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Essex Co., 1885


003068/85 (Essex Co) Alfred George ARMSTRONG, 24, farmer, Mersea, Mersea, s/o William ARMSTRONG & Ann, married Sarah Ann HATTON, 21, Peterborough, Mersea, d/o Joseph HATTON & Margaret, witn: Adolph ARMSTRONG of Mersea & Sarah Ann HATTON of Detroit, 27 October 1885, Mersea 003064/85 (Essex Co) Edward S. BACHELOR, 25, merchant, Norwich – Oxford, Leamington, s/o Thomas & Amanda, married Eva PRICE, 19, Bay City Michigan, Wheatley, d/o George & Fanney, witn: Sylvanus BACHELOR & Theresa DALES, 15 September 1885, Wheatley
003072/85 (Essex Co) George BLACK, 27, Medical student, Ontario, Detroit Michigan, s/o James BLACK & Maria BLACK, married Catherine SELKIRK, 25, Quebec Province, Mersea Ontario d/o Robert SELKIRK & Catherine SELKIRK, witn: James SELKIRK of Mersea & Margaret McDONALD of Leamington, 10 November 1885, Mersea 2934-85 George BULLOCK, 24, farmer, Peterborough Ont., Mersea, s/o James BULLOCK & Eliza LESLIE, married Rachel COULTER, 25, widow, Mersea, same, d/o Richard & Mrs. R. WILLIAMS, witn: Sarah C. JEFFREY & Carrie L. MYERS, both of Leamington, 9 Jan 1885 at Leamington
2864-85 - H.C.T. COTTELL, 35, farmer, Cornwall England, Gosfield twp., s/o Henry & Jane, married Adeline J. CLARK, 19, Durham Co. Ont., Gosfield twp., d/o Orrem (Arren?) & Margaret, witn: Watford J. CLARK of Cottam & Mrs. S. O. IRVINE of Woodslee, 30 March 1885 at Woodslee #003170-85 (Essex Co): Jacob CRAMER, 24, laborer, Detroit, Comber, s/o unknown, married Mary CAMPBELL, 19, Tilbury West, Comber, d/o John CAMPBELL & Ann NEWMAN, witn: C.T. FOORD & R.F. FAME, both of Comber, 13 July 1885 at Comber
003063/85 (Essex Co) William DAGLUS, 27, farmer, Mersea, Tilbury West, s/o Robert DAGLUS & Margaret, married Alice CARDER, 20, Brant, Mersea, d/o Henry CARDER & Sarah, witn: Elvira REID & Mary E. HOWEY both of Mersea, 14 September 1885, Mersea  
2938-85 George DEVORE, 26, jeweller, Ohio USA, Leamington, s/o Hibbard DEVORE & Elizabeth WARNICK, married Mary E. BURKHOLDER,, 16, Wentworth Co., Leamington, d/o Jacob BURKHOLDER & Elizabeth DINEEN, witn: Rev. C. W. BRISTOL & Mrs. P. MIERS, both of Leamington, 4 March 1885 at Leamington 2866-85 Francis DONNELLY, 22, mechanic, Amherstburg, Wheatley, s/o Francis DONNELLY & Mary Ann BAILEY, married Linda DELAIRIE, 23, Point Au Pelee, Leamington, d/o Oliver DELAIRIE & Esther ABBOTT, witn: William DELAIRIE & Annie FAREN, both of Leamington, 6 Oct. 1885 at Woodslie
002887-84 (Essex Co) William H. DREW (or Draw), 28; carpenter, Moulton, Colchester; bachelor; s/o Andrew & Eliza DREW, to Alice E. ARNVER; 24; Gosfield; Gosfield; d/o Henry & Susan ARNVER, witn: W. E. MILLYFORD & Thomas CLOSKE on 6 Jan 1885 [location not given] #003171-85 (Essex Co): David DUGUETTE, 26, yeoman, Tilbury West, same, s/o David DUGUETTE & Adelaide PAQUETTE, married Marie MARCHAND, 19, Tilbury West, same, d/o Edouard MARCHAND & Julienne GIROUX, witn: Joseph MARCHAND & Marie Louise DUGUETTE, both of Tilbury West, 21 June 1885 at Tilbury West (Rom Cath)
2881-85 James DUNHAM, 28, farmer, Michigan USA, Colchester, s/o James & Dollie, married Rosaline DUFOUR, 18, Malden, same, d/o Dennis & Margaret, witn: Mary A. THORNTON & Maggie E. MILLYARD, both of Kingsville, 7 Oct 1885 at Kingsville 2875-85 Emil ERHARD, 25, music teacher, France, Essex, s/o Severem & Aih, married Emily WILLIAMS, 20, Essex, Kingsville, d/o William & Caroline, witn: Esther BLACK & Wellington WIGLE, both of Kingsville, 13 Aug 1885 at Kingsville
2878-85 Scott FORSTER, 24, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Cordelia NEVILLE, 21, Gosfield, same, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Alexa Jane FORSTER & Maggie MILLYARD, both of Kingsville, 9 Sept 1885 at Kingsville 003073/85 (Essex Co) Thomas J. FOSTER, 23, farmer, Twp Peal, Mersea, s/o Ralph FOSTER & Ann WHALEY, married Pricilla E. MINNIS, 25, Mersea, Mersea, d/o John MINNIS & Esther McGAW?, witn: James E. KIMBALL & Malinda E. KIMBALL, 10 November 1885, Mersea
003074/85 (Essex Co) Nathan L. FOX, 24, farmer, Gosfield, Mersea, s/o Thomas & Euphemia, married Cassie BEACOM, 19, Mersea, Mersea, d/o Robert BEACOM & Jane, witn: James A. BEACOM & Maggie FOX both of Mersea, 24 November 1885, Goldsmith 003061/85 (Essex Co) Newman GARBUTT, 23, laborer, Etobicoke, Romney, s/o Robert GARBUTT & Ruth GARBUTT, married Ellen ROCK, 20, Mersea, Mersea, d/o Alexander ROCK & Margaret ROCK, witn: Jane MOORE & Melvin HOWEY both of Mersea, 7 July 1885, Mersea
2870-85 Robert GETTY, 20, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o William & Mariah, married Amelia CARSLENKE? (Caroline?), 18, Mersea twp., Gosfield twp., d/o Cornelius & Elizabeth WIPER, witn: Louisa SCRATCH & Sabina TODD, both of Gosfield, 3 Feb 1885 at Kingsville 2865-85 William GILLASPIE (s/b Gillespie?), 22, farmer, Sandwich East, Maidstone, s/o William & Mila?, married Eugenie MAITRE, 23, Sandwich East, Maidstone, d/o Joseph MAITRE & Maria, witn: Alex LESPERANCE of Maidstone & Philomene LEDUC of Rochester, 4 Aug 1885 at Tecumseh parish (Rom Cath)
2883-85 Benjamin Q?. GOSLIN, 21, farmer, Mersea, Colchester South, s/o William & Betsy Ann, married Sarah Jane HICKS, 21, Clark, Colchester, d/o Charles & Sarah Ann, witn: M. E. MILLYARD & M. J. GRANT, both of Kingsville, 23 Dec 1885 at Kingsville 2868-85 George GOTT, 24, farmer, Malden, same, s/o George & Maria, married Maggie S. BRUSH, 22, Malden, same, d/o Wheeler & Margaret, witn: Brook & Frances BRUSH of Malden, 21 Oct 1885 at res of bride's father,
2871-85 Edwin HARRIS, 24, merchant, Malden twp., Kingsville, s/o George & Sarah, married Rachel DOFFLEMIRE, 24, Colchester, Kingsville, d/o George & Emma, witn: James & Melinda BROWN of Kingsville, 13 Jan 1885 at Kingsville 2869-85 Seah? HAYES, 21, farmer, Cavan, Gosfield, s/o Richard & Agnes, married Ada? MALOTT, 20?, Mersea, Gosfield, d/o George & Ellen, witn: Mrs. M. E. MILLEFORD & Mary GRANT, both of Kingsville, 3 Feb 1885 at Parsonage, Kingsville
003077/85 (Essex Co) Colin B. HEATHERINGTON, 31, farmer, Ontario, Gosfield, s/o John HEATHERINGTON & Jane, married Nettie FOX, 28, Ontario, Mersea, d/o Thomas FOX & Euphemia, witn: Albert BEACOM & Maggie FOX of Mersea, 30 December 1885, Mersea 003058/85 (Essex Co) Ezra HILLMAN, 24, farmer, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, s/o Ellis HILLMAN & Elizabeth HILLMAN, married Ella May VALE, 17, Elgin Co., Mersea Twp, d/o William VALE & Sophia VALE, witn: George HILLMAN of Mersea & Octave SEAGER of Richmond Hill Co. of York, 7 June 1885, Leamington
2882-85 John Wesley HYATT, 25, carpenter, Gosfield, same, s/o Gilbert & Rebecca, married Eleanor Ruth SLATER, 22, Gosfield, same, d/o Hepam? & Circinda, witn: Erie LARCE & Franklin SLATER, both of Gosfield, 25 Nov 1885 at Kingsville 2874-85 James L. JEFFERY, 30, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o Matthew & Margaret, married Arvilla C. ORTON, 25, Gosfield, Mersea, d/o John & Maria, witn: Darius ORTON of Mersea, 6 May 1885 at Kingsville
  003069/85 (Essex Co) James Elliott KIMBELL, 31, farmer, Mersea, Mersea, s/o Nelson KIMBELL & Melissa STOCKWELL, married Malinda E. MINNIS, 27, Mersea, Mersea, d/o John MINNIS & Esther McGAW?, witn: Jefferson J. FOSTER & Priscilla E. MINNIS, 28 October 1885, Mersea
2863-85 John LATCHEN, 22, butcher, Windsor, same, s/o Henry & Mrs., married Delia HICKEY, 21, Detroit, Rochester twp., d/o William HICKEY & Elen KELLEY, witn: William & Catherine HICKEY of Woodslee, 15 Jan 1885 at Woodslee 003075/85 (Essex Co) Isaac LIVINGSTONE, 28, farmer, Ontario, Gosfield Ontario, s/o Robert LIVINGSTONE & Abigail, married Emily MANARY, 17, Ontario, Ontario, d/o Robert MANARY & Mary, witn: Rubin FOX & Annie MANARY both of Ontario, 25 December 1885, blank
003067/85 (Essex Co) Leonard Freeman LOOP, 21, farmer, Mersea, Mersea, s/o William LOOP & Sarah Elizabeth, married Belle JONES, 23, Gosfield, Mersea, d/o Absalom JONES & Agnes, witn: William W. SETTERINGTON & Mary LOOP both of Mersea, 11 October 1885, Leamington 2879-85 Peter A. MALOTT, 30, farmer, Tilbury twp., Gosfield twp., s/o Simon & Nancy, married Mary Jane BATTZER, 24, Gosfield twp., same, d/o Jacob & Nancy Jane, witn: Mary A. & Nannie B. THORNTON of Kingsville, 23 Sept 1885 at Kingsville
2873-85 George James MATTLOCK, 29, farmer, Haldimand, Gosfield twp., s/o Daniel & Huldah, married Harriet Ann TERRYBERRY, 20, Grimsby, Gosfield, d/o George & Margaret, witn: Charles CAUFIELD of Kingsville & Ellen MATTLOCK of Gosfield, 16 June 1885 at Kingsville 2880-85 William G. McDONALD, 24, farmer, Gosfield, same, s/o Hugh & Annie, married Georgiana FOX, 20, Gosfield, Mersea, d/o George & Julia Ann, witn: Charlotte A. FITCH & Maggie E. MILLYARD, both of Kingsville, 22 Sept 1885 at Kingsville
  003071/85 (Essex Co) Joseph James McKIBBON, 21, farmer, Duffins Creek Ontario, Mersea, s/o Joseph Craig McKIBBON & Margaret McKIBBON, married Ida Jane WATSON, 18, Munro Michigan, Mersea, d/o Joseph H. WATSON & Christine WATSON, witn: Alex REID & Rosella NUTE both of Leamington, 7 November 1885, Leamington
2876-85 William Allan McLEAN, 37, widower, lawyer, Kingston, Walkerton, s/o Allen & Catherine, married Lucinda STEWART, 35, Kingsville, same, d/o Andrew & Mary, witn: Julia WRIGH of Sandwich & Ernest NIGHTINGALE of Kingsville, 12 Aug 1885 at Kingsville 003062/85 (Essex Co) William MILLS, 23, labourer, Fullerton, Romney, s/o Charles MILLS & Margaret MILLS, married Emma Estella DERBYSHIRE, 25, Mersea, Mersea, d/o George DERBYSHIRE & Mary, witn: Charles MILLS of Romney & Amelia DERBYSHIRE of Mersea, 14 July 1885, Mersea
003057/85 (Essex Co) Andrew J. NOBLE, 23, farmer, Mersea, Mersea, s/o Benjamin NOBLE & Isabella NOBLE, married Clarinda SETTERINGTON, 21, Mersea, Mersea, d/o George & Hester SETTERINGTON, witn: Philomena SETTERINGTON & Mary CRAIG of Mersea, 13 May 1885, Mersea  
2867-85 Thomas O'DONNELL, 24, teacher, Stratford, Gosfield, s/o John & Mary, married Artena WIGLE, 19, Gosfield, same, d/o Thomas H. & Elizabeth Ann, witn: James DOHERTY of Rochester & Loana WIGLE of Gosfield, 14 Sept 1885 at Woodslie 2933-85 Ramer PEASE, 21, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o Henry PEASE & Sarah MANCHESTER, married Ida WALSTON, 18, Michigan USA, Mersea, d/o Joseph WALSTON & Christena LUTMAN, witn: Herman McCLATCHY & Angeline WALSTON, both of Leamington, 8 Jan 1885 at Leamington
003066/85 (Essex Co) Joseph W. PINCH, 24, farmer, Romney, Romney, s/o Christopher PINCH & Ellen, married Elsie HEALEY, 17, Romney, Romney, d/o Benona HEALEY & Sarah Ann, witn: Henry PINCH of Romney & Jane HEALEY, 23 September 1885, Goldsmith 003076/85 (Essex Co) Charles E. REDINON, 28, barber, U.S., Mersea, s/o Resin REDINON & Francis, married Emma Ida TILLEY, 17, Ontario, Mersea, d/o Alfred TILLEY & Lershann, witn: George MIDDLETON & Henry TILLEY of Mersea, 28 December 1885, Twp of Mersea
#003172-85 (Essex Co): Samuel RENIER, 21, yeoman, Quebec, Tilbury West, s/o Ozias RENIER & Euphemie BRUSSEAU, married Cecerie MARCHAND, 24, Tilbury West, same, d/o Joseph MARCHAND & Flavie St.DENIS, witn: Noel RENIER & Rosalie MARCHAND, both of Tilbury West, 30 June 1885 at Tilbury West (Rom Cath) 003070/85 (Essex Co) Albert J. REYCROFT, 23, Veterinary surgeon, Oxford, Essex Centre, s/o James & Philisia, married Ida WIGLE, 24, Mersea, Mersea, d/o Leonard & Sarah J., witn: A.H. CLARKE of Essex Centre & S. J. REYCROFT of High Gate, 21 October 1885, Mersea
  2861-85 Paul RUGGABER, 31, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o Eustache & Frances, married Josephine GAUTHIER, 18, Maidstone, same, d/o Joseph & Lucy, witn: Noe GAUTHIER & Christena RUGGABER, both of Maidstone, 13 Jan 1885 at St. Anns church (Rom Cath)
#003174-85 (Essex Co): Joseph RUIZ, 20, yeoman, Tilbury East, Tilbury West, s/o Toussant RUIZ & Lucie PAQUETTE, married Elizabeth DUPUIS, 18, Tilbury East, same, d/o Jule DUPUIS & Julienne TREMBLY, witn: Francis TRUDELLE & Rosalie DUPUIS, both of Tilbury Center, 16 Nov 1885 at Tilbury West (Rom Cath) #003173-85 (Essex Co): Christian William SCHERER, 24, railway station agent, Canada, Waterford, s/o John SCHERER & Catherine KAISER, married Mary Jane AINSLIE, 22, Canada, Comber, d/o George AINSLIE & Mary STEWART, witn: R.O.Y. AINSLIE of Comber & A.R. McCOLL of Tilbury Center, 16 Sept 1885 at Comber
2862-85 William SHIELDS, 26, farmer, Ontario, Dakota USA, s/o James & Catherine, married Honora RYAN, 24, Maidstone, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: Stephen RYAN & Martha HODGES, both of Maidstone, 4 Feb 1885 at St. Anns church (Rom Cath) 2884-85 Silas W. SHILOON, 29, farmer, King - York, Mersea, s/o Matthew & Ann, married Rosanna HELKIE, 20, Gosfield, same, d/o William & Catherine, witn: M.E. MILLYARD & Mary J. GRANT, both of Kingsville, 23 Dec 1885 at Kingsville
2935-85 William B. SQUIRE, 26, yeoman, Gosfield, same, s/o Benjamin & Sarah Jane, married Alvaretta BROWN, 20, Mersea, same, d/o Jesse & Mary, witn: Sarah M. HARRIS of Leamington & Emma COLLISON of Mersea, 28 Jan 1885 at Leamington 2877-85 William TIFFEN, 48, widower, farmer, Cumberland England, Kinloss twp., s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Charlotte PETTYPIECE, 40, widow, Ireland, Gosfield, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann MOFFATT, witn: Robert PETTYPIECE of Gosfield & Lavinia PETTYPIECE of Kinloss, 7 July 1885 at Kingsville
2936-85 John TILSON, 20, farmer, Tobago, Mersea, s/o William A. & Jane, married Mary Ann REID, 21, Mersea, same, d/o David & Isabella, witn: Mrs. A. BRISTOL & Miss Eva DANIELS, both of Leamington, 18 March 1885 at Leamington 003059/85 (Essex Co) Thomas B. TRIMBLE, 32, Minister, Marlborough Twp, Cainsville, s/o James TRIMBLE & Ann J. TRIMBLE, married Clara DERBYSHIRE, 22, Mersea Twp, Mersea Twp, d/o William DERBYSHIRE & Elizabeth DERBYSHIRE, witn: A. W. KERFOOT & Eliza FOSTER, 17 June 1885, Mersea
2860-85 Hubert VILAIRE, 38, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o Baptiste & Sophie, married Marie NANVIEAU (Nouveau?), 31, Maidstone, same, d/o David & Celina, witn: Joseph DUCHANE of Sandwich East & Helen NOUVEAU of Maidstone, 7 Jan 1885 at St. Anns church (Rom Cath) 003060/85 (Essex Co) David VOAKES, 22, farmer, Leedsville Michigan, Leedsville Mich., s/o John VOAKES & Ann, married Margaret E. TAYLOR, 20, Romney, Mersea, d/o Clarence TAYLOR & Ann, witn: Octavius TAYLOR of Mersea & Marietta CHURCH of Essex Centre, 1 July 1885, Mersea
3078-85 Frederick WALES, 24, yeoman, Mersea, same, s/o William & Ann, married Betha STOCKWELL, 16, Mersea, same, d/o Elihu & Jane, witn: Elihu & John STOCKWELL of Mersea, 31 Dec 1885 at Mersea #003169-85 (Essex Co): John WATTS, 36, widower, stone cutter, Toronto, Stoney Point, s/o Robert WATTS & Sarah IRVINE, married Lizzie McGUIRE, 25, Detroit, Stoney Point, d/o Samuel McGUIRE & Catherine J. O'BRIEN, witn: J.A. & Mrs. J.A. McKEON of Comber, 8 July 1885 at Comber
2872-85 William H. WELDRON, 24, farmer, Malden twp., Anderdon twp., s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Sarah Ann CORNWALL, 21, Colchester twp. South, same, d/o Charles & Elsie, witn: illegible (Rea?) CORNWALL & Erie LIDWELL, both of Colchester twp., 24 Feb 1885 at Kingsville 003065/85 (Essex Co) Oliver WHALEY, 27, farmer, Mersea, Mersea, s/o John & Barbara, married Elly OGLE, 25, Mersea, Mersea, d/o William OGLE & Mary Ann, witn: Ruth OGLE of Mersea & Norman WHALEY, 22 September 1885, Goldsmith
2937-85 Franklin WILKINSON, 28, yeoman, Mersea, same, s/o Francis & Isabella, married Emma COLLISON, 24, Chatham Ont., Mersea, d/o George & Emma, witn: M. HARRIS & C. E. MINNIS?, both of Leamington, 8 April 1885 at Leamington