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Essex Co., 1876

birth place is given before residence


2530-77 William Henry ADAMS, 27, cook, Kentucky USA, Amherstburg, s/o Ralph & Sarah, married Laura Ann HOLTON, 19, Kentucky, Anderdon, d/o John & Susan, witn: Walter M. ANDERSON & Clara A. HAWKINS, both of Amherstburg, 20 Oct 1876 at Amherstburg 2373-76 Meredith ADAMS, 48, laborer, Virginia USA, Windsor, s/o Henry & Lidia, married Armenta? McKAY, 22, London, same, d/o Henry & Sarah, witn: Abner POSEY & Bertha SIMONS, both of Windsor, 29 Nov 1876 at Windsor
2504-76 Michael A. AGLA, 23, yeoman, Ontario, Colchester, s/o Martin & Mary Jane, married Annie MURRAY, 17, Ontario, Colchester, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: James & Amelia FORD of Colchester, 31 Oct. 1876 at Leamington 2506-76 (Essex Co): Andrew ALDERTON, 24, yeoman, Ontario, Mersea, s/o Jacob & Clarissa, married Mary CAMPBELL, 20, Ontario, Mersea, d/o John James & Rebecca, witn: Florence WILKINSON of Leamington & Martha HAZEL of Mersea, 28 Nov 1876 at Leamington
2431-76 Leonard ALLEN, 21, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o Robert & Lavina, married Mary Ann VICKERS, 17, North Cayuga, Gosfield, d/o Edward & Ann, witn: John VISKERS & Sarah J. ALLEN, both of Gosfield, April 1876 at Gosfield 2382-76 Barnard ALLEN, 27, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o Michael & Sarah, married Elizabeth McFARLANE, 27, Maidstone, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Peter McGUIRE & Mary McHUGH, both of Detroit, 26 June 1876 at Maidstone Cross (Rom Cath)
2489-76 George ANDERSON, 27, farmer, Malden twp., same, s/o John & Lucinda, married Mary GIBB, 20, Malden twp., same, d/o William & Goe, witn: John GIBB & Jeanette ANDERSON, both of Malden twp., 14 Nov 1876 at Amherstburg 02538-76 (Essex Co): Hermidas ANTHIER (AUTHIER?), 24, mason, St. Hilaire Quebec, Tilbury West, s/o Homer? & Marie ANTHIER, married Marie THIBEAULT, 16, Tilbury West, same, d/o Antoine & Marie Ann THIBEAULT, witn: Cyprien ANTHIER & Joseph LEFEVRE, of Tilbury West, 16 October 1876, at St. Francis in Tilbury West.
2602-77 Lancelot ARMSTRONG, 59, widower, shoe maker, Ireland, Detroit, s/o Thomas & blank, married Mary C. CAREY, 43, widow, England, Detroit, d/o not given, witn: Hannah GALE & Amelia ROBERTSON, both of Windsor, 5 Oct. 1876 at Windsor 2363-76 Richard W. ARNOLD, 21, lumber man, Mt. Brydges, Windsor, s/o John ARNOLD & Mary COLLINS, married Susan J. COTTON, 19, Tipperary Ireland, Sandwich, d/o John COTTON & Jane CLARK, wtn: Bessie S. GRAY of Windsor & Jane COTTON of Sandwich, 4 Dec 1876 at Windsor
002527-76 (Essex Co): Anicet AUBIN, 29, merchant, St. Anicet Quebec, Tilbury West, s/o I. A. & Margaret AUBIN, married Elizabeth CICOTTE, 18, Detroit U.S., Tilbury West, d/o Charles & Emelie CICOTTE, witn: Raphael MARION & Augustine RONDOT,  of Tilbury West, 7 August 1876, at Stony Point in Tilbury West. 02534-76 (Essex Co): Achille AUBIN, 19, clerk, St. Anicet Quebec, Tilbury West, s/o John & Elmire AUBIN, married Elizabeth SANCIER (Saucier?), 18, Hamilton Quebec, Tilbury West, d/o Moise & Margaret SANCIER,  witn: Stanislas? QUENVILLE? &  Caroline REAUME, of Tilbury West, 14 December 1876, at Stony Point in Tilbury West.
2331-76 (Essex Co): Evander BARROWS, 45, widower, merchant, NY state, Windsor, s/o Calvin BARROWS & Olive PATTERSON, married Martha L. TYRELL, 30, NY City, NY state, d/o Alex TYRELL & Olive EALS?, witn: Bessie GRAY of Windsor, 1 March 1876 2436-76 George BEDELL, 29, farmer, Saltfleet, Gosfield, s/o George & Sarah, married Elizabeth WIGLE, 36, widow, Gosfield, same, d/o Jacob & Maria BALTZER, witn: Mary ILER & Hannah SCRATCH, both of Gosfield, 4 May 1876 at Gosfield
2548-76 (Essex Co): Thomas BELL, 26, farmer, Colchester, same, s/o James & Mary, married Ida FERRISS, 29, Colchester, same, d/o Matthew & Eliza, witn: Whitson BALDWIN & Eliza BELL, both of Colchester, 11 Jan 1876 at Colchester 2369-76 John BELLO?, 24, teamster, USA, Walkerville, s/o John & Adeline, married Adeline MASONVILLE (s/b Maisonville?), 22, Canada, Sandwich, d/o Aleck MASONVILLE & Sophia LE DEROUTE, witn: Mary Ann CAULFIELD of Windsor, 16 Oct 1876 at Windsor
2605-76 (Essex Co): Cleophas BENETEAU, 44, widower, blacksmith, Sandwich, same, s/o Antoine BENETEAU & Josephine P—METIER, married Soulange SEMANDE, 43, Sandwich, same, d/o Pascal SEMANDE & Catherine VALADE, witn: Dolphis BONDY of Sandwich West & Rose SEMANDE of Sandwich, 1 Oct 1876 at Sandwich (Rom Cath) #002578-76 (Essex Co): Rene BENETEAU?, 26, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Charles BENETEAU & Joanne LANGLOISE, married Celina DROUILLARD, 20, Sandwich West, same, d/o Denis DROUILLARD & Mathilde PAGEON, witnesses were Eli BENETEAU & Ourelia DROUILLARD, both of Sandwich West, Feb. 5, 1876 at Anderdon (Rom.Cath.)
2497-76 Francis BENO, 21, yeoman, Ontario, Tilbury East, s/o John & Lucinda, married Arvilla TISDALE, 18, Ontario, Mersea, d/o William & Louisa, witn: John McMAHON of Tilbury East & Jane WRIGHT of Tilbury West, 22 June 1876 at Leamington 2406-76 Michael BENVILLE, 42, widower, farmer, Montreal, Tilbury West, s/o Michael & Magdalene, married Mary DUPUY, 40, Montreal, Sandwich East, d/o John & Olive, witn: Elie & Jules JANISSE of Sandwich East, 27 Aug [1876] at St. Amis, Sandwich East, (Rom Cath)
2414-76 Henry Oliver BERTREAU, 23, farmer, Colchester, Mersea, s/o Clovis & Nancy, married Julia DELAURIER, 17, Mersea, same, d/o John & Hannah, witn: Allan H. DOUGHERTY & Lorona DELAURIER, both of Mersea, 5 Feb 1876 at Mersea 2419-76 Charles D. BETTS, 29, laborer, Quebec, Romney, s/o David & Mary Ann, married Sarah Jane PLANT, 23, England, Mersea, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: George & Emma DUNSTER, 3 Feb 1876 at Wheatley
2430-76 John S. BILLING, 27, farmer, Ohio USA, North Ridge, s/o William H. & Elizabeth, married Margaret HILL, 19, Gosfield, North Ridge, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: G. F. HILL & M. J. DOBSON, both of Gosfield, 15 March 1876 at North Ridge, Gosfield twp 2525-76 John BINO, 24, laborer, Howard, Tilbury East, s/o John & Lucendy, married Anna McMAHON, 22, Tilbury East, same, d/o Michael & Margaret, witn: Patrick & Mary McMAHON of Tilbury East, 20 June 1876 at St. Francis, Tilbury West
2429-76 Edward BOORMAN, 21, blacksmith, NY state, Gosfield, s/o George & Harriet, married Alzora A. SCRATCH, 17, Gosfield, same, d/o John W. & Mary, witn: Alpheus & Eli SCRATCH of Gosfield, 4 March 1876 at Gosfield 2483-76 Alexander BOURING, 26, mechanic, Colchester twp., Amherstburg, s/o John & Julia Ann, married Lydia Adelaide WILLIAMS, 16, Milwaukee Wis., Amherstburg, d/o Arthur & Carrie, witn: Francis HARRIS & Arthur WILLIAMS, both of Amherstburg, 23 Oct. 1876 at parent's house, Amherstburg
2388-76 Louis BRABANT, 22, laborer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Louis & Celeste, married Marie LAUZON, 21, Sandwich East, same, d/o Charles & Victorie, witn: Alexie DROUILLARD of Sandwich East & Matilda AUGUSTIN of Sandwich West, 11 Jan `1876 at St. Amis, Sandwich East (Rom Cath) 2517-76 Oliver BRAY, 35, widower, laborer, St. Polycarpe Quebec, Tilbury West, s/o Peter & Catherine, married Justine REAUME, 32, widow, St. Ignace Quebec, Tilbury West, d/o Joseph & Josette REAUME, witn: Israel BEAUN? & Oliver SOUCHEREAU, both of Tilbury West, 8 Feb 1876 at Stoney Point, Tilbury West (Rom Cath)
2253-76 Francois BROUSSEAU, 22, farmer, Three Rivers Quebec, Tilbury West, s/o Henry & Adelaide, married Philomene PLOOF, 18, Tilbury West, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Telesphore MAILLOUX & Philomene PLOOF, both of Tilbury West, 16 May 1876 at Stoney Point, Tilbury West 2344-76 (Essex Co): George BROWNE, 25, farmer, Canada, Colchester, s/o James BROWNE & Eliza Ann CLARKE, married Mary ROBINSON, 18, USA, Detroit, d/o Willis ROBINSON & Lucinda? KING, witn: Eliza & Mary Ann CAULFIELD of Windsor, 14 June 1876 at Windsor
2446-76 Thomas BRUNER, 23, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o Abraham & Mary, married Adelia LEE, 16, Blenheim, Gosfield, d/o Selah & Susan, witn: Alex GIBSON & Joseph PHILLIPS, both of Gosfield, 13 Nov 1876 at Gosfield  
2553-76 (Essex Co): Nathan V. BRUSH, 25, farmer, Colchester, Malden twp., s/o Wheeler & Margaret, married Sarah MICKLE, 19, Malden twp., same, d/o George & Louisa, witn: Lorenzo C. BRUSH & Eliza J. MICKLE, both of Mersea twp., 26 Sept 1876 at res of Mr. MICKLE, Malden 2472-76 Peter Charles CADARET, 25, carpenter, Detroit, Amherstburg, s/o Peter CADARET & Felice LINGES, married Elizabeth CORR (s/b Carr?), 19, Co. Armagh Ireland, Amherstburg, d/o William CORR & Mary QUINN, witn: C. D. CADARET of Amherstburg & Maggie OUELLETTE of Anderdon twp., 25 April 1876 at Amherstburg
#002573-76 (Essex Co): Charles CADERETTE, 21, carpenter, Amherstburg, same, s/o Pierre CADERETTE & Felicie LYONS, married Maria ROCHLEAUD, 19, Sandwich West, same, d/o Abraham ROCHLEAUD & Catherine LUSSIER, witnesses were Daniel CADERETTE of Amherstburg & Elise ROCHLEAUD of Sandwich West, May 9, 1876 at Anderdon (Rom.Cath.) 2398-76 John CADETT, 35, farmer, widower, Maidstone, same, s/o Baptiste & Margaret, married Helene RHEUME, 23, Sandwich East, same, d/o Nobert & Louise, witn: Joseph blank of Maidstone & Alexander RHEUME of Sandwich East, 27 Feb [1876] at St. Amis, Sandwich East (Rom Cath)
2368-76 Francis CASTELLO (s/b Costello?), 30, carpenter, Ireland, Detroit, s/o Thomas CASTELLO & Maria BROWN, married Susan CASTELLO, 35, widow, Ireland, Detroit, d/o George BROWN & Catherine WHEELER, witn: A. H. MARTIN & Mary A. CAULFIELD, both of Windsor, 23 Oct. 1876 at Windsor 2420-86 William F. CHALONER, 24, gentleman, England, Mersea, s/o Edward & Marion, married Prudence LIVINGSTON, 16, Mersea, same, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: William & Jane Ann KNOPP, 25 March 1876 at Mersea
2403-76 Rene CHAMPAGNE, 24, Quebec, Sandwich East, s/o Elie & Marcelle, married Marie CHRISTE, 17, Sandwich East, same, d/o Joseph & Monique, witn: Alfred CAMPON & Adile LESPERANCE, both of Sandwich East, 30 May [1876] at St. Amis, Sandwich East (Rom Cath) 2450-76 William L. CHAPMAN, 23, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o John & Charity, married Mary LYONS, 16, Gosfield, same, d/o Francis & Sarah, wtin: Willis NORRIS of Gosfield & William A. GRENVILLE of Kingsville, 27 Dec 1876 at Gosfield
2397-76 Orelo CHARRETIER, 19, laborer, Sandwich East, s/o Narcisse & Celeona, married Margaret LAFORET, 23, Rochester, Sandwich East, d/o Olivier & Marie, witn: Narcisse CHARRETIER & Olivier LAFOREST, both of Sandwich East, 27 Feb [1876] at St. Amis, Sandwich East (Rom Cath) #002569-76 (Essex Co): Francois CHEVELLION, 26, shoe maker, Detroit, Readford? Mich., s/o Francois & Marie, married Marie Louise LESPERANCE, 26, Rochester Ont., same, d/o Leon & Elise, witn: F.P. BOUTIELLER of Belle River & Francois CHEVELLION of Readford Mich., 23 Oct 1876 at Belle River (Rom Cath)
2355-76 (Essex Co): Gabriel CHEYNE, 27, gentleman, Detroit, same, s/o Gabriel CHEYNE & Mary Ann CAMPEAU, married Antoinette BARILLIER, 23, Chatham, Windsor, d/o Charles BARILLIER & Clara BABY, witn: Joseph B. MORAN of Detroit, 26 Sept 1876 at Windsor (Rom Cath) 2353-76 (Essex Co): Alexander CHEYNE, 25, gentleman, Detroit, same, s/o Gabriel CHEYNE & Mary Ann CAMPEAU, married Emily BARRELLIER, 21, Windsor, same, d/o Charles BARRELLIER & Clara BABY (or Baley), witn: Charles ANTIANT[?] and Alex TRIGENT, both of Detroit, and Flora CARON of Windsor, 26 Sept 1876 at Windsor (Rom Cath)
2465-76 Albert COLBOURNE, 27, yeoman, Ireland, Malden twp., s/o James COLBOURNE & Eliza CLEMENS, married Ellen CALDWELL, 29, Malden twp., same, d/o James CALDWELL & Harriet McGREGOR, witn: Nathan BRUSH & Eliza COLBOURN, both of Malden twp., 23 [rest of date is blank], at Amherstburg  
2336-76 (Essex Co): William COLLIS, 21, carpenter, Canada, Windsor, s/o Samuel & Susan, married Jennie CUDDIE, 25, Canada, Windsor, d/o James & Matilda, witn: John CHAPMAN & Emma COLLIS, both of Windsor, 19 April 1876 at Windsor 2449-76 Syrus A. COLTHORP, 23, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o James & Sarah, married Lenora HODGKINS, 20, Malton, Gosfield, d/o James & Susan, witn: Burton PARKER & Rubie FOX, both of Gosfield, 25 Dec 1876 at Gosfield
2451-76 James COLTHORP, 55, farmer, widower, Prescott Ont., Gosfield, s/o James & Ellen, married Sarah SHOULTS, 23, Gainsboro Ont., Tilbury West, d/o Frederick & Rachel, witn: John STACY & L. J. HENDERSON, both of Woodslee, 17 June 1876 at Woodslee 2452-76 Elias COLTHORP, 20, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o James & Sarah, married Cordelia UPCOTT, 16, Gosfield, same, d/o John & Rebecca, witn: Henry UPCOTT & Sarah MOTLEY, both of Gosfield, 29 June 1876 at Gosfield
  2476-76 Michael CONNELLY, 21, laborer, of Amherstburg, s/o Adam CONNELLY & Catherine GEFFLY, married Ann BREAULT, 18, Canada, Amherstburg, d/o Marseilles L. BREAULT & Domitelle DROUILLARD, witn: Henry DROUILLARD & Mary BREAULT, both of Amherstburg, 29 Aug 1876 at Amherstburg
2484-76 Patrick CONROY, 29, fireman, Ireland, Amherstburg, s/o Michael CONROY & Mary MULCAHEY, married Mary RYAN, 19, Quebec, Amherstburg, d/o John RYAN & Sarah STRETZ, witn: John POWER & Mary Ann O'CONNOR, both of Anderdon twp., 18 Sept 1876 at Amherstburg 2381-76 John Wesley COPELAND, 28, farmer, Wellington Co., Sandwich East, s/o John & Ann, married Mary Ann HURST, Essex Ont., Sandwich East, d/o Nicholas & Christena, witn: Robert HURST & Mary RADCLIFF, 11 Jan [1876] at Woodslee
2421-76 Robert H. COULTER, 28, tobacconist, Ireland, Stratford, s/o William & Mary, married Ann Jane OGLE, 22, Ireland, Mersea, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: Thomas McGEE of Leamington & Ellen OGLE of Mersea, 28 Sept 1876 at Mersea 2509-76 (Essex Co): William COULTER, 25, farmer, Ireland, Mersea, s/o James & Ann, married Barbara COULTER, 20, Ireland, Mersea, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Francis DUNDAS of Mersea & C.M. JONES of Leamington, 27 Dec 1876 at Leamington
#002563-76 (Essex Co): James COWLTHORP, 55, widower, farmer, Agust Prescott, Gosfield, s/o James COWLTHORP & Ellen PROSSER, married Sarah SHOULTS, 23, Garrisburg - St. Catharines, Tilbury West, d/o Frederick & Mary, witn: John STACY of Talbotville & Lucie HENDERSON of Woodslee, 17 June 1876 at Maidstone 2327-76 (Essex Co): John Smith CRAWFORD, 41, widower, commercial traveller, USA, Toronto, s/o William CRAWFORD & Catherine McGEE, married Maria Emma OTTOW (should be Otto?), 35, England, Windsor, d/o Thomas A. OTTOW & Emma WOOLWORTH, witn: James NELSON & Sarah BENSON, both of Windsor, 8 Feb 1876 at Windsor
2457-76 Edmond CRIMMINS, 25, blacksmith, England, Amherstburg, s/o John CRIMMINS & Mary DONOVAN, married Jeannie ROBIDOUX, 17, Amherstburg, same, d/o J. B. ROBIDOUX & Caroline DROUILLARD, witn: John ROBIDOUX & Ellen CRIMMINS, both of Amherstburg, 11 Jan 1876 at Amherstburg 2507-76 (Essex Co): Benjamin DAVIDSON, 27, yeoman, Ontario, Leamington, s/o James DAVIDSON & Matilda HOUSE, married Alzona HOWDEN, 17, Ontario, Gosfield, d/o John & Betsy, witn: William & Rebecca WILKINS of Leamington, 26 Dec 1876 at Leamington
2455-76 Louis DEAUBIN, 24, clerk, Amherstburg, same, s/o J. M. DEAUBIN & Mary HARKINS, married Suzanne PRIMEAU, 23, Amherstburg, same, d/o Francis PRIMEAU & Soulange DROUILLARD, witn: Patrick LAFFERTY of Malden twp & John HARKINS of Amherstburg, 18 Jan 1876 at Amherstburg 2408-76 Leandre DENAU, 25, laborer, Quebec, Sandwich East, s/o Ferdinand & Marie, married Elizabeth PINAU, 26, Sandwich East, same, d/o Baptiste & Fanny, witn: Alfred CAMPAU & Mary PINAU, both of Sandwich East, 28 Nov [1876] at St. Amis, Sandwich East, (Rom Cath)
2480-76 Isaac L. DENT, 23, employed by C. S. R. , London Ont., Anderdon twp., s/o William & Louisa, married Isabella LOCKERBIE, 24, Niagara, Amherstburg, d/o William & Jeanetta, witn: George LOCKERBIE of Tilbury twp & Louisa DENT of Anderdon twp., 26 Sept 1876 at Amherstburg 2571-76 (Essex Co): Thedore DESBOURGS, 24, farmer, Detroit, Rochester twp Ont., s/o Pierre & Marguerite, married M. Saraline PAPINEAU, 20, Rochester twp., same, d/o Theophile & Marceline, witn: Theophile PAPINEAU & Emilie DESBOURGS, both of Rochester, 21 Nov 1876 at Belle River (Rom Cath)
#002593-76 (Essex Co): Joseph DESILETS, 26, not given, Joliette Quebec, Stoney Point Tilbury?, s/o Charles DESILETS & Zoe LOISEAU, married Emma YOUNGBLOOD, 19, Sandwich, same, d/o Anthony YOUNGBLOOD & Catherine LAC--MIER, witnesses were Louis YOUNGBLOOD & Selima VERMETTE?, both of Sandwich, Jan. 11, 1876 at Sandwich (Rom.Cath.) 2399-76 William DESJARDIN, 20, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o William & Victorie, married Marie Elizabeth ROBIDAU, 17, Rochester, Sandwich East, d/o Leander & Margaret, witn: Joseph DESJARDINS (sic) of Sandwich East & Adelia ROBIDAU of Rochester, 28 Feb [1876] at St. Amis, Sandwich East (Rom Cath)
2486-76 Fred DITTRICK, 21, laborer, Ontario, Amherstburg, s/o Jacob DITTRICK & Mary Jane HAINER, married Mary WILCOX, 25, Amherstburg, same, d/o Alexander WILCOX & Pauline GIRARDIN, witn: Alexander DITTRICK & Margaret WILCOX, both of Amherstburg, 12 Oct 1876 at Amherstburg 2360-76 Benjamin S. DIXON, 24, merchant, Birmingham England, Lansing Mich., s/o James B. DIXON & Jane McKEE, married Emma SMITH, 21, Michigan, Lansing Mich., d/o John SMITH & Betsy HUGHS, witn: Bessie S. GRAY & Elizabeth FOSTER, both of Windsor, 31 Oct. 1876 at Windsor
2447-76 James DOAN, 29, widower, druggist, King twp., Kingsville, s/o Amos & Margaret, married Maggie L. WIGLE, 24, Gosfield, same, d/o Adam R. & Lucinda, witn: George JESPERSON of Kingsville & Miss Maggie ILER of Colchester, 8 Nov 1876 at Gosfield 2502-76 James DOLAN, 26, mason, Ireland, Leamington, s/o James & Bridget, married Sophia BARNARD, 18, Ontario, Tilbury, d/o William & Maretta, witn: Albert & Mrs. A. CONOVER of Leamington, 6 June 1876 at Leamington
2558-76 (Essex Co): Alexander DONALD, 26, farmer, Aberdeen Scotland, Gosfield, s/o John & Mary, married Caroline KENYON, 31, widow, Ohio USA, Maidstone, d/o Reuben RUSSELL & Lydia, witn: John KENYON of Maidstone & Mary THORNENTON of Gosfield, 28 Feb 1876 at Maidstone 2374-76 James DORSEY, 24, cooper, USA, Windsor, s/o "parents names illegible", married Carey GRANT, 21, USA, Windsor, d/o not given, witn: William DENISDAREY? & Wendsay O'CONNOR, 11 Dec 1876 at Windsor
2354-76 (Essex Co): Albert DROUILLARD, 28, merchant, Detroit, Windsor, s/o Francis DROUILLARD & Charlotte St.LOUIS, married Jennie LANGLOIS, 24, Windsor, same, d/o Joel LANGLOIS & Catherine RYAN, witn: Eugene WAGNER of Windsor & Miss M. RYAN of Michigan USA, 26 Sept 1876 at Windsor (Rom Cath) #002591-76 (Essex Co): Noe DUFOUR, 27, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Jean Baptiste DUFOUR & Jeanne DROUILLARD, married Elizabeth GIGNAC, 22, Sandwich West, same, d/o Hubert GIGNAC & Mathilde ALLEN, witnesses were Emily & Helaire GIGNAC, both of Sandwich West, Jan. 15, 1876 at Sandwich (Rom.Cath.)
  2418-76 Francis DUNDAS, 29, farmer, Ireland, Mersea, s/o Francis & Ann, married Mary COULTER, 25, widow, Ireland, Mersea, d/o James COULTER & Ann, witn: William COULTER & Eliza J. OGLE, both of Mersea, 30 March 1876 at Mersea
2587-76 (Essex Co): John DUNN, 26, laborer, Anderdon, same, s/o Richard & not given, married Mary Ann COX, 19, Anderdon, same, d/o Francis COX & Mary O'CONNOR, witn: Mary A. O'CONNOR of Anderdon, 30 June 1876 at Amherstburg 2522-76 Francis DUPUIS, 25, farmer, Tilbury West, same, s/o Boniface & Domithilde, ,married Celeste LANONE, 20, Tilbury West, same, d/o Jean Bte. & Celeste, witn: Simon LANONE & Jean Bte. LANONE Jr., both of Tilbury West, 10 May 1876 at St. Francis, Tilbury West
002528-76 (Essex Co): Cleophas DUPUIS, 24, farmer, St. Anicet Quebec, Tilbury West, s/o George & Flavie DUPUIS, married Olive GELY, 19, St. Felice Quebec, Tilbury West, d/o Joseph & Sophie GELY, witn: G---- DUPUIS & Clemence GOULETTE, of Tilbury West, 15 August 1876, at Stony Point in Tilbury West. 2366-76 Harman C. ECKER, 24, painter, New York, Detroit, s/o Wilson DECKER & Ann M. SINDEN, married Emily C. WILKINSON, 23, Amherstburg, Windsor, d/o Peter WILKINSON & Frances PULFORD, witn: George STEWART of Leamington & Hattie KELLET of Detroit, 25 Dec 1876 at Windsor
2526-77 (Essex Co): Frederick Eugene ELLIOTT, 39, gentleman, Malden, same, s/o Robert H. & Ann, married Ann Theresa DUFF, 33, Anderdon, same, d/o Alexander & Delia, witn: Henry DUFF of Anderdon & Elizabeth DUERSON? Of Amherstburg, 6 Dec 1876 at Anderdon 2428-76 James EMERY, 36, tinsmith, Murray Ont., Kingsville, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Lestimina MALOTT, 28, Mersea, Kingsville, d/o George & Almina, witn: Augusty C. & Theodore SCRATCH of Kingsville, 7 March 1876 at Kingsville
2600-76 (Essex Co): Daniel FIELDS, 32, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Daniel FIELDS & Angele LISEE, married Marie Vandrille St.ARMOUR, 22, Sandwich, same, d/o Leandre St.ARMOUR & Therese COTE, witn: Alexander FIELDS of Sandwich West & Louise MARENTELLE (or Marentette) of Sandwich, 22 Feb 1876 at Sandwich (Rom Cath) 2402-76 Adolphe FLEURY, 19, laborer, Quebec, Sandwich East, s/o Amable & Delima, married Celanise ALLARD, 16, Quebec, Sandwich East, d/o Prosper & Adelaide, witn: Samuel CHARETTE & Delima ALLARD, both of E. Sandwich, 9 May [1876] at St. Amis Sandwich East (Rom Cath)
2608-76 (Essex Co): James B. FORREST, 28, mariner, Petite Cote, Sandwich, s/o James B. & Mary A., married Grace A. SIBLEY (or Libley?), 23, Benington Vermont, Sandwich, d/o Charles & Rachel A., witn: A.F. FORREST & J. JESSOP, both of Sandwich, 18 Dec 1876 at Sandwich #002597-76 (Essex Co): John FORTIER, 25, laborer, Sandwich West, same, s/o David FORTIER & Genevieve DREW, married Celina PARE, 24, Sandwich West, same, d/o Antoine PARE & Adelaide TOURANGEAU?, witn: Richard PARE & Catherine TOURANGEAU, both of Sandwich West, 8 Feb 1876 at Sandwich (Rom Cath)
2498-76 Thomas FOSTER, 53, widow, farmer, Ontario, Mersea, s/o Ralph & Ann , married Elizabeth Plant CROMPTON, 45, widow, England, Mersea, d/o Rodger CROMPTON & Sarah, 15 July 1876 at Leamington 2422-76 Henry FOSTER, 24, farmer, Ontario, Mersea, s/o William H & Sarah, married Chloe E. MINNIS, 22, Mersea, same, d/o John & Esther, witn: Hugh MINNIS of Leamington & William FOSTER of Mersea, 8 Nov 1876 at Mersea
2583-76 (Essex Co): Gideon GAGNON, 24, shoe maker, Quebec, Sandwich West, s/o Pascal GAGNON & Clemenie CARTIER, married Elise PARE, 19, Sandwich West, same, d/o Gregoire PARE & Julie GIRARD, witn: Remi & Gregoire PARE of Sandwich West, 8 Feb 1876 at Anderdon (Rom Cath) 2520-76 James GALARNAU, 21, farmer, Tilbury West, same, s/o Benjamin & Mary Elizabeth, married Virginie SAUVEZ , 19 (17?), St. Polycarpe Quebec, Tilbury West, d/o Jean Bte. & Louise, witn: Jean Bte. SAUVEZ & Celina LEFEBVRE, both of Tilbury West, 9 May 1876 at Stoney Point, Tilbury West (Rom Cath) [Sauve?]
2440-76 Charles Robert GASKIN, 21, blacksmith, Toronto, Gosfield, s/o Robert & Mary, married Amelia FOX, 20, Gosfield, same, d/o Solomon P. & Ann, witn: Jeremy JOHNSON & Eliza GASKIN, both of Gosfield, 18 Sept 1876 at North Ridge, Gosfield twp 2441-76 Thomas GEE, 28, Methodist clergyman, Pickering Ont., Colchester, s/o William & Hannah, married Adaline WIGLE, 24, Gosfield, same, d/o Adam R. & Lucinda, witn: J. E. RUSS of Essex Centre & Maggie WIGLE of Kingsville, 26 Sept 1876 at Gosfield
#002596-76 (Essex Co): Jacob GIGNAC, 27, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Jacques GIGNAC & Martine PROVENEHER?, married Emilie DUROCHER, 22, Sandwich West, same, d/o Antoine DUROCHER & Francoise PAJOT, witn: Alexander GIGNAC of Sandwich & Josephine LAFFERTY of Wyandette USA, 25 Jan 1876 at Sandwich (Rom Cath) #02599-76 (Essex Co): Herbert GIGNAC, 56, widower, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o not given, married Felonie CABANA, 53, widow, Sandwich West, same, d/o Clovis CABANA, witn: Jacques GIGNAC of Sandwich West (Clovis Gignac could be a witness, not a parent), 21 Feb 1876 at Sandwich (Rom Cath)
#002598-76 (Essex Co): James GONYETTE, 32, cooper, Chippawa, London, s/o Joseph GONYETTE & Zoe LAUZON, married Lane TRUDEL, 26, Sandwich, same, d/o Francois Xavier TRUDEL & Marcelle PAJOT, witn: Dennis TRUDEL of Sandwich & Christine LANGLOIS of Windsor, 21 Feb 1876 at Sandwich (Rom Cath) #002568-76 (Essex Co): Louis GOULET, 24, laborer, Lower Canada, Rochester Ont., s/o Amable & Justine, married Marguerite BELLEAU, 22, Rochester Ont., same, d/o Charles BELLEAU & Madelaine RENAUD, witn: Charles BELLEAU of Belle River & Marie SAUVE of Rochester, 26 Sept 1876 at Belle River (Rom Cath)
2375-76 Leroy GRANT, 31, laborer, USA, Windsor, s/o Henry & blank, married Nellie WILKINS, 39, widow, England, Windsor, d/o Parker WILLIAMS & blank, witn: A. Edward MOORE of Windsor, 27 Dec 1876 at Windsor 2445-77 William H. H--?, 21, telegraph operator, Aylmer, Kingsville, s/o William H. & Margaret, married Jenny (Fanny?) HAR--? (Mar--?), 18, Kingsville, same, d/o Henry & Jane, witn: Mrs. GEE of Colchester, 19 Dec 1876 at Colchester [very faded reg'n]
2337-76 (Essex Co): Herman E. HAAS, 22 (or 27), merchant, USA, Windsor, s/o Charles HAAS & Ellen LUX, married Annie M. GREEN, 19, USA, Danbury USA, d/o Edmund L. GREEN & Jeanie MOSIER, witn: Mary Ann & Eliza CAULFIELD of Windsor, 1 May 1876 at Windsor 2468-76 Louis HAMELIN, 23, farmer, Sandwich West, Malden twp., s/o Jacques HAMELIN & Elizabeth RENAUD, married Josephte BONDY, 35, Colchester twp., Malden twp., d/o Edward BONDY & Geovorefa? REAUME, witn: Edward BARRON & Mary HAMELIN, both of Malden twp., 29 Feb 1876 at Amherstburg
2390-76 Louis HAMLIN, 29, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Joseph & Judith, married Elizabeth RIVARD, 22, Sandwich East, same, d/o Antoine & Euphrasine, witn: Henry RIVARD of Sandwich East & Josephine JUBAINVILLE of Sandwich West, 17 Jan [1876] at St. Amis, Sandwich East (Rom Cath) 2443-77 Alfred HARRIS, 30, farmer, Colchester, same, s/o Edward & Hattie, married Fanny BISHOP, 21, Colchester, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Mrs. GEE of Colchester, 21 Nov 1876 at Colchester
  2437-76 George HARVEY, 21, farmer, Raleigh, same, s/o Solomon & Eliza, married Priscelea WIGLE, 20, Gosfield, same, d/o Alexander N. & Maria, witn: Oliver FUSE (Firse?) & Clarasse HARVEY, both of Raleigh, 31 May 1876 at Gosfield
2352-76 (Essex Co): Jacob HEIK, 23, carpenter, Detroit, same, s/o Henry & Sarah, married Cornelia DROUILLARD, 21, Walkerville, Windsor, d/o Frank DROUILLARD & Charlotte St.LOUIS, witn: Henry HEIK of Detroit & Josephine DROUILLARD of Windsor, 19 Sept 1876 at Windsor (Rom Cath) 2342-76 (Essex Co): William A. HENDERSON, 25, mechanic, Toronto, Windsor, s/o William HENDERSON & Margaret GATES, married Amelia McINTOSH, 19, Trenton? Ont., Flint Mich., d/o Gilbert McINTOSH & Elizabeth illegible, witn: R.F. SUTHERLAND & Bessie S. GRAY, both of Windsor, 30 May 1876 at Windsor
002564-76 (Essex Co): James HILLIAR, 48, widower, farmer, England, Mersea, s/o James & Susan, married Jane DORRINGTON, 42, widow, Ireland, Detroit, d/o William & Mary ALLISON, witn: William & Mary ALLISON of Maidstone, 26 Nov 1876 at Woodslee, Maidstone 2501-76 John A. HISLOP, 25, farmer, Scotland, Gosfield, s/o Alexander & Jane, married Olga M. ORTON, 21, Canada, Gosfield, d/o Zenas & Margaret, witn: Hilbert & Ellen CURTIS of Leamington, 5 Sept 1876 at Leamington
2445-76 David HOPGOOD, 22, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o James & Eliza, married Hannah BALTZER, 23, Gosfield, same, d/o Jacob & Mary, witn: Robert WIGLE of Kingsville & Theodore SCRATCH of Gosfield, 1 Nov 1876 at Kingsville 2453-76 Grove HOPGOOD, 26, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o James & Eliza, married Isadore GILBO, 18, Gosfield, same, d/o Peter & Abigail, witn: Cerone GILBO & Matilda HOPGOOD, both of Gosfield, 27 Dec 1876 at Gosfield
#002577-76 (Essex Co): Baptiste HUNEAU, 24, laborer, Quebec, Anderdon, s/o Michael HUNEAU & Josephe STATAMAN, married Marguerite DROUILLARD, 20, Anderdon, same, d/o Louis DROUILLARD & Archange PARE, witnesses were Hilaire DROUILLARD & Leon HUNEAU, both of Anderdon, Nov. 27, 1876 at Anderdon (Rom.Cath.) 2467-76 John HUNT, 23, farmer, Malden twp., same, s/o William HUNT & Margaret BERNARD, married Rose Ann MEEK, 23, Montreal, Amherstburg, d/o John MEEK & Belinda FLANAGAN, witn: Henry CALDWELL of Monroe & Elizabeth HUNT of Malden twp., 29 Feb 1876 at Amherstburg
2377-76 James HUNTER, 60, widower, laborer, England, Woodstock Ont., s/o John HUNT (sic) & Faith, married Eleanor Ludwell WILKINSON, 47, widow, England, Woodstock, d/o Richard NEWMAN & Bettsy, 13 Sept 1876 at Windsor 2475-76 Edward A. IRVING, 25, banker & broker, England, Amherstburg, s/o George & Lucy, married Margaret HAMILTON, 25, Canada, Amherstburg, d/o James & Ann, witn: John A. AULD & Georgie TAYLOR, both of Amherstburg, 28 June 1876 at Amherstburg
2442-76 - R. C. JAMES, 29, Methodist minister, widower, March twp., Cold Water - M. Island, s/o George & Elizabeth Ann, married Mary Ellen McCAIN, 27, Gosfield, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Edwin COOK of Mersea & Mary Ann WIGLE of Gosfield, 27 Sept 1876 at Gosfield 2448-76 Thomas JENNER, 28, mechanic, England, Essex Centre, s/o Edward & Amelia, married Almina ORTON, 18, Olinda - Gosfield twp., same, d/o Zenas & Eliza, witn: Albert RYALL of Leamington & Celesta ORTON of Gosfield, 25 Dec 1876 at Kingsville
2572-76 (Essex Co): John Franklin JESSOP, 24, farmer, Sandwich, Sandwich East, s/o John & Mary, married Florence FINLEY, 18, Windsor, Sandwich West, d/o Amos & Anna, witn: Hezekiel COLLINS of Sandwich East & Florence NAPIER of Windsor, 12 April 1876 at Sandwich West 2601-76 (Essex Co): James JESSOP, 24, hotel keeper, Sandwich, same, s/o James & Mary, married Julia F. HARRIS, 18, Detroit, same, d/o Henry & Margaret, witn: William JESSOP of Sandwich & Edward BARRETT of Windsor, 26 April 1876 at Sandwich
2526-76 John JETE, 23, farmer, NY state, Tilbury West, s/o Auguste & Ariette, married Sophie SOUCHEREAU, 16, St. Polycarpe Quebec, Tilbury West, d/o Oliver & Mary, witn: Joseph DESJARDINS & Oliver SOUCHEREAU, both of Tilbury West, 27 June 1876 at Stoney Point, Tilbury West 2391-76 Charles JOBIN, 22, laborer, Maidstone, same, s/o Pierre & Louisa, married Therize DAM, 22, Maidstone, same, d/o Michael & Helene, witn: Patrice RENAUD (Reneud?) of Sandwich East & Marie DAM of Maidstone, 1 Feb [1876] at St. Amis, Sandwich East (Rom Cath)
2340-76 (Essex Co): James W. H. JOHNSON, 22, carpenter, Chatham Ont., Windsor, s/o Peter & Harriet, married Caroline SHAFFER, 21, London Ont., Windsor, d/o Thomas & Julia, witn: Albert POSEY & Julia PERRY, both of Windsor, 17 May 1876 at Windsor 2358-76 John JULIEN, 75, carpenter, Quebec, Windsor, s/o Feliz JULIEN & Theresa DARVEAU, married Ann Mary BRANTIEU?, 22, Quebec, Windsor, d/o Belani BRANTIEU & Louise PLOND, witn: Victor PELLETIER of Windsor & Adille BERGERON of Sandwich, 21 Nov 1876 at Windsor
  2383-76 Lawrence KANE, 19, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o Patrick & Maria, married Mary Ann BARRETT, 19, Sandwich East, same, d/o Anthony & Ellen, witn: Richard BARRETT of Sandwich East & Catherine KANE of Maidstone, 29 June 1876 at Maidstone Cross (Rom Cath)
2546-76 (Essex Co): Leonard KENNE, 39, widower, farmer, Malden, Colchester twp., s/o Leonard & Rose Ann, married Elizabeth HOTTON?, 47, widow, Raleigh, Colchester, d/o Andrew & Sarah BUCHANAN, witn: Leonard & Solomon ILER of Colchester, 25 April 1876 at Colchester 2545-76 (Essex Co): William KERSEY, 22, machinist, Indiana USA, Colchester, s/o Alexander & Ann, married Annie E. SAWYER, 21, Ohio USA, Colchester, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Robert MITCHELL & Mary KERSEY, both of Colchester, 30 Jan 1876 at Gilgal, Colchester
2443-76 William Benjamin KIRKBY, 28, sailor, England, Kingsville, s/o Henry & Maria, married Amy HEISTED, 17, Jarvis, Kingsville, d/o William & Harriet, witn: M. E. WATSON & Homer CANFIELD, both of Kingsville, 29 Sept 1876 at Kingsville 2482-76 Chester B. J. KNEPP, (Knapp?) 24, farmer, Detroit, Colchester twp., s/o Perine & Ann, married Esther YOUNG, 24, Malden twp., same, d/o Esa & Mary Ann, witn: H. O. & William S. FALLS of Amherstburg, 25 Sept 1876 at Amherstburg
2462-76 Albert KOSTICK, 28, showman, Prussia, Colchester, s/o Peter & Mary, married Matilda KESTAR, 17, Canada, Colchester, d/o Henry & Eliza, witn: Henry KESTAR & Mary GIBB, 9 Jan 1876 at Amherstburg  
2514-76 Pierre LABONTE, 22, laborer, Tilbury West, same, s/o Narcisse & Margaret, married Julienn KATES, 18, Tilbury West, same, d/o George & Mary, witn: Moise CHAMPAGNE & Jean Ste. DURPAT, both of Tilbury West, 24 Jan 1876 at St. Francis Church, Tilbury West (Rom Cath) #002576-76 (Essex Co): Alexander LAFORGE, 26, laborer, Anderdon, Sandwich West, s/o Charles LAFORGE & Rosalie BERTRAND, married Elizabeth DROUILLARD, 14, Sandwich West, same, d/o Louis DROUILLARD & Euphroseine PARE, witnesses were Baptiste COUSINEAU & Honore ODETTE, both of Anderdon, Nov. 7, 1876 at Anderdon (Rom.Cath.)
#002575-76 (Essex Co): Cevier LAFRAMBOISE, 21, laborer, Sandwich, same, s/o Xavier LAFRAMBOISE & Marie RENEAUD, married Louisa DROUILLARD, 18, Sandwich West, same, d/o J. Baptiste DROUILLARD & Archange RENEAUD, witnesses were Jacques & Urbin LAFRAMBOISE, Nov. 28, 1876 at Anderdon (Rom.Cath.) #002570-76 (Essex Co): Onesime LANDRY, 32, widower, farmer, Montreal, Rochester twp., s/o Charles & Marie, married Cleonard VERMETTE, 23, St. Maurice Quebec, Rochester twp., d/o Maxime & Mathilde, witn: Moise VERMETTE & Louise LANDRY, both of Rochester twp., 14 Nov 1876 at Belle River (Rom Cath)
2357-76 (Essex Co): Joseph LANGLOIS, 29, policeman, Windsor, same, s/o Moses LANGLOIS & Mary JOLIBOIS, married Catherine SCHNEIDER, 22, Hamilton, Windsor, d/o James SCHNEIDER & Mary CUNNINGHAM, witn: Moses LANGLOIS & Ellen BROWN, both of Windsor, 29 Nov 1876 at Windsor 002592-76 (Essex Co): Joseph LANISSE, 22 yrs + 10 months, working man, Sandwich West, Sandwich East, s/o Nicholas LANISSE & M. Louise BERGERON, married Maria Eyerine DUPUIS, 23, Sandwich West, Sandwich East, d/o Edward DUPUIS & Flaure(Flavie?) TREMBLAY, witnesses were Helaire GEGNAI & Henrietta DUPUIS, both of Sandwich West, Jan. 10, 1876 at Sandwich (Rom.Cath.)
02535-76 (Essex Co): Simon LANOUE (Lanone?), 75, widower, fund holder?, St. Philipe Quebec, Tilbury West, s/o Louis & Genevieve LANOUE, married Olive PEREAULT, 63, widow, St. Pierre Quebec, Tilbury West, d/o Joseph & Margaret PEREAULT, witn: Ferdinand BECOTTE & Moise LAVIGNE, of Tilbury West, 24 July 1876, at St. Francis in Tilbury West 2334-76 (Essex Co): Alfred LARKIN, 25, farmer, Toronto, Maidstone, s/o Joseph & Eliza, married Sarah PUCE, 21, Elgin Co., Maidstone, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Emma & Samuel LARKIN of Detroit, 13 April 1876 at Windsor
2435-76 John James LATAM, 23, teacher, Mersea, same, s/o Comford & Caroline, married Eliza J. BRUNER, 19, Gosfield, same, d/o Reuben & Jane, witn: Francis M. LATAM of Mersea & Adora BRUNER of Gosfield, 24 May 1876 at Gosfield 2404-76 Pierre LAUZON, 22, laborer, Sandwich East, s/o Baptiste & Matilda, married Helene DUCHESNE, 24, Sandwich East, same, d/o Francois & Genevieve, witn: Noe NAUTAIS of Sandwich West & Sophie DUCHESNE of Sandwich East, 13 June [1876] at St. Amis, Sandwich East (Rom Cath)
2378-76 Samuel? LAWS, 23, farmer, USA, Windsor, s/o Anson (Anser?) & Eliza, married Nancy MORE, 24, widow, USA, Windsor, d/o Henry DALTON & blank, witn: Thomas & Patrick CHAMBERS, 12 Nov 1876 at Windsor 2492-76 Thomas LEBO, 23, yeoman, Ontario, Mersea twp., s/o Thomas & Ruth, married Mary WAGNER, 18, Ontario, Leamington, d/o Tunis? & Hannah, witn: John MALOTT of Rodney & David WAGNER of Leamington, 9 Feb 1876 at Leamington
2466-76 Joseph LEBOEUF, 25, blacksmith, Sandwich, same, s/o Bazile LEBOEUF & Emilie MARCOTT, married Agathe GRONDIN, 24, Amherstburg, same, d/o Oliver GRONDIN & Marie Ann MARCOTTE, witn: John GRONDIN of Amherstburg & Mary LEBOEUF of Sandwich, 28 Feb 1876 at Amherstburg 2330-76 (Essex Co): John LEE, 41, farmer, widower, England, Maidstone, s/o Henry & Hannah, married Annie CLEOVES [?], 25, New Haven USA, Connecticut USA, d/o Silas & Sarah, witn: Franklin SHORLAND? & Carrie HUNT, both of Windsor, 4 Feb 1876 at Windsor
#002560-76 (Essex Co): Peter LESPERANCE, 26, farmer, Canada, Maidstone, s/o Samuel LESPERANCE & Mary HEBERT, married Mary McHUGH, 24, Canada, Maidstone, d/o Michael & Mary, witn: Gilbert LESPERANCE of Sandwich East & Ann McHUGH of Maidstone, 27 Nov 1876 at Woodslee Mission, Maidstone twp (Rom Cath) 2401-76 Francois LESPERANCE, 27, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Hubert & Clemence, married Suzane LAFORET, 21, Sandwich East, same, d/o J. Baptiste & Therese, witn: Charles LESPERANCE & Celina PARRAULT, both of E. Sandwich, 9 May [1876] at St. Amis, Sandwich East (Rom Cath)
2478-76 Francis Cuthbert LIGHTFOOT, 29, civil engineer in gov't service, England, Ottawa, s/o Nicholas & Sarah, married Sarah Louisa GIRDLESTONE, 23, Canada, Amherstburg, d/o George William & Mary Ann, witn: George L. BOURCHIER of Ottawa & F. M. GIRDLETSTONE of Amherstburg, 28 Sept 1876 at Christs Church, Amherstburg 002530-76 (Essex Co): Elsear LOISEAU, 37, farmer, Joliette Quebec, Tilbury West, s/o Peter & Henriette LOISEAU, married Eugenie SURVEYER, 37, Beauharnois Quebec, Tilbury West, d/o Joseph & Eugenie SURVEYER, witn: Leon LANGLOIS of Windsor & George D----- of Rochester, 18 October 1876, at Stony Point in Tilbury West.
  2459-76 George LOCKERBIE, 29, engineer, New London Ont., Colchester twp., s/o William LOCKERBIE & Jeannete IRVING, married Mary WALSH, 24, Ireland, Tilbury West, d/o Patrick WALSH & Catherine COONEY, witn: Walter & Annie WALSH of Tilbury West, 17 Jan 1876 at Amherstburg
2405-76 Antoin MAILLOUX, 22, farmer, Tilbury West, s/o Francois & Felice, married Ann PILETTE, 18, Sandwich East, same, d/o Janvier & Jeanette, witn: Frederick COMPAU of Sandwich East & Charlotte MAILLOUX of Tilbury West, 25 July [1876] at St. Amis, Sandwich East, (Rom Cath) 2392-76 Frederick MAISONVILLE, 28, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Frederick & Eugenie, married Emilie JANISSE, 26, Sandwich East, same, d/o Julius & Pauline, witn: Paul & Elie JANISSE of Sandwich East, 7 Feb [1876] at St. Amis, Sandwich East (Rom Cath)
2343-76 (Essex Co): Matthew MANSFIELD, 25, barber, Alabama USA, Syracuse NY, s/o Moses & Melinda, married Emma (or Ermina) DUTTON, 21, Philadelphia, Windsor, d/o Stephen M. & Levina, witn: Albert POSEY & Sarah SMITH, both of Windsor, 14 June 1876 at Windsor 2519-76 Jean Bte. MARCHAND, 18, farmer, Tilbury West, same, s/o Jean Bte. & Emilie, married Esther Saint DENIS, 21, St. Palentin Quebec, Tilbury West, d/o Ubert & Domethilde SAINT DENIS, witn: Ubert & Pierre SAINT DENIS of Tilbury West, 22 Feb 1876 at St. Francis Church, Tilbury West (Rom Cath)
#002567-76 (Essex Co): Charles MARENTETTE, 19, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o James MARENTETTE & Marceline OUELETTE, married Mathilde LESPERANCE, 17, Rochester Ont., Belle River, d/o George & Soe, witn: George LESPERANCE & James MARENTETTE, 5 Sept 1876 at Belle River (Rom Cath) 2606-76 (Essex Co): Joseph MARENTETTE (or Marentelle), 26, bar keeper, Windsor, same, s/o Benjamin MARENTETTE & Victoire PARENT, married Rose Emilia Julia GIRAUD, 21, Paris France, Sandwich, d/o John GIRAUD & Rose VILLAINE, witn: Onesime MARENTETTE of Windsor & Cloe GIRAUD of Sandwich, 21 Nov 1876 at Sandwich
2579-76 (Essex Co): Gilbert MARION, 24, farmer's son, Anderdon, same, s/o Medore MARION & Julie DUFOURESS?, married Emilie DROUILLARD, 21, Sandwich West, same, d/o Denis DROUILLARD & Esther ROCHLEAU, witn: Maxime DROUILLARD & Delphine MARION, both of Anderdon, 12 Feb 1876 at Anderdon (Rom Cath) 2602-76 (Essex Co): Tousaant MARTIN, 71, widower, farmer, St. Constant Quebec, Anderdon, s/o not given, married Jeanne ARSONETTE, 62, widow, Sandwich, same, d/o not given, witn: Francis PAYETTE & Laurent MELOCHE, both of Sandwich, 9 May 1876 at Sandwich (Rom Cath)
2487-76 Vital MARTIN, 43, widower, yeoman, Quebec, Anderdon twp., s/o Boussant MARTIN & Rose DUSSOW?, married Philomen LACASSE, 30, widow of Alexis SPITLARD, Quebec, Anderdon twp., d/o Anthony LACROSSE (sic) & Catherine LAROSE, witn: James PELLETIER & Bouissaint MARTIN, both of Anderdon twp., 23 Oct. 1876 at Amherstburg #002565-76 (Essex Co): Isaac MARTINDALE, 42, farmer, England, Maidstone, s/o George & Hannah, married Catherine MULLIN, 45, widow, England, Maidstone, d/o Edward & Bridget MULLIN, witn: John & Mary McMAHON, 10? July 1876 at Belle River (Rom Cath)
2513-76 James McCARTY, 35, widower, farmer, Raleigh, Tilbury West, s/o Edward & Anna, married Anna DIQUAIR, 22, Coteau du L.A.?, Tilbury West, d/o Joseph & Zoe, witn: Christopher McKEON of Tilbury West & Anna KEENAN of Detroit, 11 Jan 1876 at Stoney Point, Tilbury West (Rom Cath) 2505-76 Edgar B. McCLATCHY, 29, yeoman, Ontario, Leamington, s/o George & Clarissa, married Lydia DRAPER, 19, Ontario, Leamington, d/o John & Phoebe, witn: James HARRIS of Leamington & Ernest McCLATCHY of Gosfield, 26 Oct. 1876 at Leamington
2427-76 James McCRACKEN, 30, widower, farmer, Ottawa, Mersea, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Margaret DRESSER, 25, Mersea, same, d/o George & Rosanna, witn: M. E. WATSON & Mary PRESCOTT, 8 Jan 1876 at Kingsville  
2416-76 John McDOUGALL, 24, blacksmith, Nova Scotia, Mersea, s/o John & Margaret, married Jane JULIEN, 18, Mersea, same, d/o Jacob & Julia Ann, witn: Adam ILER of Colchester & Jessie HARDIE of Gosfield, 29 Feb 1876 at Mersea 2503-76 Alexander McGEE, 46, widower, farmer, Canada, Malden, s/o William & Ann, married Cynthia A. FRINK, 36, USA, Malden, d/o not given, witn: Hattie & Nellie McGEE of Malden, 11 Oct 1876 at Leamington
2521-76 Martin McKEON, 28, farmer, Raleigh, Tilbury West, s/o Peter & Mary, married Clemense SAUVEZ, 15, St. Polycarpe Quebec, Tilbury West, d/o Jean Bte. & Louise, witn: Leon SOUCHERON & Sophie CASABON, both of Tilbury West, 9 May 1876 at Stoney Point, Tilbury West (Rom Cath) #002561-76 (Essex Co): Michael McMAHON, 25, farmer, Canada, Rochester - Essex, s/o John McMAHON & Mary MULLINS, married Elizabeth BYRNE, 20, Canada, Rochester - Essex, d/o Michael BYRNE & Mariah STRONG, witn: Michael BYRNE & Ellen McMAHON, both of Rochester, 13 Nov 1876 at Woodslee, Maidstone (Rom Cath)
2361-76 William Henry MEECH, 23, carpenter, Portsmouth England, Windsor, s/o Robert MEECH & Harriet HOWIE, married Ella Massay LEWIS, 18, Indiana USA, Windsor, d/o Mark LEWIS & Ella JOHNSTON, witn: Phillip REAUME & Mary M. LEWIS, both of Windsor, 26 Dec 1876 at Windsor  
2568-77 John MILLER, 28, farmer, Scotland, Colchester, s/o blank & Ellen, married Elizabeth WEAVER, 22, Colchester, same, d/o Robert & Mary Jane, witn: Alexander & Annie CAMPBELL of Gesto, 18 July 1876 at Colchester 2394-76 Daniel MIRON (Meron?), 23, laborer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Edward & Margaret, married Marie Euphrasine HEBERT, 16, Sandwich East, same, d/o Grogan & Mary, witn: Rene & Delines LAUZON of Sandwich East, 22 Feb [1876] at St. Amis, Sandwich East (Rom Cath)
2473-76 Antoine MONGEAU, 26, yeoman, Lower Canada, Malden twp., s/o Louis MONGEAU & Catherine BEAUDIN, married Carline GRONDIN (Groudin?), 20, Colchester twp., same, d/o Narcisse GRONDIN & Sophia PILON, witn: Narcisse GRONDIN of Colchester & David MONGEAU of Malden, 1 May 1876 at Amherstburg 2362-76 - J. MONTGOMERY, 22, blacksmith, Toronto, Detroit, s/o John MONTGOMERY & Elizabeth CAWKER, married Mary McINTYRE, 24, Toronto, Detroit, d/o John McINTYRE & Ann McLEOD, witn: James McSWEEN & Noble A. BARTLET, both of Windsor, 24 Aug 1876 at Windsor
2379-76 Edward MOONEY, 30, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Michael & Catherine, married Margaret DIXON, 19, Carleton, Sandwich East, d/o Nicholas & Mary, witn: Charles CAVANAGH, Elizabeth DIXON & Mary MORAN, all of Sandwich East, and Peter TIERNAN of Maidstone, 22 Feb [1876] at Maidstone Cross 2525-77 (Essex Co): Isaac MOREHOUSE, 33, lumberman, Orford, same, s/o David & Mary Ann, married Hannah FOSTER, 31, widow, Ireland, Orford, d/o Peter & Fanny GALLAGHER, witn: T.G. MARTIN? & Mary KANE, both of Amherstburg, 23 Dec 1876 at Bruce House, Amherstburg
  02536-76 (Essex Co): Joseph MORIN, 22, labourer, St. Jacques ---- Quebec, Tilbury West, s/o Joseph & Marseline MORIN, married Margaret MARCHAND, 16, Tilbury West, same, d/o Julien & Eufrasine (s/b Euphrosine?) MARCHAND, witn: Moise  VERSAILLE? & Simon MORIN, of Tilbury West, 18 September 1876, at St. Francis in Tilbury West
2356-76 (Essex Co): Ferdinand MORNIAN? (Mornau?), 28, lumber merchant, Quebec, Toledo Ohio, s/o Augustus MORNIAN & Josette DAOUST, married Louisa LANGLOIS, 19, Windsor, same, d/o Leon LANGLOIS & Susanna PAGEAU (Payeau?), witn: Leon MORNIAN of Toledo & Julia LANGLOIS of Windsor, 17 Oct 1876 at Windsor (Rom Cath) 2557-76 (Essex Co): Daniel MORRISON, 19, farmer, Ontario, Maidstone twp., s/o Allan & Mary, married Mary McCLOSKY, 25, Ireland, Maidstone twp., d/o Charles & Rebecca, witn: William McCLOSKY & Sarah HAMILTON, both of Maidstone, 6 June 1876 at Woodslee, Maidstone
2365-76 Frank H. MUNROE, 23, laborer, Michigan, same, s/o not known, married Hannah SETTINGTON, 24, Michigan, same, d/o Henry SETTINGTON & Frances SMITH, witn: Mary SULLIVAN & Emma HORNER, both of Windsor, 3 Aug 1876 at Windsor 2349-76 (Essex Co): William MURPHY, 26, merchant, Lambton Co., Windsor, s/o Patrick MURPHY & Margaret SHEEHAN, married Elizabeth REAUME, 32, widow, Stoney Point (or Tilbury West), Windsor, d/o Jacques PARENT & Entali REAUME, witn: Rev. James RYAN & Mrs. Margaret WAGNER, both of Windsor, 29 Feb 1876 at Windsor (Rom Cath) (dup 2329-76)
2604-76 (Essex Co): Alphonse NESTMANN, 20, laborer, Detroit, Sandwich, s/o George NESTMANN & Angelique RIVARD, married Elizabeth PRATT, 19, Sandwich West, same, d/o Eloi PRATT & Desanges LAUZON, witn: Joseph St.LOUIS of Sandwich East & Victoire PRATT of Sandwich West, 15 Aug 1876 at Sandwich (Rom Cath) 2477-76 Patrick NEVEN, 27, carpenter, Ireland, Amherstburg, s/o Patrick NEVEN & Mary GAVIN, married Adeline POUGETT, 21, Malden twp., same, d/o Joseph POUGETT & Amelie REAUME, witn: Charles POUGETT of Malden twp & Elizabeth MELOCHE of Detroit, 12 Sept 1876 at Amherstburg
2380-76 William NEWCOMBE, 19, fireman, Windsor, same, s/o William & Jane, married Mary E. DOWNEY, 17, of Walkerville, d/o James & Jane, witn: Joseph PRINGLE of Windsor & Kittie McKAY of Detroit, 5 Jan [1876] at Walkerville 2524-77 (Essex Co): Albert NEVINS, 26, druggist, Michigan, Detroit, s/o James C. & Louisa, married Frances RYAN, 20, Detroit, same, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Mary SMITH of Amherstburg, 19 June 1876 at Amherstburg
#002594-76 (Essex Co): John O'KEEFE, 24, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Dennis O'KEEFE & Mary HEALY, married Elizabeth NANTAIS, 19, Sandwich East, same, d/o Pierre NANTAIS & Francoise MORADIE, witn: Jean MORALLIE (sic) & Catherine MAISONVILLE, both of Sandwich East, 17 Jan 1876 at Sandwich (Rom Cath) 2432-76 James R. OLIVER, 23, mechanic, Fullarton, Colchester, s/o David & Agnes, married Mary Jane WIGLE, 20, Gosfield, same, d/o Solomon S. & Eliza, witn: Lemuel WIGLE of Gosfield & Jennie (Jessie?) OLIVER of Fullarton, 18 May 1876 at Ruthven
#002595-76 (Essex Co): Daniel ONTAYA, 27, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o George ONTAYA & Scholastique VIGNEAU, married Josephine FORTIER, 19, Sandwich West, same, d/o David FORTIER & Genevieve DREW, witn: Elie ONTAYA & Arthemise FORTIER, 18 Jan 1876 at Sandwich (Rom Cath) 2417-76 Adam OPER, 25, fisherman, England, Marble Head - Ohio, s/o Michael & Elizabeth, married Theresa GIARDIN, 19, Mersea, same, d/o Francis & Susan, witn: Henry J. ILER of Leamington & Joseph GIARDIN of Mersea, 12 Jan 1876 at Leamington
2607-76 (Essex Co): Richard PAGE, 26, laborer, Detroit, Sandwich, s/o Louis PAGE & Domitille POISSANT, married Sarah Jane STODDARD, 17, Cleveland Ohio, Sandwich, d/o William STODDARD & Elizabeth NOBLE, witn: Peter TOURNIER of Detroit & Rose Ann PAGE of Sandwich, 30 Nov 1876 at Sandwich 2423-76 Corydon PALMER, 36, widower, merchant, Gosfield, Leamington, s/o Nathaniel & Elizabeth, married Calista Jane WIGLE, 18, Mersea, same, d/o Leonard & Sarah, witn: James BOYLE of Malden & Miss McSWEEN of Leamington, 6 Dec 1876 at Mersea
2547-76 (Essex Co): John H. PARKS, 30, shoe maker, England, Colchester, s/o Richard & Susanna, married Maggie BOWRING, 18, Colchester, same, d/o John & Julia Ann, witn: Charles S. ILER & Joseph BEST, 23 Dec 1875 at Colchester 2454-76 Thomas Hartson PARKS, 29, farmer, Canada, Malden, s/o Jonathan & Susan, married Catherine M. SELLERS, 21, Canada, Malden, d/o Anthony & Agnes, witn: Herbert BRATT? & Maria MALONEY, both of Malden, 19 Jan 1876 at Amherstburg
  2424-76 Ira PASTORIS, 23, carriage maker, Canada, Colchester, s/o Charles & Lucinda, married Huldah QUICK, 21, Canada, Mersea, d/o Thomas & Hannah, witn: Barrett WIGLE of Ruthven & Alwilda HETHERINGTON of Leamington, 13 Dec 1876 at Mersea
2348-76 (Essex Co): Albert E. PATCHING?, 32, widower, locomotive engineer, England, Windsor, s/o not given, married Annie BRAWARD, 23, Michigan, Windsor, d/o F. BRAWARD & L. GILBERT, witn: Edward MASON of Detroit & F.S. BRAWARD of Windsor, 28 June 1876 at Windsor 2351-76 (Essex Co): Charles PER--? (Perune?), 28, professor, France, Windsor, s/o Antoine PER--? & Caroline LABET, married Ellen MURPHY, 27, Wyoming, Windsor, d/o Pat MURPHY & Margaret SHEEHAN, witn: M.J. MURPHY of Detroit, Rev. J. WAGNER of Windsor & Anastasia KING of Sandwich, 16 Aug 1876 at Windsor (Rom Cath)
2367-76 John William McKeys PETERS, 29, carpenter, Canada, Windsor, s/o J. W. PETERS & Sarah Ann McKEYS, married Jeannie Laura BABCOCK, 28, Canada, Windsor, d/o David BABCOCK & Merinda WILSON, witn: D. McKENZIE & J. R. BABCOCK, both of Windsor, 22 Nov 1876 at Windsor 2461-76 Alexander PIGEON, 24, laborer, Coteau Landing Que., Anderdon twp., s/o Alexander PIGEON & Aurelia GRAVELLE, married Caroline COURILLON (Couvillon?), 17, Sandwich West, Anderdon, d/o Peter COURILLON & Therese ROCHELEAU, witn: Peter COURILLON & Alex PIGEON, both of Anderdon twp., 22 Jan 1876 at Amherstburg
2395-76 Pierre PITRE, 23, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o St. Corne? & Edesse, married Euphernea ROY, 17, Quebec, Sandwich East, d/o Amable & Emelie, witn: Raymond JACQUES of Maidstone & Modestte LESPERANCE of Sandwich East, 28 Feb [1876] at St. Amis, Sandwich East (Rom Cath) 2387-76 Baptiste PITRE, 27, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o St. Come & Edesse, married Margaret LESPERANCE, 27, Sandwich East, same, d/o Francis & Margaret, witn: Elay PITRE & Francoise LESPERANCE, both of Sandwich East, 10 Jan 1876 at St. Amis, Sandwich East (Rom Cath)
2566-77 Henry POILE, 47, widower, mechanic, Kent England, Chatham, s/o Charles POILE & Mary SMITH, married Eliza J. McKEOUGH, 39, widow, Chatham, same, d/o William DAWSON & Mary EVANS, witn: Samuel & Ida PIERCE of Essex Centre, 9 Oct 1876 at Essex Centre 2474-76 Francis POISERE, 47, widower, lumberman, Montreal, Colchester twp., s/o Francis & Philasgie?, married Caroline BOUFFER, 30, widow, Amherstburg, same, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth BOUFFER, witn: H. O. FALLS & William WHITE, both of Amherstburg, 27 July 1876 at The Rectory, Amherstburg
2347-76 (Essex Co): William H. POOLE, 34, GW railway station agent, Toronto, London, s/o George & Margaret, married Gertrude BROWNING, 22, Port Stanley, Windsor, d/o blank & Margaret, witn: Franklin SHORLAND [?] of Windsor & blank ELLIS of Detroit, 27 June 1876 at Windsor 2341-76 (Essex Co): Moses PRATT, 51, carpenter, Sandwich, Sandwich East, s/o Frank PRATT & Cecilia LADERONTE, married Mary PRATT, 47, widow, Sandwich, Sandwich East, d/o Dominique PRATT & Margaret LADERONTE, witn: Dennis BRASSARD & Rev James RYAN, both of Windsor, 25 May 1876 at Windsor (Rom Cath) (also 2350-76)
2485-76 Lewis REBIDOUX, 45, widower, yeoman, Ontario, Malden twp., s/o J. B. REBIDOUX & Margaret BEAUDIN, married Archange BASTIEN, 44, widow of James RENAUD, Ontario, Amherstburg, d/o Gustache BASTIEN & Margaret CHAVENEAU, witn: Augustin BASTIEN & Clemence MORIN, both of Amherstburg, 3 Oct 1876 at Amherstburg 2425-76 Robert C. REID, 23, harness maker, Lower Canada, Mersea, s/o John & Martha, married Elizabeth ROADHOUSE, 17, Canada, Mersea, d/o Jonathan & Margery, witn: John P. PIERCE & Amy ROADHOUSE, both of Mersea, 31 Dec 1876 at Mersea
#002566-76 (Essex Co): Joseph RENAUD, 23, farmer, Rochester twp., same, s/o Jean B. RENAUD & Francoise RINVILLE, married Hedwidge DUPUIS, 19, Rochester, same, d/o Narcisse & Caroline, witn: Jean B. RENAUD & Moise DUPUIS, 27 July 1876 at Belle River (Rom Cath) 002531-76 (Essex Co): Joseph RIVET, 21, labourer, St. Alphonse Quebec, Tilbury West, s/o Gilbert & Margaret RIVET, married Susanna BEAUSEJOUR, 17, Tilbury West, same, d/o John & Sophie BEAUSEJOUR, witn: Maxime RIVET & Selina LAPORTE, of Tilbury West, 24 October 1876, at Stony Point in Tilbury West.
2458-76 J. B. ROBIDOUX, 22, tradesman, Amherstburg, same, s/o J. B. ROBIDOUX & Caroline DROUILLARD, married Ellen Margaret MALONEY, 20, Amherstburg, same, d/o John MALONEY & Mary CRONAN, witn: Fred John MALONEY & Charlotte? BAILEY, both of Amherstburg, 15 Feb 1876 at Amherstburg 2559-76 (Essex Co): Frederick ROBINSON, 33, carpenter, Maidstone, Colchester, s/o James & Salina, married Rachel TOTTEN, 23, Maidstone, same, d/o William & Grace, witn: Francis CHAMBERS & Sarah Jane TOTTEN, both of Maidstone, 13 June 1876 at Maidstone
#002574-76 (Essex Co): Joseph ROCHLEAUD, 38, widower, farmer, Sandwich West, Anderdon, s/o Antoine ROCHLEAUD & Pauline DROUILLARD, married Celina GIRARD, 27, Halden, Sandwich West, d/o Joseph GIRARD & Angelique CADERETTE, witnesses were Antoine ROCHLEAUD & Laurent PARRE, both of Sandwich West, July 2, 1876 at Anderdon (Rom.Cath.) 002532-76 (Essex Co): Isidore ROCK, 26, farmer, Dover South, Tilbury West, s/o Louis & Margaret ROCK, married Sophie MAILLOUX, 24, Tilbury West, same, d/o Emery & Catherine MAILLOUX, witn: Jacob MAILLOUX & Caroline MASSE?, of Tilbury West, 30 October 1876, at Stony Point in Tilbury West.
  2470-76 John Alexander ROSE, 25, livery stable keeper, Ottawa, Colchester twp., s/o Uriah & Cecilia, married Elizabeth Victoria HEATON, 22, Colchester twp., same, d/o David S. & Elizabeth, witn: David S. HEATON of Colchester twp & H. O. FALLS of Amherstburg, 21 March 1876 at Amherstburg
2326-76 (Essex Co): William Horsley ROWLEY, 30, banker, New illegible, Ottawa, s/o John W. Horsley ROWLEY & Ann Norman ROWLEY, married Lerese Ann Grace RICHARDSON, 26, Sandwich, Windsor, d/o Johnston RICHARDSON & Mary A. WATSON, witn: W.C.E. COVEY? & Mary RICHARDSON, both of Windsor, 20 Jan 1876 at Windsor 2254-76 Ubert St.DENIS, 17, laborer, Tilbury West, same, s/o Ubert & Cesarie, married Mathilde BRAULT, 22, St. Cyprien Quebec, Tilbury West, d/o Francois & Adelaide, witn: Joseph & Moise St. DENIS of Tilbury West, 13 June 1876 at St. Francis, Tilbury West
2396-76 Louis St.PIERRE, 29, farmer, widower, Quebec, Sandwich East, s/o Louis & Margaret, married Genevieve BARNICKE (Barnishe?), 20, Quebec, Sandwich East, d/o David & Eloca, witn: Adolphe & Homessa? BARNICKE of Sandwich East, 28 Feb [1876] at St. Amis, Sandwich East (Rom Cath) 02537-76 (Essex Co): Oliver SAUVE, 23, farmer, St. Policarpe Quebec, Tilbury West, s/o Louis & Rose SAUVE, married Elise VERSAILLE, 17, St. Bernard --- Quebec, Tilbury West, d/o Moise & Marseline VERSAILLE, witn: P--? SAUVE & Louis SAUVE, of Tilbury West, 17 October 1876, at Snt. Francis in Tilbury West.
2515-76 Charles William SCRAM, 37, widower, laborer, Rondeau, Tilbury West, s/o Robert & Ruth, married Julienne REAUME, 19 (17?), Tilbury West, same, d/o Alexander & Mary, witn: Francis REAUME & Michael DUPUIS, both of Tilbury West, 25 Jan 1876 at Stoney Point, Tilbury West (Rom Cath) 2500-76 Sylvester SETTERINGTON, 23, farmer, Canada, Mersea, s/o John & Lucretia, married Cecilia CURTIS, 19, Canada, Leamington, d/o Caleb & Ruth, witn: Burrett CURTIS & Leonora WIGLE, both of Leamington, 14 Aug 1876 at Leamington
2384-76 Michael SEXTON, 30, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o John & Mary, married Catherine BARRETT, 21, Sandwich East, same, d/o Anthony & Catherine, witn: Daniel SEXTON & Ann HALFORD, both of Sandwich East, 1 Aug 1876 at Maidstone Cross (Rom Cath) 2539-76 James SHAY, 26, farmer, Colchester, same, s/o Margaret SHAY & father deceased, married Lydia BELL, 22, Colchester, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: Judson SHAY of Colchester & Barbara R. BARTLETT of Windsor, 5 Jan 1876 at Colchester
2540-76 Hardy SHEA, 22, farmer, Canada, Malden, s/o Edward & Catherine, married Annie HELFRICK, 18, Canada, Colchester, d/o William & Jane, witn: James HOWIE & Alice HELFRICK, both of Colchester, 10 Feb 1876 at Harrow 2409-76 William SHEEHY, 26, blacksmith, Buffalo, Detroit, s/o Patrick & Mary, married Jane Elizabeth O'NEIL, 25, Sandwich East, same, d/o Edward & Joanna, witn: Edward & Mary Ann O'NEIL, 30 Nov [1876] at Maidstone Cross (Rom Cath)
2545-77 William SHEEHY, 26, blacksmith, Buffalo USA, Detroit, s/o Patrick & Mary, married Jane Elizabeth O'NEIL, 25, Sandwich East, same, d/o Edward & Joanna, witn: Edward & Mary Ann O'NEIL of Sandwich East, 28 Nov [probably 1876] at Maidstone Cross (Rom Cath) 2488-76 Stephen SHEPLEY, 21, farmer, Colchester twp., Malden twp., s/o not given, married Margaret DRUMMOND, 18, Malden twp., residence given as "with her husband of course", d/o Joseph & Lucy, witn: E. BORROWMAN & Harriet HARRIS, both of Amherstburg, 25 Oct 1876 at Amherstburg
2364-76 Charles D. SHERMAN, 26, book keeper, Germany, Perkin? USA, s/o Conrad SHERMAN & Amelia VOIGHT, married Clara AIKERMAN, 21, Ohio US, Windsor, d/o Christian ACKERMAN (sic) & Cordelia A. KEMPTER, witn: Emil ACKERMAN & Mary E. HIPPIN, both of Windsor, 17 Sept 1876 at Windsor 2496-76 Edwin M. SHILSON, 21, yeoman, Ontario, Mersea, s/o Matthew & Ann, married Mary GILLANDERS, 19, Ontario, Mersea, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Albert SHILSON & Mary LITTLE, both of Mersea, 24 May 1876 at Leamington
2464-76 Bartholomew SHNISSIER?, 20, yeoman, sandwich West, Anderdon twp., s/o J. B. SHNISSIER & Angelique BENEAU, married Angelique MAUIRELLE (Manirelle?), 19, Sandwich West, Anderdon twp., d/o Joseph MAUIRELLE & Therese PARRE, witn: Joseph MAUIRELLE & Israel SPLITLOY?, both of Anderdon twp., 15 Feb 1876 at Amherstburg 002529-76 (Essex Co): David SICARD, 21, farmer, St. Maurice Quebec, Tilbury West, s/o David & Celina SICARD, married Susanne DESJARLAIS, 22, Tilbury West, same, d/o Alexander & Susanne DESJARLAIS, witn: Samuel QUENNVILLE & Anna MAILLOUX, of Tilbury West, 26 September 1876, at Stony Point in Tilbury West.
2511-76 (Essex Co): Christopher SIMON, 21, farmer, Rochester Ont., same, s/o Adam & Alice, married Mary Delia MERO, 20, NY state, Rochester Ont., d/o Francis & Mary, witn: W.I. ALLISON & Mattie SIMON, both of Rochester Ont., 7 Nov 1876 at Woodslee 2512-76 (Essex Co): Conrad C. SIMON, 28, farmer, Rochester Ont., same, s/o Christopher & Eliza, married Letitia TAYLOR, 30, Derry Ireland, Rochester Ont., d/o John & Sarah, witn: Samuel D. TAYLOR of Rochester Ont. & Emily DOHERTY of Chatham, 28 Nov 1876 at Rochester
2376-76 George SIMPSON, 23, farmer, USA, Gosfield, s/o William & Nancy, married Mary HUNTER, 16, Clarke, Gosfield, d/o Edward & Nancy, witn: Charles H. & Maggie HANCOCK, 12 Oct 1876 at Windsor 2499-76 John R. SLATER, 20, yeoman, Ontario, Gosfield, s/o Hiram & Carcinda, married Louisa (Lucia?) THOMAS, 21, Ontario, Gosfield, d/o Augustus & Esther, witn: Mary Ann ILER of Colchester, 22 Sept 1876 at Leamington
2372-76 James SMITH, 35, widower, fireman, England, Canada, s/o James SMITH & Mary VOLLER, married Margaret GOVILL, 21, Detroit, Canada, d/o Joseph GOVILL & Ann SMITH, witn: Henry B. & Annie GRANT of Detroit, 9 Aug 1876 at Windsor #002590-76 (Essex Co): George SMITH, 28, physician & surgeon, L--water England, Stratford Ont., s/o Thomas & Isabella, married Georgiana Julia Theodora ELLIOTT, 28, Colchester Ont., Sandwich, d/o Thomas Gore & Jane Honer? ELLIOTT, witnesses were L.L. FULLER of Stratford & Gordon ELLIOTT of Sandwich, 14 Feb., 1876 at Sandwich
002533-76 (Essex Co): Leon SOUCHEREAU, 25, farmer, St. Anicet Quebec, Rochester, s/o John & Margaret SOUCHEREAU, married Sophie CASAUBON, 22, M---?, Rochester, d/o Francis & Armine CASAUBON, witn: Joseph CASAUBON & Thorcil DESMARIS, of Tilbury West, 21 November 1876, at Stony Point in Tilbury West 2407-76 Francois SOULHIERS, 26, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Francis & Cecile, married Verginie VANDERBERGH, 18, Michigan, Sandwich East, d/o Pedro & Louise, witn: Cyrille SOULHIERS & Florence DROUILLARD, both of Sandwich East, 14 Nov [1876] at St. Amis, Sandwich East (Rom Cath)
2603-76 (Essex Co): Joseph SOULIERE, 25, yeoman, Sandwich West, same, s/o Etienne SOULIERE & Febronie REMOND, married Elizabeth PRATT, 25, Sandwich West, same, d/o Eloi PRATT & Eleanore LAUZON, witn: Joseph St.LOUIS of Sandwich East & Catherine PRATT of Sandwich West, 18 July 1876 at Sandwich (Rom Cath) 2332-76 (Essex Co): Henry STEPHENS, 22, lumber merchant, NY state, Windsor, s/o Henry & Clarinda, married Sarah MILLAN, 21, Michigan USA, same, d/o H.L. & U., witn: P.C. BRETHOUR of Windsor, 31 March 1876 at Windsor
2338-76 (Essex Co): Moritz STEUDE, 32, vinegar manufacturer, Germany, Windsor, s/o Frederick STEUDE & Rosina KERSTIDE?, married Clara UHLICH, 18, USA, Windsor, d/o Henry & Augusta, witn: Edward STEUDE of Windsor & Matilda UHLICH of Chicago, 3 May 1876 at Windsor 2339-76 (Essex Co): Edward STEUDE, 34, merchant, Germany, Windsor, s/o Frederick STEUDE & Rosina KERSTIDE?, married Matilda UHLICH, 21, USA, Chicago, d/o Henry & Augusta, witn: Moritz & Clara STEUDE of Windsor, 4 May 1876 at Windsor
2516-76 Daniel SULLIVAN, 32, widower, blacksmith, Scotland, Tilbury West, s/o Michael & Euphemia, married Osilda AUTHIER (Anthier?), 24, Montreal, Tilbury West, d/o Joachim & Mary, witn: Jacob NANTOIS & Azane ANTHIER, both of Tilbury West, 31 Jan 1876 at St. Francis Church, Tilbury West (Rom Cath) 2385-76 John SWEET, 23, lumberman, Prescott, Michigan, s/o Michael & Catherine, married Catherine SHERIDAN, 25, Maidstone, same, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Simon McMAHON of Rochester, Margaret McGUIRE of Detroit, Catherine McCLUSKEY of Sandwich East and Thomas & Cornelius FARRELL and Ellen SHERIDAN all of Maidstone, 11 Sept 1876 at Maidstone Cross (Rom Cath)
2444-76 Francis TAYLOR, 25, farmer, Mersea, Gosfield, s/o Clark & Charlotte, married Louisa MADDOX, 18, Cobourg, Gosfield, d/o John & Sophia, witn: James & Sarah DRING of Gosfield, 1 Oct 1876 at Gosfield  
2518-76 Joseph TESSIER, 24, widower, farmer, St. Maurice Quebec, Tilbury West, s/o Elie & Edesse, married Mary Dalia MASSE, 16, St. Felice Quebec, Tilbury West, d/o Moise & Olive, witn: Louis TESSIER & Caroline MASSE, both of Tilbury West, 8 Feb 1876 at Stoney Point, Tilbury West (Rom Cath) 2508-76 (Essex Co): William TETZEL, 51, widower, agent, Ontario, St. Thomas, s/o Jonathan J. TETZEL & Mary LAWRENCE, married Mary McCALLUM, 29, Scotland, Leamington, d/o James & Jane, witn: Colin & Mrs. McCALLUM of Leamington, 27 Dec 1876 at Leamington
2389-76 Isidore TINON, 28, farmer, widower, Sandwich East, same, s/o Charles & Therese, married Heline LABUTE, 21, Sandwich East, same, d/o Guillamme & Sophie, witn: Joseph LABUTE & Sophie YOUIN?, both of Sandwich East, 11 Jan 1876 at St. Amis, Sandwich East (Rom Cath) 2491-76 Edward TORMEY, 2-?, captain, Amherstburg, same, s/o George & Catherine, married Mary McMULLEN, 21, Amherstburg, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Stephen PETTYPIECE & Jannie McMULLEN, both of Amherstburg, 21 Dec 1876 at The Rectory, Amherstburg
2346-76 (Essex Co): Frank TRACY, 29, commercial agent, NY state, Brooklyn NY, s/o J.L. TRACY & Eliza O'DELL, married Frances L. HALL, 24, NY state, Windsor, d/o David HALL & Matilda BARTLETT, 26 June 1876 at Windsor 2512-78 David TREMBLAY, 18, farmer's son, Malden, Anderdon, s/o Frederick TREMBLAY & Henriette SENESAC, married Eulalie DROUILLARD, 16, Anderdon, same, d/o J. Baptiste DROUILLARD & Adelaide OUTIN, witn: Albert TREMBLAY & Helena PAYEAU, 17 Oct 1876 at Anderdon
2493-76 William TUBBS, 28, farmer, Seneca Ont., Gosfield twp., s/o Runa & Serepta, married Eliza Ann DEMMIS (Dennis?), 18, Caistor Ont., Gosfield, d/o Alexander & Sarah, witn: Daniel TUBBS of Gosfield & N. HUFF of Leamington, 5 April 1876 at Leamington 2469-76 James TURVILLE, 30, store keeper, Malahide twp., Amherstburg, s/o William & Sarah E., married Annie BRUCE, 27, Amherstburg, same, d/o David & Susanna, witn: Rev. F. SMITH of Amherstburg & Willie COX of Buffalo NY, 15 March 1876 at Amherstburg
2386-76 William URE, 26, farmer, Amherstburg, Sandwich East, s/o David & Jane, married Margaret LITTLE, 26, of Sandwich East, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: David URE & Marg LITTLE, 12 Dec 1876 at Sandwich East #002562-76 (Essex Co): Augustin VICKARD, 23, mason, Germany, Maidstone, s/o John VICKARD & Mary RATH, married Amelia RYDER, 19, Canada, Maidstone, d/o George RYDER & Barbara WIRTH, witn: John SLATERY & Alice SPRING, both of Maidstone, 20 Nov 1876 at Maidstone (Rom Cath)
2393-76 Baptiste VILIARE, 31, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o Baptiste & Sophie, married Marie CADETTE, 25, Maidstone, same, d/o Baptiste & Margaret, witn: Jerome CADETTE & Sophie VILIARE, both of Maidstone, 15 Feb [1876] at St. Amis, Sandwich East, (Rom Cath) 2400-76 Emerie VILIARE, 23, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o Baptiste & Sophie, married Ellen Madary McKENSY, 20, Chatham, Maidstone, d/o John & Ellen, witn: Gilbert LESPERANCE & Alexander CHUTE, both of Sandwich East, 7 May [1876] at St. Amis, Sandwich East (Rom Cath)
  2345-76 (Essex Co): Royle? C. WALLACE, 24, engineer, Quebec, Dresden Ont., s/o Silas & Rosanna, married Jemima HILL, 23, England, Toronto, d/o John D. & Jane E., witn: Ida McLEOD of Windsor & C.A. ASHDOWN of Sandwich, 24 June 1876 at Windsor
2479-76 Thomas WARD, 27, farmer, Amherstburg, Malden twp., s/o Joseph & Mary, married Margaret ATKINSON, 21, Amherstburg, Malden twp., d/o James & Alice, witn: Richard ATKINSON of Malden twp & Ellen FANDRY of Colchester twp., 10 Oct 1876 at Amherstburg 2471-76 John WARREN, 24, farmer, Anderdon, same, s/o Luke & Martha, married Jane MORROW, 21, Amherstburg, Anderdon, d/o William & Sarah, witn: James POWELL of Amherstburg & Robert MORROW of Anderdon, 21 March 1876 at Christ Church, Amherstburg
2460-76 Lewis WARREN, 24, farmer, Anderdon twp., same, s/o Joseph WARREN & Genevieve ODETTE, married Philomene ALBERT, 18, New Brunswick, Anderdon twp., d/o Alexis ALBERT & Christine RAINQUET, witn: Thomas & Joseph WARREN of Anderdon twp., 8 Feb 1876 at Amherstburg 2490-76 Thomas WARREN, 27, yeoman, Ontario, Anderdon twp., s/o Joseph WARREN & Julia ODETTE, married Euphemie ALBERT, 17, Quebec, Anderdon twp., d/o Alexis ALBERT & Christena HYETT (Ayett?), witn: Joseph MOINVILLE (Mainville?) & Mary ALBERT, both of Anderdon, 22 Nov 1876 at Amherstburg
2328-76 (Essex Co): Robert WATSON, 34, farmer, Canada, Sandwich East, s/o James WATSON & Elizabeth RAYCROFT, married Rebecca L. COLLINS, 27, Canada, Sandwich East, d/o Stephen COLLINS & Mariah RHODES, witn: Hezekiah & Sarah COLLINS of Sandwich East, 15 Feb 1876 at Windsor 2370-76 George WELDON, 35, merchant, Ireland, Colchester, s/o Charlie WELDON & Hannah FORSYTH, married Catherine LEGGETT, 25, Ireland, Colchester, d/o John LEGGETT & Jane BARR, witn: W. T. MARTIN & Clara WELDON, both of Colchester, 13 Oct 1876 at Windsor
2541-76 Charles E. WELDEN, 31, merchant, Ireland, Colchester, s/o Charles E. & Hannah, married Mary E. GARDINER, 23, Durham Co. Ont, Illinois USA, d/o not given, witn: John A. HUNTER & Annie GARDINER, both of Gosfield, 18 Feb 1876 at Gosfield  
2510-76 (Essex Co): William Henry WELLS, 27, farmer, Buffalo NY, Rochester, s/o William Henry & Susanna, married Mary WELDON, 40, widow, Ireland, Rochester, d/o Patrick WELDON & Elizabeth SMYTH, witn: Thomas TIENAN of Maidstone & Mrs. John PAFF of Rochester, 21 Jan 1876 at Woodslee RC Church #002589-76 (Essex Co): James WESTAWAY, 27, clerk, Windsor, Sandwich, s/o William & Charity, married Jeannie HOLDEN, 24, Indiana USA, Sandwich, d/o James & Elizabeth, witnesses were William & James HOLDEN of Sandwich, Feb. 15, 1876 at Sandwich
2371-76 Walter WICKENS, 31, widower, teacher, Brantford, same, s/o Stephen WICKENS & Phebe MILLICH, married Wilena WALSH, 27, Canada, Brantford, d/o William WALSH & Catherine GRAHAM, witn: Richard BOND of Windsor & Sarah McKAY of Detroit, 14 Aug 1876 at Windsor 2433-76 Cornelius WIGLE, 23, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o Henry W. & Sarah, married Mary COOK, 21, England, Mersea, d/o John & Mary, witn: Edward COOK of Mersea & Mary A. WIGLE of Gosfield, 24 May 1876 at Kingsville
2434-76 Josiah WIGLE, 21, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o Charles & Charlotte, married Cecelia GIRTY (Gusty?), 18, Gosfield, same, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: Peter GIRTY of Gosfield & Annie COOK of Mersea, 30 may 1876 at Kingsville 2439-76 Edwin J. WIGLE, 21, mechanic, Gosfield, Kingsville, s/o William & Winaford, married Mary McDONALD, 20, Gosfield, same, d/o Angus & Jane, witn: Martin WIGLE & Miss McDONALD, both of Gosfield, 8 Aug 1876 at Gosfield
2438-76 Edward WILDERSPIN, 21, mechanic, Amherstburg, Ruthven, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Rosilla SEARS, 17, Ancaster Ont., Gosfield, d/o Johnston & Susan, witn: George & Rosanna SEARS of Gosfield, 5 July 1876 at Kingsville 2494-76 Thomas WILKINSON, 26, yeoman, Mersea, same, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Mary JEFFREY, 23, Mersea, same, d/o George & Mary, witn: Mrs. N. DICKIE of Leamington & Miss C. WILKINSON of Mersea, 14 March 1876 at Leamington
2495-76 James WILLAN, 22, yeoman, Ontario, Mersea, s/o William & Mary, married Sabrina FOX, 23, Ontario, Mersea, d/o Jacob & Maria, witn: Miss Kalista WILKINSON of Mersea & Mrs. N. DICKIE of Leamington, 25 March 1876 at Leamington 2456-76 Alfred WOOD, 24, architect, England, Detroit, s/o Frederick WOOD & Ella LOPER (Leofer?), married Carrie CALDWELL, 25, Malden twp., same, d/o John CALDWELL & Ann McGREGOR, witn: Edwin LODGE of Detroit & Mary CUNNINGHAM of Anderdon, 31 Jan 1876 at Amherstburg
2565-77 Duncan Henderson WOODROW, 26, widower, lumberman, Co of North Ontario, Colchester twp., s/o Alexander & Mary, married Margaret BISHOP, 21, Colchester, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: Charles ILER & Charles EADE, 30 Dec 1876 at Colchester 2415-76 Robert WRIDE, 21, yeoman, Ontario, Mersea, s/o William & Mary, married Mary Jane WAGNER, 16, Ontario, Mersea, d/o Emanuel & Jane, witn: Peter & Eliza FORD of Mersea, 22 Feb 1876 at Mersea
2413-76 Benjamin WRIGHT, 24, farmer, Wellington Co., Mersea, s/o James & Ann Jane, married Rachel ROADHOUSE, 19, Blanchard twp., Mersea, d/o Jonathan & Mary Ann, witn: Johnson STORY & David KENNEDY, both of Mersea, 1 Jan 1876 at Mersea 2335-76 (Essex Co): Benjamin Franklin WRIGHT, 40, widower, lightening rod agent, New York, Windsor, s/o Berthiar? & Mary, married Mary BATTERS, 23, Cornwall England, Windsor, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John HARRIS & Eliza BATTERS, both of Windsor, 16 April 1876 at Windsor
2481-76 Lewis WRIGHT, 23, farmer, Colchester twp., same, s/o Daniel & Sarah, married Josephine SYPPS, 19, Colchester twp., same, d/o Henry & Theresa, witn: H. O. FALLS & Melinda PARLETT, both of Amherstburg, 26 Sept 1876 at Amherstburg 2554-76 (Essex Co): Franklin WYATT, 21, blacksmith, Romney, Mersea, s/o Jacob & Rebecca, married Hannah SMITH, 20, Maidstone, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: John & Mary SMITH of Maidstone, 12 Feb 1876 at Maidstone