harold McINDES of 188 Elm Ave., 18 Sept 1926 at Windsor
34376-26 Armand A. DENONVILLE, 24, clerk, Vermont US, Windsor, s/o Charles DENONVILLE, b. USA & Marie DESROCHERS, married Margaret Jenette LOEFFLER, 19, Windsor, same, d/o Frederick LOEFFLER, b. US A& Catherine BURKE, witn: Frederick & Catherine LOEFFLER of Windsor, 6 Aug 1926 at Windsor 34377-26 Augustus DE POUW, 25, farmer, Belgium, Sandwich East twp., s/o Frank DE POUW (De Pourv?), b. Belgium & Hellodie JANNSEND, married Anna DE POURE (De Pourv?), 23, Belgium, enroute from Belgium, d/o Donois DE POURE, b. Belgium & Maria VAN DORPE, witn: Cyril & Mrs. Cyril VAN RUYSHENEVEKE of Roseland, 20 April 1926 at Windsor
34378-26 Clement DESAULNIERS, 25, carpenter, Montreal, Windsor, s/o Henry DESAULNIERS, b. Montreal & Josephine CLERMONT, married Margaret MONTREUIL, 20, Walkerville, Sandwich, d/o Edward MONTREUIL, b. de & Rose LAMOND, witn: Arthur DESAULNIERS & Lina LABUTE, both of Windsor, 4 Dec 1926 at Windsor 34379-26 Arthur Leo DESHAINE, 24, machinist, L'Anse Mich., Ford, s/o William DESHAINE & Delia SICOTTE, married Stella Loretta LEVESQUE, 20, St. Joachim Ont., Windsor, d/o Joseph LEVESQUE & Marie Louise MANNIL, witn: Milton DESHAINE of 156 Albert Rd & Gloria LEVESQUE of 746 Marion Ave in Windsor, 11 Jan 1926 at Windsor
34380-26 Arthur Leon DESLIPPE, 23, McGregor, Windsor, s/o Henri DESLIPPE & Odile GOULET, married Thelma Anna BAIN, 22, Windsor, same, d/o Archibald John BAIN & Suzanne HASLIP, witn: Armand FRANCH of 4446 Victoria Ave & Audrey RENAUD of 1601 Giles Blvd., 1 June 1926 at Windsor  
34381-26 Bernard DEVLIN, 28, scratch polisher, England, Detroit, s/o John DEVLIN, b. Ireland & Sarah CONALLY, married Bertha TAYLOR, 22, England, Windsor, d/o Ernest TAYLOR, b. England & Sarah WALFOND, witn: John & Mrs. John MURRAY of 419 Goyeau St., 27 Aug 1926 at St. Alphonsus Church, Windsor 34382-26 Thomas Anthony DEVLIN, 25, laborer, Ireland, Detroit, s/o John DEVLIN, b. Ireland & Catherine McFARLAND, married Monica MULHERN, 20, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John MULHERN, b. Ireland & Ann McCONVILLE, witn: Patrick DOHERTY of Detroit & Mary PETTIGREW of Windsor, 29 Nov. 1926 at Windsor
34383-26 Charles D'HOOGHE, 32, laborer, Belgium, Windsor, s/o Henry D'HOOGHE, b. Belgium & Eugenie WIMPS, married Hortense TAVEIRNE, 27, Belgium, Windsor, d/o Christoph TAVEIRNE, b. Belgium & Marie PIPPE, witn: Aroxe VANDOORAN of 605 Sandwich St. & Yvonne LEFEBRE of 735 Sandwich St., 22 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34384-26 Anthony DIAKOW, 34, plumber, widower, Poland, Detroit, s/o Andrew DIAKOW, b. Poland & Pelagia SAS, married Caroline LUCKO, 23, Poland, Ford, d/o Kornell LUCKO, b. Poland & Pauline MOTYLEWICZ, witn: Stanley DZOCH of Detroit & Mary DUNAK of Ford, 11 April, at 4 p.m., at Windsor
34385-26 John DICK, 25, die maker, Scotland, Windsor, s/o William DICK, b. Scotland & Catherine GUNN, married David Ena ADIE, 26, Scotland, Windsor, d/o David ADIE, b. Scotland & Euphemia DUNSIRE, witn: Sadie KINCAID & William DICK, both of Windsor, 6 Aug 1926 at Windsor 34386-26 James DILLON, 23, machinist, Scotland, Windsor, s/o John DILLON & Elizabeth MURRAY, married Isabel McGOWAN, 21, domestic, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Patrick McGOWAN & Mary CHRISTIE, witn: Thomas MANNING of Detroit & Mary CLINTON of 19 Indian Grove in Toronto, 21 June 1926 at Windsor
34387-26 Ferdinand DI PENTIMA, 26, auto worker, divorced, Italy, Detroit, s/o Nick DI PENTIMA, b. Italy & Grace ANTONOCCI, married Mary PETTNEZI, 25, widow, Italy, Windsor, d/o Ernesto CANTERO, b. Italy & Rosie GENTILE, witn: Etore ALLESIO of Windsor & illegible signature of 1512 Parent Ave., 14 May 1926 at Windsor 34388-26 George Edwin DOAN, 23, printer, Seymor Indiana, Windsor, s/o Frank DOAN & Dora BROWN, married Viola Phyllis BONDY, 22, Windsor, same, d/o Alex BONDY & Phyllis DESLIPPE, wit: Nelson DESLIPPE of Amherstburg & Hilda BONDY of Walkerville, 14 Jan 1926 at Windsor
34389-26 Edward James DOBSON, 38, floor manager, Ireland, Detroit, s/o William John DOBSON, b. Ireland & Margaret MILLS, married Agnes Ethel RUSSELL, 22, Ireland, Windsor, d/o Andrew RUSSELL, b. Ireland & Amelia JOHNSON, witn: Herbert A. & Gertrude DENEAN of Windsor, 27 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34390-26 George Harris DOCHERTY, 26, plumber, Scotland, Detroit, s/o John DOCHERTY, b. Scotland & Annie SIMPSON, married Jean McCONNACHIE, 24 (29?), Scotland, Windsor, d/o John McCONNACHIE, b. Scotland & Mary EYRE, witn: Hugh Harper KERR of Detroit & Agnes REISS of Windsor, 24 Dec 1926 at Windsor
34391-26 Joseph William DODD, 24, book keeper for Marentette Realty Co., North Dakota, Windsor for nearly 2 years, s/o Edward DODD, b. Canada & Rebecca O'BRIAN, married Gipsey V. IRVIN, 20, stenographer at Rea Motors, West Virginia, Windsor for 6 months, d/o Plummer IRVIN, b. West Virginia & Lulu LEONARD, witn: V.C. & E.C. REA of Windsor, 12 July 1926 at Windsor 34392-26 Daniel A. DOHERTY, 35, street car conductor, Quebec, Detroit, s/o Daniel DOHERTY, b. Pontiac Co Que & Margaret McKEE, married Rose Ann O'MALLEY, 26, Quebec, Windsor, d/o Patrick O'MALLEY, b. Pontiac Co Que & Mary DOHERTY, witn: Anthony O'MALLEY & Mary McNAMARA, both of Windsor, 2 June 1926 at Windsor
  34393-26 Carlo DOMINATO, 34, contractor, Italy, Windsor, s/o Joanne DOMINATO, b. Italy & Maria TURCATO, married Ida DE RE, 24, USA, Windsor, d/o Francisco DE RE, b. Italy & Luigia DEI TOZ, witn: Peter BARATTO & Silene DE SANTI, both of 405 Mercer St., 17 April 1926 at Windsor
34394-26 Thomas DONALDSON, 25, panel press operator, England, Windsor, s/o William Richardson DONALDSON, b. England & Isabella HARVEY, married Eleanor NUTLEY, 24, England, Windsor, d/o Edward NUTLEY, b. England & Mary THOMPSON, witn: Mrs. B. DICKENS & Benjamin DICKENS, both of 100 Crawford Ave in Windsor, 20 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34395-26 James Ernest DOOL, 35, body builder, Blenheim - Kent Co., Windsor, s/o David DOOL, b. Ont & Margaret BURKHOLDER, married Grace Mary Irene SIMON, 27, Tilbury East twp., same, d/o James SIMON, b. Ont & Selina PERRY, witn: Annie MacKAY of Windsor & Eleanor MOORE of Amherstburg, 15 July 1926 at Windsor
34396-26 Francis Leo DOUCETTE, 23, artist, Toronto, Detroit, s/o David DOUCETTE & Agnes O'CONNELL, married Mary Irene ROY, 23, Schuylerville NY, Windsor, d/o Napoleon ROY & Lucine LABOEUF, witn: Walter KELLY of Buffalo NY & Lucille ROY of Windsor, 12 May 1926 at Windsor 34397-26 George Henry DOUGLAS, 39, marine engineer, Peterborough Co., Windsor, s/o William J. DOUGLAS, b. Ont & Agnes McCOLL, married Lena Gertrude SQUIRE, 34, nurse, Malden twp, Windsor, d/o Oscar B. SQUIRE, b. Ont & Caroline HYLAND, witn: Myrtle & H. Russell WELLINGTON of Windsor, 25 Dec 1926 at Windsor
34398-26 Leonard W. DOWDELL, 23, stock man, Carleton Place Ont., Detroit, s/o Thomas DOWDELL, b. Ont & Elizabeth McCOY, married Ethelywn May BRETT, 28, Essex Co Ont., Windsor, d/o Alfred A. BRETT, b. Ont & Elizabeth H. TOPPING, witn: Warren BURK & Margaret BRUSH, both of Windsor, 2 July 1926 at Windsor 34399-26 John DOYLE, 28, electrician, Hamilton Scotland, Hamilton Ont., s/o John DOYLE & Agnes DURHAM, married Sarah HEANEY, 26, Dumbarton Scotland, Windsor, d/o John HEANEY & Anne O'NEIL, witn: Adam COOK of Detroit & Mary HEANEY of Windsor, 2 Oct. 1926 at Windsor
34400-26 Stewart R. DRESCH, 21, driver, Kitchener Ont., Detroit, s/o Theodore DRESCH & Nellie MEYER (Neryer?), married Janet RENDALL, 19, Manitoba, London, d/o William RENDALL & Mary Karr McGIBBON, win: R. LANSBY of Windsor & N.J. REAUME of Sandwich, 12 Feb 1926 at Windsor 34401-26 Leo DROUIN, 27, cook, Quebec, Windsor, s/o Flavien DROUIN, b. Quebec & Philomene CORNEAU, married Emma TRUCHON, 44, widow, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Mederic DUPUIS, b. Quebec & Malvina PRIMEAU, witn: John MURRAY & Mary PETTIGREW, both of Windsor, 24 April 1926 at St. Alphonsus, Windsor
34402-26 Edward DROVEDAHL, 25, tool & die maker, Minnesota, Windsor since June 1925, s/o Gilbert DROVEDAHL, b. Norway & Catherine DABLOW, married Muriel FRASER, 19, Detroit, Windsor since Nov 1925, d/o James D. FRASER, b. Scotland & Mary DENCH, witn: William George Edward SMITH & Clara Elizabeth SMITH, both of Windsor, 12 June 1926 at Windsor 34403-26 William Franklin DRULARD, 37, newspaper man, Windsor, same, s/o Thomas W. DRULARD, b. Canada & Esther Marion LABELLE, married Agnes Othelia FOSTER, 37, Guelph, Windsor, d/o Thomas FOSTER, b. Canada & Agnes MOONEY, witn: Gerald L. DRULARD & Frances FOSTER, both of Windsor, 9 June 1926 at Windsor
34405-26 William DRUMMOND, 22, trimmer, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John DRUMMOND, b. Ireland & not known, married Lillian GUTHRIE, 19, Toronto, same, d/o H.C. GUTHRIE, b. Ont & Adelaide BROWNRIDGE, wit: Frank COLLINS of Detroit & E.W. GUTHRIE of Toronto, 16 Oct. 1926 at Windsor 34404-26 James DRUMMOND, 20, lithographer, West Virginia, Detroit, s/o John DRUMMOND & Elizabeth HAMILTON, married Esther Marguerite STOKES, 19, Point Edward, RR2 Sarnia, d/o John STOKES & Esther REID, witn: John HAMILTON & Elizabeth DRUMMOND, both of de, 24 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34406-26 Alexander E. DUCHIACHE, 32, mechanic, Roumania, Detroit, s/o George EVDOCHIAN (sic), b. Roumania & Drucial EVDOCHIAN, married Leontina CRACINMEAN, 16, Roumania, Ford, d/o Vasile CASARMENA?, b. Roumania & Ann CRAENINICAK?, witn: Domnica illegible of Windsor, 27 Oct. 1926 at Windsor 34407-26 Clarence DUGGAN, 29, radiator repair, Windsor, same, s/o Wilfred DUGGAN, b. Canada & Brodicea PULFORD, married Catherine B. WADDINGTON, 30, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Albert WADDINGTON, b. Canada & Harriet CHATTERTON, witn: Mabel PAULIN & Reina WELLINGTON, both of Windsor, 16 Jan. 1926 at Windsor
34408-26 Louis DUIC, 33, druggist, Jugoslavia, Windsor, s/o Emil DUIC, b. Jugo Slavia & Anna RONCEWICZ, married Maria DEPOLO, 24, Jugo Slavia, now Windsor (Winnipeg), d/o Charles DEPOLO, b. Jugo Slavia & Mary EILER, witn: C. HADOSH of 1450 Langlois ave & Eva KANICWSKI of 1232 Langlois Ave., 30 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34409-26 John DUNCAN, 28, sheet metal worker, Scotland, Detroit, s/o William DUNCAN, b. Scotland & Isabella KEILLOR, married Janet McGruther WAUGH, 21 (b. 16 July 1904), Glasgow Scotland, Windsor, d/o David WAUGH, b. Scotland & Jane McCOOK, witn: Lilias & George Graham YOUNGER of Windsor, 15 Jan 1926 at Windsor
34410-26 George DUNN, 21, Cowdenheath Fifeshire Scotland, Windsor, s/o Thomas DUNN & Allison Dunn DEVINE, married Anne LOWRIE, 20, Falkirk Scotland, Windsor, d/o Peter LOWRIE & Mary KELVIN, witn: James WILSON & Mary LOWRIE, both of Windsor, 20 Nov 1926 at Windsor 34411-26 Joseph Eugene DUQUETTE, 22, mechanic, Windsor, same, s/o Joseph DUQUETTE, b. Ont & Margaret NANTAIS, married Velma YOUNG, 18, Goderich Ont., Windsor, d/o James YOUNG, b. Ont & Mary Ann JORDAN, witn: Oliver BELLAND of 1441 Benjamin Rd & Mrs. Betty BERNARD of 1105 Wyandotte St., 25 Jan 1926 at Windsor
34412-26 Joseph Napoleon DURETTE, 26, laborer, Sudbury, Ford, s/o Lucien DURETTE & Malvina OUELLETTE, married Denise DESCHAMP, 23, Sturgeon Falls, Windsor, d/o Camille DESCHAMP & Eleanore ARCAND, witn: David DESCHAMP of 519 Sandwich St. & Constance PRICE of 128 Marentette Ave., 28 June 1926 at Windsor 34413-26 William Henry DUTTON, 34, sander, England, Windsor, s/o Thomas DUTTON & Martha MATHER, married Eva BRAMHAM, 28, tenter?, England, Windsor, d/o James BRAMHAM & Esther Ellen FILDES, witn: Gladys KLOCK & Lawrence N. MARSHALL, both of Windsor, 4 May 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor
34414-26 Philip John DYER, 25, bank clerk, Petrolia, Windsor, s/o William R. DYER, b. Ont & Eva SCOTT, married Mary Margaret DUKE, 25, Mono Mills, same, d/o Henry W. DUKE & Margaret DONALDSON, witn: Herman? L. & Helen ARBUCKLE of Walkerville, 24 Nov 1926 at Windsor 34415-26 Frederick Henry EASTERBROOK, 35, mechanic, Pelham twp., Welland, s/o Henry E. EASTERBROOK, b. England & Annie SCULLEN?, married Cleva Maude GEARY, 26, Rodney Ont., Walkerville, d/o John GEARY, b. Canada & Agnes Jane LLOYD, witn: George GEARY of Walkerville & Luta DORSEY of Detroit, 24 Aug 1926 at Windsor
34416-26 William Henry EAVES, 24, England, Windsor, s/o Walter William EAVES, b. England & Mary ECCLES, married Nellie May LARCHER, 24, England, Windsor, d/o John Albert LARCHER, b. England & Emma POTTER, witn: George Frederick COLGAN & Mary Ann LARCHER, both of Windsor, 24 July 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor 34417-26 Nelson Le Roy EDWARDS, 21, electrician, Pennsylvania, Detroit, s/o Nelson E. EDWARDS, b. Pennsylvania & Cora HUGHES, married Hazel Irene WELSH, 24, Niagara Falls Ont., Windsor, d/o James WELSH, b. Ont & Minnie KELLOGG, witn: James B. WELSH of Windsor & Nelson E. EDWARDS of Detroit, 25 Sept 1926 at Windsor
34418-26 Charles EILENDER, 23, merchant, Russia, Detroit, s/o Chaim EILENDER, b. Russia & Fannie LUVIE, married Esther ELBLING, 18, Russia, Windsor, d/o Abraham ELBLING, b. Russia & Jennie EILENDER, witn: Ralph SABLE & J. RAGOWSKY, both of 1095 Ellesmere Ave., 12 Dec 1926 at Windsor 34419-26 John Edward ELKINGTON, 20, carpenter, London Ont., Detroit, s/o John ELKINGTON & Mary HANNA, married Hilda Violet GRIFFITH, 20, England, Windsor, d/o Thomas GRIFFITH & Jean ROSOM, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS of Windsor & Mrs. A. DRADER of Wallaceburg, 1 May 1926 at Windsor
34421-26 Emmerson Charles ELLIOTT, 26, mechanic, Osgoode twp., Windsor, s/o Charles A. ELLIOTT & Catherine BOOTH, married Edith Harris KELLOGG, 27?, Quebec, Windsor, d/o Amherst KELLOGG & Alice HARRIS, witn: Walter HERRIDGE & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 20 march 1926 at Windsor 34420-26 Clifford ELLIOTT, 23, electrician, Saskatchewan, Detroit, s/o William J. ELLIOTT, b. Canada & Amy SINCLAIR, married Florence WAPLES, 21, England, Windsor, d/o George H. WAPLES, b. England & Florence BROOKS, witn: Jessie HEALE & Gertrude BEAVER, both of Windsor, 27 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34422-26 Robert Francis ELLIOTT, 25, mechanic, Paris Ont., Detroit, s/o Thomas ELLIOTT, b. Canada & Etta BANNISTER, married Marshie Margaret BRAGG, 25, Woodstock, same, d/o Harry BRAGG, b. England & Margaret WILKIN, witn: Len & Vilda ARMSTRONG of Detroit, 2 June 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor 34423-26 Ira Lawrence Earl ELMES, 28, clerk, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Frederick Robert ELMES, b. Canada & Helen INNIS, married Ruth Ellen SCOTT, 30, Ontario, Walkerville, d/o George SCOTT, b. Canada & Annie VESEY, witn: Gertrude ACHESON of Sandwich & Emerson SCOTT of Walkerville, 18 Aug 1926 at Windsor
34424-26 Joseph Albert Napoleon EMOND, 28, Newton Que., Detroit, s/o Leon EMOND & Marguerite LALONDE, married Marie Delia HETU, 15, Drummondville, Windsor, d/o Felix HETU & Alvina HEROUX, witn: Raoul St.JACQUES & Octave BOURASSA, both of Detroit, 1 Feb 1926 at Windsor 34425-26 George Maple ENGLAND, 22, clerk, Stoney Creek Ont., Windsor, s/o Tom ENGLAND & Sarah Rose FOWLE, married Frances Margarita WILSON, 24, St. Thomas Ont., Windsor, d/o Frank James WILSON & Emma WAKEFIELD, witn: R.C. WELSHANS & Vera HAMSON, both of Windsor, 17 Nov 1926 at Windsor
34426-26 Cecil Cyril ENGLE, 21, manager, Ohio US, Van Wert Ohio, s/o Trall ENGLE, b. USA & Pearl DECAMP, married Bessie JOHNSTON, 24, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Nathaniel JOHNSTON, b. Ont & Lillian LAWRENCE, witn: George Henry BURKE of Sudbury & Lila May SEYMORE of Detroit, 15 May 1926 at Windsor 34427-26 Alexander ESSON, 31, mechanic, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Alexander ESSON, b. Scotland & Jessie FORBES, married Janet Alexandra YOUNG, 26, Scotland, Windsor, d/o William G. YOUNG, b. Scotland & Robina BAYES, witn: Gordon & Jane ESSON of Windsor, 27 Oct. 1926 at Windsor
34428-26 Frederick ETCHES, 24, machinist, Chatham, same, s/o James ETCHES, b. Chatham & Louise HOOP, married Bessie Marie CROW, 23, stenographer, Chatham, same, d/o Jack CROW, b. US & Sarah LEWIS, witn: Gladys KLOCK & George SCOTT, both of Windsor, 14 Sept 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor 34429-26 Frederick EVE, 38, widower, wood worker, Windsor, same, s/o Harris EVE, b. Windsor & Charlotte HAYWARD, married Edith Ann ELLEMENT, 35, Gaspe Que., Windsor, d/o Robert ELLEMENT, b. Gaspe Que & Catherine FINN, witn: Edward HAYDEN & Mrs. Catherine HAYDEN, both of Windsor, 22 May 1926 at Windsor
34430-26 Edmund John EVELEGH, 24, salesman, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Hugh EVELEGH, b. Ireland & Grace WEATHERSTON, married Florence Helen CASS, 21, Mapp? Que., Windsor, d/o George CASS, b. Quebec & Rose BUZZELL, witn: Dorothy CASS & R. MacFARLANE, both of Windsor, 14 Aug 1926 at Windsor 34431-26 Harold G. FAHRNER (Farhner?), 24, salesman, Salem Mich., Detroit, s/o Matthew FAHRNER, b. Germany & Adeline GEIGLER, married Helen E. RICHARDS, 24, Windsor, same, d/o William M. RICHARDS, b. Canada & Mary HOUSTON, witn: Enid BAYNE of Windsor & D.A. McDOUGALL of Detroit, 21 June 1926 at Windsor
34432-26 John FAIRBAIRN, 25, tool & die maker, Scotland, Windsor, s/o John FAIRBAIRN, b. Scotland & Annie Downey GERRIE, married Letitia Munn WILLOUGHBY, 25, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John WILLOUGHBY, b. Scotland & Margaret Ann MURK, witn: Andrew COVENTRY & Mary WILLOUGHBY, both of Windsor, 22 Dec 1926 at Windsor 34433-26 Thomas Maurice FAIRBROTHER, 24, barber, Birmingham England, Leamington, s/o Thomas FAIRBROTHER, b. Birmingham & Beatrice DAVIS, married Margaret Belle HILLMAN, 22, Rapid City Manitoba, Ferndale Mich., d/o John HILLMAN, b. Rodney Ont & Annie ROGERS, witn: Nelson HILLMAN & Berche? McPHERSON, both of Detroit, 19 Oct 1926 at Windsor
34434-26 Frank FAORA, 40, gardener, Italy, Windsor, s/o Valentine FAORA, b. Italy & Margaret FAORA, married Valentina FAORA, 30, Italy, Windsor, d/o Dominic FAORA, b. Italy & Victoria VANITA, witn: Antoine AGNOLIN of Windsor & Gioconda SABBADIN of Detroit, 29 Dec 1926 at Windsor 34435-26 James FARKAS, 31, Hungary, Windsor, s/o John FARKAS, b. Hungary & Villa FEIDLER, married Anna BEDE, 15, Michigan, Windsor now but home is in Flint Mich., d/o John BEDE, b. Hungary & Anna VINEB, witn: Mrs. Anna BEDE of Flint Mich. & Irene REISHA of Ford, 1 March 1926 at Windsor
34436-26 John Henry FARMER, 27, machine operator, widower, Birmingham England, Windsor, s/o Samuel FARMER & Louisa PALMER, married Florence May CLUTTON, 23, Macclesfield Yorkshire England, Wresham Denbighshire, d/o William CLUTTON & Florence PHILLIPS, witn: Winnifred & Philip PARDOE of Windsor, 16 March 1926 at Windsor 34437-26 Emil Arthur FASOLI (Faroli?), 29, builder, Italy, Detroit, s/o John FASOLI, b. Italy & Filomene GENTONATI, married Frances PASSARELLI, 23, NY state, Detroit, d/o Antonio PASSARELLI, b. Italy & Ermina FASOLI, witn: Floyd PASSARELLI & Adele FASOLI, both of Detroit, 16 June 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor
34438-26 James FERGUS, 26, rivetter, Scotland, Detroit, s/o Alexander FERGUS, b. Scotland & Mary BROWN, married Jean MORTON, 27, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John MORTON, b. Scotland & Ellen ROBERTSON, witn: James GIBSON & Mary FERGUS, both of Detroit, 26 June 1926 at Windsor 34439-26 Charles Ogilvie FERGUSON, 24, plumber, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Robert FERGUSON, b. Scotland & Annie OGILVIE, married Jane Dewer JEWELL, 27, Scotland, Windsor, d/o William JEWELL, b. Scotland & Mary ANDREWS, witn: Rita SILCOCK of Walkerville & William JEWELL of Windsor, 9 Oct 1926 at Windsor
34440-26 Lloyd Alexander FERGUSON, 21, cashier, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Charles FERGUSON, b. Canada & Sarah MAPHITOFF, married Ivy COOPER, 25, London Ont., Windsor, d/o Thomas COOPER, b. England & Susannah BAKER, witn: A.H. & Olive KING of Windsor, 14 Aug 1926 at Windsor 34441-26 Norman FERGUSON, 25, clerk, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Donald FERGUSON, b. Scotland & Margaret McKINNON, married Rose Ruth HOUSEN, 27, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Fred HOUSEN, b. Germany & Rose FOSTER, witn: Victoria Housen VAUGHAN of Roselle NY & Edward A. BREMMER of Beachville Ont., 24 Aug 1926 at Windsor
34442-26 James Alexander FERRIS, 25, real estate salesman, Mulmur twp. Ont., Detroit, s/o Henry FERRIS, b. Ont & Ellen FASHNIE, married Isabel SMITH, 22, England, Windsor, d/o James SMITH, b. England & Isabella ALEXANDER, witn: Peter Anthony HUGHES of Detroit & Alexandrina SMITH of Windsor, 30 June 1926 at Windsor 34443-26 James Alex Lou FIDDES, 22, electrician, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Thomas Nisbet FIDDES, b. Scotland & Katherine COWIE, married Clara Ruth PURDY, 19, Northwood Ont., Windsor, d/o William PURDY, b. Ont & Mary WARDELL, witn: Ethel M. RYRIE & Charles WELSH, both of Windsor, 2 July 1926 at Windsor
34444-26 James Franklin FINCH, 39, cigar maker, London, same, s/o George Henry FINCH, b. Ont & Eliza BUTLER, married Lottie CHEESMAN, 34, Ontario, London, d/o Arthur William CHEESMAN, b. England & Clara Jane HANDLEY, witn: Gladys & James KLOCK of Windsor, 3 July 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor 34445-26 Alex McIntyre FINDLAY, 43, clerk, Wyoming Ont., Windsor, s/o Robert FINDLAY, b. Scotland & Sarah McINTYRE, married Maud Ethel STRUDWICK, 38, England, Windsor, d/o Walter STRUDWICK, b. England & Emma STOKES, witn: Wilhelmina FINDLAY & Nellie STRUDWICK, both of Windsor, 2 Oct 1926 at Windsor
34446-26 Charles FINEMAN, 22, radio repairman, New York City, Windsor, s/o Mick, b. Russia & Annie, married Sarah NATHANSON, 20, Ottawa, Windsor, d/o Nathan, b. Roumania & Gittle, witn: S. MISSTYK? & J. FORMAN?, both of Windsor, 14 Jan 1926 at Windsor 34447-26 Alel FINNALI, 26, builder, Finland, Windsor, s/o Leander FINNALI, b. Finland & Selma BEXAR, married Lempi LEHTIMAKI, 26, Finland, Sandwich, d/o Franz LEHTIMAKI, b. Finland & Hanna TAVALA, witn: Senni HOLM of Amherstburg & Ilishmar SANDBACKA of Windsor, 7 Aug 1926 at Windsor
34448-26 Albert McNeill FITTER, 24, butcher, England, Windsor, s/o Edward FITTER, b. England & Ellen RANTAL, married Helen Marguerite SMITH, 19 (b. 18 Nov 1906), Kalamazoo Michigan, Windsor, d/o Thomas SMITH, b. Canada & Mabel LASH, b. Indiana, witn: Thomas A. & Mrs. Thomas A. SMITH of Windsor, 6 Jan 1926 at Windsor 34449-26 Thomas Andrew FITZGERALD, 25, motor mechanic, Pembroke Ont., Windsor, s/o Michael Joseph FITZGERALD, b. Canada & Christena Frances KEON, married Honora DUMAS, 21, Quebec, Sudbury, d/o Calixte DUMAS, b. Canada & Marie POTVIN, witn: John MURRAY & Mary PETTIGREW, both of Windsor, 11 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34451-26 Elmer Ivan FLEMING, 26, production clerk, Niagara Falls NY, Detroit, s/o Robert Ivan FLEMING, b. NY state & Marie PETITTE, married Margaret A. WHITTLE, 26, Carlisle England, Montreal, d/o Thomas WHITTLE, b. England & Jane NELSON, witn: Mary AGNEW & George SCOTT, both of Windsor, 8 July 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor 34450-26 Angus FLEMING, 27, dentist, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Angus FLEMING, b. Scotland & Margaret OGILVIE, married Mary Ellen CALLIGAN, 24, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John CALLIGAN, b. Scotland & Mary Ellen THAW, witn: Catherine ARCHIBALD & William Henry YATES, both of Rouge Mich., 7 Aug 1926 at Windsor
34452-26 Lorne Elgin FLEWELLING, 22, truck driver, Arthur Ont., Windsor, s/o William FLEWELLING, b. Arthur Ont & Annie HOWES, married Kathleen Viola BROWN, 20, St. Thomas Ont., Windsor, d/o William BROWN, b. Canada & Dora WYGENT, witn: George & Pearl LEITCH of Detroit, 5 June 1926 at Windsor 34453-26 Leroy Barton FLORENCE, 34, insurance broker, South Dakota US, London, s/o W.W. FLORENCE, b. England & Minnie BARTON, married Elizabeth Ann CARSWELL, 34, teacher, London Ont., same, d/o William CARSWELL, b. London Ont & Emma Jane WEIR, witn: James & Gladys KLOCK of Windsor, 20 July 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor
34454-26 Wilber H. FLOWERS, 22, auto trimmer, Hamilton Ont., Windsor, s/o John William FLOWERS, b. Ont & Evelina KNISELY, married Annie ALLAN, 21, Hamilton Scotland, Walkerville, d/o John ALLAN, b. Scotland & Isobel TORRANCE, witn: Ruth WILSON of Detroit & Carl PETTIT of River Rough, 18 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34455-26 John FLUCKSA, 23, laborer, Roumania, Windsor, s/o Tom FLUCKSA, b. Roumania & Mary STOICA, married Paraschiva GRUCA, 20 next Oct., Roumania, Windsor, d/o Lazar GRUCA, b. Roumania & Annie BURWENAIN, witn: Mabel PAULIN & Therersa BEST, both of Windsor, 29 June 1926 at Windsor
34456-26 Albert Arthur Victor FOOTE, 26, die maker, Scotland, Walkerville, s/o James FOOTE, b. Scotland & Isabella CRAIG, married Alice Annie M. DAVIDSON, 25, Scotland, enroute from Scotland, d/o James SWAN (sic), b. Scotland & Mary ROSE, witn: Ethel & Andrew MOIR of Windsor, 12 June 1926 at Windsor 34457-26 James Burt FOOTE, 29, banker, Elora, Welland, s/o David FOOTE, b. Elora & Jemima CUTHBERT, married Ola MacDONALD, 30, book keeper, Wiarton, Windsor, d/o John H. MacDONALD, b. Paisley Canada & Amanda Jane ASHLEY, witn: Mary A. JACKLIN of Windsor & Alan MacDONALD of Wiarton, 3 April 1926 at Windsor
34458-26 Stanley Norris FORD, 30, plumber, England, Windsor, s/o Charles FORD & Mary Jane MARTIN, married Ellen Nora SERMONS, 32, cook, England, Windsor, d/o Thomas SERMONS & Ellen MARIN (Mason?), witn: Grace McEWAN & Wilfred FORD, both of Windsor, 24 April 1926 at All Saints Church 34459-26 William Edward FORD, 27, machinist, England, Windsor, s/o George FORD & Sarah KNIGHT, married Margaret Mary LANGLOIS, 18, Windsor, same, d/o Albert B. LANGLOIS & Cloe PARE, witn: Bertram FORD of 871 McDougall St. & Sylvia BENTEAU of 728 Marentette Ave., 16 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34460-26 James Milton FORSYTH, 20, machine operator, Amherst NS, Windsor, s/o James FORSYTH, b. New Brunswick & Helen B. GARVIE, married Alma Eletha Agnes REID, 19, stenographer, Detroit, Windsor, d/o Donald E. REID, b. Michigan & Wilhelmina PARSONS, witn: Gertrude ROETZ & William NELSON, both of Detroit, 18 Dec 1926 at Windsor 34461-26 Frederick FORSYTHE, 23, machine hand, Aylmer Ont., Windsor, s/o John FORSYTHE & Mary KIDDES, married Herta BRANT, 19, Konigsburg Germany, Windsor, d/o Otto BRANT, b. Germany & not known, witn: Parmelia SEGUIN & A. CHAPRON, both of Windsor, 12 April 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor
34462-26 Austin FOWLER, 23, New Brunswick, Windsor, s/o Asley? FOWLER, b. St. John NB & Elsie LAW? (McCaw?), married Mabel LOCKHART, 25, Alberta, Windsor, d/o Frederick LOCKHART, b. Belfast Ireland & Sarah McAULEY, witn: Arthur BRISTOL & Mrs. CROSS, both of Windsor, 2 Jan 1926 at Salvation Army Citadel, London St. in Windsor 34463-26 Leonard George FOX, 28, England, Windsor, s/o William Thomas FOX, b. England & Charlotte HUNT, married Mary Annie LARCHER, 22, England, Windsor, d/o Albert John LARCHER, b. England & Emma Agnes POTTER, witn: R.E. & J.M. SAMPSON, 25 Sept 1926 at Windsor
34464-26 Garnet William FRASER, 23, book keeper, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Bertie Isaac FRASER, b. Canada & Elizabeth Allen HOPE, married Ida May MARCUS, 22, Ontario, Windsor, d/o David John MARCUS, b. Canada & Harriet L. WEMP, witn: William C. & Greta McNORGAN of Chatham, 14 Oct. 1926 at Windsor 34465-26 John Duncan McBeth FRASER, 25, assistant superintendent, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Thomas FRASER, b. Scotland & Isabelle McBETH, married Annie Elizabeth MORTON, 26, Windsor, Sandwich, d/o Thomas Charles MORTON, b. Canada & Mary Anne IMESON, witn: Mrs. C. McFARLANE of Kitchener & Grace MORTON of Gerrard St. East in Toronto, 1 Nov 1926 at Windsor
34466-26 Reed Allan FREEMAN, 27, machinist, Cedar Kape Iowa, Detroit, s/o George FREEMAN, b. USA & Anna HOWARD, married Barbara Josephine BARRYERE, 20, Saskatchewan, Windsor, d/o Edmond BERRYERE, b. Austria & Annie GLAVISH, witn: John Carl GARLICK & Caroline Berryere GOEBEL, both of Windsor, 16 Jan 1926 at Windsor 34467-26 Thomas F. FREESE, 20 in May 1925, brass worker, Michigan, Three Rivers Mich., s/o Floyd FREESE, b. St. Joe? Co. Mich., married Herma H. FREESE, 18 on 8 May 1925, Michigan, Three Rivers Mich., d/o Herbert FREESE, b. St. Joe? Co Mich & Grace STANARD, witn: Mrs. A. A. WALDEN & John McINTYRE, both of Windsor, 25 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34468-26 William FRISE, 55, widower, furniture polisher, England, Windsor, s/o William FRISE, b. England & Julia ROGERS, married Lucy WELLS, 55, widow, England, Windsor, d/o William LAILY, b. England & Rebecca WOODIDGE, witn: W.J. STANLEY of Walkerville & Mrs. E. R. CHERRY of Windsor, 27 March 1926 at Windsor 34469-26 M. Adolphus FULMER, 39, divorced, carpenter, Colchester South twp., Windsor, s/o Josiah F. FULMER, b. Canada & Keturah ROSE, married Edna May DWYER (Shannon), 22, England, Sandwich, d/o "unknown, born out of wedlock", witn: Delbert GRANT of Windsor & Ivy WILLETT of Sandwich, 20 March 1926 at Windsor
34470-26 Adam Brand FYFE, 28, mechanic, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Tom FYFE, b. Scotland & Janet BROWN, married Jane Smith Jemima ROBERTSON, 26, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John ROBERTSON, b. Scotland & Mary GOODALE, witn: J. FYFE of Windsor & A.M. PATERSON of Toronto, 29 Oct 1926 at Windsor 34471-26 Patrick GAHAN, 26, laborer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Patrick GAHAN, b. Ireland & Margaret RICHARDSON, married Neta Lavina ARMITAGE, 24, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Charles ARMITAGE, b. Canada & Mary YOUNG, witn: Caroline WILCOX of Hamilton & Jessie S. THOMAS of Windsor, 14 Oct. 1926 at Windsor
34472-26 Silvio GAMBIN, 24, Feuma Veneto Italy, Windsor, s/o Marco GAMBIN & Maddeleba SANTTAROSA, married Angelina SELLAN, 17, Feumo Veneto Italy, Windsor, d/o Sante SELLAN & Ida FAVOT, witn: Antone & Mrs. Antone MUSSO of Windsor, 16 Jan 1926 at Windsor 34473-26 George GARDNER, 28, England, Windsor, s/o John GARDNER, b. England & Isabel FARMER, married Rosa Eliza Margaret MILLS, 26, England, Windsor, d/o William Henry MILLS, b. England & Alice PLECKROSE (Pluckrose?), witn: Henry GARDNER & James SCOTT, both of Windsor, 21 Aug 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor
34474-26 Emerson Bryant GARROD, 22, auto worker, Blenheim Ont., Windsor, s/o William GARROD & Eva C. SMITH, married Nellie Agnes McGHIE, 19, Essex Ont., Windsor, d/o Alen (Alex?) McGHIE & Emma CHASE, witn: Ernest TAYLOR & Mrs. Ernest TAYLOR, both of Essex, 12 June 1926 at Windsor 34475-26 Marie Joseph Laurent GASSIER, 51, stone worker, France, Riverside, s/o Joseph GASSIER, b. France & Leontine VERLAGUE, married Louise PHILIPPON, 45, widow, France, Riverside, d/o August NOIZET, b. France & Helene BORIGIER, witn: Benedict & Belthilde NORMAND of Windsor, 1 Oct. 1926 at Windsor
34476-26 Edward Joseph GAUTHIER, 24, mechanic, Belle River Ont., Windsor, s/o Alfred GAUTHIER, b. Ont & Philomene LEDUC, married Josephine Dorothy MAYHEW, 26, divorced, Bay City Mich., Detroit, d/o John DUBE, b. Ont & Delphine DUPUIS, witn: Milburn WEESE & Mabel PAULIN, both of Windsor, 22 Oct 1926 at Windsor 34477-26 Henry GAUTHIER, 22, plumber, Windsor, same, s/o Frederick GAUTHIER, b. Tecumseh Ont & Delphine Parent, married Margaret MARSHALL, 22 in March next, Windsor, same, d/o John Edward MARSHALL, b. Windsor Ont & Marie PARENT, witn: John W. MARSHALL & Mrs. Delphine GAUTHIER, both of Windsor, 5 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34478-26 Horace GAUTHIER, 25, clerk, Fournier Ville Que., Riverside, s/o Allen GAUTHIER & Valerie BRUNET, married Winnifred Irene PIPER, 18, Chatham Ont., Windsor, d/o Emerson PIPER & Ellen CUDNEY, witn: Napoleon LAVOIE & Allen GAUTHIER, both of Riverside, 3 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34479-26 John GAUTHIER, 25, Ford Motor employee, Woodslee, Windsor, s/o Cezaire GAUTHIER, b. Tecumseh Ont & Julienne SHEEHAN, married Hazel BONDY, 20, McGregor, Windsor, d/o Victor BONDY, b. Colchester South twp & Anne GRONDIN, witn: Ernest Joseph FOULDS & Helen GAUTHIER, both of Windsor, 29 May 1926 at St. Alphonsus Church, Windsor
34480-26 Vasile GASRILOVICE, 44, widower, laborer, Roumania, Ford, s/o Nicolae GASRILOVICE, b. Roumania & Zamfira, married Balasa CALARAN, 41, widow, domestic, Roumania, Ford, d/o Constantin CARLON, b. Roumania & Dommica, witn: Demetrin & Joanna HADNRANEN? of Ford, 24 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34481-26 Philip J. GEARY, 19, stock clerk, Quebec, Windsor, s/o John GEARY, b. England & Esther McPIKE, married Mele Ruth VALENTINE, 17, Windsor, same, d/o Harry VALENTINE, b. New York & May COOK, witn: John & Mrs. John GEARY of Windsor, 8 May 1926 at St. Alphonsus Church, Windsor
34482-26 Henry GINGENBACH, 29, laborer, Russia, Ford, s/o John Henry GINGENBACH, b. Germany & Caroline FREY, married Jane SUDERMAN, 21, Russia, Ford, d/o Peter SUDERMAN, b. Russia & Emilie GRIEVES, witn: Mrs. Emilie & Peter SUDERMAN of Ford, 30 Jan 1926 at Windsor 34483-26 Morris GENYN, 25, glass blower, Belgium, Windsor, s/o Frank GENYN, b. Belgium & Masie DE WAHTER, married Heste TIERCE (Pierce?), 21, Alabama US, Windsor, d/o Eugene TIERCE, b. USA & Tilly SEALES (Scales?), witn: John MURRAY & M. Martha CRAIG, both of Windsor, 20 April 1926 at Windsor
34484-26 Joseph Arthur GERVAIS, 29, butcher, Montreal, Windsor, s/o Gilbert GERVAIS, b. Quebec & Marie BEDARD, married Adela SAUVE, 26, Quebec, Montreal, d/o Elzear SAUVE, b. Quebec & Anasie ARSENAULT, witn: W. & J.R. DESCHAMPS of 812 Langlois Ave., 17 Dec 1926 at Windsor  
34485-26 James GIBB, 26, mechanic, Scotland, Windsor, s/o William GIBB & & Elizabeth BRYSON, married Amelia Emma REEVES, 30, domestic, England, Windsor, d/o William George REEVES & Harriettte Elizabeth ABBOTT, witn: William SHORROCK of Ford & Jessie Elizabeth REEVES of Windsor, 14 Oct 1926 at Windsor 34486-26 William GIBBONS, 19, baker, London England, Windsor, s/o Herbert GIBBONS, b. England & Louise OSBORNE, married Martha EDWARDS, 21, Govan Scotland, Windsor, d/o Harry EDWARDS, b. Scotland & Martha McDONALD, witn: Margaret GIBBONS of Windsor & John GARSWOOD of Walkerville, 8 Sept 1926 at Windsor
34487-26 Leslie C. GIBBS, 22, purchasing agent, Michigan, Windsor, s/o Benjamin W. GIBBS, b. Ont & Ethel E. TAYLOR, married Winifred WALSH, 21, England, Windsor, d/o William C. WALSH, b. Portsmouth England & Esther PORTER, witn: Mrs. S.E. FAIRBAIRN & Mrs. W.A. WALDREN, both of Windsor, 25 June 1926 at Windsor 34488-26 Walter William GIBBS, 24, baker, England, Windsor, s/o Walter James GIBBS, b. Surrey England & Ellen HOLDEN, married Elsie Gladys GIBBONS, 26, England, Windsor, d/o Herbert GIBBONS, b. Middlesex England & Louisa OSBORNE, witn: John Farrington GARSWOOD of Walkerville & Constance BUCKLE of Detroit, 1 July 1926 at Church of the Ascension, Windsor
34489-26 Frederick Francis GIBSON, 35, switch man, Bracebridge Muskoka, Windsor, s/o Thomas GIBSON, b. Ont & Mathilda TOOLE, married Marie Maggie Aldorea PERRAULT, 24, Sudbury, Windsor, d/o Theophile PERRAULT, b. Quebec & Emelie St.GERMAIN, witn: A.G. & Mrs. A. G. WOODS of Sandwich, 8 May 1926 at Windsor 34490-26 James Edward Roy GIBSON, 24, press operator, Aylmer Que., Windsor, s/o Edward GIBSON, b. Quebec & Nellie HOGAN, married Jean DUBUE, 19, Ottawa, Windsor, d/o Louis DUBUE, b. Ont & Virginia VALIEST, witn: Violet & Wallace ROUTLIFFE of Windsor, 28 Aug 1926 at Windsor
34491-26 Carl Brandshaw GILBOE, 23, truck driver, Gosfield North twp., Detroit, s/o Herbert GILBOE, b. Essex Ont & Jennie BRADSHAW, married Nina Retta MONTGOMERY, 21, stenographer, Gosfield North, "works in Detroit and come to parents' home in Ontario", d/o Daniel MONTGOMERY, b. Essex Co Ont & Jessie LOUDEN?, witn: Charles FOSTER of Detroit & Madeline MONTGOMERY of South Woodslee, 6 Nov 1926 at Windsor 34492-26 Andrew Jardine GILLESPIE, 24, Ayr Scotland, Walkerville, s/o John Livingston GILLESPIE, b. England & Mary ANDERSON, married Lillian CAVANAGH, 22, Manchester England, Windsor, d/o Francis CAVANAGH, b. England & Annie MULLEN, witn: Edward MERRY? of 203 Wellington & Lillian Mausie FOX of Walkerville, 21 July 1926 at Church of the Ascension, Windsor
34493-26 Arthur Joseph GIRARD, 20, driver, McGregor, Windsor, s/o Jacques GIRARD & Sophie DESLIP, married Alexina Lovina OUELLETTE, 18, lady, Notre Dame du illegible Que., Windsor, d/o Henry OUELLETTE & Mary SWEENEY, witn: Joseph Alfred GIRARD of New Canaan & Archie Mary? OUELLETE of Windsor, 1 June 1926 at Windsor 34494-26 Eugene Joseph GIRARD, 38, service man, Sandwich, Windsor, s/o Dolphis GIRARD, b. Canada & Sophie GRANDMAISON, married Gladys MORRIS, 21, England, Windsor, d/o Ernest MORRIS, b. England & Annie WILKINSON, witn: John Charles MASON & Leah GIRARD, both of Windsor, 23 Jan. 1926 at Windsor
34495-26 Norman GIRARD, 22, laborer, McGregor, Windsor, s/o John GIRARD & Emelie POUGET, married Marie Parmelia Lucie RENAUD, 17, North Temiscamingue, Windsor, d/o J. Alfred RENAUD & Rosalie RIVAIT, witn: Wilfred GIRARD & Julia RENAUD, both of Windsor, 19 Jan 1926 at Windsor 34496-26 Milton George GIRLING, 25, clerk, Ottawa, Windsor, s/o George GIRLING, b. England & Harriet CORBETT, married Hilda Mary ALEXANDER, 20, Kingston, Windsor, d/o Herbert ALEXANDER, b. Ont & Maude SMITH, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS & Maud ALEXANDER, both of Windsor, 9 Dec 1926
34497-26 Frank GLOVER, 30, machinist, England, Windsor, s/o Ernest E. GLOVER, b. England & Matilda CHUBB, married Rose WILCOX, 25, England, Windsor, d/o Arthur WILCOX, b. England & Sarah Ann BANKS, witn: George & Ivy KINGSBURY of 153 Crawford Ave., 22 May 1926 at Windsor 34498-26 Alfred GODIN, 24, machinist, Montreal, Windsor, s/o Pierre GODIN & Emma ROBILLARD, married Clarinda LAVIGNEUR, 19, Montreal, Windsor, d/o Henri LAVIGNEUR & Rosilda LECLERC, witn: Victor LAFONTAINE of Guelph & Lillian LAFONTAINE of Windsor, 16 Jan 1926 at Windsor
34499-26 Johann Karl GOEBEL, 18, Saskatchewan, Windsor, s/o John GOEBEL, b. Austria & Katherina NIEBEL, married Caroline BERRYERE, 18, Saskatchewan, Windsor, d/o Edmund BERRYERE, b. Austria & Anne GLAVISH, witn: Reed Allen FREEMAN & Barbara Berryere FREEMAN, both of Detroit, 16 Jan 1926 at Windsor 34500-26 Mike GOITAN, 28, laborer, Roumania, Ford, s/o Todor GOITAN, b. Roumania & Rafira BOL, married Jennie BOL, 28, Saskatchewan, Ford, d/o Dimitre BOL, b. Roumania & Eufrosina BOL, witn: Todor & Mary PRODAN of 1201 Hanna St. in Windsor, 29 May 1926 at Windsor
34575-26 Clarence Roy HILLMAN, 22, clerk, Leamington, Walkerville, s/o Ira William HILLMAN, b. USA & Anne Maude PATTERSON, married Ina Pearl GOODALE, 17, Wyndham twp. - Norfolk Co, Windsor, d/o William Lloyd GOODALE, b. Canada & Carrie Teresa SLAGHT, witn: Lida May HILLMAN & Stanley Edward CAVERS, both of Walkerville, 17 June 1926 at Windsor 34576-26 Charles HIMBERG, 36, widower, brick layer, Finland, Ford, s/o Otto HIMBERG, b. Finland & Erikka VIKOTROM, married Ella PALTONEN, 31, Finland, Ford, d/o William PELTANEN, b. Finland & Paulina HANHIJOKI, witn: Anselme RUNOISTO of Ford & Mrs. H. FEHNER of Windsor, 31 Dec 1926 at Windsor
34577-26 Joseph HINDS, 32, laborer, Barbadoes, Windsor, s/o Corey? (Obrey?) HINDS, b. Barbados & Elizabeth BATTROM, married Eula Mae JERRY, 22, Alabama, Detroit, d/o Jacob JERRY, b. South Carolina & Ella JOHNSON, witn: Florence J. DAWSON & Vivian FOSTER, both of 325 McDougall St., 24 July 1926 at Windsor 34578-26 William HITCH, 22, hoisting engineer, Toronto, Windsor, s/o William HITCH, b. England & Margaret ORR, married Ada Ethel TILLING, 21, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas TILLING, b. England & Ada TAYLOR, witn: George A. MINFIELD of Merlin Ont & Lillian M. FOX of Walkerville, 8? Aug 1926 at Church of the Ascension, Windsor
34579-26 William James HOBBS, 36, shipper, England, Sandwich, s/o Albert Edward HOBBS, b. England & Elizabeth Mary EAST, married Nina PHIPPS, 30, England, Windsor, d/o William PHIPPS, b. England & Harriet RANDALL-MORRIS, witn: Walter & Flossie GOLDSPINK, 4 Nov 1926 at Windsor 34580-26 Gordon HODGSON, 23, painter, Chatham Ont., Windsor, s/o George HODGSON & Mary COFIELD, married Nellie TURNER, 22, Dresden Ont., same, d/o James TURNER & Phoebe REID, witn: Edson M. OBEAY of Windsor & Lenore WEBBER of London, 22 May 1926 at Windsor
34581-26 John William HOFFMAN, 20, merchant, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Philip HOFFMAN, b. Ont & Mary JEWELL, married Margaret Rosamond R. MILLS, 18, Ontario, Windsor, d/o John Andrew MILLS, b. Ont & Rose MORRISSEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. C. PRAGER of Windsor, 22 Nov 1926 at Windsor 34582-26 Walter Frederick HOFFMAN, 24, book keeper, Toledo Ohio, same, s/o Frederick HOFFMAN, b. Germany & Catherine NUTTO, married Kathryn A. HOFFMAN, 21, Toledo Ohio, same, d/o George HOFFMAN, b. Germany & Alice ANNETT, witn: Betty BRAUER & Mrs. H. FEHNER, both of Windsor, 18 April 1926 at Windsor
  34583-26 Walter Edwin HOLDAWAY, 32, widower, tool grinder, London England, Windsor, s/o Arthur Edward HOLDAWAY, b. London England & Florence PHILLAS, married Margaret SHARP, 22, London England, Windsor, d/o David SHARP, b. Elie Scotland & Florence CHILD, witn: Elsie HOLDAWAY of Walkerville & David G. SHARP of Detroit, 5 June 1926 at Windsor
34585-26 Stanley Sylvester HOLDEN, 21, farmer, Sandwich South twp., same, s/o Willard HOLDEN, b. Canada & Jane THRASHER, married Frances Irma VOLLENS, 21, Anderdon twp., Sandwich West twp., d/o Charles VOLLENS, b. Canada & Maude STUCK?, witn: May S. DAVIE & Sarah A. CARTER, both of Windsor, 2 June 1926 at Windsor 34584-26 Edward HOLDEN, 56, widower, machinist, Ohio, Detroit, s/o George HOLDEN & Elizabeth COOPER, married Annabella SIMPSON, 49, widow, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Thomas HARRIS & Eliza LEHENY, witn: Jessie S. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 2 Fen 1926 (1:30 p.m) at Windsor
34586-26 Lloyd HOLMES, 21, body builder, Woodstock Ont., Detroit, s/o William J. HOLMES & Mary Alice WILSON, married Gladys Cecily FULLER, 20, England, Embro Ont., d/o Charles FULLER & Bessie GREEN, witn: Jessie A. THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 19 March 1926 at Windsor 34587-26 William HOMES, 20, steam fitter, Michigan, Toronto, s/o Edward HOLMES & Louise LA MOUNTANE, married Irene McGUIRE, 18 last Oct., Ontario, Windsor, d/o Hallie McGUIRE & Ida BREMER, witn: John H. MacVICAR of Toronto & Louisa CLAYTON of Detroit, 20 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34588-26 Roy HOOPER, 19, stock man, Ottawa, Detroit, s/o Charles V. HOOPER & Ada EVANS, married Eveline LACELLE, 25, Ottawa, same, d/o Francis Xavier LACELLE & Catherine DOLAN, witn: Francois X. & Gladys LACELLE of Detroit, 25 May 1926 (9:00 p.m.) at Windsor 34589-26 George HOPPY, 29, factory employee, Roumania, Windsor, s/o Mitchell HOPPY, b. Roumania & Helen NAHIRNY, married Helen ALLAN, 29, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John ALLAN, b. Scotland & Isabella TORRANCE, witn: Grace ALLAN & Delbert? FLOSSICK? , both of Windsor, 30 April 1926 at Windsor
34590-26 Clayton James HORNICK, 20, laborer, Camden twp., Chatham, s/o Robert W. HORNICK, b. Canada & Minnie WAKEY (Wakief?), married Sarah Alea LA RUE (Larue?), 17, St. Thomas, Chatham, d/o Larson LA RUE, b. Canada & Anne CHASE, witn: Wilfrid JOHNSON & Elda HORNICK, both of Chatham, 16 Aug 1926 at Windsor 34591-26 Nick HOROKY, 23, carpenter, Roumania, Windsor, s/o Nick HOROKY, b. Roumania & Mary BURA, married Margaret SZORVAS, 17, Brantford, Windsor, d/o Paul SZORVAS, b. Roumania & Barbara ANDRIKO, witn: Joseph ANTOL of 1321 Peonie Ave & Joseph BETTLEHEN of Ford, 23 Jan 1926 at Windsor
34592-26 William David HORSFORD, 28, clerk, England, Ford, s/o David HORSFORD, b. England & Annie HORSFORD, married Ellen WILSON, 26, widow, England, Ford, d/o Thomas MACKLIN, b. England & Alie HAMMONS, witn: Gladys & James KLOCK of Windsor, 20 Aug 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor  
34594-26 Edward Victor HOUSE, 19, contracting, Mount Elgin, Windsor, s/o George C. HOUSE, b. Ont & Annie WILLIAMS, married May LAURENCESON, 16 on the 19 July 1925, Port Hope Ont., Windsor, d/o John LAURENCESON, b. Ont & Lillian ARMSTRONG, witn: Earl & Mrs. Earl EASTON of Sandwich, 19 June 926 at Windsor 34593-26 Anthony Henry HOUSE, 20, lithographer, England, Windsor, s/o Anthony Henry HOUSE, b. England & Emma WALKER, married Frances Jean BALDWIN, 20, Canada, Windsor, d/o Frank BALDWIN, b. Canada & Nellie Edith DAWSON, witn: Eleanor C. MOORE & Charles VAHAY, both of Amherstburg, 22 July 1926 at Windsor
34595-26 John HOWARD, 36, chauffeur, Windsor, Sandwich West twp., s/o Holden HOWARD, b. Winston Salem NC & Fannie WILLIAMS, marred Celina HALEY, 16, Chatham Ont., Sandwich West twp., d/o Russell HALEY, b. Chatham Ont & Mable WILSON, witn: John JOHNSON & Elizabeth FINTAIL, both of Detroit, 1 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34596-26 Leo Joseph HOWARTH, 34, motor assembler, Chorley England, Windsor, s/o Edward HOWARTH & Elizabeth GAFFNEY, married Margaret JOLLY, 31, weaver, Chorley England, Windsor, d/o Arthur Ernest JOLLY & Elizabeth HODGKINSON, witn: John CARNEY & Mary Josephine CARNEY, both of Windsor, 24 April 1926 at Windsor
34597-26 William HOWELL-HOWELL, 26, Ford Motor Co employee, Wick South Wales, Windsor, s/o William HOWELL-HOWELL, b. South Wales & Eleanor HOWELL, married Jean GARDINER, 24, Falfarg Ireland, Windsor, d/o William John GARDINER, b. Ireland & Margaret TODD, witn: Sadie J. McALISTER of 153 Crawford Ave. & Alex SCOTT of 25 Windsor Ave., 30 Oct 1926 at Windsor 34598-26 Adolph L. HRABAK, 40, divorced, pattern maker, Cleveland Ohio, Sandwich, s/o Adolph HRABAK, b. Bohemia & Mary KOFFERN, married Merline Isabella GAUL, 24 on 6 May 1926, Montreal, Sandwich, d/o Joseph GAUL, b. Quebec & Annie CLARKE, witn: Mamie M. FRETTER & George GAUVRIN?, both of Sandwich, 5 May 1926 at Windsor
34599-26 Walter Robert HUBER, 27, waiter, Switzerland, Chicago, s/o Richard HUBER, b. Switzerland & Anna GRAU, married Josephine GEDEON, 24, Switzerland, Windsor, d/o Alois GEDEON, b. Switzerland, & Josephine STAGER, witn: Anna EGGER & Josef EGGER, both of Windsor, 31 Dec 1926 at Windsor 34600-26 William Henry HUGGETT, 26, carpenter, England, Sandwich, s/o Henry HUGGETT, b. England & Florence LEWARNE, married Winnifred Maude HEWLITT (Hewlett?), 23, England, Windsor, d/o William Ernest HEWLITT, b. England & Rachel Ann HARRIS, witn: race ROBINSON of Windsor & Fred RIMES (Nimes?) of Flint Mich., 24 June 1926 at Windsor
  34750-26 David Taylor MATTHEW, 27, body builder, Scotland, Windsor, s/o David MATTHEW, b. Scotland & Annie TAYLOR, married Edith LOW, 27, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Alexander LOW, b. Scotland & Isabella CROWE, win: Rosina & William TINDALL of Windsor, 6 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34751-26 Harry Wilfred MATTHEWS, 27, engineer, Waterford Ont., St. Thomas, s/o Daniel MATTHEWS, b. Canada & Sabina SMITH, married Gladys Estelle MORROW, 29, clerk, Windsor, same, d/o David MORROW, b. Canada & Jennie VESEY, witn: Charles DALTON & Marion MORROW, both of Windsor, 22 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34752-26 George MAULBALCH, 55, widower, carpenter, Michigan, Ann Arbor Mich., s/o Michael MAULBALCH, b. Germany & Agnes MASE, married Bella WIESMEYER, 60, widow, Michigan, Ann Arbor Mich., d/o John WIESMEYER, b. USA & Mary PHILLIP, witn: Gladys KLOCK & Oliver BOLTON, both of Windsor, 10 March 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor
34753-26 Charles B. MAURER, 58, widower, hatter, USA, Detroit, s/o Zacharias MAURER, b. USA & Sarah Ann BRIGHT, married Marie D. ZAMPA, 58, widow, Koniah Turkey, Windsor, d/o Demetrias ZAMPA, b. Turkey & Zimbaulia TASSON, witn: Samuel CALLAS & Power FREELAND, both of Detroit, 23 Aug 1926 at Windsor 34754-26 Robert MAXWELL, 20, metal polisher, Northport NS, Windsor, s/o Robert MAXWELL, b. Canada & Queenie BRIGGS, married Annie BURROWS, 18, England, Sandwich, d/o George BURROWS, b. England & Minnie CRIBB, witn: George & Mrs. G. BURROWS of Sandwich, 2 June 1926 at Windsor
34756-26 Walter John MAY, 20, bank clerk, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Conrad MAY, b. Kitchener Ont & Rosetta SCHILLING, married Matilda Marie LITFIN, 19, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Joseph LITFIN, b. Germany & Christena KUSEK (Knack?), witn: Ewing William MAY of 92 Bridge Ave & Jane Catherine LITFIN of 425 Bridge Ave., 3 Aug 1926 at Windsor 34755-26 Alfred MAY, 57, painter, Arnprior Ont., Walkerville, s/o William MAY, b. Ireland & Maria MAY, married Annie APPLEYARD, 55, widow, Hamilton Ont., Walkerville, d/o William STOKES & Elizabeth JACKSON, witn: Jessie THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 26 June 1926 at Windsor
34757-26 William David MAYNARD, 25, credit manager, Ontario, Walkerville, s/o David Dixon MAYNARD, b. England & deceased, married Winnifred Margaret Mary MASON, 30, Adrian Mich., Windsor, d/o Andrew MANN, b. USA & Martha KIMMERLY, witn: A.L. BULMER & Lorriane MASON, both of Windsor, 7 June 1926 at Windsor 34801-26 Robert McALISTER, 26, stock clerk, Ireland, Windsor, s/o Robert McALISTER, b. Ireland & Sarah TODD, married Jennie MORRISON, 26, Ireland, enroute from Ireland, d/o Frank MORRISON, b. Ireland & Ellen McCREARY, witn: Sadie J. McALISTER & Jean GARDINER, both of Windsor, 22 May 1926 at Windsor
34802-26 Mervin McAMMOND, 24, farmer, Parry Sound Ont., Windsor, s/o Joseph McAMMOND, b. Ont & Annie HOFFMAN, married Bertha Winifred CLARKE, 19, England, Windsor, d/o Albert Austin CLARKE, b. England & Rebecca Austin TORE (Ton?), witn: Mabel WEIR of Detroit & Edith DARROW of Windsor, 3 July 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor 34803-26 Melvin McIntosh McARA, 23, laborer, Ottawa Ont, Detroit, s/o John McARA, b. Canada & Margaret McINTOSH, married Mabel Alice ARDEN, 49, England, Ottawa Ont., d/o William Edward ARDEN, b. England & Julia Ann SMITH, witn: M.L. PAULIN & Duncan McKENZIE, both of Windsor, 23 April 1926 at Windsor
34804-26 Eugene McATEE, 25, Indiana, Windsor, s/o John McATEE, b. Indiana & Mary BIRCH, married Lillie May McKENZIE, 20, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Robert McKENZIE, b. Scotland & Fannie ROE, witn: Russell PADGETT of Detroit & Marie RENAUD of 816 Parent Ave., 16 Feb 1926 at Windsor 34805-26 Leonard Frederick McBRIDE, 21, tool maker, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Robert McBRIDE, b. Canada & Emma WILLARD, married Margaret UNDERWOOD, 18, Ontario, Sandwich, d/o Orval UNDERWOOD, b. Ont & Elizabeth KARN, witn: John McDONALD of Detroit & Pearl UNDERWOOD of Sandwich, 12 Aug 1926 at Windsor
  34806-26 William McCLOSKEY, 29, punch press operator, Aurora Ont., Windsor, s/o James McCLOSKEY, b. Ireland & Mary SCOTT, married Lalia Bell PASTORIUS, 21, Harrow Ont., Windsor, d/o Forest PASTORIUS, b. Harrow Ont & Minnie HALSTOCK, witn: Mrs. W.A. WALDEN of Windsor & George H. SYPHER of Detroit, 16 March 1926 at Windsor
34807-26 James McCORKELL, 60, farmer, Carleton Co., Chatham, s/o William McCORKELL, b. Ireland & Barbara CAMERON, married Susan SMITHSON, 45, widow, England, Chatham, d/o John ELSE, b. England & Martha KIRKHAM, win: Mrs. W. A. WALDEN & Mrs. FAIRBAIRN, both of Windsor, 8 Nov 1926 at Windsor 34808-26 Robert McCORKLE, 24, hat cleaner, Detroit, same, s/o Robert McCORKLE, b. USA & Leana JOHNSON, married Mary Josephine SNELL, 18, Dresden, same, d/o Joseph SNELL, b. Ont & Mary RICHIA, witn: Florence DAWSON & Vivian FOSTER, both of 325 McDougall St., 20 Aug 1926 at Windsor
34810-26 Orvel Colin McCORMICK, 23, fisherman, Pelee Island, same, s/o E.P. McCORMICK, b. Ont & Jeanette LAWSON, married Viola Lucy PHIPPS, 18, Pelee Island, same, d/o Charles PHIPPS, b. Ont & Emma BRADT, witn: Madelynne LUCIER of Windsor & Mervin McCORMICK of 444 May Ave., 14 Oct. 1926 at Windsor 34809-26 Judson Arthur McCORMICK, 51, widower, druggist, Ontario, Sandwich, s/o Matthew W. McCORMICK, b. Ont & Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Rena Eddington McLAREN, 50, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Joseph McLAREN, b. Illinois & Mary EDDINGTON, witn: Florence BALDWIN of Toronto & Antonia TAYLOR of Windsor, 30 Nov 1926 at Windsor
34811-26 Duncan Samuel McCRAE, 31, farmer, Essex Co Ont., Sandwich South twp., s/o James McCRAE, b. Canada & Margaret LANKIN, married Violet Beatrice WILLIS, 18, England, Sandwich South twp., d/o Reginald WILLIS, b. England & Charlotte BILYARD, witn: James & Elizabeth McRAE (sic) of RR2 Maidstone, 15 March 1926 at Windsor 34812-26 Thomas David McCREARY, 70, widower, agent, Essex Co., Windsor, s/o David McCREARY, b. Ont & Ann McINNIS, married Elizabeth HERMINGER, 52, widow, Ohio, Essex, d/o Thomas FREISHER, b. England & Miss CORDERY, witn: Jessie THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 4 Dec 1926 at Windsor
34813-26 Milford Roy McCULLA, 36, metal polisher, Kingston Ontario., Windsor, s/o Robert McCULLA & Lavina BABCOCK, married Martha Olivia MULCASTER, 42, widow, St. Catharines Ont., Windsor, d/o Thomas CLARK & Margaret TINLIN, witn: Jessie THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 6 March 1926 at Windsor 34814-26 Joseph Stanley McCULLOCH, 37, stock clerk, England, Windsor, s/o Thomas McCULLOCH, b. England & Emma NUTTING, married Elizabeth CUNLIFFE, 42, widow, England, Windsor, d/o William SPIERS, b. England & Elizabeth HAMILTON, witn: Grace & Ronald McCULLOCH of Windsor, 24 Dec 1926 at Windsor
34815-26 William Stevenson McCULLOUGH, 31, salesman, Chatham Ontario., Windsor, s/o William McCULLOUGH, b. Ont & Mary FIELDER, married Bertha Ann PATTERSON, 31, Detroit, Chatham, d/o Andrew PATTERSON, b. Ont & Annie TAYLOR, wit: Mabel PAULIN & Theresa BEST, both of Windsor, 4 June 1926 at Windsor 34816-26 Norman McDERMID, 26, tool maker, Nova Scotia, Detroit, s/o John McDERMID, b. Nova Scotia & Catherine MacRAE, married Mildred HERMAN, 22, Ohio, Detroit, d/o Emery HERMAN, b. Ohio & Mattie BOYSEN, witn: Marion ANDERSON & Duncan MacKENZIE, both of Windsor, 18 Dec 1926 at Windsor
34817-26 Daniel MacDONALD, 26, PEI, Benette PEI, s/o John D. MacDONALD, b. PEI & Flora ROSS, married Anna F. DE VOS, 26, Belgium, Windsor, d/o John DE VOS, b. Belgium & Lucia M. DE WILDE, witn: Theresa BEST & M.L. PAULIN, both of Windsor, 6 Nov 1926 at Windsor 34818-26 Donald Richard McDONALD, 32, widower, coal dealer, Guelph, Detroit, s/o James McDONALD, b. Canada & Mary MARA, married Ina Rose GILES, 24, stenographer, Stratford Ont., Sandwich, d/o Alfred O. GILES, b. Canada & Edith GUY, witn: Dora MURRAY & Claude E. PURCELL, both of Windsor, 22 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34819-26 Harmon Thomson MacDONALD, 26, factory employee, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John D. MAcDONALD, b. Canada & Sarah J. FOSTER, married Mary McKENZIE, 31, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Thomas McKENZIE, b. Scotland & Annie LOWERY, witn: William PETTIGREW & C.H. PENDER, both of Windsor, 18 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34820-26 Donald A. MacDOUGALL, 23, travelling salesman, Strathroy Ont., Detroit, s/o Hugh J. MacDOUGALL, b. Ont & Jane McARTHUR, married Enid M. BAYNE, 25, Renfrew Co., Windsor, d/o Alexander Ogilvie BAYNE, b. Ont & Christina HAWLEY, witn: Belle BAYNE & Blake PIERCE, both of Windsor, 16 Aug 1926 at Windsor
34821-26 Wilfred Roy McDOUGALL, 28, mechanic, London Ont., Royal Oak Mich., s/o Hugh McDOUGALL, b. Scotland & Letitia ROSEWELL, married Mary Jane PITHIE, 27, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Edwin PITHIE, b. Scotland & Ann McGREGOR, witn: Peter A. COYLE of Windsor & Irma? Theresa SMALLMAN of 211 Wellington Ave., 25 June 1926 at Windsor 34822-26 Edward McENTEE, 50 on May 1926, widower, laborer, Oldham Lancs. England, Detroit, s/o Edward McENTEE, b. Scotland & Margaret McCORMIC, married Ellen HUNT, 40, of Hamilton, d/o William HUNT, b. England & Marion NEWTON, witn: Gladys THOMPSON & Leonard ARMSON, both of Windsor, 24 April 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor
34823-26 Argyle MacFARLANE, 22, mechanic, Ottawa, Windsor, s/o Robert MacFARLANE, b. Ont & Lucy MOLES, married Elizabeth MAIN, 25, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Andrew MAIN, b. Scotland & Elizabeth CURRIE, witn: Dorothy MAIN & Herbert SWAIN, both of Windsor, 29 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34824-26 Daniel McFARLANE, 35, carpenter, Ontario, Windsor, s/o John McFARLANE, b. Canada & Catherine McGREGOR, married Loretta HANSEN, 27, Denmark, Sarnia, d/o Alfred HANSEN, b. Denmark & Minnie PETERSEN, witn: Lydia HANSEN of Sarnia & George John McSWEAN? of Windsor, 5 May 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor
34825-26 Reeford McGARVEY, 21, musician, Windsor, same, s/o James McGARVEY, b. Canada & Irene GOULAN?, married Mildred MIERNICKE, 20, Ontario, Sandwich East twp., d/o Leo MIERNICKE, b. Canada & Mary KROUSE, witn: Gertrude MIERNICKE of Harrow?, 29 May 1926 at Windsor 34826-26 Clarence Victor McGILLIVRAY, 32, bank manager, Huron twp., Massey Ont., s/o Cornelius McGILLIVRAY, b. Scotland & Mary NICHOLSON, married Grace Isabel MacPHERSON, 30, Forest Ont., Windsor, d/o G.D. MacPHERSON, b. Canada & Isabel McCULLOUGH, witn: G.C. & Willena MacPHERSON of Windsor, 8 Jan 1926 at Windsor
34827-26 William McGRANOCHAN, 32, auto trimmer, Scotland, Windsor, s/o William McGRANOCHAN, b. Ireland & Margaret TAGGART, married Catherine McNAB, 31, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Thomas McNAB, b. Ireland & Catherine PROVAN, witn: Jean McGRANACHAN & Donald H. LAURENCE, both of Windsor, 17 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34828-26 Barney McGRATTAN, 23, stone cutter, Ireland, Windsor, s/o Barney McGRATTAN, b. Ireland & Mary DINES, married Agnes WILLIAMSON, 22, Scotland, Windsor, d/o James WILLIAMSON, b. Scotland & Janet CAMPBELL, witn: Peggie WILLIAMSON & Robert McCULLOUGH, both of Windsor, 20 Sept 1926 at Windsor
34829-26 Peter McILROY, 29, laborer, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Peter McILROY, b. Scotland & Jeanie BLACK, married May Beatrice TEW, 30, England, Windsor, d/o Joseph Harvey TEW, b. England & Theresa Agnes MATTHEWS, witn: George C. HILL of Windsor & Harry STURDY of Detroit, 24 May 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor 34830-26 George Harold McINNES, 25, manager & grocer, Wallaceburg Ont., Windsor, s/o Harvey McINNES & Mary May CONLIFFE, married Lilian Louise BICKNELL, 25, saleslady, Wallaceburg Ont., Windsor, d/o George BICKNELL & Emma DELANEY, witn: Truman James St.LOUIS & Marie BICKNELL, both of Windsor, 7 June 1926 at Windsor
34831-26 Alexander Willcox McINTYRE, 35, accountant, Chicago, Chatham, s/o Alexander McINTYRE, b. Kent Co Ont & Josephine McGUIRE, married Bessie Rosemond McLEOD, 36, clerk, Windsor, same, d/o Pascal? B. McLEOD, b. Elgin Co Ont & Lily Belle FRASER, witn: Ethel & H.E. FOEX of Chatham, 1 Jan 1926 at Windsor 34832-26 Patrick McINTYRE, 23, laborer, Ireland, Windsor, s/o George McINTYRE, b. Ireland & Mary HIGGINS, married Martha DICK, 23, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Hugh DICK, b. USA & Jane BLACKMORE, witn: M.L. PAULIN & Theresa BEST, both of Windsor, 14 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34833-26 William Harkness McKAY, 29, cashier, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Hugh McKAY, b. Scotland & Annie HARKNESS, married Gertrude TURNBULL, 26, widow, England, Windsor, d/o Benjamin DICKENS, b. England & Isabella SKELLY, witn: W.C. COULSON of Detroit & M. McKAY of 590 Janette Ave., 22 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34834-26 Thomas McKEE, 33, reporter for R.G. Davis & Co., Liverpool England, Windsor, s/o William McKEE & Elizabeth CARR, married Cecilia Alexandra FURLONG, 22, Liverpool England, Windsor, d/o Richard FURLONG & Rebecca REICHENS, witn: Nelson JACQUES of Windsor & Mary McKEE of Watertown NY, 3 Nov 1926 at Windsor
  34835-26 Robert Nelson McKELVIE, 28, professional golfer, Scotland, Tecumseh, s/o John McKELVIE, b. Scotland & Sarah HERON, married Helen Storosa? STURROCK, 28, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John STURROCK, b. Scotland & Isabella MILLER, witn: John & Mrs. Minnie DORAN of Fordson City, 20 Nov 1926 at Windsor
34837-26 John Duffen McKENZIE, 23, assistant cashier, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Robert McKENZIE, b. Ont & Josephine DUFFEN, married Irene Bernice FIRBY, 24, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Charles FIRBY, b. Ont & Emma FORD, witn: Russell FAIRLES & Marguerite FIRBY, both of Windsor, 7 Aug. 1926 at Windsor 34836-26 Angus MacKENZIE, 23, sea man, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Angus MacKENZIE, b. Scotland & Effie GUNN, married Effie MORRISON, 22, Scotland, Sandwich, d/o John MORRISON, b. Scotland & Effie MORRISON, witn: John MacKENZIE & Dolina MORRISON, both of Windsor, 4 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34838-26 George Reginald McKEIL, 27, public accountant, Gananoque Ont, Detroit, s/o George R. McKEIL, b. Riverjohn - Pictou Co NS, & Eva M. RAYMOND, married Thelma Gladys SKERRITT, 28, Walkerville, Sandwich, d/o Philemon W. SKERRITT, b. Kingsville Ont & Hattie L. BROWN, witn: H.W. McKEIL of Sackvile NB & Mrs. Clarence HARRIS of Sandwich, 18 July 1926 at Windsor 34839-26 Ferguson W.D. McKILLOP, 33, tool maker, Dutton Ont., Walkerville, s/o John J. McKILLOP, b. Canada & Ella JONES, married Lila E. Grainger BRISLEY, 34, widow, Thamesville Ont., Windsor, d/o Joseph GRAINGER, b. Canada & Olive BONHAM, witn: Victoria May CHANDLER of Grace Hospital in Windsor & Alvin Ross BOURNE of Windsor, 4 March 1926 at Windsor
34840-26 Eldridge D. McKINNON, 22 in Oct. next, taxi driver, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Donald McKINNON, b. Ont & Margaret ROBINSON, married Barbara CONNELLY, 23, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Robert CONNELLY, b. Scotland & Mary GRIBBON, witn: Mrs. Florence RAWLINGS & Raymond SHARON, both of Windsor, 21 July 1926 at Windsor 34841-26 Alastair MacLAREN, 24, clerk, Barrie Ont., Windsor, s/o David MacLAREN, b. Canada & Isa FORSYTH, married Isabel LAVERY, 24, Palmerston Ont., Windsor, d/o George M. LAVERY, b. Canada & Emma RILEY, witn: Grace CORBETT of Windsor & William LAVERY of River Rouge Mich., 24 June 1926 at Windsor
34842-26 Archie Grant McLAURIN, 24, book keeper, East Templeton Que., Ottawa, s/o Charles McLAURIN, b. Glengarry Ont & Mary WAY, married Rosa Jean SMITH, 19, Chatham, Detroit, d/o Philip SMITH, b. Birmingham England & Kathleen JERMYN, witn: Mrs. W.A. WALDEN & Mrs. S.E. FAIRBAIRN, both of Windsor, 10 Jan 1926 at Windsor  
34843-26 Frederick W. McLEAN, 21, lineman, Wallacetown Ont., Windsor, s/o James McLEAN, b. Ont & Martha GEROW, married Violet Annie MIDDLETON, 20, England, Windsor, d/o Harry MIDDLETON, b. England & Annie WOODHOUSE, witn: Eldon LAYMAN & Florence LAYMAN, both of Windsor, 14 Oct. 1926 at Windsor [divorced 3/5/43] 34844-26 James Alex McLEAN, 30, locomotive fireman, Wallacetown Ont., St. Thomas, s/o John Frederick McLEAN, b. Canada & Louisa BLACK, married Louie Evelina BABCOCK, 33, widow, London Ontario., St. Thomas, d/o Robert James HILL, b. Canada & Sarah Ann McEWEN, witn: Herman Gordon & Rose Margaret HILL of 136 Bridge Ave., 28 May 1926 at Windsor
34845-26 Eric Johns MacMILLAN, 26, switchman, Ontario, Ford, s/o Lewis MacMILLAN, b. Ont & Zoe CROMARTY, married Annie COX, 20, England, Ford, d/o Albert COX, b. England & Annie BULL, witn: Margaret ROCKEY of 142 Crawford Ave & Stephen CASNER? of 332 McKay, 1 Dec 1926 at Windsor 34846-26 John Bidwell Russell MacMILLAN, 27, salesman, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Albert MacMILLAN, b. Canada & Phoebe KEMP, married Melba Gwendolyn H. McALLUM, 21, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Irwin S. McALLUM, b. Canada & Helena PHILLIPS, witn: Mabel PAULIN & M.S. McALLUM, both of Windsor, 19 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34847-26 Neil MacMILLAN, 26, bank clerk, Nova Scotia, Detroit, s/o Hugh D. MacMILLAN, b. Nova Scotia & Christena McKINNON, married Carrie L. BRUCE, 30, Nova Scotia, Detroit, d/o William H. BRUCE, b. Nova Scotia & Sarah TORY, witn: Walter A. CAINES & Zoe E. BRUCE, both of Detroit, 30 June 1926 at Windsor 34848-26 Malcolm Donald MacPHAIL, 36, realtor, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Donald MacPHAIL, b. Scotland & Maria MacLEOD, married Jessie Coleman KENTY, 28, Boston Mass., Roseland Ont., d/o Harold A. KENTY, b. Canada & Bessie H. COLEMAN, witn: Bessie Hill KENTY & Harold A. KENTY, both of Roseland, 19 Nov 1926 at Windsor
34849-26 Robert McSKIMMING, 30, boat builder, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Alexander McSKIMMING, b. Scotland & Catherine McMICHAEL, married Ann Clark ANDERSON, 34, Scotland, Windsor, d/o James ANDERSON, b. Scotland & Isabella ANDERSON, witn: Helen T. ANDERSON & Alex McSKIMMING, both of Windsor, 31 Dec 1926 at Windsor 34850-26 Murray Reid McVICAR, 21, first aid man at Ford Motor Co., Ontario, Detroit, s/o John D. McVICAR, b. Ont & Bella Jane WOOD, married Marion Elizabeth NORTHCOTT, 21, Mt. Clemens Mich, Windsor, d/o George NORTHCOTT, b. Canada & Mabel PALMER, witn: Charlotte STEPHENS of Detroit & Ward A. McNEIL of Highland Park, 11 Sept 1926 at Windsor
34851-26 Robert Alex McWILLIAM, 31, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Thomas A. McWILLIAM, b. Scotland & Janet TULLY, married Laura HAMMOND, 29, England, Detroit, d/o W. HAMMOND, b. England & Emily GROOME, witn: Nellie WAKEFIELD & Charles James WAKEFIELD, both of Detroit, 4 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34758-26 Franz MEIHOFER, 26, brick layer, Germany, Riverside, s/o Karl MEIHOFER, b. Germany & Anna MEIHOFER, married Marie KLIWONEIT, 22, Germany, Detroit, d/o Christof KLINWONEIT, b. Germany & Anne KLIWONEIT, witn: Mrs. H.E. SCHILDRETH of Windsor & Miss F. WEINLEIN of Granite City Illinois, 11 July 1926 at Windsor
34760-26 James MENZIES, 22, marine fireman, Scotland, Windsor, s/o David MENZIES, b. Scotland & Allison KIRK, married Marion HARRISON, 19, England, Windsor, d/o Thomas HARRISON, b. England & Marion ALLAN, witn: Martha HARRISON of Windsor & H.J. LAWLESS of 343 Elm Ave., 8 May 1926 at Windsor 34759-26 Campbell Colquhoun MENZIES, 24, machine man, Scotland, Windsor, s/o John MENZIES, b. Scotland & Sarah ECCLES, married Jessie Jane S. O. MILNE, 22, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Thomas MILNE, b. Scotland & Ellen JOHNSTONE, witn: Ivy Lindsay MILNE & Ivan C. CHANDLER, both of Windsor, 30 July 1926 at Windsor
34761-26 Alfred E. Gomery MESQUITA, 24, Jamaica WI, Windsor, s/o Alfred MESQUITA, b. Jamaica BWI & Josephine GOMERY, married Suzanne HOUSTON, 22, Jamaica BWI, Toronto, d/o George HOUSTON, b. Jamaica BWI & Carolyn WILKINSON, witn: Cecil FARMER & Annie Gomery MESQUITA, both of Windsor, 31 March 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor 34762-26 John MILES, 25, clerk, England, Windsor, s/o Edwin MILES & Hannah Ives COBB, married Elizabeth Ann SHIPP, 26, England, 1017 Lillian St., d/o Charles SHIPP & Emma COPPING, witn: Alice May POTTER of Windsor & Frank MILES of 1550 McKinley Ave., 1 Jan 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor
  34763-26 William MILLAR, 28, commercial agent, Ireland, Windsor, s/o William MILLAR, b. Ireland & Mary Jane MILLAR, married Edith McILWRAITH, 24, Ireland, Windsor, d/o Alex McILWRAITH, b. Ireland & Sarah GIBSON, witn: W. COCHANE of 118 Langlois Ave & Winifred PATTON of Windsor, 10 Nov 1926 at Windsor
34764-26 Ernest MILLER, 18, truck helper, Indiana, Windsor, s/o Frank MILLER, b. USA & Verna GARDNER, married Lena May MILLER, 20, Edgar Co Illinois, Decatur Illinois, d/o Alfred MILLER, b. USA & Bertha THIEL, witn: Eleanor MOORE of Amhestburg & Douglas LAING of Windsor, 8 Aug 1926 at Windsor 34765-26 George MILLER, 36, mechanic, Scotland, Walkerville, s/o William MILLER, b. Scotland & Christena McDIVITT, married Jessie HOWIE, 33, Scotland, Ford, d/o George HOWIE, b. Scotland & Catherine CAMERON, witn: Mabel PAULIN & Theresa BEST, both of Windsor, 9 Jan 1926 at Windsor
34766-26 John MILLER, 56, widower, brick layer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Leumas MILLER, b. Ont & Margaret HAVELING, married Lucy Ann DEVLIN, 54, widow, England, Windsor, d/o John BRADBURY, b. England & Sarah MILLS, witn: Leo G. & Bertha DEVLIN of Windsor, 2 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34767-26 Leslie Howard MILLER, 36, farmer, Ontario, Milliken Ont., s/o William MILLER, b. Ont & Emma RISEBROUGH, married Mary Isabel FRASER, 35, teacher, Saskatchewan, Qu'Appelle Sask., d/o Donald FRASER, b. Scotland & Isabel McGRUER, witn: Elizabeth McMILLAN & Ella PRESCOTT, both of Detroit, 2 Sept 1926 at Windsor
34768-26 Frank MILLS, 29, baker, England, Windsor, s/o John Robert MILLS, b. England & Emma STOTT, married Belle Mae McNEIL, 21, saleslady, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Robert McNEIL, b. Ont & Edith MICKS, witn: Erma ROHLAN of Detroit & John FLEMING of Windsor, 23 Oct. 1926 at Windsor 34769-26 Harry MILLS, 35, merchant, Birmingham England, Windsor, s/o Zachariah MILLS, b. England & Mary A. FOSTER, married Helen Victoria LOWRY, 26, Tilbury East twp., Windsor, d/o John LOWRY, b. Canada & Ann McWILLIAMS, witn: Wesley BEAN & Blanche FLEMINGTON, both of Windsor, 4 Sept 1926 at Windsor
34770-26 George Edward MINALL, 22, bus driver, Windsor England, Windsor, s/o George Henry MINALL, b. England & Emily POPE, married Grace Evelyn LANGLOIS, 18, Walkerville, Windsor, d/o Bert LANGLOIS, b. Canada & Minnie BURNHAM, witn: Charles MINALL & Mrs. Minnie LANGLOIS, both of Windsor, 25 Jan 1926 at Windsor 34771-26 Maurice Clare MINIELLY, 25, mechanic, Warwick twp., same, s/o William MINIELLY & Ella FALLOON, married Edna Lucy Margaret THOMAS, 23, Forest, same, d/o Greenwood THOMAS & Annie VANCE, witn: Colin WOOD & Jessie THOMAS, both of Windsor, 16 Oct 1926 at Windsor
34772-26 James Ralph MISENER, 34, widower, machinist, Illinois, Detroit, s/o Charles W. MISENER, b. Germany & Allie M. CARSON, married Selina A. BRYAN, 26, England, Windsor, d/o Thomas BRYAN, b. Ireland & Selina WATKINS, witn: Walter Thomas & Ellen Agatha BRYAN of 1008 Elsmere Ave in Windsor, 24 April 1926 at Windsor 34773-26 James Gordon MITCHELL, 31, tool worker, Seaforth Ont., Walkerville, s/o James B. MITCHELL, b. Ont & Effie KENT, married Jean LEISHMAN, 27, Leith Scotland, Walkerville, d/o Robert LEISHMAN, b. Scotland & Isabel WALKER, witn: Leona PULFORD of 611 Chatham St. & I.J. GRANT of 1365 Bruce Ave., 24 July 1926 at Windsor
34774-26 Leroy MITCHELL, 34, widower, electrician, Cuthbert Georgia, Windsor, s/o William MITCHELL, b. Norfolk Virginia & Minnie HALL, married Bessie LADD, 19, Windsor, same, d/o Joseph M. LADD, b. Chatham Ont & Margaret NEWBY, witn: Mrs. Joseph LADD & Forest J. LADD, both of 769 Goyeau St., 27 Feb 1926 at Windsor 34775-26 William MITCHELL, 30, metal finisher, Scotland, Windsor, s/o David MITCHELL, b. Scotland & Margaret KINSMAN, married Agnes Henderson RAMAGE, 25, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John RAMAGE, b. Scotland & Jane SKELTON, witn: Jessie THOMAS & Margaret SMITH, both of Windsor, 17 June 1926 at Windsor
34776-26 Joseph Edouard MONFORTON, 25, draftsman, Loiselleville, Sandwich, s/o Pierre MONFORTON & Delima CHARETTE, married Rose LARAMIE, 25, Gatineau Pointe, Windsor, d/o Napoleon LARAMIE & Rosalie ROBILLARD, witn: Lorenzo LAROSE of Detroit & Ena LARAMIE of Windsor, 5 Oct. 1926 at Windsor 34777-26 Donald MONTGOMERY, 26, car painter, Scotland, Windsor, s/o John MONTGOMERY, b. Scotland & Jane MORRISON, married Isabella MACASKILL, 28, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John MACASKILL, b. Scotland & Isabella McLEOD, witn: Chrissie MacLEOD & Arthur BATTEN, both of Windsor, 15 July 1926 at Windsor
34778-26 Robert MONTGOMERY, 23, machinist, Scotland, Windsor, s/o John MONTGOMERY, b. Scotland & Grace McLEAN, married Mattie CUNNINGHAM, 24, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John CUNNINGHAM, b. Scotland & Martha CURRAN, witn: James MONTGOMERY of Windsor & Grace MONTGOMERY of Toronto, 22 Oct. 1926 at Windsor 34779-26 Stanley George MOORCROFT, 21, plasterer, Tottenham England, Toronto, s/o Herbert H. MOORCROFT, b. London England & Susan Maud EVE, married Ethel Mildred PRANG, 18, Detroit, Windsor, d/o Alwyn PRANG, b. Richmond Mich., & Mildred HOLLISTER, witn: M.L. PAULIN of ii & George WEIGHTMAN Jr. of Redford Mich., 8 Sept 1926 at Windsor
34780-26 Albert Emanuel MOORE, 34, boiler operator, Yorkshire England, Detroit, s/o William MOORE, b. England & Elizabeth HILL, married Daisy Emma RANDALL, 24 on 30 May next, England, Windsor, d/o Walter John RANDALL, b. England & Emma SMITH, witn: Edith Annie RANDALL of Windsor & William Hill BELL of Detroit, 5 June 1926 at Windsor 34781-26 Stanley Skelding MOORE, 30, garage owner, St. Thomas, London, s/o William Edward MOORE, b. St. Thomas Ont & Annie SKELDING, married Marion Fanny SAYLER, 21, stenographer, Fonthill Ont., Walkerville, d/o Samuel SAYLER, b. Ont & Annie Mae KETTLEWELL, witn: Elgin SAYLER of Walkerville & Dorothy MOORE of London, 27 Oct. 1926 at Windsor (LDS)
34782-26 William Charles MORGAN, 25, factory employee, England, Windsor, s/o William Arthur MORGAN, b. England & Edith Emily GUY, married Iona Marjorie FLETCHER, 24, England, Windsor, d/o William Harding FLETCHER, b. England & Mary Jane LATHAM, witn: W. NESBIT of Detroit & Alice ASQUITH of Windsor, 16 Oct. 1926 at Windsor 34783-26 Joseph Levi MORIN, 25, store clerk, Quebec Que., same, s/o Joseph Clephas MORIN & Valleda CARRIERE, married Evelyn BAILLERGEON, 19, Windsor Que., same, d/o Victor BAILLERGEON & Emma VILLENEUVE, witn: Gerard MORIN of Detroit & Alice BAILLERGEON of 525 Parent Ave., 2 June 1926 at Windsor
34784-26 John MORLEY, 30, laborer, Newport England, Windsor, s/o Edwin MORLEY, b. Scotland & Elizabeth COPPERAL, married Mary McColl McCLUNG, 27, sales clerk, Paisley Scotland, Windsor, d/o Samuel McCLUNG, b. Scotland & Jean LOGAN, witn: George & Mrs. George GRANT of River Rouge Mich., 21 Aug 1926 at Windsor 34785-26 James MORRISON, 32, machinist, Scotland, Windsor (resided in Windsor 3 months), s/o Donald MORRISON, b. Scotland & Dorothy CLARK, married Janet MARCHBANK, 32, Scotland, Windsor, d/o James O'NEIL (sic) & Mary MARCHBANK, witn: Frances Mary & Allan John MacLEOD of Windsor, 5 Nov 1926 at Windsor
34786-26 Frederick Lloyd MORROW, 22, clerk, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Fred L. MORROW, b. USA & Maude PILLMAN, married Clarice Evans HOLDEN, 28, Ontario, Windsor, d/o George W. HOLDEN, b. Canada & Laura MERRICK, witn: Amelia? HOLDEN of Windsor & Paul? COLLINS of 570 Janette Ave., 25 June 1926 at Windsor 34787-26 Allsion Clarke MORTIMER, 20, electrical worker, Hamilton Ont., Sandwich, s/o George MORTIMER, b. Canada & Florence O'NEIL, married Dorothy MARRIOTT, 21, Hamilton, Sandwich, d/o Samuel MARRIOTT, b. England & Helen FORBES, witn: Arthur MAURICE & M.L. PAULIN, both of Windsor, 3 Sept 1926 at Windsor
34788-26 Joseph Aston MORTLEY, 24, wet sander, Kingston Jamaica, Windsor, s/o Joseph Alexander MORTLEY, b. Barbadoes WI & Ruth Adline BROOM?, married Ethel Lee VALIENT, 19, USA, Detroit, d/o Edward VALIENT, b. Arkansas US & Lulu BUTLER, witn: Rev. WATSON of Detroit & Mrs. M. WATSON, 15 Feb 1926 at Windsor 34789-26 Cyril MOUNTNEY, 24, butcher, London England, Sandwich, s/o Dryden Prince MOUNTNEY, b. England & Ellen Amelia CHARMAN, married Louisa HAMES, 21, London England, Sandwich, d/o Frederick John HAMES, b. England & Louisa Ellen HIGHLAND, witn: Kate BECKETT & Jessie ASHBY, both of Windsor, 19 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34790-26 George Stanley MULLIN, 23, machinist, Cornwall Ont., Windsor, s/o William H. MULLIN, b. Ont & Laura Ethel BAGG, married Lillian Marie EDMUNDS, 24, Windsor, same, d/o Harry EDMUNDS, b. Ont & Josephine BEZINET?, witn: Mattie MATHESON of Park St. & Nile EDMUNDS, 23 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34791-26 John MUNN, 35, painter, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Thomas MUNN, b. Scotland & Jean GRAHAM, married Elizabeth CLARK, 35, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Thomas CLARK, b. Scotland & Jane PATERSON, witn: Mabel PAULIN & Theresa BEST, both of Windsor, 19 Feb 1926 at Windsor
34792-26 Donald George MUNRO, 25, plasterer, Scotland, Detroit, s/o George MUNRO, b. Scotland & Bessie ROSS, married Anna SNEDDEN, 24, Scotland, Walkerville, d/o William SNEDDEN, b. Scotland & Elizabeth GORMAN, witn: Anna PALK of Detroit & Mabel PAULIN of Windsor, 28 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34793-26 Charles MURDOCH, 30, machinist, Scotland, Detroit, s/o James MURDOCH, b. Scotland & Ellen Ann FRASER, married Flora BROWN, 22, Scotland, Windsor, d/o Adam BROWN, b. Scotland & Florence DAY, witn: Mary & John McWILLIE of Windsor, 23 Jan. 1926 at Windsor
34794-26 Clarence MURPHY, 33, salesman, Simcoe Ont., London, s/o Jeremiah MURPHY & Mary STEVENSON, married Agatha J. GERARD, 33, nurse, Detroit, Windsor, d/o Charles J. GERARD & Marie Louise GROSJEAN, witn: Dan MURPHY of Ingersol & Marie A. GERARD of Windsor, 20 Oct 1926 at Windsor 34795-26 Joseph Bradley MURPHY, 26, painter, Missouri US, Windsor, s/o Michael Bradley MURPHY, b. USA & Clara Elizabeth LEONARD, married Beatrice Marion Scott ROGERSON, 31, Matadi - Belgium Congo, England, d/o Thomas Scott ROGERSON, b. England & Amy Theodora ROLAND, witn: Nellie F. ADAMS of Windsor & Charles GILBERT of Walkerville, 13 Sept 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor
34796-26 Donald G. MURRAY, 23, telegrapher, Ingersoll Ont., same, s/o William James MURRAY, b. Ont & Harriet LANG, married Gladys MANTELL, 23, Toronto, same, d/o Abraham MANTELL, b. Ont & Charity LAWR, witn: Belle Murray GRANT & Gordon A. MURRAY, both of Detroit, 23 Aug 1926 at Windsor 34797-26 George Cuthbert MURRAY, 27, musician, Huntsville Ont., Toronto, s/o Frederick MURRAY, b. Ont & Carine PALMER, married Florence Victoria HAYWARD, 21, Toronto, same, d/o Walter HAYWARD, b. England & Emma HOWE, witn: James & Gladys KLOCK of Windsor, 2 Aug 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor
34798-26 Joseph MUSICK (Mersick?), 35, machinist, Poland, Detroit, s/o John MUSICK, b. Poland & Zofia ZYGMUNT, married Mary Anna WOZNICK, 23, Poland, Windsor, d/o John WOZNICK, b. Poland & Michalina ZIENTIK, win: Felix SAK of Haut-? Mich. & Amelia? CHAPLA of Windsor, 18 Sept 1926 at Windsor 34799-26 Samuel MYLSTEN, 25, drill press operator, Toronto, Windsor, s/o Morris MYLSTEN, b. Ont & Janette ZVONST, married Raw WAINSTALK, 23, Toronto, same, d/o Joseph WAINSTALK, b. Russia & Minnie SWARTZ, witn: Bernice SHANNON & D. McKENZIE, both of Windsor, 2 Dec 1926 at Windsor
34800-26 Joseph MYSZKE, 40, laborer, Kolo Poland, South Bend Indiana, s/o Michel MYSZKE & Anna KUBIAK, married Leokadia ROBOTNIK, 28, Alexandrow Poland, Windsor, d/o Tom ROBOTNIK & Anna FOS, witn: John PARZKOWSKI & Leokadia LEIKIEWICZ, both of 947 Langlois Ave., 27 march 1926 at Windsor 34852-26 Charles Gordon NALL, 29, chef, Windsor, same, s/o Gordon E. NALL, b. Amherstburg Ont & Sarah ECKFORD, married Vivian Isabella HARRISON, 24, Windsor, same, d/o William HARRISON, b. London Ont & Isabella NELSON, witn: Gwendolyn VINCENT of Windsor & James JACOBS of 868 Goyeau St., 25 Jan. 1926 at Windsor
34855-26 Adolph NANTAIS, 28, motor mechanic, Essex Co Ont., Ford, s/o Alexander NANTAIS, b. Quebec & Eugenie LEVESSEUR, married Eva Loretta NORMAND, 29, Windsor, same, d/o Benedict NORMAND, b. Quebec & Adelaide DUCHARME, witn: Benedict & Belthilde NORMAND of Windsor, 22 April 1926 at Windsor 34856-26 Romeo J. NANTAIS, 20, mechanic, Windsor, Walkerville, s/o Adolphe NANTAIS & Emma ULISE, married Marie Louise PELTIER, 19, Pain Court Ont., Windsor, d/o Frank PELTIER & Delima OUELLETTE, witn: Oscar St. PIERRE of Detroit & Inez PELTIER of Pain Court, 21 Sept 1926 at Windsor
34854-26 Ellis Albert NASTER, 22, barrister & paper lawyer, Toronto, Windsor, s/o Aaron NASTER, b. Russia & Sarah BORNES, married Shirley SWARTZ, 18, Montreal, Windsor, d/o Sam SWARTZ, b. Poland & Fanny ZILBERDRUT, witn: Joseph SCHLOFMAN of 1056? Parent Ave & Daniel KOGON of 321 Parent Ave., 23 Oct. 1926 at Windsor 34857-26 Gottlieb NAVES, 27, die maker, Switzerland, Windsor, s/o Gottlieb NAVES, b. Switzerland & Lina HOMBURGER, married Alice MARSH, 22, England, Windsor, d/o John MARSH, b. England & Clara MacLEAN, witn: M. BOYD & Bertha BOYD, both of Windsor, 30 Oct 1926 at Windsor
34858-26 James Edward NEILLY, 36, widower, barber, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Edward NEILLY, b. Scotland & Mary SPROULE, married Ada PIDDINGTON, 30, widow, England, Windsor, d/o Robert INWOOD, b. England & Jessie PHILLIPS, witn: Jessie ASHBY of Windsor & C. ANDERSON of Sandwich, 26 April 1926 at Windsor 34859-26 John NEILSON, 23, tool maker, Scotland, Windsor, s/o Thomas NEILSON, b. Scotland & Jeanie USHER, married Mary Elizabeth DENMAN, 22, Ontario, Windsor, d/o George Montgomery DENMAN, b. Ont & Jane McQUARRIE, witn: Jessie NEILSON of Windsor & Thomas TURNBULL of Detroit, 31 July 1926 at Windsor
34861-26 John Joseph NEWELL, 24, glass cutter, St. John Newfoundland, Windsor, s/o James NEWELL, b. Nfld & Mary Jane COSTELLO, married Pearl Irene HARRIS, 32, widow, London Ont., Windsor, d/o William E. RICE, b. Devonshire England & Mary LUCAS, witn: Mrs. W.A. WALDEN & Mrs. S. FAIRBAIRN, both of Windsor, 10 Feb. 1926 at Windsor 34860-26 Theodore Carl NEWMAN, 25, clerk, Cleveland Ohio, Ford, s/o John NEWMAN, b. Michigan US & Caroline GERTZ, married Lenore Louise Sophia RIESE, 26, Detroit, same, d/o Ferdinand RIESE, b. Michigan US & Martha RUSSOW, witn: Ferdinand & Mrs. Ferdinand RIESE of Detroit, 22 April 1926 at Windsor
34862-26 Albert NICKELS, 24, student, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Albert NICKELS, b. England & Edith WILSON, married Anna Elvira WOOD, 23, social worker, Ontario, Detroit, d/o Edward WOOD, b. Canada & Jane TODD, witn: Theresa BEST of Windsor & Eleanor MOORE of Amherstburg, 14 Aug 1926 at Windsor 34863-26 David NICOLL, 35, poster, Scotland, Windsor, s/o George NICOLL, b. Scotland & Georgina BELL, married Jessie Myles STEEL, 31, Scotland, enroute from Scotland, d/o Charles STEEL, b. Scotland & Jessie MYLES, witn: Annie NICOLL & Margaret GRANT, both of Detroit, 4 July 1926 at Windsor
34864-26 Ivan Harold NIFFEN, 22, tool maker, Orangeville Ont., Detroit, s/o Ralph NIFFEN & Clara DONNER, married Gertrude SMITH, 20, Streetsville Ont., Toronto, d/o Robert SMITH & Elizabeth RUSTON, witn: Irby H. & Hazel NOONCHESTER of Detroit, 13 March 1926 at Windsor 34865-26 Henry George NOKES, 41, farmer, London England, Claremont Ont., s/o Joseph NOKES, b. England & Ellen FRANKLIN, married Mary SCOTT, 37, cook, Scotland, 15 Oakmount in Toronto, d/o Andrew SCOTT, b. Scotland & Margaret KENNETH, witn: Mrs. & George MOFFETT of Windsor, 7 Sept 1926 at Windsor
34866-26 Evans Ross NORRIS, 20, laborer, Kingston Ont., Windsor, s/o James NORRIS, b. Ont & Alvina CUMMINGS, married Louisa May Cecilia BAYLEY, 17, Glencoe Ont., Windsor, d/o Joseph BAYLEY, b. Ont & Louisa HURDLE, witn: James & Delima? HOWELL of Windsor, 19 July 1926 at All Saints Church, Windsor