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3700-95 Thomas ABRAHAM, 33, dredger, Darlington Ont, Detroit, s/o Henry ABRAHAM & Ada SEWELL, married Jane EVELAND, 31, Sarnia, Detroit, d/o Joshua EVELAND & Catherine O’CONNOR, witn: Georgina & Constance HINCKS of Windsor, 21 May 1895 at Windsor 3144-95 William AFFLECK, 24, farmer, Colchester twp., same, s/o Robert & Mary Ann, married Bertha STOCKFORD, 21, Gosfield twp., Harrow, d/o Joseph & Ellen, witn: Frank STOCKFORD & Winnie WRIGHT, both of Colchester, 22 May 1895 at res of the mother of the bride, Harrow
3705-95 Albert Robert ANDREWS, 28, agent, Toronto, same, s/o Matthew ANDREWS & Isabella WATT, married Mary Jane WARNOCK, 25, Tilbury, same, d/o John WARNOCK & Margaret MACKLIN, witn: Georgina & Constance HINCKS of Windsor, 11 June 1895 at Windsor 3075-95 Alexis ANTAYA, 32, laborer, Anderdon, Sandwich West, s/o George & Scholastique, married Emma LAMANT, 20, Anderdon, Sandwich West, d/o Alexandre LAMANT & Anne BASTIEN, witn: Alexandre LAMANT & Daniel ANTAYA, both of Sandwich West, 12 Nov 1895 at St. Joseph Church, [at Sandwich West?]
#003878-95 (Essex Co): Frank Barris ATKIN, 26, railway man, Ohio, Detroit, s/o Augustus ATKIN & Martha LYMAN, married Mary C. SEIB, 25, Ohio, Detroit, d/o John SEIB & Mary BARTH, 25 Oct 1895 at Windsor 3688-95 Alex W. AUSTIN, 29, railway fireman, Galt Ont.., Windsor, s/o Stewart AUSTIN & Margaret SUTTON, married Lizzie PRATT, 24, Windsor, same, d/o Alfred PRATT & Louise JENNINGS, witn: Douglas HENDERSON of Windsor, 26 June 1895 at Windsor
003185 95 (Essex) Telesphore BAILLARGEON, St Barthelemi P Q, Tecumseh, widower, laborer, s/o Joseph BAILLARGEON & Louise MASSE to Farcille RENAUD, 34, Rochester, Rochester, d/o Antonio RENAUD & Emelie ALLARD; wit Prosper ALLARD & Moe ALLARD on 7, January 1895 in Belle River 3607-95 Stearne J. BALD, 42, widower, commercial traveller, London Ont., Detroit, s/o Stearne J. BALD & Theodosia LEDWITH, married Annie J. DUNCAN, 28, Thamesville Ont., Detroit, d/o James DUNCAN & Annie MITCHELL, witn: M. F. TOLMIE & N. HAMBLETON, both of Windsor, 19 June 1895 at Windsor
3336-95 John William BARNES, 27, farmer, Ohio US, Maidstone, s/o John & Mary, married Emma Alzira ELLIS, 23, Maidstone twp., same, d/o Thomas & Hester Ann, witn: James Wallace ARNOLD & Agnes M. WIGLE, both of Maidstone, 30 Jan 1895 at Maidstone twp 3235-95 William C. BARNES, 20, miller, Toronto, same, s/o John BARNES & Mary COUSE, married Tena WHEELER, 19, Windsor, same, d/o John WHEELER & Ella TO--EY?, 27 May 1895 at Walkerville
3637-95 Andrew BARTH, 34, widower, cigar maker, Detroit, same, s/o Andrew & Jane, married Catherine A. SCHNEIDER, 29, Detroit, same, d/o Conrad & Catherine, witn: Martin SCHNEIDER & Anna WEISS, both of Detroit, 20 June 1895 at Windsor 3718-95 John J. BATES, 24, pressman, Detroit, same, s/o Anthony BATES & Julia DUNN, married Margaret CHANER, 23, widow, Detroit, same, d/o William BURNSHAW & Hannah TURNBULL, witn: Rev. T. VALENTINE & Lizzie BYRNE, both of Windsor, 19 July 1895 at Windsor
3227-95 George BAUGH, 38, widower, iron roller, Bothwell Ont., Detroit, s/o John B. & Jane, married Kittie EHEMANS?, 30, Detroit, same, d/o Matthew & Mary, witn: Eleanor HUNTER & Emily GHENT, both of Walkerville, 11 March 1895 at Walkerville 3080-95 Daniel BEAUDOIN, 25, farmer, Malden twp., same, s/o Joseph BEAUDOIN & Archange BONDY, married Mabel Eleanor DARRAH, 18, Oakland Calif., Malden twp., d/o John DARRAH & Janet EDGAR, witn: Napoleon BEAUDOIN of Malden & Janet ANDERSON of Colchester, 26 Feb 1895 at Malden twp
003326 95 (Essex) Napoleon BEAUDOIN, 24, Malden, Malden, farmer, s/o Joseph BEAUDOIN & Angelique BONDY to Emyline? REAUME, 24, Anderdon, Anderdon, d/o Antoine REAUME & Angelique BASTIEN; wit John BEAUDOIN & Lena REAUME on 2, September 1895 in Amherstburg 3606-95 William Philip BELL, 27, clerk, Weston Ont., Galt, s/o John & Isabella, married Julia MACKEY, 23, Windsor, same, d/o John MACKEY & Julia FARRELL, witn: Hattie HART of Windsor & William GATFIELD of Sandwich, 18 June 1895 at Windsor
3121-95 William J. BELL, 23, farmer, Mersea, Tilbury West, s/o James & Margaret, married Alice Annie WALKER, 21, Hamilton Mersea, d/o George H. & Elizabeth, witn: John H. & Edith WALKER of Mersea, 8 May 1895 at Mersea 3233-95 Benjamin BEMBURG (Bernburg?), 21, tobacco merchant, Detroit, same, s/o Joseph BEMBURG & Rachel GOLDSTEIN, married Amanda ROSENFIELD, 20, Detroit, same, d/o Reuben ROSENFIELD & Henrietta FISCHER, witn: Mrs. GODWIN of Walkerville, 7 May 1895 at Walkerville
003079-95 (Essex Co) Noe BEZAIRE, 21, Farmer, Sandwich West, same; s/o Thomas BEZAIRE & Julienne FILLION married Virginie BENETEAU, 26, Anderdon, same; d/o Laurent BENETEAU & Angelique BARRON. Witn: Thomas BEZAIRE, S. West; Clement BENETEAU, Anderdon; 30 Jul 1895 at St. Joseph's Church, Sandwich West. RC (also 3073-95) 003172 95 (Essex) Wilmot BIRCH, 22, Canada, Gosfield North, b farmer, s/o John & Rhoda BIRCH to Mary Jane TRIMBLE, 18, Canada, Gosfield North, d/o Richard & Mary ann TRIMBLE; wit M S MARTIN & M H SHAW on 6, March 1895 in Cottam, Gosfield North
3651-95 William BIRT, 31, shipman, USA, Wyandotte Mich., s/o James BIRT & Rose McCANN, married Mary Stella RAYMOND, 29, USA, Detroit, d/o William RAYMOND & Elizabeth FITZMORRIS, witn: Samuel J. & Mrs. S. J. BROUGHTON of Flatrock Mich., 22 Jan 1895 at Windsor 3149-95 Theophile BISSONNETTE, 21, farmer, Stanbridge Que., Tilbury North, s/o Theophile BISSONNETTE & Rose McCAMBRIDGE, married Rosalie MARCHAUD, 24, Tilbury West, same, d/o the late Jos. MARCHAUD & Flore St.DENIS, witn: Theophile BISSONNETTE St. of Tilbury North & Pierre MARCHAUD of Tilbury West, 29 April 1875 at St. Francis Church, Tilbury North
  3697-95 Edward BONGARD, 29, sailor, Prince Edward Co., Toronto, s/o Conrad BONGARD & Jane TEWKSBURY, married May SPRONES, 22, Flint Mich., Saginaw, d/o John SPRONES & Mary VANLEVEN, witn: Lizzie HARRIS & Paul MONDAY, 11 July 1895 at Windsor
#003876-95 (Essex Co): Wendelin BOOTZ, 24, painter, Detroit, same, s/o Wendelin BOOTZ & Mary ADAMS, married Lydia COOK, 21, Detroit, same, d/o Louis COOK & Mary NELSON, witn: Mrs. F. & Fred PFIFFER of Detroit, 12 Oct 1895 at Windsor 3130-95 Albert BORING, 30, farmer, Colchester South, same, s/o Henry & Jane, married Melinda TOFFLEMIRE, 28, Colchester South, same, d/o Aaron & Caroline, witn: Jeannie ANDERSON of New York & Maud AYEARST of Harrow, 13 Aug 1895 at Harrow
003324 95 (Essex) Eugene Louis BOUFFORD, 24, Malden, Malden, farmer, s/o Michael BOUFFORD & Mary RUBIDOUX to Harriet MELOCHE, 23, Malden, Malden, d/o Joseph MELOCHE & Zoe LANGLOIS?; wit A. MELOCHE & A DESLIPPE on 30, April 1895 in Amherstburg 003322 95 (Essex) Henry BOUFFORD, 22, Amherstburg, Amherstburg, clerk s/o David BOUFFORD & Apier RENAUD to Annie THEREUX, 20, Colchester, Amherstburg, d/o Francis THEREUX & Magaret ROBIDEUX; wit Walter BERTREND & Minnie BOUFFORD on 29, April 1895
3230-95 Samuel H. BRAUND, 30, widower, machinist, St. Catharines, Detroit, s/o Henry & Martha, married Ella FRENCH, 20, Detroit, same, d/o Lafayette & Charlotte, witn: John McCAUSLAND of Detroit & Mrs. GHENT of Walkerville, 4 May 1895 at Rectory, Walkerville  
3616-95 John Henry BRETT, 21, baker, Detroit, same, s/o Benjamin BRETT & Sarah DEAKES (Drakes?), married Annie Barbara RENTZ (Reutz?), 20, Detroit, same, d/o Michael RENTZ & Mary KETEIR?, witn: William Charles BRETT of Detroit, 14 Jan 1895 at Windsor 3601-95 Firmin BRIEN, 28, cigar manufacturer, Paris France, Detroit, s/o Joseph & Lilian, married Mary Ann FORBES, 32, Guelph, Detroit, d/o William FORBES & Ann CAMERON, witn: Stella McARTHUR of Windsor, 12 June 1895 at Windsor
3141-95 James BRIMNER, 22, farmer, Colchester South, same, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth, married Alma TOFFLEMIRE, 19, Colchester South, same, d/o Jacob & Clarissa, witn: Louis J. TOFFLEMIRE & Hulda Elizabeth FORD, both of Colchester South, 13 March 1895 at Baptist Parsonage, Colchester South 3209-95 Joseph BRISBOIS, 23, teacher, Prescott Co., St. Joachim Ruscom, s/o Julien BRISBOIS & Adeline LALONDE, married Edwidge LAJOIE, 22, St. Joachim Ruscom, same, d/o Pierre LAJOIE & Edesse CARRE, witn: Pierre LAJOIE of St. Joachim & Pierre DUPONT of Detroit, 2 July 1895 at St. Joachim
3650-95 James BRITT, 26, clerk, USA, Detroit, s/o Cornelius BRITT & Bridget DUGAN, married Margaret DUGAN, 35, USA, Detroit, d/o John DUGAN & Margaret TOBIN, witn: Rev. J. T. WAGNER & Lizzie BYRNE, both of Windsor, 14 Jan 1895 at Windsor 3702-95 John Madison BROWN, 33, doctor, Northumberland Ont., Maysville Mo., s/o William BROWN & Catherine McLEAN, married Ruth HETHERINGTON, 22, Peterborough Ont., Saginaw Mich., d/o Robert HETHERINGTON & Jane LOWE, witn: Willard & Nellie SHATTRICK, 29 May 1895 at Windsor
#003882-95 (Essex Co) Dugald BROWN, 30, stationer, London Ont., Pontiac Michigan, s/o Angus BROWN & Jane McARTHUR, married Jennie HARRISON, 20, Pontiac Michigan, same, d/o unknown parents, Nov. 11, 1895 at Windsor 003318 95 (Essex) David BROWN, 23, Amherstburg, Amherstburg, clerk (in grocery), s/o Charles BROWN & Susan FOX to Anna Pauline ZOELLREN, 25, Godich (Goderich?) Ont, Amherstburg, d/o Carl Henry ZOELLNER (sic) & Agusta WEISE; wit Cecilia ZODD (TODD ?) & Mary Jane MATTRESS on 7, March 1895 in Amherstburg
3615-95 Robert BURNS, 28, hardware clerk, Detroit, Chicago, s/o Albert BURNS & Minnie WHITE, married Catherine GRISWOLD, 28, Toledo, Chicago, d/ Charles GRISWOLD & Kate L. STEWART, 12 Jan 1895 at Windsor 3602-95 Joseph CADGER, 24, teamster, Scotland, Detroit, s/o Joseph CADGER & Catherine BICKARD, married Jennie DUNCAN, 22, Bothwell Ont., Walkerville, d/o Alex DUNCAN & Bella SMITH, witn: Louisa CROUCHER & Robert CADGER, both of Detroit, 12 June 1895 at Windsor
3201-95 George CADY, 44, widower, contractor, Gosfield South, Kingsville, s/o James & Rachel, married Louisa SCRATCH, 29, Gosfield South, same, d/o Henry & Sarah, witn: Albert CADY of Kingsville & Carrie SCRATCH of Gosfield South, 17 April 1895 at Gosfield South 3225-95 William CALLAN, 23, yacht designer, Hamilton Walkerville, s/o Patrick & Eliza Williamson, married Nettie DURASS?, 21, Detroit, Walkerville, d/o Michael & Mary Martin, witn: Mrs. A. McNEILL of Walkerville & Miss A. NAYLOR of Essex, 19 Feb 1895 at Walkerville
3711-95 Samuel CAMPBELL, 38, railway man, Strathroy, London, s/o Robert CAMPBELL & Nancy MacPHERSON, married Jennie ROTH, 32, widow, Port Stanley Ont., Detroit, d/o Robert MEEK & Jennie YOUNG, witn: Albert & Sadie CORING? (Cowsey?) of Detroit, 5 July 1895 at Windsor 3717-95 John CARR, 26, steward, Canada, Windsor, s/o John CARR & Mariah THACKERY, married Margaret LEONARD, 24, Canada, Detroit, d/o Cornelius LEONARD & Margaret STAPLETON, witn: Rev. T. VALENTINE & Agatha LENAHAN, both of Windsor, 18 July 1895 at Windsor
3628-95 William John CARTER, 30, machinist, Guelph Ont., Detroit, s/o William A. CARTER & Sarah Ann HOOPEY, married Emma Jane BRADY, 37, Ireland, Detroit, d/o Noble BRADY & Elizabeth JACQUES, 16 April 1895 3707-95 James CASIRAGHI, 23, shoe maker, Italy, Windsor, s/o John & Josephine, married Elizabeth POWERS, 23, Montreal, Windsor, d/o Philip POWERS & Elizabeth SMITH, 25 June 1895 at Windsor
3723-95 Louis L. CHARLAND, 30, shoe maker, Monroe Mich., Detroit, s/o Alex & Margaret, married Ida N. YATES, 27, Ohio, Detroit, d/o John & Mary, witn: Albert HADLEY of Detroit & Maggie McGRATH of Harrisville Mich., 20 July 1895 at Windsor #003869-95 (Essex Co): Robert F. CATON, 22, teacher, Plainsfield Illinois, Detroit, s/o William E. CATON & Marion E. SHAW, married Mildred M. MESSENGER, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Orlett MESSENGER & The. WILCOX, 13 June 1895 at Windsor
#03311-95 (Essex Co): Robert CHALLIS, 24, farmer, England, Tilbury West, s/o James & Mary, married Isabella M. HORNICK, 23, Tilbury East, same, d/o John & Isabella, witn: Mary ELLIOTT & Annie FORD of Comber, 11 Sept 1895 at Comber 3683-95 Harold E. CHAPLIN, 26, stone cutter, England, Detroit, s/o James W. CHAPLIN & Emily HOCKING, married Bella STOKEY, 25, England, Detroit, d/o Thomas STOKEY & Selina SMITH, witn: Harry J. & Agnes E. REEVES of Sarnia, 19 June 1895 at Windsor
  003078-95 (Essex Co) Cyrille CHAUVIN, 40, Butcher, Stoney Point, Windsor; s/o Pierre CHAUVIN & Leocadie DEQUINTRE married Emma MELOCHE, 23, Anderdon, same; s/o Antoine MELOCHE & Susan MELOCHE. Witn: Antoine MELOCHE, Anderdon; Denis DRUILLARD, Sandwich West; 13 May 1895 at St. Joseph Parish, Anderdon. RC
003176 95 (Essex) Samuel CHURCH, 27, England, Gosfield Ontraio, farmer, s/o Shadrach & Rose CHURCH to Elizabeth ARMSTRONG 24, Canada, Gosfield North, d/o John & Eliza ARMSTRONG; wit Joseph HELKEY & Annie E CHURCH on 19, September 1895 in Cottam 3701-95 Ernest Reade COBB, 24, merchants clerk, USA, Detroit, s/o Theodore COBB & Marie HEATH, married Frances Annie ASAM, 21, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Joseph ASAM & Helen MITCHELL, 27 May 1895 at Windsor
#003871-95 (Essex Co): William R. COGHLAN, 30, painter, Detroit, same, s/o Jeremiah COGHLAN & Margaret FITZGERALD, married Bertha WILKINSON, 23, Gananoque, Detroit, d/o William WILKINSON & Rachel BOLTON, witn: Margaret PHILIP of Fergus, 21 Sept 1895 at Windsor (Rom Cath) 3122-95 Richard COLLARD, 25, farmer, Mersea, same, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Annie SEILI , 19, Mersea, same, d/o Joseph & Ellen, witn: Adam & Martha DEMERSE? of Wheatley
003313 95 (Essex) James COLLINS & Mary OANIHEY? (OANIKEY?) to Mary BASTIEN, 24, Amherstburg, Amherstburg, d/o Agustus BASTIEN & Elizabeth RILLEY; wit John NESTER & Salinrey? BASTIEN on 23, January 1895 in Amherstburg  
003184 95 (Essex) Albert CONGDON, 30, England, Gosfield North, farmer, s/o Walter & Elizabeth CONGDON to Ida Almira THORNTON, 24, Canada, Gosfield North, d/o Thomas & Almira THORNTON; wit Gordon Henry & Adeline THORNTON on 25, December 1895 in Cottam 003174 95 (Essex) Celsus Naeman CUMMINGS, 24, Canada, Gosfield North, farmer, s/o James & Mary CUMMINGS to Mary Ann PARSONS, 18, Canada, Gosfield North, d/o W H & Eliza? wit William TAYLOR & Rosetta PARSONS on 3, April 1895 in Gosfield North
3333-95 Gordon DENEAU, 22, farmer, Malden twp., same, s/o Antoine DENEAU & Virginia LAPAIN, married Emma CHAT, 20, Malden twp., same, d/o John CHAT & Vitaline GOULET, witn: Richard CHAT & Rose DENEAU, both of Malden twp., 5 Nov 1895 at Amherstburg #003310-95 (Essex Co): Charles DENT, 22, farmer, Bothwell, Tilbury East, s/o William & Mary, married Angeline BROWN, 22, Tilbury East, same, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: George HILLMAN & Mary McKUNE (or McKeene), both of Tilbury West, 10 July 1895 at Comber
3592-95 David DESSINGER, 24, coil maker, Detroit, same, s/o Joseph DESSINGER & Rose KERR, married Augusta SCHOURBACK, 20, Germany, Detroit, d/o Herman SCHOURBACK (Schomback?) & Bertha BACKUS, witn: J. P. McEWEN of Windsor, 30 May 1895 at Windsor  
003298 95 (Essex) Palmer DILSE, 25, Welland, Essex, farmer, s/o James & Sarah DILSE to Nellie SMITH, Buffalo, Caltown/Caltour, d/o John & Maria SMITH; wit Mrs & Miss McDONAGH on 24, July 1895 in Methodist Parsonage in Kingsville 003187 95 (Essex) John DONNELLY, 28, Maidstone, Maidstone, laborer, s/o Julan ? DONNELLY & Mary SEXTON to Mary BLANCHETTE, 19, Maidstone, Maidstone, d/o Joseph BLANCHETTE & Louise STONE; wit Helen BLANCHETTE & Louise STONE on 17, January 1895 in Belle River
3334-95 Thomas Anthony DOWLER, 25, farmer, Malden twp., same, s/o William DOWLER & Mary SELLARS, married Christine Catherine ATKINSON, 20, Malden twp., same, d/o Richard ATKINSON & Jessie CAMPBELL, witn: William D., & Charles ATKINSON and Crida C. DOWLER, all of Malden and John P. ATKINSON of Detroit, 13 Nov 1895 at Amherstburg 3191-95 John B. DUBE, 41, widower, laborer, Maidstone twp., Bay City Mich., s/o Louis DUBE & Marie RAINVILLE, married Josephine DUPUIS, 21, Belle River, Rochester twp., d/o Narcisse DUPUIS & Marie RENAUD, witn: Narcisse DUPUIS & Telesphore SAUVE, both of Belle River, 3 June 1895 at Belle River
003188 95 (Essex) Louis DUCHARME, 37, St Felix de Valois P Q, Rochester, farmer, s/o Pierre DUCHARME & Olive FARLAND to Adeline MARENTETTE, 26, Maidstone, Maidstone, d/o Patrice MARENTETTE & Felice RENAUD; wit Ovila DUCHARME & Patrice MARENTETTE on 19, February 1895 in Belle River 3681-95 William H. DUGGAN, 44, widower, furniture dealer, Brampton Mich., Detroit, s/o William DUGGAN & Ann WRIGHT, married Lena E. CATHCART, 35, widow, Goderich Ont., Detroit, d/ o William STOTTS & Elizabeth VIDEAU, witn: Clara L. PADDON of Windsor, 18 June 1895 at Windsor
003072-95 (Essex Co) Noe DUPUIS, 29, Laborer, Sandwich West, same; s/o Edward DUPUIS & Flavie TREMBLAY, married Alphonsine BEAUDROT (dit MAJOR), 21, d/o Paul BEAUDROT (MAJOR) & Marie HUNEAU. Witn: Jules DUPUIS, Emma BEAUDROT, Sandwich West; 23 Jul 1895 at St. Joseph's Church, Sandwich West. RC 3599-95 Louis Alfred DURLARD? (Denlard?), 25, salesman, York Co. Ont., Windsor, s/o Lambert DURLARD & Josephine CHANELL (Charell?), married Esther M. CAMPBELL, 21, Windsor, same, d/o John CAMPBELL & Julia PETERSON, witn: F. C. MOORE of Windsor & Frances SCHUBER? of Detroit, 5 June 1895 at Detroit
#003727-95 (Essex Co): George W. DYER, age 52, widower, farmer, living in Adrian Michigan, b. New York City, farmer, s/o William & Mary, married Lucy HONE, age 30, living in Detroit, b. Warwickshire, England, parents David & Elizabeth, witnesses David and Elizabeth HONE of Detroit, married in Windsor on 7-31-1895, 3632-95 Charles Fred EBERT, 22, hotel clerk, Utica Mich., Detroit, s/o Charles & Christine, married Dora Ellen RALSTON, 22, Zenia Mich., Detroit, d/o John RALSTON & Matilda WHITE, witn: William HILGER & Agnes LIDWELL, both of Detroit, 4 May 1895 at Windsor
3674-95 William H. EBERTS, 49, widower, decorator, Detroit, same, s/o John & Louisa, married Jennie E. BERRIDGE, 52, widow, Wayne Co Mich., Detroit, d/o James STEVENSON & Lucy SOULS, witn: G. R. HENDERSON & Carrie M. BELSON, both of Windsor, 27 May 1895 at Windsor 3668-95 Albert Ed EDGAR, 26, clerk, Windsor, same, s/o J. S. EDGAR & Louise STARKEY, married Victoria ROTHWELL, 27, Prince Edward Co., Windsor, d/o Benjamin ROTHWELL & Cyrillia MUNN, witn: James BRYAN of Chicago & Letitia ROTHWELL of Louisville Ont., 6 May 1895 at Windsor
#003870-95 (Essex Co): Samuel ELLIOTT, 29, railway man, Ireland, Detroit, s/o Samuel & Jane, married Mary BERRY, 29, spinster, Detroit, same, d/o Dennis McCARTHY & Norah CROWLEY, 17 July 1895 at Windsor 3131-95 Thomas Andrew ELLIOTT, 34, farmer, Gosfield South, Colchester South, s/o Alanson & Hannah, married Annie A. AIKMAN, 36, Wentworth Co., Gosfield, d/o Daniel & Angelina, witn: Norah & Minnie WOODBRIDGE of Colchester South, 31 Aug 1895 at Colchester South
3617-95 Thomas Graham ELLIS, 27, pilot, Holyhead England, Buffalo, s/o Owen Richard ELLIS & Jessie DOUGLAS, married Gertrude YOUNGHUSBAND, 20, Dunrobin Ont., Windsor, d/o Henry YOUNGHUSBAND & Charlotte ACRES, witn: William SUCKINGS of Windsor, 6 Feb 1895 at Windsor 3609-95 Thomas B. ESPERON, 25, grocer, NY City, Detroit, s/o Emile ESPERON & Margaret JACKSON, married Maurie E. SALTER, 24, widow, Otisville Mich., Detroit, d/o Ostin SWAYZE & Ellen SHERIDAN, witn: J. G. TOLMIE of Southampton & M. F. TOLMIE of Windsor, 26 June 1895 at Windsor
3220-95 Charles J. EUTH, 31, widower, mechanic, Portsmouth Ohio, Detroit, s/o Martin EUTH & Louisa FRIEND, married Clara WYNN, 25, Greenfield Mich., Detroit, d/o John WYNN & Lucy BENCH, witn: Mrs. & Orvile? GODWIN of Walkerville, 13 Nov 1895 at Walkerville 3686-95 William J. EVOY, 30, teamster, Toronto, Detroit, s/o James EVOY & Mary McMAHON, married Sarah E. HICKIE, 42, widow, Pennsylvania, Detroit, d/o Joseph MORRISON & Susanna MAY, 24 June 1895 at Windsor
3667-95 George FAIR, 29, collector, Oakland Co Mich., Detroit, s/o James FAIR & Mary HUNT, married Hattie PATELLO, 27, widow, Toronto, Windsor, d/o Walter SHARPE & Rebecca STONE, witn: Mrs. Robert CITER? of Detroit & Lettie ROTHWELL of Louisville Ont., 14 May 1895 at Windsor 3720-95 Vincent FENECH, 33, tailor, Italy, Windsor, s/o Bartholomew FENECH & Grace LOMBARDO, married Rose VERDUYN, 28, Canada, Windsor, d/o Edward VERDUYN & Arthemise VAILLENCOURT, witn: Louis GIGNAC & Jane VERDUYN, both of Windsor, 30 July 1895 at Windsor
3082-95 Herbert Arthur FERRIS, 43, widower, farmer, Colchester South, same, s/o Philip FERRIS & Sarah Eleanor LITTLE, married Elmira Jenette ARNER, 29, Malden twp., same, d/o Lewis ARNER & Margaret BUCHANAN, witn: Albert & Agusta ARNER of Malden, 3 July 1895 at Malden twp 3644-95 Christopher FESSLER, 25, machinist, Detroit, same, s/o John FESSLER & Elizabeth SMITH, married Josephine RIEGAL, 19, Bavaria, Detroit, d/o Joseph RIEGAL & Franciska DERING, witn: Rev. James SCANLON & Mary ELLIOTT, both of Windsor, 9 May 1895 at Windsor
3635-95 William G. C. FIELDING, 20, mechanic, Windsor, same, s/o William G. & Sarah Ann, married Minnie M. STEVENSON, 19, Newport Mich., Walkerville, d/o Andrew & Mattie, witn: Forest MALOTTE of Windsor & Lillian STEVENSON of Walkerville, 17 June 1895 at Windsor 03836-95 (Essex Co) Clarence L. FINCH, 27, clerk, Hillsdale Mich., Detroit, s/o O. D. FINCH & Sarah STRAIT, married Catherine MENORD (Menard?), 30, widow, Pontiac Mich., Detroit, d/o James CONROY & Helen HAGGERTY, witn: Edith HUNT & Agnes M. VINING of Windsor, 15 Nov 1895 at Windsor
#003864-95 (Essex Co): John FITZPATRICK, 35, locomotive engineer, Detroit, Jackson, s/o Daniel FITZPATRICK & Mary DOWNS, married Margaret HURST, 31, London Ont., Detroit, d/o Terrance HURST & Margaret TORRENCE, witn: H.F. LANG & Mauda (or Wanda) SUMERS, both of Detroit, 20 Aug 1895 at Windsor (Rom Cath) #003879-95 (Essex Co): Jerome D. FOOT, 23, laborer, Utica Mich., same, s/o Jerome FOOT & Phoebe GOFF, married Elizabeth FOWLER, 18, Michigan, Rochester Mich., d/o Samuel FOWLER & Jennie JOHNSTON, witn: M.F. TOLMIE of Windsor, 25 Oct 1895 at Windsor
003186 95 (Essex) John FONTAINE, 20, Tecumseh, Belle River, tailor, s/o Denis FONTAINE & Josephine PAPINEAU to Zoe LESPERANCE, 19, Belle River, Belle River, d/o George LESPERANCE & Zoe LEMAY; wit Gilbert OUELLETTE & Marie LEFEBRE on 8, January 1895 in Belle River 3136-95 Richard FORTIER, 29, laborer, Amherstburg, Anderdon twp., s/o Edward & Fanny, married Emma DOHERTY, 22, widow, Kentucky USA, Anderdon twp., d/o John & Mary [no surname given], witn: Maud AYEARST of Harrow & Jean R. ANDERSON of New York, 1 Sept 1895 at Harrow
003170 95 (Essex) Frank FOSS, 26, Canada, town of Essex, b baker, s/o Decknight & Pasllina FOSS to Maggie CALVERT, 26, Canada, Town of Essex, d/o Ralph & Mary Jane CALVERT; wit A E SAUNDERS & Mary H SHAW on 16, January 1895 in Cottam, Gosfield North #003304-95 (Essex Co): Christian FRANKFURTH, 42, farmer, Germany, Comber - Tilbury West, s/o George & Gertrude, married Angeline WATSON, 25, Michigan USA, Tilbury West, d/o Joseph H. & Christine, witn: John J. & Amelia FRANKFURTH of Comber, 1 May 1895 at Tilbury West
3640-95 James FREEMAN, 33, hotel keeper, Bathurst Canada, Detroit, s/o James FREEMAN & Catherine PAINE?, married Emma J. ARMSTRONG, 28, Ann Arbor Mich., same, d/o George S. ARMSTRONG & Mary E. DODGE, witn: William C. GRIFFIN & Rose WHEELER, both of Detroit, 20 April 1895 at Windsor 003299 95 (Essex) Maxwell Daniel FROSIAR ?, 46, Westminister Middlesex, London, barrister, s/o Duncan & Jane? FROISOR (sic) to Elizabeth Matilda TILBEY, 23, London, London, William HARRISON & Elizabeth TILBEY; wit Herbert B TILBEY of St Johns NB & ? JESSIE? Tilbey of London Ont on 25, July 1895 in Kingsville
3690-95 Louis FRUEHAUF, 23, butcher, Detroit, same, s/o Charles FRUEHAUF & Sophia ORFRIER?, married Anna KASTL, 21, Detroit, same, d/o Frank KASTL & Johanna BECK, witn: Charles CURTIS & Vict. R. EDGAR, both of Windsor, 4 July 1895 at Windsor 3133-95 Frederick George FULMER, 21, tanner, Colchester South, same, s/o William & Emma, married Annie HICKS, 19, Colchester South, same, d/o Charles & Sarah, witn: Lucretia COLES & Roland HALSTEAD, both of Colchester South, 29 Sept 1895 at Harrow
3689-95 James GARDINER, 24, tailor, London, same, s/o James & not known, married Philice Louise RUSSELL, 19, Alviston, same, d/o James RUSSELL & Mary Ann STEPHENS, witn: F. M. OLIVER & Flo DENCHY (Denahy?), both of Windsor, 4 July 1895 at Windsor 3694-95 John Z. GAULT, 25, photographer, Detroit, same, s/o William & Ellen, married Georgina HAVENS, 24, Brantford, Elk Mich., d/o Hector & Mary, witn: James R. GAULT & J. E. GUNDY, both of Windsor, 4 July 1895 at Windsor
3337-95 Victor GEORGE, 24, farmer, Dearfield Mich., Belle River, s/o George GEORGE & Annie RENAUD, married Margaret Ellen LESPERANCE, 24, Rochester Ont., same, d/o Peter LESPERANCE & Mary Ann GRAHAM, witn: Maggie GEORGE & Edward STRONG of Belle River, Sarah LESPERANCE of Rochester & Mr. St. DENNIS of Windsor, 2 July 1895 at Woodslee RC Church  
003314 95 (Essex) Charles Henry GIBB, 23, Anderdon, Anderdon, farmer, s/o William GIBB & Elizabeth DESLIPPE to Matilda KING (Kine?), 24, Malden, Malden, d/o Solomon KING & Emilia DESLIPPE; wit John GIBB & Harriet KING /KINE on 5, February 1895 in Amherstburg 003077-95 (Essex Co) Dorius GIGNAC, 25, farmer, Anderdon, same; s/o Jacques GIGNAC & ? BONDY, married Mary Elizabeth ROCHELEAU, 21, Sandwich West, same; d/o Elie ROCHELEAU & ? MORIN. Witn: Jacques GIGNAC, Anderdon; Elie ROCHELEAU, Sandwich West, 22 Jan 1895 at St. Joseph Parish, Anderdon. RC
003181 95 (Essex) Lewis GILLETT, 25, Canada, Colchester North, farmer, s/o Robert & Milvinva GILLETT to Minnie May GARLICK, 17, Canada, Colchester North, d/o Robert & Annie Maria GARLICK; wit Edward GARLICK & Bertha GILLETT on 18, December 1895 in Colchester 3719-95 Ferdinand P. GOETTMAN, 26, book keeper, USA, Detroit, s/o George P. GOETTMAN & Margaret BAUGERT?, married Helen BURGER, 27, USA, Detroit, d/o Joseph BURGER & Eva ANDERHOLTER, witn: Rose BURGER of Detroit, 25 July 1895 at Windsor
003175 95 (Essex)  Robert GORDON, 37, Canada, laborer, s/o Richard & Mary Ann Gordon to Annie Elvija / Elvya (Eliza ?), 24, Canada, Town of Essex, widow, d/o Uriah & Emma BEAMAN; wit Mary H SHAW & Gertrude K SHAW on 3, September 1895 in Cottam 3668-95 Charles W. GOULD, 25, clerk, Hamilton Ont., Detroit, s/o James GOULD & Elizabeth HARVEY, married Virginia R. WILLIAMS, 23, Virginia, Hamilton Ont., d/o Edward WILLIAMS & Rose LEE, witn: Mary G. ROBERTSON of Windsor & W. R. ROBERTSON of Goderich, 17 May 1895 at Windsor
003180 95 (Essex) Edward GRANGER, 21, Muskoka Ont, Gosfield South, farmer, s/o William & Catherine GRANGER to Annie BARCLAY, 19, Kent Co Ontario, Gosfield South, d/o George & Susan BARCLAY; wit Mary A E ILER & Georgia L DOWNEY on 13, November 1895 in Gosfield North 3330-95 John GRENIER, 25, farmer, Amherstburg, same, s/o Lewis GRENIER & Archange BOUFFARD, married Ceclia TODD, 25, Sandwich East, Amherstburg, d/o Samuel H. TODD & his wife, witn: Bertie V. STEWART, Mrs. Maggie MORIN, Florence CORBET & Lily MORIN, all of Amherstburg, 9 Oct 1895 at Amherstburg
3605-95 Nicholas P. GRENSEL, 24, servant, Detroit, same, s/o Joseph GRENSEL & Sophia ST--?, married Lillie M. WILSON, 23, Munro Mich., Detroit, d/o John WILSON & Helen KITTLE, witn: Mary AGNEW of Kincardine, 17 June 1895 at Windsor 3646-95 John Patrick GRIFFIN, 21, telegraph operator, Detroit, same, s/o John GRIFFIN & Mary DOORTY?, married Emma NEWBER, 21, Detroit, same, d/o William NEWBER & Dora WOLFF, witn: Calixte DESMARAIS & Joseph PEGUIN, both of Windsor, 9 July 1895 at Windsor
003190 95 (Essex) Denis GRONDIN, 29, Belle River, Belle River, laborer, s/o Pierre GRONDIN & Adele DEREPENTIGNY (Darpentigny?) to Marie Philomene ALLARD, 22, Tecumseh, Belle River, d/o Prosper ALLARD & Emelie PLANTE; wit Stanislas ALLARD & Rose PLANTE on 25, February 1895 in Belle River 3331-95 Charles GRONDIN, 22, farmer, Anderdon twp., same, s/o Edward GRONDIN & Agnes TROMBLEY, married Stella WARREN, 18, Anderdon twp., same, d/o Thomas WARREN & Euphemie ALBERT, witn: F. & Rhoda GRONDIN of Anderdon, 29 Oct 1895 at Amherstburg
3676-95 William A. HAEFEKER, 32, artist, Germany, Detroit, s/o Bartold HAEFEKER & Emmeline ABERHART, married Minolin HENDERSON, 21, Ohio, Detroit, d/o Benjamin HENDERSON & Elizabeth TOMEY, witn: Bertie POTTER & G. R. HENDERSON, both of Windsor, 29 May 1895 at Windsor 003066-95 (Essex Co) Robert HALFORD, 27, farmer, Sandwich South, same; s/o John HALFORD & Ellen BARRET; married Lizzie McCLOSKEY, 23, Maidstone Cross, same, d/o Frank McCLOSKEY & Mary SHERIDAN. Witn: Willie McCLOSKEY, Ada HALFORD, Sandwich South; 26 Jun 1895 at Maidstone Cross. RC
#003880-95 (Essex Co) William HALL, 21, farmer, Romulus? Michigan, same, s/o Henry HALL & Sarah STANDARD, married Millie EVANS, 21, Wayne Michigan, Romulus?, d/o Joseph EVANS & Harriet JONES, Nov. 3, 1895 at Windsor 3639-95 Nicholas HARDOIN (Hardorn?), 42, widower, brass finisher, Germany, Detroit, s/o Daniel HARDOIN & Christena PIERSON, married Mary Rose SAUNER, 30, Germany, Detroit, d/o Joseph SAUNER & Babette HEKEL, witn: Philip REAUME & Mrs. John MONTREUIL, both of Windsor, 15 April 1895 at Windsor
3137-95 George HARRIS, 40, widower, farmer, Colchester, same, s/o George & Margaret, married Mary BRADFORD, 24, Ypsilanti Mich., Colchester, d/o Taylor & Rachel, witn: William H. & Catherine RIDOUT, Hilary UBANKS, William & Matilda CLINGMAN and Mary SNOWDEN, all of Colchester, 24 Nov 1895 at Colchester 3089-95 John J. HARRISON, 27, laborer, Ontario, Colchester North twp., s/o Richard & Jane, married Annie HUNTER, 24, widow, Ontario, Colchester North twp., d/o William BOYLAN & Elizabeth, witn: Frank PELTIER? & Jennie ANDERSON of Camp Palmer, 23 May 1895 at res of Clergyman, Essex
3219-95 Olivier HEBERT, 30, laborer, Quebec, Staples, s/o Lambert HEBERT & Olive POISSON, married Annie DAULT, 23, Stoney Point, Staples, d/o Joseph DAULT & Henrelie SAUVE, witn: Lambert HEBERT of Wallaceburg & Joseph DAULT of Staples, 16 Sept 1895 at St. Joachim  
3672-95 Charles HERDMAN, 27, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Robert HERDMAN & Emma SAGEMAN, married Maggie ROBINSON, 21, Sandwich East, same, d/o William ROBINSON & Jane URE, witn: Charles VOLLANS & Florence ROBINSON, both of Sandwich, 22 May 1895 at Windsor #003865-95 (Essex Co): Robert A. HEWARD, 28, farmer, Kent, Tilbury East, s/o Charles HEWARD & Elizabeth COULTE, married Florence McLEOD, 21, widow, Tilbury East, same, d/o Robert BEGGS & Janet JOHNSON, witn: B.R. PEDDIE of Windsor, 4 Sept 1895 at Windsor
003301 95 (Essex) Esau Henry HILLMAN, 25, Tilbury West, Tilbury West, farmer, s/o Esau & Nancy HILLMAN to Almiva Sophia THORNE, 19, Blenheim, Tilbury North, d/o Matthew & Harriet THORNE; wit Bertha HILLMAN & Charles R THORNE on 13, February 1895 in Tilbury North 3338-95 Charles S. HODGE, 26, farmer, Canada, Maidstone twp., s/o William & Emma, married Esther ROBINSON, 22, Canada, Maidstone twp., d/o John & Eliza, witn: John Angus & Emma Florence ROBINSON of Maidstone, 14 May 1895 at Maidstone
  003182 95 (Essex) Alexander HOPGOOD, 21, Canada, Maidstone, farmer, s/o Henry & Susan Ann HOPGOOD to Mary Ann DALTON, 24, Canada, Gosfield North, d/o James B DALTON; wit Mary H SHAW & Gertrude SHAW on 18, December 1895 in Cottam
3642-95 Thomas A. HOWARD, 26, fireman, Detroit, same, s/o Peter HOWARD & Mary T. BARRETT (Bassett?), married Margaret DOOLEY, 24, Detroit, same, d/o James DOOLEY & Julia LYNCH, witn: Peter F. HOWARD & Mary DOOLEY, both of Detroit, 30 April 1895 at Windsor #003306-95 (Essex Co): William A. HOWE, 34, mason, England, Comber, s/o Auguste & Ann, married Alice May LAFORTUNE, 18, Tilsonburg, Comber, d/o Fred & Caroline, witn: Harry & Edith HOWE of Comber, 17 April 1895 at Comber
3142-95 Charles HOWEL (Howell?), 22, brick maker, England, Colchester South, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Emily Catherine EAGLE, 17, Haldimand Co., Colchester South, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Frank & Maude SHERMAN of Colchester South, 6 May 1895 at Baptist Parsonage, Colchester South 3722-95 Alonzo B. HUDSON, 46, opera house manager, Ohio, Kansas City Mo., s/o John & Rebecca, married Lillian H. WHITE, 42, widow, Mobile Ala, Detroit, d/o Elijah COTTREAU & Adelaide, witn: Richard CORCORAN & Margaret RYAN, both of Detroit, 16 July 1895 at Windsor
3139-95 John Raymond HUFFMAN, 25, brick layer, Colchester South, same, s/o Jacob & Mary, married Bertha COUNTISS, 22, Anderdon twp., Malden twp., d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Susie COUNTISS & Morris SELLARS, both of Malden twp, 25 Dec 1895 at Methodist Parsonage, Harrow  
003320 95 (Essex) William Howard HUNTER, 31, Beamsville, Winito ? (Ninito ?), barrister at law, s/o John Howard HUNTER & Annie GORDON to Mary Christina NUTTER, 33, Bois Blanc Island, Grey Co,, d/o David NUTTER & Eliza Jane HACKETT; wit Gordon Garner HACKETT & Charlotte Elizabeth Annie HUNTER, 15 June 1895 at Amherstburg 3090-95 James HUTCHINSON, 23, railway laborer, Ontario, Essex, s/o James & Eliza, married Hannah HOWSON, 23, Ontario, Essex, d/o William & Mary Emily, witn: Mrs. A. O. STIMERS & Bessie E. CAMPBELL, both of Essex, 3 June 1895 at res of the clergyman, Essex
003177 95 (Essex) Wiiliam Brown HYLAND, Canada, Colchester, farmer, s/o John & Phebe HYLAND to Jessie B POTTER, 20, Canada, Maidstone, d/o William & Elizabeth POTTER; wit Albert & Phebe L HYLAND on 24, September 1895 in Cottam 3693-95 William B. IRELAND, 22, farmer, Michigan, Byron Mich., s/o William & Myra, married Laura E. KELLY, 22, Michigan, Byron Mich., d/o John W. & Irena, 4 July 1895 at Windsor
3222-85 Everton IRWIN, no age given, butcher, Essex town, Sandwich West, s/o William J. IRWIN & Naomi WIGLE, married Sarah Matilda TOTTON, 21, Maidstone Cross, Sandwich South, d/o Joseph TOTTON & Frances STEVENSON, witn: M.J. & Mildred GODWIN of Walkerville, 6 June 1895 at Walkerville 3218-95 Olivier JANISSE, 28, farmer, Stoney Point, St. Joachim, s/o Oliver JANISSE & Marie PLOUFFE, married Emma LALONDE, 23, Stoney Point, St. Joachim, d/o Joseph LALONDE & Adelaide LARIVIERE, witn: J. B. JANISSE & Joseph LALONDE, both of St. Joachim, 16 Sept 1895 at St. Joachim
3670-95 Charles A. JENKINS, 41, shipping clerk, Londonderry Ireland, Owen Sound, s/o Matthew A. JENKINS & Sarah A. PICKERING, married Christena McLEOD, 33, widow, Traverse City Mich., Cleveland, d/o Francis THACKAW--? & Angelie LYONS, witn: James E. BRYAN of Chicago, 18 May 1895 at Windsor 3636-95 James JENNETT, 29, widower, machinist, Barrie Ont., Detroit, s/o John & Ann, married Carrier REGIER, 24, Exeter Ont., Detroit, d/o Jacob & Margaret, 18 June 1895 at Windsor
  3710-95 Frederick JOHNSON, 26, ice merchant, Detroit, same, s/o Antoine JOHNSON & Ellen FELLSDON, married Doratha STICKLISH, 23, Texas, Detroit, d/o Charles STICKLISH & Julia O’CONNOR, 4 July 1895 at Windsor
#003872-95 (Essex Co): Frederick Peter KAISER, 21, horse shoer, Detroit, same, s/o Ferdinand & Elizabeth, married Frances GIBBS, 21, Port Hope Mich., same, d/o John & Sarah, 25 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3649-95 Bernard KANE, 26, farmer, Canada, Maidstone Cross, s/o William KANE & Mary McNALLY, married Hannah KENNEY, 24, Canada, Windsor, d/o Patrick KENNEY & Mary FARRELL, witn: Michael J. KANE of Maidstone & Mary DUNN of Windsor, 8 Jan 1895 at Windsor
003329 95 (Essex) John KELCH, 25, Canada, Walkerville, basket maker, s/o Lewis & Elizabeth KELCH to Lucy SELLARS, 23, Canada, Malden, d/o John & Lucy SELLARS; wit Mary KELCH & John SELLARS on 25 September 1895 at Methodist Parsonage, Amherstburg 3231-95 James KENYON, 22, wood engraver, Dundas Mich., Detroit, s/o David G. & Anna, married Ruby CLARKE, 19, Art--ville? Ont., Detroit, d/o Samuel & Nancy, witn: M. & Mrs. CHAPMAN of Detroit, 5 June 1895 at Walkerville
003303 95 (Essex) George W KETT, 21, Ballville Ont, Comber, laborer, s/o Nathan & Margaret (not given) to Sarah Anne COLLINS, 18, St Mary’s Ont, St Marys, John & Elizabeth COLLINS; wit John & Mrs J ELLIOTT on 15, January 1895 in Comber #003868-95 (Essex Co): George Henry KILLINGBEE, 28, farm laborer, Ontario, Romulus Mich., s/o George KILLINGBEE & Helen LITTLE, married Edith ABBOTT, 18, Michigan, Wayne Co Mich., d/o William ABBOTT & Helen SEATH, witn: Mrs. J.B. PHILPOTT & Elizabeth SCHWENGLER, both of Windsor, 13 June 1895 at Windsor
3706-95 Henry George KRAFT, 27, butcher, New York City, Windsor, s/o Frederick KRAFT & Fredericka KATZE--EBEL?, married Minnie TRETHEWAY, 30, widow, Greenfield Mich., Windsor, d/o Walter BARBER & Minnie WHEAT, witn: G. Y. HINCKS & G. Maud CRAMPTON, both of Windsor, 11 June 1895 at Windsor #003860-95 (Essex Co): Augustus G. KRONBERG, 47, divorced, Bremen Germany, Detroit, s/o August KRONBERG & Maria SHADT, married Catherine SPECHT, 35, Detroit, same, d/o Louis SPECHT & Margaret HELMUTH, witn: Jessie THORBURN of Windsor, 7 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3213-95 Jean Bte. LACHARITE, 34, farmer, Belle River, St. Joachim, s/o Alpha LACHARITE & Magdeline LEPENTIGNY, married Caroline TREPANIER, 30, St. Joachim, same, d/o Narcisse TREPANIER & Victoire CHAUVIN, witn: Alpha LACHARITE & Narcisse TREPANIER, 22 July 1895 at St. Joachim #003859-95 (Essex Co): William H. LA FERTE, 35, physician, Amherstburg Ont., Detroit, s/o Gilbert LA FERTE & Martha FRY, married Julie M. LOVE, 19, Guelph, Detroit, d/o Thomas LOVE & Agnes CAMPBELL, witn: N. HAMBELLTON of Windsor, 7 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3217-95 Daniel LAFOREST, 22, laborer, Belle River, Staples, s/o Joseph LAFOREST & Archange PARENT, married Marie COUTURE, 18, Tilbury, Staples, d/o Pierre COUTURE & Aglae CLOUTIER, witn: Gideon LESPERANCE of Stoney Point & Pierre COUTURE of Staples, 14 Oct 1895 at St. Joachim  
3074-95 Clement LAJEUNESSE, 27, farmer's son, Sandwich West, same, s/o Calixte LAJEUNESSE & Archange MONFORTON, married Claire PAGEAU, 22, Sandwich West, same, d/o Jacques PAGEAU & Celima BOISMIER, witn: Calixte LAJEUNESSE & Jacques PAGEAU, both of Sandwich West, 29 Oct 1895 at St. Joseph Church, [at Sandwich West?] 3641-95 Edmond Joseph LANGLOIS, 23, billing clerk, Sandwich East, Windsor, s/o Jerome LANGLOIS & Mary OUELLETTE, married Florestine PARENT, 24, Windsor, same, d/o Joseph PARENT & Ann LASSELINE, witn: Joseph PARENT & Ernest LANGLOIS, both of Windsor, 29 April 1895 at Windsor
3215-95 Joseph LAPORTE, 21, laborer, Stoney Point, Staples, s/o Pierre LAPORTE & Celina RIVET, married Victoria TESSIER, 17, Stoney Point, Staples, d/o Ritchel TESSIER & Celestine PELLERIN, witn: Pierre LAPORTE & Ritchel TESSIER, both of Staples, 23 July 1895 at St. Joachim 3214-95 Olivier LARONDEAU, 19, laborer, USA, St. Joachim, s/o Olivier LARONDEAU & Philomene RIVET, married Adelaide TESSIER, 18, Stoney Point, St. Joachim, d/o Leandre TESSIER & Azeline PELLERIN, witn: Olivier LARONDEAU & Leandre TESSIER, both of St. Joachim, 23 July 1895 at St. Joachim
3630-95 Michael J. LEONARD, 34, store clerk, Bartonville Ont., Detroit, s/o Patrick LEONARD & Bridget CARRIG, married Martha DUNN, 32, Kingston Ont., Detroit, d/o James DUNN & Jane SERGEANT (Sargent?), 25 April 1895 at Windsor 3714-95 William H. LEMMERMAN, 23, blacksmith, Cleveland, same, s/o Henry LEMMERMAN & Kate HOLTON, married Mary O'BRIEN, 30, widow, Cleveland, same, d/o John BENN & Dora LAWRENCE, witn: Agnes BENN (Benns?) of Detroit, 29 July 1895 at Windsor
  3679-95 Jay W. LEONARD, 22, pilot, Springfield Ohio, same, s/o Waldo LEONARD & Barbara ELY, married Maurie E. MOSS, 18, Sandusky, same, d/o Edward MOSS & Antoinette SCHWIETTER, witn: William GROSS of Detroit & Stella N. NORMAN of Shedden Ont, 30 May 1895 at Windsor
003316 95 (Essex) Samuel David Allan LEWIS, 23, Ottawa Ont, Sandwich East, farmer, s/o John LEWIS & Letitia ALLAN to Margaret Jane MELLEAVY, 21, Quebec, Sandwich West, d/o James MELLEAVY & Annie McGUIRE; wit Maggie NATTRESS & Maggie GIBB on 6, March 1895 #003867-92 (Essex Co): John LIGHTBODY, 27, sailor, Scotland, Detroit, s/o James LIGHTBODY & Kate McNAUGHTON, married Lizzie TAGGERT, 21, Detroit, same, d/o Timothy TAGGART (sic) & Katherine PURCELL, witn: Annie McNEIL of Windsor, 17 Sept 1895 at Windsor
3627-95 John George MACK, 22, farmer, Riga Mich., Commerce Mich., s/o Michael MACK & Paulina WIGLE, married Grace R. MYERS, 18, Oxford Mich., Commerce Mich., d/o Fred MYERS & Romanie LORD, 5 April 1895 at Windsor 3212-95 Victor MAILLOUX, 29, laborer, Stoney Point, Comber, s/o Thomas MAILLOUX & Annie CHAUVIN, married Melvina LEFEBVRE, 20, St. Joachim, same, d/o Charles LEFEBVRE & Helene BEAUSEJOUR, witn: Thomas MAILLOUX of Stoney Point & Charles LEFEBVRE of St. Joachim, 28 Oct 1895 at St. Joachim
3624-95 Frank MANARD, 20, quarryman, Monroe Mich., Trenton Mich., s/o William MANARD & Eliza FOUNTAIN, married Mary Olive RENO, 20, Trenton Mich., same, d/o Alex RENO & Mary BURBO?, witn: Jesse EYLES of Trenton, 26 Feb 1895 at Windsor 3332-95 William MANSON, 25, painter, Malden twp., Amherstburg, s/o John MASON & Emily ALYA, married Eveline WILCOX, 21, Amherstburg, same, d/o Alexander WILCOX & Pauline GUARDIER, witn: Charles WILCOX & Lettie MANSON, both of Amherstburg, 6 Nov 1895 at Amherstburg
3228-95 Hugh J. McARDLE, 27, illegible fitter, Windsor, Detroit, s/o John & Susan, married Minnie L. GERNEY, 24, Chatham, Detroit, d/o Leonard & Bridget, 18 March 1895 at Walkerville  
003065-95 (Essex Co) Patrick McCANN, 51, widower, farmer, Co. Neath, Ireland, Maidstone, s/o Michael McCANN & Ann HURD, married Fanny FOLEY, 35, Co. Wexford, Ireland, Sandwich, d/o Thomas FOLEY & Mary DENEREAUX. Witn: Andrew McCANN, Maidstone, B. E. DILLON, Detroit; 28 May 1895 at Maidstone Cross. RC 3600-95 Hugh Henry McCUTCHEON, 29, barber, divorced, Arthur Ont., Detroit, s/o Robert McCUTCHEON & Addie HUGHES, married Annie KLINGER, 22, St. Louis, Detroit, d/o Charles KLINGER & Fannie SIGWART, witn: Charles & Lena STENGER of Detroit, 6 June 1895 at Windsor
3091-95 Samuel McFARLANE, 27, farmer, Elgin Co., Colchester North, s/o Archibald McFARLANE & Janet McKAY, married Eva McKENZIE, 19, Colchester North, same, d/o William McKENZIE & Margaret McCALLUM, witn: E. SAGGAMAN? of Colchester North & A. McFARLANE of Amherstburg, 22 May 1895 at Essex 3595-95 Alexander McGARVEY, 26, railroad man, Windsor, London, s/o Samuel McGARVEY & Mary CHALER, married Bertha E. HODGINS, 21, London, Windsor, d/o Edward R. HODGINS & Mary BROADWOOD, witn: Edith HODGINS & James AUSTIN, both of Windsor, 4 June 1895 at Windsor
003325 95 (Essex) Thomas McGEE, 28, Canada, Windsor, farmer, s/o William & Barbara McGEE to Sadie QUAIL, 28, Canada, Owen Sound, widow, d/o Thomas QUAIL & Margery QUAIL (nee ATKINSON?); wit Clive ALLIN & Ernest REED on 5, July 1895 in Wesley Parsonage, Amherstburg 3715-95 John H. McGOLDRICK, 27, brick maker, USA, Detroit, s/o James McGOLDRICK & Bridget GILMORE, married Elcy? Anastasia WILSON, 20, USA, Toledo, d/o John R. WILSON & Ada VALLIQUETTE, witn: Virginia OUELLETTE & Mrs. A. MIT--ESSER?, both of Windsor, 15 July 1895 at Windsor
3716-95 Thomas McGOUGH, 42, restaurant keeper, USA, Detroit, s/o Thomas McGOUGH & Mary McMAHON, married Mary R. THOMPSON, 38, USA, Detroit, d/o Wesley THOMPSON & Olivia WOOD, witn: Rev. T. VALENTINE & Elizabeth BYRNE, both of Windsor, 18 July 1895 at Windsor 3199-95 Will D. McINTOSH, 19, farmer, Camden twp - Kent, same, s/o Thomas & Matilda, married Georgiana Samantha CROWDER, 23, Percy twp., Camden twp., d/o S.A. & Elizabeth, witn: Charles F. SIMPSON & Edith WANNAMAKER, both of Dresden, 25 Dec 1895 at Ruthven
3138-95 Eli McLANE, 34, miller, Colchester South, same, s/o Robert & Susan, married Josephine WOODIWISS, 18, Colchester South, same, d/o Samuel & Rachel, witn: Mary STEPHENS of Gosfield & Albert T. McLEAN (sic) of Harrow, Wed, 25 Dec 1895 at Colchester South #003862-95 (Essex Co): Daniel McLAREN, 28, miller, Bruce Ont., Tiverton, s/o P.S?. McLAREN & Annie CAMERON, married Tina B. WELLS, 24, East Williams, Tiverton, d/o James WELLS & Ellen McINTYRE, witn: Mrs. N.M. McKENZIE & R.E. BEAUBIEN, both of Windsor, 12 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3604-95 Edwin McLENNAN, 28, painter, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Putman McLENNAN & Helen SQUIRES, married Lena YATES, 21, Lyons Mich., Detroit, d/o Fred YATES & Mary HUNTSMAN, 14 June 1895 at Windsor 3067-95 James William McQUEEN, 28, dentist, Gosfield, Detroit, s/o William & Mary, married Ellen E. McCORMICK, 24, Pelee Island, same, d/o Peregrine & Jane, witn: David & Mary Augusta McCORMICK of Pelee island, 29 Oct 1895 at Pelee Island
  3619-95 James Henry MEANS, 34, widower, lawyer, Pennsylvania, Detroit, s/o Joseph MEANS & Margaret SULLEN?, married Lottie Adelaide WILLIAMS, 24, Chatham Ont., Detroit, d/o Thomas D. WILLIAMS & Adelaide DAUPHIN, 16 Feb 1895 at Windsor
3618-95 Frank Elismere MELVILLE, 28, clerk, Scotland, Detroit, s/o John MELVILLE & Isabella THOM, married Helen Thonwell? BRIMSON, 24, St. Louis Mo., Windsor, d/o Robert Edmund BRIMSON & Nancy BROWNHILL, witn: J.A. & Lily May TULLOCK of Windsor, 14 Feb 1895 at Windsor 3675-95 Everett MEDDAUGH, 21, farmer, Comber Ont., Holly Mich., s/o Grant MEDDAUGH & Grace WALKER, married Annie GOULD, 19, Rodney, Windsor, d/o Worthy GOULD & Eliza S--EY?, witn: G. R. HENDERSON & Maud MURPHY, both of Windsor, 28 May 1895 at Windsor
#003307-95 (Essex Co): John A. MELLOW, 23, farmer, Albion twp., s/o John & Martha, married Hattie MURRISH, 18, Peterborough, Comber, d/o William & Mary, witn: Charles BIRCE & Lela MELLOW, both of Tilbury West, 27 March 1895 at Comber 3608-95 James MERRAN, 36, moulder, Brockville Ont, Detroit, s/o Patrick MERRAN & Rose Anna KELLY, married Matilda CRIPPS, 25, Toronto, same, d/o Villers CRIPPS & Isabella ROSS, witn: N. HAMBLETON & Mrs. A. WHITE, both of Windsor, 24 June 1895 at Windsor
003327 95 (Essex) Louis MERO, 21, Amherstburg, Amherstburg, laborer, s/o Peter & Mary (nee BEAUGRAND) to Geortie BEATTIE, 21, State of Virginia, Anderdon, d/o Thomas BEATTIE & Emily LAWSON; wit Margaret WALTERS & Cecilia TODD on 10, September 1895 in Amherstburg 003315 95 (Essex) John C MERTENS, 25, Detroit USA, Detroit USA, engineer, s/o Joseph MERTENS & Kate DYKEMAN to Mary Stella GERADIN, 21, Amherstburg, Amherstburg, d/o D C GERADIN & Elizabeth HUTTON; wit D C GERADIN & Esabella GATFIELF on 25, February 1895 in Amherstburg
  3708-95 Andrew Elias MILLER, 433, electroplater, Toronto, same, s/o George V. MILLER & A. V. RAINE, married Maud Amelia F. MOORE, 27, Queensville Ont., Detroit, d/o Robert MOORE & Mary Ann FORTUNE, witn: Robert & Nellie FORTUNE of Detroit, 1 July 1895 at Windsor
3633-95 Henry John P. MINCEL, 21, merchants clerk, Detroit, same, s/o Henry MINCEL (Minsel?) & Margaret MURER, married Ida Annie ROCHE, 18, Detroit, same, d/o Frank ROCHE & Minnie DECHAIN?, witn: Henry MINCEL of Detroit, 4 May 1895 at Windsor 3679-95 William J. MIMNER (Memmer?), 25, farmer, Wayne Mich., Detroit, s/o Christopher MIMNER & Elizabeth NEIL, married Hattie SPECKELMAN, 25, Germany, Detroit, d/o Charles SPECKLEMAN & Sophia HERMAN, 3 June 1895 at Windsor
3680-95 David M. MITCHELL, 50, widower, express messenger, Paris Ont., Jackson Mich., s/o Charles MITCHELL & Betsy E. DRAKE, married Elizabeth Jane BEAMER, 50, Burford Ont., same, d/o David BEAMER & Sarah HARRISON, witn: James POTTER & Maud MURPHY, both of Windsor, 15 June 1895 at Windsor  
3696-95 Daniel MOORE, 23, butcher, Michigan, Detroit, s/o John T. & Mary, married Annie RYAN, 21, Ireland, Detroit, d/o Cornelius & Mary, witn: Isabella E. & Kate GUNDY of Windsor, 11 July 1895 at Windsor 003319 95 (Essex) John MOORE, 31, Canada, Sandwich West, farmer, s/o John & Sara MOORE to Lucy SQUIRES, 26, Canada, Malden, d/o William & Elexia SQUIRES; wit William SQUIRES & Tillie MOORE on 23, April 1895 in Amherstburg
03549-95 (Essex Co) Morris MOSES, 20, operator, Hamilton Ont., Detroit, s/o John MOSES & Rebecca DRAKER, married Lillian FINCH, 20, Grand Rapids Mich., same, d/o Frederick FINCH & Lottie DAVIE, witn: Bessie McLAREN of Windsor & Jane CAMPBELL of Wallaceburg, 25 May 1895 at Windsor 3629-95 William Ardagh Erb MOYER, 22, newspaper proprietor, St. Catharines, Berlin Ont., s/o P.E.W. MOYER & Elizabeth H. ARDAGH, married Minnie WAGNER, 19, Hanover Ont., Berlin, d/o Anthony WAGNER & Elizabeth CRESS, 18 April 1895 at Windsor
3192-95 Jeremie MOUSSEAU, 25, carpenter, St. Elizabeth Que., Belle River, s/o Nazaire MOUSSEAU & Marguerite DUCHARME, married Emma MARENTETTE, 25, Belle River, same, d/o Patrice MARENTETTE & Matilde CLOUTIER, witn: Nazaire MOUSSEAU & Patrice MARENTETTE, both of Belle River, 19 June 1895 at Belle River 3335-95 John J. MULLINS, 35, hotel manager, Rochester Ont., Chicago, s/o Edward MULLINS & Nellie CATHER, married Mary HOGAN, 24, Woodslee, same, d/o John HOGAN & Julia DONAVAN, witn: Frank HOGAN of Woodslee & Bella GALVIN of Detroit, 19 Feb 1895 at Woodslee
  3593-95 William MURRAY, 25, printer, Hawick Scotland, Detroit, s/o William MURRAY & Margaret ANDERSON, married Agnes McNAIR, 23, Liverpool England, Detroit, d/o Charles S. McNAIR & Agnes LOWRIE, witn: A.M. McEWAN of Windsor, 30 May 1895 at Windsor
3645-95 Adolph NANTAIS, 23, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Dolphin NANTAIS & Elizabeth JENETTE, married Emma WISE, 23, Windsor, same, d/o Joseph WISE & Emily MELOCHE, witn: Dolphin NANTAIS of Sandwich West & Henry LAUZON of Windsor, 9 July 1895 at Windsor 003173 95 (Essex) George E NEWMAN, 24, Canada, Gosfield North, farmer, s/o James & Margaret NEWMAN to Susie Ettie MILLER, Canada, Gosfield North, d/o Stephen & Louisa MILLER; wit Allen A NEWMAN & Jennie MALLOTT on 13, March 1895 in Gosfield North
#003728-95 (Essex Co): William O'CONNOR, 45, , blacksmith, Ireland, Port huron, s/o John O'CONNOR & Wareva HARTRENT?? to Mary GRINNESEY, 45, Rochester US, Port Huron, d/o Andrew and Johanna TROSNINY??, wittnesses WHITE of Walkerville and Lizzie BYRUE of Windsor, married in Windsor on 8-8-1895, RC #003861-95 (Essex Co): Charles ODELL, 41, widower, moulder, Ohio, Detroit, s/o Thayer ODELL & Phoebe YATES, married Esther LINDON, 30, Michigan, Detroit, d/o William LINDON & Minnie MENT (or Meut), witn: William LAPPORT of Detroit, 11 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3704-95 Hiram Ernest OLDERMAN, 21, salesman, Toledo, Cleveland, s/o John & Anna, married Catherine KRAMER, 20, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, d/o Frederick KRAMER & Catherine KRAUSS, witn: F. H. HINCKS & Kate MULLIGAN, both of Windsor, 10 June 1895 at Windsor 003064-95 (Essex Co) Edward O'NEIL, 31, Sandwich South, Sandwich South, s/o Patrick O'Neil & Margaret WALSH, married Sarah LAFOND, 23, Sandwich South, Sandwich South, d/o Israel LAFOND & Alina St. ANTOINE. Witn: Henry LAFOND and Mary LAFOND, Sandwich South; 18 Feb 1895 at Maidstone Cross. RC
3625-95 Leroy Jesse ORMSBY, 21, bartender, Oakland Mich., Rochester Mich., s/o William ORMSBY & Agnes IRWIN, married Louise Emma BRASS, 21, Michigan, Rochester Mich., d/o Charles BRASS & Anna FROST, witn: Georgina & Constance HINCKS, both of Windsor, 28 March 1895 at Windsor 003071-95 (Essex Co) Albert OUELLETTE, 25, Laborer, Windsor, same; s/o Antoine OUELLETTE & Archange NANTAIS, married Alexandrine BONDY, 29, Sandwich West, same, d/o Israel BONDY & Emilie RENAUD. Witn: Israel BONDY, Leon BONDY, Sandwich West; 23 Jul 1895, St. Joseph's Parish, Sandwich West. RC
003189 95 (Essex) Theophile PAPINEAU, 42, Maidstone, Maidstone, farmer, s/o Theophile PAPINEAU & Marceline GOURD, 43, St Alexandre P Q, Maidstone, d/o Zeferen GRANGER & Leocade PRITNNOUL(X?)?; wit Joseph Zefiren GRANGER & Elizabeth DENIS on 18, February 1895 in Belle River 3208-95 Hormidas PAQUETTE, 26, farmer, Quebec, St. Joachim Ruscom, s/o Francis PAQUETTE & Edesse LEBRUN, married Cordelie GIRARD, 28, Quebec, St. Joachim Ruscom, d/o Edouard GIRARD & Euphemie LANDRY, witn: Francis PAQUETTE & Edouard GIRARD, both of St. Joachim, 1 July 1895 at St. Joachim
#003866-95 (Essex Co): Henry PARENT, 32, moulder, Walkerville Ont., same, s/o Peter & Caroline, married Lizzie PARENT, 20, Belle River, Sandwich East, d/o Charles & Caroline, 7 Sept 1895 at Windsor (Rom Cath) 3713-95 Alfred Bosworth PENTON, 27, druggist, Paris Ont., Detroit, s/o Henry PENTON & Eliza BOSWORTH, married Grace D. McFARLANE, 25, Port Huron, Detroit, d/o Daniel McFARLANE & Eliza HEBDEN, 23 July 1895 at Windsor
3691-95 William PETERS, 24, farmer, Wayne Mich., same, s/o Charles O. PETERS & Elizabeth LOOMSTONE, married Lena HILLNER, 21, Wayne Mich., same, d/o Henry HILLNER & Mary SMITH, witn: Clive E. NORMAN of Detroit & James OLIVER of Windsor, 4 July 1895 at Windsor 3620-95 Walter E. PETTIPIECE, 31, millwright, Anderdon, Sandwich East, s/o John PETTIPIECE & Sarah BRUSH, married Matilda Adeline GIRARD, 26, Colchester North, same, d/o Peter GIRARD & Julia MELOCHE, 18 Feb 1895 at Windsor
3634-95 William Henry PINDER, 36, photographer, Wisconsin, Garrett Ind., s/o Thomas PINDER & Elizabeth RIGGLESWORTH, married Mary Alice MONN, 23, Shelby Ohio, Garrett Ind., d/o Peter MONN (Mones?) & Elizabeth VAN HORNE, 11 July 1895 at Windsor 3687-95 John S. PLANT, 31, farmer, Sandwich South, same, s/o John PLANT & Mary SNELSON, married Mary Jane FITZPATRICK, 22, Sandwich South, same, d/o Henry FITZPATRICK & Mary O’KEEFE, 25 June 1895 at Windsor
3194-95 Jerome POISSON, 28, farmer, Maidstone twp., same, s/o Damas POISSON & Marie PAPINEAU, married Elizabeth LACHAPELLE, 21, Maidstone twp., same, d/o Basile LACHAPELLE & Rosalie LAPAINE?, witn: Thomas MARENTETTE & Rose LACHAPELLE, both of Belle River, 25 Nov 1895 at Belle River 3597-95 Charles E. POST, 38, widower, lineman, Wayne Co. Mich., Detroit, s/o Jason POST & Jane FINCH, married Sophia SMITH, 23, widow, Bay City, Alpena Mich., d/o Henry MILLER & Flora DEMARSE, 5 June 1895 at Windsor
#003729-95 (Essex Co): Thomas POWERS, 31, telegraph operator, living in Windsor, b. Limerick Ireland, s/o Philip POWERS & Elizabeth SMITH to Mary SHEEHAN, 31, living & b. at Ruscon Station Essex, d/o Patrick POWERS & Mary BURNS, w: Robt POWERS of Windsor & Ann SHEEHAN of Ruscon, Married at Windsor on 8-27, 1895, RC 3695-95 Robert A. POWRIE, 26, railway trainman, Scotland, Detroit, s/o James & Jane, married Jean COONEY, 27, Orillia Ont., Lansing Mich., d/o Ben & Marie, witn: J. P. R. & Isabella E. GUNDY of Windsor, 11 July 1895 at Windsor
  3709-95 Harry Newman PURSER, 23, marble cutter, Wallaceburg Ont., Lansing Mich., s/o Aaron PURSER & Emily BENTON, married Luella BLASDELL, 20, Troy Ont., Detroit, d/o E. BLASDELL & Rosina COOLEY, witn: Louis HAUSER & Sarah BLASDELL, both of Detroit, 3 July 1895 at Windsor
3684-95 John F. RADER, 36, widower, stenographer, Illinois, Detroit, s/o Patterson RADER & Mintia McPHERSON, married Annie M. ADAMS, 29, "married woman", Delaware, Detroit, d/o William P. GRAHAM & Esther E. TAYLOR, 19 June 1895 at Windsor 3698-95 John J. RADERMACHER, 23, moulder, Detroit, same, s/o Willebrad RADERMACHER & Mary Ann KRAMER, married Nellie HOBART, 28, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Henry HOBART & Almena TAYLOR, witn: Ada DILLOCK & M. Addie TERRELL, 10 July 1895 at Windsor
3721-95 William Henry RANKIN, 30, doctor, Collins Bay Ont., Brooklyn NY, s/o Davie John RANKIN & Eliza Jane PURDY, married Jennie McAfee REID, 23, Walkerville, same, d/o Thomas REID & Elizabeth McAFEE, witn: Marie E. RANKIN of Collins Bay & Walter T. BENNETT of New York, 24 July 1895 at Walkerville 3076-95 Samuel G. RAYMOND, 25, widower, farmer, England, Gosfield North, s/o George & Mildred, married Rachel RUSSELL, 20, Raleigh, Colchester North, d/o Edward J. & Martha, witn: Robert J. RUSSELL of Colchester North & Kate DOINTON of Windsor, 18 Dec 1895 at Colchester North
3647-95 Philip REAUME, 39, widower, mason, Windsor, same, s/o Hypolite REAUME & Justice MARENTETTE, married Amanda ROBERGE, 29, St. Stanislas Que., Windsor, d/o Alfred ROBERGE & Octavie DUFRESNE, witn: Neil J. REAUME & Alfred LABERGE, both of Windsor, 29 April 1895 at Windsor 003323 95 (Essex) Philias REAUME, 25, Amherstburg, Amherstburg, clerk, s/o Antoine REAUME & Angela BASTIEN to Eliza AMLIN?, 19, Amherstburg, Amherstburg, d/o Antoine AMLINE? & Ann BERTRAND, Wit Edward GENESSE & ?ufler? REAUME on 16, July 1895 in Amherstburg
3731-95 John W. REYNOLDS, 27, mariner, St. Johns Que., Detroit, s/o James REYNOLDS & Mary PINSONAULT, married Louisa SPERLE, 25, Cincinnati, Detroit, d/o Joseph SPERLE & Christena WORTS, witn: Hamilton THOMAS & Carrie BRENDEL, both of Detroit, 15 Oct 1895 at Detroit  
003178 95 (Essex) Charles H RILEY, 23, Canada, Gosfield North, farmer, s/o Isaac & Sophia RILRY to Emma PERKINS, 18, Canada, Gosfield North, d/o Reubin & Fanny PERKINS; wit Bertia M JONES & Gertrude SHAW on 2, October 1895 in Cottam #003309-95 (Essex Co): Louis ROBINS, 28, widower, carpenter, Ontario, Tilbury West, s/o Daniel H. & Eliza J., married Betsy Lenora Emeline TAYLOR, 19, Tilbury West, same, d/o Samuel & Catherine, witn: William & M.L. ROBINS of Tilbury West, 3 July 1895 at Tilbury West
3685-95 Edward M. ROBINSON, 23, railway fireman, Detroit, same, s/o Edward. C. ROBINSON & Annie MOORE, married Kate DANN, 23, Detroit, same, d/o Charles D. DANN (Daun?) & Matilda HOWSEN?, witn: Edward NEYER & Tillie LAURIN, both of Detroit, 22 June 1895 at Windsor 3631-95 Maurice ROCHLEAU, 27, farmer, Anderdon, same, s/o Joseph ROCHLEAU & Marceline ANTAYA, married Jessie SHUEL, 30, Anderdon, same, d/o John SHUEL & Sarah THOMPSON, witn: Henry & Minnie VOLLANS of Sandwich West, 30 April 1895 at Windsor
3135-95 Edwin RODD, 33, physician, Haydon Ont., Detroit, s/o John & Clarissa, married Anna L. WOODBRIDGE, 29, Colchester, same, d/o William W. & Annie E., witn: Mina WOODBRIDGE of Colchester & John RODD of Windsor, 9 April 1895 at Colchester 3732-95 Frank ROSKOPP, 25, butcher, Mt. Clemens Mich., same, s/o John ROSKOPF & Margaret STAPLETON, married Margaret McCLEOD, 28, London Ont, Mt. Clemens, d/o Donald McCLOUD (sic) & Isabel ROSS, witn: George HILL & Agnes McCLEOD, both of Windsor, 21 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3724-95 Ransom ROWLEY, 79, widower, farmer, Monroe Co NY, Romeo Mich., s/o Nathaniel & Mercy, married Adelia JOHNSON, 71, widow, Maine, Romeo, d/o James DENSMORE & Lucy, witn: Catherine EVELEIGH & Kate GUNDY, both of Windsor, 25 July 1895 at Windsor #003305-95 (Essex Co): Robert Thomas RUSSELL, 29, farmer, Kent Co., Tilbury West, s/o Joseph & Isabella, married Mary J. THACKERAY, 23, England, Comber, d/o John THACKERAY & illegible, witn: John THACKERAY & Annie FRANKFURTH of Comber, 25 April 1895 at Comber
  3193-95 Maxime St.DENIS, 39, merchant, St. Marthe Que., Sandwich, s/o Antoine St.DENIS & Leocadie JAURON, married Maggie GEOYES?, 23, Flint Mich., Belle River, d/o George GERGES? & Annie RENAUD, witn: Evariste SEGUIN of Stoney Point & Emma GERGES of Belle River, 29 Oct 1895 at Belle River
3671-95 William S. SAGERMAN, 23, railway foreman, St. Clair Mich., Detroit, s/o Henry SAGERMAN & Mary LEITCH, married Gusta PITZNER, 22, Germany, Detroit, d/o John PITZNER & Gusta KAIZER, witn: George HENRY (Fleury?) & Rickie COOPER, both of Detroit, 22 May 1895 at Windsor 3673-95 John SAURS, 31, laborer, England, Port Alma Ont., s/o John SAURS & Mary WOOD, married Ellen COFELL, 24, Tilbury Ont., Port Alma, d/o William COFELL & Eliza BADDER (Bodder?), witn: Catherine HENDERSON of Sparta & Mrs. James GR--K? of Pt. Huron, 24 May 1895 at Windsor
3703-95 William Anthony SCHMITT, 33, porter, Detroit, same, s/o Peter & Mary, married Mary Sophia SCHLAGENHUFF, 33, Detroit, same, d/o Frederick & Sophia, witn: Fred SCHMITT & Pauline SCHELLHAMMER, both of Detroit, 30 May 1895 at Windsor 3699-95 La--? (faded) SCOTT, 28, farmer, Pike Creek - Essex, Maidstone, s/o Albert SCOTT & Phoebe SPENCER, married Jessie FRANKLIN, 20, Maidstone, same, d/o James FRANKLIN & Carrie SHACKLEFORD, witn: James & Mrs. James OLIVER of Windsor, 3 July 1895 at Windsor
3198-95 Samuel Nelson SCRATCH, 22, farmer, Gosfield South, same, s/o Horatio & Hannah, married Carrie C. SANDFORD, 20, Gosfield South, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Herman SCRATCH & Della SANDFORD, both of Gosfield South, 18 Dec 1895 at Ruthven  
3614-95 Frank Y. SEABRIGHT, 35, mariner, Cincinnati, Detroit, s/o George & Sarah, married Lizzie CLARK, 32, Almont (Almonte?) Ont., Detroit, d/o William & Lizzie, 9 Jan 1895 at Windsor #003874-95 (Essex Co): Thels? SEYMOUR, 30, carpenter, Kingston Ont., Detroit, s/o John & Rosaline, married Mary WOREN, 29, widow, Detroit, Springwells Mich., d/o Eugene WEBER & Gussie CROSS, 5 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3613-95 James SHEAHAN, 37, soldier, Ireland, Detroit, s/o James SHEAHAN & Catherine NOLAN, married Elizabeth DREW, 34, widow, Sandwich, Detroit, d/o Robert ADAMSON & Mary SMITH, 10 Jan 1895 at Windsor 3596-95 Ernest SHEPLEY, 23, farmer, South Colchester, same, s/o Solomon SHEPLEY & Emily MICKLE, married Emily HARRIS, 18, South Colchester, same, d/o Francis HARRIS & Helena WILLIAMS, witn: Clementina & Daniel BENTON of Harrow, 5 June 1895 at Windsor
003317 95 (Essex) Joseph E SHEPLEY, 34, Canada, Malden, farmer, s/o Joseph & Annie SHEPLEY to Eva M MICKLE, Canada, Malden, d/o Alanson & Gabriella MICKLE; wit Ada ALLIN & Fernie ALLIN on 14, March 1895 in Amherstburg 3725-95 George SHERMAN, 32, soldier, Toledo Ohio, same, s/o Josiah & Amelia, married Mary THOMPSON, 23, Detroit, same, d/o John & Lydia, witn: J. E. GUNDY of Windsor & Emma THOMPSON of Detroit, 24 July 1895 at Windsor
#003875-95 (Essex Co): Oscar Willis SHIPLEY, 33, farmer, Malden, Colchester, s/o Solomon SHIPLEY & Emily MEICKLE, married Maud A. JARRETT, 21, Sandwich East, Colchester, d/o Levi JARRETT & Susan LAPARIE?, 9 Oct 1895 at Windsor  
3648-95 Arthur W. SHOWELL, 29, theatrical agent, New York, Detroit, s/o A. W. SHOWELL & Eliza GILES, married Monique TROMLEY (Trowley?), 22, New Baltimore, Detroit, d/o John TROMLEY & Mary SAUCIER, witn: Howard CORNWELL & Viola McDONALD, both of Detroit, 6 June 1895 at Windsor 3140-95 Francis Edward SINASAC, 25, blacksmith, Colchester South, Harrow, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth, married Ella May AGLA, 20, Colchester South, same, d/o Ezra & Meda, witn: Matilda B. SINASAC of Leamington & Ira AGLA of Colchester South, 27 Feb 1895 at Harrow
003183 95 (Essex) James Bismark SLOTT, New York, Gosfield North, machinist, s/o James G & Jane SLOTT to Laura Edith WINDSOR, Canada, Mersea, d/o Joel & Jane WINDSOR; wit Mary H & Gertrude SHAW on 25, December 1895 in Cottam 003321 95 (Essex) Philo J SMITH, 27, Amherstburg, Amherstburg, cook, s/o James & Mary SMITH to Laura A GRINAGE, 22, Unites States, Amherstburg, d/o William & Elizabeth GRINAGE; wit Wm C HOLT & Miss Emma HOLT on 28, March 1895 in Amherstburg
#003877-95 (Essex Co): John SMITH, 32, tinsmith, Buffalo, Detroit, s/o John SMITH & Hannah HENNESSY, married Minnie MARSHALL, 28, Edinburgh cotland, Detroit, d/o Robert MARSHALL & Lucy BOSWELL, witn: Marie PRINGLE of Windsor, 17 Oct 1895 at Windsor 3622-95 Kenzie Gillett SMITH, 23, broker, Detroit, same, s/o Andrew E. SMITH & Sarah R. GILLETT, married Thirza Margaret LAKE, 31, England, Detroit, d/o John LAKE & Annie CARRICK (Corrick?), 23 Feb 1895 at Windsor
003179 95 (Essex) Joseph SNIGLY, 25, Canada, Pelee Island Ont, farmer, s/o Richard & Jane SNIGLY to Annie ARMSTRONG, Canada, Gosfield North, d/o John & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG; wit William DRESSER & Vina ARMSTRONG on 11, November 1895 in Cottam 3638-95 William SPICKETT, 21, peddler, Detroit, same, s/o Thomas J. SPICKETT & Elizabeth PARSLEY, married Catherine SPANN, 18, Detroit, same, d/o Abraham SPANN & Mary DOLAN, witn: Rev. Jams SCANLON & Lizzie BYRNE, both of Windsor, 25 Feb 1895 at Windsor
3200-95 Benjamin A. SQUIRE, 32, farmer, Gosfield South, same, s/o Benjamin & Sarah Jane, married Carrie JEFFERY, 23, Gosfield South, same, d/o Edgar A. & Lucinda, witn: Ernest N. LANG of Essex & Cecilia M. SQUIRE, 26 Feb 1895 at Gosfield South (also 3171-95)  
3712-95 Henry STANTON, 45, widower, painter, Detroit, same, s/o William Van STANTON & Esther COLLINS, married Clara SANDERS, 30, widow, Detroit, same, d/o Peter ROULS? & Mary L. BERSTEIN?, witn: Atwood & Jane STANTON of Detroit, 19 July 1895 at Windsor 3692-95 William STELLA, 25, box nailer, Germany, Detroit, s/o Joseph & Frederika, married Emma KRAIMEN, 35, Germany, Detroit, d/o Henry & Sophia, witn: Louis WEITSTRAT & Charles STELLA, both of Detroit, 4 July 1895 at Windsor
3626-95 Frank Wallace STEWARD, 29, painter, Ypsilanti Mich., same, s/o William STEWARD & Melissa WEATHERWAX, married Louisa FEHLIG, 29, widow, Ypsilanti Mich., same, d/o John SCHROEDER & Louisa REINHARDT, witn: Francis DEWSON of Windsor, 30 March 1895 at Windsor #003881-95 (Essex Co) William STOKX (Stokes?), 23, farmer, Walkerville, Sandwich East, s/o Peter STOKX & Margaret BLACK, married Elizabeth TRUMAN, 20, Toronto, Windsor, d/o George TRUMAN & Naomi SCOTT, witnesses were Martha TRUMAN & Charles STOKX, both of Windsor, Nov. 6, 1895 at Windsor
3232-95 Andrew STORY, 39, widower, butcher, Buffalo, Detroit, s/o Andrew & Elizabeth, married Margaret HEITER?, 24, Detroit, same , d/o Michael HEITER & Caroline CLINE, witn: Fred W. KULL & Annie WILSON, both of Detroit, 23 April 1895 at Walkerville 3229-95 James SWEETLAND, 27, widower, pianist, Edwardsburg Mich., Detroit, s/o William W. SWEETLAND & Norah R. VAN CAMP, married Lottie? Belle BURROUGHS, 17, Belleville Mich., Detroit, d/o Samuel W. BURROUGHS & Jane STIPFY?, witn: Martha Jane GODWIN & Mabel A. GRIFFITHS, both of Walkerville, 16 Feb 1895 at Walkerville
003302 95 (Essex) Charles R THORNE, 21, Harwich Ont, Tilbury North, farrier, s/o Matthew & Harriet THORNE to Bertha HILLMAN , 19, Tilbury West, Tilbury West, d/o Esau & Nancy HILLMAN; wit Nancy & E J HILLMAN on 20, March 1895 in Comber 3612-95 Charles TIEFREY?, 24, bag maker, Austria, Detroit, s/o John TIEFREY & Mary LILSON, married Susan Dishman LINGARD, 24, Clarke twp Ont., Detroit, d/o Charles LINGARD & Mary DISHMAN, 8 Jan 1895 at Windsor
3610-95 George W. TINES, 38, commercial traveller, Indiana, Detroit, s/o George TINES & Elizabeth WRIGHT, married Maggie McRAE, 29, Strathburn Ont., same, d/o Hugh & Christena, witn: A. M. McEWAN of Windsor & Mrs. Maggie MATTHEWS of Detroit, 27 June 1895 at Windsor 3666-95 Philip TIPTON, 32, coachman, England, Detroit, s/o John TIPTON & Sarah SANDERS, married Augusta WILL, 22, St. Clair Mich., Detroit, d/o Herman WILL & Mary SHAW, witn: F?. SLAUGHTER & Maria W. WILL, both of Detroit, 9 May 1895 at Windsor
3129-95 Ernest TOFFLEMIRE, 24, laborer, Colchester South, same, s/o Aaron & Caroline, married Louisa TAYLOR, 35, widow, Cottam, Colchester South, d/o John & Sophia, witn: Jeanie ANDERSON of New York & Maud AYEARST of Harrow, 14 Aug 1895 at Harrow 3611-95 Peter TOOLAN, 33, plumber, London Ont., Lansing Mich., s/o Peter & Margaret, married Mary BOOLAN (Borlan?), 32, widow, Williamson Mich., Lansing, d/o Patrick BOOLAN & Bridget PENELLEY, witn: M. F. TOLMIE of Windsor & J. G. TOLMIE of Southampton, 30 June 1895 at Windsor
3682-95 Thomas A. TRAVES, 31, engineer, Wisconsin, Detroit, s/o Michael TRAVES & Mary Ann NORTH, married May CRONK, 19, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Sylvester CRONK & Martha LYMAN, witn: Grace R. HENDERSON & Vict. EDGAR, both of Windsor, 19 June 1895 at Windsor 3216-95 David TREMBLAY, 21, laborer, Quebec, Staples, s/o William TREMBLAY & Rose Anne RATE, married Apolline LAPORTE, 18, Stoney Point, Staples, d/o Pierre LAPORTE & Celine RIVET, witn: Pierre LAPORTE & Oliva CHEVALIER, both of Staples, 27 Aug 1895 at St. Joachim
3211-95 Honore TROTECHAUD?, 31, widower, farmer, Quebec, St. Joachim, s/o Louis TROTECHAUD & Mathilde St.ONGE, married Marie Louise MAILLOUX, 25, Stoney Point, Staples, d/o Joseph MAILLOUX & Clotilde CHAUVIN, witn: Hector TROTECHAUD of St. Joachim & Joseph MAILLOUX of Staples, 11 Nov 1895 at St. Joachim 3210-95 Arthur TROMBLEY, 29, farmer, Canada, Sandwich West, s/o Alfred & Annie, married Clara BROWN, 21, Canada, South Woodslee, d/o Alfred & Catherine, witn: Philemon SKERRITT & Katie BROWN, both of S. Woodslee, 25 Sept 1895 at South Woodslee
3621-95 Wilfred Edgar TYLER, 18, farmer, Hubbardston Mich., same, s/o Melvin J. TYLER & Adelia WALTON, married Odessa Arland SHANOWER, 17, Greentown O., Wallaceton Mich., d/o Zechariah SHANOWES? & Sarah POTT, 18 Feb 1895 at Windsor 3132-95 Andrew Forest ULCH, 19, farmer, Colchester, same, s/o Benjamin & Hannah, married Melina Ann ABBOTT, 18, Gosfield, Colchester, d/o Oliver & Hannah, witn: Mrs. L.A. & Frank J. SHERMAN, 21 Aug 1895 at Baptist Parsonage, Colchester twp
3730-95 Frank P. UNDERWOOD, 37, widower, barber, Vermont, Eaton Co Mich., s/o Silas UNDERWOOD & Sallie GOULD, married Julia WALSH, 20, Eaton Co Mich., same, d/o Patrick WALSH & Mary Ann WARDELL, witn: Rev. James SCANLON & Lizzie BYRNE, both of Windsor, 14 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3312-95 Ira VANDERLINDER, 30, widower, farmer, Sandwich East, Tilbury West, s/o John & Lefrance, married Helen C. FERGUSON, 14, Elgin Co., Rochester twp., d/o Edward & Lucy A., witn: Mary ELLIOTT & Annie FORD of Comber, 26 Sept 1895 at Comber
  3087-95 Harry Livingston WAKELER, 27, telegraph operator, USA, Oleans NY, s/o John Wesley & Jenny M., married Alice JAMES, 24, Canada, Dunnville, d/o Alex & Mary C., witn: Hertie (Hester?) L. & Ada L. PASCOE of Essex, 22 Feb 1895 at Essex
003328 95 (Essex) William E WALKER, 27, Bothwell Ont, Windsor, store keeper, s/o Edward & Josephine WALKER to Elizabeth FOSTER, 21, Malden, Malden, d/o Henry & Annie FOSTER; wit Alison Johnson & Mary WEBB on 11, September 1895 in Amherstberg 3665-95 Charles F. WALTHERS, 35, civil engineer, Austria Detroit, s/o Villam WATTHERS? & Joannah PREISLIER, married Anna DREWKE, 21, Germany, Detroit, d/o August DREWKE & Amelia HIAL, witn: Alma OLVER & Victoria ROTHWELL, both of Windsor, 8 May 1895 at Windsor
3598-95 Sanford Ernest WALTON, 24, book keeper, King twp., Windsor, s/o Brooks WALTER & Hannah STOREY, married Maud J. SUTHERLAND, 23, Chatham Ont., Windsor, d/o Thomas SUTHERLAND & Alice MORRICK (Morrish?), witn: May SUTHERLAND & James DOUGALL, both of Windsor, 5 June 1895 at Windsor  
#003308-95 (Essex Co): Thomas H. WARREN, 23, laborer,, Strathroy, Comber, s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Frances HAVELOCK, 18, Glencoe, Comber, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: Mary ELLIOTT, 29 Jan 1895 at Comber 3664-95 William John WATSON, 28, laborer, Durham Ont., Windsor, s/o James WATSON & Catherine McLEAN, married Sarah BALLENTINE, 24, Dunnville Ont., Windsor, d/o Henry BALLENTINE & Agnes MORRISON, witn: Eliza HENDERSON & J. BALLENTINE, both of Windsor, 1 May 1895 at Windsor
3623-95 Charles Andrew WEISS, 21, stone cutter, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Charles & Annie, married Lena POCK, 18, West Virginia, Detroit, d/o Ernest POCK & Elizabeth REICHELL, witn: Kate MULLIGAN & Georgina HINCKS, both of Windsor, 26 Feb 1895 at Windsor 3148-95 Walter G. WELSH, 25, merchant, Stoney Point, Tilbury Centre, s/o W. WELSH & Catherine WILCOX, married Hermine DOZOIS?, 24, Lacolle Quebec, Tilbury Centre, d/o Pierre DOZOIS & Cesarie HEBERT, witn: Pierre DOZOIS of Tilbury Centre & W. WELSH of Comber, 29 April 1875 at St. Francis Church, Tilbury North
3726-95 Joseph WETHERELL, 27, chef, Woodstock Ont., Port Huron, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Julia O'NEIL, 24, Ypsilanti, same, d/o Owen & Lucretia, witn: Irwin R. SWAN of Detroit & Harry GUNDY of Windsor, 30 July 1895 at Windsor 3677-95 Irva S. WHEELAND, 23, stove mounter, Iowa, Detroit, s/o J. P. WHEELAND & Florence KA---E?, married Uness A. PETTINGILL, 20, Michigan, Detroit, d/o George PETTINGILL & Olive SHERMAN, witn: F. B. STAFFORD of Belleville & Maud MURPHY of Windsor, 30 May 1895 at Windsor
3603-95 Alexander WHITE, 24, plumber, Scotland, Windsor, s/o James WHITE & Mary WOOD, married Minnie Louisa NANTAN, 22, Windsor, same, d/o Edward NANTAN & Carrie BURFORD, witn: N. NANTAN & W. WHITE, both of Windsor, 12 June 1895 at Windsor 3643-95 Charles WHITE, 24, travelling agent, Rochester Mich., Detroit, s/o Frank M. WHITE & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, married Margaret CLINE, 21, Detroit, same, d/o Henry CLINE & Josephine THILEN?, witn: Rev. J. SCANLON & Lizzie BYRNE, both of Windsor, 30 April 1895 at Windsor
3088-95 William Henry WIGLE, 21, book keeper, Ontario, Blind River, s/o Reamer & Jane, married Annie Elizabeth HICKS, 18, Ontario, Essex, d/o William & Ida Fidelia, witn: Ida Fidelia & Lena HICKS of Essex, 7 March 1895 at Essex 3134-95 Earnest E. WIGLE, 20, butcher, Gosfield twp., Kingsville, s/o Joshua & Sarah, married Nellie (Ella?) LOTT, 20, Leamington, Colchester, d/o John & Melissa, witn: Mrs. L. A. SHERMAN of Colchester twp & Daniel WIGLE of Kingsville, 9 Oct 1895 at Baptist parsonage, Colchester
3234-95 Frederick WILKINSON, 24, tinsmith, Detroit, same, s/o Thomas WILKINSON & Louisa VANHENSTOCK?, married Maud MILLER, 19, Detroit, same, d/o Thomas MILER & Mary TROMBLY, witn: Mrs. N. BOTT of Walkerville, 21 May 1895 at Walkerville # 003863-95 (Essex Co): Ernest Grant WILSON, 24, salesman, Romeo Mich., Detroit, s/o Enoch WILSON & Sarah A MELDING, married Mary Margaret SHERATT, 22, Fergus Ont., Detroit, d/o John SHERATT & Barbara FLEWELLING, witn: Martha RIEVE of Detroit, 13 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3594-95 Joseph S. WOLFF, 19, plumber, Pittsburg Al., Detroit, s/o A. T. WOLFF & S. Margaret YOUNG, married Mabel Ruth NICHOL, 17, Canada, Detroit, d/o Joseph NICHOL & Eliza BARKER, witn: N. HAMBLETON of Windsor, 1 June 1895 at Windsor #003873-95 (Essex Co): David WRIGHT, 48, widower, decorator, Paris Ont., Detroit, s/o Hugh WRIGHT & Ann ROBINSON, married Ella A. WATSON, 38, widow, Lapier Mich., Detroit, d/o Joel F. SMITH & Calista A. CONVERS, witn: Jennie & George H. YOUNG of Detroit, 2 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3081-95 Clarence WRIGHT, 34, farmer, Colchester South, same, s/o Joseph & Zoe, married Amanda Margaret McGEE, 30, Anderdon twp., Malden twp., d/o Alexander & Ellen, witn: John WRIGHT of Colchester South & Rubena McGEE of Malden twp., 19 June 1895 at Malden twp