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Essex Co., 1889

birth place is given before residence


#003281-90 (Essex Co): C.W.B. ALISON, 27, bank clerk, Strathroy, Windsor, s/o Bls? (or Pls) & Frances, married Caroline Isabel HORNE, 21, Windsor, same, d/o Charles R. HORNER & Caroline ELLIOTT, witn: C.R. HORNE of Detroit & Herbert ELLIOTT of Windsor, 9 April 1889 at Windsor 3623-89 Melborne BACHELOR, 22, mechanic, Ontario, Romney, s/o Silvanus & Melissa, married Hattie TILLEY, 17, Ontario, Mersea, d/o Alfred & Lillian?, witn: William BATCHELLOR (sic) & Marchall LOYST, both of Mersea, 1 July 1889 at not given [reg’d in Mersea twp]
3615-89 John C. BAILEY, 32, farmer, Malden twp., same, s/o Amos & Susan, married Alida Alice HUTCHINS, 18, Malden twp., Mersea, d/o Peter & Josephine, witn: Mathew HUTCHINS & Susan BAILEY, 20 Feb 1889 at Mersea 3070-89 Frank BEATTIE, 31, carpenter, Bellevue Ohio, Toledo, s/o Charles BEATTIE & M. CHAFFLIN, married Laura BEHM, 20, Detroit, same, d/o Godfrey BEHM & Caroline KUNTZ, witn: Richard WOLLARD & G. S. GRAY, both of Windsor, 4 June [1889] at Windsor
3562-89 Joseph BEAUNE, 23, laborer, Tilbury West, same, s/o Israel BEAUNE & Adelaide CAZA, married Virginie TROTTIER, 18, Quebec, Tilbury West, d/o Joseph TROTTIER & Emelie SYLE, witn: Delphis BEAUNE & Maudot TROTTIER, both of Tilbury West, 10 June 1889 at Tilbury West 3594-89 Alexander BENETEAU, 26, farmer, Sandwich West, Anderdon, s/o Alexander BENETEAU & Elise MARION, married Euphrosene MELOCHE, 20, Anderdon, same, d/o Antoine MELOCHE & Clemence PARE, witn: Antoine MELOCHE of Anderdon & Charles BENETEAU of Sandwich West, 25 Nov 1889 at Anderdon
#003084-89 (Essex Co): Harry BENZING, 27, clerk, Oswego NY, Detroit, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Mary DARNNE? (or Danen?), 22, Detroit, same, d/o Charles DARNNE & M. HOUSING, witn: Fannie WARD & William E. PINELL, both of Detroit, 6 July 1889 at Windsor 3054-89 Myron C. BLAINE?, 36, widower, decorator, Syracuse NY, Detroit, s/o Cornelius A. BLAINE & Sylvia O. HALL, married Madeline BARTHOLOMEW, 23, Hamilton Ont., Detroit, d/o John BARTHOLOMEW & Annie PHILLIPS, witn: C. H. A. BAILEY & Mary LARKIN, both of Detroit, 22 April [1889] at Windsor
3612-89 Thomas Timothy BONDY, 29 , farmer, Colchester South, same, s/o Eli & Margaret, married Sarah BOWRING, 25, Colchester South, same, d/o John & Julia, witn: Mary & Edith MATHEWS of Kingsville, 15 Oct. 1889 at Kingsville 3608-89 William BROOKER, 22, farmer, Gosfield tp., Rochester twp., s/o John & Esther, married Viola WIGLE, 17, Gosfield, Rochester twp., d/o Philip & Ellen, witn: George LEE & Bessie WIGLE, both of Gosfield, 25 July 1889 at Kingsville
  3596-89 Loyal BROWN, 24, broom maker, Grand Rapids Mich., Gosfield twp., s/o Loyal & blank, married Minnie C. HOPNER, 18, Germany, Detroit, d/o Charles & blank, witn: Mrs. A. SNIDER & Mr. H. B. GARNEY, both of Kingsville, 16 Jan 1889 at Kingsville
3552-89 Tom BROWN, 31, farmer, England, Tilbury West, s/o James & Harriette, married Barbara RICHARDS, 30, Wentworth Co., Tilbury East, d/o Peter & Margaret, witn: Peter & Elizabeth McNAUGHTON, 20 Dec 1889 at Comber 3635-89 William H. BRUNDAGE, 26, lumberman, Chatham, Kingsville, s/o Samuel & Louisa, married Milla PASTOREUS, 18, Leamington, Kingsville, d/o Walter & Charlotte, witn: John A. MAYCOCK of Kingsville & Ella WORTLEY of Leamington, 18 Dec 1889 at Leamington
#003427-90 (Essex Co): James Joseph BYRNE, 23, machinist, Ohio, Detroit, s/o George BYRNE & Bridget COONEY, married Theresa Agnes DUNN, 20, Ireland, Detroit, d/o Patrick DUNN & Lucy MURLEY, 13 Aug 18890 at Windsor (Rom Cath) 003394-1889 (Essex Co.) James CAIN, 22, teamster, Woodstock, Essex Centre, s/o Nelson & Mary, married Annie SCHRAM, 21, Norwich, Essex Centre, d/o Alex & Amelia, witn: Alex & Amelia SCHRAM, both of Essex Centre, 14 May 1889 at Essex Centre
3063-89 Walter Wentworth CLARK, 29, barber, Marshall Mich, same, s/o John H. CLARK & Louisa L. PEAK, married Christena MILLER, 22, Quebec, Marshall Mich., d/o Fred MILLER & blank OAKWOOD, 13 May [ 1889] at Windsor 3595-89 John H. CORNWALL, 27, farmer, Colchester twp., Gosfield twp., s/o Charles & Ulsy, married Catherine O’CONNOR, 23, Gosfield twp., same, d/o Jeremiah & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas SCRATCH & Chloe WIGLE, both of Kingsville, 26 June 1889 at Kingsville
#003082-89 (Essex Co): Albert E. COTTINGHAM, 32, widower, dentist, Ohio, Ionia Mich, s/o William COTTINGHAM & Elizabeth VANCE, married Cora A. NEWHOUSE, 21, Ohio, Ionia Mich., d/o Benjamin F. NEWHALL (sic) & Sarah SCHUYLER, witn: W.L. BARNETT of Windsor, 5 July 1889 at Windsor 3627-89 John DALTON, 29, widower, farmer, King twp., Comber, s/o Woodsworth & Harriett, married Mary Jane BAILEY, 19, Mersea, same, d/o John & blank, witn: Florence & Lucinda LANGDON, 10 Sept 1889 at Mersea twp
3618-89 Moses DENNIS, 35, farmer, England, Mersea, s/o John & Susan, married Charlotte SPOONER, 29, Mersea, same, d/o Robert & Angeline, witn: Wesley TENNANT & Mrs. C. W. VOLLICK, both of Mersea, 3 April 1889 at Methodist Parsonage, Mersea 3619-89 Wallace DERBYSHIRE, 24, mechanic, Mersea twp., Wheatley, s/o George & Mary, married Bella MOORE, 21, Missouri USA, Wheatley, d/o James & Mary A., witn: William MOORE & Minnie MAYWOOD, both of Wheatley, 9 April 1889 at res of bride's parents, Wheatley
3616-89 Johnson DERBYSHIRE, 25, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o George & Mary, married Maria DALES, 19, Mersea, same, d/o James & Charlotte, witn: Wallace DERBYSHIRE & Bella MOORE, both of Wheatley, 5 March 1889 at res of bride's father, 8th con of Mersea twp 3620-89 John DIXON, 31, farmer, Middlesex Co., McGillivray twp., s/o Joseph & Clara, married Jannie CAMERON, 27, Blanchard twp., Mersea twp., d/o John & Mary, witn: William HEALEY of Romney twp & Annie CAMERON of Mersea, 17 April 1889 at res of Joseph Dales, 8th con of Mersea
3052-89 Joseph H. DREXLER, 21, wood turner, Eton Rapids Mich., Detroit, s/o Charles & Augusta, married Sarah DARRAH, 18, Detroit, same, d/o Neil DARRAH & Mary SHAY, witn: Charles J. & Maggie MARTIN of Detroit, 18 April [1889] at Windsor 3593-89 Michel DROUILLARD, 26, farmer, Anderdon, same, s/o Louis DROUILLARD & Archange PARE, married Filienne BENETEAU, 27, Anderdon, same, d/o Athemaise BENETEAU & Clothilde BARON, witn: Louis DROUILLARD & Remi BENETEAU, both of Anderdon, 25 Nov 1889 at Anderdon
3633-89 Richard FRY, 29, miller, Simcoe, Leamington, s/o Richard & Eliza, married Media ROBSON, 23, Leamington, same, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Thomas & Mary ROBSON of Leamington, 15 Nov 1889 at Leamington  
003587-90 (Essex Co) John GIRARD, 30, farmer, Colchester North, same, s/o W----? GIRARD & Augustine? LUCIEN, married Emilia POUGET, 23, Malden Tp., same, d/o Joseph POUGET & Mary MONGEAU, witn Columbus OUELLETTE & Lillie POUGET, of Malden, 5 November 1889, at Amherstburg. 3609-89 James H. GOODWILLIE, 29, stone cutter, Scotland, Detroit, s/o Thomas & Rachel, married Flora ANDERSON, 28, widow, Toronto, Detroit, d/o Peter MACULUM? & Margaret STEWART, witn: Miss Anna SNIDER of Kingsville & Miss Josie WRIGHT of Colchester, 31 July 1889 at Kingsville
3599-89 John D. GRIEVES, 25, farmer, Colchester, Romney, s/o Joseph GRIEVES & Sarah FEETHENDEN, married Anna S. TOFFLEMIRE, 22, Colchester, same, d/o Jacob TOFFLEMIRE & Miss BECKFIRD, witn: Edgar MERRIFIELD & Lotty TOFFLEMIRE, both of Colchester, [reg’d 15 July 1889 at Kingsville ] 3047-89 John HAGADORN, 27, engineer, Steuben NY, Belleville Mich., s/o Nathaniel HAGADORN & Elizabeth EVANS, married Ida CURTIS, 18, Augusta Mich., Maybee Mich., d/o Henry CURTIS & Ada SCHULTZ, witn: Sarah CARNSTOCK (?) of Belleville Mich., 25 March [1889] at Windsor
3598-89 Herbert HARRIS, 21, farmer, Michigan, Colchester, s/o Alfred & Mary, married Hannah KISNER, 19, Colchester, same, d/o Henry & Sarah, witn: Sarah E. & Edith RIGSBY, 29 Jan 1889 at Kingsville 3059-89 George HASLER, 40, widower, Michigan, Detroit, s/o William HASLER & Ann STOCKFORD, married Celia J. KENDALL, 30, Hamilton, Detroit, d/o Charles W. & blank, 4 May [1889] at Windsor
3050-89 Sebastien HEINE, 26, farmer, Germany, Sandwich West, s/o Carl HEINE & Helen FRIEND, married Ginfer KELLY, 33, widow, England, Sandwich West, d/o John HEINE & Mary CURTIS, witn: B. S. & G. S> GRAY of Windsor, 2 April [1889] at Windsor 3078-89 Jacob HEINZ, 25, grocer, Germany, Detroit, s/o Frederick & Annie, married Annie ANGUISH, 23, Titusville Penn., Detroit, d/o Chapin ANGUISH & Mary STAREMAN?, 27 June [1889] at Windsor
3554-89 William HENRY, 40, widower, farmer, Caledonia, Rochester, s/o Isaac & Mary, married Josephine LARONDOT, 22, Quebec, Rochester, d/o Olivier LARONDOT & Marguerite RIVER, witn: Mrs. Peter MYERS & Miss Cassy THOMAS, both of Comber, 7 (4?) Feb 1889 at Comber 3625-89 Oliver N. HYATT, 21, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o Gilbert & Rebecca, married Eliza J. FUREY, 21, Mersea, same, d/o Charles & Fanny, witn: Robert CAMERON & Maretta FUREY, both of Mersea, 27 Aug 1889 at Methodist Parsonage, Goldsmith
3065-89 Frank Alvin HOWLAND, 23, clerk, Adrian Mich, same, s/o Jonathan HOWLAND & Emeline A. SUEDECKER, married Alice Bertha ARMSTRONG, 21, Detroit, same, d/o Richard ARMSTRONG & Jane JOHNSTON, witn: Jane SUTHERLAND & Jennie WHITTAKER, both of Windsor, 22 May [1889] at Windsor 3057-89 Lewellyn JACQUES, 23, druggist, Kent Co. Ont., Windsor, s/o John JACQUES & Emily WATT, married Marie HEISE, 27, Detroit, same, d/o William HEISE & Albertina SCHREIBER, witn: Charles & Margaret MICKLE, 1 May 1889 at Windsor
3636-89 Lewis JEFFREY, 22, farmer, Gosfield twp., same, s/o Edgar & Lucinda, married Alice SUMMERFIELD, 22, Mersea twp., same, d/o John & Harriet, witn: Prof? MOUNTREA of Essex Centre & Mrs. A. W. WIGLE of Ruthven, 24 Dec [1889] at Leamington  
#003280-90 (Essex Co): William JONES, 28, hotel clerk, Swansea Wales, Detroit, s/o Beejo? & Ann, married Annie Virginia COLLINS, 26, Macon Georgia, Chicago, d/o T.C. COLLINS & Ann E. SPERRY, witn: John CAMPBELL of Detroit & G. HUICKS of Windsor, 31 Aug 1889 at Windsor 3066-89 Roy B. JUDD, 19, farmer, Saginaw Co. Mich, Maple Grove Mich., s/o William H. JUDD & Isabel HENRY, married Mary WOOD, 15, Shiawassen Co. Mich, same, d/o Isaac WOOD & Jemima NOSEWORTHY, witn: Brush JUDD, 1 June [1889] at Windsor
  3074-89 Frederick KARKHOFF, 54, teamster, Germany, Detroit, s/o John KARKHOFF & Fredericka FISHER, married Julia Ann BILZ, 50, Germany, Detroit, d/o William BILZ & Wilhelmina RAMBAUER, witn: Jennie WHITTAKER of Windsor, 22 June [1889] at Windsor
3055-89 Charles Albert KING, 40, widower, banker, England, Detroit, s/o George KING & Mary ASHBY, married Frances CALDWELL, 27, England, Detroit, d/o William CALDWELL & Elizabeth HARDY, witn: Jane SUTHERLAND & Jeannie WHITTAKER, both of Windsor, 23 April 1889 at Windsor 003393-1889 (Essex Co.) Albert Edward KNIGHT, 34, Worstershire(sic) England, Essex Centre, laborer, s/o Samuel & Jemima, married Josephine ABBOTT, 23, Whitby, Essex Centre, d/o Charles & Nancy, witn: Victor PATTERSON & Fanny RAYMOND, both of Essex Centre, 8 Mar 1889 at Essex Centre
3561-89 William LABONTE, 19, laborer, Tilbury West, same, s/o Joseph LABONTE & Clemence LANONS, married Armenie DUQUETTE, 19, Tilbury West, same, d/o Joseph DUQUETTE & Elizabeth St. GERMAIN, witn: Jacob LABONTE & Elizabeth DUQUETTE, both of Tilbury West, 26 May 1889 at Tilbury West 3549-89 Thomas LABONTE, 26, blacksmith, Tilbury West, same, s/o Thomas LABONTE & Salome DUQUETTE, married Marie Ann THIBEAU, 14, Tilbury West, same, d/o Antoine THIBEAU & Marie Ann MARCHAND, witn: Salome LABONTE & Francois MARCHAND, both of Tilbury West, 13 May 1889 at Tilbury West
3613-89 Ed LANCING, 27, laborer, Canada, Scugog Island, s/o Peter & Catherine, married Etta STEWART, 25, widow, Canada, Gosfield, d/o William & Ann SWEETMAN, witn: Sarah E. & Nettie BRYERS of Kingsville, 17 Dec 1889 at Kingsville 3058-89 James S. LEAHEY, 33, railway employee, Dearborn Mich., Detroit, s/o Patrick LEAHEY & Ellen DAWSON, married Annie FANGER, 23, Germany, Detroit, d/o Christian FANGER & Amelia HUTT, 4 May [1889] at Windsor
3539-89 Louis LEBERT, 26, farmer's son, Quebec, River Ruscom, s/o Francois LEBERT & Isabelle THIBODEAU, married Adelaide GUILBEAULD, 16, Tilbury West, same, d/o Joseph GUILBEAULD & Mathilde LADOUCEURE, witn: Ansseline GUILBAULD (sic) of Stoney Point & Emilie BOUCHE of Windsor , 30 April 1889 at Stoney Point 3600-89 Fred A. LEE, 25, turner, Leamington, Kingsville, s/o James & Ann, married Samantha McDONA--?(off page McDonald?), 18, Kingsville, same, d/o David & Samantha, witn: Albert CADY & Margaret LEE, both of Kingsville, 31 March 1889 at Kingsville
3548-89 Xavier LEFEBVRE, 22, farmer's son, Tilbury West, same, s/o Michel LEFEBVRE & Flavie MIRON, married Marguerite ROBIDOUX, 18, Tilbury West, same, d/o Leandre ROBIDOUX & Marguerite RAINVILLE, witn: Camille ROBIDOUX & Louise DUFRESNE, both of Tilbury West, 7 May 1889 at Stoney Point 3056-89 Alfred G. LEGGETT, 24, electrical engineer, Luna O., Detroit, s/o John T. LEGGETT & Julia A. KISCH, married Lizzie E. WILSON, 21, Detroit, same, d/o William WILSON & Mary TOBIN, witn: Charles A. & Mamie KINNEY, 24 April 1889 at Windsor
3541-89 Pierre LESPERANCE, 23, farmer's son, Tecumseh, same, s/o Olivier LESPERANCE & Marie LEMAITRE, married Augustine MAILLOUX, 17, Tilbury West, same, d/o Leandre MAILLOUX & Virginie PILLETTE, witn: Joseph LESPERANCE of Tecumseh & Melina MAILLOUX of Tilbury West, 6 May 1889 at Stoney Point 3557-89 Christopher LETHBRIDGE, 28, clerk, England, Tilbury Centre, s/o Christopher LEITHBRIDGE (sic) & Elizabeth HUNKING, married Delima DESMARAIS, 18, Stoney Point, Tilbury West, d/o Francois DESMARAIS & Marie BRISSETTE, witn: Francois DESMARAIS & Philomene LARIVIERE, both of Comber, 10 June 1889 at Tilbury West
  3075-89 William James MAHER, 39, widower, engineer, England, Detroit, s/o Jeremiah MAHER & Bridget MARKLEY, married Minnie DWYER, 22, Detroit, same, d/o John DWYER & Margaret KEITH, witn: G. S. GRAY & May ATKINSON, both of Windsor, 22 June [1889] at Windsor
3558-89 Norbert MARCHAND, 26, yeoman, Tilbury East, same, s/o Pierre MARCHAND & Fredine MARTIN, married Marie DUPUIS, 25, Tilbury East, same, d/o Jules DUPUIS & Julienne TREMBLAY, witn: Godfrey MARCHAND & Rosalie DUPUIS, both of Tilbury East, 21 May 1889 at Tilbury West 3559-89 Francois MARCHAND, 20, laborer, Tilbury West, same, s/o Edouard MARCHAND & Juliennne GIROUX, married Salome LABONTE, 20, Tilbury West, same, d/o Thomas LABONTE & Salome DUQUETTE, witn: Noe LABONTE & Agnes St.DENIS, both of Tilbury West, 26 June 1889 at Tilbury West
3634-89 John A. MAYCOCK, 34, widower, architect, Sandwich, Kingsville, s/o Richard & Emily, married Ella WORTLEY, 22, widow, Ruthven, Leamington, d/o George & Augusta GEOFFRY, witn: William H. & Milla BRUNDAGE of Kingsville, 18 Dec 1889 at Leamington 3061-89 Thomas McCABE, 27, sailor, Toronto, Detroit, s/o William C. McCABE & Catherine SHORTALL, married Edith KETHNER, 17, Germany, Detroit, d/o Charles KETHNER & Annie HOLFEL, 6 May [1889] at Windsor
3604-89 Patrick McCOLLOUGH, 36, barrister, Georgetown, Markdale, s/o Robert & Charlotte, married Annie Wilson STUART, 24, Cobourg, Kingsville, d/o Charles & Catherine, witn: Robert McCOLLOUGH of Georgetown & Caroline DRAKE of Kingsville, 9 July 1889 at Kingsville  
3062-89 James McKELL, 23, dry goods clerk, Ireland, Detroit, s/o James McKELL & ISabella COTTER, married Mary MILLER, 29, Ireland, Detroit, d/o Thomas MILLER & Sarah FEELY, witn: William & Annie MILLER, 6 May [1889] at Windsor #003080-89 (Essex Co): Alexis W. MELDRUM, 53, widower, mason, Wayne Co Mich., same, s/o Peter MELDRUM & Silvia FERGUSON, married Mattie HENDERSON, 34, widow, Milford Mich., Wayne Co Mich., d/o Joseph BROWN & Sarah SHANNON, witn: Maggie HUBBER & R.S. GRAY, both of Windsor, 2 July 1889 at Windsor
3049-89 William MILLER, 30, carpenter, Scotland, Detroit, s/o William MILLER & Sarah DAVIDSON, married Jennie FLINN, 27, Glasgow Scotland, Detroit, d/o Hugh FLINN & Marion PATTERSON, witn: Gus LAHSER & Mary CHALER, 2 April [1889] at Windsor 3606-89 Charles MINCE, 21, farmer, Canada, Gosfield, s/o John & Ann, married Mary Jane CREASAR, 21, Canada, Gosfield, d/o Isaac & Rhoda, witn: Alex & Hannah CASCADDEN of Kingsville, 24 Dec 1889 at Kingsville
3540-89 Joseph MORIN, 22, laborer, Quebec, Tilbury West, s/o Hilaire MORIN & Deline LAROSE, married Edinire GIROUX, 22, Quebec, Tilbury West, d/o Abraham GIROUX & Adelaide DESJARDINS, witn: Francois LANONS & Emma MORIN, both of Tilbury West, 30 April 1889 at Tilbury West 3064-89 Calvin S. MOTT, 21, teamster, New York, Detroit, s/o N. MOTT & Ellen BISHOP, married Margaret WALL, 18, Detroit, same, d/o George WALL & Mary PEARSALL, witn: Morley & Ellen M. BISHOP, 22 May [1889] at Windsor
3602-89 Henry MYER, 27, farmer, Georgina twp., Gosfield twp., s/o Henry & Susanna, married Mary E. COWELL, 18, Woodburn Ont., Gosfield twp., d/o John & Mary Ann, witn; Joseph MYER & Christian HISLOP, both of Gosfield twp., 7 June 1889 at Kingsville #003079-89 (Essex Co): William M. NEUBAUER, 21, mat cutter, Pontiac Mich., Detroit, s/o Adam NEUBAUER & Jane MANSEN?, married Pearl A. MILLS, 20, Detroit, same, d/o William A. MILLS & Annie PALSIPHER?, 29 June 1889 at Windsor
3071-89 Frank J. PALMER, 23, polisher, Detroit, same, s/o Joseph PALMER & Julia TALLMAN, married Bertha HARMAN?, 19, Detroit, same, d/o William HARMAN & Mary ANGEL, witn: Rufus E. G. BABY & G. S. GRAY, both of Windsor, 8 June [1889] at Windsor 3597-89 Joseph PARK, 24, laborer, Greece, Colchester South, s/o James & Maria, married Jane ULCH (Uleh?), 16, Colchester South, same, d/o Benjamin & Anna, wtn: S. E. RIGSBY of Kingsville & blank KISNER of Colchester South, 29 Jan 1889 at Kingsville
#003083-89 (Essex Co): W.A. PARRISH, 21, clerk, Flint Mich., Detroit, s/o Almon PARRISH & Mary MITCHELL, married Annie B. SLATER, 21, Detroit, same, d/o Thomas SLATER & Agnes MITCHELL, 5 July 1889 at Windsor  
3610-89 James PIERCE, 30, farmer, Marlboro twp., Pelee Island, s/o James & Jane, married Eliza Alice VANDERDOSEN, 30, Burford twp., Pelee Island, d/o George & Mary, witn: Leonard & Bessie TILLEY (Liley?) of London, 10 Sept 1889 at Kingsville #003282-90 (Essex Co): Joseph POULICE, 26, farmer, Monroe Mich., Petersburg Mich, s/o Isaac POULICE & Jennie BEAUDRY, married Helen O'CONNOR, 18, Toledo Ohio, Petersburg Mich., d/o James O'CONNOR & Josephine SULLIVAN, witn: Annie YATES & E. LOGAN, both of Windsor, April 9, 1889 at Windsor (Rom Cath)
3611-89 Frederick QUICK, farmer, Canada, Colchester South, s/o Absalom & Debora, married Mary CLARK, 19, Canada, Colchester South, d/o Thomas & Sophia, witn: Sarah E. BRYERS & Sophia CLARK, both of Kingsville, 25 Sept 1889 at Kingsville 3605-89 George Almeron QUICK, 21, farmer, Colchester, Colchester South, s/o Hyram & Harriett, married Christen BONDY, 18, Colchester, same, d/o not given, witn: Walter & Charlotte PASTORUS of Kingsville, 19 Dec 1889 at Kingsville
3629-89 Mark RANDALL, 21, farmer, Tilbury, Tilbury East, s/o Stephen & Louisa, married Georgina HARDY, 18, Kingston, Tilbury East, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Herman & Jessie ROBINSON of Leamington, 8 Oct 1889 at Leamington 3073-89 William John RENNIE, 20, clerk, Bruce Co., Detroit, s/o William RENNIE & Margaret McINTOSH, married Agnes DOWNEY, 19, Detroit, same, d/o John DOWNEY & Isabella NICHOL, witn: Jennie WHITTAKER & Julia DOWNEY, both of Windsor, 22 June [1889] at Windsor
#003199-90 (Essex Co): Gustav A. RESHKE, 23, moulder, Detroit, same, s/o Michael RESCHKE & Pauline SCHWARTZ, married Elizabeth DODT, 19, Detroit, same, d/o Ernest DODT & Hannah MILLER, witn: Adam DODT & Amma ZIEMAN, both of Detroit, 28 June 18890 at Windsor (Lutheran) 3607-89 Thomas Theodore RICHARDSON, 24, farmer, Colchester South, same, s/o Francis & Jemima, married Annie WRIGHT, 26, England, Colchester South, d/o Samuel & Emma, witn: Charles LEGGETT & Mary MATHEWS, both of Kingsville, 24 Dec 1889 at Kingsville
3542-89 David ROBIDOUX, 23, laborer, Canada, Tilbury West, s/o Leandre ROBIDOUX & Marguerite RAINVILLE, married Delima CAZA, 24, Tilbury West, same, d/o John CAZA & Marguerite CHARTIER, witn: William OUELLETTE & Adolph STRAUB, both of Tilbury West, 9 April 1889 at Stoney Point 3601-89 George RUMBALL, 26, mechanic, Canada, Harrow, s/o Josiah & Lucretia, married Ida HARRIS, 26, Canada, Malden, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Morley T. & Nettie BRYERS of Kingsville, 1 July 1889 at Kingsville
3617-89 James SAMS, 23, laborer, England, East Tilbury, s/o John & Mary, married Elizabeth SCILI, 18, Chatham, Mersea, d/o Joseph & Ellen, witn: Mrs. D. W. VOLLICK & Miss Laura J. REID, both of Mersea, 11 March 1889 at 8th con Mersea, Methodist Parsonage 3544-89 Xavier SAUVE, 24, farmer's son, Stoney Point, same, s/o Herbert SAUVE & Catherine DESMARAIS, married Celina CHENE, 20, Stoney Point, same, d/o Cleophas CHENE & Catherine CHEVALIER, witn: Jeremie MAILLOUX & Alice MAICIER, both of Stoney Point, 29 April 1889 at Stoney Point
3546-89 John SHANKS,, 33, farmer, Scotland, Tilbury West, s/o David & Catherine, married Mary BREEN, 22, Ireland, Tilbury West, d/o William & Ann, witn: Henry BREEN & Alice SAUVE, 16 April 1889 at Comber  
3068-89 William H. SHAY, 26, galvanized wire worker, Ogdensburg NY, Detroit, s/o Henry SHAY & Mary J. PERRY, married Sarah DAGLEISH (s/b Dalgleish?), 20, Brantford, Detroit, d/o Joseph DAGLEISH & Sarah MARSHALL, 1 June [1889] at Windsor 3067-89 George SHAULES (Shoules?), 22, foundry man, King Ont., Detroit, s/o Thomas SHAULES & Mary CUSHMAN, married Ella CALLAGHAN, 22, Scotland, Detroit, d/o Barney CALLAGHAN & Agnes DONNELLY, witn: Jennie WHITTAKER & G. S. GRAY, both of Windsor, 1 June [1889] at Windsor
3626-89 Burwell Merrit SHAW, 22, farmer, Romney twp., same, s/o Enoch B. & Sarah, married Amanda DIMMA, 19, Bruce Co., Romney twp., d/o George & Ann, witn: Isaac TUFFLEMIRE & Ada GETTY, 9 Oct 1889 at Methodist Parsonage, Goldsmith 3624-89 George D. SMITH, 27, mechanic, Romney twp., Wheatley, s/o James & Mary A., married Mary CHUTE, 24, Malahide twp., Wheatley, d/o James & Lea, witn: Henry MAXVILLE of Wheatley & Mary SMITH of Romney, 13 Aug 1889 at Methodist Parsonage, Goldsmith
3051-89 Francis SMITH, 22, machinist, Newmarket Ont., Detroit, s/o Charles SMITH & Ann E. COOK, married Louisa SPENCER, 21, Bradford, Detroit, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Ella & Charles GAUTHIER of Detroit, 17 April [1889] at Windsor 3563-89 Etienne SOUCHEREAU, 35, merchant, Quebec, St. Clair Siding, s/o J. B. SOUCHEREAU & Sophie SAUVE, married Mary HAYES, 21, Windsor, Stoney Point, d/o James HAYES & Elen GARVEY, witn: Jeremie MAILLOUX of Stoney Point & Nathalie SOUCHEREAU of St. Clair Siding, 2 July 1889 at Stoney Point
  3077-89 Samuel SPENCER, 23, farmer, Oakland Mich., Plymouth Mich. s/o Henry SPENCER & Julia BAKER, married Elizabeth BROWN, 24, Perth Ont., Plymouth Mich., d/o Alex BROWN & Agnes McLAREN, 27 June [1889] at Windsor
3614-89 William SPOONER, 24, farmer, 8th con Mersea, same, s/o Robert & Angelina, married Mary Ann BELL, 21, Stratford, Tilbury West, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Horatio MILLS of 5th con Romney & Catherine J. BELL of West Tilbury, 16 Jan 1889 at 8th con of Mersea 3046-89 Frank W. STAPLES, 22, farmer, Oakland Co. Mich, same, s/o George STAPLES & Henrietta MILLS, married Cora BARRON, 19, Oakland Co. Mich, same, d/o Almon BARRON & Sarah JOHNSTON, witn: John McLAREN & Lillie JOHNSTON, 25 March [1889] at Windsor
3053-89 Robert STEGLICH, 20, iron worker, New Orleans, Detroit, s/o Charles & Julia, married Clara PARKER, 20, Pennsylvania, Detroit, d/o William PARKER & Mary NEWTON, witn: B. S. & G. S. GRAY of Windsor, 20 April [1889] at Windsor  
003646-90 (Essex Co) Charles James STOGELL, 30, England, War Reville, clerk, s/o Simon STOGELL & Emily WITCOME , to Edith McCauley BISE, 26, Michigan, Windsor, d/o James BISE & Sarah McCAULEY, witn: John STOGELL & Florence C. BISE on 10-15-1889 in Sandwich 3069-89 Alfred SUTLIFF, 24, farmer, Wayne Co. Mich, Wyandotte Mich, s/o Burrett SUTLIFF & Bertha REITZ, married Hattie E. PINCK, 21, Flat Rock Mich, Wyandotte, d/o Samuel PINCK & Ellen VREELAND, 4 June [1889] at Windsor
  3072-89 Charles TAYLOR, 34, widower, shoe maker, Milwaukee Wis., Detroit, s/o Isaac TAYLOR & Mary DOWNER, married Ellen CAMERON, 22, Guelph Ont., Detroit, d/o Donald CAMERON & Ellen GUNN, witn: James SUTHERLAND of Windsor, 17 June [1889] at Windsor
3621-89 Richard TERRY, 21, carpenter, Blanchard twp., Mersea twp., s/o Richard & Harriet, married Phebe WILLAN, 18, Mersea twp., same, d/o Thomas & Roxey, witn: William OVERHOLT & Lizzie WILLAN, both of Mersea, 24 May 1889 at Methodist Parsonage, Goldsmith 3048-89 William G. THOMSON, 33, stone cutter, Banff Scotland, Detroit, s/o James THOMSON & Barbara GEDDES, married Catherine L. TINDALL, 25, London England, Detroit, d/o Alex TINDALL & C. D. BANFIRTH?, 27 March 1889 at Windsor
3631-89 William TULLY, 24, farmer, Euphemia, Romney, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Minnie SAMPLE, 18, Harwich, Romney, d/o Samuel & Jane, witn: William WIGLE & Jessie WILKINSON, both of Leamington, 18 Nov 1889 at Leamington 3543-89 Thomas Christal VICKERMAN, 32, carpenter, Tilbury West, same, s/o Robert S. & Ann, married Teresa Sophie KINGSWELL, 28, Tilbury West, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: William KINGSWELL & Ada VICKERMAN, both of Tilbury West, 9 Jan 1889 at Tilbury West
3622-89 William WALES, 26, farmer, Ontario, Mersea, s/o William & Ann, married Amelia HICKSON, 20, Ontario, Mersea, d/o Lorenzo & Ruth, witn: Margaret E. & M. Emeley SCOTO, of Leamington, 3 July 1889 at Leamington 3628-89 John WALES, 23, Mersea twp., same, s/o Thomas & Juda Ann, married Ella May DRESSER, 20, Mersea, same, d/o William & Rachel, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton WIGLE of Leamington, 6 Nov [1889] at Leamington
#003081-89 (Essex Co): Frank WALKER, 24, farmer, Michigan, same, s/o Manly WALKER & Emily WHIPPLE, married Celina DESJARDINS, 23, Sandwich East, same, d/o Frank DESJARDINS & Emelie CECILE, witn: Annie J. ELLIOTT of Toronto, 4 July 1889 at Windsor 3076-89 James WETHERELL, 21, baker, Woodstock Ont., Davenport Iowa, s/o Francis WETHERELL & Sarah STEPHENSON, married Mary SLIMMGER, 20, Davenport Iowa, same, d/o John SLINNAGER (sic) & Ellen McKINNON, witn: A. E. SMITH & G. S. GRAY, both of Windsor, 27 June [1889] at Windsor
3630-89 Ralph WHITE, 22, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o James & Mary, married Mary CREIG, 22, Wallaceburg, Leamington, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: William & Eliza Jane WRIDE of Leamington, 18 Dec 1889 at Leamington  
3102-90 Charles S. WICKWARE, 41, farmer, Canada, Alma Michigan, s/o Gilbert WICKWARE & Elizabeth, married Mary CILLEY, 48, widow, US, Alma Michigan, d/o James SILVERWOOD & Elizabeth, witn: Jane SELTON of Dawn Mills & Annie LEAROYD of Windsor, 31 Dec 1889 at Windsor 3632-89 Robert WIGFIELD, 21, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o Edwin & Hannah, married Zaloma DEAN, 20, Castor, Romney, d/o Burley & Eliza, witn: Ralph WHITE & Edith WIGFIELD, both of Mersea, 14 Nov 1889 at Leamington
3603-89 Charles WITHENDEN, 29, railway conductor, Riddenden – Kent England, Paris Texas, s/o Charles & Emily, married Mary CORLISS, 29, Townsend twp., Kingsville, d/o Uriah & Fanny, witn: Joseph A. & Lotta FITCH of Kingsville, 28 April 1889 at Kingsville 3060-89 John A. YATES, 29, cutter, Sweden, Detroit, s/o S. & Elsie, married Louise BARR, 26, Syracuse NY, Detroit, d/o Albert S. BARR & Harriet Eveline, May 6 [1889] at Windsor