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Essex Co., 1895, part 2

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3553-95 Thomas L. ADAMS, 38, merchant, England, Detroit, s/o James L. ADAMS & Charlotte LETHBRIDGE, married Josephine H. WILLIAMS, 27, Detroit, same, d/o John C. WILLIAMS & Charlotte COLLINS, witn: A. M. VINING & Bessie McLAREN, both of Windsor, 11 June 1895 at Windsor 003146-95 (Essex Co) Charles F. ALLYN, 30, Farmer, Tilbury West, same; s/o William Henry ALLEN & Ellen LaFRANCE, married Alice Mary STUART, 29, Tilbury North, same; d/o Daniel STUART & Catherine FRASER. Witn: James HIDLEY, Chatham, Annie ALLYN, Tilbury West: 13 Mar 1895, Tilbury North
3244-95 Fred H. ANTHONY, 22, post office clerk, Brighton Mich., Detroit, s/o George & Helen, married Rose G. HIGHT, 24, Chilson Mich., Detroit, d/o Nathaniel & Elizabeth, witn: Mrs. GHENT of Walkerville, 9 Oct 1895 at Rectory, Walkerville 003659-95 (Essex Co.) Frederick ARNOLD, 24, clerk, USA, New York City, s/o Andrew ARNOLD & Magdalen LAMBERTUS, married Mary POLANSKY, 18, USA, Detroit, d/o Albert POLANSKY & Mary ROVZANKY, wtn: Randall F McGUIRE of Detroit & Elizabeth BYRNE of Windsor, on May 21, 1895, at Windsor
3517-95 John Francis ATKINSON, 23, book keeper, Port Huron Mich., Amherstburg, s/o Edward ATKINSON & Ann DUNN, married Aurelia L. BROWN, 19, Amherstburg, same, d/o Loyal BROWN & Ann CROW, 24 April 1895 at Windsor  
3772-95 John BAGLEY, 23, railway employee, Detroit, same, s/o William & Mary, married Ida SASH, 22, Detroit, same, d/o William & Augusta, 17 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3757-95 Claude BAIRD, 20, laborer, Trenton Mich., South Lyon, s/o D. F. & Lucretia, married Effie May VANATTER, 20, Salem Mich., South Lyon, d/o George & Ada, witn: George S. VANATTER & Lucretia A. BAIRD, both of South Lyon, 24 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3546-95 Frederick BAKER, 24, plasterer, Detroit, same, s/o Peter & Flora, married Kate NOLL, 18, Muskoka Ont., Detroit, d/o Frederick NOLL & Mary HALDIE, witn: John & Mary MANCHESTER of Detroit, 22 May 1895 at Windsor 3765-95 Perry BAKER, 24, farmer, Carlton Mich., same, s/o John & Mary, married Musella (Marella?) McCOLLUM, 20, Carlton Mich., same, d/o Alfred & Alice, 2 Sept 1895 at Windsor
3263-95 John Gottlieb BARAL, 22, waiter, Fort Wayne Indiana, Toledo, s/o Jacob BARAL & Jennie HILDINGER, married Bertha TROMELLING, 18, Jackson Mich., Toledo, d/o John TROMELLING & Minnie WEST, witn: Mrs. Emma SAUTTEL of Detroit, 30 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3535-95 William BARKER, 35, engineer, Monroe Co NY, Batavia NY, s/o John BARKER & Mary VALENTINE, married Alide W. DEWEY, 30, Madison Ohio, Conneat Ohio, d/o R. DEWEY & Rose ROOD, witn: A. M. VINING & Bessie McLAREN, both of Windsor, 11 April 1895 at Windsor
003661-95 (Essex Co.) James BARRETT, 29, electrician, Detroit, same, s/o Richard BARRETT & Mary KAVANAGH, married Anna VEZINANE, 23, Detroit, same, d/o Odillion VEZINANE & Matilda BENOIT, wtn: Miss Virginia OUELLETTE of Windsor & Catherine DAILEY of Detroit, on June 12, 1895, at Windsor 3590-95 Henry N. BEAN, 24, railroad man, Clio Mich., Bay City Mich., s/o Henry BEAN & Kate MURRAY, married Lena WORBY, 21, Flint Mich., Bay City, d/o Merevo? WORBY & Eliza BUSH, 27 May 1895 at Windsor
3564-95 George BECHT, 22, painter, Detroit, same, s/o Charles BECHT & Rosa GROHRINGER, married Beatha BEANER, 23, Mt. Clemens Mich., same, d/o Fred BEANER & Minnie SMIDT, 29 April 1895 at Windsor 3589-95 Jacob BECK, 22, farmer, Toledo, same, s/o Jacob BECK & Mary HENSON, married Laura Amelia VANGUNTEN, 21, Toledo, same, d/o Jacob VANGUNTEN & Verenne BECK, 22 May 1895 at Windsor
3240-95 Henry J. BECKER, 33, widower, telegraph operator, Detroit, same, s/o P?. J. BECKER & Elizabeth MINSER?, married Cora JONES, 22, Battle Creek, Detroit, d/o Fred JONES & Addie WOOLARD, witn: Mrs. James OLIVER & Roy McKENZIE, both of Windsor, 15 June 1895 at Windsor 3363-95 Chester BECKTEL, 37, clerk, Ohio, New Baltimore Ohio, s/o John BECKTEL & Sarah ROHER--?, married Josephine RITTING, 31, Ohio, North Baltimore Ohio, d/o John RITTING & Mary SHELEGAL, witn: G.R.M. PENTLAND of Sandwich, 12 June 1895 at Sandwich
3254-95 Edward K. BENNETT, 27, engineer, Isabell Co. Mich., Detroit, s/o James BENNETT & Norah KEMP, married Donnah L. WALTERS, 20, Westmoreland Co. Penn., Trenton Mich., d/o Charles WALTERS & Carrie JOHNSON, witn: Edna BALFOUR of Essex, 17 Aug 1895 at Windsor 3284-95 John W. BEOHAN (Beahan?), 22, bar tender, Ann Arbor, same, s/o John BEOHAN & Catherine HAMEL, married Francis J. WINT, no age given, Lodi Mich., Ypsilanti Mich., d/o John WINT & Paulina STIBE, 13 Dec 1895 at Windsor
3817-95 Charles A. BINGHAM, 21, farmer, Franklin Mich., same, s/o David BINGHAM & Mary SIMPSON, married Jennie COVERT, 18, Franklin Mich., same, d/o J.N. COVERT & Josephine GERMAN, witn: W. H. KENDALL & Robert GOLDEN, both of Windsor, 14 Oct 1895 at Windsor 3527-95 David BISSELL, 38, widower, tailor, Scotland, Detroit, s/o John BISSEL (sic) & Betsy MAYES, married Etta BANKS, 29, widow, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Jackson STAFFORD & Mary DOOLITTLE, witn: W. S. P. & E. A. WHEELER of Detroit, 28 Feb 1895 at Windsor
3588-95 Leroy J. BLINN, 33, divorced, dentist, Detroit, same, s/o Leroy BLINN & Louisa KENTLE (Keutle?), married Minnie METHNER (Methuer?), 19, Detroit, same, d/o Charles METHNER & Ida TEICK, 21 May 1895 at Windsor 3533-95 George Arthur BOAK, 30, engineer, Hull England, Windsor, s/o George BOAK & Harriet HARE, married Annie DAY, 29, West Zorra, Windsor, d/o George DAY & Mary Ann CASLICK, 4 April 1895 at Windsor
3798-95 William H. BOOKS, 21, doctor, New Haven Conn., Detroit, s/o William & Helen, married Margaret MANN, 19, Hastings Mich., Detroit, d/o Robert MANN & Harriet CROWNBACK, 2 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3782-95 William W. BOWSER, 30, barber, Pennsylvania, Sioux City Iowa, s/o Archibald & Delilah, married Louise MILLER, 22, Detroit, same, d/o Carl & Josephine, witn: Kate & Harry GRUNDY of Windsor, 14 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3524095 Judson D. BOYCE, 31, mechanic, Orange Co NY, Detroit, s/o Allan BOYCE & Theresa CHOSEY, married Flora BLACK, 25, St. Clair Mich., Detroit, d/o Elias D. BLACK & Melissa QUANT, witn: Bert SCOTT of Windsor, 16 Feb 1895 at Windsor 3293-95 George BRADT, 26, laborer, Haldimand, Tilbury, s/o Austin & Catherine, married Charlotte STITT, 18, Charlotteville, Glenwood, d/o Joseph & Jane, 11 May 1895 at Parsonage, Kingsville
3793-95 Mark D. BRAULT, 19, piano tuner, Amherstburg, same, s/o Joseph BRAULT & Anna HANCOCK, married Adela T. LANGLOIS, 21, Amherstburg, same, d/o Peter LANGLOIS & Theresa BURK, witn: J. W. WELSH of Windsor, 13 July 1895 at Windsor 3354-95 John BRENNAN, 28, baker, Detroit, same, s/o Edward BRENNAN & Jenatta McARTHUR, married Rose May SALTANS?, 27, Sandwich, Windsor, d/o Albins SALTARES? & Elizabeth CUTHBERT, witn: G.R.M. PENTLAND, 17 April 1895 at Sandwich
  3237-95 Charles J. BROKER, 21, clerk, Hudson Mich., Battle Creek, s/o Joseph M. BROKER & Mary DOWTING, married Selina DOWTING (Dowling?), 20, Pontiac Mich., same, d/o Edmund DOWTING & Jane TRISTON, witn: Mrs. James & Emma OLIVER of Windsor, 2 June 1895 at Windsor
3758-95 Charles A. BROWN, 19, farmer, Sarnia Ont., Clarkson Mich., s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Alva LENNON, 30, Michigan, Clarkson Mich., d/o N. D. & Phoebe, witn: J. E. GUNDY & C. EVELEIGH, both of Windsor, 27 Aug 1895 at Windsor 003127-95 (Essex Co) Henry BROWN, 21, Farmer, Leamington, same; s/o Montgomery & Martha, married Isabel HASTINGS, 21, Nottingham, Eng., Leamington; d/o James & Annie. Witn: Maud AZCARET, W. J. CAMPEAU, Harrow: 14 May 1895, Harrow
3796-95 Edward BURK, 27, plumber, Detroit, Mt. Clemens Mich., s/o John BURK & Margaret SNIDER, married Augusta DANS, 20, Mt. Clemens Mich., same, d/o Charles DANS & Minnie MEITZ, witn: James FERGUSON & Millie (Willie?) BULMER, both of Windsor, 25 July 1895 at Windsor 3824-95 George H. BURNETT, 35, widower, mechanic, England, Lansing Mich., s/o John & Jane, married Malinda McCRUMB, 40, widow, Plymouth Mich., Lansing, d/o Henry FORS & Mary GRONDEAU, 22 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3563-95 Frank BUSHA, 23, farmer, Wallaceburg Ont., Greenfield Mich., s/o Charles & Catherine, married Mary WESTLAKE, 21, Redford Mich., same, d/o George WESTLAKE & Sarah CURRIN, 17 April 1895 at Windsor #003096-95 John BUTTLER, 28, labourer, England, Essex Town Ont, s/o James & Sarah Ann BUTTLER, married Elizabeth MCIRRAGHAN, 24, England, Essex Town Ont, d/o William & Sarah MCIRRAGHAN, witn: William NORRIS & Mary Louise DRISCOLE, both of Essex Ont, 17 Apr 1895 at Essex Ont
3248-95 Ernest BYRON, 27, electrician, Fingal - Elgin Co., Detroit, s/o W.H. BYRON & Catherine BURTCH, married Jennie CLAY, 20, London, same, d/o William H. CLAY & Mary FORSYTHE, 5 July 1895 at Windsor 3292-95 George W. CADY, 44, widower, contractor, Gosfield South, Kingsville, s/o James & Rachel, married Louisa SCRATCH, 29, Gosfield South, same, d/o Henry & Sarah, witn: Albert CADY & Clara SCRATCH, both of Kingsville, 17 April 1895 at Gosfield
3578-95 Robert CAMPBELL, 34, baker, Port Huron Mich., Detroit, s/o Thomas ALEXANDER & Annie DOYLE, married Annie ABERNATHY, 24, Sarnia Ont., Detroit, d/o Thomas ABERNATHY & Annie RANDALL, 1 March 1895 at Windsor 3574-95 Duncan CAMPBELL, 22, farmer, Grand Rapids Mich., River Rouge Mich., s/o Donald CAMPBELL & Mary HEWLETT, married Bertha C. OSBORNE, 19, Lyons Mich., River Rouge, d/o Robert OSBORNE & Elida FAIRWEATHER, 29 Jan 1895 at Windsor
3736-95 Pierre CAMPEAU, 30, butcher, Tecumseth Essex, Windsor, s/o Hypolite CAMPEAU & Theresa REAUME, married Nettie PARENT, 20, Windsor, same, d/o Paul PARENT & Ellen COLLINS, witn: Alfred CAMPEAU & Joseph PARENT, 25 Nov 1895 at Windsor 3747-95 Martin E. CAVINAW (Cavanagh?), 28, engineer, USA, Detroit, s/o Noah CAVINAW & Mary BRODRICK, married Margaret REARDON, 27, USA, Detroit, d/o Timothy REARDON & Margaret LOFTUS, 3 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3296-95 William CHALK, 26, gardener, England, Kingsville, s/o "unknown, an English waif", married Della STEEL, 22, Gosfield, Kingsville, d/o Oliver (Abner?) & Martha, witn: Mrs. Eliza CRONK of Leamington & Mrs. William McDONAGH of Kingsville, 1 July 1895 at Kingsville Parsonage 3311-95 Robert CHALLIS, 24, farmer, England, Tilbury East, s/o James & Mary, married Isabella M. HOMICK, 23, Tilbury East, same, d/o John & Isabella, witn: Mary ELLIOTT & Annie FORD, both of Comber, 11 Sept 1895 at Comber
3247-95 Bent CHROMISTER, 21, quarry laborer, Belleville Ohio, Plymouth Ohio, s/o John CHROMISTER & Margaret COLLEY, married Selena B. COLLEY, 20, Belleville Ohio, Plymouth Ohio, d/o M. & Susan, witn: Clive NORMAN of Windsor, 4 July 1895 at Windsor  
3516-95 Alfred CLARK, 24, tin plater, England, Detroit, s/o Charles & "not remembered", married Ellen GRIMSHAW, 23, England, Detroit, d/o James GRIMSHAW & Emma HUMPHRIES, 24 April 1895 at Windsor 3814-95 Boswell P. CLARK, 72, widower, farmer, Massachusetts, Canton Mich., s/o Aaron P. CLARK & Tilenda FOWLER, married Anna M. NOWLIN, 50, widow, Oakland Co. Mich., Detroit, d/o Chester ELLIOTT & Emma HERBERT, 3 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3528-95 Frank Henry COATS, 23, teamster, Sarnia Ont., Windsor, s/o Henry COATS & Sarah CHAWIN, married Belle TOMKIN, 21, London, Windsor, d/o John TOMKIN & Mary PYETT, witn: Nelson & Josie SAUNDERS of Detroit, 6 March 1895 at Windsor 3550-95 Jerome COLE, 45, widower, farmer, Canton Mich., same, s/o Peter COLE & Almine GUNSOLAN (Gunsolus?), married Nellie MILES, 23, widow, London Ont., Canton, d/o William WRAY & E. Jane KERBYSON, 12 June 1895 at Windsor
3787-95 Thomas COLLINS, 30, switchman, Ireland, Detroit, s/o John COLLINS & Mary HAYES, married Belle JOHNSON, 25, Grosse Isle Mich., Detroit, d/o Robert JOHNSON & Lucy BRON, witn: Mary EMERY of Detroit, 25 June 1895 at Windsor 3342-95 Melvin COPLEY, 23, farmer, Michigan, Cass Co. Mich., s/o W.S. & Ammeler?, married Elizabeth STRUTHERS, 19, Maidstone, same, d/o Beverley & Mary, witn: Harrison CANADA of Maidstone & Victory WELLS of Sandwich West, 8 Aug 1895 at res of Beverley Struthers, Maidstone
3583-95 Nathan K. CORNWALL, 22, clerk, Thamesville, same, s/o William CORNWALL & Margaret OBEAY, married Jessie G. SMITH, 22, Windsor, same, d/o Peter SMITH & Elizabeth CRAIGIE, witn: John SMITH of Windsor, 27 March 1895 at Windsor 3555-95 Fred J. CRITTENDEN, 21, druggist, NY state, Detroit, s/o James CRITTENDEN & Caroline MORGENTHALER, married Lillian B. PAPIER, 22, Detroit, same, d/o Napoleon PAPIER & Adelaide TASSEY, witn: A.M. VINING & Bessie McLAREN, both of Windsor, 12 June 1895 at Windsor
3262-95 Arthur J. CROMWELL, 21, druggist, Perkman Ohio, same, s/o William CROMWELL & Augusta CONS?, married Minnie A. BROWN, 20, Parkman Ohio, same, d/o Thomas BROWN & Martha HASMER, 30 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3274-95 David Arthur CROW, 38, engineer, Lodi NY, Grand Rapids, s/o David CROW & Sarah BURLINGAM, married Nina Celepise? GAIN, 22, Port Howard Wis., Grand Rapids, d/o John GAIN & Jane DOTY, 3 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3579-95 Thomas CROZIER, 50, widower, farmer, St. Vincent - West Indies, Maidstone, s/o James CROZIER & Susan PHILILPS, married Jessie MILLER, 41, widow, Essex Ont., Rochester twp., d/o James BENNET & Isabella WALKER, witn: Carrie PATILLO of Windsor & Russell PALMER of Pace, 5 March 1895 at Windsor 3534-95 Charles H. CUMMINGS, 27, attorney, Washington Co NY, Rochester NY, s/o John LAHNE & Elizabeth CUMMINGS, married Helen INKSTER, 18, Syracuse, Rochester, d/o Frederick INKSTER & Josephine BLOOM, witn: Charles H. STEWARD of Windsor, 10 April 1895 at Windsor
3341-95 Frederick DAHL, 22, farmer, Germany, Maidstone, s/o William DAHL & Mina ECKER, married Susan DIEM, 21, Carsonville Mich., Sandwich East, d/o Theobald DIEM & Mary Ann CRANTZ, witn: Anthony GAUSDEKE of Detroit & Amelia DIEM of Carsonville, 13 Feb 1895 at Woodslee  
3551-95 Moses DAHRY, 35, widower, farmer, Monroe Co. Mich., same, s/o Stephen DAHRY & Margaret GAUGON, married Lillie Mary PHILLIPS, 20, Monroe Co Mich., same, d/o George PHILLIPS & Emma COURTWRIGHT, 3 June 1895 at Windsor 3575-95 Fred Morris DART, 42, commercial traveller, Grand Rapids Mich., Detroit, s/o John DART & Mary SPARLING, married Ida Bell TIFFIN, 37, divorced, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Seldom PATTERSON & Samantha SWIFT, 14 Feb 1895 at Windsor
3277-95 Albert DEIGEL (Diegel?), 28, merchant, Detroit, same, s/o Henry DEIGEL & Ricky KRUGHER, married Bertha HERZOG, 27, Kamisk? - Lake Superior, Detroit, d/o August HERZOG & Elizabeth BOHRER?, witn: Edward A. ELY & Emma HERZOG, both of Detroit, 19 Nov 1895 at Windsor 3310-95 Charles DENT, 22, farmer, Bothwell, Tilbury East, s/o William & Mary, married Angeline BROWN, 22, Tilbury East, same, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: George HILLMAN & Mary KcKUNE, both of Tilbury West, 10 July 1895 at Comber
3768-95 Charles DEPROND, 26, mason, Rochester, Detroit, s/o Peter & Mary, married Rilla HUFF, 25, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Gilbert & Sarah, 9 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3245-95 Gabriel DESHANE, 23, machinist, Detroit, same, s/o Charles DESHANE & Augusta TREMBLAY, married Minnie McINYRE, 19, Glencoe Ont., Detroit, d/o John McINTYRE & Margaret MUNHOLLAND, 3 July 1895 at Windsor
3774-95 Frank DESMYTER, 48, widower, farmer, Belgium, Detroit, s/o Joseph DESMYTER & Mary DORESKER, married Caroline CUNNINGHAM, 38, widow, New York, Detroit, d/o F. J. WINTERS & Margaret MENGER?, witn: Louisa BOLAND of Detroit, 23 Oct 1895 at Windsor 3370-95 Max DETLOFF, 21, carpenter, Detroit, same, s/o Charles & blank, married Augusta BETTENBURG, 20, Detroit, same, d/o Fred BETTENBURG & Maria? WILDER, 24 June 1895 at Windsor
3805-95 James DOLAN, 22, farmer, New York, Elmstead - Essex, s/o Michael DOLAN & Bridget SULLIVAN, married Kate HALL, 21, England, Elmstead, d/o Charles HALL & Francis SMITH, witn: Jessie ROBINSON & Salem STOWE, both of Elmstead, 18 Sept 1895 at Windsor #003105-95 William DOWNEY, 38, farmer, Ontario, Gosfield North, widower, s/o David & Margaret DOWNEY, married Georgia Louise ILER?, 31, Ontario, Gosfield Twp North, d/o Jacob & Mary ILER?, witn: Nathaniel MOORE & Mina DOWNEY, both of Gosfield North Twp, 9 Sept 1895 at Essex
3346-95 Honore DROUILLARD, 20, laborer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Baptiste DROUILLARD & Archange LE--?, married Emma? ALORT, 21, Malden, Sandwich West, d/o Maxine ALORT & Delphine DENAUME?, witn: Pierre ALORT & Ida TOURONGEAU, both of Sandwich West, 22 Jan 1895 at Sandwich 3745-95 John Joseph DUNN, 35, saloon keeper, Canada, Detroit, s/o Daniel DUNN & Catherine GRANT, married Ann MURPHY, 30, Canada, Detroit, d/o David MURPHY & Mary BARRICK, witn: Martin DUNN & Ellen MOORE, both of Detroit, 15 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3358-95 Euric DUROT, 24, laborer, Lower Canada, Sandwich, s/o Onesime DUROT & Vitaline ROI, married Esther DROUILLARD, 20, Sandwich, same, d/o Onesime DUROT (sic) & Vitaline ROI (sic), witn: William PAGEAU & Adella DROUILLARD, 14 May 1895 at Sandwich  
003654-95 (Essex Co.) Phillippe DUVAL, 23, laborer, Michigan, Sandwich East, s/o Phillippe DUVAL & Julia PORTER, married Deline PILETTE, 15, Stoney Point, Windsor, d/o Joseph PILETTE & Pauline BELLEAU, wtn: Domenic TRUDELL of Windsor & Frank MAISONVILLE of Sandwich West, on Feb 25, 1895, at Windsor 003123-95 (Essex Co) Alfred EASTER, 50, Merchant, England, Detroit, s/o Isaac EASTER & Elizabeth EASTER, married Catherine Pauline HUBERT, 35, Detroit, same; d/o George HUBERT & Gertrude HUBERT. Witn: William BAILY, Agnes BAILEY, Blithewood, Mersea Tp., 29 Jun 1895, Mersea
3793-95 Thomas EASTWOOD, 22, laborer, Romeo Mich., same, s/o Thomas EASTWOOD & Agnes DOBIE, married Bella ALLEN, 19, Romeo, same, d/o Warren ALLEN & Dora KLEOFFLER, witn: George LAURIE & Mabel SCOTT, both of Windsor, 13 July 1895 at Windsor 3239-05 Harry M. EAVES (Eanes?), 33, widower, machinist, Bedfordshire England, Detroit, s/o David EAVES & Emma BILLINGTON, married Elizabeth MATTHEWS, 36, widow, Granton Middlesex?, Stratford, d/o James GRANT & Sarah WEIR, witn: George H. & Mrs. BOICE of Walkerville, 13 June 1895 at Walkerville
3531-95 Albert EDER, 28, optician, Germany, Detroit, s/o John EDER & Catherine HOFFMAN, married Mary FASBENDER, 25, Fair Haven Mich., same, d/o Charles FASBENDER & Mary MILLER, 21 March 1895 at Windsor 3746-95 Frederick EGE, 38, widower, machinist, Detroit, same, s/o Frederick EGE & Louise SIEB, married Elizabeth CARROLL, 23, USA, Detroit, d/o William CARROLL & Elizabeth O’CONNOR, witn: Rev. S. ROCHELEAU & Elizabeth BYRNE, both of Windsor, 17 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3523-95 William H. ELLIOTT, 28, street car conductor, Colchester South, Windsor, s/o Alanson ELLIOTT & Hannah COATSWORTH, married Eveline JACKSON, 31, Iroquois Ont., Windsor, d/o William JACKSON & Margaret KELLY, 11 Feb 1895 at Windsor 3813-95 William F. ERTELL, 20, medical student, Waterloo Co., Detroit, s/o Morris ERTELL & Susan PLANT, married Seva M. WISHEY, 25, Tuscola Mich., Detroit, d/o Ariel WISHEY & Lucinda FLANDERS, 29 Sept 1895 at Windsor
3251-95 Herman FELTZ, 21, metal polisher, Raglan - Renfrew, Detroit, s/o Herman & Freta, married Jessie (Josie?) PATTERY, 20, Detroit, same, d/o John PATTERY & Jane GILBURN, witn: Effie WHITE & Annie WOORLATT? (Woodatt?), both of Walkerville, 23 July 1895 at Walkerville 3759-95 Lorenzo FIKE, 25, farmer, McGillivray twp., Delaware Ont., s/o William Augustus & Cinderella, married Ida May SIMS, 21, Tilsonburg Ont., Chicago, d/o Albert J. & Elva, witn: Lilly & Fletcher GUNDY of Windsor, 28 Aug 1895 at Windsor
  3789-95 William FINLAY, 26, cook, Ireland, Detroit, s/o Charles FINLAY & Sarah McCLELLAND, married Annie KETT, 18, Hagersville, Amherstburg, d/o Nathan KETT & Mary FOWLER, witn: John WISHMUTH? of Detroit & Mary KETT of Amherstburg, 4 July 1895 at Windsor
3577-95 James FORBES, 34, railroading, Windsor, same, s/o James FORBES & Mary Ann DENNIS, married Olive DELISLE, 18, Windsor, same, d/o Charles DELISLE & Archie (sic) DUMOUCHELLE, witn: F. J. LANGLOIS of Windsor, 27 Feb 1895 at Windsor 003119-95 (Essex Co) Ernest A. FOX, 31, Farmer, Colchester South, same; s/o Adam FOX and Amanda FOX, married Elizabeth MALLOT, 28, d/o Robert W. MALLOT & Sarah Ann MALLOT. Witn: Thomas E. Quick, Elizabeth E. Quick, Mersea Tp, 03 Apr 1895, Mersea
3290-95 Arthur FOX, 23, farmer, Union, same, s/o William & Dohitha?, married Ella SHANKS, 24, Ruthven, same, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Robert & Annie MATTHEWS of Kingsville, 28 March 1895 at Ep. Ch. Parsonage, Kingsville 3788-95 Charles E. FRANCIS, 23, moulder, Guelph Ont., Detroit, s/o James FRANCIS & Annie FRESHWATER, married Maggie M. GODD (Gadd?), 18, Louisville Ont., Detroit, d/o Noah GODD & Jane LENOVEN, witn: M. DRAKE of Windsor, 27 June 1895 at Windsor
3797-95 Norman L. FREEMAN, 43, widower, Baptist minister, Chatham Ont., Bay City Mich., s/o J. K. FREEMAN & Margaret KINGSTON, married Mina CAMPBELL, 28, Birmingham Mich., Bay City, d/o Benjamin CAMPBELL & Esther GRAY, witn: George LAURIE & Ada SCOTT, both of Windsor, 30 July 1895 at Windsor 3820-95 Moody R. FREEMAN, 43, merchant & mechanic, Niagara Falls NY, Detroit, s/o R. Moody FREEMAN & Sarah CAUGHEL, married Maggie DEPPER, 37, Detroit, same, d/o George DEPPER & Elizabeth BLOOM, 16 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3243-95 Ralph FREEMAN, 32, waiter, Ohio, Toledo, s/o James B. & Elizabeth, married Bertha SEITZ, 21, Germany, Detroit, d/o William & blanc, witn: Harry & Mrs. COOK of Detroit, 254 June 1895 at Windsor 3775-95 Arthur FRENCH, 21, grocer, Stratford, Detroit, s/o John & Lizzie, married Mary DION, 21, Quebec, Detroit, d/o Fred & Hennel, 1 Nov 1895 at Windsor
#003093-95 Thomas GARLICK, 45, farmer, England, North Dakota U.S., widower, s/o Thomas & Hannah GARLICK, married Christina E. HOSKINS, 42, Canada, Michigan U.S., widow, d/o John & Lydia LONG, witn: Wm A. & Emily MCCAFFREY, 21 Mar 1895 at Essex 3368-95 Robert GAUTEAU?, 24, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o Joseph GAUTEAU & Louisa BASINE?, married Elizabeth VOKES, 18, Michigan, Sandwich, d/o James VOKES & Mary WINTERS, witn: John & Mary PRICE of Belle River, 20 June 1895 at Sandwich
3376-95 Guillaume GIGNAC, 21, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Thomas GIGNAC & Viriginie CHAPUT, married Margaret TOURGONEAU, 21, Sandwich West, same, d/o John TOURGONEAU & Agnes FORTIER, witn: George RENAUD & Adella LACHARITIE, 5 Aug 1895 at Assumption Church 3762-95 James S. GILBERT, 26, clerk, Delhi Ont., Detroit, s/o John & Emily J., married Jessie McCOY, 18, Edinburgh Scotland, Windsor, d/o William & Janet, witn: J. W. RICHARDSON & Kate GUNDY, both of Windsor, 29 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3241-95 Charles GIRADOT, 47, widower, engineer, Switzerland, Detroit, s/o John GIRADOT & Teresa WALTER, married Barbara FUERST, 50, widow, Bavaria, Detroit, d/o Stephen BENADAR & Maria BRIGHTOUT, witn: Mrs. James & Alma OLIVER of Windsor, 18 June 1895 at Windsor 3373-95 Theodore GORNIA?, 20, laborer, Rockford Mich., same, s/o Joseph GORNIA & Mary CAMPEAU, married Elizabeth LARANGER, 22, Sandwich, Rockford Mich., d/o Richard LARANGER & Mary HUGHS, witn: Amelia OLIVER of Windsor, 11 July 1895 at Sandwich
3766-95 Charles H. GOSS, 23, salesman, Nashville, Sandusky, s/o F. C. & Anna, married Minnie REINLY (Remly?), 20, Sandusky, same, d/o A. H. & Anna, 4 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3803-95 Walter A. GRAHAM, 23, GTR coachman, Detroit, same, s/o George A. GRAHAM & Mary BURNS, married Martha GESSLER, 20, Detroit, same, d/o August GESSLER & Minnie FLOGAN?, 12 Sept 1895 at Windsor
3545-95 William GRIEZEL?, 22, blacksmith, Detroit, same, s/o Joseph GRIEZEL & Catherine BLUM, married Ellen LEONARD, 22, Montreal, Detroit, d/o George LEONARD & Ellen ROBINSON, 8 May 1895 at Windsor 3734-95 Thomas H. GRIFFITH, 24, locomotive fireman, Hillsdale Mich, Detroit, s/o Michael GRIFFITH & Mary HICKEY, married Minnie MARKEY, 21, Springville Mich., same, d/o Michael MARKEY & Mary MULLINS, witn: Oliver OUIMETTE of Windsor & Dora MARKEY of Springville, 15 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3367-95 Henry T. GRIFFLEY, 22, laborer, Kalamazoo, Detroit, s/o Leo GRIFFLEY & Elizabeth DES--?, married Mary DOHERTY, 19, Maine, Detroit, d/o Michael DOHERTY & Mary BREWER? (Brown?), witn: Rev B. COLLINS & Rev T. MONTAGUE, both of Sandwich, 19 June 1895 at Sandwich  
003120-95 (Essex Co) Levi J. GUERDIN, 28, Fisherman, Ontario, Mersea s/o Peter GUERDIN & Nellie married Mary WALLACE, 17, Ontario, Mersea, d/o James WALLACE, Alice WALLACE. Witn: Elliot SCOTT, Emily SCOTT, 06 Apr 1895, Mersea. R.C 3349-95 Auguste GUIGNOD, 42, farmer, Vangire? France, Windsor, s/o George & Francoise, married Jeane COLEAT, 44, widow, Montflandeau? France, Windsor, d/o Jean DE RANSER? & Ann TROYSELLE?, witn: Clement GUIGNOD of Windsor & Joseph DESROSIER of Sandwich, 23 Feb 1895 at Sandwich
3744-95 William H. GUMBRECHT, 30, barber, USA, Detroit, s/o August GUMBRECHT & Ann ROSSBACH, married Mary HYDE, 32, Newfoundland, Detroit, d/o Thomas Henry HYDE & Mary STICKLEY, witn: Frederick & Mrs. Fred MARKER of Detroit, 10 Oct 1895 at Windsor 3754-95 Edward J. GUNN, 24, traveller, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Alex & Laura, married Halla WELDS, 23, Reading Mich., Jackson Mich., d/o Martin & Laura, 14 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3250-95 William HAGER, 21, farmer, Sandwich East, Sandwich South, s/o Charles HAGER & Elizabeth QUIRK, married Jessie McKENZIE, 20, Chatham - Kent, Sandwich South, d/o Robert McKENZIE & Jessie BRIGAN, 21 July 1895 at Windsor 3236-95 Leroy R. HAINS, 21, musician, Alliance Ohio, Detroit, s/o John C. HAINS & Elizabeth JONES, married Eliza S. COLLINS (Cullins?), 19, Detroit, same, d/o John D. COLLINS & Frances McCURDY, witn: Mrs. James & Florence OLIVER of Windsor, 29 May 1895 at Windsor
3808-95 Edward HALLER, 26, barber, Mt. Clemens Mich., same, s/o Thomas HALLER & Helen HART, married Maud KERNS, 24, Ireland, Mt. Clemens, d/o L. KERNS & C. ROCHE, witn: Lillie GRUNDY & A.M. VINING, both of Windsor, 19 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3816-95 John H. HAMPLE, 22, liveryman, Elgin Co., Detroit, s/o Henry HAMPLE & Hannah BRICK, married Bertha A. ETHERINGTON, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Hiram ETHERINGTON & Lavina TAYLOR, 10 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3275-95 John J. HARRIGAN, 35, soda water bottler, 35, Galt Ont., Detroit, s/o James HARRIGAN & Mary SPLAN, married Catherine GALLAGHER, 30, Aldershot England, Detroit, d/o Patrick GALLAGHER & Eliza FLANNIGAN, 14 Nov 1895 at Windsor 3547-95 Noah H. HART, 40, widower, liveryman, Bay City Mich., same, s/o Julius B. HART & Nancy M. MUNROE, married Lottie FOUNTAIN, 34, Fenelon Falls, Bay City, d/o Joseph FOUNTAIN & Lizzie GODFREY, witn: Maggie McCORMICK of Chatham & Bessie McLAREN of Windsor, 24 May 1895 at Windsor
3742-95 Nathan HATFIELD, 20, gentleman, Windsor, Detroit, s/o George HATFIELD & Catherine HOWARD, married Mary SULLIVAN, 20, USA, Detroit, d/o Michael SULLIVAN & Margaret DONOVAN, witn: Joseph SULLIVAN & Catherine SCHLAND, both of Detroit, 11 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3557-95 Merritt H. HAZEN, 32, widower, moulder, Elgin Co., Detroit, s/o B.H. HAZEN & Eliza TURNER, married Flora VANVALKENBURG, 31, widow, Detroit, same, d/o John LOWE & Jane DORITTY, 12 June 1895 at Windsor
  3369-95 Bernard HILLER, 56, widower, carpenter, Hungary, Detroit, s/o Leopold HILLER & Fanny HINDMAN, married Jennie? SPENCER, 45, widower, Detroit, same, s/o James? SPENCER & Mary DE WITT, witn: John BOLURUSH & Jessie WATSON, both of Detroit, 20 June 1895 at Windsor
3338-95 Charles A. HODGE, 26, farmer, Canada, Maidstone twp., s/o William & Emma, married Esther ROBINSON, 22, Canada, Maidstone twp., d/o John & Eliza, witn: Emma Florence & John Angus ROBINSON of Maidstone, 14 May 1895 at Maidstone 003657-95 (Essex Co.) Charles HOFF, 22, machinist, Poughkeepsie NY, Detroit, s/o Charles HOFF & Theresa ALTHAUS, married Pauline MACHRIS, 25, Detroit, same, d/o Joseph MACHRIS & Pauline SCHADAGG, wtn: Rev S ROCHELEAU & Mary DUCROT both of Windsor, on May 2, 1895 at Windsor
3536-95 Charles L. HOGMIRE, 35, widower, WCR agent, Livingston Co NY, Tekousha Mich., s/o Francis HOGMIRE & Jane A. MILLER, married Jennie JENNER, 38, widow, Branch Co Mich., Takousha Mich., d/o Jehial BRATT & Mary MERRILL, 16 April 1895 at Windsor 3540-95 John HOLDEN, 57, widower, farmer, Indiana, Sandwich South, s/o James HOLDEN & Elizabeth BARR, married Betsy TAYLOR, 46, Lancashire England, Sandwich South, d/o John TAYLOR & Richwal? TURNER, witn: Bertrand & Ida HOLDEN of Windsor, 24 April 1895 at Windsor
3526-95 George W. HOLDEN, 28, farmer, Sandwich South, same, s/o John HOLDEN & Rhoda EVANS, married Laura MERRICK, 24, Perth Co., Sandwich South, d/o Robert MERRICK & Rebecca McGOWAN, witn: Ernest & Bertha HOLDEN of Sandwich South, 20 Feb 1895 at Windsor  
#003097-95 E.L. HOLT, 28, farmer, Holywell Wales G.B., Mersea Twp, s/o E.L. HOLT & Sarah JONES, married Mary CONGDEN, 23, Ontario, Gosfield Twp, d/o Walter CONGDEN & Elizabeth PERKINS, witn: L. FLEMING & M.J. LAING, both of Essex, 19 Apr 1895 at Town of Essex 3276-95 Edward HOOLEY, 27, brass worker, Detroit, same, s/o William HOOLEY & Catherine LYNCH, married Rose DONOHGER, 22, Detroit, same, d/o Mander DUNOHGER & Elizabeth PATON, witn: Mrs. W. DAVIDSON & Mrs. James OLIVER, both of Windsor, 18 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3812-95 James HOUSTON, 21, machinist, Glasgow Scotland, Port Huron Mich., s/o David HOUSTON & Isabella JACKSON, married Annie GOHOE, 18, Detroit, same, d/o Joseph GOHOE & Caroline BELON, witn: Janet & Jessie HOUSTON of Detroit, 28 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3532-95 Jonas HOWBLITZEL, 29, farmer, South Bend Ind., same, s/o Christopher HOWBLITZEL & Rachel KLING, married Emma MARSHALL, 26, Nashville Mich., same, d/o George MARSHALL & Susan HOWBLITS, 27 March 1895 at Windsor
3561-95 George HUBER, 22, teamster, Hamilton, Windsor, s/o Peter HUBER & Mary ALTENES, married Cora HOWELL, 19, Windsor, same, d/o James HOWELL & Eliza RENO, witn: Jessie RENO & William BEVERIDGE, both of Windsor, 16 April 1895 at Windsor 003663-95 (Essex Co.) George J HUMBERT, 27, pattern maker, USA, Detroit, s/o Peter HUMBERT & Hanora DEWAN, married Mary DUNN, 24, USA, Detroit, d/o Peter DUNN & Rose IRVINE, wtn: William F PAGEL & Mary DOOLEY both of Detroit, on July 4, 1895, at Windsor
3353-95 Henry L. INNES?, 21, sailor, Amherstburg, Windsor, s/o James Read INNES & Louisa HORN, married Caro READ, 17, Detroit, Sandwich, d/o George READ & Annie CAMPBELL, witn: Reginald PILKEY of Detroit & Harriet REID of Sandwich, 6 March 1895 at Sandwich 3344-95 Nicholas JANISSE?, 64, widower, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Nicholas JANISSE? & Josephus PARE, married Anelique DROUILLARD, 50, widow, Sandwich West, same, d/o Batiste DROUILLARD & Maria PELTIER, witn: Joseph DEROSIER & Gabriel LESPERANCE, both of Sandwich, 10 Jan 1895 at Assumption Church, Sandwich
3359-95 Francois JANNISSE, 29, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Patrice JANNISSE & Matilda GOYEAU, married Clara DUROCHER, 26, Sandwich West, same, d/o Alfred DUROCHER & Domathilde LAJEUNISSE, witn: Eugene DUROCHER & Maria JANNISSE, both of Sandwich West, 14 May 1895 at Sandwich 3560-95 Albert Alfred JOHN, 28, machinist, London England, Detroit, s/o Albert JOHN & Jennie DALHAIMER, married Emma Louisa MERRITT, 32, widow, Amherstburg, Detroit, d/o John CONROY & Ellen McGUIRE, 15 April 1895 at Windsor
3807-95 Lloyd M. JOHNSON, 39, widower, letter carrier, Chatham Ont., Detroit, s/o Mansfield & Judith, married Maria STONE, 27, widow, North Buxton Ont., Detroit, d/o Thomas STONE & Nancy OWEN, 18 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3822-95 Dorcas B. JONES, 35, merchant, Michigan, Newaygo Co. Mich., s/o A.M. JONES & Martha HARTWELL, married Emma FITZPATRICK, 34, New York, Newaygo Co., d/o Francis FITZPATRICK & Helen MULLIGAN, 17 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3571-95 Arthur JONES, 21, mechanic, Detroit, same, s/o William JONES & Eliza LINDEN, married Minnie FARRIS, 20, Hamilton, Detroit, d/o Samuel FARRIS & Elizabeth ANDERSON, witn: Elizabeth FARRIS of Detroit, 19 Jan 1895 at Windsor 003118-95 (Essex Co) George G. JONES, 36, Farmer, London Eng., Gosfield South; s/o George G. JONES & Anne A. JONES, married Mary A. LIDDLE, 26, Romney Tp., Mersea Twp, d/o Isaac LIDDLE & Jane LIDDLE. Witn: Edwin LIDDLE & Jane LIDDLE, Lot 2, Conc 3, Mersea twp., 26 Mar 1895, Mersea
3558-95 William KELLEHER, 25, engineer, Hamilton, Detroit, s/o Daniel P. KELLEHER & Annie BLACK, married Sophia BURCKENDORF, 21, Detroit, same, d/o Hermann BURCKENDORF & Sophia SCHLETT, 12 June 1895 at Windsor  
003652-95 (Essex Co.) Addison C KELLY, 44, shoemaker, USA, Detroit, s/o Patrick KELLY & Mary KELLY, married Mary E MALONEY, 31, Canada, Amherstburg, d/o John MALONEY & Mary CRONAN, wtn: Rev Samuel RODULEAU & Elizabeth BYRNE both of Windsor, on Jan 29, 1895, at Windsor 3521-95 John J. KELLY, 50, widower, saloonist, Ireland, Detroit, s/o John KELLY & Nabbie EGAN, married Ella WARD, 34, Sandusky Ohio, Detroit, d/o Patrick WARD & Eliza BURKE, witn: Mary NICHOL & M. HENDERSON, both of Windsor, 30 Jan 1895 at Windsor
3743-95 Maurice M. KENNEY, 27, gentleman, USA, Detroit, s/o Patrick KENNEY & Catherine CONNELLY, married Letitia O’CONNOR, 24, Canada, Detroit, d/o Cornelius O’CONNOR & Bridget RILEY, witn: Anthony VALENTINE & Catherine MULLIGAN, both of Windsor, 19 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3794-95 Arthur B. KENNEY, 35, merchant, Gouverneul, same, s/o Benjamin KENNEY & Saline BIGNELL, married Gertrude E. MARKLE, 27, Avon NJ, Grand Rapids Mich., d/o William MARKELL & Emma L. KEMP, witn: Emma MARKLE of Grand Rapids, 18 July 1895 at Windsor
3543-95 John W. KERR, 28, farmer, Maidstone, same, s/o William KERR & Sarah HUNTER, married Frances COOK (Cock?), 25, Haldimand Ont., Windsor, d/o Joseph F. COOK & Fannie COLLIS, witn: William KERR of Elmstead & Jessie COOK of Windsor, 7 May 1895 at Windsor  
3261-95 Frank Johnson KETTLEMAN, 23, traveller, Iowa, Detroit, s/o W.W. KETTLEMAN & Melissa A. FORD, married Lottie Bell BURCH, 21, Missouri, Detroit, d/o Henry C. BURCH & Elizabeth SCHRERR?, 29 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3783-95 Ernest M. KETTLEWELL, 24, insurance agent, Rockford Illinois, Detroit, s/o William & Jane, married Sarah SHAY, 27, widow, Brantford, Detroit, d/o Joseph DALGLEISH & Sarah, 14 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3515-95 Joseph E. KIRCHOFF, 27, express man, Buffalo, same, s/o J.J. KIRCHOFF & Jane BANE, married Matilda DOBSON, 22, Linda NY (or NJ) , Buffalo, d/o John DOBSON & Emma YOUNG, witn: Alma OLIVER of Windsor, 18 April 1895 at Windsor 3767-95 Herbert KNOX, 25, barber, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Walter & Alice, married Flora STODDARD, 19, Waterford Mich., Detroit, d/o James & Emma, 9 Sept 1895 at Windsor
3811-95 William KOESTER, 21, merchant, Detroit, same, s/o Adolph KOESTER & Ida WENDT, married Eva FORSYTH, 19, Romulus Mich., Detroit, d/o Fred FORSYTH & Rachel BARTON, witn: Carrie WRIGHT of Windsor, 25 Sept 1895 at Windsor 003660-95 (Essex Co.) Francis A KOSEL, 20, cutter, Detroit, same, s/o Robert KOSEL & Mary SCHWAUKOVSKI, married Henrietta M FISHER, 19, Detroit, Windsor, d/o Jos C FISHER & Elizabeth GABRIEL, wtn: Jos H SMITH & Josephine SCHOENHER both of Detroit, on June 12, 1895, at Windsor
3544-95 Theodore KRAUS, 25, machinist, Detroit, same, s/o Rudolph KRAUS & Minnie CILKIE, married Rickie BUCHEIM, 23, Detroit, same, d/o Fred & Mary, witn: Emil GRIPENBURG of Detroit, 7 May 1895 at Windsor 3246-95 Jacob KUHL, 28, moulder, Waterloo Ont., Detroit, s/o George KUHL & Margaret SPEARHOLDS, married Christena DORESAN, 26, Wellesley Ont., Detroit, d/o William DORESAN & Mary FORNER?, witn: Lena McKAY of Windsor, 4 July 1895 at Windsor
3207-95 Adolphe LAFOREST, 22, farmer, Tecumseh Ont., St. Joachim, s/o Olivier LAFOREST & Merance BERNECHE, married Aldee GENDRON, 17, Stoney Point, St. Joachim, d/o Jean Baptiste & Elizabeth, witn: Olivier LAFOREST & Jean Baptiste GENDRON, 30 April 1895 at St. Joachim #003094-95 John LALLEY, 24, farmer, Ontario, Sandwich East Twp, s/o Samuel & Jennie LALLEY, married Rose JONES, 18, Ontario, Gosfield North Twp, d/o Darwin & Sarah JONES, witn: Annie E. & Bessie E. CAMPBELL, both of Essex, 2 Apr 1895 at residence of clergyman Essex
3260-95 Charles A. LANE, 20, plumber, Franklin Mich., Detroit, s/o M. D. LANE & Maria SULLIVAN, married Amy STEVEN, 18, Windsor, Detroit, d/o Neal STEVEN & Alice HOLDEN, witn: M. M. WINTERS of Detroit, 16 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3252-95 David LANG, 40, widower, commercial traveller, Germany, Detroit, s/o Henry L. LANG & Mary HART--?, married Hannah LANGER, 18, New York City, Detroit, d/o Isaac LANGER & Lena MOSES, witn: Frank R. & Clara HAMSING? of Detroit, 24 July 1895 at Windsor
3205-95 Andre LAPORTE, 21, widower, laborer, Stoney Point, St. Joachim Ruscom, s/o Andre LAPORTE & Agnes LADOUCEUR, married Marie TESSIER, 20, Stoney Point, St. Joachim Ruscom, d/o Victor TESSIER & Emelie LAJEUNESSE, witn: Andre LAPORTE of Stoney Point & Victoria TESSIER of Staples, 8 Jan 1895 at St. Joachim Ruscom 3823-95 Clarence Otto LARTER, 25, druggist, Windsor, Detroit, s/o J.M. LARTER & Margaret NELSON, married Annie KOEHN, 24, Detroit, same, d/o Charles KOEHN & Carrie GROTH, witn: J. P. LINDSAY of Detroit & E. VINING of Windsor, 19 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3282-95 Edward LASKEY, 27, piano finisher, Peterboro Ont., Detroit, s/o Andrew LASKEY & Susannah MAHOOD, married Elizabeth M. PAMPHILION, 24, Chatsworth Ont., Detroit, d/o Christopher PAMPHILION & Annie NEWMAN, 11 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3538-95 Lionel E. LAWRENCE, 36, widower, actor, London England, New York, s/o Charles L. LAWRENCE & Zipporah N. NOAH, married Jessie BARNES, 26, widow, New Zealand, New York, d/o Samuel BARNES & Jessie McCORMICK, witn: Charles H. & Josie Mills HAYSTEAD of Hamilton, 20 April 1895 at Windsor
3377-95 Charles Edward LE--?(off page), 20, brush maker, Teeswater Ont., Chicago, s/o Andrew LE--? (Lennan?) & Lois MILLAR, married Isabella LAIDLAW, 19, Edinburgh Scotland, Sandwich, d/o James LAIDLAW & Jean HISLOP, witn: Katie LAIDLAW of Sandwich & Fred W. GRAY of Detroit, 28 Aug 1895 at Detroit 3361-95 Ezra LERCHUE?, 22, bicycle repairer, Detroit, same, s/o W. C. LEOCHNE? & Laura HEARN, married Effie G. SMITH, 21, Detroit, same, d/o Dewitt SMITH & Elizabeth RUSKER, witn: George R. TREBEC of Windsor, 1 June 1895 at Sandwich
  3364-95 Joseph LESPERANCE, 26, laborer, Sandwich, same, s/o Louis LESPERANCE & Amelia MORRACH?, married Catherine WISEMILLER, 24, Wellesley twp., same, d/o John WISEMILLER & Sophia HOLYSHAW, witn: Agnes HIND of Sandwich, 15 June 1895 at Sandwich
3280-95 John LESTER (Leslie?), 47, merchant, Ontario Co., Cadilac? Mich., s/o Robert LESTER & Isabella McDOUGALL, married Margaret FOSTER, 34, Perth Ont., Markdale Ont., d/o Henry FOSTER & Margaret DENNIS, 2 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3249-95 Frank LEWIS, 24, butcher, Inkster Mich., Detroit, s/o Benjamin LEWIS & Antoinette FERRY, married Florence Rose ALLEN, 19, Blenheim Ont., Detroit, d/o George ALLEN & Carrrie RUTHERFORD, witn: J. R. OLIVER of Woodstock & Alma OLIVER of Windsor, 19 July 1895 at Windsor
3568-95 Louis W. LOGE, 26, clerk, NY state, Detroit, s/o August F. LOGE & Caroline HAZENBAUK, married Minnie ERLANBACH, 39, "widow and also divorced", Germany, Detroit, d/o John ERLANBACH & Minnie REITZ, witn: F. E. HUSBAND of Detroit, 14 Jan 1895 at Windsor 3586-95 Rudolph LOSCH, 40, musician, Germany, Detroit, s/o Louis LOSCH & Louisa STOETZNER, married Flora DUBKE, 31, Germany, Detroit, d/o Carl DUBKE & Henrietta STEIBER, witn: Henry H. OSBORN & John ADLER, both of Detroit, 4 May 1895 at Windsor
003126-95 (Essex Co) Charles John LOURY, 26, Engineer, Devonshire Eng, Windsor; s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane FERRIS, 21, Colchester South, Harrow, d/o Thomas & Margaret. Witn: Cassie J. AYRES, Detroit, William P. DOUGLAS, Windsor; 08 May 1895, Harrow. 3753-95 William Arthur MACKAY, 25, hotel stock keeper, St. Thomas Ont., Detroit, s/o George & Ellen, married Emily B. DOWNS, 25, England, Detroit, d/o George Alfred & Margaret, 5 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3738-95 Paul MAJOR, 26, street car conductor, Montreal, Windsor, s/o Paul MAJOR & Mary HERMAN, married Cecelia Mabel JOHNSTON, 20, Hamilton, Windsor, d/o John JOHNSTON & Isabella TERRYBERRY, witn: Michael TWOMEY & Rev. J. F. WAGNER, both of Windsor, 28 Nov 1895 at Windsor 3541-95 John MANCHESTER, 23, mechanic, Prussia, Detroit, s/o Grist MANCHESTER & Annie TUDERMOLLICK, married Mary NOLL, 20, Germany, Detroit, d/o Frederick NOLL & Mary HALDIE, witn: Fred BAKER & Kate NOLL, both of Detroit, 6 May 1895 at Windsor
3356-95 Alb--? MARRONTETTE, 34, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Honore MARRONTETTE & Victorie LEDUC, married Emma MARRONTETTE, 30, Sandwich East, same, d/o Samuel MARRONTETTE & Salome JANISSE (Jeunisse?), witn: Philip & Felise MARRONTETTE of Sandwich East, 30 April 1895 at Assumption Church, Sandwich 3572-95 Edward C. MATTERSON, 23, decorator, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Edward MATTERSON & Rhoda CONANT, married Isabella C. ROSEBACH, 21, Detroit, same, d/o Adam ROSEBACH & Mary KAUFFMANN, 21 Jan 1895 at Windsor
3238-95 Clive MATTICE, 22, decorator, Exeter Ont., Detroit, s/o John B. MATTICE & Ellen SIMPSON, married Mabel MATTICE, 18, Napanee Ont., Detroit, d/o Isaac MATTICE & Annie DAVIS, 13 June 1895 at Windsor 3265-95 Albert MAYES, 21, chair maker, Moretown Mich., Corunna Mich., s/o John MAYES & Ellen WALKER, married Louisa SUBELSKIE, 21, Moretown Mich., Corunna Mich., d/o William SUBELSKIE & Louisa KEMP, witn: Annie DRAKE of Kingsville, 1 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3259-95 Felix MAYVILLE, 24, laborer, Anderdon Essex, Grosse Isle Island, s/o James MAYVILLE & Victoria ANSLEY, married Mary FITZMAURICE, 23, Ireland, Grosse Isle Island, d/o James FITZMAURICE & Kate GRIFFEN, witn: Lewis & Julia GRONDY of Grosse Isle, 2 Sept 1895 at Windsor  
3795-95 James McBRIDE, 31, merchant, Lennox Co. Ont, Toledo Ohio, s/o James McBRIDE E& Margaret BADGLEY, married Margaret BRUBAKER, 17, Florida Ohio, Toledo, d/o Martin BRUBAKER & Dora LEACH, witn: F. J. WATSON of Aurora, 18 July 1895 at Windsor 003127-95 (Essex Co) Charles M. McCAFFREY, 23, Brakesman, Windham Tp., Windsor, s/o John & Eliza; married Ada C. BEST, 22, Harrow, same; d/o Joseph & Euphemia. Witn: Joseph W. McCAFFREY, Cleveland, Ohio, Ethel BEST, Harrow; 25 July 1895, Harrow
3748-95 Charles McCARTHY, 24, railroad man, Canada, Detroit, s/o Charles McCARTHY & Margaret GORMLEY, married Winnifred E. WATTERS, 22, USA, Detroit, d/o Edward WATTERS & Bridget CULLEN, witn: John McKAIG of Detroit & Elizabeth BYRNE of Windsor, 18 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3550-95 James McCARTHY, 28, electrician, Ottawa, Detroit, s/o James McCARTHY & Jessie FRASER, married Glenna BURNHAM, 19, Holly Mich., Detroit, d/o Delos BURNHAM & Jennie HALL, 1 June 1895 at Windsor
3779-95 Joseph McCURDY, 29, widower, coachman, Colchester South, Detroit, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Sarah HINTON, 22, Trenton Mich., same, d/o Robert & Mary, 8 Nov 1895 at Windsor 3780-95 Charles McCURLEY, 27, tinsmith, Pennsylvania, Detroit, s/o H. C. & Elizabeth, married Catherine TWEEDLE, 28, Pennsylvania, Detroit, d/o W.B. & Mary, witn: Catherine EVELEIGH of Windsor, 11 Nov 1895 at Windsor
  3735-95 Frank McDONALD, 24 (21?), baker, Hartland Mich., Fenton, s/o John McDONALD & Elizabeth HARRINGTON, married Catherine SMITH, 22, Woodsport NY (NJ?), Fenton, d/o Harrison SMITH & Angeline TRAVES, 23 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3764-95 Homer McFARLAND, 21, clerk, Ohio, Detroit, s/o John & Jane, married Grace PARDER, 18, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Ben & Lillie, witn: Martha J. KNOWLES of Detroit, 31 Aug 1895 at Windsor 3777-95 Alexander McKAY, 24, laborer, Detroit, same, s/o Neil & Bridget, married Ray McKINNON, 23, Wingham Ont., Detroit, d/o Neil & Mary, witn: James & Julia McKAY, 5 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3580-95 Willard McKAY, 56, widower, baker, Pontiac Mich., Detroit, s/o Hiram McKAY & Marie HOLLENDACH, married Sarah WISE, 37, widow, Detroit, same, d/o John WISE & Mary YOUNG, witn: Annie SANDS of Detroit, 5 March 1895 at Windsor 3784-95 Thomas Nelson McKEE, 21, clerk, Woodstock Ont., Windsor, s/o Thomas McKEE & S. VANSICKLE, married Alta L. ROWELL, 21, Lansing Mich., Detroit, d/o Henry & Martha, 20 June 1895 at Windsor
3741-95 William Arthur McKENNA, 24, saloon keeper, Park Hill, Detroit, s/o Cornelius McKENNA & Theresa FREEL, married Isabella Marie WESTON, 23, Oxford Co., Detroit, d/o David WESTON & Catherine CAMPBELL, witn: Rev. Peter L’HEUREAUX, 31 Dec 1895 at Windsor  
003653-95 (Essex Co.) Joseph McQUEEN, 21, tinsmith, USA, Detroit, s/o Thomas McQUEEN & Maggie HARVE, married Theresa McDONALD, 21, Canada, London, d/o James McDONALD & Theresa LENON, wtn: James McDONALD & Mrs Charles BRUMAN both of London, on Feb 13, 1895, at Windsor 3756-95 Charles MELLEN, 22, engineer, Springwells Mich., Detroit, s/o David & Emma, married Flora ANDERSON, 20, Rawsonville Mich., same, d/o William & Celiste, 17 Aug 1898 at Windsor
3345-95 Adolph MELOCHE, 28, life saving station, Anderdon, Sandwich West, same, s/o Joseph MELOCHE & Tillie DROUILLARD, married Valerie BOISMIER?, 18, Sandwich West, same, d/o Charles BOISSMIER? & Solange BERGERON, witn: Albin--? MELOCHE & Maria BOISSMIER? both of Sandwich West, 14 Jan 1895 at Sandwich 3257-95 Ameil MILKEY, 23, laborer, Germany, Detroit, s/o Albert MILKEY & Minnie MILLER, married Anna BEGINENN, 18, Wyandotte Mich., same, d/o Gottlieb BEGINENN & Mary BAIN, 31 Aug 1895 at Windsor
003656-95 (Essex Co.) Albert E MILLS, 21, clerk, Canada, Detroit, s/o William MILLS & Hannah THOMPSON, married Sarah FOY, 21, Detroit, same, d/o Michael FOY & Elizabeth CORRIGAN, wtn: Benjamin J FOY & Mary E McMINN both of Detroit, on May 1, 1895, at Windsor #003092-95 John MITCHELL, 25, farmer, Canada, Rochester Twp, s/o John & Mary MITCHELL, married Mary Catherine HEIL, 18, Canada, Maidstone Twp, d/o Adam & Elizabeth HEIL, witn: Wm MITCHELL, Rochester Twp & Teita? CLARK, Gosfield Twp, 13 Mar 1895 at Essex
3763-95 John Thomas MITCHELL, 26, sign writer, Windsor, Detroit, s/o John & Ellen, married Emily MARSHALL, 23, Detroit, same, d/o George & Sarah, 30 Aug 1895 at Windsor 3284-95 William MONAHAN, 23, railroader, Pottsville Penn., Detroit, s/o James MONAHAN & Ellen RADINS?, married Jessie MURPHY, no age given, Detroit, same, d/o Allen MURPHY & Josie DRUAND, witn: Ella OLIVER & Anna DRAKE, both of Windsor, 7 Dec 1895 at Windsor
3285-95 Thomas J. MONTGOMERY, 25, clerk, Drayton, Guelph, s/o Hugh MONTGOMERY & Margaret BURNS, married Mina BROWNE, 25, Guelph, same, d/o John BROWNE & Ann Jane McCONNELL, 13 Dec 1895 at Windsor 3375-95 William MOORE, 27, moulder, Detroit, same, s/o James MOORE & Sarah DUE?, married Mary KLING, 29, widow, New York, Detroit, d/o Charles DAVIS & Margaret BRA--?, witn: R. G. WILLIAMS of Windsor, 31 July 1895 at Sandwich
3297-85 Ernest J. MOORE, 26, merchant, Windsor, Ruthven, s/o John & Phyllis, married Annie E. WIGLE, 21, Ruthven, Amherstburg, d/o Alfred & Lucinda, witn: Dr. William DOUGLAS of Ruthven & Laura KING of Kingsville, 17 Julyu [1895] at res of Solomon Wigle 3295-95 Herbert J. MOORE, 24, brakeman, Meadville? MO USA, Hannibal MO, s/o Martha (sic) & Lucinda, married Sylvia BUNN? (Bunse?), 21, Essex Centre, South Gosfield, d/o Samuel & Martha, witn: Robert & Mary MATTHEWS of Kingsville, 12 June 1895 at Kingsville
3770-95 James MORRISON, 30, engineer, New York, Detroit, s/o Alex & Ellen, married Nellie MORTON, 25, Detroit, same, d/o John & Ann, 16 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3542-95 James G. MORTON, 36, WC Railway employee, Windsor, same, s/o William MORTON & Ann SHAW, married Olive BREMNER, 29, widow, Bay City Mich., Windsor, d/o Henry MARKHAM & Elizabeth TAYLOR, witn: A. MINTO of Windsor, 6 May 1895 at Windsor
3549-95 Morris MOSES, 20, operator, Hamilton, Detroit, s/o John MOSES & Rebecca DRUKER, married Lillian FINCH, 20, Grand Rapids Mich., same, d/o Frederick FINCH & Lottie DAVIE, witn: Jane CAMPBELL of Wallaceburg, 25 May 1895 at Windsor 3778-95 James MOTE, 27, teamster, England, Detroit, s/o James & Harriet, married Bella BELL, 23, Ireland, Detroit, d/o Joseph & Annie, witn: J. E. & Fletcher GRUNDY of Windsor, 5 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3340-95 Joseph MOUSSEAU (Monsseau?), 24, French Settlement near Goderich, Belle River, s/o Peter MOUSSEAU & Rose GIRARD, married Mary LESPERANCE, 28, Woodslee, same, d/o Amos LESPERANCE & Philomene GAUTHIER, witn: Josne St. PIERRE of Belle River & Elizabeth L’ESPERANCE (sic) of Woodslee, 22 Jan 1895 at Woodslee 3573-95 Sing Mou MOY, 50, store keeper, China, Chicago, s/o Yuen Gun MOY & She HO, married Gam Yok CHIN, 20, Portland Oregon, Victoria BC, d/o Look CHIN & She WONG, witn: Agnes McLEOD & J. W. HANNA, both of Windsor, 24 Jan 1895 at Windsor
3794-95 Joseph MOYNAHAN, 21, butcher, Detroit, same, s/o Cornelius MOYNAHAN & Mary SAYERS, married Anna HERTZ, 22, Berlin, Detroit, d/o William HERTZ & Kate OBREY, witn: Mary DALY of Detroit, 10 July 1895 3733-95 Owen MULVEY, 31, railway conductor, Aurora Ont., Windsor, s/o Frank MULVEY & Margaret JOYCE, married Florence BRILLINGER, 23, Richmond Hill, Windsor, d/o Jacob BRILLINGER & Alice CLARK, witn: Rev. Samuel ROCHELEAU & Lizzie BRYNE, both of Windsor, 21 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3801-95 Charles R. MYER, 19, machinist, Cleveland Ohio, same, s/o Theodore MYER & Eva WHECKT, married Lauretta EYRE, 19, Cleveland, same, d/o Benjamin EYRE & Elizabeth CATTON, witn: W. P. WEIK of Windsor, 9 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3821-95 Arthur MYERS, 25, laborer, Parkhill Ont., Detroit, s/o John MYERS & Lizzie FYKE, married Elizabeth BALLOS, 27, widow, Courtwright Ont., Detroit, d/o James MAULE & Mary GRANGER, 17 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3802-95 Martin NELSON, 23, carpenter, Se--?, Detroit, s/o Miles NELSON & Emma JOHNSON, married Agnes HEIDER, 18, Boston Mich., Detroit, d/o John HEIDER & Victoria NOEL, 12 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3519-95 Herman A. NICKEL, 31, photographer, Amherstburg, Wyandotte Mich., s/o Herman & Rose, married Aggie BALKWILL, 30, Fergus Ont., Detroit, d/o James BALKWILL & Agnes BLACK, witn: Charles CAMERON of Windsor, 21 Jan 1895 at Windsor
3539-85 Frank NIMAN, 20, musician, Ireland, Detroit, s/o Frank & Kate, married Mary BAILEY, 17, Detroit, same, d/o Henry BAILEY & Nellie HALL, witn: Mrs. H. BAILEY of Detroit, 23 April 1895 at Windsor 3355-95 Walter NORVILLE, 28, sailor, Canada, Amherstburg, s/o Dallas NORVILLE & Eliza LEWIS, married Maria? WIGLE, 21, Canada, Kingsville, d/o Eli WIGLE & Levina SCRATCH, witn: Agnes HIND of Sandwich, 24 April 1895 at Sandwich
3800-95 Henry OLDENBURG, 44, widower, captain GTR transfer, Germany, Windsor, s/o Henry OLDENBURG & Elizabeth SCHULL?, married Esther FOWLER, 37, Windsor, same, d/o W.W. FOWLER & Susan LESPERANCE, witn: Alma SUAN? & James PORTER, 8 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3347-95 Frank O'NEIL, 24, farmer, Canada, Sandwich South, s/o Alex O'NEIL & Barbara VOLLEAU (Valleau?), married Bertha Edith CHURCH, 19, Canada, Sandwich South, d/o George CHURCH & Martha STOWELL, witn: George O'NEIL of Windsor & Lillia CHURCH of Old Castle, 6 Feb 1895 at Sandwich South
3815-95 William L. OSBORNE, 25, fireman, Detroit, same, s/o John OSBORNE & Margaret KERNEY, married Mary E. FOLEY, 18, Windsor, Detroit, d/o John & blank, witn: Grace MORAN & Emily GRIFFITH, both of Windsor, 10 Oct 1895 at Windsor 3279-95 Melvin F. OSBORNE, 24, moulder, Norfolk Co Ont., Detroit, s/o W.F. OSBORNE & Zilphah CROSBY, married Mary JOHNSON, 18, Ingersoll Ont., Detroit, d/o William J. JOHNSON & Ann FULLER, 25 Nov 1895 at Windsor
3576-95 Thomas OSTERMYER, 69, widower, retired laborer, Firsing Germany, set, s/o Matthias OSTERMYER & blank CLESEUS, married Katherine WILINER? (Wilmse?), 78, widow, Kunsenhausen Germany, Detroit, d/o George PECK & blank, witn: Fred BEULLER & Josephine BORSHMAN, both of Detroit, 25 Feb 1895 at Windsor 003147-95 (Essex Co) Antoine OUELLETTE, 56, S. Teacher, Dover, Kent Co., same; s/o Frs. OUELLETTE & Catherine PRIVEAU, married Mary BEUGLET, 46, Canard River, Tilbury Centre; d/o Js RENAUD, & Florence BONDY. Witn: Elzear BEUGLET & Icairer? OUELLETTE, Jeannette's Creek; 23 Apr 1895, St. Francis Church, Tilbury North
  3204-95 Victor PAILLE, 29, farmer, Quebec, Tecumseh, s/o Nazaire PAILLE & Marie DUHAIME, married Josephine LAPORTE, 22, Stoney Point, Staples, d/o Pierre LAPORTE & Celine RIVET, witn: Alex RENAUD of Tecumseh & Pierre LAPORTE of Staples, 29 Jan 1895 at St. Joachim
3350-95 Anthony PARENT, 27, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Timothy & Edith, married Marie BOISILLIER, 30, Sandwich West, same, d/o Charles BOISSINER? & Soulange BERGERON, witn: Albert BOISNNIER? & Adella PRAVELLE, both of Sandwich West, 25 Feb 1895 at Assumption Church, Sandwich 3585-95 Wallie P. PAYNE, 25, druggist, White Hall Mich., Detroit, s/o Wallace PAYNE & Eliza SMITH, married Della HEHERLING, 22, Hastings Mich., Detroit, d/o Solomon HEHERLING & Margarette CHILCOAT, 22 April 1895 at Windsor
#003106-95 Frank PELTIER, 24, labourer, Ontario, Colchester North Twp, s/o Henry & Sophia PELTIER, married Jennie ANDERSON, 20, Michigan, Colchester North, d/o John C. & Jane ANDERSON, witn: John J. & Mrs J.J. HARRISON, both of Colchester North, 11 Sept 1895 at Essex 3371-95 - B.B. PELHAM, 33, clerk, Detroit, same, s/o Robert PELHAM & Frances BUTCHER, married Laura MONTGOMERY, 24, Canada, Sandwich West, d/o Alfred E. MONTGOMERY & Eliza HOLMAN, witn: Robert PELHAM of Detroit & Emma MONTGOMERY of Sandwich, 26 June 1895 at Sandwich West
003124-95 - Alfred R. PENDERGAST, 28, Farmer, Huron Co., Tilbury West, s/o Matthew PENDERGAST & Hannah PENDERGAST married Margaret E. ANDERSON, 24, Stephen Tp, Mersea Tp., d/o James ANDERSON & Eliza ANDERSON. Witn: A. R. ANDERSON, Mersea Tp., Elizabeth PENDERGAST, Tilbury West, 10 Jul 1895, Mersea 3804-95 Charles PEPPIAT, 40, farmer, England, Willis Mich., s/o Shadrack PEPPIAT & Frances BAVIN, married Alice PEPPIAT, 31, England, Willis Mich., d/o Jonathan PEPPIAT & Ann KEMPSTER, 14 Sept 1895 at Windsor
3818-95 Nathan PERERIG, 22, jeweller, Detroit, same, s/o Abraham PERERIG & Jennie SHELLFISH, married Henrietta SHELLFISH, 19, Detroit, same, d/o Mayer SHELLFISH & Kate POLAK, witn: Julia WALTERS of Detroit, 14 Oct 1895 at Windsor (Jewish) 3825-95 Robert PETERSON, 34, divorced, Uxbridge Ont., Macomb Mich., s/o John PETERSON & Mary BECHE?, married Martha E. LOESCHE, 21, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Emile & blank, 23 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3554-95 Frank PHILLIPS, 21, mechanic, Detroit, Windsor, s/o Fred G. PHILLIPS & Maggie MURRAY, married Mary HAMILTON, 20, Edinburgh Scotland, Windsor, d/o Henry HAMILTON & Helen CALDWELL, witn: Henry HAMILTON of Amherstburg & Mary GOODCHILD of Comet, 11 June 1895 at Windsor 3739-95 Louis PIAZZA, 36, stone mason, Italy, Windsor, s/o Heste? PIAZZA & Francisca TREMATI, married Elizabeth Lucia GERARDINI, 31, Italy, Windsor, d/o Dominico GERARDINI & Ursula de MICHEL, witn: John PIAZZA of Windsor & Maria CONTI of Detroit, 10 Dec 1895 at Windsor
3548-95 William J. PICKARD, 30, machinist, Halton Co., Chatham, s/o William PICKARD & Mary NEWCOMB, married Mary GALLIGAN, 27, Belfast Ireland, Detroit, d/o John GALLIGAN & Lizzie CUSH, witn: Frank PATCHING of Chatham, 25 May 1895 at Windsor 3283-95 John PRESLEY, 24, clerk, Oxford Co., Detroit, s/o William PRESLEY & Margaret BOWERS, married Nellie A. CHAPMAN, 25, widow, Toronto, Detroit, d/o Joseph CHAPMAN & Eleanor WEAVER, witn: William FOLEY & Mary HAGEL, both of Toronto, 11 Dec 1895 at Windsor
3352-95 F. Hewson PRINGLE, 22, post office clerk, Detroit, same, s/o W. C. PRINGLE & M. A. HEWSON, married Agnes illegible KING, 20, Canada, Detroit, d/o David KING & Mary DOUL--DGE?, 3 March 1895 at Sandwich 3286-95 Fayette B. PROUTY, 24, carriage builder, Detroit, same, s/o William C. PROUTY & Elizabeth SCOTT, married Lawrena J. HINSTRY, 24, England, Detroit, d/o William HINSTRY & Sarah CORBETT, 23 Dec 1895 at Windsor
3799-95 Andrew J. QUIGLEY, 31, clerk, Dunkirk NY, Buffalo NY, s/o Andrew QUIGLEY & Margaret SLATER, married Atholie E. MOSER, 21, Mt. Clemens Mich., same, d/o Edward B. MOSER & Mary BIDDLECOMB, 5 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3278-95 William Jesse RAPLEY, 22, brakeman, London Ont., Windsor, s/o G. W. RAPLEY & Annie G--? (Gordon?, Gaskaire?), married Clara WHITING, 24, widow, Windsor, same, d/o Henry WHITING & Mary FOX, witn: Harry TURNER & Ethel SURERUS, both of Detroit, 20 Nov 1895 at Walkerville
3362-95 Charles RATCHFORD, 28, cook Michigan, Jackson Mich., s/o Patrick & blank, married Catherine O’BRIAN, 28, Canada, Detroit, d/o John O’BRIAN & Hannah MOXLEY, witn: Joseph SEARE & Mary FITZMORRIS, both of Detroit, 9 June 1895 at Windsor #003108-95 William Eliss RAYMU(off page Raymond?), 24, sawyer, Ontario, Staples, widower, s/o George & Martha, married Minnie MCDONALD, 18, Ontario, Staples, d/o George & Margie MCDONALD, witn: Menie E. & Amy E. CAMPBELL, both of Essex Ont, 19 Sept 1895 at Essex
003145-95 (Essex Co) Albert REGNIER, 29, Farmer, Lacolle, Quebec, Tilbury North; s/o Ozias REGNIER & the late Euphemie BROSSEAU married Emma BENOIT, 25, Tilbury North, same; d/o Francois BENOIT & Euphemie DESLOGES. Witn: Francois BENOIT, Ozias REGNIER, Tilbury North; 19 Feb. 1895, St. Francis Church, Tilbury North 3242-95 Jules REIF, 32, postmaster, Detroit, same, s/o John REIF & Margaret DEINZER, married Mary KELENEL, 31, New Baltimore Mich., Detroit, d/o Louis & Mary, witn: Mrs. James OLIVER of Windsor, 20 June 1895 at Walkerville
3351-95 Thomas RENAUD, 26, farmer, Sandwich West, same, s/o Thomas RENAUD & Felice MELOCHE, married Elizabeth NANTAIS, 26, Sandwich West, same, d/o Rudolph NANTAIS & Monique BUFFORD, witn: Wilfred VERMETTE? of Rochester & Marie RENAUD of Anderdon, 26 Feb 1895 at Assumption Church, Sandwich 3731-95 John W. REYNOLDS, 27, mariner, St. Johns Que., Detroit, s/o James REYNOLDS & Mary PINSONAULT, married Louisa SPERLE, 25, Cincinnati, Detroit, d/o Joseph SPERLE & Colvistine MARTS (Warts?), witn: Hamilton THOMAS & Carrie BRENDEL, both of Detroit, 15 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3272-95 George S. RICE, 45, widower, laborer, McComb Co. Mich., Detroit, s/o Gilbert RICE & Harriet CHAPMAN, married Alice BICE, 26, Bay City Mich., Detroit, d/o Peter BICE & Margaret CONNORS, 22 Oct 1895 at Windsor 3819-95 William B. RICHARDSON, 21, lawyer, Oakland Mich., Pontiac, s/o Isaac W. RICHARDSON & Delilah BEAM, married Gwendolin A. NEWTON, 20, Pontiac Mich., Detroit, d/o L. NEWTON & Sarah AVERILL, witn: J. A. DUMAS? of Windsor, 15 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3809-95 Percy RICHARDSON, 24, railroad man, Chatham Ont, Windsor, s/o Thomas RICHARDSON & Adelaide JARVIS, married Beatrice BESANT, 19, England, Essex Ont., d/o John BESANT & Esther DANS, 19 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3206-95 Auguste RIVARD, 25, Belle River, St. Joachim, s/o Pierre RIVARD & Helene DESILET, married Angeline DEMERS, 22, Quebec, St. Joachim, d/o Joseph DEMERS & Emelie GELINEAU, witn: Pierre RIVARD & Joseph DEMERS, both of St. Joachim, 26 Feb 1895 at St. Joachim
3529-95 Frank ROBERTSON, 21, moulder, Dundas Ont., Detroit, s/o Alex ROBERTSON & Catherine HAMILTON, married Catherine GRANT, 20, Detroit, same, d/o Alfred GRANT & Mary ROUSSEAU, witn: Addie GRANT & Frank FRANCOEUR, both of Detroit, 8 March 1895 at Detroit 3309-95 Louis ROBINS, 28, carpenter, widower, Ontario, Tilbury West, s/o Daniel H. & Eliza J., married Betsy Lenora Evaline TAYLOR, 19, Tilbury West, same, d/o Samuel & Catherine, witn: William & M.L. ROBINS of Tilbury West, 3 July 1895 at Tilbury West
3810-95 Charles H. ROBINSON, 26, civil engineer, Livingston Illinois, New York, s/o Benjamin ROBINSON & Bertha FERGUSON, married Olive COOLIDGE, 22, Princeton Indiana, same, d/o S.A. COOLIDGE & Irene KIRKMAN, witn: Daniel REED of New York, 25 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3294-95 William H. ROBINSON, 24, farmer, Rochester twp., same, s/o Thomas & Martha, married Effa Dell WIGLE, 17, Gosfield South, same, d/o Theodore & Louisa, witn: Lambert & Sarah Pearl WIGLE of S. Gosfield, 15 May 1895 at Kingsville
3348-95 Patric ROCHELEAU, 32, farmer, Sandwich East, same, s/o Francois ROCHELEAU & Matilde TOURGONEAU, married Helen ANTAYA, 24, Sandwich East, same, d/o Julien ANTAYA & Felice GREGOIRE, witn: Edmond ROCHELEAU & Clair ANTAYA, 11 Feb 1895 at Sandwich 3740-95 William L. RONDEZ, 21, cigar maker, Detroit, same, s/o John L. RONDEZ & Mercelile BAILLIE?, married Pauline BERCHMAN, 18, Detroit, same, d/o Auguste BERCHMAN & Joseph (sic) SLOTKE, witn: John KEANE & John BECK, both of Detroit, 24 Dec 1895 at Windsor
3732-95 Frank ROSKOPP (Roskopf?), 25, butcher, Mt. Clemens Mich., same, s/o John ROSKOPP & Margaret STAPLETON, married Margaret McCLEOD, 28, London Ont, Mt. Clemens, d/o Donald McCLOUD (sic) & Isabel ROSS, witn: George HILL & Agnes McCLEOD, both of Windsor, 21 Oct 1895 at Windsor 003662-95 (Essex Co.) Walter J ROSS, 23, sailor, USA, Detroit, s/o D H ROSS & Ellen G CROWLEY, married Della McGLYNN, 22, USA, Detroit, d/o Michael McGLYNN & Mary GALVIN, wtn: Elizabeth BYRNE & M DESMARAIS both of Windsor, on June 25, 1895, at Windsor
003655-95 (Essex Co.) Charles H. ROWELL, 20, wholesale business, USA, Bay City Mich, s/o John ROWELL & Rebecca HANEY, married Mary Agnes WHEELER, 18, Canada, Detroit, d/o John WHEELER & Catherine BYRNE, wtn: N C GRIFFIN & Rose WHEELER both of Detroit, on Mar 5, 1895, at Windsor 3776-95 Albert RUNSTEDLER, 23, finisher, Waterloo Ont., Detroit, s/o August & Mary Ann, married Jennie TAYLOR, 23, Scugog Island, Detroit, d/o William & Ann, 5 Nov 1895 at Windsor
  3343-94 [illegible first name] RUSMORH?, 23, farmer, Canada, Sandwich, s/o Henry RUSMORH? & Mary DE--? (Dunn?), married Josephine GUNNIP? (Guiness?), 30, Sandwich, same, d/o John GUNNIP & Catherine HENDRIE? (Kendric?), witn: August BARMUTH of Detroit & Mary ESSIG of Windsor, 1 Jan 1895 at Sandwich
3587-95 Joseph RUSSELL, 45, widower, moulder, Detroit, same, s/o John & Mary, married Carry KEMBLE, 29, widow, Galt Ont., Detroit, d/o John KEMBLE & Margaret WELSH, witn: Mary KEMBLE of Detroit, 10 May 1895 003125-95 (Essex Co) Oswald RUSSELL, 21, Farmer, Ontario, Leamington; s/o George RUSSEL & Mary RUSSELL, married Lulu FOX, 20, Ontario, Mersea Tp, d/o Albert FOX and Sarah Ann FOX. Witn: William HAMBLY, Leamington, Eva FOX, Mersea, 04 Dec 1896, 6th Conc., Mersea Tp
3750-95 James C. RUTLEDGE, 24, moulder, Richmond, Detroit, s/o Peter RUTLEDGE & Mary WAST, married Kate LONG, 24, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Lewis LONG & Mary ENGLEHART, witn: Lawrence HICKEY & Elizabeth BYRNE, both of Windsor, 19 Oct 1895 at Windsor  
3291-95 Harvey SANDFORD, 22, farmer, Gosfield South, same, s/o William & Mary, married Alice BAILEY, 19, Leamington, Gosfield twp., d/o Archibald & Alice, witn: Mrs. William & Miss M. A. McDONAGH of Kingsville, 2 April 1895 at M. Parsonage, Kingsville 3559-95 Francis SANFORD, 23, machinist, Detroit, same, s/o Alfred SANFORD & Ellen PIM, married Minnie DOWNEY, 22, Grey Co., Detroit, d/o William DOWNEY & Mary J. STRUBB, 6 April 1895 at Windsor
3582-95 George P. SCHOUP, 30, railroader, Bay City Mich., same, s/o Jacob SCHOUP & Catherine BECK, married Kittie T. LOGAN, 21, Bay City, same, d/o James LOGAN & Mary McILVOY, 23 March 1895 at Windsor 3366-95 Emil SHULTZ, 21, tinsmith, Germany, Detroit, s/o Will SHULTZ & Charlotte LARCH, married Annie ROGALGLY, 20, Detroit, same, d/o Charles & blank, witn: William HAMMOND & Theresa ZENOLIC?, 17 June 1895 at Windsor
  3749-95 August SCHUMACHER, 23, tailor, Detroit, same, s/o Joseph SCHUMACHER & Sophie BELLHORN, married Rose CAVANAGH, 21, Windsor, same, d/o Michael CAVANAGH & Bridget DOWD, witn: Joseph & Lizzie SCHUMACHER of Detroit, 25 Sept 1895 at Windsor
3761-95 Frederick G. SELL, 22, bartender, Germany, Detroit, s/o Fred G. & Gustin, married Rosa WORZINSKI, 18, Germany, Detroit, d/o John & Rosa, witn: Kate GUNDY of Windsor & John VOELKNER of Detroit, 28 Aug 1895 at Windsor 003658-95 (Essex Co.) Charles SHACKETT, 23, clerk, Detroit, same, s/o Peter SHACKETT & Harriet RUSSELL, married Amelia KERSTEN, 20, Germany, Detroit, d/o Frederick KERSTEN & Amelia ULRICH, wtn: Alfred A SCHRALY & Frances SHACKETT both of Detroit, on May 7, 1895, at Windsor
3552-95 Vernon SHARRETT, 25, clerk, Macomb Co Mich., Detroit, s/o Robert SHARRETT & Diana STANLEY, married Ella HOLLAND, 25, widow, Michigan, Detroit, d/o Frank ROBERTS & Elizabeth PIDD, witn: Lizzie C. BUCKHAM of Flint, 5 June 1895 at Windsor  
3785-95 William E. SHAVER, 35, widower, merchant, Peel Co., Detroit, s/o William TRUMAN & Maria WOOD, married Agnes GREEN, 33, widow, Chicago, Detroit, d/o Alex GREEN & Liza BELL, witn: M. COLLINS & A. TOLMIE, both of Detroit, 20 June 1895 at Windsor #003104-95 Stephen Silas SHAW, 24, stair jointer, Ontario, Essex Ont, s/o Thomas P. & Liddie Norman SHAW, married Sarah Maud RAYMOND, 18, New York State, Essex Ont, d/o Hiram & Ellen RAYMOND, witn: James RAYMOND & Eva SHAW, both of Essex, 4 Sept 1895 at Essex
3771-95 George SHERIFF, 22, moulder, Stratford Ont., Detroit, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Belle RASICO, 19, Detroit, same, d/o Edward & Rose, 17 Sept 1895 at Windsor #003107-95 Franklin SHRUMM, 21, farmer, Lincoln Co, Gosfield North Twp, s/o Michael & Susan SHRUMM, married Maggie STEED, 21, Colchester South, Godfield North, d/o Gordon & Agnes STEED, witn: Mrs Carrie DINGWELL, Detroit & Mrs A.K. BEVERLY, Essex, 4 Sept 1895 at Essex
3537-95 Daniel W. SINCLAIR, 29, widower, gentleman, Genessee Co Mich., Detroit, s/o Henry H. SINCLAIR & Charlotte HYATT, married Maggie McGINNIS, 27, Detroit, same, d/o K. McGINNIS & Annie GHAEN?, witn: Mary McKENNA of Detroit, 17 April 1895 at Windsor 3562-95 Charles SKINNER, 46, physician, London England, Philadelphia, s/o Henry SKINNER & Elizabeth TYDEMAN, married Evaline SAMPSON, 29, Brooklyn, Chicago, d/o George SAMPSON & Mary Emily LA DUC (La Due?), 17 April 1895 at Windsor
3518-95 William SMITH, 38, widower, packing house employee, Kingston Ont., Detroit, s/o Hugh SMITH & Jane MONTGOMERY, married Kate CUMMINGS, 33, Detroit, same, d/o John CUMMINGS & Kate POWERS, witn: Jane CAMPBELL of Wallaceburg, 15 Jan 1895 at Windsor 3566-95 John W. SMITH, 27, painter, Yorkshire England, Amherstburg, s/o John W. & Annie, married Ollie LAPANT, 22, Stoneville Ont., Amherstburg, d/o Gilbert LAPANT & Josephine RULFORD, witn: Annie LAPANT of Amherstburg, 13 May 1895 at Windsor
3752-95 John SMITH, 31, cook, Sandwich West, Maidstone, s/o Washington & Amanda, married Johanna SCOTT, 28, Sandwich West, Maidstone, d/o Albert & Phoebe, witn: Julia DALLEY? of Detroit, 1 Aug 1895 at Windsor 3569-95 Edward SMITH, 38, lumberman, Romney, same, s/o John SMITH & Mary RENWICK, married Sarah J. WILKINSON, 28, Leamington, same, d/o Robert WILKINSON & Ann COULTIS, witn: Barbara R. PEDDIE of Windsor, 15 Jan 1895 at Windsor
2781-95 Jerome SOMES, 19, barber, Grant Mich., Detroit, s/o Samuel & Isabella, married Agnes LITZBARSKI, 18, Germany, Detroit, d/o Andrew & Minnie, witn: Kate GRUNDY of Windsor & Abbie SOMES of Detroit, 12 Nov 1895 at Windsor 3769-95 William H. SNYDER, 31, theatrical, Chillicotte Ohio, same, s/o J. G. & Anna M., married Mattie THOMAS, 19, Mt. Clemens Mich., same, d/o Gilbert & Martha, 12 Sept 1895 at Windsor
3372-95 Anton? SPITTLER, 42, farmer, Germany, Detroit, s/o Joseph SPITTLER & Barbara ZOSKIE, married Mary RASKOJSKI, 18, Poland, Detroit, d/o Michael & blank, witn: Louisa WOODWARD of 466 Brush? St. in Detroit, 1 July 1895 at Sandwich 3737-95 Henry James STAIN, 22, shoe maker, Toronto, same, s/o William STAIN & Clara DUNK, married Mamie KIRBY, 22, Detroit, same, d/o Timothy KIRBY & Jane MASON, witn: Rev. James SCANLON & Lizze BYRNE, both of Windsor, 26 Nov 1895 at Windsor
  3522-95 Walter S. STEEVER, 28, mechanic, Ypsilanti Mich., same, s/o Hiran STEEVER & Marian SMITH, married Kitty GEIS, 24, Ypsilanti Mich., same, d/o John GEIS & Josephine DUNNSBASKE?, witn: Norman WELSH of Windsor, 11 Feb 1895 at Windsor
3806-95 Charles A. STRONG, 30, widower, mechanic, Wayne Mich., Detroit, s/o Andrew STRONG & Catherine VROMAN, married Martha J. MORAN, 27, divorced, Ridgetown Ont., Detroit, d/o Nixon KENNEDY & Hannah WILSON, witn: Alice CHARLAND & Joseph F. ARCHER, both of Detroit, 18 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3567-95 Charles G. STRUBBLER, 40, scale maker, Napierville Illinois, Chicago, s/o George STRUBBLER & Wilhelmina MIERS, married Bessie BAKER, 23, Annapolis Maryland, same, d/o John BAKER & Esther PARISH, witn: Mrs. S. & Clive NORMAN of Windsor, 29 May 1895 at Windsor
3357-95 Alfred SUDGEN, 28, baker, England, Windsor, s/o Thomas SUDGEN & Emma ROCHFORD, married Elizabeth LEONARD, 28, Amherstburg, Sandwich, d/o Louis LEONARD & Zoe DROUILLARD, witn: Eugene & H--rie? LEONARD of Sandwich, 4 May 1895 at Assumption Church 3581-95 Arthur T. SULLIVAN, 23, railwayman, Decatur Illinois, Detroit, s/o Thomas SULLIVAN & Mary KITCHEN, married Zereda YOUNG, 19, Waterford Ont., Detroit, d/o Bruce YOUNG & Jessie CROCKER, 8 March 1895 at Windsor
3786-95 Watson J. TAYLOR, 26, machinist, Toronto, Detroit, s/o Alfred TAYLOR & Caroline HODGSON, married Hannah RYAN, 28, Detroit, same, d/o P. RYAN & Bridget O’RILEY, witn: A. HUTSON of Detroit, 22 June 1895 at Windsor 3273-95 Harry Z. TAYLOR, 24, railroader, Toledo Ohio, Spokane Washington, s/o Zarahious? TAYLOR & Lore? DOTY, married Annie BROTHERSTON, 23, Detroit, same, d/o Thomas BROTHERSTON & Margaret BARNETT, 26 Oct 1895 at Windsor
3514-95 Fred H. TEETZEL, 23, carpet layer, Ridgetown Ont., Detroit, s/o William TEETZEL & Mary WHITE, married Minnie McFARLANE, 23, Northville Mich., Detroit, d/o George McFARLANE & Arvilla MAYFIELD, witn: A. E. EDGAR & Vict. ROTHWELL, both of Windsor, 17 April 1895 at Windsor 3360-95 Alfred THOMPSON, 21, drayman, Michigan US, Detroit, s/o B.S. THOMPSON & L. A. BROOK, married Katharine SPRINGER, 20, Detroit, same, d/o Charles SPRINGER & Catherine SEAFRET?, witn: K. Olivia MAWHINNEY? of Windsor & Agnes HIND of Sandwich, 29 May 1895 at Sandwich
3570-95 James A. THOMPSON, 26, farmer, Fenton Mich., same, s/o Gilbert THOMPSON & Vanilla VINTON, married May HAYES, 24, NY state, Avon NY, d/o Oscar HAYES & Harriet BENNET, witn: N. HAMBLETON of Windsor, 16 Jan 1895 at Windsor 3591-95 Reuben TINCK, 35, widower, asst. supt. Detroit Railway Co., Hamilton Ont., Detroit, s/o John TINCK & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Jessie McKENZIE, 33, widow, Ann Arbor, Detroit, d/o Joseph KIRK & Sarah EARL, witn: J. P. McEWAN of Windsor, 27 May 1895 at Windsor
3253-95 Claude E. TREFRY, 19, farmer, Winfield Mich., Sandwich East, s/o Ira R. TREFRY & Mary M. ARMSTRONG, married Gertie M. JENSEN, 16, Lake Odessa Mich., Sandwich East, d/o James O. JENSEN & Alice WORDEN, witn: James & Alma OLIVER of Windsor, 29 July 1895 at Windsor 3730-95 Frank P. UNDERWOOD, 37, widower, barber, Vermont, Eaton Co Mich., s/o Silas UNDERWOOD & Sallie GOULD, married Julia WALSH, 20, Eaton Co. Mich., same, d/o Patrick WALSH & Mary Ann WARDELL, 14 Sept 1895 at Windsor
3755-95 George VANDERWARFE, 26, ice pedlar, Detroit, same, s/o William & Mary, married Mary B. DORA, 19, Montreal, Detroit, d/o Napoleon & Delia, witn: John DAVIS & Libby RAMSEY, both of Detroit, 15 Aug 1895 at Windsor 3530-95 Charles L. VANZANT, 24, street car driver, Essex, Detroit, s/o Jeremiah VANZANT & Catherine KING, married Alice SALMENE?, 19, London Ont, Windsor, d/o Alex SALMENE? & Mary ROBERTS, 20 March 1895 at Windsor
3520-95 Milton A. VARY, 25, book keeper, Marshall Mich., same, s/o Albert VARY & Annie WALKINSHAW, married Maggie E. WARNER, 24, Marshall Mich., same, d/o Jerome WARNER & Vania PULVER, witn: George LENNIE of Windsor, 21 Jan 1895 at Windsor 3255-95 George Jesse WAIN, 21, druggist, Detroit, same, s/o Cornelius Jesse WAIN & Louisa McGUIRE, married Florence May BENNETT, 18, Flint Mich., Detroit, d/o Peter M. BENNETT & Emma PORTER, 19 Aug 1895 at Windsor
3773-95 George WASS, 24, laborer, Paris Ont.., Rochester - Essex, s/o John D. & Sarah, married Nellie HEIDRICK, 18, Rochester, same, d/o Conrad & Electy, 14 Oct 1895 at Windsor 3565-95 James Stuart WESTCOTT, 37, upholsterer, Thorah Ont., Detroit, s/o Charles WESTCOTT & Margaret STUART, married Louisa CLAY, 33, widow, Dearborn Mich., Detroit, d/o Henry CLAY & Chrisgan? BANISTER, witn: J. TEMPLETON of Windsor & Mary Jane SHOREMAN of Wayne Co Mich., 2 May 1895 at Windsor
#003103-95 Norman James WHALEN, 33, farmer, Canada, Mersea Twp Ont, s/o John & Barbara WHALEN, married Annie TOFFLEMIRE, 26, Canada, Mersea Twp, d/o Henry & Mary Jane TOFFLEMIRE, witn: Hester L. & Ada L. PASCOE, both of Essex, 8 Aug 1895 at Essex 37990-95 Edgar H. WHEELER, 26, laundry man, Collinsville Conn., Detroit, s/o Edgar WHEELER & Isabella HOLMES, married Mary WILKIE, 23, Arkona Ont., Imlay? City, d/o James WILKIE & Lucinda WESTOVER, witn: Mary OLIPHANT of Detroit & Ernest TRUMAN of Ann Arbor, 4 July 1895 at Windsor
3760-95 George W. WHIPPLE, 22, manufacturer, Detroit, Novi Mich., s/o Oscar M. & Lucretia, married A. Nina CHAMBERLAIN, 20, Farmington Mich., same, d/o George F. & Sarah N., 28 Aug 1895 at Windsor 3288-95 Harrison T. WHITTLE, 23, farmer, Mersea twp., same, s/o Andrew & Mahala, married Florence B. UPCOTT, 23, Gosfield South, same, d/o John & Rebecca, witn: Mary MATTHEWS & Mary A. CANDY, both of Kingsville, 24 Jan 1895 at Ep. Ch. Parsonage, Kingsville
3289-95 Alfred? S. WHITTLE, 21, farmer, Gosfield South, same, s/o Isaac & Emily, married Jennie RYALL, 19, Gosfield South, same, d/o Charles & Sarah, witn: Mary MATTHEWS & Mary A. CANDY, both of Kingsville, 24 Jan 1895 at Ep. Ch. Parsonage, Kingsville 3374-95 Thomas WILKINS, 23, cook, Canada, Detroit, s/o William WILKINS & Henrietta JOYCE, married Minnie SMITH, 22, London Ont., Detroit, d/o Stephen SMITH & Emma COLLINS, witn: W. A. & Mrs. E. A. PARK of Detroit, 17 July 1895 at Sandwich
3258-95 Charles WILLIAMS, 40, hotel keeper, Tennessee, Flint Mich., s/o William WILLIAMS & Margaret McINALLY, married Tillie H. SPROUL, 28, Indiana USA, Flint Mich., d/o Benjamin SPROUL & Matilda KITCURTS?, witn: James M. SMITH of Clear Creek, 2 Sept 1895 at Windsor 3525-95 William WILSON, 32, mechanic, Ireland, Detroit, s/o John WILSON & Jane KNOX, married Clara L. CLOCK, 38, Monroe Mich., Detroit, d/o Aaron CLOCK & Mary AUKENY (Ankeny?), witn: Norman WELSH & Agnes VINING, both of Windsor, 18 Feb 1895 at Windsor
#003095-95 William WINDSOR, 23, farmer, Canada, Mersea Twp, s/o Joel & Elizabeth WINDSOR, married Valetta SMITH, 19, Canada, Mersea Twp, d/o Lewich? & Matilda SMITH, witn: Hester L. & Ada L. PARCOR, both of Essex, 5 apr 1895 at Essex  
3365-95 Charles WRIGHT, 34, insurance agent, Port Huron Mich., Detroit, s/o R.J. WRIGHT & "Emma PARKER of CARPENTER", married "Christena LAMORE or McNALLY"), 32, widow, NY state, Detroit, d/o Louis LAMORE & Amelia, witn: Nora? BUTLER of Detroit, 17 June 1895 at Sandwich 3264-95 Max Charles R. YAEGER, 24, clerk, Germany, Detroit, s/o Rudolph JAEGER? & Bertha SCHUMARGHA (Schumacher?), married Amelia Elizabeth STOKEY, 29, widow, Gloucestershire England, Detroit, d/o Thomas STOKEY & Sabina SMITH, witn: George & Agnes REEVES of Sarnia, 30 Sept 1895 at Windsor
3256-95 Henry A. YOUNG, 22, farmer, York twp. Mich., Milen? Mich., s/o Francis A. YOUNG & Alice A. REESE, married Mamie BIRKETT, 22, York twp. Mich., Taylor twp Mich., d/o James BIRKETT & Mary REESE, witn: Francis A. YOUNG of York Mich & Ettie BIRKETT of Taylor Mich., 21 Aug 1895 at Windsor 3584-95 Eugene YOUNGS, 27, baker, Toledo Ohio, Bradner Ohio, s/o David YOUNG (sic) & Marie HUGHES, married Mary LAMBERT, 27, Oil City Penn., Bradner, d/o William LAMBERT & Sarah TURNER, witn: Nellie HAMBLETON of Windsor & H. HAMBLETON of Muskegon Mich., 30 March 1895 at Windsor