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Essex Co., 1888

birth place is given before residence


#003526-88 - Arthur W. ATKINSON, 27, widower, coachman, Norfolk Ont., Detroit, s/o George ATKINSON & Fanny GRANTLET (or Grauntlet), married Jessie AITON, 26, Toronto, Detroit, d/o Robert AITON & Jean GREGG, 8 Sept 1888 at Windsor  
03225-88 - John E. BAILEY, 23, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o John & Elizabeth BAILEY, married Margaret Emily WILSON, 19, Peel County, Tilbury West, d/o Samuel & Mary WILSON, witn Frank A. BAILEY & Mary Jane BAILEY, of Mersea, 3 October 1888, at Mersea. 3318-88 Damase BAILLARGEON, 24, farmer, Quebec, Sandwich East, s/o Olivier BAILLARGEON & Euphemie, married Julia PAQUIN, 20, Quebec, Sandwich East, d/o Joseph PAQUIN & Louise, witn: Victor BAILLARGEON & Emilie PAQUIN, both of Sandwich East, 24 July 1888 at Tecumseh
3317-88 Denis BEAHAN, 22, farmer, Dearburn US, Maidstone Cross, s/o Denis BEAHAN & Juliette, married Olla NANTAIS, 18, Walkerville, same, d/o Leon NANTAIS & Adeline, witn: Henry MAHONEY of Leamington & Lenny HARRISTON of Walkerville, 17 July 1888 at Walkerville 3351-88 Wilfred BEECROFT, 23, laborer, England, Windsor, s/o Daniel BEECROFT & Mary SANDERSON, married Annie LAUGHLIN, 21, Ireland, Windsor, d/o Thomas LAUGHLIN & Jane THORNBOROUGH, 14 Feb. [1888] at Windsor
3346-88 Oran Merton BELFRY, 32, physician, Simcoe Co., Saginaw City, s/o Philo & Mary Ann, married Clara SUTHERLAND, 32, widow, Chatham, London Ont., d/o William McLEAN & Caroline, witn: Joseph M. & Mary C. HODSON of Windsor, 16 Feb. [1888] at Windsor 3313-88 Maurice BENETEAU, 34, carpenter, River Canard, Duluth Minn., s/o Joseph BENETEAU & Marie, married Rose PARENT, 31, Walkerville, same, d/o Esdras PARENT & Rose, witn: Joseph BENETEAU of River Canard & Esdras PARENT of Walkerville, 10 April 1888 at Walkerville
#003400-88 - William David BENSO?, 29, printer, Guelph Ont., Detroit, s/o Henry F. & Mariah, married Ella SMITH, 29, widow, Wayne Mich., Detroit, d/o John & Hannah SNYDER, 13 March 1888 at Windsor 003170-1888 ( Essex Co.) Frank BIRCH, 19, farmer, Durham Co., Gosfield Twp., s/o John BIRCH & Rhoda GUESS, married Mercy JACKSON, 18, Gosfield Twp., same, d/o John JACKSON & Mary NEILON, witn: Lizzie FLEMING & Walter LAING, both of Essex Centre, 21 Sep 4 1888 at Essex Centre
#003127-88 - Pierre BISSON, 22, farmer, Rochester twp., Alpena Mich., s/o Joseph BISSON & Philomene DAUPHIN, married Rose De Lima SAUVE, 20, Rochester twp., same, d/o Isais SAUVE & Adel DECAIRE, witn: Paul Napolean SAUVE & Philomene BARRETTE, both of Rochester, 11 June 1888 at Belle River (Rom Cath) #003534-88 - James B. BOOTH, 25, druggist, Belleville, same, s/o James BOOTH & Sarah ANNETTE (surname?), married Emma DEVEREAUX, 22, Rochester NY, Detroit, d/o Nicholas B. DEVEREAUX & Frances FITZSIMMONS, witn: W.S. HALLIDAY & Maud A. WOODRUFF, both of Detroit, 6 Oct 1888 at Windsor
  3550-89 Jones BREEN, 26, farmer, Ireland, Tilbury West, s/o William & Ann, married Agnes SADD, 21, USA, Tilbury West, d/o John & Sarah, witn: John SHANKS & Mary BREEN, both of Comber, 25 Dec 1888 at Comber
#003533-88 - John BROWN, 23, laborer, Orkney Scotland, Windsor, so John BROWN & Margaret STALKER, married Jessie ESSON, 25, Orkney Scotland, Windsor, d/o George ESSON & Jessie LINKLETTER, 4 Oct 1888 at Windsor 03231-88 - Horace J. BROWN, 25, farmer, State of Pennsylvania, Clinton Michigan, s/o Leo? R. & Elizabeth G. BROWN, married Ellen COULTER, 20, Eight line of Mersea, same, d/o Charles & Eliza COULTER, witn: .W. Leonard COULTER of Mersea & Ellen REID of Mersea, 5 December 1888, at 8th line of Mersea at the Residence of the Bride's father.
003221-88 - William D. BUCHANAN, 23, labourer, Mersea, same, s/o William & Mary BUCHANAN, married Maggie M. OVERHOLT, 16, Paris, Romney, d/o Alvin & Cathrine (as written) OVERHOLT, witn Robert MCPHERSON & Elizabeth OVERHOLT, 6 June 1888, at Comber. #003402-88 - Russell BURROWS, 26, foreman, Canada, Detroit, s/o Charles & Jane, married Margaret HALEN, 26, Detroit, same, d/o John & Mary, 17 March 1888 at Windsor
#003123-88 - Dominic BYRNE, 29, farmer, Rochester twp., same, s/o John BYRNE & Mary HOLAHAN, married Mary COLLINS, 19, Maidstone twp., Rochester twp., d/o Denis COLLINS & Bridget McMAHON, witn: Richard BYRNE & Mary McMAHON, both of Rochester, 31 Jan 1888 at Belle River (Rom Cath) 3350-88 James CARROLL, 28, railway official, Grand Rapids Mich, same, s/o Richard CARROLL & Mary O'BRIEN, married Charlotte SMITH, 25, Detroit, same, d/o Robert SMITH & Lizzie HUNT, witn: James J. STEYTLER of Windsor, 13 Feb. [1888] at Windsor
#003405-88 - M. Foster CHAFFEY, 25, banker, Vermont, Ithaca, s/o H.W. CHAFFEY & Agnes T. STEEL, married Margaret C. CLARKSON, 24, Edinburgh Scotland, Windsor, d/o Andrew CLARKSON & Mary A. PARK, witn: Noble A. BARTLETT & Margaret C. GOW, both of Windsor, 31 March 1888 at Windsor 003592-88 - John W. CLEMINSON (Clemenson?), 21, fireman, England, Windsor, s/o Robert J. & Sarah CLEMINSON, married Mary Jane PIERCE, 22, Detroit, Windsor, d/o Wm & Jane PIERCE, witn: Robert CLEMINSON & Nellie CLEMINSON, of Windsor, 28 August 1888, at Windsor
#003124-88 - Francois CLOUTIER, 20, sailor, Belle River, same, s/o Alexander CLOUTIER & Pauline GRONDIN, married Marie Louise ALLARD, 14, Sandwich East twp., Rochester twp., d/o Prosper ALLARD & Emilie PLANTE, witn: William HART of Belle River & Marie ALLARD of Rochester, 13 Feb 1888 at Belle River (Rom Cath)  
3309-88 Thomas CUNNINGHAM, 24, paper maker, Lecurnderabad? India, Detroit, s/o Patrick CUNNINGHAM & Mary, married Margaret O'BRIEN, 22, Ireland, Detroit, d/o Timothy O'BRIEN & Alice, witn: George CORCON & Charles PRATTE, both of Walkerville, 5 March 1888 at Walkerville 003218-88 - John DAVIS, 22, farmer, Windham, Mersea, s/o Henry DAVIS & Sarah DAVIS, married Jennie MCKAY, 16, Tilbury West, Tilbury Centre, d/o John MCKAY & Jane MCKAY, witn Joseph DAVIS, of Mersea, & Cynthia MCKAY, of Tilbury Centre, 8 March 1888, at Mersea.
3556-89 Louis L. DAWSON, 21, carpenter, Romney, same, s/o Albert & Harriet, married Annie E. COTTINGHAM, 19, England, Romney, d/o William & Anna, witn: Mrs. Peter McNAUGHTON & Mrs. Peter MYERS, both of Comber, 4 Dec 1888 at Comber 003589-88 - Frank Jay DICKERSON, 28, hatter, Detroit, same, s/o Wm & A. E. DICKERSON, married Edith E. DYER, 21, Obed? Michigan, Sandwich East, d/o E. A. & M. A. DYER, witn: Lewis C. HARRISON & Mary C. HODSON, of Windsor, 31 July 1888, at Windsor.
3096-88 James DISTOL?, 31, farmer, Jersey Island England, Tilbury West, s/o John DISTOL & Mary Ann NICHOL, married Mary A. HALLIDAY, 24, Canada, Tilbury West, d/o Alfred HALLIDAY & Charlotte HUMPHREY, witn: John B. DISTOL & William BEATTIE, both of Tilbury West, 21 April 1888 at Tilbury West #003529-88 - George Alex DODD, 23, farmer, Tilbury West, same, s/o Richard DODD & Margaret FRAME, married Margaret DAVIS, 30, widow, Chatham Ont., Detroit, d/o Thomas DOLSON & Jane GRANDBOIS, witn: John & Annie DODD of Tilbury West, 19 Sept 1888 at Windsor
003525-88 - Henry J. EIKHOFF, 27, metal polisher, Detroit, same, s/o Philip EIKHOFF & Elizabeth VULLENN?, married Alice HASS, 26, Ohio, same, d/o Caspar HASS & Esther J. SMITH, witn: Jennie WHITTAKER & Ella JOHNSTON, both of Windsor, 4 Sept 1888 at Windsor 003404-88 - William ELGER, 23, railway employee, Newburg NY, Windsor, s/o John ELGER & Emily MEACH, married Emily BURFORD, 24, Racine Wisconsin, Windsor, d/o George BURFORD & Fanny GASS, witn: George GOODMAN & Louisa MEACH, both of Windsor, 29 March 1888 at Windsor
3094-88 Pierre FAUBERT, 70, widower, gentleman, Ste. Helene Martine Quebec, Paincourt, s/o Ignace FAUBERT & Marguerite LATRE--EVILLE?, married Adeline DENIS, 51, widow, St. Dor--gue? Quebec, Stoney Point, d/o Hyacinthe DENIS & Marie DEGUAIRRE, witn: Etienne AUBRY & Joseph LALONDE, both of Stoney Point, 15 Feb 1888 at Stoney Point 3308-88 Alexander FAUTEUX, 24, laborer, Detroit, Walkerville, s/o Moise FAUTEUX & Rose, married Louise DROUILLARD, 21, Tecumseh, Walkerville, d/o Joseph DROUILLARD & Elizabeth, witn: Joseph DROUILLARD & Alexandre LAPANE, both of Walkerville, 16 Jan 1888 at Walkerville
  #003530-88 - Walter P. FITZGERALD, 22, not given, Massachusetts, Detroit, s/o Morris? FITZGERALD & Helen GARDNER, married Sarah A. E. ZEUS, 23, spinster, Detroit, same, d/o Charles H. BROWN & Philomene WHALEN, 1 Oct 1888 at Windsor
03230-88 - Daniel FITZPATRICK, 22, farmer, Kingsville, same, s/o Peter & Jane FITZPATRICK, married Susan E. GOSLIN, 19, Mersea 7th Concession, same, d/o John & Arabella GOSLIN, witn: Chas. COULTER of  8th Concession of Mersea, & Mr. C. W. VOLLICK, Parsonage 8th Line Mersea?, 28 October 1888, at Methodist Parsonage, 8th Line of the Township of Mersea 3319-88 Henry A. FOURNIER, 25, telegraph agent, Lotbiniere Que., Sandwich East, s/o Henry A. FOURNIER & Victorine, married Marie Joseph A. GIRARD, 19, Troy US, Sandwich East, d/o Francois GIRARD & Alexandrina, witn: Alexandre GIRARD & Caroline LEMAY, both of Sandwich East, 29 July 1888 at Tecumseh
3316-88 Marcellus Arthur GIRARD, 22, clerk, Troy US, Sandwich East, s/o Francis GIRARD & Alexandrina, married Agnes DUROCHER, 19, Maidstone, Sandwich East, d/o Joseph DUROCHER & Florence Ann, witn: Joseph LESPERANCE & Josephine GIRARD, both of Sandwich East, 19 July 1888 at St. Anne 003219-88 - Norman GREIG, 24, farmer, Ontario, Mersea, s/o John & Mary GREIG, married Emily ROBINSON, 21, Ontario, Mersea, d/o William & Mary Ann ROBINSON, witn Ella ROBINSON & Larson LA RUE, of Mersea, 20 March, 1888, at Mersea.
3314-88 Grant HACKETT, 25, artist, Cleveland US, Detroit, s/o Henry HACKETT & Ann, married Mary FEWENS, Detroit, same, d/o William FEWENS & Jane, witn: R.J. MENZIES & Cola FEWENS, both of Detroit, 28 June 1888 at Walkerville 03223-88 - George HILLMAN, 23, painter, Mersea, same, s/o Ellis & Elizabeth HILLMAN, married Jane HYATT, 20, Romney Kent Co., Mersea, d/o George & Hannah HYATT, witn William HYATT & Laura HYATT, of Mersea, 25 July 1888, at Mersea.
3551-89 Hugh HOMMAND, 24, farmer, Tilbury West, Comber, s/o Hugh & Sarah, married Maria R. LEFEBVRE, 17, Oxford Co., Comber, d/o John S. & J., witn: William LAMBIE & Adelia MITCHELL, 18 Dec 1888 at Comber 003222-88 - William HYATT, 23, carpenter, Essex, Mersea, s/o George & Hannah HYATT, married Louisa DARBYSHIRE, 23, Mersea, same, d/o Joseph & Ann DARBYSHIRE, witn George HILLMAN & Jane HILLMAN, of Leamington, 22 July 1888, at Mersea.
003228-88 - George W. JACKSON, 27, stationer?, Canada, Leamington, s/o Thomas JACKSON & Mary JACKSON, married Eliza A. FOSTER, 24, Canada, Mersea, d/o James FOSTER & Sarah J. FOSTER, witn: W. A. PIPER & Euphina FOSTER, (no place mentioned), 18 October 1888, at Mersea. 3093-88 Eugene JOLIE, 20, farmer, St. Felix Quebec, Stoney Point , s/o Joseph JOLIE & Sophie MONDORE, married Louise TROTTIER, 19, Lacolle Quebec, Stoney Point , d/o Narcisse TROTTIER & Esther CARON, witn: Henri JOLIE & Eugenie TROTTIER, both of stoney point, 14 Feb 1888 at Stoney Point
003594-88 - Nelson JONES, 22, farmer, Hillsdale Michigan, Mt Pleasant Michigan, s/o James JONES & H. JONES, married Ida SHAW, 18, Hillsdale Michigan, Mt Pleasant Michigan, d/o Lyman SHAW & Clysta? SHAW, witn: Alex WHEEL? & Emily BROOKS, of Windsor, 26 September 1888, at Windsor 003168-1888 ( Essex Co.) George F. JUNE, 21, farmer, Mersea Twp., Cottam, s/o Reuben JUNE & Eliza LAMARSH, married Elizabeth M. JACKSON, 19, 9 Con. Gosfield, same, d/o John JACKSON & Mary NIXON, witn: Franklin BIRCH & Mersea JACKSON, both of not given, 24 May 1888 at St. Pauls Church Essex Centre.
3097-88 James KEENYEN?, 35, laborer, Tilbury East, Comber, s/o Edward KEENGN? & Mary MURPHY, married Philomene LALONDE, 27, St. Clement Quebec, Comber, d/o Antoine LALONDE & Martha PIGEON, witn: Joseph DAOUST & Melina DUPUIS, both of Tilbury West, 27 April 1888 at Stoney Point 3560-89 Alexander KEITH, 31, blacksmith, Hastings Co., Comber, s/o Robert KEITH & Mary WATSON, married Elizabeth F. SAUNDERS, 20, Crook, Tilbury Centre, d/o Isaiah SAUNDERS & Catherine REID, witn: George F. & Mrs. G. SHILDON of Tilbury Centre, 14 Sept 1888 at Tilbury Center
003591-88 - William KELLY, 22, placing mill business?, Ferrysburg Michigan, Branch Michigan, s/o John KELLY & Mary KELLY, married Zepha WHEELER, 20, Coopersville Michigan, Coldwater Michigan, d/o J. E. WHEELER & Frances WHEELER, witn: Morley CURRIS & Catherine CURRIS, of Pictou (or Picton?), 28 August 1888, at Windsor 03226-88 - Wallace LATIM (as spelled, probably LATAM), 23, farmer, Canada, Mersea, s/o Comfort LATAM & Caroline LATAM, married Ada NASH, 23, Canada, Mersea, d/o George NASH & Isabelle NASH, witn John LATAM & William Hodgins (no place mentioned), 14 October? 1888, at Mersea.
3315-88 George LEMOY, 21, brick layer, Detroit, Sandwich East, s/o Louis LEMOY & Florence, married Catherine LITTLEJOHN, 20, Detroit, Windsor, d/o Adam LITTLEJOHN & Mary, witn: Ida ALDWELL & Theresa DOCKER, both of Walkerville, 10 July 1888 at Walkerville 3553-89 Thomas MATHERS, 24, engineer, Tilbury West, Comber, s/o Ralph & Margaret, married Nettie SCOFIELD, 18, Port Colborne, Comber, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: David & Ann ROBINSON, 22 Oct. 1888 at Comber
003216-88 - Hugh MC--?(MCLAREN?), 27, Canada, Leamington, station master, Canada, Leamington, s/o Hugh & Isabella, married Allie DIMONING?, 25, Canada, Mersea, d/o John & Mary , witn Samuel WIGLE & William MC--?, of Mersea, 19 January 1888 at Mersea. - Charles E. McCLOSKEY, 28, mechanic, of Maidstone Cross, s/o Frank & Mary, married Agnes O'NEIL, 26, of Sandwich East, d/o Edward & Johanna, witn: John McCLOSKEY & Annie HALFORD of Sandwich East, 11 Sept 1888 at St. Johns Evangelist RC Church, Maidstone Cross
3348-88 Peter Alex McDONALD, 26, book keeper, Oxford Co, Detroit, s/o Donald McDONALD & Janet MURRAY, married Amelia VOLLANS, 25, Essex Co., Windsor, d/o Thomas VOLLANS & Jane RADCLIFFE, witn: George McDONALD of Woodstock & Cora VOLLANS of Windsor, 8 Feb. [1888] at Windsor #003126-88 - Edward McMAHON, 23, farmer, Rochester twp., same, s/o John McMAHON & Mary MULLINS, married Martha TRACEY, 23, Rochester twp., same, d/o Thomas TRACEY & Ellen MULLINS, witn: John BUTLER & Mary Ellen TRACEY, both of Rochester, 17 April 1888 at Belle River (Rom Cath)
3547-89 Albert McMULLEN, 30, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o David & Henrietta, married Elizabeth BROWN, 26, widow, Ireland, Mersea, d/o John MOORE & Anna, witn: M.(W?) COOK of St. Thomas & Mrs. P. MYERS of Comber, 4 Oct. 1888 at Comber #003403-88 - Walter E. MOLSTER, 23, shoe cutter, Portsmouth Ohio, Detroit, s/o William H. MOLSTER & Susan A. BARNET, married Millie SIEB, 20, Detroit, same, d/o Jacob SIEB & Minnie GREEN, witn: A.H. BURTON & Nellie NOADES, both of Detroit, 29 March 1888 at Windsor
#003523-88 - Frank MONAHAN, 23, railway employee, Windsor, Detroit, s/o Cornelius MONAHAN & Mary MENOIN?, married Ellen BERGER, 20, Detroit, same, d/o Peter BERGER & Kate SULLIVAN, witn: B.S. & G.S. GRAY, both of Windsor, 28 Aug 1888 at Windsor (Rom Cath) 3312-88 David MORNEAU, 25, Walkerville, same, s/o David MORNEAU & Amelia, married Cecile LANGLOIS, 19, Walkerville, same, d/o Benoni LANGLOIS & Clemence, witn: Norbert OUELLETTE & David MORNEAU, both of Walkerville, 28 April 1888 at Walkerville
3095-88 David MORRIS, 24, ship yarding, Canada, Detroit, s/o John MORRIS & Emaline SMITH, married Sarah McLAUGHLIN, 28, Canada, Tilbury West, d/o John McLAUGHLIN & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: John MORRIS & Alex STEVENSON, both of Tilbury West, 27 March [1888] at Comber 003169-1888 ( Essex Co.) Asa PARNELL, 39, laborer, Henry Twp. Ohio, Essex Centre, s/o James PARNELL & Annie WILLIAMS, married Lucy SCHRAMB [s/b SCHRAM], 28, Norfolk, Essex Centre, d/o Robert SCHRAMB (sic) & Liddy DAVIS, witn: Thomas & Martha J. BARNES , both of Essex Centre, 15 Jul 1888 at bride's parents Essex Centre.
003392-1889 - John PEACOCK, 26, miner, Ramsay England, Harley Wisc., s/o John & Susan, married Ester RATCLIFFE, 24, Surrey England, Essex Centre, d/o Nicholas & Mary, witn: William BAYES & Harriett RATCLIFFE, both of Essex Centre, 6 May 1888 at Essex Centre.  
3555-89 Adam PHAGAN, 29, farmer, Essex Co., Tilbury West, s/o William PHAGAN & Jane HUTCHISON, married Marcella WATSON, 17, Michigan USA, Tilbury West, d/o Henry J. WATSON & Christine LUTMAN, witn: J. H. & Angeline WATSON of Comber, 1 Dec 1888 at Comber #003532-88 - Frederick G. PHILLIPS, 36, widower, plasterer, England, Detroit, s/o Andrew PHILLIPS & Martha MORRIS, married Catherine MEECH, 28, England, Windsor, d/o Robert MEECH & Harriet HOMER, witn: Emily TURNER of Windsor, 3 Oct 1888 at Windsor
#003125-88 - Luc RENAUD, 32, Rochester twp., same, s/o Jean Baptiste RENAUD & Francoise RAINVILLE, married Emma DESMARAIS, 19, Tilbury West, Rochester twp., d/o Pierre DESMARAIS & Justine BEAUNE, witn: Jean Baptiste DUPREY of Rochester & Adeline MARENTELLE of Maidstone, 14 Feb 1888 at Belle River (Rom Cath) 3310-88 Joseph RIBERDY, 28, baker, Grand Coteau Que., Windsor, s/o Norbert RIBERDY & Emerance, married Louise BERTHIAUME, 20, Montreal, Walkerville, d/o Evangeliste BERTHIAUME & Julie, witn: Isidore CHAUVIN of Windsor & Emery MELOCHE of Walkerville, 6 March 1888 at Walkerville
3545-89 Silas ROADHOUSE, 25, farmer, Comber, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Anna KENNEY, 21, Ireland, Comber, d/o John & Mary, witn: John ROADHOUSE & Jane DAVIDSON, both of Comber, 24 Dec 1888 at Comber 003220-88 - John ROBINSON, 33, farmer, Ireland, Mersea, s/o John ROBINSON & Catharine ROBINSON, married Susan Keziah OGLE, 24, Mersea, same, d/o Christopher OGLE & Catherine OGLE, witn Ruth Amelia OGLE & William Ryerson OGLE, of Mersea, 26 January 1888, at Mersea.
3098-88 Robert ROBINSON, 22, farmer, Tilbury West, Tilbury East, s/o John DAVIDSON (sic) & Maria DAVIDSON, married Mary MITCHELL, 22, Comber, same, d/o Edward MITCHELL & Hellen LEFEBVRE, witn: Joseph E. MITCHELL of Tilbury West, 15 May 1888 at Comber #003401-88 - Edward RODGERS, 23, druggist, St. Thomas Ont., Detroit, s/o George & Mary, married Mariah A. BOALL, 19, Macomb Co Mich., Detroit, d/o Edious & Julia, witn: J.M. & Mary C. HODSON, of Windsor 13 March 1888 at Windsor
003217-88 - James SALTER, 41, widower, farmer, Cornwall England, Colchester Township, s/o James SALTER & Jonna HORNS?, married Mary BAILEY, 28, Gosfield Township, Mersea Township, d/o John BAILEY & Elizabeth CASCADEN, witn John CASCADEN, of Kingsville & Edna BAILEY, of Mersea, 6 March 1888, at Mersea Township. #003528-88 - Frank J. SCHMITT (Schmidt?), 23, druggist, Detroit, same, s/o John SCHMITT & Rose LEPEL, married Lillian KELLNER, 24, Waterloo Ont., Detroit, d/o Fred KELLNER & Mary AGUR, witn: Mrs. Mary ANDREWS of Detroit, 18 Sept 1888 at Windsor
03233-88 - Isaac SHAW, 23, engineer, Mersea, same, s/o John A. SHAW & Elizabeth M. SHAW, married Lucey J. GOSLIN, 19, Mersea, same, d/o John GOSLIN & Catharine GOSLIN, witn: Mrs. C. W. VOLLICK & Sarah J. REID, both of 8th Concession, Mersea, 25 December 1888, at Methodist Parsonage, 8th Concession Mersea #003527-88 - George W. SHELTON, 23, hardware, Huron Co Mich., Detroit, s/o Jacob SHELTON & Amelia VANDERMARK, married Kate LEIS, 23, Ireland, Detroit, d/o Richard LEWIS & Susan CARLTON, 11 Sept 1888 at Windsor
  3311-88 Narcisse SOULLIERE, 24, laboer, Walkerville, same, s/o Narcisse SOULLIERE & Philomene, married Marguerite PARENT, 22, Walkerville, same, d/o Francois PARENT & Caroline, witn: Narcisse SOULLIERE & Francois PARENT, both of Walkerville, 21 Feb 1888 at Walkerville
#003524-88 - Robert F. SUTHERLAND, 29, barrister, Newmarket, Windsor, s/o Donald SUTHERLAND & Jane BODDY, married Mary BARTLET, 29, Amherstburg, Windsor, d/o James BARTLET & Helen WALKER, witn: Walter SUTHERLAND of Newmarket & Fred STONE of Chatham, 4 Sept 1888 at Windsor 3347-88 Fred John SWEENEY, 28, packer, Hamilton, Detroit, s/o Edward SWEENEY & Cecelia DUNCAN, married Mary ROBINSON, 19, England, Exeter, d/o Alexander ROBINSON & Charlotte CONN, witn: Georgina HICKS & Emma ZIMMERMAN, both of Windsor, 7 Feb [1888] at Windsor
Essex Co): William Henry TAYLOR, 24, RR brakeman, England, Windsor, s/o George & Mary Ann, married Ruth Isabella WEBBS, 18, Colchester South, same, d/o Mary? & Isabella, witn: John WEBBS of Sandwich East & Henry RICHARDSON of Windsor, 20 Aug 1888 at Walkerville 03227-88 - Albert VOAKES, 21, brickmaker, Detroit Michigan, Leamington, s/o John VOAKES & Melvina VOAKES, married Eliza CEDER?, 19, Chatham Ontario, same, d/o Anthony CEDER? & Victoria CEDER?, witn Alex CEDER & Catherine CEDER, of Leamington, 15 October 1888, at Leamington.
003531-88 - James William WALKER, 28, box maker, Detroit, same, s/o George WALKER & Rosanna BR--? (Brunnemeyer?), married Jessie ERSKINE, 35, Scotland, Detroit, d/o James ERSKINE & Sarah TAGGART, witn: Arthur E. & Lillian E. WALKER of Detroit, 1 Oct 1888 at Windsor  
3349-88 William K. WALLACE, 31, book keeper, Winona Man., Chicago, s/o William M. WALLACE & Nancy B. KNEELAND, married Josephine Ett. REAUME, 20, Detroit, same, d/o Adolphus REAUME & Ida DAUPHIN, witn: Georgina HICKS & Emma ZIMMERMAN, both of Windsor, 10 Feb. [1888] at Windsor 03229-88 - Edwin WIGLE, 23, farmer, Township of Mersea, same, s/o Alex WIGLE & Mary A. WIGLE, married Sarah JEFFERY, 18, County of Essex, Village of Leamington, d/o George M. JEFFERY & Augusta JEFFERY, witn: Collingwood FOSTER & Mrs. C. FOSTER, of Fifth Line of Mersea, 19 November 1888, at residence of Collingwood FOSTER, Fifth Line of Mersea.
03232-88 - Lewis WILKINSON, 23, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o E--? WILKINSON & Sarah WILKINSON, married Olive DELEAURIER (DELAURIER?), 23, Ohio U.S., Mersea, d/o Philip DELEAURIER & Jane DELEAURIER, witn: J. P. DELEAURIER & Florence HOOPER, of Mersea, 25 December 1888, at Mersea 03224-88 - William H. WILLIAMS, 28, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o Thomas WILLIAMS & Rosemary? WILLIAMS, married Amelia DALES, 22, Mersea, same, d/o James DALES & Charlotte DALES, witn George HATT & Elizabeth WILLIAMS?, of Mersea, 23 May 1888, at Mersea.
003593-88 - Gay WOODRUFF, 21, farmer, Michigan, Rockwood Michigan, s/o Quincey WOODRUFF & Mary WOODRUFF, married Lavina JUBENVILLE, 21, Michigan, Rockwood Michigan, d/o Charles JUBENVILLE & Matilda JUBENVILLE, witn: J. M. HODSON & M. C. HODSON, of Windsor, 31 August 1888, at Windsor 003590-88 - Frank G. ZEUS, 32, widower, tinsmith, Detroit, same, s/o Peter ZEUS & Gertrude ZEUS, married Augusta WITBURN, 21, St. Clair Michigan, same, d/o Wm WITBURN & Dora WITBURN, witn: Wm H. WATKINS of Detroit & Annie WITBURN of Capac Michigan, 19 July 1888, at Windsor.