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Essex Co., 1880

birth place is given before residence


2698-80 William ALLEN, 41, widower, yeoman, Exeter England, Colchester North, s/o John & Harriet, married Mary STEPHENSON, 26, Suffolk England, Colchester North, d/o Thomas & Emma, witn: George J. COLMAN? & Georgina ALLEN, both of Colchester North, 19 April 1880 at Colchester North  
2719-80 Nelson ALLEN, 20, farmer, Tilbury East, Gosfield twp., s/o Alex & Mary Ann, married Mary Jane QUICK, 19, Mersea twp., Gosfield twp., d/o John & Louisa, witn: Mary E. & Euphemia PEARSON of Kingsville, 19 Oct. 1880 at Methodist Parsonage, Kingsville 2506-80 Edmund J. ANDERSON, 23, gentleman, Amherstburg, same, s/o Edmund & Eugenie, married Janet Margaret McGEE, 22, Amherstburg, same, d/o Samuel & Marion, wtn: P. Hector ANDERSON of Amherstburg & Mary FAIRBAIRN of Detroit, 23 June 1880 at Amherstburg
2709-80 Walter H. ANDERSON, 34, widower, laborer, Toronto, Mersea twp., s/o Thomas & Mary, married Caroline SCRATCH, 24, Gosfield twp., same, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Isabella PEARSON & Ella McELROY, both of Kingsville, 24 May 1880 at Methodist Parsonage, Kingsville 2645-80 Samuel J. ANDERSON, 24, accountant, Canada, Leamington, s/o James ANDERSON & Elizabeth HAWES, married Maggie WIGHT, 19, Canada, West Tilbury, d/o Andrew WIGHT & Mary BUCHANAN, witn: William ANDERSON of Tilbury, 30 (28?) Sept 1880 at West Tilbury
#002604-80 - David ARMSTRONG, 24, yeoman, Canada, Mersea, s/o William & Ann, married Mary WHITTLE, 23, Canada, Mersea, d/o Frank & Mary Ann, witn: Francis ARMSTRONG & E.M. KENYON, both of Mersea, 14 April 1880 at Leamington 2631-80 Charles Theo ARNER (Aruer?), 33, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o Jacob & Susannah, married Eliza Ellen FOX, 24, Colborne, same, d/o Adam & Amanda, witn: Adam ILER & Ulora (Mora?) L. FOX, both of Colchester South, 8 June 1880 at Colchester South
2565-80 Caliste ARPIN, 26, laborer, Sorel, Walkerville, s/o Calixte ARPIN & Mary CAUTAIN, married Mary NANTAIS, 23, Sandwich East, Walkerville, d/o Benjamin NANTAIS & Fersile LAWSON, witn: Baptiste ARPIN & Julienne NANTAIS, 9 Feb 1880 at Windsor 2696-80 Lewis ARTIS, 60, widower, farmer, USA, New Canaan - North Colchester, s/o Charles & Jane, married Catherine READ, 65, widow, USA, North Colchester, d/o John & Catherine SMITH, witn: Delas R. DAVIS & Catherine BUSH, both of N. Colchester, 7 Dec 1880 at North Colchester
2576-80 Henry W. ASHLEY, 28, of New York, s/o Francis & Louisa, married Emily E. FOX, 30, of Detroit, d/o Robert & Margaret, 17 April 1880 at Windsor 2733-80 Jacob A. ATKIN, 23, farmer, Malden, Anderdon, s/o Richard & Sarah, married Ida E. JUDD, 21, Anderdon, same, d/o William JUDD & Catherine SUNDERLAND, witn: Ernest JUDD of Anderdon & Jemima ATKINS of Malden, 18 Feb 1880 at Anderdon
002566-79 (Essex) George W BAILEY, 38, Canada, Mersea, farmer, s/o John & Patience BAILEY to Emmeline JACKSON, of age, US, Mersea, widow, d/o John & Julia LAWSTON; wit Mary BAILEY & John DRESSER on 1 January 1880 in Leamington 2711-80 Richard BALKWILL, 24, farmer, Stephen twp., Gosfield, s/o Silas & Mary J., married Mary Ellen O'CONNOR, 18, Gosfield, same, d/o Jeremiah & Elizabeth, wtn: John R. & Emma J. BALKWILL of Gosfield, no date, 1880 at Kingsville
2503-80 Thomas BARRON, 30, carpenter, Malden, same, s/o Patrice BARON & Olive MELOCHE, married Virginie POURGET, 20, Malden, same, d/o Joseph PAGET (sic) & Amelia REAUME, witn: Charles PAUGET & Emma BARRON, 14 May 1880 at Amherstburg 2568-80 Dennis (Donns?) BARRON, 28, merchant, Amherstburg, same, s/o Antoine BARRON & Marie Ermine OUELLET, married Anna LANGLOIS, 26, Windsor, same, d/o Pierre LANGLOIS & Zoe PAYEAU, witn: Patrice OUELLETTE of Amherstburg & Adele LANGLOIS of Windsor, 3 Feb 1880 at Windsor
2713-80 Horace BARTLET, 44, widower, sailor Rock Port Ohio, Pelee Island, s/o Homer P. & Elmire, married Caroline GROVES, 42, widow, Bedford England, Woodstock, d/o Walter & Eliza CHOPE, witn: P. McCORMICK of Pelee Island & E.M. HOLMES of Kingsville, 18 Sept [1880] at Kingsville 2491-80 P. BASTIEN, 21, farmer, Malden, same, s/o Francis BASTIEN & Anglique TOURANGEAU, married Mary PETITCLERE, 22, Malden, same, d/o J. B. PETITCLERE & Catherine RENAUD, witn: Maurice BASTIEN & Ann LECLERE, both of Malden, 7 Jan 1880 at Amherstburg
2695-80 Michel BAUDIER (Bandin?), 17, laborer, Lower Canada, Colchester, s/o Lewis & Josephine, married Felise ANTASE?, 17, Essex Co., Colchester, d/o Chryestone & Justine, witn: Michael ANTASE & Ecedes? BAUDIER, both of McGregor, 6 Dec 1880 at Colchester North 2778-80 Thomas BELLEPERCHE, 27, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Francis BELLEPERCHE & Henriette RAE, married Emma LANGLOIS, 26, Sandwich West, same, d/o Peter LANGLOIS & Monique OUELETTE, witn: Joseph BELLEPERCHE of Sandwich East & Sophie LANGLOIS of Sandwich West, 20 Sept [1880] at Sandwich West
2656-80 Napoleon BENOIT, 21, laborer, West Tilbury, same, s/o Francois X. BENOIT & Fannie PELTIER, married Axine? CHEVALIER, 23, West Tilbury, same, d/o Charles CHEVALIER & Marie Ann DUCIDRE, witn: Jean B. JANNISSE & Sophie CHEVALIER, both of West Tilbury, 21 Sept 1880 at West Tilbury 2754-80 Hormisdy BERNECHE, 22, laborer, Quebec, Sandwich East, s/o David & Leocadie, married Celina PERAULT, 21, Sandwich East, same, d/o Antoine & Clemence, wtn: Pierre PERAULT of Sandwich East & Caroline ROY of Maidstone, 10 Oct 1880 at St. Anns Church
2617-80 James BERNEY, 27, farmer, Ontario, Romney, s/o James & Annie, married Clarinda COOPER, 18, Ontario, Romney, d/o David & Sarah, witn: John W. DAVIDSON & A. F. RYALL, both of Leamington, 2 Dec 1880 at Leamington 2524-80 Simon BERTRAND, 43, widower, butcher, Amherstburg, same, s/o Simon & Archange, married Mary Elizabeth Jane COM--?, 23, widow, Amherstburg, same, d/o John B. & Caroline ROBIDEAU, witn: Emma ROBIDEAU & Nicholas SHORENS? (Strorens?), both of Amherstburg, 22 Dec 1880 at Amherstburg
2517-80 John Alexander BETHUNE, 23, farmer, Malden, same, s/o George & Mary, married Mary BRUSH, 19, Colchester, Malden, d/o Nathan & Elizabeth, witn: Charles BATT & Mary SMITH, both of Amherstburg, 30 Nov 1880 at Amherstburg  
2790-80 Adolphe BINSETTE, 24, cooper, Sandwich East, Windsor, s/o Ambroise BINSETTE & Odite? BINET, married Emilie MELOCHE, 30, widow, Sandwich West, Sandwich, d/o Laurent MELOCHE & Felice MERCIER, witn: Laurent MELOCHE & Joseph Samuel OUELETTE, both of Sandwich, 23 Nov [1880] at Sandwich 2786-80 Francois X. BINSETTE, 23, laborer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Ambroise BINSETTE & Ozite BINET, married Marclle Agnes LESPERANCE, 23, Sandwich East, same, d/o Antoine LESPERANCE & Marie Ann RAE--?(off page), witn: Charles BINSETE & Rose de Lima LESPERANCE, both of Sandwich East, 9 Nov [1880] at Sandwich
2578-80 John BLACK, 30 (20?), laborer, Windsor, same, s/o John BLACK & Catherine ROBIDEAU, married Cecilia MITTEN, 22, Ohio, Windsor, d/o John MITTEN & Mary FOX, witn: Adolphe DUMOUCHELLE of Sandwich East & Rosalia MITTEN of Windsor, 11 May 1880 at Windsor 2796-80 Sal BOILEAU, 28, laborer, Coteau du Lac Que., West Tilbury, s/o Jean Baptiste BOILEAU & Adelaide LARIVIERE, married Alphonsine GIRARD, 22, St. Clet Que., Maidstone, d/o Honore GIRARD & Marie SEDILLEAU, witn: Edouard POISSON & Josephine GIRARD, both of Maidstone, 21 Sept 1880 at Belle River
2660-80 Alphonse BONNEAU, 22, laborer, West Tilbury, same, s/o Julien BONNEAU & Mathilde DESROCHERS, married Marie DORE, 20, Michigan USA, West Tilbury, d/o Louis DORE & Marie DESCHAMPS, witn: Stanislas BRUSSIN & Marie BONNEAU, both of West Tilbury, 9 Nov 1880 at West Tilbury 2667-80 Donus BONNEVILLE, 23, laborer, Montreal, Stoney Point, s/o J. B. BONNEVILLE & F. DUPUIS, married Cezarine SAUVE, 21, Stoney Point, same, d/o Eubert SAUVE & Catherine DEMARAIS, witn: Alphonge DUPUIS of Stoney Point, 13 Jan 1880 at Stoney Point
2489-80 Timothy BONNIA, 29, tailor, Munroe Mich., Malden, s/o Charles BONNIA & Catherine CODIA?, married Julia RENAUD, 21, Malden, same, d/o John B. RENAUD & Sara (Lora?) JUBINVILLE, witn: William MAGUIRE & Mrs. FR--TH?, 22 Jan 1880 at Amherstburg 2495-80 David BOUFFARD, 28, farmer, Malden, same, s/o David BOUFFARD & Catherine COTE, married Victorina ARQUETTE, 20, Colchester, same, d/o Louis ARQUETTE & Susanna GRANDIN, witn: Richard TOURANGEOU & Margaret ARQUETTE, both of Colchester, 26 Jan 1880 at Amherstburg
2520-80 Alexis BOUFFARD, 30, carpenter, Amherstburg, Malden, s/o Gregoire BOUFFARD & Zoe DUMON?, married Mary BOUSSY, 27, Malden, same, d/o Emmanuel & Angele, witn: Fabien BOUFFARD & Hatty BONDY, 12 Oct 1880 at Amherstburg 2509-80 Hilaire BOUSSY, 22, farmer, Malden, same, s/o Emmanuel BOUSSY & Angele BONDY, married Lucie HOULE, 18, Rockboro US, Malden, d/o Paul HOULE & Ellen SCOTT, witn: Cesaire DUBE & Mary BOUSSY, both of Malden, 25 May 1880 at Amherstburg
2756-80 Louis BRABANT, 28, laborer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Louis & Felicite, married Mathilde AUGUSTIN, 22, Sandwich East, same, d/o Jacques & Cecile, witn: Benjamin OUELLETTE & Marie LAUZON, both of Sandwich East, 24 Oct 1880 at St. Anns Church 2799-80 Patrick BRACKEN, 30, widower, yeoman, Ireland, Rochester Ont., s/o William BRACKEN & Mary DOYLE, married Marie DELORME, 18, Malone NY, Rochester Ont., d/o Stanislas DELORME & Adele BISSON, witn: Edward LEFEBVRE & Helene DELORME, both of Rochester, 26 Oct. 1880 at Belle River
2510-80 John P. BRAUTY (Brandy?), 38, widower, sailor, Switzerland, Detroit, s/o Joseph BRAUTY & Mary COULEE, married Monique MORIN, 32, Amherstburg, same, d/o Jacques MORIN & Julie BOUFFARD, wtn: Fabien BOUFFARD of Malden & Angelique BRAUTY of Detroit, 4 Aug 1880 at Amherstburg 2529-80 David BREAULT, 23, Amherstburg, same, s/o Manel & Matilda, married Maggie HANDCOCK, 18, Amherstburg, Anderdon, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Mary DOHERTY & Ida HACKETT, both of Amherstburg, 15 Sept 1880 at Christ Church Rectory, Amherstburg
2521-80 Herbert BRETT (Bratt?), 25, farmer, Colchester, Malden, s/o George & Sarah, married Alice Emily OAG, 18, Illinois US, Malden, d/o Benjamin & Rosina, witn: Leroy OAG & Sarah BRETT, both of Malden, 14 Dec 1880 at Amherstburg 2687-80 James BRIEN, 29, doctor, Howard twp., Essex Centre, s/o Henry & Christena, married Addie BURDETT, 23, Colborne twp., Essex Centre, d/o Rev. Cheney & Nancy BURDETT, witn: Melissa WALKERS of Detroit & A. H. SAFFORD of Buffalo NY, 7 Sept [1880] at Essex Centre
2704-80 Frank BROADWELL, 21, butcher, Dover Ohio, Kingsville, s/o George & Alice, married Sarah LOVELACE, 18, Gosfield twp., Kingsville, d/o James & Mary, witn: Louis GRENIER & Adelaide HERRINGTON, both of Kingsville, 11 Jan 1880 at Kingsville 2701-80 John Gibb BRODIE, 25, C.S. R. R. Co agent, Chatham, Essex Centre, s/o Philip & Maria, married Lulu Jane SCOTT, 20, Yarker - Camden East twp., Essex Centre, d/o Thaddeus B. & Julia Ann, witn: Sidney B. LEADER of Ridgetown & Cary G. CRAWFORD of London, 12 May 1880 at res of Thaddeus Scott, Essex Centre
2594-80 Daniel BROWN, 65, widower, farmer, Norfolk England, Thamesville, s/o Daniel & Ann , married Matilda McDONALD, 51, widow, Niagara, Thamesville, d/o Jacob & Clara MISNER, witn: Margaret & Ada CAMPBELL of Windsor, 3 May 1880 at Windsor 2513-80 George BROWN, 25, sailor, London England, Travers Co Mich, s/o John & Hannah, married Maria BUCKLEY, 33, Amherstburg, same, d/o Michael & Frances (now Mrs. Knott), witn: Alexander & Fannie KNOTT of Amherstburg, 2 Oct 1880 at Amherstburg
2736-80 Heman BRUNER, 23, yeoman, Gosfield, same, s/o Thomas BRUNER & Naomi TOFFLEMIRE, married Caroline BENNETT, 24, Gosfield, same, d/o Thomas BENNETT & Ann MENNYHEW, witn: Amon BRUNER of Gosfield & Annie SIMPSON of Toronto, 10 Aug 1880 at Gosfield 2693-80 Amon BRUNER, 22, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o Thomas & Naomi, married Rebecca Jane PETERSON, 17, Gosfield, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: George & Alva PETERSON of Gosfield, 16 Nov 1880 at Essex Centre
2632-80 Arthur Bertrand BRUSH, 29, farmer, Colborne, same, s/o Charles & Annie, married Annie Amelia QUICK, 23, Colborne, Colchester South, d/o Cornelius R. & Abigail, witn: Walter B. GRUBB & Erie E. WRIGHT, both of Colborne, no date given [1880] at res of bride's father 2522-80 William BUSSEY, 30, farmer, Canada, Anderdon, s/o Gabriel & Susan, married Martha FRASER, 18, Canada, Anderdon, d/o George & Mary, witn: H. F. & Eliza J. JACKSON of Amherstburg, 21 Dec 1880 at Amherstburg
2514-80 John BUTCHER, 35, farmer, England, Anderdon, s/o John & Ann, married May L. ALLEN, 25, England, Anderdon, d/o William & Mary, witn: James THOM of Detroit & May ANDERSON of Anderdon, 13 Oct 1880 at Amherstburg 2505-80 Daniel CADANT, 24, farmer, Malden, same, s/o Peter & Rose, married Ada GENIAC (Genise?), 20, Quebec, Malden, s/o Oliver GENIAC & Heno?, witn: Mary & Fannie SMITH of Amherstburg, 7 June 1880 at Amherstburg
2502-80 Henry CADERET, 26, farmer, Malden, same, s/o Peer CADERET & Rose LECLERE, married Josephine ROCHILET, 19, Sandwich, Amherstburg, d/o Abraham ROCHILET & Catherine LAVIEN?, witn: Daniel CADERET & Adele GIGNER?, 13 April 1880 at Amherstburg 2755-80 Jerome CADET, 27, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o Baptiste & Marguerite, married Aimie LETOURNEAU, 26, Maidstone, same, d/o Xavier & Suzane, witn: Joseph MERAND & Catherine LETOURNEAU, both of Maidstone, 8 Oct. 1880 at St. Anns Church
2767-80 David CAMPEAU, 23, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o John & Mary, married Aglae MONMENIE, 22, Sandwich East, Sandwich, d/o Edward & Credence, witn: Alexandre CAMPEAU & Delphine LANGLOIS, both of Sandwich East, 6 May 1880 at St. Anns Church 2596-80 Robert CAMPBELL, 21, laborer, Hamilton, Mersea, s/o William & Margaret, married Adelia HOWDEN, 18, Mersea, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Harry SCOTT & Libbie HILL, both of Cottam, 22 Jan 1880 at Leamington
2807-80 - Anthony CAMPEAU, 23, farmer, Rochester twp., same, s/o Charles CAMPEAU & Sophie MORIN, married Odele RENAUD, 18, Rochester twp., same, d/o Jean Baptiste RENAUD & Hiancene? RAINVILLE, witn: Alfred MOLSON & Elizabeth RENAUD, both of Rochester. 15 June 1880 at Belle River (Rom Cath) 2539-80 James CARNEY, 30, mate on ferry steamer, Canada, Windsor, s/o Thomas CARNEY & Ann BOWAN, married Harriet WATSON, 22, Canada, Windsor, d/o John WATSON & Ann BAPER? (Bupre?), witn: John WATSON & Sarah M. CARNEY, both of Windsor, 20 July 1880 at Windsor
2798-80 Joseph Hormidas CARON, 21, shoe maker, St. Barthelemy Que., Rochester, s/o J. Bte. CARON & Rosalie CORNMASTIER?, married Herminie BOUCHER, 20, St. Barthelemy Que., Rochester, d/o Leon BOUCHER & Adele GRIGNON, witn: Joseph & Norbert SYLVESTER of Rochester, 26 Oct. 1880 at Belle River 2637-80 Francois CHARBONNEAU, 22, laborer, St. Theodore Que., Tilbury East, s/o Joseph CHARBONNEAU & Marguerite BELISLE, married Julie DEROCHERS, 27, St. Athanas Que., Tilbury East, d/o Jean Bte. DUROCHER (sic) & Domathilde TREMBLAY, witn: Martin McMAHON & Jean Bte. DESROCHERS (sic), both of Tilbury East, 21 June 1880 wt West Tilbury
2731-80 Benjamin CHOPPER, 23, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Joseph CHOPPER & Mary Jane BONDY, married Ann MALOCHE, 21, Anderdon, Sandwich West, d/o Joseph MALOCHE & Emilie DROUILLARD, witn: Joseph MALOCHE & Emilie ALPEY, both of Sandwich West, 28 June 1880 at Anderdon 2729-80 James Alvin CLARK, 25, farmer, Anderdon, same, s/o Alexander & Catherine, married Alice RICHARD, 19, Anderdon, same, d/o Frank RICHARD & Jane DAUPIES?, witn: Elim MALLARD of Sandwich & Elizabeth STRONG of Amherstburg, 26 July 1880 at Amherstburg
2531-80 Shelby Omer COATES, 25, mechanic, Oakville, Colchester North twp., s/o Richard & Margaret, married Sarah E. JONES, 22, Maidstone twp., same, d/o Timothy & Mary Ann, witn: Albert E. & Bell JONES of Essex Centre, 17 March 1880 at Maidstone twp 2732-80 John COOK, 23, farmer, Anderdon, same, s/o John COOK & Cecilia MAHON, married Margaret TORMEY, 23, Anderdon, same, d/o George TORMEY & Mary GREEN, witn: Thomas COOK & Catherine TORMEY, both of Anderdon, 20 Jan 1880 at Amherstburg
2589-80 John COOMBS, 26, painter & plumber, England, Windsor, s/o John COOMBS & Ann HARRIS, married Charlotte L. COGGINS, 23, Exeter Ont., Windsor, d/o John & Mary, witn: David LEVATT & Eliza COGGINS, both of Windsor, 20 June 1880 at Windsor 2547-80 Charles S. COREY, 24, builder, Ypsilanti Mich., same, s/o Levi COREY & Mary ALLAN, married Clara ALLAN, 22, Ypsilanti Mich, same, d/o Frederick ALLAN & Hettie COOLEY, witn: Bessie GRAY & Jane TODD, both of Windsor, 16 Sept 1880 at Windsor
2714-80 Charles L. COULTES (Coulter?), 30, clerk, Mersea twp., Leamington, s/o George & Alice, married Jennet ROBSON, 22, Mersea twp., Leamington, d/o James & Annie, witn: Charles DENNING & Delia WIGLE, both of Leamington, 13 Oct 1880 at Kingsville #002679-80 (Essex Co) Benjamin A. COURTNEY, 23, Mersea, Manitoulin Island, b, labourer, s/o Benjamin COURTNEY & Sarah ALDERTON, married Sarah Jane COOLEY, 19, Michigan, Mersea, s, d/o Harvey COOLEY & Fanny BRISTOL, witn: Eli COURTNEY of Mersea, Mary REEVES of Gosfield, 20 August 1880, Mersea
2601-80 James CROZIER, 23, laborer, Canada, Mersea, s/o James & mother dead, married Margaret Ann LOWE, 22, Canada, Leamington, d/o David & Ann, witn: Mrs. W. PIERCE, 28 April 1880 at Leamington 2541-80 James CUMMINGS, 65, widower, lighthouse keeper, Ireland, Pelee twp., s/o Michael CUMMINGS & Mary DWIRE, married Adeline WISE, 32, Kellys Island USA, Pelee twp., d/o George WISE & Susan FOX, witn: George WISE & Susan FOX of Pelee Island, 25 Aug 1880 at Windsor
2590-80 Moses DANE, 24, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o Lawrence & Mary, married Arelia (Ardea?) FITCH, 21, Kingsville, Sandwich East, d/o Cornelius & Bridget, 11 Jan 1880 at Windsor 2684-80 George DARBYSHIRE, 24, yeoman, Canada, Mersea, s/o George & Mary, married Mary ROACH, 18, Canada, Mersea, d/o William & Noney, witn: Eli ROACH & Jane WHITE, both of Mersea, 14 Oct 1880 at Mersea
2629-80 William DAVEY, 22, mason, Lockport NJ, Kingsville, s/o David & Mary, married Osea WRIGHT, 19, Kingsville, Colborne, d/o Wilson & Jane, witn: Wallace WRIGHT of Kingsville & Maria MALOTT of Gosfield, 19 May 1880 at Colborne village 2741-80 Colon DAWSON, 21, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Edith BROADWELL, 18, Maidstone, Gosfield, d/o Joel & Mary, witn: James MALOTT & Esther A. ILER, both of Gosfield, 10 Nov 1880 at Gosfield
2801-80 Patrick DELANEY, 28, telegraph operator, Toronto, Tecumseh, s/o John DELANEY & Rose HUGHES (Maybee?), married Georgina CLOUTIER, 19, Sandwich, Belle River, d/o William CLOUTIER & Sophie DUGRE (Desgre?), witn: James CONELLY of Windsor & Mary CLOUTIER of Belle River, 8 Nov 1880 at Belle River #003486-81 - Ellis F. DENISON, 25, grocer, Detroit, same, s/o Thomas W. DENISON & Jenie FLYNN, married Annie KENNEDY, 18, Detroit, same, d/o Francis KENNEDY & Eveline JACKSON, 15 Dec 1880 at Windsor
2613-80 Robert DENNING, 24, merchant, Canada, Leamington, s/o Eli & Susan, married Addie HENRY, 18, Canada, Leamington, d/o Mathew & Susan, witn: George RUSSELL & Lewis WIGLE, both of Leamington, 27 Oct. 1880 at Leamington 2653-80 Charles DESJARLAIS, 23, farmer, Rochester, same, s/o Francis DESJARLAIS & Eugenie CAMPEAU, married Odile LEFEBVRE, 22, St. Zotique Que., Rochester, d/o Francois LEFEBVRE & Julie LALONDE (Latonde?), witn: Charles LEFEBVRE & Olive DESJARLAIS, both of Rochester, 5 Sept 1880 at West Tilbury
2512-80 John DESLAURIERS, 25, sailor, Point au Pelee, same, s/o Oliver DESLAURIERS & Esther ABBOT, married Alice BIGFORD, 19, Ohio USA, Point au Pelee, d/o Charles BIGFORD & Adeline WITTINGTON, witn: Francis RENAUD & Melinda DESLAURIERS, both of Point au Pelee, 21 Aug 1880 at Amherstburg 2580-80 Charles DIXON, 21, mechanic, Canada, Windsor, s/o not given, married Elizabeth Mary WRIGHT, 20, England, Windsor, d/o not given, witn: Charles & Catherine WRIGHT of Windsor, 24 May 1880 at Windsor
#003487-81 - Thomas DOOLEY, 21, cabinet maker, Ontario, Windsor, s/o James & Mary, married Nellie VANCLEVE, 22, Ontario, Windsor, d/o George & Harriet, witn: James E. FORD & Annie LEAROYD, both of Windsor, 29 Dec 1880 at Windsor 2561-80 John H. DOWNEY, 23, machinist, Windsor, Detroit, s/o James & Jane, married Nellie NEWCOMBE, 21, Windsor, same, d/o William & Jane, witn: William & Frances J. McCLELLAND of Springfield Ohio, 24 Nov 1880 at Windsor
2757-80 Alexandre DROUILLARD, 23, fisherman, Sandwich East, same, s/o Francis & Leonore, married Philomene LABUTE, 25, Sandwich East, same, d/o Alexandre & Sophie, witn: Alsace DROUILLARD of Sandwich East & Adel OUELLETTE of Belle River, 22 Nov 1880 at St. Anns Church 2519-80 Joseph DUBE, 58, widower, cooper, Amherstburg, same, s/o Joseph DUBE & Rose LEDUC, married Susan COURNOYER, 40, widow, Monroe Mich., Newport Mich., d/o Antoine COURNOYER & Victoire ROBIDOUX, witn: Patrice & Marie MARCOTTE of Amherstburg, 24 Oct 1880 at Amherstburg
2764-80 Henry DUCHESNE, 21, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Alexandre & Therese, married Mary Elise TOUZIGNAU, 16, Quebec, Sandwich East, d/o Antoine & Felonisse, witn: Joseph DUCHESNE & Clarisse TOUZIGNAU, both of Sandwich East, 11 April 1880 at St. Anns Church 2499-80 Charles G?. DUFFY, 24, clerk, Vaudrueil, Amherstburg, s/o John DUFFY & Ester REID? (Bird? Rich?), married Laysa RING, 20, Amherstburg, same, d/o Gerval? RING & Zelie? LEMAY, witn: John JONES & Elizabeth RAY, both of Amherstburg, 10 Feb 1880 at Amherstburg
#002683-80 (Essex Co) John N. DUTIT, 27, Jersey, Tilbury West, b, farmer, s/o Jean & Mary Ann DUTIT, married Salina McCRACKEN, 19, Bentinck, Mersea, s, d/o Thomas & Jane McCRACKEN, witn: James DUTIT of Tilbury West, Jane CARTER of Gosfield, 1 November 1880, Mersea 2577-80 Denis DUMOUCHELLE, 26, saddler, Sandwich West, Windsor, s/o Jerome DUMOUCHELLE & Jeanne COTE, married Johanna KING, 24, Louisville Kentucky, Windsor, d/o Patrick KING & Mary SAYASON?, witn: Eli GIGNAC & Georgina ROBERT, both of Windsor, 27 April 1880 at Windsor
2758-80 Edward DUNN, 25, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o John & Mary, married Louisa Celina VANDERLANDER, 16, Sandwich East, same, d/o Hiram & Rosalie, witn: Daniel BELLEPERCHE & Sylvina VANDERLANDER, both of Sandwich East, 25 Nov 1880 at St. Anns Church 2583-80 James Thomas DUNN, 24, gentleman, Savannah Georgia, Hamilton, s/o James Thomas & blank, married Elizabeth CLOWREY, 21, Rock Island Illinois, Hamilton, d/o Patrick CLOWREY & Matilda CURREY (Canning?), witn: George P. McLAUGHLIN & Bessie S. GRAY, both of Windsor, 29 April 1880 at Windsor
2648-80 Joseph DUPLECIE (Duplessis?), 22, farmer, West Tilbury, same, s/o Pierre DUPLECIE & Henriette St.DENIS, married Agnes DUBOIS, 19, St. Cyprien Que., West Tilbury, d/o Narcisse DUBOIS & Marie DESAUTELS, witn: Francois St.DENIS & Joseph DUPLECIE, both of West Tilbury, 8 Nov 1880 at West Tilbury 2797-80 Andre DUROCHER, 25, farmer, Eagle Harbour Mich., Maidstone twp., s/o Gilbert DUROCHER & Marceline RACETTE, married Melinda DELISLE, 18, Sandwich East, Maidstone twp., d/o Richard DELISLE & Harriet RICHARD, witn: Desaire? DUROCHER of Rochester & Maggie DELISLE of Maidstone, 12 Oct. 1880 at Belle River
2781-80 Oscar DUQUETTE, 23, laborer, St. Barthelemi Que., Sandwich East, s/o Francois Xavier DUQUETTE & Celina REMILLARD, married Alexandrine POUPART, 18, Anderdon, Sandwich West, d/o Leon POUPART & Catherine LACASSE, witn: Celina POUPART & Camillle FORTIER, both of Sandwich East, 5 Oct [1880] at Sandwich 2647-80 Joseph DUQUETTE, 20, farmer, West Tilbury, same, s/o David DUQUETTE & Adelaide PAQUETTE, married Merandy PINSONNEAULT, 17, West Tilbury, same, d/o Theophile PINSONNEAULT & Marie TREMBLAY, witn: David DUQUETTE & Camile ROBERT, both of West Tilbury, 26 Oct 1880 at West Tilbury
2640-80 Joseph FANEUF, 26, laborer, West Tilbury, same, s/o Joseph FANEUF & Julienne BEAUGRAND, married Marie DUPUIS, 20, West Tilbury, same, d/o Boniface DUPUIS & Mathilde LABONTE, witn: Pierre FANEUF & Moise LABONTE, both of West Tilbury, 13 July 1880 at West Tilbury 2643-80 Maxime FANEUF, 22, farmer, West Tilbury, same, s/o Maxime FANEUF & Hermine BEAUGRAND, married Marie DRAGON, 21, Tilbury East, West Tilbury, d/o Joseph DRAGON & Catherine CLARINE?, witn: Israel FANEUF & Camile DUPRAS, both of West Tilbury, 18 Sept 1880 at West Tilbury
2523-80 Charles FARQUHARSON, 28, farmer, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Tilbury East, s/o Charles & Mary, married Mary Isabella ELLIS, 21, Guelph, Amherstburg, d/o Alexander & Barbara, witn: James FARQUHARSON of Toronto & Annie ELLIS of Amherstburg, 22 Dec 1880 at Amherstburg 2737-80 Henry Herbert FARR, 26, engineer, St. Catharines, Leamington, s/o Ira & Sarah Ann, married Sarah Ann TERRY, 24, Guelph, Gosfield, d/o Zacharius & Eliza, witn: Margaret PARKER & Wesley LOHEED?, both of Gosfield, 5 Oct 1880 at Gosfield
2551-80 Joseph H. FAULKNER, 28, mechanic, Hamilton, Detroit, s/o Joseph & Sarah, married Elizabeth L. WOODYARD, 22, London England, Detroit, d/o William & Lizzie, witn: Bessie SMITH & Frankie SHORLAND, both of Windsor, 22 Oct 1880 at Windsor 2592-80 William E. FITZALLEN, 29, farmer, Delaware - Middlesex, same, s/o William & Mary, married Charlotte WHITING, 27, London Ont, Windsor, d/o James & Ellen, witn: Frederick EVANS & Ellen WHITING, 15 April 1880 at Windsor
2574-80 Peter FITCH, 52, widower, farmer, Quebec, Kingsville, s/o Cornelius & Margaret, married Caroline WILSON, 40, widow, USA, London Ont., d/o Andrew HAYES & Mary, witn: Cornelius & Bridget FITCH of Kingsville, 7 April 1880 at Windsor 2534-80 Henry FLANIGAN, 28, farmer, Rochester twp., same, s/o William FLANIGAN & Mary DORAN, married Mary McHUGH, 24, Maidstone, same, d/o Peter & Ellen, witn: Patrick & Ellen McHUGH of Maidstone, 24 Nov 1880 at Woodslee
#002680-80 (Essex Co) George. E.L. FOREST, 31, Canada, USA, widower, clerk, s/o Joseph & Martha FOREST, married Frances THOMPSON, 24, Canada, Mersea, s, d/o William & Hannah THOMPSON, witn: W.G. DARBYSHIRE of Mersea, Alvilda WIGLE of Leamington, 2 August 1880, Mersea 2597-80 Albert FOSTER, 25, merchant, Mersea, Leamington, s/o John & Mary, married Victoria Olive WINDSOR, 20, Canada, Leamington, d/o Enoch & Caroline, witn: Mrs. PIERCE & Lily FREELAND, both of Leamington, 27 Jan 1880 at Leamington
2743-80 Thomas W. FOSTER, 26, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Mary NEVILL, 26, Gosfield, same, d/o James & Sarah, witn: W. D. & Maud NEVILL of Gosfield, 8 Dec 1880 at Gosfield 2707-80 Francis J. FOX, 23, clerk, Amherstburg, Leamington, s/o Charles & Louisa, married Jennie COOK, 26, widow, Scotland, Leamington, d/o Robert & Mary COOK, witn: Isabella PEARSON & Ella McVAY, both of Kingsville, 5 May 1880 at Methodist Parsonage, Kingsville
2677-80 - Eli FOX, 26, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o Theodore & Mathilda, married Emma L. HUTCHINS, 25, Colborne, same, d/o John & Anna, witn: William MOONEY & Clarissa FOX, both of Mersea, 30 June 1880 at Mersea 2540-80 Charles D. FOX, 21, book keeper, Pennsylvania, Alpena Mich., s/o L. H. FOX & Sarah DEARBORN, married Mary C. JONES, 20 (21?), Illinois USA, Detroit, d/o illegible (Allen?) JONES & Mary BULL, witn: A. W. BANKS & Grace LOWAN?, both of Detroit, 7 Aug 1880 at Windsor
2700-80 John Harlan FOY, 28, yeoman, Haldimand Co., Gosfield twp., s/o Jacob & Mary Ann, married Laurette WIGLE, 20, Gosfield twp., same, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: John & Amelia McNEIL of Essex Centre, 5 May 1880 at Essex Centre 2511-80 Joseph FRASIER, 22, Eworie? (Erora?) Mich., same, s/o Daniel FRASIER & Marie LARABELLE, married Agnes CADARET, 22, Malden, same, d/o Peter CADARET & Rose LECLERE, witn: Francis LARABELLE & Ewrie? Mich & Rosina CADARET of Malden, 17 May 1880 at Amherstburg
2628-80 William FRENCH, 24, farmer, Malden, same, s/o not given, married Hannah E. RICHASLEAND?, 22, Colborne, same, d/o Frank & J., witn: W. & M. RICHASLEAND of Colborne, 29 March 1880 at home of bride, Colborne 2747-80 George Thomas GAMMON, 22, carpenter, Saltfleet, Gosfield, s/o John & Charlotte, married Christena BROKER, 16, Colchester, Gosfield, d/o James & Mary, witn: John Henry & Ada Jane GAMMON of Gosfield, 24 May 1880 at Gosfield
2738-80 Henry Arthur GEANVERAU, 20, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, married Eleanor HUFFMAN, 20, Colchester Gosfield, d/o Alexander & Barbara, witn: Lewis GEANVERAU & Richard B. BALKWELL, both of Gosfield, 1 Nov 1880 at Gosfield 2787-80 William GELINAS, 20, laborer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Francois X. GELINAS & Marcelline DUPUIS, married Marie NANTAIS, 17, Sandwich East, same, d/o Leon NANTAIS & Adeline MENARD, witn: Thomas GELINAS & Basilise NANTAIS, both of Sandwich East, 3 Nov [1880] at Sandwich
2600-80 Ely GETTY, 22, yeoman, Canada, Gosfield twp., s/o Adam & Jane, married Libbie GUNN, 19, Canada, Leamington, d/o Alex & Margaret, witn: Charles FINCH of Leamington & G. H. DARBYSHIRE of Mersea, 25 Feb 1880 at Leamington 2516-80 James Manson GIBB, 20, farmer, Amherstburg, Malden, s/o William & Elzora, married Althea Lucinda FERRISS (Ferris?), 18, Malden, Anderdon, d/o Joseph & Anna, witn: David McLEOD & Fannie SMITH, both of Amherstburg, 29 Nov 1880 at Amherstburg
#002681-80 (Essex Co) Edward GIBSON, 22, Mersea, Romney Twp, b, blacksmith, s/o Edward & Mary GIBSON, married Elizabeth JULIAN, 21, Mersea, same, s, d/o Jacob & Julia Ann JULIAN, witn: Mr. O. HYATE of Romney, Mrs. C.G. ATWELL of Leamington, 29 September 1880, Wheatley 2776-80 Alexandre GIGNAC, 29, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o James GIGNAC & Martine VILLEBRUN?, married Mary LEBOEUF, 27, Sandwich, same, d/o Basil LEBOEUF & Emilie MARCOTTE, witn: Hilaire GIGNAC of Sandwich West & Ann LEBOEUF of Sandwich
2804-80 - William GIRARD, 24, farmer, Maidstone twp, same, s/o Francois GIRARD & Martine ARSENEAU, married Emilie DISBURY, 23, Rochester twp., same, d/o Peter DISBURY & Marguerite THIEREY, witn: Francois GIRARD of Maidstone & Marie GROS JEAN of Belle River, 23 Nov 1880 at Belle River (Rom Cath) 2563-80 John GILROY, 24, laborer, Ireland, Detroit, s/o Frank GILROY & Abbie LAING, married Isabella REID, 24, England, Cayuga Canada, d/o Arthur REID & Annie NUTSHELL, witn: Bessie GRAY & Robert F. SUTHERLAND, both of Windsor, 22 Dec 1880 at Windsor
2792-80 Arthur GORMAN, 34, farmer, widower, of Sandwich West, s/o not given, married Ann REAUME, 23, Sandwich West, same, d/o Louis REAUME & Emilie CABANA, witn: Benjamin CHAPPER (Chopper?) & Emilie REAUME, both of Sandwich West, 26 Jan 1880 at Sandwich 2588-80 Thomas GRAHAM, 25, cabinet maker, Canada, Chicago, s/o Henry GRAHAM & Sarah HORTEN, married Laura ASHWELL, 27, England, St. Thomas, d/o John ASHWELL & Fannie DOTHWAITER, witn: William CHAMBERS & Maria DEROSY, both of St. Thomas, 19 June 1880 at Windsor
2557-80 Joseph GRAVELINE, 26, blacksmith, Windsor, Sandwich East, s/o Joseph GRAVELINE & Felice NATTUR?, married Sarah Jane MATHERS, 23, Belle River, Sandwich, d/o Joseph MATHERS & Helen HENRY, witn: John S. MATHERS & Mary GRAVELINE, both of Windsor, 10 Nov 1880 at Windsor 2705-80 Oscar GREINER, 24, tinsmith, London Ont, Kingsville, s/o Charles & Christena, married Wilhelmina PETERSON, 19, Gosfield twp., Kingsville, d/o William & Mary, witn: John C. PETERSON of Gosfield & Ida E. WOODMISS? of Kingsville, 5 Feb 1880 at Kingsville
2545-80 Abel HALL, 24, carpenter, Canada, Essex Centre, s/o William HALL & Eliza Ann STEWARD, married Mary Jane WESTERN, 18, Canada, Maidstone, d/o Richard WESTERN & Elizabeth DEACON, witn: George HANWILL? of Belleville & Mary Ann CAULFIELD of Windsor, 1 Sept 1880 at Windsor 2774-80 Gilbert HAMEL, no age given, farmer, Belle River, same, s/o Francis Xavier HAMEL & Monique DUROCHER, married Ann OUELETTE, 22, Sandwich West, Sandwich East, d/o Norbert OUELETTE & Salome PAQUETTE, witn: Norbert OUELETTE of Sandwich East & Joseph BARON of Sandwich West, 21 June [1880] at Sandwich
2538-80 Charles William HANSMAN (Hausman?), 23, cotton weaver, Boston USA, Sandwich West, s/o Francis & Elizabeth, married Mary Am. MINNIS, 19, Leamington, Sandwich West, d/o Hugh & Hannah, witn: Carrie WOLTZ & Eliza LAWSON, both of Windsor, 13 July 1880 at Windsor 2498-80 William Jackson HATCHARD, 28, farmer, Colchester, same, s/o William & Mary, married Emily Georgina THOMPSON, 28, Colchester, same, d/o Thomas & Eleanor, witn: Arthur & Annie H. FERRIS of Colchester, 31 March 1880 at The Rectory, Amherstburg
2761-80 Donus HEBERT, 27, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Jacob & Josephine, married Victoire LESPERANCE, 21, Sandwich East, same, d/o Janvier & Marguerite, witn: Achille VOYER & Marceline HEBERT, both of Sandwich East, 3 Feb. [1880] at St. Anns Church 2721-80 James HELFERICH, 23, farmer, Colchester twp., same, s/o George & Margaret, married Anetta MEINGER (Munger?), 18, Colchester twp., same, d/o John G. & Sarah, witn: Isabella & Carrie PEARSON of Kingsville, 22 Dec 1880 at Methodist Parsonage, Kingsville
2533-80 William HENRY, 46, farmer, Scotland, Maidstone, s/o Patrick HENRY & Margaret DONALDSON, married Ann ARCHIBALD, 37, Ireland, Rochester twp., d/o Henry ARCHIBALD & Ellen O'BRIEN, witn: Miles DORAN of Rochester & Mart COTTER of Windsor, 4 Nov 1880 at Woodslee 2532-80 Matthew HENRY, 31, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o James HENRY & Catherine McDONALD, married Elizabeth GRAHAM, 23, Rochester twp., same, d/o Francis GRAHAM & Margaret DALY, witn: John MURPHY & Ellen GRAHAM, both of Rochester twp., 21 April 1880 at Woodslee
2675-80 William D. HENSON, 24, jeweller, Kingscliffe England, Leamington, s/o Thomas & Louisa, married Margery ROBSON, 21, Mersea twp., same, d/o James & Ann, witn: Christopher ROBINSON & Elen C. ROBSON, both of Leamington, 3 March 1880 at Mersea 2793-80 James HERDMAN, 28, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o John HERDMAN & Jennet MILLER, married Mary CAHIL (Cahill?), 19, Sandwich West, same, d/o John CAHIL & Bridget BRODERICK, witn: Martin BRODERICK & Phoebe HERDMAN, both of Sandwich West, 14 Feb 1880 at Sandwich
2808-80 - John G. HILBORN, 29, merchant, King twp., South Woodslee, s/o Jesse & Mary, married Emily RUSTON, 24, Maidstone, South Woodslee, d/o Richard & Ann, witn: W. A. GARDNER of Essex Center & Agnes PLANT of Maidstone, 20 April 1880 at South Woodslee, Rochester twp 2735-80 William J. HILLIER, 24, yeoman, Kingston, Gosfield, s/o Jacob D. & Elizabeth, married Louise TREW, 21, South Oxford, Gosfield, d/o James & Pathena, witn: Charles HILLIER & Charlotte GORDON, both of Gosfield, 15 June 1880 at Gosfield
2692-80 Geone? (s/b George?) HOPGOOD, 30, widower, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o James & Eliza, married Annie Theresa GARDINER, 22, Durham Co. Ont., Essex Centre, d/o William M. & Elizabeth, witn: William JOHNS & Letitia GARDINER, both of Essex Centre, 27 Oct 1880 at Essex Centre 2579-80 Thomas HOPKINS, 21, laborer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Thomas & Ellen, married Mary WESTON, 18, Missouri, Windsor, d/o Robert & Catherine, witn: John & Martha LENNOX of Windsor, 18 May 1880 at Windsor
#003488-81 - Thoedore HORNER, 29, government official, USA, Washington DC, s/o Jacob & Frederica, married Kitty O'CONNOR, 26, Strathroy, Washington, d/o James & Catherine, witn: Julia GRAHAM of Port Huron, 29 Dec 1880 at Windsor 2598-80 Samuel HOWEY, 21, saddler, Canada, Leamington, s/o Rev. E. A. & Mrs. married Lillian FREELAND, 20, Canada, Leamington, d/o Mr. SHERWOOD (step-father) & Mrs. J. F. SHERWOOD, witn: parents of the bride - of Leamington, 23 Feb 1880 at Leamington
2582-80 George HUFFMAN, 20, turner, Germany, Colchester, s/o George HUFFMAN & Catherine SURBEUR?, married Elizabeth McCARTHY, 18?, Colchester, same, d/o John McCARTHY & Emily HUBERT (Herbert?), witn: W. S. SUTHERLAND & Jane TODD, both of Windsor, 22 April 1880 2494-80 Joseph HUNT, 20, farmer, Malden, same, s/o Arthur HUNT & Catherine BERNARD, married Mary BEAUBOIN, 25, Malden, same, d/o Joseph BEAUBOIN & Mary CABANAS, witn: Francis MARENTETTE & Ann BEAUDVIN?, both of Colchester, 20 Jan 1880 at Amherstburg
2493-80 Francis HUNT, 24, farmer, Malden, same, s/o William HUNT & Margaret BERNARD, married Elizabeth COLBURN, 21, Malden, same, d/o James COLBURN & Eliza CRUMMIN?, witn: Thomas BARRAN & Henriette HUNT, both of Malden, 7 Jan 1880 at Amherstburg 002917 81 (Essex) Jacob HYATT, 25, Romney, Romney, farmer, s/o Jacob Nelson & Rebecca HYATT to Jane GETTY, Romney, Romney, none given, wit, Windel HYATT & Charles HEALY on 29, December, 1880 in Mersea.
2618-80 William IRWIN, 27, teacher, Grey Co., Leamington, s/o John & Ann, married Georgina FITCHETT, 22, Dundas Co., Leamington, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: A. E. CHAMBERLAIN & E. M. BAILEY, both of Leamington, 22 Dec 1880 at Leamington 2575-80 Oscar JACKSON, 28, widower, accountant, Copenhagen Denmark, Windsor, s/o Charles & Mary, married Mary Alice DICKEY, 21, Dresden - Kent, Burlington Iowa, d/o Gilbert & Mary, witn: Marcus COMBS & Hattie HATFIELD, both of Windsor, 12 April 1880 at Windsor
2556-80 Thomas JAMESON (Imeson?), 24, farmer, Anderdon, same, s/o Mathew & Hannah, married Jessie EDGWORTH, 19, Norfolk Ont., Anderdon, d/o Edward & Druscilla, witn: Walter SHORLAND & Bessie SMITH, both of Windsor, 10 Nov 1880 at Windsor 2772-80 Stanislas JANISSE, 30, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Charles JANISSE & Clotilde MARENTETTE, married Rose LANGLOIS, 25, Sandwich East, same, d/o Jerome LANGLOIS & Mary OUELETTE, witn: Alfred LANGLOIS & Euphrosy OUELETTE, both of Sandwich East, 11 May 1880 at Sandwich
2806-80 - Joseph JEULLET, 20, farmer, St. Ignace Quebec, Maidstone, s/o Gation JEULLET & Catherine CHARTREAU, married Exilda GOULET, 19, St. Ignace Quebec, Maidstone, d/o Amable GOULET & Justine MICHER?, witn: Moise OUELLETTE & Josephine JEULLET, both of Maidstone, 12 April 1880 at Belle River (Rom Cath) 2739-80 Fred JOHNSON, 21, cattle dealer, NY state, Sandwich East, s/o James & Martha, married Hatta G. JENKINS, 17, Sandwich East, same, d/o Henry & Sarah, witn: J. B. STROUD of Windsor & N. J. PETERSON of Gosfield, 22 Sept 1880 at Gosfield
2492-80 James JONES, 28, sailor, Amherstburg, same, s/o John JONES & Calide? BELLECOURT, married Virginie REAUME, 28, Amherstburg, same, d/o Antoine REAUME & Judette LEMAY, witn: John JONES & La--? GRAVELIN, both of Amherstburg, 7 Jan 1880 at Amherstburg 2644-80 Henry JORRY, 21, farmer, Peterborough, West Tilbury, s/o James & Mary, married Mary F. HILLMAN, 17, Mersea, West Tilbury, d/o Esau HILLMAN & Mary BRIGHT, witn: Samuel & Phoeba HILLMAN of West Tilbury, 4 Aug 1880 at West Tilbury
2548-80 Isaac D. KELLER, 68, widower, farmer, Canada, Windsor, s/o Jacob KELLER & Deborah DE VIL, married Mary Ann WINTERS, 50, widow, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John WINTERS & Ann M. OWEN (McOwen?), witn: Eugene D'AVIGNON & Mary Ann CAULFIELD, both of Windsor, 27 Sept 1880 at Windsor 2571-80 Robert KELLEY, 27, farmer, Canada, Mersea twp., s/o Thomas KELLEY & Elizabeth WHITTEL, married Margaret KEATING, 25, Canada, Rochester Essex, d/o Martin KEATING & Norah GEARY, witn: Rose DONELLY & Mary Ann CAUFIELD, both of Windsor, 28 Jan 1880 at Windsor
2549-80 James B. KENYON, 21, book keeper, Lima? Indiana, Cleveland Ohio, s/o James & Caroline, married Adda V. SMITH, 22, Alton NY, Detroit, d/o J. W. & Alinda, witn: illegible LIMBERT of Windsor, 2 Oct 1880 at Windsor 2784-80 Alexis LABATTE (Labutte?), 25, laborer, Chatham, Sandwich West, s/o Alexis LABATTE & Felise MARCOM, married Helene TOURANGEAU, 20, Sandwich West, same, d/o Emery TOURANGEAU & Olive MELOCHE, witn: J. B. MENARD of Sandwich & Euphrosie TOURANGEAU of Sandwich West, 3 Nov [1880] at Sandwich
2507-80 Arthur Robert LABBY, 23, merchant, Canada, Amherstburg, s/o Louis & Matilde, married Ida MURPHY, 21, Canada, Amherstburg, d/o Michael & Julia, witn: H. T. & S. JACKSON of Amherstburg, 22 July 1880 at Amherstburg 2782-80 Noe LABOEUF, 20, clerk, St. Jean de Chaillons? Que., Sandwich East, s/o Louis LABOEUF & Marguerite BELANGER, married Louise JANISSE, 24, Sandwich East, same, d/o Honore JANISSE & Julie REAUME, witn: Louis LABOEUF & Honore JANISSE, both of Sandwich East, 10 Oct [1880] at Sandwich East
2689-80 James LAING, 29, mechanic, Beach Ridge Que., Essex Centre, s/o John & Mary A., married Ellen POWELL, 24, Seneca twp., Essex Centre, d/o Joseph & Margaret, witn: George LAING & Elizabeth POWELL, both of Essex Centre, 22 Sept 1880 at Essex Centre 2504-80 George LAING, 23, clerk, Tilbury East, Essex Centre, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Eunice Arvilla WILLIAMS, 18, North Ridge, Essex Centre, d/o John & Catherine, witn: James LAING of Essex Centre & Mary SMITH of Amherstburg, 22 April 1880 at Amherstburg
2501-80 John LALANGE (Solange?), 28, butcher, Amherstburg, same, s/o Joseph LALANGE & Sophia VILLAIRES, married Francoise PETITCLERE, 24, Malden, same, d/o J. B. PETITCLERE & Catherine RENAUD, witn: Clement LALANGE & Mary LECLERE, both of Amherstburg, 3 Jan 1880 at Amherstburg 2638-80 Christophe LALIBERTE, 28, farmer, St. Simon Que., West Tilbury, s/o Michel LALIBERTE & Tisette CARON, married Cezarine MARCHAND, 19, West Tilbury, same, d/o Edouard MARCHAND & Julienne GIROUX, witn: Xavier YIELLE & Joseph GIROUX, both of West Tilbury, 22 June 1880 at West Tilbury
2690-80 Napoleon LANGLOIS, 20, farmer, Colchester North, same, s/o Francis & Marguerite, married Clemence AUBY, 21, North Colchester, same, d/o Etienne & Basiliste, 17 Aug 1880 at North Colchester 2730-80 Adolph LANGLOIS, 22, farmer's son, Sandwich West, same, s/o Domanige LANGLOIS & Arline BEYARE?, married Elizabeth BONDY, 21, Sandwich West, same, d/o Cuthbert BONDY & Angelique BENITEAU, witn: Genon? BONDY & Josephine LANGLOIS, both of Sandwich West, 19 June 1880 at Anderdon
2771-80 Ignace LANGLOIS, 27, business man, Sandwich West, same, s/o Antoine LANGLOIS & Martine OUELLETTE, married Rose Ann PAGE, 19, Grosse Point Mich, Sandwich, d/o Louis PAGE & Domathilde POISSANT, witn: Daniel LANGLOIS of illegible & Asseline PAGE of Sandwich, 3 May 1880 at Sandwich 2788-80 Honore LASSALINE, 25, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Felix LASSALINE & Pauline VILLERS dit St.LOUIS, married Julienne LANGLOIS, 18, Sandwich East, same, d/o Benjamin LANGLOIS & Clemence NANTAIS, witn: Moses LANGLOIS of Windsor & Agnes LASSALINE of Sandwich East, 23 Nov [1880] at Sandwich East
2779-80 Victor LASSALINE, 28, cabinet maker, Sandwich, same, s/o Stanislas LASSALINE & Felice PAGOT, married Rosalie MARENTETTE, 22, Sandwich, same, d/o Honore MARENTETTE & Victoire LEDUC, witn: Eugene LASSALINE & Marie MARENTETTE, both of Sandwich, 20 Sept [1880] at Sandwich 2587-80 Robert Henry LAWSON, 22, sailor, England, Windsor, s/o Robert Henry & Mary Ann, married Eliza MEANUS (Meaners?), 19, Canada, Windsor, d/o Hugh & Annie, 10 June 1880 at Windsor
2595-80 Francis LEBO (Tebo?), 24, laborer, Mersea, same, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Melinda LEE, 17, Gosfield, same, d/o Colin & Susan, witn: Thomas & Melinda HILLMAN of Mersea, 21 Jan 1880 at Leamington 2706-80 Alfred Wesley LEE, 23, cabinet maker, Caistor twp., Kingsville, s/o Jeremiah & Maria, married Mary McDONALD, 23, Beamsville, Kingsville, d/o Peter C. & Mary, witn: James BAKER of Leamington & James McKAY of Kingsville, 17 March 1880 at res of Mrs. Mary McDonald, Kingsville
2646-80 Jean Bte. LEFEBVRE, 19, laborer, West Tilbury, same, s/o Jean Bte. LEFEBVRE & Monique MARCHAND, married Flavie DUPRAS, 22, West Tilbury, same, d/o William DUPRAS & Mathilde FANEUF, witn: Michel DUPRAS & David DUQUETTE, both of West Tilbury, 18 Oct 1880 at West Tilbury 2635-80 Elie LEFEVRE (sic), 22, farmer, St. Philippe Que., West Tilbury, s/o Vital LEFEBVRE & Olive MOSSETTE, married Henriette TREMBLAY, 18, West Tilbury, same, d/o Pierre TREMBLAY & Estele? DANIEL, witn: Jean Bte. LEFEBVRE & Charles St.AMOUR, both of West Tilbury, 31 May 1880 at West Tilbury
2765-80 Joseph LEFEVRE, 23, laborer, Sandwich East, Detroit, s/o Francis & Catherine, married Stephanie MAILLOUX, 21, Sandwich East, same, d/o Patrice & Agnes, witn: Eugene LEFEVRE of Detroit & Rose MAILLOUX of Sandwich East, 20 April 1880 at St. Anns Church 2496-80 Vital LEMAY, 26, blacksmith, Amherstburg, Malden, s/o Vital LEMAY & Margaret MARIE, married Agnes BONNY, 20, Malden, same, d/o Emmanuel BONNY & Ouzeh? BANDY, witn: Joseph LEMAY of Amherstburg & Marie BAULTY? of Malden, 13 Jan. 1880 at Amherstburg
2766-80 Philippe LEMAY, 21, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o Joseph & Catherine, married Delima PITRE, 21, Sandwich East, same, d/o Jerome & Sophie, witn: Eloy LEMAY of Maidstone & Elizabeth PITRE of Sandwich East, 13 April 1880 at St. Anns Church 2723-80 George LESLIE, 23, farmer, Peterborough Co., Mersea twp., s/o Thomas & Rhoda, married Mary REILY, 18, Mersea twp., same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: George HOWELL & Sarah NEWMAN, both of Mersea, 28 Dec 1880 at Kingsville
2795-80 Joseph LESPERANCE, 26, farmer, Maidstone twp., Rochester twp., s/o Antoine LESPERANCE & Theothie? NOUVILLON, married Marie ROY, 20, Maskininge Que., Rochester twp., d/o Charles ROY & Olive PAQUIN, witn: Jacques & Philomene ROY of Rochester, 9 Aug 1880 at Belle River 2768-80 Charles LESPERANCE, 22, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Francis & Marguerite, married Caroline BERNAICHE, 19, St. Didace Que., Sandwich East, d/o David & Anastasie, witn: Hermisdy BERNAICHE & Celina PERAULT, 8 June 1880 at St. Anns Church
2657-80 Pierre LEVASSEURE, 22, farmer, St. Maurice Que., West Tilbury, s/o Pierre LEVASSEURE & Marie MARTEL, married Eugenie DESILETS, 23, West Tilbury, same, d/o Charles DESILETS & Zoe LOISEAU, witn: George DESILETS & Elizabeth FAUCHE, both of West Tilbury, 28 Sept 1880 at West Tilbury 2717-80 Albert LINASOCK?, 26, clerk, Colchester, Harrow, s/o Edward & Almina, married Isabell Jane WRIGHT, 25, Colchester twp., same, d/o Samuel & Sarah, 1 Dec 1880 at Parsonage, Kingsville
2686-80 Ambrose LOCKWOOD, 23, farmer, Colchester South, same, s/o Charles & Ann, married Annie HUCKMATH?, 18, Gosfield, same, d/o Samuel & Catherine, witn: John THORIN? (Thorne?) & Martha J. GOODWIN, both of Essex Centre, 8 Sept 1880 at Essex Centre #002608-80 - Eli LOOP, 28, widower, carpenter, Elgin Co., Leamington, s/o Peter & Lousette, married Nellie NASH, 20, Leamington, same, d/o George & Isabella, witn: E.B. STEWART & J.C. GEE, both of Leamington, 22 Sept 1880 at Leamington
002916 81 (Essex) Oscar LOUNSBURY, 22. Ontario, Romney, farmer, s/o Ephraim & Emma Jane LOUNSBURY to Farry TERRY, 22, Perth, Mersea, d/o Richard & Hariet TERRY wit H F McMILLEN & Minnie THOMPSON on 15, November, 1880 in Wheatley 2789-80 Alexandre LUSIER, 23, farmer, "Sandwich West or Anderdon", same, s/o Charles LUSIER & Marie RENEAU, married Marie Leocadie CABANA, 24, Sandwich West, same, d/o Olivier CABANA & Susanna DESPETRES, witn: Joseph LUSIER & Artemise CABANA, both of Sandwich West, 23 Nov [1880] at Sandwich
2555-80 James Joseph LYNCH, 30, railroad hand, Ireland, Windsor, s/o James LYNCH & Catherine MALONEY, married Ann Barber BENDER, 26, Buffalo US, Detroit, d/o Joseph BENDER & Margaret ZEREUNER?, witn: James SCANLON & Catherine McCRAE, both of Windsor, 10 Nov 1880 at Windsor 2603-80 Joseph LYNN, 25, farmer, Canada, Tilbury West, s/o William & Annie, married Theresa BAILEY, 16, Canada, Mersea twp., d/o Archibald & Alice, witn: William McINTOSH of Mersea, 19 May 1880 at Leamington
2661-80 Jacob MAILLOUX, 21, harness maker, West Tilbury, Belle River, s/o Joseph MAILLOUX & Olive CHAUVIN, married Anna QUENNEVILLE, 18, St. Anicet Que., West Tilbury, d/o Jean Be. QUENNEVILLE & Eugenie LEBLANC, witn: Isaac MAILLOUX & E. AUBIN, both of West Tilbury, 23 Oct 1880 at West Tilbury 2728-80 Simi? MALENFONT, 26, farmer, Montreal, Anderdon, s/o Edward MALANFONT (sic) & Emilie LEROCQUE, married Marie PACQUETTE, 33, Anderdon, same, d/o Julian PACQUETTE & Angele RICHARD, witn: Hilier GIGNAC & Atene PACQUETTE, both of Anderdon, 9 Feb [1880] at Anderdon
2642-80 William MANNING, 24, merchant, Canada, West Tilbury, s/o John MANNING & Maria LATREILLE, married Marguerite AINSLIE, 19, Canada, West Tilbury, d/o George AINSLIE & Mary STUART, wit: Ralph H. AINSLIE of Comber, 23 Aug 1880 at Comber 2649-80 Joseph MARCHAND, 21, farmer, Tilbury East, same, s/o Pierre MARCHAND & Euphrosine MARTIN, married Domathilde BEAUGRAND, 18, West Tilbury, Tilbury East, d/o Antoine BEAUGRAND & Mathilda JACQUES, witn: Charles BEAUGRAND & John MARCHAND, both of West Tilbury, 16 Nov 1880 at West Tilbury
2762-80 Christophe MARENTETTE, 25, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Henry & Victoire, married Christine BELLEPERCHE, 22, Sandwich East, same, d/o Francis & Henriette, witn: Thomas BELLEPERCHE of Sandwich East & Rosalie MARENTETTE of Sandwich West, 9 Feb [1880] at St. Anns Church 2780-80 Patrick MARENTETTE, 25, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Navare MARENTETTE & Leocadie LEMAY, married Marie Elizabeth JANISSE, 22, Sandwich West, Sandwich, d/o Didase JANISSE & Adeline MONFORTON, witn: Joseph MARENTETTE of Sandwich West & Zoe JANISSE of Sandwich, 5 Oct [1880] at Sandwich
2567-80 Joseph MASSON, 27, millwright, Quebec, Spring Lake Mich., s/o Joseph MASSON & Adelaide TEBADES?, married Emilie MASSON, 23, Quebec, Windsor, d/o Demas? MASSON & Margaret BOLAND, witn: Demas & Alfred MASSON of Windsor, 31 Jan 1880 at Windsor 2811-80 - John A. McCAULEY, 26, farmer, Rochester, Sandwich West, s/o Samuel & Rachel, married Alice Emily SMITH, 23, Rochester, same, d/o Edmund & Emily, witn: William & Hannah McCAULEY of Rochester, 1 Dec 1880 at Rochester
#002682-80 (Essex Co) George McCLAIN, 21, Colchester, Romney, b, farmer, s/o William & Sarah McCLAIN, married Sarah CHRISTIE, 30, Toronto, Mersea, s, d/o William & Mary Ann CHRISTIE, witn: George HUTT, Annie KENNEDY, both Mersea, 8 October 1880, Mersea 2560-80 William McCLELLAND, 24, mechanic, Scotland, Springfield Ohio, s/o James & Mary, married Frances Jane DOWNEY, 18, Windsor, same, d/o James & Jane, witn: John H. & Nellie DOWNEY of Detroit, 24 Nov 1880 at Windsor
13485-80 John McCORMICK, 32, stoker on transport, Quebec, Amherstburg, s/o George & Catherine, married Eliza CRIMMINS, 28, widow, Kingsville, Amherstburg, d/o William ENGLAND & Sarah, wtn: Elsie CHURCHILL & James RANKIN, both of Amherstburg, 23 July 1880 at Amherstburg 2634-80 Philip McCORRY, 32, laborer, Ireland, West Tilbury, s/o Hugh McCORRY & Leonard MULHOLLAND, married Mathilda SCHULTZ, 22, West Tilbury, same, d/o Frederick SCHULTZ & Ritchel (Rachel?) BLACK, witn: Thomas McMAHON & Mary Anna CALLAHAN, both of Tilbury East, 18 May 1880 at West Tilbury
2515-80 Alexander McHUTCHEON (s/b McCutcheon?), 20, butcher, Scotland, Amherstburg, s/o Walter McHUTCHEON & Jeanette WHITE, married Annie RENAUD, 18, Amherstburg, same, d/o James RENAUD & Archange BASTIEN, witn: Adolphe GRANDMAISON & Louisa BASTIEN, both of Amherstburg, 27 Nov 1880 at Amherstburg 2650-80 James McMAHON, 21, farmer, Tilbury East, same, s/o Michael McMAHON & Marguerite REILLY, married Marguerite HOGAN, 19, Detroit, Tilbury East, d/o Michael HOGAN & Fannie FLOOD, witn: Thomas & Martin McMAHON of Tilbury East, 9 Nov 1880 at West Tilbury
2710-80 Vincent McQUADE, 22, farmer, Essex Co., Anderdon twp., s/o Patrick & Margaret, married Cecilia COOKE, 20, Anderdon twp., same, d/o John & Cecilia, witn: Thomas TAYLOR & Mary BURNS, 7 July 1880 at Kingsville 2668-80 John Alexander McVEAN, 28, farmer, Toronto, Tilbury East, s/o Archibald McVEAN & Helene GORDON, married Mary Jessie McGREGOR, 28, Tilbury East, same, d/o Alex McGREGOR & Marguerite COULTS, witn: James GORDON of Dover West & Alex COULTS of Tilbury East, 10 May 1880 at St. Francis
2718-80 Henry MEIKLE (Mukle?), 25, farmer, Malden twp., Pelee Island, s/o Andrew & Lucinda, married Frances McCORMICK, 32, Colchester twp., Pelee Island, d/o William & Esther, witn: James DOAN & Adelia HARRIS, both of Kingsville, 8 Nov 1880 at res of James Doan sq., Kingsville 2800-80 Moise MENARD, 22, carriage maker, Belle River, Ruthven, s/o Lambert MENARD & Helene CHARRON, married Clophee HAMEL, 20, Belle River, same, d/o Francois Xavier HAMEL & Monique DUROCHER, witn: Lambert MENARD & Antoine HAMEL, both of Belle River, 6 Nov 1880 at Belle River
2610-80 David MIFFLIN, 24, farmer, Tilbury, Tilbury - Kent Co., s/o Cornelius & Mary, married Jane CARTWRIGHT, 25, Tilbury, Tilbury - Kent, d/o William & Jane, witn: Rose FOX & Cordelia WINNIS?, both of Leamington, 7 Oct 1880 at Leamington 2612-80 John K. MILES, 24, yeoman, Canada, Mersea, s/o Frederick & Eliza, married Matilda ROBINSON, 18, Canada, Mersea, d/o George & Cordelia, wit: Elenner KENYON of Mersea & Andrew F. ALLEN of West Tilbury, 11 Nov 1880 at Leamington
2777-80 Chesney MILLER, 25, gentleman, Toronto, same, s/o Robert & Susan, married Julia E. BELL, 22, Aylmer Ont., Mersea twp., d/o James & Mary Arnold BELL, witn: Austin BELL of Detroit & Nellie PORTER, 31 Aug 1880 at not given 2584-80 John MILLIKEN, 30, widower, wagon maker, Sarnia, same, s/o Emanuel MILLIKEN & Ann HANNAH, married Frances Maria McWHORTER, 26, Nova Scotia, Sarnia, d/o Thomas McWHORTER & Nancy THOMPSON, witn: W. S. SUTHERLAND & Bessie GRAY, both of Windsor, 17 March 1880 at Windsor
2572-80 Joseph MILLS, 37, hotel keeper, USA, Bay City Mich., s/o not given, married Norah Ann PUCKETT, 35, Canada, Bay City Mich., d/o John & Bridget, witn: Thomas HILLIER & M. A. CAULFIELD, both of Windsor, 12 Feb 1880 at Windsor 2803-80 Frederic MOISON, 22, farmer, Rochester twp., same, s/o Isidore MOISON & Mathilde Colbert KNAPP, married Elizabeth RENAUD, 20, Rochester twp., same, d/o Jean Baptiste RENAUD & Francoise RAC--ETTE?, witn: Joseph LABUTE? & Marianne MOISON, 16 Nov 1880 at Belle River [faded reg'n]
2615-80 James E. MONCK (Mouck?), 25, laborer, Canada, Leamington, s/o George & Catherine, married Mary E. WILLIAMSON, 17, Canada, Leamington, d/o John & Ellen, witn: Martha A. & Mary A. GOODWIN of Leamington, 9 Nov 1880 at Leamington 2546-80 Henry (Harry?) B. MORGAN, 25, clerk, --olland? Ont., Windsor, s/o William H. MORGAN & Maria AR--?, married Nellie PORTER, 24, Sarnia, Windsor, d/o James PORTER & Ellen ARNOLD, witn: Andrew PATTERSON & Maggie PORTER, both of Windsor, 15 Sept 1880 at Windsor
2544-80 William James MORRISON, 31, blacksmith, Cavan Ont., Chatham, s/o James & Margaret, married Mary WEST, 28, Chatham, Raleigh, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Hannah SHERK of Galt & Bessie SMITH of Windsor, 17 Aug 1880 at Windsor 2497-80 William MUSTARD, 42, miller, Scotland, Tuckersmith, s/o James & Henrietta, married Aggie McKENZIE, 31, Scotland, Amherstburg, d/o John & Eliza, witn: John McKENZIE of Moore & Margaret FRASER of Amherstburg, 10 Feb 1880 at Amherstburg
2809-80 - John William MYLES (or Nyles), 24, farmer, Rochester, South Woodslee, s/o John & Catherine, married Amanda KERR, 19, Erin - Wellington, South Woodslee, d/o William & Amanda, witn: Robert KERR & David McRAE, both of S. Woodslee, 1 June 1880 at S. Woodslee 2810-80 - William Nathan MYLES (or Nyles), 22, farmer, Rochester, same, s/o John & Catherine, married Emma Jane BROWN, 21, Bayham, Rochester, d/o Alfred & Catherine, witn: Sarah LUDLAM of Rochester, 12 Oct 1880 at Rochester
2697-80 Henry NOBLE, 29, farmer, Ruthven, same, s/o John & Mary, married Emma Elizabeth BUCKINGHAM, 22, Mariposa twp., North Colchester, d/o Richard & Mary, witn: Cyrus COMBE & Maria BUCKINGHAM, both of Colchester North, 29 Dec 1880 at Colchester North 2751-80 William ODGERS, 41, laborer, New York, Sandwich East, s/o John ODGERS & Rachel LAKE, married Sophia CHARTIER, 32, Quebec, Sandwich East, d/o Narcis & Caroline, witn: Denis MAHONEY & Francis JIRARD, both of Sandwich East, 3 Aug 1880 at St. Ann of Sandwich
2720-80 William L. ORTON, 19, farmer, Gosfield twp., same, s/o Zenos & Eliza, married Anna NOBLE, 17, Gosfield twp., same, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Oliver NOBLE & James SMITH, both of Gosfield, 6 Oct. 1880 at Methodist Parsonage, Kingsville  
2726-80 Xavier OUELLETTE, 26, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Herbert OUELLETTE & Solemie PACQUETTE, married Dolphine MARION, 25, Anderdon, same, d/o Medard MARION & Julia DAUPIES, witn: Serphin & Elmire DAUPIES, both of Anderdon, 19 April 1880 at Anderdon 2652-80 Clement OUELLETTE, 28, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Climague OUELLETTE & Flavie FALAND, married Francoise DESJARLAIS, 28, West Tilbury, same, d/o Alexander DESJARLAIS & Suzane MAILLOUX, wtn: Sa--? CHARETTE of Sandwich West & Rosalie DESJARLAIS of West Tilbury, 5 Sept 1880 at West Tilbury
2500-80 Daniel OUELLETTE, 28, farmer, Sandwich, Colchester, s/o Clovie? OUELLETTE & Clothilde FARLAND?, married Josephine RENAUD, 21, Colchester, same, d/o Joseph RENAUD & V? TOURANGEAU, witn: Daniel OUELETTE (sic) & Elizabeth RENAUD, both of Colchester, 9 July (Jan?) 1880 at Amherstburg 2805-80 - Moise OUELLETTE, 32, widower, farmer, Maidstone twp., same, s/o Charles OUELLETTE & Marguerite RENAUD, married Marguerite ROBIDOUX, 42, widow, Maidstone twp., same, d/o Alexandre RAINVILLE & Francoise DESROCHERS, witn: John OUELLETTE of Maidstone & Moise RAINVILLE of Rochester, 23 Nov 1880 at Belle River (Rom Cath)
2552-80 George Calder PALMER, 28, physician, Canada, Michigan, s/o William PALMER & Jessie CALDER, married Lilla Elizabeth FLEMING, 22, Canada, Windsor, d/o Samuel FLEMING & Sophia HOWARD?, witn: A. H. & B. H. FLEMING of Windsor, 26 Oct 1880 at Windsor 2794-80 Richard PARE, 24, laborer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Antoine PARE & Adelaide TOURANGEAU, married Emilie MELOCHE, 20, Sandwich West, d/o Jean Baptiste MELOCHE & Rose FORTIER, witn: Joseph MELOCHE & Rose PARE, both of Sandwich West, 19 Jan 1880 at not given [reg'd in Sandwich town]
2654-80 Joseph PARENT, 23, laborer, Sandwich East, West Tilbury, s/o Peter PARENT & Caroline LABADIE, married Celina LADOUCEUR, 19, St. Beatrice Que., West Tilbury, d/o Charles LADOUCEUR & Philomene LAFORTUNE, witn: Archile? LADOUCEUR & Catherine VANIER, both of West Tilbury, 5 Sept 1880 at West Tilbury 2760-80 Denis PARENT, 28, sailor, Sandwich East, same, s/o Andre & Tarsile, married Charlotte LANGLOIS, 29, Sandwich East, same, d/o Pierre LANGLOIS & Emily St.LOUIS, witn: Emiline PARENT & Catherine LANGLOIS, both of Sandwich East, 29 Jan 1880 at St. Anns Church
2770-80 Victor PARENT, 27, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Jacques PARENT & Henriette CAMPEAU, married Catherine MAINVILLE, 23, Sandwich East, same, d/o Francis Xavier MAINVILLE & Caroline DROUILLARD, witn: Luc PARENT of Sandwich West & E. HENRY of Sandwich, 27 April 1880 at Sandwich 2536-80 Frank PELTON, 23, saw mill hand, Pennsylvania, same, s/o Richard PELTON & Maria BURTON, married Maria GORDON, 20, Sandusky Ohio, same, d/o James GORDON & Maria GOODWIN, witn: N. M. STEVENSON of Barrie Canada & Jane LODD (Todd?) of Windsor, 3 July 1880 at Windsor
2748-80 Josiah PETERSON, 21, yeoman, Gosfield, same, s/o John W. & Jane, married Mary Jane WHITTLE, 19, Gosfield, same, d/o John & Ann, witn: Charles A. WHITTLE & Elizabeth E. McQUEEN, both of Gosfield, 26 May 1880 at Gosfield 2753-80 Pierre PITRE, 28, painter, Sandwich East, same, s/o Medard & Mathild, married Mary LANGLOIS, 26, Sandwich East, same, d/o Pierre & Emelie, witn: Henry CAMPEAU & Delphine LANGLOIS, both of Sandwich East, 5 Sept 1880 at St. Ann, Sandwich East
2655-80 Peter PLOUFE, 25, farmer, West Tilbury, same, s/o Jean Bte. PLOUFE & Flavie PILLETTE, married Adel GENDRON, 23, Detroit, same, d/o Theodore GENDRON & Adee GRIFFARD, witn: Ovide PLOUFE & Caroline GENDRON, both of West Tilbury, 14 Sept 1880 at West Tilbury 2569-80 William H. PRICE, 21, drayman, Windsor, same, s/o James & Matilda, married Lottie PRESTON, 21 Toronto, Windsor, d/o William & Lotty, witn: Nannie? FAULKNER & Clara GARRET, both of Windsor, 20 March 1880 at Windsor
#002678-80 (Essex Co) Henry PUFFLEMIRE, 22, Mersea, same, b, farmer, s/o Henry & Mary Jane PUFFLEMIRE, married Hannah Matilda WILLIAMS, 30, Mersea, same, s, d/o Richard & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, witn: Isaac WILLIAMS, Jas. REID, both Mersea, 23 May 1880, Mersea 2685-80 Solomon QUICK, 23, yeoman, Leamington, Mersea, s/o Thomas QUICK & Hannah WIPER, married Jane HARRIS, 18, Beverly, Mersea, d/o Thomas HARRIS & Agnes SKINNER, witn: William CAMPBELL & Catherine HARRIS, both of Mersea twp., 22 Dec 1880 at Mersea
2712-80 George M. QUICK, 21, farmer, Gosfield, Anderdon twp., s/o Joseph & Lucinda, married Ada E. MAYHEW, 20, Anderdon, same, d/o Peter D. & Elizabeth E., witn: Daniel & Catherine MAYHEW of Anderdon, 23 Sept 1880 at Kingsville 2611-80 Robert QUICK, 29, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, married Hattie LEGROS, 21, Niagara?, Mersea, d/o Antoine & Ann, witn: Mrs. Jane LOVELESS & Miss Edith FORD, both of Leamington, 25 Oct. 1880 at Leamington
2658-80 Vital REAUME, 23, farmer, Tilbury East, same, s/o Charles REAUME & Jeanne TRUDELLE, married Marie Louise DUPUIS, 27, St. Anicet Que., West Tilbury, d/o George DUPUIS & Flavie BONNEVILLE, witn: Claude REAUME & Marie DUPUIS, both of West Tilbury, 12 Oct 1880 at West Tilbury 2659-80 Antony REAUME, 23, farmer, West Tilbury, same, s/o Francois Xavier REAUME & Josephte CHEVALIER, married Julie LARIVIERE, 17, St. Clet Que., West Tilbury, d/o Jean Bte. LARIVIERE & Adeline DENIS, witn: Jean Bte. LALONDE & Rosana DEMARSE, both of West Tilbury, 9 Nov 1880 at West Tilbury
2802-80 Israel REAUME, 19, laborer, Stoney Point, Rochester twp., s/o Francis Xavier REAUME & Josette CHEVALIER, married Louise RAINVILLE, 17, Rochester, same, d/o Alexandre RAINVILLE & Eliza DESJARLETS, witn: Charles LADOUCEUR & Hortense RAINVILLE, both of Rochester, 9 Nov 1880 at Belle River 2783-80 Patrick REAUME, 31, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Claude REAUME & Edesse LEDUC, married Rose DUMOUCHELLE, 22, Sandwich West, same, d/o Jerome DUMOUCHELLE & Jeanne COTE, witn: Fred DUMOUCHELLE of Sandwich West & Charlotte REAUME of Sandwich East, 24 Oct [1880] at Sandwich
2727-80 Cyprien RENEAUD, 25, carpenter, Anderdon, St. Ann, s/o Faber RENEAUD & Victoria BASMIER, married Elinea VERMETTE, 25, Sandwich, Sandwich West, d/o Antoine VERMETTE & Catherine LORRAIN, witn: Alfred RENEAUD of Anderdon & Catherine SEMANDASE of Sandwich West, 1 July 1880 at Anderdon 2694-80 Peter RENAULD, 66, widower, farmer, Quebec, Colchester North, s/o Joachim & Archange, married Mary SUPPLIEN, 49, widow, Quebec, Colchester, d/o Lance & Adeline [no surname given], witn: Thomas MELOCHE & Charles GRANDIN, both of Colchester, 18 Oct. 1880 at not given [reg'd in Colchester North]
2614-80 Robert B. ROACH, 31, widower, yeoman, Canada, Romney, s/o Morris & Ann, married Rosella DAWSON, 20, Canada, Romney, d/o Randolph & Betsy, witn: Susan GIBSON & Margaret ROACH, both of Leamington, 8 Nov 1880 at Leamington 2674-80 Samuel G. ROACH, 21, mechanic, Canada, Leamington, s/o William & Nancy, married Clara MALOTT, 20, Canada, Mersea twp., d/o Michael & Lydia, witn: Clarence MALOTT & Annie WIPER, both of Mersea, 3 March 1880 at Mersea
2636-80 Camile ROBERT, 22, farmer, West Tilbury, same, s/o Camile ROBERT & Philomene St.DENIS, married Catherine DUPUIS, 18, West Tilbury, same, d/o Leon DUPUIS & Catherine LARCHE, witn: Olivier & Joseph LARCHE of Tilbury East, 1 June 1880 at West Tilbury 2699-80 William Findlay ROBERTS, 34, yeoman, South Dorchester, same, s/o Henry & Jennet, married Margaret BRYE, 22, South Dorchester, same, d/o James & Eliza, witn: John B. & May J. BELFRY of Essex Centre, 20 April 1880 at Essex Centre
2535-80 David D. ROBERTSON, 57, widower, master painter, Scotland, Detroit, s/o James ROBERTSON & Annie B. PATTON, married Bessie WHITAKER, 36, Dublin Ireland, Windsor, d/o John WHITAKER & Ann McVITTIE, witn: Robert FERGUS & A. W. DOYRE?,, both of Windsor, 5 July 1880 at Windsor 2752-80 Jule ROBINET, 22, merchant, France, Sandwich East, s/o Pierre Antoine & Josephine, married Marie SEQUIN, 19, Sandwich East, same, d/o Joseph & Marceline, witn: Hector ROBINET & Victoire SEGUIN, both of Sandwich East, 17 Aug 1880 at St. Ann
2740-80 George ROBLIN, 44, widower, farmer, Amherstburg, same, s/o Philip & Nancy, married Caroline A. HILLIS, 30, widow, Gosfield, same, d/o Adam R. WIGLE & Lucinda, wit: James & Margaret DOAN of Kingsville, 29 Sept 1880 at Gosfield 2641-80 Philippe ROCK, 23, laborer, West Tilbury, same, s/o Louis ROCK & Marguerite PAQUIN, married Aimie REAUME, 22, Tilbury East, same, d/o Richard REAUME & Judith PELTIER, witn: Alexandre REAUME & Helene TRUDELLE, both of Tilbury East, 7 Aug 1880 at West Tilbury
#002609-80 - George ROSS (could be Rose). 25. yeoman, Gosfield, Colchester, s/o Uriah & Cecilia, married Melinda FLOOD, 21, Gosfield, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: Raymin? D-illegible of Kingsville & Ortena? WIGH of Gosfield, 5 Oct 1880 at Leamington 2581-80 William ROSS, 35, stuart?, Pakenham Que. Detroit, s/o James ROSS & Mary FOSTER, married Ellen LEAY (Levy?), 26, Ireland, Windsor, d/o Michael LEAY & Mary DOYLE, witn: Rev. James SCANLON & Catherine McCAFFREY, both of Windsor, 30 May 1880 at Windsor
2542-80 William W. ROWAN, 31, police officer, Pittsfield Mich., Jackson Mich., s/o James P. & Abigail, married Mary C. CAIN, 30, Lucking Co. Ohio, Ontville? Ohio, d/o John & Mary, witn; Bessie SMITH & Hannah GILBERT, both of Windsor, 28 July 1880 at Windsor 2769-80 Leo ROY, 26, laborer, Rougemont France, Sandwich, s/o John ROY & Phillippine VOISIN (Voirin?), married Josephine VERNIER, 24, Doles France, Sandwich, d/o Jean VERNIER & Mary BERGNE, witn: Adolphe VERNIER & Peter ROBINET, both of Sandwich, 14 April 1880 at Sandwich
2633-80 Rev. James Edgar RUSS, 30, minister, Canada, Brussels, s/o William & Marietta, married Della WOODBRIDGE, 21, Colborne, same, d/o William & Alice, witn: Henry & Mary RUSS of Mersea, 28 Oct 1880 at Colborne 2530-80 Edwin RUTHVEN, 28, farmer, Canada, Malden, s/o James & Sarah, married Eliza Lucina HUFFMAN, 18, USA, Malden, d/o John & Rebecca Jane, witn: Alexander & Ann McGEE of Malden, 28 Jan 1880 at Malden
2639-80 Charles St. AMOUR, 23, farmer, Dover West, West Tilbury, s/o Stanislas St.AMOUR & Catherine CLAI--?, married Emelie TREMBLAY, 19, West Tilbury, same, d/o Pierre TREMBLAY & Esthine? DANIEL, witn: Napoleon AUTHIER & Joseph TREMBLAY, both of West Tilbury, 6 July 1880 at West Tilbury 2554-80 Henry St.LOUIS, 25, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Anthony St.LOUIS & Anna BABY, married Clara MARENTETTE, 21, Windsor, same, d/o Cesaire MARENTETTE & Sarah PARENT, witn: Anthony St.LOUIS of Sandwich East & Benjamin MARENTETTE of Windsor, 9 Nov 1880 at Windsor
2528-80 George William SANCRAUT?, 18, farmer, Ohio, Michigan, s/o Moses & Phoebe, married Emma E. McKENZIE, 17, Canada, Anderdon, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Joseph RESER? of Marine Co. Mich & Mary Ann McKENZIE of Anderdon, 17 May 1880 at Anderdon 2488-80 Thomas SAWYER, 35, farmer, widower, s/o John & Mary A., married Elizabeth CONNELL, 30, Colchester, same, witn: John SAWYER of Colchester, 10 Jan 1880 at Amherstburg [no other info given]
2518-80 Hugh V. SCALLON, 33, doctor, of Calumet US, s/o Thomas SCALLON & Elizabeth A. O'NEIL, married Julie LAFFERTE, 23, Amherstburg, same, d/o Jacques LAFFERTE & Victoire LANGLOIS, witn: James SCALLON of Amherstburg & Rose LAFFERTE of Detroit, 20 Oct 1880 at Amherstburg 2559-80 John Warren SCOTT, 24, mechanic, "Orford Co of Bothwell", same, s/o James & Susan, married Catherine E. GLENNIE, 23, Delaware twp., Caradoc twp., d/o George & Ruth, witn: Bessie SMITH & Franklin SHORLAND?, both of Windsor, 22 Nov 1880 at Windsor
2526-80 Franklin Palmer SCRATCH, 24, clerk, Gosfield, Amherstburg, s/o Archibald & Deborah, married Elizabeth DUNCANSON, 26, Amherstburg, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Eli SCRATCH of Gosfield & Mary DUNCANSON of Amherstburg, 29 Dec 1880 at Amherstburg 2716-80 Eli Benson SCRATCH, 33, book keeper, Gosfield, Kingsville, s/o Joseph B. & Mary, married Mina SCRATCH, 23, Kingsville, same, d/o Leonard & Mary, witn: A. E. GRENVILLE of Kingsville & Robert WIGLE of Leamington, 20 Oct 1880 at res of bride's father, Kingsville
2742-80 James B. SCRATCH, 20, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o Alpheus SCRATCH & Nancy PALMER, married Salome D. McQUEEN, 20, Gosfield, same, d/o William McQUEEN & Mary WIGLE, witn: Eli J. SCRATCH & Mary E. SCRATCH of Gosfield, 29 Nov 1880 at Gosfield 2616-80 Albert SETTERINGTON, 39, farmer, Mersea twp., Leamington, s/o John & Lucretia, married Fanny BEE, 28, Romney, Leamington, d/o William & Ruth, witn: Joseph KERR of Elgin Co & Mary BEE of Romney, 10 Nov 1880 at Leamington
2537-80 William SHEPPARD, 25, farmer, Canada, Newbury, s/o William SHEPPARD & Julia BURCH, married Elizabeth PLUMMER, 28, England, London, d/o Edward PLUMMER & Ann DEAN, witn: James BAINES? & Joanna NEIL, both of Windsor, 6 July 1880 at Windsor 2870-80 William SILBERMAN, 39, cigar maker, Germany, Windsor, s/o S. & Julia, married Ann SILBERMAN, 23, widow, Colchester, Windsor, d/o Ann (sic) & Julia JOHNSTON, witn: Caddie & Warren? FAULKNER of Windsor, 28 March 1880 at Windsor
2664-80 Christian SIMONS, 28, farmer, Rochester, same, s/o Adam & Alice, married Gemma? HILLSMAN (s/b Hillman?), 20, Comber, same, d/o Esau HILLSMAN & Nancy BRIGHT, witn: Daniel P. DEMEST, 18 Jan 1880 at Comber 2708-80 John SMALEY, 25, carpenter, Michigan US, Kingsville, s/o Edward & Clarissa, married Elizabeth KNIGHT, 6, England, Gosfield, d/o Richard & Harriet, witn: George & Sarah KNIGHT of Gosfield, 6 May 1880 at Methodist Parsonage, Kingsville
2593-80 David L?. SMITH, 35, widower, merchant, England, Windsor, s/o David & Ellen, married Mary SULLIVAN, 26, Windsor, same, d/o John D. & Charlotte, witn: James JOHNSTON & Adda SULLIVAN, both of Windsor, 27 April 1880 at Windsor 2602-80 Wellington SNIDER, 23, laborer, Gainsboro twp., Wheatley, s/o Henry & Martha, married Martha TERRY, 18, Blanshard twp., Leamington, d/o Richard & Harriet, witn: S. O. LOUNSBURY & Fannie TERRY, both of Wheatley, 19 May 1880 at Leamington
2670-80 Johnston STACEY, 25, merchant, Canada, St. Marys, s/o William & mother dead, married Ida NUTSON?, 17, Canada, Mersea, d/o Alexander WILKENSON (sic) & Mrs. A., witn: Kaleski WILKINSON of Leamington & William STACEY of Comber, 7 Jan 1880 at Mersea 2669-80 Samuel STEEN, 28, farmer, Canada, West Tilbury, s/o George & Eliza, married Sophia ELLIOT, 14, West Tilbury, same, d/o William & Janet, witn: Janet ELLIOT & Ana TAYLOR, both of West Tilbury, 25 May 1880 at Chatham
2722-80 Richard STEWART, 24, farmer, Welland Co., 4th line Gosfield twp., s/o Joseph & Jane, married Henrietta SWEETMAN, 18, Gosfield, 4th line Gosfield twp., d/o William & Ann, witn: Michael & Caroline SWEETMAN of Gosfield twp., 21 Dec 1880 at Kingsville 2564-80 Thomas STODDARD, 24, laborer, Windham Canada, Colchester, s/o George & Margaret, married Mary Ann SMITH, 19, Norwich Canada, Colchester, d/o Henry & Melissa, witn: Abel MARK & Jennie LEE, both of Colchester, 28 Dec 1880 at Windsor
2543-80 Leroy B. STOUTLAND?, 24, engineer, Dryden NY, Syracuse USA, s/o J. B. & E., married Anna CROUTTCH?, 18, Ionia Mich., same, d/o M. B. & A., witn: C. L. NEWTON & Clara FLOYD, both of Detroit, 18 Aug 1880 at Windsor 2744-80 Charles C. SYPPS (Lypps?), 23, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o Francis SYPPS & Ann BARRON, married Annette France MUNSON?, 17, Durham Co., Gosfield, d/o David MUNSON & Anna OCKERMAN, witn: Dunham MUNSON & Ruby FOX, both of Gosfield, 22 Dec 1880 at Gosfield
2688-80 John THORNE, 28, druggist, Port Hope, Essex Centre, s/o Robert & Mary, married Fanny PAYNE, 18, Cleveland, Essex Centre, d/o George & Hannah, witn: R. BADMAN (Bachman?) of Glencoe & Hattie PAYNE of Essex Centre, 14 Sept 1880 at Essex Centre 2558-80 John Henry THURSTON, 21, farmer, Colchester, Gosfield, s/o John B. & Eliza, married Alice BARRETT, 16, Canada, Gosfield, d/o Charles Mark & Harriet, witn: Eliza BROOKS & Franklin SHORLAND, both of Windsor, 15 Nov 1880 at Windsor
002915 81 (Essex) William H TILSON, 22, Easbicok?, Tilbury, farmer, s/o Henry & Jane TILSON to Margaret REID, 26, Mersea, Mersea, d/o David & Isabella REID; wit Irwin ARMSTRONG & Mary Ann REID on 15, December 1880 in Mersea 2550-80 Robert TIMMS?, 29, printer, Canada, Windsor, s/o William TIMMS & Mary Ann BAYLISS, married Lydia SALMON, 27, England, Windsor, d/o Joseph SALMON & Eliza PALMER, witn: Donald CAMERON & Jos? BELL, both of Windsor, 12 Oct. 1880 at Windsor
2763-80 William TOUR, 24, laborer, Hamilton, Sandwich East, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Virginie CECILE, 26, Sandwich East, same, d/o Antoine & Angelique, witn: Joseph BELLEPERCHE & Josephine CECILE, both of Sandwich East, 11 April 1880 at St. Anns Church 2599-80 William TRUAX, 30, laborer, Canada, Mersea, s/o Freeman & Sally, married Alzora WIPER, 19, Mersea, same, d/o Henry & Melissa, witn: Andrew LERR? & Ann WIPER, both of Mersea, 25 Feb. 1880 at Leamington
2586-80 Charles UTTEY (Utley?), 26, farmer, Michigan USA, Sandwich East, s/o James UTTEY & Margaret Jane PETINGDALE, married Alzena FAROUGH, 16, Sandwich East, same, d/o Joseph & Sarah, witn: Sarah FAROUGH & Catherine COLLINS, both of Sandwich East, 8 June 1880 at Windsor 2591-80 Harrison VERNON, 45, widower, shoe maker, Edinburgh Scotland, Colchester, s/o Harrison & Gertrude, married Elizabeth E. LAUGHLIN, 27, widow, Wayne Mich., Monroe Mich., d/o Isaac TERVILL? & Caroline, 26 Jan 1880 at Windsor
2775-80 Joseph VILLENEUVE, 35, widower, butcher, Ecoree? Mich., Detroit, s/o not given, married Nathalie MELOCHE, 24 (20?) yrs + 11 mon, Sandwich West, same, d/o Jean Baptiste MELOCHE & Charlotte PAGOT, witn: Adolphe ANTAYA & Angele MELOCHE, both of Sandwich West, 12 July 1880 at ? 2773-80 Francois VILLERS dit St.LOUIS, 28, farmer, Sandwich East, Sandwich West, s/o Antoine St.LOUIS & Ann BABY, married Mary DUMOUCHELLE, 34, Sandwich West, same, d/o Charles DUMOUCHELLE & Thais PAQUETTE, witn: Charles DUMOUCHELLE of Sandwich West & Antoine St.LOUIS of Sandwich East, 31 May 1880 at Sandwich
2785-80 Denis VILLERS alias St.LOUIS, 23, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Leander VILLERS alias St.LOUIS & Francoise JANISSE, married Susanne LANGLOIS, 20, Sandwich East, same, d/o Alexis LANGLOIS & Marie RIVARD, witn: Paul JANISSE & Celina LANGLOIS, both of Sandwich East, 9 Nov [1880] at Sandwich 2566-80 John VINCENT, no age given, maltster, Somerset England, Windsor, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Annie Maria SHARP, 20, Exeter Ont., Windsor, d/o Ralph & Eleanor, wtn: William BENSON & Jennie SHARP, both of Windsor, 31 Dec 1880 at Windsor
#002605-80 - Robert WEBBER, 25, yeoman, Canada, Mersea, s/o John & Susan, married Elizabeth KELLY, 17, Canada, Mersea, d/o Daniel & Sarah, witn: John MUTCH & W.H. JEFFERSON, both of Leamington, 22 May 1880 at Leamington 2585-80 William WESTBROOK, 20, sailor, Marine City Mich., Sandwich, s/o James WESTBROOK & Catherine FLOOD, married Margaret A. BLUETTE, 22, Gananoque, Sandwich, d/o William BLUETTE & Harriet KARR, witn: Catherine & Elizabeth VESSEY of Windsor, 1 May 1880 at Windsor
2691-80 William Henry WESTERN, 20, farmer, Mariposa twp., Colchester North, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane RADCLIFF, 21, England, Sandwich East, d/o Samuel & Sarah Ann, witn: C. F. & Martha J. GOODWIN of Essex Centre, 13 Oct. 1880 at Essex Centre 2630-80 Calvin WESTON, 22, carpenter,, Mersea, Colborne, s/o Alexander & Hannah, married Mina WESTON, 19, Colborne, Colchester South, d/o Edward TAYLOR & Mary, 21 June 1880 at Colchester South
2651-80 Daniel WHALES, 38, widower, farmer, Canada, West Tilbury, s/o William WHALES & Anna MARTIN, married Maria KELLY, 32, widow, England, West Tilbury, d/o Richard PYNE & Mary LYONS (Lynn?), witn: James BALDWIN of West Tilbury, 15 Dec 1880 at Comber 2750-80 William WHITE, 23, farmer, Owen Sound, Colchester, s/o William & Ann Bella, married Abigail WIGLE, 19, Gosfield, same, d/o Solomon S. & Eliza, witn: Oliver J. WIGLE of Gosfield & Mary A. WHITE of Colchester, 23 June 1880 at Gosfield
2553-80 John WHITE, 61, farmer, widower, Kentucky US, Sandwich West, s/o Jacob & Esther, married Susan BROWN, 36, widow, Kentucky US, Windsor, d/o blank PAYNE, witn: Henry & Mrs. OFFER (Offet?), 3 Nov 1880 at Windsor 2525-80 David WHITEHEAD, 26, blacksmith, Scotland, Anderdon, s/o David & unknown, married Emma ARMSTRONG, 18, England, Anderdon, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Archibald J. McDONALD of Amherstburg & Della WHITE of Anderdon, 25 Dec 1880 at Amherstburg
2619-80 George WHITSELL, 22, laborer, Gosfield twp., Leamington, s/o Benjamin & Mary Jane, married M. Sarah MILLER, 20, Artemesia twp., Mersea, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Mrs. FOX of Mersea & Sarah A. WHITSELL of Leamington, 25 Dec 1880 at Leamington #002606-80 - William WHITTALL, 22, yeoman, Canada, Mersea, s/o Francis & Mary Ann, married Janet COLLARD, 21, Canada, Mersea, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: Hattie & Caroline GOODWIN, both of Leamington, 27 May 1880 at Leamington
2749-80 Charles A. WHITTLE, 23, yeoman, Gosfield, same, s/o John & Ann, married Elizabeth E. McQUEEN, 17, Gosfield, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: J. S. McQUEEN & Arizona WIGLE, both of Gosfield, 9 June 1880 at Gosfield 2703-80 Herbert WIGLE, 22, farmer, Kingsville, same, s/o Adam R. & Lucinda, married Almeda BAUSLAUGH, 18, Auterville? (Otterville?), Kingsville, d/o Charles & Sarah, witn: Daniel McKENZIE & Euphemia PEARSON, both of Kingsville, 6 Jan 1880 at Kingsville
2676-80 Leonard M. WIGLE, 23, yeoman, Canada, Mersea, s/o Alexander & Mary Ann, married Annie EMERSON, 18, Canada, Mersea, d/o Jonathan & Ann, witn: Seth EMERSON & Warren J. WALES, both of Mersea, 12 May 1880 at Mersea 2562-80 Edward WILCOX, 25, farmer, Canada, Dresden, s/o Charles & Annie, married Ellen HAINES, 29, NY state, Flushing Mich., d/o Joseph & Charlotte, witn: William FITZGERALD & Cora WILLIS, both of Detroit, 3 Dec 1880 at Windsor
2671-80 Albert WILKINSON, 26, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Cora Adelaide SCRATCH, 19, Mersea, same, d/o Oliver & Jane, witn: "parents of the bride & family", 8 Jan 1880 at Mersea 2673-80 Michael WIPER, 21, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o Thomas & Rachel, married Lucinda HILLMAN, 23, Mersea, same, d/o Ellis & Elizabeth, witn: William & Roxana HILLMAN, 18 Feb 1880 at Mersea
2527-80 James WRIGHT, 47, baker, Scotland, Sandwich East, s/o William & Margaret, married Martha GRANT, 47, widow, USA, Detroit, d/o William & Mary [no surname given], witn: James TEMPLETON & H. JACKSON, both of Amherstburg, 16 June 1880 at Methodist parsonage, Amherstburg 2573-80 Burtode? WRIGHT, 22, harness maker, Canada, Colchester twp., s/o Ebenezer & Eliza, married Minnie BINGHAM, 24, England, Dresden - Kent, d/o Joseph & Therza, wtn: Eliza & Carrie AYERS of Windsor, 17 Feb 1880 at Windsor
2508-80 Theodore YOUNG, 35, sailor, Malden, Amherstburg, s/o Isaac YOUNG & Mary Ann DURAND, married Maggie WILCOX, 23, Amherstburg, same, d/o Alexander WILCOX & Pauline GIRARDIN, witn: A. J. WILCOX & Aggie GIRARDIN, both of Amherstburg, 4 Sept 1880 at Amherstburg